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Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 6:20am On May 08, 2018
Chapter 27
The attachments kept Cathy busy,
she was enjoying the experience. It was awkward at first,
attending to
the women in the maternity ward but
slowly she begun to get used.
She became quet close with one of
the clinical officers Mr Leon at the
hospital. “Am sure everyone tells you how
beautiful you are” he had told her
“Oh yes, I hear that everywhere” she
and he laughed at her humor
Cathy was finding more comfort in the company of Jane
and Alfred.
She visited them every weekend and
Jane in turn passed through her
house whenever she could.
Her pregnancy was becoming very
heavy and her entire body structure changed.
Almost every part of her body had
swelled up.
Her nose had become so big
Every time Alfred saw Cathy, who had
become a frequent visitor, he silently cursed the day he
had met Jane at
the bar.
“I dont like your friendship with
Cathy, ” he said in the night
“Why? ” asked Jane
She was very much aware that Alfred did not approve of
their friendship
“She is like a wounded buffalo, you
never know what her next move
would be” he said
“Oh maybe our closeness scares you
because now you can’t sneak out to her, you stand no
chance at all with
her and just for your knowledge, she
is now seeing a clinical officer”
“What?! I mean well thats good for
her” he said
“Oh yes, very good for her, especially that they are about
to get married”
she said
Alfred turned the other side.
He had no intentions of cheating on
Jane but Cathy was his girlfriend,
how could she move on just like that?
For some reason he had hoped that
he would be with Cathy again but
with the coming marriage, he would
stand no chance.
He was stuck with Jane , who had become so big and
looked so old in
her pregnancy attire.
The following day Cathy was coming
out of the martenity ward when she
bumped into the clinical officer.
They had a quick conversation , he just asked to have
dinner with her.
They met in the evening and Cathy
wore her favourite blue long dress
Mr Leon could not help smilling
immediately he saw her enter the
restaraunt. “You look amazing” he complimented
“Thank you” she answered
They ordered for food and held a
Then he confessed his love for her.
It somehow caught Cathy unaware. She knew that he liked
her but thats
all, she didn’t expect a proposal,
besides she always thought he was
“No am not married but I want to
marry, guess I was waiting for you” he had told her
Cathy felt absolutely nothing for him
but she promised to think about it.
However she wanted to be more
careful with the person she was
going to be dating, she didn’t want history to repeat itself
in another
She dug a bit digger and discovered
that Mr Leon was married with a kid.
She quickly accepted his proposal
and he was very happy, however he refused to take her to
his house
when she had insisted on seeing his
He said his father was home and it
would be disrespectful to take her
there. On her own, Cathy found his address
and decided to visit him on a
She reached his house and knocked
and the door was opened by a
beautiful young Lady, almost her age. “Hello” she greeted
“Hai” answered Cathy. “I m looking
for Mrs Leon”
“I am Mrs Leon” she answered
She had not expected her to be so
young and beautiful. “Alright, I am Cathy and I would like
to talk to you concerning your
husband” she said. “Is he in? ”
“Yes please come in”
The house was beautifully furnished
inside. She was directed where to sit and
Mrs Leon went to call her husband.
He froze when he saw Cathy
“Miss Catherine, how are you doing?
” he said formally
“Fine sir, I have come to visit you” she said crossing her
“Well ahh thats great, ahh well, honey
get the visitor something to drink” he
said trying to get rid of her presence
so that he could quickly find out
Cathy’s intentions. “Oh no, am not thirst” said Cathy
quickly knowing his intentions.
Mrs Leon smiled because she didn’t
want to miss a bit of the event.
“Ahh Mr Leon, so you are married? ”
said Cathy “Hmmm yes, I was going to tell you
that” he answered indistinctly.
“Anyways I didn’t come for you, I
have come to your wife to let her
know the kind of cheat she is married
to” And thats how she spilt the beans.
She told her how her husband was
proposing to her and promising her
After saying all that she wanted to ,
she said her goodbyes and left. Mrs Leon had not said a
neither did Mr Leon
“Foolish man, you think am a fool to
fall into your filthy hands” she said to
herself as she left the yard
She was happy that she had set Mr Leon’s house on fire,
that was going
to teach him a lesson. Foolish man.
“I will do this to every man who
comes to me. Married or dating”
The following day which was sunday,
Cathy was woken up by a call from Alfred.
“Why are you calling me so early in
the morning? ” she asked sleepily
“Its Jane, I think its time” he said
with so much panick in his voice.
“Alright calm down, I ll be there just now”
Jane had not invited any of her
family member to nurse her and her
pregnancy, Cathy had assured her
that she would take very good care
of her till she gave birth and she had kept her word.
She had been very helpful to them.
Being an upcoming midwife, Cathy
had given Jane all the Dos and
Don’ts of a pregnant woman.
One of them was not to take any traditional roots or
leaves or any
herbs and Thats why she didn’t ask
her mother to stay with her
Jane just looked for a maid to be
doing her chores.
Cathy packed a few things, changed into uniform and
started off.
“Now is the time” she kept telling
What a coincidence, she had wished
that Jane should deliver on a
weekend when most workers would not be at work.
The time to take the move was finally
at hand.
When the idea first crossed her mind,
she had laughed at herself for having
such an imaginative brain. It had seemed so impossible
now it was clear, crystal clear.
She went to Alfred’s house and they
booked a taxi to take them to the
Cathy’s heart started thumping, she was wondering
whether to carry on
with the plan or not
“Foolish Cathy, this is the only
opportunity you have, how can you
forget so fast? ” a voice in her head
rebuked her “It must have been you, its you who
was supposed to be carrying his
pregnancy” she thought as she
wheeled Jane to the maternity ward.
To Be Continued
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Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 6:23am On May 08, 2018
Chapter 28
Jane was wheeled into the labour
ward, Alfred wanted to follow but he was stopped by the
nurse on duty,
“Cathy attend to her please, its good
you are here in uniform, more
emergencies today”
Well that was her prayer, to be the
one to help Jane deliver. “No problem sister” she
“You will be fine sweetheart” Cathy
told Jane whose groanings were
becoming louder
The martenity ward was almost
empty, Jane was the only one in labour.
Thats not what Cathy had hoped for,
it was obvious that her plan wouldn’t
work, she knew it wouldn’t because it
was left to chance, she had very little
to no chance of it being successful. She put her on the
bed with the help
of a cleaner.
She checked to know how far the
baby was, and it was very near.
She started panicking, her plan
wouldn’t go anywhere if the ward was that empty.
Soon the contractions became very
intense and Cathy kept encouraging
her to push harder.
Jane was doing it with might and she
was slowly beginning to lose strength.
As the baby was almost coming out,
another woman was wheeled in.
Cathy abandoned Jane to take a
glance at the woman and check how
long she was from giving birth. The baby was still far.
She went back to Jane who now had
given the last shot before giving up.
And behold the little baby girl was
Cathy quickly removed the gloves she was wearing and
replaced them
with new ones.
She clamped the umbilical cord and
cut it, she wiped the baby with a
towel, removing the mucus from its
mouth and nose. The girl gave a shrill cry and she
quickly gave it to Jane, to bond, but
she had lost conscious.
Thinking quickly Cathy held the baby
to leave the ward with it but the
other woman in labour called out to her.
She also had delivered without any
help or much struggle. And earlier
and faster than Cathy had expected .
“I ll be back just now”, said Cathy
She took Jane’s baby to the oxygen machine in the
incubator to ease the
breathing process as they did with
every newly born.
She rushed back to the labour ward
which was a few metres away.
She did to the other woman’s child as she had with
She got the baby and behold it was a
” Oh its such a lovely baby girl”
Cathy lied as she placed it on the
mother’s chest. The mother held her child tightly with
tears in her eyes.
Cathy wondered how many children
she already had and why she would
be crying so much, seeing how easy
it was for her to deliver, Cathy concluded that she must
have had a
chain of children.
Cathy got the child from its mother
and took it also to the oxygen
It was her show. She had lied about the child being a
girl so that her plan could be carried
Finally her plan was back to life.
She put the second child in the
incubator as well and left . She went outside and came
after about 20 minutes.
She entered the labour ward and
both Jane and the other woman were
holding their babies.
She smiled, as she walked majestically to where Jane was
, with
Alfred looking admirably at the baby.
“Wow congrats my dear on being a
mother” said Cathy with a smile.
“Its a boy” Jane said excitedly
“Eew Alfred Junior” exclaimed Cathy “Can you imagine I
didn’t know what
sex my baby was, when the nurses
came with the children, that woman
in the corner was able to remember
that her child was a girl, if they were
both of the same sex, we would have exchanged the
babies unknowingly. ”
said Jane
“Oh yeah, I forgot to put the name
tags when taking them to the oxygen
concentrator ” said Cathy, “I took it
for granted that they were of different sexes”
“Oh so really this is my baby? ” said
Jane trying to sound cheerful but her
voice was still weak.
“Yes” said Cathy assuringly.
She went to the other woman’s bed to congratulate her
She looked at her child with so much
Cathy felt her heart wallowing in
pain, knowing that the child was not
hers, “She is so cute” she said
If only there was a way of
exchanging babies without involving
other innocent parents.
“We have a chain of boys, me and
my husbands have been wishing for a girl” explained the
woman with a
weary smile.
Maybe it was for the better. Thought
Jane was discharged the following
day and her relatives as well as Alfred’s relatives came to
They were so happy and they brought
different types of gifts.
It annoyed Cathy that people were
happy about the newly born,
especially that he was a boy. After two months, the baby
grown into a chubby smiley boy.
Everyone who saw him wanted to
hold him, they had named him Simon,
like Simon Peter.
However the child had no resemblance to Jane or Alfred
but it
didn’t bother a lot of people, even
Jane was not bothered but Alfred
On a tuesday evening when Cathy
passed through Alfred’s house to check on the baby, she
was told that
Jane was not around.
She had gone to buy food for the
But Alfred was around
It was a great opportunity for Cathy. She was really
enjoying everything
“So are you excited about the little
boy? ” asked Cathy
“Ofcouse you know I am, I love my
boy so much”
“And the mother? ” said Cathy “Cathy this is not about the
its about Simon. ”
“But it should have been me, I
should have been the mother, you
promised it would be me, ” she burst,
her emotions overidding her control. “Oh my gosh Cathy,
do you still love
me? ”
“How was I going to unlove you, the
heart has failed to accept defeat, I
still love you the way I loved you
when you saved me from that crazy man”
Alfred moved closer and put his arm
around her waist.
