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Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by wristbangle: 5:27am On May 22, 2018

Thank you very much.

Happy birthday m'am.
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by chukxie(m): 5:29am On May 22, 2018
it happens everywhere

Who told you it happens everywhere? I guess by "everywhere" you meant everywhere in Nigeria.
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by yeman1(m): 5:50am On May 22, 2018

Easy bro, this is Africa not West. N200 will not kill her or saying she doesn't have money will not make her miss flight. It's wrong of him to ask, but na their way. Fill complaint form and submit, things will change one day. One day we will become better than Western countries

bro my first experience was in 2009 when I was traveling to Sweden , meenh ! if u see what so called immigration did to me, because í didn't bribe them, they delayed because my passport was a virgin passport. do you know d reason why I refused to give them? they asked of 100$ , for wetin. so they asked me to pack in one side and attending to other ppl. it was later they took me to one room like that and asked me to seat there , that when I missed my flights then I can talk sense. When I was there like 30mins , menh I now gave them d 100$ though the money was big then but I have no option than to leave . Fortunately I was d last person to enter plane cos they almost shut me outside.
Nigeria is not a country.
I had a stop over in Instanbul , I was afraid that those immigration will also ask for money... in fact they didn't ask for a penny till I got to Sweden . I don't know why our Nigeria country men (immigration) are always like that.

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Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by francisbarrack(m): 5:55am On May 22, 2018

Mr Trenton, in your medulla oblongata, you think you have said something?

Hapi born day dear...
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by nitrogen(m): 6:15am On May 22, 2018
Quite interesting. I guess I too need to document my upcoming trips.

Am in Manchester and London next month.

Watch out!

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Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 6:48am On May 22, 2018
Very interesting...wish there's more touristy reviews and pics but seems shopping is the number 1 priority for most Nigerian tourist especially females cheesy


Awwwww wink thank you guys so so much!!


Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 6:52am On May 22, 2018
I'm planning a few days vacation to Dubai soon on my own. I've been there twice on company expense and didn't really feel the cost. What's the range of a nice budget hotel say in Deira?

Now it's time to feel the cost. Dubai or the UAE now charges VAT and other taxes so, room rate may look affordable but taxes are waiting for you once you are about to finish booking. Depends on the length of your stay though
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 6:54am On May 22, 2018

what was Ur mission in Dubai

Let's just say business vacation.... but I felt compelled to document this journey. It was my first time documenting my journey.
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 6:56am On May 22, 2018
thank for the info I really enjoy the story, pls how much is the flight ticket to Dubai, and processing fee want to go for vacation soon but will like an estimate. pls

Well, it depends on length of visa, airline you want to flight with, type of hotel you want to stay in, if you are interested in touring.... etc but travel agency na family business so i didn't really feel the stress.
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 6:57am On May 22, 2018
you're one hell of a writer, beautiful piece.

Thank you for the accolade smiley
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 6:58am On May 22, 2018
I must confess ur story was captivating... Ur writing skills are top notch....pray for more blessings for you dear....Dubai like I have been told has a lot of attractions but the restrictions there are just not it for me

Thank you very very much for the compliments..... you should try Dubai, its not so bad na. Do you want to be sexing on the road? Cuz that's the only restriction I see and the fact that alcohol is bloody expensive.


Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 6:59am On May 22, 2018
Did you see our HushPuppi?

@dvkot.... please, who is that?? grin grin grin
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 7:01am On May 22, 2018
This is exciting I really loved it. Your writing skill thou made me feel like I was with u in dubia it's amazing how u made dubia come alive through words.


Thank you guys for the accolade
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 7:03am On May 22, 2018

I did, I just didn't post it..... tongue


Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 7:08am On May 22, 2018
PLEASE do we have anyone going to dubai second week in July for summer?
I would appreciate a companion Male or Female
Thank you
@OP please how did you make your research on dubai?

Do i have to change to dollars in Nigeria

Can i use my Naira debit card there?

Please help me with several pieces of advice needed to have quality while in dubai

is there a tourist map or tourist app you used?

thank you

My research was borne out of the fact that I really would love to live there someday so i had been doing my homework.

You need to hold dollars, pounds or Euro, naira is not tenable there. But I think dey sell dirhams at Nigerian airport but its Better to go with the aforementioned currencies.

You can use your Nigerian debit card but clear with your bank ahead of time to avoid disappointment in case they say you need dollar card

No tourist map or app...

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Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 7:08am On May 22, 2018

still In Dubai?

Nope..... sadly cry
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Sapphire86(f): 7:11am On May 22, 2018
Hi Sapphire,
Thanks for bringing us along on your trip. grin

Im impressed with your style of writing and penmanship, you captivate.

Are you aware you can earn a living doing just this, your travel expenses and all inclusive promotional items paid for?

I noticed where you talked about lindt, toblerone, galaxy and kitkat....that's marketing. I had a stopever in Charles de Gaule some years back and purchased a toblerone during wait for my flight to Nigeria. I wasn't too thrilled with the flavor but the taste was unforgettable. Seeing it in your narrative gave me craving for a toblerone. grin grin

So add your charming beauty with smooth dark complexion and magnetic pull to captivate your audience, with travels through different countries and terrains to bring glimpse of culture and traditions to global aaudience....on CNN Se you get my gist?

