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Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 10:05pm On Oct 26, 2017
Whats ur opinion on what dami.did to KC?
Ur opinion will determine the next update

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Re: Love Hiccups by misskbest(f): 10:09pm On Oct 26, 2017
Nice one, please fix Dami and kc up as soon as possible
Re: Love Hiccups by Faspen(m): 10:10pm On Oct 26, 2017
she's confused and at the same time acting up
Re: Love Hiccups by misskbest(f): 10:11pm On Oct 26, 2017
To me, he gave her, her own coin. Just what she deserved at that moment. But they should reconcile. And he should do away with Matilda or marina infarct all the M and Tina's in his life... Well done dear

quote author=yewande1234 post=61803548]Whats ur opinion on what dami.did to KC?
Ur opinion will determine the next update [/quote]
Re: Love Hiccups by donobecs(m): 10:14pm On Oct 26, 2017
it has happened again...K.c just forget love...Dami has always been a scam....
Re: Love Hiccups by lonesome501(m): 10:14pm On Oct 26, 2017
pity pity uncle!!!dx dami gal z da bomb!!she jst want kc to get his priorities ryt!!he maybe acting dos lovey dovey cux of d pressure,,who knws!! ride on wit ur ministry though!! 2 MORE KC UPDATES 2NITE
Re: Love Hiccups by donobecs(m): 10:17pm On Oct 26, 2017
Whats ur opinion on what dami.did to KC?
Ur opinion will determine the next update
she did him wrong...but gave him the most valuable answer ever...same thing happened to me...it was HELL.......
Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 10:27pm On Oct 26, 2017

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Re: Love Hiccups by azeezat22(f): 10:28pm On Oct 26, 2017
maybe she still distress over her previous relationship and she needs time .(but the girl shakara too much o hah hah)
Re: Love Hiccups by azeezat22(f): 10:33pm On Oct 26, 2017
every time I read each update I always read it like 4to5 times but because of wat dami did and break handsome kc heart I can't read DAT update more than 1time(crying for kc)
Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 10:37pm On Oct 26, 2017


Re: Love Hiccups by donobecs(m): 10:39pm On Oct 26, 2017
it has happened again...K.c just forget love...Dami has always been a scam....
yewande you are wicked you made me eat..my words..well it's your story...do with it as you please. ..great storyline...nice twist and gòod sense of humour. ...thumbs up kim and yewan. ..
Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 10:41pm On Oct 26, 2017
Goodnight till tomorrow
Re: Love Hiccups by favch(f): 11:30pm On Oct 26, 2017
A smile touched his lips, he never for once thought that any woman
could hook him up in the way that Dami did. She got to his heart
without even trying, it has been all too easy and smooth.

Formerly, the thought of waking up everyday next to one woman for the
rest of his life would make him freak out but now he is thrilled with
the idea.

The ringing of his phone brought him out of reverie.

''Hello,'' he grumbled.

''Hello big brother,'' Maryann answered. ''I just saw something online
and I called to confirm.''

''Morning sister, how are you doing?''
''My bad! Where did my manners go?'' she asked.

Ignoring her michievious tone, he asked. ''What was it you wanted to
ask, cuz I'm busy right now.''

''Busy with what?''

''Is that the question?''

She hissed loudly, ''Your friend, I mean our friend, Dami, she just
posted a picture on facebook and she's sporting this really cool
engagement ring.

''You know I don't really have time for facebook and co.'' he replied,
feigning innocence.
''What's my business with your time,'' she replied in a low voice.

''Please, it's saturday and saturdays are always busy for me, I have
stuffs to attend to.''

She hissed for the second time, ''So you've finally lost Dami to
another guy. Well, I just called to confirm if it's Damilare that put
that ring on her finger, they were really into each other at Nate's

''Damilare is not even in Nigeria Ma'm'' he replied, smiling to
himself. It would have been a different ball game and expression if
Maryann's assumptions were correct.

''He is not in Nigeria doesn't mean it's not possible, people get
married after one week of knowing each other.''

''And then they head to court after one month of marriage,'' he added.

''Wait a minute, why are sounding like this?'' she asked.

''Like what?''

''A bit happy,'' she replied. ''Like you're the one...Oh My God! It's you.''

''Who?'' he asked dryly.

''You're the guy that put the ring on the finger.'' she shouted. ''No
wonder Dami didn't tell me anything. You asked her to keep it a

''Ouch! That accusation really hurt my pride.'' he said, laughing.

