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WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 5:56pm On Jun 15, 2019
I will start posting a story here it is written by my brother You can read more updates on our Facebook page @ I've Got A Script

WATCHOVER Episode 1 (Pilot)


On the highway A black SUV was speeding by, followed behind by an entourage. In the SUV.

LADY: I’ve seriously missed Nigeria, I’m so happy to be back!

This young beautiful lady said turning to the man seating beside her, a huge man in his 50s with a scar across his right eye.

LADY: And I’ve missed you most of all!

She rested her head on his shoulders.

MAN: Well angel I’m glad you are done with your studies and back, so you don’t have to leave me alone for a long time again.

LADY: How is everyone at home?

MAN: I don’t know how they are. I told you I traveled and I just got into the country too, since I landed early, I decided to wait instead of coming back later which you know is impossible with me, I would have slept off.

LADY: (Chuckled) sleepy- sleepy daddy!

MAN: It was a long trip I need my sleep. What would you do when we reach home now, is it not sleep?

LADY: No o I already called Franklin he will come and take me out, I’m still young. I will sleep in the night and wake up tomorrow evening.

The man laughed out loud. Their driver accelerated overtaking a lot of cars on the high way.

A beautiful mansion in a beautifully Landscaped compound with a swimming pool at the back, a fountain at the front and a 20 car 2 story garage, this was the Big Boss Mansion. There were security guards around keeping watch from front to back of the building and in the gate house, Channel 5 news on TV was reporting that crime is on the increase, illegal oil refineries, prostitution more rampant, drug smuggling and abuse, cultism in the educational institutions and gang shootout have claimed the lives of many innocents in crossfires. The gate-man at the mansion sat in his room by the gate, focused on the TV, he shook his head at the news.

GATE-MAN: Kai! If na back days I for don go there go shoot everybody, kill all those cultist and gang.

he made gun sounds with his mouth and the men standing guard at the mansion could hear from outside and they laughed.

GUARD: Ajubo don start to mumu again.

They continued to laugh. Ajubo was still at it;

AJUBO: I for just go the refinery go light matches.

The black SUV and it’s entourage Car honked outside the gate, Ajubo ran out and opened it. it was Big Boss and his beautiful daughter "Oma". Ajubo’s heart skipped a beat as he saw her eyes peep through the slightly rolled down tinted windows as the car drove into the compound.

AJUBO: Ow! My yori-yori! always beautiful.

He said to himself as he stood there holding the gate open, lost in thoughts as he watched the car stop, waiting to see Oma come out of the car. It felt like the world stopped and everything else was blurred out as she was the focal point in his vision. Her smile, her hair swaying in the wind, his heart was pounding, suddenly, his supervisor popped up in his face.

SUPERVISOR: Hey idiot, you no go close the gate?

That snapped him out of his imagination, he closed the gate and when he turned around, she waved at him, he waved back with a wide smile on his face. Big Boss’ eyes met his and he put his hands down fast, whistling, trying to look nonchalant. The maids came and carried their luggage in.

A man got down from his vehicle and walked into Aldon office complex, he joined an elevator to the 6th floor and went into the boardroom escorted by two guards. He went in and met a man seating in the shadows, smoking a cigar. He looked around the room at all the guards, then he took his hat before taking a seat. He started a conversation with the shadow man.

MAN: Seating in the Shadows and having guards escort people in doesn’t make you dreaded, you can be yourself and still be feared. You don’t need this!

SHADOW MAN: (Pokes his face into the light) Kuru, What news do you bring me?

He puffs smoke from his mouth

PAPA KURU: Well Don, Big Boss is back and he is staying at his mansion tonight.

DON: Good, good! I hope you have everything set?

PAPA KURU: Yes Don, our men are set and everything is in order. Big Boss will die tonight!

DON: Good! Since you say my progress will be over your dead body, you deserve what’s coming to you Frederic!

It is evening, at Big Boss mansion, a car honked at the gate, Ajubo looked through the peephole, he frowned when he saw it was Oma’s boyfriend Franklin, he opened the gate reluctantly. Franklin rolled down the glass.

FRANKLIN: Is she in?

AJUBO: Yes, she dey.

FRANKLIN: How about Big Boss?

AJUBO: Him de inside too.

He replied rudely, Franklin gave him a harsh look and drove in. Franklin went into the house. moments later Oma came out with him, she was all dressed and looking gorgeous. She was going out with Franklin and at the gate she asked Franklin to stop and she said Hi to Ajubo.

OMA: I will come back tomorrow and we will talk, yeah?

AJUBO: Yes madam! I de here 24/7.

OMA: I’ve told you to stop addressing me as madam, call me Oma.

AJUBO: Yes madam, sorry I mean yes Oma!

He looked at Franklin and saw him licking his lip, looking at Oma’s boobs and behind while she was talking with Ajubo. They drove out and he closed the gate, he turned around having a jealous look in his eyes.
Moments later Ajubo went to the washroom, Oma came back and knocked on the gate, Ajubo’s supervisor let her in, she was really pissed off, talking to herself.

OMA: What does he take me for? nonsense!

She hissed and walked furiously into the house and banged the door behind her. A little while later the security guards changed shift.

At night Ajubo was at his post watching TV. outside the guards signaled each other that it was time, they brought out ski masks and put them on. They started attacking the guards that weren’t in on their plan- snapping their necks.

Ajubo stretched his neck and looked out his window, he saw what was happening.

AJUBO: Weitin de happen?

On his window glass he saw the reflection of an assassin behind him put on his mask, and then he walked in to snap Ajubo’s neck, but, Ajubo held his head countering the snapping effect and turned around, the assassin quickly pulled a gun on him. Ajubo begged for his life.

AJUBO: Abeg no kill me! I just de find my daily bread na im make I de do this job. I’m just a gateman, why you wan kill me? (he cried)

ASSASSIN: We are here to end Big Boss and there can be no witnesses!

AJUBO: Ehen na! na Big Boss you come for na! why you wan come kill me join? I no see your face. You no fit just faint me go carry on with my oga?


And he knocked Ajubo out

ASSASSIN (cont’d): Pitiful.

He ran into the mansion to join the others. They took out Big Boss’ personal body guards, badged into his room and opened fire on him as he laid on the bed.

ASSASSIN 1: Go! go! go! go!

The lead assassin ordered after they emptied their guns on him and they started to run out.

Oma had heard the shots in her sleep and woke up but it stopped immediately she opened her eyes. She had her headphones on with loud music but the sound of the gunshots made her wake up. When she woke up and took the headset off, she heard the order to “go” by the assassin.

OMA: Dad and these war movies, he never reduces the volume even at night like this.

She got up from her bed and walked towards her door, as she opened it she saw the assassins running past.

OMA: Jesus!

She screamed and tried to run back into her room but one of the assassins brought out a pistol and shot her on her back. They ran out of the building.

ASSASSIN 1: Why you shoot her? na Franklin babe be that!

ASSASSIN 2: I think say she supposed de with Franklin, why him no take her go him place na?

ASSASSIN 1: Are you stupid? so because you saw her at home you shoot her?

ASSASSIN 2: I’m sorry I panicked and moreover we are not supposed to leave witnesses

ASSASSIN 1: Damn it! Let’s get out of here.

They got into their waiting van and drove off. Inside Big Boss’ room, He sat up on his bed and the bullets fell off him. He went out and found his guards dead, and when he looked forward, he saw his daughter’s legs poking out the door. He rushed to her aid but she wasn’t moving she was bleeding out on the floor. He ran into his room and grabbed his phone and car keys. He called the hospital and carried her in his arms and rushed to his car, he drove for the hospital.

At dawn the police came to the house and the ambulance were carrying the dead bodies. When they came to carry Ajubo he got up holding his head, he was in pain.

AJUBO: Ahh! my head.

MEDIC: This one is alive!!

The medic yelled out to the people outside. They came in and checked up on him, flashing torch in his eyes, asking how he felt, if he had a concussion.

AJUBO: I de fine, I okay! Abeg commot that torch for my eye.

He pushed the torch away from his face, he got up and walked out of the room. He saw the bodies being carried away and the police came to question him about what happened, if he saw anything that could help their investigation. He flashed back on the reflection on the glass.

AJUBO: The person wey knack my head wear mask I no see him face. Excuse me I want go piss abeg.
The police man looked at him for a moment and told him he was excused, but they have some more questions to ask him, so, he will go down to the station with them later. The policeman turned to his colleague.

POLICEMAN: Who would want Big Boss and his daughter dead?

Ajubo heard the conversation and halted, he came back to the policemen to ask;

AJUBO: What of oga daughter?

POLICEMAN: She was shot.

AJUBO: No! no! no! she no de house, she go her boyfriend place.

POLICEMAN: No, she is in the hospital, she was at home and she got shot. Big Boss rushed her to the hospital.

AJUBO: You say weitin? GIRL WHEN I DE TRIP FOR!!!

POLICEMAN 2: Oh, sorry

AJUBO: Officer I…

He wanted to describe the assassin he saw. But he remembered he’d just told them he saw nothing.

POLICEMAN: Yes, you what?

AJUBO: Nothing, Excuse me.

He walked away with pain and anger on his face. He went into his room beating himself up about it.

AJUBO: (Hitting his forehead) Mumu! Mumu! Mumu!
He leaned back on the door and slid down till he was sitting on the floor.

AJUBO (cont’d): Chaii, I don fûck up! Which time wen she come house wey I no know? And I don tell these guys them say I no see nothing. If anything happens to her…

His face turned red with fury

AJUBO (cont’d): In fact, I no gree for this one, them don cross the line.

Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 6:07pm On Jun 15, 2019
WATCHOVER Episode 2.

Episode Title: SOBER NO MORE

At St. Marks Hospital, Big Boss sat beside his daughter on the bed holding her hand as he watched the lifeline monitor reading while she lay in a coma.

BIG BOSS: I will find the people that did this and I will destroy them I promise you angel, they will pay.

He moved her hair from her face to the back of her ears. The door clicked open but he did not turn to look at who it was.

BIG BOSS: Bad omen!

THE VISITOR: Bad omen?

BIG BOSS: What are you doing here Grace?

GRACE: We might not be together, but she is still my daughter, and I have the right as her mother to be here.

BIG BOSS: Right! I give you five minutes and then I don’t want to see you.

He got up and walked past her, she ran over to Oma on the bed.

GRACE: Oh, my baby, mom is here now, talk to mummy.

She caressed Oma’s hair and held her hand, then she turned to Big Boss as he reached the door.

GRACE: Frederic, this is your fault, see the condition your bad business has landed our daughter?

BIG BOSS: Four minutes left Grace.

GRACE: Damn you Frederic, I am not leaving my daughter’s side and I’m not afraid of you, you bastard!

BIG BOSS: You are wasting your limited time. I don’t want to see you when I get back.

He left the room. The policemen came to him for questioning and they went downstairs to the lobby.

POLICEMAN: Who do you think would want to do this to you, do you have any suspects in mind?

BIG BOSS: I have a long list of enemies that want me dead. I wouldn’t know who pulled this off.

At Aldon office complex, Don was mad, he banged the table with fury, breathing heavy.

DON: Why is he not dead? your men are so incompetent.

PAPA KURU: Calm down Don, my boy is here to give us report. Jonas!

He signaled his boy to go ahead and speak.

JONAS: Don, we wasted our bullets on him while he slept, I don’t know how he’s still alive and kicking

PAPA KURU: News report said he wasn’t on the bed.

JONAS: Papa he was on the bed, I saw him go to sleep before I signaled the execution. We all saw him on the bed before we took the shot

PAPA KURU: That can only mean one thing. Jass!

He said looking over to Don.

DON: Stainless steel charm, hmmm! Interesting.

At Big Boss’ mansion, the guards were on high alert, clenching their guns and looking around, keeping their distance from each other. Ajubo sat Down at his post feeling uneasy, rapidly tapping his feet on the ground and talking to himself.

AJUBO: I wonder how she dey do, no news yet of her current situation. (deep breath) E sure say she go de okay? If I know say she bin de house that night, I for kill all of them before them enter sef.

He was worried. His supervisor came to him.

SUPERVISOR: What is with you? you need to stay focused o, to prevent an incident like last night.
Ajubo got up from his seat sharply, looking tensed.

AJUBO: Ifeanyi, I de commot!

IFEANYI: Commot go where? You want to leave me alone...

He turned his head and looked over his shoulder at the guards

IFEANYI: (Whispers) ...with this people?

AJUBO: Them go protect you na!

IFEANYI: Protect gini? I no trust them, I de follow you commot.

AJUBO: Ah-ah! since when this gum body start?
He hissed and walked out fast and Ifeanyi followed him behind.

Ajubo came to the hospital and sneaked passed the guards and policemen at the lobby. He went from room to room searching for Oma. He finally got to her room and no one was with her, he went in and stood beside her staring at her face, he stretched out his hand to move her beautiful hair from her face. When he heard the Boss’ voice, he ran into the bathroom and hid himself. Big Boss came in with the doctor behind him.

BIG BOSS: What are you saying?
He looked upon his daughter’s face.

DOCTOR: She might never walk again because the bullet is lodged in her spine.

BIG BOSS: Isn’t there anything you can do, I will pay whatever the cost, don’t subject my ang...

He got distracted by Oma waking up;

BIG BOSS: Angel you are awake, my lovely angel!

OMA: (Moaning from the pain) Daddy! Where am I, what happened?

She tried to pull herself up, but she couldn’t move her legs.

DOCTOR: lay back, you need to relax yourself dear

OMA: Daddy, I can’t move my legs.

BIG BOSS: Take it easy angel, you just woke up!

She started to slap her legs.

OMA: Daddy, I can’t feel my legs.

She started to cry.

OMA: Daddy why can’t I feel my legs? Doctor… why can’t I move my legs?

She continued to cry and scream. Ajubo was peeking from the bathroom, he was angry, he frowned when he got flashes of the assassin that tried to kill him.

The doctor called for a nurse to bring anesthetic and they put her to sleep. When everyone left the room Ajubo came out and walked to her side, he held her hand and gazed upon her face as she slept.

