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My Husband Subjects Me To Marathon Sex For Ritual, Woman Tells Court / Marriage List Given To Man By His Father-In-law / Sex-Starved Banker’s Wife Contemplates Suicide As Husband Abducts 3 Kids (photo) (2) (3) (4)

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Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:25pm On Jul 02, 2017
Princewill Njoku
No 14 Hyacinth Maduekwe close
Soba Abulado
1st February, 2017
The Welfare Unit
Ministry of Youth and Social Development
Family Social Services
Araromi Area Office
Berger Cement bus top
Cc: The Magistrate Apapa family Court
Cc: The Assessors Apapa Magistrate Family Court
Cc: Lagos State Commissioner of Police,
Cc: Inspector General of Police
Dear Sir,

1. My father in-law is not the father of my son as such cannot give my son the fatherly love and care my son deserves. There is no way he can compete with me to shower and bestow upon my son the love a good and responsible father can shower upon his son.
2. I am my sons father and very much alive and capable of taking care of my son.
3. I love my son and he is the only compensation I have in the marriage after the unfortunate death of my dear wife. He is the only one I can look up to have a good and fresh memory of my lovely wife. His being around me makes me to remember all the good times I shared with my wife. Moreover he is going to be a source of inspiration to make sure that the dream of the family I wanted to build with my wife lives on.
4. My father in-law is over 70years old with currently six children and over seven grandchildren excluding my son. From my knowledge of his house hold all these his grandchildren lives with their biological father so why does he want to train my son for me by force even against my will as the biological father? He also has enough children and grandchildren to take care of if he so desires to train his grandchildren from the seven above. My son is the only legacy I have with my late wife so I want him very close to me as possible.
5. My father in-law is a drunkard who is known for his drinking habits. My wife when she was alive complained of his drinking habits bitterly and vowed never to marry any man like him because of the hell he let her mother pass through. You can see that in the physical deformity of the wife as she bends to walk and have natural and vicious scars all over her legs. I and all the people that followed me to the marriage are all a witness to his very bad drinking habit. I have also on very many occasions advised him to stop drinking because he has been diagnosed with lever and kidney problems. On one occasion he fought with his first son Francis who has a partial lucid psychology and he kicked him on the belly and aggravated his lever problems for which he was hospitalised. So you can see that home is filled with violence.
6. I have discovered that my father in-law is a glorified tout in his area of work as he is a gate fee collector at Alaba International Market while lying to the court he is a trader with many shops at Alaba International market.
7. While I was coming to marry my wife, my father in-law invited me after I proposed to her and when I came to see him at his house in maza-maza sometime in early January 2015 my father in-law asked me why I obtained an international passport for her daughter that I was yet to marry then and I told him that I did that so that I could add value to her life. He went further to ask me that don’t I think she may marry another man if she travelled to the Uk and I told him that if she marries another man in the UK, I will marry another woman in Nigeria but the truth remains that she will always remember that I played a positive role in her life by being part of her success story so with that I am contented. He agreed with my decision and intentions and asked me for the bottle of Hot Drink to show that I was visiting my in-laws, I told him that I had discussed with my elders and uncles before coming and they told me that I didn’t need to come with drink since he was the one that invited me that it was only when we were coming to knock at his door for the hand of the daughter in marriage that I was supposed to come with hot drink. In order to show my seriousness in marrying the daughter there and then I put my hand in my pocket and brought our N2000 and placed on the table for a bottle of hot drink, he smiled and said that it was now that I have shown seriousness that I have come to marry the daughter. He again asked me to look around and I did and he said that all my wife’s cousins and mother will need to join us in the celebration and we need to buy drinks for them. Again I put hand in my pocket and brought of N2000 and placed on the table, he took some money out of it and gave them to go and buy drinks for everyone. After we concluded our discussion he thanked me and I left promising to come with my father for the Door Knocking before a fortnight. My father in-law tried to lure me to follow him for marriage discussions at the beer parlour which I vehemently refused and asked him never to invite me to such places again. If he contends it, my Lord may request for the telephone conversations I have had with him through MTN voice calls. This is to show you that no good and reasonable father in-law will request to discuss his daughter’s marriage plans in a beer parlour were we have drunkards and going by his fallacious denials in his summons that I didn’t marry my wife which evidence has proved otherwise, you will observe that if I had followed him to the beer parlour he would have further claimed today that I was drunk when I was telling him of my intentions to marry his daughter. So he does not have a moral personality to give my son the kind of Christian and good moral upbringing that I will desire for my son.
Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:25pm On Jul 02, 2017
8. It was when this his plan to lure me to a beer parlour to discuss marriage plans failed so he could put a glitch in the marriage knowing fully well that if by tomorrow he tells anybody that I was drunk when I was telling him of my marriage plans with the daughter that no rational person will ever believe that a marriage plan can be executed in a beer parlour. He then switched to telling me to give him the monetary equivalent and cost of the traditional marriage list which he gave me to go and settle his village people and when I suspected foul play and refused to give him the money but insisted that I must go with my wife for the traditional marriage, he again came up with the idea that all his village people are wicked and that they are witches and wizards and would kill both me and my wife. I still refused and insisted that I will still want to be present at the traditional marriage. This was when he now came up with the idea that he will not allow the daughter come to the village but since I wanted to come I should make sure I came with only one man two women or one woman two men from my village since it was his practice and that was how his daughter Ifeyinwa who got married to a man from Spain did. He went further to let us know that in that traditional marriage even his daughters husband didn’t come as the brother represented him. But unfortunately for him when I told my village people over 20 people followed me even when I didn’t make it public. It was my friends who I called a night to the traditional marriage that came and helped me to take photo shots of the traditional marriage as a backup. So all his plans with his family to manipulate the events of the day could not work in their favour because from his utterances today he had every action set in motion to frustrate that marriage. I finally paid all the traditional marriage rights and married my wife as photo evidence can show. The court can still verify from his village if it so wishes because not only did I pay all the traditional rights, I also registered my wife with UMU-ADA which is the acronym for married daughters of the town with a sum of N5000 given to my father in-laws sister who is one of the UMU-ADA.
