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The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 6:09pm On May 27
Hi guys,I'll be posting the first chapter of The Player's Handbook by 7pm today.Its my first work so all kinds of criticism are welcome be it constructive or destructive. Posting the second chapter will depend on the kind of reception I recieve on the first Chapter.Thank you

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Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 7:08pm On May 27
Hey Nance get up! Its almost 7:30, Jude said as he shrugged the figure beside him. "*Get dressed I am running late*". Nancy rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked at him disdainfully, "*Hey what's that look for?*",Why the hateful look?. Nancy picked her clothes off the floor without uttering a word and reluctantly walked to the mirror,
"*Jesus! are you gonna hurry up or you gonna hurry up or will you continue to check out how average you look*". "*And yet you come running to me like a dog to a juicy piece of steak each time your hormones are on edge*",Nancy snapped back. "*And yet the dog gobbles up the steak every damn time*".Nancy knew Jude was right, He had cheated on her with everyone she knew, her friends,her colleagues even her sister, But she forgives him each time he apologies she finds herself forgiving him and not doing anything,She was truly helpless when it involved him. They had ended their relationship about a year ago but had been intimate on numerous occasions after that.
Jude fastened his leather belt and threw on on his suit jacket, He looked at the mirror for the upteenth time, He smiled as he looked at the mirror, Jude was truly handsome or what his friends would call a "*fine boy*", He was 27years old, Brown skinned, 6'0 with slightly broad shoulders
and toned muscles which were inappropriate in some areas, He was a fitness enthusiast and had spent a great deal of his time ensuring he got the body of his dream, Jude was a real estate agent, A job well suited for his compelling nature and his mastery of the ability to use words to influence a person's psychology.
Jude slipped in his brown leather shoes and started after Nancy as she went out of the room into the living room."*Hey baby, I was thinking that you'll............, "*Who's your baby*"Nancy snapped back slightly raising her voice which took Jude completely by surprise "*Do not try anything funny this morning Jude,I have had just about enough of your bullcrap, I am not getting any younger and I can't allow you to keep treating me like some high school fling*","*Do not call me again she said as she bolted out the door*","*Don't you want me to give you a ride *", "*l'll take a cab*" She yelled back.
Jude got into the car and started the engine, He slowly steered the car out of the garage when his phone rang, He picked the call via his handsfree interface,"*Dom howfar na*". Dominic was Jude's best friend and colleague at work, He was the strictly antithetical to Jude,He had always hoped to meet the woman of his dreams and get married to her. Jude has on numerous occasions castigated this dream of his and simply told him love does not exist."*I de tight jare Jude*",You're awfully late guy,the boss is mad right now, Why bro? What the hell happened?. "*I was with Nancy,We had a good time and I just slept off and lost track of time*"."*You no get sense*"Dom said over the phone, "* Na woman go kill you, Infact Nancy will inevitably cost you your job,What interests you in all the women you frolic around town with?*".Jude chuckled, "*The sex, the thrill I feel when their bodies are pressed against mine and how powerful I feel when I manipulate them to do my bidding,How would you even know when you don't have even a girlfriend huh? *",Dom chuckled over the phone and hung up.
Jude drove into the company's premises and got out of his car, He walked into the office building briskly whilst glancing at his watch,"*Mr Enakhoro*"The Secretary called in a low pitch and rather Melodic voice. "*Morning Violet*" Jude said in a rather charismatic manner, "*The boss wanted to see you as soon as you arrived*","* I would go in to see him now,Thank you*".
Jude was arranging his files and filling out the massive pile of paperwork on his desk when the door swung open and a woman approximately in her thirties wearing a cleavage bearing dress leisurely strode in ,Jude looked up and flashed a wide smile. "*Looking good as always Ife, Quite a lot you have going there *","*You like? *" Ife asked ,"*You know I do always*"."*I came in to ask for the paperwork I submitted three days ago,I trust you'll have signed it by now*" She said it whilst twirling locks of her hair on her finger, "*Here I have it, surely that not the only reason why you came in*", "*I also came.........., The door swung open and Dominic walked in,"*Ife how are you*","*Good*" she replied wryly whilst clutching the file to her chest and walked out.
Dominic walked towards Jude's desk and sat on the empty chair."*You and Ife*","*Nah bro*"Jude replied "*Just a fling*"."* Its always a fling with you, I am going out to secure a property for a client we should meet at 'Lintitis' when you close from work, Just have a couple of drinks before we head home*" , "*Am game bro*" Jude said "*You know I always am*"."*Alright*" Dom said and walked out.
Lintitis was lightly packed on this Wednesday evening,cool rhythmic music was playing from the speakers and there were animated chatter everywhere,Dom and Jude had arrived at the bar simultaneously and were chatting profusely, Dom yanked his tie loose whilst laughing "* I always told you that Nancy has been a fool all along, Seriously you guys broke up but still had sex for almost a year,So she eventually woke up? Sorry bro*", He said whilst cackling and sat on the bar stool ,"*Two shots of bourbon please*", "*Coming right up*" The bartender replied. "* She was good in bed bro,I was never gonna let that slip away, I will get her back,I know I will*" Jude said slowly whilst taking off his suit jacket, Jude took a quick glance around the bar and something caught his attention.
"*Dude check my 6'0 clock*" he said whilst shrugging Dom."*See that girl,she is like the African 'Lauren Bacall', She is sultry as hell,I'll be back for her I gotta go to the restroom *" He said as he hurriedly rushed off. Dominic glanced around as he took another sip from his drink,"* Hi am Dominic, Is this seat taken?.....
Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 5:54pm On May 28
Chapter 2

