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Green, White And A Stain Of Red #endpolicebrutality [prose Poetry] / The Shade Of A Dollar / Touch Of Red (valentine) By Chine. (a Good Devil "Peom") (2) (3) (4)

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Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 1:48am On Sep 05, 2018
Chapter 1

This creation is my life work, an epitome of technology, an advancement of technology itself but right now this epitome is about to crumble to dust except I'm able to get it to safety.
"Dad, if we make it out of this alive, you owe me a month of free shopping", Diamond chirps. "Honey, I'll make sure I do that. I don't want to lose you like your mother", Mr Jimmy Black replies, shaking his head. "Way to go,Dad. We're in a pretty bad condition and your bringing up a more gloomy story.
Diamond's mom died six years ago got shot on one of their runs from the National Bureau Of Robot Systemization. Mr Jimmy Black created a robot seventeen years ago that looks, feels, acts and grows like a human. It was complete perfection that the major and greater inventors of NBORF were unable to attain even till date. That invention is Wayne Black, Diamond's older brother. I have calculated the gross loss we shall face because of me so I have conceive a plan", Wayne says in a kinda of robot but male tone. "Ok, spill it", Diamond says in a rush. "There's a town on my radar called Hemley Hills, it is not a small town, it's a pretty huge one but it offers the benefits of protection". "We don't need protection, we have you", Mr Jimmy interrupts. "Not that sort of protection, it offers protection to people with big names that just wanna chill without anyone else in the world knowing where they are". "Kinda sounds weird like won't the town's people snitch to the cops", Diamond replies. " Diamond the NBORF is looking for us not the cops, the NBORF is an underground company with only open successes so we stay in Hemley Hills until the tension dies and no snitching happens". "The tension wil only die if they find a way to create an exact prototype of you with enhanced strength for the military", Mr Black gushes. "Then we are giving them enough time to actually do that by freeing them from chasing us down". "So I can't use social media for fear of them seeing my update or anything", Diamond complains. "Like I said big names, Hemley Hills is pretty protective when it comes to their residents. They don't give out information on their residents to unknown people except checked by the resident and an unknown company like NBORF is mostly likely to be kicked out by the Welcome Hemley Site. So what do you think? ", he asks as his grey eyes glow with enthusiasm. "I guess we have our home. Wayne move all our money to three accounts available in Hemley Hills, buy a house and get us ready to meet with the Welcome Hemley Site", Mr Black relaxes a bit. "Scanning through the database of Hemley Hills, calling Barbara's moving trucks", he twitches as the ringing sound starts in his head. "Hello, this is Barbara's Moving Trucks. How can i help you?", a female voice says at the other end of the line. "This is Wayne Black. Do you remember I asked for my family's property and boxes be kept at one of your warehouses". Why yes! Mr Black, do you want it moved". "Yes, to Hemley Hills, Central street, Flat 108". "Ok, got that down, thanks for calling". With a slight nod of his head the call cuts abruptly. "Checking up and registering with the Welcome Hemley Site, Initializing... and we are in".
"OMG, this place is awesome. Your the best, Wayne, gotta go live stream it to my 2.5 million followers", Diamond's high pitched voice yelps from upstairs.
She finally comes down after her live stream and plucks herself on one of the dusty couch. "So how bout school?". "I chose Crowns High", Wayne reples as Diamond nods. "We start tomorrow so I hired a maid to clean up". "Sure, where's Dad?". "I believe he is trying to find the best room downstairs for his study and office". "Dad, we're ordering pizza. You want some?", Diamond screams out. "Yeah, I'm famished. Will you bring it down for me when it gets here?", her father's answer echoes down the hall. "You'll do it, right? ", she asks Wayne. "Yeah", he replies. "Dad, Wayne will bring it down". "OK", he answers. "Wayne order pizza". "Searching for a good pizza parlour, ordering one large pepperoni pizza and three bottles of coke. Done, should be here in five minutes".
Re: Another Shade Of Red by Chyksbae(f): 4:22pm On Sep 10, 2018
Seriously, aww where is the rest of the story
Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 4:41pm On Sep 15, 2018
Diamond enters Wayne's room, she goes to the silver coloured slate attached to the wall were Wayne is in sleep mode. She unplugs the cord from the back of his neck as the genetically engineered skin covers the cord space at the back of his neck, the cord slides into it's place in the wall. Wayne sits upright with his eyes still closed. "Powering up... Booting complete", his eyes open showing it's grey tint. "Good morning, Diamond", Wayne says before turning to look at Diamond. "Morning. You're driving so get ready and where's the maid?". "About that, I already cleaned the entire house yesterday except your room which you refused access into and I hired a cook instead". "Uh, that's were the fried eggs scent are coming from", Diamond says, ecstatically. "So what's gonna happen to my room? ", she whines, putting on a sad face. "I'm gonna pay the cook some extra cash to clean it. Are you happy now? ". She nods vigorously. "Ok, bye", she starts walking out the room. "There is no need for you to wake me any longer, Father installed a program yesterday that helps me wake anytime I want". "Quick question, when did all this happen?", a confused Diamond asks. "While you were sleeping on the pizza", Wayne chuckles. "Are you serious?! ". "Yh, had to carry you to your room or you can say drag", he taunts her. "Wayne!!!!!!!! No wonder my head hurts". She jumps on Wayne who is still on his bed and slaps him with a pillow, Wayne tries to protect his face with both hands before grabbing a pillow. He pushes her off playfully and hits her with his pillow, he uses this avenue to chase her until she runs out of his room. "You'll pay for this", Diamond yelps while banging on his door. "Yh, right", he replies from closed door.
They arrive at the school gate and gets direction to the Principal's office, they get there and knock. "Come in". As they enter the Principal gestures for them to seat. "I'm Diamond Black and he's Wayne Black. We'll like to get our schedules, I don't know why but your PA said we should come get it directly from you", Diamond explains. "Yes, Diamond Black. A pretty famous name, ever heard of Walking Diamond's Shoes?", the principal asks. "Yh, that's the name of my blog and YouTube channel. Wait, your Principal Maureen, right? ". "Ma'am, we just want our schedules", Wayne says. "Yes, Wayne. Wayne, Wayne, Wayne. You think you're like us, oh! Don't be dramatic, I know you", Principal Maureen pushes. She slides a folder towards them, they grab it and leave hurriedly. "Wow! That was weird", Diamond states. "I know. What does she mean by.... ", Wayne stops and clears his throat. "You think you're like us, oh! Don't be dramatic, I know you ", he says in Principal Maureen's shady voice. "I don't know and I don't care", Diamond walks away.
During lunch Diamond goes to the cafeteria after buying her lunch, she scans the room looking for were to seat then she notices a dark skinned girl with coily black hair waving at her. She walks over to the girl's empty table and sits. "Hey, I'm Ruby, Ruby Robbin", the girl introduces herself with a cheery smile. "Cool, we're are both gems", Diamond smiles. "I know you're are Diamond Black, Walking Diamond's Shoes. I love your blog, I'm an upcoming blogger myself", Ruby murmurs, shyly. "I know how it feels, we all have our ups and downs", Diamond says which makes Ruby smile. "Woah, who's the new boy?", Ruby says out loud. Diamond turns to see her brother standing with a group of three boys. "Those are the most coolest and richest guys in school, I'm not sure about the new boy is, he's kinda familiar". "I know, that's my brother, Wayne". "Wayne! ". "No wonder, he's familiar saw him in your YouTube videos", Ruby murmurs to herself. Wayne looks at Diamond and starts walking towards her table with his head hung low. Surprisingly, the boys stalk after him. "So... ?", Diamond demands when they are all seated. "Is this your bossy sis? She's kinda cute", one of the boys with black sleek hair and blue eyes asks Wayne. "Shut it uuurrrr". "Tyler", Ruby whispers. "And that's Adams and Tim", she nudges toward the brown eyed boy with brown hair and the hazel eyed boy with blonde hair respectively. "Are you done talking about our awesomeness, baby dolls? ", Tyler asks. "More like talking about your stupidity", Diamond rolls her eyes. "Ouch! That's gonna hurt", Tim comments while Adams laughs. "So why you not at your table?", Ruby asks them. "And why you with my brother? ", Diamond adds. "Diamond, I can take care of myself", Wayne says sternly. "He's our new pal and you girls are kinda cute", Adams adds. "And don't feel too important cause the coolest and cutest guys are sitting with you guys", Tyler smirks. "Way above your heads", Ruby and Diamond say the same time then they giggle and high five. Wayne twitches continuously , he's eyes sparkles and revolves round many colour. Luckily Diamond notices, she grabs his arm and draws him to the empty hallway, she wheels him around and taps at the hidden button in his neck. He reboots and he's eyes returns to normal. "Wayne! What happened?", Diamond panics. "Who's that girl sitting with you? ". "Ruby Robbin. Why you asking? ". "I think I like her", he replies without meeting Diamond's eyes. "What!!!!!".
Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 3:23pm On Sep 22, 2018
Whathapter 2
Diamond's POV