9. The day I took my wife home to my place was sometime in first week of august 2015. My wife called me while at work and asked me to come and pick her up from her office as usual. There was serious traffic on my route from Apapa so when I called her around 8.30pm she still insisted I come to her father’s house to pick her up because she couldn’t wait at her office and had gone home. When I entered her father’s house she came to me to touch her belly to observe the baby kicking in front of the mother and father and we all laughed. She went further to place her mother’s hand on her belly to feel and observe the pulse of the baby. And she told the parents like she had earlier told them that anytime she comes to my place and sleeps over, she sleeps soundly like a baby but the baby keeps kicking her every night in her father’s house and she finds it hard to sleep. She also went further to let them see what she was saying by the baby starting to kick her belly immediately it observed my presence. So she told them she was following her husband home so that he would be closer to his son and take care of his responsibilities as a father. She packed all her clothes and belongings that night in front of the parents and followed me home. We left around past 11:20pm after she and the mum had hugged and cried because she was her last born and daughter as well. The father never complained neither did he say anything to the contrary that I had not married my wife. He even told us to start going because it was getting late.
10. My father in-law has openly and brazenly boasted that he is a police informant and an ocultic man and by implication even the inspector general of police cannot arrest him and that he can bribe his way through any magistrate and or judge. He even said the honourable magistrate here is just a small girl to him and he will make sure he frustrates this case if he can’t get his way with her. He said he had dealt with tougher men worth more a small boy like me and if I don’t like my life what happened to his daughter will happen to me.
11. My father in-law is a chronic liar even at the age of 70 years plus where he is supposed to be leaving a worthy and exemplary life. Someone who could lie to the police at Agboju station with a fabricated petition filled with lies to get me arrested just like he brazenly lied to the court with his summon saying he has never met me except the day my wife died at the hospital. He also fabricated lies at zone-9 Umuahia that I smuggled my wife’s corpse to go and bury without his knowledge when in fact, he is in the video coverage giving directions on how the burial ceremony would go. In Igbo culture there is no way you can burry a woman you never married in your father’s house because your kinsmen will not permit it till the woman is properly married and even your in-laws will not allow you to bury their daughter in your father’s house except you marry her at death if she was not properly married. In my case I married wife properly that was why with the consent of the father and family she was buried in my father’s compound. And before any burial in Igbo land can be consummated between in the case of a married woman, the husband’s people must notify the wife’s people and an agreement on burial plan will be put in place. My father in-law demanded I bury my wife in my father’s sitting room. My people refused that it was a taboo because not even our traditional rulers has been buried or will be buried in his sitting room. My people now pointed to where she will be buried in front of my father’s house near my dad’s burial place which was a big privilege going by Igbo customs. My father in-law further demanded that I cast the grave with concrete all through and I complained of the cost implication going by the fact that I single headedly took care of the burial without any contribution from him and any member of his family except the fliers the son Mr Peter printed from his office because it was their line of family business. Also going by the fact that I was the one who single handedly was taking care of my premature son. So we reached a compromise with my uncles that the grave will be laid with blocks all through the four corners and the top will be cast. I and my family carried out his demand and my wife was peacefully buried with his consent and knowledge because my wife’s corpse was taken from the mortuary to her father’s house for lying in state before we departed to my village with my father in-laws entire family even with the sister Chinyere that came back from London and their village people. The burial was officiated by the Reverend father in charge of St Michael’s Catholic Church Umudiagba Abajah and was video covered. His unbecoming character cannot be a good example worthy for my son to emulate. He will rather train my son to be a nuisance to the state such as his children will see him derail today and cannot call him to order.
12. If my father in-law could lie to the police and the court that I killed my wife, what do you think he is going to tell my son and indoctrinate him with on the course of my wife’s death? For every day that boy my son remains in his possession and custody is a serious threat to the kind of morals he will be imparting on my son. It also means that the court may just be preparing for a third world war between me and my son for all the rubbish he will feed into his brain.
Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:26pm On Jul 02, 2017
13. My father in-law is an extortionist. From the marriage to the burial and till today all he has ever done is to make me spend money and waste it where he cannot have it to himself. He collected N30, 000 from me before he could give me the traditional marriage list saying he needed the money to go and investigate whether I can marry the daughter which is against igbo tradition because I am not supposed to be aware that he is making investigations and enquiry on me. So by implication he extorted that money from me. He extorted money from me all through the period of the traditional marriage and whenever I complained to my wife she would always beg me to calm down and just try so that we can quickly conclude the marriage to enable her pack out from the fathers house after all when the marriage is concluded he won’t have any reason to come asking for money indiscriminately when I won’t be owing anything on her head, so I managed to conclude the traditional marriage to take possession of my wife. He asked me to bury my wife in my father’s sitting room and when my village elders refused and mandated that she must be buried outside and within the confines of my father’s compound, he insisted and made sure I had to cast the whole burial ground 6 by 6 feet so I could spend and waste my had earned money. He and his entire family did not contribute any kobo to my wife’s burial except the posters his son printed because it came at no cost since it was their line of family business. They celebrated her death because she refused to be part of their ocultic practice.
