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Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 11:19am On Jun 23, 2018
ONCE UPON A CORPER Copyright © 2018 All right reserved. This story shouldn’t be reproduced in any form or any means without the permission of the writer. (Ola_Olowo) This story is totally a fiction and it’s dedicated to all Ex-Corpers, Current Corp members and all prospective corp members all over the nation. This is a continuation of “My Nysc Diary Season 1 and My Nysc Diary Season 2 (Life as a corp member in Ibadan) Prologue This is a story of a young man whose exploit during his Nysc years turned him to a Super-Agent. After so many years outside his fatherland, he was called back home to carry out some Nysc related assignment which is to stop the kidnapping of Corp members in some camps.

source : www.emperorblog.com.ng
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Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 11:22am On Jun 23, 2018
you can also read : MY NYSC DIARY AND 21 DAYS IN,CAMP SEASON 1 AND 2 ON
EPISODE 1 I went to GENESIS hotel through EXODUS road. On the way, I saw LEVITICUS recording the NUMBERS of people at DEUTERONOMY while JOSHUA was waiting at the beautiful gate for JUDGES to see RUTH calling loudly, SAMUEL, SAMUEL. At a stage, the first and second KINGS of CHRONICLE 1 & 2 were among to visit EZRA, NEHEMIAH and ESTHER for the misfortune of JOB their brother. They started singing PSALMS and teaching children the PROVERBS concerning ECCLESIASTES and SONGS OF SOLOMON. This coincided with the period that ISAIAH was engaged in JEREMIAH’S LAMENTATION together with EZEKIEL and DANIEL their friends. By the time AMOS and OBADIAH were not around. Three days later, HOSEA, JOEL and JONAH travelled in the same ship with MICAH and NAHUM to Jerusalem, HABAKKUK then visited ZEPHANIAH who introduced him to HAGGAI, a friend of ZACHARIAH Moses cousin’s MALACHI. Immediately after tradition, MATHEW, MARK, LUKE and JOHN got involved in ACTS of the ROMAN who were behaving like the 1st CORINTHIANS group because the 2nd CORINTHIANS group were always at loggerhead with the GALATIANS. At that time too, they advised that the EPHESIANS and PHILIPPIANS were close to the COLOSSIANS and a suggestion for the 1st THESSALONIANS was made and that on their 2nd THESSALONIANS visit, they should first of all see the first and second of the TIMOTHY brothers who had gone to the house of TITUS to teach PHILEMON his younger brother how to read and write in HEBREW. On hearing this, JAMES asked PETER twice to explain to him how the three JOHNS have disclosed to JUDE the REVELATION of this journey. And talking about journey, only one’s destiny can really say where a man heads to in life. For all those who have known me, the genesis of my journey was “MY NYSC diary and the 21 days in camp” and that was where it all began. I could remember vividly I had a revelation on the last day we were leaving camp that Boko haram attacked us and they destroyed the camp with their bombs. Ugo and I alongside some couple of corpers were able to escape through the fence which was close to our room. We jumped over the fence successfully and managed to escape from Kangere (where the bauchi NYSC camp was) and we have no choice than to paddle canoes down the Shinuwa River to the other side of the village before I was shot at the back by one of them. Immediately the bullet got to me, I woke up. I relocated back to Ibadan, with my friend, Goddy. Goddy and I had some funny adventure moment in Oyo not until the last revelation I saw in camp came to reality. My NYSC diary season 2 gave the account of how it all went (you can get it on www.emperorblog.com.ng and I bet you this time, I was really shot. Well, some might have thought that was the end of it, but little did I know that was where it all began. TO BE CONTINUED…
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 11:24am On Jun 23, 2018
Episode 2 While in my unconscious state, I thought I was dead. I was moving round in a place like a desert till I saw light afar of. I walked close to the place then I discovered it was all guarded by angels. The building was made of gold and I couldn’t stop admiring it till I was challenged by one of the angels.

Son of man, you are not meant to be here….. The angel said. Go back into the world and complete your mission. I was sent back to earth, unknown to me that my guardian angel was sent to be with me at that time. Goddy and I’s heroics paid off and we were handsomely rewarded by the Oyo state governor and we were also awarded scholarship to further our education in the United States. * * *************************************************************************** It’s been four years since I left Africa for the United States to have my Master’s degree, thanks to the scholarship of the governor then, Governor Ajumobi. My life had taken an effect which I never thought of. This is not the path I dreamt I will be on but when life throws you a lemon, you make a lemonade from it. Immediately after my master’s program, I joined one of the secret agent in New Jersey and got trained as a special agent with the dream of helping my father’s land the best way I can.

Different news about the kidnapping of corps members were going wild every day back in my fatherland and I do get the alert on a special system I have at home thanks to Ugo, my longtime friend who now works with the body, helping them with the mobilization of corps members.

I thought Bangrajan was dead! I shot him when he was trying to escape during our kidnap incidence back then. I still had two months to complete my course as a special agent. Even though I have passed all assignments given to me in flying colours, the organization still feels I have to complete my course, and with the hope of them retaining me as a full agent.

Africa oh oh oh, Africa oh men ye niba Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa eh… that was salif kaita’s popular song titled Africa. It had been my ringing tone since I had been in the US. I have been driving back from the just concluded assignment at Philadelphia, going back to New Jersey where I currently stay.

I just nabbed one of the boys of Mc Dean, who has been our target for over two months. MD popularly called by his colleague has been on our radar for some time. He was responsible for the killing of Professor Baxter in my institution. After I failed to pick up my phone during the first ringing, my phone rang again, I checked the caller, this time it was Agent Tracy, my colleague. 1. Tracy: Oh Lam, you got the package? Ola: Tracy, when will you get the right pronunciation? Its OLA not Ohlam. It’s not necessary you call the full name alright?

1. Tracy: whatever, (she said in her American Accent) have you gotten the package? Ola: stocked in my boot 1. Tracy: Hurry! You’ve got an emergency Ola: what is it? Talk to me 1. Tracy: You’ve got a new assignment outside the states. Ola: Why? This isn’t the right time for me to leave the states for an assignment. And moreover, I haven’t completed my course yet. 1. Tracy: Forget about all that boy. The big boss is involved in this. Ola: what?

Then Tracy hanged up! Within 10 minutes, I drove straight to park the car while two of our secret agent were already on ground to take MD’s boy to the darkroom for further interrogation while I head straight to the channel room. Immediately I opened the door, I was welcomed in straightway by Tracy.

Tracy: welcome ohlam, nice job you’ve done today but I am sorry we will be needing you to go on another assignment but this might look personal to you. The recent reports we are getting from Nigeria about the kidnap is getting out of hand, most especially in the western part of the country. We were able to use some of our technology to get a 5 minutes video footage of how the latest kidnap was carried out. Check this out (she handed over the tab to me then I watched keenly)
Tracy: so bad we won’t be having enough time to spend together as we’ve planned but I promised to make it up to you as soon as you are back from this assignment
Ola: Na you sabi Tracy: what did you just say? (Smiling) Ola: must you understand my language? (Still watching the video) Tracy: you are not serious Ola: but I haven’t complete my course yet Tracy: we all know you are good to go Ola. You’ve been one of our best secret agent since you got into this institution. Ola: that is not a reason why I should be sent to this Tracy: go talk to the captain Ola: What? Is he aware of this already? Tracy: sure he has (then she left) Ola: oh my God! How could they have done this at my back without letting me know? TO BE CONTINUED
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 9:02am On Jun 24, 2018
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Re: Once Upon A Corper by Bluehaven(m): 2:32pm On Jun 24, 2018
Thanks for the tag Yhungbrowhne, but do know that I hate reading stories that have no end.
Besides, why another reference to another site aside NL?
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 4:12pm On Jun 24, 2018
Thanks for the tag Yhungbrowhne, but do know that I hate reading stories that have no end.
Besides, why another reference to another site aside NL?