"It's a new feeling. I know, Dad programmed me to have all these feelings; happiness, sadness, hope, depression but loveeee... It's very new", Wayne discloses. WHOA, WHO KNEW BABY BOY HAS FEELINGS, I MEAN HE'S MY BROTHER BUT THE ONLY THING I SEE HIM DO IS SMILE.
"What are we gonna do? Your an Android, she's a human", I emphasize. "Correction, Diamond. I was made to function like a human so we are practically the same thing". "I'll believe that if you ran on a heart pumping blood to your body. Instead you run on a 10.10 advanced software". "Not helping, D", Wayne complains. "So... Your the human, what do I do? ". "Well if Dad programmed you with feelings then he knew you were bound to have a crush on someone....". "Not a crush, it's love", he cuts in. "You just met her, you haven't even said a word to her and you call it love. What do you think love is?". "My dictionary states it is am intense feeling of affection and care towards another person". "Wayne!!", I yell. "Yes, I believe you called my name". "Stop acting all androidy or you're never gonna get the girl". "So you think I should act more human? ", he asks and I nod.
We go into the cafeteria and take our seats. "Where did you two disappear to?", Ruby questions while the boys munch on their lunch. "Yo! We went to visit the restroom", Wayne replies. "So you visit the restroom together?", Ruby looks at us weirdly. "Don't mind him he confuses the principal's office with the restroom", I answer. I get out my phone and text Wayne. "Nobody makes that kinda mistake", Ruby says as Wayne's phone buzzes. He takes it out and checks the message.
ME: Stop saying Yo! No-one says Yo!
WAYNE: KK but studies recently shows that girls like rogues and boys who say Yo!
ME: Wayne!!!!!
"Wayne does, it kinda started when he was little so it stuck". "Awwn, that's cute", Ruby exclaims.
WAYNE: She think it's cute�
ME: Ikr so follow my lead
"Umm, I don't wanna hear aboout Wayne's childhood so I'm out", Tyler stands up. "Guys you coming?", he asks. The guys stand up but they don't leave, Tim clears his throat. "Wayne, you coming?",Adams asks.
ME: Wayne! Stop acting like a lovesick bird. Get outta here, I need to work on setting up a date between you two
WAYNE: Really?
ME: Yh so get lost
He hurriedly stands up and leaves with the guys. "Whatsup the continuous texting with your brother?", Ruby questions me. "Family issues", I lie. She nods, sympathetically. "So I noticed you had your eyes on someone all through our conversation with the guys". Is it that obvious", she giggles, nervously."Spill!". "I have a crush on Adams". "Oh no!", I mistakenly say out loud.
Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 4:09pm On Sep 24, 2018
I'll really appreciate some comments to know if the story is going well
PS, I'm just a go with the flow writer, I don't plan what happens anything, I mix-up ideas that come to my brain.
Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 5:11pm On Oct 10, 2018
Wayne's POV


"You like Adams? ", Diamond asks.

"No", Ruby replies.

"But you just said you like Adams", a confused Diamond says.

"Are you sure? Cause I remember saying I think your brother is cute", Ruby makes air quotations.

"No, you said you like A... ooh", Diamond nods. "So you think he's cute? ". Ruby nods.

"What would you say if I told you he likes you", Diamond rushes out.

"I'll say I know cause I can see the way he stares at me".

"Seriously! So you'll date him? ".

"I didn't say that", Ruby tries to correct Diamond's conclusion.

I couldn't wait any longer, I left the guys without saying a word and ran into the cafeteria then I reduced my pace when I got the girl's table.

"Ruby, I really, really like you and I want us to hang out sometime... without unwanted sisters", I spill out.

"Hey, I just helped you out here", Diamond hits my arm playfully as Ruby giggles.


"Yes, I'll love to hangout", Ruby finally replies.

"Yes, she loves me, she loves me, she loves me everyone, she love me", I shout.
Every person begins to clap even the lunch lady, some whistled while some laughed.

"Hey! I didn't say I love you", Ruby pinches me. "Stop it", she whines.

"Please, stop my Barbie doesn't like all the attention", I say and the claps minimizes before it ends abruptly.

"Is it better now", I coo and she nods whilst biting her lower lip.
The bell chimes and we leave for our various classes.

After school, Diamond invites Ruby over to help with a YouTube video. When we got home, I went to my room to change while the both girls went to Diamond's room.

"Wayneee!!!". I hear my name.

I rush to Diamond's room only to find Diamond panicking and Ruby was sneezing continuously, her face is all puffy, her nose is running and her cheeks are red. She's seating on Diamond's bed clutching her legs, trying to stop sneezing.
I stood still as I surfed the web searching for answers then I run to Ruby's side, I carry her outside and prop her on the wooden bench.

"Ruby, what's wrong?", I ask her.

"A.. aaaalleraagy".


