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Become Rich And Increase Your Profits To 10,000 Folds With This, / Buy Recharge Cards/waec/neco/gce Pins Frm GSM MARKET PLACE And Make Your Profits / This Product Made Over 40 Million Naira In PROFITS in 12 Months (2) (3) (4)

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Discover How To DOUBLE/TRIPLE Your Profits In Your Business In 30 Days Or Less by Stevellathaddy(f): 11:45pm On Apr 07, 2018
Over the next couple of days and weeks i will be revealing marketing [i][/i]Secrets that are GUARANTEED to double your profits in your business in 30 days or less....

These marketing secrets (secrets because just a few people know and apply them appropriately) are used by big and small companies to generate massive profits......

The things i will be teaching are worth over 200,000 naira pure value and i will be giving them out for free.. . So stay tuned if you want to take your business to greater heights......
Re: Discover How To DOUBLE/TRIPLE Your Profits In Your Business In 30 Days Or Less by Stevellathaddy(f): 6:31pm On Apr 08, 2018

So here is the BITTER truth.

If you don't know how to market your service, your product..... Even your yourself, you won't LAST long in any business

And even if you do survive a little, you won't make much money.

I'm going to tell you a story. Just so you get it. Last year, sometime around January or so when there was this rave about one Slim tea endorsed by Annie idibia and Ini edo.

The moment i saw this product i knew it would sell like crazy with the RIGHT marketing.

So i told a friend of mine that we should sell that product... Initially she was like why... I was like because it is going to print out cash... And she laughed and said ok.. If you say so....

So we ordered about 100....we created a marketing campaign, took the product campaign online, doubled the price of the product and sold it off in less than 3 weeks.

When we ordered for more.... Our supplier was shocked....he was still struggling to sell off 50.

Learning how to market your stuff is like learning how to print money at any time.. The moment you learn it; you learn how to control your bank account.

Marketing as we all know is a big subject. So i will be teaching in series and topics.. So that you don't get overwhelmed..

Stay tuned....
Re: Discover How To DOUBLE/TRIPLE Your Profits In Your Business In 30 Days Or Less by Stevellathaddy(f): 7:32pm On Apr 08, 2018
How to Effortlessly Get Customers for Your Business.

Here is the first rule. Don’t chase customers. Don’t. They should chase you.

Now think of it, remember how you feel when you walk into the market and someone( especially all these igbo boys) attempts to drag your arms? You feel annoyed, and irritated and pissed off.

Well guess what.. That's exactly what you do when you go around stuffing your flyers into people’s hands. You irritate them, some of them even take your flyers to the toilet, I'm telling you the truth. Your customers should chase you and not the other way around.


Well i will get into that in a bit,but there is something i need to address first before we proceed.... You must get this ONE THING right before you start looking for a customer or even think about marketing.

Guess what it is??.....
Your SELLING POINT for your business.
You have to be clear who your ideal customers are.

Let's take a page from all these brands...

What does iPhone sell?
I know you might just say phones... The answer is EXPENSIVE phones.....
Expensive is their selling point.. They don't try to reduce the quality of their products for everyone to afford...

Let's try again.. What does Techno sell? ...

Don't try to market to everyone....
People pleasing doesn't get your business anywhere.....

I once consulted for a big name in the clothing niche. she has a very big boutique in Abuja but sales were low. VERY low, so she hired me to help take a look at her business. When we talked I asked her one question.

‘’What is your selling point’’

She was clueless...
So I asked her a question. What are you selling.

‘’clothes ’’. She replied. And I asked clothes for who... "clothes for everyone". She replied.

I shook my head, No that is not what you're selling. In fact, the reason you are not making shishi is because you think you are just selling clothes and clothes for every Tom, dick and Harry.

"You don't have a selling point". i told her. "Now let's get you one"

So i told her to sell EXPENSIVE clothes for MEN and WOMEN(not children)...This single clarity doubled her sales the next month.

I said Expensive because her boutique was located in a place where the standard of living was high.. So people could definitely afford it and also... She has to decide which category to sell too.... I wanted just men.. Buh she was reluctant.. So we left it at men and women... At least it is better than selling to everyone....

