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Unbreak My Heart - Romance Novel / You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) / Please help review: Beneath The Rubbles (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Beneath My Heart by Sammie4241(m): 9:31am On Jun 29
bro pls I need the complete story help me to send it to olalekansamuel60@gmail.com
Re: Beneath My Heart by doctorexcel(m): 12:23am On Jun 30
Please bossman, i need the complete softcopy samueloyedele2017@gmail.com my wife has been on my neck for it too after introducing it to her
Re: Beneath My Heart by Steven74(m): 3:25pm On Aug 02
hello pls i also need the soft copy for the book Here is my mail Francis74385@gmail.com

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Re: Beneath My Heart by amiable990: 5:35pm On Aug 02
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Re: Beneath My Heart by Humbleness: 11:33am On Aug 20
please ,l need the soft copy of this wonderful story. please

Thank you very much
Re: Beneath My Heart by Vicholas14(m): 12:04pm On Aug 20
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Re: Beneath My Heart by Abosede512(f): 12:26pm On Aug 20
Pls I need the complete copy. my mail is sanniabosede512@gmail.com
Re: Beneath My Heart by Khingoghie: 1:31am On Aug 21
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Re: Beneath My Heart by marvin906(m): 11:17pm On Aug 21
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Re: Beneath My Heart by stevyno1(m): 11:01am On Aug 22
Need the soft copy too, please
Re: Beneath My Heart by Odoogu(m): 1:53pm On Aug 23
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Re: Beneath My Heart by BlessedNiel: 5:43pm On Aug 24
How much does it cost?
Re: Beneath My Heart by amiable990: 9:32pm On Aug 24
I need a copy amiable990@gmail.com
Re: Beneath My Heart by Abosede512(f): 7:21am On Aug 25
Pls I need the complete story, thanks. sanniabosede512@gmail.com
Re: Beneath My Heart by skubido(m): 9:49am On Aug 29
Same here oooo,plz

Re: Beneath My Heart by Modesite: 11:31am On Aug 30
I need it too, kemiakindele2014@gmail.com. thank you
Re: Beneath My Heart by okafor200(m): 10:04pm On Sep 02

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Re: Beneath My Heart by Lilly4endu(f): 1:02pm On Sep 04
I want the soft copy of it and married to a fink too. How much will it cost me please.
Re: Beneath My Heart by Donbeebright(m): 2:32pm On Sep 04
Thanks bro

I have been laughing here

uote author=SokoDobo post=72195248]She took in a deep breath.

"Hey! Don't do that." Adnan said seriously.

"Do what?"

" Breath hard. If you need to breath hard, call me to do that for you. You need to rest and breathing hard is a hard task."

She chuckled.

"You are not nursing a vegetable Mr Hayati."

He knelt before her, his knees on the floor while he rested his body on the bed, his face close to hers.

"You are not a vegetable Miss Sunshine but you are so delicate my love. I know your worth so I don't want anything to touch you. I meant it when I said you are my life."

" Hayati, I know that. How many men can do what you did? I was said to be barren, yet you were the one keeping me strong. You never stopped loving me, rather you were more caring. You had the chance to marry your Arabian cousin, she is beautiful and that cannot be denied but you never gave her a chance.....all for me. Hayati, you proved that I am your habibti. Thank you for coming into my life."

" Unconditionally is the word between us Miss Sunshine. Our hearts....."

"......Met on a star."The said in unison.

" We have to offer a Walima for this. Let us call people to eat and drink and thank Allah."

"I think I have a another idea."She said.


"If we decide to invite people, it is going to be just the rich that will come. Why don't we reach out to those in need?"

"That is a better idea. In that case, we are not just going to give them food and drinks but arrange some cash in a pack for them."

"Like how much each?"

" Maybe fifty K."

"How many people are we gathering?"

He shrugged.

"May be five hundred. It is a miracle we are showing gratitude for."

" That should be around twenty five million naira."


"That is cool but why don't we invite just twenty five people and they get one million naira each? Don't you think by doing that one may invest and maybe help others one day?"

"No. That is a bad idea."


"Because you are bringing all of the best ideas and making me look daft."

"Come on. " She pushed the air jokingly. " We are doing this together. You propounded the whole idea."

"But seriously it makes a lot of sense. I have seen rich men sharing peanuts in the name of Zakkah. What you said is logical. Instead of giving meager amount to a lot of people that cannot not really change their lives, it is better you reduce the number of people and give them something bigger. They may turn out to give out Zakkah in future too. I love you darling."

" Do you know one thing I noticed about you?"


"You have a listening ear and you reason with me."

"I do not have a option . One of the greatest fool is he who feels he knows it all. The Prophet SAW used to seek for advice from his companions, he used to listen to them. Who the hell is Adnan Abbas?"

" Please come and lie close to me Hayati." She said.

He climbed the bed. She was lying on her right side, he went behind her and lay by his right side behind her. His hand passed one her waist and stopped on her tommy, his their heads juxtaposition and she placed her hand on his while her fingers moved on his strong hand slowly and sensually.

She felt warm, love and safe.

" I have never been more scared in my life." She said. "The first time I saw Baanah, I was intimidated. Her hair alone scared the hell out of me. So long, silky and beautiful. She is beautiful and I said to my self, what would happen if this pretty girl began to give you children?
And she made it worse by saying horrible things to me. I cried until my tears dried up. I wonder what barren women go through. I will never forget what you did for me. You were the only one I could confide in. Until now, I never told anyone, not Nadia who was going through hell herself, not my mother.
If I had told my mother, she would not have stopped it. She would have only advised me and you were doing just that and I saved her from high blood pressure. Now it's over. I am with your child Hayati. That has been one of my greatest wish. To have an everlasting bond with you. A being that share equal amount of chromosomes from us, your blood and my blood. May Allah guide and protect it."

