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My Trust Is For Sale by MAB84: 3:33am On Feb 20, 2019
Hello great minds. I have new books coming up and I will like to share some with you before the publications. I must warn that these are the unedited versions so you may find some errors. Please bear with me. I am aware that you nominate authors for the monthly 5k award. Please do not nominate me because I won the award in October 2018 when my promoter, Sokodobo, shared my books through his page. He has done a lot for me and I will forever appreciate him. He is a brother but not all brothers can do what he did for me. I THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT. For those who don't know me, I am MB Alee, the author of BENEATH MY HEART, MARRIED TO A FINK, THE ROOT OF A CYNOSURE and THE LAST INSURGENT. If you have read any of the books I mentioned above, then get ready for another roller coaster: MY TRUST IS FOR SALE


“Zeenah” Nana called softly, as her eyes rummaged round the room. “Zeenah it’s me.”
Nana could feel her hands shivering. Where was this girl? What on Earth did she get herself into?
“Zeenah.” She called again.
“May we check round the house?” A man said from behind her. Just a sentence from his husky voice prompted a very loud shriek that pierced into their ear drums. Even though he was a tough cop, he was startled for a fraction of seconds and he removed his .33 Police Automatic Pistol.
Dora, his partner was alert already with her gun too.

“Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! It’s my daughter.” Nana shouted, her eyes bulging out of fear, while she raised both hands in the air.
The detective, a tall slim man wearing a flat-top cut and penciled moustache stood down as he saw the girl that came out of the clothe closet with her hands on her head. She was shivering, perspiring and looked befuddled.
Hacks was destabilized for a few seconds as he saw her beauty. He mentally plotted a graph on the scale range from fat to slim and placed her in the middle. He had never seen a figure which was more round at the middle below a tapered waist and ended with straight legs. Her state of agitation may have increased the size of her eyes and he felt ashamed to admit that she looked most beautiful and irresistible at that stage. The pupils were dark brown; her iris were light brown with pure white sclera. Dark natural long and curved languid eyelashes adorned the eyelids. Her sherbet sweet, oxbow firm lips were well placed beneath her pixie’s nose.

Hacks swore that she was a mulatto probably from a father of Arabian descend. Her cobalt-black shiny hair plunged over her shoulders. Her skin lay in the middle of ruddy and peaches-and-cream. He saw a quintessence of youthfulness in every part of her and that included the chest. She was to him a sheer tantalizer.

“Calm down, miss,” he said with a swagger, “ I am Detective Hacks Akubu. That is my partner, Detective Dora Charles. We are from the CID.”
Zeenah still looked paranoid, shivering and unbalanced. She glanced at her mother. Nana nodded and she relaxed.
“They wanted to kill me.” Zeenah said in a low tone but Hacks noticed her honey sweet voice.

“It’s okay, we are here. We would protect you. We just need to talk. You called us, right?”
She nodded.
“I did. I had to.” She was now moved to tears. “I knew her. I knew it was him!”

“Calm down. We need to take this slow. Can we go talk in the living-room?”
Zeenah still looked doubtful and paranoid. Hacks could understand. She just escaped from an attack.
They all moved to the living-room.

Five hours before

His large hand grabbed the champagne flute, raised it to his aggressive mouth and sipped brandy. He looked round the beer pub and felt it was set in an idyllic environment. The zephr that flowed on him
was not like the sirocco he suffered in the Downtown hunky-tonk he used to go. But to enjoy drinks in a joint like this, he needed to step up financially.

He ran his hand over, down his cheek to feel his stubble-face. He knew he had a ruthless expression, cadaverous eyes which gave him that villainous looks he loved. His askew mouth made him look like a victim of giginvitis.
He sipped his brandy, sent his hand to his breast pocket, removed a stick of Benson and Hedges and lit it. As he puffed out a thick cloud of smoke, he smiled at himself. It was a hunky-dory day. His first major hit. He had not just received five hundred thousand naira as advanced payment but had a chance to prove his guts and oomph.

His dreams had always to be a top hired assassin. A professional hit man who lived in the shadows.
He was not aware of a tall, slim man wearing a flat-top hair: Hacks. Hacks sat at a table with a bottle of beer, while he assured himself that there was a description match. He hoped it all went well. He would impress fastidious Supritennant Thoephilus. The crime was committed that day and the suspects would be apprehended the same day.

It was at that time a jumbo bloke came in. He had a thick neck which carried his shaven head. His eyes were protuberant, with a bulbous nose above thick lips. His shoulders were broad, making him look like he was wearing a shoulder pad.
He looked round and saw the hit-man: David. He moved with heavy steps to him and sat opposite him.

“I have been expecting you, Engineer.”
“ I heard you had a smooth pull. It’s on news already. Congratulations.”
David smiled, sipped alcohol and inhaled smoke. He was proud of himself.
“It’s no big deal. Just doing my job.”

“You got another job.” Engineer said calmly. “ It will fetch you one million naira.”
David could hardly believe his luck. He was finally a real hit-man. He could feel his hands itching.
“Tell me about it.” David said with a hard face.

“There is a girl called Zeenah. She is a final year student…..no, she just graduated from Uni-Lag. She knows too much. It did not occur to me until this morning. She is the only threat I have now. I don’t want her to talk..”
“ What do you want?”
Engineer lit a cigar. “Kill her.”

David felt excitement erupting inside him. He was going to buy a gun and learn how to use it. He needed killing paraphernalia and he just got the capital.
“I need details and she is dead.”

“sure you will have that. She had worked with me before. That was during her IT. She knew about the setup and after the death of Mrs Titilayo, she called me and said I just heard and I know it’s you. She is a fool, huh? She should have shut her big mouth up. Now she got herself in trouble. We have a rendezvous tomorrow. I will drop the details on your lap. I need to attend to some things. Keep your mouth sealed.”
“Do you take me for a fool? I am a professional.”

“I know right. Just trying to tread on the safest lane. There are nagging cops in this zone who don’t mind their business.”
“ Just have a sound sleep. I am stealthy and smooth.”
“I love the confidence you display. I see better days ahead. Do you need a ride?”
David nodded.

He gulped the remaining brandy and got to his feet. Immediately both men went out of the beer pub, Hacks said into a transmitter, “watch out, they are coming out. They may ne armed.”

Hacks moved quickly to the table David and Engineer had sat. Most of the men drinking were oblivious to what he was doing. He put his hand under the table and removed a small sound transmitter. He heard and recorded their conversation. He quickly moved out and saw Dora waiting anxiously in the car. She was of moderate height, swarthy, chubby and attractive.

“Hurry!” she said and started the car engine.
Hacks rushed into the Wagon before she sent the car in motion. She was trailing engineer’s Honda Accord.
“Did you hear anything sticky?” Dora asked with her eyes fixed on the road.

“Everything I heard was sticky.” Hacks said. “All we need to do is pick them. We have enough to nail them.”
“Phew! Happened today, nailed them today, are we not hot?”
“The hottest.” Hacks chuckled. “I will like to see the old man’s face whe it happens.”

“I won’t lose them for anything. “ Dora said and set her eyes on the car ahead.

“ I will like to call at a friend’s place. It won’t take five minutes.” Engineer said and swung the car onto a boulevard.
“No problem. “David said. He had enough time before he would go to GGT market to get himself a gun. He could not wait to let his foes know that he made it.
Engineer pulled up the car before a bronze gate.

The cops watched them alight from the car and go inside the bungalow.
“Don’t stop the car here.” Hacks said, “Take a bend so I can alight. Let’s see what they are up to.”
Hacks touched the butt of his .33. “I will go check them out.”
“don’t you think we need a backup? We don’t know what they have got in there.”

“You can call them but I won’t wait. There may be no time.” He alighted, made sure his .33 was set. He walked towards the building. He stood by the end of the fence for a few minutes. They did not come out.
“I am going in, over.”
“Copy that.”

He moved to the back of the building. He was determined but a part of him warned him against the move. He did not know what he was going to meet inside. He hesitated before making up his mind. He had always being a risk taker. He made a swift jump and grabbed the edge of the fence, pulled himself up and vaulted over. He landed stealthily and removed his .33.
Dora heard nothing from him after twenty minutes and she became worried.

“Hacks..” She called but he did not reply.
She opened the car door and came out of it. She moved to the Engineer’s car, removed a dagger from her pocket and slashed it into two of the tyres. She heard the sound of air escaping as the tyres deflated. That was to prevent a quick runaway.
She also went and vaulted over the fence. The way she carried her big body was amusing. Immediately she dropped, she realized that it was an uncompleted building. What was going on? What where they doing here? Why was Hacks silent?