that site,belong to me so if you cant wait for updayr just vit

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Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 6:28pm On Jun 24, 2018
EPISODE 3 I left the channel room heading to the captain’s office. I gave a short knock on his door before heading in. Agent Ola, how are you? My captain asked in his usual gruff voice I’m fine sir. I replied unhappily Agent Ola, I am reassigning you back to your country, Nigeria. There has been some issues of kidnapping in the western part of the country and most of the past occurrences has always been happening during the deployment of corps member. Senator Silva, one of the people contesting for the presidential post got in touch with us and he wants someone who will watch over his rebellious daughter who insisted on serving her fatherland which was against her father’s wish. He doesn’t want any distraction as he wants to prepare really hard for the upcoming election. Are you with me? He asked Yes of course I am. I replied sharply Good! The senator needs someone within the age range to be with her all the time during the camp and that’s where you fit in. you get me? He asked again Yes sir, I understand. But how do I get myself into the camp? Remember I was once a corp member and all my data will still be on their database. I asked. Don’t worry about that. We have made arrangement for all that and you will be going in as a foreign student with a new identity. He replied. Also, I need not to tell you that the senator has enemies from other political party who don’t want him to become the president, knowing fully well that he is a man of the people and you are being assigned a very tasking job. Be set, get prepared, because by 10am tomorrow morning you should be on the plane to Nigeria. He added while I looked down with tensions as the thought of going back to Nigeria with this new major task outside the US caught my mind. It really would be my first major assignment. The event some years ago in Ibadan was unexpected and I scale through with the help of divine intervention and I couldn’t help but to imagine how I was going to protect the senator’s daughter among more than 2,000 people in camp. Yes, I was now a trained agent but was I really ready? Lord help me. I breathe before heading home. The next day, Kim (My girlfriend) drove me to the airport in New Jersey. We remained mute to each other since yesterday when I broke the news to her about my trip to Nigeria. Few minutes later, we got to the airport. Kimberly located the parking lot and she parked the car and she was about getting out of the car when I held her hands. I just needed to speak to her before leaving states for this mission of mine. I felt like crying when I looked into her eyes, only to discover that her eyes are welled up already with unshed tears. Ola: I know I have been unfaithful to you and our relationship has not been the way we wanted it. Believe me Kimberly, you are the best thing that has ever happen to me. I am deeply sorry for not spending enough time with you ever since I got this job. Kim: it’s alright ok, but I just want you to know that I don’t deserve all these treatment I am getting from you. At that point, she couldn’t hold the tears any longer. At that moment, I couldn’t hold the tears anymore as I allowed them to pour out too. We locked ourselves in a tight embrace and I promised to come back to her after the assignment. I stepped out of the car, got my bags and headed straight inside the airport. I checked in and waited for my flight to be announced. And in a matter of minutes, I was on board, coming back to my fatherland. In Nigeria Chief Wilson, a 58 years old man came down the stairs into the living room to see his chief security officer and some couple of his bodyguards sitting down on the couch awaiting his arrival and immediately they saw him, they all stood up and gave him a bow. Good morning chief, Fred, the chief’s security officer greeted. Hey Fred, chief greeted smiling. How are you all doing? We are fine sir. The others answered at different intervals. So tell me what have you got yet? Chief asked? Sir, we’ve gotten a lead on his second daughter who will soon be going for service by next week and according to our findings, she is being posted to Ogun state, Fred replied sharply. Hmmn that’s a good news. Chief replied rubbing his big tummy. So, when are you guys swinging into action? He asked? Immediately the camp starts. We will have to plant one of our boys as a worker in the camp’s market so she can be monitored. Fred replied. Am astonished to hear how far you guys have gone. By the time we kidnap Silva’s daughter, he won’t have time to focus on the upcoming election. Chief said smiling. TO BE CONTINUED…
read more on www.emperorblog.com.ng
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 6:30pm On Jun 24, 2018
EPISODE 4 At the Airport Wright, who was assigned to pick Ola was seen waiting outside the airport. Just some minutes later, the plane he was expecting finally landed. The passengers of the plane came down and they were all welcomed by their loved ones. Ola was seen with two of his bags scanning everywhere to see the guy waiting to pick him up, just then, wright spotted him then he walked up to him. Hey Ola, wright said. Wright I guess…. He replied and they shook hands. Welcome to Nigeria. Hope you are well prepared for this. He said as he took one of the bags from me and we walked down to where he parked his car. Well, it’s what we are meant to do. Get prepared like the Boys Scout do say. I replied. We both laughed then we started rolling our way out of the airport. An hour later We drove straight to the senator’s house where I was seated and nervous at the same time. I know this assignment won’t be like what I experienced myself some years back. I really don’t know what the future had for me but yes I guess I was so ready for this. Please don’t screw this up, it’s the senator’s daughter’s life that we are talking about here. And if everything work out well, he might be the next president of this country and you know the benefits that will come in after the successful completion of this job.be focused and never lose guard. Wright as advised earlier as we got out of his car while I nodded quickly like an apprentice. I was led straight to the senator sitting room where the senator wife was anxiously waiting for us. The smile on her face dearly showed how happy she was to see me. Just some minutes later the senator joined us and we all stood up to greet him. Here is Agent Ola sir. He is the best agent for the job “wright addressed the senator whose eyes was beaming with smile still fixing his eyes on me. I know about him Agent Wright. Senator Silva cut at him sharply. The former governor of Oyo state who happened to be leader of my party and also friend told me about your exploits. I guess you have been briefed on the nature of your new assignment. Senator asked. Yes sir, I answered Good. My daughter Janelle isn’t an easy person to deal with. All our pleas to her that she should forget about NYSC and travel abroad for her master degrees all fell to her deaf ears. And at this difficult period when the presidential election is just around the corner, I don’t want to take any chances because I don’t know what my rivals are up to. Please protect her for me. He pleaded, smiled and shook my hand. He left us without another word while his wife who had been silent all along sat upright and faced us. “Your agency have everything you need for this, please keep my daughter safe. Ensure you monitor her movement wherever she may be during the activities in camp. Minutes later, Wright and I left the Senator’s apartment to his apartment. It’s a mini flat and it is well equipped with everything a bachelor like Wright might need. Welcome to my home. Wright said smiling A nice place you have here. I said smiling too There are three rooms here, I use one, while the other one is the computer room where I carry out my job. You can use the empty room right there (pointing to the corner in the room) I moved to the room, UnCloth and head to the bathroom to have a cold shower. In some minutes, I was served dinner and I slept off. ************************************************************************ THE JOURNEY I know you might all be wondering how I will be able to go for NYSC again after I originally went for mine years ago. It was quite easy for us as our agency had an insider who works at the NYSC headquarters in Abuja who helped in erasing all my previous data on their database temporarily till I complete my mission, then it will be restored back. My new identity is Ezekiel Obochi, schooled abroad and a foreign student. It was a wonderful drive from Lagos to Shagamu, where the Ogun state camp was located. I already have everything set right from home and also all the details of Janelle Silva. Registration had begun an hour ago before I got there and the solders I met at the entrance ran thorough checks on my bags and all my document before allowing me in. The ogun state camp was readily beautiful, compared to kangere in Bauchi state where I was posted. Titled corridor and a beautiful environment right from the gate, the soldier have been telling me “welcome to the five star camp”. The solder were quite friendly though. I went to the registration hall to join the long queue. I was looking all round hopefully I could sight Janelle but I couldn’t at that point. I wasn’t worried anyway. All I just have to do was to remain calm because we will still be in the same platoon after all. Somewhere in the camp *at the mamee market It’s Francis on the phone talking to Fred Hi sir Yes Francis. Hope everything is set. Fred asked Of course. I have everything stocked here. Business has commenced and the registration is currently on. Francis said Good. Have you spotted her yet? Fred asked again No sir……. Still negative on that but I am sure she is around the camp. Fantastic. Ensure you do a nice job. Make sure you give me update everything ok? Alright boss…. Francis replied. Then he hanged up. Fred smiled and turned to the man(He is the owner of the business at the mamee market but was kidnapped and held hostage just a day before camp resumes) held captive, blindfolded with his hands and legs tied with strong ropes and said, “Don’t worry, you will be free as soon as our mission is complete. TO BE CONTINUED…