Here is why this works so well. The more specific your selling point is, the more you attract customers.


Take the clothes for instance, everyone is selling it. But when she came and said "This is just for classy men and women".... People will say to themselves this is not some random clothe anyone can get.. So they will get it.. To feel expensive... Hence more sales...

Trust me.. You and I know that's why most people buy iPhone in Nigeria and take a lot of selfies in front of the mirror.....

Now, when you're done with getting your SELLING Point, and being super specific about who your customers are. It is now time to attract them.

The next thing is to attract. Note, i didn't say "Go after" or "chase". The key word there is ATTRACT.

I will be talking all about the Attraction formula tomorrow... And how to apply it to your business.. So that you can pull in customers like a magnet....

Stay tuned......

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Re: Discover How To DOUBLE/TRIPLE Your Profits In Your Business In 30 Days Or Less by Stevellathaddy(f): 5:17pm On Apr 10, 2018

How do you attract. How do you attract people, how do you get them to come and meet you? By offering your right customers something they cannot refuse.

I was hired once by a make up company to help increase their sales. I went in, and we picked a selling point. ‘’Make Service For Women in The High Middle class and rich folks’’. We went to the churches where they frequented, the restaurants, the gyms they came to and we did one thing.

We offered a FREE Facial.

And it PULLED them in. So this is the key, offer something relevant to the target audience you are working to attract and they will come for it.

When I was making a post promoting my group, I did one thing. I made it clear I want people interested in business, interested in how to make more money from their business – everyone else should take a walk. Then I offered entry into my underground online academy.

Now, the more people I help make money the more will be able to afford my services. Plus already I have very well to do clients in the group, people who come to my inbox because they want me to be a marketing consultant in their business.

ATTRACTION. With a free gift.

I once worked with a school owner. She wanted to get more students in her school. Her school was nice, the environment was cool but parents were not bringing in their kids. All we did was simple, we organised a FREE workshop for parents who wanted to learn how to make their kids good at maths and pass in flying colours.

Venue was the school, so we can use style and show off the school environment. At the end of the workshop, interested parents who wanted the school to do what was not on their kids were asked to simply enrol their kids.

Right there on the spot over 90 parents registered their kids.

NEVER underestimate the power of a free gift. But note, the gift must be designed to make the customer want what you have to sell.

And it should not cost you. Very important. You can’t go and give free painting if you are in the paint business, you will just wreak. But you can give FREE paint surveying,

where you come and look at the house and give advise on the paint combination to use. Then after that, ask – ‘’Will you want us to do it for you?’’

I once helped a new restaurant craft the perfect free gift. I told them to offer a free 200 airtime of any network of choice to every customer that comes into the restaurant. The meal was making profit at 500 naira, I told them to increase the price to 700 naira.

People came in, bought the meal. Got the airtime and always came back. And the business didn’t lose money because the money for the airtime was already included in the meal. The customers would come all the way from far places just to eat in that one restaurant in order to get FREE airtime.

Sales doubled. People that bought always came back.

A year or so ago I worked with a barbing business that was suffering. They were not getting customers, so I told them to take the contacts of the customers that come in.

Ask them their favourite day of the weak, plus their numbers.

People that picked Monday as their favourite day of the week will get a call every two Mondays. ‘’Hey, today is your favourite day. We are just calling to tell you that we are going to cut your hair for 380 naira because today is your favourite day’’

Something as silly as this increased sale. People started waiting for their favourite day to go in and get a haircut. Sometimes all you even need is to offer a free glass of wine to a customer that walk inside your door.

Let your creative juices flow.

My brother once came back from school with a white paper. Some dentists had done a FREE teeth check on them and they discovered he had a hole in his teeth. Like that like that, on the paper was a discount code…if he could just come in the day after tomorrow they would fill the teeth up for half the price.

…..And our wallet went, skrrrrr, papapapapapa!

Now, how do you think you can apply this in your business.

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Re: Discover How To DOUBLE/TRIPLE Your Profits In Your Business In 30 Days Or Less by Stevellathaddy(f): 8:23pm On Apr 12, 2018
In the next few seconds, I will give you THE BLUEPRINT. How to use all these things to DOUBLE the money you are making from your business right now.