She removed her gun, her eyes travelling round, observing the slightest detail, harkening to the slightest sound.
She felt a cold metal touch her neck and she knew it was a gun.
“It’s me.” Hacks said. “Those guys vanished into thin air.”

He shrugged.
“I can’t find them.”
“You should have replied me.”
“I did not want to talk. I had to be quiet.”

“Let’s us check the building. His car is still outside. I burst the tyres.”
As she walked ahead of him, he quickly took off his eyes from her back. They came to an abrupt stop as they saw the body lying on the floor. The cops moved closer, guns in hand, watching everywhere .
The man was lying on his back. Hacks bent over him and touched him. Someone had shot him on the forehead. His face was covered with blood.
David was dead. Where was Engineer and who was he?

Re: My Trust Is For Sale by MAB84: 6:26am On Feb 20, 2019


“What do you know about Mrs Titi?" Hacks asked and Dora noticed the unusual swagger in his voice and pose. “She was killed today and we know nothing or little about her now. Our men are unto her but we need to hear from you.”
“She was a business tycoon. I don’t know much about her personal life. I got to know her through Engineer Hassan.”
“Okay, let us start with Engineer. Hassan is his name, right?”
“Yes.” Zeenah said. “ He is Engineer Hassan Hassan. He is popularly known as H-Square.”

“You said you worked with him. Where was that?”
“The refinery. I had my IT there.”
“What course did you study?”

“Chemical Engineering. I just graduated. I was there in my third year.”
“You called us to say you know he was involved in the murder of Mrs Titi. From what we have heard, your information turned out to be correct. We have strong evidence to consider him a suspect. How did you know this?”
“Like I said in retrospect, I had my IT in the refinery and he is a member of staff there. He liked me and we became closer. He wanted to have an affair with me but I declined. I called him Uncle Hassan. I have a steady boyfriend. It was at that time he told me that he would soon get very rich. He asked if I was interested in getting very rich and I said yes. As you can see, I lost my father at a very stage and grew up with a struggling single mother. She had being taken care of my education with lots of difficulties. He revealed his plans to me. He seemed to be obsessed with me. We used to visit Mrs Titi who was an independent marketer with a number of filling stations. He said she was just a client of his but I found out that she was his sugar mummy.

One day, he showed me a will. She had put him in her will to inherit her oil wing. He began to pray for her death. This became scary so I began to withdraw. He started making his plans clandestine. Then I heard him contact David. I was not sure but I suspected that they planned to harm her. Fortunately, she travelled out of the country. That was a year ago.
She had just returned a month ago and they killed her. Immediately I heard of the murder, I knew it was him. I was shocked and angry I called him and reproached him. It was then I realized the mistake I had made. I called the Police.”
“You made a great mistake indeed.” Dora said.
Zeenah’s phone rang.

“Excuse me.” She said and picked the call.
“You talked to the police.” A thick voice said. “I will get you. For the records, it is your word against mine. There is no prove against me.”
“No! No, I did not talk to the police.” Fear splashed on her face. “Uncle Hassan, Uncle Hassan…”
Hassan switched off the phone.
“He is going to kill me.” She said and began to cry.

“Don’t worry.” Hacks said.
“I am scared of him!”
“We will guarantee your safety.” Hacks said.
“You should not have involved yourself Zeenah.” Nana said agitatingly . “You should have let it be.”

“Don’t worry, Zeenah.” Dora said. “we will apprehend him. Just tell us where he lives and all you know about him.”
Hacks felt happy that he did not know that they had recorded their conversation. Hassan felt he had cleaned his mess by killing David. Zeenah talked for a few minutes and the officers left. When they got into their car, Hacks said, “she needs an immediate Police Protection. That guy is virulent.

Dora took in a deep breath. She fixed her seatbelt.
“I have an idea. We should handle her protection. She should be under your custody.”
“That is a bright idea.” He said before he noticed the sarcasm. “No, I don’t buy the idea. I will call the boss. We must have men here in twenty minutes. She is not safe.”

“Make the call. This should be ASAP. We can’t tell where they are. We would wait for them before we leave.”
He noticed a wave of jealousy in her . But why? She had refused to go out him. Plus, he did not even plan to ask Zeenah out. He was just mesmerized by her beauty.
“I think going to look for him in his house is a waste of time. If he is suspicious, he would have gone.” She said.

“He may still be around. He thinks there is no evidence against him. He has enough money to drag a case. We have to look for that swnine!”
A few minutes after, three armed mobile policemen were brought to protect Zeenah, they left and arrived at Hassan’s residence.
They sat in the car and watched the house. Hacks lit a cigarette .
“Please wind down the glasse before I suffocate.” She said as she wound down the glass. “There is something called passive smoking.”
He wound down the glass.

“sorry for having a partner who smokes.”
“It’s my bad luck.”
“I know you will be glad if you have a change of partner because there are a lot of things you dislike about me.”
“Yes. Smoking is a one but womanizing is a another.”

“I am not a Casanova.”
‘Tell that to the birds. I have worked with for three years.”
“Count the number of girls you have seen me with.”
“I know you play your cards well but you never let a girl pass without piercing your eyes into her, especially ladies with big butts.”
“I am a cop. I am only giving them a cop glance.”

“Yeah, it seems the crime is concealed in their behind and all girls with flat behinds are innocent because you don’t give them the cop glance.”
He giggled.
“Okay, that is my weakness: staring but it ends there.”
“That is a lie. You made moves for me..”
“Okay, let us go and see our man.” He cut in. he knew where she was heading. He remembered that incident and the slap that followed.

They both snuck to the building. They pushed the gate opened and walked to the front door. Dora moved to the side and got her gun ready while Hacks tried to unlock the door. They found themselves in the living-room.
“Oh my God!” Dora exclaimed, removed her gun. They heard sounds of steps. Someone was running away. Dora went after the person.
Hacks looked at Hassan’s fresh dead body. Someone just put a slug into his head!

Sharon sat on a sofa, her soft palm on her cheeks while she waited for Layla. She looked round the room and admired the expensive electronic gadgets and furniture. These girls made her realize that she was lagging behind. She met Layla last month after a basketball training session. That was her favorite game. She was above sis feet tall, slim but sturdy and athletic. On court, she was a tomboy: aggressive, fast and fearless. After the training, a beautiful girl dressed in a thick woolen jacket with hood appeared to her. She had produced a roguish smile.
“I like the way you roll on the court.” She said, “if a day passes by without me watching your game, then that is considered a boring day. I am a big fan.”

“Awwn,thank you for the compliment. I am not used to such comments.”
“You are welcome. I see you in MBA in the future.”
“I am Layla.” She extended her hand.
“Sharon.” She shook the hand.

“You are perspiring. I think we could do with some chilled drinks and please don’t say no.”
She would never had said no. She needed the drinks and had hoped Tobi was going to buy her drinks but instead, she saw him and his friends going into an eatery.
“Thank you for the gesture.” Sharon had said and they went into the snack bar. Layla ordered for crème brulee merinque, cheese, ice-creams, chicken, meat pie and profiteroles.

Sharon tried to hide her astonishment. Who was this girl who was spending this much at a sitting?
“What do you do with this exceptional talent of yours?” Layla said as they ate and drank.
“It’s tough. I have tried to get into clubs and play professionally but to no avail. It’s not just about skills. You have to be some strong person’s protégé : nepotism.”

“That is prevalent my dear. It happens in all aspects of life today.”
“and that is my desideratum: a godfather.”
“I used to be a very good gymnast. My story does not differ much from yours. I quit.”
“That is destruction of dreams and talents.”
“They don’t give a hoot.” Layla said and took a scoop of ice-cream. “Come on, baby, we got got a lot on the table. Don’t let them destroy our appetites. Enjoy.”

“I need this game. I need money. I need a club. This is ll I have got. It is about the only thing I know I am very good at.”
“I understand. A woman need protection and making money is one.”
“And my boyfriend is not helping matters. He has been trying but he is beginning to complain. I need new trainers, creams. I heard there is a new set of phones called Android phones. I have never seen one though but I love it already.”
Layla chuckled.

“Did you just talk about boyfriend? Not me. They can be as**oles. They pose their big noses and listen to your complains, and then take advantage and shred you into pieces on bed just to meet your needs. I hate being depended on a guy.”
“It is difficult to be independent.”
“ That is a negative pre-conditioned mindset. I don’t need any fuc**ing man to survive or live as I wish. Woman power dear. Find it and exploit it.”

