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14 Quotes From 'Things Fall Apart' By Chinua Achebe / Lies From Pretty Lips / Torn (2) (3) (4)

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Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 7:30pm On Jan 22

All Rights reserved to the Author.

2 year ago, I lost the most important thing that’s ever happened to me; my wife. The first day I laid eyes on Cynthia, I knew she was the one for me. I made my move in letting her know how I felt after we met at a friend’s party. We shook hands as the hostess introduced her to me. Although I didn’t have my phone with me at that moment, I quickly asked James who was with me for his phone.

I collected her number and wanted to make sure I had all 10 digits of it correct so I dialed the number right in front of her but her phone didn’t ring. She was embarrassed at the scene and simply smiled asking me to give her my number but I refused, insisting that I had hers instead. I knew I was moving too fast considering that I just met her a few minutes ago but I couldn’t just let her go like that. As soon as I got home that evening, I dialed her number and thankfully she picked up. We spoke for hours that night and I didn’t forget to ask soon enough if she was seeing anyone after I felt we had created some sort of mutual understanding between us. I imagined her smiling and shaking her head as she gave me the answer that kick started our relationship.

A year later, after 3 break ups and everything you can imagine could go wrong in a young relationship, I asked her to marry me and she agreed. Our wedding day was the best day of my life, I had everything I prayed for and when she told me 3 months later that we would be expecting our first child, I couldn’t help but thank God for how well he was taking me through this journey called Life. Iffy came months later and we were so excited to have her as part of our family. She brought joy and we soon realized she brought stability to our now growing family.

One faithful night, the unexpected happened. My wife and I were coming back from a friend’s engagement party when we were suddenly thrown off the road by an unknown driver. I was the one driving that night and Cynthia always hated to wear her seat belt saying it didn’t really prevent the inevitable. Just when I thought there was no hope for us, a voice came.

“Hello sir… are you okay? Can you hear me?” I couldn’t get a clear view of the person speaking but I knew it had to be a woman due to her soft voice. I tried to move my body but I was knocked down by the excruciating pain from my head.

“Sir, I am a doctor and I promise you will be fine, just try not to move for me.” she said.

“Where am I?” I asked her. She told me I had just gotten involved in an accident and in that instant I came back to life.

“Cynthia… Cynthia…” I called out, trying to move myself up.

BE THE FIRST TO CONTINUE FOLLOWING THIS INTERESTING STORY: https://ugobestiky.com/2019/01/22/lies-tear-us-apart-episode-1/
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by LightQueen(f): 8:05pm On Jan 22
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 8:51am On Jan 23
it will be loading soon
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Johilo(m): 11:17am On Jan 23
Oga shift let me sit at d front row!
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by KayFortune(m): 1:25pm On Jan 23
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by izaray(f): 3:07pm On Jan 23
Following, lets go there
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by perfect25: 6:44pm On Jan 23
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 10:01pm On Jan 23
We are sorry to apologized to you, the Episode 2 will come in the morning by 8:30am. Keep tuned.

We are Ugobestikist
The people wey sabi.

thank you for your cooperation.
Meanwhile you can visit the story section of the blog blog to read other love stories.

Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 8:17am On Jan 24

For good 5 minutes, Mrs. Ada and I starred at her and it soon became dawn to me that she was definitely not a ghost.

“Is this a dream or what? Cynthia is this really you?” I asked as I drew her closer to my chest with my trembling hands. Mrs. Ada directed me back into the living room as I carried Cynthia on my shoulders.

“Lay her on the couch for now while I go get some water.” She said. I did as she told me and as soon as she left for the kitchen, my phone began to ring. I took it out from my pocket and it was Vivian who was calling. I looked down at Cynthia and then back to my cellphone. 6 months into my recovering from the accident, the relationship between Vivian and I started to take a new turn from just our normal doctor and patient thing. I was more thankful to her at the beginning for how well she took care of me but that night after she came over to celebrate my one year out of recovery, things got complicated. Vivian is a beautiful woman with all the curves in the world and I am a man. Sex seems to always complicate things and in our case it was no different. After that night, we woke up and everything changed.

“Victor, is this really you?” Cynthia asked in a whisper. She brought me back to my senses and in that moment, everything was decided. I turned off my phone, laying it carefully back on the floor.

“Yes, it’s me.” I smiled down at her. She looked fine to me except for some few bruises that were on her cheeks. A million questions were running through my head. Just where in the world had she been for the past years? Why did she choose now, today to come back? My chest was hurting seeing that she was in pain. I was about to start beating myself up for the answers when Mrs. Ada appeared back into the room with some hot tea, a bowl of hot water and a towel.