She heaves because of the pressure of trying to speak. "Aaaaallergy", she coughs out. "Dddust".
I quickly look up dust allergy on the web and I find a variety of drugs which will help to relieve her and we have them at home. I speed to the first aid kit, grab the drug and a cup of water. I rush to her side, open two tablets and feed it to her with the water, she makes a gagging sound.


After fifteen minutes she's better, her face is still puffy, her nose is still running but she's not sneezing, I hug her tightly so does Diamond who's feeling less scared, she had almost called an ambulance.

"Thank you so much", Ruby mutters as I lay her on the couch. Diamond calls a doctor who prescribes more drugs for Ruby and a day of rest then I get our dad to call her parents as soon as he arrives. He calls them and they let her stay over without even asking where she was or what happened.

"They agreed, right?", Ruby asks as soon as we step into the living room, we nod simultaneously. She grabs a pillow and covers her face.

"Ruby, are you feeling any better?", Diamond asks but we get a soft murmur as a reply.

Diamond drags the pillow but Ruby covers her face with both hands. She weeps softly into her palms as the tears pour on the floor, she tries to mop up her tears but they continue to fall, she stops trying, she just lies there with her teary eyes and head on the pillow.
There is no change in her facial features, no sad face or angry one either, her face is void of emotions, only her teary eyes tell of her sadness.


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Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 5:01pm On Oct 22, 2018
Ruby's POV

Normally I won't tell anyone about anything going on in my life, I'll just stuff it all into a storage closet in my heart and delve into my blog and work endlessly on it. But with them I feel like I can open up, I can tell them the reason my heart throbs, I feel like they'll listen to me, I feel they won't judge, I feel they won't lay out accusations, they'll just listen.

"It started five months ago", I whimper as I sit up to get a good look at their faces.
"Dad stopped coming home early sometimes he'll stay overnight at wherever he was then it aggravated, he'll not come home for two days, a week and the weeks started growing longer. And I know, mom knows, we all know the time he closes from his job as manager of Dynamis Wall Bar... eight o'clock and he'll arrive at home latest nine", I shed a few stray tears.

"I'll see mom with swollen, puffy eyes the next morning evidence of the tears, she spilled the night before. And whenever dad was around it was black, blood shot eyes and swollen body. It hurt so much, it hurt so freaking much, hearing their voices at odd hours in the night, hearing the loud cries of my mother, the roar of my father and the continuous banter of words. Crap! I hate myself, hiding under my mattress trying to find solace in the dream world but even the dream world won't accept a defeated soul like mine", my eyes stung with the weight of tears trying to pour down from it.

"Sometimes, I'll hear the wailing voice of my mother, screaming out my name for help but I'll just pull the pillows over my ears to obstruct the noise or I'll run into the bathroom with my laptop, a book, anything to create articles for my blog. One night, I couldn't take it any longer, I called the cops on them, they were both arrested and were bailed out after a week by an aunt. They didn't speak to me anymore, they just stopped looking at my direction, I could smell the hatred for their own daughter in the air they breathe but at least the unavoidable wailing stopped but now they just hate me, they hate me. I have no-one just me and my blog and my bedroom I have as my home and my stuffed animals I have as my parents. Just those.... ", my voice broke into uncontrollable tears.

I tried wiping them away but they kept pouring, it rained tears. I could also hear the light sobs from Diamond and I looked up see the compassionate face of her father staring at me. Then I looked at Wayne....No.... I looked for Wayne, he was nowhere to be found. Until I noticed the warm skin on mine, the slow and controlled breath of a person, the figure sitting beside me. He hugged me tightly and I felt comfortable in his hands, I felt safe and.... I felt loved. He raised my face so I could look into his eyes, those gorgeous grey eyes and I got lost in them. He used both his thumbs and cleaned those tears of mine and he bent and he kissed me.

His lips tasted like mangos and I loved it, I loved his cologne, I just love him. He finally broke the kiss and he kissed my forehead.

I trust this people, I feel like I lost a family to get a better one. It still hurts, I miss my parents but I'll just live in this moment I have here and hope it lasts.
I take a final glance at the loving and fatherly look of Mr Black then Diamond, I've found a sister in her and finally Wayne, words can't explain. I thought as I drifted into sleep and sleep didn't refuse me entry it opened up it's joyous gates.
Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 1:13pm On Oct 24, 2018
Days flew by and Ruby stopped visiting the Black's house, she avoided Diamond and Wayne like a plague. Wayne was beginning to feel uneasy about it all, he wanted to talk to her but anytime he manages to find her, she'll give a random excuse and run off.
Diamond also tried but she'll always stay far from her.

"Tyler, Tim have you guys seen Ruby?", Wayne asks as they wait for their Government lecturer to arrive.

The guys shake their head, Adams walks in and sits beside them.

"Dude have you seen Ruby?", Wayne asks Adams.

"Yh, I think I just saw her coming from the principal's office. If you run fast, you should be able to block her by the teachers' lounge".

"Thanks so much", Wayne says and makes to run off.

"Wayne we have class in two minutes", Tyler shows Wayne the time on his watch.

"Go get your girl, Wayne. Leave Tyler and his loveless life", Tim grins.

Tyler hits Tim's head with a book, Tim yelps and they begin a playful fight. Wayne chuckles before running off to find Ruby. He meets her just before she enters the teachers' lounge and stands between her and the door.

"Come with me", he commands her and drags her to the botanical garden.

"Wayne! Let go of my hand! What the bleeping Bleep is wrong with you?", she fusses, trying to weaken his grip on her.

He continues dragging her until they get to the garden, he holds her both wrists with his left hand and opens the door with his right.

"God! Your grip is so strong. How can someone be this strong?!", she yelps as he lets go of her hand.

She rubs her wrist as he stares at her before saying.
"You don't even know how strong I am", he mutters under his breath. "Give me your excuse, tell me one of the many reasons why we can't talk now, why you need to run off right now. Tell me, I'm waiting", his voice comes out as a dry whimper.

Ruby takes her eyes off her wrist and finally looks into his eyes. "I can't, I'm sorry".

"Just four days ago you were ok with kissing me in my home, on my couch. Spending the night at my home, spilling your pain to I and my family and after that you left early the next morning without telling anyone. And to top it all off you've being avoiding me and even your friend, Diamond, she's heartbroken, she doesn't know what she did wrong. Usually Diamond would just move on and before you know it she's popular but you are first friend in this school. She understands you, your like a sister to her and you threw all that away. For what?", he questions.

He notices the drops of tears falling from her eyes as she listens to him without uttering a word. His eyes flare a deeper shade of red as he stares at her, he grows more angry.

"Good! Cry you deserve it maybe you deserve to be lonely. Maybe you deserve the horrible pain, you're going through", he says and walks towards the door.

"You think I do?! You think I wanna hurt you or Diamond?! I love you for crying out loud and Diamond she's like the sister I never had and will never have", she half yells.

Wayne stops in his tracks and listens without turning back.

"You think I wanna avoid you guys? The fact is I don't deserve you guys, I don't even have a family", she rambles on.
"I won't go to this school any longer. It's no use, I'm nothing compared to you guys, I'm a nobody and I have nobody".