“You are lucky then.”
They bate in silence for a while.
“Don’t you think it’s high time you became independent too?”
“I really want to but how?”
“You have all it takes to be independent. I have been watching you for a month. You have strength, stamina and guts. All you need is to put them to use.”

Layla kept talking until she finally said, “would you like to earn one million naira?”
Sharon had given her a sharp glance and she became full of disbelieve.
“One what? Did you just mention a million naira?”
Layla smiled.

“It’s more actually. You may not believe if I tell you the real figure.”
Sharon had spent days thinking about it. Layla did not tell her how that could be achieved but it sounded sticky.
Now as she sat in her living-room, she felt her heart thumbing. She was in need of mobey. She had always been in need of money. She saw how large Layla lived and she now believed it was achievable but how?
Layla came out of the inner room dressed in white jeans and red T-shirt.

“I am sorry for keeping you waiting.”
“It’s okay. I was enjoying the musical video.”
Another girl came into the living-room. She was short, plumpy and swarthy. She wore bunches, and covered her eyes with dark spider glasses. She looked tough and mean.

“Sharon, meet Rabi.” Layla said. “Rabi, this is Sharon. I told you about her.”
Rabi forced a smile and shook Sharon’s hand.
“I and Rabi have been friends since secondary school. As we wait for the incipience of this histrorical meeting, it is imperative we know ourselves better. I must underline the fact that we must ne loyal, truthful and have love for each other. No double-crossing, backbiting, or acrimony. This union is all about positivity. Girls must be independent. None of us must divulge a scintilla of what we do to an outsider. Outsider here means anyone who is not part of us. That could be your boyfriend, mother, father, or whatever. We had done something like this in the past and one the girls tried to give us away. She died like a chicken. If Rabi tries it, she would die like a chicken,” Layla looked at Sharon, “if you, Sharon try it, you would die like a chicken. If we keep our heads up, we would be rolling in millions of naira within the next one month. I mean become the biggest girls in town.”

Sharon flinched. What did she get herself into? These girls were criminals. There was no legal deal that warranted such talks. Was it too late to quit? But they just mentioned millions of naira. Could she resist that?
They heard the sound of a car. Rabi went and peeped and flinched. She saw a wagon parked with three armed mobile police men sitting in the car.

“Police!” Rabi exclaimed.
Sharon felt her intestines shivering. She knew it. This was not good. These girls were criminals and she just got herself into trouble.
Layla sprang up, rushed to the window and saw for herself. She crinkled her face. What was going on? What did they want?
At that moment, the door opened and a very beautiful girl came in. She wore black jeans and black T-shirt.
Layla gave her a sharp glance.

“Police!” She said in perturbation.
The beautiful girl said nothing. She shut the door behind her and sat down comfortably.
“Don’t bother about them.” She said and looked at Sharon. “She must be Sharon.”
“Yes.” Layla said but still worried.

“My name is Zeenah. I know you have never heard about me.” She said. “ As for the dumba** policemen you guys see down there, they are my bodyguards. They are protecting this innocent, vulnerable good Samaritan who exposed Hassan. Now let’s begin.”
“ What a devil!” Layla said and chuckled.
Re: My Trust Is For Sale by MAB84: 6:29am On Feb 20, 2019

“I do not have much time.” Zeenah said. I have a little story for you guys. Before I do that, I know layla must have drummed some vital points into your heads. One, obliterate fear. I made a perfect blueprint. Here is the real story: I and Layla both graduated from the same school and same department. We became close since our first year. We also went for our IT at the same place: The Refinery of NNPC. We were in Engineering Department.

Any girl who goes there for IT and survives debauchery is blessed. Those randy men will spend money to lure you to bed. And they were all on us. We made friends with both independent marketers and members of staff, observing the modus operandi, and general settings of the place. We saw money flying all over. I mean cash. Some of these independent marketers were illiterates but drove posh cars and lived luxurious lives. They were spendthrifts and very extravagant.

I have never depended on a man and would never do that. In fact, I hate men. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a lesbian but that animal called man is a jack. I have tried in the past to pally with them but they always ended up being repulsive.
Men are domineering in nature, selfish and untrustworthy . They came all over me, promising Heaven and Earth but I shunned them. I wanted to make my money and not their money. It was while I was watching the house I discovered something.

The cooperation supplied trucks of PMS and AGO to a certain ministry in Niger Republic. One hundred trucks of PMS and fifty trucks of AGO monthly. Each of the trucks contains 33,000 litres. Each truck. A litre os PMS cost fifty naira. Multiply this by thirty-three, that amounts to one million, six hundred and fifty thousand naira. If you multiply this by one hundred trucks, you have one hundred and sixty five million naira.
AGO cost fourty-eight naira per litre. The cost of one truck is one million, five hundred and eighty four thousand naira. Fifty trucks will amount seventy-nine million and two hundred thousand naira. If you sum up these, both the PMS and AGO will cost two hundred and forty million, eight hundred and fifty thousand naira. What a wonderful amount of money.”

Rabi could not take it any longer. She lit a stick of cigarette to steady her nerves. The sound of millions of naira were doing something to her system.
Sharon felt her fears drifting away and half plunged into reveries. She could picture herself rolling in money. She had all her attention on Zeenah now even though they did not know how they were going to make the money.

“ My idea is this: I want to hijack the trucks.” Zeenah said assertively. “ Just a month’s supply.” She turned at Sharon. “Layla promised you one million naira. That was not true. Your cut is forty million naira. I and Layla know how to settle ourselves. I must let you guys know that I am the mastermind and boss of this setup. It is my brainchild and I know what I have gone through to get to this point. Not even Layla know about some of the things I have been through.”

“If I may ask,” Sharon began, “we are just four in number. If I am to judge from what you just told us, there are one hundred and fifty trucks heading to Niger. Each truck will have a driver, maybe with a spare and truck boys. If each truck has at least two men, there will be a minimum of three hundred men. I guess they will be more. How can four girls hijack these turcks?”

“That is a very nice question Sharon.” Zeenah said. “The Niger agent writes a letter of request of allocation which the Area Manager endorses. It is then transferred to the Depot Manager who in conjunction with the Sales Department give out the goods. The agents do not come with trucks. There are transporters with trucks who are paid to transport them. We are not going to waylay the trucks and attack them. That will be tantamount to will-o-the-wasp. When I said hijack, I meant intellectual hijacking.
If the trucks are hijacked, there will be trouble. There will be a serious investigation. We must get the money and spend it and not rot in jail. It is one thing to get the money, it is another to spend it as free girls. I want it to be as trackless as the sea. This is the part I played alone without even telling Layla.

There was this big fool who called himself Engineer Hassan. He was obsessed with me….”
“Uncle Hassan?” Layla asked.
“Yes. He was madly in love with me. He could go to any length to get me. He claimed to be a member of staff but he was not. He used to fix their machines as a contactor. There was a very rich marketer called Mrs Titi. She had a lot of cash and could not take her hands off his big body. I heard she loved young ,strong men and Hassan was an epitome of one.
I strategically made her see him and I knew she would fall for him. She was blunt. She told me that she liked my friend. I told her to get him and never let him know that I am aware. She had money and a good body so they became secret lovers. Hassan ignorantly told me she was his Aunty’s childhood friend. I forged a will which looked as if she wrote it. I then hired a fake lawyer who claimed to be her lawyer.

He befriended Hassan and later told him not to part with her because she had willed her oil wing to him and that was a secret. Hassan saw the will and got barmy. A few days later, I called him that I had capitulated to his proposal. I was ready to get married to him. He was hyper and could not control his joy. But I had conditions: I wanted to live in a multi-million naira mansion, have a wedding lunch in a chartered plane, have three posh cars. A sane man would have been skeptical and termed me as a gold digger but he was obsessed and I knew it.

He said I was too expensive for him but he was not going to give up. He told me that his aunty was rich and he was going to inherit her multi-million naira oil company after she dies. I asked him what is she lived to be ninety or hundred? I smugly cajoled him to make it quicker. He agreed and I made him contact a wanna-be hit man called David. David was hired to kill her. I asked Hassan to have a rendezvous with his at a beer pub. I also asked him to award him another contract to kill me claiming I was a witness then take him to an uncompleted building and kill him to obliterate evidence or blackmail.

I had secretly informed the police. I also told them about their meeting. The police had used a waiter to plant a transmitter to listen to their conversation. I knew the police will come for me. While I was with them, I received a fake call from another of my accomplice claiming it was Hassan. I gave the his address. I told Hassan to wait for me at home. I got there before the police and shot the idiot. It was close because the police met me there but I vanished.