“Am sorry baby, I should have been
more aware of how you felt, you
know I love you and I didn’t marry Jane out of love but
out of
responsibility. ”
“Well then, divorce her and then we
keep the child” she suggested
“What? You know I can’t do that, I
can only take custody of the child when he will be seven,
and now I
can’t stay away from him, I want to
be a good father”
“So you won’t be divorcing her? ”
“I will, but not now, the child has to
grow” “He is not even your child” she said
“What? What did you just say? ”
asked Alfred in a shaky voice
“The child is not yours, are you blind,
can’t you see that he doest even resemble you? ”
He removed his hand from her back.
What she had just said was true,
there was no resemblance
“You are joking, Simon is my son and nothing will change
it. We all dont
have to resemble our parents for us
to be their children. ”
“You are deceiving yourself and
keeping another man’s son”
“He is my son, you better take your leave, its late”
“Go for a blood test Alfred and you ll
know the truth” she said as she was
standing up.
Everything was happening so
perfectly. She went back home very happy.
She was letting them have a small
bite of the poison they had fed her.
Alfred sat startled in the sofa
wondering whether or not to go for
blood test or DNA test. But why would Jane do such a
Cathy sat on the bed and gave a sigh
of relief, shared pain is better than
pain bottled up in the heart, for its
like cancer.
She was happy she was sharing her pain with the sources
of pain.
To Be Continued Tomorrow morning

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Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 6:23am On May 08, 2018
Sorry for the late update guys .... Was very busy yesterday
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by Godwindanielboy(m): 5:33pm On May 08, 2018
Thanks for the update

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Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 11:12pm On May 08, 2018
You are welcome ... Would be continued by morning
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 11:16pm On May 08, 2018
Thanks for the update

You are welcome ... Would be continued tomorrow morning
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by stevearagorn(m): 7:07am On May 09, 2018
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Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by Stevenbright(m): 7:30am On May 09, 2018
THE SMILE OF TERROR . Chapter 3 . The man moved closer to Cathy and said”you look hot” Cathy could feel the blood in her veins become hot, how disrespectful of him to say such a stupid thing, was he drunk “Well Alfred am not interested in your lines. You and Jane planned this I know but guess what, my answer is still no. And just a bonus, I ve already been deflowered, so you can get lost” she said rudely turning to leave. It had become very dark and the sky had no light to offer. It was quete, the only noise was coming from the norctunal birds that were singing out of tune. Just as she was leaving he grabbed her hand And pulled her closer to him. “So Alfred is the boy who has been running after you. I love girls who have already been deflowered” he said hoarsely It was at this moment that she paid a closer look at the man, straining her eyes to see his face, she discovered that he wasnt Alfred. Alfred never wore vests without putting anythiwore vests without putting anything on top. This man had a stench that was hard to describe. His body smelt sweat and partly rotten. Catherine felt a chill run down her spine. She stood petrified. She could not believe it. “Let go of me” she said brutally struggling to free herself but the man tightened the grip on her arm. He locked her other arm as much. He swayed his waist towards her and moved very close until there wasnt any space in between them. He pressed his body against her and she could feel the stiffness of his being. She was now breathing heavily. Her effort to free herself had proved to be in vain. He had wrapped her in his arms very tightly. She knew that shouting would not help at all. And no word could come out of her mouth as her throught was now blocked by a lump of anger and only tears streamed down. She said a thousand prayers in a flash. The man was now running his rough hands all over her body. “God save me from this demon ” she prayed silently She gathered her strength, raised her knee and kicked him in the groin. He immediately let go of her and he staggered backwards, wincing in pain. She stood there startled, her legs betraying her by refusing to move. She decided to just drag them along and as soon as she started running, she ran as fast as her legs and as soon as she started running, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. But when a dark veil falls upon you even the oxygen that should save your life can take it. It wasnt long before she found herself down. The man had caught up with her. “You bitch! ” he roared as he slapped her across the face. Suddenly the sky was filled with stars so close that she could touch them. She tried to get up and she received another one, harder than the first. The stars continued dancing around her. She winced in pain as she rolled to face downwards. “You will give it to me baby” he said trying to make her face up. ‘Come take my umbrella oh little Cinderella’ Jane’s phone was ringing. “Any chances of me seeing Catherine before the day ends? ” it was Alfred. “But I left you with her at the river , what are you saying” she asked in a shaky voice. “I haven’t seen her today. I know I was supposed to meet you girls at the river but you saw how it rained heavily so I couldn’t move . I ve just dropped from a bus from home, hoping to see her ” he said on the other end of the line. “Oh no! Oh my goodness, Alfred Cathy is in grave danger” she answered her voice now shaking uncontrollably “What do you mean, did anything happen to her? ” Five minutes later, Alfred was at the river,she went straight at the scene according to the description that Jane had given him. The man was struggling to open Cathy’s legs that she had locked with her might. He was on top and she was below Alfred pulled him and hit him on the mouth. He gave him another on the face and he beat him until he was too weak to stand. “Are you okey, did he do anything to you.? ” he asked her, helping her sit up. Minutes later Jane arrived and she started crying. “Oh Cathy please forgive me. I had made an arrangement with Alfred to come here so that you two could talk and so when I saw that man coming I thought it was Alfred Thats why….. ” “Stop it Jane” interrupted Alfred “you will explain later. She can’t hear you now, she is still in shock. ” He dialed a number and a few minutes later, two cops arrived at the scene …… To be continued
You write well.
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 7:49am On May 09, 2018
Chapter 29
Soon Jane came back from the
market where she went shopping with her mother
“How was the day? ” she greeted
“Fine” he answered , turning his eyes
to the television
“Anything the matter? ” “No” he replied.
“May I hold the baby” he told her
“Umm he is sleeping” she answered
It wasn’t typical of him to ask to hold
the baby, he loved his son so much
but he never bothered holding him. Jane went to the
bedroom and lay
the boy in his cradle.
She went to the kitchen and busied
herself preparing supper.
Alfred stood from the sofa and went
to the bedroom, he knelt down to take a closer look at the
boy, there
was absolutely no resemblance, how
had Cathy noticed that so quickly.
“Babies dont resemble anyone until
they are about a year old” he told
himself The entire evening he was in a mood,
battling within himself whether to go
for DNA or just leave it, but what if it
turned out that really the baby was
not his? It would do more harm, he
convinced himself. The following day Cathy asked Alfred
to meet her from her house.
Three hours before the expected
time, Cathy begun preparing herself,
she had already swept the house and
arranged the bed and the clothes. She wore a purple
dress, which was
not among her favourites but which
people told her made her look
extremely pretty.
Despite not being short, it was tight,
it shaped her curves and exposed the cleavage. That was
the more
reason she didn’t like it, her
favourites were knee level flaired
At 4 pm there was a knock at the
door. She walked slowly to the door, her
heart was beating very fast, she was
going to recover that which she had
She opened the door and smiled.
Alfred looked at her and smiled back, her face was so
smooth, there was
no need to use foundation or
concealer to hide pimples or dark
His eyes involuntarily landed on the
cleavage , the nipples were very visible in the dress,
She had deliberately neglected
wearing a bra.
“Come in please” she said and he
followed her like a bull going to the
slaughter house “So how is Jane and the boy” she
asked as she sat down
“Well they are both fine”
“I missed this place so much” he
said looking around
“It must be lonely around here” “Yes it is” she answered
“no one to
talk to, it gets scary sometimes,
nightmares in the night other times”
she said in a lower voice.
“So you wanted to see me” he said
“Yeah” she answered not really knowing what to tell him,
she didnt
want his help in anything, he just
wanted his presence.
“I just wanted your company, I could
have asked Jane but then I know she
is busy, you and Jane are the only friends I have, so to
escape thoughts
of committing suicide, I need to
surround myself with people once in
a while,,, ” she posed to read his
facial expression.
He pitied her. It was good because she needed as
much pity from him as possible, she
would use it to advance.
“I hope I didn’t make you abandon
other important things” she added
“Actually you did” he said stealing glances at her.
She didn’t hide her disappointment
“But you are more important than all
of them, so I abandoned them” he
said with a smile and she smiled
back. She stood and went to the fridge.
Alfred watched her behind move from
side to side, he couldn’t believe she
was not going to be his wife.
She came back with a bottle of wine
and two wine glasses. Her hips that had protruded her
pelvis swaying in a systematic way.
“You take wine? ” he asked in shock
“Ofcousre I do, ”
“Since when? ” he asked teasingly
“Since my mother’s death” she answered and the topic
was closed.
Her mother’s death must have left a
really huge scar .
“They took a few glasses and Cathy
took the bottle back
” I dont want us to get drunk and do something we might
regret later” she
“Cathy I love you and you know that,
there is nothing that we can do that I
can regret later, Jane was a mistake,
a trap , you know that” he said. But Cathy seemed not to
be paying
She decided to sit on a different sofa
when she came back from the fridge.
Alfred scanned her and she looked
like a fruit. He moved to her and put his arm
around her waist.
The passion was ignited and it
seemed they were both aware of
what would happen because they
each had prepared some protection. Cathy had bought
them the previous
night while Alfred had bought them
on his way to her house.
Clothes were flying in the air and
landed on the ground.
After minutes they both picked their clothes and put them
“I have to go back home right now,
am even late” said Alfred looking for
his shirt behind the sofa
“Which home? You can’t do that to
me Alfred, am I just a intimacy gadget, to you, dont you like
spending time with me.
” she asked amidst sobs wrapping
her arms around him.
“Just tell her you won’t make it home
today” she suggested
Alfred texted Jane to tell her that he would be home the
next day.
Jane tried to call him but his phone
was off.
She wondered where he could be, a
strong opinion was nagging in her
heard, that he was with another woman.
Alfred and Cathy went to shower
together and later slept in each
other’s arms.
Very early in the morning, Alfred got
dressed and kissed Cathy lightly on the lips to go.
Cathy who wasnt asleep pulled him
back and drowned her lips into his.
Alfred threw away everything in his
hands and he bent down to hold
Cathy. And Thats how they spent the next
two hours in the blankets together.
“It should have been you, you should
have been my wife” ha had told her
and she giggled.
They went to shower and spent the whole morning and
afternoon in bed,
listening to some slow music which
sent them into deep sleep.
Cathy woke up around 3 pm and
decided not to wake Alfred up.
She went to drink some water and joined him later.
Alfred woke up an hour later and
went home after exchanging kisses
with Cathy.
He turned his phone on and there
were a lot of messages and who called from Jane. He
knew he was in
He reached home and Jane was on
boiling point
He went to the bedroom and Jane
followed her. “You were not at work, neither were
you with Frank or Kelvin, I already
talked to them. ” she said sharply
“Is that how you welcome your
husband whom you haven’t seen for
the whole night? ” “Where were you? ” she asked
starring at him
“If I pour hot cooking oil on you then
you will start saying that Zambian
women are violent” she said angrily
“Why can’t you just shut up and let me have my peace” he
said harshly.
