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The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Benblaq(m): 1:01am On Feb 02
It was a few minutes past ten in the night.
My family and I had just concluded our daily night prayers. This night was not just an ordinary night, I had this feelings that something was not right. Since the beginning of the prayers, mom kept mentioning my name "....father bless his journey and protect him from dangers"
I was uncomfortable but I dared not interrupt. Whatever their plan was, it won't work for me.
Few minutes after the prayers, just as I was about to close my eyes in sleep, I heard a knock on my door.
"Who's there?"
"Ephraim eyen ami (Ephraim my child)
"Mama what is it this night na?"
"We have to talk."
I stood up and sluggishly opened the door, she walked in and sat on the wooden bed made of piled rags and dried grasses.
She was wearing just a wrapper. A wrapper that she tied just around her waist and her breasts were opened, revealing the fallen state it was. The reason mom keeps her breasts open like this, was because it was a trick for us not to decline whatever she says.
Looking at the breasts, It brought back memories of when I was still a kid, when I'll be handling with her breasts while sleeping on her legs. But those days are gone.

"Ephraim my son. How are you?"
"Fine mama."
The last time my mom asked me this question was when I was still in the primary school. Therefore I knew something was wrong.
"Mama what is it?"
She bent her head for some minutes.
"No. You're not fine my son." She said while still looking at the ground.
"Why do you say so?"
"Ephraim how old are you? You're not getting any younger. Take a look at Saviour. You were classmates in secondary school. But look at him now. He has a car and a shop."
I felt a wave of reality blow inside me and for the first time in my life, I cried because of a talk.
"I'm not here to hurt your emotions. neither am I here to compare you with Saviour. I'm just giving you a figure to look as a person you can beat."
I nodded.
I cleaned my eyes with my shirt.
"You're leaving for Port-harcourt tomorrow. This village is not doing you any good. My brother is there to accommodate you until you get something to do. Goodnight."

The way she sounded was authoritative and final. No room for debates and arguments. I immediately knew all plans had been concluded.
When I was sure she had gone, I stood up to close the door. I heard dad's voice.
"What was his response!"
"Does he have a choice? Let's go and sleep dear."
I closed the door slowly and fell on my bed to think.
After few minutes, I stood up and started packing my few clothes into my sack bag.
Went back to the bed and fell to sleep.

Early the next morning, I woke up and knelt beside my bed;
"Abasi Mbok, what ever my fate holds, I don't know. But just bless the works of my hands. Amen"
I left the room and went straight into the bathroom.
In an hour time, I was prepared to leave.
Mom ran outside with dad and handed me a piece of paper.
"That's brother Okon's house address. He will pick you at the park. I've called him. God be with you."
Dad held my hands and uttered a few prayers for God to see me through.

I left the compound with the sack bag containing my clothes on my head, my slippers was washed that morning and so they were shiny, my rumpled and torn shirt was well tucked in without belt and the small savings I did in my hands.

9:54am I arrived at the port harcourt park.
Hmm. So this is the port harcourt I've been hearing about?
The conductors were shouting at the top of their voices.
A part of the park was crowded with lame people who were sitting on the ground asking for money.
Young boys who carried wheel barrows were pushing each other, fighting for who'll carry the luggages of passengers who were disembarking from the arriving buses.
I was lost in thoughts and fantasies.
I regained consciousness was ready to leave. I bent to pick my bag but it wasn't there.
I felt my head going doubled the normal size.
I wanted to shout but I would be taken to be a mad person. Considering my appearance.
All I could do was to sit on the ground and cry silently.
A hand tapped me from behind, I turned and saw a beautiful girl that had boobs that could measure up to the size of a big watermelon. Although she was looking rough.
"Why you sit for ground dey cry?"
"Aunty please someone stole my bag here."
"Na you loose guard na. I saw the person that carried it."
My face brightened and I stood up.
"Where is the person?"
"You no go follow me go, give me one thousand naira make I go bring am."
I brought out a folded one thousand naira and passed it to her.
"God bless you Aunty. Please be fast"
She walked away, Promising to come back in five minutes.
I waited for about thirty minutes before I could understand that she had scammed me.
I ran towards the direction she had went.
Three little boys were eating doughnut close by. I approached them to ask if they by chance saw any girl passed there.
They nodded in affirmation.
I passed the road they directed me to until I came face to face with a group of boys.
Before I could run, a slap landed on my ears and I fell down.
I didn't know what happened next. I came out in just my trousers and singlet with the address in my hand.
On my way out, I met the three little devils.
I looked at them with a scornful eyes and the little one shouted;
"welcome to Ph city nigga!"

I came outside and saw my uncle crowded by people. He was looking worried.
"Uncle Okon" I shouted.
He turned.
"Abasi sesung oh" (Thank you lord oh)

I explained everything to him and the little crowd that gathered.
They laughed at me as they all went their ways.
Uncle Okon and I set for home.

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Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Benblaq(m): 10:24am On Feb 02
We boarded a taxi, an old rickety one. It kept on stopping every five minutes. Each time it stopped, the driver would come down to check the bonnet. He stays for about thirty minutes per coming down.
After a long journey that took like forever, we stopped at a compound that looked like a refugee camp late in the night.
The entrance of the compound was covered with dirty and stagnant water filled spirogyra and larvae of mosquitoes.
Walking inside, I saw the buildings were almost dilapidated and broken down. This is where my uncle lives. City indeed.

Uncle Okon twisted the lock and pushed the door open. I walked in behind him and dropped my bag on the floor.
It was a one room apartment containing a handful of properties. A Ghana must go bag, a metal bed and a standing fan that looked like a survivor of world war three.
I stayed for about ten minutes before noticing a lady claded in just a short towel that showed her fresh laps. She was sleeping.
"Uncle so you're married?" I asked surprised.
"no I'm not"
"Wow! So who's she? Your girlfriend?"
"She's not my girlfriend. Just relax."
I didn't bother to ask him about her again. From all indications, he didn't want to tell me.
"uncle I'm hungry."
"hmm my dear, there's no food. I don't have anything on me. If you have any money, give it to me so I can get something for you first thing in the morning. All the shops are closed now."
I gave him one thousand naira and just one thousand naira was left with me.
After a few hours of discussion, we were ready to sleep.
I brought out my wrapper, spread it on the floor so I could give them privacy. The thoughts of village and my friends were ringing in my head and the next moment I fell to sleep.

It was almost three in the morning, the cold on the floor was unbearable. I woke up to double my wrapper. What I saw left me motionless. I couldn't move.
Uncle Okon was on top of the lady, they were both sweating in a cold and chilly room.
The manner she was wriggling her body made me conclude that she was a prostitute.
Her hands were firmly clamped around his neck and her two legs wrapped around his waist.
I stayed still and pretended to be asleep.
They continued in the exercise till dawn.
I was almost sleeping again when the voice of the lady woke me up.
"Oga pay me my remaining five hundred naira make I dey go, day don almost break."
"I have one thousand naira, make we go another round."
She removed her clothes again and this time, she kept herself in a position that left her two legs suspended on the air.
The moaning was serious this time and I was I was beginning to feel the reaction on me.
I tried to control myself until daybreak, I then slept off and when by the time I woke up, she was gone.

I stood up and my uncle was still sleeping.
I tapped him and he turned.
"Uncle good morning."
"Good morning. When did you wake?"
"I just woke up. I'm hungry."
He stood up and began to search his pockets and bags.
"Owoo!! This girl has stolen the money."
I sat on the ground and cried my eye out.
Even my uncle too has joined to scam me.

I stood up. Cleaned my eyes and walked outside to look for what to eat.
On my way outside, I met this fair girl tall girl who greeted me with a smile.
"Hello good morning" I replied
Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by rexfada(m): 5:01pm On Feb 02
I'm loving this story already. Pls come back and continue ooo
Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Benblaq(m): 12:49am On Feb 03
"You don't look like someone I've seen in this compound before."
"I'm new here. I arrived last night."
"Okay. Who are you staying with?"
"My uncle. Okon."
I could see that her countenance fell and her face changed to sour.
"Why would a man who's jobless and poor bring his nephew to live with him. Somebody that stays outside all day doing nothing and comes back with a prostitute every single night."
All these while she was talking, I wasn't listening to her blabbing because all that was in my head was where I could get something to eat.
And then, as if the Holy Spirit ministered to her. She asked;
"And that man doesn't have anything as food. I'm sure you haven't eaten. Have you?"
"Aah no oh. Since I came here I haven't seen anything."
She used her eyes to gesture at me to keep mute, I turned and saw my uncle coming out. He was dressed in suit. A coat that could contain three people in a cold weather.
"Ephraim I'm going to work. Stay well."
"Okay uncle."
"Nse afo nam mme eyen ami?" (What are you doing with that girl?"wink
"Nothing" I replied.
"Mmom idem afo kama oh, eyen ami ado akpara (respect yourself. This girl is a prostitute)
I didn't want to speak ill of her, if my uncle was honest he would have said it in English.
"Uncle wait, no money for food?"
"Have I eaten? He retorted and walked away.
I stood and watched as he folded his trouser so he could pass through the dirty water.
"so your name is Ephraim!"
I nodded.
"That's my ex boyfriend's name."
"Okay good for you. I'm going out to look for food. I was even thinking you wanted to give me food."
"Haba! Why won't I?"
"Then why are you keeping me here?"
"I only wanted your uncle to leave first. Go and wait in your room, I'm coming."

