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Journey To Gilleon / The Dog Attendant (T. D. A) [COUNTLESS Part 2]. A story By Darousmart Emmanuel. / Clovin - The Secret Of The Journey. By Palmer Emmanuel (2) (3) (4)

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The Journey To Gilleon By Palmer Emmanuel by Palmernuel(m): 5:31pm On May 18, 2019
Many years ago a young lad, the prince of Gilleon, comes to Olipus to witness a dancing ceremony, which took place every seven years, he is capture and jailed for trespassing, not knowing he is a prince, he is tortured to death by the soldiers. When the King of Gilleon hears about his son's death, he brings war to Olipus, wins the war and enslaves the people. Twenty years later Sisira the Goddess of Olipus decides to come to the aid of the people of Olipus, Achilles a young lad is chosen to journey to Gellion to steal the king's staff and free his people.

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The Journey to Gilleon By Palmer Emmanuel©

Episode 1
The Forest Of Olipus

he forests of Olipus, was spiteful, dreadful, and frightening. Achilles had
traveled through it for four days, yet the sound of the crickets, the rustling
sound of the leaves, and the roaring of the wind, was one thing he couldn’t
get use to -- they still made the forest horrible to tread.
He was on a journey to Gilleon, a city he had never been to, a city he had
heard great and terrible things of. No lad of his age would say he has not
heard of their might. It was the same Gilleon who defeated his own city and
turned the people into slaves Many years ago.
Since Achilles was a boy, he had always sat down beside his mother,
Agatha, for that was her name, she would tell him the story of how their city,
Olipus fell years ago, when he was still a baby. To Achilles the story of his
mother sounded more like a tale, a tale one would hear the old folks of
Peterbug, telling children in the cool of the evenings, especially under trees,
with hurricane lamps hanging around.
This night was like every other night, the air was piercing, and cool, and
the night was creepy. This was his fourth night, and he was quite tired after
Whenever Achilles sat under a tree, with a camp fire right in front of him,
like this night, all he could think about was the city of Gilleon, he thought
about how the city would look like, he thought about been caught trespassing
on the streets. All this thought often ran through his mind, seen that he was
from Olipus and they were enemies to Gilleon.
At other times he thought about, his mother, If he would ever see her
again. sometimes he often thought that if he couldn’t play his cards well in
Gilleon, he would end up like the people and never return.
Sometimes he thought of Theodora, the priestess of the goddess of
Olipus. and how she had set him on this journey.

walking tirelessly throughout the day, and so he wanted a rest. He gathered
some dry woods and started a camp fire and then sat under a tree to watch the
fire, the embers and to hear the sound as it burns.
Soon the fire went up and made the place, bright orange. As the cold
became more intense; as the night grew, he grabbed his bag, which was made
of tick leathers, and pulled out a blanket, which his mother had giving him,
you will need this, she had said and really it had served him well in the
journey so far.

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Re: The Journey To Gilleon By Palmer Emmanuel by Palmernuel(m): 12:59pm On May 20, 2019
The Journey to Gilleon
Episode 2
Theodora’s Tale

