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Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 9:13am On Mar 18
You know James could just have some men ruff you up to give up the recording

James didn't know about the recordings until they were out already. At that point I think it'd be pretty moot...
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 7:49pm On Mar 18
Episode 11
In a few minutes, the entire school was in an uproar. It was like someone had thrown gasoline into already smoldering embers. James’ full confession was playing through the speakers for everyone to hear. Furthermore, the entire student body got texts from an unknown number with links to a site that contained videos he had made with other girls before, and the ones that he had made last night with Diana. It also contained the full audio recording of our conversation where he admitted to sleeping with the girlfriend of every A-lister in school. In a word, he was screwed, majorly screwed.
I had single-handedly shut down the dating cycle of our school in one afternoon. Now every boyfriend was suspicious of his significant other. They all had doubts in their hearts about whether or not they had been involved in a productive, committed, faithful relationship. I was not sorry for what I’d done. They needed to sit up and understand what was important, maybe now they could concentrate on fixing up their lives instead of living a flashy, flamboyant lie. James looked at me like I had done something most unimaginable. I could see him sweating as he saw his imminent downfall, he was struggling to grasp the repercussion of what I’d just unleashed, the fury of the entire school. He really was screwed.
“What have you done?”
“Nothing, I just wanted to protect her from you”
“You have no idea what you just did”
“I’m pretty sure I do” I replied confidently.”I just destroyed everything good about Cardinal Bradley James”
“Why do you hate me so much? What have I ever done to you?”
At this point, I began to start feeling guilty, like I had really done something incredibly awful, I know that James was a terrible person, but did I have to embarrass him in such a manner. It was despicable and totally underhanded. It was something someone like him would do. I wasn’t him. So why would I do that? Was I letting his personality affect mine and force my hand into taking decisions that I wouldn’t normally take and do things that I wouldn’t normally do? Was I becoming the monster that I hated so much? NO, I wasn’t. The fact that I was rethinking what I had done showed that I still had a functioning conscience. James had really messed. He got just what he deserved. Being the one to deliver his comeuppance was just Karma’s way of compensating me for all James had put me through, or so I thought.
“You’ll never know. But at least this time, I was able to save her from you”.
“WTF MAN, it was just sex”
“MAYBE TO YOU IT WAS”. We were both raising our voices at this point and a small crowd had begun to gather, so I grabbed him by his arm and pulled him aside so we could have some privacy.
“This is all on you, everything that has happened is on you. You don’t expect to go around holding everyone emotionally hostage and expect that no one would do anything about it. You’re an emotional terrorist and I refuse to negotiate with terrorists. I had to bring you down before you could do to Laura what you did to the other girls that came before her. You could decide to take this as a wake-up call and change your ways or you could continue on the path on which you’re currently on, until someone puts you out of your misery. I might be the only friend you have now. Everyone is mad at you, your friends are pissed, practically your name is mud and I don’t think it’ll get much better from here”.
“I should kill you for what you’ve done to me” he said
“You could try. You should be thanking me. If you were popular before this, I just single handedly catapulted you into legendary status, people will be cursing your name for a long time”.
“Don’t think that you’re gonna get away with this. What you did was invasion of privacy”
“Like you could prove that I had anything to do with this. I’d like to see a jury that can convict me of anything other than being an angel. Don’t forget that there was a lot of underage drinking at the party you hosted, and filming acts of intercourse in which anyone involved is younger than 18 is a serious criminal offence. You’re screwed in every way possible”
“I hate you”
“I know, I hate you too”.
James would be fine, I was sure that in a few months, people would forget all about what had happened and he would be the king again. People were forgetful that way. But I had some loose ends to tie up.
Diana was waiting for me at the agreed spot.
“Thanks for your help” I told her as I handed her the envelope “It was nice doing business with you”
I’m sure you’re all wondering how Diana ties into all this. Quick recap, I spiked the whiskey that I brought with me to the party with soldier root, just enough as to be effective as a truth serum. When I excused myself to use the restroom, I sneaked into James’ room and setup the cameras. I called the Uber driver that took his two goons home because I didn’t want them interfering. I also setup multiple cameras in the room Diana took James to (when she dared me to leave the room for five minutes) and marked it out so that she’d know which room, to use. During intercourse4 she managed to get the passwords to his phone and computer system. That was also when I set up the recorder in the room because I was pretty sure he’d come back to gloat. Diana was my ace in the hole and she performed her role beautifully.
I had succeeded. I just had to find Laura and apologize to her and hope she’d understand why I did what I did.
Laura was hiding out in the library, which was where I’d known that she would be at a time like this. I was sure she was really mad at me.
She stiffened the moment she noticed that I was close as she must have gotten a whiff of my perfume.
“Hey Laura” I whispered
“I’m never forgiving you for this” she replied
To be continued…


