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Vanquished by nonnywhite: 9:40am On Apr 03
Agnes watched, privately amused, as her daughter, Ify paced the bedroom nervously.

“Calm down, Ify.”

“Calm down?” Ify asked, agitated. “Mummy, I don’t think you understand what is happening. Why is it that you can’t find what you’re looking for when you need it? But it will suddenly appear when you don’t need? Funny, isn’t it? Except it’s not funny to me. It is exasperating, ridiculous and frustrating.”

Agnes chuckled, letting her amusement show. “So you’re blowing all this grammar because your boyfriend is coming to take you out and you can’t find what to wear.”

“Mummy, Tony is not just taking me out. Something tells me that this date is special. I feel it in my guts.”

Agnes leaned forward, more interested. “Is he going to propose?”

“Mummy!” Ify gasped, giggling. “How am I supposed to know that?”

“This isn’t your first date with Tony. You guys have been together for a year. And you said today’s date feels special. And the only thing special I can think of is him proposing to you.”

“Well, I don’t know sha. It’s just a feeling. Right now, my problem is finding what to wear.”

“You have a lot of clothes. Pick one.”

“I’m confused.”

Agnes went to the wardrobe and scanned the neatly hung and arranged wears that Ify owned. Ify should have been a Vogue model judging the number of designer wears she had. Agnes finally picked one lovely dress.

“Wear this. It matches your skin color perfectly. Make sure you wear a comfortable shoe so you won’t fall on your face when he proposes.”

Ify laughed and took the dress. “Thanks mummy. You’re the best.”

The door bell downstairs rang. Ify gasped in nervous excitement. “It’s him.”

“Go ahead and dress. I’ll get the door.” Her mother replied and left the room. Agnes walked downstairs to the living room and opened the door. Tony smiled at her, holding a bottle of wine. He looked very handsome in his outfit. How he could look both casual and formal and pull it off perfectly was a mystery to Agnes. She smiled back. Perhaps, Ify was right. Today was very special.

“Good evening, ma.” Tony greeted her.

“Good evening, Tony. Please come in.” She replied and stepped back to allow him enter.

He gave her the wine. “For you.”

“Thank you. Please have a seat. Ify is upstairs. She’ll join you shortly.” she said.

“Thank you.” he said. They sat down and he plied her with amusing stories while they waited for Ify to come down.

Finally, they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They turned and Tony’s could practically feel his tongue dangling on the floor. Ify had always been flawlessly beautiful. He didn’t think he could stop his heart from beating any time he saw her. Today, she was stunning.

As he watched her descend, he could feel his eyes almost popping out of his head. He couldn’t help grinning as she walked up to him like a river goddess.

She smiled up to him. “Hi.”

“Hi.” He replied. “You look… amazing.”

“Thank you.”

“So, shall we?” He asked, gesturing to the door.

“Yes.” She replied and turned to her mother. “See you later, mummy.”

Agnes smiled at them. “See you, dear. Enjoy yourselves. Drive safely, Tony.”

“I will.” Tony said and they left.

After they had enjoyed some seafood- she loved seafood- and some glasses of Champagne in a fancy restaurant, they went to dance in one of the best clubs in town. From there, they went for a stroll to enjoy the cool night breeze. Tony was the perfect gentleman throughout the night. He made her laugh her head off with his stories. And he made sure she was comfortable and even wrapped his coat around her when she felt cold. It was a magical night for Ify.

They finally went to sit at a love garden. She was so happy, chattering away like a magpie and only stopping when she realized that he had stopped talking and was staring deeply at her.

“What?” She asked.

“What?” He replied.

“You’re staring at me.”

“Anything wrong with that?”

“No. But you’re staring like you’ve never seen me before.”

“Have I ever told you about my grandmother?”

“Yes, you said she died three years ago.” She replied slightly getting confused about the strange question.

“Yeah, I told you I was her favorite grandson. I remember when I was little, she spoiled me silly. She tolerated a lot of nonsense from me, things she never tolerated from my father when he was my age at the time. Then just before she died, she called me and gave me this.”

He brought out a ring box and opened it to reveal a sparkling ring. Ify gasped. Her heart was beating wildly. It finally happening!

“She said I should give it to the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Ify, you’re that woman. And I’ll be the happiest man alive if you agree to be my wife.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” She said, nodding eagerly and smiling.

He smiled happily back and slipped the ring between her finger and kissed her.

The next morning, Ify stepped out of her car and paused in front her company building. She took a deep, happy breath. Her life had been very lucky. As the last born and the only girl in her family, she was her daddy’s little girl. She had beauty and brains and graduated top of her class. Now she had a great job and she was about to get married. Hers was the perfect life!

She majestically walked into the building greeting her co-workers. They stopped to stare at her curiously. She walked into the office she shared with best friends, Halima and Moji and other colleagues, basking in the attention everyone was giving her. Getting to her cubicle, she settled down to work. Her friends walked up to her.

“Oya, start giving us the gist.” Moji demanded

“What gist?” She asked like she didn’t know what they were talking about.

“You want to tell us that all this your catwalking was for nothing?” Halima asked.

“I’m getting married!” Ify announced, unable to contain herself and showed off her engagement ring.

The girls screamed in delight. Noticing that everyone was staring at them, they mellowed down, giggling.

“Oh Ify, I’m so happy for you.” Moji said, admiring her ring.

“Me too.” Halima added.

“Thanks guys, I’m so happy I’m about to burst. I still can’t believe that he proposed.”

“That’s what you’ve always wanted, right?”

“Yes, but I was still surprised when he did. I mean I expected it, but I was surprised when it finally happened.”

“We’re going to celebrate. Should we do it today or leave it till weekend?” Moji asked

“No, not weekend. Tony and I are going to the beach.”

“Aww… love nwantiti.” Halima teased in her educated Hausa accent.

“No wahala na. We’ll celebrate tonight.” Moji said.

“Fine by me as long as we’re going to eat fresh fish.” Ify replied.

“You and fish. Will you ever eat meat in this your life?” Moji teased.

“I eat meat. But I prefer fish. It’s healthier.”

“Seriously, I envy you o. I’ve been dating Ayo for five years now and he hasn’t said anything. Shebi if I tell him to propose now, he’ll say I’m desperate.” Halima said a little sadly.

“I told you to do like I did. Manage him for now. When you see a serious guy, dump his ass. That was how I dumped Segun and married my husband. Segun thought he would frustrate my destiny but God pass am.” Moji said.

“Abi o?” Halima asked. “ Congratulations, Ify.”

“Thank you. Don’t worry. Your own husband will come.”

“Amen o.”

“Enough talk about unserious boyfriends. We’re going to party tonight.”

The beach was filled with people enjoying the weekend. Families picnicking, music blaring from the bars while people danced, ate and drank. Young guys were swimming and playing football. Girls were busy riding horses and taking selfies. Couples were wrapped in their own romantic world. Tony and Ify were having their romantic time together and ignoring others. Everyone was having fun.

But they didn’t know that somewhere beneath the sea, someone was watching them.
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Re: Vanquished by Remite011(m): 8:37am On Apr 05
front seat booked. Ride on
Re: Vanquished by skubido(m): 9:55am On Apr 05
Watching ke, awon enemy's

Re: Vanquished by nonnywhite: 9:54am On Apr 08
Thanks dears
Re: Vanquished by nonnywhite: 9:57am On Apr 08
She is known with different names. Christians call her queen of the coast. Others call her Mami wata. But everyone agrees on one thing- she controls the sea and everything within it. Her enchanting green abode were surrounded by different beautiful statues of the queen. Two enchanting green stool were on either sides of her majestic throne. An unnaturally beautiful comb was on the right stool while an urn was on the left one. Two large beautiful pythons lay curled in front of the throne.

Scantily clad beautiful maidens sat around the throne, their eyes humbly on the floor. They were still, so still that one would think they were statues.

The queen herself stood in front of a large swirling vortex, watching the people at the beach. Humans, she thought, her luscious lips curled in disgust. Such disgusting creatures. How she wanted them wiped off from the surface of the earth for desecrating her sea.

Oh, there was a time when they feared immortals like her and worshiped them. They knew her name and depended on her for everything. But the problem with what those creatures call the 21st century was that humans have learned to rely on themselves and forget immortals like her. She still had loyal followers but they were nothing compared to what she had before. Another problem was other powerful gods always try to take them from her just as she did to them. It was a free snatching world for the gods. Humans were that fickle.

The truth was as fickle as humans were, she needed them. The power was irresistible. But she also knew that humans shouldn’t be underestimated. She had enough bad experiences to prove that. Oh, she would have them under her feet and everyone, including all the other gods, would know that she was the greatest of them all. If there was anything her long life had taught her, it was patience was a virtue. She would bide her time and wait for the right moment.