Bethany stared at the ceiling earnestly as she turned off her the alarm clock. She rubbed her sleepy eyes as she groggily walked to the bathroom. She splashed water or her face and walked to the treadmill for her daily routine workout. Bethany stayed in a 3bedroom apartment that was furnished with some of the best furniture money could buy, She was comfortable, not where she wanted yet but she had time on her side, She was only 24 and already had a well paid job a car and a juicy apartment.
She got off the 'mill and picked up her phone and turned on the screen, It read 24 missed calls and 19messages ."poo ,Chief Obaseki won't just leave me the hell alone,I'm done with him, I already got what I wanted ,Don't need him anymore ". Bethany was exceptional, At 5'9 she had a slender build and a dark glowy skin which made a lot of people believe black was beautiful, coupled with a fairly large eyes that had a feline pureness to them ,Her nose were oddly small and pointed slightly downwards, Her lips were full but small and conspicuously concealed her perfect white dentition. Bethany was a sexy and attractive young woman and men had flocked around her from a very young age and although she was sexually appealing men had fallen in love with her, These men not wanting sex had only asked she reciprocate their love. Bethany had been the object of love from so many men but she was incapable of feeling the same towards anyone. This had enabled her to successfully bend so many men to her will and guile, She indeed was powerful.

Bethany stepped out of her apartment, She was dressed in a crimson spandex skirt that ended just a nudge above her knees with a black zipped up blouse that was just perfect for her size. "Adamu!, open the gate"." Madam I de come"Adamu replied. "Chai Madam you just de fine everyday". Adamu remarked."Thank you" she said dryly and drove off.

