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Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 4:09pm On Jun 09, 2019

The gun shot boomed through the whole building, casting out the silent night.

I ran through the rickety old stairs with my hand clasped around my chest. Blood furiously oozing out and I felt like I will drop dead anytime soon. But Sam was all I could think of.

“Sam, Sam.... " I kept yelling, afraid of what I might see after I descend this long devilish stair cases.

“ Sam please, don't do this to me... " I trailed off as i saw a body just below the stair case beside the waste bin.

“ Jesus, Bleep... " I cursed as I ran towards her. Sam was lying helplessly on the floor.

‘ No, she can't be dead' I mumbled to myself.

I raced towards her, used my right hand and picked up her cold body. As I positioned her in a sitting position, she coughed out blood and winced.

“ Sam? It's me Jamie. You will be fine, don't worry." I tried to reassure her but part of me knew she will never be fine. NEVER!

She opened her bloodshot eyes, smiled crookedly and traced her fingers to my face. She touched my lips, nose, eyes and then back to my lips.

“ Jami.... ee" she managed

“ Sam, darling I'm right here" I smiled, trying to encourage her.

“ Jamie, I loved yo....u b...ut you shouldn't have done th....is" she said. Tears clouded my eyes. What have I done?

She smiled again, before dropping dead right in my hands.

“ Nooooo, Sam, Sa...mmm. don't do this to me, I'm very sorry" I cried helplessly, shaking the lifeless body in my hands.

There was lightening and then the rains came down heavily.

I stood there, beside Sam's lifeless body and cried the more.

The rain mixed with my tears, driving my tears away, down to my lips, throat and to the already soaked fabric on my body.

I stood for more thirty minutes, crying like a little high school boy whom have been kicked out of the house under the weather.

After what looked like forever, I heard sirens and then it dawned on me that I needed to go if I want to be alive.

Screw everything!

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Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 4:24pm On Jun 09, 2019
This one is going to be a blow.
I have other books on wattpad too
check it out:

Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by Kaycee9242(m): 5:30pm On Jun 09, 2019
nice start, op ride I av taken � already
Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 6:24pm On Jun 09, 2019
nice start, op ride I av taken � already
Thank you, I'm sure going to blow your mind.
Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 9:13pm On Jun 09, 2019
Part 2


Sam died two days ago but those haunting shadows have never left me

The death of Sam Hopkins was everywhere. The news papers carried it and everyone talked about it in their homes. The bar was not left out.

“I cunt believe Sam Hopkins died few days ago, she was such a lovely girl" a big fat bellied man said with his disgusting British accent.

“me too, rest in peace Sam. The lord grant you safe journey" another man with a miserable looking beard replied. Like he gave a shit about her.

“Man, she was shot two times. Who could be that heartless?" the fat bellied man asked.

I couldn't take this any longer, I paid the bar tender and left.

‘Jesus Christ' I muttered.

Sam was the love of my life, we did everything together. She worked, got the money and pay for everything but I only did nothing but suck her dry.

I was miserable at everything, I couldn't get a good paying job and I had no certificate.

But Sam was different, she was the good smart school girl who fell in love with the bad guy. She fell in love with the miserable school dropout.

But our fate where decided by the bullet.

I squeezed my eyes shot, anger soaring through me like straight bullet. I was never the type to hold my temper, I will always go crazy and do crazy things.

“ Tell me Sam, you are making feel like a Fuckn idiot" I roared

“Jamie, I honestly do not know what you are talking about" she replied, trying to reach for my hand. I flinched and stepped back. I was too upset to want her.

“Jamie, I promise I'm not doing anything that you don't already know" she defended.

“you fuckn liar, I'm I not good enough for you? Maybe I'm too sick for your liking this days. That poor useless school dropout" I shouted.

“No Jamie, you know it's only you right?"

I couldn't bear it anymore, all the causes of my past came back to me.

I hit her real hard on the face. She struggled, almost falling. She held her face with her hand as tears welled up her eyes.

I squeezed my eyes and rubbed my forehead, probably wishing for this anger to depart from me.

I scanned the whole room, searching for what would make me calm down. My eyes landed on the pistol that I had been keeping for purpose of safety. I hungrily picked it up, cocked it and pointed it at my head.

“You still Fuckn want to lie to me, Huh Sam?" I yelled. She ran out of the room and stood outside.

Her every being trembling, her eyes searching mine but I didn't care. All I felt was betrayal and I wanted to end this. End everything.

May God take my soul.

She ran her hands through her black hair and began crying. Confusion laced her brown eyes.

