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Enclosed (a Story) by brosci(m): 6:51pm On Mar 11
I was cooking my favorite food, beans around several minutes past 7pm in my hostel -Aminu Mano hall popularly called hall 3, as lazy drops of rain drizzled from the fast darkening sky, the aftermath of an heavy down pour earlier in the day. The power had just come on thanks to the industrial plant the school management had set in place for its hostels. At least they tried. As for NEPA...... Nobody controlled them so it was no surprise when they decided they were going for a 3 day leave just a week to Exams. Which meant no light for us.
Everyone in my 8 bunk room were in high spirit due to power coming on, which was quite a sight.
Though it was a room designed for 8 people we were 14 in number and we were very happy. No complaints at all. And please don't ask me how 14 people managed to share 8 mini bed for a year because that is a story for another day but squatting would be a well summarized explanation.
Normally due to the cold weather the expected discussion was an argument.
Yes argument, literally. My room was very special and we argued about everything. from messi vs ronaldo to tiger vs lion, down to the amount of carbohydrate in beans vs the amount of protein in it. And just in case you don't know beans has more carbohydrate than protein. Benefit of arguing I guess.

The point is we argued about everything whether relevant or irrelevant. But this evening was a bit different. Maybe it was due to the 3 days blackout from PHCN or the nap most of us took during the down pour but we found ourselves talking about the story we had all read over time. We were so enthralled as we listened to ourselves share our tales that were only made possible through ink and paper. I mean we were so deep into it that I didn't notice when the water in my pot overflowed due to heat (you know that thing that beans does when it boils and the pot doesn't have enough space to hold it in,. That was what happened)
It wouldn't have been a problem if that was the only issue but.............. I was cooking with an electric stove and just as fate would have it my hand was idly brushing the electric stove. and my friend when I say electric stove. Pay attention to the "ELECTRIC PART" because the voltage that entered my body sent me to cloud 9. For the first time in my life I felt like Neil Armstrong because I was sure I saw stars floating above me while gazing from the moon.
Drugs? Forget it. Nothing can make a man feel like all his dreams are achievable than electricity.
My roommate's later told me I screamed during the incident. I didn't remember though but I knew that the shock was real due to the sparks I felt in my veins.

I went to sleep later that night around 3am with a spark in my heart. It was not from the electric shock though but from the realization that prior to that day and our discussion that i've always wanted to write a STORY.

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Re: Enclosed (a Story) by Ayanfe29(f): 7:32pm On Mar 11
Nice intro...excite us more with fantastic updates
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by brosci(m): 7:52pm On Mar 11

This story is a long piece not a flip through, just so you know.
It has a lot of really serious theme but nothing out of the ordinary and is generally age friendly. Secondly this is not a rush fire story, it has its moment but they are not entirely glaring from the first glance. The characters are given a chance to develop so the reader knows where they are coming from. I don't think that is too strange, is it?

I really would have love to tell you what the story is about but that would spoil the fun. All in All, I think it is a great read. But of course all writers think so.
WOW did I just think of myself as a writer. 20th wonder of the world

really important for me. It assures me i'm not alone here. Whether it is of praise or criticism, i'm going to love it because it means someone is actually following.

THEY are pretty cool but not as important as comments.

I hate it. and the reason is pretty simple.
920 views with no comments or likes will simply be interpreted by my brain as 920 people who thought the story was a waste of time and couldn't waste any further second by just clicking a simple like function. Very horrible right?

I love this crew. They actually follow you without you having a clue. I really love you guys or girls but saying something would make our relationship stronger.
Communication strengthens love

I just want to tell it. plain and simple, no other reason.
So if you like the story as you keep reading, you could help mention others that you know are avid readers.

just inform me first before you decide to make use of any part of the story. I wouldn't sue you though if you decide to snub my request , that is a luxury for those who have the luxury for it.
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by LightQueen(f): 8:35pm On Mar 11
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by Ann2012(f): 10:38pm On Mar 11
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by brosci(m): 9:37pm On Mar 12
******** PROLOGUE ***********

"B!tch" he cursed silently as he stared at the unconscious body passed out on the floor. He wasn't sure if it was the shot from his fist to the side of her head or the impact of it hitting the floor that had caused her blackout, but he couldn't care less. He was already behind schedule and knew he had to leave as soon as possible. He bent down and carried her non responsive body from the floor before dropping her on the sofa closest to him. He groaned as a bout of searing pain exploded in his head and he raised his hand to his temple to feel the stickiness of his own blood coat his fingers. He cursed angrily and wiped the blood stained hand on his jeans, ignoring the drops of fresh blood still trickling from the gash. It was a wide cut but not deep enough for it to cause a bother or deter him from his mission.

He decided against turning on the light. The flashlight from his phone camera would do.