I went back into the room and fell on the bed, it gave a loud cranking sound. The part I laid on was seriously wet, I used my palm to rub and then sniffed it. What rubbish! The whole cum and squirting from the lady had soaked the bed sheet and uncle Okon had the mind to leave it that way. I felt like throwing up.
I couldn't wait for her any longer.
Just as I was about leaving the house, the girl knocked. I opened and she came inside with a food-flask.
"Thank you very much."
"You're welcomed. Please what's your name and who are you staying with?"
"Well, I'm Freda, the only child of chief Johnson, the landlord of this compound."
She spoke in a manner that seemed as if pride was Involved.
"Good for you. You're lucky."
"Tell me about yourself.
"I'm Ephraim, I came from Akwaibom down to port harcourt to hustle. My father is a nobody that owns nothing and my mom is a nobody that owns nothing too."
I sniffed and continued.
"But with what I've seen so far, I don't think I can stay."
"Yes you can stay. That was just a welcome address presented to every JJC that arrives town. Shine your eyes and you'll make it in no distant time." She smiled.
I opened the food-flask and the cover fell on the ground, she bent to pick it. My eyes went straight to her chest as they were now showing from the top.
They were firmly pointed, and from afar the colour of the nipple seemed to be pink.
"Oh thank you." I said as she handed it to me.
"Do you like it?"
"The food? Yes I do."
"Don't be silly. I mean, do you like what you just saw?"
"Oh. ermm.. ermm.. Yes i like it."
"Would you like to taste it?"
"But it's too early na. I'm just meeting you for the first time."
"It doesn't matter. You look like a strong guy to me."
She removed her clothes and started walking to me.
"Stop" was all I could mutter before she took the empty food flask and pushed me on the bed.
"What are you trying to do?"
"Stop forming my friend!" She shouted.
I obeyed and stayed still as she unzipped my trouser and brought out my chairman.
She inserted it in her mouth and I felt a chill going down my spine.
After ten minutes of vigorous shaking, a massive liquid pumped out from me.
She stood up and was perplexed.
"wait! Did you just cummed?"
I was exhausted and I couldn't reply.
"Calabar boy don fall my hand. We haven't even done anything."
I was still trying to catch my breathe when she jumped up and started wearing her clothes as she heard her mom screaming her name.
I locked the door as she went out and slumped on the bed. Minutes later I saw myself in dreamland.
"Hello boss!" An American woman greeted me as I arrived at a foreign embassy.


Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Benblaq(m): 12:14am On Feb 04
"Hello" I replied the white woman.
"Thank you boss! Please sir, the ten million naira allocated for the investment of the estate renovation is not enough. And you know this is your only business. I'll advice you as your legal lawyer, to add an increment to that money in order to get a standardized Job done."
"Okay. That's not a problem, I'll add another ten million to make it twenty million."
She bowed;
"Gracias sir"
I heard the some security men shouting my name;
Ephraim!! Ephraim!!!!
"Excuse me let me attend to them."
"Okay sir."
Immediately I stood up, I woke up from sleep and discovered that it was my uncle and other neighbors that had been calling my name. It was past 8pm, I had slept all through the day.
A voice sounded from outside;
"Maybe he's dead. Just now now wey him come city. Chai!"
I jumped after hearing that, I opened the door and saw my uncle with fear in his eyes.
"Ephraim how come you're sleeping like this?"
"Uncle it's hungry oh"
He came inside holding a polythene bag in hand.
"Uncle is that food?"
"This is the only question you've been asking me since you came to port harcourt! Your mates are outside hustling."
He threw the bag at me and the hot potty beans poured on my body.
Tears were already dripping from my eyes even before I could regain consciousness.
He walked outside and slammed the door as I fell on the ground to weep.

It was 10pm and uncle Okon was not still back, I opened the door and walked blindly outside the gate.
Sitting on a condemn car that looked as if it had been parked there for hundred years, I turned my face and cried for almost thirty minutes.
I suddenly felt a hand tapped my neck.
"Why are you staying here alone? Everybody is inside, including your uncle and his bride for tonight." It was Freda, my landlord's daughter that was just returning from somewhere I don't know.
"Ahh You're even crying sef. What is it?"
"Please where can I see a menial job to do?"
"You want to work?"
"Yes I do."
She bit her lips and closed her eyes for some seconds.
"Can you drive?" She asked.
"Yes. I can ride bicycle and ladies bike"
"Hmm calabar boy! I mean car."
"Oooh!! No oh"
"Okay what can you do?" She spoke after some time.
"Anything. Like houseboy work."
"Since you can't drive car, you'll be washing the car."
"No problem."
"I'll get you the job. But there's a condition."
"What's the condition?"
"You'll have to spend the rest of tomorrow in my room. I'll give you a bottle of concoction that you'll drink this night so you can last long. I don't want that your ten minutes cumming again."
"Hmm okay no problem."
"Let's go inside then."
I jumped down and she crossed her hand on my shoulder as we walked inside.
She had a loving heart and a caring spirit. Even though she was highly nymphomaniac.
Nymphomaniac is a person who's so addicted to sex and can't control the urge for it.
Another reason I'm just loving her was that she took it upon herself to be giving me the tips on how to stay tough in the city.
"Drink it after you have finished eating the food okay?" She said as she handed me a plate of rice and a bottle of locally made drink popularly known as man power.

I stood outside and ate the food, cleaned my mouth and drank the herb before walking into the room. I found uncle Okon and one fat lady lying on the bed. They were sweating and fast asleep.
I spread my wrapper on the floor and said my night prayers.
After praying, I noticed my chairman was fully erect!
It was as if it wanted to tear into two.
I couldn't wait for day to break.

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Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Benblaq(m): 12:02am On Feb 05
I couldn't sleep all through the night, my eyes were wide open and my ears fully alert.
Uncle Okon tapped the fat lady on her buttocks.
"Babe wake up make we go the last round."
It was about 3am now.
"Oga I swear I don tire."
"Wetin concern me? I no pay you?"
"Aah! Bros easy na. Oya make I rest till 5am before we do am then I go. And them warn me about akwaibom people oh" she sounded as if she was regretting why she came.
What else was she expecting, a jobless man will do everything to unleash his power on anything he sees because he has no work to spend it on.
I suddenly heard the fat lady moaning real hard, and I blocked my ears.
When I opened it to check if they were done, I heard uncle Okon telling her to go out.
"Babe I don finish, Oya come dey go. This na 5:30am."
"Abeg make I bath na."
"Bathroom is the third door by your left when you walk straight."
There was light and the lightbulb was on.
It made me to see her Unclad body as she stood up, I closed my eyes when I saw uncle Okon standing up with her.
Two mumu.
She crossed my face with her Unclad body and a thick liquid dropped from her buttom and landed on my face! Damn!!
I still couldn't move. I didn't have to.
"This lazy thing, you think city is easy. Continue sleeping and see where food will come from. After one week I'm sure you'll run back to the village." He kicked my legs as he was crossing too.

I laid there from when they went to the bathroom until they wore their clothes and moved out.
I stood up and used his best clothe to clean my face, it was smelling. What a best clothe indeed.
The time was 7am now and my chairman was still very erect. I tried to control myself.
I was anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 8:45am so that I could run to Freda's room.
We had agreed the previous night that exactly that time, I should walk into her room from the backyard. Her parents would have left home by then.