“Jam....ieee, please put the gun down. I will explain everything" she said, once again trying to reach for my hand.

“Explain Now or you will loose me. Maybe I'm fuckn not good enough for you" I yelled.

“ Casper saw me at the office, told me how beautiful I am an...nd an...nd" she trailed off

“And what Sam?" I boomed.

“And asked me out. I tried warning him Jamie. But you know how he is. He doesn't take no for an answer" she finished, sweats dripping off her forehead, down her eyes, nose and lips, then finally making its way to her throat.

“So it's I that take no for an answer right?"

“no Jamie, you don't get it"

“Now you are calling me a liar. Screw you Sam, I thought you loved me"

“I..... I... I did Jamie. I'm so sorry" she stuttered.

I turned back frustrated, ran my fingers through my bald head. I was visibly shaken and I was trying my damnedest to control myself.

But I was doing a terrible job, I guess I have never done a good job in anything after all.

I heard the stair case creak and turned abruptly but the pistol shook and triggered.

And there Sam went, flying down the staircase with blood rushing out of her and staining the white fabric she wore.

‘Jesus, Bleep. No, no, no, no' I raced down the stairs.

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Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by Kaycee9242(m): 2:20pm On Jun 10, 2019
hmm nawa oooo! op well done

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Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 8:01pm On Jun 13, 2019



“Guilty or not guilty, Jamie Oba" the judge enquired.

Dead silence fell in the court room.

Only the exhausted breathing of the officer at my left could be heard.

My eyes flickered to his direction, shooting a murderous glare. As if the judge read my thoughts, she thundered;

“Officer on the left, keep your breathing stable"

Well, this time, all eyes diverted to the already embarrassed man. Pity!

The judge repeated her question again, stretching the words like she was talking to a primary school child. Trying to embed him to do her wish.

“I plead guilty..... " I stuttered. The court recovered from its silence and began rambling.

Echoes of ‘heyi' ‘Chai' ‘what a pity' rang through the air.

Then, there was a sudden bang on a wooden surface and a voice shouted,

“silence, you riffraffs" I was too tensed to laugh at the expression on his face, one of disgust and frustration.

Silence followed,

More silence.


“well, this court shall be adjourned to the 10th of this month" As she declared this, she gathered her stuffs and began making her way to the exit. While two police men sauntered behind her like two chicks to the mother hen.

The silence broke loose and murderous glares started flying at my side. Clicking of two fingers together in a sign of ‘tufiakwa' ‘bad child' ‘Aru!' ‘children of nowadays' echoed about me.

I cared less.

I glanced at everyone present and as I was about to be dragged out of my position, I saw a figure leaning on the wall at the far end of the court room. With a monstrous glare and blood oozing out from the corner of her mouth. I could clearly see a hole at the corner of her heart, I flinched.

She smiled devilishly, as if pleased by my present predicament.

Well, I deserved it.

The police officer dragged me out and we made our way outside. I took another glance at where Sam stood and she was gone.

Heyo, I have updated chapter 1 of New reality but it's wattpad.
You can check it out here:
Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by Kaycee9242(m): 8:41pm On Jun 13, 2019
nice op I'm following
Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 9:07pm On Jun 13, 2019
nice op I'm following
Thank you my amiable reader
loads of love
Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 2:59pm On Jun 18, 2019

Worst case scenario [prison workout]

I woke up, sweating profusely and panting like a lion that has been chased deliberately by a python.

I stood straight, like a mighty king that has nothing to offer other than more power.

I began shouting, ‘ghosts are not real, ghosts are not real' I repeatedly shouted, pacing the room. Back from my sheath on the floor, front to my sheath on the floor.





Ghosts are not real

They can never be real.

Sam has always derived the pleasure of tormenting my life every now and then.

Then, I heard a grunt and slowly, I realised where I was. The Fuckn prison.

“who be that wey dey disturb pesin sleep?" A voice boomed through the whole room and bounced back in my ears. Literally

I felt a shiver run through my spine and my legs instantly felt cold.




Hell and damnation!! I cursed.

Before I could react, I saw myself flying from the position I stood to the bars that acted as the prison gate.

Holding unto my stomach, afraid that I might spew every little content left from last night.

Pain soared through my body as I tried to stand up. I felt a hand grip the colar of my prison shirt and punched me in the face.

‘Great, another eye bag!' I muttered.

I lay on the floor helpless and hopeless. Every little ounce of strength slowly dropping to zero.

Laughter boomed through the room, my predators were mocking my lose. I shook the annoying fear away and tried once again to stand up but failed abruptly.