14. My father in-law started putting me through this agonising pain and suffering because he wanted me to collude with him to lie against the hospital where my wife delivered so that we could frame them up, sue them and extort money from them. And when I refused he turned and made me the target. Also when I took my son to their family, he never cared to go near him all the time I have been there. My sister Declare can also testify to that as I have never seen him carry him. He never showed any love towards him until when he went to his juju priest who told him that my son was a star and special, that was when he hatched the plot with his family kidnaped and abducted him from the care giver my sister Declare Charity Njoku who he was under her custody.
15. He further wanted me to spend more money and insisted I perform an autopsy on my wife when I was busy spending money for medical bills on my premature son and preparing for my wife’s burial. I refused to yield to his extortion and told him that if he wanted an autopsy I am very interested in it but he had to foot the bills. He tried to force it on me and I refused. His son Peter agreed to fund the doctor’s bill of N100, 000 while I donated my car, fuelled it to and from Lagos to east, I also paid for the theatre where the autopsy was conducted and got the permission of the hospital Amaigbo Joint hospital Nwangele Lga Imo state where the autopsy was carried out with the doctors from Imo State teaching hospital Orlu who performed the autopsy. I paid for the post mortem stiches and dressing. To be conservative, I spent not less than N80, 000 to get these things done while preparing for my wife’s burial. I went in the company of his son Emeka and identified my wife at the morgue as the autopsy result shows and attached to the report.
16. My father in-law has four boys and could not train any of them to finish secondary school worth more seeing the four walls of the university. If he could not put his biological children through school, I wonder why at the age of over 70years he has developed sudden love for education and want to use my son as a test case for his ability to train someone in the university when he could not do that for his biological children. Even if he did want to repent at this age, he has other 7 grandchildren who are senior to my son and can start with them till I come to him for help.
17. My father in-law is a well-known trouble maker as all the people I have met and spoken of this matter to have acknowledged that he is a very wicked and mischievous man. Even my wife told me the father was a very difficult man and I should just try and manage him till the marriage is through, after all our visits to her house will be a one off thing as time goes on when the marriage was concluded. People from his village and street can testify to this. He is even known as ‘OLOYE’THE OPUTA OBIE in Alaba Intl Market as a man that buys trouble and cases from people for selfish personal benefit. Even the police that he has used to harass and intimidate me after seeing the facts of the case have concluded that he is a trouble maker and I should be very careful because he is diabolical. This goes to confirm his open confession that he has visited several juju priests in Anambra state. It also confirms his confession in his court summons to me and the verbal confession he made before the magistrate that he knew my wife the daughter will die but did nothing to save her only to come and abduct her son as his juju priest said according to him and his family that my son is a star. So they are holding unto my son not because they love him but because their juju priest confirmed to them that my son is a star. If not why will a grandfather refuse the grandson to be blessed by a Reverend Priest of the catholic faith when I the father is a catholic, rather my father in-law said over his dead body will my son be blessed and prayed over in any church. If I the father cant dedicate my own son in a church where then does my father in-law intend I dedicate my son? Hopefully not in his juju priests shrine. I want the court to ask him, Why he is so viciously holding unto my son even preventing me from seeing my son? Is he his biological son? Or is there something else that our two necked eyes are not seeing that only he and his mysterious family with his juju priest are seeing? Am also asking the court that does my son need to be a star before I can discharge my responsibilities of love and welfare to my son? Of course I am a very responsible father and will love my son and blood like no other man can whether he is a star or not. I also want him to be asked why he is always mentioning he doesn’t want my son to die. Is he God that knows when people live or die? He definitely has a hidden agenda towards my son and I am very much bothered, afraid and threatened by his continuous holding my son against my wish and right as a citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria.
18. My father in-law claims he is a man of means, yet he has lived in Lagos for over 40years and has been a tenant till today where he resides. He could not even build a house in the village except that which his son built. What kind of a man of means will be a tenant all through his over 40years sojourn in Lagos without owing his own personal property in his name? He started his live in Ajegunle to orile and finally ending up in maza-maza first gate old Ojo road by Lagos Badagry expressway. Whereas I have lived in Festac town 23 road K close House 22, 3rd Avenue F close house 14 and currently living in Festac extension Abulado no 14 hyacinth Maduekwe Close soba Abulado. Whereas I pay my bills and feed a family of 7, his son pays for his bills and provides upkeep for him because I had intervened with his wife to tell the son Peter to give him his monthly stipend of N40, 000 when he complained to me that the son stopped giving him the money on the condition that he will stop drinking because his health was deteriorating which was increasing his medical bills which he passes unto his son yet he will not give up drinking.