"Tick tick" the clock went slowly until it was time for action.
I jumped up, wore my trousers, went to uncle Okon's coat pocket and removed four packets of protection measuring sixteen in number. As a matter of fact, I was fully ready to use all of them.
I had already gone halfway to Freda's room before I gave it a second thought, these four packets won't be enough. I ran back inside and removed three more, making it seven packets and twenty eight pieces.
Something was about to happen!!
I reached her room and pushed the door slowly.
"Freda" I called out.
"Ephraim please come in." She replied in a faint voice.
I walked in and saw her lying on the ground in just her night gown. But not sexually.
I knew something was wrong.
"Babe what is it?"
"Please I'm dying. Open that drawer and take five hundred naira, run to the shop at the junction and buy me one always pad and menstrual pain relieve drugs." She closed her eyes.
It was then that I realized what had happened.
She had taken a large quantity of sex enhancement herb too and unfortunately, her monthly visitor arrived that same night. She had been crying all night.
I carried the money and ran out the house, I was in deep mess, I had to put my hands in my pocket so I could tame my chairman who was still up and angry.
In less than five minutes I was back, I handed the stuff to her and help carried her up. She took the drugs and asked me to remove her clothes.
I removed everything including her panties. But there was not reaction felt on me. My chairman was indeed considerate. He had died down now. He too felt pity for Freda.

After bathing, she wore a fresh clothes and came back to her room. What was supposed to be a world war three turned into a question and answer segment.
"Ephraim you're such a good guy. You came at the right time."
"Thank you."
"So what's up? How have you prepared to handle your new job?"
"I'll be doing it na. Is it not one car?"
"Hehehe brother it's seven big cars oh"
My eyes went wide open!
"And you'll be washing them every two days."
"I'll try."
"I know it'll be stressful, but why I want you to do it is because I need something from them and you'll be my agent."
"Okay na. Anything for you."
She stood up and walked into the kitchen to bring food for us.
After eating, she suggested we stroll because her lower abdomen, just below her tummy was hurting her.
"Women dey try sha." I mumbled as we walked out.

On our way coming back, she brought up the topic;
"So all my money just wasted because of this mumu menses cramp"
"Babe you suppose go thank god for your life. With the force wey I use come eh, I for shift your womb go reach your neck."
"And with the force I planned to use on you, you'd have bandaged your chairman for two weeks." She laughed.
"Anyway, we go still make am up na."
"Ofcourse, just give me five days and I'll be free."
It was 4pm and We were inside the compound now.
"Go and prepare, we'll go there tomorrow."
"Thank you Freda."
"By 7pm I'll drop your food by my window side, please tiptoe when you want to come pick it. My mom would be around by then."
"No problem"
We parted and I went inside.
Only god knows the feeling I had. I didn't know if I was to cry or to be happy. After all my plans!!!
"There's always a next time" I sighed.

It was dawn and I was fully dressed to go out with Freda.
"Ephraim please come out"
I prayed and came outside.
Freda was looking so hot and beautiful.
"Let's go before her dad will leave for work"
"Who's this her?" I asked.
"She's my friend. And it's her dad you want to work for."
"Okay oh"
We set out and she was in charge of paying all the transport fares until we stopped at a brown gate.

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Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Benblaq(m): 12:03am On Feb 05
Freda banged the gate and a young man in his mid twenties opened it.
"Good aftanun Aunty Freda" he greeted her with so much respect. It was obvious that he was older than her.
"Well done. Is Lizzy and her dad inside?"
"Yes them dey."
"Okay thank you."
I was about entering the compound with Freda when he stopped me.
"Who you be and wetin you want?"
Freda shouted at him.
"Why are you so dumb?! Can't you see he's with me?"
"Sorry I no know."
"Sorry for yourself!" She hissed and dragged my hands as we walked into the magnificent building.
Inside the house, Freda called out
"Hello who's home? Freda bae is here."
"Angelic Freda baby" a female voice replied from upstairs.
"Babe come down please, I can't climb up."
I saw the legs first, so yellow and spotless. And then the waist curved like a round mug. The face was blossoming.
The two girls hugged each other and sat on the sofa. I was still standing.
"Who's he?" Lizzy asked,
"He's my new tenant that just came from the village, I brought him here to be the car washer you said your dad needed." She ended with a smile.
Lizzy turned to me.
"Young man sit down."
I sat down shyly. Her beauty was intimidating me.
"What's your name and where are you from?"
I was thinking of how to arrange the English and Freda could notice it.
"He's not applying for a white collar job na, Haba Lizzy."
"Babe this one you're talking for him. I'm very sure he must have done something for you."
"He didn't do anything for me. He's Ephraim and he's from akwaibom. Stop the question."
"Okay fine.. Fine.. The truth is that, the job is being done by the gateman now, dad increased his salary. But I'm looking for a person that'll be washing my clothes. You know I'm always busy and I can't be sending my clothes out to dry cleaners that always disappoints."
Freda looked at me.
"Will you do the job?"
"Yes I'll."
"Okay. But Lizzy, how much is the pay?"
"If he's really good, I'll be paying him ten thousand naira monthly. He'll resume work next week."
My eyes shined open, I didn't know when I knelt down and started thanking Lizzy.
"Will you stand up and stop embarrassing me?!!" Freda thundered.
I stood up and sat down. The two girls then continued in another discussion. Although I wasn't listening to them, I overheard Lizzy saying;
"Babe that guy mess up, imagine after all the boasting, he couldn't last for five hours.
I shook my head. These girls were really crazy.
We were later served potato and stew, I ate both mine and that of Freda.
On our way home, Freda was looking moody.
"Freda what is it?"
"I'm just regretting why I brought you here."
"Why do you say so?"
"Because I know the type of person my friend is, she more dangerous than me."
I couldn't understand what she was saying and so I changed the topic.
"How's your tummy doing you today?"
"Much better. I want us to do something this afternoon when we get home."
"I hope it won't affect you?"
She shook her head.
"No it won't."
We arrived at our compound around three in the afternoon and she followed me to our room.
"Excuse me, let me get that drink again"
"Babe no no! That drink is too powerful. And I can't take it now for the sake of your condition."
"I understand. Okay let's go with natural strength.
She removed her leggings and top, now left with just bra and panties.
I removed my shirt and singlet alone, loosened my belt and sagged my trousers.
I went to the coat pocket and removed just a single packet of protection containing four pieces.
"Be gentle okay?"
She knelt on the ground and rested her boobies on the bed. I knelt behind her. I started with so much rigorous thrusting in and out, and it was as if the intoxication of the man power was still active. After one hour I was not still tired.
"Ephraim it's okay. Let me give you bj."
That feeling again.
I stood up as she knelt in front of me, holding my chairman in her hand, she inserted it in her mouth and I closed my eyes.
After a few minutes, a liquid poured out from me and splashed all over face. She was smiling at me.
Another thirty minutes passed, we were tired now. I fell on the bed and she came and laid on my body.
Caressing the hairs on my chest, she spoke in a pitiable tone.
"Ephraim, promise me that you'll not waste your energy on Lizzy."
"Lizzy? What do I have with her? I'll just wash her clothes and come back to you everyday."
"Ephraim I know what I'm saying."
"Okay I promise. No matter what, I won't stop what I'm having with you."
She turned and her lips joined with mine.
"Ephraim bring out your tongue na, don't you know French kiss?"
"Teach me na."
The lips were now locked and we continued biting our tongues softly.
"I'll have to go now. It's 7pm."
"Okay dear. Please prepare food and keep there, I'll come by 9pm to pick it."
"No problem."

We continued in the every day routine of random sex and sexual deeds without the knowledge of anybody and nobody was a problem to us. Until I resumed work that faithful Saturday.


Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by izaray(f): 1:05pm On Feb 05
Lol, no be small adventures oh

Lightqueen, Ann2012
Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Ann2012(f): 11:35am On Feb 06
Lol, no be small adventures oh

Lightqueen, Ann2012

I don Land

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Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Benblaq(m): 3:15pm On Feb 06
Very early that Saturday morning, I knocked on the gate and the gateman ushered me in. I went straight to where Lizzy told me she'd keep the clothes.
Right before my very eyes were heap of clothes that looked like a mountain. By mere staring at it, I could see seven cocktail gowns, three crazy jean trousers, five braziers and two pants stained with blood.
Oh poo! So this is what I'll be washing every day for ten thousand naira monthly.
I took a paint bucket and started washing, I was mindful of the parts stained with blood so I could wash them out.
Towards afternoon, when I was almost done, Lizzy came outside with a glass of wine in her hand.
"This boy! You're good at the job. I think I'll have to increase your pay."
"Thank you ma." I bowed.
"Good. Now prepare and start going home."
I packed the buckets and arranged my things to leave.
On my way going, I noticed my muscles were weak due to too much scrubbing, my palms were itching also and I was tired.
I reached my house and went straight inside the room. The whole energy in me was gone and I fell asleep in seconds.

