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Re: Oyedepo Blast Osinbanjo by seunmsg(m): 10:34pm On Jul 08, 2018
adiq Daba, the actor, ran into some serious health issues recently. He cried out for financial help to undergo foreign treatment. Pronto, Nigerians reacted overwhelmingly. But wait. I did not hear anybody talk about Daba’s religion or ethnic group. The people who tweeted and retweeted his appeal for help, and those who contributed money, were certainly not from his village. I was so so so so so happy. It confirmed, yet again, my pet theory about Nigeria — that we do not hate each other. We are just victims of the unending political manipulation of ethnic and religious identities for selfish gain. Evidently, ordinary Nigerians have the “Nigerian spirit” in their DNA.

My grandmother, God rest her sweet soul, shaped my worldview when I was a little boy growing under her care. She had this amazing ability to be so proud of her Yoruba heritage and at the same time celebrating the best in people of other tongues. In the days of Operation Feed the Nation, launched by the military government of Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo in the late 1970s, we planted tomato, maize and spinach in our garden. One day, when the tomatoes were ripe, Mama told me: “Have you noticed that when the tomato in the north is out of season, our own is due for harvest? That shows you God wants us to live together, to complement each other.”

I did not understand much of modernised agricultural practices then — I would have argued with her that you could have both tomato species all-season! But, forget my mischief, she was so broadminded. It must have rubbed off on her offspring. When my father’s younger sister wanted to marry a Muslim, she maybe thought Mama would not like it. As I was told, my aunty introduced her fiancé as “Moses”. It was only when their children (that is, my cousins) were being named Hakeem, Sherifat and Ibrahim that the family realised “Moses” was actually “Mustapha”! Mama, I was told, laughed off the trick with a rhetorical question: “Were we not all created by the same God?”

Indeed. I have met extremists and chauvinists from across religions and races. I am yet to hear anyone declare that we were not created by the same God. One of the most astonishing things about life, to me, is the fact that although we can choose to be Muslims or Christians, and so on, nobody can choose to be Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba or whatever. We just woke up one day to find ourselves as members of one ethnic group or the other. It was not our making. So why should you discriminate against me, and hate me, on the basis of an ethnic identity that is beyond my control? Is it my fault that I was born into a family that was clearly not my choice?

In this “mindsets” series, my goal is to challenge the way we think about Nigeria. I am fully persuaded that since we have been doing things the same way for ages and we have been getting essentially the same results, the time has come for us to challenge our fundamental assumptions and thinking — and begin to consciously do things differently. As many commentators, analysts and public speakers have been pointing out over time, we need to reform our mindsets. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. A mind moulded with hate, prejudice, greed and inordinate ambition will produce nothing but hate, prejudice, greed and inordinate ambition.

In the first part of this series, I wrote on “The President Nigeria Badly Needs” (January 7, 2018). I challenged our obsession with seasonal political calculations and permutations. We build our hopes on false dawns and heat-of-the-moment excitements every four years — and end up with more of the same. Something has to change. In the second instalment, “The Spirit of Lagos That Nigeria Needs” (January 28, 2018), I revisited the now rested “Spirit of Lagos”, a reorientation campaign by the TBWA Consortium, in partnership with the Lagos state government. I said Nigerian leaders and the citizens need to cultivate new mindsets to be able to build a new Nigeria.

Today, I am going a little bit practical on how we can renew our minds. There is a saying that Rome was not built in a day, a proverb originated by the 19th century English playwright, John Heywood, who also gave us immortal expressions such as “out of sight out of mind”, “better late than never”, and “the more the merrier”. He said Rome wasn’t built in a day “but they were laying bricks every hour”. This, in some sense, tells us the value of consistent hard work, perseverance and conscious efforts at construction. If Nigeria is going to change, therefore, we must alienate those who see themselves, first and foremost, as ethno-religious champions. It all starts in the mind.

But, pardon me, Rome was not destroyed in a day either. It took ages to build the city but took a much shorter time to destroy it. Rome was sacked by the Visigoths in 410 AD. In three days, they looted, burnt and wrecked the beautiful city. That hastened the collapse of the Roman Empire. Same thing applies here: the destruction of Nigeria by ethnic champions and religious bigots will not happen in one day — it is a gradual, steady process. That is why we the people must guard our hearts jealously before we are recruited into the hate brigade under different guises. Those already recruited can decide to desert straightaway. We need to build, not destroy.