Then her eyes caught a young human couple walking hand in hand onshore. The human female was laughing at what the human male was saying. The queen leaned forward, eyes fastened on the female.

“Hmm.” She said with interest as she watched the female. Then she opened her palm and a small shell appeared. She threw it into the swirling vortex and watched it travel up the sea to settle beneath the young human female’s feet.

“Ouch!” Ify winced and jumped back.

“What is it?” Tony asked, concerned.

“I stepped on something.” She replied and looked down. Then she bent down and picked it.

“It’s a seashell.” She said, admiring it.

“It’s beautiful, just like you.” Tony said, bending down to look at it.

Ify melted. “Aww… thank you.”

Tony smiled and unhooked the chain around his neck. He slipped the shell between the chain and wore it around Ify’s neck.

“A beautiful gift for a beautiful girl.” He said.

Ify smiled, admiring it. “Thank you.”

The queen watched them kiss and continue to walk along the sea. A smug smile curved around her lips.

Later that night, Tony dropped Ify in front of her house.

“Wow, I had a great time.” Ify said, happily.

“Me too.” Tony replied, sharing her mood.

“I’m going in. Are you coming with me?”

“No, I don’t want to disturb your parents. I’ll see them tomorrow.”

“Okay. Goodnight. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He replied and they kissed. Ify opened the door.

“Wait.” He said, stopping her.


He kissed her again. “I just wanted to do that.”

She giggled. “You eh? I’m going to sleep. Goodnight.”

“Good night, babe. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Ify stepped out and waved as Tony drove away. She knocked on the gate and the gate man let her in. Then she got into the house. Her parents were watching Africa Magic. Her mother’s eyes were glued to the TV while her father looked supremely bored.

“Hello?” She greeted them.

Agnes removed her eyes from the TV. “Oh, hi dear. You’re back.”

“Yes, mummy. Good evening, daddy.”

“Good evening. How are you?” Ben, her father asked warmly.

“I’m fine. I thought you had gone to bed.”

“I wasn’t feeling sleepy. So I came out here to watch the news but your mother wouldn’t let me.”

“You’ve been watching news since morning. You won’t allow me to watch this small film.”

“You’ve been watching this Africa Magic since we bought DSTV. I don’t understand what you women see in these films. Who is even this Mercy Johnson?”

“I think you’re the only man in Africa who doesn’t know who Mercy Johnson is.” Agnes replied.

Ify laughed. “Tony said I should greet you. He said he will see you tomorrow. Meanwhile, I’m going to bed. I’m tired.”

“Alright, goodnight dear. Sleep well.”

Ify left and walked upstairs to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and kicked off her shoes. Then she dropped tiredly on the bed. After a few moments, she got up and went to her dressing table taking off her accessories. Ify removed Tony’s chain around her neck and the seashell slipped off and dropped on the floor. She bent to pick it and zoom… got sucked into the shell and swirling through a very colorful vortex. She landed face down on a strange shimmering floor. Ify lay there to recover her swirling senses.

Then she rose and looked up to behold the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

Episode 3 will be posted soon. For more interesting stories, series and articles, visit www.litafrik.com
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Tanks for the update
Re: Vanquished by nonnywhite: 8:56pm On Apr 09
You're welcome dear. I hope you enjoyed it?
Re: Vanquished by nonnywhite: 9:00pm On Apr 09
To say the woman before her was extraordinarily beautiful would be an understatement. Her head was adorned with tiny long curly hair that hung loosely down her waist. Large green eyes, long eyelashes, sensual lips and a stunning physique that not even a ‘high’ artist with the best creative imagination can describe stood in front of Ify. In fact, the woman fine like mami water, except that the mami water she always read about in her school books had fish tails and this one didn’t.

“Welcome, Ifenyinwa.” The woman said, smiling.

Ify gasped in surprise and quickly got to her feet. “How do you know my name? Who are you? How did I even get here?”

“Don’t be afraid. I mean you no harm.” The woman assured her.

“You haven’t answered my question.” Ify replied, not convinced.

The woman laughed. “You’re bold, I see. Well, I will tell you who I am.”

Suddenly, the woman threw her arms to the air and a strange intense wind began to blow from nowhere. As the woman spoke, her entire body began to charge in sharp green light, highlighting her majestic splendour while her voice resonated with a commanding echo.

“I am the queen of the oceans, goddess of the sea and the mother of all existence! I am the fountain of life! The earth trembles before me, the wind screams my name and the oceans waves at my command! All who bless me I give life and wealth beyond their dreams! Those who curse me, I destroy! I am she who is and ever will be!”

Ify blinked at the woman for a few seconds. Then she began to laugh. The queen stopped and gaped at her.

“This must be a dream. The fish Tony and I ate must have been too much. No wonder I’m dreaming of mermaids. Moji said eating too much fish at night will give me weird dreams.”

“My dear human, you’re not dreaming.” The queen said.

“Of course I am. You’re just in my dream probably because I ate too much fish last night. My dad says I have a very active imagination. I should be a writer. He’s right.”

“You don’t believe me?” The queen asked calmly.

“No, I don’t. To prove it, I will just close my eyes and pinch myself and when I open them, I’ll wake up in my bed.”

Ify closed her eyes and pinched herself. She opened them to see the queen merely watching her in amusement. She repeated the process again. Same result. Ify was stared at the queen with a fearful realization that where she was was real and the enchanting woman in front of her was the queen of a marine world. She was in a marine kingdom!

“Oh my God! What is this? What’s going on? What am I doing here?” She blurted out in panic.

“Don’t be afraid, human. I have a mission for you.” The queen said.

“What mission? You know what? I don’t want to know. Just take me back to my room, please.”

“I understand that my presence is unsettling for you. You should count yourself privileged. Not many humans like you have seen me and lived to tell the tale. That shows how important you are to me.”

“Thank you very much. Please take me back. I swear I’m not going to tell anyone. In fact, I’ve forgotten about it sef.”

“If you agree to what I’m about to tell you, I will reward you beyond your expectations.”

“I don’t want any reward. Just take me back home now.”

The queen stopped and stared at her. Then she began to laugh.

“You’re very courageous. I like that. You’re also afraid. But you don’t have to be. My plans for you are for your benefit as well as mine. How do you humans say it? A trial will convince you.”

“What trial?”

The queen blew a green smoke on her and Ify found herself in the air. She was suddenly back swirling upward through the vortex. And then she popped out of the seashell in her bedroom and landed face down on the floor. She quickly rose and screamed.

Her parents dashed into the room, startled. Ify scrambled to one corner folding herself in fright.

“Ify, what is it?” Her father asked, concerned.

She stared at them. “Daddy? Mommy?”

“Yes, dear. We’re here.” Her mother replied. “What happened? Did you have a nightmare?”

“I don’t know.” Ify replied, confused.

Agnes moved towards her and saw the seashell on the floor. She made to pick it.

“No!” Ify said in a frightened voice. “Don’t touch it. It will suck you inside.”

Her parents stared at her like she had a lose knot in her head.

“What are you talking about?” Her dad asked.

“That thing is dangerous. Trust me.”

Her father slowly picked the shell. “What? This?”

“See? It’s just a seashell.” Agnes assured her.

Ify stared at her father as if waiting for him to be sucked in. Nothing happened. She was even more confused.

“But… but… I thought…” she trailed off.

“Honey, you only had a nightmare. Nothing is going to happen to you. You’re safe, okay?”

Her mother’s soothing voice finally made Ify relax. “Oh mommy, it was a horrible dream.”

“We understand. We’ve all had nightmares. But that’s all they are. Nightmares. They will never come to reality.” Her dad said.

“Your dad is right. They’re just nightmares, nothing more.” Agnes added. Then she looked Ify over. “Well, you must have been really tired to sleep off in your beach wear.”

“I think so.”

“It’s all right. We’ll leave you to change. Don’t worry. Nothing is going to happen to you. Go back to sleep. You’re covered in the blood of Jesus.”

The next day, Ify was in her cubicle at work, staring at the seashell in her hand, lost in thought. Her experience last night was truly frightening. But when she woke up this morning, everything seemed so normal that last night seemed like it never happened.

But as she sat in her cubicle, she kept having flashbacks about her weird encounter with that marine queen or whatever. She could vividly remember like it happened yesterday. Oh wait. It literally happened yesterday. Something was wrong. Who got nightmares about seashells sucking them into a marine kingdom to face their queen, anyways? What type of dream was that? Was it the fish she ate at the beach? Maybe those people had added too much oil. She spoke to Tony earlier and he seemed fine. So it couldn’t have been the fish. What was it then?