I used a back road while the dumb cops guarding me thought I was inside. Now they are investigating. I have lay them on a wild goose chase. The same police are protecting me when I am the one they are looking for. That is bad of me, right?” she chuckled.
The three girls were dumbfounded. Zeenah was an enigma.
“ I am speechless.” Rabi said. “You are something else.”

“That is not all. From the fake evidences I planted in Hassan’s house secretly, they would be looking for Hassan’s non-existing boss. He was the one eho killed Hassan and not me, right?”
“You were in Jupiter when it happened. “Layla said and they laughed.

“The non-existing boss will be the man behind the missing trucks. Mrs Remi and Hassan would be part of the heist but got double-crossed. Leave that part to me.” She got on her feet. “The agent comes on the 15th of every month and leaves on the 20th . He is called Jibril. He has to be impersonated. It would be our man that would represent him. By man, I mean one of you ladies. Rabi, you are from the Sokoto. That is close to Niger. It will be your call. I will give you details later. The plans are more complicated than you antipate. We can’t digest them all today. I just gave you a general hint. Let me warn you girls…”
“They know, “Layla said. “ Bitches who fuc* up die like chickens!”

Dora stood leaning on the wall as she watched Hassan’s body being taken away by interns. She marked the date: 27th of March. What a day! Three murders within twenty four hours. And they were so close they thought they were going to apprehend the culprits. She moved away from the bustling policemen and got back into Hassan’s bedroom.
She began to search the room professionally. There was nothing out of the ordinary in the room. She went through the bookshelf with big books that got her brain squealing. She hated science courses. She had settled for Criminology and saved herself from D-Y, D-X. She opened a drawer and found piles of letters. She spent some time going through them before she felt a heart bang…. She saw a letter that looked sticky.

H2 , Madam Remi is not in compliance with the demand. Keep trying her. If she proves obstinate, then we have to do the needful and make it clean. I know that is what you want. Be careful with that girl, Zeeman or Zeenah. I don’t trust her. You must avoid her. She looks so prim. If she finds anything, do the needful and do not let love destroy your dreams. Women are supplus. Just get the money, you get the women.


She carefully folded the note and out it her pocket. She had guessed Hassan had someone he was working for. Who was H3?
Hacks came in and smiled.
“What we thought was a quick catch happens to be a mirage.” He said. “ We have a day dear.” He lit a cigarette.
“Look at this.” She gave him the note. He read it.

“H3…who the hell is he?”
“I remember Zeenah mention a name….Harry Henry Hillary.”
“I know him.” Hacks said. “ He owns H-Oil.”
“Does he have a bad record?”

“I do not know about that. He has been known to be clean.”
“Let me call Zeenah.” Dora said and put the call through. She asked her about him.
“I don’t know much about him. I do hear Hassan saym he was going to see him. He said he fixed machines for him. I don’t think he is a criminal.”
After the call, Zeenah smiled. They had seen the note. Now they would start watching H3 who happened to be a clean man. They will just be wasting their time and getting more confused.

She had it well fixed. She had always known that Mrs. Remi was a threat. She was Alhaji Babawo’s mistress. Alhaji Babawo was one of the richest independent marketers. He was the man she intended to sell the oil to.
It was at that time she heard voices outside. She could hear one of the policemen talking.
She heard a man say, “I am their neighbor. I only want to talk to them.”
“Who?” Asked a policeman.

“Anybody who lives in the house. I don’t know any of them. They just moved in.”
Zeenah peeped and saw him.
He was around twenty-four years old. He was tall, sturdy and looked athletic. His hair was worn in an afro-style. Thin side burns rode down his cheeks to meet a goatee. He skin was light brown, and his eyes radiated brio, and something about him made her feel uncomfortable.

He wore Chicago Bulls jersey over baggy combat shorts. His legs were slid in flip-flops.
Zeenah opened the door and went out.
“What do you want?” She asked curtly.

He turned and was immediately hit by her stunning beauty. She looked cool, innocent and mild. What a girl! How come he had never seen her. He has such a beautiful neighbor and he never knew? That was a crime against boys code.
“Good evening.” He said.
“Who are you?”

Noe he noticed her taciturnity behind the cool nature.
“I live next door. You guys came in while I travelled.”
“That is nice. What do you want.”
“Courtesy call. Trying to know my neighbors. It is good I know you guys. If my last food falls off my hand and I scream, it is you guys that would be the first to come to my aid, and serve me another food. Neighbors are important.”

“Are you okay?” She asked. “ I have been hearing movements from the next compound for days now and you just come today and claim courtesy call?”
“Emmm, okay it’s a courtesy call plus ball-retrieve.”
“Okay, I have a mini basketball court in my compound and it is my bad luck to be addicted to B-ball. I was I was training, my ball disobeyed me and got into your compound without permission.”
She crossed her chest with her hands and twitched her lips.

“Excuse me.” She said and went inside. She came back with a ball.
“You should have just said you came for your ball and stop claiming courtesy call.”
“Thank you. I am Mahmoud. I love my neighbor as I love myself. That means I love you.”
She forced a smile.

“Thank you for loving me. If you really love me, then make sure your ball does not fall into my house again, neighbor.”
She turned and walked back.
“I said I am Mahmoud. Nice to meet you.”
She ignored him and shut the door behind her.
Mahmoud turned at the police men.

“I introduced myself to her. Did she tell me her name?”
“Guy, just make sure your ball does not fall into her house again. If she wanted you to know her name, she would have told you.”
“Damn!” He looked at the door and then at the cops. “ It seems she is the IG’s daughter. I will watch my steps. “ He began to walk away while he bounced the ball. “ I got me a real tough neighbor.” He said . “ That pretty dame is harsh. Yest she is so hot. Gotta to watch my ball. Geez

The cab decelerated and the came to a halt. The car door opened and a man came out from the back. He was very tall, dark with curly bushy hair. He wore a bushy moustache with the same shape as his bushy eye brow. His eyes were hidden behind big dark goggles. He held a briefcase and walked confidently into the hotel after he had paid the cabby.
The receptionist gave him a familiar smile.

“Mallam Jibril.” She said.
“I have told you Esther. I am Mister Jibril.”
“Why don’t you like me calling you Mallam?”
“I am too funky to be called so.” He said and giggled.

“You are welcome. How is Niger?”
“Sandy and sweet. Love for the saharas” He said.
“We did not see you last month.”
“ There were no goods. I know a lot of Punanis missed me.”

“Mallam Jibril.” She laughed.
“Mister Jibson please.”
“Room 30 is available for you. It’s your favourite.”

“Yed Esther. I hope the audio player has been fixed. I have a collection of Sa’adu Bori to rock while I pop and pap.”
“Mathew fixed it.” She said. “ Pop and pap ? Never heard that.”
“Pop is sipping the holy water while pap is …” he winked, “you know what that means. Women and beer make the world a sweeter place.”
“Mister Jibson.”

She laughed.
“You have sworn to be a gee.”

“Talking about Sa’adu Bori, I guess it is Yeahhhh iyellori yellori.”
Jibril laughed.
“How did you know that?”
“The song rocks here. I love Niger music.”
“Do you also love Niger man?” He winked at her. “ Pop and Pap.”
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Jibril carried his briefcase and went to his room. He dropped the briefcase, closed the door and lolled on a chair. He drew a stick of cigarette, lit it and opened a bottle of gin to take a sip. He got up, put on the AC and felt the cool air making him feel relaxed.
Since he joined the ministry, being the oil agent had been the best thing to happen to him. It was his bad luck that he could not come last month.

His official hotel allowance was one hundred and fifty thousand naira. This hotel cost three thousand naira per day. Fifteen thousand naira covered his hotel expenses and the rest went into his pocket. He also had extra twenty thousand naira from his feeding allowance. For each trip, he made over a hundred thousand naira. This happened every month. His salary was an equivalent of thirty thousand naira.
Apart from the money he made, he had a lot of fun whenever he was here. He had two weaknesses: women and alcohol and half of what he made went to those vices.

He heard a knock at the door, got up and opened the door. He saw a girl standing and chewing bubble gum. He was quick to notice her heavy bust and wide hips. He loved her bunches and the nose ring that gave her a sexy look.
“Hello,” she said coquettishly, “I am sorry for the disturbance.”
“It’s nothing. How may I help you?”

“I just lodged into the room next door. I am new here. My phone got locked and I can’t open the damn thing. Before I become a prey to technicians, I thought I should seek for help first. I hope I won’t be a nuisance.”
“No, what are neighbors for? What kind of phone is it?”
“It’s a Toshiba product.”

