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Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 10:03am On Feb 07, 2018
Chapter 1

'They say never judge a book by its cover'. Thats how i live my whole life so i reserve all judgement till later.
thats the third time my friend Amy have called me, we are late for school and am just deciding which lipstick to apply am not a makeup freak, once again i heard my name louder this time it shows she's getting impatience and her main reason wasn't cause she's late its cause she's seeing her mate for the first time after 2 weeks
"Isabelle if you don't come down this instant am coming up there and am carrying you to school whether you ready or not" Amy screamed with much anger
"Am coming" i decided to put her out of her misery, i decided to put on red lipstick its pretty much what i put on everyday and ran downstairs
"Thank your stars you're out, if not my shoulder would've been your ride" she glared at me
yes she can do it for she is a wolf and i weigh next to a feather to them they're super strong I sometimes wish to be them.
We are living in a supernatural world consisting of Vampires, Wolves, Witches and lastly humans like us that was abducted from the human world and was used as slave until someone liberated us I heard he was called the King of the supernatural and he also stopped the great war
"Girls you're late for school" my mom said coming down from their room still on her nightgown
"be going" she said as she literally pushed us out d door more like me cause Amy is already out and heading to her car, she use the car because of me so we can drive around, my dad bought me a car but am too lazy to drive so Amy bought one so we can drive around since its awkward to carry me around.
"So all this, for Damian" I said as i sat on the passenger seat
" Yes I havent seen him for 2 weeks, my wolf can't keep calm cause she knows we will be seeing him today" She said as she drove off

When we got to the school Damian is already in front of Amy's locker waiting, on seeing him she threw herself on him and they engaged in a hot kiss which i wouldn't want to hunt me in my dreams so i looked away, luckily for me i saw my ever charming cute boyfriend Silas, he is a wizard and a strong one he's from a strong generation of witches and wizards. I just smiled as he was walking towards me am never the type for PDA (public display affection) or probably am just lazy
"Hi" said Silas as he reached and kissed my forehead which am glad he didn't go for the lips
"Hi" i replied trying to sound cute. I dont know if its me or that our relationship lacks this eletricity and butterfly i read in novels or the one in Amy and Damian relationship, maybe they have it cause they are wolves and their mate bond is strong and love is different for humans
"So how was your weekend" he asked
"It's fine" i reply with a shrug thats have always been our routine "and yours?" now thats like a ticket to Silas talk show
"It was fun, i tried developing a new spell but it didn't work, I think am missing something........" I just tuned him out, its not my fault that his magic stuff never impressed me, maybe it's because he never used it to impress me you know like make stars fall not the real star but imaginary stars
"They stopped kissing" Silas said as he got my attention back
yes thats Amy and Damian they were kissing all these while i swear they never get tired of exchanging saliva
"Good" I said with a disgusting look
Damian great Silas and I so he just noticed our presence now, Amy would be all red now if she was fair but lucky her she's chocolate skin the only evident that she had a fierce kiss is her swollen lips, I wanted to make fun on Amy about her lips but unfortunately the bell rang so we all left for our class luckily we have the same subject first period so we all made way to our class i was hugging my books with my both hands to my chest so Silas couldn't hold me he was just trying to make up conversation am glad he's trying but i would love the silence better
Amy and Damian were holding hands and whispering to eachothers ear, am jealous of them I.have always wanted that, its even part of the reason i started daing Silas but i can't find myself doing it with him, how will I explain it, it feels so wrong even kissing him never felt right.

"Today we will discuss about the people considered the strongest in supernatural world" our history teacher said, she is new so i haven't get her name yet.
"First i will tell you about the three people that formed the Azalk group" she said
We all know about the group but its rumoured that the three that formed it are dead but the group still terrorize some small countries and tries to break the peace, am glad am in the capital thats the most guarded region in supernatural world so they can't even think of attacking here
"They're Omeh, Adam and Matthew. Omeh the wolve, Adam the vampire, Matthew the wizard. together they formed a group known as Azalk 400 years ago and once again they threw the supernatural world into a turmoil but luckily out unity gave us a winning edge" the teacher said
"Why didnt the royal took care of them since no wolves or vampire defy royals" Silas asked always the curious one
"They're are not your average supernatural, with Matthew being a powerful wizard he summoned a demon inside them granting them power far beyond every supernatural even royals...." she paused and looked around before she continue a typical method for teachers to know if everyone is paying attention "but luckiky for us we had beta Jacob of Hunters pack he was strong enough to handle Omeh a fleet considered impossible so with him taking care of Omeh the royals both vampire and wolve was fighting Adam and the witches were fighting Matthew then the soldier was taking care of their minions" she breathed as if to catch her breath "beta Jacob led a great victory but he suffered a mortal wound" she walked up to her book and turned a few page I took the time to look at the back seat and saw Jacob he is the grandson of Beta Jacob they say he looks like his grandfather I wouldn't know cause my father is not even born when beta Jacob died, what I like about jacob is though he's Grandfather is considered stronger than royals he is not a proud type he is just your typical humble type of guy
"After the three was defeated we never knew if they survive or not but we never saw them again but their group still terrorize some cities, but not to worry they will soon be taken care of" our history teacher said with much faith
And i hope so cause the thought of them makes me afraid
"What made beta Jacob so strong to defeat them or did he have a demon soul too?" Silas asked once again
"No he did not cause summoning a demond soul is an abomination, though it will give you power it will also make you an enemy of the public and remember no matter how powerful you are you will never be stronger than the public" she said but still didnt answer why beta Jacob was stronger
"Hunter Winslor" she said with much admiration "He is considered the the King of supernatural world, he have wolf gene, vampire gene, witch gene all in him so he's considered the hybrid, he's more powerful than all the supernatural, he is said to have control over the supernaturals" she looks at Silas "the reason why beta Jacob is stronger than royal is because he was powered by Hunter" she said clearing Silas question
"Why didn't he fight the three if he is so strong why leave beta Jacob to do it" Amy asked, now that is a bit of a shock cause she never asked question
"Cause he left us 500years ago we never knew if he died, or left to another world in search of his mate I heard" she answered with a shrug
I felt pity that he have no mate, i can't imagine the burden of not having someone. I dont know much about mate but according to Amy she said its the best thing in life, that you have an unexplanable happiness once you find your mate. She kept talking about her mate when we were kids, you cant imagine her happiness when she first felt the mate pull, it was last year when Damian the son of a very strong Alpha and will be the next Alpha came into our school, she couldnt stop herself from kissing him that instance.
"Will he be back if he finds his mate?" I asked for the first time
"I suppose, if its really the reason he left" the teacher answered
The bell rang and we all left the class, so far this is my best lecture
"See you at lunch" Silas said to me as he wave and left i nodded and walked towards my next class like everyone else cause i wouldnt want to be late

We are now in the cafeteria eating our lunch I was sitting beside Silas Damian and Amy was sitting opposite us am having fries for lunch
"Someone is not suppose to be that strong" Silas said, i noticed he never like someone being so powerful and strong but he won't have a problem if he is that powerful i think he wants to be that powerful and if you ask me that's hypocrisy, but i wouldn't tell him that
"Atleast he did a good thing in the supernatural world" Damian said
"How so?" I asked, since am human we dont age like them so we dont know much, we age faster, we can hardly live to a 100, while they live for centuries. They stop ageing at 18 until they find their mate then start ageing 10 times slower than humans
"He liberated the humans, closed down the portal so that no more humans will be abducted, united the supernatural world" he took a big bite from his burger "that is a fleet considered impossible and a good fleet if I may add" he concluded.
We heard the emergency bell, the cafeteria got quiet until Leo, a royal wolf, too proud of himself if you ask me, rushed in and gave us my worse nightmare as a news "The Azalk are here" he said, i went numb
"Come on!" i heard Silas screaming and dragging me out of the cafeteria, I started hearing the scream and bangs I felt so powerless most of the humans are now crying as we came out in the hallway
"Stay in the middle" Damian said as him,Silas and Amy circled me, i felt so scared and glad to have them. I heard a growl i looked and so five ugly looking wolves charging at us my friends stood in front of me, Damian and Amy transformed, Damian wolf is bigger than Amy they are both brown Silas hands went on fire, if the situation was different i will certain be impressed.
The five wolves rushed toward us Silas started throwing d fire from his hands and luckily it burned down two but the remaining three dodged it so Damian rush one and ripped his throat out with his teeth as one ran pass him heading towards Amy he was fast enough to catch his hind leg and Amy used to opportunity to slit his throat, the blood will make me sick
"I got this" said Silas as he burned the last wolf "come on lets go" he said as he drag me down the hallway i looked behind and saw Amy and Damian behind us, I have to admit my friends are cool
As we stepped out the school compound i felt stuck to the ground cause of the sight before me
"They have never attacked like this before" Silas said as he saw the number of Azalk attacking student
I looked around and saw Leo wolf it can easily be recognise cause its bigger than all wolf here and he's pretty much ripping Azalk apart, his brother wasn't in school today he would have been a good help, I also saw Jacob still in human form but killing a whole lot of Azalk no wonder his pack is considered the strongest
"Run" Silas pushed me back as he engaged in the fight Amy and Damian have joined too, I couldn't move my leg was stuck as i saw the countless bodies in the ground vampires, wolves, witches, but mainly humans i looked up and saw a big scary wolf coming towards me, i shifted back and i hit the wall, i heard Silas screaming at me to run i looked at him he have his hands full fighting Azalk witches, Damian and Amy is also occupied. This is it for me, am going to die a virgin, so i closed my eyes and waited for the inevictable, then i heard the earth trembling roar

Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 10:09am On Feb 07, 2018
Chapter 2
The roar was loud and long, it can scare any man to death, but funny enough I felt safe for it gave me strength and courage, so I opened my eyes and the scene before me is now different, all the wolves are back in their human form and are all Unclad cause when they transformed their cloth got ripped, disadvantages of being a wolf, the only person still in his wolf form is Leo but he has his tail in between his legs, the vampires fangs are gone, the witches are powered down cause I see no fire in their hands. Then the wolf that was suppose to rip my throat out is now human like others he is nothing but a scared ugly looking man, but wait everybody here is scared both supernaturals and humans even Damian I often considered a daredevil. Then why am I not scared cause am easily scared, I looked around and saw Jacob with a smirk, he's not scared.
As i was still taking in the scene before me and wondering why am not scared thats when I saw him coming, a man that can only be described as Adonis, he is walking towards me, everybody he walks pass bows starting from Jacob, even Leo, he walks like he owns the world. He is wearing a black silky trouser that doesn't seem like its from this era but he looks like a model in it and a rope that is open and i can see his well chiselled abs, he can definately charm the pants off any woman, am already making up fantasies about him, whats wrong with me I never made up such fantasies with Silas
"Hi" he said as he approached me with his eyes closed, his chocolate voice made me light headed and am having a hard time keeping my feet up
"Hi" I manage to say above a whisper also wondering why his eye is closed, he then turn to the man that wanted to kill me, and looked at him, I can see his eyes is open from his side view that I can see, after what seen like 3 seconds the man fell and died, the Adonis now turned back to me with his eyes closed, i wanted to see his eyes so badly
"You're Hunter" I said being surprised for he's the only one in the supernatural world that have such powers, he's truly a king
"Yes I am, and you're?" he asked with a smile that melted my heart away
"Am Isabelle" I just realized, maybe he's back cause he have found his mate, I felt happy for him but more sad for a reason I can't explain.
He turned to the people "Go put on your cloths, the soldiers will soon be here to take care of the infidels, the witches and wizards should take care of the injured" everybody start moving around doing what he just said, he then walked towards Jacob and Silas rushed to me
"Are you alright?" Silas asked as he examine me to know if am hurt
"Am fine" I answered nonchalantly, for my attention is focused on Hunter, I kept looking at him to know if he will turn towards me though he still have his eyes closed but i will be glad to have him face my direction. I noticed the only time he had his eye open was when he killed the ugly man, maybe whoever he looks at dies and he don't want to kill anyone.
He is a hybrid so ofcourse his senses are higher than all supernatural so he doesn't need his eyes to see where he is or what and who is coming but still he can't see the beautiful part of this world, like the colour of the sky, the forest, the colour of my dress, snap out of it Isabelle he have a mate.
"Come the soldiers are here" I heard Amy said as she drag me inside the school which am sad about for I have missed the chance of having Hunter turn towards me
"Wait" i said as I notice we just pass my locker, she stopped i opened it and brought out my sun glass, the cool one I bought last year but never used
"What are you going to do with that" Amy asked a little bit confused
"Its for hunter" I rushed outside without waiting to hear what she have to say as I stepped out I saw Silas tending to an injured wolf and Damain was speaking to his father, then the Azalks have been cuffed with silver chains thats for the vampires and wolves but witches and wizards are tied with a rope that seems like a wood it makes them powerless. I focused and looked around for Hunter, I saw him discussing with the royals both Vampire and wolf, before I could get scared and chicken out I marched towards him
"Hi" I said as he turned towards me with his eyes still closed, i had hope it would be open
"Isabelle" he said with that same breathtaking smile, and he still remembers my name
"I came to give you this" I said as I handed him the sunglass, though he have his eyes closed am shy to look at his face now
"How thoughtful of you" he said as he took it and wore it "wow" he said I looked and saw him facing me, its hard to say what he's looking at cause i can't see his eyes but I reveled on the fact that it's me and that I was beautiful enough for him to say 'wow'
"It looks good on you" I said and its true, he can model for whatever he wears
"Thanks" he said as he turned and started the discussion he was having with the royals
Thats my cue to go, i wanted to say so much, I left sadly, I looked at Silas and notice he was staring at me with anger, that shows he saw what happened and is angry, he might think am being this nice to Hunter because he is so powerful and I want to be on his good side, I looked away from Silas, he's least of my worries. But whats happening to me, I have never felt this attracted to anyone before, he is an Adonis I get it but his every being invites me in. I wish there is a simple explanation for this emotions am getting.

Its been a week since the attack, every news is about the return of Hunter and hows he's the most eligible bachalor, the journalist keep asking him why he returned and where have he been, if he have actually found his mate, he didn't answer about his mate he just said he got tired and went into a supernatural sleep and he just woke up.
I felt so tired I haven't picked Silas calls or even Amy, my parents have been going to the royals for meeting cause of the Azalk attack, they're after all the human leader, so all this week am always alone at home, whenever someone knocks I ignore cause its either Amy or Silas, I know they can sense me but I still don't care. I just went to the living room and turned on the tv and bang the face that appears in screen is my Adonis
"I will be attenting the capital high school, in other to learn this era, for I am alive far beyond my time" he said
that is my school he's going to be attending my school I got so happy and my energy returned cause that means I will be seeing him again, I never thought I would, now I can't wait for tomorrow to come cause I really want to see him I looked at him again on the tv and he is wearing the sunglass i gave him, I gasped, the joy he still had it on is unimaginable that i had to start jumping around like a kid that just received he desired present for birthday
"Not to worry again for I have marked all habited area and if any Azalk should try to infiltrate any terrritory I will know and I wont be merciful, the ones under our custody will soon give up and reveal their hide out" he said as he ended the interview and the newscaster started talking about what he said, I off the tv as its now boring
"What am i going to wear?" i sighed Amy would have been of help if I haven't been such a snub, I gathered my courage and called her and she picked on first ring
"You better have a reasonable explanation" she shouted through the phone and I flinched
"Come to my house and I will explain better" I invited her over and within few seconds she's knocking on my door I guessed she used her superspeed
"So start spilling" she said immediately i opened the door
"I just got scared and chickened out so I've been messed up and I didn't want you guys to see me like that" I lied though I was messed up but it was for another reason she looked at me and gave me a warm hug
"Am sorry you had to see that, you poor child" she said slightly above a whisper
"So, I called you to select a nice cloth for me so that I will look good tomorrow in school" I said I walked up to my room to my closet
"oh thats how you want to apologize to Silas" she said and I gave her a weak smile how could she have known it wasn't for Silas, I wonder where this fantasy will get me
After checking out some cloth I decided to wear a blue gown it looks cute I wish it will really get Hunters attention
"How does the mate bond works?" I asked cause its been on my mind since I saw hunter
She looked at me like an alien cause i never asked but she decided to answer
"It pulls you towards each other, though you will be pulled towards each other but you have to see eachothers eyes to see the glow and know he or she is your mate" she answered
"Have a supernatural mated a human" I asked i don't really know why I did
"I heard that it have happened few times that was part of why Hunter liberated the humans so that the supernatural mated with humans won't have to hide it" she thought for a bit "a wolf and vampire and even a witch can sense their mate from afar I don't know much about other supernatural but wolves are very possesive about their mate especially alphas" she laughed and I know she just remembered Damian "you can see the possesiveness in Damian"
"Yes i can" i sighed. She gasped "whats wrong" I asked
"I just thought of Hunter, if alphas and royals can be so possessive about their mate I can't imagine how possessive he will be, you know being the hybrid" she said with a look that can be interpreted as pity
"Yes cause everything about him is intensified" I said and I kept seeing him in my mind, truth be told no girl will complain if he is possessive over her
"Silas will easily forgive you if he sees you wearing this" Amy said as she looks at the gown
"I will come tomorrow morning to give you a fine make up, don't worry it's going to be light" she added as she know am not a fan of make up "I will be going I have a date with Damian, bye." she said as she ran down and out she goes I sluggishily went and locked d door and came to my room.
I grabbed my phone send a text to Silas telling him the same lie I told Amy and I got his reply saying how sorry he is and will make it up to me in school, am not ready for any drama I hope he knows thats. I slowly drifted to sleep with one person on my mind and I hope we have a blast tomorrow.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 11:09pm On Mar 21, 2018
Chapter 3
(Hunters POV)
I just came back from the interview and am tired, though its sort of impossible, the reason am tired is because of the fact that I haven't seen that pretty face, that sweet scent. It invaded my nostril the first time I approached her it made me loss my motor sense, it's lime, I didn't see her looks when she realized who I was but I could sense her shock from her voice. I wanted nothing more than to look at her face but I can't, cause earlier before I approached her I could hear the thought of everybody except her, so I caught the thought of a guy, who I later found his name to be Silas and through his thought I found out he is her boyfriend it really broke my heart and I regret looking at everybodies thought.
"Hunter" Jacob called, he is the same with my old friend no different even in character thanks the gods for that cause I really need my friend and jacob really fill the gab
"Yes" I answered and he came inside my room
"The journalists are here" Jacob said with a bit of pity he could understand why I hate them, they're too inquisitive for their own good I think so far they're what I hate most in this era
"Would it be bad if I use my powers on them" I asked cause am so tired of them
"Yes" he answered geniunely, and thats one of the reason he remind me of my friend Jacob he is always up for a mischief and with his answer it sealed the fate of the journalists
So with that we step outside as I stepped out I saw them and they were more than 20 not that it matters anymore, they all stood and pointed out their microphone, some with camera and my ears is already flooded with thousand questions I won't dare tapping into their thought for it will be question after questions
"You all have all been curious to know how powerful I am" I ignored their questions and made my voice loud and radiates with power, I could see them all cower in fear
"well let me show you a glimpse of it" I said as I look at Jacob and he still have his famous smirk, he is so my new best friend, so I turned and looked at them with a devilish grin and used my telepathic powers to control them. Only high order of witches can do it to a limited amount of people and lucky for me my grandfather (maternal) is a high order wizard so with his gene and my other gene it amplified my powers so I can control more amount of people but still limited though
"You all should go home and give me rest, cause because of you guys I haven't rested since I woke up" just like that they all left and I smile inwardly and glad am the hybrid that holds such powers
"That's wicked" Jacob said as he high five me and I just smiled "so whats up for today" he asked. He have been with me since I woke up and we have bonded alot and I promised not to read his thought wish he was glad about
"I don't know, since I've pretty much seen everything so am not really in the mood to go out" Being a super being like me have its down sides since you're hardly surprised I see things or sense them miles away.
"Ok" he said then looked at me an continued "you have been sleeping for 500 years and you never woke until now, can I know why now?"he asked just like his grandfather ever the curious one
"Well" I decided to answer him truthfully and confide in him for his my bestfriend now "I went to sleep cause I couldn't find my mate so I grew bored being stock in 18 for many century so I decided to sleep" I chuckled as I remembered it "even your grandfather wanted to join me since he haven't found his mate" he looked surprised and I knew nobody ever told him
"So what stopped him" he asked
"the day we decide to go we were just taking care of things to leave command to Elijah, 3rd in command that same day he saw his mate, she was visiting our pack for the first time." I laughed again as I remembered the shock when he saw his mate, it was pure euphoria for him cause I could feel his overwhelming emotions
"So he now stayed back, even I stayed back for a month, for their weddings and with hope that I will be lucky like him but unfortunately I wasn't, so I went ahead with my plans and said my goodbye to Jacob" I remembered it just like yesterday I could still see the sadness on his face, I felt bad for not being there for him
"So as I sleep I could feel emotions strong ones" I looked at him "like when your grandfather died I felt it, but it wasn't strong enough to pull me out of my slumber" I can feel the guilt rise up from my stomach
"So what was strong enough to pull you out" Jacob asked, from the looks on his face, I can tell he doesn't blame me for his grandfathers death, and am glad for that
"My mate being in danger" I said as I remembered that day "I opened my eyes immediately I felt her emotions, it was fear, its the strongest thing I have felt since I went to sleep" I walked and sat on the little pavement and now we are sitting opposite eachother "so with her emotions I now felt you, its the same with your grandfather and then I felt everybodies, while everybody was fear, some afraid they will die, some afraid they can't protect their love ones. Yours is just pure anger" I looked at him and saw anger flashed before his eyes then it dawn on me that he hates them for taking his grandfather, but he was not yet born when he died what made him hate them so much
"When I got up I ran at a lightening speed as I reached I saw the wolf trying to rip her throat, so I gave the loudest roar" I finished since he knows the rest of the story
"From this story I still can't say for sure who the mate is but I have a good guess" He said and I told him to guess "Isabelle Kings" he said and I giggle
"Yes" I confirmed his guess
"So thats why you're also starting school which you don't actually need" he asked with a smug
"bingo" I said I learnt its a word in this new era
he just laugh
"Why close your eyes, cause she need to see your eyes to know you're her mate" he asked cause techinally speaking every supernatural thats their first instinct.
"Well I was reading peoples thought to know who is Azalk and who is not so I read Silas thought and knew he is her boyfriend and according to his thought they're pretty much in love" I said sadly
"Still, she is yours and nobody is allowed to touch the queen" he said angrier than me
"You really sound like him" I said with a smile and brough out the sunglass she gave me am going to be seeing her tomorrow I wonder if she would naturally be drawn to me or will she be with her boyfriend, that might set a dark cloud since it will make me jealous. Since am Alpha of Alphas the king of supernatural am expected to be possesive over my mate even more than royals, any person that touch her in a way inappropriate will be at the risk of loosing his life, thats normal, but unlike what people expect I have a high level of control and am calm by nature how funny
"Lets go race" Jacob said "I've always win every member of the pack but I suspect you will win me" he said as he stood up and ran off
I chuckle "Thats cheating" I said as I ran after him, it's only fair if he had a head start for am faster than any supernatural, in no time I caught up with him and pass him and I was not even trying
"You're faster than I thought" he said panting
"You have no idea" I said as we both head to the pack house
The Azalk that we captured I have found out their locations from their thought and I will go there with Jacob tonight, since just like his grandfather he is my partner and he is strong and uses the power he draws from me perfectly, so I don't have to worry about him, so we decided when we leave tonight we won't alert anyone.

