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Unbreak My Heart - Romance Novel / You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) / Please help review: Beneath The Rubbles (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Beneath My Heart by Silensa(m): 6:03pm On Sep 13, 2018
following you bumper to bumper of fender (anyone is OK)
Re: Beneath My Heart by rayvelez(m): 7:21pm On Sep 13, 2018
Have been refreshing dis page since, op abeg come and updates.
Re: Beneath My Heart by MhizFavour: 9:52pm On Sep 13, 2018
SokoDobo hwfa na? No food 2day? grin
Re: Beneath My Heart by olukuewu(m): 11:05pm On Sep 13, 2018
Guy a beg find time to update us na.
Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 1:53am On Sep 14, 2018
“ I was coming back from a small mountain climbing.” Carlos said, and then moved his rotund face forward like he was about to tell him a great secret, “ my wife is complaining about my potbelly these days so I go climbing…..”


The word made a bang in Walter’s heart.
Aadila! Was she his wife? The name was there in his head but he could not relate it to any face.

“ And I saw you staggering. You were seriously in a bad shape. You were all wet, bleeding and out of your mind. You dropped on the ground. I looked round and saw that you were not being followed. You kept saying, ‘ocean, the boy, the boy, Aadila.’ I could not lift you alone. You are a hunk of a beef so I called Dialo, my boy who came and helped me out.

Before Dialo came, I searched you and saw something. It was a very small device. I did not know what it was. All I have known all my life is food and restaurant. I hate technology and that thing looked so full of it.
So ,I took you to Doctor Mark. He is a good man. Doctor Sean would not accept you. And I left you there. I am sorry but I never went back there. Market is bad these days. I could not afford to be told about bills.”

“ Where is the device?”

“ I have it in my office. I will get someone to help out. What happened to you?” He said, “ Oops! I forgot. You lost your memory, huh? Sometimes, I wish I could lose mine and forget all those days and these days…..and just be in a free world and I won’t care if any woman cheats on me because I have a potbelly.” Carlos said with a tinge of bitterness. “ And my mistresses don’t complain. Adriana says she loves it, same as Mette-Maaret and Kamila. Mayra reserved her comment. But my wife complains.”

Walter said nothing, but smugly wrinkled his nose as cloud of smoke from cigarette filled the air. It seemed he never smoked. It did not look familiar to him but had seen it a lot of times. He was not here to talk about his marital life. He needed answers.

“ I kept the device hidden. Only one person know where it is. I don’t even know why I hid it or felt it was important.” He turned at a young lad,

“ Hey, Rico! Tell Andrew to get his head here.”

Andrew was a short stocky man with a mean expression. He appeared and stood expectant.

“ Gimme that thing.” Carlos said.

“ What thing?”

“ The small thing that looks like pen.”

“Hmmmm.” Andre said and went in.

“ Andrew is trustworthy. But I don’t trust Rico and Pablo.” Carlos said, “ they don’t love me. They love my restaurant because they get money.”
Andrew came out a few minutes later.

“ Have.” He said, handed it to Carlos and left without giving Walter a second look.

“ Take it Senor.”

Immediately he saw it, he felt some sparks in his head, and images falling into a katzenjammer, then sputtering sounds could be head in his head. Then he began to see lab coats, stethoscopes, microscopes, syringes, and computers.
Was he a doctor?
What was he?

“ Where is the EBM?” Walter said subconsciously. He knew the device but he could not tell what it was now. And he remembered EBM but not what it was used for. Was the pen-looking device connected to the EBM?

“EBM? I told you I don’t know shit about technology. The only business I have with a laptop is watching cooking programmes and South-American drama.

Walter looked at it again. It was black, with a red button on the top and digital screen which probably displayed numbers.He pressed the red button, then heard a faint sound, then he put his thumb on the digital buttons. With a programed mind, he pressed some numbers: 00030.
On the tiny screen, he saw: EBM out of radar. 15km.

“ Where did you pick me?”

“I told you before.”

“ Please tell me quickly!”

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Re: Beneath My Heart by tijehi(f): 7:54am On Sep 14, 2018
Thanks for the update.