Cynthia moaned quietly in pain as Mrs. Ada laid the hot towel on her cheeks. I was going to begin asking her questions after she finished with her tea but the sad puppy face she gave me reminded me of our old days. Looking at her, everything rushed back in. Every feeling I had been trying to do away with for so long began to bang at my door. I swallowed it all in and allowed her to sleep.

As I watched her sleep, I still couldn’t believe it was her. I raised her blouse up in search of a tattoo she had gotten a few months after we started dating. The letter V was lying underneath her flat tummy and I was sure this was my Cynthia.

The next morning, she was the first to wake up. The first thing she asked about as she made her way into the kitchen was her ...........

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Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 6:26pm On Jan 24

“Whose voice was that?” Vivian asked, as she dropped her purse on the closest couch, making her way to my bedroom.

“It’s not what you think…” I followed her, explaining as much as I could.

“Oh, I think I know what’s going on.” she said.

Just as Vivian was about to open the bedroom door, Cynthia beat her to it. Cynthia pushed the bedroom door close and stepped out so Vivian could take a good look at her. She had on my t-shirt. In fact, that was Vivian’s favorite t-shirt that she always wore whenever she came over. Cynthia wasn’t making anything easier for me by the way she walked majestically into the living room, leaving Vivian still shocked or rather hooked by the door. When Vivian found some composure, she joined Cynthia in the leaving room. Both of them starred at each other waiting for the other to speak first.

“Victor who is this?” Vivian finally spoke.

“Yes, who is she?” Cynthia also asked.

“Victor,” Vivian turned around to ask “Is she the reason why you stood me up late night? Is this what you have been up to?” This was the most composed I had ever seen Vivian but Cynthia, she wasn’t having it.

“Who is she?” she shouted. I was confused, who do I answer first?

“Cynthia, please go back to the room honey. I promise to explain when I’m through here.” I said, emphasizing the “honey,” just to calm her down.

“Oh you had better start talking now?” Vivian interrupted.

“So she’s the new woman abi? How could you do this to me? 2 years, Victor! Did I mean so little to you?” Vivian was yelling, beating on my chest as she cursed the day she first met me.

“Can someone just tell me what’s going on here?” Vivian shouted. Cynthia became calm. She let go of my shirt.

“Answer her na. Who am I?” she replied.

“She’s my wife.” I gave Cynthia the simplest and most straight forward answer I could think of.

“Your wife?” she whispered. “But your wife is dead.” She added.

“Yes, I thought so too but last night she showed up.” I knew I had hurt all the pride in her when she realized the real reason I stood her up.

“Just like that?” she asked.

I knew Vivian must have wanted to fight me. Kick me, bite. Do every irrational thing she could think of but instead, she just stood there. Very still, staring at me, making me feel like the biggest asshole in the universe. She simply nodded. This utter quietness filled the room; we could almost hear each other’s thoughts. She moved to the door about to take her leave, unable to stand the silence. I couldn’t help but to rush over to her side, I still wanted to explain things to her to save my own face.

“Vivian you have to understand, this…”

“Oh I do.” She held her tears in.

“I never wanted to…”

“Victor I get it. Your wife is back, the woman who you truly love and I’m just your doctor. I have always been just your doctor. I’m so stupid for having thought you and I could become something else. I did this to myself Victor, it wasn’t your fault. Your heart wasn’t mine to keep.”

“Vivian…” I tried to calm her down because her words weren’t all true.”

CONTINUE READING EP 3: https://ugobestiky.com/2019/01/24/love-torn-us-apart-3/
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 9:23pm On Jan 25

“Victor please, I can explain.” She said. We all begin with those same words but can we really explain a thing?

I threw my car keys on the bed, asking her to begin if she could. I couldn’t stop laughing as she pleaded with me, it was as if I was about to run mad. My so called wife had another lover. That meant she has been cheating on me but where did she find the time to do that? How long has she been having such conversations with another man? I asked myself. She soon began to bite her finger nails as she went down on her knees between my legs.

“I swear if you don’t start talking, I will seriously start beating you up.” I made sure I scared her just enough. She swallowed her words one more time.

“Who were you talking to on the phone?” I decided to start with that. She grabbed a hold of my trousers tightly as if her life depended on it.

“Victor, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I love you…”

“Cynthia ehn please don’t give me all that. I just need you to answer my question. Who was that you were talking to?”

“I tried loving you all these years but I soon realized I was only deceiving myself.”

I shook my head, I was soon runing out of patience. I knew I had to calm her down before she could really speak to me. So I said, “Cynthia, look at me. I would never hurt you so please just talk to me. Tell me what I’m suspecting isn’t true because I swear to God, I will kill somebody…” I quickly regained my composure when she flinched away from me as she saw my hands go up as if to hit her.