Re: Three Nights And A Bang by abubakarbabang7(m): 8:57pm On Mar 18
OP pls come and continue o
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by Ayanfe29(f): 1:04pm On Mar 19
OP.... it's time to continue ooooo
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 9:29pm On Mar 23
Episode 12
Okay this was good, she was still talking to me. At least she wasn’t giving me the silent treatment. If she was still talking to me, that meant we could talk things through, right? I really didn’t know where I was going with this. I was at a loss as to what to do, frankly my grand plan ended after I humiliated James and saved Laura’s honor. I had indeed gotten myself into a fix.
“Laura, I swear I couldn’t tell you what I was up to. You’d have never approved” I said
It was a lame excuse as far as lame excuses went but it was the only thing I had to go on now.
“Did it even cross your mind for one second that if you’d come to me in the first place and told me the whole story that I’d have believed you, or was it all about James from the beginning and your whole slew of shenanigans had nothing to do with me”?
“What the hell, I told you the instant I found out what James was planning or have you very suddenly developed brain damage?
“I don’t remember that” she retorted.
At just about that time, the librarian swung over to our corner and glared menacingly at us whilst pointing to the sign that said “No conversation in the library” which was pasted on the wall. I apologized profusely and signaled for Laura to meet me outside the library in five minutes. I needed a few minutes to gather my thoughts and form a defense for my case. If Laura was choosing to selectively remember the events as they happened, she must have been more pissed off than I had imagined. But there was an upside to it all, at least she was still talking to me. I glanced at my watch quickly and discovered that I had been waiting for over twenty minutes. Okay, if there was one thing Laura knew about me, it was that I never liked waiting for people no matter the circumstances. I was becoming pissed off at this point. She was behaving like a child; she should have been falling into my arms with looks of adoration and a heart full of thanks. I had figuratively just saved her from a snake. A very rich, handsome and conniving snake, but a snake nonetheless. Where was my gratitude? I felt like I was missing something here. I gave it another ten minutes and then I went back inside to look for her.
She was nowhere to be found. I asked the librarian where she was and she told me that Laura had taken the back door out. I didn’t even know that the library had a backdoor and I commented on the fact. That was when the librarian (which by the way was a very helpful, sweet old lady) told me that per regulations, public buildings that were built to house multiple persons in one instance were mandate to have multiple exits in case of an emergency like fire. So basically, I had spent the last thirty minutes waiting for someone that wasn’t planning on meeting up with me. The librarian advised me to give Laura some time to cool off.
It turns out that they were quite close because Laura had made the library her second home and news of my little show had gotten to some of the senior staff. Most of them weren’t aware of who had pulled it off but like I said, they were close. I felt a mild trepidation that she would turn me in. I had broken about a dozen rules to pull off my little stunt but Mrs. Faith was cool. She said she didn’t know why I did what I did but that she had watched me for some time and was of the opinion that I wasn’t a bad kid. I thanked her profusely and beat a hasty retreat before she changed her mind.
I had a lot to think about as I made my way home. I really needed what Mrs. Faith told me back there. I was starting to lose faith in the goodness contained within me. No matter how you wanted to look at it, I had done something wrong. I might try to say that I did it to protect someone that was very important to me, but the truth remained that I wanted to hurt James and there’ll never be any excuse good enough to justify hurting another human being, even if that person hurt us first. It was a tough pill to swallow and I was sure it would lie there with a tremendous amount of other regrets that I had but it had already happened and there was no way to change it. The best that I could do was damage control.
I was so distracted as I walked back home that I did not notice the black van with tinted windows that pulled up alongside me until it was too late. Before I could do anything, I had been bound, gagged and thrown into the back of the van headed for some unknown destination. I couldn’t help but contemplate if it was all worth it. Had I indeed done the right thing? Or had I allowed the circumstances in which I had found myself to control my actions, forcing my hand causing me to do what I wouldn’t normally do or had this been me all along. I found myself engaged in a philosophical debate of right and wrong, merits and demerits, good and evil. What indeed was good and who was evil? Was it as clear as black and white or was it just different sides on the same line. Or maybe I was just over thinking it too much.
I was tired, tired of it all. I had been tired for a long time if I did say so myself. I still thought about that time in my life and how powerless I had been to stop it all. Nothing was more hellish than watching the one you love walk down a path that you couldn’t save them from. I still bore the guilt and pain from that encounter and I think I had allowed it overshadow me. I had cross the line and I had to fix it somehow. The cycle couldn’t be broken by re-enacting the same things over and over again. Something had to give.
Our car suddenly stopped and I was dragged out rather harshly. My blindfold was left on though. Then I heard the voice, one I recognized too well from a very long time ago.
“I’ve been waiting for you Magnus” he said.
No, not him. Anyone but him…

To be Continued…

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Re: Three Nights And A Bang by OlufemiWhit(m): 10:50pm On Mar 23
Nice......still following
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by Ven97: 11:07am On Mar 25
Nice one! pls more updates...
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 8:11am On Apr 04
I want to apologize for the late update. School has been crazy this past week with classes and various quizzes. I'll do my best to upload two episodes this Sunday, God willing. Thanks and God bless.


Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 6:37am On Apr 09
Episode 13
A blast from the past and not a good one if I might add. It was probably my worst nightmare, meeting him. I had not heard that voice in a very long while and it still sent shivers down my spine. It took me down memory lane in very bad way, one that I wouldn’t have liked remembering anytime soon if at all. He was the entire reason that I disliked James with a passion that boded on hatred, the entire reason that I was super protective of Laura, he was the pain behind my motives, the entire hinge on my near – pathological behavior. In short he was the devil, my devil and he had come back to haunt me from whatever depths he had been lurking.
Cardinal Jonn, he was the yin to James’ yang, the darkness to his light, the corruption to his decency. If there was anything good about James, his cousin Jonn was everything that was bad. There was a third member of their trio, a female, but I had never heard of her nor seen her before and I liked it just like that. Two Cardinals in my life were more than enough.
I hadn’t heard from Cardinal Jonn in a long while, not since I left Eastwood High. My experience with him was a very painful one and I didn’t really like talking about it but there was certainly no love lost between Jonn and I. He was the reason I was so out to get his cousin, James; even though James was also a grade A douche.
My blindfold was violently ripped off and I could finally get view of my surroundings and the people in it. There were four guys all wearing black ski masks (probably because they were sissies that were scared that I would report them to the police after the ordeal). That meant that I was going to get out of this alive, although I wasn’t so sure that I would be in as good health as I was when I got in. Jonn was just too arrogant to even try to conceal his presence, no doubt he was sure that daddy’s money would get him out of this like it had done several other times. he hadn’t changed at all in all this time.
“It’s Oliver now” I intoned, gaining back some of my courage now that I knew who I was dealing with.
“It’s been a long time, Oliver” he sneered. I always hated that sneer. What I would give to be able to wipe that look off his face. He always acted so superior with his Hollywood good looks and bulk of daddy’s cash. Deep down I knew he was just a bully at his core, once you had stripped him of everything that made him, him.
“Fancy seeing you round these parts Jonnny, miss your way. I thought you high rollers didn’t mingle with us peasants”
I could see that I had hit a nerve, Jonn never liked being called Jonnny, he felt it was condescending, so naturally I made it a point to address him that way.
“Peasant, wouldn’t you do me the common courtesy of calling me by a name that I approve of?”
“Where would be the fun in that” I asked.
“Crude fellow”
“So Jonnny boy” I continued “not that I’m not ‘thrilled’ to see you but what rings about the reunion”. “The last time we saw each other, I remember you screaming bloody murder at me”
“If I recall correctly, you burned every bridge in the state just so that you could get even with me for something that wasn’t even my fault”
“I would have burned every bridge and crossroad on earth for the look on your face that day”
“Was it worth it”
There it was, the million dollar question. One that I had asked myself a thousand times over and still had no answer for. Was it worth it? I had blown a full scholarship, my parents had to relocate from the state and I lost every friend that I had made over a girl. What hurt the most was that I lost her in the end. I had made mistakes, big ones too and I know that I had a lot to atone for but having Cardinal Jonn throw them in my face made them seem twice as large. There was a time when I would have been the villain of the tale, the big bad wolf, a time when I took what I wanted without thinking about who got hurt in the process. Jonn’s question made me wonder if anything had really changed, was I still the same person I was when I left Eastwood high? A villain worse than Cardinal Jonn or was it all a matter of perception? Was Cardinal Jonn the hero of his tale and I the villain? Or maybe there really wasn’t a hero and a villain, just a couple of messed up high school kids that made a lot of bad choices and didn’t regret them nearly enough.
I still didn’t know why I was s here. Why was Jonn even here, I know that I had humiliated his cousin, but we were in another state. There was absolutely no way that Jonn had heard about what happened and come running to his cousin’s aid. He had to have already been in the state. While it wasn’t strange that Jonn had visited James, it was strange that he had found the time and somehow managed to stage a kidnapping. I had to give it to them, these Cardinals sure were resourceful.
I took my time observing the place we were in. It appeared to be the abandoned saw mill a few kilometers from our school. I passed by this place every Saturday on my way to the homeless shelter where I volunteered on weekends and public holidays. I was atoning for all I had done, slowly and steadily.
“I’m sure you didn’t bring me all the way out here just for a trip through memory lane” I said. “Why have you really brought me here Jonn?”
“Oh nothing really, I’m just going to break every bone in your body so that you’ll never raise another finger to hurt a Cardinal”
To be Continued…
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 6:37am On Apr 09
Episode 14
Well, that was one way to put it. It looked like I was royally screwed. Why exactly did people enjoy watching gangster movies? I was sure Jonn was being influenced by all the gangster movies he had been watching lately. Where was the fun in breaking all the bones a guy had in his body? Couldn’t I just get a pat on my back and be set on my way?
“What did I ever do to you?”
There was probably a long list of the numerous things that I had done to Cardinal Jonn over the years. There was that time that I set his bicycle on fire and the other time that I Tped his house with a few of my friends and there was still that other time that I stole his homework and made him get detention for a week. But for every prank I played on Jonn, he usually had one up his sleeve, always trying to one-up me.
“You want a list?”
“Scratch that”. “Eastwood high was so long ago. Don’t tell me you still want to get even”
“Peasant, this isn’t about Eastwood high, it’s about my cousin…”
“There’s two of you?”
“Like I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, it’s about my cousin. James”
I sighed rather dramatically and feigned complete ignorance. I put on my best Jim Carrey impersonation and said in a much similar voice
“You have a cousin, in my school?”
“Don’t play dumb Magnus, it never looked good on you. You were always the smart one and it often got you into so much trouble”
“It’s Oliver now douche, and your cousin got what was coming to him. There was no way I was going to let another Cardinal pull one over me”
“I hope it that it was worth it this time because pretty soon you’re gonna be in a world of hurt
“Hurt, schmurt. You can’t do squat”
Maybe I really shouldn’t have been antagonizing him this much, but I was tired, hungry and I still hadn’t settled things with Laura. I hadn’t seen Jonn in a very long time and I hoped that I would never see him again, not after what happened. This was definitely not one of my good days and this massive douche bag in front of me really wasn’t helping matters. I was kneeling in the dirt before him like I was a slave and he stood over me like he was some sort of emperor with the power of life and death held in his grasp. It maddened me so much. There was a time when I would have been the one standing over him like that and the sudden realization made me giggle deliriously. This was what karma felt like, the king brought to his knees before someone he would once have called cockroach. I was starting to understand little by little. This was where I was supposed to be, there was no other place on the planet that I deserved to be other than here. It was time to try to right some of my wrongs.
“You’re surrounded on all sides with no chance for escape and you can still talk, you’ve got a set of brass balls, don’t you”
“Well you know what they say, brass monkey, brass ball”
“No one says that”
“They do”
“I’m pretty sure that they don’t”
Well, they didn’t but I wasn’t about to let him have the last say, that was how much I despised Jonn. At this point, we were just wasting time at this point. I almost wished they would get it over with. Waiting for the dice to roll felt almost as bad as the actual beating. I really didn’t know how I would get out of this. All I could pray for was a miracle but the fact remained that I wasn’t going to go down easy, I would fight to the bitter end even though at this point I thought this was all ridiculous.
“Can we not talk about this” I tried again for clemency.
“Not a chance” replied Jonn
I rolled over and positioned myself in a fetal position to avoid damage to my vital organs and waited in trepidation for the first blow to land and then I heard a voice, my miracle. It was, it was, it was James. Cardinal freaking James.
“Jonn stop”
At this point I was pretty much as confused as you are right now and I couldn’t tell what was happening, about to happen or would eventually happen.
He ran up to me and positioned himself protectively in front of me like he was actually TRYING TO SAVE ME. Oh Good LORD!!! What the hell was happening? I had assumed that I was here on James orders but it looked as if I had assumed wrongly. James genuinely looked like he was worried about me which I was finding hard to wrap my head around. James didn’t like me, that much I was sure of, or was I?
“When does the cycle end? When we’re dead? Do we just keep hurting each other and not care about those that get caught in the crossfire? Laura, Diana, all those girls, these guys. When did we lose our humanity?”
“Mr. humanity, what’s your point?” I asked
“Aren’t you tired of it all? The plots, back stabbing, always looking behind your back?”
”I wouldn’t need to look behind my back if you guys weren’t always gunning for me and mine”
“Can you even listen to yourself?”
Jonn watched us with a lazy look on his face like he was bored with it all.
“How did you even find out that we were here’, he asked.
“I know you” James replied. “I know how you think, I knew that you weren’t going to take this lying down”
“What is he talking about” I was lost at this point of the conversation
“The person in the video wasn’t me” James said. “It was Jonn”
Okay, this was waaaaay past complicated for me.
To be continued…
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 7:25am On Apr 17
It seems like I’ve hit a road block with the storyline, so before my thoughts clear up and I get back on track with “three nights and a bang”, I decided to drop this here in the spirit of Easter. It’s about the Easter that I spent with Laura’s family. I’m experimenting with multiple POV’s so please don’t be offended as I’ll be switching between Oliver and Laura’s points of view as I progress.

Three Nights and a Bang (Easter Holiday 1)
I loved Christmas. I mean who wouldn’t love Christmas, there were presents, carols and there was even an entire holiday dedicated to it. The only thing with the Christmas holiday was that except you were working, chances were that you were already on holiday and the twenty fifth of December just sort of blended into the whole thing. But Easter, Easter much like the Islamic holidays was just another different affair. Easter usually came at that point where you’d exhausted every ounce of energy that you’d already had and you were just about dying for a break. That was when Easter crept up on your front lawn and presented you with a bouquet of holidays. Days in which you could do nothing but lounge all day in your kitchen chair and sip a cold bottle of zobo, Easter was truly a saving grace, literally and religiously. It didn’t hurt that it was the holiday that was observed to commemorate the sacrifice made by our Lord Jesus on Calvary for the redemption of our sins, there was that too, but just between you and I, I enjoyed the holiday part more, like y’all know. I hate school.