Bethany walked into the office premises, The air was chilly and there was no one around save for the cleaner who was just finishing up her duties and the nightwatchman who was waiting for his colleague who was gonna take over the shift from him. "Mrs Oloni is the MD around?"."Yes ma, na like five minutes ago he enter office". Bethany knocked raptly on the MD's door. "Yes come in" a gruff voice replied from within ."Hi Badmus" Bethany said smiling as she stepped in the office. "Ha Bethany a good day I am going to have after seeing you so early today ,You are looking so exquisite as usual". Bethany sat on the office table, legs crossed and looked at Badmus straight in the eye, "Badmus , I need to replace Tomi on the business trip to Canada next month".Badmus rested his palm on the table and frowned a bit."Tomi is more qualified than you are and besides she has had an excellent record in her three years of working in this company. Bethany leaned towards Badmus, "I know she is a workhorse, But we all have different ways of getting things done, And you know I always have my way in the end, I always produce results, afterall its the results that matter in the end, And you know I'll get them".
"If I am to replace Tomi with you, What am I going to say is the reason for the change? ". "You would figure it out
,I know you would"."And another thing, I would like to leave work very early, I have somewhere I have to be"."Bethany!, I keep asking you to marry me and you keep refusing my advances,I know I would still get you I will ,I promise you!, said Badmus enthusiastically. "Whatever helps you sleep at night darling " she said as she swayed her hips provocatively whilst slowly walking out of the office. "Can we at least meet somewhere after office hours?"said Badmus. "Sure I'll tell you where to meet me".

Bethany drove out of the office premises at about 11am, She picked up her cellphone and dialed. "Hey Lily"."Hey Bethany!,I have been at the airport for an hour,You were supposed to pick me up ,Where the hell are you?!,. "Calm down girl!", I'll be there soon, Just hold on".
Hey! Lilian yelled as she ran into Bethany's open arms ."You are looking good as ever, Guess all that protein is good for the body afterall". "You still have that same untamed tongue, How was West Virgina?....."Its Virginia! Lilian retorted. "Olodo". "Na you sabi oo bookworm" Bethany replied.
Bethany had barely driven out of the airport when a grey SUV van drove and parked in front of her. A light skinned middle aged woman in a traditional yoruba Attire rushed out of the car. "Get out of the car you witch",You slut, Husband snatcher, Get out the car,Seductress oshi, Leave my husband alone for me oo, Oloshi. She gripped the collar of Bethany's blouse and started yelling all kinds of abusive words. "Madam,Calm down let's be civil and iron this out ,Lets be civil" said Lilian. "What's your business ehn, Did I call you?, Please shut your mouth before I start with you oo. " "She continued yelling and had attracted a great deal of attention by now. "Madam, I have respected you oo. You de mad, I de craze oo, I go beat you for here nothing go happen. Everyone's attention turned to Lilian. Her eyes were red and her fists were clenched ,Her face was swollen with rage and her voice sounded masculine. "Oya let her go before I pounce on you now idiot". The woman slowly let go off Bethany and swore she would be back. "Get in the car Beth".
"Hi Badmus meet me at Lintintis"."Okay I'll be there soon",Badmus answered over the phone. Bethany walked into the bar and sat at one of the tables.
She noticed a guy walk towards her.
"Hi am
Dominic , Is this seat taken ?",She looked up at him "Hi this seat is about to be taken, and I am not interested, Bye. " Ehm I was not expecting you to be interested at first, I was hoping you......... "Why are you even still here?,I already told you I was expecting someone."I'll leave you be then".Jude was already at his barstool by now. "How did it go bro"."Very bad bro ,She treated me like poo"Dominic said in a low tone

man" Jude said amidst laughter."Its my time bro........ poo someone is with her, Dammit! "."Let's get out of here "said Dominic. "In a bit bro"." Look she's leaving with the man,I guess there goes my chance". "Hey Handsome!" ,Jude turned around to see a feminine figure smiling at him. "Hey, hi!"."I have been watching you from over there and I thought you were fascinating, My name is Lilian".
Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 11:47pm On May 28
If you've read the last 2 chapters I've posted,Your opinions are welcome and very much needed
Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 7:37am On May 30
Chapter 3