She falls slowly to the ground as she sheds unconditionally tears, Wayne turns and looks at her with sympathy in his eyes as his eyes turn to it's normal grey shade.

"Are you still here?", Ruby asks in between sobs.

"Yes", Wayne answers.

"I don't expect you guys to forgive me but the fact is I'm going faraway from here and it won't matter anymore. Those people I called parents for sixteen years of my life aren't my parents, they're my faraway relatives. My real mom is my fake mom's distant cousin, she's was pregnant and she was denied by her so called boyfriend. She had cancer so she gave birth and gave me to her childless distant cousin, they promised to love me like their own and several months later she died. But now my fake mom is pregnant and all the quarrel and fights were about me, her husband wants to get rid of me now they are having their own baby".

"But she disagreed, she couldn't break the promise she made to her distant cousin but when I reported them to the police. That sort of tipped any chance I had to stay with them. They're pulling me outta school and sending me to another relative. It's all complicated", she concludes.

Wayne squats down and hugs her.

"Why did you keep all this from me?", Wayne raises her face so she could look into his eyes.

She shifts her gaze from his and says.
"It's embarrassing. I don't even know who I am. In the next two week I'll be seventeen and I don't even have a solid heritage", she whines, clearly exasperated.
"I don't want to worry you guys with my stupid problems. I just came back to get my stuffs from my locker, speak to the principal and the teachers. And leave".

"Don't ever think I'll be alive and I'll let you go like that. I'm gonna help your find your dad but Ts and Cs applies".

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Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 12:09pm On Oct 30, 2018
I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I'm having a really bad time in my life right now and I promise an update today or tomorrow.
Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 2:34pm On Nov 02, 2018
Are we gonna do this or what?", Wayne asks Ruby and Diamond.

The both girls nod. They are standing before a large gate, they find a buzzer and tap on it. A camera rolls up next to the buzzer and zooms in on their faces.

"State your business", a hard voice asks probably a security personnel.

"We want to see Mr Robinson Delacio", Wayne replies.

"Do you have an appointment with him?".

"Yes", Wayne lies.

The camera goes out of sight and the gate opens, they look around the mansion as they walk admiring the place. The mansion is a palace on it's own, there are trimmed statures from plants everywhere, a medium size green maze at their left and a large fountain at the centre of the house.
When they reach the front door the door man whom is clothed in white opens the front door, they are ushered into a large room by a maid where they seat.
When they are seated they notice the large curved desk opposite them with a blonde girl of nineteen behind the desk eyeing them suspiciously.
Her col green eyes watch them as she's flipping through the pages of a book.

"Name? ", she looks at them again.
"You are hear to see Mr Delacio, right? So give me your name".

"Wayne Black, Diamond Black and Ruby... ".

"No, we came to see you look at us weirdly", Diamond whispers to the others which makes Ruby giggle.

"Hmm... ", the girl says.

Ruby looks up and stops laughing immediately before diverting her eyes to give Diamond a mean stare. Diamond shrugs and replies.

"Yh, we came to see Mr Delacio".

"I don't remember you booking am appointment with me", she says while looking through the book.

"Yh, cause we didn't", Diamond says.

"No, don't mind her... she's delusional", Wayne walks over to the desk.
He gives her a dishy smile as he crosses over to her seat and checks the book.

"Here's our name", he points at an imaginary name in the book.

She didn't bother to check as she's staring into Wayne's eyes, her once scary demeanor melts into a flirty stance. Wayne closes the book, tears a sheet of paper from another book, she shakes her head and tries to speak but Wayne grabs a pen and places it over her lips to silent her. She rubs his hand in a flirty way and moves his hand towards the paper where he writes down his number. He drops a kiss on her hand as he gives her the pen and winks at her before turning towards the girls.

"The name's Victoria", the girl calls out

As soon as he sits a visibly angry Ruby stands up and walks out.
Diamond gives him a what-the-Bleep look, he stands up and goes to search for Ruby. He asks a maid who looks at him in a flirty way before telling him to check outside. Wayne goes out the door and asks the doorman who tells him to check the maze, he shakes his head already tired of the check here, check there game. He runs to the maze and calculates her direction before heading towards a twisted lane in the maze, he's already getting tired of searching when he hears quiet whimpers not too far from him.

He walks quietly to where the sound is coming from and finds Ruby settled on the floor with her head between her knees, he sits beside her and hugs her.
She looks up and he spots the disgust in her eyes, she shrugs him off and hisses.

"Don't even think of coming near me, you disgust me! Flirting with another girl in front of me, why don't you go back there and have a make out session with her", Ruby spits.

"I have a good explanation just listen... "

"Save your explanation for her", she hisses and stands up to leave.
"And maybe for the other ones that you'll flirt with too".

"You know your my only one", he replies without looking at her.

"You should have remembered that when you flirted with her".

"I did it for you.... So you'll be able to see your dad. She would have called the security on us and we'll be kicked out of there".

"Oh... you could have left her to do whatever she wanted to do, we woulda found another way. Do you know how jealous I was?", Ruby asks him.
"You even kissed her hand for goodness sake!".

Wayne walks over to where she's standing staring at the floor and raises her face to look into his eyes.

"But your the only person I'll kiss on the lips", he says and plants a kiss on her lips.
Her knees give way and Wayne holds unto her tightly. When they separate he says.

"I'll do anything for you to meet your dad and anyway I don't think she'll want to be seeing her boss's daughter's boyfriend", he smirks.

"Who said your my boyfriend?", Ruby smiles and turns away from him.

"The kisses say", he replies and hugs her from behind.
"Now let's go meet your father", he holds her hand as they make their way out of the maze.

As they reach the reception, Victoria walks out the door at the end of the huge reception.

"You can see him now", she winks at Wayne even when she sees Ruby's hand in his.

Ruby frowns and squeezes his hand, Wayne looks at her and rubs her hand with his thumb to comfort her. Diamond joins them and they enter the office, Ruby leaves his hand and stares at the floor as they approach the man behind the desk before them.
When she raises her head she stares into her exact replica except that he's a man.
He's olive skinned, he has her exact shape of face, her glowing round brown eyes and his curly brown hair with sprinkles of grey here and there.
He gasps as he looks at Ruby.

"Ruby?", he asks, his voice heavy with age.
Ruby nods vigorously and breaks into tears, the man leaves his seat and tries to hug her but Wayne stands before him.

"How do you know she's Ruby?", Wayne scans the man for any lies.

"She's my daughter", he says to Wayne, he's eyes filled with tears.
He turns to Ruby and says.

"I'm so sorry I denied your mom, I was a fool back then, I had no money and couldn't stand making your mom suffer along with me so I sent her away. After I finally became who I am now, I searched for her and hired a private investigator. He was able to find her... her grave and you", he lets the tears drain from his eyes.

"He found you. But you were very happy and I couldn't bring myself to take that away from you".

"When did all this happen?", Ruby asks with a cracked voice as Diamond consoles her.
"When did you stop caring to check on your daughter? Now you don't even know she's homeless", she yells.