This continued for two weeks. During the period of these two weeks, I didn't see Freda.
She must have been feeling lonely I guess.
But it didn't matter to me. I needed the money and so I need to work hard for it.
I arrived work one Friday of the third week, just few days remaining for Lizzy to pay my salary. But things turned out different.
"The g-string pants I asked you to wash yesterday, I can't find the pink one. Hope it's not what I'm thinking because I'll just strangle you." Lizzy barked.
"What do you mean please? You know I can't take your pants outside."
"I don't trust you. Where's my pant?"
"You're just concluding. Have you checked on the hanging line?"
We went to the hanging line together and saw the pant looking like a catapult. Wind had pushed it to the other end.
"You see yourself?" I spoke unconsciously.
"What??! This calabar boy! Did you just say that to me?" She fired back.
"But there's nothing wrong in what I said na.
"What?!! How dare you?!"
A heavy slap landed on my ear and I saw stars.
I stood still for some minutes before I finally managed to speak up.
"I've worked for twenty-eight days, that's equivalent to a month. Can you please give me my one month salary? I'm not working again."
"Go to hell." She replied and pointed her middle finger at me.
Looking at her walking away killed my spirit and I could feel my heart was bleeding.

I came outside the compound and began trekking home. I was looking so weak and tired.
This was making it the third time I've been used since I came to port harcourt.
Opening my gate, I saw Freda coming out with a nylon bag in her hands.
Her faced changed when she saw me, but I didn't care. I walked past her. I can't talk to her in this condition. Not now.
"Ephraim didn't you see me?"
I kept on walking and ignored her question.
I could here her footstep approaching from my back.
Reaching my door, I entered and fell on the bed.
"Ephraim why?"
She had entered too.
I still kept mute.
"After all the promises, you broke them and allowed that girl to be using you as sex slave. I knew it would come to this right from the very first day I took you there. See how thin and frail you've become. She has made you to be sleeping with her and I've suddenly turned to a stranger in your eyes"
I was still silent.
"Ephraim I know we're not dating, and you're not a child that I'll be deciding who you should be sleeping with. But please, for the fact that you're my friend that I care for, should be an enough reason for me to have a say in your life. Don't hurt me."
She started sobbing and I was touched. I didn't know when I joined her to cry.
I explained everything in details to her, before I could finish, her sobbing had turned to terrible anger and vengeance. she was already boiling in the ocean of anger. I could see fire in her eyes.
"Ephraim! You mean Lizzy has been doing all these to you and you haven't been telling me. She even slapped you? Oh my god! Okay, where's your salary?"
"She didn't give me a dime." I bent my head.
"This is the height of wickedness! Ephraim we're going to burn down that house tomorrow if that money does not come out." She was fully ready for war.
"Let's just take it easy."
"How many times am I going to warn you about this calm attitude? See I hate rubbish o"
"Nobody likes rubbish, let's just go easy."
"She didn't go easy. We're going to tear her into pieces if she doesn't cooperate tomorrow."
She stood up and slapped my tummy.
"Come and eat. I cooked beans"
"Babe I'm relieved now. Thank you for always being there for me. But I can't come to that your house this night oh. I no get strength for that thing today."
"Hehehe no wahala. We won't do anything."
She left the house and I removed my clothes to rest.
Few minutes later I was done with the food.
"Ephraim harden your heart. Don't fear her oh.. It's even two against against one." She chuckled.
"No wahala, tomorrow we go do her something."
I slept that night with one eye opened. I couldn't wait for day to break.
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At exactly 9am on the dot, I was fully ready to go. I came outside the compound and sat on the condemn car to wait for Freda.
Few minutes later, I saw her coming out with with a bottle of whiskey in her hand. She wore a camouflage color combat trousers, a big timberland boot, a red Manchester United jersey, and a red band on her head. It made her looked tough.
"Babe this one you're kitted like this. Hope you know we're not going for war? And besides, I don't know you to be a drinker. What's this levels in your hand?"
"Ephraim, this one is just to make me high. We're not going for war, but if any need for war arises, we shall have no other option but to deal with it. Let's go! We're trekking, it's going to ginger our morale"
She marched in front of me, and I followed behind with a fearful heart and a shaking mind.
From behind, I was just staring at her buttocks, it was looking so big and round.
I suddenly forgot my problems and concentrated on it.
It was dangling in a rhythmical pattern.
I started imagining all the times when she would drop it on my face and ask me to...okay that's not what we're talking about now.
Her voice broke into my thoughts.
"Open this gate my friend!" Freda barked.
The gateman opened it, and just when she was about to barge in, he tried to block her from entering.
"Please my small madam said I should not allow you to...."
she used her both hands to push him in the chest and he went flying to the ground.
Where on earth did this girl gather such power? Hmm. I just followed her inside and kept my chill.
"Aunty Freda why did hit me? What have I done?" The gateman called from behind.
I felt pity for him. He was innocent.
"If you dare call my name again, I'll send three of your teethes flying in the air. Were you not here when your small madam was being heartless to the person I brought to be her worker?"
"I don't know what happened between the both of them, I just came back and heard that they had issues." He spoke with tears in his eyes.
Freda was about to apologize when Lizzy ran outside. She was putting on a joggers and singlet.
I shifted a few steps backward and stood in a position that I could easily take to my heels if I had to.
The girls looked as if they knew already there'd be a fight. They were prepared for war judging from their outfit.
"I knew you were going to come back with this pauper." Lizzy said smiling.
"Watch your mouth girl. Where's his ten thousand naira?"
"I'm sorry, I'm not giving him anything." She replied with a note of finality.
"Oh yeah! What if I say you're going to give him the money here and right now?"
"If you've given me any money to keep for him, Ofcourse I'm going to pay him now, but contrary to that, nothing is reaching him. babe you'll never seize to amaze me. Simply because he has a big rod that he uses on you, that's why you choose to diminish yourself for a common village boy, a church rat of no standard, a filthy stupid and ...."
Freda sent a resounding slap to her left cheek.
Her weavon covered her face as she bent her head to the ground.
Raising it up, I could see fire in her eyes.
"You really want us to do this?" She asked with a devilish smile.
"We're even wasting time. Let's get the party started baby."
I stood and watched as they both removed their wigs, necklaces and wristwatches.
Lizzy folded her fist like a trained boxer and the way she was moving, she didn't look like a weak person.
Freda on the other hand kept her palms folded and suspended on the air, the way they do in WWE. She too was timing for a perfect time to strike.
They were moving in the form of a circle, slowly and steadily.
And then boom! The two girls grabbed each other, biting and kicking, slapping and scratching.
The fight had lasted for five minutes before I noticed a red liquid dropping on the floor.
Immediately, My trousers were soaked with urine.
The way they were going round in a fast motion made it impossible for me to know who exactly had been injured.
I was just praying it shouldn't be Freda.
The hardness of the fight had died down now, as the girls were tired and weak.
The gate flung open and three men in black walked in with the gate man.
They were policemen called by the security man.
I wanted to run, but on an impulse, I realized it would be a very big betrayal to Freda, and so I stood as they approached us.
"The both of you, your hands at the back of your head!!" The one in front pointed a pistol at us.
I looked at Freda, I couldn't see any sign of fear on her face.
We were both cuffed and pushed outside.
"Shame on you! You'll sleep in cell until I'm satisfied."Lizzy shouted.
I turned and looked at her, it was then I saw her nose and lips bleeding. It was Freda that had injured her. Thank god.
"Use the then thousand naira to treat yourself." I replied.
It was the first time I spoke since we arrived there.
Freda looked at me and smiled.
Outside the gate was a van waiting for us, on it was written "SPECIAL ANTI-ROBBERY SQUAD (SARS).
I felt another drop of urine pouring on my trousers. These guys are so dangerous. They could kill for no reason.
For the first time since we came, I regretted why I chose to come with Freda.
One funny thing, Freda was still smiling.

We arrived at the station and taken to different cells after our clothes had been ripped off our bodies.
Inside the cell, I realized that I was going to stay here for eternity. Nobody knew I was here except Lizzy and the gateman.
Even if somebody knew, I had nobody to bail me.
I fell on the ground and let out a loud wailing. I cried from that morning until evening.
I've just ruined their friendship, put Freda in a mess and myself in trouble.
I was still crying when I heard my name.
"Ephraim come out" a policeman called.
I stood up, confused and surprised.
"Who is this person that have come to bail us?" I thought.