"Well I'm Jude, I bet it was pretty carthatic for you to walk up to me". "Yeah you could say so,I had to admit it I was conflicted cause its very unorthodox for a girl to walk up to a guy especially in this part of the world,But someone has to effect change right?". "Well I can assure you that's a change you are never gonna regret,We were about to leave but.......... "Are you talking to me, Do you know who I am ?",said a dark slender man that had a scar running from his forehead down to his chin,"I'll crack your head open if one more word comes out of your stinking mouth "he said while handling a beer bottle. Bars fights were uncommon at Lintitis but if they did happen they were brutal and chaotic enough because half of the bar got involved.
"Guy calm the f**k down you are starting to be a nuisance "said another bulky man who whose age could be around 43years. He had barely finished his sentence when the slender lunged at him with the bottle in hand and swung at the side of his head viciously .It was as if the violence was contagious the rest if the bar went into a violent frenzy. Punches flew, seats were in the air, heads were cracked open with various objects. "Dom we've got to get out of here fast ,Where's the girl"."Seriously Jude you are worried about the girl right now?. They both scurried out of the while trying as much as possible to avoid being hit or hurt.

Aisha felt numb, Her consciousness had left her, that moment felt like eternity and she felt like she was trapped in purgatory for all of eternity."Ms Sidiku! the doctor said while slowly raising his voice. His voice jolted her back into reality. "Yes doctor ".You have to start to taking your anti rectro virals as soon as possible so you have a chance at living longer "."Okay" she said as she stood up and trotted out of the office. She picked up her phone as soon as she stepped out of the hospital. She dialled a number and the recipient picked up."Stephen you have ruined my life ,you have crushed every hope I have for a better future, I just found out I'M HIV positive Stephen, I have had no one else bit you yet you did this to me. "What do you mean you liar you have been cheating on me, I always knew you were a lying and cheating bitch, you liar ,your religious background and commitment was just a facade ".What kind of misgyonistic B.S is that Steve, you know I had no one else but you know I had no else but you, You knew that I......... "Get of my phone bitch its over between us, I rue the day I met you, You Delilah. Hot tears trickled down Aisha's cheeks, She stood in front of the hospital uncertain about what to do next. Her hope for a better future had crumbled.
Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 6:29am On Jun 01
Chapter 4

"Taxi! " ,Aisha yelled amidst tears. "Credence Avenue",She slid into the taxi amidst tears. "Madam wetin happen? you de cry"."Just drive please ".Aisha was what you could describe as a typical good girl, She was loyal to a fault and a lover who would give everything to anyone she loved .It was these qualities that made her fall hopelessly in love with Steven ,Aisha thought of nothing or anybody aside from Steven when they first met, He was too perfect to her, she couldn't find anything wrong with him. She loved him she had often compared their relationship to Romeo and Juliet's only their families weren't at loggerheads, Steven had always avoided all matters pertaining to marriage but still assured her he loved her. She didn't think it a big deal after all she was still a student and she felt she had time on her side .Aisha was so blind to see the real truth that Steven didn't need much to goad her into losing her virginity,The same virginity her mother had so taught her was the pride of every woman and she had promised to keep till her wedding night. "What am I going to tell 'Hajia' now". "My life is over, Daddy is not gonna want anything to do with me. "Madam we don reach oo ".The driver said gruffly while extending his hand for the fare. Aisha extended the money to him and got out slowly.
She got into the compound and rang the doorbell. An elderly woman in an Hijab opened the door." Aisha my daughter welcome, You could have called my dear, Your face looks dulled whats the matter dear," I am fine Hajia ,Is Alhaji at home? ".Yes he is in the living room".