Waiting 'impatiently' for the next one.
Re: Beneath My Heart by nastynic(m): 1:18pm On Sep 14, 2018
Shii is Getting interesting..

More Cash to your account Bruh
Re: Beneath My Heart by niffyluv(f): 2:42pm On Sep 14, 2018
loving it... well done
Re: Beneath My Heart by MhizFavour: 3:06pm On Sep 14, 2018
Thanks 4 dis update sokodobo cheesy
Re: Beneath My Heart by Kamelot77(m): 5:48pm On Sep 14, 2018
NYC one, ride on
Re: Beneath My Heart by olukuewu(m): 9:55am On Sep 15, 2018
Enjoy myself with you.its great.more blessing to you sokodobo
Re: Beneath My Heart by MhizFavour: 9:11pm On Sep 15, 2018
No food today? wink
Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 9:46pm On Sep 15, 2018

Zayyad was dressed in a very expensive voile with a black cap called Minister.

“ Zayyad .” Alhaji Mukhtar said warmly, “ You are welcome. Ya Baba (how is your father?”

“ Alhamdulillah.” Zayyad replied, looking shy.

“ Come and join us, please. We are just about to start.”

Zayyad sat down, next to Naairah, and gave Adnan a nod.
Dinner began. There was a lot of rice, beef pepper soup, tuwo, and a lots more. Adnan had no appetite but it would not have been nice if he refused to eat. He noticed that it was a jovial family and they were so free with each other.

“ Zayyad, we just had an introduction before you came. But I know you know my family members.” Alhaji Mukhtar said. “ I don’t know if you have met Adnan. Adnan, this is Zayyad. He is also a member of this family. His father and I have come a long way.
He is a an Accountant in the making and his father had served this nation as a governor. A very good friend of mine.”
Alhaji Mukhtar looked at Adnan.

“ I think we would like to know our new member of the family.” He dropped the nickel. “ Your full name, where you come from, your parents, educational background and ….just getting to know you.”

Naairah felt something drumming in her head. She gave Adnan a sharp glance and she never saw him look more flummoxed.
Zayyad had a smile on his face as he looked at Adnan.

The die was cast!

“ We are listening, Adnan.” Alhaji Mukhtar said and a graveyard silence took over.

" My name is Adnan Abbas." Adnan said, aware of the quiver in his voice. " I - I am an orphan."

" Oh-oh." Alhaji Mukhtar said pathetically. " What a pity. Where are you from? Where did your parents live."

Adnan held on to the spoon, his eyes in a blank stare at the plate of food in front of him.

" I - don't know." He said. He was not going to keep lying.

" What?" Alhaji Mukhtar exclaimed. Some of her brothers, made some low exclamations.

" I don't know my parents. I was said to have been adopted by a family."

"Who are they?"

Adnan hesitated. He could not reveal that. It was dangerous to do that.

" I was so young when I left them." He said. " I can't really remember them but the man was called Daddy. And his wife was mummy."

" How old were you then?"

"I was nine."

" Why did you leave?"

" I was being maltreated."

" So when you left, where did you go?"

Adnan did not like this. Why ask him all of these in presence of everyone?

" I was in Abuja for a while before I left for Zaria."

"So who took care of your education?"

" I think we should eat and talk later Abban Abdul." Hajiya Fatima said, feeling uncomfortable.

" It is alright. There may be no later." He said. " the purpose of the dinner is to know each other."

" I had no one to help me. I stopped my education in Primary three."

" Tab!" her immediate elder brother exclaimed and Zayyad giggled smugly.

" Primary three?" Alhaji Mukhtar marvelled . " You don't even have a primary school certificate."

" I do . I wrote external GCE."

" Do you have a job How do you survive?"

" I work with a bakery as a sales boy and work as a security man at night."


" What a shame!"

Alhaji Mukhtar said. Zayyad glanced at Adnan then smirked.

" Abban Abdul." Hajiya Fatima said .

" Let me talk. "He retorted. " I did not invite you to condemn you but to help you. I just introduced my children to you and you can see the kind of care and upbringing they had."

" I think he was also well brought up." Hajiya Fatima said. " You saw that with Naairah."