It was finally Easter, I had been waiting for this holiday for a long time. Not just because it gave me the much needed time to wind down and take care of a few issues that I had been procrastinating about, it also gave me some quality time to do some light reading. There was also another reason that I had been waiting for the Easter holiday, I think it was finally time that Ollie met my parents. We had known each other for some time now and I was sure my parents were just about dying to meet him (I always made it a point to mention him during family dinners). I think my parents would like him, he is smart, handsome and very respectful. There is no way he wouldn’t make a favorable impression on them.
I wondered what Laura would do with her holiday; she would probably use it all to read. There was something seriously wrong with that girl, she took the word “bookworm” to another level, it was scary. You could always find her with her head buried in one book or another at any particular time of the day. You really couldn’t blame her though. Her dad graduated with First class honors from his university, he was a Mechatronics engineer. Her mum was the valedictorian in her university school days and all her siblings had finished school with scholarships, emphasis on the “ships”. They all had multiple scholarships. So basically, she had this burgeoning pressure on her to outperform them all. On some days, I pitied her, it wasn’t easy living with that many accomplished people and not wanting to be accomplished yourself, needing to be accomplished.

Oliver would definitely spend his holiday sleeping and using any extra tine he finds to catch up on game of thrones. I never really understood why he fancied that show so much, It contained too much power tussle and a confusing lust for blood. My family would be thrilled to meet him but Oliver had a mind of his own. Once his mind got hooked on a thought train, he would ride it all the way to the end come hell or high water and no-one would be able to dissuade him from it. If he got it into his head that he wasn’t coming over to meet my family, there was absolutely nothing that I would do to convince him otherwise, he was funny that way. There was only one thing that I could do though, I’d call him and invite him over.

I think I’m going to catch up on some game of thrones before I turn in for the night.
I wonder who could be calling me at this time of the night.
To be continued…
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 8:33pm On Apr 19
Three nights and a bang (Easter Holiday 2)
There was absolutely only one person in the entire known universe who could be calling me at this hour and that was Laura. She had a knack for planning everything and I was sure that she was calling to plan the Easter. Personally I had only sleep and GOT on my mind for this Easter. I thought about ignoring the call and just letting it go into voicemail but that was not the kind of relationship that I had with Laura, we had a solid relationship based on mutual trust and understanding and one of the rules was that, you never allowed your best friend’s call to go into voicemail unless you were at death’s door.
I wonder what was taking Oliver so long to pick up his phone. I knew for a fact that he was home tonight; it was Thursday night and Thursday nights were reserved for he and Gina, he’d probably be sitting on his chair right about now with her playing PES. He had this uncanny habit of naming all his electronic gadgets. Sabrina was his laptop, Lagertha was his TV and Gina was his beloved play station III, sometimes I thought that he cared more about Gina than he did me. But I knew deep down that he would drop every single thing he was doingat any particular point in time to answer my call.
I picked up the phone and then I heard her silky smooth voice over the phone and its sensual nature gave me pause. I really didn’t think of Laura as sexy but when it came down to it I guess it wasn’t that far fetched. I didn’t even know why I was thinking of her like that now.
“Sweetcakes, what’s good”
“I’ve told you to stop calling me that, it makes me uncomfortable”
“But you’re my banana milkshake, you know that I’d do anything for you”
Talking to Laura that way always made her uncomfortable which was why I did it.It wasn’t like I was trying to be mean or anything, it was just that whenever she got uncomfortable, she tended to squirm and she looked so cute when she squirmed. I could just imagine her face over the phone. Those lovely lips of hers puckered into a pout and her eyebrows so, so droopy.
Oliver knew that I tended to squirm whenever he sweet talked me and he still did it anyway. It wasn’t like I disliked it; maybe the truth was that I just liked it a little too much. His voice sounded like cross between Denzel and Ramsey Nouah. And he could be utterly charming when he wanted to be, and I wasn’t immune to it when he turned it on full blast. He made me want to swoon sometimes and it was utterly understandable. Oliver was a catch even if he did not know it, too bad he wasn’t so eager to get caught.
“I would really like it if you could come over and have dinner with us tomorrow evening”
“I said no, I’ve already planned tomorrow out and having dinner with your parents wasn’t part of my plans”
I hung up the phone and counted down from ten in my head. He would call back.

Damn it, I hated it when she did that. She knew I was going to call back, she knew that from the moment she asked me to come for dinner, I wouldn’t be able to refuse her. It was aggravating at times, how well she knew me. I hit back redial almost immediately and she picked up on the second ring.
“I’m sorry”
“I know”
“But it’s not fair, you’re asking me to give up a night with Gina, a night that promises to be full of fun to have dinner with your parents. It is torture”
“I’m glad that you think of my family that way” she replied sarcastically.
“It’s not like I’ve ever hidden what I thought about your family from you. I think they’re condescending, stuck-up aristocrats that care more about appearances than they do each other”

I knew that Oliver didn’t completely approve of my family. He thought they were pompous and pretentious and I was sure that he secretly resented them for all the pressure they put on me even though they weren’t consciously aware that they did it.
“I know, which is why I’d love for you to meet them, maybe then you’d understand them better”
“I doubt it but you know I can’t say no to you. When is this dinner?”
“Sunday night, eight p.m. Don’t be late”
“I’ll try not to”
“And put on something nice, make a conscious effort to try to dazzle them. I know you can if you actually put your mind to it”
“Yeah yeah, whatever. I’ll see you on Sunday”
“Thanks Ollie. I really appreciate”

Laura hung up the phone and I chanced a quick glance at the clock. It was quarter past eleven and I was missing some serious GOT time.
To be continued…
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by Ann2012(f): 8:38am On Apr 20
Thanks for the updates
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 4:46pm On Apr 20
Thanks for the updates
Thanks for reading...
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by calex9496(m): 9:40pm On Apr 20
quite interesting nice 1!!
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 9:37pm On Apr 21
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Three nights and a bang (Easter Holiday 3)
It was almost seven p.m. I was seriously not in the mood to go for the dinner but I had already promised Laura that I would be there and I never went back on my word, plus I really didn’t have anything remotely edible in the house and if there was one thing that Laura’s folks could do well, it was cook. This night was going to be a really long one. I opted for a navy blue three piece suit with suede shoes. I looked delectable if I did say so myself. It was common courtesy to bring wine along while attending such dinners, I really didn’t have much cash on me so I dropped by the mall on my way there and picked out a cheap non-alcoholic grape wine. It wasn’t the cheapest I could find but it still was cheap, it would have to do, it wasn’t like I was going for a marriage introduction.