" Good afternoon daddy"."My daughter how are you?"."Good daddy,I actually came in to tell you something important ,I am glad you and Hajia are here, I want you to promise to love me no matter what I tell you today." Of course dear I love you you are our daughter, No matter what happens your mother and I will always stand by you. "I came here straight from the hospital daddy,The doctor told me I was HiV positive. Aisha mother wailed as soon as those words dropped "Aisha what have you done?, you have defiled yourself,you've gone against everything I taught you and everything you promised you wouldn't do".Aisha's father stared at her with disgust and utter contempt. "Daddy aren't you going to say anything "."I am not your father!, I refuse to be the father of a LovePeddler and a woman who has defiled herself, You no longer exist you are dead to me, I no longer have a daughter he said as he bolted out of the room.
Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 6:30am On Jun 01
Happy new month to all viewing this thread
Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 3:41pm On Jun 03
Chapter 5

"Yeah! Who's there?". "Open the door fool". "Yeah should have known it was you Dom",Why didn't you tell me you were coming?. "Well considering the fact this is like my second home, I don't think I need to inform you everytime I wanna visit "."Well you should man I could have had a girl over"." Chill bro its not like I am one of your girlfriends,I do not see myself as much of a c**kblocker,What are you doing? "."Video gaming bro,Just some time wasting before 'the one with the damn good ass' drops in late in the evening .I see, I'll whoop your ass till then". "Ha! You wish, am pretty good now you now" smiled Jude as he passed him the controller. "So what did you think about the bar fight the other night Jude?". "It was pretty rough ,lots of property damage too"."Yeah I reckoned ,what baffled me was you still looking for the girl in all that ruckus",Honestly I was really angry and disgusted at the question that I actually thought of beating you to a pulp ".Jude broke into a boisterous laughter until tears were practically dripping out of his eyes."Come on bro, You and I both know what the problem is here, You may not like my ways but you are also pained you can't woo ladies like I do that painful fact being proved the other night at the bar". Dominic clenched his left fist and breathed heavily. "I know you woo ladies with so much finesse and flair and yeah I wish I was that good but..... "Let me stop you there bro, Do you remember I met you on the second week of my admission into the University .We were growing closer by the minute ,back then I was as pathetic and blinded by delusion as you are now,I'm pretty sure you remember how Fefe toyed with my feelings on many occasions, Do you remember Saphy whom I had a crush on,I remember vividly the day I told her I loved her she smiled and said 'Thank you darling ',Do I need to bore you with the gory details of how Felix continually slept with her and still treated her like trash". "I understand you bro but that is not enough excuse to turn in a big heartless wolf".
"You know Dominic how I am so successful at wooing ladies?,Its because I do not have anything to lose, I have had girls insult me and I still turn it around on them, I approach everything with a strategy and I assess the girl before I go in for the kill, I also...... Jude was cut short by a rapt knock on the door, He got up quickly and went to open the door."Hello beautiful" he said with a smile".

Bethany stared at Badmus sleeping on the bed in their hotel room and flashed a wicked smile."Men!". Bethany got out of the hotel and glanced at her watch it eas 12:30am ."God! Its so late wonder if I can get a taxi this late, She started walking down the road and often glancing backwards as if someone was after her she had not walked for more than 5mins when she saw a figure lying by on the floor with blood oozing out of its head .She stopped short and took a glance backwards to see if there was anyone there, She had barely looked in front of her when she was violently hit on her head. Bethany suddenly felt darkness all around her she hit the ground all she could see was a hand reaching down to her.
Re: The Player's Handbook by Philipssg: 10:13pm On Jun 04
well done OP.
Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 2:02am On Jun 05
well done OP.
Thank you sir
Re: The Player's Handbook by Harchoredey(m): 2:46am On Jun 05
looks interesting but I will suggest skipping most of the dialogue if you intend writing a prose, a prose is meant to be descriptive rather than interactive, you do alot more showing than telling... What I think though
Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 11:48pm On Jun 06
looks interesting but I will suggest skipping most of the dialogue if you intend writing a prose, a prose is meant to be descriptive rather than interactive, you do alot more showing than telling... What I think though
Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 11:52pm On Jun 06
Chapter 6