“If you think am a fool, then you dont
know me, I will kill you and your
girlfriend if I ever find out thay you
are cheating” she said, now sweating
profusely “Jane stop acting as though our
marriage is anything , your parents
just dumped you on me, ”
And at that, there was an intense
quarrel between the couple.
Cathy on the other hand was smiling to herself, she would
put everything
In order before going back to school.
She had prepared pasta with chicken
and was about to eat when there was
a knock.
Could it be that Alfred had come back ? She removed the
key and
looked through the key hole, it was a
She opened the door and Jane stood
there with her son on her back
” oh dear ” said Cathy giving her friend a hug
“Come in” she told her.
Cathy offered her some pasta but she
refused. She then made a cup of hot
coffee for her.
When her nerves calmed, she narrated to Cathy how
Alfred had
disappered from home and only
appeared the following day, she told
her about their quarrel and how she
thought he was cheating.
Cathy soothed her and comforted her and told her to go
back home and
resolve the problem without
Jane refused to go back and Cathy
allowed her to spend the night.
“You will be fine” she assured her. Some minutes later,
Cathy’s phone
rang, it was Alfred.
She picked the call but kept saying
hello, pretending not to be hearing
It must be network , he thought. Cathy quickly put the
phone on silent
It rang again, she looked at it and
told Jane she would be back.
She went to her bedroom and
answered the phone and Alfred said
that he was on his way to Cathy’s house to spend the
Cathy wanted to decline but she
thought of the amazing moment they
had shared together. She was
looking forward to another day and it
had come so soon. She told him that he would find her.
She sat down to think of what she
would do.
She joined Jane in the living room
“Girl I think you should just go back
home, running away from your house every time you have
an argument will
lead to more problems.”
“Cathy I can’t” she answered
“Your mum is aware of your fight,
she is as much hurt and she needs
you” Jane looked at her , digesting her
“Think of it, you fought because he
slept out, if you sleep out, he might
think you are taking revenge and he
will also do likewise, and the war will Not end. ”
With this Jane was convinced .
She put her son who was sleeping in
the sofa on her back
“Thank you very much love” she said
giving her a peck. She left and went.
Cathy sat back in the sofa relieved,
she couldn’t wait for another night
with Alfred.
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 7:51am On May 09, 2018
Chapter 30
Alfred begun spending very little time
at home and his mother inlaw decided to go back home
seeing how
their marriage was crumbling down.
She somehow blamed herself for
forcing them to get married.
Jane ran to Cathy’s house for comfort
everytime she got into a firght with Alfred
“Am very sure , he is cheating” she
had told Cathy amidst sobs.
Cathy squeezed her hand and
assured her that all would be well.
Days gave birth to weeks and then months.
The gap between Alfred and Jane
was becoming big and they had
become total strangers to each other.
Cathy and Alfred had strengthened
their relationship. Jane was just an intruder who had
come in between them and she
wasn’t going to stop their being
However a big problem arose, Jane
‘s little boy started looking unhealthy, this got the
attention of both parents.
The boy was not sucking milk and he
had lost so much weight and begun
to look shrunk
“This is what happens when the
father of a child who is still on breast milk starts sleeping
around. ” Jane
had complained loudly
“Dont you start again, we shall just
take him to the hospital” he had told
her harshly
Jane had become very restless. When they took the boy to
hospital, they carried out tests on
him and was found to be anaemic.
“We need to do a blood transfusion”
the doctor had told them and asked
them to go back the following day. Cathy went to visit
them in the
evening to check on the little boy.
Jane started sobbing when she saw
“Alfred hates me, he is mistreating
me. I dont know what to do. But I love him” she
whisppered amidst
Cathy’s heart missed some beats
when Jane had said that
‘How foolish, do you even know the
meaning of love, the nerve’ she thought.
She let her lean on her shoulder , the
boy was sleeping in the sofa
His eyes had half sunken, the skin
was pale and he looked very small.
Immediately Alfred joined them in the living room.
“Cathy , how are you? ”
“Am fine Thanks. What did they tell
you at the hospital? ” she asked
“He is anaemic” he said giving a sigh
of sadness ” He needs a blood transfusion, we are taking
him back
“Am sorry to hear that, I know he will
be very fine, ” she said.
Jane was still leaning on her
shoulder, her eyes were bloodshot. She never took her
eyes of the child
the whole night, lest he should leave
her while she is in sleep, unless the
sleep caught her unaware.
“But don’t you think instead of
relying on the blood donated, its better if you yourselves
can donate
the blood? It would be much better
and safer for the child” Cathy had
“Yes I will donate my blood” Jane
said enthusiastically That wasn’t what Cathy had hoped
for, the whole point was for Alfred to
find out that the boy wasn’t his, if
only the blood groups with the baby
could be different , then her plan
would be succesfull. However the chances were 50-50
“Well Alfred Jane is weak, you can’t
let her donate the blood, I think you
should do it” suggested Cathy
“Oh yeah, I will” he answered
Cathy went back to her house after giving Jane a hug and
a peck, she
pitied the tiny little thing, which
however was the only thing tying
Alfred and Jane.
Alfred escorted Cathy to the bus
station. He gave her a tight long hug before
releasing her
“You should look after yourself my
love” he said in a whisper
“Ofcousre I will, dont worry much
sweetheart, the boy will be fine” she answered.
He hugged her again and then let go.
Cathy reached home and started
wondering what would happen if it
turned out that the blood group of
both Jane and Alfred was different from the one of the
baby. It would
ruin everything, maybe it was better if
they just got the donated blood from
the blood bank
The following day at the doctor’s
office, Alfred suggested that they use his blood.
They took his blood and that of the
baby and unfortunately he couldn’t be
a donor.
“Sorry to tell you this but you can’t
donate your blood” the doctor told Alfred.
“But why? ”
” because you are of different blood
groups” said the doctor
Alfred looked at the doctor with so
much anger, for the first time he realised how dangerous
proffesion of being a doctor was.
“How is that possible” he asked his
eyes turning red
“Calm down sir, its not,,,, ”
“Tell me how possible that can be when he is my
biological son” he
asked angrily.
The fear of him not being the real
father dawned on him and he felt like
death, the embarssment it would
cause him among his family members and friends.
He had become so attached to him,
separating from him would damage
him emotionally.
“Such things happen,he is blood
group A and you are B, so he must have got the type from
his mother”
explained the doctor
Alfred gave a deep and long sigh of
The doctor saw it and wondered
within himself where the fear in his eyes had originated
“So what do you suggest we do”
asked the doctor. “We use the blood
we have here? ”
“Well let me speak to my wife first”
Alfred went to ask Jane who was sitting outside the
doctor’s office
with the baby in her hands.
Jane suggested that she would
donate blood.
Alfred was against but she was very
determined They both entered the doctor’s office
and instead of telling her to take the
blood to the lab, he decided to do it
to save on time.
After checking the mother’s blood
group, his mouth was left hanging. “And what does that
mean? ” asked
It was then that the doctor realised
that he had not attempted to hide the
shock in his mind.
“Well I need to speak to both of you” said the doctor
“Is anything the matter doctor? ”
asked Jane who was filled with so
much anxiety
“Not really, well are you two married?
” “Yes doctor ” answered Jane quickly.
“And are you the biological father? ”
he asked referring to Alfred.
His heart begun racing
“Yes I am” he answered horsely
“Well am afraid none of you can donate the blood. Sir you
are blood
group B and your wife is blood group
O negative, a very rare blood group
while the child is blood group A. You
can carry out a DNA test for
clarification , otherwise those are the results. ”
“Are you implying that am not the
father? ” he asked shakily
“For now I would suggest that you
carry out a DNA, for now the most
important thing is give the baby some blood. ”
Cathy was anxious the whole day,
Jane had promised to call her but
she had not.
She begun pacing up and down the
room nervously. .
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Chapter 31
The baby was admitted and the
whole night it was on a drip for blood.
The parents had very little
When the baby fell asleep and as
they were having their bought meal,
Alfred finally broke the silence “Jane instead of getting
and wasting money on DNA, will you
just tell me the truth, am I the
father ? ”
Jane’s eyes became watery, her life
was somehow ruined, thats not how she had imagined her
future, being
stuck with a man whom she had so
desperately fallen in love with but
who did not reciprocate the love.
“Alfred he is your son, he is your
biological son, my only boyfriend was stanely but we never
had sex”
Alfred looked down.
He had doubted the boy since he
developed a recognisable face
“Alright” he said breathing out
heavily. The following day, the boy looked
much better and was put on
He suck some breast milk and they
were discharged.
Cathy kept calling to hear the progress, Jane had told her
about the
blood test and that Alfred had acted
In the evening of being discharged,
Cathy asked to see Alfred who went
to meet her in one of the bars. “Am very tired and I was
supposed to
be resting, why do you want to see
me” complained Alfred.
“Hey, dont be so rigid” she said
shyly poking him
‘This wonderful woman knows all the romancing skills, ‘
thought Alfred
“I heard from Jane about the blood
tests, how is it possible that you
have a different blood group from
your son? ” “I dont know, the doctor said its
possible but after checking Jane’s it
turned to be a mystery, Jane is very
sure am the father” he explained
“So what are you going to do? ”
“Well, I ll just leave things the way they are, I have become
so attached
to the boy, I can’t manage to lose
him, the doctor suggested a DNA but
I dont think I will consider it”
Cathy looked at him with so much
shock “Are you serious? Are you crazy? ”
“What? ” he asked innocently
“How can you raise a child who you
are not sure is yours, Alfred you have
to carry out the DNA test so that you
can have peace of mind” In reality it had given him so
stress, wondering whether or not he
was the father of the child.
The same week he went for DNA test
, he and the child were tested.
It came out that he wasnt the father. Alfred sat down
drowsily, everything
was spinning, everything was
becoming dark, his energy was
quickly leaving his body.
He leant against the wall strongly
and kept telling himself he shouldnt pass out.
He raised himself up after some
minutes and went home.
Jane had gone to Cathy’s house from
the hospital.
She knew she was in deep trouble. She knocked on
Cathy’s door and it
opened slowly.
Cathy had hoped that it was Alfred.
She knew it was the day of the DNA
and that was it, thats what it was all
about. It had happened sooner than she had thought.
She was disappointed to open the
door and find Jane standing with the
child on her back, however it excited
her to see her looking so lost and
devastated Cathy managed to calm Jane who
was crying like a little girl who just
lost her parents.
“You need to be strong for the baby,
now tell me what the problem is”
Jane managed to tell her what had happened.
“But is he really the father? ” asked
“Are you doubting me? Cathy you
know I wasnt sleeping with Stanely
and I wasnt seeing any other man. ” she said
“Dont get me wrong, Jane I trust you
I just wanted to be very sure so that
even when I face Alfred and talk to
him, I can confidently tell him to be
sensible. But how the hell did that happen? How could
such a result
come about” asked Cathy rubbing her
chin thoughtfully.