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I came out from the cell and saw Lizzy and Freda sitting behind the counter. Freda had worn her clothes already.
The two girls were gisting playfully as if nothing had happened hours ago.
"Babe see your guy coming." Lizzy tapped Freda.
She turned and looked at me, I could see a sorry look on her face.
"Ephraim baby, for the stress I've caused you, I'm feeling bad" She sniffed.
"It's okay."
Lizzy stood up and went to pick my clothes. Handing them to me, she smiled.
"Ephraim I'm sorry for the arrest. I never wanted to do it, It was out of anger. I promise I'll make it up to you." She rubbed my shoulder.
"It's okay. I'm sorry too."
Lizzy had come to bail us. She felt remorseful for her action, her conscience had pricked her and she realized she was wrong.
"Can we go now?" I spoke to Freda.
"No. You guys are not going now. I'm taking you to my house."
And that was it. The three of us signed an undertaking never to fight again.
Lizzy gave the policemen on duty some money and they offered to drop us home.
We reached Lizzy's house around 10pm in the night and we were all tired.
Freda went straight into the bathroom leaving just me and Lizzy in the parlor.
"Ephraim how are you?"
"I'm fine."
"Hope you've forgiven me?"
"Forgive you? I don't have anything against you."
"How do you feel now?"
"I just need to bath and eat. And then I'll leave."
Just then Freda walked in claded in a short white towel.
"Ephraim leave Lizzy alone oh... it's your turn, go and bath." Freda shouted.
I stood and walked to the bathroom.
I spent about forty five minutes before coming out.
Lizzy and Freda were sitting at the dinning table gisting when I came into the parlor, I joined them.
There was a hush when I sat down. The two girls kept mute and started communicating with eyes.
"Ephraim what do you want to eat?" Lizzy finally spoke up.
"What do you have for dinner?"
"I have plantain porridge and egusi soup."
"Okay. Give me the porridge."
She stood up and left the table, she pushed the chair in a way that would attract my attention, I turned to her direction and saw that she was wearing just a g-string pant.
I immediately removed my eyes and Freda bursted out with a loud laughter.
"What's funny?!"
"I don't even know."
Lizzy came back with an empty plate, she stood beside me dishing the food from the cooler into the plate. I could notice that she was using her ass to rub me.
"Maybe it's involuntary "
I shrugged.

It was 12midnight and I was ready to leave.
"Ephraim where the hell do you think you're going this night?" Freda shouted in surprise.
"I'm going home Ofcourse."
"You're not serious. Come and sleep my friend! Tomorrow morning we'll leave."
"Okay fine. Go inside, I'll sleep here."
She left the parlor and I folded myself on the couch to sleep.
I couldn't sleep at all. My nerves were all at alert.
From downstairs I could hear the two girls discussing, silly talks as usual.
I then drifted to sleep.
Around 1am or so, I felt a hand tapped me.
"Ephraim it's cold here, come to the room."
It was Freda.
I sluggishly stood up with sleepy eyes and followed her.
She opened the door, I entered and Lizzy was sleeping Unclad.
My eyes shined open.
I laid by the corner of the bed and closed my eyes. I couldn't sleep again.
"Ephraim it's too hot, I can't sleep here." Freda stood up and carried a blanket.
"So where are you going now?"
"To the parlor Ofcourse."
"I don't understand. What's your plan?"
"No plan at all. Just help me take care of my baby. Don't let mosquitoes bite her soft and delicate skin okay?"
She walked out.
I sat on the bed confused and thinking of what to do.
"Ephraim you haven't slept yet?" Lizzy spoke softly from behind.
"No I haven't."
"Come let me tell you something in your ears." She said seductively.
I could feel my chairman rising with so much hardness that I had to use my hand to press it.
"Tell me. I'm hearing you from here."
"Stop forming for me na, Freda has told me about everything already. Please come na"
I felt goose bumps coming out from my body. My head was now light and I couldn't think well.
"If you don't come, I'll come there and pick you."
"Give me five minutes."
I ran outside the room to the parlor and met Freda watching zee world. She turned surprisingly and shouted;
"What are you doing here? Yore supposed to be sweating by now."
"Oh. You know about it. I only came to seek for permission."
"My friend go and do it."
I walked back into the room and met Lizzy touching herself and moaning lightly.
"Do you have protection?"
"Yeah I do. Check inside my bookshelf."
I went and removed three pieces. I removed my clothes and climbed the bed to meet her.
"Show me what you've got Ephraim, let me see if Freda has been saying the truth." She said while dressing my rubbing my chairman with her both hands.
The minute, it was in her throat, sucking as if it was a sausage roll.
I dragged her legs and turned her. Her back was now resting on the pillow.
She hung her two legs on my shoulder as I inserted my chairman and she let out a light painful scream.
I couldn't wait for more romance and so I started work.
My hands were smooching her boobies as my waist was vibrating in a random motion.
I called her name but she couldn't answer. She was in cloud nine.
A splash of water gushed out and soaked the bed-sheet, I increased the thrusting as she increased her voice.
Another splash of water poured out again, and this time, she was terribly shaking as if she was convulsing.
I held her hair and continued. She tried to push me away, but my grip was firm. I changed position and She let a loud cry and collapse on the floor.
I heard Freda banging the door.
"Ephraim don't kill my friend oo"
"She won't die don't worry."
I carried her up and dropped on the bed.
She was still uttering some words I couldn't hear well, all I could hear was "what a beautiful world! Oh happy day!"

I slept around 4am in the morning and sharp 6:00am I was ready to leave.

Lizzy woke up and greeted me. I replied with a smile.
"Open that drawer and remove fifteen thousand naira. Thank you for your service for the one month." She said with a smile too.
"Thank you Lizzy." I couldn't call her madam anymore.
I wanted to regret why I quitted the job initially, but I shook it off and stood up when I heard Freda shouting;
"Ephraim I'll leave you and go oh,I wonder what Lizzy is telling you."