‘Stupid legs just cant stand straight'

I looked up and saw Khali smiling mischievously at me. His smile filled with terror, disgust, annoyance and perhaps regret.

Ever since I came into this second hell, he had been my most well hired torturer. He doesn't cease any opportunity to make sure I was weak to the knees.

And I hated him.

but worshipped him

“kh......kh.....kha....kha" I stammered nervously.

And there, the kick to the gut came.

Quickly, I saw death around the corner. In a flash, I was having handshake wih death itself.

“ow many times av I tol u to stop spoiling me name?" he shouted furious, with every word accompanied by a kick.

Motherfucker can't even pronounce words correctly.

I winced and silently prayed for death to come. This time, not for me but for the monster in front of me.

“kha... Khali" I managed finally

“what, you perverted god ridden fool" he thundered.

For once, I felt my ear itching to hear that insult once more.

“You are hurting me" I said as a matter of factly.

I saw the monster take few steps from me. Was he afraid that he might kill me or was he taken aback by my pleadings?

Before I could contemplate on it the more, I felt another kick. This time harder and merciless.


“who fuckn cares" he growled.

All the colors in my body evaporated and took shelter in god knows where.

I felt dizzy and..........

Black out

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Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 4:15pm On Jun 18, 2019
Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by Divepen1(m): 4:55pm On Jun 18, 2019





I don't know who did o. The only Sam I know is still alive.
Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 8:00pm On Jun 18, 2019

I don't know who did o. The only Sam I know is still alive.

I only mentioned to read and give me feedback oo
is the story good?

you are one of the moderators and I need your constructive criticism.
Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by Nobody: 6:31am On Jun 21, 2019
This is interesting. More power to write

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Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 8:34pm On Jun 21, 2019
This is interesting. More power to write

Thanks boss

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Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 9:26pm On Jun 26, 2019
Who killed Sam?

Pt5 {Truth never lies}



I'm danger and I am an assassin.

You might be wondering why the hell I appeared in this whole thing but what if I was the mastermind behind the whole scenario.

June 10th 2012


Casper Obiora had delivered a very enticing job to me. He had asked me to help him in killing the woman he thought he loved [for he said he loved her but love can never lead to hate or loathe neither can love be blood thirsty].

I took this job seriously and devoted my heart and soul to it. I was never known to be a failure.

As I drove to the exact location, it was a house that has embraced rust in the recent years and had become friends with the shimmering sun rays and adamant spiders.

I felt disgusted by the sight and wondered how a normal human would survive in such a nasty place.

I brushed off the nastiness and decided to survey the whole building and look for a decent free from the eyes place where I can stay and carry out my duty.

Casper told me that he's beloved will be home at exactly 7:00pm and would be at this destination, for the love of her life resided here.

I checked my wrist watch and it's was 6:30. That means, enough time to position myself for the attack.

As I was surveying, I noticed another building in front of the described destination. This one was more rusty and uncompleted. It looks like it has been abandoned for a very long time.

I left the described destination and headed to the abandoned building. I got to the second floor which faces directly to the apartment of the so called lover of the aforementioned woman [Casper's supposedly love of his life].

After setting out my weapon, I waited for the right time.




I dozed off. I for one couldn't resist nature's call, so I found myself sleeping comfortably on a crooked stone.





I was still sleeping..


I heard some singing in my ear and I sprang to my feet, ready for attack. I laughed my ass off after realizing it was just those stupid mosquitoes.

I looked at my wrist watch and...


‘Jesus!' I muttered.

‘Thank you dearest mosquitoes for this remarkable awakening of the sleeping assassin' I said out loud, like those little things cared about my existence or the work other than my precious reserved blood.


No sign of the supposed victim. I began loosing faith in my 4 years of assassin training.

How da hell could I have slept off in the middle of an important Operation.


And then,

The victim came out of a room, shaking like a leaf and sweating profusely. And for once, I thought she was beautiful.

Tears welled up her innocent eyes as she began saying things I couldn't hear very well. A man lingered after her with gun in his hand and began shouting.

“you still fuckn want to lie to me?" the man shouted.

And then it dawned on me that that is supposed to be the so called lover of the victim. Jesus! What terrible match. Yukk!!!

I leaned forward, calculating every move of the victim and trying to figure out when to fire.

The woman was visibly shaken and started explaining things and making gestures with her hands.

All I could read from the whole thing was;
“Casper asked me out and I said no and you know how Casper could be" damn, I was very good at this.

