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Twist Of Fate. / 'the Wind Of Fate'...life Of A Nigerian Youth / TWIST OF FATE By Olanrewaju Mobolaji (2) (3) (4)

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The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 4:33am On Aug 05, 2017

This write up should not be copy, transmitted or reproduce in any form without the knowledge of the Author failure to adhere to this will see the victim facing the appropriate legal punishment.
EMAIL: Blessedessien4u@gmail.com
FACEBOOK: Blessed Matthew
MOBILE/WHATSAPP: 08024007917


Some believed life is stage by stage while some thinks life is like a programming application that only functions well when the right thing is been done and at the right time, In all this they always failed to realized that FATE and DESTINY are the major components of life.
Human beings always blame themselves when they made mistakes or took a wrong decisions but truthfully these mistakes and wrong decisions was meant to happened and somehow these mistakes and wrong decisions lead them to their destiny.
Who would have believed that those wrong life and wrong decisions exercised by me(Blessed Matthew) would be the catalyst that will leads me to the knowledge of how I lost my mum, the same story my grandma wasn’t aware of and also lead me to my destiny.
It is all in the SCANDAL OF FATE.

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Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 12:40pm On Jun 26, 2019
please guys..am sorry for not posting this piece..it wasn't entirely my fault, it was an unseen circumstance..
Am back now
lets make it happen
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 1:45pm On Jun 26, 2019
This Anecdote (Story) is rated +18, contain strong language n pidgin...Its the work of fiction. Written by BlessedMatthew.. The Adventure of Ekpudia EPISODE 1 Sitting alone in our well furnished parlour, thinking of my lost Techno R7 wit my Die hard MTN sim card, i was so engrossed in my problem that I didn't noticed the presence of my friend David standing in front of me, i was brought back from his tapping. David::Ekpu hafa, wetin d sup mak u think like dis or U don put person pigkin belle *now sitting in the couch opposite me* Me::Bro your guy don reach pluto now now come back oo David::yan me wetin prompt dat kind traveling Me::bro na because of dat my phone wey lost o David:: *laughing* see u, pesin pigkin dey die day by day n d person no even think like dis Me:: Bro 4get dat stuff, na d sim card wey i d think, shae u know i used d number 4 all my online registration David: *serious face* cum naw make i carry u go MTN Office so dat u go retrieve d line Me:: *smiling* Na true talk o. U don dey ready make we go? David;; yea but we go reach huz carry bike Me:: *standing up* abeg wait 4 me make i change cloth. Comming out with black jean, well ironed white T-shirt and my kito Sandals, I met David outside looking at me from up to toe David:: cum Ekpu wia u want go make u dress like dis..u think say girls dey dier wey u wil go try dat ur nonsense (saying that i'm addicted to girls,..u r nt far from d truth) Me: leave dat matter jhoor, u neva can tel wat gonna happen We picked his bike in their house and zoomed off to Eket, stoping at park lane because Grace bill is a no go area for bike. We trekked to MTN Office..we met security man at d front door who opened the door for us, stepping inside, it was as if I was in another planet cos of the temperature status of d A.C compared to the sun outside. I told one of the staff there that i want to retrieve my line, he gave me a form to fill... My adventure is about to unveil.. Episode 2 come soon
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 4:02pm On Jun 26, 2019
Continue from last episode After feeling the form, I inserted my number in an ATM like machine there and a receipt came out with number O45 on it I was asked to wait until they call my number, sitting on d couch with David I was far gone in examining d hall like office, five staffs which two were women probably at age range of 40-45 but will mistakenly say they are 30-35, who were processing the retrieving of sims....I was stil fantinizing the two ladies when David shake me David: Ekpu shae u don start, no be ur number wey dat lady machine dey call *Smiling and eye'ng him* I stood up with the form and went to the lady and gave her the form, she was looking at me and smiling like say she won lotto...she key in my info in her deskstop and asked me of my PVC...I gave her my PVC and not too long she was through...i collected the new sim card and gave her money she was stil staring at me which make to wonder whether she knew me....I told David that i'm through but I was shocked with his response David: Ekpu wetin dey do u self or abi u don chop witch, where d dairy and pen wey she give u Me: She no give me anything o David: u don go smile with person wife come forget to collect ur things Me: make I go meet her naw I went to the woman again and requested for d dairy but she told me that she wiln't give it to me now Me: but ma'am am not from here and besides I wiln't come here again Ma'am: don't worry, u will surely get your items and it wiln't be here I told her okay and asked David to forget about it.. We went out picked the picked and zoomed off, I inserted the new sim card in my old nokia x2 java phone...granny was not in the house xo i slept n when i woke up i was so hungry, i entered d kitchen and do away with my hunger *thankz to granny with her magic cookings*, glancing at my wrist watch it was somwhere to Five.I Picked my boot and my training kit and rush to field for training.The training was uneventful except for my Lionel Messi skills. Returning from training I met d shock of my life.