19. I already have over four landed property in Lagos and has worked for about ten years. I have trained four of my siblings both male and female from secondary school to university and feeding over 7 people at the age of 36 years. My father worked with golden guineas breweries ltd for 35 years meritorious service and when he retired and fell sick because of exposure to the cold room where they brewed beer, I took over the training of my siblings and helped them all through their education and started business for them. I brought my father and mother to Lagos to live with me in 2009 so that I could closely monitor his treatment and medications since there was a difference between sending money home for treatment and actually monitoring if the treatment is followed with discretion. My father unfortunately died in 2013 and I decided that my mother a young widow stay with me because it will be so lonely for her staying in the village all by herself when all my five siblings have joined me in Lagos. When you look at his summons to me on number 11, he turned it to a vicious statement that I don’t have a stable job and still living under my parent’s accommodation when in actual fact he knew the reason why my mother was with me in Lagos. My father was able to build his own house which by standard was one of the best houses at that time whereas my father in-law could not build any house of his own except the one his son just built.
20. My father in-law is a man without any reasonable academic background and qualification. All his four sons are also people with no reasonable academic qualification and background. On the other hand I am a graduate of banking and finance from Imo state university, Owerri with a second class upper division (2.1) qualification and a CPGA OF 3.98. I am also an MBA holder in financial Management from Lagos State University; I also have a second degree in MSC Economics with Nsukka. I am an Associate member of CIBN, CIEN, CIAN, CILRM, and ICPM. I am also in the process of pursuing my PHD. I am well read and versatile to know the value of education more than my illiterate contemporaries. My brother’s wife Chief, Princess Barr Mrs Ngozi Njoku is the current commissioner of health women affairs and social development in Imo state and former commissioner for women affairs and social development during Ohakim the last governors regime while the husband my father’s last sibling was a senior executive of various banks like the Nigerian bank for commerce and industries now Bank of industry. He has also held various appointments with Imo state government one of which was the Executive Director Bureau for Special Funds under Tanko Zubairu, the last Military regime that handed over to the civilian administration in 1999 and currently a formidable politician with APC in Imo state. Even with my capacity to train my son, my uncle and his wife who trained me has also promised to foot the educational bill of my son to any level in life because my father did it for him who got him to his limelight today and he has promised to transfer that love to my children as well. My mother’s eldest brother is Chief J.O Agbarakwe (Oburibu-I of Orlu ancient kingdom) the first state house of assembly member in Nkwerre Isu LGA. His first son Chief Dr Richard Agbarakwe (Oburibu-II of Orlu ancient kingdom) who my mum nursed and schooled in Italy is a prominent APC state leader and politician. They are all interest in the decision of the magistrate for possible action. So I am from a very influential and reputable family who value education and the growth of children born into our family.
21. My father in-law is so myopic in his ideology that he is holding unto my son because he wants him to inherit a company owned by his son Peter when in actual fact his son Peter has his own children that he has not finished sharing his property for. Secondly the company he is talking about is a technologically driven business which can fizzle away with severe competition and better innovative technology. Banks and multimillion dollar companies and co-operations are folding and going into bankruptcy worth more a company with a marginal net worth. My father in-law has the primitive mind-set of giving my son FISH TO EAT. But I believe in the more creative, innovative and continuously change agent of giving my son THE NET TO CATCH THE FISH so that he won’t be a liability or dependent to anyone. My son should be able to define and defend his destiny by the actions he takes from the care and grooming of his father.
22. My father in-law can still play a role in my son’s life when my son is under my care if he so wishes and loves him by giving me the company; the so called inheritance to manage for him in helping train him till he is matured and comes of age when I can hand it over to him. Or better still, my father in-law can manage the inheritance for my son till my son is of age and if he is still alive all things being considered hand it over to my son. But if he is no more alive we will see if his sons can hand over the inheritance to my son knowing fully well that the inheritance will be taken away from their immediate family?
23. My father in-law is over 70years of age and if we are supposed to go by the average life expectancy of a male life in Nigeria which is 52; who will be in charge of my son should the inevitable happen?
24. The truth is that I am alive and capable of taking care of my son. I also have a family which is capable of taking care of my son and I have never in anyway solicited the help of my father in-law in training my son. There is nowhere in history a reliable and reasonable fathers love can be compared to a grand fathers love? Not just any grandfather but a grandfather who is a liar, a drunkard, a fetish man and a trouble maker well known by all and sundry.
25. I asked my father in-law one question? If I were to be his son, what will he do if another man is treating me the way he has being doing since I met him and especially now after the death
of my wife. He couldn’t answer because he knows he has been very evil minded, wicked and mischievous.
26. The law of the federal republic of Nigeria and Lagos state where my son was born gives me the absolute right of custody and guardianship over and above anyone to my son.
27. If I am to go traditional, My grandfather is ‘’Nze’’ Asuzu Jonathan Njoku and my father is the first son Mr Sunday Patrick Njoku and I am the first son of my father and by implication the Head of the Nze Asuzu Jonathan Njoku dynasty and my son Kayomikun Chimdinso Destiny SundayPatrick Njoku is the heir apparent to this dynasty. The Nze’s in Igbo traditional custom are like the judges but the difference is that it is hereditary in Igbo custom and tradition. The Nze’s are only secondary to the traditional ruler ‘The Eze’’ but has a constitutional duty to put the Eze in check and maintain discipline and order in the land. A chief has no place where an Nze- Na -Ozo title holder is because a chief is just a recognition which may be given to the highest bidder. My title is hereditary while that of my father in-law is just by nomination. So there is no way my son can be abducted against my wish as the father and I will allow it go unnoticed or swept behind the carpet. That is why I have come to the welfare, court and taken the case to the traditional authorities to get my father in-law to peacefully hand me over my son. You cannot force a person to accept a gift of trying to train my son for me. I have capacity and have never begged him for support.
28. My father in-law has been hiding my son from me since June, 2016. What kind of grandfather will hide a man’s son from him? A son I took to him in goodwill. He definitely has questions to answer as to why he has been hiding my son from me and the court has not considered the emotional and psychological trauma I have been passing through since he abducted and kidnapped my son upon the death of my dear and beloved wife.
Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:28pm On Jul 02, 2017