Oliver should have gotten here by now, I wonder what was keeping him so long. At that moment, I heard the door bell chime and my heart skipped a beat like it always did at the prospect of seeing Oliver. I was totally into him, even though I was sure that he wasn’t aware of it. There was just something really intense about him that drew me to him but Ollie saw me like a sister and there was no hope that we’d ever be like that. I rushed to the door and found him standing on the other side looking so handsome and dashing. He had even taken the time to comb his hair. In one hand he held a bottle of wine and in the other, he held a single rose flower. It was perfect.
“A flower for the lady”

Laura stood on the other side of the door in a blue gown with her hair perfectly coifed and light makeup applied on her face. Her mascara was expertly applied and her red lipstick made her lips seem full and lush. At that moment all I wanted to do was pull her into my arms and kiss her till the whole world faded and we were all that was left under the light of the full moon. It was a fantasy that I had harbored for a while even though I refused to admit it to myself. Laura was my best friend and thinking of her like that made me feel like I was betraying her in some way. I just stood there like an idiot with the wine in one hand and a rose that I had bought on a whim.

Oliver stood there so handsomely with the flower and I was awestruck at how distinguished and refined he looked. Ollie always placed more emphasis on his mind rather than his physical outlook, so he almost always dressed like he didn’t care, as long as he was always the smartest person in the room and he usually was. I recovered from my initial shock and discovered that he had been standing at the door for about two minutes holding the flower. I immediately snatched it from him and invited him in. I made hasty introductions and then proceeded to beat a hasty retreat to my room. I put the flower to my nose and inhaled, it smelt wonderful.

Maybe I shouldn’t have brought the flower along, I don’t think Laura liked it very much because the moment she snatched it from me, she couldn’t look me in the eye again and then she made hasty introductions and retired to her room. Now, I felt out of place in this big house with people that I didn’t know very well, it all felt very awkward. From what I could gather from first impressions, Laura’s folks weren’t the douches that I initially thought them to be, even though first appearances could be deceitful. Time would tell if I would get along with any of them. Laura’s father was classically handsome, square chiseled jaw with broad shoulders and a strong chin. Her mum was plain, that was just the word to describe her, she didn’t wear heavy makeup or much jewelry but her eyes, her eyes were striking, they bored into your soul and made you aware that she knew of all your sins. She looked like someone that wouldn’t easily be bullshitted. She was a strong woman; I could easily see how she raised four kids whilst working an eight hour long job. Where her husband was broad and sturdy, she was petite and dainty.

Ollie would probably be feeling uncomfortable, my family members were more or less strangers to him and I knew that he usually grew mighty uncomfortable in the presence of strangers. I couldn’t help it though, I had to take a few minutes to gather my wits about me. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would fall out of my chest. Oliver had brought me flowers, technically it was one flower but it was the thought that counted in this situation. I couldn’t control my elation, maybe just maybe he had a thing for me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he did?

Her oldest brother who was the first child was a doctor, neurosurgeon. Of course he had to go for the most prestigious medical discipline that he could find, he couldn’t be a dentist, or optician? I was starting to think that the problem I had with Laura’s family had more to do with me than it actually had to do with them. I was threatened by their success, I felt like Laura wouldn’t find me interesting when she came from a family of geniuses. Her older sister and second child was a lawyer, she had started her own law firm when she was just 22 and she was heavily involved in human rights. Her immediate elder brother and second son must have been the most accomplished of them all. He was an international best-selling author. Laura was the only one that took after her father and pursued an engineering course, forget about geniuses, this was a family of super heroes. Now I was feeling more irrelevant by the second, where was Laura?

I had to get down and save Ollie from my family. It wasn’t like they were bad, but Ollie must have been feeling pretty intimidated. I got down and saw him seated like he had no single friend in the world, it would have been utterly comical if I couldn’t see the strain on his face and notice how much self-restraint he was exercising in order not to bolt from the room. I walked over to him and sat by his side and I could see him visibly relax. The banter in the room was light and I knew my parents were prepping him for the big question which they would unleash on him by dinnertime.

When Laura walked into the room I felt like, maybe the world wouldn’t end tonight. It wasn’t long before we adjourned to the dining room and dinner was served. Everything was on the table. There was rice, sauce, beans, vegetables, chicken, beef, and corn. I hadn’t witnessed such a feast before and I dug in heartily, that was when the questions began.
“So what are your intentions regarding my daughter, Oliver”, said her father.
I almost choked on my meal. I knew that they would grill me but oh boy, they were not cutting corners.
“Laura is one of the smartest people that I’ve been opportune to meet and she’s my best friend”
That must have placated him because he smiled really widely and continued eating. That must have been the cue because they began interrogating me in earnest. After the first few questions, I became more comfortable and I found that I didn’t find it so hard answering their questions.

They weren’t giving hi, any quarter, they were grilling him for what he was worth but he didn’t seem to be in any particular distress, in fact he was handling them like a pro and I could see them beginning to respect him with every question he answered. I knew he would impress them, he was one of the smartest persons I knew even if he didn’t give himself enough credit. It might have been as a result of his father whom according to Oliver father was a perfectionist. He always wanted everything to be perfect, always and Ollie was not perfect enough for him so nothing he ever did was good enough. I pitied him sometimes; the burden he underwent was not an easy one to bear but he carried himself like a champ and I admired him greatly for that.

Dinner was over in almost no time at all and I was sad that it was over, I enjoyed it a lot. Laura’s folks weren’t what I thought they were. They were actually cool and supportive of Laura. Her desire to always push herself to the limits was a result of personal choice, it was probably that same spark that made all her siblings so outstanding and remarkable. I liked them even more. I offered to help Laura with the dishes and they allowed me, it made me feel like part of the family and that in turn made me feel warm inside. It was the first time that I was alone with Laura since I walked into the house. I was eager to ask her if the flower had offended her but I didn’t want to do it in front of her family.

Ollie and I found ourselves alone in the kitchen doing the dishes and for the first time, I noticed how good he smelled, like dark spices and a hint of sweat. It was heady and intoxicating. I also noticed that he was asking me a question and I wasn’t replying.
“What was that” I said
“I’m sorry if the flowers upset you. You haven’t been able to look me in the eye since”
“No, no. the flowers were nice”
“Are you sure”?
“So what was it?”
I panicked at that moment and I did the only thing that came to mind. I kissed him.

Laura kissed me. No, I must have died and gone to heaven. This was actually happening, I was kissing my best friend in her mom’s kitchen on Easter Sunday. I had been waiting for this moment from the moment she opened the door and greeted me in that blue gown. I had a thing for blue gowns. I grabbed her by the shoulder and deepened the kiss. I swirled my tongue around in her mouth while holding her lean waist in my palms. Her hands were on my shoulders and she moaned softly into my mouth. The feeling was intoxicating, being with Laura here in this moment. It was perfection, I wouldn’t mind pausing time and living in this single moment for eternity.