The thought of uncle Okon flew into my head.
"Where will I tell him I went to? Where will I tell him I slept?"
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Freda not my kinda woman,but she knows whatup.
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Lizzy and Freda, the two crazy friends
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"I'll visit your house later this evening"
Lizzy shouted from inside.
"We'll be expecting you baby" Freda replied as we locked the door.
Approaching the gate, we found the gateman fast asleep. Freda went closer to him, planted a peck on his cheek and dropped one thousand naira note on his laps. He was still sleeping. I guess when he wakes up, he'll think his guardian angel visited him.
I couldn't walk fast again, I stood still and turned to Freda.
"Wait oh, what am I going to tell my uncle?"
"Hmm Ephraim, So after all the drilling I've been giving you, you still talk like a learner." She looked disappointed.
"See Freda, it's not like that. You know this is the first time I'm sleeping outside."
"Okay, tell him you were waiting for your madam to come and pay your salary, but before she could return from work it was already 10pm and you didn't want to walk in the night so that cult boys won't attack you. Tell him you slept in the car park."
"Wow! Babe you're too much. That's exactly what I'm going to say."
We reached our dirty compound and I noticed something was unusual.
A small crowd had gathered in front of the gate and I could hear shouts of quarrel.
Freda didn't look concerned as she walked past the crowd and entered her room.
She knew what was happening already.
I was anxious to know what was happening too, and so I approached a young lady to inquire.
"Excuse me Aunty, wetin dey happen here?"
"Na that' calabar man oh, him carry prostitute come for night, after them don do the do finish, e reach time for her to go this morning na she notice say her phone don lost. That's why she hook am say since na him carry her come here come do the do, him must pay." She laughed in a malicious way that showed a very high level of poke nosing.
"Plenty calabar men dey stay here, which one exactly?" I was praying it shouldn't be my uncle, even though I was already convinced it was him.
"Na Okon na, who else?"
I left the woman and walked straight into our room. I saw the woman holding my uncle on the neck.
"Oga you go kill me today oh. Because of one thousand naira knacking na you come make them thief my phone.
My uncle was sweating seriously and I noticed his face changed when I entered. He was embarrassed.
"Uncle insi do?" (Uncle what is happening?)
"Ephraim da ka mi, ka esien." (Ephraim leave here. Go outside)
He was really embarrassed. I could feel it.
"And you wan travel today. You no dey go anywhere oh" the lady added.
To the surprise of my uncle, I shouted.
"Hey wey you!!!! Leave him shirt! Fast!"
"This boy, you wan buy market?"
"Shame no dey your face sef. One single shame no dey catch you. How much is your phone?"
"Na six thousand naira." She turned to me and her faced softened.
Uncle Okon was perplexed when I removed the money and counted out six thousand naira.
"Take! Oya come leave our house."
She was about leaving when she faced my uncle and snapped her fingers.
"You get luck."
All these while, my uncle was still dumbfounded.
"Uncle it's okay."
He didn't know when he bowed for me.
"Ephraim sesung. Ame nam (Ephraim thank you. You've done well.)
"It's okay. So you're traveling?"
"Yes I am."
I removed the whole money and passed it to him.
"Give my parents four thousand naira each and then add the remaining one thousand to your transport fare.
I could see drops of tear-ball standing by the side of his eyes. His conscience had dawned on him that he hasn't been treating me fairly. But all that was in my mind was that I narrowly escaped trouble.
He gave me a hug, carried his bag and left the room.
I fell on the bed to sleep.
Later in the evening, I heard a knock on the door.
"Who's there? Come in"
Freda walked in with a plate of Indomie and malt.
"I brought your food Ephraim."
She sat on the bed.
Although I was hungry, I couldn't eat and she could notice it.
"This boy, what are you thinking?"
"Nothing" I smiled.
"Ephraim maybe I haven't told you, I was studying human psychology in school before I was expelled alongside Lizzy. I can read your mood from your forehead."
"You girls were expelled? Why?"
"We raped our GSS lecturer to coma. It's a Story for another day. So tell me, what is your problem?"
"Hmm... See Freda, you can't continue feeding me, i can't continue sleeping here everyday. The little work that was keeping me busy have been terminated by me. With what I observed today, henceforth I'll be the bread winner in this our house, my parents are also looking up to me.... Ahhhh!!!! My head don full!" I shouted.
She felt it too. She went mute for minutes and all I could hear was our breathe.
"Ephraim calm down! You're not the only one thinking of this. I also thought of it on our way coming."
"So what did you conclude?" I asked Quickly.
"It's left for you to say yes or no. But first of all, let Lizzy come first."
"Lizzy? Why her again?"
"You're not working for her again, you'll be our agent."
I wanted to ask what type of job she was talking about when I saw Lizzy from the window entering the compound.
"Lizzy I'm here." Freda shouted from my room.
Lizzy walked towards the room.
"Knock knock."
"Come in oh" Freda replied.
She came inside and sat on the bed with me.
"Two love birds. Whatsup?"
"We're fine." Freda answered stylishly.
"Why are you looking sober Ephraim?"
"He needs our attention. Let's meet outside baby."
They both walked out and that was when I started eating the Indomie.
After about twenty minutes of silent humming and hushing, they both came back inside and it was Lizzy that spoke first.
"Can you do it?"
"If you girls have been doing it, then i can." I replied boldy.
"Okay then, we'll give you a trial."
The job was to be going with them to clubs where they do their runs work and stay from a distance to monitor them. Once any man that looks married comes to any of them, I'll stylishly take a photograph of them and continue spying.
At the end of the day, They'll start sending the photos to the men, threatening to send them to their wives if they don't cooperate.
Nice job.
"Ephraim we're resuming next week, let's catch all the fun now, next week will be very hectic."
She brought out a big pack of hollandia yoghurt and passed it to me.
"I bought it for you."
"Thank you, I opened it and drank almost all of it at a blow.
The girls suddenly started laughing.
I looked down and saw my chairman at attention.
My eyes were spinning now.
It was then that I realized that they didn't only gave me man power, they had drugged me too.
"Calm down, you'll be fine."
They were removing my clothes now.
I saw Lizzy's bra flying on the air and the next thing I heard was Freda speaking to Lizzy;
"You'll handle from this 8pm until 12am and I'll take my turn till daybreak."
"Are you sure he will last?" Lizzy asked.
"He can even last for 72hours with that quantity he took.
I didn't know what happened next but I felt a soft part of a female body in my mouth.
My body was weak and I was just going wherever they turn me to.

It was 4am that I regained consciousness,I stood up and what I saw was terrifying.

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Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Benblaq(m): 9:01pm On Feb 08
The house was upside down, the bed had changed position, the standing fan was dismantled and scattered.
I wondered what could have happened.
I tried standing up, but my waist hooked and I was stiff.
Looking at them, I noticed they were fully Unclad with cum all over their body.
These girls had used me to the core.
It was so obvious that they were addicted to sex and I was already tired of the whole stuff. My body was now looking thin and dry because of the everyday random sex.
I managed to stand up and walk to the door, I marched a slimy liquid that was like okra! Oh poo!
I fell back on the bed and the whole room was smelling of cum and squirting.
I wanted to throw up!
The girls were still sleeping.
I laid on the bed facing the ceiling and started thinking loud;
"If I should continue like this, I won't make anything useful with my life, I need to cut off from these girls and start something legit with my life. How would my mom react if she hears that out of the twenty hours in a day, I spend almost twelve on sex alone? Dad won't even think of it. Mom was thinking I was so innocent, as a matter of fact, she can swear that I haven't seen a Unclad girl before.
But here are these girls, doing rubbish to me and degrading me"
I felt a wave of anger on me, I turned and faced them. Slapping the both of them at once, I shouted;
"oya the two of you move out! Fast!"
They were fast asleep.
I slapped them real hard and Lizzy woke up first.
"Ephraim you're up already."
"Shut your mouth and leave my room"
She was so surprised.
It took her by shock that she had to wake Freda up.
"Babe wake up, something has come over Ephraim."
"Nothing has over me, just wear your clothes and get out." I screamed.
I couldn't believe I was raking that early morning.
Freda woke up and was terribly transfixed.
"Ephraim what is your problem? Are you sure you're not depressed? I told you I'll get you something that'll bring you money." She spoke with a sleepy eyes.
"You too shut up! Don't form to be a philanthropist when all you have at heart is your own interest. Just get out!" I yelled.
Her eyes shone and I could see fear and trembling in their eyes.
Even Lizzy, a millionaire's daughter had been humbled.
All thanks to a big chairman that can work.
"Girls, I give you five minutes to dress up and leave here else I'll throw you out." I stood up and walked out to urinate.
On my way back, I met the two girls fully dressed, walking out. Their eyes were watery and I saw pains in Freda's eyes.
"Ephraim upon all I've done for you." Was all she could mutter before she walked past me.
I didn't respond.
Lizzy just looked at me and closed her eyes. She was hurt.
Let them go to hell for all I care. I can't be a mere toy of satisfaction to them.

I reached my room and entered inside, the room was now arranged and in order.
On the bed was two thousand naira, and a note beside it "use it for your food -Lizzy"
My body went weak.
I wanted to change my clothes when I saw another one thousand naira note beside the fan with a note too, "buy drugs, you need it. -Freda"

I can categorically say that the two girls did this without each other's knowledge.
Hmm.. My conscience pricked me.
Even though they were bad, they had the hearts of heavenly angels.
By ten that morning i had finished bathing and eating.
I was alone in the room.
Suddenly I realized I was lonely.
Freda and Lizzy were the only two people I could call friends.
A feeling of depression and anxiety came on me and I suddenly started to cry.
"What have I done? I went too far."
I cried until afternoon and my body was hot.
I stood up to think of a plan, I needed to get my girls back.
At 4pm, I had gotten a good idea on what to do. I must get them that same night.
My mind was talking to me now;
"Ephraim remember that Freda said she and Lizzy will hang out later this night at DHonour bar by 8pm? Good! Now go there and beg them, Beg them and roll on the floor if possible."
I nodded my head. That's what I'm going to do.
At exactly 7pm, I was fully dressed. I locked the door and set off.
Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Benblaq(m): 9:50pm On Feb 08
I reached DHonour bar and lounge thirty minutes later. The place was still scanty.
I looked for a table situated at a hidden part of the bar and sat there. A salesgirl came to where I sat and greeted me.
"Good evening sir, please what can we offer you?"
"Get me a bottle of hero."
I wanted to tear her apart, but I held myself.
"No oh, give me one drum of palm wine and two buckets of kunu too. Rubbish"
"I'm sorry sir"
She bowed and left.
My conscience hit me again, that was a transfer of aggression. If I don't calm down and take things easy, I'm not sure it would work out well.
When she returned with the drink and an opener, I smiled and she was surprised.
"Baby baby, don't be annoyed you hear? I'm sorry I was harsh. Forgive me okay?"
"No problem sir. You're a good man." She smiled too.
I squeezed the one thousand naira Freda had dropped for me into her palms and she almost ran mad with joy.
I've settled with you. If you like go and kill person with happiness.
Just as the girl was leaving my table, my eyes caught a glimpse of two angels coming.
My chest increased the beating rate and I was feeling butterfly in my stomach.
The one in front was wearing a mini rubber skirt that revealed her thighs. They were so fresh and yellow. The girl behind was wearing a sleeveless that showed her side boobies.
These girls were Freda and Lizzy!
Such beauty queens that could compete for miss world and stand a chance of winning.
I shifted my chair so I could have a better view of them while they were eating.
I was still lost in their beauty, calculating how I was going to start the begging and apologizing.
I watched as a group of boys approached their table.
I changed position to a closer table, still hidden.
From afar, I could hear the girls telling the guys;
"Please excuse us, we don't want you here."
The guys were three in number and from estimate, we were age mates.
" you can't send us away. We need you girls."
"Haba! Is it by force to talk with you? We said no!"
The girls were about leave the table for the guys when two of them dragged them to sit back.
"If you dare move an inch, you'll leave here without your transport, phones and bags."
I suddenly realized they were cultists.
My girls sat back with fear in their eyes.
I was afraid too, how was I going to fight three cult boys?
"Now smile and be talking" one with rat face spoke mischievously.
I could see my girls shaking.
Indeed they were only spoilt but not rough.
These girls were really innocent and calm, apart from their sexual actions.
The strength they used in fighting that day was due to alcohol intoxication.

