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Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 6:13pm On Jun 05, 2017
Amen o. Thanks for the mention...update is better than superb

Thanks dear.
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 6:15pm On Jun 05, 2017
Ahn ahn, I don't like Ken's Dad. Kilode. I want to know what's up with Mirabel . Thanks for the mention
you are welcome dearie.
Re: Love Hiccups by Akinwale14(m): 6:26pm On Jun 05, 2017
Re: Love Hiccups by jagugu88li(f): 6:33pm On Jun 05, 2017
Silently waiting for the devil to dwell in these crimeless streets. cool

First Avenue - Maribel......we are waiting dear cheesy
Re: Love Hiccups by Dollipsejay(m): 6:42pm On Jun 05, 2017
abeg mention me in your next post.

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Re: Love Hiccups by samyfreshsmooth(m): 10:49pm On Jun 05, 2017
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I have conquered the anti-spam bot, i finally updated.

i see ya too bae..........superb story uve got here and am liking dis kc character already

waiting for next update like............

Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 11:52am On Jun 06, 2017

Ken carried his gloomy self out of his car.
His gate man ran to him smiling and greeting him happily like he had absolutely no problem in life.
Maybe he didn't, afterall, he is properly taken care of, feeds three times or more in a day and has no one ordering him around and making him hate his mere existence.

He looked at the gateman over and over again jealously and started walking into his house.

The gateman was puzzled at his boss behaviour but shrugged it off after a little while.

''Maybe work bad for office today'' he said before returning back to the music that he was listening to through his radio.

Ken was so lost in thoughts that he bumped into his wife, he came back to his senses and smiled at her. He was thinking of a way out of his father's grip on him, he wanted to be free from the control of his father.

''welcome back, honey'' she said looking at him carefully.

''thanks sweetheart, how was your day'' he asked smiling trying to mask his worries and pains.

''my day was fine and yours''

''I had the best day i could have asked for'' he replied, flashing her a fake smile again.


''what'' he asked sharply.

''Let's talk about it over dinner'' she said and started to walk away.
He called after her but she ignored and continued walking, he threw his jacket on the sofa and ran after her.

''wait, what did i do wrong this time around'' he asked when he finally caught up with her.

''nothing, it's just that you lied to me few minutes ago, Ken you've got to stop hiding things from me and begin to trust am, am your wife''

Oh, oh, not again, he wasn't in the mood to get into another fight with her.

''alright, am so sorry. But i trust you completely'' he assured her with a gentle smile.

''then why did you lie to me about your day'' she asked with her hands folded across her chest.

He ran his fingers through his hair, if he had the power and authority like his friends he would fire all those lousy and nosy staffs under him, he knew his wife associated with some of them, and he also knew that they wouldn't hesistate to give her update on what happens in the office even without her asking.

''who told you about what happened between dad and I today, it's chioma right?'' he asked after some minutes of silence.

''Dad was in the office? Well, no one needs to tell me anything, one look at you says it all'' she said pointing at his shirt.

He had given himself away so easily, in his distress state he had completely forgot about his office being soundproofed so, no one actually knew what happened between him and his dad even if the person tried to eavesdrop. But then again, he was a total nutcase at work today after his dad left, he practically ignored everyone and locked himself in his office till it was time to go, even when he came out he ignored all the staffs who greeted him.

''Ken, look at you, you came in here looking like you escaped from the rabbit hole, your shirt totally rumpled and face a mess and you are telling me that you had the best day?''

He heard that tone again, the tone that signified that she was close to tears, he draw her closer and gave her a warm embrace, he couldn't bear to see her cry, she was his comforter and companion, who would comfort him if he makes her cry?.

''sweetheart, i will tell you everything once I have had my bath, alright?''

''okay, let me set the table for dinner then'' she said stepping away from his arms.

''am not hungry'' he replied her, even though he had not tasted a thing since his dad left him in the morning making him feel miserable about his life and existence. His appetite left with his dad.

''really'' she asked, giving him a wry smile.

As if on cue, his stomach began rumbling. He held his stomach as his wife burst into laughter.

'alright, i will be down in a minute'' he said and went back to pick his discarded jacket before heading upstairs.

''the stomach wants what it want'' he heard her say from the kitchen but pretended like he didn't hear her.

''Home sweet home'' he said once he got into his bedroom.