''You're just too secretive. Why? When? How did it happen?'' she
asked, almost in a giggle.

''It happened on Monday,'' he replied. ''I just wanted to surprise you
all with the announcement but thanks to an eagle-eyed sister my plan
has been ruined.'' K.C explained in enthusiasm.

''I'm calling mum right away.'' she informed him. ''her one and only
son has finally fallen in love.''

''I thought as much,'' he answered. ''once a news gets to you, it has
gotten to everyone.''

''Bye,'' she hastily said and hung up.

He dropped his phone aside and smiled. Maryann has always been and is
still is the first to notice any slight change in anything or anybody.

''I better call mum myself.'' he muttered and picked up his phone.

He dialled the number.

'The user you're calling is currently on another call, please try again later.'

''Gossip queen is already busy,'' he murmured knowing without being
told that his mum is on a call with Maryann.

Less than five minutes later, the ringing of his phone interrupted his
search for the best bridal boutique in Abuja.

''Hello mum. I guess Maryann already told you. What she said is a
hundred percent true.'' he explained even before his mum said a word.
'Congratulations son, I always knew that this day would come,''

Just like that? His mum's calm tone of voice surprised him, ''Mum, so
you believe it?''

''I believe it son. I have always known despite all your drama's, tha
one day you would get married to a beautiful lady and now it's about
to happen, not just to a beautiful lady but a good one at that.'' she
answered and he sensed the sincerity in her voice.

''Mum thanks. I will be coming to Abuja on Monday, I need to check the
company and put some things in order.''

''That is good my child. Come with your wife then,''

''Mum, we are not even married yet.'' he snapped. The word 'wife'
startled him. It has always been 'flings' or 'girlfriends' but now
hearing the word 'wife' caused his heart to beat faster than normal.

''But you will soon get married.'' his mum fired at him.

''She has work to do, she can't come.'' he replied, ''mum, bye.''

He hung up before she could respond.

''Am I doing the right thing?'' he asked himself, ''I will eat with
one woman, sleep beside one woman and do virtually everything with
her, for the rest of my life? For the rest of my life here on earth?
No, I think I'm making a very big mistake.''

''Are you developing cold feet already?'' a voice mocked, probably his
head playing mind games with him.

Nate's wedding day came into his mind; the joy and the way Nate smiled
all through especially the moment he set his eyes on his beautiful

''I am not Nate,'' he murmured incoherently. ''I am K.C and I don't
want to get married, not now! not ever!''

He picked up his car keys and walked out through the door.

 ''I will go to Dami and explain to her that it's all a mistake. No
way! No woman will tie me down.'' he repeated as he got to the car. He
slid in and drove off; off to Dami's house.
KC is sick ,he shld not even try it else...... Hmm thanks hun for d update

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Re: Love Hiccups by Ayoomolabake(f): 11:49pm On Oct 26, 2017
Good evening everyone.

Thank you so much grin kiss kiss

Where do I start now??

To everyone most especially Yewande...I say a very big thank you.

I'm currently in my village and the network is really terrible. I tried for more than thirty minutes before I finally logged in.

The good news is I'm officially an undergraduate...yeah... the list came out yesterday and I made it.

The bad news is grin grin grin grin I might not have access to the internet again until Monday.

Thanks again to everyone for their time, prayers and all.

Congrats dear.
Re: Love Hiccups by ZUBzero18(m): 12:34am On Oct 27, 2017
''Talk to me about what?'' Dami asked, frowning.

''Rachel, please can you excuse us for a minute?'' K.C asked and
Rachel shrugged and walked away.

''Please leave,'' Dami started. ''I just got home and I am really tired.''

''Hear me out first then you can decide if I should leave or not.''

She sighed deeply and sat down with her hands folded across her chest,
as if daring him to impress her.

K.C took up the challenge and sat down opposite her. ''Matina doesn't exist.''

''What are you talking about?'' she asked, looking at him like a
confused man o' war.

''I said, Matina doesn't exist. I just made that up. The night
precedding Nate's wedding, we only hung out but there was no single
lady there. Matina doesn't exist, I don't know any Matina and I have
never met one.''

''Why are you telling me all this?'' she asked, still frowning.

''I don't love Matilda,'' he continued despite her harsh tone. ''We
dated briefly in our university days but all that is in the past now.
She is about getting married.'' he dropped the bomb and noticed Dami's
surprised expression.

He took out his phone and dialled Matilda's number.

''Hello,'' he spoke as soon as she picked the call.