“When we first met, you rushed everything and I played along because I didn’t want to hurt you.”

I didn’t know how I did it but I kept my composure. “Cynthia,” I called her name so sweetly. “are you saying you never loved me?”

She didn’t answer so I asked again but this time, I made sure she felt and heard every anger that was boiling in me. She began to shake her head, jumping at the sound of my voice.

“You see, I loved him too.” She cried out. As soon as she said that, she quickly covered her mouth.

So, there was really another man in her life. I thought to myself. The hurt in my eyes when I realized the woman I had given everything to what not who I presumed she was.

“He was everything I needed but you kept coming back and I gave into you.” She continued.

“Who?” I yelled.

“The night I gave you my number victor you weren’t the only one who called me; he also did.”

“Who, James?” I whispered. She nodded her head as she started to cry once again. I didn’t know why my bestfriend’s name was the first name that came to my mind. I staggered to the bed and sat down. I couldn’t believe my ears......................

CONTINUE READING EPISODE 4: https://ugobestiky.com/2019/01/25/lies-torn-us-apart-4/
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 11:32pm On Jan 25
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by JoyNgofaa1(f): 2:05am On Jan 26
Is Sarah the woman of Tayo's dreams? Is their union bound to last?  Find out in our new series. S. A. R. A. H.

The story.
As a teen, 18 actually, that's pretty much still teenage, I used to think a lot about my to-be wife.
I thought a lot about sex too, but, that's pretty much normal for a teenager. My to-be wife was an obsession. I'd imagine how we'd meet, where we'd meet, what she'd be like. My fantasies usually had her chocolate skinned, trim, pretty and smart.
I hardly ever thought about us making love. Those fantasies were usually of other women, random women....
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Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 5:16am On Jan 26

As I parked in front of James complex, I asked myself, “So this is where Cynthia has been hiding all this while?” She laid in my best friend’s bed while mine stayed cold for months.

I came out from my car; pushing the door close with all of my strength, I thought I must have broken something. I knocked on his gate for what seemed like forever before his gateman answered.

“Ah Oga, my Oga said he is not receiving any visitors for today.” The short man said.

“Do I look like I care about the instructions your Oga gave you? Come Musa, are you saying you don’t remember me?” I was surprised at the way the gate man answered me.

“Sir, na weytin my Oga tell me na I go do so abeg come dey go.”

“I’m going to need you to go into that house and tell that bastard to come out!”

“Sir, my Oga no be bastard oh.” I was slowly losing temper. He was wasting my time so I pushed him away from his post and barged into the compound.

He was shouting “Oga” repeatedly behind me as he ran back to pick up his hat that had fallen off.

“James, if you know what’s good for you, you will open this door right this minute.” I began to pound on his front door. I made a decision not to leave until he opened that door and come out like a man he claimed he was.

When he finally opened the door, his gate man rushed to his side.

“I’m very sorry Oga. I told him he can’t pass but he went ahead.”

As soon I came in contact with James face to face, I did what I had wanted to do since I got to his house. I punched him right in the face. He let out a curse word as he staggered back into his living room. To my surprise, there were at least 3 languages packed. So the bastard was planning to move?

I didn’t give him a chance to say a thing; I just kept punching him to the floor. He couldn’t defend himself. He took the beating like a pro.

“You and Cynthia, uhn?” I yelled. He was still trying to get in touch with the reality of what was happening.

“Where were you planning to run to?” I kicked the luggage’s that were on the floor.

“I called you my brother for years and you do this to me?” With my feet, I kicked him hard in his stomach. He coughed out blood, a lot of blood.

“Sleeping with her to the point where she became pregnant for you!”

He began to laugh, spitting out more blood.

“And I enjoyed every night. Every morning when I saw her in my bed, I knew I had finally beaten you at something.” Those were the words that came out from his mouth.

“I made her scream my name as I made love to her. During those nights of endless pleasures, I knew I had won. You and I have shared many things in our lives, why can’t we do the same with cynthia?” He looked dead into my eyes and smiled.

“She was no virgin on your wedding night right? I did that to her.”

CONTINUE READING EPISODE 5: https://ugobestiky.com/2019/01/25/lies-torn-us-apart-5/
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ann2012(f): 7:49am On Jan 26
A friend like James ehn.....run from them

Well done OP
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 6:24pm On Jan 29

At about 1 o’clock in the morning, I staggered to her front door. I hadn’t been home for almost 3 days since the episode with Cynthia and James. I walked along many streets like a lost man, searching for something and it brought me right to Vivian’s door step.

I knocked and knocked but she wasn’t there to answer this time. I was about to retrace my steps back to my car when I heard the door click.