My suggestions. To start with, do not participate in the sharing of messages and materials that are clearly intended to preach hate and prejudice. Saying “shared as received” is pure hypocrisy. You can be critical of leadership without attacking or disparaging their religions and ethnic origins. As a matter of principle, I do not share messages that are clearly meant to spread hate. It is a duty I owe my conscience. We all have terrible things to say about other people. If we do not allow love to guard our hearts, we will keep adding fuel to fire. Therefore, before you press the “send” or “forward” button, ask yourself: what is my motive? Unto thyself, be honest.

Also, do not feed your children with hate and prejudice. Fill their hearts with edifying things. A senior colleague of mine, a Muslim, married a Christian, who then converted to Islam. He told me he once engaged the services of a cleric to teach his children the Qur’an every Sunday. One day, he overheard the cleric telling the children not to drink from the same cup or eat from the same plate with their aunts, who were living with them, because they were “infidels”. My colleague fired the “afa” on the spot. He remains a devout Muslim, sure, but he saw danger and immediately quenched it. This kind of hate messaging certainly fuelled the mindset that birthed Boko Haram.

This is how hate works: it focuses on what divides us rather than what unites us. If there are Qur’anic verses that say Muslims should love and care for Christians, the hate merchants will focus on where Christians are called “infidels”. If there are verses in the Bible that say “love your neighbour as yourself”, the messengers of hate will focus on “what fellowship does light have with darkness?” There is nothing you want to justify with the scriptures that you won’t find. If you truly have love in your heart, you will focus on the verses of love. The God that forbade eating four-footed creatures is the same God that ordered Apostle Peter, in a trance, to kill and eat! To the pure all things are pure.

And this is how prejudice works: because Chief Obafami Awolowo did not declare Oduduwa Republic in solidarity with Biafra in 1967, every Yoruba is a traitor — including the one that was born early this morning. Because an Igbo chap was arrested for 419, every Igbo person — dead, living or unborn — is a fraudster. Because Barkin Zuwo struggled with speaking English, every northerner is an illiterate; in fact, no northerner has a brain. Because of the insane activities of ISIS and Boko Haram, every Muslim is a terrorist, including your friend. Tragically, there are people that the only thing they can see in you is your language or religion, not the content of your character.

Let me quickly say this before I shut down my laptop and take a stroll: it is very difficult to resist the message of hate and prejudice in a society already polluted by manipulative politicians, their overpaid sidekicks and our inept leaders. I know. When everybody is saying there is casting down, it is very difficult to go against the grain and say there is lifting up. You just go with the flow. But maybe the “casting down” gang is not as big as the “lifting up” brigade — just that the latter has been intimidated into silence. They must begin to speak out. Rome was not destroyed in a day. Those working to destroy Nigeria neither sleep nor slumber.

As for me and my house, we resolved long ago that we would never feed our children with hate, prejudices and biases. These things are usually passed on from generation to generation. I resolved to follow the example of my grandmother by celebrating the best in others rather than focusing on their worst. I would rather talk about the dignity in labour you find among the Hausa, the creativity among the Igbo and the industry among the Yoruba. Accuse me of living in denial and I will accuse you of living in bitterness. Accuse me of being politically correct and I will accuse you of being self-righteous. Accuse me of being naïve and I will accuse you of being jaundiced. It’s all in the mind.
Re: Oyedepo Blast Osinbanjo by Ihateyoumod: 11:22pm On Jul 08, 2018
how can anybody be supporting this evil government? It beat my immagination. Wicked Nigerians encouraging a Jihadist gocernment. God help us

So what should we do, go back to PDP right??....
Re: Oyedepo Blast Osinbanjo by Empiree: 5:02am On Jul 09, 2018

That Japan led Belgium in the ongoing World cup football game by 2 goals up but later conceded 2 goals to give up the lead and eventually lost by 2: 3 to Belgium at the very last moment (94th minute) of the game?

Yet, (and this is the most incredible thing that happened) the Japanese Fans picked up all the wastes items in the stadium areas where they sat to watch the match before leaving, while the Japanese players cleaned the dressing room, leaving the floor spotless and sparkling clean as if it was never used, regardless of their loss.....

They also left a 'THANK YOU' note in Russian for their host?

There's surely something worthy of learning from JAPAN!