About five days ago, Achilles sat on a rickety old oak chair, by a rickety
old oak table, in the cottage they lived in Peterbug City, near Olipus. Soon he
began to hear his mother speaking with someone outside. He was holding a
book in one hand and a wooden goblet in the other hand, he paused, roiling
his eyes with his ear inclined, trying to make out what they were saying, but
He was about to have a sip when his mother entered the room angrily
“he is just a boy, he is just twenty” shortly an old woman entered the
“you dare not question, the goddess” she said.
Achilles was quite shocked, he dropped his cup and the book and stood
up, and then swallowed. The old woman, was indeed scaring, she was pretty
old and was believed that she had lived for two-hundred and twenty years,
some said she became the priestess at the age of twenty. She was a bit bent
with wrinkles all over her body, she wore a tick black rob with a hood covering half her face, on her hand was a tick rod with which she supported
her locomotion. Across her shoulder was a little bag, made with the skin of a
“oh… he is a man now, he was only a baby when I last saw him” the old
woman stared at Achilles, her voice was frail, and she seems to speak with
“come close my boy, don’t be scared” the old woman beckoned, Achilles
with fear moved a step, but his mother blocked him, pulling him backward
with his wrist.
“I insist that he is still a boy” said Agatha.
“you will offend Sisira if you mention that again”
“who is she?” Achilles whispered in his mother’s ear.
“Theo…” she was about to say when the old woman cut in.
“Theodora” the old woman snapped before Agatha could finish. “I am the
priestess of the goddess of Olipus. You are highly favored my son…this
palace is quite dark” she muttered and clicked her finger, the walls around
them caught fire, making a ring around them, this of course made Achilles
and his mother stunned. The wall was not burning, neither was the fire hot, it
only provided light to the room.
“what do you mean by… I mean, favored by the goddess” asked Achilles
when he had regain himself from the shock. “sit down” Theodora
commanded, and walked slowly with the help of her rod to the table where
Achilles had dropped his book and goblet.
“sit down” she said again, Achilles starred at his mother and she stared
back and they both took their sit.
“Once there was a boy called Ellison, he was a prince. he had taken a
journey through the forest of Olipus to the outskirt of the city”
“but it was said that no stranger could pass the forest of Olipus, they said
it was dangerous, and they usually get lost”
Theodora raise a brow, starring at Achilles with her tiny little green eyes.
“that is not true, the forest of Olipus has always been kind to strangers,
people get lost because they were caught by the Arisomias who lived at the
far east of the forest” she paused and looked from Achilles to his mother and
then continued.
“he had come from Gilleon to watch the maids of Olipus as they danced
to the goddess at the outskirt of the city, near the fold. strangers were allowed
to watch, for it was once in every seven years. After the dance, Ellison the
prince Entered the City because a girl among the dancers had caught his
fancy, but during those times strangers were not allowed to trespass in any
city without permission.”
“why” Achilles caught in, his voice was now sounding more vibrant.
“because, none of the surround cites trusted the other, strangers
trespassing without permission were treated as spies”
“so what happened to Ellison?” asked Achilles, he sounded more
interested in the story and was very attentive, as the old woman continued, he
rubbed his eyes, and then sat properly on the chair.
“he was caught, by the knights of Olipus trespassing the city, he begged
that he was a prince and was not a spy, but the knights didn’t listen to him, he
was not dress like a prince that day and they thought he was lying, they
locked him up in the dungeon and sent a message to king Toe of Olipus, who
at that time was in a very far country. when he came back he saw that indeed
the boy was a prince and was the son of king Alpha of Gilleon. But Ellison
was dead, because he was improperly treated in the cell.”
“When Ellison didn’t return, the king of alpha sent his soldiers to inquire
of him, and they were sadly told that the prince was dead, when king Alpha
heard this he swore to revenge his only son. He brought his soldiers down to Olipus and King Toe and king Alpha had to take a single combat, the fight
between them was fierce, it lasted for about half a day, they were both skilled
with the sword, but in the end, king Alpha defeated Toe and stabled him to
death, and then the war began between Olipus and Gilleon, but the soldiers of
Gilleon was without doubt stronger, so the people of Olipus thought it would
be foolish to keep up with the fight, which they were already losing. when
Olipus fell, the people began to run to the nearest Cities and villages for
refuge, your father though not a soldier held three soldiers single handedly,
so your mother could escape with you who was just a baby then. The city of
Olipus is bare, it has been bare for twenty years, the enslaved people of
Olipus needs freedom.”
“it a very touching story, but I don’t know what that’s got to do with
me?” asked Achilles who had quite enjoyed the story, but had been waiting
patiently to asked this question.
“the goddess has Chosen you, to restore freedom to the people, she will
see you through”
“but why me, beside you called that a favor, when I am going to risk my
“the goddess can choose anyone…it very much a favor to be used by the
goddess, great men would die for it” Theodora allowed the place to be silent
for a while, and with the help of her stick she stood up and said.
“tomorrow, you we set for Gilleon, you will journey through the forest of
Olipus to the rival of Olgi and to Gilleon.”
“what will I have to do there, am not a soldier, and even if I am , I can’t
fight the whole of Gilleon”
“no one is sending you to fight, Sisira wants you to take the staff of
authority of King
Alpha and make him swear, for the staff means his life, if destroyed he shall die” there was another silent for a long while, silence only broken by the
cracking of the fire as the wind which poured out through the window, blew
it here and there.
“then after he swears?” asked Achilles.
“the people shall be free, the people of Olipus will once again enjoy
freedom…get prepared you lived tomorrow by sun down, I will be here to
see you off to the forest”
The following morning Achilles packed his bag, he put in some roast beef
and bread, his flute, and a jar of water. And just before he left the room to
meet Theodora who was already waiting for him, his mother ran to him with
a thick blanket,
“you will need this” she said.
“thank you mother?”
The journey to the forest took four times the normal time, for Theodora
was walking very slowly as though she was a snail only way bigger.
“remember, that help will always be provided when necessary” she said
“what if I get caught?” asked Achilles moving with a counted paced
toward the forest
“I don’t know, I have never thought about that” Theodora raised her
With fright Achilles entered the forest