She was wearing a see through lace night gown as she came to the door which made me wonder if she wasn’t alone.

“What are you doing here?” She wasn’t surprised to see me. Maybe she knew I would run back to her sooner or later.

“I want you back Vivian.” I said, placing my left hand on her door to keep it open. She looked back into her apartment before she spoke again.

“Listen, you’re drunk so please go just back to where you’re coming from.”

“Vivian, can’t you see that I need you?” I almost felt lie screaming it to the world.

“Don’t Vivian me!” she held it in. “Please it’s late, just leave me alone. I thought we made that clear already so what’s all this?” She was about to close the door when a man’s voice asked, “Who is that?”

I stared at her and she did the same to me.

She then answered saying, “It’s nobody honey. Go back to bed.”

I stretched my neck, trying to get a glimpse of this man.

“Victor just go please.”

She pushed my head back out and shut the door. I climbed down her stair case, forcing my tie off my neck. I was a lost man. I didn’t know where to turn to. I definitely wasn’t going to go back home in this state. I took a seat on the lower stair case. I was thinking about what to do next when I heard Vivian’s voice from behind me. I turned around; this time she was wearing a pair of jeans trousers and tank top. She walked to where I was seating and laid her hands on my shoulder as she took a seat next to me.

I laid my head on her laps and wept like a child. She gently ran her hands through my head.

“Shouldn’t you be celebrating with your family?” she asked. I raised my head up to look at her; she looked away not wanting me to see the jealousy in her eyes.

“Vivian I’m sorry. I have been such a damn fool…”

“Victor how is your daughter?” She asked, disregarding my apology. During our first few months of dating she would always ask me saying, “Do you love me because I’m good with your daughter or because you truly love me?” I never knew how to respond to her question. Usually, I would kiss the question away before it even started and that usually led to something else we both needed more.

“How is she?” she asked again which reminded me of how much my life sucked at that moment.

I laughed. “She isn’t mine.” I confessed.

“What do you mean?” She looked at me as if my drunken state has done something to my thinking process.

“Cynthia has been lying to me.”

“Lying to you? How?”

I told her everything that went down with Cynthia without leaving anything out. She either nodded her head or said “Oh” as she listened.

“Wow, what are we going to do now?” She said “we” which gave me a little hope.

“Have you confronted the James?” she asked. When I left my house, my intention was to track ..............

CONTINUE READING: https://ugobestiky.com/2019/01/26/lies-torn-us-apart-6/
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ann2012(f): 6:48pm On Jan 29
Victor is in trouble

Thanks for the update
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by LightQueen(f): 7:36pm On Jan 29
Wicked woman
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 9:57am On Jan 30
EPISODE 7 Loading
sad shocked cool
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by izaray(f): 10:09am On Jan 30
Thanks for the update
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by skubido(m): 3:19pm On Jan 30
Hmmmm, victor don enter oo
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 10:18pm On Jan 30
Episode 7 comes out soon
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 9:24am On Feb 01

“I didn’t do it. I didn’t kill him.” I said to my lawyer for the 4th time since he came to see me.

“But the evidences, all of them are pointing to you.” He said.

“What evidences? The fact that I was angry when I left the house that faithful day, is that all they’ve got?” He opened his suit case and brought out some more papers.

“Your wife…”

“Ex-wife.” I finished. He coughed before continuing. “She has hired one of my colleagues to handle this case. She isn’t taking sides with you which I’m surprised about. Can you please clear that up?” He looked up at me, ready to write down whatever comes out from my mouth. I was too embarrassed to narrate the story of how my wife and best friend betrayed me so I gave him the shorted cut. “They were lovers.” Mr. Roberts didn’t look surprised or maybe it was part of his job to keep calm.

“Okay, go ahead.” He said.

“I thought she was once dead but she played me. One day she walked back into my life and turned it upside down.” My thoughts went to that very day where I thought I had found what I had lost. I thought she and I could maybe reconnect. I remembered the excitement and nervousness I felt at the same time when she called my name.

“Did she have any reason to want James dead?”

“I don’t think so.” I answered. Why would Cynthia want James dead? Didn’t she love him? Weren’t they planning to go off together? I kept asking myself questions that I had no answers to. I came back to my senses when I saw my lawyer rise up. “Our time is up for today. You will be standing trial in 2 days, be prepared.” He said. I nodded my head and we shook hands. He gave me pitted smiled as if his already predicted what would happen on the day of trial.

“One more thing, can you please contact Vivian for me?” I knew she must have been worried since I never got a chance to answer the call she promised to give me.

“Okay, I will get in touch with her.” He strode off and I was pushed back into my prison cell.


The next day, Vivian finally came to see me.