AJUBO: (he was visibly vexed) If I get the monsters that did this, they will pay.

He left the room.
The sound of rain drops could be heard on the roof, it was pouring heavy. Ajubo was at his personal apartment- not at the Mansion. He unlocked his wardrobe drawer and pulled it out, he brought out a box that was inside and dusted it. He opened it and it was gun parts. He coupled them all, it was an Ak 47 rifle, a Mac and a pistol.

AJUBO: I have been sober for three years, but, for your sake Oma, I will pick up the gun again.

He placed the guns back in the box and took the box with him, he stared at a picture on the mirror before he walked out of the apartment. The door clicked lock. The picture on the mirror was of him in a police uniform.

Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 6:22pm On Jun 15, 2019
Episode Title: CONSPIRACY
My name is Ajubo Ngonengiye. I used to be a policeman until I was dismissed from the force for being too trigger happy, taking the lives of criminals without trials. I have been gun sober for three years, working as a gatekeeper for a criminal master mind and I minded my own business until the love of my life was shot and crippled by a band of assassins. For her sake I have picked up the gun again, and I don’t intend to put it down, until I kill them all.

It’s been over four months since the shooting incident at Big Boss’ mansion that has left Oma crippled.
Ajubo has been searching endlessly for months, seeking the assassin he saw that night. He’s been going to pubs and night clubs everywhere in the city where he knows thugs like to hang, even in the worse neighborhoods, hoping to find him and get information from him, about the operation, so he can finally remove the taunting image of the guy from his head, as he plans to kill him.
Ajubo came out of Haywire night club, finally discouraged in his mission;

AJUBO: Mehn this is pointless! I will never find him. Maybe, he is not the party type. What a lucky guy. Damn!

He stomped the ground furiously. He turned around and saw a group of guys at the parking lot, surrounded by ladies and in their midst he saw the familiar face, the subject of his nightmare. He looked up to the sky.

AJUBO: God thank you!

He watched them go into the club. He waited in his car until they came out, then he followed them. They stopped at several junctions and dropped off friends but his target was still in the car.

Finally at another junction his target came out, since it was past midnight the coast was clear, he came out of his car and ran after him until he came close.


The assassin turned around and belched looking tipsy.

AJUBO: Remember me?

ASSASSIN: Who the hell are...?

Ajubo knocked him out before he could finish his question. He carried the assassin over his shoulder and ran to his car, he threw him in the trunk and drove off.
When the assassin regained consciousness, he found himself tied to a chair, sitting in a dark room with a sock stuffed in his mouth, he started to scream "help" but...

ASSASSIN: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

The sound was muffled by the sock, he was in an abandoned warehouse distance away from the nearest community, Ajubo drove away leaving him there for the time being.

At dawn, Ajubo woke up to the sound of Oma’s voice, she was complaining to her father.

OMA: Dad I’m tired of being cooped up in this house I want to go out sometimes and go shopping, visit the beach, and hang out with friends.

BIG BOSS: Angel it’s not safe for you, plus, you can’t walk, how do you intend to go visiting?

OMA: Pay one of your guards to take me out, I feel like I’m in a prison

BIG BOSS: You are that desperate that you’re actually asking me to give you a guard? You never liked the idea of a guard before.

OMA: Just one! I don’t need an army.

BIG BOSS: I just signed up for this new security company after the last one disappointed me, I don’t trust them enough to leave you in their care.

OMA: Then find someone who can take me out.

Ajubo walked up to them and he by mistake, spoke English;

AJUBO: Sir I wasn’t eavesdropping on your conversation...

He realized it but he thought it was too late to switch

AJUBO: … but I overheard your discussion.


AJUBO: I’ll be happy to be of service to Miss Oma, I can take her anywhere she wants to go.

BIG BOSS: Who gave you the audacity to speak to me?

OMA: Dad! I want him! Give him the job.

BIG BOSS: Ughh! OK fine. But I want to speak with you em...

He ticked his fingers at Ajubo, trying to recollect his name

AJUBO: It’s Ajubo sir, your gatekeeper.

BIG BOSS: ...Ajubo, and since when do you know how to speak English language? And so fluently?

OMA: Yeah! All the years you’ve been working here, you only speak vernacular.

AJUBO: Em, I’ve been taking night lessons!

BIG BOSS: That’s bogus, you are here 24/7, what night lessons are you talking about?

AJUBO: (Nodding his head) YouTube videos! At night!

OMA: you didn't speak with people for practice?

AJUBO: I didn’t want to be laughed at, I get enough of that before breakfast, didn’t want to add my English language to the list.

OMA: Daddy please let him be my aid.

BIG BOSS: (After a moment of hesitation and contemplation) OK then! You will no longer be my gatekeeper. You will take her wherever she wants to go from now on and you will have a body guard follow you two whenever you are going out with her.

AJUBO: Okay sir!

OMA: Thanks daddy!

BIG BOSS: Go and open the gate for me.

AJUBO: Yes sir!

He ran to the gate and opened it, Big Boss pecked Oma on the cheek.

BIG BOSS: See you soon angel.

He walked to the car where the driver and his guards were waiting, he then turned to one of the guards standing by the house.

BIG BOSS: You, you will be the new gateman. I will talk to your manager and we will discuss your salary.

GUARD: Yes sir!

Big Boss got in the car and they drove out of the compound. Ajubo closed the gates and expressed his excitement facing the gate and backing Oma, then he turned to her and asked with a straight face;

AJUBO: So, where are we going first?

Big Boss’ car stopped in front of Boro Park and his guard came out and opened the door for him. He walked into the park and sat on a bench. On the bench behind him a strange man sat wearing a hat, his head bent so his face was hidden.

BIG BOSS: So any leads on who planned the attack on me?

STRANGE MAN: No! No one is saying anything and I’ve used all my cunning but no one is accepting responsibility.

BIG BOSS: It’s almost 5 months and you’ve come up with nothing?

STRANGE MAN: I know it’s almost five months but believe me I’ve tried, I even bribed their boys to get information but none of them have knowledge of the attack. I have some dead bodies in my basement, people I tortured, but they didn’t have the answer.

BIG BOSS: (Sigh) okay Kuru! Just call me when you find out anything.

He got up and left. The strange man raised his head, it was Papa Kuru.

PAPA KURU: Yes, I will call you "if" I find anything.

He had a wicked grin on his face.

The sun was down, and it was dark inside the warehouse. In the center of the empty space the Assassin had sat from the morning till the evening hour, not knowing who his assailant was or where he is. He heard the sound of the door as it opened and he started to scream again.

ASSASSIN: Hmmmmmmm! Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

AJUBO: Oh shut up!

Ajubo removed the sock from his mouth, he started spitting.

ASSASSIN: Who the hell are you and why did you tie me up here all day? What do you want from me?

AJUBO: Information and your life.

He turned on a rechargeable flood lamp so there was visibility in the space. The assassin looked at him proper

ASSASSIN: Do I know you? Who are you? You look familiar?

AJUBO: I should, from the raid at Big Boss’ mansion, where you tried to kill me.

ASSASSIN: You are that pitiful gateman I knocked out at the mansion during the attack.

He started to laugh;

ASSASSIN: When I get out of this chair, I will tear you apart.

He said with fury in his voice.

AJUBO: Do I look like a novice to you?

He pointed a torch on his own face for the assassin to get a clearer picture of the situation. Seeing the seriousness on Ajubo’s face and the boldness of his voice sent chills down the assassin’s spine.

AJUBO: I see from your License, your name is Earnest Igonibo

ASSASSIN: Yes, what do you want from me?

AJUBO: Information. Which gang do you belong to? Cappa, landers, blend, Greenish, Bronze, Ditto, Infinito?


AJUBO: Good! I am going to kill everybody associated with Cappa and your boss, starting with you!

He pointed a gun at Earnest’s head

EARNEST: Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!
Earnest pleaded with Ajubo.

AJUBO: What?

EARNEST: Yes Cappa attacked that night, but, my boss was not the master mind.

AJUBO: Weitin you de talk?

EARNEST: It wasn’t just Cappa that night… it was all the gangs in the city.

The shock registered on Ajubo’s face, he put his hand down

AJUBO: All Seven of them?

EARNEST: All Seven of them.

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Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 11:13am On Jun 17, 2019
WATCHOVER Episode 4.
Episode Title: UNDER THE BUS
My name is Ajubo Ngonengiye, I used to be a policeman until I was dismissed from the force for being too trigger happy, taking the lives of criminals without trials. I have been gun sober for 3years working as a gatekeeper for a criminal master mind and I minded my own business until the love of my life was shot and crippled by a band of assassins.
For her sake I have picked up the gun again and I don’t intend to put it down until I kill them all.

Ajubo walked away from Earnest to assimilate the information
AJUBO: All the gangs collaborated to kill
Big Boss?
EARNEST: Yes! There were seven of us that night, one from each gang.
Ajubo turned back to Earnest;
AJUBO: Who orchestrated it?
EARNEST: I don’t know, my boss Mr. Willis just called me and said I will be joining an assault team to take out Big Boss.
AJUBO: I’m guessing Mr. Willis is the leader of Cappa?
AJUBO: Wow! The way you are spilling secrets, you are not a loyal assassin.
EARNEST: I’m not an assassin. I have never killed anyone before. (He cried)
AJUBO: What? You wen bin wan break my neck.
EARNEST: Sorry! But that was my first time of trying and I failed, I am just an underdog in Cappa that the leader asked to fill in for his hitman because they were out on some other business.
AJUBO: No wonder. Real assassins don’t leave witnesses and they don’t break this easy.
EARNEST: I just don’t want to die, please don’t kill me, abeg no kill me (he cried)
AJUBO: Pitiful! Seven of you and you guys couldn’t cap Big Boss in his sleep.
EARNEST: I saw them waste him on his bed, the room was dimly lit but I saw him on the bed. They all fired at him but I don’t know how he is still alive and well?
AJUBO: That guy de stainless since 19-gbogodome.
EARNEST: Stainless, weitin be that?
AJUBO: You just come Port Harcourt newly or you just de enter Nigeria for the first time? You no know stainless...na jass...Odeshi?
EARNEST: Ooow! Odeshi, you mean like isakaba?
AJUBO: Yes like isakaba. Big Boss has been stainless since we had a clash with his gang in Bayelsa 15 years ago when I was on the force. But he is not the reason I’m doing this. Una chook hand for my eye, una cripple Big Boss daughter, my love and I don’t care how many you are I am going to kill you all.
It was almost midnight, at the mansion Big Boss was in his study smoking a Cuban cigar, he was on the phone.
BIG BOSS: Michael it’s been five months since the attack I thought you would be here by now. (...) You know you’re the only one I trust. I wanted you to help me find the bastards. (...) Well that is a difficult one because I suspect everybody so I can’t tell who it is. (...) Papa Kuru? He has tried, he went further than the police could but even he couldn’t find the ones responsible. (...) Well I thought about that and if it is my political enemies, then it will be more hopeless to find out who it is. (...) Yah, so when are you coming back?(...) That’s still far(...) Listen Michael they didn’t succeed the first time but I don’t think whoever it is will give up easy, so brother I need you back in Nigeria as soon as possible.
Back at the abandoned warehouse
AJUBO: I almost don’t want to kill you.
EARNEST: Please don’t kill me.
AJUBO: Give me one good reason why?
EARNEST: I want to quit the gang but they will kill me that’s why I’m still there, I’m a good person I just don’t want to die.
AJUBO: Well the only way you can be free is if your leader is taken out and I intend to take them all out.
EARNEST: Really?
AJUBO: Swear on your mother’s grave that if I let you go you won’t get in my way
EARNEST: I swe...wait! What makes you think my mother is dead?
AJUBO: She never die! naim you de do all this bad things how she go feel if she ever know.
EARNEST: I am willing to change my ways, please give me a chance.
AJUBO: Fine I will give you a chance but you still deserve a punishment
I will accept any punishment just don’t kill me
AJUBO: Good!
He shot Earnest on the leg. Earnest screamed and fell over with the chair he was tied to. Ajubo loosened the ropes so Earnest could tend to his leg. He crawled to a Corner crying in agony. Ajubo brought out alcohol from a table drawer and handed it over to Earnest.
AJUBO: Here, you can use this to sterilize your wound emm...
He brought out a handkerchief from his pocket
AJUBO: Help yourself, I will see you tomorrow.
He left the warehouse leaving Earnest behind.
The Don is in a dimly lit room and on the phone with Papa kuru
DON: Since Frederic can’t die let’s cause him some pain.
Papa kuru was at “Gulp IT” bar drinking and on the phone with Don
PAPA KURU: (...) O I’m already working on a plan as we speak
He turned his head to the direction of the counter and there, Franklin was sitting having a beer with his friend Adolphus. His phone rang he brought it out of his pocket and saw it was Oma calling, he declined the call.
ADOLPHUS: Why don’t you pick her calls anymore?
FRANKLIN: I can’t date a cripple, it’s too much work.
He took a sip of his drink
FRANKLIN: I mean she didn’t make it easy for me when she was walking and she didn’t put out easy but now (mimicking Oma) come and take me out, I’m feeling lonely, I feel like a prisoner(hissed). If she had followed me to my house that day she would not be crippled today.
Papa kuru just sat there listening to Franklin talk to his friend then he smiled a diabolic smile.
A few moments later Adolphus left the bar and Franklin was left alone checking out ladies in the place, then Papa kuru came up to him
PAPA KURU: Hello Franklin
Franklin turned around to see who was calling
FRANKLIN: Do I know you?
PAPA KURU: No, but I know you
FRANKLIN: So, What do you want?
PAPA KURU: I want to help you
PAPA KURU: I know your brother is a member of blend and I know he led the assault on big boss
FRANKLIN: (Anxious) how do you know that?
PAPA KURU: Don’t panic, I said I’m here to help.
FRANKLIN: How, why?
PAPA KURU: I like your brother, but the people that sent him want to throw him under the bus because he didn’t finish the job.
FRANKLIN: Throw him under the bus how?
PAPA KURU: They plan to turn him over to Big Boss, dead, but big boss has vowed to wipe out the persons responsible and their families because of his daughter. That includes you, your mother and your two sisters.
Franklin got really worried
PAPA KURU: But you can help me to help you prevent this because your brother is out of town he is unaware of this plan and he is hard to reach.
FRANKLIN: What can I do to help?
PAPA KURU: Help me take down Big Boss, help me complete your brother’s mission.
Franklin thought for a moment, his brother is the bread winner of the house if anything happens to him things would be more difficult and he sure as hell doesn’t want to lose his mum and sis.
FRANKLIN: What do you want me to do?
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Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 11:22am On Jun 17, 2019
My name is Ajubo Ngonengiye, I used to be a policeman until I was dismissed from the force for being too trigger happy, taking the lives of criminals without trials. I have been gun sober for 3years working as a gatekeeper for a criminal master mind and I minded my own business until the love of my life was shot and crippled by a band of assassins.
For her sake I have picked up the gun again and I don’t intend to put it down until I kill them all.