His wife victoria was one of a kind, anything she touched never remained thesame, in a positive way though including his once dull looking bedroom.

He smiled when he remembered how they met at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, she was just a fresher who didn't like mathematics but couldn't afford to fail it while he on the other hand was a mathematics genius who could solve any equation under 2 minutes. He was 2 years ahead of her, the day he spoke to her first was when he and his friends KC and Nate, were walking around joking and flirting with girls as usual, he sighted her sitting alone and talking to herself while fumbling with a notebook, he ignored her at first but something about her kept making him turn back to look at her, a light skinned beauty with an oval shaped face and big beautiful eyes, and a plump lips which could throw any sensible guy off balance with just a gaze at it.

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Re: Love Hiccups by crislyn(f): 12:03pm On Jun 06, 2017
Hadampson thank u for the mention o...that is how a good story would have passed me by.
Re: Love Hiccups by bossy512(f): 12:17pm On Jun 06, 2017
I love the story, well done. Pls more update
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 1:01pm On Jun 06, 2017
Impulse driven, he walked over to her, due to her fumbling and cursing she didn't notice his presence. He looked over her head, as she was sitting on the carpet grass and smiled when he saw what was making her fuss, a simple calculus question.

''you got it all wrong'' he said to her.

That was when she looked up at him and he became speechless, she was more beautiful than he had seen from afar.
What totally threw him off balance was that there was not even an ounce of make-up on her face. She was totally natural.

''ehm, ehem...'' he started to scratch his hair thinking of the right word to say, but no word even came to his mind.

''Good evening, please if you don't mind, i am trying to read'' she said politely and turned back to her book.

He then found his voice again.
''am here to help, am Kennedy by the way'' that wasn't how he had intended to say it but this was better than none.

''help?'' she started to laugh which made him feel stupid.

''why are you laughing'' he asked her.

''Guy, this is calculus and not an equation about how to flirt with a girl''

Right, she knew him quite alright, only that she didn't know what he was capable of.

''when you are done laughing and mocking me, hand over the pen and book to me, I will solve it and if you fail it, i will withdraw from school'' he replied with anger, he hated being underestimated especially when it's from a girl.

''are you sure'' she asked calmly this time around.


She did the sign of the cross before handing the book to him and he solved the question for her while still on his feet and handed the book back to her and turned back to leave.


He spunned around, Huh? He said keeping a neutral expression.

''Am Victoria, sorry for being rude to you just now''

''alright, room 515 Azikiwe's hostel''

''what? Do i look like a prostitute'' she retorted her face turning red.

He was tempted to laugh.

''No, if you fail it, you can come and arrest me or even beat me yourself''

she became calm and gave him a cursory look before picking her bag.

''i will keep that in mind, just start praying i don't fail it, good day'' she said and left him stunned, he was expecting gratitude but got the opposite.

''what a nice way to be grateful'' he called after her but she shook her head without turning back.


He was jolted out of his reverie by her sweet and melodious voice, another thing he loved about her, her sweet voice.

''it's taking you too long to bath and come down, do you need help there''

''yeah, i need help''

''Don't be naughty'' she replied almost immediately.

He started to laugh totally forgeting his dad and everything about him and focusing all his emotions on Victoria, his reason for living and for loving life after he was shattered by his mum's death and by his dad's re-marriage.

He shook his head, he didn't want to think about that right now and as such he channeled his energy to something worthwhile, his smile returned as he directed his gaze towards his wedding picture on the wall.

He soon joined his wife after taking a quick shower which helped him think better to an extent.

After the sumptous meal of pounded yam and egusi soup. He help her clear the table and they washed the dishes together and he returned to the sitting room to watch the evening news.

She joined him halfway and they watched and listened together in silence.

The news ended and she snuggled up to him. He didn't need a soothsayer to tell him what to do.

''so dad came to the office this morning, he even got there before me, i didn't know what to expect from his visit but i braced myself for the worst...''

He stroked her hair while narrating everything that happened to her, leaving out no details, she was a good listener but he wasn't always a good talker, part of a habit he developed from living with step siblings and step mother who shunned him whenever he opened his mouth to talk.

''Sweetheart, your dad didn't do well, but you've got to remember that he is still your dad and you are still his only son, so leaving the family's company is and would never be the best option''

He chuckled, God had indeed rewarded his step mum with six female children for all the maltreatment he was made to go through.