Much love! grin

Awwwwww.... thnx

Have a toblerone for the day na.. grin
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Adekdammy: 7:13am On May 22, 2018

Although I have never left the shores of this country, but I think giving #200 to the second officer could have saved you a lot of stress. Judging from the fact that you were stuck in traffic and angry with uber driver.

And u think he will collect it? Airport immigration guys Twale for them.

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Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Nobody: 7:14am On May 22, 2018

Immigration officer #200?? shocked shocked they are greedy oooo
i enjoved reading ur write up? love ur attitude:confident,simple and god fearing.hw many go don go church ?but this is ur second time yet u knw all these malls?am impressed.as for immigration,dubai officer can be rude u lucky the man no talk nonsense.i wonder y they were staring at u maybe because u were alone so they assumed what they usually assume of us.ignorant fools
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by MPESA(m): 7:17am On May 22, 2018

I wish all Nigerians can be like you. We are the main cause of this bribe issue. I love the way you didn't give in to bribe them. The first and the last time I bribed was 2013 and since then I have lost count of how many times I traveled but didn't give in to bribe. Na only God bless you I dey do.

Sir mostly first timers na must ooo , remembered some time last year a guy cough out whooping some of 50$ and gave to one idiot at MMA, seriously I nearly cry thou I have seen many of such too.
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by MPESA(m): 7:19am On May 22, 2018

Enjoy your stay in Dubai and make sure you enter Deira market and gold market too cheesy... I am sure you have bought as many cloth at Dubai mall. The mall is massive I must say. Enjoy my dear. And make sure you don't give them 1kobo at MMA when you come back.
shocked Hmmm you go sabi drag am with them grin
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by madridguy(m): 7:35am On May 22, 2018
Nice write up.
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by oshomoshi: 7:47am On May 22, 2018
Sounds interesting. Soon I will visit too
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by synclaire: 7:47am On May 22, 2018

I woke up this morning excited – did my prayers and went for my breakfast 10 minutes to the end of breakfast time to avoid any rush. I think the manager has a crush on me; he keeps looking at me, like he wants to say something but fear is holding him back (well, except he wants to refund my hotel bill, I’m not interested in listening to any grammar).
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Childishbanjino(m): 7:54am On May 22, 2018
Nice piece OP. It was really captivating. Simple language and excellent description.

How bout the guy who was hitting on you? I guess he didn't follow up
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by boyjo: 7:57am On May 22, 2018

Madam, getting Dubai visitor visa is easy. Just find an hotel online, they will process the visa for you if you plan to lodge in their hotel.

Thank you. This is what Saphire should have said. The question in summary was "how did you get your visa?". Or Saphire86,you don`t want people to showoff too their travel to Dubai?
Just kidding grin
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Alwaysking: 7:57am On May 22, 2018
When next you type back it up with pictures
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Nobody: 8:06am On May 22, 2018
Thanks my Brother. There's no perfect country in the world. We just have to make the best of the situations we find ourselves and put maximum pressure on our leaderships because critiqueing our leaders is the highest form of patriotism.
it’s not about being perfect. Our leader are not just ready...... not today, not tomorrow. If you said reasons about America, you don’t mean the leaders but the people that are perhaps shooting or selling drugs. It’s a pitiable situation where you see men above 35 beg for money at the airport. The airport attendants are not left out. Do your job and you will be blessed not asking to be blessed when you have not even done it. The departure and arrival of any country says much about them. I had a similar experience in Kenya and truth is the country isn’t doing well as one would expect. Story was different in Rwanda and South Africa, we can see how these countries are. Though I hear the police in SA are corrupt, I did not experience it. Point is Africans bother about what to eat, what car to drive, what house to live in more than adding or contributing value to make a system better. And No it’s not poverty, if it is, what’s happening in Rwanda won’t be happening.

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Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Nobody: 8:19am On May 22, 2018
Hopefully things will turn around for Nigeria. I don't even live in Nigeria but i am more optimistic about Nigeria than a lot of you guys.
Nigerians are great people. They are the smartest Africans I have come by. They are resilient and hardworking. I will write an article about them soon. However, like the saying of a rotten egg making others to rot so is the situation in Nigeria. A number of the rotten ones found their way to power so many years ago and the situation degenerated to what it is now. I really do not have a solution to the problem because the mind of an average youth is bleeped up already.

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Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by toffy333(m): 8:23am On May 22, 2018
Wallai if i no get money for this world wen i come eh!

God i beg bless my hustle make Me too totori my my experience for other countries like this aunty some days ah beg!
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by Ukododondon: 8:24am On May 22, 2018
OP..you did a good job by enlightening me further about the UAE... pls can you let me know how much in total in Naira this trip cost you.. Ranging from flight to hotel and others variables like shopping... Eg ..for a couple visiting, will 2 million Naira be too much , too little or just enough to catch the sort of fun you caught... thanks in anticipation of a response from you..
Re: 10 Nights in Dubai by nanizle(m): 8:30am On May 22, 2018
Nice writeup!

But I really don't get the idea of being forced by immigration persons to part with money!? shocked

Does it still happen?

Walahi one kobo no go komot for my had. I'd rather lecture them on how inappropriate that behaviour is and also make an official complaint.

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