"I didn't k...kno... k... know that", he stammers.
"I thought you were happy so I stopped the private investigator from following you about three years ago", he walks over to his desk with the the speed of a twenty year old. He opens the drawer and pulls out a medium size box.
He drops the box before Ruby, he opens it and spills out pictures of her from years back.

"Look! Look, I have evidence. She's my daughter", he looks at Wayne then Diamond before Ruby

"Look, I'm really sorry and I'll be more than happy to make up for my mistake just give me a chance", he kneels beside Ruby.

Diamond gives Ruby a go-ahead nod and steps aside. Ruby hugs her dad tightly and sobs into his jacket. After long minutes of sobbing they run out of tears and stand from the ground.
Mr Delacio walks back to his seat as Ruby settles for his desk.

"So dad! These are my friends Diamond Black", Diamond shakes Mr Delacio's hand.

"And Wayne Black", Wayne extends his hands to shake Mr Delacio who takes it happily.

"When you say friend do you mean boyfriend?", Mr Delacio asks still holding unto Wayne's hand.
Wayne swallows hard as Ruby shouts.


"Wow! I've missed a lot in my daughter's life and she already has a boyfriend. Next time don't forget to clean your lips, I can see the pink lip gloss she's wearing on it. My sharp eyes will never betray me", Mr Delacio smiles and let's go of Wayne's hand.

Diamond laughs as Ruby looks away shyly.

"Nice to meet you, Mr Delacio", Wayne says with confidence.

"I like his confidence. Good choice, sweetheart", Ruby shoots playful death stares at her father.
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Chapter 3
Diamond's POV

"I'm so happy for Ruby, she's being glowing ever since we found her dad. It's two weeks already and she's still the happiest person ever", I tell Wayne as Ruby bounces off to order our drinks at Cafe Vanilla.

"I know, I'm really happy about it. Uhm... Diamond, I think something's wrong...", Wayne rubs the back of his neck. "I think something's wrong with me, I might say I'm happy but I don't feel happy".

"What do you mean?", I draw close to Wayne from opposite the table.

"I don't know, I don't feel like me anymore. Something is wr... ".

"Hey guys", Tyler hails as he crosses to our table, cutting Wayne's sentence.

"Umm, hey", I utter and gave him a shy wave.

Adam, Tim follow behind Tyler as he gets to our seat. Tyler seats beside me and Tim follows, Adam chooses to sit beside Wayne with all of them giving me weird looks.

"Umm... Is there something on my face?", I touch my face in horror.

They laugh at my curiosity but Tyler keeps staring at me.

"Hey guys", Ruby squeals as she sees the guys.

Adam gives way to Ruby whom seats beside Wayne, Wayne gives her a fake smile and puts his hand over her shoulder.

I make a mental note to talk to him later, he never fake smile's, he always has a genuine smile in his face. That's just Wayne.

We order extra drinks and snacks, laughing and talking about the days that have gone by.
We prepare for summer break, grateful for the time off and I and Ruby discuss about how to get more subscribes,mentions and followers for her blog.

"Do you have an Instagram account?", I ask.

She shakes her head in response, I grab her phone from the table and open up an account for her.
Then I help her take photos of her outfit to post, I and the others follow her on Instagram while she posts some quality shots she took with her dad.
Her followers grow quickly cause as soon as I open her account, different blogs and newspapers carries the news about her and her dad.

Ruby scoffs as she notices the blog post is carrying all her social media details, she slams the phone on the table and looks outside the window.

"Are you okay?", Tim asks her.

"I wanted a parent, a father not the media", she takes warmth in Wayne's hand while he stares into space.

This is real weird, Wayne didn't say anything he didn't utter a thing, he just stared maybe he doesn't really feel anything anymore. But that means he won't love Ruby again.... Oh no, this is bad.

I shift my head to the side and realise he isn't blinking his eyes something's definitely wrong.

"Wayne your leaning on me", Ruby says.

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I'm really sorry but I promise I won't abandon it.

Take your time, everything will be alright dear
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"Lets take him to the hospital!", Ruby begs.

"He's going to be fine", I keep dialing my dad's number.
"God! Daddy! What are you doing?", I steal a glance at Adam who is checking Wayne's pulse.

"No pulse", he screams.

A small crowd gathers around and some people try dialling 911, Diamond realises she's running out of time. She pushes through the crowd, still dialing her dad's number with one hand.

"Pick... please pick", she mutters.
"Hey!! Don't do that", she grabs a man's hand who is close to sprinkling water on Wayne's face.
"You'll make him malfunction!".

Everyone turns to look at her with questioning looks.
"Uh... I mean you'll make it worse, it happens to him a lot", she looks at Tyler and an idea forms, "Uh, Tyler your car, get it ready", she shoos him outside.
"Guys we need to take him home, my dad will take care of him".

She tries to raise him up and the others stare ahead.
"Guys, a little help!", she slips her phone into her pocket.

Tim and Adam help her carry him to the car with Ruby clutching desperately at his hand. Diamond hears her whisper, "please don't leave me, please don't leave me" and she feels sober.

Diamond continues dialling her dad's number with a renewed vigour as Tyler speeds past the many streets of Hemley Hills, searching for the Black's mansion.

"Dad... please", Diamond pleads into her phone on the verge of tears.

Her phone beeps and her father's voice drones out, "Hello!, Diamond!".

Diamond pushes the phone to her ear hurriedly almost knocking it out of the car.

"Dad, I'm gonna send you a text and I want you to read asap".

"Ok hon.. ", she cuts the call and types.

"Why can't you just tell him over the phone?", Ruby questions.

"It's complicated, his health issue is kinda a secret".

"I'm his fvvking girlfriend and I need to know what's up with him!", Ruby bursts.

"Ruby! Chill! He's gonna be fine incase you forgot he's my brother!", Diamond barks, angrily.

A quick angry silence ensues.

"Girls, chill", Tim begs.
Diamond types on her phone.

Diamond: Wayne shut down! Get everything ready!

She pushes her phone into her bag and tries to catch her breath, she catches Ruby glaring at her from the side mirror, she dips her head into her palm in exasperation. The car pulls up before her house with the gate already open, Tyler drives into the compound and Diamond finds her father at the door.

They jump out of the car once it screeches to a halt, the guys pull Wayne out and carry him to his room with Mr Black already there with an extra large tool bag and a computer. He raises his eyebrows at Diamond and she catches the message.

"Um, guys. You need to wait outside", the guys filter out of the room leaving Ruby still crying on a couch.
"Ruby... uh... we need to wait outside, uh I'll stay with you".

Ruby glances up at Diamond and stands up weakly, she collapses into Diamond's hands with sobs and Diamond takes her to the living room, closing Wayne's door. She tries to lighten the mood by serving orange juice to everyone, Ruby refuses it but Diamond persuades her into having a glass.

"It'll help", Diamond whispers, shoving a glass into her hand.