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Re: The Journey To Gilleon By Palmer Emmanuel by Palmernuel(m): 1:05pm On May 23, 2019
The Journey to Gilleon
Episode 3

The Arisomias
The fire was beginning to go down and Achilles was now feeling sleepy,
he stood up and rekindled the fire and then went back to sit. A moment later
he heard footsteps crushing dried leaves and sticks in the distance and sprang
to his feet.
“who is there?” he yelled. He bent down quickly and pulled out a dagger from his boot, and pointed
it to the air.
“who is there?” he called again.
Shortly he saw torches which were blurring in the distance, he stood
watching, when they got closer he saw horrible looking people. Their bodies
where bare, except for a little rag-like clothe that went between their thighs
and tied to a belt round their waist. On their faces were different black and
white patterns, they were about twenty in number.
Fear gripped Achilles as he saw this people, he brought down his dagger,
and stood watching them approaching and as they made whistling sound.
Two of them made their way to him.
“don’t hurt me, please” he pleaded as he watch the two coming closer,
when they reached him, they knock him down and one of the others threw a
rope at them, which they tied his hand with.
“please, please…let me go, please”
They were saying something that Achilles couldn’t understand. They
grabbed his bag and pulled out the flute. “give it back… don’t torched it” he
yelled, but the people where looking at the flute as though they could not hear
Achilles screaming.
One of them took the flute and blew it, and the place became quite with
all eyes on the flute, he blew it again and again and soon began to play with
Achilles whose hand was tied walked behind them as they journeyed
toward the east of the forest. They came to a clearing after walking tirelessly
for a long while and started a camp fire and began to dance around it with
their spears, Achilles sat on a stone with his hands tied, watching them, soon
the dance became disinteresting as he was now trying hard not to sleep,
which was totally ineffective. He opened his eyes to see that the day was bright, the sun had not rise yet
and the place was exceptionally cold, the people who had held him captive
where lying on the ground all sleeping, he tried thinking of what to do but
nothing seems to be coming to his mind, he thought of running, but how far
would he go? and beside he couldn’t tell where he was or which way led to
the rival of Olgi or which way led back to Olipus
Soon the sun began to rise and the cool air became warm, and the wind
stopped. The people stood up and began to dust themselves, they picked up
their spears and were about to continue their journey when they saw some
soldiers, well covered in armor with unsheathed sword.
“who is that lad in your mist?” asked one of the soldiers, who very much
look like the captain, for his amour was quite different from the others.
The people began to mutter words in their language which no one could
“anyway, we can’t hear what you are saying, we want the boy” said the
Achilles stood there wondering what was happening, he was standing in
the middle of two of the fellows and was staring to the soldiers.
The soldiers seen that the people were making no move began to
“we must not fight over him, just hand him to us”
The People drew out their spears, and with a shout ran to attack the
The battle began, the people were no match for the soldiers so in a short
while. five where already lying dead on the ground. the others who were still
alive retreated and fled down into the forest.