He got on the sofa and the leather protested loudly against the additional weight it had to carry. he settled into a kneeing position on top of her, both legs spread at either side of hers.
he reached for the buttons of her shirt and unfastened them in breezy pace. The last one posed a little of a challenge in coming off and his impatience got the better of him as he grabbed both ends of the shirt and pulled. The sound of flying button and tearing material echoed in the mildly dark room, but the silence returned within moments. He manipulated her arms and got rid of the ruined dress, disposing it on the ground.

A small smile crept into his full beard face as he ogled her, the white bra serving as the only material preserving the total exposure of her upper body. He considered handling her but the realization of time running out on him snapped him out of his reverie and he lifted himself from the sofa. He raised her lower back from the chair with one arm and awkwardly felt for the zip of her skirt with the other. He found it, grabbed and pulled downward before yanking off the skirt.

He watched her, lying still and vulnerable. and except from her underwear, she was totally Unclad and exposed to him.

He smiled again as he felt a stir in his groin. He was going to enjoy this a lot.

He reached for his jeans, unbuckled the belt and hauled both it and his boxers down in one movement. his excitement was apparent as his hardened member twitched in response to the cool night breeze. He kicked off his trousers and peeled of his shirt before assuming his former position on the sofa. He bent toward her and dropped his phone beside her head.

He stifled a groan as the pain in his head returned from the cut she had inflicted. but this time he managed not to utter any profanity.
He didn't know how long she was going to stay unconscious but he hoped it would be long enough for him to finish what he was here for. He had lost the chloroform injection during their struggle and didn't remember where he dropped it.
He shook his head, casting off the feeling of uncertainty creeping into him. There was no way she was waking up in the next six hours after that fall.

He looked into her face and the sick smile returned to his lips. She was extremely beautiful and he was going to have her, whether she wanted it or not.

He raised one of her leg, resting it on his body as he drew his kneeing frame closer to her pelvis while his free arm grabbed his member, pistolling it until it grazed her covered sex.

"Let's see if he will want you after this" he whispered into her ear as he reached down to slide the last piece of clothing that separated their sexes out of the way.

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Re: Enclosed (a Story) by Ayanfe29(f): 9:58pm On Mar 12
First to Comment
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by brosci(m): 10:11pm On Mar 12
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Re: Enclosed (a Story) by Ann2012(f): 10:12pm On Mar 12
Well done OP
Keep the updates coming

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Re: Enclosed (a Story) by brosci(m): 10:14pm On Mar 12
Mods automated machines keep changing every sentence.

Its too early for this
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by brosci(m): 8:30pm On Mar 13
Before I drop the first chapter I just want to quickly thank these 3 individuals that have been a great help to my start to life at the literature section. Ayanfe29, Ann2012 and lightQueen. You guys...... Sorry, ladies have been wonderful.

Now straight to business.

I will update the story to the very end as long as there is a reader showing an interest.

Is posting updates everyday.
A lot of things and circumstances prevent these from been a possibility.
Still, under the worst circumstances delay in updates shouldn't exceed 4 days.



Re: Enclosed (a Story) by brosci(m): 9:13pm On Mar 13
*********CHAPTER 1 - GENESIS**********

Michael Balogun had no idea of the time, but he knew it wouldn't be long before dawn.

He smiled as he felt the nàked woman sleeping soundly beside him in the almost dark room. His smile broke into a grin as thoughts of last night replayed themselves in his head; they had made series of passionate love before going to bed and either of them had waken the other up for another romp at least twice, with their last session less than an hour ago. He was spent and exhausted and knew he would need several hours to recover.

He traced his finger from the lady bottom curves to the upper part of her body. She stirred and turned facing him, her head settling gently on his chest.

"Morning handsome" she said softly.

"Morning" he returned warmly. she giggled as he took a handful of her hair, curling them gently around his fingers "you seem excited" he whispered into her ear.

she ran her hand over his hairy chest and raised her gaze to his face, carving out his jawline in the darkness "I was just wondering how you manage to do it every single time"

He looked at her queried "do what?"

"Stay Awake. there's never a time I wake up without you watching me"

He smiled and nozzled her hair, taking in the dull scent of the shampoo she had used last night "i've never really thought about it before"

"I know." she said and drew her body tightly to his " It just gives me a protective feeling"

He covered her nàked body with his hand and planted a soft kiss on her cheek. She responded by moulding herself into him, entwining their legs together . They remained that way for several minutes and he was almost certain she had slipped back to sleep when she spoke again. "So how was it? "

"Hmm?" He inquired

"You know, the night" she said in a childish voice and the grin he had been sporting since the early hours of the morning returned to his face. "The best night I've ever had." he said, tracing her bust with his index finger "That was one hell of a sent forth sex"

"Sex?" She asked quizzically

"I did imply best sex right"

She raised her head from his chest and looked into his face "That was not what I meant mike" she said, feeling for the lamp stand switch. The light from the bedside lamp was enough to illuminate the both of them in bed and he couldn't help but admire the beauty staring at him. her face was remarkably stunning and spotless without the slightest trace of chubbiness in it, while her slender body carried subtle curves that ignited a sexual appeal he rarely gets when with other women. Being a black american, her chocolate skin was the best part for Michael. Caucasians were great but dark skinned women did it for him.