" A'a, shine Mufti Menk (no, he is Mufti Menk)" He said, " This boy is nothing but a rogue. A street urchin who decided to use my daughter as a prey. He does nothing other than follow girls, lie to them and dupe them....."

" A boy who was on the street since nine." Hajiya said, " He should be excusable."

" I am not reproaching him. I am just being realistic." Alhaji Mukhtar said. " He met Naairah by duping her. You think I did not find out?"

Zayyad exchanged glances with Naairah. She glared at him with a contempt that made her look like she was going to burst. He took his off, then typed something with his phone and then sent it to her.

It was for your protection. You don't know what he is.

She quickly typed back.

I hate you with all my life!

You will thank me later.

I will roast you later


Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 9:57pm On Sep 15, 2018
Adnan felt as if he should evaporate into thin air and vanish. He was confused, embarrassed and sickened. Why did this man have to invite him, made him feel welcomed only to ridicule him? There were other ways of sending him away.

"I just can't understand it. Are you dating my daughter with the intention of getting married to her?" Alhaji Mukhtar asked. " Someone who does not even know his origin, a bread seller?...."

"We all had humble beginnings." Hajiya said.

" I do but we had prospects. I was a graduate when I married you. I was financially down but I had a family. My brother came back from abroad and gave me a life. I and Alhaji Ibrahim Tofa all worked for him and we made it. He also made sure we knew one or two people and we all made it to the peak. He was a former governor.
I had been an ambassador, DG, and a Perm sec. Education and family. He lacks both. Why do you compare me to him? Did you not know my parents, my village or relatives?"

Gaddafi stood up.

"Where are you going to?" Alhaji Mukhtar asked him.

" I have a stomach ache. I guess I will have to leave.Please excuse me "

"In the middle of an important meeting?"

"I am sorry, Abba but it does not look so to me. I thought you said it was a get together dinner."

" It is about your sister."

" I know Abba. This could have been done without gathering us. It seems someone has already informed you about him. I just have a stomach upset. I will have to leave, get medication and sleep."

" Okay." Alhaji said. " I wish you soonest recovery."

" Thank you, sir." Gaddafi said, moved to his mother and kissed her forehead. " I love you mom."

She smiled.

" Allah Ya ma albarka ( May Allah bless you)." She said to him.

He left quietly.

" Abba there is nothing wrong with him." Abdul-Rahman, the second child said. " He is too soft and he is supposed to head this family."

"Shut up!" Hajiya vituperated. " You that have a lion heart should lead the family if that is what you want."

" He is right." Alhaji said defensively. " This has to do with his sister. What if I am not alive. Would he allow her get along with this tout? A boy who has no face, no origin and has very bad habits? A security man! A bread seller and maigadi! Who would be his representative? If anything happens, where do we go to? Are you people insane?" He turned at Adnan.

" Listen to me young man, " he said, " I do not want to see you with my daughter again. You are not compatible. Two different worlds. You must have noticed that from the introductions. I advise you to go and look for a girl who was raised in an orphanage so you could be with her.
If it is food you want, do not come to her. I will give you food allowance every month. Ten thousand Naira. I have nothing against you. I am willing to help you, but please stay away from my daughter."

Naairah was filled with anger, shame and frustration. She did not know what to do. She felt like it was done in cahoots with her. She had invited him, hoping her father who never went against her wish would support her.
She had not bargained for this. Oh No! Zayyad! He told her father all of these. She would never forgive him .

" I have something to say!" She burst, finding it difficult to control her anger. It was just enough. She could not take it anymore. She was going
to express herself and let the world crash ,she did not give a hoot!

Then Adnan gave her a look. Their eyes met. Messages passed.
She realized that there was something between them. He had an impact on her that was beyond comprehension. Just that glance, she got the message.
Don't do it.
They are your parents.
Do not be disrespectful.
Just keep quiet.

" Go on." Alhaji Mukhtar said.

She bowed her head.

" Nothing." She said and went mute.