It's midnight we're currently standing infront of a hole inside a thick forest that looks like it will lead down to underground. As we move down it sure did lead to underground with my superhearing I could hear chatters and this place smells awful
"This place smell awful" Jacob said my thought
"Yes, we are about to enter, be ready all of them are bad so no prisoner" I have already read their thought and they have no vital information they don't even know if they're the only Azalk group remaining, the one that acts like their leader thinks they are, I was glad no kid is there so I won't feel guilty. I kicked the door open, I want to have fun so I didn't roar or control them cause that would be easy kill and it will be lame to kill defendless people, so I allowed them free will, in order to put up a fight, as the door went down they all stood to attacking position and the wolves transformed and the vampires had their fangs on while the witches hands flame up
One wolf ran towards me I position with my claws out but before he reached Jacob came infront and slit his throat, he looked backed at me with a smirk, cunning bastard he got the first kill, now lets see who kills most, as if he knew what I was thinking, we attacked the same time
I was faster , I kept ripping heads, slittings throats, tearing limps I took the time to look at Jacob and he looks happy and doesn't need my help as I focused back on the fight about ten witches circled me with their hands ablaze I gave a devilish grin and did my telepathy thing and each of their heads busted like a balloon filled with excess air that got the remaining Azalk scared to their guts. Jacob came close to me with his bloody face and hands but non, his
"Looks like we should put them out of their mystery" he said and I nod as we attack to finish them all.
I kept thinking what Isabelle will think of me if she sees me like this with countless corpse surrounding me and Jacob, surely she will be afraid of me I hope she never sees me like this ever
"That will be all" Jacob said as we step outside and I magically set the hideout on fire and felt relieve that we won't be hearing of Azalk, all this I do is for my people and for her safety and no matter what I do no matter how hideous and monstrous its for the safety of my people
"Come lets go" I said and with that we went home and am glad and happy cause I will be seeing Isabelle tomorrow, my Queen, the Queen of supernatural world.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 6:31am On Jan 14
To read it all visit www.kingsworld7.blogspot.com
Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 9:55pm On Feb 20
Accidental Brother.
Chapter 1
Here is my question. Do you believe in soulmate?, you know, someone you are created for, someone that gives you both the butterfly and electricity, that one person you can proudly call your other half. Yea, I so believe in soulmate, I mean its the best kind of love. You can see how beautiful it is from Romeo and juliet, forget the fact they died young, but come on its because they know they can't go on without ea other, that's the power of soulmate. So imagine how bad it is for me to have all this soulmate vibe from my brother, my step brother actually, looking at it I think its better to fall for the enemy than family. At first it wasn't like this, at first I hate him to the bone, he is a bad bully, he should've been born a bull, but with recent event things change and I find myself irresistibly attracted to him, I just can't shake away the fact that I see him as my soulmate. Well before you call me incest, sit back and let me tell you the story, I will start from beginning, I mean before the beginning, not before I was born but before I started falling for him. So Am going to start from 3 years ago when I first encountered him, I have known him longer than that, but it was four years ago he came into my life.
"Come on honey, we are already late" my mom called,
"Am done" I said popping out of the one room we live in, wearing the blue gown he bought me, it fit like a glove, she is also wearing a blue gown but different design
"Aww, you look good honey" she said, I smiled
"Thanks mom, but my name is Esther" I demanded, she just smiled and wave it off
"Come let's go" she said leaving and I followed her. We are going to meet her date, she separated from my dad three years ago, and its good, my dad is an alcoholic so the court gave me to mom, so she is now dating, so am going to meet the man today, I know he makes my mom happy, I maybe 13 years old but am matured enough to know love.

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Chapter 19
Finally the devil have been registered, he already brought his desk and chair
Though he didn't start right away, I could see all the girls eyes on him
He didn't even look shy or scared like new student, in fact he makes the old ones scared
Martha looks like she is about to wet her pants when the devil walked in to drop his desk
I have a feeling things will change with him here, he just winked at me when our eyes meet
He left without receiving any lesson. Almost every question I received from my classmate today
Are all about him, the girls was supper excited for his returned
I wonder if they have not learnt their lesson, he literally snubbed them when we were in junior class.
"So are you excited about me starting school" the devil asked
"Just stay clear of my way" I barked he chuckled
"Come on, I live for your misery" he said, the memory of all he did came back
I closed my eyes to calm myself
"Things have changed" I said, am currently trying to cook something
"Not for me it haven't" he walked behind me and sniffed me, sending chills down me
He walked back and pat my hair like a dog, "am off" he said and left
I stood still and curse myself on how my body reacted to his mere proximity
I made sure to avoid him the whole day. Even left school early tomorrow so I won't go with him
Our class teacher now send me on an errand, to buy her food when I came back I was held among the late comers
"I went to buy food for my class teacher" I said trying to explain to that blockhead Chike
"You are just trying to escape the punishment" he said
"You can go ask the teacher, here is her food" I said showing him the food but he won't listen
"Of course I can let you go if you agree to my request" he said with a smirk, I rather receive the punishment
So I stretch out my hand for him to flog am tired of explaining myself
"Flog her and I will smash your head" I heard the devils voice
"And who are you"
"The devil"

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Chapter 22
Now he have to spoil my happiness, I pretended like I didn't see him coming
I just kept walking along Oliver, in my mind am getting ready to trash him if he stop me
By trashing I mean insult, but to my surprise he walked pass me, that's a first no actually he have been doing that lately. It started on monday, he came to school with some bruises
He saw me and walked pass me, I thought he just didn't see me, he repeated it I thought its a coincidence but it just happened again
That means something is up, but I don't mind am just glad he is off my back
When I came inside the class my eyes instantly went over to the devil, its an involuntary action
It surprise me that I do it always, he is resting his head on his hand looking bored. I rolled my eyes and went to my seat, I will definitely gist Martha on the latest.
"Did you hear the latest" Martha whispered to me, she don't want to alert the teacher
Looks like she also have a big news
"What's that" I asked, leaning closer
"There is going to be a party this Friday" there is always a party but we never go,
"Its Emma, that is hosting it, his parents are traveling, and he said its going to be the last party till they finish waec" she said excitedly, Emma is a senior, very rich background, always host parties, we always hear about the parties on monday. Me and Martha are determine to go one day
"So are we going to attend this one" she asked, my parents are going to village this Friday, so am free,
"Yes baby girl we are" I said and her eyes spark up
"Good, cause everybody will be there, including Oliver " she said wiggling her eyebrows, I rolled my eyes and we focused on the lesson.
Am already thinking of what to wear and how to attract Oliver, I looked at him and he have his attention on the lesson, unlike the devil that looks bored.
Uuuuuh why do I keep comparing him with that devil, still I looked at him and he caught me and smiled, and winked, I froze and averted me gaze.

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Chapter 25
We have been dancing for like an hour, though I was holding back
Reason cause my best dance is twerking, I know it will give me lot of attention but it will make me appear slutty, so I was just moving around,
"Come on dance harder" Oliver prompt me but I couldn't free myself
"Am thirsty can you get me something" I said and oliver left to get me water, i took a deep breath
I search the crowd to see Martha dancing with Mike, he is our classmate,
People are busy dancing then it surprised me when I saw some guys smoking
Now this isn't what I pictured, I know parties that have smokers ends in fight
Now I remembered the devils warning, suddenly I want to leave
"Cupcake" I heard his voice even in all this music, I turn to see the devil
"What are you doing here" I said, so he came even when he warned me not to
"No time to argue, let's go" he said with a firm voice, does he think am his property
"Am not going anywhere" I said, I don't want to be pushed around, he wasn't even listening cause he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out, I didn't want to create a scene so I went with him, I looked back to see Martha rushing behind us. I guess I will apologize to Oliver on monday
"I forgot my purse" I said, I left it on th sofa I sat with Oliver, I tried to go back into the house, I got stuck when I saw Emma's parents drove in, now am glad the devil came for me
"Let's bail, the parents are here" I said, am glad am already outside the compound
"You slowpoke, isn't you ID in your purse"the devil said and I realized how much trouble I will be if the parents find it
"Are you with yours " I asked Martha and she nodded
"Go home, I will take care of it" the devil said, I tried to object "now" he persisted and I ran home with Martha
I even have no other way to retrieve the purse, and am so glad the devil came to my rescue
"Your brother sure saved the day" Martha said as we are going home
"Sure he did" I said as I fear what will happen if he get caught.

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Chapter 27
When I came to school I looked for Oliver, I went to him immediately I saw him
"So how did you go on Friday" we asked together
"My brother came and took me before they arrived" I answered first and he sighed, he looked relieved
"What about you" I asked
"I ran when they arrived, I looked for you but couldn't find you so I figured you left" he said with a shrug
"Am glad we are both safe" I said giving him a cute smile, he returned the gesture
"I heard some people were caught, and will severely be punished today" he said, and I felt sorry
"Its ought to happen, they were smokers in there, no parents will be happy about that" I said as I remembered the smokers
"Thank God we weren't, come on let's get to class" he said and we both walked to class. When we entered I involuntarily again look at the devils side, but he wasn't there, and some of our classmate are not.
"Where is some of our classmate, am sure they didn't drive anybody for school fees" I said to Martha.
"Nop, they were all sent to the principals office" Martha said sadly, she is really sad
"Why?" I asked
"They were the ones caught on Friday" she said and my eye widened, then I looked at the devils desk, he is still not there
"Is the devil among" I asked, already feeling my chest tightened
"Yes" she said, now I know why she is sad, cause the devil is caught and its my fault.
Guilt hit me like never before, am not even worried if he expose me, I will be glad if he does, I kept looking at the entrance hoping he will coming looking so badass like he always do. Time seems to go slower and teaching became a noise to my ears, and it was Economics, my favourite subject.
After what seem like forever, the student came back, the guys eyes are red, as for the girls they were all crying, but the devil was not among them, maybe he is not among those that are punished or his own is worse, am already chewing my nails as I can't keep calm.