Let’s get into it…

The best way to INCREASE how much you make in a MONTH is to have MULTIPLE sources of income.

Think about it. Someone making 7 million naira from three sources is better than some other folk making 7 million from just once source

So does it mean you need to start MULTIPLE businesses to increase your income?

NO. not necessarily

Rather, you need to take your business, and then create multiple sources of income from that ONE business.


Simple; by applying ALL the business models in your business TOGETHER; at once. I call it the Tripartate System

Stay with me, let me break this down for you.

Earlier this year, I was hired by a makeup brand to come take a look at their business. The business was suffering, they were not making much money, customers were not coming. Rent was due and they were desperate.

I took a look at their business and noticed that all they had was just ONE income source. All they did was offer make up services.

So I looked at the manager and was like; ‘’Ma’am, you are leaving money on the table. Why the heck would you offer just make up services?’’

She looked at me like I was crazy. ‘’Because that is all we offer’’. She said

She had paid quite a huge sum for my services and I could see by the look on her face that she was almost regretting it. LOL

So I took a pen and a paper and I wrote three things.

In fact, I want you to do this now for your business. We are about to develop a triparte system for your own business. So stop reading this now, go get a pen and paper before you continue.

Now write this three things down.
1. Low Cost product (3,000 – 7500 naira)
2. Luxry Cost Product (10,000 – 300,000 naira)
3. Subscriptions (10,000naira – 150,000 naira monthly)

Now besides these three items, write the product or service you need to offer in each of them.

For the make up company, here was what I came with for them. This will give you ideas for yours

For the low cost products, I wrote ‘’normal make up gigs’’

Luxury cost product, I wrote ‘’Home services’’, they were already doing that so I threw in ‘’Trainings’’

For Subscriptions; I wrote ‘’Partner with event companies’’

Then I developed a system for them to use and pull in customers (I will explain how to pull in customers later). And by the end of the month, they had over 1.8 million naira in revenue, from struggling to make 50 grand. But before I get into a break down of how they reached this result, let me tell you why it is important you do this.

Have you asked yourself why people buy VIP tickets? I mean, in the VIP section the drinks are more expensive – yet people pay big money to get in, and still feel good for spending all that money. Think of whatever VIP ticket thing you know, AY show, Clubs. People buy a bottle of coke for 2000 naira for Christ sakes.

Have you ever considered; which is easier. Getting a new customer or getting an old one to buy more stuff. A new customer doesn’t know you, they don’t trust you….an old one does, and they like you.

So what we did was to offer a FREE facials. We did a huge campaign for it. Got over 350 women to come in for a FREE facials (people like free stuff)

People came in, and then they were offered a special membership, and they were told that for getting the facials they had automatically qualified to get into this spec

But with a catch…

Their membership would expire if they don’t activate it in 30 days. But if they activate it in 30 days, they would get a 25% discount on the makeup service for life. The normal make up thingy was 10k, but if they make up within the next 30 days, till they die they would get a 7,500 naira charge for each one. Plus one free massage, one free pedicure, one free manicure.

All they need was just to renew within 30 days.
Low cost product

Out of the 350 women. More than 200 came back to renew their membership card within the first 20 days. That was over 1.5 million naira in revenue.

I took it a bit futher, and asked them to offer a higher card.

Anyone who came in to activate their card was offered an upgrade, a gold card. ‘’Thanks for activating your card, Right now you have just activated your card, here is a higher card. Just in case you want to learn make up. We charge 300k, but this card qualifies you to get the training for half that price for a One Full Month training. But you will have to activate it in 30 days or the card wastes’’

Two women out of the 200 activated their cards for 150k each. That was 300,000 naira – 1.7 million naira in revenue.
Luxury service .

Then we met an event company. And asked them to offer an optional make up services as part of their services, and the make up company became their official make up company for a 50-50 price split.
Subscription. This sealed it up for them. The CEO started smiling like chicken whenever I came around.

I went further again and designed a system for them that ensures that every month they keep the wheels running like this. That system is a post for another day.