At the abandoned warehouse, it was a hot afternoon. Ajubo was moving stuffs into the warehouse, setting it up as a lair, he moved in gym facilities and boxing training equipment. He set them up and set up a shooting range, he was setting up targets then he heard a bang on the door. He picked up a gun and walked sneakily to the door. The bang sounded again.
AJUBO: Who is there?
EARNEST: It’s me Earnest.
AJUBO: What are you doing here?
EARNEST: I came to talk
AJUBO: Anyone else there with you.
EARNEST: No, just me
Ajubo opened the door slowly, and pulled Earnest in, he was using crutches for support. Ajubo looked outside to see if there was anyone else.
AJUBO: What are you doing here?
EARNEST: I came to speak with you.
AJUBO: How did you locate this place?
EARNEST: Ow! You didn’t blindfold me properly so I saw the route you took.
AJUBO: I knew I should have shoved you back in the trunk. How did you get here?
EARNEST: I trekked down from the community.
AJUBO: That’s like 45mins walk!
EARNEST: Try an hour and half, these crutches doubles the time.
AJUBO: Why have you come all this way?
EARNEST: I came to speak to you...
He got distracted looking around the space seeing all the stuff Ajubo bought.
EARNEST (cont’d): ...How the hell can you afford all this, I thought you were a gateman?
AJUBO: Well Big Boss paid generously and since I was a full time staff I didn’t need to use the money because there was plenty to eat at the mansion, so I invested...wait, why am I explaining this to you, is this what you came to talk to me about?
EARNEST: No! Please can I seat my leg is killing me.
AJUBO: Where are my manners? Please have a seat.
He offered him a seat, he went to the fridge and got drinks, he offered it to Earnest.
EARNEST: Well you said you can help me leave the gang and I came to offer my allegiance
AJUBO: Wow! Okay welcome to the club.
EARNEST: Really I can join?
AJUBO: Well it’s only me and I need someone to give me info.
EARNEST: Wait it will just be two of us against seven mafia gang, how you intend to achieve victory?
AJUBO: Well I have a...
His phone rang and he walked over to the table to pick it, it was Oma calling, he got all excited as he picked the phone
AJUBO: Hay miss Oma (...) OK I will be there as soon as possible(...) I’m on my way.
He grabbed his shirt and ran out of the building then he came back
AJUBO: Well are you coming or do you want to walk another 90 minutes back? I will drop you off at your stop, hurry.
He ran back to the car and Earnest chuckled as he got up from the seat.
He shook his head, grabbed his crutches and went out to join Ajubo.

40 minutes later, Ajubo got to the house, Oma was waiting for him to take her out
AJUBO: Sorry I’m a little late.
OMA: O no, no problem, let’s just go. Ajubo called one of the guards
AJUBO: Hay na your chest big pass, come follow us.
The guard joined them in the car and they left.
They went round the City Mall and bought some stuff. But Ajubo noticed that Oma was moody, checking her phone from time to time. When they were done shopping they went to eat at one of the restaurants in the mall they took their seat and placed their order.
AJUBO: Miss Oma why are you so moody and you’ve been on your phone the entire time calling Franklin
OMA: (Sad) Well he is not picking my call and he is not replying my messages.
AJUBO: You’d rather he was here instead of me right?
OMA: No, no it’s just that he hasn’t come to see me, he hasn’t called and he is not responding to my calls, it's depressing you know? I thought the shopping would cheer me up but it didn’t.
AJUBO: So is there anything I can do to cheer you up?
OMA: (Sad) I don’t think so
AJUBO: Miss Oma! Na me o, your humble gateman, ajuju ajubo
She chuckled
AJUBO (cont’d): Enh-eh! na the smile be that, I no de like see you dull.
She smiled more
OMA: This is the way I know you, hearing you speak English is strange
AJUBO: If knacking the vernacular go keep you smiling forget the English
She giggled. Their food was served and he was cracking and she wasn’t moody anymore.
AJUBO (cont’d): I want to ask you, that day of the attack why didn’t you go with Franklin?
She became sad again
OMA: He pissed me off on the way. We were going to the restaurant and he turned the car around, said he can’t wait that we should go to his place at once, I told him I was hungry so let’s eat and go shopping like he promised me and I’m going to sleep over after all but he just started to touch me in the car, I got angry and left him. I came back home and this is what I got.
Ajubo lost his appetite, he dropped his fork down
AJUBO: Oma I’m sorry for bringing that up, I just wanted to know. The people responsible for your condition will get what’s coming to them.
She had a tear in her eye
OMA: I’d like to go home now
Ajubo got up to go pay the bills and buy some take home food.
AJUBO: Oh ajubo damn your curiosity.
He scolded himself
Big Boss visited the office of the mayor and they were discussing as friends.
MAYOR: I still say that attack was political, I mean if they take you my biggest supporter I won’t have any ground to stand on and elections are around the corner again
BIG BOSS: Well that’s by the way, I don’t have any leads but I won’t let my guard down again.
MAYOR: Well my friend I can provide you first class security anytime you want
BIG BOSS: I’ll keep that in mind
He carried a brief case from the floor and dropped it on the table, he opened it revealing the bundles of cash
BIG BOSS (cont’d): This is the mafia tax for this month, they are saying thank you for looking the other way
MAYOR: As long as you continue keeping the peace among them and greasing my pocket, you’re welcome.
BIG BOSS: The peace... I fear it is being threatened.
Ajubo and Oma got back to the mansion and Ajubo helped her onto her wheels and pushed her to the entrance the maids came out to meet them and wheeled her in, he turned to leave
OMA: Thank you
AJUBO: It was my pleasure, please, anytime.
He went out of the compound and started to leap for joy, jumping and clapping his feet together.
Ajubo parked by the roadside and stood leaned back on the car waiting, checking his watch. A while later Earnest was approaching, he crossed over and met Ajubo.
AJUBO: What took you so long?
EARNEST: You took me so long...
He said pointing to the crutches
EARNEST (cont’d): ...my time is multiplied by two with this. Did you get it?
Ajubo opened the door and brought out the food he bought from the mall and handed it to Earnest, he opened the bag and took a whiff.
EARNEST (cont’d): O thanks man!
AJUBO: So what did you call me here for?
EARNEST: Yes I was trying to say this morning, I can get you the information and Intel you require but I don’t see how you can take on all seven gangs by yourself.
AJUBO: Oh it’s obvious I can’t take all of them by myself I’m not stupid to think that.
EARNEST: Then what’s the plan, recruit members?
AJUBO: No! Just give me the information I need and watch me plant discord amongst them. They’ll cancel each other out and I will be left with just a few to cleanup.
Earnest just glared at him speechless as Ajubo smiled.
Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Sensitivity1254: 2:48pm On Jun 17, 2019
Good story you have here
Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 12:30am On Jun 19, 2019
Good story you have here
Thank you
Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 5:16pm On Jun 21, 2019

My name is Ajubo Ngonengiye, I used to be a policeman until I was dismissed from the force for being too trigger happy, taking the lives of criminals without trials. I have been gun sober for 3years working as a gatekeeper for a criminal master mind and I minded my own business until the love of my life was shot and crippled by a band of assassins.
For her sake I have picked up the gun again and I don’t intend to put it down until I kill them all.

Ajubo was in his lair exercising, doing pushups, chin ups, lifting weights; jump rope, Earnest just drew stuff on the board and browsed on the PC. Ajubo practiced some boxing on the punching bag then he went and took a shower and when he came out Earnest was ready for a presentation.

EARNEST: You don finish?

Ajubo came and took a seat on the table cleaning his ears with his towel.

AJUBO: Yes, yes you dey do like small pikin since.

EARNEST: Thunder fire you, who dey do like small pikin?

AJUBO: Hahahaha! Okay go ahead.

Earnest flipped the white board over revealing the stuff he drew.

EARNEST: Well this is the hierarchy of the gangs in this city.

He picked up his marker and drew over the illustrations he had made already as he explained. He had drawn a series of circles and connected them with lines making it look like a pyramid

EARNEST: I’m using cappa as an example this is Mr Willis on top he funds the gang and right below him are his right hand men, Mr Willis gives the order and they do all the acquisition they are the ones you’ll go through to get to him and
Below them is where I am and some other guys. They brought us in to expand their reach in order to cover more bases and get more of their merchandise distributed but we in turn recruited some other people that do street sales you know to reach the poor man on the street, teenagers and street poppers and those are the people that use the name to make noise and they get people to follow them, people wen carry the thing pass for head. These people at the bottom are the ones that cause all the trouble claiming to own the streets, making it look like a cult but they don’t even know the guys above them. I mean they even do initiation rituals. You know I was down here before they elevated me to where I am now.

AJUBO: How? and why?

EARNEST: Well em I made an impression on someone I mean they thought I was pretty hardcore you know. I never killed anyone but I crippled a lot of people. He looked at Ajubo and saw that it wasn’t funny to him. That’s why I can’t complain that you shot my leg.

AJUBO: Did you cripple my love?

He glared at Earnest;

EARNEST: (Frightened) No! No! I no shoot that night I swear eh!

He touched his tongue with his finger and raised it to the roof (the swearing action). He could feel his heart almost wanting to pop out of his chest

AJUBO: Okay!

Earnest was relieved and he resumed his presentation.

EARNEST: People at the very bottom can slip away if they don’t want to be a part of it anymore and nobody cares but my position, only death can whisk you away, you leave you die. I want to leave and I want to live. I can run but then I will be looking over my shoulders. That’s why I’m here, hoping you can free me from this life.

AJUBO: Yes! yes! Jeez

EARNEST: Well moving on, I don’t know all the bosses just a few. For cappa it’s Mr. Willis, infinito it’s Oki, then there’s Papa kuru for Blend but he is a freelancer all the bosses contact him for really dirty jobs and the leader of Greenish is Baron indidi the rest I don’t know but I’m going to find out. All these leaders answer to Big Boss, he keeps the peace among them and assigned them territories to operate. He is also a mediator between them and the mayor, he makes the mayor to turn a blind eye to all their illegal activities.

AJUBO: So they act like they own the city.

The leaders of the seven gangs were gathered together in a board room

BARON: Why have we been called here again?

Don walked in

DON: The same reason I gathered you the last time, Big Boss.

MR. WILLIS: What is it this time because the last time was an epic fail.

BARON: Ya! Kuru how did you not know that Big Boss was stainless and you are his friend.

PAPA KURU: We were all part of the old gang and you didn’t know so…

MR. WILLIS: Ya but you were his best friend.

PAPA KURU: Apparently he didn’t reveal that to me, remember he only trusts his brother Michael with every secret.

DON: Let’s not argue over who is whose best friend and who knows what.

ORJI: So what do you want this time, our men again? Because it didn’t go as planned the last time.

DON: I don’t need your men this time. I called this meeting to give you a heads up, you know as my people. It is a fact that Big Boss has stepped on all our toes just because you gave him the authority to control your affairs, he took the liberty to give you scraps from your own deals while he took the best things for himself.

OKI: You brought his betrayals to light, but who are you because I’m sure he doesn’t know you exist.

DON: I told you before, he rigged the elections twice in favor of that idiot okorafor, while I legitimately won them

MR. WILLIS: Yes because okorafor gives us the liberty to do our business

DON: So I’ve heard and Big Boss is your middle man but I am willing to give you same liberties without a middle man.

ORJI: Wait! so you want to get rid of him because he rigged the elections?

DON: No! That will be petty of me. No! He actually took something from me way before he took mayor-ship away from me and for that since I can’t kill him I will now take what he loves most.

Back at the warehouse Earnest was on his laptop typing away, Ajubo came out all dressed up

AJUBO: I dey go take my Oma out

Earnest was just concentrated on his PC not really paying attention to Ajubo. He gave his phone to Ajubo.

EARNEST: Here this guy is Ayebaemi he is a member of infinito and he is going to clear goods at the Port tonight at 8:00, you know illegal firearms, drugs and they’ll use spare parts as cover up.

AJUBO: Wow! How did you get this information, even a picture of him at the port, did you hack his email
or something?

Earnest was concentrated on his laptop again.

EARNEST: What? No, I get am from my aproko on the street. My informant works at the port

AJUBO: Then what are you doing on the PC that you are so focused?

He walked over to see what Earnest was doing.

EARNEST: I’m just playing Mavis beacon teaches typing...

Ajubo chuckled and shook his head

EARNEST: Where you dey go self wen you dress up like this

Ajubo shook his head again

EARNEST: So how do you intend to move around the city fast because you need speed and mobility and your car won’t do?

AJUBO: Ahhh! I know. That is why yesterday I got something

He took him to the place he packed the car and behind it there was something covered he pulled the sheets off revealing a power bike

AJUBO: That’s how I’ll roam the city.


At the mansion, Oma is all set, ready to go out, she was waiting for Ajubo to show up. He showed up a while later

AJUBO: Sorry! Sorry! I’m late again, it’s a long drive.

She wasn’t looking happy

AJUBO: Oh come on, this again? OK what is it you want to do?

OMA: I want to walk on the beach.

AJUBO: I thought we were going to the cinema?