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 6:14pm On Jun 26, 2019
EPISODE=3 Reaching house I met granny in the parlour, i greeted her and was about entering my room when she drop the bombshell.. Granny= We wil b going to farm 2morow My mood change instantly cos of how i hate farming...i manage to change my cloth had a quick shower before checking my phone which was charging...I unplug it and surprisingly I had 7 missed calls from a strange number....I was stil trying to knw who owns the number when it started ringing again and it was still the strange number...I pressed d green button and a female voice was on the other end, I kept mute for some seconds trying to brain search whether i wil know the owner of the voice but my brain encounter a network failure that moment, xo i gave up Me: hello Caller: Hi Blessed, how r u doing? Me: *jeez she even know my name* I'm fine and you? Caller: I'm fine now that i heard your voice again Me: *smiling* * my hook don catch fish b dis o* its like i know your voice but my brain just encountered a little network problem in dictating your voice Caller: *laughing* so now that your brain has failed you, what next? Me: maybe i wil just have to go for manual dictating Caller: Which is? Me: You telling me the owner of the voice Caller: *gigling* I'm Mrs Glory Me: *Jeez na person wife o* sorry ma'am do i know you? Caller: Not really but pls dn't call me Ma'am again not after calling me in our Office Me: *Thanks to my brain with its high level in scanning information* pls sorry are u the one that attained to me today in MTN Office? Mrs Glory: yes and I always keep to my promise, do u stil need ur dairy and pen? Me: Yes but how do u got my number? Mrs Glory: *laughing* from the form u filled, do u lived close to Eket? Me: Not really Mrs Glory: alryt but u have to try and come Eket on saturday. Hope u know Royalty Hotel? Me: *hmm wetin concern dairy and Royalty Hotel* yes ma'am I knw there Mrs Glory: Hope u r coming Did I went there? Find out in the Nxt Episode
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 3:21pm On Jun 27, 2019
EPISODE=4 Me: I wil try Mrs Glory: better, gudnyt Me: same disconnecting the call, I rehearsed the whole conversation and I was kinda wondering where this woman is heading to. I dropped the phone went out to help granny in preparing dinner, wen d food was done granny dish it and we went to d dinning buh my mind wasn't there and i didn't eat much (unlike me wey no dey carry food play) granny noticed my worried face and asked my what is troubling me, i told her nothing that i'm just thinking about the coming post Ume exam(sorry i'm an aspirant in Uniuyo going for petroleum engineering) she just keep quiet, she finished her food and left me to her room, i manage to eat part of the food b4 clearing the table. I went to the parlour switched on d television(thanks to PHCN) i selected cine afrik buh it wasn't up to 2mins that I lost interest on the programme. I was thinking on what to do about Mrs Glory but my mind kept on playing tricks wit me 1st mind: Oga wetin dey worry u self, u want enter into sugar mummy stuff, 2nd mind: shut up jhoor! Wetin u knw, hw u even take knw say na sugar mummy self, even if she b one wetin bad there, bro i 4 advice mak u go there cos there is no bad in trying. I stood up off d T.v went into my room, picked my phone and called David, i narrated everything to him..he just sighed and told me to give her a try and see what wil come out of it. I concluded that i wil go there..i log in my facebook account chatted a while, read this ongoing story in Coolwizzy page b4 surfing the internet looking for updates about Post Ume..closing my browser i went through my text books and post ume past question. I didn't know when I felt asleep and i was immediately in d land of d dreamers. I woke up shouting Jesus, sweating and painting, checked my phone time and it was some where passed 2am. I couldn't sleep again due to the terrible dream I had.. **FLASHBACK TO MY DREAM** What was my dream all about
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 3:31pm On Jun 27, 2019
EPISODE=5 *FLASHBACK TO MY DREAM* I was running and at the same time been pursued by four people, A man in his mid-fifty, a woman and two girls probably in their mid-twenties. I was running so fast but all of a sudden i hit my legs in a big stone and felt down, i couldn't stand up again, the reached were i was lying and sorrounded me, I lifted my face but i was surprise when the woman and the two girls looked at my face and started sobbing but the man lifted the rod he was holding to hit, I closed my eyes and shouted Jesus) I knelt down prayed to God before lying down again i didn't knw when I slept again.I woke up wen i heard a loud bang on my door, I stood up unlock the door and i met granny Me:granny gud morning Granny: morning, hw was ur night? Me: okay (i couldn't tel granny about the dream cos she wil be so worried and might even suggest to go and meet our cathist) Granny: alright, we wil be going to the farm in the next 15 mins. I hurriedly did my morning routine, change my cloth and informed her that i'm ready. We went to the farm and my joy new no bounds because it wasn't up to 20 minutes when it started raining. We stopped working but it was stil raining, we had no option but to go back when the rain subside few hours later. Reaching house i activated my Man must wag mood, rushed to the kitchen and settle d debt i owe mr hunger. The rest of the days were uneventful except hanging out with my friends. Saturday morning, I received a text from Mrs Glory reminding me about our meeting shecduled 6.pm. I did my normal routine, I told granny that i will b going for a friends birthday party in the evening. 5.30pm I came out of my room clad in white jean and a V-neck blue polo with a blue pair of shoe. I informed granny that i'm leaving and i couldn't help but noticed how granny was staring at me and smilling. I called David and told him that i'm about leaving and he wish me gudluck. I trekked and reach d main road before stopping an okada man.. Nxt Epic soon
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 11:34am On Jul 08, 2019
I have tried to post the next episode for some days now but it is not reflecting here
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 1:51pm On Jul 08, 2019
Sorry Guys 4 d late update EPISODE=6 Rated 18+ I stopped an okada man wen I reached the main road, bargain on d price.I climed d bike and we zoomed off. I called Mrs Glory and told her that am on my way, she said she is already there. It wasn't up to 20mins wen we reach d hotel, I paid d bike man and he zoomed off. Standing in front of a large building with ROYALTY boldly written at d top of it. I called her again and she picked at d first ring, I told her that i'm outside but she asked me to come inside and ask the receptionist of room 036, I was shocked with the mention of room. I entered inside, I went to the receptionist and asked of room 036, She looked at me before putting a call to her after the call she directed me and I left. Standing in front of the door with inscription O36 I prayed a short prayer and knocked at d door, a sexiest female voice which I believed it was that of Mrs Glory asked me to come in, I summon courage opened the door and I felt like d ground should just open and swallow me at that moment because of the creature that was standing in front of me. Mrs Glory was only with white tied arond her which barely covered her, I was far gone in admiring her sexiest cleavage n her well polish laps. I was brought bk wen she chuckle Mrs Glory: Are u going to stand there staring at me all day Me: I'm sorry Mrs Glory: *smilling* come get ur items, it over there *pointing her finger to the big size bed* a yellow MTN dairy, a pen and a new Techno phone like package was well placed ontop of d bed..I was stil transfixed on were I was when the two talkatives started again in my mind 1st one: u see wat I told not to come, remember Joseph in the bible 2nd one: idiot, abeg enjoy life while you are stil young.I was stil thinking on what to do when she pushed me n I felt on d bed, I stopped her halfway when she was about climb'ng on me Me: Ma'am why are you doing this, for crying out loud u are married The real adventure is about to unveil Nxt Epic loading
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 11:23pm On Jul 08, 2019
Episode-7 rated 18+
Mrs Glory: *sobbing* yes I'm a
married woman and I haven't cheated on
my husband before, but to be sincere,
I can't hold it again, it is driving
me crazy
Me: Ma'am what do you mean
Mrs Glory:my husband is working
in Abroad, he hardly comes home,
after the birth of my second
daugter, he hasn't gave me much
attention anymore because he was
expectin a son. He held my hands
and looked at my face with tears in
her eyes...before I could even say jack
talkless of Robinson her lips
made mine, I felt an electric
current in my body and
Blessedjnr(konji that's his name)
gave a spark nod, I welcomed her
tongue into my mouth, we were
engrossed in a passionate kiss..the
kiss lasted for a long time and to
say I didn't enjoyed it will be one
of the greatest lie of the century...we
broke from the kiss, she pulled my
polo leaving me with only singlet.