1. CHINYERE OBI (HIS FIRST DAUGHTER): she is married with children at least three that I can see with a husband in the UK. She has her bills to pay and her family responsibilities to attend to. She is in her mid-fifties. My wife made me to understand that her sister’s husband does not even visit her family whenever he is in Nigeria because of her father’s character. I wonder if my son will be welcomed to such a home to add to their bills in the UK when am eager and ready to train my son and save them from such a financial burden. She invited my wife to come to the UK for vacation and when my wife asked her to give her money to fund her account she refused. When I started courting my wife and she told me about it I encouraged her to travel but she refused that it will obstruct the wedding plan but I convinced her that she could achieve the two results of travelling and having the marriage concluded within a stipulated timeframe. My wife agreed but suggested it will be a wise option if we planned for a baby and delivery to coincide with her stay in UK. We planned towards it and she was thrilled to have her baby in the UK. I obtained for her an international passport, paid for the visa fee and funded the account for my wife and told the brother Mr Peter to write to the embassy that his company was sponsoring my wife for the vacation and she was visiting her elder sister in the UK backing it up with the company’s bank statement because I discovered that my wife was earning her salary across the counter instead of the bank as such she didn’t have any account history to prove she was earning any salary no matter how small. Mr Peter refused to adhere to my advice as a banker and just wrote that my wife was just a manager and an employee of his company. The embassy refused my wife visa just like I told them on the ground that she didn’t have any source of income to justify for the money in her statement of account and that we could not appeal but re-apply after 3 months with evidence that she was earning salary. I started paying salary of N72, 000 into my wife account for June, July and august 2015. September was supposed to be the last month to make for the last payment and re-apply for the visa before her sudden death. Attached is the deposit slip for the bank payments which shows that I made the payments in Apapa where I work while my wife works in Festac. These payments were from my personal savings and not my wife’s salary. The money is still in her eco bank account as I speak to you now except if the family has withdrawn the money with her ATM card. When I asked my wife why his brother Peter refused to help her by listening to my advice, she said he didn’t want her to travel so that she could help him with running the business here in Nigeria even at the cost of exposing the sister to international exposure and giving her the privilege to deliver her baby in the UK which would have qualified her son to be a UK citizen and he refused. So I wonder if this man will be of kind gesture to my son. Chinyere Obi has never called me since the father started unleashing this hatred on me and even when I called her she never picked her calls showing that they are all in collusion with the plan to abduct and kidnap my son.
2. FRANCIS OSOCHUKWU: Their first son is of lucid behaviour. He is psychologically unbalanced and told me on one of my visits to come and take my son because his family did not have any good plan for me and my son. I didn’t take him serious because I didn’t want to create an unnecessary room for possible trouble that is avoidable but today has proven that this Francis was right with what he told me. He is in his fifties and doesn’t have a family of his own since his father has sent packing his wife. My wife while she was still heavy with pregnancy told me that once she delivers her baby that she was going to engage in prayers to deliver this his brother from this sudden lucid behaviour that just took over him some 6 years back. My wife loved him most in his family no wonder he told me to come and take my son. But the big question is that can he take care and look after my son as he is presently living in the village?
3. PETER GODWIN OSOCHUKWU: He is the milk cow and in his mid-fifties, the goose that lays the golden egg. He is the brain that funds their police and court campaigns and all other dangerous plans they have embarked on. I took three bottles of wine with my wife to him to ask for her hand in marriage and he accepted and directed us to his father. Since the issue of my son with the father started he has never for one day called me. All calls I put across to him were never accepted or returned. Rather it has been his car they used to arrest me with the police and come to court. The father has kept him in the dark to provide funding while the father and other siblings provide the trouble. A man who uses his wealth to intimidate and harass others, someone who could not help her sister with acquiring visa for her vacation, I wonder what kind of fatherly role he will play towards my son, the son of the sister he couldn’t help to acquire a UK visa and denied the son UK citizenship but preferred she rather worked for him. All through the period I have known him, I have never seen him touch my son worth more carry him. It is because their juju priest has confirmed to them that my son is a star that is why he colluded with his family to kidnap and abduct my son since he can’t even call his father to order.
4. IKE GODWIN OSOCHUKWU: He is in his late forties. He is not married and a danfo driver. Someone who is not yet married at this age, when will he marry to start making his own family and then have time to look after my son? How will it look, a danfo driver who is above mid-forties is yet to marry training the son of an educated man? What an irony? And what kind of father will my son take me to be?
Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:28pm On Jul 02, 2017
5. IFEYINWA GODWIN OSOCHUKWU: she is over 44years of age and divorced without any children of her own because her husband has nullified the marriage. Their in-laws have cancelled the marriage because they have come to terms that they are a troublesome family having seen and are observing my travails with them. She is very loose and wayward and does not even carry herself as a married woman. She is also a drunkard like the father, at least my sister Charity Declare Njoku who lived with them can testify to it. If she is capable of taking care of my son, why did they need to hire a house help to look after my own son when i am alive to give my son proper parental training, I also have a mother, a sister who had been with him since birth and a family that is ready to look after my son. If she can’t manage her marriage is it my son she can manage and train when they have already gotten a house help for my son when I am very much alive.
6. EMEKA GODWIN OSOCHUKWU: he is in his late thirties. He has lived in South Africa for over 8 years and returned unfulfilled because his cousin was killed in South Africa in a related drug business and his family suspected he might be killed as well and mobilised him to come back to Nigeria. He is constantly boasting he is a drug mafia and attached are pictures for your evaluation. He is not yet married but visits all the club houses in Lagos. He has continuously boasted that he is a drug baron and mafia and that he was going to kill me just like his father said if I don’t discontinue this court case. He also confirmed what his father said that their juju priest said that my son is a star that is why they cannot release my son to me. At any given time we’ve had reason to talk, he makes me to understand that his brother Peter has a big house in the village. He doesn’t think of what he can do for himself or achieve by himself but what his brother has achieved. He still works for his brother who pays all his bills so by implication he is still a dependent and cannot afford to take care of himself. He was the one I gave my Toyota corolla car for four months to help with the care of my son but what I got back as a car was a car the engine had knocked while he also changed the new battery I bought for my car with an old and dead battery. This car was bought as tokumbo in February of 2015 so it was more or less a brand new car. He colluded with his father to withhold my traditional marriage pictures with the sister and kept posting me till my wife died and he alongside his father and family rushed to police to frame me up and arrested me asking me to bring the traditional marriage pictures to show I married the sister but unfortunately for them I had back-up pictures to prove my case. He is aiding his father in a crime that led to the death of my wife because according to the fathers testimonies and confessionals in court and in front of the magistrate and his written summons to me through the court, he made confessional statements that he knew my wife the daughter will die and did nothing to save her but to turn around to kidnap and abduct my son. I wonder what this kind of man will do with my son growing up under his care.