''why are you laughing'' she asked him frowning.

''am not laughing at you, and no i haven't really decided to leave the company, the thought just occured to me this evening in the office''

''better, don't leave your dad's side no matter what he does, endurance pays alot this days'' she said and snuggled up to him once more.

Endurance sure pays, he remember all she had to endure because of his lifestyle, coupled with his step mum's hatred towards her.

He continued to stroke her hair gently and made a resolution in his mind never to go back to his flirtatious lifestyle and also to love and cherish her.

''advice taken sweetheart'' he said smiling

''this is why I love you'' she said giggling.

''I love you more sweetheart''


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Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 1:02pm On Jun 06, 2017
I love the story, well done. Pls more update

Thanks dear.
And i have dropped another update.
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 1:07pm On Jun 06, 2017
Silently waiting for the devil to dwell in these crimeless streets. cool

First Avenue - Maribel......we are waiting dear cheesy

Hope by devil, you don't mean my K.C right?


no mind me dearie, I don update.
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 1:10pm On Jun 06, 2017
abeg mention me in your next post.
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Jingling my bell loudly. Grrrrrrr...grrrrrrrrrrr....grrrrrrrrrr.
I have updated. Thanks for following the story.
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 1:14pm On Jun 06, 2017
Another update 'might' drop tonight.
I wish i can update more, to make up for my failing to update yesterday night, but i have to pamper my phone like an egg, it fell into water.
If it doesn't give me any red signal, i will update tonight.
Re: Love Hiccups by bossy512(f): 3:26pm On Jun 06, 2017
Thanks for d update, more inspiration
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 3:53pm On Jun 06, 2017
Thanks for d update, more inspiration

Thanks dear.
Re: Love Hiccups by Akinwale14(m): 6:23pm On Jun 06, 2017
KimberlyWest weldon
Re: Love Hiccups by jagugu88li(f): 6:50pm On Jun 06, 2017
I need a husband embarassed



Hope by devil, you don't mean my K.C right?


no mind me dearie, I don update.

Naaa. I mean the skeleton in Maribel's closet, given the brief meeting with the unkown dude. Surely there's something bad either brewing or soon to be born......the devil

Chumzypinky Lawlahdey Swann (where did she ever go to?) Angelinasto Harameede Bummybummy (last saw you during greg42 times)

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Re: Love Hiccups by queenitee(f): 6:57pm On Jun 06, 2017
And I love them more. Ken and Vic
Re: Love Hiccups by Dollipsejay(m): 7:32pm On Jun 06, 2017
ok ooo. Nice one Op
Re: Love Hiccups by MhizDherbee(f): 7:52pm On Jun 06, 2017
Choi! so nobody cared to invite me no wahala cuz i knw say na onlyme waka come.

Nice story... Keep it coming!!!
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 8:09pm On Jun 06, 2017
Choi! so nobody cared to invite me no wahala cuz i knw say na onlyme waka come.

Nice story... Keep it coming!!!

Thanks dear.
Abeg no vex, no be only you waka come, we plenty.

Just grab one fine seat, sitdown make i give you your own share of the sweet popcorn.
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 8:12pm On Jun 06, 2017
I need a husband

Don't worry, am on it already.
Let's put up the announcement, and in no time, you will get a lovely husband like Ken.
Re: Love Hiccups by samyfreshsmooth(m): 9:42pm On Jun 06, 2017
Waiting impatiently
Re: Love Hiccups by samyfreshsmooth(m): 9:53pm On Jun 06, 2017
I need a husband embarassed



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Re: Love Hiccups by Kimkardashain(f): 10:33pm On Jun 06, 2017
kimberleywest oya cum let me take you to mcdonalds, dress up quick.
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 10:36pm On Jun 06, 2017
Chapter 3.

The week rolled by and soon it was friday.
K.C was still nice to Mirabel pretending like he knew nothing about her conversation with Stephen.
Nate was working really hard to please his dad.
Ken and his wife were still all lovey dovey.

''Guys, this babe, i don't even know what she sees herself as, to me she's a total twerp'' K.C said and his lips twitched in anger.

Ken rolled his eyes at K.C and howled.
Another Friday meant another day to sit and listen to K.C talk about his escapades.