“Thats what am also wondering, I
don’t know what to do”
Theyy spent the night together and Jane went to her
husband ‘s house
the following morning.
Her clothes were well packed in her
“Alfred, what’s this? ”
He looked at her and looked away without a word
“Alfred don’t throw me out, he is your
child, I just don’t understand,,,, ”
“How I became the father, you have
made me a laughing stock Jane, just
go and never show your face to me again. I never loved
you, your plan
has not worked. ” he said fiercely.
Jane got her bags and went to
Cathy’s house.
She had to find a new house for rent .
Cathy was irritated by her frequent visits and putting up
with her until
she found a new house would be
“We were not meant to be together, I
loved him but he didn’t love me” said
Jane “But ,,,,, ” started Cathy but quickly
thought against it.
How did they sleep together if there
was no love or did she seduce him?
Cathy thought to herself.
Jane was less emotional, she seemed to have had
accepted the
Cathy finally had a chance to be
visiting Alfred anytime leaving Jane
After a week and some days, Jane found a house not far
from Cathy’s
house and she moved there. There
was already furniture inside and
being on maternity leave, she took
more time to clean the house and
look after the baby. The following day she went to
Alfred’s house to get some of the
things that he had not packed in her
bags and only realised it after
unpacking her things.
Cathy and Alfred were having a good time and did not
hear the knock.
Jane opened her purse and got the
spare key and opened the door.
Alfred ‘s phone was off and she knew
that it wouldn’t be considered theft to
enter her husband’s house in his absence.
She pushed open the door and went
to the bedroom where she was
supposed to have forgotten her
She was met with the most unbelieveable shock of her
life. Alfred
and Cathy were in bed Unclad.
“What! ” she shouted, she put the
baby down and moved closer to the
Unclad bodies
“Alfred! Cathy! ” she exclaimed The two pulled the
bedsheets to
cover their exposed bodies
To Be Continued This Evening

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Chapter 32
“Catherine what’s this? ” shouted
Jane. She pulled the bedsheets they had
curled themselves in and exposed
their bodies.
Catherine stood and got her
underwear which was at the edge of
the bed and a bra which was down and wore them.
She raised herself up and moved
closer to Jane
“What’s what? ” she hissed “huh tell
me, whats what? ”
Jane looked at her confused “You and my husband in bed
we even….. ”
“You shut up you fool! ” shouted
Cathy and Jane moved backwards as
if Cathy’s words were a heavy wind
pushing her away “He was mine, he was mine before
you betrayed me and took him away
from me. ”
“You have no shame Cathy, you and I
were like sisters”
“Yes, until you destroyed our sistership, I loved you Jane,
like my
blood sister”
” and you” jane said pointing at
Alfred ” you are a big fool”
Jane forgot what she had gone for ,
she picked her little boy and left. She held back her tears
all through
the bus until she reached home.
She cried as much as she could.
After getting rid of all the tears in
her, she decided to call Stanely, she
had not talked to him for a very long time.
“Jane are you crying? Calm down
and tell me what’s happening” said
Stanely on the other side of the line.
In less than an hour he had reached
Jane’s house after she gave him directions.
“Oh my God Jane, what happened to
you? ” he asked hugging her tightily
She looked nothing like the Jane he
had so madly fallen in love with.
This one had become so skinny, and dirty and different,
she was just
another person.
Cathy had put on her clothes
hurriedly and left Alfred’s house with
no word.
Jane narrated her marriage life experience to stanely in a
“Wait, so you mean, the blood group
test and the DNA test show that
Alfred is not the father? ” asked
“Yes” she answered hanging on her head
“But are you sure you weren’t having
any other private affair? ”
Anger was brewing inside Jane but
she was helpless , so she had to
hold it all in. “Stanely, I never cheated on you, I
never understood how I ended up in
bed with Alfred, until Lucy showed up
and told me that Isabelle had us
trapped to have her revenge on
Cathy” explained Jane “What,, who is Lucy, what do you
mean? ” asked Stanely
Jane explained in details how
Isabelle had planned to drug her and
Alfred with a sexual energizer
powder, “Her intention was to get photos of
me and Alfred together and send
them to Cathy, but in the process I
got pregnant”
Stanely couldn’t believe it all, shame
swept over him when he remembered how he had not
believed her story
“Am very sorry to hear that Jane” he
said putting his hand around her
“But how is it possible that Alfred is not the father when
he is the only
man you slept with at the time? ”
“I dont know Stan, I really dont know.
And Cathy, she has betrayed me”
“Was she there in the labour ward? ”
asked Stanely “Yes she is the one who took me
there? ” she answered
“Who was the midwife on duty”
“Its Cathy who helped me deliver”
“Wasnt there any other midwife or
people in the ward? ” “Am not sure, I was alone in the
ward, but I lost conscious, when I
regained it, there was another woman
who had just given birth” she
“And your babies were with you? ” “No, they were brought
back by a
certan nurse after sometime. They
were taken to the oxygen machine”
“With tags? ”
“No, they didn’t have” she said
“And where was Cathy? ” “I dont know”
“Well I dont know if you see what am
seeing, but Cathy must have been
dating Alfred even before you gave
birth, so she didnt approve your
marriage and coming baby. She could have switched the
babies” he
said calmly.
“What? Wait,,, that makes sense”
She jumped and got her phone from
the table and went through it with
trembling hands “What are you doing? ”
“Am calling Alfred” she answered.
He got up and got the phone from
“We dont have the evidence yet, why
are you in such a hurry? ” “I just want him to know that
innocent, that I didnt push the
pregnancy on him”
“Why, you want to keep a good
record with him? Do you still love
him after all that he did”? He asked angrily and Jane
detected the anger
” no I dont, I never loved him, we
were just forced to get married” she
said quetly
Alfred followed Cathy to her house to
apologise for what happened earlier with Jane and they
got back to
He spent the night at her house.
The following day, mid Morning,
Stanely and Jane went to the hospital
where Jane had delivered from. They lied that they
remember the midwife on duty during
Jane’s delivery, Stanely strictly didn’t
want to involve the police.
If the babies had been swapped, they
would conclude that the midwife had made a mistake but
then they would
deal with Cathy independently
A DNA test was carried out on the
mother and baby and it turned out
that it didn’t match
The doctor announced the results to them in the afternon.
“We suspected so doctor, thats why
we came”
They asked for the address of the
woman who had given birth on the
same day with Jane. Searching by the date, they found her
details and
The two are the only ones who gave
birth on that day
Immediately they left for her village,
asking the people around , they finally reached the village.
“This village looks spooky”
whispered Jane
“How? ” asked Stanely
“Everyone seems to be in black, the
place looks smoky, like a horror” she answered lowering
her tone
“Kikiki you are a freak ” he teased
They entered the village and were
greeted by a man who seemed to be
walking aimlessly to and fro
“Good evening? ” he greeted bending his knee a little.
They responded and asked where
they could find the woman, they
mentioned her name.
He looked at them puzzled
“She is my wife, how may I help you? ” he asked.
They asked if they could see the
He went inside his house with them
and summoned his wife.
Jane noted that she looked different, she wasnt the jovial
woman she had
held a short conversation with at the
“How is the child” asked Jane but
the woman looked down.
. To Be Continued
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Chapter 33
“Madam am Jane we gave birth on
the same day, can’t you remember me? ” she asked
worriedly wondering
how she could have so easily
forgotten her.
“I remember you” she said with a
plain face.
“Well I have brought back your child” said Jane with a
The woman looked at her confused.
Jane explained everything that had
happened and the woman tearfully
got the child from Jane.
Somehow Jane felt a loss as she had become so attached
to the little boy,
they had gone through a lot of things
“I knew she wasn’t my baby, I and
my husband have a chain of boys
and and it was a miracle to have a girl, we were very
happy, it felt
strange and it has turned out that
our joy was short lived” said the
woman, holding the boy in her arms.
“Well, you just have to cherish the
moments you spent with her, the good thing is that you
experienced what its like to have a
daughter. May I see my girl now”
said Jane but the woman looked
down without a word
“Why do you keep silent when I ask to see my daughter,
where is she? ”
But the woman was already flooded
in tears
“It was a shortlived Joy” she said
“I know ma’am but even a boy is as
good as a girl, I know you really wanted a girl but I have
to take her,
am the mother , they have to be
brought up by their parents”
“She is no more” said the husband to
the woman in a horse voice .
“What do you mean by no more” asked Jane
“Our little angel died yesterday” he
said sadly, restraining himself from
“Haaa how ? What happened? ”
“She caught a cold the day before yesterday and at night
she had fever,
we were waiting for the day to break
before taking her to the hospital but
she died in the early hours of the
Morning” he explained
Each word that came from his mouth was a heavy blow on
Jane’s heart
and she wished he didn’t continue
“We buried her yesterday” she told
Jane mourned for her child in the hut.
“Give me back my child” she shouted
as she attempted to get the boy
“You killed my daughter ” she said.
The woman wouldnt let go of her son and it became a bit
chaotic .
It took a lot of effort by Stanely to
calm Jane down.
Finally she gave up on it and asked
to go and see where the child had
been buried. She comforted herself by hoping that
maybe without a child, Stanely would
get back with her.
She would marry him and have so
many children for him and they would
be happy together. They reached the place where the
baby had been buried, she knelt
down filling her hands with the soil
from the grave.
She was sobbing hysterically.
Everyone stood back watching her painfully.
She muttered some words and got
When it was dusk they started off to
town, the woman and her husband
apologised for the loss. On their way back home, Jane
wanted to go and confront Cathy
about her act but Stanely told her to
leave it for the next morning.
“I’m going to rip Catherine apart, am
going to kill her” she said in gritted teeth, at her house.
“You and her simply need to sit down
and talk” said Stanely in a cool tone.
“Sit and talk?” She repeated his
words “talk about what?”
Stanely could see that Jane was on fire, he had never
seen her that angry
“I could take her to court you know,
that is a crime” she shouted on top
of her voice
“Yes you can but is that what you
want for her, to die in jail? She has no one remember, the
two people
she counted on got married without
her knowledge, have you ever tried to
put yourself in her shoe? The pain
she must have gone through?”
“Are you on her side?” She bursted. He didnt bother
answer her, he
simply stood and went to the kitchen.
He prepared supper and Jane ate
very little
“Am I such a bad cook, that all you
can have are two spoonfuls? ” asked Stanely.
Jane looked at him and smiled. Such
a beautiful soul, she thought as she
forced more food in her mouth.
They slept on the couch, and only
woke up the following day with aching necks.
“Ouch good morning, how come we
slept on the couch? ” asked Jane
stretching her self.
Stanely stretched to face her.
“Goodmorning to you, you are waking up, lets sleep some
more” he
“You sleep some more, I ll join you
later” she said.