"What did you mean then?" He asked casually, knowing where the conversation was heading.

She sensed the subtle warning in his voice and her confidence dissipated a little but she continued, hoping to take advantage of the moment "well it's been over six months since we became this close. I was thinking maybe we are quite.... " she stopped, gauging his mood but his neutral expression expression didn't give anything away "maybe we are quite past the 'just sex' thing"
"Cara, we talked about this" he said in a low growl that matched his fast waning light mood he had woken up with hours ago "you know what this is all about"

"So I'm just your mistress?"

"That is old fashioned and I don't think of you as that"

"Friends with benefit then" she said with a smile in an attempt to lighten the mood.

"Whatever you say"

"Come on, a girl can only hope" she said toying with with a hair on his chest "not like I expected anything to come out of this anyway. You made that clear from the beginning"

"and It's best it remains that way" he said, emphatically closing the discussion.

He drew himself into a sitting position, resting his head on the headboard and closed his eyes.
he felt her hand on his face stroking lightly and he shook his head to quietly ward her off. She got the hint and reluctantly withdrew from him. The air around them had thicken uncomfortably and he knew she felt it too.

Something was happening to her. and he knew what it was. her recent reactions, their lingering conversations and her sudden interest about his personal life had all be obvious signs but he had ignored them, convincing himself that she couldn't slip and it was only happening in his head. She was a practical woman who knew what she wanted and understood the nature of their relationship, the limits especially. She was sharp, sophisticated, and clear minded, traits that gave him the impression that she was the real deal. she was also realistic and not exactly the kind who would sacrifice her independence just to get tied to a man in a relationship --- the main reason he had risk becoming intimate with her. but he couldn't deny the fact that things were changing now. They were arguing a lot lately and she was asking a lot of questions. Questions that she never bothered asking him during their first few months together. He had also noticed the way she had been looking at him, which was what worried him the most. It was the same look all of his previous partners had before he had to split up with them.

He liked her, no doubt but that was as far as he could go. The settling down thing just wasn't for him, at least not for the moment. He did have plans to make a family, maybe around his sixties. Find a girl, procreate and try to be a responsible father but right now any relationship with the opposite gender was for mutual gratification and she understood that. at least he thought so.

"Down to earth mike" she said, snapping him out of his reverie.

"Uhm....what?" He asked a bit muddled

"Wow. You just kind of zoned out. didn't know that relationship talk terrifies you this much. You should have seen your face" she said with a soft laugh, hoping that to bridge the gap she had unintentionally created moments ago

"I wasn't thinking about relationships" he said getting up from the bed, unamused.

"I bet you were" she continued teasingly.

He walked to the wardrobe and selected a sweatshirt with matching trunk from the pile of neatly hanged clothes. "I'm going out for a jog"

"Michael" she called out softly. He grunted dully as he wore the shirt over his head to let her know she had his attention. He waited for her to continue but the only sound he heard was the cool humming of the air conditioner. He turned to her with a raised eyebrow. "I have a confession" she continued but he stopped her with a raised finger and shook his head "No. no confessions. no recriminations. no promises"

She let out a frustrated puff "why don't you hear me out"

"So you can talk about commitments. come on cara, You know that doesn't go down well with me"

"Yeah, right" she turned away from him and drew herself to a sitting position, her chin resting on her legs. He watched her and shook his head, sighing tiredly.

He walked slowly to the bed and joined her under the covers. He pushed the mountain of hair from her face and turned her chin so she could meet his eyes. "You don't know how important you are to me"

"I think I have a clue"

"No you don't" he said and drew her tightly to him, resting her head on his chest "I just wish I could give you more"

She raised her eyes and looked at him "so there's really nothing between us"

"I don't know" he said quietly "but you're the closest woman in my life right now"

She shot him an exaggerated glare "Closest, right now" she asked dubiously but he could see the small smile hidden at the side of her mouth.

"I think we better leave it at that" he grinned

"Actually I think we should talk about it" she said and punched him lightly on the chest. He doubled over feigning hurt and rolled off the bed "I'm not sure about that. I may end up dead before we are done"

"I can guarantee you that" she said chuckling

He raised his hands to his neck and did a mock show of choking himself, causing more laughter from her. He walked back to the wardrobe and picked out a pair of blue nikes from the bottom drawers.