''Hello K.C, how are you doing and why are you calling me by this time
of the day?'' she asked.

''One question at a time woman,'' K.C said, looking at Dami. ''Remind
me, when is that wedding of yours coming up again.''

''Three weeks from now K.C, this one you're forgetting the date, if
you don't show up on that day, I will haunt you.''

He laughed at her joke, the Matilda he knows isn't capable of hurting
a fly talk more of haunting a human. ''I will be there princess
Matilda.'' he said and hung up then gave Dami a do-you-now-believe

''I still don't get why you are doing all these.'' Dami said but with
a much softer expression and voice.

''Now, you know there's nothing between Matilda and I anymore. We're
just one of those few past lovers who still keep in touch but with our
senses intact. Nothing is going on between us.'' he explained.
''K.C, I am confused right now, why are you telling me all these?''

''Matilda even made me follow her to buy her wedding gown. We're just
two sensible adults who have decided not to throw our friendship to
the dogs''

''K.C, you still haven't told me why you're saying all...

''When I say a word, I mean that word.''

''Who is Rose?'' Dami blurted out.

''Another ex-girlfriend. I lived a rough life, I won't deny that.''

''What business does she have with doctor Raphael?'' Dami asked.

''It turned out she was his girlfriend but when she saw me, she dumped
him for me and I was too blind to resist the offer. How did you find

''Raphael told me.'' she closed her eyes. ''He said he only dated me
to get back at you and that he never loved me. Just perfect cuz I also
never loved him.''

''I thought as much,'' K.C murmured. ''So, they're back together?'' he asked.

''Yes. He claims that she is the only woman he has ever loved and that
he has forgiven her. He came to ask for my forgiveness, that's all.''

''You forgave him and you can't forgive me.'' K.C said dryly.

''K.C, you haven't wronged me. I was only giving you space. It seemed
like you needed it.''

''You were wrong then. You left me when I needed you most.'' he walked
up to her and sat on the arm rest. ''What if I told you I have fallen
in love?''

She smiled weakly. ''Does it mean that love now exists.''

''Love has always existed but I was too blind to see it, I guess all I
had to do was search for the right woman and watch love do the

''So, who is the lucky girl.''

''You'll see her soon.'' he knelt before her and his hand went into
his pocket and came out with a sparkling diamond engagment ring.
''Please, don't say no.'' he pleaded.

''What is this?'' Dami asked.

Not the kind of tone he was expecting but nevertheless he stood his
ground. Too early to think of giving up.

''I love you Dami. I've always loved you. Love at first sight. I have
only been trying hard to fight the feeling.''

''K.C, you don't know what you're doing, please stand up.''

He stretched the ring further in her direction. ''I have never been
this sure of anything since I was born.''

Dami stood up and walked few inches away from him. ''I don't love you
K.C, I am so sorry if I made you think I loved you.''

K.C's heart shattered into a thousand pieces under a minute. ''Are you
sure you don't love me?''

''I have never been this sure of anything also.'' she replied, her
arms draped around her chest.

''What about the kisses?'' he asked, sounding childish and at the same
time loosing control of his hormones and glands, especially his tear

''K.C forget about that kiss.'' she said, further shattering the
already shattered heart. ''You were down. That was why I allowed that
kiss to happen. I was only pitying you as a friend.

''A pity kiss,'' he said to himself and smiled. ''please, don't ever
pity me again.''

''K.C,'' she called.

He ignored her and rose up. ''Always remember this, I loved you and I
will always love you even though you only pity me, I don't pity you, I
love you.'' He walked to the door and opened it, ''My regards to

''K.C,'' she called again, walking closer to him.

''Please don't pity me again.'' he begged. ''I guess this is where I
will say goodbye. Goodbye Dami.'' he walked out of the door.

Dami walked to the door and held it open, looking at him as he walked.

I was almost afraid....Apostle must hear of this...
Re: Love Hiccups by HORLADSTAR(m): 1:54am On Oct 27, 2017
[quote author=KimberlyWest post=61798374]Good evening everyone.

Thank you so much grin kiss kiss

Where do I start now??

To everyone most especially Yewande...I say a very big thank you.

I'm currently in my village and the network is really terrible. I tried for more than thirty minutes before I finally logged in.

The good news is I'm officially an undergraduate...yeah... the list came out yesterday and I made it.

The bad news is grin grin grin grin I might not have access to the internet again until Monday.