“I am the queen of the oceans, goddess of the sea and the mother of all existence! I am the fountain of life! All who drink from me are filled and never lack! The earth trembles before me, the wind screams my name and the oceans waves at my command! All who bless me I give life and wealth beyond their dreams! Those who curse me, I destroy! I am she who is and ever will be!” The queen’s voice kept playing over and over in her head.


Ify jumped and stared Moji. “Oh, it’s you.”

Moji looked at her in concern. “I’ve been standing here and calling you several times. Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? If there’s something wrong, you can tell me. You know you’re my padi padi.”

Ify smiled. “I’m fine. Really? So, what’s up?”

“It’s lunch break. Halima and I are going to the canteen. Are you co… what is that?” Moji asked, pointing at the seashell on Ify’s palm.

“Oh, it’s a seashell Tony gave to me at the beach yesterday.”

“It’s beautiful.”


“So are you coming?”

“Sure. You girls can go ahead. I’ll join you later.”

“Okay.” Moji nodded and left.

Ify continued to stare at the seashell for a while. Well, like her mother said, it was just a seashell. She hadn’t heard of where a seashell killed anybody. Las las, she would throw it away and forget about it and any marine queen.

Ify stood and threw the shell into a trash can and left. But another surprise was waiting for her.

Watch out for episode 4. Meanwhile visit www.litafrik.com for more interesting stories and other articles.
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More please
Re: Vanquished by nonnywhite: 9:08am On Apr 10
Coming soon
Re: Vanquished by nonnywhite: 11:55am On Apr 12
Episode 4

“Uncle, my side chick wants to kill me.”

Ben, Ify’s father fumed inwardly as Ebuka sat before him pleading for help. Ebuka was stupid, very stupid. If not for his brother of blessed memory, he would have thrown the useless boy out of his house. Even now, it only took the last shred of his patience to not do so.

Ebuka was his nephew, his elder brother’s only son. Vin and Ben had grown up from poverty, the type that Igbo calls ogbenye ọnụ ntụ. When their parents died, they were passed from one relative to another. At a point, the boys were left totally alone to fend for themselves. Vin, the elder brother, was barely ten years old.
Ben’s success story was largely due to his brother’s sacrifice. Vin took care of his younger brother from a very young age. He worked, scraped hard for their daily bread. And when he earned enough to enroll into a school, he sacrificed even that for Ben’s education up till the university level. Ben was an excellent student and got a promising job soon after his NYSC,. From there, Ben’s fortune changed for good.

Vin wasn’t so lucky. First of all, his business wasn’t doing so well. His marriage wasn’t blessed with children until many years later. Although he had married long before Ben, Ben had his first two kids before Vin’s wife was able to conceive Ebuka. Ebuka was thirteen when Vin eventually died of cardiac arrest. He was just walking towards his shop when he suddenly slumped and died.

And so, Ben took Ebuka under his wings. He had vowed to raise Ebuka like his son in memory of his brother’s sacrifice. He enrolled Ebuka in one of the best secondary schools he could afford. But after four years of constant failure in academics, Ben eventually discovered that Ebuka’s name was always absent in the class register. No amount of flogging and cajoling would make the boy reveal where he went during school hours.

After the fifth failure in class, Ben sat Ebuka down and asked him what he wanted. Ebuka said he didn’t want to go to school. He wanted to start a business. Ben agreed. After all, everyone must not go to school to succeed. So, he took the boy to be apprenticed to a wealthy friend who dealt in electronics.

That was another problem. Throughout Ebuka’s three year apprenticeship, Ben frequently got reports of his annoying excesses. Ebuka refused to learn. Always complaining about being sent on too much errands. He refused to work along with his fellow boys, most of them older than him in his oga’s shop. He was feeling too big to be a boy. As if that was not enough, Ebuka always pressured customers for ‘anything for the boys?”

The last straw was when he quarreled with his oga’s wife over a piece of meat. His already fed up oga sent him packing. The man could have done that long before then but he endured for the sake of his close friendship with Ebuka’s uncle. For years, Ebuka went from one apprenticeship to another, clothing, carpentry, POP, interior decoration, motor spare parts business and more and failed in all of them.

When the last apprenticeship – beverages store business – failed and Ben was wondering what to do with his difficult nephew, Ebuka got a girl pregnant. Ebuka tried to deny it. Unfortunately for him, the girl’s parents weren’t the kind to be trifled with. And so, Ben found himself organizing a wedding. After the wedding, Ben had paid Ebuka off with a cheque of 800k and warned him never to come to him for help again.

And now, three years later, Ebuka was in his living room asking for money, again.

“I can’t help you, Ebuka.” Ben replied flatly.

“Uncle please. I need you now more than ever. Help me.”

“Ebuka, your wife is pregnant with your third child. You got another lady pregnant and she moved into your house and refused to leave. What do you want me to do about that?”

“Uncle, that is what I am saying. I need money to settle the girl so she will leave my house. My wife’s family is threatening to kill me and you know what they’re like.”

“Oh, I’m surprised you know what your In-laws are capable of. Yet, you disrespected their daughter by getting another woman pregnant. See, I can’t help you. I have my own problems.”

“Uncle, it’s me o. I’m your boy o.”

“You’re my nephew. And God knows I’ve tried for you. I gave you 800 thousand naira to start life with. What happened to it?”

Ebuka fidgeted uncomfortably. “See eh uncle, it’s not like I wasted the money o. I started business with it. But business is hard.”

“How will it not be hard when you spend most of your profits living a large life that you can’t maintain? It’s been three years that you got married and you already have two children and your wife is expecting the third one. Oh, I almost forgot your mistress is also pregnant. What is wrong with you, Ebuka? Remember I gave you money for your wife’s delivery of your first child. And when that child got sick, I footed the hospital bills. What more do I do for you that I haven’t already done?” Ben asked, beginning to lose his temper.

“Uncle, I know you have tried for me. But I’m just asking you for this last one. Biko, help me this last time. I promise I wont disturb you again.”

“Ebuka, I’m sorry. I can’t help you.”

“Uncle please na. Remember my father made you who you are today.” Ebuka said recklessly.

That was a mistake. For Ben’s eyes turned icy with anger. “Yes, your father made me who I am today. But you know what? I didn’t waste any of the opportunities he gave me unlike a stupid boy I know. Now, get out of my house!”

“Uncle please–”


Ebuka left the house, fuming. Who did that man think he was? He fumed. Uncle Ben would have been in the village drinking garri and sniffing utaba if not for he, Ebuka’s father. Now he was a big man, he had refused to help him, his own nephew. So what that uncle gave him 800k to start his business plus other small things he did for him? Was it his fault that business was not moving well? As for the side chick matter, everyone knew he never wanted to marry his wife. Getting her pregnant was an accident. So was getting his side chick pregnant. But what was he supposed to do? Body no be wood na. He wasn’t the first married man to have a side chick neither would he be the last.

He had always been successful in handling his side chicks but this current one was too stubborn. First his wife trapped him. Now this side chick wanted to do the same. Chai! Why were women like this? Other men had been doing their own and getting away with it. Why was his own different?

And now uncle Ben had refused to help him. It wasn’t as if he, Ebuka, could not help himself o. It was just that his In-laws had forced him to sponsor his wife’s youngest brother in the University as first punishment for disrespecting their daughter. And Monica, his side chick, was showing him pepper in his own house. That was why he needed money to settle her so she could leave his house in peace.

Ebuka flagged down an okada. The okada dropped him in front of an uncompleted building in a deserted area. He entered the building. It was completely empty and silent. All of a sudden he was surrounded by seven dangerous igbo gingered men threatening him with several dangerous weapons. They held him down, screaming at him until their boss, an imposing man entered.

“Who be that maga?” He asked in his already distorted by too much drugs. Then he stopped as he stared at Ebuka.

“Ebuka? Ebus, my niggi!”

Ebuka grinned at him. “Sunny! Sunnylololo. My manest man!”

Sunny laughed and made to hug him. He stopped, seeing that his men were still holding his friend. “Why una still dey hold my niggi? Una dey craze?”

They immediately released Ebuka who hugged Sunny and they laughed and patted each other’s backs happily.

“Ebus, how you dey na? Longest time.”

“My brother, I dey o.”

“Nawao. Since you marry, person no dey see your break light again.”

Ebuka sighed. “My brother, na long story. But first, I get something wey I wan make you do for me.”

“Anything for my niggi. Wetin be that?”

Ebuka’s eyes glinted evilly. “I wan make you visit somebody for me.”