"When will you be leaving for Nigeria?" She asked

"Two pm"

"Today?" She asked, her surprise evident in her tone


"I thought you would be around for a day or two?"

"Wish I could but my old man insisted I come right away. He sounded kind of anxious." he said, sitting on the edge of the bed as he wore the sneakers "I think it's urgent"

"How long are you going to stay?' She asked sounding nonchalant

" don't tell me you're going to miss me. I remembered you once said Nigerians are scams." He said with a teasing smile " are you going to miss a scammer? "

"Here we go again" she said rolling her eyes "you know the only reason I went out with you was because you had America citizenship. So technically I went out with an american not a Nigerian"

"But i was only born here and..."

"and that makes you an American"

He smiled and drew close to kiss her but she cleverly withdrew. "there won't be any of that until you are back"

He sighed audibly " Tease"

He checked his watch '5:57'.

"Got to go. I will meet you in an hour"

"I will be gone by then. I have a job to answer to" she said, pulling the covers from her nùde form as she got up from the bed, causing an audible groan from him

"Are you sure you don't want to give me that kiss. it might be quite some time before we meet again" he said, subtly closing the distance between them. "No" she answered flatly

"You're terrible" he said with a smile, before heading for the door.

"And you're a saint" she said sarcastically

"Tell Joe and Anna I will keep in touch."

"I will" she called out.

She waited until she could no longer hear his fading footsteps before collapsing into the bed. She placed her head on her hands shutting herself from everything around her. She felt her eyes watering and shut them tightly to hold back the tears. "What is wrong with you?" She asked herself indignantly.


"Good day sir, what would you like to order?" Jane inquired from the man that had just arrived wearing her best smile. The man looked up and returned the smile, showing his full set of teeth.

"Anything that you think would be good for me" He answered with a gruffness that was common in the voice of most over weight men.

"ooh, what...sorry" she stammered, taken off guard by his response but caught herself immediately "would you like fried rice with chicken or maybe..."

"That would be excellent" the man cut in wanting to save her any further embarrassment.

"Okay. It'll be ready in three minutes" she answered before returning to the counter where food were been served.

"Fried rice with chicken for the man in white agbada" she said to fumi, the lady behind the counter.

"For him?" asked Fumi surprised

"Yes" she answered amused by her astonished tone

"He never eats rice here, always go for the swallow stuff"

"Maybe he wants a change"

"Did he make the order himself?" Fumi probed on

"Not really. He had me do it"

"How do you always make men do what you want?" She queried, puzzled

"you know i won't be working at a restaurant in the down part of lagos if that was true"

Fumi shook her head admittedly and smiled sadly "you are right. i'm sorry for bringing it up"

She smiled "don't be, I'm pretty much over it now. I actually said that in good faith"

"As if there we're such a thing" said fumi skeptical

"There is" she said shrugging "it's called complaining in good faith"

The both of them giggled quietly at the joke.

"He's staring at you" fumi pointed out after a while and she turned to confirm her observation. The man smiled when their eyes met. She smiled back, knowing he was expecting it.

"I think he was staring at his food. he must be starving" she said denying the obvious.

"That would make sense if he was looking over the counter where the food is" fumi countered

she knowing what she meant stealthily adjusted her skirt to avoid the groping eye of the man.

"Well, your man is waiting for you" fumi said after a moment of silence.

"Isn't that obvious?"

"No not this one. I mean your man, Matthew" she said with a knowing smile.

She scanned the restaurant and saw him waving at her. Her face brightened. He was sitting at his favourite corner casually dressed in a T-shirt and jeans with his guitar lying lazily by his side.

"Here you go" fumi interrupted her train of thoughts as she passed the tray to her "customer first, remember?"

"Yes" she answered making a 'I - know - that' face which caused a smile from fumi.

"Here you go sir" she said to the man as she set the table " sorry it took a bit longer than expected "

"It was obvious you were enjoying yourself" the man answered. He saw her face fell and quickly continued "¬ that I'm complaining. I actually enjoyed watching you"

"Thank you" she said feeling relieved.

"The girl at the counter, is she a friend?"

"Just a fellow colleague" she lied

"The both of you seem close" he said and looked at her expectantly for a response but she remained silent. She knew talking with him would only lead to more conversations. "my name is Chief David ezewann by the way and you're?"

"Jane" she answered

"That's a nice name for a pretty girl like you"

"Thank you" she answered with a forced smile

"How is it that a girl like you works in a place like this?" He asked, wanting to keep the conversation going.

"Employment is quite scarce sir"

"I'm afraid you're right" the man answered

She watched the fat folds of his neck wiggle ceaselessly as he chewed and wondered how a human could possibly get so pudgy. She decided to use the opportunity of his full mouth as an escape from further conversation. "Sir it was really nice meeting you but I have other customers to wait on" she said and politely turned around before he had a chance to object.