I watched as they handed their phones to the one that looked like their leader, rat face.
Damn! This is bad.
The three guys were up and were to leave with the phones and their bags.
I summoned courage and stood up.
I walked to their front with the empty bottle of hero in my back pocket.
"Hey guys Whatsup?"
"Yes. What is it?"
"Nothing, I just came to ask if you could kindly return their properties."
The girls were not only surprised to see me, they're were stunned.
I was the last person they expected to see here. They were pinned to the ground as the shock absorbed them.
"Who are you?"
"Are you giving them or not?"
""Nigga you're biting more than you can chew." Rat face said.
I was noticing their body movements, they were timing to attack me.
I was feeling a kind of nervous and scared but I shoved it off. After all I've killed many bush rats in calabar, these rats won't make any difference.
The leader was about to rush me with a punch when I
dodged the blow, and my fist landed on his teethes.
He moved back with a shout. The second person was coming with a pen knife, I remove the bottle and broke it on head!
He fell down in agony.
His head was bleeding, rat face their leader was still with the phone.
The third guy was about to attack me when I pierced the sharp part of the broken bottle into his chest. He ran towards the outside of the bar with blood dripping from his body, to look for weapon I guess.
I ran back to rat face.
In the process, of dragging the phones and bags with him, the second person I broke the bottle on his head attacked me from behind.
I felt a sharp pain in my head. He stabbed me with the knife.
My girls saw my neck bleeding and let out a cry! Their shrilly tiny voices rose my temper.
I charged towards him and dived his legs, he fell to the ground. I rained heavy blows on his face.
By now the phone and bags were with me, I saw rat face running towards me with a tool that looked like an axe.
I picked one of their phones too and took to my heels.
Lizzy and Freda had run too, but I didn't know where they ran to.
I ran to my house and fell on my bed. I was sweating and panting heavily.
On an impulse, I wanted to feel scared. But I thought of the fact that they didn't know my house and so I stood up as went to take my bath.
10'oclock in the night I was about to sleep when I heard a loud banging on my door.
"Who's there?"
There was no reply.
My heart skipped beat!
"I said who's there ?"
I summoned courage and went to open the door.

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Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by ezealiifeanyi12(m): 6:22am On Feb 09
Very Interesting
Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by ezealiifeanyi12(m): 6:26am On Feb 09
Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by infinitygod87: 8:42am On Feb 09
Nice update...this story is getting interesting.
Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by justlaw(m): 2:47pm On Feb 09
Well done OP
Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Benblaq(m): 9:28pm On Feb 09
In a millisecond I said my last prayer and prepared for death. I twisted the lock and a very mighty force pushed the door open.
It was dark and I couldn't see properly.
The person dived me and I fell flat on the floor. The person was breathing heavily, And from my observations, the person was exhausted and tired.
I closed my eyes and waited for the person to hurt me when I heard the voice;
"Ephraim! Ephraim thank god you're alive."
"It's me. How did you get here?"
"I ran immediately you girls left. Where's Lizzy?"
She suddenly started crying. I concluded that Lizzy was in deep trouble.
"Freda where's your friend Lizzy?"
"Lizzy was caught by the guy that you broke bottle on his head. She was caught on her way running out. You remember when he ran outside to look for weapon?"
My heart missed a beat! Urine was about dropping from my chairman but I held it with full caution.
"Oh lord! This is real mess up. Let's run to the police."
She stood up abruptly.
"Police?? Remember we signed an undertaking never to fight again. Ephraim I'm afraid those guys will not only hurt Lizzy, they might rape her to death. And that's the worst thing that can ever happen"
She started crying again. I could see fear and desperation in her eyes. The type that I saw the other day when her menstrual cramp pressed her down.
"Babe calm down, let's sleep. We'll think of a plan tomorrow."
"Ephraim you're taking this matter lightly. what if we wake up tomorrow morning and see Lizzy's body Unclad by the roadside? Do you even know the implications? We were the last persons to be with her. Ephraim we'll be doomed forever. Her soul won't forgive us either."
I bent my head in deep thoughts.
poo! This is not happening.
I managed to gather a handful of courage and stood up.
"So what's the plan? What do you have in mind?" I asked.
I looked into her eyes and all I could see was total dependency on me. She really believed in me. With what I did at the bar, she knew I could do something now.
She stood up and held my hands with tears in her eyes.
"Ephraim, we're going to their base. And we're going to take back Lizzy."
I felt another chill run down my body. This was death mission. I tried to hold myself in order not to disappoint her.
"You know their base?"
"Yes I do. It's at the outskirt of the town. Close to that government school."
I stood up without asking anymore question. I removed my clothes and wore just a singlet and a vest shorts. I checked under the metal bed and removed uncle Okon's cutlass.
Facing the door, I closed my eyes. Drop of tears and sweats were falling and wetting my feet.
"All die na die. if I no come back, then know that I've been taken to a better home of paradise."
I barged out the house with the cutlass gripped firmly in my hands.
Immediately I opened the gate, I saw a fiercely looking guy sitting on the condemn car with an axe in his hand.
I made the sign of the cross and gingered towards him.
"Ephraim Nooo! That's Lizzy's ex boyfriend, he met me as I was running here and decided to help!" Freda shouted.
The guy jumped down and laughed.
"Nigga I love your courage."
He extended his hands for a handshake.
"Who are you?"
His hand was still hanging in the air.
"I'm Gabriel. Popularly known as crying wolf."
I took his hand and the shake was held for about three minutes.
I looked straight into his eyes and saw it was pure red with vengeance and anger.
He shouted;
"It's not as if cultism is hard to partake in.. Simply because the beasts in us are sleeping, they misunderstood it and thought they were dead!"
He was vibrating in the spirit of war.
"In this port harcourt!! Those guys had the guts to carry my girlfriend to their base! Only god knows what they are planning on doing to her. But I swear down!!! Skulls go roll today."
He broke into a run, I turned back and saw Freda sobbing silently. She was in pains.
I joined Gabriel in the run and in two minutes we were already on the main road.
We slowed down and began trekking.
On three different occasion I had asked Gabriel some questions, but he only ignored me.