read morr on www.emperorblog.com.ng
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 9:12pm On Jun 25, 2018
Episode 5 Just as planned, I was fixed in platoon 2 after I got the printout during the registration. I did all the normal formalities before searching for a room which I easily got. I took time to survey the whole block where my room was and I kind of like the structure of the building. How I will be able to sleep on those tiny bunks became a problem but I have no choice than to adjust to thing. It’s a familiar situation so it should be easy to get over them. The next day during the morning parade, I saw her! Janelle was indeed beautiful compared to her picture which I have with me and also on my phone. She was a beauty to behold but I cared less about it. Kim must be so disappointed in me if she knows the love of her life is admiring someone else. And talking of Kimberly, It’s been two days we talked. Hopefully I will have the time to call her after the evening parade. I ensured that I monitor all her movement and also manage to have a few talk with her during the morning drill. The third day, the platoon have to elect a platoon leader. The platoon commandant called out anybody who is interested to be the platoon leader. Nobody showed interest so I stood up, then my platoon friends started hailing me shouting “Eze! Eze!!, Eze!!! The platoon commandant asked me to pick my assistant then I pointed out to no other person than Janelle. Now, things are falling into plan gradually. Plan 1 achieved. Chief Wilson descended the stairs into the living room where two of his party friends were seated. The two men, Prince Ekene, a former executive governor of Owerri and Adedoyin Babatunde, a two time presidential aspirant who has lost twice at the general election. Good morning Chief. ”The two men greeted How are you doing this morning? Wilson asked We are good sir. “The two men replied Hope no problem? I was not aware of this visit earlier. Wilson asked. Sir, we are here concerning our preparation towards the election. Remember it’s just two months left. What are your plans towards Chief Silva? He poses more threat to us than any other person from other parties. Let’s go upstairs where we will have some privacy. Chief Wilson said leading the way and his Visitors followed him. *************Upstairs***************** “Silva remains our only opposition in the upcoming election. All other presidential aspirants has agreed to give our party the necessary support we need. Wilson began. We’ve agreed to pay them off and we’ve also reached an agreement to give their aspirant a Ministerial post if our party wins. Wilson Concluded, looking at the two men who is sitting opposite him keenly. Ekene knew only few of the party’s activities and policies because he just decamped from the opposition party when he discovered he’ll never win the presidency ticket while in the party. But joining the ruling party, he knew he won’t get the presidency ticket but he has been assured of the post of the vice president by the party leaders and also Wilson himself. The three men continued to make plans over the upcoming election. To be continued…
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 9:13pm On Jun 25, 2018
Episode 6 Things have been really rough for me since the day I was made the platoon leader. Janelle can be frustrating at times but what am I going to do? She can be so rude and stubborn just as her parents had earlier informed me but I never took it serious. One day, after we had our evening parade, Janelle offered to take me for dinner which I instantly accepted and we both walked hand in hand to the mamee market. What will you love to eat? I asked her as we got to the entrance of the market. Noodles and egg will do for the night. Janelle replied and held my hands and we walked together to one of the shops owned by an Aboki I guess. Aboki, good evening… (I greeted the man we met in the shop who was attending to some corpers too. Francis smiled…. (He knew this day will come. If only the Senator’s daughter knew what will befall her soon) Good evening Corfer! Wetin una wan buy? Make 3 noodles for us, then fry four eggs. Add onions and any other ingredient you have. And please, make it fast. Janelle said sharply. Janelle and I located a sit and we were both gisting about the events of the day. Some couple of our platoon members also joined us and they can’t stop hailing us. I know their hailing won’t go for free and I ended up paying for their meals. 20 minutes later, the Aboki served us our meal. Chei! Madam, this is your own. I make sure say your own plenty well well pass your boyfriend own. I want make you dey patronize me well well for here. The Aboki said and he turned to attend to other corpers waiting to be served. And you are going to eat all this in this your small stomach abi? I asked Janelle feigning jealousy. Don’t tell me the one with you can’t be enough for you. She asked. It can’t jor. I replied. Oya take this one. Bring yours. (We exchanged the food) Hope you are satisfied now? She asked as she took a spoon of the noodles into her mouth. Oh yea….I replied while I continued eating too. We left the mamee market just some minutes before the light out. I escorted Janelle to her hostel and she surprised me with a tight hug and whispered good night to my ears. I stood transfixed to that same spot watching her leave into her hostel with her white short and her white vest. I got to my block to meet my guys in the room discussing about the football game played between my platoon and platoon 9. Eze, how far now? One of my guys in the room who was one of the players of platoon 9 asked. Ibu, I dey o! Una think say you go fit win my platoon abi? I replied smiling in the process. Una platoon no sabi anything at all. Why dem no come out play? All of them just dey defend like say na Mourinho dey coach them? Ibu talked while everyone in the room burst into another round of laughter. As I got to the side of my bunk, I fell down instantly. Chike, my platoon guy whose bunk was next to mine ran up to me. I couldn’t understand my stomach but I know I was feeling severe pain. All I could see was my guys in the room surrounding me, trying to lift me up, but I slumped and everything around me turned black. Meanwhile, somewhere in the camp… Hello Fred… Yes Francis, any update yet? Fred asked. She came over to my kiosk this evening. She came to eat noodles and I added the substances to it. In some minutes, she will be taken to the camp clinic. I know they won’t be able to do anything to it so they will be taking her out. Be prepared to ambush the camp ambulance. He said and hanged up smiling… TO BE CONTINUED… ***************************************************************** Episode 7
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 3:08pm On Jun 26, 2018