Diamond runs up to Wayne's room to find her dad, typing madly at the computer, sweat pouring down his balding head. Diamond switches on the air conditioner and her dad gives her a grateful smile before returning to his computer.

"So what's wrong?", she spies into the monitor.

"A virus was introduced into his system, I don't still understand how it manipulated it's way into his system... It's a really strong virus, it's multiplying in him", her dad explains, clicking rapidly at the keyboard.

"Is he going to be ok?", Diamond asks, tears finally dripping from her red eyes.

"I hope so".

"Dad, please make that hope so a yes, please. I don't want to lose my brother and he has so much to live for", she quietly leaves the room.

Night slowly creeps into the already sober day, one by one the guys pour out of the living room to their homes with whispers of apology, sympathy and a take him to the hospital look.
Leaving only Diamond and Ruby in the still air, Diamond watches Ruby pick the call from her dad as more tears flow down her blood stained eyes.

She hears mumbles of sympathy and goodbyes as the night grows older and the room grows darker and silent with both girls asleep with tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes.

"Diamond!", Mr Black's voice breaks into the darkness.

Diamond jolts out of sleep with Ruby still sound asleep, she runs up the stairs with sleep still near reach. She pushes the door open swiftly and stands face to face with her dad, Wayne still on his metal bed.

"I did all I could... ", was all Diamond permits her ears to hear as she runs at full speed to her brother's side, trying to shake him awake. His eyes remains close and her heart drops, she sobs quietly into his shirt.

"Diamond, he.... ".
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Chapter Four
Ruby's POV

Everything is great... uh, let me rephrase that.
Nothing is great.

It's a month now after Wayne's "sickness"... uh, yh. Air quotes. I don't believe their crappy lies, they are hiding something from me.
I don't even have the strength to find out any longer, every ounce of strength in me has been spilled as hot tears.

Wayne is gone!
I mean my Wayne is gone, all that's left is Wayne.
News flash, he list his memory.
He remembers only his family, he doesn't remember the guys or me.

Will I be selfish if I want him to remember me and forget the others...

He's getting friendly with the boys and he just leaves me or waves me off like I'm a stranger.

At first I was angry, I begged Diamond to help me take him to the hospital but she refused then I realise they knew what they were doing.
Because I'm not sure no-one in their right mind will watch a family member die when there is a place called a hospital.
Or would they?

Second, I was sad. The news was a shocker and I literally fell out of words. All I had were my tears

Third, something in me died when I walked into Wayne's room and he screams for Diamond to send me away.

I sit at our table in the cafeteria, opposite him to avoid his taunting gaze and twisted mouth but I still feel his gaze burning into my skull.
I only look up when I hear a snicker opposite me, everyone else on our table looks up too. I go back to stabbing my chicken with my fork when I notice the sound came from Wayne.
His snicker evolves into a full blown laughter and I grit my teeth in anger.

This is my life now
My boyfri... ex sits across me and mocks me everyday.
I've had enough, I'll never be one to cower away in fear.

"What?!", I boom and he stops.

Silence ensues.

He leans forward and whispers, loud enough for the entire table to hear.
"I can't believe I dated you", he smirks, "What was I thinking?".

I frown, "And what's wrong with me?".

I didn't just ask that!
I facepalm myself at my stupid question.

"Have you ever seen a mirror?", he says.
"You look like you stayed in the oven for too long. And you overcooked", he adds.

He says loud enough for the entire cafeteria to hear and they burst out in laughter at me.

"Dude! Not cool", Adam mutters.

"I wasn't talking to you", Wayne counters.

Over the past weeks the guys have learnt to stay away from our arguments and to let us be.

Blacks are first class citizens in different countries , take part in the evolution, have rights and are leaders in different aspects of the society, we are I highly respected", I frown.
"Let me enlighten your pretty empty dull brain"

His smirk turns to a frown before disappearing into a thin smile.
Ears perked up all around us to hear bits of information to make gossip.

"I would have believed that if you were one of the highly respected ones but no, your just a knotty brain", he retorts referring to my curls, he sits back and crosses his hand on his chest, satisfied at his simple but venomous answer.

"Excuse me?".

"At least I'm out of your chains and now I have Dayna".

Geez not popular Dayna.
With her slutty clothes, heavy makeup, black hair, blue eyes and always red lips.

She catwalks all the way to our table as if summoned by her name on her too-high-for-school-heels, she sits on Wayne's lap with her extra short skirt. She kisses him.

I feel liquid dripping from my eyes, I pull my backpack on and storm off.
As I get to the door, I hear my name.

"Ruby!", I stop as I hear Diamond's voice.

"Just give him some time, he'll come around. He'll warm up to you, just a little time", she begs. "Everything will go back to normal, I'll talk to him. I'll never let my brother date that bitch"

I hear her footsteps coming towards and I turn to look at her.

"To hell with time! To hell with our friendship! To hell with my relationship with him! To hell with Dayna!", I suck in a deep breath.
"To hell with Wayne"

I run off and this time I don't hear her footsteps behind me. My legs carry me to basketball hall and I sink into one of the seats, balling my eyes out.
I was completely engulfed in tears that I don't hear someone sit beside me.

I only notice when I feel arms wrapped around me in a tight embrace, I raise my head and tilt it to the side before I see the jawline of a boy.
I pull out of the embrace and stare at the face long and hard.

"I'm Ethan".

Now I remember, we take Agric class together and we say some words to each other. Sometimes.
He is very popular like a good boy, popular kid who is filthy rich so no time for boring Ruby except for now.

I take his hand and smile. A sad smile. Into his green-blue eyes.


"Don't waste your tears, Ruby baby", he embraces me again and I let him, "He doesn't deserve you".
He says into my hair and I nod, cleaning my tears.

"You're beautiful and there is plenty fish in the sea", his says, eyes shifting from a green captivating ocean to a beautiful entrancing blue sea.

I ended up, talking with him for God knows how long before he walks me to the school nurse to get medicine for my headache.
We pass by Wayne and Dayna kissing again in the hallway, Ethan frowns and rubs my back to comfort me before dropping his hand on my shoulder.

Out the corner of my eye I see Wayne watching us until we enter the sickbay.

Now what?
Can't I walk to the sickbay with a friend.
At least I don't have a girl sucking on my face...
Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 2:27am On Nov 24, 2018
Happy Birthday in advance, try to drop something for your birthday please


I'm really sorry for not updating but I've updated now.
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Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 12:59pm On Nov 30, 2018
Ruby's POV

"Thanks so much", I waved cheerfully at the driver after getting my driver's lisence.

"No problem. You did great", the lady cheers.

I pratically jumped, up and down, up and down past the gate, into the car waiting to take me home and finally home.

"Daddy, I got it", I squeal, running into my dad's office at home.

"Nu-uh. He's in a meeting", Victoria snaps.
Shaking her pen in my face. "Miss", she adds, distate in her voice.

When my dad broke the news of my return to the house, he warned everyone, specifically some people (*cough*Victoria*cough*) to treat me with respect. She has to call me Miss and it's so fun after how rude she acted the first time I was here.