"Hey!,watch where you're going!,Do you wanna get killed'' ,yelled a man driving a grey SUV which Aisha had unconsciously crossed its path while in deep thought. Aisha felt she was all alone in the world,She had no one left,A typical example of a stigma,She was a disease." Maybe I should just jump in front of a moving vehicle and end this".She muttered to herself,"Afterall there is nothing to live for anymore". She shrugged the idea off her mind and continued walking until she arrived at her school's gate ,She breathed heavily as she walked slowly into the campus.
It was a pretty dull day on Campus that day, Mercy had just finished with her chores and had decided to sit outside the hostel to cool down her body temperature. She had not been there for more than five minutes when she saw Aisha trodding slowly and tiredly towards the hostel."Babe what's wrong you look like you've just seen a ghost,What the hell happened".Aisha sat tiredly on the bench by her,"Its over Mercy,My life is over."What is it,What's wrong"."I just discovered I'm HIV positive.Mercy took her hands off Aisha's body quickly,As if she was jolted by a bolt of electricity."Its okay its not the end of the world,But you have to promise me not to tell anyone else",said Mercy trying to be strong for her friend."It'll be okay,I am here for you".

Bethany slowly opened her eyes and realized there was darkness all around her,Darkness so thick you could cut it with a knife,She groaned as she felt a sharp pain in her head .She tried to move but she couldn't,She started wriggling when the door open and a fat woman in leggings and a Sleeveless blouse entered the room with a dark muscular man brandishing an handgun."She smiled wickedly."I told you I was gonna show you,I would teach you not to go under the sheets with other people's husbands,You thought you could snatch my husband, Emi Olufunmi Obaseki,Never! You have broken the edge now the serpent shall smite you,You wench,I'll dump your body on the streets for others to see."She's all yours she said" ,while facing the man. The man cocked the gun, pointed the gun at Bethany head and squeezed the trigger.

Dominic drove into his compound when he saw a feminine figure sitting on his front porch,He got out of his car and soon realized it was someone he knew. "Hey Nancy,You do realize Jude doesn't live here right?"." I wasn't looking for Jude, Dom!,I wanted to see you"."Oh really,I wonder how I became relevant all of a sudden"."Stop it Dom,You know you are relevant, Aren't you gonna invite me in?."Oh my bad come on in" .They stepped into the living room together,Dominic offered her a seat and went to his bar to grab a few drink."So what do I owe this pleasure".He said as he poured her a drink."Well I have realized I have been a stranger for a while now,Like it or not you are the 'realest nigga' I know and have right now"."A 'real nigga'?,Ouch that hurts".Said Dominic sa they both broke in laughter."You're really funny Dominic",she said while making eye contact. "You got dreamy eyes too,She said while moving close to his face and caressing it with her hand,She moved her lips towards his lips, Dominic was stunned and was reluctant to return the gesture but she persisted until he slowly opened mouth his,She gasped as she dipped the tip of her tongue into his mouth.In an instant Dominic lost his ability to think and was just relying on pure instinct.He held her by her waist and laid her on her back,He started kissing around and neck and sucking on her earlobes.She gasped and let out short bursts of air as she did this.He then slowly kissed down her neck to her cleavage while working to take off her V-necked cropped sweater,He then slowly cupped her breast in his hand and squeezed her ni**le with his thumb and index finger.She let out a slight moan and then whispered,"Please don't stop",He brought his face close to her breast and rested his tongue on her ni**le.She let another moan when Dominic suddenly got up ." What's wrong Dom?",I'm sorry Nancy I dont think I can do this,I'll walk you out"."What!? You're gonna leave me like this?,You can't do this to me ,Its not fair",She said with a mixture of anger and helplessness. Dominic didn't say another word he watched her put her clothes on her and walk out the front door with her. He walked her out the front gate and hailed a taxi for her."I'm really sorry Nancy,Truly".She avoided looking at him and got into the taxi.Dominic stood rooted to the spot and watched the taxi drive off.
Re: The Player's Handbook by emmamedicro46(m): 9:46am On Jun 13
Chapter 7

