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Roses And Thorns / Lost in Lust [A story by Toyin Olorunsola] / The Enemy Within - A Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal (2) (3) (4)

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Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by onojaford(m): 8:41pm On May 24, 2018
.Crown of thorns.

Obinna stared blankly into the air. His eyes were full of life but they were dead, in sight. He had lost them six years ago after his WAEC.
In that year, Nkechi called to announce to him that she would be getting married to another man. The news hit Obinna like thunder bolts and he would like Nkechi to say it to him face-to-face. He would like to look into her deep blue eyes while while she repeated the unbelievable news that was like to him, a taboo.
Being a devilishly determined and a hard-nosed boy, he turned deaf ears to the advice of his friends not to go and see Nkechi. He boarded a bus at Ejifa park, but unbeknown to him, doom lurked close by. Forty five minutes into the headache-inducing journey along the broken, rickety high way, the grey Volkswagen bus lost one of its front wheels, and it resultantly lost balance as it kept speeding. The driver laboured anxiously on the brake pedal as he tried to bring the vehicle to a halt, but he had been too quick at it. As the remaining tyres were screeching to a stop, the car rammed into a road bump and it summersaulted. The passengers were screaming and howling as death, the most-feared, was with them elbow to elbow in the ill-fated vehicle. There was hysterical screaming of "Jesus! Jesus!" and all other names they believed had miraculous power to save.
The vehicle went on another cycle of summersaulting, like an olympic gymnast and it came down, shatterring on the tarred road as with the Titanic on that giant ice berg.
Only four persons were favoured enough by fortune to survive the heart-wrecking disaster: Obinna, two babies of different parents, and a four years old girl; but Obinna lost his eyes. He also lost the love he so earnestly sought.

In the eleven months that Obinna spent in the hospital, Nkechi never went to visit him because her new husband did not feel secure enough to let his wife go visit her former lover. Nkechi didn't make efforts too. This was the last straw that shattered Obinna. He could feel the thorn-crown of Jesus around his heart. It broke him more than his lost eyes, but he would with time become notorious with women even in his blindness. He would embark on a ruthless mission of vengance. And before him, women were endangered.
To be continued....

Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by onojaford(m): 8:07pm On May 25, 2018
"Obinna, you can't see," Adorah who was now fuming with rage snapped, "so stop staring into the air like the answer to my question is there."
"Are you insulting me because I'm blind?" Obinna said rhetorically, then he continued in a monotone snarling. "Well, I slept with Nnagozie. Just once. For the pregnancy, I don't know for whom she had it. It may be for me and it may not. The odds are evenly high dear."
Adorah's jaw dropped as thrills of shock swept through her spine.
Obinna continued: "For the abortion, I never asked her to do that; I won't be that wicked even though I know that I am bounded for hell if at all it exists. But Nnagozie is intelligent, she is a woman who knows what to do and when to do it."
Adorah was dead silent. Tears welled up in her piercing eyes and it would turn into a heavy down pour any moment.
"Adora! Adora!" Obinna called, stretching out his hands searchingly to touch her. "Adorah, have you also left me?"
She sobs. She had many things to let out but if she dared open her mouth, the room would become a mini scene of crying festival. Obinna searched and dropped his left hand on her lap, empathically.
"It hurts when you cry."
"Please take your hand off me," she shrugged off, "you promised not to cheat but where are we now? Anyone seeing you would think you need help, but you are worst-off."
Obinna bowed his head reminiscently and clasped his hands in-between his crotch.
"Don't ever call me, you irritate me." Adorah cried as she zoomed to the door. Before Obinna could get there she had banged it at him with a tremendous energy. The sound was deafening, it expressed Adorah's resentment for his deed.