She let of the towel and the sight that
greeted me was awesome...her
pu*sy lips was damn red with her
juices dripping out, her boobs
was stil firmed, I pushed her,
took her hard nipples into my
mouth, she gave out a slight
mourn, I switched to the other
nipple by now Blessedjnr was so
hard like rock. I kissed her
earlopes and down to her pelvis
region, reaching her pussy area i
allow my tongue to do his magic
and she was shaking and shouting
at the same time whch make me
scared that she might passed out,
I unbottoned my belt and let go of my
trouser...gosh I wasn't with
rubber, she noticed the sudden
change and she assured me not to
worry that she is free..I plunged
in Blessedjnr into her
womanhood, played sekem in my
heart and banged her so hard..it
lasted 4 a while be fore her pu*sy
wall became to tighten...oh baby you are so hot, I'm inlove with your dick, that's
was what came out of her mouth
before she climaxed..I poured out all
my load inside her before I felt on the
bed exhausted. I later stood up
went to the bathroom and had a
quick shower...comming out I
wore my cloths and told her that i'm
ready to go. She gave me my
items with a new Tecno P5
phone. I hugged her and gave her a
peck. She now went to the drawer besides the bed, brought an envelope and gave it to me....TBC

please I need your comments
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 3:01pm On Jul 09, 2019
EPISODE=8 I reluctanly collected the envelop and she told me not to open it until I reach house, I baded her goodbye and left the hotel, picked a bike and off we went. I woke up the following morning with severe headache and my body temperature was at a high level, I dragged my sick body and went out, I manage to do part of my morning routine before I lazily went back to my room, I didn't know when I felt asleep, granny later came to inform me of breakfast but was surprised to see me shivering, she touched my body with the back of her palms and she shouted. I wasn't able to eat because I was feeling like vomiting. I was stil lying on the bed when granny went out to buy medicine, I took the medicine but still it didn't help at all and I wasn't able to attain sunday mass. David came somewhat in the evening and was shocked to see me in such condition David: Bro come o I hope its not what i'm thinking Me: idiot what are you thinking? David: wetin happen yesterday for where you go Me: nothing jhoor! Just the normal thing wey fit happen David: hmm hope she don give you your property That was when I remembered the new phone and envelop, I slugishly stood up and picked the bag, removed the phone package but I left the envelop behind, I showed him the phone David: Bro you don hammer be that o *now opening the phone package* We chatted for a while before he announced his departure. I immediately picked d envelop openned and behold pieces of Bello notes greeted me, I counted it and it was 30k, I jumped like Christiano Ronaldo when He scored a goal without minding my condition. I dialled her number but it wasn't going through. The rest of the night passed out. Morning came and the sickness seems to increase, granny told me to go for a check- up which i reluctantly agreed. I went to Emmanuel Hospital in Eket and luckily for me they were doing a free HIV test that day. I went and meet the doctor for the check up which he told me that i'm suffering from Malaria, He pescribed some drugs for me before I went and joined the queue for the HIV test. We were told to come back on Thursday for the result. When I reached home i narrated everythng to granny before I went and took the drugs I bought in the hospital, I felt so relieved few hours after taking the drugs, the rest of the day went Uneventful until Thursday when my whole world crashed before my very eyes....TBC
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 6:50pm On Jul 10, 2019
EPISODE=9 Thursday slowly came, I was scared to go and collect the test result in the hospital, Granny encouraged me to go and I summoned courage and went to the hospital, on reaching the hospital I went to the Doctor who directed me to the Matron. I went to the Matron and told her that I came to collect my test result, she asked me of my name which I answered her, after searching for my own she hands me an A4 paper whch was neatly folded, I reluctantly collected it from her and went out because I couldn't check it there because of fear. On reaching the stairs that leads to the front door I slowly unfolded the paper and my eyes travelled directly to check whether it is Negative or Positive and behold it was POSITIVE. The only words that came out of my mouth were "IT CAN'T BE TRUE" My vission became blurred and I collasped on the stairs 3-days later I slowly openned my eyes and I was surprised with where I was. Everywhere was white. I thanks God that finally I made heaven. I tried to stand up but I couldn't because of pains, I widely oppened my eyes and I realized that i'm in the hospital and I was on drip. Granny was sitting on a chair with her head lean to her shoulder which I concluded that she is sleeping. I faintly called her and she screamed when she woke up...Doctor Doctor he is awake and the Doctor rushed in. He examined my body and told granny that God has interven. Granny was weeping and thanking God. I asked granny what brought me here and she told me I was unconcious for 3days, that was went i remembered the whole incident, i started sobbing Me: so granny I am a HIV Positive Granny: *holding my hands* stop crying nothing will happen to u The Doctor told me to relax and stop crying before he started that their long sermon, I wasn't paying attention to any of his talks, I was thinking about my life asking my mind where and how I contracted the Virus which my brain couldn't give me an answer, all my mind kept saying that it could be from Mrs Glory whch made me Caused the day the stole my phone, caused the day I went to MTN office and finally caused the day i went to the hotel room. The Doctor adviced that I should relax and I will be discharge the following week before he left.. I asked granny of my phone and she removed it in a bag and gave it to me. I collected it dialled Mrs Glory Number and it wasn't going through. Few minutes later the lyrics of Reason With Me by Rudeboy filled the room which happens to be my Ringtone, checking on the caller it was my Onyi calling, a smile found its way into my lips, how I wish I know the little tragedy drama that will unfold i won't have pick the call. What was d call about??
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 11:45am On Jul 12, 2019
I answered her call
Onyi: hi, good day *excluding the
baby she normally calls me*
Me: Hi dear, how u doing?
Onyi: I'm okay and you?
Me: I thank God
Onyi: please am sorry for what I'm
about to say, I know it will hurt you
very much but I have to do the right
Me: what is it dear*by now
sweat don full my body*
Onyi: I'm sorry I can't continue
with the relationship any more
Me: *thinking that she is pulling
my legs* please dear stop this kind
costly joke this hot aftanoon
Onyi: I'm not joking
Me: OMG baby why are you doing this to
me, did I wrong you in anyway?
Onyi: it's not as if you offended me
in anyway, it's just because of your
health status
Me: what about it?