Ollie was kissing me back and quite passionately if I might add. I didn’t expect it, when he asked me what was up, I did the only thing that I could think of to do. It was what I had been thinking of doing ever since I met Oliver that Saturday evening and I was finally doing it after so long. It really took a long time for us to get where we are and I was just glad that I had invited him to this dinner. My family loved him and they wouldn’t object to us being an item. I really needed to stop thinking about this and just enjoy being here with Ollie in this moment, we would sort out the semantics later.

Kissing Laura was what I imagined perfect would be and more. Her lips were soft and her mouth was warm. She tasted of strawberries and peach, delectable.
Who had the damn phone that was ringing? Could they turn it off so that I could enjoy my sleep? Sleep! Sleep!! Sleep!!! It was all a dream and that was my alarm. I was running late for the dinner with Laura’s family. Damn, it felt so real.

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Three nights and a bang… The story so far
First of all, I feel like I seriously need to apologize for the delays. I know that I haven’t posted in a while and for those of you that follow three nights and a bang, I can assume that you must not be very happy with me. I am sorry. School has been very hectic this semester with new challenging courses and various projects that have deadlines to be met, coupled with some other side projects that I have been running, I really have not had the time to write in a while, and writing is something that I am so passionate about, it is the one thing that I enjoy doing besides watching movies, so like I said earlier, I’m sorry.
But before I jump into the next episode, I feel like I should give a brief summary, try to do a refresher and get everyone on the same page.
So we start from episode one where our antagonist is complaining about how much he hates school and how he’d rather spend his time doing something else with his life. He glances over to his night stand and discovers that he’s late for school, this realization sends him into a mad rush to try to beat the time as he does not want to be late for his first class. By some miracle, he manages to make it just in time because someone has bumped into the professor and made him drop his lecture notes, he refers to that person as his miracle.
In the next episode we’re introduced to someone very close to our protagonist, her name is Laura and it seems that he genuinely cares about this person and from the looks of things she cares about him too. Our protagonist then takes us through a very quick narrative of how he met her and that is when we first get his name. Oliver.
We learn that he has known Laura for about three years and they are best friends. Nothing more, nothing less. And then he leads us down memory lane about an encounter that almost spelt doom for their relationship years ago.
Episode four introduces Cardinal James. Our protagonist does not like James at all, it seems that James has taken a bet and he has decided to use Laura as a test subject for his bet. The bet is simple, he is planning on having unprotected sex with Laura and making a tape out of it. Oliver runs to Laura with this information and she informs him that she is already aware, apparently James has told her.
Episode five has Oliver voicing his disbelief and utter incredulity. He believes that James is using reverse-psychology on her. They get into a big fight and Oliver ominously announces that he will reveal James for the snake that he is. Laura begs him not to cross a line that they cannot get back from.
In the next episode Laura has thrown Oliver out and he is furious. He begins scheming, planning to disrupt the new balance that she has found with James and coincidentally he bumps into James on his way out. In that instant he crafts out a plan, one that requires him being close enough to James to effect. The games have begun.
The next time we see Oliver, he’s plotting something dangerous that has to do with him acting like he doesn’t care about Laura anymore. Oliver mentions a bad break-up and we find out that he feels like he owes Laura for helping him through a tough time in his life. There is a party involved and Oliver plans to charm everyone until James invites him to the VIP section. It is not really clear what his plan is at this point but then there is a mention of a bottle of whiskey so we can almost be sure that it is going to play an important role in whatever his plans are.
In episode eight, we see that he has been invited to the VIP party upstairs and it is much nicer than the one downstairs. James introduces Oliver to the party and asks everyone to treat him with respect. Laura is at the party and she tries to make contact with Oliver which he shrugs off. He deliberately hurts her feelings and she leaves the party early which was his plan all along. At that point he expresses his concerns over whether things will ever be okay with them again.
Oliver’s plan has gone accordingly up to this moment including Laura’s quick exit. He proceeds to dazzle the crowd and suck up to James some more, after which he suggests they retire to James’s room for the after party. He brings along a girl and when they get there he suggests they play a game of Truth and Dare. Oliver proceeds to eliminate everyone from the room and leaves only him, Diana and James.
Oliver’s plan reaches its climax in episode ten. He has created a situation in which he can get James’ confession on tape, it isn’t clear what he intends to use this confession for but one can only imagine that he intends to use it to change Laura’s mind.
Episode eleven gives us a little insight into the machination of Oliver’s mind. He’s really devious and he wouldn’t mind stooping to drugging and bribing to get his way. Apparently he has singlehandedly shifted the entire balance of the school and it is clear at this point that his intentions were not completely altruistic.
Oliver tries to make reparations with Laura but she is having none of that. He convinces her to meet him outside the library but she bails on him and he attempts to find her only to have himself kidnapped by someone that he used to know, long ago.
In the next episode, we are introduced to a new nemesis, Cardinal Jonn. And from their conversation, it is clear that there is no love lost between them. Cardinal Jonn is threatening to break every b one i9n Oliver’s body and it looks like our hero is in real peril here.
Just before our hero is royally screwed, someone comes to save him. Cardinal James and from the conversation it appears that our hero has made a huge mistake.
What happens next?
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Episode 15
“Which video?”
“The last video” they both simultaneously replied.
I was so confused and tired by this point that it was taking me longer than usual to process all that they were saying. Maybe it was because of how much adrenaline that I had already spent or maybe because I just wanted to get to Laura and explain things to her. I was fed up with them and had had just about enough of this drama, drama wasn’t my strong suite. Don’t get me wrong, I could handle the drama when it came my way, I just preferred not to. I was still trying to get my thought processes in order when the fog clouding my mind began clearing little by little.
Jonn was the one in the video? I totally did not see that coming. It was understandable I guess, the only reason people believed that it was James in the video, that I believed that it was James in the video was because of his reputation. Diana’s video was the only one in which he was actually doing anything in, and it didn’t even show his face, just an outline. The other videos just had him kissing someone or grabbing onto a girl rather than doing anything serious. Then again, Diana’s face wasn’t really showing in the video, all you could in the video was two people under the covers and a voice shouting Cardinal repeatedly. I never imagined that it would be Cardinal Jonn and not James. Mehn I was tired of it all, how was I supposed to fix this, what was I supposed to even think at this point? I had spent so much time hating James that I couldn’t even imagine him being anything other than the bad guy. I think I needed to ask Diana what went down because I was utterly confused at this point.
James took Jonn away from where I was and they both argued in low voices for a while and after about five minutes, they came back to where I was.
“So have you both reached a verdict on what my punishment should be”?
“We’re letting you go”, said James to the apparent displeasure of Jonn. “Sorry about this all, and we’d really appreciate it if you don’t tell anyone about this little incident”
I wasn’t planning on telling anyone anything about this, I was surprised that they were even letting me go. It seemed that James was the voice of reason, it didn’t matter. I would take any advantage that I could get as long as that meat that I was getting out of here with all my bones intact.
I had to have a little talk with Diana. I got out of there as fast as I could but not before I had whispers of a name that I despised twice as much as I did Cardinal James and five times more than I did Jonn. Looks like the whole gang came out to play. I just knew my life was about to take a dynamic turn and it was one that I was not going to like one bit.