Since Nkechi, Obinna would become determined at seduction and he seduced with the precision of science. Before women, he had power in speech, and with words he could make them weak at the knees - leaving them to tumble helplessly in love with him. He was well learned in seductive machinations that the women would always forget that he was visually impaired in the first place. He made the women feel better with soothing words, and women being natural empaths, felt for him and yearned to help him sincerely. The fact that he obviously seemed to be in need of help always was an advantage for him, but he was the serpent of Eden, he lured with words.
Obinna developed an unflinching predilection for women who were already dating, married or engaged. He seldom lured single women and it was his own way of feeling a sense of revenge for the lost of Nkechi to another man. He would use every woman in a serious relationship to pay himself back. Since Nkechi sinned, all girls sinned too.
If he wanted a woman, he chased her with the kind of determination that led him to blindness.
Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by onojaford(m): 7:47pm On May 28, 2018
The sun had become a red ball in the west. Black migratory birds flew leisurely across the sky. They made "caw caw" sounds in a musical rythm.
Girls were strewn all over the courtyard and the balconies of Akpabio hall. Some washed their clothes industriously in a lawn that was well cultured and separated for outdoor laundary activities, while others formed constellations where they indulged themselves in endless jabbering of gossips. They would discuss friends who were single, ones who had boyfriends, those who recently started a relationship and those whose relationships had hit the rock of discord. It was their own way of relaxing after a tiring day of endless lectures.
It's a culture at Akpabio hall and it's neighbour Akintola Hall, for voluptuous and shapely girls adorned tiny shorts and shirts to roam freely at the balconies. Their style was causual and domestic but enough to turn men into wild animals.
All these has made Akpabio hall a haven for men and young boys in the evening and they would pilgrimage it's environs endlessly.
The hall had been nominated to be the neatest hostel twice, but it lost it all to Isa-Kaita - a more decent house of girls positioned opposite one of the lofty green hills of Nsukka, but not too distant from Akpabio.

Obinna sauntered along with Kelechi as they made for Room 241. Unlike every other blind person, his steps were overly cordinated and it had a style; but always raising his legs a bit too high to avoid kicking it against an imaginary stone betrayed his studied cordination and style. He was putting on a black Guissippie Zanoti mock top, a blue True Religion jean and brown runners. His Ray Ban glasses jet black.
As they walked, he swung his left hand freely like the pendulum and he turned his head swiftly, from side to side like he was trying to look into the eyes of who whoever passed by. It was a trick he used to mask his blindness superficially because he didn't want "blind" to be the first impression that strangers would get of him. To him, creating a good first impression was a religion; and like every religious person, he was faithful at creating excellent first impressions.

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Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by onojaford(m): 7:48pm On May 28, 2018
The first time he met Adorah, he asked her to look into his eyes and repeat her last statement. Adorah had told him that she had a boyfriend.
"Okay. But remove your glasses." She was still smilling, which was an after effect of Obinna's flowery words on her.
"Oh! I won't. Not now, atleast." Obinna replied. His voice monotone.
"Why?" Adorah frowned, and Obinna could now feel the frown in her voice. She was swinging mood.
"But you don't have to frown. Well, if you want to know why it's ok. I am blind." Obinna affirmed and without waiting for her to say a word, he moved his right hand to the right handle of his shades. He was being mechanical about it.
"Now that you know," he placed his shades and pushed it up against his forehead with his index finger, from the bridge of his nose, "I want you to look into my glasses and repeat that statement."
Adorah was too cold with sympathy that she could not easily continue the flirtatious conversation they had started.
"Am listening." Obinna rasped.
Adorah was dead silent contemplation. She wondered how he knew all he had said about her earlier. It was then she realised why he complimented her voice most, of all her features, he was largely an auditory person.
She felt many emotions at once: sympathy, pity, compassion, sadness, and joy. Joy, that she may be of genuine service to him; but all the emotions would dissipate and then condense into a desire. Adorah would desire to possess him, she would desire to have him. And that was the ethical goal of all Obinna's seductive ploy. To become an object of uncontrollable and wild desire to his victim.
"Woman, I tell you something. You never pity me. You get," he swallowed hard, trying to articulate his thoughts, "else we can't be friends."
"This is exactly what I'm going to to," he added, "I will give you a superb experience of adventure that no seeing man can offer you. Yes."
He pushed his shades against his forhead with his index finger, from the bridge of his nose then he clasped his hands hard in a tremendous energy and the veins of his hands came alive on the surface of his skin which was now glistening wet from pespiration.
Though his tone and manner was subtle, his words had hit Adorah as a challenge, the exact effect Obinna was consciously creating.
Adora was left curious, always wanting to konw what was behind the veil of his blindness.

Kelechi tapped the door of Room 241 twice and a tall teeny girl appeared..... To be continued.


Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by Nobody: 7:39am On May 29, 2018

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Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by onojaford(m): 4:47am On Jun 01, 2018
Kelechi tapped the door of Room 241 twice and a tall teeny girl appeared with only her head jutting out of the door she had left half opened. It was Ngozi, Adorah's roommate who never liked Obinna. The more Obinna and Adorah got closser, the more she disliked him. She never gave him even the slightest of a welcoming gesture.
Now that Obinna and Adorah are not in terms, she took time and wisdom to sow seeds of discord in Adorah's heart and as her seeds took roots downward, Adorah and Obinna may never reconcile - and Ngozi would continue to show her hatred. She was not the type to play a hypocrite at hating people. She would not smile at your face and stab you in the back, rather, she stabbed your face, then your back.
"What do you guys want, eh, arseholes?" Ngozi queried. Because her tone was unusually light hearted, Obinna and Kelechi didn't take her insult to her.
Her skin was as fair as the yellow lotus, her face as slim as the crescent moon, and as jaw was as tappered as the letter "V," and it made her physiognomy to be gracefully mysterious - giving her admirers the feel of a memorable but yet complex facial structure.
"Em, it's Adorah ..." Kelechi started.
"Hello NG. We seek Adorah. Is she in?" Obinna said, interrupting Kelechi who was almost stuttering. Ngozi loathed the familiarity in his voice. He had called her "NG" a sobriquet she reserved and would prefer to be used by close friends alone. It was annoying her but she would form a toothy grin.
"Yes. She is in." She smiled impishly. "I call her for you."
One could not say Obinna was clairvoyant, but sure he did have the sixth sense. He felt something was amiss because Ngozi's manner with him that evening was unprecedented.

"The blind bat is here." Ngozi announced to Adorah who had been curled up in her bed, flipping listlessly through a fashion magazine. On its back cover was a magnificent picture of a high-cheek-boned woman, Skin tanned, and her slim lips coated with crimson lipstick, the chatoyancy of her watery eyes were alluring. Her gracefully made-up face formed a giant smile and the picture seemed to be straing and smiling at everyone who crossed the path of the magazine. It was a living thing.
"Sonofabitch!" Adorah jerked to her feet, allowing the magazine to fly off her hands, not minding wherever it landed. ......To be continued.


Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by Nobody: 7:44am On Jun 01, 2018
Thanks for the update. Keep it up. God bless. Happy new month.
Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by onojaford(m): 9:48am On Jun 04, 2018
Thanks for the update. Keep it up. God bless. Happy new month.
Same to you man.
Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by onojaford(m): 9:51am On Jun 04, 2018
Adorah was wearing a cream coloured gown of fine gossamer silk. It flowed around her body with the viscosity of mecury, revealing a perfect outline of her breasts. They were like lobes of a lofty twin hill; the type one would see at Udi. They were full, elegant and youthful. The nipples formed two conspicuous dots through the gown.
She scurried from one corner of the room to another like a woman searching for her lost coin. She stopped at the corner that was reserved for cooking. She opened the pots at quick successions, then she found exactly what she was looking for. It was Uloma's pot. Uloma had used it to cook beans two days ago and left it unwashed, instead, she continued to fill it with water. Uloma would never wash her dishes on the first or second day, after use. She allowed them to pile up and her habit has caused quarrels between her and Adorah who seemed to obssesively compulsive with keeping things clean and orderly; but today, she would be thankful for Uloma's habit.

The door swung open and "sonofabitch" was the last word Obinna heard before the slimy and stinky water drenched him. He rubbed his right hand firmly against his face, begining from his forehead. He smelt of fermented cassava.

"I knew it!" He scowled, then said nothing more. Kelechi stared at him, his eyes blinking animatedly in disbelief and bewilderment. It was a nuseating sight that left Obinna an eyesore.

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Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by Nobody: 7:56pm On Jun 04, 2018
Thanks for the update. God bless. Need more updates.........
Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by onojaford(m): 8:16pm On Jun 04, 2018
Thanks for the update. God bless. Need more updates.........
I will do that.
Re: Crown Of Thorns - A Story Of Love, Hatred, Lust And Adventure by Ifypresh(f): 6:28pm On May 09, 2020
Why did u stop? pls continue.

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