Onyi: I heard about your HIV Test
I couldn't say anything again, I
ended the call and broke into series
of sobbing, I was emmotionally
distabilized that moment, My
whole life turns upside down, because
of one silly mistake I made. I
composed myself, cleaned my
eyes when I heard footsteps
approaching the door, the door
opened and granny came in with
a bag which foodflask was inside
containing fried rice, I wasn't
able to eat and granny was so
She told me that she informed our
parish priest and that He is coming
on Friday.
Mrs Glory later called in d
evening, I allowed it to ring twice
before I picked it
Me: Good evening ma'am
Mrs Glory: please dn't ma'am me
again, how are vou doing baby?
Me: I'm fine what about you?
Mrs Glory: am so work-out today,
I really wish you were here baby
Me: *I nearly cause her because she is
the one behind my whole
problem* sorry for that
Mrs Glory: alright dear
I felt like spilling everything to
her but decided against it and
ended the call.
Seconds slowly turns to Minutes,
Minutes to hours and hours to days
with Granny and David visiting
me always in the hospital while
some of my paddies visit me once
or twice.
Friday Morning, Granny came
with our Parish Priest, I was so
happy to see him
Priest: how aer you doing Son
Me: I'm much Okay father
Priest: I hope you are not feeling
any pains because the doctor said you
will be discharge tommorow
Me: Yes Father, I'm aware of it,
after series of advice preaching,
and prayers, he was about going
when He asked me of the test
result the gave me, I couldn't
remember where the paper was
because I didn't know who took it the
day I fainted
Granny: it is inside the bag
*pointing to the bag she removed
my phone the day I asked her of it*
She stood up, removed the paper
and gave it to the priest, I was stil
looking at him when he was
going through the paper, suddenly
his facial expression changed
and he shouted "HOLY
What makes our priest to shout?
Did my lost world came back to
What happen next between me and
Find out in the next Epic


Your critism and comments will inspired me

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Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 12:04am On Jul 14, 2019
... .....EPISODE:11......,.. Priest: HOLY MARY Me: what is it? Father *now sitting erect* Priest: are you sure this is the test result they gave you Me: Yes father, any problem? Priest: hmmm it is not your name that is written here I stood up immediately, checked the paper and Lo and Behold Patrick Emmanuel Essien, address: Afaha Eket was boldly written, to say I was shocked will be an understatement. I was ashamed of my stupidity for not checking on the name and address when I was given the test result, I was in a muddle state and I didn't know what to do, granny wasn't able to utter any word and her next actions surprised us, she sprang up, ran out of the room and was shouting Doctor Doctor. I was still standing with the paper in my hand when she returned with the doctor, I showed the doctor the paper, told him that the name and address written there isn't mine, the doctor was speechless after going through the result, I urge him to say something and he finally told us that the Matron will be the right person to explain it better. They all went out to meet the Matron and I was left alone because the doctor said my body still need some rest. I knelt down prayed to God for his divine intervention, I was still praying when the came back with the Matron, I ended the prayer, looked at their faces but couldn't fathom on what was on their mind, the were all like a statue and wasn't ready to say anything Me: could someone just please say something because this silence might transfer me from here to a psychatrit hospital I noticed granny pleading eyes looking at the doctor Doctor: *clearing throat* We are sorry for what we have put you through, the Matron gave you someone else result Me: *I was feeling like strangling the Matron* So where is my own result? Doctor: I'm afraid the owner of the one you are holdinq went home with yours because we have searched for it but couldn't find it Me: I don't understand this whole thing, so what is the next thing to do now because I won't leave here until I have my result everywhere went sillent 4 some seconds before our priest offered to help. Priest: Mr Doctor I think the best thing to do now is to conduct another test, I will pay for it. The Doctor obliged to it, we all went to the lap exception of granny, my blood sample was taken out again before we were told to go and wait*thanks to God all the neccessary equiment and items was there for the test* we went back, told granny everything, we waited for what seems like enternity before they finally showed up. I wasn't able to hold myself, I rushed to them but our priest was fast to hold me, Priest: Doctor is the result ready Doctor: Yes Father *handing the result to the priest* Priest: *after going through the result* but doctor the result is negative I collected the paper, checked it, Lo and Behold it Was NEGATIVE Doctor: Yes Father...We are deeply sorry for what our mistake has caused, we all know that no one is above mistake but I must admit it that ours was a costly one Priest: Mr Man what are you talking about, what sort of mistakes, what if the boy committed suicide or die of much thinking, is this what you would have said? By now tears was flowing from my eyes as well as granny eyes which I believed was tears of Joy. I felt pity for the Doctor Me: please Father they shouldn't take all the whole blame, am also at fault...my curiousity got the stupid part of me that I didn't care to check on the name when She gave me the result......TBC

what was Onyi fate?