Diana’s place was not too far off from where I had been held hostage, that was when it dawned on me that I had just been kidnapped. Me, kidnapped. It was hilarious, I wouldn’t have imagined that something like that would have happened to me in this lifetime. I didn’t seem like the kidnap-able type. Weird things sure were happening around lately. I jogged to Diana’s place, not because I was big on exercise but because I wanted to take time to think and my brain worked better when my body was under stress, whether it was lifting weights or jogging. The act of working the muscles in my body somehow made blood flow to my brain faster thereby gaining me the much needed traction that I needed in processing my thoughts. Her lights were on when I got there and I knocked twice on her door. From the sounds coming from her room, it looked like she had a client. I waited for about five minutes and then she came out, she was wiping her mouth and I could just imagine what she had just been doing in there. I wasn’t judging, the economy was hard and people need to survive, how she chose to pay her bills was none of my business.
“I’m busy” she said.
“I noticed” I retorted
She glanced away sharply and I felt bad for sounding so sharp with her.
“No judgment, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do” I added
“What brings you here anyway?” she asked “Another job?”
“No” I replied “What happened with you and James in that room”
“Nothing, I honestly thought there was something wrong with him. He seemed afraid”
“Yes, like it was his first time”
First time! First time!! First time!!!
Mother******. This couldn’t be happening. If this was true, I might have just made one of the biggest mistakes in my life. I was finding it hard to grasp the dimension that this conversation with Diana was heading.
“What do you mean that it seemed like it was his first time?”
“I’ve been with guys like him before and I know what I’m talking about. That guy was a virgin. He has never been with a woman before and I am sure about that”
“So what the hell were the both of you doing in the room for over thirty minutes? Working out?”
“Actually yes”
“I was actually joking when I said that”
“But I’m not. He kept on jumping around, doing press-ups and sit-ups saying that he had to get into the mood; that was how I knew that he was nervous. In the end, he couldn’t get an erection and there was nothing that I could do about that”.
“Why didn’t you tell me about this when I met your earlier today?”
“I thought it wasn’t important. Are you mad at me?”
“Sorry baby, I’m not mad at you. I might have just misjudged someone utterly and made the biggest mistake of my life”
And that was true, I had misjudged James based on his reputation. I had just screwed up royally and I had to fix it all before I could stand in front of Laura again. This was really going to hurt me. Memories that I had long buried and were about to come to light, I didn’t know how I’d find the strength to survive it, but I had to. I owed it to Laura and as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I owed it to James.
I had to go see him.
To be continued…
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Thanks for still reading. You're the entire reason that I'm here...
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Episode 16
As I walked up to James’ door, I felt a wave of extreme nausea, I had done something unforgivable. If our roles were to be reversed, I wasn’t sure that I would forgive him for such a slight. I had crossed a line that I was sure would be almost impossible to come back from, but was that really the case? Was there really a crime so heinous that there was no coming back from? I would know in a few minutes.
Krring! Krrrrrinnng!!
The doorbell chimed and I could hear the light patter of human feet from the inside as someone rushed to check who was at the door. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone rushed out with a hot scalding bowl of water and threw it all over me, it was less than what I deserved for the crazy stunt that I had pulled. At this point, standing here in front of James’ door, I found myself asking a question that I discovered I had been asking a lot lately. Was it all worth it? Had what I had done really been worth the entire ensuing trouble? Few hours ago, my answer to that question would have been, yes; a yes that would have been pronounced with resounding conviction and a false sense of chivalry. But right now, a guy just had to wonder.
The door was thrown open to reveal a very familiar face, one that I was sure that I had seen somewhere before but for the life of me I couldn’t really place the face.
“Hi” I said
“Hi” she responded.
She was beautiful enough, about 5ft 6” with a round face that reminded of an Asian opera singer. I wonder what her vocal range was.
“I’m looking for James I continued.
“He’s not yet back” she replied.
Darn it. They must have gone somewhere to cool off before they headed back home. I was getting really sloppy, I should have thought of that before running down here. What was I even going to say to him? ‘Sorry’ didn’t seem like it was going to cut it. I must have stood there for longer than I realized without really saying anything because the girl in front of me started waving her palms back and front across my face, probably checking to see if I was still conscious.
“What did you say” I asked?
“I asked if you wanted to come in and wait for him”
“Nah, it’s fine. Maybe I’ll just come back later”
“Aren’t you going to tell me what your name is, so that I can inform him of your visit”
“Don’t worry, it doesn’t really matter. Like I said earlier, I’ll be back plus I wanted it to be a surprise”
I wasn’t sure that it was going to be a pleasant surprise though but she didn’t really need the entire details.
“But aren’t you going to tell ME your name”
That was when it hit me, she was trying to flirt with me. I would have been thrilled with the idea about four hours ago, now I was just tired. I needed a warm bath, some food and quality HBO. I needed to straighten up all that was messed up in my life, I didn’t need this drama in my life but then again I didn’t need one more person hating me.
“I’m Oliver, but you can call me Ollie”
“Ollie, I’m Anna”
The way she said my name sent shivers down my spine, this girl was best avoided because she was serious trouble, I felt it deep down in my gut.
“Well Anna, it was nice to meet you”
“Likewise, come back soon.”
She winked at me as she moved to shut the door and I stifled a shudder, scary.
I had to get back home and consider all my options. I admit that I had screwed up a lot and basically what I needed to do right now was damage control.