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Re: The Journey To Gilleon By Palmer Emmanuel by Palmernuel(m): 2:27pm On Jun 21, 2019
The Journey to Gilleon
***Episode 5***
***Achilles and the Princess***
Achilles and the Princess
Achilles sat on the cell, gazing at the stony walls. The room was dark and
there was no window anywhere. below the door was a little square hole
where the guards could slide in his food.
He had been there for hours and was now hungry, he stood up and went to
the door and began to bang it. soon a guard came and slide a spot at the
middle of the door opened and poked his eyes in.
“hey, what is it?..you are disturbing the other prisoners” he said.
“don’t you give your prisoners food here?”
“dinner time is over, you came too late” the guard slammed the spot shut
and Achilles want back and sat down with his back against the wall.
He couldn’t tell how much time had passed, but though, he could recalledthat once or twice he had dosed off. Outside his cell soon came a voice, it
sounded more like a whisper but was quite clear.
“with my father’s permission, I would like to take the prisoners around”
“as your majesty pleases”
He heard the lock of the door and then it opened. There stood the princess
and the guard at the threshold.
“c’mon” she beckon on him, Achilles stood up and followed her at once,
they took several stairs down to the courtyard and then to a stable where the
princess took her white horse in which they rode on to the lake off Gilleon.
The lake of Gilleon was about four miles from the king’s tower and when
they got there Achilles at once asked. “why have you brought me here?”
“don’t you like it, it’s beautiful” said the princess holding his hand as they
walked toward the lake.
When Achilles took off his shoes just as the princess took hers off, he felt
the coldness of the sand, so cold and pleasant that if it was possible he would
like to return and walk upon it again.
They sat on the sand with their legs on the water. And Achilles still quite
uncomfortable said again.
“I still don’t know why you brought me here”
“I just want us to have a nice time together… you know I come here once
in a while to behold the beauty of the lake in the moonlight, some time I take
my bath here”
There was a pause, and the place become silent, so silent that it was only
broken by the sound of the water as they tap their feet on it.
“you are unusual, I have not seen you around before” she said after
another moment had past.
“yeah! I have never been here before, those soldiers mistook me for a
slave, who probably escaped before”“but you are from Olipus, you look very much like them” the princes
began to run her hands romantically on Achilles’ face, but slowly and shyly
Achilles who was not quite keen, took her hands off. And said. “yes, I am
from Olipus.. but I have lived in Peterbug all my life, am such you know
what happened”
“oh yes, they killed my older brother long time ago, I was still a baby
then, and he was just seventeen, he went to watch the maidens of Olipus
dance to Sisira” she said and remained silent for awhile before she went on to
“what were you doing in the rival of Olgi?” she ran her hands again on
Achilles’ face, and again Achilles slowly removed her hand and answered.
“actually, I was in the forest of Olipus, when so funny kind of people
attacked me and tied me up, they called them arisomi… or something”
“yes the Arisomias, they live far in the eastern part of the forest” the
princess stood up and began walking into the lake, when she had gotten to the
middle of the lake where the water covered her body to her neck she said at
the top of her voice.
“what were you doing inside the forest?”
“I was actually coming to Gilleon” Achilles answered with a loud voice
which echoed in the silent night. He sat there and watched the princess swim
about. And soon she beckoned on him, as though Achilles had lost his senses,
he stood up and began to walked to her and they both had a long swim
Water dripped down from their body as they walked out of the lake a
quarter of an hour later, they were holding hands, which didn’t seem queer at
all, at least not to the princess. They pushed their way to the spot where they
had removed their shoes and wore them and rode the horse back to the tower.
“what is your name?” asked the princess when they got to the corridor ofthe prison.
“eh… Achilles”
“I am princess snow”
The finally reached Achilles’ cell and one of the guards who was standing
by-- who happened to be the same guard who had opened the cell earlier
walked to them and opened the cell. “get in” commanded the guard.
Their hands which had been intertwined slowly loosened as Achilles
walked to the cell, but at once with a great force the princess pulled him to
herself and kissed him. The guard was forced to look away. When they
finally parted Achilles entered the cell and as the princess waved him good
by the guard slammed the door locked.

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Theodora's visit.
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Re: The Journey To Gilleon By Palmer Emmanuel by Palmernuel(m): 2:27pm On Jun 21, 2019
The Journey to Gilleon
***Episode 6***
***Theodora’s Visit***

For many days the princess kept on coming to see Achilles, mostly at the
early hours of the day and late in the evenings, she would come with food on
each visit, food which Achilles thought was way better than what was served
In the prison. Achilles was becoming so endeared to the princess that the
reason he had left Olipus to Gilleon was for that time forgotten.
One day, he woke up one morning to an unusual heat in the cell, when he
rolled over he saw a fire at the middle, burning with no wood and of course it
made the cell bright. at one corner was Theodora, she was sitting on a stone
which Achilles was such wasn’t there before.
“Sisira as not send you here for the princess”
Achilles still rubbing his eyes sat up and rested his back against the wall.
and then said
“is it my fault? I was traveling down the forest and I was caught by the
Arisomias and then some soldiers recued me and brought me to the king and
the king ordered me to be locked up” the old woman kept staring at Achilles even after he had long finish speaking.
“well, I have come to you for something important…take this” she
brought out a grey furry purse which looked quite shabby and dirty and was
small, so small that only the size of an apple could go in.
“what’s this?” asked Achilles staring at the purse with a screwed face.
“Sisira’s purse”
“what will I do with such a thing?”
“it grants whatsoever you wish… mind you, you have just three wishes”
the old woman stretched his hand with the purse forward, Achilles with
disgust took it with his index finger and thumb.
“keep it, and use it wisely”
The place went dark and the strange hotness lessen. Achilles raised his
head but couldn’t find Theodora nor the stone she had sat on and the fire was
nowhere to be seen. And there was foots step approaching his cell apace.
Quickly Achilles shove the purse without minding into his pocket and just
then he heard the lock of his cell and in a split second the door swung open.
the guard stood on the threshold with a lantern and his sword drawn out.
“who were you talking to?” he asked staring around the room as though
one might be hiding at the dark corner.
“no one, I was talking to myself”
“it didn’t sound that way, I head you” he walked in to the cell looked
properly around and then walked out again and slammed the door.