Re: The Scandal Of Fate (my Life) by coolblesso(m): 7:05pm On Jul 14, 2019
EPISODE=12 The Doctor and the Matron apologized once more before leaving us, the atmosphere was full with joy, granny was singing and dancinq and I wasn't able to placed my mind on what to do. Our priest stayed with us for few minutes before announcing his departure. I ate the food granny brought before resting again, I shifted my mind to how I'm going to break this news to my friends especially how my Onyi (gosh do i stil called her my Onyi) will feel when she hearz about it, I picked my phone, logged into my facebook account(thanks to airtel network) went to my profile and updated *DOES A WOMAN WHO DOESN'T STAND WITH YOU IN THE WORST MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE WORTH YOUR THRUST* then I tagged Onyi, I was dumbfounded with the comments #Jeck mikky: not really, sha thats women for you #Idy: no but I think it depends on the situation of things #Mary Asam: she doesn't worth your thrust #Onyi: see gobe #mouth_sealed #David: to hell with that kinda woman but Bro what's it again? #ME: Wow thanks friend, Bro you will get to understand soon but believe me today is the happiest day in my life. I was still confused on what to do about Onyi, whether to let go of her or not, I wasn't able to give my mind a tough debate anylonger, I narrated everything to granny and asked her of her advice Granny: hmmm, let me start first from here, do you really love her Me:yes granny Granny: before this whole thing happened, were you sure she loves you that much? Me: hmmm yea I think so Granny: alright then I will advice you give her a second chance because most of the girls nowadays will did same if they were in her shoes Me: thanks granny I concluded in my mind not to let go of her. I Was discharged the following day being friday, on reaching our compound, I was like a celebrity, everybody was shouting welcome Blessed, though some of them bombarded me with series of questions which I expertedly waved them away. I entered inside my room, changed my cloths before entering the bathroom for a cool long shower, coming out of the bathroom the aroma that emerged from the kitchen surpasses that of a magic cook, I hurriedly dried my body, wore my cloths and rushed to the kitchen, I met granny coming out of the kitchen with a tray containing hot Akpu and okro soup with fresh fish(my favourite), I collected her the tray, went to the dining, before she reach the dininq I was half way in devouring the food, she stood and looked at me wit her mouth agape. ME: Granny close your mouth before flies enter ooo Granny: *laughing* why will I close my mouth when my own grandson is eating as if he was in prison for ages I laugh out so loud that d food particles entered my throat and I started coughing, I hurriedly drank some water before the cough stopped Me:granny don't tell me you don't like seeing me in the house, you want me to go back to that hospital Granny: *laughing* Nooo after the meal I stayed a little bit in the house before going to David's place, I broke the news to him, he was so happy, we went out to a nearby drinking parlour, we ordered for drinks, I was on my fourth bottle when David said we should start going, he paid the bill and we went home staggering, on reaching house granny was fast asleep, i entered my room and jump on my bed like a log of wood. Saturday morning, After my normal morning routine, I went to church cleaning, I sighted Onyi but did as if I don't know her, I went back straight to the house immediately I was done with the cleaning cos I didn't want to meet her. Granny informed me that tommorow is her thanksgiving in church that I should be ready I told her no problem. Later in the day I called David and some of my friends that we are having thanksgiving in church tomorrow and they shouldn't fail to come....... TO BE CONTINUE WAT HAPPENS IN THE CHURCH

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EPISODE=13 The rest of saturday night passed with me spending much of the niqht chatting on facebook. Sunday Morning, I woke up early, did my morning choares before helping granny in making breakfast...after having a nice shower I went straight to the dinning and had a quick breakfast of tea with toasted bread..after clearing the table I went to my room, wore my favourite outfit, look at the mirror and I was glad for the Man I was quick becominq. I picked my bible, locked the door before going out to meet granny outside..she told me she doesn't has enough money for the thanksgiving *on remembering the Money Mrs Glory gave me* I asked granny to wait for me, I rushed inside, unlocked the door, went straight to where I kept the money, I counted 5 thousand naira and pocketed it in my trouser. Lockinq the door, I went outside, granny asked me what I went inside to do, I lied to her that I forgot locking my room. We set off to church, I was surprised to meet David and two of my friends outside the church, we exchanged greetings and the greeted granny, she told them that she is happy to see them. We entered inside the church, granny went to the front row while we sat at the back, it wasn't up to five minutes when the whole church was filled to the brim.. The normal church activities went well except for the choir who elevated the whole church with a glorious ministration.....our Priest gave us the sermon but he strongly emphasized on Christians deserting their loved ones when the needed them most, I was taken aback with what the priest said and that's when I remembered Onyi, I scanned the whole choir box but she was not there, I didn't know what makes me looked back and our eyes met,she was clad with white gown, a 7 inches pink heels (I don't know whether she wants to whisper to God) and a pink head tie..I couldn't help but smile when I remembered how I first met her..after the sermon it was time for thanksgiving, granny was the last person, she stood up with a song "you are the lord that is your name, you will never share your Glory with anyone, You will never share your Glory with anybody o Almiqhty God that is your name" the instrumentalist put up their best and every living soul in the church were dancing.. GRANNY: Praise Praise Praise master Jesus Hallelujah(everybody) Ndito Eka mmi(my brothers and Sisters) Our lord is a faithfull God, what the Lord has done in my family is so great, If I want to count his blessings in our lives we won't end this service today, am so happy to stand here today, we don't have much to give, I and my humbly family have donated the sum of 10,000 naira for our thanksgiving (jeez see clapping of hands) Let me also use this opportunity to thanks our priest because he played a vital role in this thanksgiving..this thanksgiving won't complete if my grandson doesn't say anything all eyes was on me, one saying that I was shy won't explain it all...I didn't know what to do wether to go or not, I was stil contemplating when the priest called me to come forward, I gathered courage and stood up, immediately I stood up I heard an angelic voice bringing forth a song "The lord has given me the joy of my heart, he has given me the joy of my heart, after so many years of my sorrow the lord has given me the joy of my heart" I turned my eye to the direction where the song came from, lo and behold it was.... TBC...
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where the song came from, lo
and behold it was Onyi voice,
everybody joined her and the
instrumentalist was invited. I
Walked to the front and collected
granny the mic
Me: For God and for youth
youth: Through Christ
Me: my brothers and sisters i'm so
happy to be in your midst today,
the devil wanted to destroy my life
but our good Lord didn't allow it
to work out...it was last week, I
wasn't feeling fine, I took some
drugs but still the sickness became
worst.I went to the hospital for
medical check up and fortunate for
me they were doing a free HIV
test..I participated in the test and I told to come
back for the result.when I went there to
collect the result, I didn't bother to
check the details, I went straight to
check the status and behold it was
Positive(didn't know when tears
filled my eyes) it wasn't easy, we
all know how bad news spread fast,
some of my friends deserted me(I
looked at Onyi and she was crying) I
wanted to commit suicide but
thanks to My wonderful, gorgeous and tear rubber grandmum here
(everybody was shouting) who
stood wit me and cheered me up, am
so happy to have her she is the best grandmum in the whole universe. Our priest visited me in the
hospital, after advising me, he
asked of the result that was when
we found out that the result isn't
mine, the name and address
wasn't mine. We confronted the
Doctor and he apologized for the
mistakes, another test was carried
out and it was Negative. Brothers
and Sisters that is why i'm here
today to thanks and glorify the
name of the almighty Lord, I supported my
grandmum with 5 thousand
naira, I gave the mic to the priest, he
testify of his own part and
Supported us with 2k. I was
shocked when David, two of my
friends and most especially Onyi
came to support us.
The mass followed immediately after
the thanksqiving.
After the mass we shared the grace and
our priest announced the end of service.