Episode 7 The whole of block 2 was in disarray as some set of male corpers were seen carrying someone heading to the camp clinic which is still some miles away. At the camp clinic was a young corper, Dr. Yaabari. A medical student of the University of Jos who was on night duty when some set of guys rushed in a corper who appeared unconscious. He was taken to a bed and examined by the Doctor and a female corp member too who was the matron also on night duty. What happened to him? Dr. Yaabari asked We don’t know. He came in not quite long and as he was about sitting on his bed, he slumped. Chike said. Dr. Yaabari checked his heartbeat again with his stethoscope. He needs to be taken to the hospital. His heartbeat is reducing and if care is not taken, we might lose him. Dr. Yaabari said dropping his stethoscope with the matron and he was seen moving to the small room which was meant to be his office. He filled a form and heads out to get the signature of the Camp commandant, Captain B.K Akinmulero. After some minutes, he came back in a small car with a driver, accompanied by one of the soldiers, he was out of the camp clinic and the car was seen driving out of the camp. Somewhere around the camp clinic, Francis was seen talking with one of the guys who rushed Eze to the camp. He wanted to be sure if he really hits his target before giving the go ahead to Fred who are already set to ambush the camp ambulance. Oga Corfer, abeg wetin happen… Francis asked Nna ehn, na one of our guy for our room fall down o. Chigioke, one of Eze’s room mate replied Wetin do am? Francis asked We know no o. The guy just enter back before the light out nah in he just fall down But sorry o, na guy abi na girl because he be like say I no hear you well. Francis said I say na my guy for room. Johnson replied angrily and walked away. Francis knew it might have been the guy that came with Janelle. Probably they ate each other’s food. But wait, if they’ve eaten each other’s food. Then why has Janelle not been brought to the Clinic? He asked himself… Wait, hold on, hold on. He said to himself. Would they have switched the foods when I left them? Oh God! That must have been what happened! I need to call Fred immediately. He brings out his phone… Hey Fred, terminate the next move. Francis said What do you mean? We’ve got the target on our sight. Fred said. I say terminate the next move. We’ve got the wrong person in the ambulance. Francis said angrily and hanged up. Fred and his guys had to turn back to D-Star hotel. Fred was so angry. How could Francis have given the poisonous substance to the wrong person? He asked himself. He dipped his hands into his pocket and brought out a small tube which has some liquid substance in it. That was the antidote. The initial plan was to poison Senator Silva’s daughter which they were so sure the camp clinic won’t be able to treat. They knew she will be taken away from the camp to the nearest state hospital which was at Shagamu, just some miles away from the camp. Then they hijack the ambulance, give the antidote to her. The antidote will reverse the effect of the poisonous substance in her system then knock her out for 72 hours. Now their first plan is gone! How are they going to get their target? What are they going to tell Chief Wilson? Arrrghhhh…He banged his right fist on his left palm then brought out a pack of cigarette from his pocket and lights it up as he thinks of the next line of action. State Hospital 30 minutes later, the NYSC ambulance got to the hospital premises. Two nurses brought out a stretcher immediately and Ola was taken into the emergency ward. In some minutes, the Doctor entered the ward and after about 10 minutes, he came out again. Chike “Good evening, please what is exactly wrong with him? Asked the confused looking Doctor on seeing the silver substance in his mouth. He slumped just some minutes when he came in from the Mamee market. Chike replied. The Doctor went in again. About an hour later, another Doctor was seen entering the ward. It must have been something serious. Dr. Olajire and Dr. Aganga were trying their best in the emergency ward to find a vein in Ola’s body but it was to no avail because his body was already swollen, his eyes were turning green but he was in Oxygen. This is quite strange. Said Doctor Olajire as he removed his gloves. This guy should be dead by now, he is being turgid. Said Doctor Aganga. He was brought in late, but we have to try our best. Since I can’t find any vein I will have to cut him to take the sample of his blood for a test. Said Olajire as he made an incision on his hand. About an hour later….. Somewhere in the second floor Doctor’s office Doctor Olajire was seen with an envelope coming out of the elevator as he entered his office. Dr. Aganga and another Senior Matron was already waiting for him. I think I know what the problem is now’’ Muttered Olajire ‘’I gave the blood sample I took from him to the haematologist, after carrying out some test, he deduced that the blood contain a very poisonous chemical substance. ‘’Wow, he is suffering from chemical poison then. Said Aganga ‘’No wonder some silver substance were found in his mouth’’ the matron said So what next? Asked Aganga We need to find the antidote. replied Olajire TO BE CONTINUED….
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 3:10pm On Jun 26, 2018
Kim hasn’t been able to reach Ola for
some couple of hours. All the
messages she sent to him on Facebook
and Instagram has not been replied
yet. She keeps calling his lines but
none of it was going through. She
thought of going to see Tracy, Ola’s
co-worker in the agency. Ola have
always told her how Tracy loves
flirting around him for no reason but
he really don’t have time for her. Kim
decides to still wait for 24hours before
reaching the agency.
Agent Wright hasn’t been able to get
through to Ola for some couple of
hours. The tracker in his body
indicates he has left the vicinity of the
camp. His two phones was switched
off. He still keeps trying his number
and if he doesn’t get through to him,
he will have to contact the
headquarters about the latest
At the hospital
Ola was still on the bed almost lifeless.
He is just some miles away from the
gate of death. Doctor Olajire, Aganga
and other matron was seen at Doctor
Olajire’s office thinking on how they
can find the antidote. Let’s call our
branch in Lagos. Maybe they can have
the antidote. Said Aganga.
That’s true but we don’t have much
time. Said Olajire
He walked to where Ola was laid on
the bed and checked the rate of his
heartbeat which was faint.
Am afraid we might lose him if we
don’t get the antidote within two
hours said Olajire.
Janelle haven’t seen or heard from Eze
since last night. She was gradually
falling in love with Eze no doubt but
she had to wait for him to approach
her first. She didn’t see him all
through the morning drill and she was
getting worried. She overheard some
guys in her platoon talking about
someone being rushed to the hospital
late yesterday night. She walked close
to them and asked;
Please, what’s happening? Asked
Assistant Leader, didn’t you hear ni?
Asked Afeez
Heard about what? Asked Janelle
Eze was rushed to the camp clinic
yesterday night .replied Afeez
What? Janelle shouted
We even heard he has been rushed
out of the camp to a nearby hospital.
Said Benjamin who was sitting next to
Oh God! Janelle exclaimed before
rushing down to the camp clinic