This episode is quite Short that's why am dropping the next episode immediately.

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Re: The Journey To Gilleon By Palmer Emmanuel by Palmernuel(m): 7:53pm On Jun 28, 2019
The Journey to Gilleon by Palmer Emmanuel ©
***Episode 7***
*** Rookworm ***
It was dusk when Achilles woke up to a muttering sound outside his cell,
one of them sounded familiar, it was the voice for sometime he had been
hearing every morning, shortly the door opened and Achilles saw the
princess, she beckon on him and he stood up at once and followed her. Once gain Achilles saw the lake of Gilleon. they sat on the sand with their
legs on the water as they had done the first time they came together, Achilles
who at all cost wanted to get back to the reason he had come to Gilleon dare
to asked with his leg on the water, he tapped his feet on it.
“is there anything, called eh… I mean the… the staff of authority?”
“of course” said the princess staring at Achilles who was still facing the
water “it is the most sacred thing in Gilleon, it’s kept in my father’s
chamber inside the Gilleon stone. He only brings it out when he wants to
make a decree or put into effect full authority”
“what is Gilleon stone?” he asked.
“it’s an enchanted glass, inside of it is the staff of authority…you know,
my father has to keep it safe for he can’t even trust his own lords and
“so, can I see it?” this sounded queer to say, but Achilles was trying hard
to get as much information he could.
“no you can’t, it’s in my father’s chamber” the princess stood up and
began to advance into the lake “however, if you really want to see how it
looks like, there is one at the courtroom, but it’s a sepulture, it was made by
Rookworm” the princess was already a distance away in the lake and the
water had rose up to her waist. But when Achilles screamed. “Rookworm”
the princess stopped and turned and said “yeah! what about him?”.
“where is he from?” asked Achilles standing up from the ground and
brushing himself up.
“well, he is from Olipus,. Were you come from, he is a good sculptor, the
best my father had ever seen, so my father took him from the slaves, into the
palace. he makes beautiful sepultures” “Rookworm! He is my father?” Achilles said with Excitement.
“what?” cried out the princess.
“I have got to see him”
The princess now quietly walking back to Achilles and said “Achilles, my
father must not set his eyes on you”
They rode back to the tower with the princess looking dull, she was not
quite happy that she had missed the excitement of having a swim with
Achilles in the lake as they had done several night before. As for Achilles he
was lively, he was quite happy that he would be seeing his father for the first
time except for those years when he stared only at his pictures or listening to
stories of him.
They took several hallways looking here and there to make such no one
was watching and when a soldier happened to past by, they would hide on a
dark spot in the corner. Finally they got to a door at the second floor. And
knocked on it very hard.
“Mr. Rookworm, it’s me Snow”
The door opened a moment later and there stood a man six foot tall, with
full beards, pointed nose and long hair which fell at his shoulders.
“to what do I own this visit your majesty?” said Rookworm bowing he bowed,
when he raised his head he gave Achilles a surprise look.
“we have to come in” said the princess looking around.
“of course your majesty?” Rookworm opened the door fully and admitted
Achilles and the princess in.
The room was dark, the window which was right opposite the door
streamed in the moonlight, and was the reason they could see a thing at all.
“very quickly, you majesty I will put on the light” Rookworm ran to the side of his poster bed and grab a lamp, he put it on, and the room began
bright. He place the lamp on the table and sat on a log three legged chair and
then said.
“forgive me you majesty… please sit”
The princess sat down on another three legged stool on the table, so did
“you majesty, may I asked who is this young lad beside you, eh.. I am
quite fond of you, but I don’t think I am the right person to approached if you
finally find a suitable suitor” Rookworm gave the princess a grin. And she
smiled and said.
“Rookworm. You joke a lot, but this is serious, this is Achilles” the
princess that moment placed her hand around his shoulder and was about to
speak when Achilles said.
“I am Achilles… am your son”
Rookworm’s eyes widened in shock and he asked “who is your mother?”
“Agatha…you father was Thomson, you mother was Vienna…take a look
at this” Achilles stood up and pulled out a little picture from his boot and
walked to Rookworm and gave it to him.
“thank goodness, my son” Rookworm stood up and gave Achilles a hug
“good to see you my son” he added. And as though something had went
wrong he broke from the hug and said.
“what is your name again?”
They hug again this time even more tightly. And when they broke the hug
for the second time they each went to sit.
“I have sat down for many years staring at that picture thinking you are
dead, everyone thought you are dead” said Achilles.
“they never saw me after that day, so it was expected, But what have you come to do in Gilleon, and what are you doing with the princess and in the
king’s tower?”
“Theodora sent me here, on my way I was kidnapped by the Arisomias,
and was rescued by some soldiers who happen to be passing by the forest at
that time. They took me to the king and the king asked them to lock me up in
the cell. And then the princess came to me and helped me out”
“oh, your son is so pretty, he looks just like you, he has your nose, your