Thanks again to everyone for their time, prayers and all.
welcome back on board, congratulations to u on behalf of ur admission.Horladstar wish u luck upon luck
Re: Love Hiccups by Halyma(f): 6:02am On Oct 27, 2017
Though, I started reading your story few days ago I say it is well articulated and interesting. Congrats on your admission. Keep up the good work. Sis some parts are missing, pls what can you do to help me and fellow new readers read those parts.
Re: Love Hiccups by chisiudeh: 8:16am On Oct 27, 2017
E be like say Kc too dey get visitors from his village people. I pray God delivers him from them.
Re: Love Hiccups by onyekachyy(m): 8:52am On Oct 27, 2017
ghost mode over, this story touch my spirit, am addictd
Re: Love Hiccups by kingphilip(m): 8:58am On Oct 27, 2017
Good evening everyone.

Thank you so much grin kiss kiss

Where do I start now??

To everyone most especially Yewande...I say a very big thank you.

I'm currently in my village and the network is really terrible. I tried for more than thirty minutes before I finally logged in.

The good news is I'm officially an undergraduate...yeah... the list came out yesterday and I made it.

The bad news is grin grin grin grin I might not have access to the internet again until Monday.

Thanks again to everyone for their time, prayers and all.
i thought it was your village people all along

i never knew you were with them self

how was your putme btw

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Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 9:41am On Oct 27, 2017

K.C alighted from the car and walked towards Dami's door with just one
mission on his mind--tell her that the engagement is off.

He knocked and door opened almost immediately.

''Onye Obia, batawa.'' Rachel said to him.

''Where did you learn that from?'' K.C asked, puzzled by how smoothly
it came out of her mouth.

''One of my sister's igbo friend. She said it means 'Visitor come in.
She's right I guess.''

K.C confirmed it and she gave way for him to walk in.

''Where is your sister?'' he asked, after she closed the door.

''She's in her room. Wait let me call her for you.''

K.C nodded.

''Sister, sister, your special someone is here to see you.'' she shouted.

K.C looked at her, he had expected her to go into the room and call
Dami. Nevertheless, he is not surprised. Rachel and Maryann have too
many things in common and this is just one of them.

''I am here.'' Dami announced.

K.C turned to her direction and the moment he did. All uncertainty and
worry he felt earlier vanished. Before him, she stood wearing a yellow
gown, her usual dressing but this time around a skimpy one revealing
so much skin.
K.C mind danced around the possibility of something falling down and
she bending low to pick it. He shook his head and cast the lustful
thoughts away. His gaze then left her thighs and returned to her face.

''Wow! You look...look...look beautiful.'' he managed to say. Not
exactly what he wanted to say or how he wanted to say it but that was
the only thing his brain could come up with considering the sight
before him.

''Thanks. I was busy tidying up the room of that baby over there.''
she replied, referring to Rachel. ''I wasn't expecting you.''

''Yeah. I just wanted to give you a surprise visit.'' he replied,
trying his best not to look at her exposed thighs.

His phone vibrated in his pocket and he heaved a sigh of relief. Nice
save! He took it out and smiled when he saw the caller's I.D

''Hello Ken.'' he said. ''I guess Maryann the newscaster has already
told you. It's true.''

''How did you even know what I wanted to ask?'' Ken asked.

''Cuz it's thesame thing that everyone has been calling to confirm. So
the answer is, yes.''

''Congratulations bro,'' Ken said, his voiced laced with enthusiasm.
''Nate would be so excited when he hears this.''

''Yeah. He would, that is if he will have time for that now. As soon
as he gets back from his honeymoon today or early tomorrow morning,
depending on the flight. He will have so much on his plate. New house,
cars, furnitures and starting his own home, that is too much to keep
him busy and keep his nose from poking into my business.''

''Sadist. What happened again?'' Ken asked.

Ken rubbed his elbow uncomfortably. He dare not tell Ken that he is
saying all those rubbish to keep himself from falling into the
temptation before him.''

''Nothing happened. How is chiagozie?'' K.C asked.

''The little guy is over at his grandparents house.''
''Ken, don't let that woman poison your child o!'' K.C warned.

''And my wife here is saying I have trust issues, bro, it seems you
need a trophy in that area. Why will she poison my son?''

''I just don't trust her. One minute she's the wicked stepmother and
the next minute she's the fairy godmother. Just be careful man.''

''I thought I explained everything to you. She was only being wicked
cuz my dad asked her not to be nice to me and truly that helped me
become a better person, if not, I would have been an overpampered

''Goodluck o, I still don't trust her.'' K.C sighed and fixed his eyes
on the T.V, that way he won't have to look at his half-clothed fiancee
beside him.