That night, Sunny and his gang landed at Ify’s father’s house.

Episode 5 will be out soon. Or you can go to www.litafrik.com for more episodes and other very interesting series.
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Tanks for the update
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Thanks for the update
Re: Vanquished by nonnywhite: 7:59pm On Apr 12
You're welcome
Re: Vanquished by nonnywhite: 1:20pm On Apr 13
Episode 5: Sunny And The Gang

Ben and Agnes were watching a late night program on TV when they heard the doorbell ring. They exchanged puzzled glances.

“Who could be visiting by this time of the night?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s Audu. Let me check.” Agnes replied and rose.

“Don’t open the door until you’re sure it’s him.” Ben cautioned her as she went to answer the door.

“Who is that?” Agnes asked as she got to the front door.

“Madam, na me, Audu.” Audu, the gateman answered behind the closed door. Agnes sighed in relief and opened the door to reveal Audu staring at her.

“Sorry, Madam.” Audu said in a trembling voice. Before she could ask him why, a pop sound came from the back of his head and he collapsed on the floor to show Sunny and his gang pointing their guns directly at her.

Agnes gasped and stepped back. They entered the living room. Ben immediately stood up, stunned and the gang pinned him on the floor with their guns. He tried to resist but one of the gangs hit him on the head with the butt of a gun. Blood gushed out. Agnes screamed.

Ify immediately woke up from her sleep as she heard her mother’s scream.

“Mummy?” She whispered in alarm.

She jumped out of the bed, put on her night robe, rushed out of the room, down the stairs to the waiting guns of Sunny and his gang. Her mother screamed again on seeing her.

“Ify!” Her father called in panic.

“Daddy!” Ify replied in the same tone.

Sunny slowly approached her, sneering lustfully at her. Ify stepped back in fright and disgust and he kept approaching until he had her cornered to the wall.

“ ‘ello bae. How you doin?” He said in his ajekpako American accent.

Ify didn’t reply. She was trying really hard not to gag at his pungent alcohol and cigarette or possibly cannabis smell.

“Fine girl.” He said again, the disgusting leer still on his face.

“What do you want?” Ben asked from the floor.

Sunny spared a glance at Ben and returned his full gaze on Ify. “Jamb question. No worry, I go answer you. But first make I face your fine daughter small.”

“What do you want?” Ify asked, trying to sound brave even though her heart was already on the floor with fear.

Sunny laughed. “Another jamb question. Like father, like daughter. Anyway, the thing be say we come in peace. We no want wahala. So make una jejely bring out all the money and other things wey go fetch us serious money. Pack all of them bring am for here.”

“We don’t have any money. Please leave us alone. We’re simple people.” Ben pleaded.

Sunny laughed again. “You be simple people naim una day stay for this kain house? Tory. Oga, if you like your life and your wife life, plus including this your fine daughter, better cooperate. You dey hear me so?”

“Fine. Take whatever you want and leave us alone.”

Sunny signaled the two members of the gang holding Ben down. They forced him to his feet and pushed him up the stairs while they followed. Sunny and the rest of the gang stayed behind to place Ify and Agnes at gun point.

Moments later, Ben came downstairs with the two guys following closely behind. This time they were carrying heavy bags which they dumped in front of Sunny. Sunny opened to bags to show some bundles of money, expensive clothes and jewelries. Agnes and Ify winced when they saw the clothes and jewelries and looked away. Sunny closed the bags, smiling in satisfaction.

“You’ve taken all our valuables. Please leave us alone.” Ben pleaded.

Sunny wasn’t listening. He was staring at Ify and licking his lips. Ify looked away, trying to hide her fear of the lust clearly written in his eyes.

Sunny traced her face with his fingers. “Fine babe. Omo, see fresh skin. Babe, make I collect ‘small something’ for the road.”

“Take your filthy fingers off me.” She said in between clenched teeth. Sunny chuckled. But he didn’t take his hands off. Instead, his hand kept traveling from her face down to her neck and then to her breasts. Ify tried to squirm away but she was trapped between him and the wall.

“Don’t touch her!” Ben thundered.

Agnes, who had been sobbing quietly, suddenly broke free and lunged towards Sunny. He turned and backhanded her, sending her flying and painfully hitting the floor.

“Mummy!” Ify screamed and kicked Sunny. He jumped back narrowly missing her kick on his groin. She tried to get away but her grabbed her back. She attacked but her backhanded her sending her landing face down on the floor.

Suddenly, something in her snapped. Ify could feel a strange power possessing her. Her face were dead cold, her senses more heightened and her vision were vividly green and sharp. If she could see herself in the mirror, she could say her eyes were raging with green fire.

Oblivious to what was happening, Sunny was already unbuckling his belt as he approached her from behind, ready for action. Ify smiled, her heightened senses hearing his approach. Bring it, bitch. She thought and waited. Sunny grabbed her ass and she suddenly threw her head back and hit him squarely in the face. He screamed and jumped back, holding his bloody nose. In a flash, she attacked him, front, back and center. In a few seconds, Sunny was flat on the floor with gruesome injuries disfiguring his body. The other gang members stared at their boss who was lying motionless on the floor. They stared Ify. Time stood still for what seemed like forever which in reality was only a few seconds. Then, they began to attack her at once.

Ify attacked them using anything she could lay her hands on as a weapon. She hit the first thug and he crashed on the TV and passed out. The second thug was lifted in the air and crashed heavily on the glass center table. Ify seized the third thug’s gun and shot him in the belly and shot the fourth thug on his leg at the same time. She banged the fifth thug’s head severally on the wall and he slid limply down to the floor. Then she knocked out the sixth thug with a stool.

By this time, Sunny woke up to see all members of his gang on the floor with various wounds. Panicked, he tried to crawl painfully to the exit to escape but Ify leapt and banged his face on the floor. He passed out again. She remained on top of him, her knees on his back and her hand wrapped at the back of his neck while she stared intently into space.

“Ify?” Agnes frightened voice called her. Ify’s eyes immediately cleared and she got up from the unconscious man beneath her, confused. She turned to her parents. They were staring at her like she was an alien.

“What happened?” She asked.

“We don’t know. Why didn’t you tell us you were taking Kung-Fu lessons?” Her father asked, stunned.

“I don’t understand.”

Later, the police were called and they arrived and carried the gang away in stretchers. Sunny who had somehow woken up was screaming, “Witch! Demon! Ogbanje! Witch o!”

They ignored him and carried him away. Tony drove in a few minutes later. He jumped out of his car and hugged Ify tight in relief. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. So glad to see you.” Ify replied, smiling in his arms. “What are you doing here? It’s late.”

“I called you earlier but your mom picked the call and told me you were robbed. I was so worried.”

“We’re fine thank God. Those yeye robbers didn’t succeed.”

“That’s because you stopped them.” Her mother said.

“You, stopped them?” Tony asked Ify, surprised.

“My dear, we can’t explain. All we know was they were attacking us. They next thing we knew was Ify attacked and finished them. I can’t still explain how she did it. Ify, is there something you’re hiding from us?” Ben asked.

“Nothing. Honestly, I can’t remember what happened. All I remember was their boss slapped mummy and tried to rape me–”

“He what?” Tony asked, shocked.

“Don’t worry. He didn’t succeed.” Agnes assured him.

“Anyway, the rest is still a blur.” Ify continued, “I went totally blank. By the time I realized myself, those idiots were all over the floor with injuries and blood scattered everywhere.”

“Wow, that’s interesting.” Tony said. “But how–”

“Good evening.” An officer greeted them. They returned his greetings.

“My name is Officer Ugwu. I’m in charge of this operation. I hope you all are alright?”

“Yes, officer.” They replied.

“Good. We need you all to come to the station with us.”

Episode 6 will come out tomorrow. Or you can read it at https://www.litafrik.com/vanquished-episode-6-next-level/

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Re: Vanquished by nijabazaar: 1:53pm On Apr 13
Hmmm...this is somewhat refreshing.

But I think a little description of the Queen of the Coasts Majesty and environment would've lend her some power. The way you described her made her seem like an ordinary Queen from game of thrones...

A powerful vengeful goddess, from your description/portrayal, she's not.

But I like your writing style, above ordinary

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Thanks for the update

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Tanks for the update ooo

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Hmmm...this is somewhat refreshing.

But I think a little description of the Queen of the Coasts Majesty and environment would've lend her some power. The way you described her made her seem like an ordinary Queen from game of thrones...

A powerful vengeful goddess, from your description/portrayal, she's not.