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Chapter 30
When I got home he already left to play ball, hmm I came back late cause with Oliver I didn't rush, I wanted to savour everything. After doing my shores I received a call from mom so I went to the store to help out, I guess I will see him when am back.
The store made it possible to keep my mind off things. Its already late when we came home, on getting to the doorsteps I was hearing dad's voice.
"Its not been up to 2 months you came back and you already caused commotion" I heard him, I was confused when I came in and saw him shouting at the devil
"What's wrong honey" my mom asked
"I got a call from principal, he told me Mavis was in a party with smokers and gangsters" he said with much anger, and guilt hits me like a car going 120 per hour. This is all my fault, the school and now here, I looked at him, he's looking down, what have I done.
The guilt worsened when I remembered he warned me, my chest tightened, the happiness I felt with Olivers confession was not enough to clear this sadness.
I tried to speak up to tell them its all my fault but the devil looked at me and I got the chill, its as if he have a spell over me, all reasoning left me, the intensity in his eyes compelled me to be quiet.
"Am sorry boss, it was just a momentary mistake, it won't happen again" he said
"Forgive him honey, am sure he won't do it again" my mom beg on his stead, I can't even do anything
"It better not, now go to your room and no dinner for you" he said and the devil went to his room, I watched him go.
I couldn't eat dinner, how can I after inflicting such pain on someone else, I made sure that my parents are asleep, when I prepared his favourite, its just tea and bread. I know its not enough, but its a start
"Come in" he said after my second knock, I came in, he was facing his wordrope, thereby backing me, his light is still on he just finished bathing, my eyes caught the Cain marks on his back, it was hideous, I went forward to touch it, but I was late cause he already wore his shirt before I reach
"So to what do I owe this visit" he asked as he turn around
"Here" I said holding out the tray with tea and bread, he smiled, that his devilish smile
"Thanks cupcake" he took it and went to his bed to eat it, I knelt down
"Thank you for everything, and am sorry" I said with tears, he laughed
"I bet now you are thinking, that am your hero" he asked and I raised my eyes to him, though I didn't admit it but its true, he came down and knelt in front of me, so close I felt his warmth
"I told you already, am Mavis you devil" he said and my eyes widened "devil don't do things for free, he always collect" he said, then help me stood up
"What will be your fee" I asked as am determined to pay, since it will help calm my guilt, he walked behind me and sniffed my hair sending chills down my spine
"You dear, will become my slave" he said and I gasped

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Chapter 33
How is it possible to have your heart broken twice a day by the same person, when we got home I quickly finished our chores and started the note, luckily Martha took the biology home. I received a call from an unknown number, I instantly knew its Oliver
"Hello" I answered sounding as sexy as I can
"Hello Esther, is me Oliver" he said, and I smiled
"I know" I replied, we started chatting, I dropped my pen and concentrated on my boyfriend, he makes me so happy, I have a feeling that I will kiss him soon.
"So you even have time to make call" the devil barked
"I already finished one" I said blocking the mouth piece of the phone
"You are done when I say so" he looks angry, he should know am more angry
"Am talking to my boyfriend" I said and he started laughing a throaty laugh, it sounded so rich but I still hate him.
"Your relationship won't last" he said, what nerves,
"Who made you the judge" I barked at him "and what do you know about love" I glared at him
"You will be surprised" he said "well just finish up" he said and went to bed. I forgot about Oliver while talking to this devil, he already hung up when I finished, I tried calling back but I don't have airtime. Once again I was defeated by that devil.
I tried as much to enjoy my time with Oliver even when the devil tends to come between us, Oliver always tell me that he gives him attitude when they practice, I confronted the devil about it he waved me off. And am still his slave, Martha is acting weird, especially around the devil.
"Oliver have a bleeding nose" I heard one of the student said, he is talking with his friend
"What did you say" I asked them, they are junior student
"Oliver is injured" he repeated
"They said, Mavis punched him" he said, that devil, he stoop so low
"Where is Oliver" I asked
"He is at the school clinic" he replied and I rushed down there.
He have cotton wool stuck in his nose, am now boiling with anger
"He did this"I asked and he nodded, he smiled when he saw me, its still cute even with the cotton wool
"What happened" I asked
"I mistakenly stepped on him, you know to tackle the ball, he punched me, hence the nose bleed" he said as if he is not in pain
"That monster" I said, yes that's what he is, he just need a horn to complete it.
"I don't know why he hates me too much" he said, only the devil can hate such an angel like Oliver.
"Am so sorry" I begged
"Don't worry dear, its not your fault, and beside we are guys so its normal" he said with his smile, ever good Oliver. I helped him home that day, since its already dismissal I didn't see the devil. I rushed home that day, so I will meet him before he leaves for his football practice.
I got home and went straight to his room immediately I got home, am lucky our parents are not home cause am about to show the bad side of me, I knocked at his door and he opened. He was surprised when he received a hot slap from me. Yes I slapped him and it felt so good so good that I have to do it twice. He looked at me bewildered.

Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 9:35pm On Feb 27
Chapter 33
How is it possible to have your heart broken twice a day by the same person, when we got home I quickly finished our chores and started the note, luckily Martha took the biology home. I received a call from an unknown number, I instantly knew its Oliver
"Hello" I answered sounding as sexy as I can
"Hello Esther, is me Oliver" he said, and I smiled
"I know" I replied, we started chatting, I dropped my pen and concentrated on my boyfriend, he makes me so happy, I have a feeling that I will kiss him soon.
"So you even have time to make call" the devil barked
"I already finished one" I said blocking the mouth piece of the phone
"You are done when I say so" he looks angry, he should know am more angry
"Am talking to my boyfriend" I said and he started laughing a throaty laugh, it sounded so rich but I still hate him.
"Your relationship won't last" he said, what nerves,
"Who made you the judge" I barked at him "and what do you know about love" I glared at him
"You will be surprised" he said "well just finish up" he said and went to bed. I forgot about Oliver while talking to this devil, he already hung up when I finished, I tried calling back but I don't have airtime. Once again I was defeated by that devil.
I tried as much to enjoy my time with Oliver even when the devil tends to come between us, Oliver always tell me that he gives him attitude when they practice, I confronted the devil about it he waved me off. And am still his slave, Martha is acting weird, especially around the devil.
"Oliver have a bleeding nose" I heard one of the student said, he is talking with his friend
"What did you say" I asked them, they are junior student
"Oliver is injured" he repeated
"They said, Mavis punched him" he said, that devil, he stoop so low
"Where is Oliver" I asked
"He is at the school clinic" he replied and I rushed down there.
He have cotton wool stuck in his nose, am now boiling with anger
"He did this"I asked and he nodded, he smiled when he saw me, its still cute even with the cotton wool
"What happened" I asked
"I mistakenly stepped on him, you know to tackle the ball, he punched me, hence the nose bleed" he said as if he is not in pain
"That monster" I said, yes that's what he is, he just need a horn to complete it.
"I don't know why he hates me too much" he said, only the devil can hate such an angel like Oliver.
"Am so sorry" I begged
"Don't worry dear, its not your fault, and beside we are guys so its normal" he said with his smile, ever good Oliver. I helped him home that day, since its already dismissal I didn't see the devil. I rushed home that day, so I will meet him before he leaves for his football practice.
I got home and went straight to his room immediately I got home, am lucky our parents are not home cause am about to show the bad side of me, I knocked at his door and he opened. He was surprised when he received a hot slap from me. Yes I slapped him and it felt so good so good that I have to do it twice. He looked at me bewildered.

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Chapter 36
"We are traveling, and make sure to stay home and not repeat what you did" dad warns the devil,
"Yes boss" he said and glanced at me, with that I have my mind made up, I won't go, I will call Oliver and tell him
"Stay save children" mom said and they both left.
"I heard there is a party going on today" he said, we have become more civil towards each other
"Yea I heard so" I said sadly and slumps on the sofa.
"So will you be going" he asked I just shook my head. He smiled and sat opposite me, after an hour nearing the time Oliver gave him I received his call
"So are you done" he asked
"No, am not coming" I said, then prepared to hear his reaction
"What, why" he asked
"The last one was a disaster, so I don't want to go" not really I want to go, but the situation won't let me, and I don't want to disobey my parent.
"Come this time its safe" he said more like pleaded
"I wish I can"
"Come on this is our first date" he begged, making me more guilty.
"Am sorry I will make it up to you" I said, I heard his breath
"Fine" he said and hung up, I feel bad for what I have done, but its the right thing. I kept sulking in my room when I heard a knock
"What" I asked, I already know who it is.
"Stop sulking come out" he said
"No" I said, he can only make it bad
"You dare say no to your master" he said, that devil he is using that master card.
"Alright am coming" I said and came out, I saw him heading towards the sitting room, so I followed, I gasped as I saw the drinks arranged on the table
"What's this" I asked
"Since you completed my note and have been doing your duty, this is you reward cupcake" he said and my smile widened
"Since we can't go to the party, I decided we have our own little party" he said and put up the music, I know this is not the real party but damn am happy.
"Party you said huh" I said and sat down, he beamed me that his devilish smile.
"Yes" he did robotic dance and it blew me away, it was so cool
"Serve yourself, cupcake" he said, its all alcohol, since we are alone at home, so I plan on getting wasted. He kept showing me his dance moves and they are all awesome, I never knew he is such a perfect dancer.
He dance and I drink, I also jump like am really in a party, with the music blasting, he is also drinking with me. After a while I felt the drink kicking in
"Wow cupcake you really can drink" he said as he saw the bottles I have down.
"Don't be surprised devil" I said, then pushed him down, since he already entertained me, its my turn to entertain him
"What sort of slave would I be, if I don't entertain my master after giving me such reward" I said and he smiled
I moved forward, with the influence of the alcohol I was free, so I started dancing how I do in my room alone, twerking, am really good at it cause am endowed.
"Wow" I heard him said, then turn to see him, inertly looking at me, prompting me to mesmerize him more.
I dance more than I have ever done, before I slump beside him.
"The Angel, also have a devilish side" he said and I lean forward close enough to feel his breath
"Being with the devil have its effect" I replied and I saw his eyes stare down to my lips.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 9:43pm On Mar 05
Chapter 38
I went inside, quite excited to see the devil, I tip toed inside, I wanted to scare him, how mischievous of me, I want to see his epic reaction
"Why the tip toe" he asked from behind me startling me, how funny the table turns
"Nothing" I said, he looked at me with narrowed vision
"You are back" I heard Martha said from behind me, I turned, she looks sad
"What's wrong" I asked as I went to her
"Its my parents" she replied "I came since 5, your brother was home so I decided to wait, please can I sleep over" she asked, she normally sleepover but since the devil came back she haven't
"Sure" I said, my brother is already in his room, he really don't have human sympathy.
"Hope the devil wasn't hard on you" I asked, she smiled
"Actually no, he have been very entertaining, I never expected him to give me encouragement on my situation" she said and it surprised me
"Oh" was my only reply "let me freshen up" I said and went inside to bath. Martha really deserve a moment of peace, her parents always fight alerting the entire neighborhood.
It took me like 30 minutes to freshen up, I was stuck to the ground when I came out and saw Martha and the devil playing card game, the devil is smiling and Martha is laughing. I have never been able to make her this happy whenever her parents fight, but the devil did it with just playing card
"I won again" Martha screamed and did a happy dance, am jealous that I have never made my best friend this happy, but more down the devil have never casually smiled at my like this
"Come on I will smoke you next time" he said
"Prepare to eat poo" she said, the devil that never glance any girls way is having a happy moment with my best friend, I should be happy but why am I not.
"Can I join" I asked, that's when they noticed my presence
"Sure" Martha said, with smile plastered on her face. We played for more 10 minutes, but it was as if that its only Martha and the devil, for am easily defeated. They kept laughing and talking
"Am going to bed" I said and they just nodded, they are happy, I should be happy. I went to bed, I couldn't sleep, am tired but my mind was wide awake. Martha came in an hour later
"Your brother is a blast" she squeeled, and once again her happy face made me happy, and bad for feeling sad earlier.
"Yea he is" I said, I kept awake with her before she fall asleep, still I couldn't sleep, so I decided to go watch some film in the leaving room. When I came out the devil is already there
"Why aren't you asleep" I asked
"Bad dreams" he said with a shrug
"Wow, so the devil is scared" I teased, he smiled
"What of you" he asked
"Nothing just wild night" I replied and sat on the chair next to him
"How is Martha" he asked
"She is fine" I answered and he just nodded. Seems the devil have a love interest now. Am curious to see how it turns. We quietly watch tv till I fall asleep.
I woke up on my bed next morning, I wondered how I got there, yes even the day we got wasted I remember sleeping in the leaving room
"You brother sure knows how to take care of you" Martha said
"How do you mean" I asked
"He carried you inside last night, it woke me up when he was covering you up" she said, and it sweetened my heart making me smile, I felt my face heat up, did I just blush.
The morning is chilling, its December our exam is on monday, Martha and I decided to study together, the devil left us alone, Martha went home by 12,she is sad she didn't see the devil before leaving, our parents came back later at night.
I finally spoke with Oliver, yesterday I didn't pick up yesterday, my mind was occupied, he kept talking how super awesome the kiss was and how he want to do it again, teenage boys but I don't mind. when we got to school we all got ready for exam.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 8:52pm On Mar 06
Chapter 40