" Thank you very much sir." Adnan said at last. " I have a night job to do so I may not have much time to stay again. I heard what you said. I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused you and the members of the family.
I guess if not for me, you could have been having a wonderful dinner amid jokes and laughter. I am sorry. I admit to having no one to call mine. I also know my level in the society. I have always known this and avoided the chance to be reminded.
When I see children who have families, I remind myself that I have Allah. And He created me through humans whom I was not privileged to know anything about. Never in my life have I ever felt close to having a family like tonight when I first came in and you gave me a warm welcome.
As I sat among you, a family, and jokes was being shared, I felt something I had never felt. And paradoxically, I have never felt far from having a family like tonight after all you said. I just want to apologise for coming into your daughter's life. But she was a blessing to me because through her, Allah made me a better person.
I also appreciate the offer of ten thousand monthly naira for food. May Allah reward you. With all due respect, sir, I think the little I earn can take care of my feeding. I want every member of the family to forgive me. Thank you, sir."

" Thank you for understanding with me." Alhaji Mukhtar said. " May God be with you."


Adnan got up.

" You have not really eaten," he said, " Sit down and eat."

Adnan forced a smile.

" Thank you, sir but I am okay." He said and turned at Hajiya Fatima.

" Thank you ,ma."

She only nodded. She could not utter a word. Adnan left the house, walking hurriedly, fighting the urge to run, with nowhere to run to. He passed through the big gate, walked down the street then felt his legs so heavy. It was like he was chained. He could not move, and his head was so heavy. He began to feel dizzy.
He saw a block by the fence of a building and sat on it.
The pain had always been there, but it never made himself the way he was. Now he felt something sweeping inside of him, starting from his legs, coming up with a strong force until it agglomerated in his head and he burst into tears.

He was weeping profusely.

Life was cruel to him!

He remembered how he was treated by the family that adopted him, the inhumane acts vented on him, the severe hardships he went through and the psychological trauma he was going through . But what just happened capped it all.

He was not just humiliated beyond reasoning, he had just being separated from the only person that ever meant anything to him.
Naairah, Miss Sunshine.

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Re: Beneath My Heart by OLAFIMIX(f): 10:14pm On Sep 15, 2018
Sometimes life is unfair
Re: Beneath My Heart by Omoobanla18: 10:14pm On Sep 15, 2018
So after being a guest on Nairaland for years, Your stories has made me to finally open an account, because I just can't go without saying thanks for sharing your stories. Updates on points
Storyline is dope.

I feel so much for Adnan
Poor dude


Re: Beneath My Heart by niffyluv(f): 10:22pm On Sep 15, 2018
this episode is so touching. . .
Re: Beneath My Heart by MhizFavour: 11:39pm On Sep 15, 2018
Awwwwn... So touching. Thanks SokoDobo
Re: Beneath My Heart by olukuewu(m): 11:48pm On Sep 15, 2018
Very touching indeed.more blessing sokodobo.
Re: Beneath My Heart by nastynic(m): 11:58pm On Sep 15, 2018
this episode is so touching. . .

Hope your Family Won't Treat Me like This grin

Lovely Story Bruh
More Cash to Your account Bruh
God Speed and Jah Bless
Re: Beneath My Heart by tijehi(f): 4:59am On Sep 16, 2018
Naairah's mother is an angel........her father....hiannnn, doesn't have sense at all.

Wonderful update
Re: Beneath My Heart by niffyluv(f): 8:04am On Sep 16, 2018
Re: Beneath My Heart by niffyluv(f): 8:06am On Sep 16, 2018

Hope your Family Won't Treat Me like This grin

Lovely Story Bruh More Cash to Your account Bruh God Speed and Jah Bless

Re: Beneath My Heart by BOSSkesh(m): 12:15pm On Sep 16, 2018
If I catch zayyad I must cut him prick walahi
Re: Beneath My Heart by excelmerry: 3:28pm On Sep 16, 2018
Sometimes when we find ourselves at the top , we forget we were once below and can still fall down if we aren't careful. I've seen a lot of people who thankfully became rich and turned into major snobs. They forget that Humility is a virtue. I know Adnan is Mr richy rich, he just hasn't uncovered it yet. Would luv to read how Naairah's father will react then.
Re: Beneath My Heart by BOSSkesh(m): 9:10pm On Sep 16, 2018
This Alhaji sef na wa ohh
Wetin come bring this kain talk
I pity for adnan
Poor pisda
God go punish zaayad
Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 6:55am On Sep 17, 2018
Hajiya Fatima walked into her room angrily and slammed the door behind her. She dropped her weight on the edge of her king-sized bed and buried her face in her palms. She could not forget the look on the poor boy's face as Abba said all those things.
Yes, they had to be skeptical about accepting someone they knew nothing about, or one who did not know a thing about himself. And discovering that he had some shady acts made it more imperative to be meticulous.
But there was something in those brown eyes that told a story. A story she could not comprehend but gave her a direction. A direction towards something about victimization and helplessness. She just could not tell what it was but it was there.