But I like your writing style, above ordinary

Noted, my dear. Thanks For reading.
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Thanks all. Your responses are very encouraging
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Episode 6: Next Level

“Wait, what?” Ify asked, shocked.

Officer Ugwu turned to her. “You must be the girl who fought off those boys.”

“Yes officer.”

The Officer eyed her in something between unbelief and admiration. “Where did you learn to fight like that?”

“I don’t know, Officer. I didn’t learn to fight anywhere. What happened tonight, call it instinct.”

Officer Ugwu didn’t look like he believed her. But he let that pass. “Well, whatever it is, you really finished those boys. Their leader calls you an ogbanje. Says you’re possessed by a demon.’

Ify shrugged. “That’s his business.”

“Anyway, like I said before, you all should come with us to the station.”

Ify’s father stepped in. “Officer, my daughter didn’t commit any crime. What she did was self-defence.”

“Sir, I understand. But you still need to come to the station and write some statements. Standard procedure.”

“Alright. Give us a minute.”

Officer Ugwu nodded and left. Ify’s father sighed tiredly and turned to the rest. “You’ve heard him. We need to go to the station.”

“Must we do that tonight, daddy? I’m so tired.” Ify complained and yawned.

“I know. But we have to. Looks like we’re not going to sleep anytime soon.”

“Who’s talking about sleep after all these?”

“The earlier we go and write the statements, the better. I just want this incident behind us.”

“Fine. Let’s go.” Ify said and rose to leave.

“Wait.” Tony said.

She turned to him, puzzled. “What?”

Tony bent down and picked something that fell off her night robe.

“You dropped this.” He said, showing it to her.

Ify gasped in shock. It was the seashell! The same seashell she had thrown into the trash can in her office! Ify stood rooted to the floor as she stared at it in disbelief. How did it get into her pocket?

Her parents and Tony stared at her with worried frowns on their faces.

“Babe, are you okay?” Tony asked.

Ify blinked out of her stupor and gave him a fake smile. “Yes, yes, I am. Let’s go.”

The next morning, Ebuka was declared wanted by the Police. Sunny had confessed. Ebuka was nowhere to be found when the Police invaded his home. Somehow, he had gotten news of the failed robbery and disappeared into thin air. But he didn’t go far. An anonymous person blew the whistle on him that he was trying to escape through one of the porous Nigerian borders.

Meanwhile, news traveled fast. Ify’s company gave her some weeks off with their best wishes. Her best friends, Moji and Halima often visited to keep her company. Sometimes, they would spend the night. Other times, they wouldn’t due to work and their families.

“So, I heard you’re now the Naija version of Wonder Woman.” Moji teased, the first day they visited after the robbery incident.

“Wonder Woman ke? Where did you hear that one?” Ify asked.

“The news is everywhere about how you finished those robbers.” Halima said. “Ify, you didn’t tell us you were taking some taekwando lessons.”

Ify rolled her eyes. “Why is everybody telling me that? The other night my dad was asking why I didn’t tell him I was taking Kung-Fu lessons. I don’t know any Kung-Fu or taekwando.”

Moji scoffed. “Then how did now beat those robbers like that if you didn’t take any lessons?”

“I don’t know. It just happened. I’m still trying to figure it out.”

Halima shrugged. “Toh, at least we thank God that nothing happened.”

“Abi o? Those robbers didn’t succeed. That’s what matters.” Moji said.

“Is it true it was your cousin that sent them?” Halima asked, curious.

“My dear, it’s true o. You know the shocking part? This guy had lived with us since when I was very little. Up till when that Sunny guy confessed, I saw him as my elder brother. My dad did everything for him. What was his reward? He sent armed robbers just because my dad refused to give him money to settle his side chick.” Ify said bitterly.

“Can you imagine?” Halima said, surprised. “This side chick matter has put many men in trouble.”

“But that your cousin is an ungrateful fool.” Moji added. “After all your dad did for him, he still had the nerve to do this? I hope he rots in jail.”

“That one is sure. By the time he comes out, if he sees any girl smiling at him, he will run.”

Her parents weren’t left out. Her brutal attack on Sunny and his gang had somehow made them wary of her. They weren’t exactly afraid of her. It was just that they seemed to view her differently than before. She had often caught them staring at her when they thought she wasn’t looking. Ify didn’t blame them. She herself couldn’t believe she did what they said she did to those robbers.

But the one who seemed to take the robbery aftermath to the next level was Tony. He was always calling, texting and visiting just to make sure she was alright. He was always monitoring her movements. At first, she thought it was amusing. But after sometime, it was irritating the hell out of her. She wasn’t some kind of egg or those helpless damsels in distress for heaven’s sake!

“I don’t even know why you’re disturbing yourself over this.” Moji said when she complained. “It’s what happens when you’re going to the next level.”

“Which next level?” Ify scoffed. “APC next level or another next level?”

Moji grimaced in distaste. “Who’s talking about government? I’m talking about your upcoming wedding to Tony. Who government next level epp?”

“Oh, that?” Ify asked. “But it doesn’t mean he should be stalking my movements all the time.”

“You call this stalking? My dear, Tony is a man. And every man wants to protect the woman he loves. After what happened to you the other time, how did you expect him to behave?” Moji said.

Ify sighed. “You’re right, sha. It’s just that I’m tired of all this drama. I just want everything to return to normal.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll stop talking about your Jackie Chan skills and concentrate on your next level with Tony.” Halima said.

Ify chuckled. “You and next level. Elections have passed na.”

“You see, ba? I’m going to take Moji’s advice. Once I find a man who is more serious than Ayo, na next level tinz. No time. I cannot come and carry last.” Halima said and they laughed.

Later, she went to see them off. Then she branched at a supermarket to buy some beverages. The honest truth was she didn’t need to buy beverages. But she had been indoors long enough and felt so bored. Going to the supermarket was a perfect excuse to receive fresh air outside.

She took a basket and picked some from the shelf. Then she went to the yogurt section. A heavily pregnant woman was staring at the neatly arranged yogurt. Ify gave her a greeting smile and picked a yogurt. She turned to leave.

“Excuse me, is that flavor good?” The woman asked.

Ify turned back. “Vanilla? Sure. It’s my favorite.”

The woman smiled apologetically. “Don’t mind me. I’ve been standing here staring at all the flavors. I don’t know which one to pick.”

“Me, I like vanilla. You can try strawberry. It’s also nice. Check the expiry date–”

A wail of approaching siren from outside interrupted her. Everybody in the supermarket, paused, startled.

“What’s happening?” The woman asked.

The siren became louder and louder as it kept approaching. Then, they heard the screeching of tires and suddenly, fierce looking armed men stormed into the supermarket and locked the entrance.

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Re: Vanquished by nonnywhite: 8:22am On Apr 20
Episode 7: Police Chase

“Everybody down.” The men yelled at everyone, pointing their guns.

“Oh God, not again.” Ify groaned to herself as she went down hands forward, face to the floor like the other hostages. The men assembled them in a row yelling, “get down!” “Move, I move you!” etc.

Meanwhile the siren outside was jarring. Ify could hear the police outside. Two of the robbers went to man the entrance. The rest surrounded the hostages while their leader patrolled in front of them.

“Listen up everybody. From now on, na me dey in charge. If anybody wan try Bleep up, I go Bleep up that person up. Police no fit help una. Forget that thing wey dem dey do outside. No be Nigerian Police again?”

One of the robbers manning the entrance approached the leader. “Boss, police full everywhere o. Wetin we go do?”

The leader paused thoughtfully. Then he gave an evil smile and said loudly and confidently. “Dem no fit enter. If dem try am, these people.”

The hostages started panicking. Everyone was whimpering, screaming and sobbing. The robbers immediately drew their guns and threatened them to shut up. They shut up except one hostage. It was the pregnant woman. Her panic had risen to a level she couldn’t control in her condition. She tried to rise up.

“What are you doing? Do you want to die?” Ify whispered frantically at her.

The woman shook and sobbed hysterically. “I can’t… can’t… help it. Please… please… please get me out of here. I need to go.”

By now, her hysteria had drawn everyone’s attention. One of the robbers moved angrily to her, pointing his gun directly at her head. “You dey mad? Get down, now!”

But the pregnant woman was far gone. She couldn’t get down. She was sobbing and breathing heavily. Ify feared she might be in premature labor. The leader strode to the woman and grabbed her hair roughly, forcing her to look him in the face, eyeball to eyeball.

“Madam if you no get down this second, I go shoot that belle comot. After all, no be Jesus you carry.” He said very carefully and coldly.

The woman shook uncontrollably. “Please I beg, consider my baby. This is my first pregnancy after eight years of marriage. Let me go, abeg, abeg.”