"Hope to see you again" the man said in between bites. she stopped and turned her head curtly

"You too sir".

She didn't mean it. She never really wanted to see him again. She only tolerated him because her job demanded it.

She walked over to matthew and took a seat beside him. She slapped his shoulders playfully. " hey big boy, how was your day?" she asked with a bright smile.

"It was great. Having a busy day?" He asked, taking her hand into his.

"I'm through most of it. My shift ends in two hours." She answered " So how has practice been going?"

"Good. We will be having our next performance at quillox on Friday" he said looking into her eyes "I would love for you to be there. That is, if you wont be too busy"

She smiled. This was one of the reason she loved him. He was always thoughtful, requesting of her opinion instead of been demanding. She didn't think of him as perfect but he was close.

" I would be free on Friday so invitation accepted" she said with a small wink and watched as His lips curved into a smile. She smiled back "it seems like you have wanted to ask me about this for a long time."

"You have no idea"

"Next time don't think too much about it. just ask"

"I will keep that in mind" he said giving her the thumbs up "so how is your dad holding up?" He asked guardedly and he immediately regretted the question, as he Watch her happy demeanor change to visible worry

"He is trying his best to steer the company out of bankruptcy." She answered, trying to hide her fears.

He reached for her and tucked a loose strand of her ponytail behind her ear "everything will be alright. I'm working on something; once it clicks, I'm going to help. I promise"

She smiled but he could tell that she was still worried.

"Any plans for the weekend?" He asked, eager to change the topic

"Not really. I have a job interview on Monday though"

"That's great news, never knew you were searching for a job" he said, eyeing her over his glass of water.

"I wasn't. I submitted the application a year ago and had forgotten about it when nothing came up" Jane said defending herself "so I was surprised when I got mailed yesterday for an interview. I told my dad about it and he said it could have something to do with the chairman's eldest son return from the united states. It seems like he's in charge and is into recruitment. Also i...."

"slow down, slow down" he said interrupting her. "Which company are you talking about here?"

"I can't believe I missed that" she exclaimed

"Yes you did" he said smiling. She seemed excited and he was happy for her

"Beverly's corporations"

Matthew almost choked on his water. "What the..." He caught himself. He hated cursing just as much as he hated been a culprit "I mean that's huge. You're really ambitious"

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing" she asked in an exaggerated seductive voice. She heard a choked groan escape his lips and knew her tease was working. He drew his face closer to hers. "There's nothing ever bad with you" he whispered "would you mind coming to my house tonight?"

"I will be busy tonight" she said unmoved by his proximity

"What is the consequences for kissing at work" he asked, as he moved his face an inch closer, their nose brushing lightly.

"Job loss" she answered and couldn't stop herself from laughing when his half closed eyes shot open with fear. He recoiled back to his chair with so much speed she almost jumped from hers.

"It isn't funny" he said irritated by her nonchalant attitude "you could get fired"

"I wouldn't have let you kiss me" she answered, making an effort to calm down but ended up bursting into another fit. "I've never seen you so scared"

"I wasn't scared, I just didn't want you to lose your job"


"Yes and why is that man staring at you?"

She turned to see the man she had served about half an hour ago sitting at his table, staring intently at her. She felt a pit in her stomach. "Matt, do you mind waiting till my shift ends?"

"No i don't. i actually I think it's a good idea" he said, not taking his eyes off the man.

She squeezed his hand appreciatively "thanks, I have to go now"

"I will be right here"

She returned to the counter and saw fumi engrossed in her phone. She thought of starting a conversation but knew that would be futile.
She could had remained with Matthew but her rationality suggested the opposite. She feared the man. He looked like one of those men with a lot of influence who could easily get her in trouble with her employer for spending unreasonable time with just one customer. She could be accused of flirting and could lose her job if he saw fit. These kind of men always get things done their way.

Just then the man signalled to her that he was leaving and made a show of dropping something on the table before walking out. She sighed with relief as he left and walked over to the table to see what he had left behind. A business card. Neatly written above it was an inscription; I will be expecting your call if you need a better job.

She thought of disposing the card but decided against it. she would keep it and politely return it if he ever came around.

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Re: Enclosed (a Story) by Ann2012(f): 9:50pm On Mar 13
Before I drop the first chapter I just want to quickly thank these 3 individuals that have been a great help to my start to life at the literature section. Ayanfe29, Ann2012 and lightQueen. You guys...... Sorry, ladies have been wonderful.

Now straight to business.

I will update the story to the very end as long as there is a reader showing an interest.

Is posting updates everyday.
A lot of things and circumstances prevent these from been a possibility.
Still, under the worst circumstances delay in updates shouldn't exceed 4 days.


Re: Enclosed (a Story) by Ann2012(f): 9:57pm On Mar 13
Thanks for the lengthy update
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by Ayanfe29(f): 9:57am On Mar 14
We're here to encourage you. More ink to your literary pen! Gracias!!