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EPISODE 14 (THE SCANDAL OF FATE) Coming out from the church with my friends, I saw Grace (Onyi best friend) and Onyi discussing, Onyi was kinda moody and when they saw us Grace tried dragging her but she refused, Grace left her and came to meet us, she greeted my friends before hugging me Grace: how is our boo doing? Me: boo ke, sha as you can see am much okay now, I don't need to ask about you because you looked good and gorgeous Grace: am sorry, you know I wasn't in town atleast I would have come check on you Me: Bae you don’t have to worry yourself, am even happy that you weren't around because I don’t know how u would have felt after hearing the news Grace: thanks boo Me: what’s wrong with your friend, she seems not to be fine and you were even trying to drag her here Grace: common boo, stop pretending as if you don't know her problem, seriously that bae might do something crazy like starving herself to death, she told me everything and I can sincerely tell you, she is very sorry and regrets what she did, boo I know what she did was kinda un- human but please u have to reconsider your decision, you know i don't wanna loose you Me: hmm don't worry everything will be okay, just give me sometimes Grace: thanks boo, you are the best *she pecked me before leaving *in my mind I was like, this girl is really crazy, look at how she pecks me here in public* we left the church and guys insisted that we hit the club later in the evening. I got to the house, boiled rice before granny came back and we ate the rice with stew before I left to my room. I tried taking a little nap but sleep wasn't forthcoming, I logged into facebook and Onyi was Online, I dunno what came over me, maybe it was her pretty face which displayed on her profile picture that made me to send her a message Me: hi Onyi: good afternoon Me: how you doing? Onyi: am not really fine Me: what’ the problem Onyi: don’t worry I will be okay when he wants me Me: hmm do you have where you will be going today? Onyi: not really wanna stay indoors Me: staying indoors wiln't help, why not join us this evening, we wanna do a little clubbing Onyi: I will gladly join you but I know you are joking Me: am serious, just get ready David will come pick you around 6:30pm Onyi: thanks *with a smiling emoji* gosh what just happened, how will I tell guys, I was still pondering on what I will tell guys when David called me Me: was up bro David: new development don enter ooo Me: and what’s that? David: my bae want follow come and even Prince own, Me: you are joking David: I’m serious, I fit tell her make she come with her friend Me: hahaha Bro I no want, erm Onyi want follow come David: bro you got to be joking Me: Ikpa am not joking David: okay but guys might not be happy seeing you two together this early consider what she did Me: that’s the problem now, I dunno what came over me, maybe you should try explaining to them that I just wanna use and hurt her, but you and I know quite well that I can't hurt her, I still love her David: alright I think that’s a good idea Me: you will go pick her around 7pm, don’t wanna go their place David: no problem, just make sure your pocket large ooo Me: hahaha no wahala I was relieved after the call, I was about checking my mailbox when granny called me, I dropped my phone went out to meet her in the parlor, she asked me to sit down that there is something she wants to talk with me, I sat down opposite her Granny: my son I know you are now a big boy and I wasn't surprised when you told me the other time about Onyi but my advice is that u should abstain from sex, now I want to get this straight, have you forgiven her, you know she is our church member and also a chorister who take serious with church activities Me: erm granny I'm still confused on what to do Granny: I hope you are not planning on hurting the poor girl, because all what you children of nowadays knows is revenge, I guess you saw how she was in the church, I’m sure it was because of what happened that made her not to join the choir today, please my son you have to forgive her Me; alright I’ve heard you granny Granny: I will love to see her here tomorrow Me: I will tell her I went back to my room and tried sleeping again, I dunno how long I slept when David call woke me up Me: bro what’s it again David: idiot what’s the time *gosh it was past seven* guys are ready and I’m about going to your wife place Me: wife ke, I will be ready in a jiffy ending the call I rushed to the bathroom, freshen up before putting on my club outfit *lol* and I took 8 thousand from the money I got from Mrs Grace, I went to granny room and lied to her that I’m going to David place and I might come back very late, immediately I went out I called David and asked him where they are and he told me to pick a bike and come to BAKO @EKET I waited for about 5minutes before I saw a bike, stopped him bargained on the price before we zoomed off, David called when we were still on the road and I had to ignored the call, I called him immediately I came down from the bike @BAKO and he answered it as if he was waiting for the call David: bro how far naw, everybody is waiting for you Me: I’m sorry bro; I don’t think I will be able to come again The next word I heard was “what”, that was when it dawned on me that He put the phone on loudspeaker. I hurriedly entered inside and it wasn’t difficult locating their table. TBC..... NEXT EPISODES COMES SHORTLY
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EPISODE 15 (THE SCANDAL OF FATE) I hurriedly entered inside and it wasn’t difficult locating their table. They were six in numbers, David and Prince was with their bae, Abraham and Onyi, I walked to them and asked them what should I offer you guys(in a waiter like manners), they all started laughing and abusing me. It was when I want to sit that I became suspicious of how they sat, David sat close to her bae same as Prince, and the only vacant sit which I was to sit was close to Onyi, I scanned their face before sitting down, I later apologized to them for coming late before calling the waiter, everybody ordered their brand but Onyi requested that she the waiter should give her what I ordered, I told her that wiln’t be possible, why wiln’t it “they chorus’ I didn’t know of what to say, I just looked at their face and I concluded in my heart that they are up to something, I excused David and we went outside Me: Bro what’s up with this kind behavior you people are displaying? David: *smiling* bro that bae really loves you Me: that doesn’t answer my question *fuming anger* David: okay let me tell you, when arrived here, her mood wasn’t lively so we asked her what is wrong with her, she now told us what she did and how she felt, she was even crying, begging us to help her talk to you. Guys promised her that they will help her *chai I was like, who really is this girl? Granny is on her side now my friends is also on her side* Me: Let’s go inside David: bro if you hurt that girl I wiln’t be happy *jeez looked at this one* so bro you were happy when she betrayed me We went inside and all of them were staring at me, I ignored them and sat down. I was beginning to enjoy how I wasn’t talking to Onyi because it made her feel bad but was surprised when she said “please dear can we talk in private” she stood up and I didn’t want to stand up, guys nearly kill me with a murderous eyes, I had to stand up and followed her, she took me to a silent corner where there was nobody. Immediately I faced her she went on her knee “ baby please I know I did the craziest thing by leaving you when you needed me most, I know the pains you went through but please baby am about going through the same pains if you don’t forgive me” Her words and her tears really touched me, I grabbed her hand and pulled her up, I used the back of my palm and wiped her tears; Onyi I know what you did was really bad but that doesn’t give me enough reason to stop loving you, you did what most girls would have done if they were in your shoes because everybody hates HIV and nobody can tell if it was the hand work of God, I’ve