All the whole school turn towards the voice, he is just coming, some stood up to get a clearer view of him, he is wearing jean jacket, like when he returned, he look devilish handsome, I saw some girls fanning themselves with their hands, typical.

"Come talk to us boy" the coach said and the devil came forward

"Am honoured you guys think so highly of me, even referring to me as Ronaldo" he smiled then looked my way, I returned the gesture.

"But come on, why would we be satisfied to just qualify" he looks around "if I play, that means I want it all, I want to win, so I will take it all" he said, just like the devil he is, he want the most difficult things, the school once again erupt in shouts of jubilation, his name was even shouted, by most. I never knew someone could be this popular. I wonder why I never see them, come to him or try to talk to him like they do Oliver

"So he is this popular" I asked

"Yes" Martha answered, like a fan girl

"Then why is it that he have no friend, he walks alone like a loner, popular guys are suppose to have lots of friends like Oliver" I said, and Oliver chuckled

"He is way popular than me, people admire and love him, wants to be like him and move with him" he said

"But why are they not"

"He is your brother, you should know how fierce he is, he send chills down people and he is not much of a talker, so even the ones that manage to approach him still leaves" he said and it all made sense. I turned to see him walk closer to me

"Hello cupcake" he said smiling, I smiled, he is so full of surprises

"Hello devil" I said, before I could say anything the coach called him, so he left. I kept waiting for him to return but he didn't.

"Time to go" Martha said, Oliver is not around too so I texted him, I heard the coach called the boys. I wanted to wait for the devil but Martha kept bugging me, she needs to be home on time

"Alright let's go" I said and we both left

"Your brother is cool" she said

"Yea he is" I replied, I never noticed before,

"Can I ask you something" she said, I just shrugged "can you help me and make your brother mine" she said and my foot got stuck to the ground.

"What do you mean" I asked, she came forward

"I think am in love with your brother, I want to date him" she said, I have a lot of girls said that, but with Martha that never fawn over any guy, this is a big thing, it means she is serious

"Are you serious" I asked just to be sure

"Yes, I hope you don't mind" she said, do I mind I asked myself, they have gotten closer lately, she is the only person the devil asked about. I should be happy she have finally fallen in love, but am not I felt a thousand stab

"Please" she said holding my hands, she have helped me a lot, so I think its only right

"Why not" I said with the smile I could muster.

"Thanks" she said happily

"You are welcome" I answered, I should be happy but why do i feel like am digging my own grave with my hands.

I came home with a heavy heart, I left to go be with mom at the store, it didn't even help with my sadness

"Are you alright" my mom asked

"Yea, yea" I answered

"You look down" she asked.

"Am fine mom" I answered and then gave her a smile, she decided to drop it.

When we got home dad and the devil are already home, I felt my heart sunk when I eyes met, he smiled to me, I didn't return the gesture, its been our normal greeting lately. He immediately felt something was wrong he trying communicating with his eyes, I just shook my head and went along to help.

"What's wrong" he came to me after dinner

"Nothing" I replied, I kept avoiding his face. What's wrong with me, is this really a brotherly feeling.

"It seems you don't want to talk" he said "hmmm, what to do" I turn to see him scratching his jaw, it was very cute.

"Tickling fiesta" he said, I looked our parents are already off to bed, am so weak to tickling and he knows

"No its not" I said and sprang off, he ran after me, he caught me before I reached my room, he then opened it and carried me inside, he dropped me and jumped on top me

"So where do I start" he said, he started before I said anything,

"Come on stop" I cried, he kept doing it, "please, I will pee on myself" I cried again

"Tell me what's wrong" he said


"Then prepare to wet yourself" he kept at it until am about to explode, I couldn't take anymore.

"Alright, alright" I said and he stopped "its just the time of the month" I lied, come on I don't even know what's wrong