7. MAMA TOCHUKWU (BEATRICE OKPALEKE): She is my father in-laws niece and the architect of the plan they used to kidnap and abduct my son. She deceived my wife in an earlier marriage proposal which led her to commit an abortion which she was aware by withholding sensitive and vital cultural and traditional information from my wife and the family because if my wife had gone ahead with that marriage she would have been ostracised by family, friends and community. My wife made this confessional statement to me when I asked her if she had ever committed an abortion because I have never done such and would want to know the kind of woman I would marry at the blessed sacrament and Marian Grotto when I called her over to the church to present the engagement ring in front of Mother Mary as a catholic. This particular deception of this woman put her at logger heads with my wife for over two years that made them not to be in talking terms. I made peace between them because I felt there was goodness in forgiving especially when my wife was starting another chapter of a good marriage in her life. It was then that my wife made me to understand that mama tochukwu was very influential over their father and that I could go through her to get anything I wanted from her father with ease. She even said this mama tochukwu had more influence over her father than her biological mother. This same mama tochukwu sometime in June 2015 told me that she had a dream where my wife died during child birth that corroborates my father in-laws confessional that he knew my wife will die but did nothing to save her because both my father in-law, Emeka and mama tochukwu works hand in hand and also confirming the reason behind why Emeka withheld our traditional marriage pictures so that they could use it to frame me up. Mama tochukwu was also the last person I left my wife with at maternal and child centre in the morning when the midwives told me to go and bring the baby clothing and things because at that day of delivery my mother in-law was bedridden from an okada accident that left her with a BP of over 256. You can still see the visible marks of the accident on her legs. When my wife was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia after tests were run on her, she was advised to start bed rest and we visited the hospital on 02-09-2015 to commence the bed rest, I called this mama tochukwu to join us in the evening of the same day and when she came she was shouting on my wife and admonishing her why it was me that had to call her and the members of her immediate family to join us in the hospital. She praised me for taking such a decision to call her to attention on the recent development because I had to call for a matured woman to join me so that my wife will be properly counselled and looked after especially if it was someone from her own immediate family since this was her first delivery. The doctor came back with the lab tests and said my wife was in a stable condition to deliver since the baby was strong but that the pregnancy was 7months 3weeks and 4days as such it was very close to 8months and by 8months it will be very risky to deliver the baby so there was an urgent need to deliver the baby that night through caesarean operation to save the life of mother and child. I analysed the situation with mama tochukwu and we asked the doctor if the operation could be delayed but the doctor advised we carry on with the operation but if we refused to give consent then we will need to sign for them that we refused and if we decided to carry her to another hospital we will also need to sign for that purpose. So I called Mr Peter to tell him of the development and he asked us to call the father. I also called Emeka and he suggested that it might be a spiritual problem but we should call the father that whatever their father says will be final. I called my father in-law and told him the recent developments and he asked to speak with the doctor; which I did hand over the phone to the doctor and they spoke at length and the doctor narrated the whole situation to him. After their discussion the doctor handed over the phone to me and just like he discussed with the doctor he said since the operation was to save mother and child the doctor should go ahead with the operation. Even though it wasn’t compulsory for me to go through all this rigours before I could sign off the operation consent form, I however did it. I signed the operation consent form and mama tochukwu signed as a witness which is all verifiable. My father in-law went further too to even tell me to buy an MTN card worth N1500 to give to the doctor that it was from him to appreciate the doctor which I did and the doctor collected it after much persuasion from me that it was only a sign of good gesture. I visited this mama tochukwu a week before they hatched the plan to kidnap my son unknowing to me because she was sick and I took along with me N6200 worth of provisions I bought from Shoprite for her. People in my office can testify to it. Mama tochukwu on the 28th December, 2015 visited my father’s in-laws house as she was a frequent visitor and surreptitiously deceived and asked my sister to take out the night to visit her siblings in my house and to have a change of clothing but to report back first thing the next morning to continue her role as my baby’s care giver because she will stay overnight and help her look after the baby. Innocently and thankfully my sister Charity decided to take up such a rare opportunity to rush home and have a change of clothing only for her to return the next morning by 7.00am and when she knocked on the door, they came out and pushed her away when they discovered that she was the one at the door and threatened to deal with her if she doesn’t leave. When she enquired of my son, they told her the baby had been taken to a safe location and she should never come to their house again and we could do our worst. Can this woman who is supposed to be behind bars for child theft and abduction take care of my son?
8. CECILIA OSOCHUKWU: My mother in-law who had an okada accident and was bedridden with a BP of over 256. When my wife died and I was faced with the inevitable decision to pass the message across to the mother who was in a critical situation and has lost a daughter and her last child. I asked myself if my mother was in her shoes and lost a daughter, what would I want my in-laws to do. And I thought to myself if I were in there shoes I would send my son along my sister Charity Declare Njoku with my Toyota corolla car to their house so that the presence of my son will be a kind of palliative to soothe the pain of loss and calm my mother in-laws spirit down so that we don’t witness a cardiac arrest which is likely possible because of her BP. Thank God my idea worked and she returned back to normalcy before we could convey the message to her. I had my mother and sister who wanted to take care of her first grand son, myself who lost a wife and needed the charm, love and comfort of my son, a family who was anxious to take care of my son but I chose to save the life of my mother in-law and what was I paid with for my kindness, blackmail. When they abducted my son I called her and she never picked and never returned my call like every other family member. Who knows the kind of evil information she will feed my son with if I continue to allow him be in their possession.
I have asked my father in-law six questions on that day the magistrate asked both of us with our lawyers to meet and discuss. They questions are:
1. Did I marry your daughter my wife? The answer is Yes and performed all traditional rites.
2. Did I at least inform you the day we went to the hospital and my wife was operated on? Yes I informed you and two of your sons Emeka Godwin osochukwu and Peter Godwin Osochukwu. You spoke with the doctor, Dr Lawal and gave your consent and approval for the operation to be carried out. Even your niece mama tochukwu Beatrice Okpaleke signed as a witness at the hospital.