“I went over to your place; she didn’t say a thing about you being in prison. How come? Are you okay? Are they feeding you right?” She kept blasting me with questions. I had to smile so she could stop with the questions and see that I’m okay.

“Do you think people come here to eat and get fat?” I hissed. I told her all that went down. From the expression on her face, I couldn’t tell if she believed me or not.

“You went over to his place, you guys fought or rather you did most of the fighting. You even brought your gun there.” She whispered that last part as if the room had ears.

“But I didn’t kill him.” I whispered back into her ears.

“Of course.” She took 2 deep breaths as she balanced back on her chair but then, the first drop of tears hit the table.

“I don’t even know what to do, how to help you. Should I go over and beg Cynthia to please see reasons with you? I mean, didn’t she love you at all? Why is she so head bent on pinning this on you? Who does she think you are?” she was crying as she said all that.

“Come on, I need you to keep it together for me, for the both of us.” I held her hands tightly in mine.

“Victor, I’m…” she couldn’t even finish her sentence; her tears were getting the best of her.

“What?” I asked.

“It’s nothing. I will come and see you again on the day of your trial.” She pratically ran out from the room, and that was the last time I saw Vivian. I spent 5 years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. My lawyer told me to thank God that he was able to get the judge to listen to his pleads of self-defense. I spent 5 years regretting my life. Vivian who had promised to come see me never came and Cynthia was left to take center stage at my trial.

On the afternoon of the day I was released, as I was about getting on a bus, I saw a........................

CONTINUE READING: https://ugobestiky.com/2019/01/27/lies-torn-us-apart-7/
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 9:25am On Feb 01

I still couldn’t believe I had a son who was 5 years old. The thought of having someone who would one day grow up to look like me worried me. Would he have the same luck with women as his father did? I thought Vivian and I were done for good but now, a child was involved. She didn’t even give me a chance to ask why she kept her pregnancy away from me. She simply gave me her phone number to contact her when I’m ready to see my son and then she got into her car and left with that man. I balled up the piece of paper she wrote her number in. I thought about it, I thought about throwing away the paper and just forget about everything. Forget that I had a son and also Vivian. I had nothing to offer my son. What good would it be if I was to show up in his life tomorrow? I had no job, no house, nothing! He would one day find out that his so called father wasn’t with him when he was born because he went to jail for murder. I couldn’t let a child of mine paint a horrid picture of me in his or her head. I decided to stay clear and move forward. I was so sure he was better off with Vivian and her new lover. For my first day out of prison, I had to find a place to rest my head. I definitely couldn’t go back to my old house. That would be like opening old wounds when I haven’t healed from the ones I had already. I missed Iffy. I thought about how grown she would look now. I would hate to see her one day and remember the hurt her parents had cost me. I decided to catch a bus to Esters place, my eldest sister or rather the only family member I still kept in contact with. She would understand. She would know that no one was perfect. She knew I was a good man. She was my last hope of recovering back to normal. I was so deep in thoughts, I didn’t see her walking towards me until we bumped into each other and her phone flew out of her right hand.

“Are you blind?” the lady shouted, picking up her cell phone. I really didn’t have the energy to answer her so I kept on walking as if nothing had happened.

“Excuse me,” she held my shirt back from behind. “Didn’t you see me coming?” In my effort to get her to release her hands from my shirt, I raised my hands up as if to hit her. She didn’t back down, instead she continued. “Oh so you want to beat me too abi? Make una see this man ooh.”

“Look, just let go of my shirt okay?”

“Oh I’m sorry, is that how you apologize? You’re the one who bumped into me and you’re giving me an attitude. Am I the cause of your problems?” she asked. She wasn’t the cause of my problems but she was about to become one.

“See, I’m…”

“Save it please.” She hissed and walked to where the others were standing waiting on the bus.

When she saw me walking towards her, she began to laugh. I found her very weird and if no be small thing, I for call her winch. I believed she was sent to terrorize me that evening.

“This man dem send you come? What’s your problem?”

I didn’t answer her; I stood as far away from her as I could. She kept trying to get a glimpse of me and I did the same. She was such an unusual creature. My eyes kept drifting to her chest. She was fully dressed and packaged. She had on the tightest mini skirt that showed off her long legs. The high heels she had on must have been getting uncomfortable to stand in because she kept shaking off her legs. The bus finally arrived and we all rushed to get the best seat in the tight bus. The conductor shouted the transportation fee a million times as if his passengers were deaf.

“50 naira, 50 naira.”

“How much you say e be again?” A woman asked as she stood blocking the door to the bus.

“Madam you no hear me since dey shout 50 naira?” The already frustrated conductor shouted at her.