She wasnt going to throw away the
opportunity to showcase her wife material skills.
She quickly cleaned the house and
washed the few dishes in the sink,
prepared Stanely’s favourite meal,
grilled chicken and served at the
table. She asked him to let her wash his shirt which was
stained with
some dirt.
“How did you prepare that chicken so
quickly? Marriage material huh? ”
Jane smiled, very proud of herself .
She stole glances at Stanely’s arms in the white vest he
was wearing
while she had washed his shirt. They
looked fine
After the breakfast they went to
Cathy’s house
“Bravo, I can see you two are back together, well its a
year of
reconciliation, however you guys
took a while to reconcile” said Cathy
clapping her hands and turning to
Stanely she said
“Uhmm good morning, forgive me for that, thats how we
joke with Jane”
“Goodmorning” he answered with a
“Can we come in? ” asked Jane
“Ofcousre why not? ”
They entered the house and when Alfred who was in the
recognised Jane’s voice and a male
voice , he decided to go and see
what was happening.
Cathy was asking if they wanted
anything to drink. She acted as though nothing had
happened in their previous encounter
“Jane you have to drop that face, you
look like a wounded buffalo, you are
scaring me” she teased “That is because am a wounded
buffalo, and if there was a way, I
would eat you alive just now” she
said angrily.
Alfred entered and greeted them,
Stanely responded “Cathy how could you, how could
you swap my baby with another one,
did I not apologise to you for
everything? ”
Cathy stood startled.
“What are you talking about? ” she asked, confused.
She knew she was dead meat if
already the truth was out
Jane narrated everything that had
happened and the house was silent
for minutes. Streams of tears pouring down her eyes
uncontrollably .
“She is dead? ” asked Alfred
“Yes she is” answered Jane
He moved slowly to Cathy with a
gaped mouth.
“You are a wicked woman,” Cathy could see the
disappointment in his
eyes and it hurt her.
” you are a snake, there you were
entertaining me in bed , showering
me with fake love meanwhile you had
sold my daughter, Cathy how could you be so heartless,
now our
daughter has died, all because of
you. You are a witch Cathy” he
shouted shaking her violently
“Shut up! Shut up right now! ”
shouted Cathy fircely leaving everyone silent.
Alfred took some steps backwards
“You and Jane did this to yourselves
and you” she said pointing at Alfred
“You are a coward, you are also a
snake, very cunning and doubled tounged. You slept with
my best
friend and impregnated her and you
never told me, do you know what it
felt like to come home and find my
mother dead without warning,? I ran
to you Alfred for love but you were already having an
affair with Jane.
Jane you were the sister I never had,
even when you knew Alfred is all I
had you still took him away. ” said
Cathy indignantly, tears pouring
down in every direction like the victoria falls
“Its Isabelle, she put a drug in our
beer and we ended up sleeping
together” answered Alfred
“And you expect me to believe that
crap? ” said Cathy wiping away the tears which were still
raining down
her face
“Well I can call Lucy” he said
“Thats not necessary ” she said
But Alfred had already dialled her
number and commanded her to come. She feared him
very much and
she promised to be there as soon as
” So are you happy, to hear that my
daughter is dead? ” Asked Alfred
“Am not but everything I ve done to you two, you deserve
it , you cast me
away at a time I was in need of you,
you dealt treacherously with me” she
Lucy arrived and she was asked to
explain Isabelle’s plot and she did. Cathy sat on the floor
speechless, so
they were also just victims of
Isabelle’s cruelty
“But you never told me this” she said
in a lower tone.
“I thought I did” said Jane “I was very willing to be a step
mother to your child Jane but when I
came back you two were married,
without considering how I would
Jane and Stanely left the house and Alfred followed later.
“You should never talk to me again”
he had told Cathy
Cathy was too upset to answer him,
she didn’t need him either, after all
he was short. She would survive by herself, she
wasnt going to leave the world like
her mother did. And she didn’t have
time and energy to start crying for
ungrateful beings in her life.
Both her parents had committed suicide but she wasnt
going to do
that nomatter how tough life would
In the evening Stanely was washing
plates when Jane came to join him.
“If you will be washing plates in marriage, then you will be
such a
wonderful husband” she said
“Oh will I ? ” he said
“Yeah, let me continue washing
them? ” she said but Stanely insisted
he would wash them, and as they played, pulling the plate
which was
in Stanely’s hands , in a flash, Jane
stood petrified
“You ve given up huh” said Stanely.
Jane’s eyes were fixed on Stanely’s
hand “Is that a wedding ring? ” she asked.
Stanely starred at his ring as if he
was seeing it for the first time.
He had forgotten that he had it on.
To Be Continued
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Chapter 34
“So,,,you are married” said Jane
disappointedly. “No am not” said Stanely hesitantly
Jane looked at him unbeliavably
‘Zambian men, with a wedding ring
on his finger and still denying being
married’ thought Jane angrily
“Well what it really is is that, ,,,,” said Stanley ,stammering
“No you dont have ro explain
anything , I didn’t expect you to stay
single over these months anyways”
she cut him.
She left the kitchen and went to the living room where she
sat starring at
the television without getting
Stanely joined her after some
“So what next?” He asked But Jane’s eyes were fixed on
screen absent mindedly and Stanely
could see it.
“Jane ” he called her much louder
and she turned to look at him.
“Yes” she answered “I just asked you a question” he said
“Really? And what was that
“Wha next now?” he asked
“Next as in how” she said
“You and Cathy, are you restoring your friendship” he said
‘Are you stupid?’ She said in her
heart, why on earth would she make
friends with Cathy?
“No am not” she said coldly “am
taking this case to court” she added “I thought we talked
about this” said
“I dont care what we talked about or
not, all I know is that she will pay
dearly for her actions” she said
calmly “Do you know that she might be
sentenced to life imprisonment ? And
there will be no one to get her out”
said Stanley
Jane looked at him and laughed
“Who cares Stanely, who cares? Let them sentence her to
imprisonment ,I dont care” she said
in an I dont care tone.
“Jane you can’t do this, dont repay
wrong with wrong”
“Do you know what Stanely, I think am very grateful for all
you did for
me, thank you for unlocking the
mystery of my life concerning that
little boy even thought it led to the
heartbreaking discovery. But I think
you need to go home tomorrow, your wife must be really
The entire evening was so awkward
for the two.
There was less talking and no eating.
The following day Stanely left her
house early in the morning. “Why dont you wait for
asked Jane but Stanely said he had
to go.Jane remained in tears ,she
still loved Stanely so much
Cathy was sweeping the living room
when there was a knock on the door. She wondered who
it was because
she wasnt expecting anyone except
police officers. She expected them to
bang on her door and march in any
time and drag her to the station.
She slowly went to open the door. To her surprise it was
“Stanely” she said
“How are you ” he greeted her , she
responded slowly .
“Dont be so startled, can I come in?”
“Yeah,” she said smilling,”I wasnt expecting you, I was
expecting cops”
she said
“You have a great sense of humour I
must say” and they both laughed .
“So what brings you here?” There
was a sense of easiness in her voice.
“Well to see if I can do something”
He cleared his throat and continued ”
how much do you hate Jane, on a
scale of 10, be honest”
Cathy looked at him startled ,she kept quete for a long
time trying to hear
what her inner voice would say
“I would say 2” she answered
“So that means you hate her 20%
and love her 80%? ” he said and
Cathy nodded her head “Thats a good one, so have you
considered apologising to her ”
“Over my dead body will I do that, I
know she didn’t intentionally sleep
with Alfred but she intentionally got
married to him.” Stanely studied her for a moment.
“She did a wrong thing to marry
Alfred but she is hurting right now,
her child is dead, whom she carried
for nine months ,enduring the
gossiping around town, gave birth in pain but hey, the
woman she trusted
so much swapped her child,she
came back home with another
woman’s child while her own child
was dying in the village ,then she
suffered emotional pain from Alfred who abused her so
much. Please
you have to forgive and start a new
life, dont habour a grudge against
anyone. God forgives us for every
sins that we commit, why should we
harden our hearts when it comes to us forgiving others .
God does no
punish us for every wrong thing we
do, but he waits patiently for us to
realise our wrong doings and ask for
forgiveness and he forgives us.”
Cathy was listening intently, she had not heard from the
word of God for
such a long time and hearing Stanely
say that reminded her of her
childhood sunday school days when
they were taught how to memorise
verses of which she could nolonger remember even one.
“I did a wrong thing, it was terrible”
she said quetly.
“Now all you have to do is ask God
to forgive you and then apologise to
Jane and Alfred” ‘Alfred’ thought Cathy, he was the
last person she wanted to see.
“I ll do just that” she said in a shaky
Stanely left and Cathy sat still in the
sofa. She fell down on her knees and
wept. She went to her mother’s
bedroom and loked for the Bible, she
had seen it a few times and she
hoped she would find it.
She found it in one of the drawers,she hurried to her
and fell to the ground on her knees.
With the Bible in her hands and tears
down her eyes she looked up.
“Dear Lord ,I ve strayed from the way,
so far away from the road, I turned my back on you at a
time I was
supposed to cling to you, please
Forgive me, please forgive me,
forgive me please”
She fell on her knees crying loudly.
She pictured how Jane’s child must have had died without
opportunity to receive the love from
its biological parents, how she had
deceived the other woman into
thinking that she had a daughter .
She opened the Bible randomly and it went to Mark 2:17
” ,,they that are
well dont need a physician but they
that are sick, I came not to call the
righteous but sinners to repentance”
She sat down on the bed, thats the
comfort that she needed, Jesus did not come to call the
righteous to
repent ,he came to call sinners to
repent, people who are not sick dont
need a doctor,its the sick people who
need a doctor.
She got up and took a bath, without second thoughts ,she
started off to
Jane’s house after dressing up.
She reluctantly raised her hand and
knocked on the door. There was no
response, she knocked much harder.
Jane rushed to go and open the door thinking it was
Stanely, but to her
disappointment it was Cathy.
“What are you doing here!?” She
Cathy went on her knees
“Please Jane forgive me” “What?! Are you mad? You really
think am going to forgive you? You
must be very stupid Catherine ”
“Please Jane,am very sorry for what I
caused between you and Alfred and
to the baby” said Cathy still on her knees.
“Dont even talk about my baby, what
do you know about babies, leave my
house right now” she shouted.
“Am not leaving without your
forgiveness ” she protested. “Huh I see, you really won’t
without my forgiveness, am coming
right now,give me a moment” she
said as she rushed inside the house.
She came back with a bucketful of
water and poured it on Cathy. “Ouch ” exclaimed Cathy
amazingly at Jane. She stood up
looking like a soaked chicken.
“Please Jane, I need your forgiveness
” she said looking at her.