3. Did I burry my wife in my father’s compound in my village as Igbo custom and tradition demands for a married woman. The answer again is Yes with your consent and that of your family and that of all your village people and in everyone’s presence as video and photo coverage shows.
4. Did I register my wife for ante natal and pay all the hospital bills necessary for her safe delivery? Yes I made all the payments as the hospital records will show.
5. Did I impregnate my wife for the birth of my son? Yes I did. Except you want to tell the court that you the father was the one that impregnated your daughter and or you got another man outside to do so. He had brought up that suspicion and the magistrate told him that he will pay for the PATERNITY TEST which if it proves that I am the father to my son will attract consequences. Secondly the magistrate made him to understand that it also showed he wasn’t a good father and did not bring up his daughter up properly even as he claimed to be a chief. He fled and refused to bring up the issue again.
6. I asked him the way he is dragging my son with me, is it the way he is dragging his other seven grandsons with his other in-laws or is it the way his own in-laws are dragging his own biological children with him? He couldn’t answer. So I told him point blank to leave my son alone for me because I want to train my son in the fear of the Lord. After all I am 36years and have trained four graduates both male and female while he that is over 70 years could not train any of his four sons to complete secondary school what more seeing the four walls of the university. So why is he so much interested in training my son for me by force.
My father in-law influenced my former counsel to present to the court that he needed another family meeting so that he could hand over my son to me since he knew he will lose the case which is why the magistrate granted that motion for another family meeting but unfortunately he went to zone-9 Umuahia to lie and frame me up with the police that I smuggled my wife to go and burry without his permission when he was very much aware and participated in the burial as video coverage will show him which made Zone-9 to give him police men with which he came to lagos to arrest me. I asked the police to further investigate the case after presenting facts and evidence but again my father in-law tried to use the police to intimidate me to withdraw the case from court which I refused and he resorted with his family to use highbred assassins to trail me and monitor my movements as I have started seeing and observing strange faces and rugged looking okada men patrolling my street and around my compound. I have since made entries to AREA COMMANDER, AREA E FESTAC POLICE. Copies attached.
I loved my wife because she was a good woman who wanted to build a happy home with her husband and children. She refused to be influenced negatively by her family even when all these evidences showed they tried to influence her to do their bidding but she refused. My wife even sewed window blinds for a change of the old ones we had preparatory for her child bearing which I can’t even hang because there is nothing to celebrate so how can she know she was going to die according to my father in-law when she was busy preparing for her child bearing and buying some new kitchen appliances. I would rather tell this court that it was my father in-law that prepared for her death because immediately a month after my wife’s death he started to rebuild his family house with the pretence that he was securing the property for his children. He went ahead to tell me to use three months for the mourning period and get another wife so that we could easily forget about the death of my wife which I refused and told him that it was one year my village practices for such a ceremony and it would be wicked of me to just forget the wife of my youth within three months. My father in-law did not stop at that but went ahead to celebrate a lavish birthday party within this 2015 and asked people to tell me that I should have come to join in his celebration instead of wasting my time going to court proceedings that he will eventually frustrate and rubbish. Even when my wife died at maternal and child centre my father in-law insisted we take her to his family doctor at Ajegunle and when we got there and she was confirmed dead by the doctor, we hired an ambulance and they wanted to inject her so that she will not start decomposing before we drive the body to the east. I refused and had to carry the body like that believing that she may wake up along the road. When we were about to leave there were her father, Emeka, Ifeyinwa, mama tochukwu and Mr Peter with five other members from my own family but none of the family members volunteered or shown any love or sign to accompany the body to the village. I stepped into the ambulance carrying my wife and my uncle Athan Agbarakwe had to join me saying it was very unfair for only me to carry the body home on my own. I couldn’t for any reason have refused to marry or divorce a good woman that we shared so much love together and married me just because she comes from a troublesome family. I know that will make her sad and unhappy with me and the God I worship will never sanction such.
We have gone to the village on 30th of December to deliberate on his actions so far as I have reported to the both traditional rulers of our villages. He never denied my marriage to the daughter nor did he deny participating in the burial. So the question is why is he hiding and holding unto my son without my permission? I also gave the officers from zone 9 the telephone numbers of both the traditional rulers of the two communities and they confirmed he was a trouble maker and the person fomenting trouble.
1. My traditional ruler is His Royal Highness Eze Omenuko Okwareke-II of Abajah Ancient kingdom who has stayed 42 years on throne. A man of grand esteem. You can reach him through 08038843778
2. His traditional ruler is Eze Isaac Ibeke of Okwe Autonomous kingdom. You can reach him with 08034833947.
The case was further adjoined to 14th of January 2016. When we got there he again started fabricating lies about the marriage and even went to the extent to inviting a court bailiff to serve me another court summons even when we were trying to make peace. I requested the bailiff to come and serve me the summons in Lagos. My people have demanded he hand over the baby on or before 31st January, 2017 to my family because my wife the daughter was properly married and buried according to Igbo traditional culture and custom. Failure to implement that mandate will mean that the option of a peaceful settlement has been exhausted.
I am demanding from the court to order him to conduct a DNA and or paternity test to confirm the paternity of my son if he so still feels like contesting my son with me so we can confirm he was the one that impregnated my wife and his daughter or he got another man to do it for him. With this evidence I can now relate back to his village how I came to marry their daughter and he betrayed the sanctity of my marriage to the daughter.
I am also demanding full custody to my son as enshrined in the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Lagos state from my in-laws knowing fully well and aware that this honourable court has the capacity to stand up for an oppressed citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to prosecute him for kidnap and abduction and disobedience to all the court order against him and death of my wife. When my son grows to maturity and wants to know his maternal grandparents, I will always support him to do so.
I have reported this case to the following organizations that are wondering the reason behind the undue delay in the determination of this case to commence proper criminal charges against the abductor of the child when all the facts have been presented to the court and welfare for assessment. I have also served him and the police at zone-9 with charges against the violation of my fundamental human right through unlawful and illegal arrest while assassinating my character and personality with damages worth one hundred million naira only. They organizations include:
2. The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP)
3. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)
4. Ministry for Women Affairs and Social Development.