OMA: I guess, let’s go?

She sniffed, he saw the look of dissatisfaction on her face, and he helped her into the car. On the way he took another route

OMA: Where are you going, this is not the way to the cinema.

AJUBO: I know, I’m taking you to the beach.

OMA: Why?

AJUBO: That’s what you really want right, you don’t want to be pushed on your wheels so hear me, I will be your legs I will carry you I will do everything that makes you happy to the best of my ability. So let’s go to the beach.

That put a smile on her face, off to the beach they went.

At the beach She was having fun, Ajubo carried her on his back and walk by the banks, he swung her around for a while and when they were done with all the fun he saw her mood had brightened up. Then they sat on the shoreline, she leaned on him. She had a big smile on her face and that put a big smile on Ajubo’s face.

OMA: Thank you for always being there for me ever since you started working for us you’ve been em...

AJUBO: A friend?

OMA: I was going to say an accomplice.

The two shared a laugh

AJUBO: I see! All those night I helped you sneak in and out for clubbing.

OMA: Or when you rented a ladder so I can climb up and down my balcony instead of sneaking through the house

AJUBO: Actually I didn’t rent that ladder, I bought it when it became clear that sneaking out was a Friday and
Saturday routine.

OMA: Really! You bought that ladder?

AJUBO: Ya! its still in the compound. I always had to leave the gate open and then make a fool of myself to keep the guards distracted while you sneak past them.

OMA: (Laughing) And it was funny the kind things you did to get their attention, sometimes I just stood there and peeped through the gate.

AJUBO: You watched? Oh now I feel so embarrassed.

He covered his face with his hands.

OMA: I just wanted to have fun without my dad sticking me with a bodyguard. Imagine a bodyguard with me at a night club I won’t have fun.

They both turned around and looked at their bodyguard standing at ease with his shades on looking all serious and they laughed.

OMA: You know an accomplice is a friend, a very good friend.

AJUBO: Then I’ll be your accomplice whenever.

Meanwhile at the cinema, a van was parked outside the gates and there were five men waiting and watching the cars going into the premises.

1ST MAN: I thought he said they’ve left already, why aren’t they here yet it’s been 2hours

2ND MAN: Maybe they’re stuck in traffic

1ST MAN: Traffic where, you think say na woji them de come from?

3RD MAN: Make una shut up make I hear word.

he was making a call

3RD MAN: Guy watz up na them no show o (...), yes but you say them don commot from house since you sure say na here them dey come? No be like this kidnapping de work o (...) which hold up, holdup de there? OKAY na we go wait small.

He dropped the call.

3RD MAN: Him say strong holdup de from Rumuola reach Garrison maybe naim make them never reach here so make we wait small so we go wait once them reach here we go grab the girl. I know say body de scratch una. So una fit kill the guys when de with her just exercise patience, them de come.

They waited till sun down but no show.

Big Boss was on his way home, sitting at the back seat of his car watching Rambo and savoring his wine, his phone rang and he picked the call

BIG BOSS: Hello, who is this (...) To what do I owe the pleasure of your call Marcus (...) So what’s wrong with her going out (...) So because of that incident I should keep her locked up at home like a prisoner (...) Keep your uncle duties to yourself, even your sister Grace has no right over my daughter (...) what makes you think she is unprotected?

Ajubo was back at the warehouse and acting love struck, feeling excited about his day and has not shut up about it.

AJUBO: She was happy all day today, I got to hold her swing her around, I carried her on my back, I made her happy; do you know what it feels like, because I can’t explain it

Earnest has had an earful

EARNEST: You be virgin?

And all the excitement on Ajubo’s face turned to a frown.

AJUBO: Idiot!

Earnest started to laugh

AJUBO: Na jealousy go kill you

Earnest laughed even harder

AJUBO: Con talk wetin you bin wan talk. See your head.

Earnest was now holding his stomach and was trying to stop laughing

EARNEST: OK!OK! My informant just call so suit up them de arrange the shipments for the guy to come pickup.


He went into the dressing room and came out dressed like a biker holding the helmet under his armpit while he put on the gloves.

EARNEST: Are you sure you are ready for this.

AJUBO: Yes I’m sure, I have brushed up my skills enough and I think I’m ready to go.

He went to the garage and mounted the bike, fired it up...

It was night and at Abonema Wharf labourers were loading a container with contraband. A container truck drove into the bay and stopped paid some toll it drove in way beyond the normal docks to meet the labourers loading the container and a forklift came with crates to load it. Ayebaemi came out of the truck and supervised the loading and taking inventories.

Meanwhile on the road Sound of a power bike closing in from a distance, it was Ajubo on his bike. His watch rang and he tapped it to receive the call.

AJUBO: Why are you calling me with my phone?

EARNEST: Because I don’t have credit on mine and another thing why didn’t you buy me a smart watch phone?

AJUBO: I hope say na my bonus credit na im you de use ask me this question?

EARNEST: Well I just called you to say Hurry up they are almost done loading so you can catch up with them on the road.

AJUBO: O don’t worry, they won’t get away from me


AJUBO: What?

EARNEST: Sometimes I feel like you have split personality

AJUBO: What, why?

EARNEST: Because the way you just talk now fear grip me but earlier when you were talking, you sound like Juliet (impression)"Romeo! O Romeo! Where for art thou".

AJUBO: Thunder fire you! You dey talk, Mr. I don’t want to die, I want to live (mimicking Earnest)

EARNEST: Come on get out

They both laughed

AJUBO: Okay let me catch this guy!

EARNEST: Be careful

He dropped the call. Ajubo accelerated.


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Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 5:21pm On Jun 21, 2019
Episode Title: DISCORD

My name is Ajubo Ngonengiye, I used to be a policeman until I was dismissed from the force for being too trigger happy, taking the lives of criminals without trials. I have been gun sober for 3 years working as a gatekeeper for a criminal master mind and I minded my own business until the love of my life was shot and crippled by a band of assassins. For her sake I have picked up the gun again and I don’t intend to put it down until I kill them all.

The loaded truck left the port with five gunmen in an escort car driving in front. They already left before Ajubo arrived the port gates, he stopped and looked around then he caught a glimpse of the truck going downhill on the road and he pursued. In the truck Ayebaemi heard the sound of the bike, he looked through the side mirror and saw the bike closing fast, it rode past the truck, Ayebaemi watched as the bike rode past the escort car. Ajubo rode further ahead until he was out of their sight. Ayebaemi shook his head and relaxed back on his seat but when they went up hill they saw He’d stopped on the road facing their direction. Ajubo fired the engines and began to ride towards them. The driver stopped the car and the truck stopped behind them, the gunmen got their guns and were coming out of the car when Ajubo brought out his gun and shot the driver through the screen, the others opened fire immediately taking cover behind the open car door, Ajubo quickly jumped off the bike and rolled off to the side of the road evading the bullets and directed the bike to slam into the open door which hit the gunman behind it really hard. The rest ran to the back of the car to take cover as Ajubo started shooting back at them, before the gunman on the floor could get up Ajubo jumped on the hood of the car and shot him in the head the other three shot through the back screen of the car to get him but he flipped onto the top of the car and shot all three of them before they had the chance to raise their guns to him. Ayebaemi gave the truck driver an order to move

AYEBAEMI: Drive! Drive! Hit him!

The driver rammed the car but Ajubo jumped onto the hood of the truck and held on lying flat, the driver held a sharp brake to throw him off but he grabbed on tight. Ayebaemi shot through the screen, Ajubo rolled to the driver’s side, he got up and jumped on the top of the truck, Ayebaemi shot through the roof, a bullet grazed Ajubo’s foot, he quickly jumped onto the container. Ayebaemi reloaded his gun and turned to the driver

AYEBAEMI: Keep driving, do not stop for any reason

He opened the door and side walked to the container

AYEBAEMI: I said move!

The driver started moving, Ayebaemi was climbing onto the container as he poked his head to peep, and he pointed the gun to shoot as he saw Ajubo running towards him but Ajubo kicked the gun away from his hand. He pulled Ajubo’s leg making him fall on his back, he punched his chest, Ajubo held his chest and rolled back giving Ayebaemi the chance to climb onto the container. Ayebaemi pulled out his pocket knife and Ajubo got up and took a defensive stance.

AYEBAEMI: Whoever you are, it was very stupid of you to attack me.

He charged towards Ajubo swinging wide at his head, Ajubo ducked his head and Ayebaemi swung back for his throat but Ajubo moved back, then he tried jabbing, Ajubo deflected the attack, he shoved him by the chest with force. The push moved him to the edge of the container where he struggled to gain balance, as he did, in came Ajubo jumping in the air, he kick Ayebaemi on the chest with both feet, This sent Ayebaemi flying down to the front of the truck but before he touched the ground the truck hit him flinging him further away from the truck and onto the coal tar. The driver held the brakes immediately, straining his eyes to see who it was but Ayebaemi wasn’t moving, he looked around terrified, he pulled out a gun. Ajubo swung in through the window kicking the gun away from his hand as he sat down on the passenger seat. He saw the fear on the drivers face.

AJUBO: If I were you, I will get out of the truck right now.

He tilted his head revealing a tattoo on his neck. The driver opened the door and jumped out. Ajubo removed his helmet took control of the truck and turned it around but he had difficulty controlling it.

AJUBO: Wow I’m rusty, it’s been a while I drove a truck

A few moments later he had control over it

AJUBO: There we go! Now where is my bike?

He got back to the warehouse with the truck, Earnest was waiting at the gate, Ajubo drove into the compound and came out holding his chest and bleeding from his hand.

EARNEST: Wow! You got it, are you alright?


EARNEST: And Ayebaemi?

AJUBO: I don’t know if he is dead or alive but even if he is alive he would be a vegetable.

EARNEST: How did it go?

AJUBO: If all went as planned, discord planted.

The truck driver was leaning on the seriously dented escort car smoking a cigarette. A black SUV arrived and stopped in front of him, he put out his cigar immediately and stood up straight. Someone came out of the car to meet with him

TRUCK DRIVER: Good morning boss

SOMEONE: Where is he?

They walked into the hospital Ayebaemi was in a coma, bandaged like a mummy and on life support.

SOMEONE: Ayebaemi na me kobolo

TRUCK DRIVER: He can’t respond

KOBOLO: Magnus, what happened?

MAGNUS: It was a biker, he rode past us and blocked us in front, and then he took everyone out.

KOBOLO: Only one person did that?

MAGNUS : (embarrassed) yes, but he was fast, he took out everybody before anyone could react. Ayebaemi went to fight and this happened

KOBOLO: Who is this person?

MAGNUS: He wore a helmet and it was dark so we couldn’t see his face, but I know where he belongs… I saw a tattoo on his neck, he was from Greenish.

KOBOLO: Greenish attacked us, killed our men and stole our goods? They want a war... and a war they will get.

At the warehouse Ajubo’s lair, He woke up from sleep he was lying on a folding bed. He looked at the wound on his hand

AJUBO: Nothing serious

He got off the bed and went out from the room into their work space, Earnest was on the computer

EARNEST: Hay! What’s up, how are you feeling?

AJUBO: I’m good but I am so hungry.

EARNEST: I went out and grabbed some food in the community this morning

He handed him a bag of food

AJUBO: Thank you, let me freshen up. Earnest handed him his phone

EARNEST: Oma called

AJUBO: (Like a child) Oma!

EARNEST: Oow! See as you dey wag your tail like puppy.

AJUBO: You wan start?

EARNEST: No, I send her text say I dey busy, eh! You de busy say you go call later.

Ajubo called Oma back immediately

AJUBO: Hello! (...) Sorry I was busy when you called (...) 9:30? What’s the time now, 8:30 OK I will be there (...) I will be early I promise (...) Ya see you soon, bye.

EARNEST: I have opened the container!

AJUBO: What is in it?

EARNEST: Lots of big guns and grenades

They went into the container to see the stuff, and among it was a rocket launcher

AJUBO: Oho! A sniper rifle, I'd love to use this one. A rocket launcher too? Who do they sell to?

EARNEST: Well militants are part of the clientele

AJUBO: I have to go to Oma, we will sought these out when I get back.

He went to the locker room.

Ajubo and Oma were eating at a restaurant at the outdoor eating area and their bodyguard was sitting behind them when a bus drove in, the men rushed out with guns, the bodyguard brought out his gun but he was shot in the head. Ajubo grabbed Oma and started to run, everyone around ran as well. One of the gunmen shot Ajubo on his leg, he fell down yelling at Oma to leave him and get as far away from there, she rolled her wheel, while Ajubo dragged himself behind her. He brought out a gun and shot one of the gunmen to buy Oma sometime to get away but another one came and shot him on his chest. They cornered Oma and pointed a gun at her, she shut her eyes tight, terrified, they opened fire and Grace woke up screaming.

GRACE: Uzoma!!!

She was breathing heavy and was very terrified, sweating profusely. Marcus ran into the room

MARCUS: What is it sis? I heard you scream.

GRACE: My daughter is in danger, I saw them shoot her. Please! Don’t let my daughter die don’t let anything happen to my Uzoma.

MARCUS: Don’t worry sis it’s only a bad dream, I won’t let anything happen to her.

He held her and patted her on her back and he thought

MARCUS: [Oma must be in real danger, Grace’s premonitions are never wrong].

Big Boss was in his office and was making some business calls on his landline and his cellphone vibrated on the table he finished his call and dropped the phone and picked up his cellphone
BIG BOSS: Hello!

GRACE: (...) (Yelling) you bastard! My brother just told me that you let our daughter go out without guards if anything ever happens to her I am going to kill you.

BIG BOSS: Morning Grace! How are you? (Pissed) and who gave you the audacity to call me, I thought I told you before never to call me

GRACE: (...)O to hell with you and your orders, my daughter is in danger. What kind of a father are you to let her go out unguarded

BIG BOSS: (...) What are you talking about?

GRACE: (...)(Crying) I had a dream Frederic, that our daughter was attacked by gunmen and killed.