"Oh" he said and lied beside me, everything felt alright, I want it to be like this. "How about Martha" he asked and my fantasy went down the drain.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 6:36pm On Mar 07
Am standing in the middle of the road but it felt like the middle of nowhere, but it's the road back home, just a few feet away from the road that leads to Martha's house. Am stuck with tears on my eyes cause I just received the biggest news of the century
"He have agreed to date me" that's what Martha told me before we went our separate ways. I can't still figure out why I feel bad about it, making it more frustrating. The devil is still at practice. I came home by God grace
"So you accept her" I asked him as he drinks his tea
"You mean Martha" he smiled "yea, I decided to give her a chance" he said
"Oh, why her, lots of girls have come your way, why her" I asked, am curious to know, he shrugged
"Shes beautiful, smart, strong pretty much that" he answered, I know he meant emotionally strong.
I went to my room that night with heavy heart, I brought gift close to me like I do every night.
"Hey gift, I wish you can help me out" I said to the teddy, "you know help me figure out my feelings" I grunts "if only I can tell the devil about it and he helps me out" I giggled
"I know he will just make fun of me" I said, then hugged gift. As I drifted off to sleep.
"Come on Esther, you have been distanced" Oliver said, I have been unfair to him, I hardly pick his call or hang out. Now I remember what the devil and Martha said about my love for Oliver.
"Am sorry Oliver" I said, with each day I realize that, it was never love but just infatuation, I was so caught up in the fantasy I then mistook it for love. I saw him as a perfect match for me since we are both the top student, and its safe, now I realized how wrong I was.
"Can you just make it up, let's hang out more, I feel like am loosing you" He plead, I can't continue doing this to him
"Am sorry Oliver I have so much on my mind let's just take a break" I said and he gasped
"Are you breaking up with me" he said, I looked down, I could bear to see his face
"We can still be friends" I said trying to save the situation
"Just go to hell" he said and walked off, am sad but also happy its off my mind. I look at the back of the class and saw Martha laughing and chatting with the devil. Its good they are happy, I smiled sadly.
Its February, but to me its forever, am only happy when I have the devil all alone, but its not enough since Martha regularly come to our house. I mostly leave them alone to have a private time, when the devil found out I broke up with Oliver I thought he would say I told you so. He didn't, instead he made me smile more than before. That's the thing he is always there when I need him.
"I have a big news" my mom said after our dinner, we all listened. "Am 2 months gone" she screamed and my dad sprang to her and swept her off her feet. That's the best news of the century, now the family is complete, when the baby comes its will be what unites us all
"That's too good boss lady" he said and hugged mom, I hugged her too, they have waited so long for that.
"Come on let's go tidy up the kitchen" my mom took the devil, they are close, you need to see when they hang out, my eyes followed him as he walked away
"Come on Esther, seat down let's talk" dad said and I sat down, I wiped the tears that nearly fall
"Are you trying to ask the best name that suits the baby" I joked and he laughed
"Not really, we will all decide that when the time comes" he laughed "wow am going to be a father" he said and I looked at him
"You are already a father" I laughed
"You're in love with Mavis" he said, I gasped, its a statement not a question it dawn on me that he is right
"Am in love with him" I said more to myself, was I that obvious, I looked at him, he had pity on his eyes, tears welled up.
"Am glad I can read your emotions unlike Mavis, that is difficult to read" he said, and patted my back
"Its a disaster how can I be in love with my brother" I said
"Yea it is a taboo for someone to have such attraction for her brother" he said and I crumbled more "good thing he is not your brother" he said and I narrowed my vision at him
"He is your son which makes him my brother since you are already my father" I said
"It warms my heart you really see me as your father, but Mavis s not your brother, cause he is not my son" he said and my eye widened.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 8:59am On Mar 08
Chapter 46
When we got home, mom and dad are already prepared to travel, mom stomach is already coming out. Our term ended last week, the tournament will start next term. After our parents traveled I urged him to go freshen up, he reeks.
Immediately he went to bath I rushed down street to go buy some alcohol, I plan to have a blast with him, at least just for today let me pretend he is mine.
Luckily before he's done am already set.
"Wow, you learnt from the master" he said smiling, someone better turn on the AC cause damn he is hot.
"You know, this is to show my appreciation for all the goals" I said, he took a deep breath
"You are officially free as a slave" he said, before it would have been a goodnews but its not, cause its the only thing that makes me his.
"Wow" I said not sounding enthusiastic "come on eat first then we start our party" I said and he couldn't agree more. Its already dark before we finish eat, it took long cause he kept talking about the ball and even demonstrated some, I love every bit of it.
"Let me do the honours" he said and poured me the first cup, that's the first of many. We kept drinking and dancing till I can barely feel my toes. But can still feel his warmth
"How is your relationship with Martha" I asked, he never gives me clear answer but maybe with the alcohol he will
"Truthfully speaking, its fake" he said and I jerked up
"What do you mean" I asked
"You know, she said she loves me, I refused to date her, she then brought a proposal that I couldn't refuse" he said, wow alcohol is definitely a truth serum
"What proposal"
"Girls always disturb me and its getting too much, so she said that we should fake date and make people believe it, that the girls will free me and she could use a friend to support her, you know her family issue" he said, he is someone that understands family.
"Then why didn't you tell me its fake" I barked at him, it surprised him
"I wanted to, but she said the best way to convince everybody is to fool you too" he shrugged
"Then why were you kissing her that day" yea people that don't date don't kiss, at least in my dictionary.
"Ahh that day you went AWOL, she ambushed me, she kissed me I didn't", now am having mixed feeling
"Its a lie, you went to school that day to get some" I said
"Nop, she called that morning crying, saying her parents was out of hand again, so I had to go console her" he always play the hero.
"But you had sex the day before" I said sadly
"What" he jerked up "where did you hear such lie" he barked and I cowered
"Martha" I answered quietly, and he sprang off, before I knew it he is out the house, I followed him immediately, we left the house unlocked at this time of the night, its 9 pm, I pray all will be as it is once we get back from where ever he is going.
We arrived at Martha's house, what have I done, the alcohol is now out of my system, the running made sure of it.
"What exactly did you say to cupcake" he said to her immediately she came out
"What do you mean" Martha asked looking at me, she looks confused
"I sort of told him, I know you guys did it" I said, and reality hit her. She looks down she couldn't even face my brother again, that's proof enough that she was lying. It felt like a mountain was lifted from my heart.
"We planned this to get the girls off my back and always be there for you, why did you go this far" he asked, she kept quiet "I thought you are different" he said and left, I awkwardly stood there with Martha.
"Am sorry" I said for I felt responsible, I know she loves him
"You have successfully break us apart" she barked at me, it shocked me
"I thought its true, I sort of said it" I said
"You know why I told you we had sex?, so it will break your heart and stop loving him" she said and my eye widened
"You knew of my feelings" I asked
"Its not difficult to figure out, you know you always say he is the devil, but shuns anybody that insults him, you always claim him, at first I thought it was just a sister love until I notice that you first look at his desk when ever you walk in" am already scared of how many people knows about my feelings "even when lesson is going on, you still glances his way" she said, tears is already rolling, my best friend is speaking to me like a stranger.
"Am sorry" I felt responsible, if I didn't develop feelings for him, he might eventually fall for her and she won't have lied about the sex
"Don't act innocent and think you won, I will still get him back" she said and went back in.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 10:37pm On Mar 08
Chapter 50
"When" I asked, I can feel the tears coming up
"Last year, I heard it from his friend, I didn't bother to tell you cause of the way he treated us" she said, she saw my tears roll down "am sorry for not telling you, I never wanted to spoil your mood" she begged. No matter what he is still my father the reason why am here, but I can't get angry at my mom she did it all.
"Let me be alone" I said and went straight to my room. I soaked myself in tears, he is not good but he is still my father. I stirred up when I heard someone come in, its the devil.
He rushed to my side, I hugged him and broke down, he didn't even ask what's wrong, he silently console me by rubbing my arm, when the crying died down he then spoke up.
"Here is the thing, no matter how bad you think your situation is, it will never surpass me" he said and I smiled, he always knows what to say.
"My mom told me, my father is dead" I said, he just made an oh sound, I then told him everything.
"So you now know we can die any moment and you still want to keep your mom in such state" he said and it dawn on me, how bad she might be now. I have never been in such situation with her so I don't even know what to do.
"What should I do"
"Just go in there tell her you're glad she told you and she is just the best mom, no need to make things awkward" he said. He really wise beyond his years.
I left to go clear the things with my mom, am so glad I have the devil. Mom and I shared a mother and daughter moment. With the near death experience with mom I made up my mind to tell the devil how I feel, I know it will change everything maybe for good or bad. But am determine.
"You waited" I said as I walked in, I shut the door, am nervous for what am about to say. I don't even know how to start.
"You now believe in miracle right" I said
"Yea, you made sure of it" he said
"Good, cause what am about to say is no less than a miracle" I said he farrowed his eyes
"I hated you at first, down to the bone marrow, you mere touch gives me the creep" he rolled his eyes "but now its different, you broke all my defences, imprinted your name in my heart" I said and with the change in his face I know something is up. So I continued, I went closer to him and held his hand, I close my eyes and took a deep breath, here it goes
"All am trying to say is I love you Mavis" I said, and for the first time in a long time I called his name, he kept blinking and staring at me, I waited for him to talk but he didn't, tears rolled down, rejection is the worse. He opened his mouth to talk, I took off cause I can't withstand if he says it. I ran out of the house, luckily nobody saw me ran off in tears.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 2:28pm On Mar 09
Chapter 53
When I woke up the next morning I refuse giving him any attention, I snapped at him every time, he found it funny, he thinks he can play with me like this. Even when he tried talking to me at school I brushed him off, he even left some romantic notes in my desk.
"I love you, that's the beginning and the end of everything" I read it. I went out, he always keep one when I comes back
"YOU GAVE ME FAIRYTALE IN MY ORDINARY LIFE" slowly he is earning my forgiveness, I left again, I love his note, I never tag him the romantic type.
"I rather be kissing you than missing you now" he just made me remember last night, I glared at him. I still left when I have the chanced.
"Am having ones of those moment's that made me realize how lost I will be without you" good you just realized it.
"I love seeing you happy, your smile is my greatest reward" he really is so sweet, he just made my day brightest. But I still want more.
"You smile I melt" he got me with this, I turn to look at him, he placed his hand on his chest and slumps, showing me how he melt cause I just smiled to him. I don't even care if someone is seeing us. I can't wait for dismissal. Their tournament starts tomorrow.
"That was so cheesy of you devil" I said as we both walked home, he smiled
"You know at the touch of love everybody becomes a poet" he said and I smiled. We walked home, he stopped all of a sudden, I looked at his face his happy face disappeared, he was looking at something, I then followed his gaze to see two guys standing not quite far
"Go home cupcake, I will meet you there" he whispered, he is serious, I didn't want to argue I just left, I passed the two guys, after walking a bit far I turned to see him speaking with the guys. I have a bad feeling about this.
When he came back he look so angry, I tried talking to him he said he is tired and went to his room. I was disappointed but I gave him time. It continued he kept distancing himself. I never saw the guys again, our tournament we were the most feared team, all thanks to him, he have passion for ball. But he seem worried.
I started thinking he is over me, am I not attractive, he didn't even kiss me in school even when am alone with him, I decided to confront him about it.
"What's wrong with you, do you think the relationship is a mistake" I asked, luckily our parents are not around.
"No, cupcake why would you ever think that" he asked
"With your recent behavior am scared" I said with teary eyes. He came closer and place his hands on my chest.
"The heart never lies, this is how fast you make my heart beat" and sure is beating pretty fast "I wake up every morning, before everyone, I walk to the next room which is yours, I watch you sleep, it always bring smile to my face. I spend the whole day knowing at night I will be sleeping in the room next to yours. If that isn't love then what is" he asked and I felt relieve wash over me.
"I use to wonder if love is worth fighting for, but with you, I know am ready for whatever war" I said and he smiled.
"Tomorrow is final, we will win and dedicate my goals to you" he said, I smiled, I want to kiss him but I know he won't let me, he is taller and fast. So I came up with a plan.
"Come see" I took him near the sofa I stood on it, now am taller, he is confuse why am standing on the sofa
"Why are you standing there" he asked
"Cause now am taller and I can do this, first look behind you" he looks behind, he saw nothing then turned back to me, as soon he turned I smashed my lips on his. I cupcake have successfully stole a kiss from him
"Smart" he said with a smile as he broke the kiss. That night was fun we stay late night talking about things and how he will play tomorrow. I slept in his hands luckily our parents didn't interrupt.
Today is the final, the school moral is high, some student came with carbon sheet with The devils name written on it, he is definitely the magic in the team, I look to see Oliver giving me a glare. After I broke up with him he have been keeping malice with me. How the table turns
"Hey devil, remember your promise" I said to him
"Sure cupcake" he said before getting ready for the ball. I went and sat where the audience are, I sat beside Martha.
"Your brother is something else?" She said
"How? " I asked
"We have never qualified now we are in the finals" yea he really is something else.
The crowd thundered as the two teams come out to the field, I saw him came out, but his normal cheerful mood is gone he looks sad, what happened, he had his gaze locked somewhere. I then followed his gaze he is looking at those guys I saw that day, they were smirking at him. He then looked at me, he gave me a sad smile, like the one he gave me the day our parents introduced us. Something is definitely wrong and these two guys is definitely the cause