"Yh, whatever", I plop myself into one of the soft couch, looking through Instagram.

"I wonder how she got him", she grumbles under her breath.

I glance at from my circular glasses which I wear for extra style, I put my phone into my bag and walk up to her.
I drop my hand on her desk and smirk.

"You can call him or text him or whatever. We're done", I shrug.

Looking back at the reception, gulping down the white comfy couches and the large windows, using it as an excuse to hide my eyes, my tearing eyes from her.
I take in a deep breath.
In and out.
In and out.

Did I tell you how beautiful the reception is?
Well it has pale green and white walls, five royal couches on each wall, two modern large windows and there's Victoria's brown arched desk made with shiny and well polished mahogany at the left side.

Victoria's ramble sweeps me back to reality.

"Wait? You mean you two are no longer together? H-how h-how did it happen? He looked like he really liked you? And from the way you look at him, you like him too", she pauses to catch her breath, "Tell me the whole story", she squeals.
She leans forward, her eyes strictly on Ruby her breath a controlled huff.

Ruby shrugs, walking back to the couch opposite Victoria's desk, making Victoria lose all hope of hearing the story. Her shoulder slumps in annoyance, rolling her eyes at Ruby who had her back to her.

Ruby sits and takes out her phone again.

"He lost his memory", she continues with her phone.

Victoria's eyes widen like saucers, her mouth hung open revealing her blue gum in her mouth.

"Close your mouth or you'll be swallowing flies", Ruby states, not looking up.

Victoria nods, closing her mouth in the process. Her heart jumping about in victory, she blinks as the telephone rings.

"Vicky, the phone is ringing", Ruby sings.

"My name is not Vicky", she snaps out of her trance.

She picks the phone, placing it on her ear and taps her fingers on the desk noisily.

"Okay. Uh-uh. Sure".
Is all I can make out from the conversation.

The phone beeps signaling the end of the call and she dials another number, it rings in her ear before the other person picks.

"The boss needs his coffee now", she places the phone on the receiver. "You can go in now", she tells me.

I pick up my bag, waving at her and push open the doors to my dad's office.

Great! His in a meeting!

I take the chair furthest away from his desk and the other man in the black suit as I sit their eyes snap in my direction. I scramble to my feet, walking with my head hung low to his desk.

"Um, I didn't know you were in a meeting. Eh, sorry, dad".

"No problem, sweetie. I told Vicky to let you in", my dad smiles.

You see, that's what I called her. Vicky!

"So this is the famous Ms Ruby Delacio", the man in the suit says, standing to his full height.
Which I must say is very taller than me.

His hair a curly jet black mess on his head, he has dull blue eyes and a trimmed full beard with dust of grey, here and there. His face angled and squared, his pretty muscular. I guess.

He stretches his hand out to me and I take it.

"Nice to meet you, Mr... ".

"Samuel", he finishes, locking eyes with me.

Eww, geez! Your so old. Get some your own age.

He chuckles, letting go of my hand as if he heard everything I thought.

"I got my license", I turn to my dad.

"Great", he smiles, "That's why Samuel is here".

"I don't understand".

"Your father here wants to buy you a Rolls Royce but I think a Bentley would be best", he takes his seat, while I lean on the other.

Car. Bentley. Rolls Royce. Dad... Car. Me.

"Wait, you want to buy me a car?" my mind finally registering the news.

My father nods with extra ethusiasm.

"Your turning seventeen tomorrow and you don't want a party. But you have your drivers license so a car fot you".

I interrup him by hugging him or you can say choking the air out of him.

"Can't breathe", he forces out and I let go immediately.

"I want a Maserati", I rush.

"You heard the lady", my father tells the man.

"Great taste", he nods his head in approval, "A Maserati it is". "See you tomorrow then".

He takes his leave but stops when he gets to the door.
"And Ruby, my daughter will be joining the school your attending tomorrow. I'll be very grateful if you show her around".

"No problem".

"I'll bring her here along with the car. See you soon", he waves and walks out.

Yay! A car!

I take extra time dressing up tomorrow. It's Monday and it's birthday and I'm getting a car. A very good reason to look flawless for school.

I put on a short spaghetti hand silver romper with a low back and a black leather jacket, a black heeled sandal with silver details. I pull my hair into a bun backwards, gelling the front and letting many curly strands fall to my face.
I apply foundation and powder, a little highlighter for shine and red lipstick. I pack my circular black bag and pick up a folder with a project I've being working on for school.
I take a final glance at the mirror before stepping out of my room.

Wow! There's balloons of every colour on the walls. I take my time, walking to my dad's room but I find him in the big sitting room

I'm still getting used to how big the house is.

"Morning, Daddy", I greet, kissing him on the cheek.

He looks up at me from the newspaper.

"You look beautiful, darling", he comments.
He claps his hamd and a maid walks in with a gift on a silver tray.

"Take it", he urges me.

I do as he says, warily opening up the present. My heart drops when I see it. I look uo at my dad. Then the present.

"Oh my god. An iPhone. IPhone 8", I jump up, nearly falling to the ground.

"You deserve more and better", my dad answers.

I give a huge, big, bear hug. Hugging the life out of him.

I open the carton, powering it up and fiddling with it. Transferring everything from my old phone to the new one, I sit on the couch beside my dad. I look up at th wall clock.


A maid offers me a cup of tea and a few slices of bread, giving my dad his coffee. When we finish we fall into a comfortable silence.

"So will you drop me at school on your way to work?".

A car honks.

And my dad smirks.

Oh, no! My dad doesn't smirk

I walk in front of my dad, my eyes shut. A maid on each side, guiding me as I walk.

"Ok", I hear my dad say and the maids take off their hands.

"Can I open my eyes now?".


My eyes fly open and I'm standing before a silver Maserati. I don't know how or when the scream came out of my mouth but I'm screaming right now.
Don't expect a description, I'm very bad with describing cars.

Mr Samuel appears with a girl of my age trailing him, jingling the car key before me.
I look at my dad and he nods, I jump and grab the key. I press a button and the car beeps open, I go into the car amd breath in the car's fragance.

"I love it", I squeal, hugging my dad again.

"Now go. I don't want you to be late for school", my dad says.

I pratically jump into the car and I'm very close to starting it when a peraon clears his throat. I get out the car, staring at Mr Samuel.

"This is my daughter, Samantha", he introduces us.
She holds out her hand to me.

"I'm Ruby", I reply.

She's light skinned, very pretty, blue eyes like her dad. A small pretty face, long lashes and pink lips. She's wearing jean blue short shorts, a white tank top that says "I sleep. A lot", a large blue jean jacket and white vans. Her black backpack is slung over one shoulder, with her brunette pushed to a side of her face.

"Are you ready?", I smirk.

"I'm I safe?", she asks back.


"Then I'm ready".

We wave bye to our dads, enter the car, put on our seatbelts and I turn the ignition

"I can't believe your dad bought you a Maserati", she says, whilst I'm driving.

"I know right", I reply.

"So you wanna be friends?".