The leader pushed her to the floor. “Get down!”

“Leave her alone!” A voice rang out.

“Who be that?” The leader asked, surprise and looked around. He looked like he was ready to shoot that person on the spot. No one replied.

“I say who be that person?”

Again, silence. Thoroughly pissed, the leader grabbed the woman again and pointed his gun to her face. “I say who be that person? Talk now or else–”

“It’s me. I said you should leave her alone.” Ify said, rising.

The leader stared at her in disbelief. Then he burst into laughter. His gang joined him. They laughed and laughed until he suddenly stopped.

“See this girl o. You no dey fear?”

Ify was already having second thoughts on why she intervened. But she tried not to let it show. She simply stood there, staring at him.

“Come here.” The leader said, calmly.

Ify didn’t move. One of the men grabbed her and dragged her to him. He forced her to kneel in front of the leader. The leader slowly lowered himself to stare directly into her eyes.

“Wetin be your name?” He asked.

Ify didn’t respond.

“I no go ask you again. Wetin be your name?”

Still, Ify remained silent. This incensed the leader further and he slapped her, twisting her face to one side. There was total silence for a second. Then, Ify slowly turned her face back to him. The leader jumped back in shock. Ify’s eyes were no longer their natural brown. They were bright green with raging fire. Before he could open his mouth, Ify slammed her fist into his face. She quickly grabbed his gun and shot him.

The following action was a bloody mess. Completely enraged, Ify unleashed her mayhem on the rest of the robbers. The hostages screamed and scurried for cover as she silenced the robbers one by one. By the time she was done with them, the supermarket looked like a war zone.

She eventually returned to herself as the police finally forced their way in. They took out the seriously injured robbers and helped the hostages, including Ify outside to attend to them. A growing crowd had gathered and the police tried to contain them. The Press fished for news. Cameras flashed everywhere. Ify ducked and clutched the bottled water given to her, shaking. She couldn’t believe what she did to those robbers. God, what’s going on. She thought.

“You again?” Officer Ugwu said, interrupting her thoughts.

Ify sighed tiredly. “Officer Ugwu.”

“What is with you and armed robbers? And what you did to those boys… Are you Wonder woman?”

“I don’t know o, Officer.” Ify said, shrugging.

“Well, you know the procedure now?” Officer Ugwu asked.

“Yes. Follow you to the station.”

Later, after a long, tiring day at the police station, she went home. Her parents were watching night news about bank robbers that were chased down to a supermarket, took hostages and were stopped by a “superhuman”- their words- hostage. Ben and Agnes ran to her in relief.

“Oh my God, Ify are you alright?” Her mother asked, concerned.

“What happened?” Her father asked at the same time.

“I’m fine, daddy, mummy. I’m just coming from the police station. I need to rest. I’m tired.”

Her parents stared at her.

“Tell us the truth, Ifenyinwa. What is going on with you?” Her father asked bluntly.

“Nothing.” She replied and winced. Her father never called her Ifenyinwa unless he was angry.

“Don’t lie to us. We both know something strange is happening to you. What is it?”

“Daddy, nothing is going on. I’m fine.”

“Ifenyinwa,” Agnes interjected making her wince. Her mother never called her full name either unless she was pissed. “If what you’re saying is true, then explain to us how you suddenly developed this strange ability to attack people so easily. Your father and I were first hand witnesses of what you did to those boys that Ebuka sent. And we know you’re the person with ‘superhuman powers’ that attacked those robbers at the supermarket. Don’t deny it. What is going wrong with you, Ifenyinwa!”

“I don’t know, okay? I don’t know!” Ify flared up. “You think I understand what is happening to me? If I did, I would have told you. This thing, these abilities that I have, they are strange to me as well. I’m confused. So don’t ask me what’s wrong with me because I don’t know!”

She raged and stormed upstairs to her room. Her parents looked at each other. Then Ify came back downstairs to face them remorsefully.

“I’m so sorry, daddy, mummy for yelling at you. It’s just that I don’t understand what is happening to me. I’m so tired.”

“Honey, we know. Your father and I are so worried about you. Do you want us to book an appointment with Pastor Matthew for deliverance?”

“Deliverance kwa? Mummy please no o. It hasn’t gotten to that yet. I believe if I went away for a while, this thing, whatever it is, will stop.”

Agnes looked skeptical. “Are you sure? Pastor Matthew is a real man of God. He will deliver you.”

“Mum, I don’t want please. Dad, please tell mummy not to make me go to the pastor.” Ify pleaded to her dad.

Ben sighed. “Honey, Ify is right. I don’t trust all these pastors. I think what she needs is to go away for a while. Let’s see what happens after she comes back.”

And so, it was arranged that Ify would go on a weekend holiday with Tony. Ify was so happy. And as she sat beside Tony as he drove, she felt free.

“Hmm, this is nice. The both of us going on a trip together?”

Tony smiled. “I know. You need a break from all these stunts you’ve been pulling lately.”

“Please let’s not talk about that. I’m looking forward to a fun weekend. I don’t want anything to spoil it.”

“Alright. Anything for you.”

Ify sat back on her seat and closed her eyes, sighing contentedly. Tony continued driving. Then his eyes caught the AC.

“What’s that?” He asked in surprise.

“What’s what?” Ify asked.

“Smoke is coming out of the AC.”

“Smoke?” Ify asked and opened her eyes. They watched in growing horror as a green smoke came out of the AC. It formed into long, thin fingers and grabbed Ify’s face. Ify screamed.

“Ify!” Tony screamed in shock. He tried to drag her back but the smoky fingers sucked her into the AC shaft just as he lost control of the car and it somersaulted and crashed upside down on the road.

Ify screamed as she swirled through the vortex with the green smoky fingers and landed at the queen’s feet.

The queen smiled at her. “Welcome back, Ifenyinwa.”

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Re: Vanquished by nonnywhite: 8:27am On Apr 20
Episode 8: Human Swap

Ify sprang to her feet and stared at the queen confused and scared. “You again? What just happened? Where’s Tony?”

“You mean your lover? He’s still there in what you humans call an accident?” The queen replied nonchalantly.

“Accident!” Ify squeaked in alarm. “Oh my God. Please take me back. I want to see him.”

“You will see him later. But first, we need to talk.” The queen replied calmly.

“About what? Besides, this is not the time. Tony must be in danger and also worried about me. Please take me back.”

“And I said you will see him later. We need to talk.” The queen replied firmly.

Ify stared at her and sighed impatiently. “Alright, let’s talk. I know you’re the one behind all the things that have been happening to me lately.”

The queen smiled. “Did you like the powers I gave you?”

“Why me?” Ify asked. “Of all human beings on earth, why did you choose me?”

“Oh my dear child,” the queen replied softly. “If only you know what you are made of. Come child, come with me.”

She led Ify to the swirling vortex. And as she waved her hands over it, different flashes of Ify appeared.

“You can be anything you want.” The queen whispered persuasively into her ear. “ A CEO of a successful advertising company like you’ve always wanted. A President, world leader, a celebrity of your choice, a woman of substance. All you need do is ask and shall be given to you.”

“And what do I give in return?” Ify asked, mesmerized.

“Come to me. Work with me. Give me your soul and I will make you the most powerful being in your world.”

Ify nodded. “Yes, yes, I want those things…”

Then she turned defiantly to the queen. “But the problem is if I give in to your request, I would not be in control. I know how this works. You and I make a pact. I get all those nice things you promised me. In exchange, you control my life. You use me until there’s nothing left. Then you throw me out like garbage and find someone else.”

The queen smiled reassuringly. “You’re wrong. I’m a very benevolent goddess. I remain faithful to those who are faithful to me.”

“Really?” Ify asked skeptically. “And how do I know when I fail the rules?”

“You will know if when it happens which I believe shall never happen. I know you, Ifenyinwa, better than you know yourself. Your loyalty to your family and friends is unquestionable. And that is what I desire from you. Think of what you felt when you possessed those powers to fight your enemies. I know you enjoyed them. You can have so much more. Give me your soul.”

“No,” Ify replied more firmly. “You can take your powers back. What I want right now is to go back to Tony. I will be want I want to be. Not what you want me to be.”

The queen stared speculatively at Ify for what seemed like an eternity. Then she sighed sadly. “You’re right. You will be what you want to be.”

Ify sighed in relief. She didn’t realize she was holding her breath. The next moment, she was thrown painfully to the floor by an invisible force.

She was stunned. But to her horrific dismay, the queen began to transform before her eyes. By the time the transformation finished, Ify felt her eyes were playing tricks on her. Oh wait, maybe they were. For the queen had Ify’s face, height, color, shape, dress, shoes and even her hairstyle. Everything. Ify was staring at the very image of herself.