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Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 8:54pm On Jun 27, 2018
Episode 9 Ola’s side of the story I really don’t know where I found myself but I know a force beyond me was moving me forward. Everywhere was dark. The whole place was silent and quiet, save just the large spacious of land I was seeing, no buildings, no movement of any living thing or whatsoever. It was just like a desert. After what seems like eternity walking, I saw a light from afar of. I smiled thinking I would finally find a place to rest. But what amazes me is all that all through my walk, I was not tired or sweating. It was walking like forever before I get to where the light is. This is somewhat strange. It’s like the more I tried getting close to it, the more it get far from me. I was losing my temper already. What’s all this oh God! I screamed. At that point, I heard someone chuckled behind me. I was scared. Who are you? I asked. Who are you? The voice came behind me again? Then it chuckled again. I turned around but still couldn’t see anyone again. At that frightened state, I saw the light again but this time, it was closer to me than before. I had thought the light was going to move away from me if I attempt to run so I decided to jump. From the position I am, the light was just about 10 feet away from me. I have to take my chances this time. I said to myself. I did a quick front flip then jumped. Before I got to the where the light was, it varnished. Then a loud roar of laughter filled everywhere. Who are you? I asked in anger. I am you. The voice replied this time. I stood up gradually from my sitting position. I heard the voice behind me. I turned and I saw the same replica of me standing toe to toe with me. Who are you? I asked looking at the creature in front of me I am you. The creature or what will I call it moved and chuckled just like how it had done the previous times. Where am i? What am I doing here? Who are you? I asked again He chuckled again and smiled this time. Which should I answer first? Well, you are still within the veil of the earth. The veil of the earth? What am I doing here? I asked. The people of the world wants you dead. Or should I say, wants someone close to you dead but due to your love for food, you took someone else death penalty. Look at this? From nowhere a little ray of what looked like a sun shown out of nowhere, then just like a mirror, he showed me my body still lying on the hospital bed. Am I dead? I asked frightened. Far from it! He replied. You are in the spirit realm. The spirit world is divided from the earth you came from with just a veil. What am i doing here? I asked confused You are not meant to be dead yet. You still have a long way to go. You still haven’t fulfilled anything from what the creator has bestowed upon you to do. You are powerful more than you can imagine. Powerful? How? I asked He chuckled again. Look at you? Did your mother ever told you what happened when you were born? Yes she did… Your mother gave birth to you on a Wednesday, a significant day here in the spiritual realm. Immediately you came out of your mother’s womb, her womb was sealed so that you can be able to fulfill everything enclosed to your destiny. I looked at him keenly. He looked so much like me, with the same round face and eyes. He walked around then turned abruptly to me. Have you wondered how the spray of bullets rained on you and your friend, Godwin when you were kidnapped didn’t get to you? Nope. I felt we just ran for our dear lives and luckily for us, we escaped unhurt. Haaahaaaahaahaaahaa…. He laughed again. You are funny! Humans! How foolish you are! You called on me that day. How did I call on you? I asked him On that day, you were running and reciting one of the chapter of the book of our father, the King of the word. Almighty God! Immediately he said that, lightening stroked Then I remembered I was reciting the only Psalm that came to my mind that day, Psalm 91! Psalm 91 is one of the ways you can communicate with me. I am you. I live inside of you. As he was saying this, it was getting cloudy like it was going to rain. Ola! My time with you is almost up. You need to wake up now. Janelle’s life is at risk. Do your best to save her. Remember to call me with the Psalm 91. I am always with you and will always guide you when necessary. Now go! Go! He shouted and like a force, a whirlwind took me off my feet! TO BE CONTINUED….
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 8:55pm On Jun 27, 2018
EPISODE 10 Back in the Nysc Camp Janelle ran to the camp clinic and she was able to get the name of the hospital Eze was taken to. All she needed was a pass from the Camp commandant, Captain Akinmulero, an Ondo man who was known in the camp as Captain No Nonsense. After the evening drill, Janelle walked up to her Platoon Commander popularly known as Oga Jerond to discuss how she will be able to get a pass from the camp commandant so she can go and visit Eze at the hospital. Oga Jerond. Janelle approached him after the evening drills Eh! My platoon assistant! Channel! Channel! He said laughing Haba! Oga Jerond. I have corrected you countless of time that it is Janelle not Channel. Na u sabi. How far now? Hope you are hearing from Eze. I am here because of him. I have not been able to get through to him since yesterday and I really need to visit him at the hospital Erhhhhmm, that one go hard. You know the camp commandant Mr. No nonsense. Janelle replied sharply Yea, Oga Akin no go gree make anybody comot for camp I know but I am his assistant, remember? The Variety night is just two days away and the responsibility on me is getting much. I need to check him at the hospital, at least to know how he is faring Well, you get point. Wetin be time? It’s just 7.15 sir Ok, make we go meet am for his hostel They walked down to the staff Quarters and with Jerond leading the way to the Camp Commandant’s flat. The meeting wasn’t fruitful as Janelle wanted. Just like Jerond has predicted, the Camp Commandant denied her the access to get out of the camp, saying one of his room- mate (Chike) was already there with him. Doctor Yaabari, one of the Camp Doctor was also at the hospital. Janelle was disappointed. She walked back to her hostel feeling dejected praying for Eze’s speedy recovery. Chief Wilson was in his well - furnished sitting room, thinking about the upcoming election which is just six weeks away. Campaigns for the two top parties are in top gear and from the look of things, he still has a long way to go. Surely the masses are going to turn in for his rival, Senator Silva and that may jeopardize his chances of becoming the president. He knew he needed to unsettle Silva but the best way he could do that was to kidnap his daughter. And talking about the plan, he hasn’t spoken to Fred for two days and they have not reached him yet for any update. He picks up his Samsung J5 then dialed Fred’s number. Somewhere in Shagamu… Fred and the rest of his gang, J.J and Neyo enjoying their lives at the bar of D-twins hotel when Fred’s phone rang. He ignored it the first time but when he saw the caller clearly, he adjusted on his seat then picked the phone at the second ringing Fred, where did you keep your phone all this while? Chief, am so sorry. I didn’t know you were the one calling sir. Fred replied shivering Keep your sorry to yourself. What happened Fred? You failed to give me any update for the past 3days. Is this our agreement? Chief asked angrily Chief, am so sorry. Things are. Chief cut him away.. Don’t give me any flimsy excuse Fred. I gave you 5 million naira for what reason? I am giving you just 36 hours to get that girl. 36 hours Fred! Am sure you know me Fred. Don’t try me. Chief, I am still trying to… Pim! Pim! Pim! Chief had hanged up angrily. Fredo, wetin dey happen now? J.J asked with a puzzled look Chief is giving us just 3 days to finalize this assignment. poo! Neyo said banging the table with his fist. Fred put a call through to Francis who was busy frying egg for corp members who came to patronize him. Francis heard his phone ring and he thought it was one of his girlfriend back in town but ignored it at first. After serving the Corper, he picked the one up to check who was calling and lo and behold, it was Fred and his heartbeat skipped. Francis, do all what you have to do. Chief gave us just 36 hours to finish up this job. Just 36 hours or we are all dead. Fred said angrily and hanged up! To be continued…
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 12:41pm On Jun 28, 2018
Episode 11
Last scene from the hospital
Dr. Olajire’s office
“Phone ringing”
Good day Doctor, this is Olajire calling
from the state hospital in Shagamu.
Ok, how are you doing? Doctor
Abimbola said at the other end
Ma, I want to ask if there is N-
Analtysteine antidote injection over
there so we could send someone to
come and get them because we don’t
have it here.
Am so sorry Doctor Jire. You know
our hospital has been on strike for
some weeks and we just resumed
back to work some days ago. Our
pharmacy is as dry as anything and
the state government is not ready to
release funds to us right now. Said
Doctor Abimbola
Opps! (Feeling dejected) Did you
know any of the hospital I can contact
which might have the antidote?
Doctor Olajire asked
Am afraid I don’t have an idea.
Probably if you could give me like 24
hours to source for it for you.
Abimbola said sharply
24 hours is quite late Doctor. We only
have less than two hours to save a life
of a corp member who was rushed in
some hours ago and all our effort to
get him saved was futile not until we
discovered we need to get that
Oops! What a sorry situation you’ve
found yourself Doctor Olajire.
Please is there no help you can render
for me right now? Doctor Olajire
asked again
Am afraid Doctor. I’ve got lots of
patient to attend to right now and
moreover, I need to be in the theatre
to carry out an operation in the next
30 minutes.
(Feeling sad a life will be lost again)
Ok Doctor, thanks for your time
Doctor Abimbola
Thanks for your time Doctor Olajire.
Hoping to see you soon. Abimbola
said before hanging up.
Doctor Olajire dropped his cell phone
and he just couldn’t help but to give
up because he knows in a matter of
minutes, the Corper in the ward will
be dead.
Just then, Doctor Aganga and Matron
Florence came in to his office.
How was it? Were you able to get the
required antidote? Asked Doctor
Nope. The just concluded strike
couldn’t help them to get their
pharmacy stocked with the right drugs
and injections.
Oh God! The guy can’t make it alive
without the antidote. Said Florence
What do we do now? Asked Aganga
Nothing. Just to wait for his death.
Replied Olajire
Matron, please go to his ward, remove
all the drips on him. It’s not useful
anymore. Doctor Aganga said sadly
Ok Doctor. Florence said heading to
the exit door.
The variety night will be happening in
two days and all platoons is getting
ready to give all their best. All
preparations has to be top notch and
different set of dance practice and
drama was seen all around the
multipurpose hall.
Somewhere in the Mamee market
Francis was seen in his kiosk with
some set of corp members who were
enjoying their noodles as usual. One of
the corp member who happens to be
in the same platoon with Janelle was
gisting with her friends about the
upcoming variety night. No doubt
Motunrayo was beautiful and she was
so full of herself. She was going to
represent her platoon as the Miss
Francis was listening to her
conversation but failed to pay much
attention to it because his mind was
far away on what Fred said about the
threat of Chief Wilson. Then he heard
Motunrayo made mention of Janelle
then he jolted out of his thought.
Madam, na u wan represent your
flatoon for Miss Nysc bah?
Yes o. Motunrayo said Feeling on top
of the world
Una don buy una cloth wey una go
use? Asked Francis
Janelle will be leaving the camp
tomorrow to get the costumes for me,
the dance group and the drama group
Ok madam. said Francis
He left his Kiosk to the toilet and on
his way there, he brought out his
phone to call Fred.
At the first ringing, Fred picked
Yes Franc, any update yet?
I think we have a perfect way out of
our dilemma
Janelle will be leaving the camp to the
market at Shagamu to get things for
the Variety night
Wow! Fred sat upright from the chair
he is on.
I will give you the update, the time
they are leaving and the plate number
of the car taking them out.
Perfect Franc! Perfect! Fred said and
hanged up laughing sheeply