“If you knew how much I hate you, you would be on your
way right now
to your house” said Jane fiercely
“I know why you want me to forgive
you” she added “so that I dont take
you to court,I can see through you,
dont think you are clever.” “Please Jane you can take me
me to
court if you want, all I want is to be
forgiven by you” she pleaded.
Jane slammed the door and went
inside, leaving the soaked Cathy
starring at the door. She went back to her house.
Jane locked herself in the bedroom
and wept,she had so much to cry
about, her child, Stanely and Cathy,
she had lost them all. She picked her
photo album, she and and Cathy had been so so happy.
..To Be Continued
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Chapter 35
“Dear mother,its been long since I
wrote to you. Life has been very hard for me, I dont know
if am paying for
what you did to Melody or what, but
your death opened doors to many
misfortunes. But am happy to tell you
that I have come to the knowledge
that my God is always with me. I wish you had also been
with this knowledge, you would be
still be alive. Am at peace knowing
that the heavens are in control”
Diana wrote in her mother’s Diary.
She had taken a warm bath ,thank goodness her house
was not very far
from Jane’s ,so not many people had
seen her in those wet clothes.
Alfred was playing some reggae
loudly when he head a loud bang on
the door. He stood to go and open the door,
wondering who that irresponsible
person was, only to find it was Kelvin
and Frank
Whats with the bang?” He asked
angrily “And what’s with the frown?” Asked
Frank pushed his way through the
door and entered the house while
Alfred was standing in the doorway.
Alfred moved aside to let Frank pass and he followed
them to the living
“You are not seen man, every time
we arrange to meet, you never show
up” said Kelvin
“I know man, things have just been crazy” said Alfred.
“We know and thats why we are here,
and we would like to welcome you
back to bachelorhood” said Frank.
“Yeah, so what are we going to do
With our lives since dating is not our portion ” asked
Alfred to his smiling
“Well doesn’t it point to one thing?”
said Kelvin
“Which is?” asked Frank
“Priest hood, let’s join the priesthood” said Kelvin.
The other men laughed.
They did not waste time before
starting to water themselves with the
heinken bottles they had brought.
Alfred had missed the company of his friends so much
The following day after cleaning the
house, Cathy went to town then
headed to Jane’s house.
She knocked on the door but there
was no response ,she pushed open the door and found
Jane in the
blankets shivering .
She dropped the things she was
carrying and moved closer to her.
“What’s wrong?” she asked
“Put more blankets on top, they are in the wardrobe” she
was shivering
Cathy got the blankets and covered
She ran to their small market where
there were a lot of taxis and boarded on one and took
Jane to the hospital.
Tests were run and she was found
with malaria. She was not admitted,
they just gave her drugs .
Back home Cathy prepared her some
food but she could not eat,knowing how her friend hated
drugs, she
made sure that she took the
medication at the right time.
She spent the night at her place and
the following day Jane was already
recovering . Cathy took a bath from Jane’s house
and wore her clothes.
“They look better on you” said Jane
“And why isn’t there any
breakfast,what kind of a woman are you?”said Jane
Cathy turned and hugged her, her
friend was back. The girls stayed
locked in each other’s arms for some
” am baking some scones, still in the oven” said Cathy
“Are you the one who came with the
floweres and the Teddy bear?” Asked
“Yes, I brought them for you,”
Jane picked it and hugged it, “I ‘ll call you Jathy”
“We need to work on you girl” said
“Foolish girl” muttered Jane.
In the afternoon they went to a salon
to change their hairstyel and did a mini shopping.
“So you and Stanely, are you getting
back together?” Said Cathy on their
way back
“No, he is married ”
“Are you serious?” Asked Cathy shocked
“Yes girl”
“Huh he looked so single” .
Jane could not help but laugh
“Its not like I expected him to be still
single” said Jane sadly. “Oh thats bad”
“But he denied being married,can you
imagine, with the ring on his finger ”
said Jane in a much angry tone.
“Maybe he is not” said Cathy.”Maybe
he was but not anymore, like maybe he is a widower or
Jane laughed at her friend, she
always had a way of adding some
“Who gets widowed in six months
and still wear the ring” They reached home and took a
bath and tried in their new clothings.
“Do you talk with Alfred” asked Jane.
Cathy told her how much she did not
want to see him ever.
“I thought you told me about the preaching that Stanely
gave you on
forgiveness, you need to forgive each
other and move on with your lives,
we are going to his house just now.
You two should talk” said Jane.
“No ways,am not ready,am just happy that we are back to
our normal
selves” said Cathy
“Yeah,boys come and go but sisters
will always be together” said Jane
smilling.”now get ready, we are
paying a visit to Alfred today. Just then there was a faint
knock at
the door.
Jane went to open, standing before
her was a short light lady.
“Hai” said Jane
“Hellow, am Mary” answered the lady.
“Okey,how may I help you” said Jane
trying to recall if she had seen the
woman before.
“Well am Stanely’s wife” she said.
“Okey” she answered “May I come in?”
“No” said Jane bluntly.
“Am aware that my husband spent
nights here at your call, can we talk
from inside?” Said Mary.
“Sure” She led her to the living room, Cathy
greeted her and Jane asked her to
take a seat.
To Be Continued
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Chapter 36
Mary made herself comfortable in the
chair and turning to Jane she said. “My husband spent
two nights here”
“Yeah, but nothing happened” she
said without an expression on her
“Do you still like him?” Asked Mary
seriously “No I dont, why should I?” Retorted
“But then why did you call him and
why did yiu make him spend nights
here?” Asked the woman.
“Hey lady look here, the one with the problem here is your
husband, he is
the one you should be talking to”
said Cathy defensively
“I called him because I needed help”
said Jane.
“Okey I just want to make it very clear to you that I love
Stanely very
much” she said haughtily.
“Well then it might intrest you to
know that am not intrested in your
man” answered Jane.
“When I met Stan , he was very devastated, he had lost his
,whom he had so much loved, he was
about to propose to her but she
disappointed him, she got pregnant
for another man and even later got
married to him, can you imagine some women”
“Mary behave yourself ” said Cathy
“Dont you dare accuse me of things
you know nothing about, dont you
dare think you can judge me” Jabe said furiously ,now
beads of sweat
beginning to drip profusely.
“Hey miss tame your temper” she
said casualy.
” I found Stan when he was at his
lowest, I tried to bring him back to life but it was hard, we
became best of friends over time and
he confided in me a lot of things. I
tried to initiate a relationship but he
didn’t seem intrested , I thought it
was the only way to help him recover, but it looks like the
wound was really
deep,I persevered and it looks like he
dated me out of trying to be grateful
for being by his side, during the
friendship phase he had told me
repeatedly how much he loved you, but do you know the
surprising thing
about when I first met him?” Asked
Mary posing and looking at her
“What?” They both asked at the same
time, they were listening to her attentively.
Mary laughed at them.
“Well he had a wedding ring on his
finger,” she said taking a deep
“Ahh how?why?” Asked Jane who was as confused as you
are right
now, why would he wear a wedding
ring before marriage.
“He did not want to move on, he did
not want to appear available , he
wanted women to think that he was married, he loved only
Jane did not know whether to be sad
or not, but she maintained the same
“The truth is that I and him are not
married, he has been wearing that ring since you broke
Unbeknowest to her, Jane smiled.
“You are smiling, do you still like
him?” Asked Mary and Jane quickly
switched to a serious face.
“Why are you telling me all this?” Asked Jane.
“Because I have come to hand him
over to you” said Mary
“Well I dont need him” answered
“If you mess up this time ,I will get him for good” she
“so why are you giving up on him
since you love him so much” asked
“Because I love him very much”
answered Mary. “I always want to see him happy and it
looks like you alone
can make him happy, he lives like a
ghost and if we got married, it would
be a loveless relationship, I want him
to be happy, so just make him happy
for me, if you fail I ll deal with you” Jane and Cathy
looked at each other
in shock.
“Well that should have come from
Stanely and not you, did Stanely
send you to say all these things?”
“No one sent me, Stanely doesnt even know that am here”
she said.
“Am taking my leave,if you fail to
make things work, I will come to grab
him, I ll be watching you” she rose
and walked away.
“What was that” asked Cathy laughing,
“I really dont know” answered Jane.
“I find her funny you know, she is so
“Do you think its true?” Asked Cathy
“What?” “That Stanely is unmarried” said
Cathy moving to where Jane was
“Well I dont know if its good news or
not” said Jane.
“Call Stanely and ask him if at all its true, but Jane
refused, her ego did
not allow her to do that.
” just get ready, we are going to
Alfred’s house” said Jane.
30 minutes later, they were at
Alfred’s house. “What do you want” he asked them
“We have come to see you” said
“What for?”
“We have something to discuss, may
we come in?” They entered the house and Alfred
offered them some Juice.
“Cathy here has something to tell
you” said Jane.
Alfred’s eyes shifted from Jane to
Cathy, she was in a purple flaired dress, she had tied her
hair into a
pony. Her face very clear as always.
“Uhmm,,,” Cathy cleared her throat.
“I have come to ask for your
forgiveness, my anger had gotten the
worst out of me, I didn’t know that you were also just
victims of
Isabelle’s plots, am very sorry for the
harm I caused you, if I could reverse
time, I would do the right thing.”
There was silence in the house.
Alfred looked down then looked up, Cathy was starring at
“Am sorry but I can’t forgive you, I
lost my child because of you”
Jane got up and walked to him.
“What did you just say?” She asked
him. “Who should be more upset between
you and me, you never even really
wanted that child in the first place,
you wanted me to abort her, am the
one who carried her for nine months,
and am the one who delivered, I went through more
suffering than you, so
just behave” she said roughly which
shocked both Alfred and Cathy.
Alfred was speechless, Cathy almost
laughed at Jane’s courage and Alfred
‘s humbleness. “Alright, I forgive you, but we can’t be
friends again. ” said Alfred.
“She didn’t come here to beg for
friendship but forgiveness” said
“Thank you for your forgiveness” said Cathy but Alfred
didn’t answer.
“We are going ,thanks for the juice,
only next time dont over dilute it”
said Jane and Cathy laughed, Alfred
caught a glimpse of her smile and
quickly looked away, it was capable of making him refall
for her,he didn’t
want that.
The ladies stood to leave and while
they were halfway across the
room,Jane turned and said to Afred.
“Uhhm dont you think you are forgetting something? ”
“What?” Asked Alfred.
“Apologising to me and Cathy”
“What for?”
“To Cathy for impregnanting her
friend and even marrying her without telling her, and for
not being there for
her when she lost,,,” said Jane “her
mum” she said in sign language so
that Cathy wouldn’t hear.
“And you?” Asked Afred.
“And me for all the mistreatment I received while living
with you”
“Alright” said Alfred.
He started by apologising to Cathy.