Thank you.

Princewill Njoku
Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:31pm On Jul 02, 2017

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:34pm On Jul 02, 2017

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:35pm On Jul 02, 2017

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:36pm On Jul 02, 2017

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:38pm On Jul 02, 2017

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:39pm On Jul 02, 2017

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by Rtopzy(f): 2:39pm On Jul 02, 2017
Na wa o, my people again....
Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:43pm On Jul 02, 2017

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by Alennsar(f): 2:49pm On Jul 02, 2017
pls a kind hearted person should summarize this for me

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Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 2:55pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 3:00pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage..

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 3:05pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage...

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 3:06pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage..

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 3:08pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 3:11pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage....

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 3:20pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage..,

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 3:22pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage..,.

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 3:24pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage,.,

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 3:26pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage..,.

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 3:49pm On Jul 02, 2017
villagers at traditional marriage in okwe..

Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by ifyalways(f): 9:55pm On Jul 02, 2017
What would Nlders do for you undecided

You should fight the man, blood for blood for your son, be firm and strike hard. Involve the police, villages, whatever it takes. . . That's what I will do.

Your in-laws are from Amandugba?
Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by keepingmum: 10:20pm On Jul 02, 2017
Those pics look like introduction pics rather than traditional......anyhoo, it's just a sad case all around for everyone involved.
But you need to answer oohhh
Did you maltreat or beat your wife at anytime during courtship or marriage?
Did you look after her needs without her relying on her family?
How do you intend to care for a toddler whilst working? Abi you ll send the boy to live with a relative?
Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by princenjoku: 8:54am On Jul 03, 2017
did my wife report to any police that i maltreated her
i provided all my wife needed.
from my write which is indisputable you can see that i more than provided for her.
look at a man like my father in-law who calls himself a community leader and lying that his daughter was raped and under aged yet he accepts again that his daughter my wife was married but bride price was not paid. then how can such a community leader allow me to bury a woman i never married.
let him present any evidence that he has ever helped me.
he is just an extortionist and i have now refused to be his economic drain pipe
Re: Father In-law Kidnaps And Abducts Grandson For Ritual And Black Mails Son In-law by mcdokwe(m): 3:46pm On Jul 03, 2017
I feel Your pain bro, I have a somewhat similar sItuation where I am not allowed to care for my daughter, it is just unfortunate but I don't what to reduce it to an ego fight.

I just hope there could be a way round for you and your in-laws to atleast give that child the good live he deserves

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