Thirty minutes later, we arrived at a dead end. No more road.
Gabriel turned to me and smiled.
"Bro, something must kill a man!"
"Yeah. It's better to die for something, than to live for nothing." I replied.
We removed our shoes and as swiftly as a leopard, we started crawling down the bush track.
From afar, I could see flashes of torch. Some coarse and rough voices were singing gyration songs of victory.
"Bro let's part."
"But I don't know my way around here." I was terrified. Not because of fear though.
"Neither do I. Let's just go separate ways."
Gabriel ran to the left and I ran to the opposite direction.
My brain was now very alert and sharp. Many village tricks came into my head and I decided to use one.
I remember what we normally do when we were attacked by animals in the village.
With the cutlass hanging on my shoulder, I climbed a big udara tree and took refuge.
From the top of the tree, I could see the gathering of the cultists. They were about ten in number.
There was a bonfire at their centre, they were dancing round and singing songs of war.
Lizzy was tied on the ground with a clothe wrapped around her mouth.
I felt like wailing, but I wasn't ready to cry.
This is not the time to cry.
I was waiting for an unusual movement or when Gabriel would start the attack so I could join, when I saw the most shocking thing of my life.
Gabriel walked into their centre and knelt before rat face.
I could hear their voices.
"The boy is here. I tricked him here."
There was an uproar of glorious and victorious shouts of joy.
Jesu!!! Gabriel is one of them.
What a world full of deceits and fake people.
For the first time since we started the journey, I broke down into tears.
I was heartbroken and disheartened.
I've been used again.
I didn't know I had increased my voice in crying.
What was I going to do?
I jumped down and took to my heels. I ran outside the bush straight to the main road.
Just at the entrance of the bush track, I heard footstep approaching, I dived to the ground and crawled into the bush.
I seized my breathe as I waited for the person to come. If it's only this one person that I'll kill, I'm good with it.
I listened as the step approached.
With the way it was sounding, It was as if the person cared less if anybody would hear.
The human-being walked to my direction and slowed down.
I knew the person!
I leapt like a cobra and dived her to the ground. She wanted to shout when I covered her mouth.
"Shhhh Freda it's me Ephraim!"
"Yes it's me."
"Ephraim you're running?"
She started crying.
"Don't cry. Babe you won't believe why I'm running."
I explained everything to her. She too had been deceived.
She stood up and cleaned her eyes. Her face was now red with danger.
"Ephraim we're going back inside there, and we're coming out with Lizzy!!"
She carried the bucket she came with, water filled it.
We walked back into the bush for about ten minutes before we began hearing footsteps and torches approaching.
I looked at Lizzy.
"Babe please don't die!"
"I won't. And you too Ephraim please don't die."
We continued creeping, the steps were now somehow close and I was terrified.
It now seemed like a life and death mission.
I was about to stand up when Freda dragged me down.
"Shhh Ephraim, one is coming."
He was their spy I guess.
I removed my cutlass and held it in my powerful hand. My left hand.
"You can't use that now. He'll scream." Freda held my hand.
She carried a cup and fetched the water full to the brim, waiting for the unlucky fellow to come.
Maybe life was tired of the guy, or he was tired of life. He came and stood right in front of us to make a survey.
And then like a hungry lioness, Freda jumped and splash the water straight to his face!
He wanted to scream but he couldn't, he fell down and was wriggling as if he was about to die.
It was then I realized that it wasn't water.
Where on earth did Freda get concentrated acid??
These girls can be so dangerous!
I picked his local shotgun and we continued creeping.
We were getting closer and it was now becoming intense.
We reached the udara tree spot again and I made the suggestion.
"Climb and wait, I'll go there."
I could see pity in her eyes.
"Ephraim no! We're going together.
"I said wait for me!" I yelled.
"So that when you reach there you'll turn back and run again right?"
"Oh shut up! I was confused and disappointed that was why I ran."
"Who cares? We are going there together or go back home Ephraim. She's my friend and not yours."
I suddenly heard races of foots stomping.
They heard us quarreling..!
Oh lord!
I was confused again, Freda carried her bucket and started running.
"Ephraim I'll be shouting while running, so that I can draw their attention. Once they pass, just run to where Lizzy is tied and do the needful."
She fled and I climbed the tree like a monkey.
The girl was crazy!
I could hear her voice;
"Help me oh, Ephraim carry me, Wait for me, I can't fight again, these guys will kill us!!"
They were now thinking I was running alongside Lizzy.
They ran past me, about six of them, including Gabriel. Meaning that rat face was still there with two others.
I jumped down and ran towards their camp.
I came closer and bent down.
Rat face was sitting in the middle of two guards.
Lizzy was Unclad, ready to be raped.
It's was now 2am in the morning.
I prayed my last prayer and brought out the gun.
Aiming at the chest of one of the guards, I pulled the trigger.
He fell down into the big fire.
"He's here!! Get your gun!" Rat faced thundered as he took cover.
The second guard was about to pick up a gun when I released the trigger to his head and blood splashed everywhere as he fell down and died.
Rat face came out.
"I dare you to show your face you coward!"
I had the chance of killing him now.
But just as the Chinese people say;
"The power in the barrel of your gun is not your power."
I shouted from the bush;
"I'll fight you with my hands. Just come forward empty handed.
I watched as he removed his shoes, clothes and heavy neck chains.
He came forward and stood still ready for a fight.
I dropped the weapons and came out empty handed too.
"Good man! Hero of our time!!" Rat face was clapping for me.
"Thank you. Let's get something started."
All these while, Lizzy was unconscious due to the beating she had received.
I was about to talk again when he dived me and I fell on the ground.
My head hit a stone and blood was gushing out. So soon?
I tried to stand up but he was quick enough.
He pressed me down and blows like bricks were destroying my face.
I saw life leaving me.
I tried to hold his hands and he poured saliva into my eyes.
I was dying!
I managed to hold his both hands, he bent his head to nod me and I dodged, his head hit the same stone that had injured me.
He let out a loud cry and tumbled.
I rushed him and held his throat.
No time to punch, I pressed his throat until I saw him vomiting blood.
His hands went into his pants and I was sharp to grab the stuff he brought out.
A pen knife.
I snatched it from him and sent it sinking into his throat.
He closed his eyes slowly in Death.
I ran to Lizzy and carried her. Still Unclad.
Just as I was about marching out, I heard the voice of Freda screaming for help.
I dashed into the bush and hid Lizzy.
Running back to my position where I stayed to shoot.
They approached the entrance and entered.
It was remaining just Gabriel and one other person!
Freda had destroyed four hefty men!!
They kept her down when they saw that the whole place was in mess.
"Bro something has happened. Something has happened."
"That son of a bitch is around."
Immediately they saw the body of rat face, they shouted in agony
"We must kill this girl, that's the only revenge."
"Yes we should kill her."
I was enjoying the moment.
Freda lying on the ground begging for her life to be spared.
The two guys loading a gun to shoot her.
And then me, a trigger at my finger waiting to end them.
I was in control!
"What a beautiful world" I laughed.
"Say your last prayer girl!"
I watched as she knelt down, folded her palms and started praying.
"I've been a sinner lord. Have mercy on my soul. Have mercy on the soul of Lizzy if she's dead. Also have mercy on the soul of Ephraim if he's dead too. Amen"
They opened her chest and pointed a gun straight to it.
Two mumu.
It's my turn to pray;
"Father have mercy on them. Amen"
I released the trigger to the one that was about to execute Freda.
He fell down dead!
Gabriel was shattered. His eyes went wide open as he fell to the ground in shock.
I came out from the bush with the gun in my hand.
Words can't describe the feelings the both of them had felt that moment they saw me walking out.
I walked to Gabriel.
"Nigga you! Tell me why you deserve to live?"
"Bother please!! Please!!!"
He begged for minutes and my heart was softened for him.
I left him, went to Freda and picked her up.
"Let's go babe."
She was shaking.
"Where's Lizzy's body?"
"It's in the bush. I'm sorry."
"Let me have the gun!"
"What for?"
She dragged it from my hand.
"Babe don't do anything stupid I beg you."
She turned to Gabriel.
"Son of a bitch! Rot in hell!!"
I closed my eyes as I saw her fingers pressing the trigger.
And Gabriel was drenched in his own blood within seconds.

Freda fell on my body and started weeping.
"My friend is dead!"
Just as I was about to reply her, we saw Lizzy staggering out the bush with her Unclad body.
Freda flew like a kite and dived Lizzy!
The whole world was full of joy!!
The 4am morning birds were filled in the air singing glorious songs for me!

I carried Lizzy on my back and we set off for home.
At exactly 6:00am we reached Lizzy's gate and we knocked. The gateman opened the door and was shocked to see a Unclad Lizzy.

At 10am we were all up and conscious. The talk began.
"Ephraim how did you do it? How do I pay you?
I smiled. I had already made up my mind.
I knew what to do.

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Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by rexfada(m): 11:04pm On Feb 09
See action film. Ephraim the actor. � � � Can't wait for the next part, OP continue non-stop. Kudos by the ways!!

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Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by ezealiifeanyi12(m): 12:16am On Feb 10
Wow!! Very Interesting.Keep It Up Bro.
Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by infinitygod87: 6:04am On Feb 10
Ephraim you are the real MVP
Re: The Adventures Of An Innocent Calabar Boy by Miarose: 3:06pm On Feb 10
I love your imagination. Or is this real?

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