The queen smiled maliciously. “But I can be what I want you to be. Goodbye my beautiful, foolish human. I wish I could stay but I have a mission to accomplish.”

Then she disappeared with her laughter echoing after her. The swirling vortex flashed again. And Ify watched as the queen, now posing as her, appeared at Tony’s wrecked car and screamed for help. Motorists gathered and they took Tony out of the wreck. He was unconscious and his whole body were drenched in blood. The motorists carried him into a car. The queen joined him and they drove speedily away.

“No! No! Stay away from him. Baby, I’m here! I’m here!” Ify screamed desperately. The vortex suddenly closed and the maidens who had been still like statues snapped to life and looked intently at her with their shining green eyes. The two huge pythons uncurled themselves and began to slowly creep towards her.

Ify tried to get away but she couldn’t move. Whatever force the queen used to pin her down was still working. In that moment, Ify knew it was too late. She was never going to get out alive…

Meanwhile, Tony had been taken to the hospital. He was immediately wheeled to the theater for emergency operation. Ben and Agnes arrived shortly. They were frantic for their daughter.

“Oh, Ify. Are you alright?” Agnes said as she rushed and hugged the queen who was still posing as Ify.

The queen sobbed. “Oh mummy, Tony…”

“Chim o! Where is he?”

“He’s in the theater. The doctors are operating on him now.” She broke down again. “Oh mummy. He’s bad. What am I going to do if I lose him?”

“Honey, you’re not going to lose him. Have faith.”

They hugged her, comforting her as she shed her crocodile tears. Hours later, the doctor came out of the theater. They hurried to him, concerned.

“Doctor, how is he?” Ben asked anxiously.

“Are you the father of Anthony Orji?”

“No but my daughter here is his fiancee. This is my wife, Agnes. We’ve called his parents. They will be here as soon as possible.”

“How soon?”

“They live in Port Harcourt. But they’ll be taking the next flight to Lagos. They should be here this evening by God’s grace.”

“Alright.” The doctor said, satisfied by the information.

“So, how is he?” Ben asked again.

“He has several broken bones. His ribs are also broken and they have affected his lungs. We have fixed the lungs but there might be complications. One of them is that the lungs can go into collapse. He is in the ICU where a machine is helping him to breathe and where we can also monitor his vital signs continuously.”

“Can we see him, doctor? Please?” The queen pleaded innocently.

“Not yet. He has to be left alone for now. I advise that you go home, get some rest and come back later. Excuse me.” The doctor said calmly and left.

The queen began to sob again. Ben wrapped his arms around her. “It’s okay, dear. Tony is going to be fine. The doctor is doing his best.”

“Yes,” Agnes concurred. “And you need to go home. You’ve had a very long day.”

“I think I’m going to stay. You can go.” The queen said.

“Ify, staying here will not solve anything. You heard the doctor. You cannot see Tony now. Let’s just go home. You need rest.” Ben said.

“Your father is right. There is nothing we can do for now. Let the hospital handle it. We will come back later when you’ve rested a bit, okay?” Agnes added.

The queen nodded reluctantly. “Okay. Let me go to the restroom. I need to pee.”

She left for the restroom, a picture of distraught. As soon she got to the rest room, she moved straight to the mirror and smiled widely. Humans were truly stupid. She thought. Just look at the way she fooled them. Those two gullible fools that called themselves Ifenyinwa’s parents thought she was their daughter. Oh, this was interesting. She hadn’t tried being a human for centuries. She detested stooping so low. But now she did, it was easier than she thought. And she must admit, she was enjoying herself.

She washed her hands and opened the door to leave only to bump into a nurse Eliza carrying a bowl of vomit. The vomit scattered all over the queen’s face.

She screamed.

Episode 9 will be out soon. Or you can read it @ https://www.litafrik.com/vanquished-episode-9-a-miracle/

For other interesting series and stories, visit www.litafrik.com
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Vanquished Episode 10: Beach Curse

Ify slipped in and out of consciousness. Beatrice nursed her faithfully, making sure she was comfortable. But as the days progressed and Ify seemed not to recover, Beatrice was worried. She had done everything she could. As a doctor, she had run some tests in her small lab and found nothing. Nothing. Apart from a few cuts and bruises which Beatrice had taken care of, the girl was fine. Perhaps, that was the girl’s own way of dealing with her trauma. Getting almost drowned in the river was very traumatizing. Beatrice had reason to know. Poor girl.

At first, she had contemplated taking her to the hospital. But she changed her mind. Since her retirement, she had never stepped feet in a hospital. And she had no wish to do so now. She would watch the girl for a few more days and if there was no improvement, she would take her to the hospital.

But she didn’t have to wait. The next day, Ify woke up, panting heavily from an obvious nightmare. Beatrice held her down gently.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. You are in safe hands now.” She said in a cooing voice.

The soothing voice helped Ify relaxed a little. It was then she looked around her strange environment.

Seeing her beginning to panic again, Beatrice quickly said, “I found you lying on the beach. So I brought you here. You are in my house. You’ve been slipping in and out of consciousness for almost seven days.”

Ify’s eyes widened at that. But before she could speak, Beatrice asked, “I am Beatrice. What is your name?”

Ify opened her mouth to reply but no sound came out. She tried to clear her throat and speak. No way.

She was dumb.

Beatrice grimaced in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. I didn’t know you were…”

She trailed off. Ify shook her head frantically, trying to tell the kind woman before her that she wasn’t dumb as she obviously concluded. Beatrice was too embarrassed to understand.

“Let me get you something to eat.” She said and quickly left.

Ify tried to call her back to no avail. She simply couldn’t speak. Mortified, she watched the woman leave the room. It dawned on her she was likely going to spend the rest of her life, dumb. The queen had won.

Beatrice came back a few minutes later with some food. But Ify couldn’t eat. She could only stare into the distance with sad eyes. That became a routine for days. Beatrice would cook delicious meals to entice her, but Ify couldn’t eat. She would only stare into space. Beatrice didn’t know what to do. Her visitor was emaciating before her eyes. Ify looked like a skeleton. Beatrice couldn’t take it.

“Look, I know you are troubled.” She said one day. “But you can’t stay like this forever. Maybe you experienced something a young lady like you should not experience. But you can’t give up. You are very young and you have life ahead of you.”

Ify didn’t even twitch to show that she heard her. Beatrice sighed.

“I was once young like you. Came from a good family. I was the first child, the prettiest and most brilliant of all my siblings. Came top of my class. I studied Medicine in University of Oxford, practiced in London. And then I got engaged. My fiance was the son of one of the richest men in Nigeria. He managed one of his father’s companies. And so, I had to resign my job and relocated to Nigeria to get married. That was a big mistake because it turned out my so called fiance was too possessive and abusive. I got out the toxic relationship and started all over again. I took up an appointment in a Federal Teaching Hospital as a Neurosurgeon. Life was good. I was the golden girl.”

“But my love life since then was sadly the opposite. After getting my heart broken several times by other men I dated, I decided I wasn’t going into any relationship. I wasn’t ever going to get married. But on my 35th birthday, I met my husband.”

She could vividly remember that day. She had gone to the beach to celebrate with her friends. He had walked up to her in the beach bar where she was partying and wished her a happy birthday. That was it. They became friends. And that friendship led to the most beautiful romance she had ever had. They were married a year later and had a daughter. And then they settled to live happily ever after.

“Two years later, he ran off with another woman. I haven’t heard from him since then. My heart was shattered but I survived. I had my daughter. She was everything to me. So, I raised her alone. Her name was Nene. Three years ago, she went to the beach with her friends and never returned.”

Beach again? Ify thought. That place must be cursed.

According to her friends, Beatrice’ daughter had gone to swim and never came back. At first, they thought she playing pranks on them. After all, everyone knew she a great swimmer. But after a few minutes and yet there was no sign o her, they knew something was wrong. They tried to look for her to no avail. Beatrice was called and the frantic mother elicited the help of professional divers who applied all their professional skills to find the girl. They combed every nooks and crannies of the beach.

“Her body was never found till date. My daughter had simply disappeared. So every year, I take some flowers to the beach to remember her. When I saw you, I thought you were my daughter. She would have been your age if she lived. Both of you are so alike. You would have been friends.”

By now, hot tears were flowing down Beatrice cheeks.

“I’m saying this to let you know you’re not alone in your misery. Look at me. I have no husband, no child and no job. I retired early when my daughter died. But you my dear, you’re young. It’s not too late. You can start again.”