forgiven you and you are still my one and only. She didn’t even allowed me to finish before rushing my lips and gave me a long passionate kiss, she didn’t wanna let go of my lips and I had to bite her tongue before she withdrew her mouth; hope I didn’t bite much and lest I forgot granny wants to see you tomorrow; she was just smiling as if she won lotto and nodded her head. We went back and guys and babes were dancing, we weren’t left out as we displayed our own dancing step, the night was filled with much fun and it was a good way of having my bae back. I was so high and I didn’t know how I got home. I woke up the following morning with a serious hunger, I slowly walked to the kitchen but there was no food, checked the fridge and I found some malt with bread, I used one malt with half of the bread before going to check on granny but she wasn’t in her room or the veranda, I was left with no other options than to believed that she has gone to farm. I went back to my room, picked my phone and there was six missed calls, two from David and four from Onyi, I dialed her number but I got a no airtime response, I decided to go buy airtime and that was when I my trouser that I wore last night and was surprised when I found my eight thousand still intact, then a question popped in my brain “who paid the bill last night”. I quickly borrowed Airtel N200 then dialed David number and he answered immediately David: Ikpa I was about calling you again Me: sorry, I missed your calls David: No problem, so how body? Me: I’m okay now, bro who paid the bills yesterday because I just found my money intact in my pocket? David: who else if not our wife Me: which of our wife? David: idiot Onyi ofcourse, she insisted paying because she believed the celebration was for her Me: hmmm, come what did you called her? David: our wife na, is she not our wife? Me: make Amadioha strike that your mouth, go near her and I will let you know say na me trained MayWeather David: hahahahahaha talk to you later Ending the call, I called Onyi and we spoke at length. I went out, clean the compound before taking my bath. Granny came back around 2pm with some cassava, we were almost through with peeling the cassava when Onyi came, I immediately stood up and she took over. I couldn’t stay inside because of hunger, I came out with a squeezed face Granny: *smiling* oh our husband is hungry *(what did I just hear*) I looked at Onyi and she was smiling Me: thank God you know granny Granny: don’t worry, that was what we were about going inside to do, just give us some minutes I went back inside, on my system and started playing Pes, dunno for long have been playing the game but I think it was enough for them to finished the cooking. Onyi came to my room and said our husband the food is ready, (*smiling*) I looked at the door to check whether granny is around and I didn’t see her, I pulled her face and kissed her, when she responded to the kiss I bit her tongue, that’s for keeping your hungry for long; I told her, we laugh and went to the dining. Granny blessed the food, a welled prepared samovita and vegetable soup greeted me when I opened the plates, I swallowed the first ball and it was super delicious. Granny I heard that the Genesis will host a cooking competition and I must make sure I used my last kobo to purchase you the form because I’m sure you gonna win it; I told granny She laughed, then you have to buy it to our wife because she prepared the meal *(pointing at Onyi*); granny replied You see what have been telling you, marry her to your second son, she is gonna be a good wife: I told her Laughter filled everywhere, we finished the meal and Onyi cleared the table, granny later asked us to join her in the parlor which we did immediately after washing the plates Sitting opposite the two of them, granny cleared her throat Granny: my daughter am sure you have learnt your lessons in what happened few days ago * (Onyi nodded her head*), I should have my consent in what you are into because you two are still young but it wiln’t only worsen the situation. I felt the best thing to do is to give you two advice. Please my children abstain from pre marital sex and I believed you two know the consequences of it and both of you should learn to trust each other and you shouldn’t hide anything from each other Me: thanks granny I really appreciate your advice Onyi: thanks mum; I will do exactly what you said In my mind I was like, see this girl oo, didn’t she heard when granny said we should abstain from sex and she said she will do exactly that* sha lets see how it goes I checked the time and it was past four, I entered my room, changed my cloths to sport wear, picked my boot and told Onyi and Granny that am going to field, Onyi said she wants to go, she bided granny goodbye. I saw her off before jogging to our football field, when I got there my teammates were training, I jogged to our coach Me: good evening Coache Coach: evening boy, (*chai this man never change with calling person boy*) how are you now, sorry I heard what happened to you Me: Thanks Coache Coach: you are welcome, are you fit enough to train with them or you will just do ball work Me: I will go for the later I immediately started jogging, I was still jogging when Coache sent a superb shot to my direction, I saw it on time and I made used of my chest, the ball landed on my chest before coming to my leg, Coache gives me a thumps up and asked me to train with the ball. I trained for some minutes before feeling exhausted; I went and informed Coache that am through. 20 minutes later he stopped the training and I joined them, coache told some of them about their mistakes and lack of body fitness, our captain emphasized on punctuality before we dispersed. On our way, David asked me whether I will follow them to Eket tomorrow, you and who and what are you going there to do; I asked him David; I want go withdraw money, Prince and Abraham want go repair their phones Me: alright na, carry me for house when una dey ready. I headed home only to meet Granny watching church program, I greeted her before going to my room. I took my bath before joining granny in the parlor, she asked me about dinner but I told her that I’m not hungry. The program was kinda boring, I had to make used of my phone, logged into facebook and chat for a while before granny retired to her room, I greeted her goodnight. I immediately changed the channel to max TV and “Mission Impossible” my favorite movie was showing. I woke up late the following morning because I slept late last night, did my morning chores before going for breakfast. My friends came around 1pm, I changed into something better and we left to Eket, we first stopped at Liverpool road in order for Prince and Abraham to repair their phone, we spent half an hour there before we went to the bank. We all lean on a car we saw outside the bank while David went inside to withdraw the money. He came out after withdrawing the money; Me: Ikpa wetin malle want use money do David: I don’t know but I think she wants to use it and pay those women that worked on our farm Abraham: see your stupid face, malle dey pay people make them work for farm when you dey around David: what did you mean? Abraham was about answering him when Prince distracted us, Prince: (*pointing to our front*) chai see babe We all looked our front and behold there was one of the beautiful creature have ever set my eyes on, she has everything at the right places. David: that bae beauty no be here ooo Abraham: I swear if I get that one I no for look for another bae again Prince: make una forget all this una fantasy, that babe get swag pass una Menh that babe don carry my heart and she must return it; I told them Guys started laughing David: you think that your stupid strategy go work for that one Abraham: no mind am, na slap sure pass In my mind I was like, see this guy’s o, no be human being she be and beside is she not a girl like my babe. I was more determined to try my luck on her because of what guys were saying. I told them there is no bad in trying and I started jogging so as to catch up with her, when I get her TBC......