“Where I dey go? From here to there 50 naira? For what!” She also raised her voice.

“Ehn na I no force you to enter. From here to there con dey waka go.” He hissed and was about shutting the door when I finally made my way through the crowd.

“Oga you wan enter?” I hopped on and he shut the door. As I was about to take my seat, she coughed. It was the same lady from before. I realized I was about to settle down next to her. I knew she had a problem with the seating arrangement but I wasn’t about to get off that bus because of her. I took the seat and made myself comfortable. When the conductor called for his passengers to start paying, I shoved my hands into my pocket and brought out the last money I had with me which was 100 naira. I held it out to get the conductor’s attention. He asked the lady............................................

CONTINUE READING: https://ugobestiky.com/2019/01/27/lies-torn-us-apart-8/
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 1:56pm On Feb 01

The bus finally got to its stop and the passengers came down. Unlike the first time where she just left without a word, this time she looked up at me as if she was waiting for me to call the next shot.

“Umm… my sister’s place is a few minutes’ walk from here.” I said, placing my hands inside my pocket.

“Oh I see. So I guess you will be leaving now?” I couldn’t tell if it was the thought of me leaving that kept that look of pain plastered on her face or if it was the shoes she had on.

“Are you okay?” I asked, looking at the way she leaned sideways to release pressure from one foot. I knew nothing about this girl or her story so I didn’t want to jump into conclusions on what I thought she was doing at this late hour with the kind of clothes she had on.

“Yeah, it’s just this…” she shook one of her long legs.

“Where do you live, I can take you home.” She looked at me crazy. “But only with your permission.” I quickly added.

“It’s alright, I’m okay… I wouldn’t want to add to your worries.” What were my worries? Could she see them? Was I walking around looking like a wounded man? Sometimes I wondered if people ever felt self-cautious as if they are walking around their streets with a sign on their forehead that made people stop to stir.

“No, I insist. Let me take you home.” I wrapped her arms around my shoulders and we began our journey. Upon getting close to her place, she told me to stop at one dark alley that she would take herself home from there. I hesitated but the look she gave me told me not to argue. Anyway, I had done enough already and it was seriously getting late.

“I hope you find your aunty.” She said as I turned around to leave.

“You know what? I’m not really sure if she would be there. The last time I spoke to Ester was 5 years ago when I …” I quickly caught myself.

“When you?” she asked.

“Don’t worry about it, just go home and be safe okay?”

“Well if you don’t mind, I could offer you a place to lay your head for the night. It’s the least I can do after what you’ve done for me tonight.”

I’ve always had good luck with trouble. It just knew how to draw me in and consume me, but for tonight, I really needed a reliable place to stay. I wouldn’t want to march down to Ester’s place and not find her there so I took her generous offer.

“What’s your name?” I asked. She paused, contemplating if it was the right move to make.

“I’m Daniella.” She finally said.

“Daniella.” I repeated, nodding my head to it.

“Yeah I know. My parents thought it was nice to disguise our family’s current situation by giving me a fancy name.” I pretended as if I didn’t hear what she said and she led the way to her home.

“I’m victor by the way. My parents… well, I don’t know what they were thinking when they named me. Unlike you, I don’t have a story to my name so you should be thankful.” I had to pause for a minute because that was the first time in months that I’d spoken to anyone about my family. It was as if we were in a give and take situation. The more she spoke and accompanied it with a welcomed smile, the more she made me open my mouth.

“My family doesn’t have much but we are trying. You seem like someone who has tasted wealth before so what’s your story?” she asked.

“My father is a business man. I was too but not anymore.”

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “So what happened?” She waited for a story and I wished I could give it to her.

“Story for another day.” The sour taste of what my life had been and what it was now hit me. Would I have to go back to my father who has disowned me already? I asked myself. My father had warned me that if I married Cynthia, I would no longer be no son of his. He never settled well with her from the instant I introduced her to him. He would have rather saw me wedded to one of his friends daughter but I was rebellious and went against his will. And yes, Cynthia in the end did become my down fall.

She pointed to a faint light from a faraway distance. “That’s my house. It might not be what you’re used to but it’s the best I can do at the moment.” Compared to where I’d been living for the past years, I couldn’t complain. She told me to take off my shoes as soon as we got to her front door. She also took hers off and held the shoes against her chest. I followed her lead.

She whispered, “If my parents should hear a sound, I’m finished.” It made me wonder just how old she was that she had to be discreet whenever she comes home. We made it past the little kitchen that was even smaller than the room Iffy had when she was newly born. In my efforts in sneaking through the tiny space, I knocked over a spoon and the metal hit the floor.

“Daniella is that you?” a tiny sleepy voice asked from another room in the small house. I looked around, thinking I was about to get caught.