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Episode 12 Florence was heading back to the ward from Doctor Olajire’s office. She got into the ward and she walked up to Ola’s lifeless body on the bed and she checked his heart beat with the stethoscope and she felt his pulse. “He is dead” confirmed Florence who removed the stethoscope ear piece from her ear. Almost immediately, Doctor Olajire and Aganga walked in with Chike, Ola’s room-mate. Matron Florence was about to cover him when they walked in. Doctor, what happened to him? Asked Chike Calm down Sir. You see, we tried our best but you know we Doctors only try our best. Only God heals. Moreover, you brought him late here and the poison has circulated all round his system. Doctor Olajire explained Oh God! Chike exclaimed! Please cover him and arrange how he will be taken to the mortuary. Doctor Aganga said to Florence. Florence moved close to the bed again and as she was about to cover Ola’s corpse, Ola sneezed twice and rose up. Doctor Olajire, Aganga, Florence and Chike all took to their heels

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Back to the Camp Janelle was seen with Motunrayo inside the volleyball court. They were actually collating all the money gotten from the rest of the platoon members so they could buy all the necessary attires needed for the Variety night which is just some hours away. They met with their platoon commander, Oga Jerond who joined them as they were all set to go out of the camp premises to purchase all the required attires. Janelle, will you just give me some minutes, I need to get something at the mamee market. Motunrayo said Alright. Don’t keep us waiting. Janelle replied Motunrayo walked down to the mamee market and she got to the kiosk of Francis. My Madam, how you dey? Francis greeted Aboki, I dey. Wetin be the name of the thing wey you say you wan buy sef? Motunrayo asked Ehnehn, una don dey go out abi? Asked Francis Yes na. Please hurry. Motunrayo said Francis brought out a paper and he wrote some things in it and he handed over the list to her. Which motor una dey carry go? He asked That one close to the gate. She pointed at it and she left. Immediately Motunrayo exited the mamee market, Francis picked up his phone and put a call to Fred For like 10 minutes, Ola couldn’t understand what was happening. After sometime, everything now began to play back to his memory. Then a voice speak inside of him. Psalm 91. Don’t forget. Psalm 91. Then the voice stopped. At the mention of Psalm 91, Ola remembered everything that transpired in the spirit realm. He looked at the time. It was just 12.25pm. He needed to get back to the camp as soon as possible. Just when he was about to sit right, the two Doctors, the matron, Chike and some other nurses in the hospital entered his ward. What is happening? Ola asked You are not okay yet Corper. You still need to rest. You still need to be examined. Doctor Olajire said calmly walking to him. I am fine now. Have only got some little headache which I believe will go in a matter of minutes. Then Chike came close to him Eze, how far now? I am good as you can see But the Doctors confirm you dead Ola smiled … There is nothing impossible for God to do, have you forgotten what Luke 1:37 said? Doctor, please I need to go now. The Doctors and Nurses just watched in awe as Ola and Chike walked out of the hospital heading back to camp. Our God is great. Indeed, there is nothing that he can’t do. Doctor Olajire said as everybody went back to their various offices. Luckily for us, the hospital was not too far from the camp. Chike and I boarded a bike and in no time, we were in front of the Nysc camp. We got down from the bike. Chike paid the fare and as we were walking to the gate, a car was about going out of the camp but all of a sudden, the car came to a halt and the passenger’s door opened and it was no other person than Janelle. She ran up to me and gave me a tight hug. We were still in each other’s arm when Chike coughed thrice. It have do ooooo…Lover birds. Motunrayo said We left each other and I accepted Motun’s hand shake How are you feeling now? She asked Am better now as you can see. I replied So what am I missing? I asked them both Well, we are about going to the market to get some of our costumes for tomorrow’s variety night. Janelle said Wow! That’s nice. Well, since you are here now, I think Motunrayo will have to go back while you and I can go for shopping. Janelle said No, No, No Janelle. You know he is just coming back from the hospital. Chike said It’s alright Chike. Let me do this. Am the Platoon leader remember? Let me do this. Motunrayo and Chike went back to the camp while Janelle and I entered into the already waiting car. I have missed you a lot Eze. I haven’t been able to get my mind off you since you left. Janelle said holding my hands. I’ve missed you too. Unfortunately for us, a Toyota Sienna had pulled up in front of us in a commando fashion, crossing the road hence blocking our car from moving. Before I could even blink or think of anything, two men jumped out of the sienna with a gun. They shot in the air and one of them opened the back door and blew a white substance on our face and everything turned black. TO BE CONTINUED…
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Present here
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EPISODE 13 I woke up slowly, my vision was blur and I was having a slight headache. I don’t know where I was. I felt myself fell. I was falling deep into my own body as if my body itself was a huge room and I was dropping towards the centre. I tried shouting but my vocal cords failed me but I still continued to fall until I landed on a very tough but subtle surface. My landing was gentle despite having fallen for some time. I stayed on the ground for a while and I looked around me. The room I met myself was empty. I could see a source of light from above but I couldn’t pin point the exact location. As I walked around I realized the room was no longer empty. Lying on the floor, sleeping peacefully is someone who looked like me. I knew who he was as we have both met so many times in my dreams but he wouldn’t talk not until when I met him when I was hospitalized. I went over to the body and shook him but he mumbled something and went back to sleep. “Wake up” I said. It’s time for you to wake up! He turned around sleepily to face me and I recognized it was me, he was my shadow. He yawned and mumbled some more then turned around again to go back to sleep. I was getting impatient again and I still went ahead to shook him. You again? What is it? He asked sleepily I need your help. I said. Someone blew something which looked like a white substance on me and my friend Janelle and I found myself here. Well, go sort yourself out, He said stubbornly, still refusing to shake his body or open his eyes I can’t. I said. I don’t know how I can get myself away from here. Do you really need my help? He asked again Yes. I really do. I said He stood up and stretched about a bit. It really seemed he had been sleeping for a long time. Then he said, “This is more of letting you know who you really are. You are not a strict and stiff-necked kind of adult, are you? Get out of here first and we’ll see. I said He grinned and said, “Let’s go back up. I have a feeling you are going to enjoy this as much as I can. TO BE CONTINUED…
Re: Once Upon A Corper by yhungbrowhne(m): 9:18am On Jul 01, 2018
Episode 14 God almighty specially created you alongside 71 others to watch his gate and to praise him day and night. We were called the Watcher man, created to watch the great city of Zion. The family you were born into is so full of evil and your parents never knew the way of the lord not until one day, they met a man of God who showed them the way and fortunately, it was the day of mercy right here in Zion. The king of kings shows his mercy on just 71 people in the whole world by giving us, the watchmen to humans as a child. We all have different gifts and God in his infinite mercy, who knows how wicked the world is, gave each of us a guardian angel who would keep watch over us till we manifest fully and able to discover and use our power. He said. I watched him as he told me things about me, or rather about us. Then he continued. Twice you’ve been dead. But your mission on earth is not fulfilled yet and you were sent back to the earth again. The first time, was when you were kidnapped. You were shot and your spirit came back here but since your mission isn’t complete yet, you were sent back. He said. You see things happen before it happens I guess, right? He asked. I thought for a bit before answering. Yes, I do. But I thought it was only a manifestation or a vision kind of. I replied. Have you ever tried to make a difference when it played back to you? Well, not really. I feel it is bound to happen. And most times, it all occurred to me that I have seen this particular event happened before or so. Ola, you are scared! That’s the word. Things like that makes you Fear. You see, Fear is a barrier to so many things beyond the veil. It makes you second guess yourself. It makes you have friends you don’t need and enemies you can’t afford. Our Father from before the veil made us dominators, conquerors. But as soon as we pass through the veil, we are distracted by the noise of this little earth and by the shiny thing man has made for his pleasure and we forget it all. I was sent to be with you all this while but it seems I wasn’t needed and I have been in slumber for so many years. But I am still part of you, just like a child, a child does not think of fear or impossibilities. Things only become impossible when you stop to think about them. I was Quiet. I felt him now more than ever before. He took my hands and we flew again and in no time, we stopped. I’ve done my part now. Now go! He commanded. In an instant, I felt a magical wind blew me away from there. I coughed. I opened my eyes slowly only to see the building I found myself changing colour. It was after some minutes that my sight regulated. The room was dark that it took some time for me to see anything important. Then I remembered how it all happened. Janelle! I said to myself then I looked round to see if I could see her around. I heard a snoring sound ahead of me & carefully I tried shifting my position towards that side because both my legs and hands were tied together. I managed to get close to where I was hearing the sound of the snoring only to discover that they were two in number. I tried adjusting my eyes to see clearly then I saw a man. He should be in his late 40’s being tied up too and Janelle also was seen lying helplessly on the floor with her hands and feet tied. Somewhere else… Chief Wilson was playing golf in the golf spot located at the back of his magnificent house which one could describe as a mansion. In the field with him was his son, Eminem and his political friend, Chief Babatunde Adedoyin and one of his security men. “Dad, I have always told you to learn the modern way of playing this game. Eminem said jokingly “Who will I learn it from? His father asked knowingly “Me of course” Eminem replied “You see, I have been playing golf right from my secondary school days. That is, before you were born. “Story story”. Eminem said “Seriously speaking Chief, playing golf way back doesn’t bring you on the same level with Dustin Johnson or Jordan Spieth. Babatunde added “I never said that. Chief Wilson added. Just then his personal security brought one of his phone ringing to him. Sir, you have a call. The security man said Oh, who is it? He asked but on a second thought he said, “never mind, I will check it myself. He collected the phone and walked a few distance from the rest Hello Fred. He said picking the call He listened for a few seconds before speaking again Look here, I never told you to take someone else alongside with her. After ten seconds, he spoke again. See, get rid of the other person and make sure nothing happen to that girl. I repeat, nothing must happen to her. He ended the call and walked back to his gaming opponents. Eminem, who is now defeating his father’s friend (Babatunde) soundly was smiling sheepishly when his father returned “I have to go now, enjoy your game. He said and walked towards the main building with his security following him closely TO BE CONTINUED…