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EPISODE 16 (THE SCANDAL OF FATE) Me: excuse me Bae: what can I do for you? (*in my mind I was like menh this one no go easy*) Me: I’m very sorry for stopping you, I know you might be heading to somewhere important and you aren’t happy that I stopped you on the road but please you just have to help me out Bae: its okay, how may I be of help? Me: I know what I’m about to ask you may sound somehow but I seriously believed that you gonna be my savior, (*she was now giving me full attention*) I and my friends over there (*pointing to where guys were standing*) were arguing on something and they are all against me and the worst of it all is that I ran out of facts to prove them wrong Bae: truly it sound somehow, so what gives you the impression that I will be of help Me: My instincts haven’t failed me before and I believed that now wiln’t be the first. She was now relaxed and she asked what the argument was all about. They are saying that money is everything in a relationship and that no girl can love a guy without money; I told her Her countenance changed immediately and she looked towards where guys were standing. That’s totally nonsense, they are still plenty of girls who love without money and blab bla bla; she said. I wasn’t interested on what she was saying but I had to admit she really tried. Me: thanks savior, wow this is wonderful, I’m sure gonna win them Bae: (*smiling*) you are welcome, how I wish I will be there Me: erm erm I was thinking of telling you about the outcome but I don’t know where am gonna see you again Bae: hope you aren’t gonna ask for my number now that you wiln’t be able to see me again Me; that will be the only way out, it’s only for the outcome of the argument. I gave my phone to her and she punched in her number, I flashed her number and it rang inside her bag (* I no dey carry naija bae play o with fake number*) I thank her again before I went back to guys, guys started bombarding me with different questions which I told them that I’m gonna gist them later. Throughout the day I wasn’t myself, all that was in my mind was the girl (*gosh I forget asking of her name*) and I nearly broke my Golden record which is only to call any girl after two days of getting her number. I managed to go through my normal routine until Thursday which I finally called her and she answered as if she was waiting for it. Me: good evening my senior Bae: evening Mrs strange guy Me: (*smiling*) did you just call me strange guy? Bae: yes ofcourse, do you know what you caused? I nearly call you Me: (*in my mind I was like yaga one of the reason why I always keep to my Golden Rule*) I’m sorry dear, I would have called you, I was busy and guess what? Bae: They defeated you Me; hell no, that would have only happen if I didn’t meet my savior Bae: and who is this your savior? Me: Miss erm erm no name Bae: hahaha as if you ask for my name, I’m Precious Me: wow the name befits you and I’m Blessed. So how is our Precious doing? Precious: she is fine and you? Me: I’m okay, how is Eket and I guess you are enjoying Precious: not really, I’m always indoors Me: that sounds so odd for someone like you Precious: how? Me: it’s so hard here in naija to see someone as pretty as you indoors all day when tons of guys are ever ready to take you out Precious: the thing is that I just came into Eket and I have no friends here yet, let’s just say you are the first Me: alright I got it, I was thinking of calling you again but that will make me not to keep to my promise Precious: which of your promise? Me: I promised to only call to tell you about the outcome of the argument and now I’m tempted to break the promise Precious: hahaha you so funny and knows how to act a script, I hope you aren’t a flirt Me: dunno what you are talking about, I gotta go, am I free to call again? Precious: if you don’t call, am sure gonna call. Bye! Disconnecting the call, I felt like I just won lotto because everything was going as planned. That was how starting getting along. Some weeks passed with me doing my usual rituals of talking and enjoying good time with Onyi ( no sex), hanging out with my friends, serious football training because of our upcoming match, part- time programming work in Clean-codes institute, normal house routine and getting serious with Precious, she told me that she grew up in Port Harcourt and that her sister is still there with their Uncle, her dad is working in Malaysia but is currently in Nigeria and her mum is working in Eket ( oh how I wish I ask her what type of work her mum is doing). Mrs Glory told me that her husband is in country and there wiln’t be any communication (thank God). I and Precious was chatting on facebook one Friday evening when I told her that I will love to go out on a date with her that weekend probably Sunday evening and I was so delectable when she accepted, she asked me where I’m taking her to which I told her that she will know when we get there. It was like a “month of Sunday” to me before Sunday finally arrived, the avidity in me for the date makes me so vivacious in the church, I went home straight after service, ate, set my alarm before taking a little nap. I was woken to the sound of my alarm tone, checked the time and it was past four, I stood up, entered the bathroom and freshen up. I came out of my room looking real good, informed granny that I wanna check on a friend at Eket. I called Precious immediately I reached Eket and she directed me to where she is, “Holy Mary” was what came out of my mouth the moment I set my eyes on Precious, she was wearing a pink handless gown which stopped before her knee, her hairs was well-plaited, a 6 inches pink high heel and a pink hand bag, I became tongue tied and I couldn’t even display my killers move, she was just smiling and her pimples wasn’t left unnoticed, I managed to kissed the back of her palm after greeting her. I stopped a cab (it’s a date na, you don’t expect me to stop a bike lol) the cab took us to “MARINA RESORT”, we came down and I paid the driver, I took her to the lovers bird garden section and her face beamed with smiles (yaga I made a right choice of venue), it was as if people were waiting for us because the moment we walked pass the first two couples all eyes were fixed on Precious, I became so determined to make her mine. I’m sure gonna go for a thanksgiving if I should come out of here alive because of the effect you are having on people here; I told her, she laughed and said that I shouldn’t flattered her. I led her to a vacant tree ( the tree was in the middle of a round table and there was two chairs), made her sit (gentleman stuff) before sitting on the other chair opposite her. I called the waitress and ordered for two plates of fried rice with chicken and a bottle of red wine, she returned few minutes with the meal and drink, 30 minutes later we were through with the meal, I poured the wine into her glass before filling mine, engaged her on some talks and I made sure I paid serious attention to her when she is talking, dunno what made me looked my side and there was a guy seriously kissing his partner, I intentionally focused my attention on them which made her followed my eyes and she saw them too, I just smiled then I stretched my two hands across the table and held her hand, looked directly into her eyes. Precious I always believed that asking someone out on the first date is so awkward and dumb but now I know it is not so when genuine love is involved, I might not be too good with words or be the guy of your dream but I desperately want you to put a stop to my sleepless night, my trouble mind by making me the guy of your dream. I sincerely pledged never to make you regret ever accepting me into your heart; I ended it and her eyes was now watery but I felt my heart stopped functioning when she snapped her hand out of my reach, stood up, picked her purse and was about going when I stood up, rushed and held her hand; precious why are you doing this to me; I asked her....... TBC.....
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YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) / Impregnate Me Or I Die (episode 2) / You Must Set Forth At Dawn By Wole Soyinka

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