I pulled into the school compound and pack my car.
I could see everyone staring at my car.

"Are you ready?".

She nods and we step out.
All eyes on us, I saw Diamond and the boys. And Wayne with Dayna still sucking on his face.
I wonder if she ever stops.

They all looked awestruck.

I share a smile with Sam as we bounce into school.

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Chapter Five
Ruby's POV

I stroll casually to my locker...
Rephrasing... I try to stroll casually to my locker but with all the wold whistles I'm getting. It's a bit hard.
Anytime a hand touches me I tense up before shrugging them off. I watch as Sam blows kisses to anyone who walks up to her, leaving them in a trance.
I roll my eyes at her and she smirks in response.

I go to my locker to get my notes while Sam leans on the walls next to my locker. I put in the code and I open it to meet a bouquet of roses.
I smile at it, my cheeks turning red as I reach for it and the heart shape basket of chocolates. I read the card.

I really want to to talk you. Meet me in the botanical garden at lunch.
Signed: Unknown.

I swoon at the letter, smelling the bouquet of roses and touching it's delicte petals.

"Secret admirer, huh?", Sam asks.

I smile and take five bars of different chocolates dropping them in my bag before trying to put the basket away without spilling the contents.
Sam digs into the basket, grabbing a handful of chocolates amd dropping it in her backpack.
A chocolate bar falls and she catches mid air, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.
I get the basket in before slamming my locker door shut, Sam tosses me half the chocolate

I drop the mushy goodness into my mouth, smacking my lips in the process.

"Hey, I got you this", Sam holds up a gold layered necklace of three for me.
One has a mini heart pendant, another a mini R pendant and another a mini camera pendant.

I grab it from hand, smiling at the present. Holding to my chest, I say, "Thank you".

She nods her head with a grin.
"I'm happy you like it. I freaked out when my dad told me the girl who's supposed to show me around school and be my friend. Birthday is tomorrow, I just dropped at the mall and when I saw these, I fell in love with it", she looks at the necklace, jealously.

"Hey! Stop looking at it like that!", I half yell.

She rolls her eyes at me.

"Thanks again".

A warm hand snakes around my waist, hugging me from behind. I rooster my head to the side, looking into Ethan's green-blue eyes.
Ever since the incident, he's being with me and he is one awesome human being.
I spin out of his hand, my hands crossed on my chest, leaning against my locker and glaring at him.

"I didn't forget", he reassures me and I smile.

"Happy birthday", he produces a thin pink envelope from behind it.

I collect it, opening the gift with caution.
I find a coupon for two at a restaurant, a gift card from my favourite mall, another coupon from MacDonald, another coupon from a chinese restaurant, a gift card from a pizza place and another gift card from Urban Decay.

"Oh my God!", Sam screams on my behalf.

My face is heating up.
I rush into his arm, hugging hin tightly.

"Do you like it?", he asks nervously whem I let him go.

I shake my head and his face drops.

"I love it", I laugh, hugging him again.

He lets out a breath.

"You know me too well", I chuckle.

"Oh! You mean your love for food", he smirks.

I punch his hand playfully and he feigns pain.

"See you later, b", he kisses me on the cheek and I turn red.
God! Do black people blush?!

He walks away with his back to me.

"He's hot", Sam whispers and I remember she's standing next to me.
"Are you two dating?".

My eyes widen at her her comment.
I shake my head aggressively and she laughs.
I open my locker, dropping the envelope into it, the bell goes and we head for class.
My day drags on with me dragging the bouquet of roses everywhere and Sam in my every class, making dirty jokes about I and Ethan and Diamond looking at Sam with jealousy in her eyes.

I pratically dance when the bell goes for lunch.
"Is that a dab?", Sam asks.

I smile sheepishly, looking around at the empty classroom.

"Meet you later. Save a seat at the cafeteria for me", I wave Sam off, running in the direction of the botanical garden.

Whem I enter the lights are switched off, the lights suddenly turn on with a certain grey eyes before me.
Yup, you guessed right. Wayne.

"What do you want?", I ask, disgust in my voice.
"I'm suppose to meet someone here".

"What do you have with Ethan?", he growls, his eyes red.

"I dunno. Gee, what can a boy and girl want together?", I ask. Sarcasm dripping from my voice.

He shoves me to a wall, my head making contact with it. I groan in pain before his both hand traps me.

"I want my girlfriend back" he sighs, staring deep in my eyes.

Unraveling all my feelings for him that refuse to go away.
But then I remember his with Dayna now, that stupid slimy bitch!

"Oh! I think you left her in bitch town", I drawl, my eyes searching for emotion in his.

"No, not Dayna", he hisses.

Asshole! What new game is he playing.
Well, two can play.

"Do you want me to drop you off there? I don't really kmow the way there but I know Google can help".

"Ruby!!!", he growls.

"I'm on it, just give me a minute", I pretend to reach for my bag which is on the floor.

"Ruby!", he growls again.

I give up trying to reach my bag.
"Although, I don't think Google knows the way there too".

I smirk at my remark.

"I want you back", he says softly.

Motherfucker! Thinks I'll fall for his games.

"And I want to punch you then show you yhe middle finger but we don't always get what we want", I hiss, "Now do we?".

I watch as his jaws clench in anger.
Then realization hits me.

"Did you send me those flowers and the chocolates?".

He nods, grinning from ear to ear before it turns to a full smile.

"Did you like 'em?", he inquires.

My eyes dart to the flowers scattered in the room, I glare at them like they are the cause of my problems.
His eyes follow mine and land on them.

"I guess you did", he smirks.

I push him off me and he budges but on his own will.
I match to were my bag fell, picking it up, I match to were the flowers are. Looking between Wayne and the flowers. I stomp on them, I tear them with my feet.

"I hate them", I yell, continuing to trample on them.

When I'm satisfied with their state, I look up at Wayne, dusting my dress at the same time.
He looks at me and I see hurt flash in his eyes, he stomps away angrily.

I quietly exit the door, realization hitting me again.
Wayne wants me back.

I walk to the cafeteria, weaving my way around bodies until I find Sam sitting with a group. She waves me over, I take my seat and glance st my former table.
I catch Wayne with his hand on Dayna's shoulder.

He wants me back and he's with her.
Is he freaking bipolar?
He looks at me then he smirks.
He stands up, heading towards my table.

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Re: Another Shade Of Red by FayBrown(f): 10:32am On Feb 05, 2019
I feel betrayed... A lot.
No likes, follows, shares or comments.
I really need motivation to continue.
Re: Another Shade Of Red by KimberlyWest(f): 10:36am On Feb 05, 2019
I feel betrayed... A lot.
No likes, follows, shares or comments.
I really need motivation to continue.

Just continue dear. People will come around. The views should tell you that people are actually following just that some of us are too lazy to type a comment.
Re: Another Shade Of Red by Taniaa(f): 10:49am On Feb 05, 2019
I feel betrayed... A lot. No likes, follows, shares or comments. I really need motivation to continue. Please....
Hey you'll get there.

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