I got home to about a dozen e-mails and voicemails, most of them were mostly hate e-mails, I was so over that. The weather had been cloudy all day and it would most likely rain, I hated the rain almost as much as I hated school. It made me think dreary and sad thoughts, I had always wondered why the saddest scenes in movies always had to happen while it was raining. Calling Laura was a no-go, if she wasn’t amenable to seeing me, she wouldn’t be to picking my calls, there was no harm in trying though. It rang about six times before it went to voicemail. I didn’t blame her, I probably wouldn’t want to talk to me too after what went down. Our conversation would have to be a face to face one, that way I could look into her eyes so that she could see the truth in my words. I was going to bare myself to her in a way that I hadn’t done with anyone ever before. I only hoped she would understand why I did what I did.
It was getting late and I still hadn’t talked to James yet, I guess this was as good a time as ever to zip over to his place and have that conversation.
This time when I knocked on the door, James was the one that answered the door. I could tell from the frown on his face that he wasn’t happy to see me but his curiosity was more potent than he could hide.
“What are you doing here?” he asked “Don’t tell me that you’re here to make a pitiable attempt at some counterfeit apology. Save that for someone that’s actually stupid. I invite you into my home as a show of good faith and you repay my kindness by stabbing me in the back, there are no words for the likes of you”
“I won’t bullshit you if you don’t bullshit me. You were using me almost as much as I was using you so don ‘t stand there all self righteous and act like your hand are clean. They’re almost as soiled as mine”
We stood there staring off at each other and for a second I felt a connection to him, he was like me, lost. All he wanted was a beacon to guide him back and I might have just destroyed his only chance for redemption. If there was anyway to fix this, I had to, for both our sakes.
“Can we talk, I think I owe you an apology”
He stepped away from the door and gestured for me to go on in
“After you” he said
I stepped into the house and I could hear the light patter of rain as the first drops hit the aluminum zinc. The door closed behind me with a resounding finality and it felt like I had just walked into my own funeral.
To be Continued…
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 12:23pm On Jun 08
Episode 17
I remembered the house from before and it was still as exquisite as I remembered it to be. The drapes had recently been changed and the color tone was as stark as it was calming. There was something calming about walking into the room, maybe it was the scent of fresh baked bread that breezed in from only God knows where or maybe it was just the aura of defeat that I noticed emanating from James. It was akin to a wounded animal that had accepted its fate, somehow I knew James was not going to give me trouble and it settled me down the more. I had my suspicions but I had to confirm tem from James first, then I could go about implementing my plan to fix all that I had originally broken. James closed the door behind me and locked up before he began heading towards his room, he gestured for me to follow him and I did.
The way James’ house was designed was grand to say the least. James had half an entire wing to himself, which was where he entertained his guests and held his VVIP parties. The house was divided into several wings and James’ wing was located at the south west corner of the property. I heard softy footsteps approaching from the opposite end of the room and the girl that I had met earlier surfaced. She glanced at James and he gave her a look of extreme disdain, which was quite surprising. I would imagine that someone like him would be more than glad to want to charm the pants off of her, she was really pretty and had a great body, she returned his look with one that was equally colder. I didn’t understand what was going on but from the looks of things, those two didn’t like each other one bit. She noticed me and immediately a mask dropped over her face, she smiled so sweetly at me I was afraid that I’d get diabetes.
“Hello again” she said
“Hello” I replied
“You’re back”
“I told you that I would be, Anna was it?”
”Yeeee!!!” she shrieked “You remembered my name”
From the way she shouted, you’d think that I just told her that Christmas was tomorrow, she seemed genuinely pleased to see me and that set off all kinds of alarms on my radar. She was faking it but you wouldn’t know unless you were actually looking for it. She did it so well
“Could you please excuse us, we’re kinda busy” James intoned
The mask fell away for a split second and I could see the annoyance beneath her expression, they really had very bad history.
“I apologize” I said
“I hope I’ll be seeing you around” she said
“Maybe, maybe not. You never know what could happen”
She winked at me again and I stifled another shudder. I don’t know why, I just had a very bad feeling about her. Anna was dangerous and she wasn’t afraid to use it. She might have behaved like a clueless bimbo but I suppose that was just to disguise a wily intellect, I’d do well to steer clear of her.
We passed by the central pantry and this proved to be the source of the fresh aroma that I had perceived earlier. My stomach growled annoyingly and it reminded me of the fact that I hadn’t eaten a bite all day. James must have heard the growl or maybe he just intuitively perceived that I was hungry because he turned to me and asked if I was hungry. I considered turning him down but I thought it would be best if I accepted his offer of hospitality as a gesture of good faith plus I was really hungry. I waited for James as he walked into the pantry and grabbed a large piece of bread. He also grabbed some margarine, jam and root beer. I took the bread from him so that he could hold the other things that he was carrying more comfortably. We marched in tandem to his room and I deposited the contents of my hands atop his linoleum centre table. He was two steps behind me and he followed suit with the items that were in his possession. He walked up to the double door cabinet by the side of his refrigerator and got us some glasses; he also emptied the icebox in the refrigerator and brought over some ice for our beers. He took a knife and sliced through the bread, he divided into little squares. He then proceeded to spray some margarine and jam across the face of his bread. Once he was finished, he handed over the knife to me and I followed suit. We sat in silence for about fifteen minutes, just munching on our sandwiches and sipping from our root beers. I savored the silence in the room, the only sounds that could be heard were the gentle patter of the rain as it hit the zinc and the quiet drone of the refrigerator in the background. I detested what I was about t do but it was something that had to be done, I didn’t want to take James back to the point where he almost lost everything because I had begun empathizing with him, a little too late I know, I maybe should have thought of it before I did what I did but you can’t some bells couldn’t be unrung and the only thing that I could do was try to deal with the fallout and restore some semblance of sanity between us all.
“I’m sorry…” I began
“Why do you hate me so much?” he cut me off
“Don’t you hate me?” I asked
“No” he replied “Frankly I haven’t given you enough thought to even want to hate you”
This came as news to me, I always just assumed that he detested me as much as I did him and it was no fault of his own. It all had to do with his cousin and the terrible history that we had between us. It happened almost five years ago but I still hadn’t forgiven him or myself for how it all went down. I was a much different person back then and I would like to believe that I had changed, but recent events said different.
“What do you know about your cousin’s time at LHS”
The question seemed to stump him for a moment and then his eyes lit up with understanding.
“It was you” he said. “You were the one”
To be Continued…
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by pacifust058(m): 3:37pm On Jun 08
thanks for the update but please, make it quicker

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Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 4:49pm On Jun 10
thanks for the update but please, make it quicker
I have to apologize for the delay, I know what it feels like waiting to know what happens next. School is really taking it's toll on me, but looking on the bright side, the semester ends in about a month and I'll have plenty of time to write. Thanks for reading.
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by pacifust058(m): 2:25pm On Jun 11

I have to apologize for the delay, I know what it feels like waiting to know what happens next. School is really taking it's toll on me, but looking on the bright side, the semester ends in about a month and I'll have plenty of time to write. Thanks for reading.
thanks for taking your time to reply
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by Abouwaza(m): 3:57am On Jun 12
Well done OP
U dey every story I have read so far
Must be a story addict
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by Ann2012(f): 6:48am On Jun 12

U dey every story I have read so far
Must be a story addict

I'm an addict ooooo cheesy
Re: Three Nights And A Bang by James419(m): 1:19am On Jun 13
thanks for taking your time to reply
You're welcome.

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