“Come inside, please.”
“I am okay here.” She said with a smile. “I am expecting some important calls and I need to settle in.”
“Can I have the phone?”
“Sure. Thank you.”

He collected the phone, pressed some keys before exposing his teeth.
“Here…” He gave it to her.
“Oh my God! Thank you so much. I tried it for over an hour.”
“It’s nothing really. It is my pleasure.”

“ I really appreciate you. Thank you. I think I have to go and settle in.”
“I am Jibril.”
“I am Rabi.” She offered her hand. He shook it and felt the softness and while she withdrew, she made sure her fingers were slow and sensual. As she turned to leave, she shook her back and he went barmy.
“Emm..excuse me.” He said. His Swagger reminded of African American men in the 60s.

“I am not a Nigerian actually. I represent the Minister of Petroleum in my country. I am here as a sleuth. Some of our men have being coming to Nigeria to use my boss’s name to commit crimes so I came alone. Not even an escort came with me. But my mission has been accomplished so I decided to do some personal business.”
“Hmmm….that is interesting. I am glad you are doing business with my country.”

“Yes, but it is just all about me. People think I help the people because I have a political ambition but no. I feel compassion towards the less privileged.”
“That is so nice of you. I know it is legal.”

“Sure. I am buying oil worth over two hundred million naira. Fifty per cent of the profit goes to the poor. Some of the profit go to pretty girls like
you.” He winked. “I love to play with pretty girls and they never regret they did.”
“Unfortunately I am not pretty and even if I was, I do not intend to follow you to Niger, wait until you make profit before you …..”
“It’s not my first time,” he cut in. “I have money, sweetheart.”

“Do you flirt with every girl you see?”
“Not every girl got booty like you and attract me.”
“You are dirty.”
“I am not but I admit that I am naughty and not haughty.”
“I am sorry, I am not interested. Do you know if I am staying with my man in the room?”

“I am the man who knows how to fix your phone…that means I can fix other things and that includes your bank account…I am not excluding ecstasy account.”
She pouted.
“You are rude.”

“No but I admit that I am crude.”
She chuckled.
“Okay, I am single and ready to mingle but not a swindle.”

“Men lie a lot to hit the spot. Let me tell you the truth. I don’t believe that you have one million naira to transact a deal with. This is a three thousand hotel plus, you don’t look like someone with that kind of money. I mingle only with men at the level where money jingle , rain and reign. You just mention over two hundred million naira, dude.
Jibril smiled.I

“ I will substantiate that. I am a very humble man and like I said in retrospect, I am here as a sleuth so I live incognito. Lodging in a cheap hotel is part of the plan.”
“Excuse me, why are you telling me all of these? It is not necessary.”
“It is because I want you to enjoy my benevolence and you just doubted me. If you stick with me, for a while, money will rain and reign as you put it. I am here to order for one hundred and fifty trucks of oil.”
“I am not a hawker. Why are you blowing hard to win me?”

“Just a modern and faster of way of proposing. So, what are you doing here?”
“Searching for a job.”
“Consider yourself lucky. I have got friends working in the refinery. I will talk to them. Meanwhile, I have a job for you. Why not be my PA for a few days and you earn twenty thousand naira? This is just for five days plus another ten thousand for being more than a PA. I call it Appreciation Fund.”
She smiled.

“I think that sounds better. I prefer to work for my money. But it has to be formal, right? Like, it will be written and signed.”
“That is no big deal.”
He did not see it as a big deal. He was not a fool. He knew it was an all-bank-transaction. There was no way she would come in contact with the money. Forty thousand! This was about the most expensive he was going to have. But when he looked at her again, he realized she would also be the most sophisticated.

“Let us go for lunch, please.” He said. “If I am not wrong, I think we both arrived and having a swell lunch will be pertinent. I prefer to eat at the restaurant across though.”
As they crossed the road to the restaurant, they were so carried away not to notice a very tall man with broad chest dressed in silk shirt with long collar, black faded jeans, black boots and dark goggles.
He wore a crew cut and long goatee. The man looked mean and dangerous.

He was sitting inside a car in front of the hotel. He brought out a silver colored handset from his pocket as he set his fierce eyes on them.
“I have found him.” He said into the mouthpiece.

Layla knocked, waited before the door was swung open to allow her go into the living-room. She saw Nana, the lady Zeeman staged as her mother.
“Aunty Nans.” Layla said with a smile.
“I hope you won’t star calling me Aunty SUG. I am Nana.”
Layla laughed.
“ Is she around?”

“Yes, check the backyard.”
Layla met Zeenah sitting on a plastic chair with a disc player on a table connected to the headphone she wore.
“Where are your guards?”
“They can’t keep guarding me for life.” Zeenah said as she removed the headphone. “I am safe now since the killer that threatened me is dead. What will you have?”

“You don’t go on anything hard so I came with my stuff. Just get me a bottle of Lacasera.”
“Go help yourself. Check the chiller.”
Layla went and got a bottle. She opened it, took a little sip, removed a bottle of syrup from her pocket and poured the content into the soft drink. She shook it, made it sure it was uniformly mixed before taken a long sip. “
This codeine is original.” She said.
Zeenah sipped coke.

“They are working on H3.” Zeenah said. “They are watching him. They will keep investigating till we grow old.”
Layla laughed.
“Oops!” She exclaimed and spilled some drinks on her body. She wiped it off. “What sound do I hear?”
“I have a crazy neighbor who plays B-ball every day. I one heard him playing around 2:00 AM.”

“What a whimsical neighbor.” Layla said. “Rabi is getting along with Jibril. He has gotten her an ID card. They went to see the Area Manager together. He really wants to show her that he is rich and not a liar. His allocation has being approved. Now, what next?”
“The government price is two hundred and forty million, eight hundred and fifty thousand . We are not going to sell it at that price. We are not the government. We will add ten naira on each litre. There are one hindred and fifty trucks of 33, 000 litres. There are four million, nine hundred and fifty thousand litres. If we multiply it by ten, that is the additional ten naira each, we have forty-nine million, five hundred thousand naira. That means we are selling it to Alhaji Babawo for two hundred and ninety million naira.”

“I don’t understand something.”
“How will you get the money to pay for the goods. You said we are not going to hijack it forcefully which is not possible. Will Alhaji Babawo pay in advance?”

“Marketers do not pay upfront. If you do that, your money may get hung. They pay the day the goods are loaded.”
Layla sipped her drink.
“From what you calculated, the cost of the goods is about two-fifty mil. The profit is not up to fifty mil. But you promised Rabi and Sharon forty mil each. It is befuddling. The goods must be paid for. I am confused.”

“Yes, Rabi will have forty, Sharon gets forty, while you get eighty and I will take the rest which is one hundred and thirty million.”
It did not make any sense to Layla and she was beginning to lose trust for her. They had been friends for years but she was just seeing a more virulent and cunny side of her.
“Your explanation only adds to my confusion.” Layla said. “Where is two-fifty mil coming from?”

“Niger republic.”
“You know Jibril does not deal with cash. There is no way we could get the money off him.”
“That is the reason I brought Sharon in. I knew a lot from my IT days. While you were busy catching fun with your boyfriend, I was combing the house. The NNPC opened a special account for Jibril’s ministry. Two days before he loads his goods, he pays into the account. That is on the 18 th. The cash Alhaji Babawo will pay will go into our account. The iol will be bought with Jibril’s money.”

Layla was sure that her confusion was not a result of the codeine. Zeenah seemed to be saying the impossible.
“We plan to keep Jibril hostage. If he is free till 20 th which is the day the goods will be loaded, we will not be able to obtain them.”
“Yoohh!” A thick voice emerged from the next compound. Layla was startled. Zeenah sat still.
“I told you that I have a crazy neighbor. I think he had a slam that made him happy.”
“The idiot scared the hell out of me.” Layla said. “go on, please.”

Zeenah eased her bulk, crossed a leg over the other and exposed her smooth legs. Layla felt she was just wasting that body as no one was exploring it.
“Let me break it down. We will eat our cake and have it back.” Zeenah went on. “ I am telling you this because of the trust I have for you. We will have both Jibril’s and Alhaji Babawo’s money.”
“You will get Jibril’s money, Babawo’s money…hmmmm.” Layla was beginning to think the whole set up was a waste of time and building of castle in air. She had a lot of respect for Zeenah for her smartness but it seemed she had lost it.