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Episode 15 At the Kidnapper’s Den Fred tucked his phone into his back pocket and looked at Neyo. “Chief has ordered for the elimination of that other guy with the girl. Go and rid of him and ensure you dispose his body away before the night fall. ********************************* It’ been three days and Wright have not heard from Ola. All efforts to get through to his mobile isn’t mobile isn’t going through. Just some few hours ago, the tracking device on him indicated he was at the Nysc camp premises. And it leaves after some minutes. Something must be wrong. Definitely something is wrong and there is no news yet from the camp commandant or the camp. As far as he knows, the Senator’s daughter is still safe because there has not been news or any uproar from the camp indicating something is wrong. I need to call the headquarters before things get out of hand. He said to himself before picking his phone. ************************************* Back in America Kim on the other hand have been so sick and worried. She hasn’t heard from Ola since 3 days. She couldn’t hold it anymore so she put a call through to Tracy who was at the bar at that time. Tracy: Hello baby girl Kim: Hey Tracy. It’s Kim I know.. How are you (sipping from her cup of beer) Am OK. Please I just want to know if your agency have heard from Ola in the past 72hours? Kim said. Ola? He should be fine. You know he loves enjoying himself. Moreover he is back in his motherland so do you expect him to still have time for you. (Tracy said trying to make her feel bad) What do you mean? Kim asked What do I mean? OK. Let me tell you. He will have found one of his numerous girlfriends back in Africa. I don’t expect you to call me to start asking after him. She fired back angrily. Damn you Tracy! Kim cried and hanged up. Tracy might be right. Kim said to herself. She can’t just help but to think about what she said. Ola might just be in the arms of one of her girlfriends in Nigeria so he decides to switch off all his mobiles so I won’t disturb him. Oh God! She cried. Tracy’s POV Am glad I was able to give Kim a piece of my mind. She thought she can have Ola all to herself right? (She laughed) But what could be wrong with him? Let me try his number. She said and picked up her phone. She tries Ola’s line thrice but it was not connecting. This is strange. It’s quite unusual. Let me put a call through to Agent Wright. He should be able to have an explanation for his whereabouts. Back in Nigeria Wright was still trying to track the signal of the tracking device on Ola but the signal was low as he couldn’t pick the exact location where the signal is. I have tried enough. I need to inform the headquarters. As he was about picking his phone, a call came into it. Tracy! Oh God. Wright said loudly before picking the call ****************************************************************************** Senator Silva had not been able to reach his daughter since yesterday afternoon. He immediately put a call through to the Ogun state Nysc camp coordinator to ask if everything is fine. Then the camp commandant broke the news to him that her daughter and one other corp member was kidnapped on their way to the market outside the camp. I know it! Chief said immediately he dropped the phone. It’s just some days to the elections. My opposition are finding every way to make sure I don’t contest for the presidency post. Jude! Chief called at his personal guard Yea sir! Jude replied straightway Put a call through to Agent wright for me. I need to get an explanation on how my daughter was kidnapped right in front of their eyes! Agent Wright’s POV Thirty minutes after I received a call from Chief Silva, My Director called me and he said we had to go to Senator Silva’s residence. The news of his daughter’s kidnap had gotten to him. That solved the puzzle. Janelle have been kidnapped and Ola might be injured, kidnapped as well or even be dead! Some minutes later, I arrived at his residence where my Director and a senior officer were waiting for me in the sitting room. So how did the idiots have hold of my daughter right in camp? Chief Silva breathed angrily. To be continued…
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EPISODE 16 Agent Wright’s POV (At Senator Silva’s residence) Agent Wright and his Director was summoned by the Senator after the news of his Daughter’s Kidnap got to him… But sir, is there anyone you are suspecting? Are you having problem with anyone? My Director asked My friend, a man in my position has a lot of enemies. Am suspecting everyone including you. I asked you to implant someone in the camp with my daughter but now right in camp, she was kidnapped. Why did I hired you guys in the first place? He fired angrily at him. I believe the kidnappers are using it as a distraction so you won’t be able to concentrate on the upcoming election Sir. I felt there is more to this. My Director guardedly chipped in “That’s why I hired you guys in the first place. Do your godamn work! I need my daughter back. But I want her back unscratched. Once my daughter is safe, you guys can do anything or everything possible to get the people behind this. He nervously added while we all shrugged in agreement. Of course the most important thing was saving his daughter’s life first before any other thing. As soon as my Director and I got out of his residence, he grabbed my arm, gaining my attention. “I feel the senator is hiding something from us. There is more to this. He said. “Sir, you know every politician has a dirty secret. But do you think he knows the person behind the kidnap of his daughter and he is keeping it away from us? I asked Yes. You are right. I don’t think he will keep such information from us. My Director said And what about Agent Ola? What have you gotten about him yet? He asked as we moved to his car The signal I am getting from the tracker on him is low. And I wouldn’t be able to pin point his exact location if I can’t get at least 50% of signal. Keep trying Wright. We can’t afford to lose the Senator’s daughter just some few days to the presidential election. He said. Of course Sir. This is our top most priority right now. If you have gotten any lead, don’t endeavor to let me know. The headquarter unit is very much interested in this case right now. Am giving you just two hours to get something positive. Understood? Yes sir. I said and we both entered his car and drove away from the Senator’s apartment. At the Kidnapper’s Den (Eze’s POV) Who is this man here with us? I asked myself. I took a look at myself and the rope on my hands and feet was well tied and there was no way I could cut if off. I close my eyes then I saw him. What are you waiting for? He said How do you mean? I asked him You needed my help to cut the ropes off? Yes. I need to get this things free. I can’t be able to get out of here with my legs and hands tied. Breathe in. Stay calm. Then imagine yourself without the rope. How do you mean? Just do that! I relaxed my mind, closed my eyes and think of myself without the ropes and lo and behold, just like a magic, the ropes dropped off my hands. I opened my eyes to see if it worked and truly the rope was off my hands. I closed my eyes again. Thank You. i said You don’t have to thank yourself? Do you? He asked and giggled. Instantly I felt someone trying to unlock the door from outside. I picked the ropes and tied it back to my hands and lied down back to my previous unconscious position. The door made some creaking sound and a guy, one of the kidnappers I guess came in with a torch light in his hands and a pistol which he carefully tucked inside his jean trousers. He walked up to me and kicked me. Get up! Yeye corper! I didn’t move an inch from where I laid. Then he made the greatest mistake of his life by bending down, wanting to check my pulse to see if I am still breathing or not. Just like Samoa Joe in WWE, I clutched my legs around his waist and tightened ropes round his neck. He was caught off guard. He struggled and tried to get his hand to the pistol but I increased my tightening and within some minutes, he gave up. It’s time to escape! I said to myself. TO BE CONTINUE
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EPISODE 17 I untied the ropes in my legs then proceeded to wake Janelle and the other man with her. Is there any need picking up the man? My shadow said to me Shut up! I can’t leave him here. Why not just face your business? Of course that’s what I am doing. Nope. That’s not what you are doing. Why not just save Janelle and leave the man? I can’t. He might as well be innocent just like the Janelle and I You can’t be a hero every time you know (I paused a bit) But I can’t let him die here. I am going to help him and that’s final. I moved close to Janelle and tried waking her up but it seems the drugs had more effect on her than it had on me. After series of beating, she moved her body and gradually, she opened her eyes and yawned. Where are we? She asked We were kidnapped. I don’t have much time to explain to you right now. We need to find a way out of here. I hurriedly untied the ropes on her and she got up. We were about leaving when I looked back to see the other man waking up too. I walked back to him. How did you get here? I asked I was kidnapped. I was on my way to the Nysc camp in Shagamu with my goods when I was kidnapped. One of their men is inside the camp. Where in the camp? At the mamee market. I heard they are planning on kidnapping or killing one of the senator’s daughter. Ohhh! I see. Then I understand the puzzle now! We will sort that out later. I said. But right now, we need to get out of here. I untied him too and the three of us walked gently towards the door. I walked out first while I told them to walk closely behind me. We walked through some rooms and I could see two guys sleeping happily with some bottles of unfinished beer beside them. I creaked the door open and it made some funny sounds that I expected that someone would have woken up but we didn’t hear anything. We managed to sneak out of the place carefully, ensuring we didn’t make any sound. We managed to walk through the backyard and find our way out of the building. Fred was outside the building and he was still waiting for Neyo to bring out the Corper so they can kill him and get him buried in the bush. He has successfully smoked 3 cigarettes since he left. Wetin dey worry this guy sef? He asked himself then stood up to go check things up for himself. Fred got to the room only to meet the Neyo’s dead body and the room empty. Scorpo! Triangle! Where una dey? He screamed! The two idiots who were drunk scrambled off their feet to the room Fred was calling them and could also see Neyo’s dead body. Chai! Fredo! They don escape o. Scorpo said angrily They won’t have gone far. Let’s go and get them. Somewhere in the bush, Eze had successfully led Janelle and the other man who identified himself as Ahmed out of the kidnapper’s den. They were all weak so they decided to rest under a tree. Eze held Janelle’s soft hands and led her to the tree just beside where Ahmed had sat down. Janelle was frightened no doubt. She was crying and Eze had to console her. It’s going to be fine Jane. I will make sure I get us out of here. I said to her calmly, letting her rest her head on my broad chest. Ahmed watched the two corpers or lovers from distance. He sure knows how it feels to be in love. He wondered how his family will be feeling right now because they won’t be able to reach him all this while. Ahmed has gone far in thoughts that he didn’t notice a movement around him. And just like a flash, something struck him at his feet. It’s a snake! Help me! He yelled in pains. Eze left Janelle and moved to attend to Ahmed. poo! He breathed. He tore his Nysc white vest and tied it round his leg so the poison won’t circulate round his body. Somewhere in the bush… Fred and his boys was perambulating the bush trying to find Janelle and the girl. They know they are doomed if they successfully escaped. Help me! (Ahmed’s voice from distance) Did you hear that? Fred said. They are there. Let’s go The guy is losing blood. We need to keep moving. Eze said to Janelle and Ahmed who was wincing in pains. Then they hear sounds of some people running towards them. We need to increase our pace. Let’s go Fred and his boys was closing in on them really fast and the injured Ahmed is slowing down the pace of Eze and Janelle. We are losing them. Fred said to himself still running. He brought out his pistol, aimed at one of the three figures ahead of him and pulled the trigger. TO BE CONTINUED…