BIG BOSS: (...)And that’s why you yelled at me without pleasantries

GRACE: (...)(Crying) just keep my daughter safe

BIG BOSS: (...) Ok Grace!

He dropped the call,

BIG BOSS: Her premonitions have never been wrong.

He dialed a number on his cellphone

BIG BOSS: Hello! (...) I hope you still have eyes on my daughter(...) Good, double the Guards and make sure she is safe(...) As soon as I drop this call.

He dropped the call and reclined his chair.

BIG BOSS: Whoever is doing this, better be ready for a generational wipe-out.

Ajubo and Oma were eating at a restaurant at City Mall they were having a good time chatting, Oma was laughing and smiling when he cut her meat for her and fed her playing miss the mouth. Behind them they heard;


OMA: (Surprised) Franklin!

Ajubo turned around to see Franklin

AJUBO: O this idiot!

He muttered.

OMA: What are you doing here?

FRANKLIN : ( Looking guilt ridden) Actually I came here hoping to see you.

OMA: Why?

AJUBO: Yes, why?

FRANKLIN: I’ve missed you so much Oma.


OMA: I’ve missed you too Frank


Few minutes later Ajubo is sitting leaned back on a seat on another table, his arms folded and he had a frown on his face watching Franklin and Oma talking.

AJUBO: Great now I’m an official bodyguard

He murmured, looking grumpy he called the waiter to get him a drink.

FRANKLIN: I have lived with a disabled family member before and she didn’t make it easy so I thought I wouldn’t be able to cope with your disability but now I realize I can’t cope without you.

OMA: It broke my heart when you didn’t respond to my call and you didn’t reply my text, you abandoned me.

FRANKLIN: Please forgive me love, I will never break your heart again.

OMA: You know I can never hold a grudge against you

AJUBO: (Shaking his head) Jesus Christ!

FRANKLIN: Let’s get out of here and go have some fun

OMA: OK Frank

He got up and pushed her wheels, Ajubo blocked them

AJUBO: She is not going anywhere without me

FRANKLIN: Don’t worry, I will take care of her and bring her back home so you can leave.

AJUBO: The thing is wherever she goes I go, it’s my job

FRANKLIN: (Yelling) what the? I said I will...

Oma interjected

OMA: Frank, let him come with us he answers to my dad.

FRANKLIN: OK you can come with us, although I don’t see any reason why.

Ajubo walked behind them as Franklin pushed her to the elevator.

FRANKLIN: And since when do you speak English

AJUBO: (Sighed) I thought I was past this question.

Franklin and Oma were sitting at the poolside at Hallmark resort. Ajubo was sitting on a table pretending to read a magazine while he was furious peeping at them from the top of the magazine as they sat by the pool with their legs in the water as they were playing romantic

AJUBO: Na thunder go fire this guy o

Grace was at home feeling uneasy and she picked up her phone and called Marcus

GRACE: Where are you?

MARCUS: (...) Hallmark Resort, keeping an eye on my niece...

He was at the resort pretending to read a newspaper and watching over Oma from a distance

GRACE: (...) Marcus the bad feeling is getting stronger

MARCUS: (...) really? Because she is having fun with that her boyfriend.

GRACE: (...) I can’t take this I’m coming over.

MARCUS: (...) sis no you don’t have to...o she dropped the call.

He dropped the paper and watched them. Soon Franklin excused himself and went to the washroom. He brought out his phone and knocked on all the stalls as he dialed a number. There was no one else in the washroom.

FRANKLIN: Hello! Where are you guys (...) on your way since (...) it’s just one bodyguard and their former gate-man get here quick.

Big Boss was with some clients in his office and his cellphone vibrated in his pocket.

BIG BOSS: Excuse me!

He brought out his phone

BIG BOSS: (…) What is it grace?

GRACE: (...) (tensed) Frederic, this bad feeling is getting stronger, get my daughter back home please

She was in an Uber

BIG BOSS: (...) OK Grace I hear you!

He hung up and dialed a guard but the number was not reachable, he went back to the clients.

BIG BOSS: I’m sorry I have to go, I have a family emergency

He went out and asked his secretary to take care of the clients and reschedule another meeting. He got in the car with his driver.

BIG BOSS: Hallmark resort fast!

The driver took off with speed.

Grace got to the resort and went to meet Marcus, she tapped him on his should.

MARCUS: (Whispering)Hay Marcus where is she?

She took a seat and Marcus pointed to Oma.

MARCUS: There she is. How are you feeling?

GRACE: Not good brother, not good, it’s gotten worse.

At the gate a black van drove in, when the resort security stopped them they shot the four of them with a silencer. They packed the van and headed towards the pool. Grace got a headache,

GRACE: Marcus I’m getting a headache, let’s just take her away from here.

MARCUS: Sis look around she is safe what could possibly pose a danger to her...

Down went Oma’s bodyguard into the pool with a bullet in his head, someone screamed, and everyone turned around, they saw a masked gunman with a silencer pistol.


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Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 5:33pm On Jun 21, 2019
WATCHOVER Episode 8.
Episode Title: RAMPAGE

My name is Ajubo Ngonengiye, I used to be a policeman until I was dismissed from the force for being too trigger happy, taking the lives of criminals without trials. I have been gun sober for 3years working as a gatekeeper for a criminal master mind and I minded my own business until the love of my life was shot and crippled by a band of assassins. For her sake I have picked up the gun again and I don’t intend to put it down until I kill them all.

Oma’s scream could be heard around Hallmark resort vicinity watching her bodyguard fall into the pool with a bullet in his head. Everyone started to run away on seeing the gunman, he turned around and faced Ajubo to shoot at him. Ajubo pushed his table over and ducked behind it, then they heard a gunshot, Ajubo peeped and saw the gunman had been gunned down, someone ran over to him.

SOMEONE: Take Oma and get out of here!

AJUBO: Who are you?

SOMEONE: I am Patrick, We are her bodyguards, and Big Boss hired us to watch over her whenever you guys go out.


Other gunmen came wielding automatic rifles, they opened fire on Ajubo and Patrick, they ducked behind the table. Other secret guards returned fire, Ajubo could see them, and there were five more guards

PATRICK: ya, the Big Boss calls us overseers

Franklin carried Oma and tried to run but he tripped and fell to the ground with her and she hurt her head. Ajubo rolled the table over to cover them, Franklin left them and ran.

AJUBO: Where this idiot dey go?

Marcus asked Grace to hide and he ran over to Oma with guns blazing, he took out the closest assassin, he came and ducked behind the table with them,

MARCUS: we need to get her out of here now

AJUBO: Who the hell are you now?

OMA: Uncle Marcus, what are you doing here?

MARCUS: I’m here to protect you, your mother’s order.

The bodyguards were losing, going up against automatic rifle with pistols. One of them fell over the table dead, three gunmen approached the table covering each other and keeping the rest of the guards at bay. Ajubo grabbed a bottle on the floor and broke it, he stabbed the wrist of the first gunman that reached them directing his shot up. He grabbed the gun from the gunman and opened fire on the rest, using their comrade to shield himself, this forced the gunmen backward giving the bodyguards the advantage, and everyone was amazed at his skill.

MARCUS: I thought he was just your gateman?

Ajubo and the guards were keeping the gunman at bay now.

AJUBO: You can take her and leave out the back now!

Franklin came back to join them.

FRANKLIN: Let me carry her!

MARCUS: Don’t worry, I’ve got her.

He carried her and headed for the back exit with Franklin behind them, they got to the exit and were blocked by a gunman,

GUNMAN: Give me the girl

MARCUS: Over my dead body

He pointed his gun from under Oma and pulled the trigger but it was out of bullets

GUNMAN: You were saying?

He aimed at Marcus and pulled the trigger, but Grace shoved him out of the way, he lost his balance and fell.

GRACE: Get my daughter out of here!

OMA: Mom?

Ajubo turned around and saw the gunman getting back up, he shot him and ran over to them, and Grace turned over to Franklin looking furious


They were almost at the exit when another gunman came in with a pistol, he took a shot, and Grace jumped in front of them taking the bullet. Ajubo was out of bullet but he countered fast and took him down, two more gunmen appeared at the exit, he whacked one with his gun but the other kicked him to the ground and pointed his gun to shoot at them

MARCUS: (shielding Oma with his body) is this the end?

Ajubo stood in front of them to shield them with his body, the gunman fired, but someone quickly stepped in front of Ajubo, taking the bullets from the automatic rifle, but he was still standing.

OMA: Dad!

The bullets fell off him like duds, he walked towards the now terrified gunman who brought out a pistol and continued to shoot walking backwards. Big Boss got to him and grabbed his neck, lifted him off the ground and snap; he broke his neck. He turned back to the rest of them, he saw a surprised on their faces except for Ajubo.

BIG BOSS: Is everyone okay?

Marcus put Oma in Franklin’s hands and went to check on Grace

MARCUS: Grace! Grace! Talk to me!

He tapped her face. She opened her eyes and pointed at Franklin

GRACE: He is with the kidnappers, I saw him talking with one of them

She muttered.


OMA: Love, is this true?

She asked and passed out

BIG BOSS: Ajubo take her from him, Patrick take him away, Marcus, let me carry Grace.

He carried Grace and they headed for the front exit. When they got to the parking lot they found the rest of the gunmen all dead.

MARCUS: Frederic, did you do this?

Big boss didn’t answer he just walked past them, and went straight to his waiting car, they all got in, the driver rode off.

Don was angry destroying everything in his office, Papa Kuru sat calmly watching him.

DON: Why, Why, why is it so difficult to get Big Boss?

PAPA KURU: I told you he never leaves his daughter defenseless, that’s why I asked you to send more men but even they were inadequate.

DON: What do we do now? We can’t kill him and we couldn’t get his daughter so we can’t break him. What next?

PAPA KURU: Oh I recently communicated with someone that knows Frederic from way back and he knows his secret and how to kill him

DON: Who is it?

PAPA KURU: Aaron Akpan Sunday the one-eyed-Sunday. Frederic betrayed him and he wants revenge too but there is a little problem...

DON: Then why have you not brought him here?

PAPA KURU: That’s the little problem, he will only help if we can get him out...

DON: Get him out of what?

In a maximum security prison, amidst the commotion of riot in the dining hall, a man sat in isolation eating his meal, no one dared to come close to him, he was bald and had an eye patch on his left eye, he was the One-Eyed-Sunday, he had an indifferent feeling to what was going on around him.

At the hospital Big Boss sat by his sleeping daughter as the doctor checked her.

BIG BOSS: How is she?

DOCTOR: She is fine, just in shock. Let her rest.

BIG BOSS: Don’t worry Angel everything will be alright

He and the doctor went out of the room, then he went to the emergency ward where Marcus was waiting outside the surgery room for an update on Grace, pacing to and fro the corridor

BIG BOSS: What’s the situation?

MARCUS: No one has come out yet. You know if you had just listened to my advice and kept Oma at home, this could have been avoided.

BIG BOSS: Now is not the time Marcus!!

He walked away from Marcus and when he reached the reception he saw Ajubo, he sat beside him.

BIG BOSS: Who are you?

AJUBO: I am Ajubo. I used to be your gateman.

BIG BOSS: My gateman was a fool, you clearly are not. Patrick told me what you did, care to explain how you know how to do that?

AJUBO: What I did was a fluke and the danger we faced brought out the streets in me, you know, adrenaline.

BIG BOSS looked at him for a moment then he got up and walked away.

BIG BOSS: Watch my daughter, I will be back.

He left the hospital. Ajubo climbed up and went to Oma’s room, Patrick was standing guard by the door.

PATRICK: Bad guy!

He said as a compliment but Ajubo just walked past him and went straight to Oma’s side. She was facing the wall and He heard her crying.

AJUBO: Oma, why are you crying?

She turned to him

OMA: Franklin betrayed me, my mom took a bullet for me and now she is struggling between life and death and my father, my father, what is he? How is he still alive after taking all those shots?

AJUBO: (not knowing how to answer that last part) Arrhh! Would you like to see your mom?

OMA: Is she out of surgery?

AJUBO: Ya, that’s right she is not out yet.

OMA: And how did you do the things you did at the resort?

AJUBO: oh! It was a fluke.

He wiped the tears off her face with his fingers.

AJUBO: Please stop crying, I can’t bear to see you like this. You’ll get all your answers in due time.

In a dark room Franklin was being tortured for information about the master mind, his face was swollen and the punches just kept coming but he still denied the accusations by Grace

PUNISHER: Who sent you guys?

FRANKLIN: (crying) I don’t know what you are talking about, I’m not with them, please! She is my girlfriend and I love her.

Big Boss came in and the punisher stopped the torture, he went to update Big Boss

PUNISHER: Boss, I don’t think he is one of them, he doesn’t know anything, maybe madam Grace saw wrong?

BIG BOSS: You have tortured him well?

PUNISHER: Come and see his face there is no space for swells to come out again.

Big boss went and took a look at Franklin

BIG BOSS: Soft touch


FRANKLIN: (crying) Sir please I’m innocent, let me go.

Big Boss brought out his gun and shot Franklin on his big toe, Franklin screamed in agonizing pain

BIG BOSS: Give me the name

Franklin was still screaming, Big Boss shot a second toe, the scream got louder


FRANKLIN: (crying) OK! OK! I will talk, he asked me to take her somewhere they can easily kill her, he met me at a bar and asked me to help him get to you, I didn’t want to do it but he threatened to kill my family, he called himself The Don.

BIG BOSS: The Don who the hell is The Don?

Meanwhile at Don’s office Papa Kuru and Don were still discussing.

PAPA KURU: You know Don Big Boss is bound to find out about us sooner or later, right now I’m sure Franklin must have spilled but I told him I was The Don so big boss will know the name of the person that’s out to get him.

DON: What are we going to do?

PAPA KURU: I suggest we get upgraded to his level

DON: You mean... stainless?

PAPA KURU: Yes, because when he finds out about us he is going to come down really hard and being normal means death

Don thought about it for a moment

DON: OK, I will call Daddy Royal, he can do it for us.

Ajubo got back to the warehouse and walked straight to the dressing room.

EARNEST: How is Oma and her mom?