Before I drop the first chapter I just want to quickly thank these 3 individuals that have been a great help to my start to life at the literature section. Ayanfe29, Ann2012 and lightQueen. You guys...... Sorry, ladies have been wonderful.

Now straight to business.

I will update the story to the very end as long as there is a reader showing an interest.

Is posting updates everyday.
A lot of things and circumstances prevent these from been a possibility.
Still, under the worst circumstances delay in updates shouldn't exceed 4 days.


Re: Enclosed (a Story) by Ayanfe29(f): 10:11am On Mar 14
Thanks for the update
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by brosci(m): 5:25pm On Mar 15
The 2nd update come soon.

Ayanfe29 and ann2012, brosci says hi


Re: Enclosed (a Story) by brosci(m): 6:39pm On Mar 15

Jane stared at the vast building before her. it was made of solid glass and was one of the few skyscrapers in the city of Lagos. Three floors above her head level were inscribed "BEVERLY'S COOPERATION'S, HEADQUARTERS. LAGOS"

she had refused to think ahead of herself since she received the mail. she knew she wasn't assured of a job yet so she had kept a cool head all through. She already had a plan mapped out; if she gets the job, great. If she doesn't, she had one to return to. One she was comfortable with before she got mailed.

She checked her android for the time. 8:00am. She took a deep breath before entering the building.

"This is it" she whispered to herself.


"Can you please take your car out of the way?" Michael screamed at the driver ahead of him.

He was trying his best to maintain sanity. He squeezed his hand into a fist and almost gave in to the temptation of punching at the steering wheel. He unclenched his hand and closed his eyes, sighing in defeat. The traffic had gotten worse than it was half an hour ago. He had never seen anything like it. He checked his watch and let out a raged hiss. He was going to be late again. He wasn't sure if he had been this frustrated in his entire life. He had only been in Nigeria for thirteen days and he was sure this was the toughest two weeks of his life. first, he had been hoodwinked by his dad to come home due to some urgent business that couldn't be sorted out without him been present. He had taken the next possible flight despite his own personal inconveniences and what did he get, a warm welcome, hot bath and news that he was the new C.E.O. of Beverly's headquarters.

All his efforts to avert the decision had been ineffective with his dad arguing it was important he continued the family business. He shared his dad sentiments but he was more than a little disappointed that his opinion had not been considered before such an important decision was made. he had his own plans and taking over as the chief executive officer would not only jeopardize them but could totally bring an halt to them. His dad had always had an infamous penchant for doing things his own way and he had always been willing to oblige when it was demanded of him but this was just over the top. He had emphatically rejected the decision, which came as a surprise to his dad. It was the first time they had both had conflicting interests and the tension had only increased when he stood by the decision despite his dad best effort to convince him in changing his mind.

As a last resort his dismayed dad had retaliated by threatening to pass the position to phillip. The threat didn't bother him in the least, he knew his dad could do a lot of things but handing over the fate of Beverly's to his second son wasn't one of them. Phillip was a good guy but administration wasn't one of his best skills and unlike him, his younger brother was a born rebel. There was no way his dad would be able to control him if he attained such a defining position but if his dad could threaten him with something that absurd, that meant he was truly desperate and simply didn't trust anyone apart from his own family to keep the company at the top of the food chain when he was gone. That desperation was what made him change his stance, he finally agreed to the relief of his dad to take over the position from him but he knew his old man had gotten the unspoken message that he couldn't be bossed around and could be as strong headed as Phillip if he wanted to. He reluctantly accepted his fate Which led to another problem.

Some top staffs at the headquarters were not particularly pleased with the chairman's decision. They believed Michael had been disassociated with the headquarters for too long and should not be allowed to attain such a position out of the blue. His dad was able to refute their claims with evidences which proved that his son had been heavily involved with the company through its other branches beyond Nigeria and have even held decisive positions. The staffs eventually accepted the situation. Some grudgingly but none could question his experience with the company dealings.

The board weren't easily convinced. They knew he had held top positions at the headquarters and were also aware of his achievements with the branches outside the headquaters but they believed that his dad decision was based more on sentiment than on merit which was quite stupid to him. If anybody was more deserving of the position his dad had vacated, it would be him. but of course, a lot of cabals already had their eyes on the position and that made him more keen on keeping the power around the circle of his family.
They had a lot of questions. A lot of presumed fear and even questioned his ability to absorb the pressure that came along with the highest executive power of the headquarters and the company as a whole but they couldn't provide any substantial reason to discard his case.

At the end they agreed to give him a try due to his dad formidability and influence but also warned they wouldn't hesitate to relieve him if revenues dropped. They were desperate.