And she saw the look he gave Naairah when she was about to burst in anger. She knew her daughter more than anyone else. She saw the power in that look and the chemistry between them. Just a look, he told her what to do and she understood him.
He had an impact on her and directed her towards positivity. She saw something extra-ordinary between those kids. Ya Allah, what could she do? She had never seen her daughter look so empty, as she watched Adnan walk out.

" Assalamu alikum." Alhaji Mukhtar said as he came in.

" Ameen wa alaikum salam." She replied without raising her head.

" What is wrong with you?" He asked and sat close to her.

" Nothing. I am okay."

" I know it is not okay."

"You know and you are asking?"

He paused, took in a deep breath then touched her shoulder with his hand.

" Empathy is blinding you." He said. " You have been more protective of the children than I am. I am surprised you are not seeing the things that I see."

" I see the things you see but from a different point of view."

" How have I gone wrong?"

" First, you have been receiving information from Zayyad and you never told me, making me look like a fool. I was telling you about this boy and you gave the impression that you were okay with it. You invited him for dinner, made him feel so relaxed, integrated and invited all your children, including Zayyad before humiliating him."

" I did not intend to humiliate him....."

"That is what you just did. That is a very wrong way to correct something. Why did you not invite him alone and talk to him? Why must you disgrace him? Have you asked how it feels to be on the street since the age if nine? And you have no one to call yours? Did you see how happy he was at the beginning? That boy needed love. Even if you don't want him around your daughter, you could have helped him."

" I did try to help him. I offered him...."

" Money? After humiliating him, you offer him food allowance in presence of everybody?...."

" Assalamu alaikum." Muhammad, Naairah's immediate elder brother came in. " Zayyad just informed me that it seems Naairah left the house."

"What?" Alhaji Mukhtar asked.

" I and Sa'eed will go check on her. What is wrong with this girl?"

" Did Zayyad see her leave?"

" Yes." He said. " We need to hurry."

Alhaji Mukhtar sighed.

" Did you not hear what he said?" He asked Hajiya Fatima.

" What do you want me to do?'

"How dare you say that? We are talking about our only daughter here!"

" Are you insinuating that she eloped? My mind tells me that boy will never encourage her to leave home irrespective of what you think. Naairah will be back."

" You seem to have been hypnotized by this boy." He said.

" Please Abban Abdul, I have a headache. I want to take Paracetamol and sleep."

He glared at her. This was happening all too fast. What was wrong? This Adnan of a boy was a devil. He only came to tear his family apart. This had to be settled.
He walked out of the room angrily.

Zayyad picked his phone and dialled. He was going to enjoy the next thing that would happen. What a wonderful night!

" Hello...." He said into the mouthpiece.


Re: Beneath My Heart by tijehi(f): 7:23am On Sep 17, 2018
God bless Naairah's mum.
Re: Beneath My Heart by olukuewu(m): 11:44am On Sep 17, 2018
Nairaah mum has a different mind,good for her.
But short episode.
Re: Beneath My Heart by Silensa(m): 12:29pm On Sep 17, 2018
hmm the way I see it, Zayad or whatever he is called is fight a lost battle. ride on Op
Re: Beneath My Heart by Silensa(m): 12:29pm On Sep 17, 2018
hmm the way I see it, Zayad or whatever he is called is fight a lost battle. ride on Op
Re: Beneath My Heart by AryEmber(f): 3:02pm On Sep 17, 2018
My God! This is beautiful! Jazakumullahu Khairan Soko Dobo!

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