Ajubo didn’t respond he just went in and got changed into his biker clothes and came out looking furious

EARNEST: How is Oma and her mom?

AJUBO: Do you have the locations I asked you for?

EARNEST: No, I haven’t gotten any replies from my informants, and I’m asking you, how are they?

AJUBO: (breathing heavy) o they’ve really done it this time I need to take this anger out on something and I don’t mean the punching bag I want to take it out on people that deserve it.

He got on his bike

EARNEST: Like I said no replies yet

AJUBO: Oh just tell me where Cappa warehouse is, that will suffice

Earnest glared at Ajubo.

Baron the leader of Greenish received a call from Oki the leader of Infinito

BARON: Hello!

OKI: (...) what’s the big idea Baron?

BARON: (...) pardon, what are you talking about?

OKI: (...) don’t play dumb with me, I’m talking about you sending your boys to ambush my men and steal my shipment

BARON: (...) I have no idea what you are talking about

OKI: (...) I get what you are trying to do, because of the plan to take out Frederic you want to go rogue and take out the rest of us so you can run all territories, I hope you can handle this war you have started because for every one of my man your boys killed I will kill 10 of yours

BARON: (...) now Oki listen here I have no idea what you are talking about but you know I don’t take lightly to threat so bring it on.

OKI: (...) oh it’s on

EGUWE & SONS SPARE PARTS warehouse was a cover for Cappa, vehicle spare parts like tires, headlights car batteries were on display at the front, people came to buy during normal business hours but when the night came, when it’s past normal business hours then comes the illegal business dealings. All was calm and peaceful, henchmen watching movie on TV relaxed while their illegal transactions were being carried out, the managers were showing off their goods to buyers. The security at the gate heard the sound of a bike closing in fast and they came out to see who was coming. They saw the biker approaching, he had an automatic rifle strapped on his back, they opened fire fast but missed him, he unstrapped his gun and returned fire killing all of them. The rest inside heard the shots and took up their arms running out, he crashed through the gate and continued to fire on everyone that got in his way. He circled the warehouse shooting sporadically not giving them a chance to return fire, killing everyone that came out to confront him. He reloaded, after circling round he drove into the warehouse and continued his rampage, as they returned fire he jumped off his bike and hid behind the crates, he gunned down everyone including their customers but he let someone escape.

AJUBO: Greenish rules!

He screamed, letting the henchman run, he checked the crate and found grenades and he picked one up. He got on his bike and threw the grenade in the warehouse but he came out and found that the gate had been tied with a chain from outside, by the henchman he let escape, trapping him inside.

AJUBO: Oh crap!

He rode to the back to find an escape route. He remembered seeing a slanted plank resting on some stacked blocks, just before, he accelerated towards the wood, the grenade he had thrown exploded, he rode on the plank with speed jumping over the fence with the bike. While he was in midair the chain reaction from the grenades exploded the warehouse behind him, the manager and customers hiding in the office were caught in it. He landed outside the fence, screeched sideways and watched it burn, and he heard the sound of vehicles arriving at the entrance gate.

AJUBO: I’m coming for all of you.


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Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Chidave9(m): 4:17pm On Jun 22, 2019
You are rugged in spirit Ajabo.
Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 5:21pm On Jun 28, 2019
You are rugged in spirit Ajabo.
Thanks for commenting
Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 5:27pm On Jun 28, 2019
Ajubo Earnest were watching the news on TV about the fire at
the warehouse and the fire fighters trying to put it out;
EARNEST: Mehn! You destroyed it, you don calm down now abi?
AJUBO: No! But for now I will make do with this, but I will not be satisfied until I take them all out.
Earnest’s phone beeped, he brought it out from his pocket
and read the message and turned the phone to Ajubo;
EARNEST: It’s Cappa, they have called a meeting
He grabbed his walking stick and headed for the door
AJUBO: I think say your leg don good, why you de carry walking stick
EARNEST: E dey make me feel like Don jazzy
Ajubo hissed and shook his head as he watched Earnest walk
out in style.
Earnest got there and joined others at a round table, Mr.
Willis’ right hand man George Obi was presiding.
GEORGE: Well, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Willis is not in the country but I have told him about the situation and right now I want you to hear the story from a witness at the warehouse.
He called on the witness whom Ajubo allowed to run away, to
narrate the incident. All through the narration Earnest eyes
were wide open, his jaw dropped in shock from the lies
about it being 12 men who attacked the warehouse, he told them of how he fought through five of them to escape and call in
reinforcement, he told of how they were all screaming “greenish will rule the city”.
George took over and told them that Mr. Willis had confronted
Baron over the phone but he denied the accusations so Mr. Willis has given the go ahead to attack Greenish facilities.
Earnest cleared his throat, George asked him if he had
anything to say.
EARNEST: Well it’s obvious to me what Greenish is trying to do.
GEORGE: And what is it?
EARNEST: Well this was how the old gangs were run out of town, when all the bosses were together as a gang under Big Boss and they destroyed every hideout and facilities of the other gangs took out their top men, the rest disbanded and they
became the only gang. It was after Big Boss disbanded
the gang that they all split and formed their own. They had trouble coping with one another so they all fought to be
the only gang or at least the dominant until Big Boss mediated
and divided territories. So I think that is what Greenish is
trying to do again to expand and be the only gang to control all territories. So even if we take down greenish we have to be on high alert because one of the others might take initiative and try to wipe us out unless we take the initiative first. It’s just a suggestion.
GEORGE: Wow! I did not know that story. But we can’t do that unless Mr. Willis gives the order so right now we are just going to attack only greenish facilities and hideout.
Ajubo was fast asleep on the sofa when Earnest came in He
opened one eye to see who it was and he went back to sleep.
Earnest woke him up and told him the plan to hit Greenish
EARNEST: Wait o! You get other people when de work with you?
AJUBO: No! Why you ask
EARNEST: The guy when you allow to escape say na 12 people attack, he fought five of your guys and escaped.
Ajubo laughed really hard.
AJUBO: You can’t blame him; it is embarrassing to say only one person took out 27 armed men.
EARNEST: The tori shock me.
They both laughed hard. Ajubo asked the locations of
Greenish facilities so he can take out some. He got a call from Big Boss and he set off for the mansion immediately.
Ajubo reached the mansion and met Big Boss in front of Oma’s
room pacing to and fro;
BIG BOSS: O thank God you are here; I need you to help me with Uzoma.
AJUBO: What’s wrong?
BIG BOSS: She doesn’t want to eat and she doesn’t want to see me, it’s like she is afraid of me
AJUBO: You can’t blame her, her father took about 30 shots to the chest and he is not a ghost yet.
Big Boss looked amused at the way Ajubo was speaking
freely without fear or accorded respect.
AJUBO: So what do you want me to do?
BIG BOSS: She is fond of you so please make her eat something and help me explain to her that I am not a monster.
AJUBO: What makes you think she’ll listen to me?
BIG BOSS: She listens to you; I know that for a fact.
AJUBO: What?
BIG BOSS: Ajubo, whether you were really a fool or just playing a fool back then I don’t know but I have never been a fool. I know you helped my daughter sneak out every Friday
night, disobeying my orders, the ladder you hired to help her sneak out from her balcony.
Ajubo was speechless for a moment just looking at Big Boss,
wide eyed
AJUBO: Then why didn’t you fire me?
BIG BOSS: Because I was like that at her age so I let it slide but I never left her unprotected.
AJUBO: Still terrible parenting.
Big Boss looked amused wondering why he is not afraid to
talk to him like that.
BIG BOSS: Anyway just get in there and do something.
AJUBO: OK! OK! I will try, and oh! I bought the ladder it’s still out back.
He went into her room. she lay on the bed facing
the wall. She felt the presence in her room.
OMA: Leave me alone.
He looked around the room and saw all her pillows on the
ground, one by the TV counter and two by the foot of the
bed. She is known to trash everything in sight when she is
angry, confused.
AJUBO: I see you want to throw a tantrum but the pillow is The only thing you can reach.
She turned around and faced him
OMA: What are you doing here?
AJUBO: Your dad asked me to come and talk to you, said you don’t want to eat.
OMA: I’m not hungry, leave me alone.
Her stomach made a growling sound
AJUBO: Your stomach begs to differ
OMA: I don’t want to eat just leave me alone
AJUBO: I can’t leave you alone, everyone is worried about you, just eat something; your food is ready.
OMA: (pissed) I said leave me alone?
AJUBO: I want to propose something
She quiets down to listen
AJUBO: Let me help you throw your tantrum and go on a rampage so you can vent your anger out, will you eat then?
OMA: (confused) what?
Ajubo picked up a pillow and walked to her, he gave her the
pillow and then he carried her in his arms.
AJUBO: Tell me what you want to smash and I will take you around the room while you smash.
He started walking around the room and she hit down everything in sight. She pulled down her curtains and pushed down all her
cabinets, she whacked her makeup kit and hair dryer of its
cabinet and pushed it down. They came close to the TV and she wanted to whack it with the pillow but Ajubo turned her away.
AJUBO: Tatatatatatata!! That TV is scarce in the market.
She giggled and he dropped her back on the bed.
AJUBO: You know this is unhealthy right?
She continued to giggle
AJUBO: So are you going to eat now?
She nodded, he went out to get the food and found Big Boss standing there with the tray of food, he took it from him.
BIG BOSS: You know you are going to pay for those things she broke right?
AJUBO: Ehn! I’m getting her to eat na, I think you can replace them, a small price to pay.
He went back into the room and Big Boss just shook his head. Ajubo placed the food before Oma and proceeded to feed her.
Papa Kuru visited the prison to discuss with Aaron, the jailers brought Aaron to meet with Kuru at the visitor’s area they were on opposite side of the glass to communicate with a phone and Aaron sat down slowly eyes pegged on Kuru, he picked the phone.
AARON: Why have you come to disturb my rest again?
PAPA KURU: Good evening to you too. I have spoken with my associate and he can pull strings to get you out of here but he wants to be sure you know how to take Big Boss down and
not just trying to use him to get out of here.
Aaron smiled and relaxed his back on his chair.
AARON: The scar across Fredric’s right eye, that
wound was inflicted on him while he was stainless.
Papa Kuru’s eyes opened wide, this new information got all his attention.
AARON: Yes, there is a weapon that can kill your Big Boss.
PAPA KURU: What is this weapon
He asked with peaked interest.
AARON: Get me out of here and you can have
the rest of the info and the weapon.
PAPA KURU: Just tell me what the weapon is
Aaron shook his head and dropped the phone then he got up
and walked away leaving Kuru hungry for more information.
In Oma’s room amidst the ruins Ajubo and Oma sat.
AJUBO: Clara is going to be mad when she cleans this up tomorrow.
Looking around the makeup stains on the floor, even on the curtains and some of Oma’s clothes.
OMA: I want to watch a movie.
AJUBO: I can’t take you out for a year.
OMA: I have some movies on my laptop that I downloaded last week. Can you help me get it from dad’s study, I used his LAN wire to connect to the net because the Wi-Fi was slow and I left the laptop there.
AJUBO: Ok I’ll get it
He went out of the room got to Big Boss study and knocked on
the door.
AJUBO: Sir! Sir!
He called as he pushed the door open and walked in. He found
the laptop on the table, he stretched over the chair to pick
it up, his attention was drawn to the wall. There was a
knife hanging on the wall a machete and Ajubo stared
at it with consternation, this was the only weapon that can harm the Big Boss.

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Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 6:44pm On Jul 05, 2019
WATCHOVER Episode 10
Title: Plan C

Ajubo stood in the study staring at the knife on the
Wall, he walked closer and picked it from the wall. He
unsheathed it and admired it, there was a knowing smile on his face. Behind him Big Boss asked;

What are you doing here?

Ajubo was startled, he quickly sheathed the knife and tried to hang it back.

I came to grab Oma’s laptop.

And decided to grab my stuffs too?

No sir, I was just admiring this knife, it adds a touch of class to the room deco.

I know...
He walked over to where Ajubo was standing, grabbed the knife from the wall and unsheathed it

...it’s a fine piece.
He sheathed it and hung it properly on the wall.

You collect knives?

No! Just this one. It’s sentimental, I got it on one of my trips to Bayelsa years back.


None of your business. Now get out of here and go make sure my daughter is alright.


He grabbed the laptop and went out of the study.

Don met a high court judge Ipalibo Fortune, an old friend of his, at the Judge’s home to discuss the release of Aaron. When he explained that it was a life sentence for murder the judge denied his request. But Don knew a few secrets the judge didn’t want anyone to find out.

Ow, come on for old time sake just do me this one favor.

I said I will not, he is a murderer and you want me to review his case?

Fortune! Fortune! Fortune I guess I have to play this card.
He got up from the chair and walked past the judge, went to the bar and grabbed another wine, he poured some for himself, the judge just looked confused in his own house. Don finished drinking the wine in the glass;

How is Anabel doing?


O don’t play dumb I mean the girl you forced yourself on.

Judge Fortune was taken aback wondering how Don knew about it.

How did you...?

I notice people’s behaviour and I’m a good listener. If I remember correctly you were a judge when you did it and then you paid her to keep her mouth shut, get an abortion and also paid her to leave the country. But I know where she is and the baby, she didn’t abort it, he looks like you. Now I can pay her more to spill. Think about your reputation.

The judge was confounded

Don’t do this Donald, you’ve always been a cool calm person, why have you become like this.

So that people won’t walk all over me anymore...

He walked over to where Fortune stood

...so what is it going to be, your ethical code or your reputation?

I will see what I can do for your friend.

Just get him out!

He patted the judge on his shoulder, then he left him
and walked out the door. Fortune sat back on the sofa, he ran his hands from his head to his face and locked his fingers together under his nose.

Ajubo and Oma were still in her room, they just finished
watching a movie on her laptop, it was at the end credits, Oma turned to him and asked a question.

Tell me the truth! You were just playing a fool for the past three years right?

Ajubo was disconcerted by the question


He took a deep breath.

Ok, yes, I was playing a fool, but I played it so long I became a fool.