Ify’s eyes were filled with sympathetic tears. She wanted to tell this kind hearted woman that she understood. That she didn’t think it was too late for her either. But she couldn’t speak. So she settled for gently holding Beatrice hands. Beatrice held her gratefully as she wept.

Then she wiped her tears and smiled, a little embarrassed. “Thank you, my dear. Let me get you some food. This time, you must eat whether you like it or not.”

She rose and left. Ify smiled, feeling a little better at Beatrice’ authoritative tone. Besides, the woman was right. If someone like her could lose everything and still be able to function, then who was she, Ify? Dumb or not, she had to move on.

Ify resolutely swung her feet to the floor and pressed her fists on the bed, trying to get up. Then she stopped as she felt something on her finger. She raised her finger to look.

It was her engagement ring. In her misery, she had completely forgotten all about it. She stared at the ring, her face bright with glee.

“My ring.” She whispered “My ri–”

Wait a minute, she could speak! She had her voice back! She ran out of the room excitedly.

“Auntie Beatrice! Auntie Beatrice!” She called.

Beatrice ran out of the kitchen, surprised. “What?” The her eyes widened in shock when she saw Ify. “Wait, you can talk?”

“Yes, I can. I always have been able to talk. I don’t know why I couldn’t these last few days.”

“Oh good. That’s good.”

“My name is Ifenyinwa. Everyone calls me Ify. My family is here. I have been going through some troubles. It’s a long story. Thank you so much for everything.”

“You are welcome, Ify. Glad to know you are not dumb after all.”

Ify laughed. “Thank you, Auntie. Can I ask a favor?”


“Can I use your phone? I need to make a quick call.”

“It’s on the table in my room. My room is on the left.”

“Thank you so much.” Ify said gratefully and ran to Beatrice room.

She picked the phone and quickly dialed a number. It rang.

“Hello?” Tony’s voice answered on the other end.

Episode 11 is already out. You can read it on https://www.litafrik.com/vanquished-episode-11-not-my-real-face/
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Vanquished Episode 12: Mother

Ify’s heart pounded as she looked at her mother in expectation. Surely the woman who carried her in her womb for nine months would recognize her.

“Yes, can we help you?” Ify’s mother asked, as if she didn’t know her.

Ify froze in shocked dismay. Her own mother didn’t recognize her. Her eyes caught the window of the living room and she gasped. The same thing that happened in Beatrice’ bedroom was happening to her. It was the same stranger’s face. The queen gave her a smug smile. That quickly changed Ify’s shock into an angry resolution. She turned to her mother and opened her mouth to speak. Then she began coughing like a tuberculosis patient.

“Are you alright?” Agnes asked, concerned.

Encouraged, Ify attempted to speak again and her already severe cough became more severe. She coughed and coughed each time she attempted to speak. Each attempt only brought on more painful coughs. She coughed and coughed until she began to bleed from her mouth.

“Mommy, she’s bleeding.” The queen exclaimed, voice shaking in alarm.

Agnes rushed forward. Before she could reach her, Ify had crumbled to the floor, coughing out blood. They quickly rushed her to the hospital. Ify kept coughing, fighting for breath as the nurses wheeled her in, Agnes and the queen following beside them. Ify grabbed her mother’s hand and locked eyes with her, desperately trying to speak. Agnes was surprised but she patted her comfortingly.

“It’s okay, dear. You will be fine.” She said. Ify shook her head frantically. “M…m…mo…mmy.” She managed to stutter amidst breathless coughs.

Agnes stopped and stared as the nurses wheeled Ify into one of the wards. The queen stopped beside her, her face clouded like thunder.

“She called me mommy.” Agnes said softly in surprise.

The queen snorted. “Did she? Maybe she wasn’t referring to you. She was referring to her real mother.”

Agnes opened her fist that Ify had grabbed. She stared at the small phone in her hand.

“You’re right. I think she wants me to call her mother.” Agnes replied. She dialed the only number on the phone and waited as it rang.

“Hello, Ify?” Beatrice’ voice said on the other end.

Agnes stopped in surprise.

“Ify, are you there?”

“Um… this isn’t Ify. My name is Agnes. Your daughter is in the hospital. She’s very ill.” Agnes finally spoke.

The line went completely silent for a second.

“My daughter?” Beatrice asked, hesitantly.

“Yes, the one you called Ify. I was surprised. My daughter’s name is also Ify. Anyway, your daughter came to my house and while we were figuring out who she was, she started coughing and bleeding all of a sudden. So we brought her to the hospital and she gave me this phone to call you.”

“Oh, okay. What’s the name of the hospital?”

Later, Beatrice got to the hospital. At the reception, she was told Ify’s ward and the people that brought her into the hospital had gone home. She sighed. Poor girl. The happy reunion didn’t go quite well. Beatrice thanked the nurse and went to Ify’s ward. Ify was lying sullenly on the bed. Her cough was miraculously gone.

Beatrice went to her, concerned. “Ify, what happened?”

Ify looked at her and started crying quietly. Beatrice held her, comforting her. “It’s okay, my dear. Everything will be alright.”

Ify shook her head. “No, Auntie Beatrice. Everything is not alright.”

“Tell me what happened.”

And so Ify told her everything. Nothing was left out. Beatrice stared at her, completely still.

Then she sighed. “When I found you at the beach, you…”

“… Escaped from the queen’s coven, yes. Unbelievable, right?” Ify asked.

“It sounds like Nollywood.”

“It does. But it is real.”

Beatrice nodded. “So what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know, Auntie. I tried to reach my family, even called my fiance earlier in your room…”

“But your face changed to someone you didn’t know.” Beatrice concluded in sympathy.

“Yes. I’ve tried. But that wicked so called queen has taken control of everything. I can’t reach my people. What am I going to do, Auntie?” Ify cried in frustration.

“It’s okay. We’ll discuss it when we get home. First, we need to get you out of here.”

Beatrice used her influence as an experienced doctor and made the hospital discharge Ify. Then they left in Beatrice’ car. The didn’t speak as she drove. Each was lost in thought. Finally, she glanced at Ify who was seated beside her. Ify was looking out the window, her eyes filled with sadness.

“Stop worrying too much, Ify.” Beatrice said, sympathetically. “Worrying will not help. You’ll get through this.”

“How do you know that?” Ify asked softly in a disbelieving tone.

“Well, while there is life, there is hope.”

Ify didn’t reply. Beatrice sighed. “You know what? Let’s eat out. I think a change of environment will lighten your mood.”

Beatrice drove to a restaurant and parked. They stepped out and headed towards the restaurant. A small crowd had gathered at the entrance. They curiously made their way through the crowd and saw three hefty men, bouncers, beat up another man. A very robust woman, the owner of restaurant, screamed invectives on the man.

“Beat him! Beat him very well! You think you can come to my restaurant and eat my food and go like that without paying, abi? Ole! Oshi! By the time my boys finish with you, eh, you go hear nwii.” She shouted angrily.

The bouncers beat the man mercilessly. The helpless man was already bloody from the beating. Beatrice and Ify couldn’t watch anymore. They went between them to stop the assault.

“Stop it! I said stop it at once! What is it?” Beatrice said loudly.

The woman glared at Beatrice and Ify. “Who be this one now? Wetin be your own? Why you dey put mouth for the matter wey no concern you.”

Beatrice glared back. “I am a doctor. And this man your boys are beating will likely die from his injuries. Ify you don’t call off your boys, I will call the Police.”

For a moment, it looked like the threat would not work. Then the woman signaled the bouncers to stop. They stopped.

“Thank you.” Beatrice said, relieved. “Now, what happened?”

“My sister, see this yeye man o. I was on my own, he came to my restaurant to eat and after eating, he wanted to walk away without paying me my money. You know what he said? He said I should forgive him that he was hungry but did not have any money to pay for the food. My own food. Can you imagine? He knows he does not have any money yet he came to eat in my restaurant. Do I look like Father Christmas? He wants to chop and clean mouth. Lai lai! He must pay me my money or my boys will tear him to pieces.” The woman ranted angrily.

“How much is the food?” Beatrice asked.

“Five hundred naira.”

Beatrice brought out her purse and paid her. The woman turned coldly to the man on the floor. “Thank your God for this fine madam. If not for her, wetin I go do you, ehn?”

She hissed and signaled her boys and they entered into the restaurant. The crowd dispersed as the show had ended. Ify went to help the man on his feet. He raised his head to thank them and froze as he saw Beatrice. Beatrice froze too and they stared at each other.

“Beatrice?” The man said in shock.

“Johnson.” Beatrice replied in the same tone.

“You know him?” Ify asked her.

“Yes, he is my husband.”

To be continued…

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