He had been more than happy when the whole ordeal was over. He was through the worst or so he thought. No more meetings, no more late nights and no more staring into the faces of old greasy board members who thought that his generation was the cause of all the world's problem.

"If only he knew how wrong he was" he thought


"Good morning" jane greeted the lady behind the huge desk with a confident smile, the desk served as some sort of cubicle with receptionist boldy inscribed on it.

"Good morning" the receptionist smiled at her "how can I be of help"

"I'm supposed to have an interview at 9am"

"Your name please" asked the receptionist

"Jane umadi"

"Hold on a second" the receptionist said before speaking into her earphone. " miss Jane you will have your interview at office 408 in the sixth floor" the receptionist instructed " you could use the stairs but I will advice you take the elevators. It's a long way up"

"Thank you" she said appreciatively

"You're welcome"

she was stunned by the vastness of the office she had been directed to. It was a large room that incorporated two other offices that were thrice larger than an average office.

A long row of executive chairs were neatly arranged at one part of the huge room which gave the impression of a modern day conference hall and she would have thought that was the purpose if she had not seen the C.E.O inscription at the door before coming in.
she was about to take a seat when a lady, about an inch shorter than her and definitely older came out from one of the office walking briskly toward her.

"Hello miss umadi. You're early. I'm faith, interim secretary to the C.E.O Mr Michael" the lady said shaking her hand with practiced ease. "The interview was scheduled to hold at 9:00. Obviously others are not here." The lady continued, indicating at the empty chairs.

"Others?" She inquired as she felt her heart thump against her chest

"Yes. You weren't the only one who got mailed" the woman said professionally betraying no emotion. " I suggest you have a seat while we wait for Mr Michael. "

"Thank you. Could i...." she started but was interrupted by a ring from the woman office phone.

"Just wait here while i take that" the woman said before walking back with the same stride she carried herself with when she came out to meet her moments ago. It wasn't pompous or anything of the sort but it was quite intimidating and She couldn't stop herself from tapping her feet nervously on the tiled floor as she watched the woman return to the office. There were 'others.' that was certain. The woman had said so herself.
She had only be naive to think she was the only who got mailed.

"Why is there always something" she thought frustratingly. She didn't have a good feeling about this given her luck from previous experiences, and all of a sudden she felt that the odds were already against her.

"Hello Mr Michael" answered faith with accent

" hello faith, how're you?"

"Very fine sir"

"I'm supposed to conduct an interview this morning right?"

"Yes sir"

her answer was followed by a sigh from his end and She scrunched her ear into the phone speaker, listening patiently as she waited for him to continue.

"I am currently hooked in traffic and by the look of things I'm not sure I will be able to make it in time, so I want you to fill in for me"

"That won't be a problem" she said gingerly and smiled when she sensed his relief from the other end "will that be all sir"

"I think so. Take care of yourself" he answered with an uplifted beat that complimented hers. She heard a subdued scribble from his side and his voice came up again "......ehm....wait up. Are you still there?"

"Yes sir"

"Are those to be interviewed there already?"

"I have just one of them with me sir. Miss umadi by name"

she listened as he went silent for a few seconds and she had a feeling he was deliberating on something.
"Well that's easy" he said finally

"Sorry sir?" She asked, lost on what he meant

"Employ her"

"I beg your pardon"

"You heard me" he said more firmly. "if I'm to have a secretary it has to be one that would be readily available when I'm not and this miss umadi seems to fit in"

"That could be correct sir" faith agreed in a professional manner

"Moreover, we both know all the mailed applicants were qualified for the job, so it would be only fair if we use time keeping and character for the basis of selection." he said then paused briefly before continuing "Now for the lady to be seated already when its barely time for the interview says a lot about her character and that from an objective point of view makes her the right candidate for the job"

"Your theory make sense sir"

"Then employ her"

"Yes sir"

"Have a nice day" she heard him say with an assertive tone that left no doubt in her that he was confident about the decision he had just made.

"You too sir" she answered and the line immediately went dead.

she collapsed to her seat with a sigh before breaking into a smile.
What had just happened, she asked herself as she grinned, more than a little bewildered. There was no doubt this new management was going to be fun.
She saw the lady watching her with a curious expression and she beckoned towards her to come over.

Jane was impressed by the aesthetic features of the secretary office. It was just as beautiful as the main complex and even looked better in terms of artistry. She took a seat opposite the lady and watched her as she gathered files from a drawer. She suspected that she could be well over fifty. Her dark complexion had grown less toned with age but there were obvious traces that she must have been very beautiful in her younger days. Even now she looked pleasant. Pretty even.

"Miss Jane, first degree in business administration" the woman read from one of the file "masters; Accounting. Two previous job experiences. Twenty four years old"

She watched as the lady dropped the file and turned to her. there was no trace of humor in her small face and she was starting to feel the break of a sweat when the woman smiled. "I'm impressed"

"Thank you" she said as a wave of relief swept through her.