Why did you act like a fool?

Well I needed the job and Ifeanyi wanted a fool he could control, to feel good about himself.

What, why?

Well everyone working at the mansion then had a higher education than he, so they challenged his authority when he tried to order them around unnecessarily. So when there was a vacancy he started looking for a fool he could handle and I needed the job really bad so I acted the part.

Why didn’t you just stop when you got the job?

He got a quick flashback [The first time he met Big Boss at the mansion, he turned away sharply so Big Boss wouldn’t see his face "oh no it’s this man".]

Well I was practicing philanthropy, so I made Ifeanyi feel like a boss.
Big Boss was standing by the door outside the room, the door was slightly ajar, so he heard the conversation, he smiled as he shook his head.

I’ve always perceived you were smart even when you were acting foolish, the way you handled things and solved problems gave a hint but it wasn’t enough to call you out.

You are a sharp one so...

But my dad...

Big Boss adjusted himself at the door having keen interest in what she wanted to say.

What about Him?

What is he, a monster?

Big Boss hung his head feeling sad.

Yeah, he is a monster.

Big Boss stood aghast and mouthed the words "what the hell?" while he ran his hand through his hair.

You saw what he did right? I would like to tell you it was your imagination, but there is no hiding it.

She took a deep breath looking sad like she was going to cry, Big Boss bit his finger looking angry but he put his ear again to listen as Ajubo continued.

But you know one thing about some monsters, they are guarding something, something they love. Like castles, treasures, princesses... and when those things are threatened they strike. And that was exactly what your dad did. I don’t think he wanted you to see that side of him but he had no choice because you were in danger, so he is a monster for you, he is your monster. Go and talk to him, I think he may be worried you’ll fear him and hate him.

I don’t hate him, I’m just so confused and I feel really betrayed.

Just talk to him, Okay?

OK I will

Behind the door Big Boss’ angry face quickly turned to a faint smile, he turned and walked away.

At a deserted road Papa Kuru stood by his parked car leaning backwards on it with his hands in his pocket, he was looking left to right, as he was waiting for someone. Few moments later a car approached, it was Don, he stopped and came out to meet Kuru.

How did it go?

Mehn! my bad guy act was awesome, damn! I love the dark side...I struck fear in his heart. You are a good teacher

So is he going to do it?

Yes, he is!


And Aaron...does he have anything?

Oh yes he does... and it’s really good!

He said with a smile

Ajubo pushed Oma on her wheels looking for Big Boss, they found him in his study. He sat down on the swivel chair facing the window. Ajubo wheeled her in

OK sir I want to take my leave and Oma wants to talk to you!

OK thanks for coming

Ajubo said goodbye and left Oma with her dad


Ajubo got back to the warehouse and found Earnest playing Mortal Kombat on the Play station.

Hey what’s up

He asked still very focused on his game.

Cool! why are you still here by this time

I’m enjoying this game. Ohhh!

He exclaimed when he lost the fight

You don come make me loose.

Na one hit them de us finish your character, see flawless victory wen them de give you.
He restarted the game again, Ajubo brought out a drink from the fridge and grabbed a glass

You no get any girl when you go cuddle with?

I’m guessing that’s your way of saying you had a nice time with your obsession.

Ahh! Today was the best

He said with a refreshed smile on his face as he just gulped the drink.

Why? it’s not like you kissed her, did you?

He asked pressing hard on the game controller. Ajubo’s smile broke.

It’s not like you have a girlfriend, do you?

He said in attempt to flip the joke on Earnest.

Actually I do, but she is out of town at the moment.

Out of town for how long? Since I know you, you never mention any girl, I even think say you be homo.

Earnest stretched his hands out forward toward Ajubo with
palms wide open

Wakah! Your father homo

Ajubo laughed

Him don die... But seriously you have a girlfriend?

Yes, I do

(In doubt) what’s her name?

Her name is... Rose


Seriously I have a girlfriend but she is out of town on business

Ok na sugar mummy?

(Hisses) why I de even answer you sef? Ok so what are our plans?
Baron was on the phone on conference call with his men and giving instructions for security of their buildings

(...)I don’t know which of our boys have gone rogue but I want you guys to check your goons and find the ones responsible, if it’s anyone of you, God rest your soul when I find you out. In the main time I want you all to secure our facilities. My counterparts are threatening to take drastic measures against me
and so my buildings will be their target. Don’t let anyone destroy my facilities especially you Breaker, I have assigned you to the biggest facility, don’t let anyone pass you by, all of you keep your eyes open and stay sharp

Yes, boss!

Breaker dropped the call put on a helmet, restarted the bike and rode off.


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Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Sensitivity1254: 7:12pm On Jul 08, 2019
Friday don come and go but Update no come come again
Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 3:29pm On Jul 09, 2019
Friday don come and go but Update no come come again
The last post was made last Friday, another is coming up this Friday, thanks for reading.
Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 3:08pm On Jul 12, 2019
WATCHOVER Episode 11

Title: Thorns of Rose

Thunder storms, it was raining heavily in the middle of the night. At the exterior of the warehouse Ajubo drove into the vicinity on his assault bike, he dropped the wedge and got off the bike but he fell down to the mud, face flat, he was in so much pain he just turned and laid on his back. He held his sides as he struggled to get up through the pain. The glass face cover on his helmet was smashed, he had some scratches on his face as a result, he was bleeding. He took off the helmet and finally stood up straight, moaning from the pain, he walked to the door expressing so much agony with each step he took. He went in calling out to Earnest but there was no answer so he dialed Earnest on his phone watch. Earnest was at the town taking shade under a small roadside fast-food restaurant "Midnight Bukka" his phone rang, he picked the call.

Hello(...) What’s up?

(...)oboy where you dey? (...)

(...) I enter town to groove small, but the rain start to fall so I don hang here. You don come back? (...)

(...) Yes I don come back, abeg I need medical attention asap, one girl don break my ribs

(Laughed out loud) you go carry ashawo? (...)

(...) No, Na for Greenish warehouse, I jam one Henchwoman...

He was interrupted as the door suddenly swung open, he
turned around, there was a lady, she was also in pains holding her sides too, exhaling heavily

I found you, you bastard! our fight isn’t over, I’m going to kill you.

Breaker! you followed me?

Earnest heard the name Breaker over the phone

(...) Breaker!... Ajubo wait don’t...

The call dropped, he dialed back but he got a service response "your account is too low for this call, please load
a recharge card or...". He dropped the call and ran to his car, it was parked a bit far from where he was so he had to run all the way to the car. Meanwhile back at the warehouse

You shouldn’t have followed me here Breaker, now I have to kill you.

Not if I kill you first!

They charged at each other...

Earlier that day

Ajubo was lying on the sofa playing a losing game on the Xbox because he was on the phone with Oma so he was more focused on her voice than the game.

(...) So you and your dad now go out together?

(...) Yes!...

Oma was at the mansion in her room, she was sitting up on her bed resting on the headboard

...but I’m grounded until whenever he is ready to go where I want(...)

(...) Well that’s good, I mean he is the only one that can catch a grenade for you and Live to tell the tale(...)

(...) Yeah! (laughed out loud) (...)

(...) I can take a bullet for you but then, poof! six feet under(...)

(...) (still laughing) once in a lifetime opportunity(...)

Ajubo laughed so hard at her comment

(...)So you and your dad are cool now, right? (...)

(...) Yeah, he has told me some of his stories, but there are some he says he can’t tell me because they are horrible, but, I can live with that, he is my dad after all. I just don’t know how I didn’t realize this about him. (...)

(...) Well you schooled far from home almost all your life, you only came back for holidays, so it’s understandable you missed that(...)

(...)I guess you’re right. Question, why haven’t you visited
me in over a week? (...)

On Ajubo’s second TV screen there were news headlines about fire outbreaks and explosions in various warehouses and factories of prominent businessmen in the past week.

(...) I’ve been very busy but I promise I will come and see you within the week (...)

(...) Please do. I don’t have many friends around so I need someone to chill with since I can’t go out and the ones I have are afraid to come visit for fear of being shot(...)

Earnest came in and dropped the foodstuffs he was carrying on the table. Ajubo turned around, he saw him mocking him, he had his phone in his hands and pretended to be kissing it.

(...) I will call you back ok, I have got to go now(...)
He dropped the call while Earnest was still at it, Ajubo picked up his shoe and flung it at Earnest, he ducked, they laughed.

Something dey work you athink?

Lover boy! I bought some food o.

Bring am here, what did you buy?

He turned to face the game, Earnest came over and handed him the food, he sat down, picked up the second game controller.

You no dey shame computer de win you 5 nut for amateur.

I send?

Earnest took over the game and Ajubo started to eat his meal.

So why are you guys yet to attack Greenish?

Arrrh! (Hissed) Mr. Willis has asked us to hold on until he
Returns, he wants to have a word with Baron face to face before he takes action, as Baron is looking for his rogue men.

Good luck finding them. Which of them is their biggest facility I’m tired of waiting for you guys, I will strike there myself.

It’s the one at Rumuokoro. Do you want to attack today?

No, I think I will go and see Oma instead. I haven’t been there in a week and I need to rest, I have been striking other facilities throughout the week.


He continued with the game while Ajubo faced his food.

Green’s Grains and Seeds storage, Rumuokoro, was the cover for Baron’s illegal operations. They had bags of rice, beans, garri, flour and wheat etc. But in the inner room he had his
smuggling business- illegal firearms dealing cocaine and other hard drugs, he had illegal underground fighting dome where people come to bet and watch contenders get beaten and bones broken, some unlucky ones even die, that is two basement levels down. In another room some ladies were preparing themselves, dressing up and putting makeup for their night work, some guys were already having groping sessions with some of them.

On the storage space the man handling the forklift crashed
into some bags of rice because he was distracted by Breaker, she had walked in and took off her helmet swinging her long hair side to side and the operator was lifting some bags of grain to stack on top of others when she unzipped her jacket and took it off revealing her black tank top and her curves. He mistakenly stepped on the accelerator, so he crashed into the grain bags. She turned around to see him, other guys came to help him out.

I’m ok! I’m ok!

Weytin happen to you na?

(Concerned) is he alright?

She asked from where she was standing. The helpers turned around to see her then they realized the reason for the accident.

(All chorused) ooooooh!

(Whistled) everything is fine!

(Low voice) omogeh! See cocolet!

They started to help him pack while they kept their eyes on her. She took a seat and placed her feet on the table, she brought out her phone, connected her earphones and started to nod her head to some music while she played some games. Some henchmen came and joined her

Breaker, when did you get back

Last week o, but Baron won’t let me go home.

So you haven’t gone to see your boyfriend for smoochy smoochy?

I’ve tried reaching him but to no avail.

Don’t you think he is cheating on you?

He knows he’s a dead man if he does.

(Winked) you know I’m here for you! just in case.

Fidelis, go sleep.

She continued with her music and game.

Ajubo was alone playing games, but he wasn’t feeling it, he was bored, he sighed heavily, he threw the controllers on the sofa, he just roamed around the building eating things he found in the fridge, drinking sodas and beer, watching TV but he was still bored, so he picked up his phone and called Oma. She was in her room in front of the mirror, putting on makeup, Clara the cleanup lady was helping her, her phone rang

(...) Hello dear (...)

(...) Hi what’s up Oms(...)

(...) I’m cool(...)

(...) So I just thought maybe I should come and see you today instead so I will be on my way soon (...)

(...) Ohh! I’m going out with my dad. We are going to see my mum, she is being discharged today and dad wants to bring her home to recover (...)

(...) (Pumped his cheeks and puffed the air through his mouth) ok! Send her my regards. (...)

(...) Ok, I will...

Big boss came in and asked if she was ready she nodded

...bye I’ve got to go.

She hung up the call. Ajubo threw his phone on the sofa and rested his back, he looked at the clock it was 5:30pm, he dozed off and Earnest’s question came to his mind "you want to attack today?" He opened his eyes and the time was 5:45pm, he groaned.

At the Hospital, Big Boss and Oma were in Grace’s room and Grace had her right hand on Oma’s face

Uzoma are you ok?

Using her hand to turn Oma’s face left to right but Oma didn’t look happy.

Mum! Stop I’m fine.

I’m glad you are ok.

Why did you take the bullet for me?

Because I’m your mother and that is what mother’s do. I know you haven’t forgiven me for what I did but that doesn’t stop me from loving you and being there for you even if you hate me.

It’s not hate mum but I just can’t bring myself to forgive you.

I know, but allow me to be your mum, give me a chance to make

The doctor came in with Big Boss, she has been discharged, Big Boss took her home to the mansion.

Ajubo was now sleeping fully stretched out on the sofa, he opened his eyes and looked at the clock, it was 10:00pm. He got up and ran to the shower room, took a quick bath and put on his biker suit, he mounted his bike and rode out of the warehouse.

Greenish headquarters, Rumuokoro, it was past the hour of 10pm, Breaker wore her biker suit and mounted her bike.

I’ll be back soon; I want to ride the freeway for some minutes.

She told the rest of the henchmen, she put on her helmet and off she went. Few minutes later Fidelis saw someone in bike suit walk in running towards the direction of the washroom, he thought it was breaker, he looked around and saw no one else [Maybe I can just walk in on her in the washroom and act like it was a mistake, but I must see her naked today] he thought with a perverted smile on his face. He got up and walked towards the washroom. When he turned around towards some bags of stored grain he saw the biker but he quickly realized it wasn’t her and this person was holding a time bomb, it was Ajubo but he had his helmet on.

(Yelled out) INTRUDER!