“This is a once in life opportunity. I do not plan to go deeper into crime. Just this hit and we are made for life so I intend to hit big. My father lived a good life, honesty and integrity were his watch words but where did it get him to? He has been in jail for years for a crime he did not commit. I know the pains of poverty . I am taking the same part. I am going to grab what I can. The money we will get from Alhaji Babawo is what we are going to share between the four of us. The money we will get from Jibril is juts between us. I will give you one another eighty million naira and take the rest. By the end, you will have one hundred and sixty million naira while I have two-ninety. Now listen. Jibril pays into the special account. This account number is secured in the Sales Department. The Sales Manager’s secretary has it in her computer. They change it every month. I and Sharon will have to break into the office. The account is called NRA. I will break the computer code and hack in. I will find the number and delete it then replace it with another account number with the same name: NRA with the same bank : Treasure bank.
Same account name but different accounts.

When Jibril goes there, he will be given the new account number thinking it was the original. He will pay into the account and send the pay slip for confirmation. He would be given a ticket for the goods. Immediately he gets the ticket, we would abduct him.
We will keep him abducted for a while. We will withdraw the money, obtain the oil with the ticket and sell it to Alhaji Babawo and have that money as well.”
Layla was shocked.

“How do you sum up such ideas? This is deep and gross! You are a queen of the underworld.”
“But breaking into the office is not a doddle. It has to be done at night.”
Layla felt her joy drifting away. She could imagine the brutal looking military men and police men around that place.
Zeenah studies her and smiled.

“I know what you are thinking. You can’t make such a heap of money while being pusillanimous. There must be risk. I and Sharon….”
Poom! Poom!
A ball crossed over the fence and bounced to nearly hit Layla. The ball hit a wall and rolled down.
“Hey, Mahmoud, go get the ball.” A man said from the other compound.
The girls kept quiet listening.

“You are not moving dude. Go and pick the ball. I am boiling. That was a shot though.” The man repeated.
“I can’t get the ball.” They heard Mahmoud say.
“Why? Just turn around and knock.”
“I have some real tough, taciturn and angry looking neighbor.”
“What is our business with that? It’s just a ball.”

“Listen Lash, the other day my ball dropped there. I went to pick it only to be blocked by police men. They tore my dear life with questions. They guard this young chic like she was the president’s daughter. I don’t know what she is. Maybe the IG’s young wife whom the older wife has threatened her life, or the only girl who knows where Don Perox is hiding. I don’t know what she is but she is being guarded. Plus, she is a grumpy queen. She warned me never to let my ball get binto her compound again.”
Lash laughed. “Are you scared of her? If it was me…”

“It is not you. You are Lash, I am Mahmoud. From the way she sounds, she may tell me one of these days not to breath from the air that crosses from her house to mine. I got myself a lovely neighbor, dude.”
“Is she living alone?”
“I don’t know. It seems I don’t want to know”

“she may be inside her room. Just try to get the ball fast. You can’t let that ball go. It’s NBA standard bro.”
There was a few seconds of silence.
“Sure Lash. You succeed in cajoling me and I will foolishly capitulate.”
The girls saw him drop with a swift move and landed in the compound. He was very shocked to see two girls staring at him. What? Will she call the cops? Damn!
He raised both hands in the air.

“I am under arrest.” He said. “I have the right to remain silent. Anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law. I have the right to have an attorney. If I can’t afford one, one will be appointed to me by the court…”
The girls just looked at him without a word.
“Good morning neighbors. I am Mahmoud. Don’t bother to introduce yourselves. I am okay with that. If you are calling the cops, do that fast but if you are not, please let me take my ball and leave.”
The girls still said nothing. Layla just gaped. He was tall, fit, handsome and she liked him at once.

“Thank you.’ He said with a smile, ran and picked the ball and threw it over the fence into his compound. “Thank you neighbors. Once again, I am Mahmoud.”
He sprang up and vaulted over the fence and disappeared. Layla was carried away. What a boy!
“Zee-baby.” Layla said above a little above a whisper. “ I like him.”
Zeenah smiled.

“I hate him!”
This was the beginning of the story of Mahmoud, Zeenah and Layla.

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This should be fun, let's go.
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Good job... ..
Re: My Trust Is For Sale by MAB84: 9:57pm On Feb 21, 2019

Jibril unbuttoned his shirt slowly, wearing a smile as he lustfully gaped at Rabi as she lay half naked on the bed. He had carried her along, convinced her that he was actually having the deal, hired her as a PA and felt he deserved his reward now. She was not just the most expensive but most difficult to lay.

Rabi knew how to keep him spellbound, and acting as if in a trance. She knew after giving him a hot session, he would become hypnotized and obsessed. He was not her kind of man. He was obsolete and looked like a cast for 1940 movie but for forty million naira, she ready to bear with his bad breath.S
Jibril moved slowly to the bed, licking his lips as he planted a kinky smile of his thin face. His eyes bulged out as he saw her unclad body. This was the best!

He pushed her gently and laid her on her back. He tried to kiss her but she reclined. She smoked but she hated cigarette stained teeth. She could not allow him kiss her. She did not even want a cuddle. Let him just do it and get up. She would close her eyes and pretend she was dead or having a nightmare. This was all for forty million naira.
Bang! Bang!

Jibril frowned, grimaced and hissed. Who was this intruder? He reluctantly got up and walked angrily to the door. Okay, whoever it was would have to leave. There was no cause for alarm. She was still there and still his for the taking.

“Excuse me, I will be back.” He said and wore jallabiya. He unlocked the door and opened it. He stiffened as he saw a hunk of beefcake standing before him. The face was hard and cold. Something about the eyes sent a chill through him and his anger was converted to confusion.
“What do you want?” He asked.
“He wants to talk to you. He is outside.”

“Who? Who are you?”
“Forget about me. I am his voice. My actions display whatever he says. I am his hands. I pick whatever he wants to pick. I am his teeth; I grind what he considers as prey. Who I am does not matter. It is who he is that matters.”
Jibril could not understand this.

“Who is he?” Are you sure you are not onto the wrong person?”
“You will meet him outside. It is not a mistake. I don’t make mistakes.”
“I am not here to see anyone. I do not have a boss in Nijeriya(Nigeriya). I am here on behalf of my country and seeing anyone outside my duties is not an obligation…..”

Jibril swallowed the rest of his words as he saw a pistol in the man’s hand. The manner and speed at which he brought out the gun baffled and scared him.
“I am his hand.” The man said, in a low tone, and Jibril thought Rabi could not hear them as the CD player blared Sa’adu Bori’s song. “I pick whatever he wants to pick. Come with me.”
Jibril remembered the next line. I am his teeth; I grind whatever he considers as prey.

“Take it easy.” Jibril said. “I will be right back.” He said aloud to Rabi.
“I hope it’s okay?”
“I guess so. Just an old pal of mine.”

As Jibril followed the huge man who hid the gun in his pocket but had his hand on it, he felt himself shivering. They got out of the hotel and crossed the road to the point where a big black SUV was parked.
“Get inside.” The man said after he opened the back door. Jibril went inside and saw a man sitting majestically on the backseat. His head was small but his cheeks were round and very fat. His sulky eyes made him look as if he was about to cry. He was very fat, with very big belly. Jibril wondered if the back seat could accommodate three people with this man almost occupying the whole space.
He wore a very expensive brocade sawn in babanriga style. The car AC was on, and the air was cloudy with cigarette smoke. He turned his face at Jibril.

“You look scared.” He said in a very soft and slow manner. His voice was light. “Did Boro manhandle you?”
The huge man was already sitting at the passenger’s side, as still as a pole, while the driver rested his hands on the steering wheel.
“Boro.” The fat man called softly.

“Did you touch him?”
“No Sir. I only showed him my Hajiya.”
The fat man coughed. As he coughed, his tommy vibrated even when he did not move his body. It reminded Jibril of water bed.
“Do not worry about Boro. He made you look like a foe. You are a friend. A partner in success. My name is Mu’azu. You are Jibril Maradi, I know that already.”

“What is all these all about?” Jibril asked as he saw the boss to be more friendly.
Mu’azu coughed again. Jibril quickly sent his eyes to his tommy to see how it vibrated.
“I am the owner of Mu’azu Oil. I am an independent marketer with over eight filling stations and seventy trucks because I also transport. You are the Niger agent, I know. This is your second year representing your ministry. I want to strike a deal with you. I have been watching you for long and my conclusion after studying you was that you are a very big fool. I am sorry for my choice of words. Two years of transaction and you have not changed. You have not changed. The only thing you have improved on is having more women and beer. You are supposed to have become rich.”

“I never had any chance to become rich which I missed. I am a paid worker with fixed amount. The transaction is not a personal deal.”
“Listen to me shallow head. I want to buy the goods you buying this month. This month is rough. Most of us did not get our allocations approved. I guess you are very lucky because of diplomatic relations. I am in dire need of goods. I want your ticket for two hundred million naira.”