eyes and your heart” the princess had said all this staring at Achilles with her
hand across his shoulder.
“oh…I see” said Rookworm with a wink. And then he coughed and
adjusted himself on the chair.
“so we have to find a way of getting you back to Olipus, I don’t want
anything to happen to you”
Achilles was about saying something when they heard footsteps outside,
suddenly they heard the door banging, it was violent as though the people
banging it had the intension of pulling it down.
“who is there?” asked Rookworm,
“Mirez” said a voice.
“oh captain, if you will give me a few seconds”
“we can’t allow him see us?” whispered the princess.
“come quietly, quick I have a safe having for you” Rookworm led them
under his bed at the side of the room. They slowly and gently crawled in
making no noise at all.
“Opened this door Rookworm” Mirez yelled.
“alright Captain a second” Rookworm put off the lamp and went to the
door, he unbolted it and pulled it opened.
Four soldiers entered the room staring around. but the room was now so
dark that they seems not to see a thing. Mirez stood right at the front with his unsheathed sword.
“have you seen a young lad, by the name Achilles, he has escaped from
the cell, and the princess is missing too, have you set your eyes on her
“no, I haven’t seen the young lad, don’t even know a lad was arrested by
the king, and as for the princess I have not seen her either”
“we are asked to search the whole tower” said the captain, allowing his
eyes to roam around.
“as you can see my room is pretty small, there is nothing here, but if you
insist you can go ahead”
The captain stared at Rookworm for a while before turning to the soldiers
and said.
“come, let’s go, we don’t have to waste our time here” and as soon as
they left, Rookworm bar the door, resting his back on it he gasped severally.
And then said still with a small voice.
“they are gone”
The princess and Achilles crawled out from under the bed.
“the whole kingdom is searching for you, I am afraid you are staying here
with me”
“will he be safe here?” asked the princess worriedly.
“for the time being”
Rookworm opened the door for the Princess and shut it as soon as she
had left and then he walked pass Achilles to the bed.
“we talk tomorrow, I need to get some sleep”
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Rookworm's tale
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Re: The Journey To Gilleon By Palmer Emmanuel by Palmernuel(m): 4:51pm On Jun 30, 2019
The Journey to Gilleon by Palmer Emmanuel ©
***Episode 8***
*** Rookworm’s Tale ***
Achilles woke up to the delicious smell of coffee the following morning.
He sat up from the bed and rubbed his eyes. Rookworm was at one end of the room, where a stony platform was built to the wall and was about three feet
high. On top of the platform was pans, kittle, cups, knifes and bowls. At one
side on the platform was a hole filled with hot charcoals which Rookworm
used for cooking.
Achilles watched his father as he staired the cups of coffee with a tiny tea
spoons with his back to him. “Good morning son” he picked the two cups of
coffee and walked to the bed and sat beside him. Achilles took one of the
cups from him and had a long gulp sending the coffee in half.
“I was wondering, how you survived the war.. I mean everyone thought
you were dead”
Rookworm who had his cup on his mouth slowly brought it down.
“everyone thought I was a coward: My father, my brothers, you mom.
Because I refuse to join the king’s armies, even when it was our duty to
served in the king’s army. Our generation was always born gifted with the
sword and would always served in the army. But really I was not a coward,
my desired, son, was to be a sculptor. I have fallen in love with it since I was
a child. During the war Against Gilleon, I proved our family wrong, I picked
my sword and fought bravely until Olipus began to loss, I was afraid of your
mom and you getting hurt, so I ran back home and took her with you, and on
our way leaving the City, three soldiers followed after us. And I knew
without holding them back they might hurt your mum and you. So I told you
mom to go. I remember her not wanting to leave, but I urge her to. Single
handedly I fought the three soldiers but couldn’t hold them for long before I
was injured, but your mom had gone far. However they had no intension of
killing me, they only drag me to where the people of Olipus who had been
captured were”
Rookworm gasped, staring at his coffee which now appeared cold. He
stood up and walked to the table and dropped the cup. “so father, they never killed you as everyone thought”
“you were never a soldier, how come you fought bravely for Olipus?,
how come you fought three soldiers single handedly?” said Achilles standing
up from the bed, with his cup wrapped in both his hand.
“son, our family were born with the gift of the sword, it was said that our
ancestors Rallis was the captain of the army of Olipus and was the greatest of
all time, the surrounding village knew about his exploit. every descendant of
Rallis were all gifted with the sword, and all served in the army. excerpt of
course me. And beside son, I went through the trainings, but because I had no
real passion for it, I would always run into hiding and my older brother
Watson and my younger brother Piptom would go searching for me, and
when they find me they would drag me back to training. but when this
persisted for a long time my father decided to let me be, but said I was a
“alright father, I would like to continue what I have started” Achilles
walked briskly pass his father toward the door but Rookworm grabbed him
and pulled him back.
“what have you started?”