A country with a population of 127 million citizens but the 2nd most technologically powerful and the 3rd largest economy in the world. Japan has a GDP of about $4.9 trillion (which is more than the combined GDP of $2.2 trillion for all the African countries with a population of about 1.2 Billion people).

Japan have Shinto and Buddhism as their main religions and with tens of thousands of shrines and temples all over their lands, and yet they demonstrate the highest sense of discipline, responsibility and respect for fellow humans everywhere they go plus an incredible commitment to valuing human life through a sociocultural philosophy called IKIGAI which meaning translates roughly to: 'a reason for living, encompassing joy, a sense of purpose and meaning and a feeling of well-being'.
We Africans on the other hand with Christianity and Islam that frown at idol worshipping and pray frequently and for long hours as if God needed plenty of words before answering, but we have the ridiculously lowest value for human life, plus we have never been able to rally and unite our people to love each other and develop economically. How would you answer this question today: which religion produces the best behaved and most caring human beings on earth? Jesus answer would be "by their fruits you will recognize them". In the early days of Christianity the answer would have been obvious just by looking at the Apostles and disciples of Jesus. But today, Christianity is divided into thousands of denominations with each denomination claiming superiority over others - this is why it is very difficult for even Christian Association of Nigeria to rally all Christians to a common purpose in Nigeria. Lord Jesus Christ himself said it: "a house divided against itself cannot stand".

JAPAN, a non-Christian and non-Islamic country has taught us Africans some important lessons. Japan was heavily devastated by world war II (the first 2 atomic bombs were detonated in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - it took over 30 years for any grass to grow there), but through it all, with their governments economic policy like restriction on imports to boost exports, and a nationally entrenched business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency called KAIZEN, Japan rose from the ashes to become a world giant today with the highest sense of discipline, moral behavior and love for humanity.

Dear 9ja people, don't show me your religion; don't show me how many times you pray in a day to prove to me you love God; rather, show me how you treat people, how you value and respect human life, show me what you're doing to help fellow humans everyday and I will agree you love GOD.

The Christian Apostle James wrote it best: "faith without works is dead". Show me your works and I will tell you your religion.

God bless Nigeria.

Re: Oyedepo Blast Osinbanjo by yabas(m): 7:30am On Jul 09, 2018

So what should we do, go back to PDP right??....

Common naw, Nigeria is bigger than PDP & Buhari, we can collectively encourage/support another party or pressure APC to produce another candidate. Buhari is bad news, look at our economy, security. We need a progressive individual, Buhari is too weak, he went to Germany to talk about Western Germany that was disbanded ages ago. He knows nothing about governance or economy. May 29 2015 was a big mistake that must not be repeated, we need people with big ideas. Buhari is a bigot & a Jihadist, he is bad news all the way. An old tribalist is not what we need at this point.
Re: Oyedepo Blast Osinbanjo by Nobody: 9:01am On Jul 09, 2018
Because osinbanjo is not his church member
It has nothing to do with membership, Bishop Oyedepo spoke the truth

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Re: Oyedepo Blast Osinbanjo by Nobody: 9:02am On Jul 09, 2018
Osinbajo should simply ignore this jealous, corrupt and attention seeking pastor. It is really shameful that some people who call themselves Christians still follow this fraudster. If their is truly a God that is omnipotent and omniscience. A God that crowns king and sanctions everything that happens on earth, then Oyedepo should stop mocking that God because with his sanction, Buhari and Osinbajo wouldn't be president and vice today.

If oyedepo is powerful, he should invoke his spiritual powers against the killer herdsmen instead of heating up the polity and increasing tension. Oyedepo is simply playing dirty politics with the dead. He will one day be consumed by the crisis he's helping to spread.
Oyedepo spoke the truth. Osinbanjo is a disgrace to Christianity in Nigeria.
Re: Oyedepo Blast Osinbanjo by Nobody: 9:04am On Jul 09, 2018

Just sut the fk up, how can you people keep supporting this wickedness? What is even wrong with you guys? Are you blind? Is this the same Nigeria that Goodluck left in 2015 despite all his corrupt tendencies? because your family lives in Lagos, you think those middle belt people do not deserve to live in their land in peace. I wonder how you guys think
Exactly!. They are not feeling the heat that is why they can say anything
Re: Oyedepo Blast Osinbanjo by Nobody: 9:09am On Jul 09, 2018
The best is for the country to split. Or we have vice presidents in each geo-political zone
Splitting this country would worsened the situation

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