“No mom, it’s not me.” She snickered. I guessed her mom understood her daughter so she didn’t push much further.

“This is where you will be sleeping tonight; my room.” She juggled through her purse and brought out the key to the door. I was reluctant.

“Is there no other room I could just hide in till the morning?”

“Victor…” She used my name for the first time and for some reason, I felt the sincerity from the voice that called out the name. “As you can see, there isn’t much space in this house so…” to save her the trouble, I walked into the room. She told me to wait as she looked for the light switch. She flicked it on and the whole room came alive. There was a little bed on the floor on the right side of the room. For a girl who said her family had little to nothing, she had quite a......................................

CONTINUE READING: https://ugobestiky.com/2019/01/29/lies-torns-us-apart-9/

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Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by skubido(m): 5:17pm On Feb 01
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Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 8:54am On Feb 03

The next morning when I woke up, there was a fresh new energy that rushed through my bones. I felt brand new. The window curtains were pulled up and the early morning sun lite up my spirit. Too many things had been running through my head as I tried sleeping last night. I had to plan my next move. I couldn’t stay with Daniella forever even when I had started to like the environment I found myself in. I thought about going back to the company I once worked for to see if there would be any job openings. I wanted to run to my father immediately and tell him that I was wrong and he was right but I still had my pride. I made up my mind that I would stay as far away from Cynthia as I possibly could even if all my money and assets were with her. For now, I needed a way to make another kind of money and get myself back on track.

Just as I was about putting my shirt back on that I had taken off last night due to heat, she walked in. I didn’t expect her to stare; there was nothing to look at. My once 6 packed stomach had been reduced to nothing after 5 years in jail. She made me uncomfortable. Last night, I had seen almost every bare part of her and here I was, hiding away like a teenage boy.

“Don’t you think you’re being a little bit selfish, considering that last night I practically put on a show for you?” she asked, dropping the tray of food she held on the floor. I disregarded her comment and went straight for the tray, hoping that the content inside was for me.

“Should I go ahead?” I asked, before opening the first plate.

“Yes please.” She stepped away from the tray. I opened the first plate and the pungent scent of Egusi soup hits me. I looked up at her surprised before opening the second plate which had eba inside. She gave me a go ahead look and I didn’t think it twice. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a well-cooked home meal. In my attempt to slow down and not get indigestion, my hands said otherwise. I ate as if I had been starved for years. She watched me eat and couldn’t stop laughing. She constantly reminded me to slow down and go for a water break.

“My mother will like to meet you.” She said, as I was about swallowing the last bite of eba. My mouth immediately curved into an “Oh” sound.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I picked up the bowl on my left that contained water for washing.

“Victor come on, you’re not going to come into her house, eat her food and not at least say hello to her.” Yes, what she said was right but I didn’t feel worthy enough to meet her. I just wanted to finish the meal, thank Daniella for her help and then forget everything.

“Do you know how hard it was for me to convince her that you are a good man who helped my last night, and so it’s only wise for us to return the favor? My parents aren’t too fond of visitors you know, especially strangers.”

She left me with no other choice. I helped her clear the floor where I had ate and followed behind her as we marched to meet her mother.


“Mama, this is victor… the man I told you about.” She moved to her mother’s side. Both of them were now staring at me.

“Hope you enjoyed the food my son?”

I nodded. I couldn’t stop staring at the family photo that was on the wall in their living room. Daniella hadn’t told me she had siblings. The family I saw in the photo looked really happy and satisfied with the little they had. But what was my business with Daniella? Why should I care if she had siblings or not? Why was it that the happy faces I saw in the picture made me sad? I came back to my senses to pay more attention to what the elderly woman was saying.

“When I heard a lot of noise coming from the kitchen this morning, I woke up to find Daniella cooking. She explained to me that you helped her last night when some group of boys tried to beat her up. Thank you so much my son. I have told her to stop moving around late at night but she is a wild child.” Daniella giggled and patted her mother’s left shoulder.

I was confused. The story her mother was relating to me wasn’t what happened. Daniella, who stood by her mother, kept giving out signals for me to play along. I wanted to tell the mom that her daughter was the one who saved me and not the other way around.

“Mama…” I began but Daniella quickly rushed to my side and cover my mouth. She began to cough.

“Mama, he will be leaving now.” She pinched me, and it was my queue to speak.

“Madam, thank you for accepting me into your home, I will be taking my leave now.” Her mother bided her sincere goodbye.

“What was that all about?” I asked angrily once Daniella and I were outside, away from her mother’s view.