''Congratulations on your engagement man. I can't wait for the wedding party.''

''If you can't wait, go and hang yourself.'' K.C joked.

''I need to hang up now sef, I have things to do. Sitting alone with
this beautiful wife of mine, is really something else.'' Ken said and
hung up.

The feeling that K.C has been trying so hard to ignore stirred again.
''That was Ken,'' he informed the two pairs of curious eyes. ''Maryann
saw your photos on facebook and now the whole world will find out
about our engagement before night falls.''

''Pictures? Facebook?'' Dami asked.

''Yes, facebook.'' K.C confirmed, looking at her with a confused expression.

''Rachel, what did you do?'' Dami asked her sister, frowning deeply.

''I did what should have been done long ago,'' Rachel answered,
standing up to her feet, ''I still don't know why it's a secret

''Cuz we like to keep a low profile.'' K.C answered, calmly.

''What else did you do.'' Dami asked.

''I wanted to tag him but unfortunately I didn't see him on your
friend list.'' Rachel answered and pouted.

''You won't find me on facebook.'' K.C answered, smiling like it's a
major achievement.

''You're lucky.'' Rachel murmured and walked towards the door leading
to the bedrooms. ''Sis, I'm sorry but next time, I really need
explanations so I won't do what you don't want.''

''Go to your room now!'' Dami shouted at her.

''Let her be,'' K.C begged. ''could we go out today?''

''No problem. Where?'' she asked, smiling at him.

''That nice park down the road,'' he replied. Anything to calm her
down and make her cover up her exposed thighs.

''Alright. Let me get dressed.'' she informed him and left for the room.

''Madam oversabi,'' K.C started, smiling at the frowning Rachel, ''do
you mind tagging along.''


Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 9:50am On Oct 27, 2017
''I would have loved to but there is this really interesting series
that I do not want to miss.'' she responded.

Dami soon returned in another gown, this time, a white and a more
decent one, K.C smiled at her look, she look so much better decently
dressed although he would have loved the former gown if they were
already married.

''Let's go.'' he said to her.

''Rachel, I want to see you in this house when I get back.'' she
warned her sister before stepping out with him.
The ride to the park too less than 30 minutes and they soon found
themselves walking in the park popularly known as 'eastern park'

K.C plucked a red rose and handed it Dami.

''I love roses,'' she said and took it from him.

''I still don't understand what women see in roses,'' he said, looking
around the park to get a suitable place where they can sit and discuss
what is most important to him.

''Roses are nice and lovely, especially red roses,'' she replied,
bringing the flower to her nose.''

''Let's sit over there,'' he pointed. ''I really need us to talk about

She shrugged and said 'okay', he took her hand in his and led her there.

He exhaled deeply when they both sat on the park chair. ''I can't
believe I am doing all this,'' he said to himself but audible enough
for Dami to hear.

''Doing what?'' she asked.

''First, I never thought I would one day ask a woman to marry me.'' he
simply answered and lowered his gaze to the ground. ''I never believed
in love, my father's attitude influenced that thoery of mine that
'love doesn't exist'. When I was younger, I was the only child at
home, my sisters were all away in boarding schools, my dad wasn't too
rich then but he could still be called rich, he would come home with
different women and my mum would just sit and watch them go into the
bedroom and do their dirty stuffs. I felt bad for her but there was
nothing I could do about it, my dad was so harsh then, if an innocent
fly tries to fly past him it won't survive it. He was that bad.
Anytime he finish with the women, my mum would go inside with tears in
her eyes and pick up the bedsheet and wash them. Seeing all that as a
kid, I made up my mind that there was nothing like love, if love
existed my dad would not be treating my mum like trash, apart from
that I was so scared of becoming like my dad when I grow up, so at
that young age, I vowed never to get committed to any woman.''

Letting out those words were like a supernatural healing to his mind,
it felt like a heavy burden has been lifted off his shoulders. Most
people knew him as a playboy but only just few knew the reason behind
his playboy character. He never intended to be that way, the wind of
life blew him that way.

''Wow, that's quite a revelation,'' Dami said, placing her hand on his
back. ''I can't really say I understand what you went through but as a
human I can imagine all the horrible things you went through. My dad
and mum have always been a happy couple, we never for once heard that
my dad was involved with another woman. I can only imagine what you
went through seeeing all those things happen around you. I'm really

He turned to her with a smile, ''They're all in the past now. This is
present and I intend to live it to the fullest.'' he shut his eyes and
opened them again. ''I only told you that so you will know that the
kind of life I onced lived, I wasn't born with it.''