The man took the gun from his head and placed it down, rubbed his forehead and looked furious.

He seemed not to know what to do and look confused. The woman just stood there and watched, calculating if she should run down the stairs or just stay and watch her doom.

She began making few steps back and as she touched the rickety stairs, it made a squeak and the man abruptly turned to face her but I was fast enough.

I shot the damned bullet straight at her heart. And there she went, flying all the way down with blood stains on her white shirt.

Confusion laced the face of the man as he ran through the stairs, shouting out the name of his beloved.

May 10th 2013


I'm on my way to court to confess my evil deeds for I cannot see another man suffer for my sake.
Re: Who Killed Sam?{completed}series by sochey(f): 9:18pm On Jul 11, 2019

Pt6 {end of the beginning}

The graveyard could never compete with the wrapped silence that settled in the court room.

Everyone were eyed open and their hearing organs stood straight at attention.

Sweat prickled down my face, down to my neck and other parts. The new revelation had caught everyone off guard.

The judge fixed her gaze on the man named DANGER. Her eyes as cold as the atlantic and those eyes spoke louder than words

‘you stupid piece of shit. Why don't you wrap your tongue up and back out? How do you expect me to judge this case' this was probably the thing going on in her mind.

I tore my gaze away from the judge and finally accessed the man who killed my Sam. He was wearing a year old minted tuxedo and tinted sun shades. He could easily be mistaken as a man who held remarkable position in the British empire or highest, a greedy politician.

I allowed my eyes travel freely from his outfits to his face and I met him eye to eye. The rare devil had been looking at me too.

Damn and blast him straight to hell!

We held each other gaze for quite sometime before we were cut off by the sudden clear of throat by the judge.

I gave her a cold look and I saw her quiver. Damn! She did quiver under my gaze. Hallelujah somebody!!.

‘Are you sure Mr......' came the judge voice.

‘DANGER' the man replied

‘Mr danger, you do realize that this is a serious matter of life and death and should never be played with?' she asked.

‘yes my lord, I do know. I am an assassin and I humbly came to confess my misdeeds. Can we at least go straight to the point? Times is money and should never be vandalized inappropriately' the wicked son of a bachelor said rather proudly.

The judge swallowed,

I blinked, twice

The people present, shook their heads in sympathy.

Lord have mercy!.

After what seemed like forever, the judge finally rose her head from the pile of documents in front of her and cleared her throat distinctively, again.

‘All the evidence are correct and the other culprit has been arrested and he had said the truth' she turned to me, dragged down her glasses so that it hung at the tip of her nose, she addressed me

‘ Mr Jamie, I hereby declare you released and offer you good living at any state of your choice and in order for you to completely forget your beloved, I offer you a good paying job at Owen's telecommunications......' she trailed off, watched me closely again and added

‘I hope you will be able to handle all of this, Mr Jamie?'

‘yes ma'am, sure ma'am. You need not to worry'

‘hmmmph' she nodded and with one last dreadful look, she turned to the assassin.

‘And as for you Mr Danger, you are hereby sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for not just the murder of miss Sam but also the spilling of innocent blood of God knows how many you have killed' she said disgustingly

‘it's a 105, I keep records of them all. I make a sacrifice of burnt ashes every evening in other to keep their spirits at peace and mine too' the assassin said, again proud of himself.

I mentally appraised he's bravery and nonchalant attitude.

There was a heavy bang on a wooden surface and the judge immediately gathered her belongings, stood up and said;

‘This is the end of this court proceedings and we shall part to meet no more. Have a wonderful life y'all' And with that, she scuried off to the exit and disappeared out of sight.

I felt something heavy leave my chest and for the first time in how many years, I felt happy and satisfied.

I glanced at the corners of the room and there Sam stood, at the far end, smiling up at me.

I involuntarily picked up my hand and waved to her. She waved back, blew me a kiss and she disappeared.

She was going to rest in peace now.

Rest in peace Sam, no we know who killed you.

Well, well, well,
[should I insert another well? ›smiley

Bythewho's, who killed Sam is officially over and a very loads of thank you to everyone that supported me in this journey.

Thank y'all for the support and quotes smiley

As the judge said: we shall part to meet no more
[I was thinking that's a bit rude] because we will be meeting again for another amazing series.

I'm thinking of posting this on wattpad because I can't really put the cover for the book here. But anywho's once I put it on wattpad, imma drop the link.

Sooooo, we shall part to meet no more?
Or part to meet again
Or meet to part again.

Which ever fancy your opinion though :-)
Graçias my pipo grin

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