''Tell me more'' Nate said deliberately trying to annoy Ken the more.

''She can talk non stop and i hate that, even if i had a gun pointed to my forehead, i won't even marry her, not that am interested in marriage at all'' he said while rubbing his palm together.

The cold weather didn't stop them from meeting and having their friday evening discussion.

''I hail your parents, i would give them an award, if they were sitting right here.'' Ken said triumphantly when K.C finished narrating to them his parents role in the match making.

''Bone Mr Ken and let we single and free men talk, tell me about the conversation with Mr. Bald head'' Nate said grinning happily, while Ken made a face at him.

''Let me give you a quick summary, from the recording, she and this guy were dating and apparently they were both in love or so she said, and then when my dad, he is going to pay for this, well, my dad approached her dad on my behalf, as if asked him to, and when she was told, she called the guy and broke up with him, can you imagine, breaking up with a guy over the phone''

''Nna, that girl is heartless, i pity the poor dude'' Nate said pitifully

''and a tall dude sitting here is busy telling me that love exists and i should consider marrying her'' K.C eyed Ken before going back to his glass of Eva wine.

''Hey man, i didn't know she was like that'' Ken replied defensively.

''Heartless or not, I have a plan to teach my dad and family a lesson, in their next life they would never even think of meddling in my affairs'' K.C replied pouring himself another glass of wine.

''Tell me more about it, I haven't gotten into trouble since forever, am beginning to act like a lady and it's becoming annoying, I need adventure'' Nate said smiling and waving his can of malt happily in Ken's face.

Obviously, this friday was annoy-Ken friday, K.C and Nate were both on his neck.

''Am not in o'' Ken said even before K.C started letting them in on his plan.

But nevertheless he listened with rapt attention as K.C informed them about his carefully thought plan.

''will this not affect your dads political career?'' Nate asked after K.C finished.

''it definately would'' Ken affirmed.

''who cares! that old man needs to pay for all those times he hit my mum in my presence when i was younger, I haven't forgiven him, i need to take my own pound of flesh first'' he replied smiling.

''But it will affect every member of your family, and again your mum won't be happy about this'' Ken said to him.

''let it affect them, they will endure it, just like i have endured their endless meddling in my affairs, and as for my mum, she won't know that am fighting on her behalf''

Ken looked at him with his eyes half closed.

''Hey man, stop it, am not your girlfriend nor you wife'' K.C said gulping down another glass of wine.

''I don't like this, come up with another plan'' Ken said picking up his own glass of wine.

''It's also going to affect me too, but i don't care, all i care about is revenge, against all my family members''.

''does that include my two sweethearts'' Nate said with a grin.

He was referring to K.C's younger sisters who happened to be twins also.

''those ones, i have rested this past three weeks, their exams is taking up all their time, that is one thing i like about schooling abroad, nothing like sorting, if you don't read, you fail, am sure they will come and start whinning about wanting to have niece and nephews, once their exam is over'' he replied absent minded, drumming his fingers on the table.

''after a careful consideration of your plan, am totally in, i can't wait for your dad to get off your case'' Nate replied getting up and gesturing to a lady sitting alone at another end. ''Let me go and try my luck this night, which am sure will work perfectly, body no be wood'' He said with smile and started walking towards the lady who was already beaming with smile when she sighted him coming over to her.

''Ken, how is your dad? hope he is come arounding a bit'' K.C asked when Nate left them.

''he visited on monday morning, and left after making me feel miserable'' he said quietly.

''Hang on there man, he will come around'' K.C said patting his shoulder.

''Thanks man'' he replied smiling.

His smile vanished when he remembered how it all started when he was just 17, his step mother had come home one day and informed his dad that a prophet said that Ken was responsible for her inability to bear male children.


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Re: Love Hiccups by EvaJael(f): 10:57pm On Jun 06, 2017
Step mother na wa for you o. Ken don't let K.C. and Nate spoil you for your queen o jawe
Re: Love Hiccups by MhizDherbee(f): 11:07pm On Jun 06, 2017

Thanks dear.
Abeg no vex, no be only you waka come, we plenty.

Just grab one fine seat, sitdown make i give you your own share of the sweet popcorn.