They stared at each other for a moment before Rookworm slowly loosen
his grip off Achilles.
“alright father, listen. I was sent here by Theodora to take the king’s staff
of authority”
“what? What did you just say. The staff of authority ? this is the biggest
joke in recent times.” Rookworm poke Achilles in the chest with his index
finger and asked.
“what do you know? That staff is the king’s life, he keeps it safe in the
Gilleon stone which cannot be broken by anything. I don’t want us to talk about that thing again. now let’s talk about how we can get you out of
Gilleon safe…maybe the princess can help”
“father! I am not going anywhere, I am not leaving this place without the
people of Olipus; Without you, father! think of you seeing mother again,
think of you reuniting with your friends, your relatives, think of been free”
Rookworm began to pace the room and as he did he said.
“I know all this Achilles, it’s impossible, you will get yourself into a
mess, I don’t want you to do something stupid”
“that is exactly what I am trying to do, father things are actually not
impossible, we only think they are, please help me, we could do it together.
prove to me that you are not a coward, say to me now that you will help me
come what may”
Rookworm kept silent for a moment and sat on a chair by the table, he ran
his hand on his forehead as though think about it. Achilles bend a little with
his eyes fixed on his father waiting for him to speak. There was silence and
Rookworm maintained this silence for a while before saying.
“am late for work” he stood up and went to the side of the door were his
coat was hung and grabbed it. “see you later” he said wearing the coat.
“am coming with you”
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At the Cellar
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Re: The Journey To Gilleon By Palmer Emmanuel by Palmernuel(m): 7:48am On Jul 05, 2019
The Journey to Gilleon by Palmer Emmanuel ©
***Episode 9 ***
*** At the Cellar ***
They took several corridors until they got to a spiral stair which led them
down into a cellar.
“this is a secret place down below the tower, here is where all the king’s
treasures are hidden, even weapons and all valuables” said Rookworm when
they got to the cellar. at the west wing was a long corridor; bright corridor,
they took it and about the middle of it stood a thick iron door “here is where I
work” he said and pushed the door opened. The room was dark, so dark that they couldn’t see anything. anything,
Rookworm picked up a torch and lit it, and then began to lit the torches hung
on the walls around, and soon the place became so bright that a nail on the
ground could be seen.
“this is where you work” said Achilles staring at the sculptors which were
at every corner. “this is where I make sculptures for the king, he never pays
me anyway” Rookworm said and walk to a huge table at the middle of the
room where his tools were scattered upon.
.”that’s what you get when you are a slave” he added.
Beside the table was a four feet unfinished sculptor of a young lad,
Rookworm picked a chisel and bent down beside it. And then Achilles asked.
“who is that?”
“Prince Ellison, prince of Gilleon, the king wants to present this statue to
prince Rollan who will be coming today to seek the princess hand in
“the princess hand in marriage?” asked Achilles.
“oh yes,”
“but she never told me about it”
“she never talks about it, she pretends as if nothing is happening… help
me with that hammer” Achilles walked to the table and picked the hammer
and then gave it to his father.
“you know” Rookworm went on “she complains that Prince Rollan is
quite nasty, arrogant and rude, the story was told of him that on one of his
visits to Gilleon he stabbed a servant for delaying to pass his wine”
“so the king wants to give his daughter to such a cruel man”
“you see, the king thinks a cruel man like prince Rollan will rule better or
might even be a great king”
“but father” Achilles called and walked closer to him resting his hand on his shoulder.
“father, you haven’t said anything about helping me… helping me get the
Rookworm who was hitting the harmer on the chisel while he squatted
stopped and the noise stopped and the place became salient for a while before he
“why do you want me to help you?”
“because you know the in and out of this Tower, because you have been
here for twenty years, you can as well show me the way to the king’s
Rookworm slowly dropped the hammer and chisel on the ground and
stood up to face Achilles.
“the king’s tower? Huh, do you know what you require of me?”
“so father, if you haven’t well thought-out helping me while did you
allow me to come here with you?”
With the index finger Rookworm poke Achilles on the chest and said.
“I allowed you come with me because this place is very…” they heard
footsteps approaching “very secure” the footsteps became even louder “and
the soldiers…” the footsteps were now so close “never come down here…
hide hide come on”
At once Achilles trotted and hid himself behind a huge pillar just then the
door burst open and four soldiers entered the room with Mirez at the front.
“where is the boy?” asked Mirez.
“Don’t even make that face, I saw both of you walking down this place”
yelled Neale
“search everywhere” commanded Mirez.
Just then Achilles walked out.
“oh, look who we have here” Mirez smiled, and said at the top of his voice “arrest him”
The soldiers Advanced toward Achilles but Rookworm block them and
“don’t touch my son”
The soldiers looked at themselves and pushed him out of their way and
grabbed Achilles.
“leave my son alone” Rookworm kept saying as he walked behind the
soldiers who were taking Achilles away.