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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 6:42pm On Mar 09
Chapter 55
After they took him I heard murmuring of the student, some said they suspect him to be a gangsta, in other not to hear them soil my devil's name I have to run home. I got home and told our parents what happened, my dad took off immediately to the police station.
I wanted to follow but he refused.
"Calm down he will soon be back" my mom kept consoling me, I won't be calm until my devil is by my side.
He came back in the evening time, I didn't even wait for him to settle down before raining down questions on him.
"How is he, hope they didn't touch him" I asked, I always hear how they treat prisoners.
"He is fine, they didn't touch him, I begged them to put him in a better cell" he said looking tired
"So what is it about" mom asked
"He is the prime suspect of one murder case, Emeka Okolo, a student of his formal school, he was brutally murdered" dad said and we gasped
"It must be a set up, I saw too guys maybe they are the ones that did it" I shouted the last part.
"I thought its a set up too, but Mavis confirmed the story" he said, I froze, I remembered how he apologized before the police arrived. I felt so lost, can't I just have a moment of happiness. I ran to my room as my parents discuss what to do. I won't believe anything until I hear from him. I couldn't sleep that night. I slept with the resolution that its all a dream and when I wake up things will be well. When I woke up the morning I rushed to his room, but he is not there, its not a dream after all. Before my parents woke up I have prepared the food to get him.
"Wow, you are all set" dad said, I gave him a nod, mom bade us goodbye after we are done. She couldn't follow us. We arrived at the police station, I hardly said anything through out the drive.
"Can you bring him out" dad said, they brought him out, more like shoved him out
"Careful" I barked and glared at the officer.
"Good morning boss" he said with a week smile, the looked at me. He came closer to me
"You brought tea and bread to a prisoner, cupcake you never fail to surprise me" he said with a smirk, what, he even keep up his devil personea here.
"Its your favourite" I said not even smiling
"Seem someone is in a bad mood" he joked, I glared at him, he just took the tea and went one side to drink it, I followed him while dad speaks with the officers.
I waited for him to finish, he doesn't even look bothered who really is he. After he is done and gave me his a million dollar smile, I got satisfied
"So what happened" I asked, and he pouted, don't you dare act cute now, if it wasn't for the police I would've smacked him. I glared at him. He then lowered his gaze.
"Its just a wrong turn" he said,
"How do you mean" I asked
"I joined a bad crew when I left, the leaders are those two guys you met" I knew they are connected "then a month before I came back, Emeka stole money from them, so to punish Emeka they asked me to rough him up, and I have been so angry about everything, loosing my parents, you, everything" he gulped down "so I unleashed all my anger on him, it took the two guys to get me off him, that's when I realize he is coughing out blood" he looked at me his eyes is now red, he is holding back the tears "I ran out, later that day, the two guys came and told me he is dead, they advice me to leave the state" he said, am already crying, why is all this happening.
"Then how come it came up now" I asked
"The police investigated then but did find any evidence, but the guys came to me before the tournament, they told me to win every march, they are always betting on our school" he shook his head "but on the finals they changed, knowing everybody is betting on me to win, they now bet huge money for me to loss, then now asked me to loss or else they tip the police" he said, it all make sense now.
"So if I didn't ask you to win all this wouldn't have happen" I said between sobs
"No cupcake" he cupped my cheek "if I didn't kill him all this wouldn't have happened" he said.
"Times up" we heard the officer said
"Be good cupcake everything will be fine" he said and the officer took him. How can things be fine when you are behind bars for murder case.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 2:07am On Mar 10
Chapter 57
The day is finally here, I couldn't sleep last night my brain refused to fall asleep, I kept staring at the ceiling, when I saw the sun rise, I felt like keeping it still so that the time will never reach.
"Prepare honey, today is the court day" my dad knocked at the door.
"Sure" I said, I dragged myself to the bathroom, I was the last to get ready. We all drove to the court. Those two guys were here, am sure they just want to enjoy the moment. It wasn't long after it all started. I paid little attention to the case, I just look at my devil and kept thinking how miserable I will be without him. Am already calculating how old I will be when he is out, even if am to be hundred I will wait.
"You honour we have a witness" I heard the devils lawyers said, everybody snapped their neck to him, even the devil looked surprised.
"Bring him forward" the judge said. Who I saw took the breath out of me, its Obinna, I just pray he's not here to worsen it
They took him to the counter, and he said the oath.
"So what do you have to say" the judge asked.
"Mavis is not the murderer" He said and everybody gasped. Even the devil head jerked up
"How do you mean mister" the judge asked.
"That day when my brother was killed, he already called me to come meet him. I arrived when they were dragging Mavis off him" he looked at Mavis "he left in anger, I never knew what happened. But this two guys" he pointed at them "continued beating my brother, I was a coward I have to hide and watch them snap his neck" he said with tears. "I hid it from my mom until yesterday because of a particular visit" he said and the devil looked my way, did he just guess.
"What's your prove" the judge asked,
"Here" he gave them a flash drive, they inserted it in the desktop. They showed it to everyone, we watch as they brutally murdered Emeka. I turned to look at them, the are already on cuff, how the table turn.
Everything went so fast as they declared my devil free, my happiness knows no bound as I rush to him
"I told you devil, we will make it" I said
"You did" he said, he now went to change his cloth. I now walked over to Obinna.
"So what changed your mind" I said.
"A certain pretty girl" he smiled, I blushed a little "and I was able to take care of the family expenses because of him" he said motioning his head towards the devil
"How" I asked
"He came one day and gave me 100k, I asked why he just said he is on a journey to do good, he didn't know am aware about the murder. I took the money and opened up something" he took a deep breath "I planned to die with the secret, but it got reopened, I thought he deserved it, that since he move with bad crew he most be bad. But you changed my mind and made me man up" he said with a slight smile.
"Thank you" I expressed my gratitude "and sorry for your brother" I said
"Nah, don't sweat it, he is no saint" he said and our parents came over. Everybody thanked him for it. Then devil moved a few feet away with him. I can't hear what they are saying but I saw them shook hands. Obinna left and waved at us. We stood and watched as the police took the two culprit away, the lawyer assured us they won't bother us again. One is already crying, so the gangsta is a wuss.
After everything died out, we returned to school, everybody was curious to know what happened but nobody dared asked the devil instead they all asked me. I told Martha everything and she helped tell some who now spread it, everybody adding a little bit of their own. We soon start our waec and we will be free from secondary. After the court incident I finally decide to pursue law career.
"Hi cupcake" Oliver called,
"Only one have the right to that name" I barked "and beside I thought you're keeping malice"
He laughed, I have something on you, I wanted to say it when we won the tournament but he got arrested, I kept it but now he is out, this is the perfect time" he smirked
"I don't have your time, what is it you have" I asked, school is about to dismiss.
He walked pass me "I heard is a taboo when siblings become lovers, I saw you guys kissed" he said and walked off and my world went dark, why is it from one problem to another.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 3:31pm On Mar 10
New story out

Chapter 1
For everything that happens there is a time and season, its now time for someone life to change. Mirabel Ugwu is a school teacher, she is a primary 6 teacher a 27 years single girl, so beautiful she is dream of every man, but she have no interest in men.
She is currently astound at the composition one of her pupil wrote, she gave them an essay to write, about their father, they all wrote about their mother last week. But the one about father got her attention, Amara Uba essay about his father is different from the rest, while others where busy writing about height, complexion, and rest, she wrote something different. And its also different from what she wrote about her mother last week. Like others last week she wrote about complexion and height.
From what she wrote this week its clearly she is close to her father, and what she wrote got the teacher's attention, she read it multiple times, the more she read it the more she want to know everything.
She is a new teacher, she just started last two weeks, the pupils love her, its suffice to say, many of her male pupils are crushing on her, regardless of her deep beauty, she have a gentle personality, one where she rarely scold her pupils. She have serene voice, its dress people attention when she speaks, her laugh is mild and have piercing sound.
The girl Amara is a smart girl, she understands easier and faster than others, she is an elite pupils, she is easily everyone favourite, her gentle smile, and never failing to say thank you, Mirabel is currently reading the eassay again
The essay
I have never thought about this, so now am asked to write it I don't know how to start. I guess I just have to start somewhere.
My dad's name is Christopher Uba, he is a civil engineer, so he often travels, leaving me with my aunt, but not to worry he still have time with me.
My dad is really handsome, so says every woman we come across, but to me he is just a scardy cat. He is afraid of the dark, always sleeping in my room, at first he said he is just protecting me from bad spirit, then I told him am a big girl, he then said he need me to fight his own demons.
To see how scared he is, I always give him my favourite teddy to keep him safe whenever he travels. Regardless, my dad is the best dad in the world, he spoil me like daddy's little girl. I miss him so much, its beem two weeks he traveled, he will be back next two weeks or so. Words alone can't describ my live for him.
He wipes my tears when I cry, dress my wound when injured, hug me to strengthen me, he is my everything, I can't say more cause am tired.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 8:06pm On Mar 11
Chapter 5
The ride was slow, doing it to buy more time, Mirabel too wasn't complaining, she wish the ride never to end
"So romantic novels or mystery" Mr Uba asked, for the past minutes they have been getting to know each other,
"The two can be one, but I love romance, most girls do" she answered with a smile, it made Mr Uba smile back, from the rear mirror he can see his daughter sound asleep, nice, for he now feels he is alone with the cute teacher,
"Happy endings or sad ones" she asked, she found herself playing with her bangle, its a character she have when nervous, and no guy have made her do it.
"Hmmm, sort of sad ones" he said and she gasp "hear me out first, happy ending is what everybody wants in life, but at the end we get sadness, cause we all die eventually leaving our love ones, sad stories, makes us prepared for that, and remind us that the world is not a bed of roses and also not our resting place" he concluded unknowingly showing Mirabel a little thing about life
"And besides tragedy last longer than comedy" he said.
"I don't believe you" she said looking at him, and was marvelled npby his looks, its night already but the little gleam of the moon can make her see him
"Tell me one happy ending story you know"
She thought for a while "Safe haven" she said,
"Then tell me a tragedy you know"
"Romeo and Juliet, a walk to remember, me before you" she answered and gasped realizing she just proved his point
"You see, you thought for a while at first, but for tragedy, you answered even before my question landed" he said and giggled
"And I even answered 3" she said knowing she lost, but she is baffled that she is happy to lose to him.
"We are here" she said sadly as she stare out the window looking at her apartment, it was a 3 storey building, she leave on the second floor with her mom.
"Seem so" Mr Uba said with equal sadness.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 4:00pm On Mar 12
Chapter 7
Mr Uba considered himself lucky to have Amara, her mother died at child birth, he train Amara alone, though with the help of his mother and sister, they have all brought up the issue of him getting a new wife, he turned them down. But after seeing Mirabel, he is now thinking of it.
Mirabel have expertly avoid her mother's questions about the car, she just pretended to be super tired and went to sleep. While Mr Uba is almost certain of his feelings, Mirabel is not, its all new to her, 'I think its better I avoid him and not make a fool of myself' she thought to herself, she remembered how the parting of his lips made her hot. 'I will just focus on being a good teacher' she went to sleep with her mind made up.
Mr Uba brought his daughter to school, gently looking around hoping to see a particular face "come on dad, don't make it so obvious" Amara said smiling, her grandma always blame Mr Uba for making Amara so blunt.
"Really" he asked and she gave a small nod, he then crouch down to her level, and fixed her already fixed dress
"Be a good girl, don't give her too much trouble" he said to her, seeing her father this happy make her happy too, so she is also cooking up ways to help her dad. So when she entered her class, she put her plan in motion
"Good morning Aunty" Amara greeted her teacher, Mirabel gave a smile
"How are you" she asked
"Am fine, my father was looking for you" she said, again with her bluntness, Miss Mirabel won't deny the fact it sweetened her to hear that, she didn't know when her lips curves in to a smile.
"What's funny" Amara asked, no matter how smart she is, she is still a kid
"Nothing, just remembered something" she said as she felt her face heat up "go to your seat, lesson is about to start" she dismissed Amara, then started the lesson.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 8:09pm On Mar 12
Chapter 10
As they get to the floor, he drew her close to him, as they started their slow dance, her heart was beating frantically, but she is not the only one,
"Look at me" He urged her, she did so which surprised her, how could she be so weak against him.
He is taller than her, so she have to look up, immediately he was lost in her eyes, it was a normal brown eyes, which almost every African girl have, but why does non affect him like hers.
"You are beautiful" he said to her, she is happy he think that, but she is angry, why she is having this feeling for a widower, who is at least 10 years older, and also a stranger.
They are so close its causing havoc to her, she wants him more, every beat of him invites her in, he is strong, his scent is intoxicating, she finds herself leaning closer, the dance floor is dark so people won't notice anything.
She hates this feeling, a feeling of dependency, feeling that make her knee weak, make her throw away her reasoning, never knowing her first move, feeling so self consciousness. She know she is helplessly falling in love, but she still fight.
"I have a boyfriend" she said as her last resort, and this simple words, stopped Mr Uba from the kiss he almost took.
"Oh" he said the only thing that came to mind "am sorry" he said with a smile that didn't reach the eye, he then walked away, as Iyke also come to started dancing with Mirabel, but she couldn't for it felt nothing like Mr Uba, so she also left the dance floor.
She came outside on time to see Mr Uba drive away, she couldn't shake away the feeling she have now, she feel not only did she destroy someone happiness, she also destroyed her own. It was too much on her as she felt tears left her eyes, as she decided to take the long walk home, she didn't even tell Iyke, she is not in the right state of mind, her tears keep dropping as she sob, she so hate this new feeling.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 5:07pm On Mar 13
Chapter 12
When, Mr Uba came home, Amara is not at home, she is staying with her Aunt, the Aunty is Mr Uba elder sister, so Amara always go to stay with her and her family. Mr Uba to sleep but the house is too lonely and its worse with what happened today, so he decided to go sleep in his sisters house too.
After a while of driving he got to his destination, he called his sister to come open gate for him, he knows he is being a pain to her but he really needs Amara right now.
"Sorry sis, I really need to see her" she apologize to his sister who is angry for the disturbance
"How is your husband" he asked as they walked inside
"You know he is out of town" she answered as she yawned, he actually know, he just want to get on his sister's good side
"You know her room" she said as she left him to continue her sleep, Amara also have a room here, its her second home, he slowly walked in other not to disturb his daughter. He removed his suit and shoe then climbed on bed and held his daughters hands, that's his normal way to sleep
"My sweet little girl, dad have disappointed you again, I thought I could get you a mom, but I failed" he said in a soft tone, careful not to wake her
"She is beautiful, her tiny frame fits my perfectly, when I touched her it was like velvet and fire, she is a living breathing temptation, is only a man with no pulse that won't react when she pass" he said with a soft giggle.
"Unfortunately she have a boyfriend, and I know no man will leave such a girl for another, am sure I won't, so as a gentleman, I plan to avoid her henceforth and not complicate things" he said with a weak smile, Amara stirred a bit now facing him.
"Its still you and I against the world" he said to her, he slept off after kissing her forehead, Amara is going to make fun of him tomorrow morning for being a scardy cat that can't sleep alone, if only she knows how her father need her to breath.
Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 2:30pm On Mar 14
Chapter 15
Regardless of being outside she have a boyfriend
"Am single" she said barely above a whisper then turned and rushed inside. Mr Uba stood there shocked, she just admitted she is single, that fact changed everything, he have a chance, he no longer have to feel guilty for having such thought.
"Yes!" He screamed, not caring how passerby looked at him. He rushed home with new found energy to plan his tomorrow date.
"Amanda" Mr Uba said surprisingly as he saw Amanda in his house, he knows she's been making advances on him but he is zero interested in her.
"I just came to see my little angel" she said staring at Amara who is least amuse
"I will be in my room" Amara said not giving her a glance, clearly she don't want Amanda here
"Well I came to ask you if you have chance tomorrow" she asked stepping forward, her whole cleavage is in display, but it have no effects on Mr Uba, for his pulse only react to a certain Miss Mirabel
"No, I already have plans" he said truth, and expertly avoiding Amanda's advance. With the way things are going, Amanda decided to say her feelings out
"Am in love with you" she said with a glassy eyes, Mr Uba pitied her for her misplaced heart.
"Am sorry, I already have another" he said bluntly, and he wonders where Amara got it from
"I don't mind if you still love her, I won't competite with her, she is dead so I can keep you warm" she said thinking Mr Uba was talking about his late wife.
"I don't mean my dead wife" he said then realization hits Amanda, that he now having another girl alive in his heart, with that been said, her formal gentle and pitiful look turn to anger
"Not while am still alive" she said then stomped off, Mr Uba wanted to stop her and explain things to her, but he stopped for he have no explanation to love, it just happened, instead he focused on his date tomorrow
"Angel, papa have a goodnews" he screamed as he ran upstairs to her daughters room.

Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 8:31pm On Mar 15
Chapter 18
But something changed as they locked gaze. The desire they both have for each other is burning more
"You are fastly becoming my addiction" Mr Uba said smiling, Miss Mirabel thought so too, she smiled.
After the date he drove her home, Mr Uba is feeling like a teenager all over again, he wanted to go say hi to the mom but Mirabel stopped him, she first want to explain everything to her mom before he meet her.
"When next can we get together again" he asked as the both stand beside the gate
"Whenever we are both free" she said, actually she wanted to say tomorrow but it will look too cheap and school starts tomorrow
"How would I know when you are chanced" he teased
"Your phone" she said stretching out her hand, he gave her the phone she then typed in her number
"Am now phone call away" she said smiling
"Thanks" he saved the number
"Goodnight then" she said, knowing her mom will be anxiously waiting
"Goodnight" he said, he waited like a gentleman and watch her go upstairs, he wanted to stop her and kiss her, but kissing on the first date will only show his carnal side, so he left her walked. Little did he know Mirabel want that too
Her phone rang as she entered her apartment, she picked up
"Hello stranger" Mr Uba said on the phone
"Hello there" she said as her lips curves into a wide smile
"Thanks for the date" he said
"Glad we had fun"
"Goodnight" he said, waited for her to return the gesture before hanging up and drove home
"Tell me all about it" Mirabel eyes widened as she stand face to face with a very curious mother, they don't keep secret from each other, her only fear is if she will accept her dating a widower.

Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 9:58am On Mar 17
Chapter 23
"What" she asked touching her lips and suddenly feeling hot under his intense gaze
"This" he said claiming her lips, and it was nothing he ever felt, he realized how truth it is that we don't often know what we are missing until it arrives, he missed the kiss he never had.
A don't have a virgin lips so she have kissed before, but non have made her feel so much pleasure like this, it made her brain numb. When he broke the kiss they both felt hot, like they were standing too close to a burning fire.
"Is it gone" she asked, then licked her lips to taste him more, and it maddens him
"Not yet" he answered claiming his lips for the second time, this time more furiously, they kissed like their life depends on in, their tongue search each other lips in a ferocious pattern. He dragged her impossibly close, they are letting all their feeling pour out in a kiss.
"Am smitten" he said as he broke the kiss, breathing heavily still in each others embrace
"So am I" she said, with her eyes closed reveling on the feeling "I wish I can pause time and spend forever with you" she said, though they have not said the word love but they both know what they feel
"That makes the two of us" he said, goodbye is definitely the saddest
"Bye stranger" he said and moved back
"Bye there" she said reluctantly.
Mr Uba left her finally still feeling her lips on him, he went home and knowing Amara is staying with his sister, he went to bed alone, he no longer want to disturb her sister again. Something unexpected happened, for the first time since her wife died he slept off without Amara or her teddy, it was a miracle. Amara is going to have an earful for that, this night his dream was filled with Mirabel not his wife things are changing, hopefully for the better

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 4:49pm On Mar 17
Chapter 26
He came back home feeling dejected, he already called his sister to bring back Amara, he felt so lonely.
"What's wrong" Amaka his sister asked, Amara is currently having her dinner
"I found a girl" he said and her face lit up, she have always wanted that
"So when can I meet her" she asked eagerly, he smiled, knowing it might never happen with the way things are right now, but he still have hope
"Pretty soon I hope" he answered and she smiled
"No problem, my husband is back I have to leave I already miss him enough" she said and gathered her things to leave, "bye Amara" she said
"Buyi buyi" she replied with food in her mouth, it earned a laugh from her father and aunt.
Mr Uba came back after seeing Amaka to her car, she don't want to bore her with what's happening now and she hope things will get better
"So how was your day" Amara asked after he tucked her in
"Fine" he answered and lay beside her holding her hands, a habit he have right from time, he always hold the hands of who he love when he sleep, it started from his mom, then his wife now his daughter.
"You like her" she asked, her father smiled as he wondered how she knows things like this, but he is glad he have such a matured daughter
"Yes, but in my own goodness I might have lost her" he said remembering how she walked away, it tuck his heart
"Don't worry things will be alright, that's what you always tell me" she said yawning showing how tired she is
"Eventually" he answered as he watched her daughter slowly sleep. Even with Amara beside him, his very own sleeping pills he is wide awake, he miss Mirabel, he always miss her since the day he met her, but he is afraid things might be difficult now after today, it saddens him and kept him awake.

Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 8:52am On Mar 19
Daddy's Little Girl

Chapter 29
He then kissed her, gentle but full of emotion "I forgive you" he whispere, he could taste the salty taste of her tears on her lips, he pulled back but she pulled him close and reclaim his lips.
"Stop" he said holding the last thread of control, but it seems she no longer have any so she continued. He pulled her up and she wrapped her legs around him, its been long he felt a woman touch like this, every bit of him wants her like she is his other half
He could feel her breast pressed against his chest and he liked the feeling, he ran her hands down her spine and she moan, he felt powerful knowing he is making her feel like this. Still in his hands he took her up to his room, knowing what's about to go down he is glad that Amara is not home.
He lay her on the bed and took in her features, he wants to remember her like this, she is indescribable, he once said nobody is perfect and he believed it, but seeing her in a state that calls only for him he can't think of anything more perfect
"Perfect" he said and get down on her but careful not to put his weight on her, she lean in kissed him, every fiber that makes him a man is already on high alert,
He kissed behind her ear, she moan and suck her nails on his back, she don't want barrier between them so she made a move to pull his cloth, he helped her out, she ran her hand on his bare chest and the hardness arouse her the more, in his situation, one don't need word to communicate. Sensing what she want he removed her cloth and now in their birthday suit, Mr Uba have never seen anything more beautiful.
"You are beautiful" he said,he could see the desire in her eyes, a fire that can only be put out through eternity of pleasure, she screamed to his carnal side
"Stop the torture" she whispered as she felt she can't hold it anymore, he smiled and went on to oblige the both of them, knowing after tonight no turning back sweetens him.

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Re: Demond Hybrid by kingokoh(m): 6:29pm On Mar 19
Chapter 31
Mirabel came home early to prepare for school, Mr Uba dropped her off, she saw her father knowing they have a lot to talk about but little time she told him she will see him when she comes back, she wondered if her father slept over.
Even after her whole rush she came late to school, thankfully she was let off easily, seeing Amara made her remember what she did last night, she hope she won't be angry knowing she now date her father. Her teaching went quiet well today, Amara still a good girl to her and they are both bonding, other teachers noticed the bond but didn't talk much on it.
Mr Uba at work place can't seem to get her off his system, she really fulfill his fantasy he is really lucky
"Mr Uba" Amanda called him, he turned to look at her, really not interested in any of her conversation
"Yes" he answered in a business tone
"Have you thought about what I said" she asked, Mr Uba can play denial but knowing that will prolong the conversation he decided to be blunt
"There is nothing to think about" he answered and went back to his work, he will soon leave to one his site.
"Don't underestimate a woman when she desire something" she said in a low threatening tone, he gave a glance and packed up his file leaving her alone in the office, they have different office but she always walk into his, and its annoying.
"Dad, I found another woman" he said to his dad over the phone, he heard the scream from his mom, he just giggled
"When can we see her" he heard her mother from the background
"Soon" he answered then got another incoming call from Mirabel
"Cut the call I will call back"he told his dad, he picked Mirabel's call immediately his dad cut off
"Hello stranger" he said but surprisingly heard his daughters voice
"Dad, its me, our teacher just had an accident, we are at Hopes Hospital" she said and Mr Uba heart picked abnormal pace


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