"You see, Mr Michael was supposed to conduct this interview personally but something came up and he left me in charge"

"ookayy" she answered warily

"Did you know what else he did?" the woman asked, staring intently at her.

"No...." she answered a bit tense

"He ordered me to employ you"

"Wow" she blurted out.

The woman chuckled at her surprise as her words sunk in. She watched as her young face mirrored different expressions that ranged from delight to open awe "Yes wow, miss Jane. I was surprised as well but I guess the C.E.O. has his own way of doing things" the older lady said. She took another set of files and passed one to her "These are all the details you need to know about the job. You can sign here if you are comfortable with our standard and requirements"

She took the file and went through the details carefully. "Secretary to the C.E.O?" she asked surprised.

" is there a problem with that"

"Not really" she answered unsure.

She smiled as she read through all the other details. The pay was good, it was twice better than the salaries of her last two job combined. Other aspects of the job weren't too demanding either, nothing she could not handle.

It didn't take long for her to make her decision.

"l will take it" she said and signed in acknowledgement. "I love it" she concluded excitedly and couldn't help but grin when the older lady broke into another smile before taking her hand in a tight grip " congratulations Jane, you're officially the newest staff of Beverly's cooperation's"

"Thank you" she said grinning from ear to ear.

"You're welcome but honesty this wasn't me. It was all Michael's. You can thank him in person when you kick off next week Monday. He is your boss now and you answer to him directly"

"I won't forget that"

" I guess this is your office now. Every documents you need will be duly passed over to you on Monday and just call me faith. I think we're going to be friends "

"I sincerely hope so." She said and took the older lady in a hug that surprised even her. She looked at the lady and could tell that she was really happy for her. Luck seemed to be smiling on her today which was something that rarely happens.

"Well I think that will be all for now. Next week you..... Thank goodness. I can't believe I almost forgot" faith exclaimed, grinning "Saturday is the chairman's birthday, your boss's dad and it's imperative that all staffs in the headquarters grace the occasion and that includes you. all staffs are to be given two pass each just in case they want to bring a date or an invite along"

"Okay" she said carefully. She wasn't really a merry party kind of person but she knew exusing herself from the birthday celebration of the highest authority in the company that just employed her less than ten minutes ago would be a telling impression of an ill attitude in the eyes of her employers. especially when the man she now works for was his son

"These are yours. Remember to bring them with you. It's your only way in" faith instructed passing two tickets to her

"Thanks ma. Sorry, faith" she said smiling. She wasn't used to calling elders by their first name.

"You're welcome. I think that will be all for today" said faith getting up from her seat "congratulations once again Jane" she said patting the younger lady on the shoulder.

"and Thank you once more" jane said rising up.
She smiled, did a small bow and was about to take her leave when a thought she had almost completely forgotten about resurfaced in her head. She looked at faith, a questioning look in her eyes. "Ma, did you say that mr Michael is the son of the chairman?"

"Yes." Faith answered with a bit of hesitation , not knowing why she asked

"Does that means he was the one that returned from the states"

"Yes" faith answered, her interest perked "how did you know that "

"Oh, I heard from someone" she answered with a smile.

She was still feeling elated when she walked out of the doors of the building. She wasn't sure if she had been this happy all her life. She never expected the interview to be that easy. No questions, no bashing. Just free flowing friendly conversations. she wasn't being pessimistic but traditional job interviews were like a warzone. This was so different and the morning breeze just seemed to add more magic to the moment. She thought about matthew. He would be happy for her. She felt for the tickets in her breast pocket and smiled. She took her phone from her bag and dialled matthew.

"Hello big boy" she said when the line went through

"Any practice on Saturday?" she asked and waited for a moment before speaking.

"Good because I'm taking you out on a date"
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by brosci(m): 7:13pm On Mar 15
Chapter 3 will come in batches due to its length. While chapter 1 and 2 were more concerned with character presentation, the story starts to catch its rhythm from the next chapter.

I'm already working on chapter 5 which is the longest of all the chapters i've written yet and I hope to finish it tomorrow.
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by Ayanfe29(f): 8:58pm On Mar 15
Chapter 3 will come in batches due to its length. While chapter 1 and 2 were more concerned with character presentation, the story starts to catch its rhythm from the next chapter.

I'm already working on chapter 5 which is the longest of all the chapters i've written yet and I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Thanks for the update.... Should we be expecting chapter three tonight?
Re: Enclosed (a Story) by Ann2012(f): 9:34pm On Mar 15
Chapter 3 will come in batches due to its length. While chapter 1 and 2 were more concerned with character presentation, the story starts to catch its rhythm from the next chapter.

I'm already working on chapter 5 which is the longest of all the chapters i've written yet and I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Thanks for the update

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