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Achilles in The King’s Court
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Re: The Journey To Gilleon By Palmer Emmanuel by Palmernuel(m): 7:48am On Jul 05, 2019
The Journey to Gilleon by Palmer Emmanuel ©
***Episode 10 ***
*** At the Kings Court ***
The king, the princes, the queen and the servants and maids stood at the
courtroom with glasses of wine in their hands having a nice time when The
soldiers entered with Achilles and Rookworm. The princess with shock
swallowed and immediately turned pale. The king took a sip of victory and
“where did you get him?”
“at the cellar your majesty” said Mirez
“you majesty, he is my son please have mercy on him, do not hurt him,
you can make him one of the slaves” begged Rookworm on his knees.
The king kept silent staring at Rookworm, after a moment or two he took
another sip and said. “I suppose he was a slave who escape before, beside
you never told me you had a son” the king took another sip. And then asked
“what about my statue?”
“almost done your majesty…please spare him”
“good! good of you Rookworm, now get back to work and finish it, my
guest are arriving to night”
Rookworm slowly stood up, but didn’t leave rather he stood watching.
“as for the boy bind him and throw him into the lake “No your majesty” cried Rookworm.
“Rookworm” the king called in a yell “get out of my sight, and finish that
The princesses stood there, staring at Achilles as he was been hauled
away, her lips quavered, her hands shaking, at once she smashed the glass on
her hand on the ground which gave everyone a shock.
“no father, please spare him” she ran and stood with Achilles.
This gave the king and the Queen so much shock that they both stared at
each other.
“what business do you have with the condemned prisoner?” asked the
“please father, I love him” this caused a loud murmuring including the
servants and the maidens that were present in the room.
“you must be out of your senses my dear, go to your room now and I
don’t want to see you out” the kings voice was hoarse “you should be getting
yourself prepared for prince Rollan” he added with a calm voice, still with the
same calm voice he said to the queen.
“my queen if you don’t mind, please take her inside”
“come, come… come here my dear” the queen who had handed her glass
of wine to a maid rush to the princess and gripped her and began to pull her
“father please…mother leave me alone” but the king didn’t listen and the
queen’s grip on her was firm. As she was been dragged away he watched the
soldiers dragging Achilles away.
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