“What do you mean?” she looked clueless. “I just saved both of our asses back there, so you Mr.… should be the one thanking me.” She poked my chest. She stood in front of me, a full woman although much younger. Daniella was the definition of beauty. Her brown skin shone when the sun came upon her. She stood tall and bold, as if no man on this earth could bring her down. The way she looked at me posed a challenge that I wasn’t ready for. I shook............

CONTINUE READING NOW: https://ugobestiky.com/2019/01/29/lies-torn-us-apart-10/

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Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by LightQueen(f): 3:05pm On Feb 03
Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 6:14pm On Feb 04
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Re: Lies Torn Us Apart 18+ by Ugobestikyblog(m): 6:16pm On Feb 04

“Excuse me; is the family who lives here still in?” I said to the man I assumed to be the gate man, pointing to the gate.  He got up from where he was sitting and dusted his butt.  He removed the chew stick he was chewing dearly on from his mouth and spat out the content.

“Who you say you dey look for?” he asked.

“The madam who lives in this house.”  He looked back at his gate and then back at me before he busted out into a loud roar of laughter…

“Person like you no fit know anybody wey dey live inside this house.” My tattered clothes were speaking for itself.

“But… do they still live here?”

“Guy, I dey tell you say you nor know anybody for here you go say okay. See ehn,” he drew me to a corner. “If na work you dey find, I fit help you talk to my madam.”

The guy wasn’t convinced so I went ahead with the last bit of information I had. “Your madam’s name, is it Ester?”

He jumped backwards and gave me that funny look as if I was sent from his village to torment him.

“Shuu, how you take know my madam Ester name?” he was now securing his post as if I came to take it away from him.

“Good. Now go in there and tell her that her brother is here.”

“Brother? Okay… okay… I dey come oh. Just stay here.” He went into the house, but not without making sure that his gate was locked.

I stood outside for more than 10 minutes and I had lost all hopes that the gate man actually went in to inform my sister but when I heard Esters voice again, all hope was gained.

“What! He told you he was my brother and you kept him outside?” I could feel the anger in her voice coming from inside the gates.

“I don’t think you like your job, now open this gate!”

When the gates flung open, I rushed into my sister’s arms.

“Oh my God! Victor is this really you?” her voice shook as she pulled my face up close to her’s. I began to weep for joy. I was finally home to where someone loved me unconditionally. The gate man stood looking at us with he hands wrapped around his shoulders. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. My sister quickly took me away from the eyes of the world and into her home.

She couldn’t stop staring at me once I settled into her living room.

“Go and shower, I will have some clothes ready for you and, Alice!” she called for someone. The young girl rushed in to answer.

“Please make something hot and strong, my brother has come home.” She said happily.

As I stood in the bathroom, I wiped off the mirror with my hands. I stood tall; with my beards neatly shaved; I was ready to start over. I admired my face. I be fine ooh. I thought to myself, chuckling for the first time in months. Next, I moved to the bedroom my sister showed me to earlier. There were clothes neatly folded on the bed. I picked up the first trouser that came to my grab. Then I accompanied it with a T-shirt. I didn’t feel comfortable in these clothes but I knew I was ready to live the life I was meant to live again. Upon opening the bedroom door, I found my sister in front of me.

She patted my shoulders and gave me a welcoming smile. “Food is ready junior.” Only one person called me junior which reminded me of the reason I really wanted to find Ester again; my father.

After the wonderful meal, I knew my sister expected me to start talking and I wasn’t going to give her a hard time either.

“Joseph will be home soon.” She said. Joseph was her husband.

“And your kids?”

“Oh they are in boarding school. You should see them; Tosin is now a big boy oo.” I nodded my head.

“And dad?”

She sighed. “Well, victor it’s been a long time. So many things have happened. Dad does not have a lot of time left.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just last week, he suffered a heart attack and when he woke up, your name was the first thing he called out, that was when I knew something was bound to happen soon. I tried looking for you, but you cut all contacts with us. I know you did it all for love.”

“Oh ester… I have been through hell and back!” I began to sob into my palms. I had finally come home to my father but at the wrong time when he had little air left in his lungs.

“I’ve been in jail for the past 5 years.”

“Jail!” she said in disbelieve. “How come? What about your wife? Is Cynthia okay?”

“It was Cynthia who put me in there.” My sister looked at me as if I was crazy. “She framed me for a murder I knew nothing about.” I explained everything from the day I left home, going against my father’s advice not to marry Cynthia to the day my world came crashing down. In between tears, she said, “May his soul rest in peace.” She pitied James!

“No, his going to rot in hell and I will see that Cynthia joins him some day.”

“My dear, be glad that you got out. Most important thing is that you go see your son. I’m sure dad will be................

CONTINUE READING: https://ugobestiky.com/2019/02/03/lies-torn-us-apart-11/

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