"Ameen." He said. " Miss Sunshine..."


"If not for the doctor's warning, I would have fought with you at this moment. Like serious boxing."

"Are you strong enough to do that?"

"I will leave the door open for an escape."

They chuckled.

"Why would you fight me?"

"Because you felt any woman's beauty could take me away from you. Lah! You are the most beautiful woman in the world to me. Miss Sunshine, I see the beauty of your soul and that is what I fell in love with first. Do not misconceive me, I love a beautiful woman and that is what you are. I am okay with you. No other woman can take your place. You have taken the whole of my heart, occupied it and refuse to leave space for another lady.
Let me say, you are my heart's landlady, chairperson and CEO. Never you feel intimidated or insecure. What we need is prayers. Let the devil not come between us. It is you, you and you. I love you with all of my heart, body and soul."
She turned and faced him, summed up courage and looked directly into his eyes, as she used to feel shy of sometimes, and then said, " I love you with my whole heart, body, and soul Mr. Adnan Abbas Haliru Babangida."

This was the first time she would mention his name since they began dating and she started calling him Hayati and when she did, it was done in full.

He giggled.

" I called you in full because I wanted you to know that I mean it. Nayi rashin kunya ko( I disrespected you, right)?"

"No my dear. I can relate." He then kissed her and their voices seized. It was now the voices of the body that could heard.

" Oh my God!" Adnan exclaimed and disengaged. " My food!"

He rushed out of the bed.

"You made my food burn." He said as he ran out.

"You did that to me a lot of times." She said after him.

Fifteen minutes later, he was back with a tray of food. He went back to bring some drinks. Naairah was glad because she was hungry. He dropped the trays and went to her.

"What?" She asked.

He carried her from the bed and carefully placed her on the floor gently.

"Hayati, I can do this."

"I know, why are you a queen? To be served and that is what this humble palace boy is doing.Just doing my duty."

" What a wonderful palace boy you are but you are also my king."

" I am your servant, cook, knight, king, companion, subject....I am just anything good to you or...that is what I am trying to be. I don't know if I do it right."

" You are the best. Just the best."

" Is this the part where girls say Awwnnnnn?"

She laughed.

" How do you guys say yours?"

" We go grrrrrrrrrrr..."

She laughed. "And the girl would run away."

She was surprised when she tasted the fried rice. The look of the food amazed her. How did he do it?He used to make tea, oat, omelette, and noodles for her for her but he had never really cooked like this.

"When did you learn how to do this?" She asked.

"I have always known how to cook." He said with a swagger, raising his shoulder. " A master chef."

She eyed him, rolled her eyes.

"Excuse me." She said and got up. She walked out of the room and then something nudged his brain.

"Come back hear Miss Sunshine!"

She did not. He got up and ran after her. He descended the step with alacrity. Naairah saw him and broke into a run, laughing.

"Do not go into that kitchen!" Adnan said chasing after her. He nearly caught her but she slipped through and went into the kitchen. she was laughing but gave out a light scream as he nearly caught her.
She rushed and carried a book that was on the cabinet. Adnan gave up and laughed.

"I caught you." She said. "Let me see.......My Cooking book by ..."

He snatched it laughing.

" Okay, you got me. I took everything from it."

"It is okay Honey. We women do it too. Your food taste great and I am so proud of you. Come here...my boy."

He smiled,dropped the book and walked to her like a little boy. She hugged and kissed him.

"I am proud of you. Let us go and enjoy the delicious cuisine by my husband."

"Okay dear." He said, turned and she knew what to do. She climbed his back and he started hopping like a horse, "Doki salama, baba baby na...."

They went back to their room to enjoy their meal.

Henry arrived his apartment late.As he climbed the stairs, he said aloud, "I hope everyone is good? "

"We are good officer "Mrs Ginladun replied. She was the only one who used to reply him amongst his neighbors.
He felt he was the one protecting then and would always show them how important he was.
He opened his door and went in. He was tired of coming to meet an empty house. He had to get married ASAP and have that welcome hug he always dreamt of.

He could imagine her say, "how was your day? "
And he would be like, "it was good. Had a hectic day, bust a gang of assassins......"

He stopped, stiffened and put on the light. He heard perceived cigarette smell.

He was shocked to see a huge dangerous man sitting on a chair.

"Welcome back Sarge" He said, "I have been waiting for you."

Jesus, Mary, Joseph!!!!!!

Oh no!

It was the beast! [/quote]
Re: Beneath My Heart by Ebce: 3:21pm On Sep 04
Please I also need the soft copy of ur nice work ebayesuccess@gmail.com
Thank u in anticipation
Re: Beneath My Heart by WEALTH304(m): 10:59am On Sep 05
jayboih93@gmail.com..bro I will be glad if you can send to my also
Re: Beneath My Heart by MAcSEEKER: 10:11pm On Sep 15
need soft copy smithnsikak@gmail.com
Re: Beneath My Heart by Josipov: 10:18pm On Sep 15
Soft copy please
Re: Beneath My Heart by peaonyx05(f): 10:51pm On Sep 15
Please i need the soft copy ezugwupeace05@gmail.com Thanks.

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