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Episode 18 We were running as fast as we could but our pace is being drawn back by the injured Ahmed. At most times, I will try to carry him on my shoulders to run I don’t have enough strength to do that. I just left the hospital some hours ago and I still find myself in this kind of ditch. God help me! I breathed underneath me while still running Then I heard the gun shot. Paaaaaaaaaw! Where did that come from? Janelle and I were still running then we noticed Ahmed was now running at a lower speed. When I stopped to look at him, he fell down. I’ve been shot. He said faintly Oh God! I lamented We were being chased. There is no how I can help him right now. I have to get Janelle into safety. Eze! Let’s go. Janelle said I left Ahmed and continued running. Sooner or later, I could hear the footsteps of people running after us reduced. Janelle and I decided to catch our breathe again. I need to go back. I said to Janelle She looked up to me like someone insane. Go back to where? She asked I need to save Ahmed. I can’t just let him die in the hands of those guys. Going back will be suicidal I have to give it a try Jane. I have to. Then we began to walk back again to the den of the kidnappers. The kidnapper’s den Fred was seen so furious with his guys How can you allow her to escape from here? He asked angrily What do you want me to tell Chief? It’s been over two weeks that we’ve been on this assignment and just some few hours to the completion of it, you guys fluffed it. He said again angrily. We need to get them. He said with a voice of authority standing up. The two other guys looked at him and matched towards the building to get equipped and jet out for the search of the Senator’s daughter and the corper. Meanwhile, Agent Wright was still working on his laptop trying to track Agent Ola. He was about giving up when the computer displayed the tracking signal to 65 percent. Mere looking at it, he sat upright to get the exact location of the signal. He punched the keyboards on his laptop then Pam, pam, pam. Yep! I got it. It’s time to get to the field again. He said to himself as he marched to his room to get equipped. ***************************************************************************** Eze was walking gently back to the dungeon with Janelle walking closely behind him. One of Fred’s boys, who just finished smoking weed was outside the building peeing when he noticed some movement. He hid behind one of the mahogany trees there, only to see the corper and the Senator’s daughter coming towards the building. See this mumu o! See person wey we wan burn wey dey put petrol for body? He muttered to himself. He held his gun close to him and walked gently through a path that will lead towards the back of the Corper and the Senator’s daughter. Stop there! He shouted Eze and Janelle froze at the spot! If you move an inch I will blow your head. He said again moving closer TO BE CONTINUED…

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EPISODE 19 Ola’s POV I can’t believe we walked back to meet a trap already. I froze. It’s just a guy. I should be able to take him out on my own. From the spot I stood, I coul d hear his footsteps. As a trained agent, I knew when novice like this guy would move. Just as he was about to get hold of my hands which was on my head, I turned swiftly, gave him a kick in to his mid-section and gave him a blow which landed on his face. He fell down instantly and he still managed to stand up to fight like a man, with his gun knocked away from his hands. He sure can’t match me man to man when it comes to fighting with the hands. Am one of the best in my set when it comes to fighting with bare hands. He tried hitting me with his right fist but I dodged it, giving him an upper cut which pierced his upper lips. He fell down again and still managed to get up. But I knew he won’t last any minut es with me again. I moved c SUNGLASEES WITH BLUETOOTH FOR SALE. #10000 WHATSAPP: 08120292561 TO PLACE ORDER. loser to him gain to give him my finishing move which was a brogue kick when I heard a gunshot! Damn! I’ve been shot Next morning was sunny and bright. Ola was found awake but was very strength less. He was taken to a place which looked more of a hill path inside the forest and tied up to a tree. Oga Corper, you are the savior. Mr Hero! The Moses of our time. You want to form Bruce lee abi? You think all those military training dem dey give you for camp, na here be the place for you to explore am abi? Fred said with a stick of Cigarette in his mouth. Who you be sef? Scorpo said moving close to Ola How did you manage to kill Neyo? Who you be? Triangle asked with anger Ola said nothing. He was so tired and he was also bleeding from his leg where he was shot earlier. Now he hopes for a miracle. There was no how he could save himself, talk less of completing his assignment of saving the Janelle, the Senator’s daughter. Such is life. How he wished he had listened to his inner self. How he wished he had listened to Janelle. If only he had not come back to save Ahmed. In no time, Scorpo and Triangle were on him again hitting him with their fist from all angle. Ola couldn’t ensure the pain anymore and he passed out. You are too stubborn. My Shadow said But I had to save him. At your own peril? Is it? My Shadow said in anger. There are some things you need to always learn to let go in this life. Not everything can work in your favour every time. Spare me the counselling please! I said angrily Open your eyes and close it! He said with command I can’t. Am weak. Better shut up and let’s get out of here Out of nowhere, I opened my eyes then I saw Fred and his guys tearing Janelle’s cloths apart. She was only left with her underwear and I could see her crying bitterly. Damn! She is about to be raped! TO BE CONTINUED…

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EPISODE 20 Breathe in and close your eyes. I heard the voice within me talk With a full force, a replica of me came forward and advanced towards Fred and his boys. Whhooop! I only see those types of move in the movies and also from one of my best wrestlers of all time, Hit man. My Shadow, oops. Probably I should say I could see myself attacking Fred’s boys who was close to me. What happened next, I cannot really explain. For a moment, it was me and then it wasn’t me. The next thing I knew, I had Scorpo by the neck, lifted him off his feet and slammed him on the ground and in the process, he hit his head on a stone. They call it Choke slam right? Only Undertaker and Kane does that in WWE. Fred and Triangle left Janelle who scrambled off the ground quickly and took her white vest which had been torn into a rag to cover herself. They looked at Scorpo who I guess was unconscious and then they looked back to the tree where I was tied initially but nothing was there anymore to their surprise. For the first time, I saw fear in their eyes. I on the other hand felt good, like I had relieved myself of some burden and I couldn’t feel any pains anymore at that point. I felt free, alive and volatile and I loved that feeling. Can I ask you guys something? I said, breaking the silence and startled the both of them a bit Who sent you to kidnap her? (Pointing to Janelle) Hey Mr. Corper. Do you think you can startle us with this your little show of braveness or heroism? Fred said Who do you think you are? Triangle said pointing fingers at me? I laughed and watched them with a disgusting look Why not let’s end this here? Man to man? Drop your weapons and let’s do this. I said to them beckoning them to come to me like how Shinsuke Nakamura does when his tempo is high in WWE or when he is about to deliver his Japanese finishing move called “Kinshasa” Fred dropped his weapon while Triangle did same. They both advanced to me at once with all their strength and their mighty fist. I dodged them both and hit them both with my left palm at the back of their head. They were surprised by my move. They advanced this time with more power and I must confess Fred was good with his fist. Two of his quick punches hit me across the jaw but I still managed to hold my ground and still continue fighting. I saw Fred advancing towards me then I did a sweeping kick and swept him off his feet. Triangle surge forward when he saw Fred was now having an upper hand against me. I stood up from where Fred was and focused on Triangle who was more of a novice. In no time, I finished him off with a brogue kick when he tried to rush me down and he snapped his neck in the process. I stood up unknowing to me Fred was up with a short knife. At the exact time I was about to turn to face him, I felt a sharp pain thrust into my stomach. And who else, but Fred still grinning with a wicked smile. No! Janelle screamed from where she was watching. I looked at Fred, then to the knife which was still stuck in my stomach. I removed it and blood was gushing out of me. Mr. Corper, when next you come back to this world, you don’t meddle with other people’s business. He cocked the gun in his hands and with a swift and the last strength in me, I threw the knife with me, targeting his forehead and the knife get stuck into his forehead. In some seconds, he stood then fell to the ground dead. I smiled to myself, glanced at Janelle the last time then I felt my eye lids closing gradually. My knees failed me and I fell before everything turned black.
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