But I hope this sets your creative juice running.

Now go figure out how to implement it in your business.

See you in the next post.
Peace .

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Re: Discover How To DOUBLE/TRIPLE Your Profits In Your Business In 30 Days Or Less by alterego17: 12:14am On Apr 13, 2018
Nice outlook...tanx
Re: Discover How To DOUBLE/TRIPLE Your Profits In Your Business In 30 Days Or Less by AstuteJay: 10:58pm On Apr 13, 2018
Wonderful post OP. Following with keen interest
Re: Discover How To DOUBLE/TRIPLE Your Profits In Your Business In 30 Days Or Less by Stevellathaddy(f): 1:53am On Apr 16, 2018
The Power of Being EXPENSIVE
In the next few seconds, you are going to discover ONE TINY little tip that can DOUBLE your profit in 2018

….but here is the thing. It goes against EVERYTHING you have ever been told about business.

In school, your economics teacher probably made you memorize this line….’’The lower the price, the higher the demand’’

Guess what, that stuff is total BS. Let me prove this to you.

When I started running my marketing practice, my plan was to get as much clients as possible. I was just an eager young lad who wanted to prove to people he was good. So to handle my client’s marketing I charged as low as 50,000 naira.

….I would come up with the marketing messages for this guy, create a full sales funnel for them, write contents for their website, give free consultations, write their sales letter, write their email series.

I slaved for peanuts. And usually I gave this guys stunning results. Sales triple, they get mad results and they make many times the fee they gave me.
And I was dying
….But that wasn’t the problem.

The problem with charging low is that you attract headache giving people. These clients I charged 50,000 naira were a pain in the ass, they would call you up at night, make crazy demands and practically be all over you BEGGING you to make sure their money doesn’t waste, because it’s their ‘’last card’’.

As I got better at my game, I increased my fee.

And at this point something incredible happened. The demand dropped. Yes.
But I started making MORE than I was when I was charging 50k.
The question is how.
Let me show you something.

Let’s assume you sell an online course for as cheap as 7000 naira. How many sales do you think you’d need to make 1 million naira?

143! One Hundred And Fourty Three

Now, let’s say I increase the price to 50,000 naira. All you need to hit 1 million is to simply sell 20.

Will the demand be low, yes. But guess what, it will be way way easier than selling 143 pieces for 7000 naira each.

I’m serious.

Let me prove this to you.
When I increased my fee. I noticed something happen. I started to repeal some certain kind of people who couldn’t afford what I was charging. But guess what. The ones that finally did pay didn’t worry about money. All they were interested in was RESULTS.

I started to attract business people who were already making money, but wanted to just double it. To this people my fee wasn’t the problem, they were just interested in getting my expertise in on their business.

Now, picture this….

Which would be easier?

Getting 143 people who are struggling financially to buy a course for 7,000 naira. Or getting just 20 people who are already making money to buy a course for 50,000 naira.

The later don’t worry about money. So paying 50,000 naira is nothing to them. All you need is just prove you’d deliver. The moment I figured this out, I started working twice as much to be able to work with just these kind of people and give them the results they want.

I was talking with a friend the other day and I told him, look – when I decide to drop a marketing course it will not be cheap. It will be full of value, but it will cost money. This is why I still give out free stuff, anyone who can’t afford the premium content should enjoy the free ones.

So let’s talk about your business.

What are you selling?

It doesn’t mean you should become expensive. But then, have a range of products. There are people that want cheap stuff, and there are people that want luxury.

This is why you have ONE PLANE, two sections – Economy class and First Class. And people still fill up the two. One club, Regular and VIP and the two is filled up.

Heck, people even desire the expensive stuff more than cheap things. Everyone wants to wear Designers, everyone wants to be in VIP. There is garri, and there is KOKO garri.

The question lies on who you want to attract in your business. People that like cheap stuff, or the big boys. The choice is yours.

But then, have a upper product for your business.

If you have a barber shop, have a regular side with just barbing services. And VIP section with free wine, free hair dying and manicure. You would be shocked that people would pay double the price of the regular fee just to get in on the VIP section.

This is the surest way to increase your profits. And have peace of mind.

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