Dominic walked back into the house with a sense of guilt and a bit of regret.He had once had a thing for Nancy but Jude swooped her off her feet smoothly and perfectly,Since then he had been in the infamous 'Friendzone',Just when he had the chance to at least have something meaniful with her, He panicked. Now he knew Jude had always been right about him and he would never be as good with women. On seconds thought he felt call Nancy and clear the air. "Hello um......Na...ncy its me Dominic look I just wanted to say I was sorry for what went down at.......He had barely finished his statement when all he could hear was dial tone." What she hung up on me?."I should just go to bed been a long day".Dominic trotted to the bedroom and collasped onto the bed,he drifted into a deep sleep within seconds.
"Sun Tzu's art of war says 'If you fight with an enemy too often, You tend to teach him your art of war". The concept of battle is Spontaneity and Adaptiveness, While the Concept of war is Strategy and Intelligent tactics,If you fight with an enemy too long he tends to learn from you and effectively Counterattack thereby leaving you in the dust..." Aisha!" The professer called amidst his lecture."Can you tell our first iteration of Sun Tzu Art of war?".Aisha got up slowly and put her pen gently on her notebook."Sometimes by losing a battle you find new ways to win the war"."Excellent work as always Aisha,Now can you all see this is an extension of the first quote."Fight and enemy too long you might lose but if your enemy learns from you,You might also have learn a thing or too about defeating him and thus winnin the battle and the war,Its more like a double edged sword,On this note will I end today's class see you next time".The students got up from their seats and the lecture hall was noisy in an instant.Aisha remained sitted and flipped open her notebook."You are quite in love with your books aren't you?".Aisha turned in the direction of the voice and turned her attention back to her notebook."Hi I Matthew",He said whilst extending his arm towards her,He slowly retracted his arm when she paid no attention to neither him nor his outstretched arm."You know you are eventually gonna have to talk to me,We take the same class and we are gonna be seeing each other everyday,I'm sure you can't ignore me for a whole semester".Aisha turned in his direction and flashed a wry smile."Hi I'm Aisha"."Now that's more like it ,Although I already knew what your name was,Courtesy of Mr Banky,So Aisha you are awfully reserved and don't relate much with anyone,That alone drew me to you,I like mysterious people".Aisha closed her book quickly."I'm sorry Matthew I have to go now maybe we will do this some other time".
"Hey Violet,You're looking ravishing today"." Thank you,Mr Enakhoro she said shyly "." Oh please call me Jude,I have always told you that".Hey Dom my man how's it going buddy" .Jude yelled while barging into Dominic's office.Dom took off his glasses and looked up at Jude."Hey Jude"."Dude what's wrong?You look like you got something on your mind"."Its nothing man,I'm good"."You don't look good Dominic"."Its okay Jude,I'm fine,Really."Okay, guess what?,Nance called me last night,I had just finished with 'the one with the damn good ass' when her call came in,She just went on apologising for what happened the other time and hoping if we could meet up,You know how she apologises even if I'm the one who's wrong,We are meeting up after work today,You should come too"."No I don't think I can Jude,I've got some work to attend to,Have fun bro"."You know I always will".He said and closed the door behind him.
Jude went down the stairs into the lobby and made straight for the secetary's desk "Violet I.......". He hadn't even finished his statement when he saw a familiar figure with the secretary.He walked up to the desk" Hi I feel like we've met before?....Its Lilian isn't it? we met at Lintitis,We never had a chance to talk much the other day."Oh yeah I rememeber,its Jude if I'm not mistaken?"."Yes that is very correct"."What are you doing here if I might ask?"."Oh I'm here to see one Dominic Wesley,I've got a business proposition for him"."Oh I can walk you to his office if you'd like"."That'd be great thank you"."Right this way Madame" he said as LiLian chuckled.

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