“I didn’t know how to tell you without
breaking your heart and losing you”
he ended his apology. Then he apologised to Jane and
ended with
“No woman deserves to be treated
the way I treated you, am very sorry”
The girls smiled and told him that all
was but a past now. They left and went to Jane’s house.
“We have to call Stanely now” said
Cathy but Jane refused.
“If he is serious,he will come” she
had said.
Cathy grabbed Jane’s phone and rushed to the bedroom
and locked
herself inside.
Jane banged on the door
“Cathy if I open this door ,you are
dead,dont do anything stupid.
” Hey a lady called Mary came to my house, any idea who
she is”Cathy
sent the message to Stanely who
called immediately.
Cathy opened the door and gave the
phone to Jane,
“what did you tell him you fool” said Jane grabbing back
the phone.
“That a woman called Mary came”
she whispered.
“Hello” said Jane on the phone.
“Alright” she answered and hang up.
” He is on his way” said Jane excitedly .
“Well I better be going” said Cathy.
“No ,stay” begged Jane.
“You want me to watch your
romancing?” She smiled.
“Go and kiss Jathy a goodbye” suggested Jane.
Cathy went to the bedroom and
picked the teddybear on the bed,
“Stay well Jathy, I love you very
much, dont eavesdrop to what big
people will be talking about here okey?” She said pecking
She went to her house and Jane
escorted her and promised to update
her on everything.
“What do I do now, its quete boring”
said Cathy to herself. She got the Bible and went to her
Stanely arrived at Jane’s house in no
Jane acted very formal, while
celebrating in her heart. “So Mary came here?” Said
“Yes she did” she answered .
“To do what?”
“to tell me how you met and how she
thinks you dont love her and in love
with someone else” said Jane “Oh I see, did she tell you
who that
someone else could be?” Asked
“According to her, its me” she
“Did you believe her?” He asked “No” she lied.
“Did she tell you about the ring?”
“Yes” answered Jane.
“Well everything she told you is true,
she told me that she came here to
try and make things work for me and you but I thought
she lied. She is a
good woman but my heart does not
belong to her but to you” said
‘OMG! I just wish I could record you
right now’ she thought. She was so happy that keeping
was so hard but she managed to
simply smile.
“Please give me a second chance
and forgive me for not believing you”
begged Stanely. Jane hugged him and they spent the
rest of the afternoon chatting. She
couldnt wait to tell Cathy the good
“Now I can even remove the ring” he
said. .
To Be Continued Tomorrow Morning
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Chapter 37
Stanely left in the evening, it was like
a dream for both of them. Jane could not believe it, how
could life
suddenly turn out to be such a
She immediately called Cathy.
“We got back girl” she said excitedly.
“Did you seduce him?” Asked an equally excited Cathy.
“Silly, I did not, he just asked for a
second chance” said Jane.
“Wow, that calls for a big celebration,
let’s drink to it tomorrow” said Cathy.
The entire evening, Jane and Stanely could not stop
texting each other.
The following day Jane went to
Cathy’s house early in the morning.
“Huh great aroma so early in the
morning” said Jane sniffing around
the house. “Hope,you ve washed up” said Cathy
moving from the kitchen to the living
room with a tray covered with a
“Whats that?” Asked Jane.
“Have you washed up?” Asked Cathy. Jane went to the
shower and bathed
and got into Cathy’s truck suit.
“Do you have any idea, how difficult
it is to wash that” asked Cathy but
Jane ignored her, proceeding to the
dining table which seemed to be the source of the nice
“And now let’s start the celebration”
said Cathy, there was grilled chicken
and a cake and some scones and
“There is non like you” said Jane who was already
The girls ate to their satisfaction .
“Am pampered ” said Jane.”so what
are we taking? Do you have any six
pack or even Amarula”
“Hell no, no alcoholic shall see its face into this house ”
“Oh I keep forgetting that you are a
born again” said Jane yawning,
“I think I need to take a nap” she
said and Cathy agreed. They went to the bedroom and
entered into deep sleep. They only
woke up at noon.
A week later Cathy begun preparing
to go back to school,she was done
with attachments and school was opening.
“Stanely wants to take us for ice
cream” said Jane to Cathy who did
not object.
The following day being friday, he
took the ladies out .They wore their best outfits and they
extremely beautiful with expensive
It had been long since Stanely saw
that beauty in Jane, he almost
silently cursed Alfred for having almost erased every jot of
beauty in
He took them to an expensive
restaraunt which suited their looks.
As they were almost done with their
ice cream,Jane felt a metal at the bottom of her icecream
thought it was a nail, it shocked her
that a metal had found its way in her
As she scooped it out,to her surprise
it was an engagement ring. She was abit confused but as
turned to Stanely, he was already on
one knee.
“Will you please make me the
happiest man,marry me ” he said.
Jane got up and jumped in excitement,it had come so
soon,.tears were streaming down her
Cathy was so happy, she could not
stop capturing pictures of the
moment. She agreed and let Stanely slip the
ring on her finger.
He stood up and she hugged him
and kissed him.
She kept looking at the ring, it was
really beautiful and it fitted her perfectly.
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The following week ,Cathy left for
school, leaving Jane very sad.
“Dont worry love, Jathy will be my
representative” She had told her. She
saw her off, she promised to communicate the date for
wedding as Cathy was to be the
brides maid.
She reached campus and found that
Kay had not yet reported .The
following day, she went to visit Tom, it had been so long
since she last
talked to him, his line had been
unreachable the whole time they
were apart.
“Cathy ,oh my goodness” he
exclaimed. He gave her a tight hug and asked
her to sit on the bed.
“How are you?” He asked looking at
her as if inspecting every part of her.
“Well the good Lord is keeping me”
she answered . “We thank God” he said.
“And you?” She asked,” your phone
has been off?”
“Well am fine, what happened to my
phone is a long story, as you can
see that am using a different one.” He answered .
” let’s take a.walk” he said and they
stood up and left. They talked about
a lot of things, then Cathy told him
about her mother, about Alfred
impregnanting and getting married to her best friend and
how she switched
the babies.
He sympathised with her over the
loss and the heart break but rebuked
her for swapping the babies of which
she admitted was very wrong. “You know, I still cant
believe I did
that to those poor babies, my skin
still crawls at the thought, I dont
know how I was able to do that”
“Its in the past now, you were able to
get back with your best friend which is so cool, and you
read the Bible
and pray which is so marvelous “.
said Tom and she nodded her head.
He also told her about the girl she
had dated during attachments and
how they broke up. ” wow am glad you broke up” said
Cathy .
“Why asked Tom, ” are you by any
chance crushing on me? Coz am not
ready to enter into a relationship just
yet” he said Jokingly to which Cathy laghed.
“I dont have even a drop of crush on
you buddy,in any case I would like
you and I to be just like brother and
sister, because relationships dont
last but siblings will always be siblings, am not ready to
lose you”
she said.
“Wow, for the first time you have
thought wisely, ” so who will be older
between us?”
“You Ofcousre” said Cathy mockingly. “You think just
because your body is
small then your age will
automatically reduce?”
Tom laughed .
The two begun calling each other bro
and sis. “But how do you call someone whom
you love sis?” His friends had asked
Tom who plainly told them that he
nolonger crushed on Cathy but loved
her like his sister, he wanted to
protect her and be by her side all the time, he wanted her
to be able to rely
and confide in him.
“The love I have for her is like that of
a brother towards his sister, that
same one” he explained to them.
They however admired him for the priviledge of having
such a sister.
A week later, Tom went home and he
told his aunty about Cathy, how she
did not have any relatives and how
he had adopted her as his sister.
His aunty asked him to go with her home the following
He told Cathy and even though not
sure at first, she thouht it was a
good thing so they went home
. To Be Continued
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 6:41am On May 10, 2018
Chapter 38…..SEMIFINAL
Tom and Cathy boarded on a
bus,heading to Tom’s house. She was very nervous and
she wondered
“Was your aunty wearing a friendly
face when she asked for me to visit?”
Asked Cathy for the fourth time,and
Tom told her not to worry at all, for the fourth time.
“You will love her, she is a wonderful
woman” Tom assured her.
Minutes later they were standing at
the door of the house.Tom gently
pushed open the door and asked Cathy to follow him.
She did a quick scan of the house
,photo frames on the wall ,it was
good and clean. She sat on a sofa
queitly and Tom disappeared to
obviously one of the rooms. After sometime a light and
short fat
lady entered the living room.
“Katarina” she said with a smile, “the
most talked about newly found sister
of Tom”
Cathy looked at her and smiled. “You are welcome” she
said shaking
her hand.
“How is school?”
They talked about a few things and
later asked her to join in the kitchen.
“Do you know how to bake a cake?” She asked.
“Yes I do” answered Cathy.
“Alright then you will bake while I
prepare dinner, I want to surprise
Tom’s uncle today with a cake”
She went on talking about how her husband spent little
time home due
to the nature of his Job,she talked
about how Tom’s father who
happened to be her brother was
wasting his life away on beer even
after being to rehab several times. “Tell me how did you
meet Tom?”
She asked her, she narrated how she
had met him accidentally and how
she had called him buddy and how
everyone at school called him monk.
They laughed. “Tom had always wanted to be a
priest ,to take a vow of celibacy from
childhood, thats what his father had
taught him,that women are beasts,
simply because his wife left him, I
dont blame her at all. So even when I got Tom and begun
living with him
here,he hated me so much, but after
sometime, he realised that am
harmless and has taken me as his
mother ever since.”
Cathy watched the woman talk on and on, she was a real
“Dont be surprised about how much I
talk, am surrounded by men around
here, my two kids are both male, so I
dont get to have an opportunity to find a listening ear and
a gossip
She then asked her about her
parents .
She told her their names in full and
what they did for a living. ” wait a minute!” She exclaimed.
“Your mother was Elizabeth who got
married to Patrick?” She asked in
“Oh Lord we live in a small world,
your father was a hottie at college and we all crushed on
him,the day he
proposed to your mother, there was
weeping among the ladies. Those
two lovebirds loved each other so
much, everyone on campus loved
them. They just could not live without each other. Lydia
will be so
happy to see you” she said.
It was the first time Cathy got to hear
a few things about her parents’
relationship, it comforted her that
they loved each other so much, she understood why her
mother became
depressed and angry with Melody for
accusing her of being responsible for
her husband’s death. Its a pity they
both ended that way.
They had dinner and despite her effort to let the two
spend a night,
Tom insisted that they leave.
“Thanx for coming sweety, you
should be coming every weekend and
you should consider spending a
holiday here, I will invite Lydia over, she will be so happy
to see you”
Cathy wondered who Lydia was but
did not ask , she guessed that it
should have been one of her
mother’s college friend, probably
bestfriend. “Wow I feel like I have just
discovered a family, I love that
woman” said Cathy in the bus.
“We are your new family Cathy, she
loves you as much, she told me that
she can’t believe that she finally has a daughter.”