“My ticket? You said you have been watching me. It seems you watched me wrongly because if you did that correctly, you should have known that I just a paid government worker…”
“Balderdash! I know right. I am just pulling the veil off your eyes. This is your chance to get rich. Your allocation has been approved and you will load in three days’ time. You are going to pay tomorrow. You are buying at the rate of two hundred and forty million naira. I will buy it at the rate of two hundred million naira. Loss? You have nothing to lose. It is not your money. I will give you the money and simply vanish. I can arrange something for you. A fake abduction. Your country will be worried for your safety. It will be like you were kidnapped. You will live a low key life for a while and I will plan how to make it look like you hit a contract with us. You can relocate to Nigeria.”
Jibril just listened while he felt his heart throbbing.

“I will think over it.”
“I hope you are not planning on bringing in the police.”
Boro turned his face at them and smiled.
“Oh oh, You can see Boro smiling. That means a lot. That smile means you will have the imam standing over your body as you lay covered with white piece of cloth. If you don’t believe me, please try it.” He said and coughed. “You can go round refinery and ask about me. They will tell you that had doubted me but never lived to tell. They will tell you that I did this and that but the law could do nothing about it. I am a planner. I rule my world. I hope you will be very smart. You have just tonight to think about it. Here….this is my number.”

He gave a card to Jibril and tossed a bundle of cash him.
“I think Boro got your heart shaking. This is just fifty thousand naira. Use it chill your frayed nerves at the bar and have a good time with your woman. Thank you very much for your co-operation. Goodbye.”
Jibril alighted from the car and watched the SUV go out of his sight. He walked slowly back to the hotel. He saw Rabi still lying half naked on the bed but the mood to have her had gone. He opened the refrigerator and poured a glass of gin and gulped it at once.
“What is wrong?” She asked.

He said nothing but just lolled on the bed.
“Nothing.” He managed to say.
“That is a lie. You are tensed up. Look at your face.”
“It is business. “He said.

“Are you a gangster?”
“What? Why?”
“The way that man behaved. It’s you had a cocaine deal that went wrong. You looked so jittery. Are you in trouble?”
He turned at her and saw concern on her face. It seemed she was falling in love with him. Damn! She loved him.

“ I am good. I just need to be alone for a while. I need to do some thinking. I will do that at the bar.”
He got up, tore the wrap of the cash and counted five thousand naira and dropped it on the edge of the bed.
“Why not take a walk? I need a break. When you come back, we will pick up from where we stopped.”

He walked out of the room and went to the barroom. As the barman served him, his mind dwelled on Mu’azu. There was no doubt he was a dangerous and powerful man.
The idea did not sound okay to him. And he was not foolish enough to believe that it would work out as smooth as he had planned. If he agreed, they will kill him to bury the truth. If he disagreed, they would still kill him for knowing the truth.
He pictured Boro’s face and Mu’azu’s words.
Oh oh, You can see Boro smiling. That means a lot. That smile means you will have the imam standing over your body as you lay covered with white piece of cloth. If you don’t believe me, please try it.

You can go round refinery and ask about me. They will tell you that had doubted me but never lived to tell. They will tell you that I did this and that but the law could do nothing about it. I am a planner. I rule my world.
He had to quit this job. He was absconding. This was too dangerous. He needed smoke. He took a gulp of beer before sending cigarette to his mouth. Oops! It was the lighter he put in his mouth while he wanted to use the cigarette to light it. He was confused. It was 5:00 PM already. He had just a few hours to save his life. He had even began to spend Mu’azu’s money. There had to be a way out.
Meanwhile, Rabi was on phone with Zeenah.
Re: My Trust Is For Sale by MAB84: 10:05pm On Feb 21, 2019
A few minutes after 7:00 PM, Sharon was already dressed in black jeans, black shirt and black trainers. She could hear her mother’s voice from her room. She was a bit nervous. She had always been red blooded but the task ahead of her now was scary. Something told her she was leaving her house for the last time.

This was a crime to be committed nevertheless, she knelt down and prayed. As she walked out, her mother saw her and said, “where are you going to?”

“I need to see Suzzy. I mean Suzan.” She lied. “Her mother is on a three day trip and she can’t stay all by herself.”
“I don’t think your father will be happy with this.”
“All he needs is an explanation, mum.”
“Yes but I won’t be the one to do that. You have his number. Do that yourself.” She smiled. “But I trust you my baby. I know you will never do anything to bring shame upon us. Always remember the family values, virtues and vindication. The …..”

“Three Vs.” Sharon completed. She had been hearig this for all she could remember.
“Avoid bad friends. Avoid bad friends.”
Sharon felt her hard throb in her heart. Why was she mentioning that now? Could she see that she just met some bad girls and was going to committee a crime now? Zeenah was waiting for her and they were going to break into an office at the refinery. That was scary. That was place was highly secured.

“Thank you mum. I will adhere.”
What? What was going on? Should she give this thing up? But the money! No!
“I promise.”

“What is wrong with you? You look nervous.”
“I am okay.” She glanced at the wall clock, “I need to run ma’am. You thought me not move around late.”
“Sure. Take care of yourself.”

Sharon left the house. She got outside, checked her pocket and found the only cash she had left in the world: two hundred naira. She was tired of being impecunious. She needed money and all she had was this deal. She was going on with it.
While she waited for a cab, she felt the movement of someone at her back. She turned her head swiftly and saw the last person she had expected at that time: Tobi.

Tobi was very tall, with a body rippling with muscles. He was dark, with clean shaven face. He was a hooded jacket and bowler hat.
“My Pretty.” He said with his thick voice.
She was shocked.
“Tobi.” She managed to say. “How far?”

“Cool. So, what’s up?” I am sorry I could not make it last night. I had to drive the old man out. Since he fired Joe, he has turned me to his chauffeur. You did not train today.”
“Yes, I did not.”

“I was not in the mood. I just stayed back at home.”
He held her and drew her closer. He kissed her on the forehead.
“I want to put you in a nice mood today. We are going to have a romantic night. Guess what, we are going to chill at Deluxy. I came with pop’s ride.”

“That is great.”
He noticed her unenthusiastic response.
“Sharon, I said we are going to Deluxy tonight. We have been dreaming of going there for the past three weeks. I just got some money and I plan to burn it with you.”

“I heard you.”
“But you don’t look excited or interested.”
“I am not interested Tobi. I am sorry about that.”
He felt as if she just poured molten brass into his ear.

“Did you just say that?”
“Yes but don’t get me wrong. As you can see, I was on my way out. We can go some other time.”
He put his hand in his pocket and removed a stick of cigarette.
“Tobi, you are in front of my house.”

“Oh, yeah. I am flummoxed. I need to calm my nerves. You know it is not every day. I may burn this money and don’t know when I will get it again. I may end up going for a ‘shack’ at the beer pub with my dogs.”
“If it will make you happy, please do. All I need is your happiness. Don’t worry, any time you get another money, we will go. I have to see a friend of mine.”

“Which of your friends is more important than hanging with me?”
“She needs me too.” She said impatiently.
“Are you seeing another guy?”
“Listen Tobi, let’s not argue over this here. I am not seeing another guy. It’s my bad luck that I am in a brooding mood today. We will talk about this some other time. I must leave.”

“My Pretty, please let me know if you met someone else?”
“I said no. I said I am not in the mood. We will talk tomorrow.”
“Okay, let me give you a ride.”
“Thank you but I will rather take a cab.”

He smirked.
“I get it. You won’t even let me know where you are going, huh? And you say it is just a friend…”
“Tobi you are as nagging as a mosquito. Can’t you save it till tomorrow? I told you that I am not in the mood.”
He brought out a lighter.
“Tobi, any of my brothers could see you. You can’t smoke here.”

“I don’t care. Let the whole world see me. Not just baz-up but I bombo too. Have a nice time.”
He walked away angrily, got into his father’s car and drove away.
She sighed. Let him go. When she demanded for something, he would complain. The little he gave her, he did it with pride. Now that she was at the verge of becoming independent, he was playing ST. Valentine

She stopped a cab and hoped she was not late.
As the cab moved, she thought about Zeenah. Zeenah impressed her and was her new role model. She was calm, calculative, smart and gutsy.
Forty million naira! Phew! She would become a big girl. She dove into reveries and saw herself driving posh cars. Sorento was her dream car. She would fix heavy CD player that would blare heavy sound as she cruised. What would she use as a private number? Sharry? Independent? No,
Sharry will do.