Whats pocorn abegi find me beta g4 with kulikuli[dat type wey get pepper], and cold water. If yu fit arrange kifi[fish] with am i go roff u wella. Tell me if e don ready..
Re: Love Hiccups by Akinwale14(m): 11:11pm On Jun 06, 2017
Step mother na wa for you o. Ken don't let K.C. and Nate spoil you for your queen o jawe
who be queen?
Re: Love Hiccups by queenitee(f): 11:25pm On Jun 06, 2017
Which oloshi step mother? The father self is oloshi? Ken I support you killing the two of them. Awon oniranu oshi.

K.C Mr revenge master, e take ee easy o
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 11:34pm On Jun 06, 2017

''Noooooooo....'' Nate screamed and sat up. The bed cover slipped away revealing shirtless chest, he rubbed his hair furiously trying to reorient himself back to the present.

But her laughter and her mockery hung tightly to his memory.

Time check: 11: 35PM

''Nonsense'' he muttered before he threw the bed cover and stepped down from the bed.

The tile was cold but it felt better than his hot and sweaty body.

''To the bathroom'' he said loudly and headed towards the door of his bathroom.

He was having another nightmare about her again, about her taunting and her betrayal.

''God knows i loved her, but if i ever find her, that daughter of Delilah, will pay for everything she did to my family and I, with her miserable life'' he said once he was inside the bathroom and under the cold shower.

The cold shower did wonders to his nerves, he soon returned to his bedroom feeling better.

For the past five years since she left and the nightmares started hunting him, the bathroom and the cold shower had become his close friend at night.

He layed down, to avoid his thoughts wandering back to six years ago when everything was perfect and his life was normal, he started to think about the hottie that he had hung out with at the bar, If not that he wasn't in the mood to spend the night with a woman, she would have been with him now and the nightmare which normally comes when he's alone wouldn't have come.


The next morning.

Being saturday, Ken and his wife were busy tidying up the house, when his phone rang. He looked at the screen and threw the phone on the sofa angrily when he saw the caller's I.D.

His wife went and picked it up.

''Witch'' she read the word written on the screen and looked over at him sternly.

''Don't give me that look, she is a witch, my step mother is a big old witch, I hate her and she hates me too'' Ken said trying to justify his action.

''It takes a witch to know a witch'' she murmured and went back to cleaning the electronics.

''Did she perhaps give you anything to eat, why are you siding her?'' he asked ignoring her ealier comment about him being a witch.

''am not siding her, am just saying that it's not proper, saving your step mum's number with witch is the most immature thing that you could possibly do'' she explained without so much as a glance at him.

''alright, I will change it'' he said and shut his eyes tightly when the phone started to ring again.

''Ken answer your call'' his wife said eyeing him.

''Yes mummy'' he replied sarcastically and reached for his phone.

''Hello, Good morning ma'' he said immediately he pressed the answer button.

''Kennedy, when will you and your wife give this family grandchildren, am not seeing any sign of pregnancy or has she donated her womb in her coven?'' she said totally ignoring his greetings.

He looked at his wife, she heard what his step mum said as his phone was on loudspeaker.

''Answer me, Kennedy''

He looked at his wife again, this time around, tears has already began forming in her eyes.

''Step mother, if anybody sent you to me this morning, tell them that you didn't see me'' he replied and his wife gave him a warning look.

That was one problem with his wife, she liked to please everybody and respect even those who didn't deceive her respect.

''Is that the way to talk to your mother'' his step mother screamed over the phone.

''You are not my mother woman, you don't even deserve to be called a mother'' he replied again and the next minute his wife was already by his side pulling his ears whispering to him to apologize.

''You are just like your mother, a total waste of my energy, i don't blame you, it's because your witchcraft worked on me and you stopped me from bearing male children that you now have the gut to talk back at me''

''am sorry ma, good day'' he replied and cut the call before she could say any further word.

''awwwww'' he sreamed when his wife released her grip on his ears.

''that serves you right, why should you talk to her like that'' she asked him.

''my apology but you don't expect me to thank her for the insults, do you?'' he asked and she quietened.

''am sorry for what she said to you'' he replied holding her hands in his.

''nothing to be sorry about, she just aired her opinion, she is not God'' she replied and he drew her close and hugged her tightly.

He knew she needed the hug, even without her saying it, it was there in her eyes, his step mother's words got to her even though she pretended like it didn't.


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