Cathy looked through the window,
trees racing behind her, it was a cool
evening, life was really a struggle,
and the battle is not always to the
strong. The two sat silently until they got off
the bus. Cathy burst into laughter,
” what now?” Said Tom.
“Aunty told me about how you
wanted to be a priest from childhood,
what happened?” Tom looked away and laughed, Cathy
had taught him the ability to love and
showed him the other side of women,
he had thought that the only good
woman in the world was his aunt.
The following day,there was a knock which woke Jane up,
she went to the
door hoping it was Stanely, only to
find Alfred.
“Goodmorning Jane” he said.
“How may I help you?” She asked “Its Catherine, is she
dating?” He
“Is that why you came all the way,
you could have just called you know”
she said laughing at him.
“Its very important to me” he said. “Why do you want to
know, the last
time I checked, you clearly said you
dont want any friendship with her”
she said looking him in the eye.
“It was anger” he said.
“She is not dating, what now?” “Oh thank God” he said
making a
cross sign and looking to the
“I can’t let go off your friend, she has
colonised my entire heart, I can’t
pretend” he said. “Isnt it her, who should be hearing
this? Not me” said Jane.
“I need your help”
“Come in”
They enterd the house and plotted on
how best to approach Cathy and with what words?”
Jane called Cathy later in the
“Sweety, am asking for your brothers’
line” said Jane.
“Who?” Asked Cathy “Tom ofourse” said Jane
“What for?” She asked.
“Iwe just send, someone wants to
ask him concerning the course”
She sent her the number and she
forwaded it to Alfred. Jane later called Tom and
herself. She asked him if he could
help by mentioning Alfred in their
conversations with Cathy and see the
“I dont think I like that Alfred guy” said Tom.
“Your Job as her brother is not only
to choose what’s best for her but
also what makes her happy.” Said
When Tom met Cathy he said. ” If Alfred popped from
somewhere,what would be your
“I would run away” she told him.
Thats the same answer she gave him
all the time which frustrated Jane so much.
“I dont know if she still likes you or
not, just go over there and tell her
what you feel” said Jane on the
The following weekend, Alfred went to Lusaka to talk to
Cathy. He called
Tom and they met.
“Will you accompany me? Brother
inlaw?” He said.
They went to Cathy’s room and Tom
remained outside the hostel ,he called Cathy.
“Sis I have a surprise for you”
“What?” She asked.
“Open the door if you are in the
“Am still in bed, ” she said lazily Cathy walked to the door
hoping it
wasnt fools day in November.
She stood on the door way shocked.
Her heart was racing.
“Whaaa,,,what, are you doing here?”
Afred didnt know whether to smile or to look humble.
“Am here to see you Cathy” he said.
“Come in”
Alfred entered, nothing much had
changed, same wall paper, same
carpet,same table, only the beddings were different.
“Where is Kay”
“She went for weekend yesterday,and
how did you meet up with Tom?”
“We are buddies” said Alfred
“Well there is someone who wants to say hi to you” said
Alfred opening his
“Oh my God Jathy! Ewww I missed
you so much” she shouted grabbing
her from Alfred. “Ohhh” she hugged the teddy bear.
“I missed you so much,how is Jane?
Oh look at you all grown.”
And thats how her mood lightened
‘Jane’s idea was really ideal’ said Alfred to himself.
They talked a little about school,
work, the weather, Alfred didnt take
long before making known what he
had gone for.
“Somehow it looks like you ve gotten over me, which
breaks my heart” said
“I got over you the day you called me
a snake and a witch” said Cathy.
Alfred kep queit, how on earth could
he have called her those names. “Am really sorry, I was
foolish to call
you that, tempers were high and new
things were being said. But am realy
sorry, I just can’t live without you and
my worst nightmare is you being with
another man instead of me.” Cathy kept quiet.
She didn’t feel the same way as he
did but she knew that she çould
easily love him again.
“I could have given you a second
chance but you see am a born again and I dont want to
spend my life with
a man who drinks, what will I teach
my children?”
Now that was very hard for Alfred,
choosing between love and beer, he
loved them both, “But you know am not a heavy
drinker, I just drink on weekends”
“Drinking is drinking” said Cathy.
Alfred had to think quickly before he
could be seen as one who loves beer
more than Cathy or rush into a quick promise.
“You can teach me how to stop, you
can be giving me the Bible verses
concerning beer and you can draw
me closer to God” he said.
“Well” said Cathy giving a sigh. Afred turned to Jathy.
“Jathy please, help me tell aunty how
much I love her.
” I ll think about it, tomorrow maybe”
she said. She needed to enquire from
both Tom and Jane. They talked about other things and
after lunch Alfred left.
“Where are you staying?” Asked
Cathy as she escorted him.
“At a friend’s house” he said.
In the evening, Cathy called Jane and told her what Alfred
had done. Jane
acted surprised and called it
romantic,she told her to go for it if
she still liked him.
The following day ,Alfred went to see
Cathy again and was met with the goodnews,
“Maybe we can give it another try”
she had told him. He hugged her and
thanked her. They went for a movie
in the evening, with Jathy.
Preparations for Jane’s wedding were underway and
Cathy couldnt wait to
close school and participate fully.
They finally closed but her Aunty
insisted that she spend a night home
before leaving,so she went with Tom
and left the following day. Her aunt gave her money for
transport and told
her to keep in touch.
Back home, everyone was in the
wedding frenzy.
Alfred was so happy to see her
Catherine. “We ve come a long way my love” he
said kissing her. She smiled at him
and as usual freezing him.
He cooked for her sometimes and
took her shopping from time to time
and they went for picnics. “How come i didnt see this
side of you?” She teased him.
“Well I have to be the best man for
Soon it was the day of the wedding. grin grin
. .


Cc: Lalasticlala
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present sir.
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present sir.
Try as much as possible to read the story. I apologise for mentioning late. The story is fascinating, just take your time - you will learn a lot

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thanks babe

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InkPaperVodka cyndy1000 TheBlessedMAN twoclans
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MhiztaRange prettyMizQdot chivera018 uniquechild
skubido casler godwindanielboy donpiiko BdorianGray
Rhemy2013 donnaD audina nelem princessmj ayodijex nikz
vickysunmomi lady25 ann2012 mc6xty WAACUT canme4u
victoria2000 mjay05 aharpride1 tgold1 INDUSTRIALFAN
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Waow thanks man .... Let me post the last episode asap
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Thanks dear
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THE FINALE (Chapter 39)
“But how could you not invite Alfred
to the wedding” asked Cathy “We ran out of cards, am
really sorry
and the reception hall can just hold a
limited number of people.” explained
It was sad but Alfred told her that he
would be out of town,on a workshop so it was for the
good that he wasnt
Every one looked in awe as Jane
marched in the church. She was
escorted by her mother and joined
Stanely at the front, who was escorted by his father.
“,,,,he who finds a wife finds a good
thing” said the preacher.
They said their vows and it was time
for ” you may now kiss the bride.”
Stanely moved to his bride and as they both closed their
kissed passionately.
Cathy wished Alfred was present, to
get motivated, everyone cheered
except Jane’s mother who was too
embarrassed to watch . Church service was over and they
went to take photos.
In the evening, at the reception ,the
introduction was made by the people
on the line up,who danced their
bones to people’s satisfaction. Then the groom entered
dancing and then
the bride.
She was in a different wedding dress,
nicer than the first one. It was a
dropped-waist ,silk-satin gown which
skimmed her hips and flared mid thigh.
There was plenty of food and drinks
and people merried, the couple fed
each other the cake, .
It was time for the parents to go
upfront and deliver their speeches, its the most boring part
of a wedding
but these parents made it easier for
the people as their speeches were
very brief. Cathy was asked as well
to deliver a speech, she had told
Jane that it wasnt necessary but Jane had insisted that
she does it.
“Its my wedding, I make the rules
and you follow, you are my
bestfriend, you need to say
something” she had told her.
“I and Jane have known each other since we are just kids,
God let us
grow up together and now we are
best of friends, today is one of my
happiest days to see her get married
to the man whom she loves, love is a
beautiful,,,,,,,” She stopped as Alfred walked up to
her, everyone was watching
He went on one knee and holding a
ring in his hand he said ” will you
marry me?” Everyone clapped,and cheered.
“Oh Lord” said Cathy “yes I will”
She looked at Jane and she winked.
The wedding continued and people
danced and got drunk.
Finally it can to the end and Alfred went to Cahy’s house.
“You and Jane tricked me into
thinking that you were not in town.”
Said Cathy
“well it was Jane’s idea, all I said is
that I had bought a ring but I didn’t know the ideal
occasion to slip it on
your finger.”
She hugged him for the fifth time,
“We are going to have a new family
soon” she said.
She had called her aunt about it and she was so happy
“Set the wedding date and let me
know” she had said. She was going
represent her mother.
In the evening, Cathy asked Alfred to
leave. “We can’t spend the night together
babe, fornicaion is sin.”
“Ofourse my love” he answered.
From time to time they met and read
the Bible together, it was amazing
how much of the Bible verses Cathy could recite and how
well she
intepreted scripture.
“You know I never really took Jesus
serious, I knew that there was God
but Jesus dying for our sins never
really made sense to me and at times i thought he never
even existed, but
now I know that he came and really
what he did was a great sacrifice .I
feel like I ve lived my life in
darkness.” He had told her .
Cathy went ahead expounding on the prophesies of Daniel
and comparing
them to Revelation and how
prophecies of the Messiah in the Old
Testament is fulfilled in the New
Testament .
“Oh my God ,I can’t believe this” exclaimed Alfred.
He took so much intrest in reading
the Bible, holding Bible Study with
Since he had stopped going to
church ,he joined Cathy’s church and got baptised.
“I wish my girlfriend also could lead
me to God, the only place she leads
me to is the shopping mall” said
Frank and the two other bachelors
laughed. “I will invite you guys to the Bible
study I will be holding with Cathy
On a warm sunday, Cathy was seated
on the log of a tree lying on the river
bank with Alfred beside her. “The sun sets so beautifully”
Her thoughts were far away, she had
sat there with her father, then George
and now Alfred. It was at the same
river that she fell in love with Alfred when he had rescued
her from the
Thinking through everything, it
seemed like a dream, like a cloud of
smoke disappearing in horizon far
away, alo had happened.she put her hand on Alfred’s
Really love conquers all.
By Mbulu Mundia,
Thanks for reading.
what have you personally learnt from the story?

........ Another story comes up shortly kindly follow me on nairaland with Cyberprince8 and always visit Classicpluz.com for your stories

Cc : Lalasticlala

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Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by stevodot22(m): 6:01pm On May 11, 2018
Very nice piece, I really appreciate ur dexterity and simplicity on these work, kudos to u.

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