She could picture her wardrobe stashed with designers, plus expensive basketball kits. Okay, enough of the daydreams, she cautioned herself, face realities first.
The cab stopped and she alighted, paid and walked on the pavement of the boulevard. She heard Zeenah’s neighbor blaring music so loud. As she pressed the bell-push, she realized her heart beating rapidly.

Zeenah appeared with a soft smile on her pretty face.
“Come in, you are ten minutes late.”
“I am sorry. I had….”

“Don’t bother about an explanation. I understand how it is.”
“Thank you, That is so nice of you.”
After they both sat down, Zeenah said, “I hope you know that I have implanted a lot of confidence in you. I saw this from your aggressive style of play. I was the one who discovered you and set Layla to recruit you. You are physically strong, fast and fit. Do not be scared. I got it all worked out. Never think of negativities. I am not saying you should not be realistic but thoughts like failure, being in the hands of those brutal military men, should not cross your mind. They will affect you confidence. Just look at success and think about forty million naira.”

Sharon nodded.
“Do you drink?”
“I do.”
“Okay, I don’t drink but I got you Calypso. You will need a sip.” Zeenah said and got her a glass of wine.
After two glasses, Sharon felt more relaxed. They left the house.
“I do not have a car. I arranged with a cabby but he has not come and we don’t have all the time in the world.
Sharon felt her fears drift away. The ethanol was streaming into her nervous system.

“It’s 9:00 PM already.” Zeenah grimaced. “We have jut today and this big headed cabby is fuc*ing up. I can’t even reach him on his cell phone.”
“Can’t we use a commercial ride?”
“The cab is also commercial. The part we are going to alert is bushy and it is a distance from the city. Let us try.”
Zeenah touched the butt of the pistol in her pocket. She had stolen it from a cultist while still in school. She had never used it, except when she was training on how to use a gun, until she gunned Hassan down.

There was no cab. Zeenah was agitated. They had to be there before 10:00 PM. They had to do it today and fix Jibril the next day. Now it was worse after what Rabi told her. From the description, that was Alhaji Mu’azu and his dangerous mouthpiece, Boro.
So there was competition and a tough one. Mu’azu was known to be mean, persistent and connected. This meant they had to be fast and vigilant.

Zeenah was confused. There was no hope now to find a cab. Was this the end of the mission? After all she had been through to get here?
A navy blur Kia Jeep pulled up ahead of them. There was a heavy sound of music blaring loudly. The sound made Sharon felt as if the drums were been made in her tommy. This was her dream: to have a posh car with heavy sound systems.

Zeenah heard the music lowered, and the car reversed. The person behind the wheel switched on the car lights. He was dressed in white jogger, white plain T-shirt, and, white wristband white headband. He wore plain round rimmed glasses.
“Hi, neighbor. Once again, I am Mahmoud. That pesky neighbor of yours.”
“Hello Mahmoud.” Zeenah said with a smile. Sharon saw the ball on the backseat, his looks and guessed he was a basketballer like her.
He looked at Sharon.

“I will call the cops for impersonation if you don’t play B-ball.”
“She plays.” Zeenah said, “but not by 2:00 AM.”
“That is because she is not crazy. They say I am crazy.” He shrugged.
Both girls giggled.

“Yeah. People say it. Some said I am naughty. Some say rude, careless, spoilt, crazy. Don’t mind them though. They are just jealous of us.”
“Us?” Zeenah frowned.

“Yes. They saw it on my forehead that I am going to meet you someday and they want to tarnish my image. My image they can’t tarnish. Our love can’t vanish. Rather it will polish. And be together till we finish. No languish, vanquish but bliss and love will lavish….whoa!” He exclaimed, glanced at Sharon, “did you hear those flows? I am going poetic. Poetic justice. Chai! Okay, I am Romeo, nice to meet you.”
“You are not Romeo, but Crazy.” Zeenah said. He amused Sharon.

“So where are you girls up to?”
Zeenah thought he was not going to ask. She had to be careful. She would not let him know where exactly they were going to. But she had no choice now. He may be their only chance of covering the thirty-six kilometers journey. Besides, she saw him as a shallow brained guy who may not think deep about it.

“Somewhere close to refinery.” Zeenah replied.
“Jeez, that’s some distance though. I won’t offer a ride but if you ask, I won’t say no.”
Crazy guy, Zeenah thought.
“I will ask.” She said.

“Then jump in.”
Sharon saw how he rolled the ball, juggled it and it rolled on his hand before he threw it to the back. She guessed he a shit-hot basket baller
Zeenah sat by his die while Sharon went behind. Zeenah fell in love with the car. He switched off the light, allowed a car pass before he screeched the tyres and drove with a high speed. He was a rough driver.
“Where were you when we moved in?” Zeenah asked for want of something to say.

“Ohhh, I went to my third house.”
“Third house? How many houses do you have?”
“Three and a half.”

“I have three wives and each has her separate house. But the one close to you is half because you and I are yet to get married yet. So I call it half. When are we starting the wedding plans?”
“You are crazier that they said. You are not up to thirty and you claim to have three wives, rubbish.”

“I am twenty four and this is the best time to have three wives or four. I am still strong. Why should I wait until I start having needs for drugs to take care of my wives. I will start divorcing them when I am forty to save energy.”
“Hmmm….I have heard you. But you live here alone.”
“I do.”

She wanted to ask him if he smoked but hesitated. She had been perceiving the odour.
“Where are your parents?” My family house is about twenty kilometers away. My father has thirty children so I prefer staying here.”
“That is because you can afford the rent.”
He only smiled.

“I live there for free. He does not collect rent from me. I am lucky to have a free accommodation.”
“Sure you are. Why did he let you live in their free?”
“We have a relationship. He married my mother and they gave birth to me. He says I am his son and everyone says he is my father. About thirty of us call him our father.”

Zeenah shook her head.
“Simply say he is your father. Can’t you be normal for once, like talk normal.”
“I love being a step ahead people. When they are normal, I am abnormal. Two letters ahead. A and B. join me and see how cool it is to be abnormal. But to get the A-B is not easy though. You have to pay for it. Want to try?”

“No, thank you. I prefer to lag behind.”
The car pulled up and she was amazed how fast they had gotten there.
“Thank you Mahmoud.” She said.

“It’s my pleasure. Wait, I can’t find my set.” He said turning.” I guess it dropped somewhere here. I have been searching for it before you came into the car.”

He gave her his number and she called. He saw it under his seat.
“Thank you. Once again….”
“You are Mahmoud.” Zeenah completed. “I know right.”
He increased the volume of the music and sped off.

“What a character.” Sharon observed.
“That is my crazy neighbor . I just don’t like him.”

Sharon wondered why. She like him. He had this vivacious personality. Zeenah could be strange.
They crossed the road, and walked down the bush to disappear into the darkness. The mission began……

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Re: My Trust Is For Sale by Ann2012(f): 11:06pm On Feb 21, 2019
Another interesting piece

You deserve some accolades

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Another interesting piece

You deserve some accolades
Thanks. Dis means a lot to me

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This should be fun, let's go.

Re: My Trust Is For Sale by MAB84: 10:18am On Feb 22, 2019
Good job... ..

Thank you
Re: My Trust Is For Sale by Ochyglowsglows(f): 10:29am On Feb 22, 2019
queenitee, honorable356, ekposparoayara, you guys should call the other family members o. There's another thrilling piece here. If you're not reading this, you're wrong. �

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This is the only writer that means business on NL.

His writing skills are great, updates are regular with no break in transmission and he is not full of excuses like others.

Make i carry chair sitdown here jare and sip my ciroc.

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Re: My Trust Is For Sale by MAB84: 5:46pm On Feb 22, 2019
This is the only writer that means business on NL.

His writing skills are great, updates are regular with no break in transmission and he is not full of excuses like others.

Make i carry chair sitdown here jare and sip my ciroc.

You just made my decade. I won't disappoint you by the grace of God. Thanks

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Re: My Trust Is For Sale by MAB84: 5:47pm On Feb 22, 2019
queenitee, honorable356, ekposparoayara, you guys should call the other family members o. There's another thrilling piece here. If you're not reading this, you're wrong. �

Re: My Trust Is For Sale by MAB84: 5:49pm On Feb 22, 2019

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Mahmoud and Zeenah are my best characters, I still have one more character which I'll expose later since I'm through reading on Inkitt grin

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Mahmoud and Zeenah are my best characters, I still have one more character which I'll expose later since I'm through reading on Inkitt grin

grin grin no spoilers please

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Make sense

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grin grin no spoilers please

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Make sense


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