''I understand.''

''And I will never think of cheating on you.'' he informed her,
holding her gaze.

''You know you can't even try that,'' she joked. ''I know a guy that
sells really nice guns and hard pestles, infact he sells anything that
can be used to control a cheating husband.''

He laughed. ''Lucky me then cuz I don't intend cheating on my woman.''
he planted a kiss on her forehead and placed his hand under her jaw.

''When do you want us to officially say 'I do',''

Finally, he has let out what has been bothering him since he saw her.
Just sitting next to her in her sitting room, he had imagined her
wearing a nice white princess wedding gown, which will go well with
her dark skin colour.

''I think after I'm done with my youth service. Don't you think so?'' she asked.

''Anything for my woman. Left to me, we would be married by now. I
can't wait to wake up next to you.''

She hit him playfully and smiled. ''Don't start getting funny ideas in
that head of yours.''

''I have a really wild imagination, you don't want to know what goes
on in this head.'' he teased.

''I would like to know one of the things.'' she answered,

He gently drew her head and placed it on his shoulder. ''you asked for
it,'' he said in a theaterical tone, ''So here is me and you, after
the wedding and you are putting on this really skimpy lingerie and

She gave him a light punch on his back, ''you should have told me it's 18+''

''Well, you asked for it,'' he answered, laughing and feeling light
like a new born baby; no worries and no pains.

''You're really naughty, you know that right?''

''Well, that's what all the hundred and fifty-five girls I have dated
always say.''

''A hundred and fifty-five?'' she screamed.

''Too small, right?'' he asked, standing up with a smirk.

She made to hit him again but he ran away from her and she followed
him, thanks to her flat sandals.

They ran around like young teenagers who have been hit by the biggest
cupid arrow. Love is a wonderful feeling when you're in love with the
right person.

''Sweetheart, it's time to pick up Chiagozie from his grandparents
place.'' Vicky informed her husband.

He yawned and turned to her. ''What time is it?''

''4PM'' she replied.

''Can't he stay there for another one or two hours,'' he asked,
climbing down from the bed. ''I've bought more than four phones this
month, I think I can sleep with my two eyes closed knowing that my
properties are safe.''

''Who did he take after?'' Vicky asked.

''His mother,'' he answered and winked at her before walking into the bathroom.

Vicky turned and laid back on the bed. Truly the house has been
peaceful since Chiagozie left early in the morning but one can't throw
away a child just because he is destructive. ''He took after his
father, so let me just calm down,'' she comforted herself.

At first, she thought the child was hyperactive until her father
in-law told her about Ken's childhood and she realized that every
single trait he is exhibiting now, his father exhibited it. Good thing
about knowing your partners childhood.

''My car keys, where did I drop them?'' Ken asked, coming out of the bathroom.

''Ask Chiagozie's father. Like father like son.'' she mocked.

''He took after his mother, I still insist.'' Ken clapped back.

''Please go and bring him back, before he sets that whole house
ablaze.'' Vicky answered, smiling at him. The resemblance between
father and son in terms of physique and character is way too much.

''I will be right back,'' Ken said, grabbing his car keys from the bed
where he had dropped it.


Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 10:03am On Oct 27, 2017


Re: Love Hiccups by Nickibeauty(f): 10:12am On Oct 27, 2017
wow you are doing a great work dear thanks for the updates. Congratulations to you Kimberlywest
Re: Love Hiccups by Streetmade(m): 10:34am On Oct 27, 2017
Wow,what can i say,this story is terrific.kudos to u kim nd welldone yewande
Re: Love Hiccups by Sanniboi(m): 10:35am On Oct 27, 2017
ghost reader finally comment.ghost reader finally comment.ghost reader finally comment.
Re: Love Hiccups by Queenflourish(f): 11:29am On Oct 27, 2017
Wat is wrong with this Dami sef
Re: Love Hiccups by bimberry1307(f): 11:33am On Oct 27, 2017
Wow! this is big. yewande1234, thanks so much for the updates. you made my daaaaaaay
Re: Love Hiccups by afolabiwunmi: 11:41am On Oct 27, 2017
Re: Love Hiccups by toyhin123(f): 12:21pm On Oct 27, 2017
Yewande thanks for the update

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Re: Love Hiccups by amfo(f): 12:30pm On Oct 27, 2017
love is sweet

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