Everybody became alert, they ran towards his location. They reached him but he was on the ground unconscious, they started looking around for the intruder. Ajubo was on top of the pile of stacked bags of grains. He moved back inward the pile to avoid been seen by the henchmen in front of him but behind him he heard "SEE AM THERE!" And gunshots followed. He started running and evading the shots that were being fired at him, rolling over on the bags, jumping from one pile to another, the henchmen were relentless in their shooting, ruining many bags of grains and seeds. As he ran to the last pile with the henchmen on the ground pursuing and shooting at him one of the henchmen ran ahead to block him in front. As Ajubo reached the edge of the of the last pile he suddenly swung from a low hanging bar towards the henchman’s gun, he fired a shot but it only grazed Ajubo before he kicked him to the floor, they both stood up swiftly, the henchman raised his gun to shoot but Ajubo jumped on him with knees to his chest before he could pull the trigger, causing him so much pain he was struggling to breathe. Ajubo brought out his gun and shot him, as the rest appeared. He hid himself. They fired hiding behind the bags until they all ran out of ammos, Ajubo didn’t give them a chance to reload, he ran over, shot about five of them before they could. Then more men came in but, Ajubo was out of bullets now, these guys had no guns just clubs and bare hands.
He threw the empty gun aside and took a stance as five of them surrounded him, he looked side to side waiting for them to make their move. The one directly in front of him moved in swinging wide, aiming for Ajubo’s head but Ajubo moved back a little letting it pass really close almost grazing the glass of his helmet. He grabbed the guy’s hand and punched him on the face with his left hand, took the club from him, and hit him with it. He turned to face the others as they started to attack. They swung from up and side but he shielded with the club countered with hard kicks to the chests of two of them, hitting them with the club immediately, the other guys who had no weapons also attacked him, he tried to hit one but the other one punched him hard on the abdomen, he staggered back feeling the pain, he dropped the club, he swung a kick at them, they tried to shield themselves but he quickly swung the leg backwards hitting one of them square on the face. He quickly rushed at the last man, throwing punches at him, he tried to shield himself but got a hit on the side of his face and a few more. He picked up the club again and hit the other guys who were still trying to get up. They were all down on the ground in pain. Then he heard the sound of a bike speed in, as he turned around Breaker raised the front tires of the bike and jumped off, the bike came straight towards him, but, he turned sideways, the bike missed him, and crashed into a pile of grain bags.


one of the henchmen called out in agony, with hopes she can handle the situation. She charged at him immediately throwing punches, he couldn’t evade anyone of them because she was fast, he took all the punches to his ribs before he moved back away from her, she came in with a flying kick to his chest which slammed him into a pile, he held his chest and gasped for air. She cracked her neck and took a boxing stance, he shook his head to clear his eyes then she charged again. This time he evaded and blocked her punches throwing his, getting her back on her ribs and when he punched her on the chest, that was when he realized it was a lady

A lady?

She took a quick step back and gave him a round house kick
on the face, that shattered the glass face cover of his helmet and some pieces pierced his face. He fell face flat on the ground, she stood watching him get up slowly supporting himself up with his hand. He turned his back on her and took off his helmet to shake the broken pieces of glass left on it. She attacked him as he backed her but he threw his helmet at her face and she moved back having cracked the face of her own helmet. Ajubo quickly picked up his helmet and put it back on and they charged at each other blocking and dodging each other’s attack but she couldn’t keep up, when he landed four consecutive punches on the face of the helmet extending the cracks on the glass. Because she couldn’t see properly through the glass she grabbed a half bag of rice and swung as Ajubo was coming in for a boot to her throat, he got hit with the bag of rice to his side, he dropped to the floor and rolled over in pain. She moved steps backward and took off her helmet and saw him rolling on the floor and she ran towards him. He got up quickly and gave her a very hard kick out on her abdomen, she fell to her knees holding her abdomen tight because the pain was too much. They were both trying to recover from the pain they were in at that moment they heard the sound of cars and bikes arrive, Ajubo ran out of there wincing from the pain with every step he took. He ran to his bike and rode off but Breaker was stretching herself to stand up straight through the pain on her abdomen when Baron and the rest of the gang gang came in

Are you alright, where are they?

She finally stood up straight

Oh he’s not getting away from me, I’m gonna kill him.

She went outside and mounted one of the bikes that the others came with and rode off, Baron ordered them to follow her. They got to a T-junction, she stopped and looked both ways to decide on which way he might have gone. It had begun to rain, and it was getting heavier, with lightning flashing and thunder rolling. She signaled them to go left, they all moved driving past her, as she wanted to follow behind them she heard the faint sound of a bike coming from the opposite direction, she followed until he was in her sight, she followed but he was distance away, she sped up to close the gap, but followed behind him until he reached the community. She saw him go off road out of the community into the vegetation, she still followed him determined to find his hideout, until she came to the abandoned warehouse, she saw the bike parked out, she got off her bike and felt the sharp pain on her abdomen and ribs. She pressed on them as she walked to the door and opened it forcefully.


I found you, you bastard! Our fight isn’t over, I’m gonna kill you!

They charged towards each other coming in with a punch.

Earnest started his car and drove off hastily.
Breaker and Ajubo’s face were now covered with bruises,
blood running from their noses and lips from the hits they’ve taken from each other, Breaker had a black eye. They were going at it when she picked up a bench and whacked him, he tried to dodge but she still got him


He held his side and moved back in so much more pain.

Earnest was close to the warehouse but his car got stuck in the wet mud, he accelerated more to try and get out but the tires just sank in more, so he came out and checked it

Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!

he ran towards the warehouse leaving the car behind. Breaker raised the bench over her head to hit Ajubo but he moved quickly toward her and grabbed her hand and put it over her head behind her back, he kicked out on the back of her knee and she knelt down, he kicked out hard on her hip before he hit her on the side of her neck that caused her to pass out, he let her go, he fell to the floor from fatigue. He grabbed a gun taped under a table close to him, but he kept hesitating, holding himself back as he looked upon her face.

I could just dump you by the side of the road, but you’ve seen my hideout.

He pointed the gun to shoot, but he paused for a Moment, when he finally got the guts to do it he shut his eyes tight, inhaling deeply, Earnest rushed in screaming.

Ajubo STOP! Please Don’t hurt her!

Why not?

That’s Rose! She is my girlfriend!

Ajubo was stunned.


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This is cheating. And it's not good for democracy. You used to drop more than one episode at a time but now.....
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Thorns of Rose was the first series I have watched on my phone using the aos tv app. Now you can also download and install aos tv apk on your android phone from it's official website.
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This is cheating. And it's not good for democracy. You used to drop more than one episode at a time but now.....
We started posting on Facebook some months before we put it here, so I posted the those episodes here until we were up to date here.
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Ajubo was taken aback by the information, letting out a sharp
breath from his mouth, he fell beside her and laid there, exhaling deeply looking upward at the roof, he finally succumbed to the pains and the fatigue as his vision got blurred, and he passed out.
He woke up later and found himself on a table, he looked to
his right side and saw Earnest stroking Breaker’s hair so
gently while he bandaged her arm, she had a bandage around her hip for her ribs. Earnest finished and looked over to Ajubo, he came over to him with the bandage and started applying ointment to Ajubo’s wounds without word for a while. Ajubo just looked at him and looked at her then he decided to break the silence;

So you really have a girlfriend? And this beautiful danger is her?

Yes, her name is Rose. We’ve been dating for 3 years now but because of the gang thing, we keep it secret.

Why didn’t you tell me about her?

Our relationship is a secret, I thought I just said that?

And I almost killed your secret, you prefer that to giving me a heads up that your girlfriend is Bruce Leah?

Sorry! I lost contact with her when I lost my phone and she is not on social media, so I didn’t know she was back in town.

Hope you can handle this situation so she doesn’t blab about this to her boss or anyone?

Yes, I can, I’m doing all this for her (he looked over to her)

She regained consciousness, she moved her head, but her eyes were still closed, Earnest ran over to her side and held her hand;


He called her, she sat up all of a sudden and screamed "No!"
like she was having a bad dream, head-butting Earnest on his nose in the process. She fell back on the table because of the sharp pains on her side, she felt the bandages. She looked around wondering where she was and why?

What’s going on, where am I, who put this on me?

Earnest raised up his right hand as he laid on the ground,
holding his bleeding nose;

That was me honey.

He said, standing up from the floor.

(Surprised)Earnest! What are you doing here, where is this place?

It’s a hideout, you came here last night and had a fight to the death with him.

He pointed to Ajubo. She turned and saw him;


She said guarding herself;

Yes, me, what?

Honey! honey! it’s okay, it’s okay (he held her shoulders trying to keep her calm) He’s a friend, he’s a friend.

WHAT? What are you doing with this guy? He tried to kill me.

She said looking at Ajubo

But he didn’t, thank God! Listen... (He grabbed her face and turned it to himself) Remember I promised you we will leave the gang and be free of them? Well he is the solution I found.

Oh yeah! What will he do? Charge into a warehouse full of henchmen alone?

Wel... Err! He does more than that. He is the one that has caused all the trouble with Baron and the others.

Wait o! So you let him cause trouble for Greenish without giving me a heads up?

She slapped him hard on the back of his head, Ajubo chuckled, she turned to him.

And you, our fight isn’t over.

Anytime babe, I go drill craze commot for your head.

Ya, about that, she won’t stop coming at you until she’s beaten you.

Then better have bandages ready for her every time.

You have mouth to cap nonsense abi?

She tried to get up and go after him. Earnest tried to get a hold of her but failed, but as her second leg touched the ground she fell down.

I can’t move my left leg


And Ajubo burst into laughter

Why can’t I move my leg?

Ajubo, why are you laughing?

I’m surprised it actually worked

(Sounding worried) what did you do?

Help me up! (she cried)

Relax, I just dislocated her hip joint


I said I...

We heard you. How the hell did you do that?

Help me!

What do I do?

Take her to a hospital because I can’t help with the pains I’m in.

Earnest helped her up and she wedged herself on his shoulder and limped on her right leg to the car.

The gates to the jail compound opened and Aaron came through. Papa kuru was leaning on the hood of the car, with arms folded across his chest, waiting as Aaron walked toward him.

Welcome to the free world!

Thank you Kuru boi! Let’s cause some chaos.

He said with a mischievous grin on his face. They got in the car and drove off.

At Big Boss’ mansion they were preparing a room for Grace, she had been released from the hospital and brought to the mansion for recovery. Big Boss and Marcus stood outside the room while Clara dressed the place with Oma and Grace sitting aside for her to finish.

I still don’t like the idea of Grace staying here rather than with me.

What are you afraid of?

The danger around you these days is what I’m worried about and even for my niece.

Still they are safer here with me.

Because you are bullet proof you think they are safe with you? it’s more dangerous for them because they are going to be the enemy’s Target to get you. You are bullet proof, they’re not.

I will protect Grace with my life you don’t have to worry.

(Angry) Bullsh*t, all of a sudden I’m supposed to believe you care about Grace, in fact I’m taking her with me.

You are taking her nowhere! You do realize legally I’m still her husband right? And her wish is to be here near her daughter. I can have you thrown out and banned from coming close to her, so don’t push me.

Marcus had to calm down realizing he has no say in the matter. When he looked at Grace through the door, he saw how happy she was to be there with her daughter.

You can stay here with us if you are so worried.

No I won’t, I will check in on her from time to time. But let me warn you, if anything happens to her while she is under your care, your otumokpo won’t save you from my wrath.

(Grinned) excuse me!

He walked away leaving Marcus in the room alone. He went upstairs to his study and grabbed a Cuban as he sat and lit it up, he brought out his phone and dialed a number

Finally, your phone rings, what the hell Kuru I’ve been trying to reach you for weeks (...) Ow, ok! (...) Well I got some vague information about the Mastermind behind the attacks on me, I want you to find out who they call The Don.

Back in Grace’s room Marcus helped her to the bed but she noticed his unhappiness

I know you don’t like this arrangement.

Off course not, it’s his fault you are in this condition, he never takes advise, you guys shouldn’t be here you should be far from him.

That’s true but I want to be close to my daughter and start making amends, and you know she will never go with me.

I know but considering the danger you guys should come to a compromise.

I’m here so that my daughter can be safe!


Because I know you will keep watch on this place 24/7 now that I’m here.

He just hissed and smiled and shook his head.

At the Hospital Rose joint had been fixed she could now move her leg, she was in one of the wards sitting up on the bed, Earnest sat beside her telling her about Ajubo.

All this for a girl that doesn’t love him that way?

He is obsessed and pissed but his few display has proven to me that he is capable, but you’ve fought with him, what do you think?

Hmm! He is resilient, I will give him that, but he needs more than that to take on seven gangs, he needs an army because this is just stupid and I don’t like you being involved, you will get in trouble.

So you don’t think he is ready for someone like... Kobolo?

Rose shuddered when he mentioned the name. Ajubo walked in supporting himself with a walking stick

Who is Kobolo?

You should be resting, what are you doing here?

I have a dire information for Rose but you left your phone, so I decided to meet you here.

What is it?

Ya! You have to go and disarm a bomb that is set to explode... (looked at his watch)...3 hours from now!


Yes, a time bomb, I was setting it to detonate by 12 midnight last night but I got distracted, so you go and be a hero and disarm it. Just cut the blue wire.

Why didn’t you call, do you know how much time you’ve wasted?

She asked, jumping down from the bed. Ajubo brought out Earnest’s phone from his pocket and showed her, Earnest took the phone and Rose landed a slap at the back of his head

Na why you dey forget your phone every time, na so you de use loss am too.

Leave am, na jonzing man.

Rose ran out of the hospital not minding the doctors call. Ajubo turned to Earnest

Your girlfriend na bully o! By the way, who is Kobolo and why did she look so scared when you called his name

He is someone I wouldn’t like you to meet just yet.

Why is she afraid of him, just even the mention of his name?

Because he knocked her out with one punch, the first time they clashed and the subsequent times she went after him was the same result.

Taaa! Come on shut up there which kind lie be that one?

I serious o, that guy go knack you hands down.

Maybe na your girlfriend him fit do that one na, me as I dey like this if you like make your chest cover your face you no fit use one punch take me out. One punch, I be small pikin?

He looked out the window, Rose had just exited the building and was waving Taxis by the road but none was stopping. She turned around and saw Ajubo’s bike, she looked up at the building to the window of the room they were in, she mounted the bike and started it.

In the ward Ajubo turned to Earnest

You sure say your girlfriend na better person, she de take my bike but I lock the tire o, see the key for my hand o!

He said showing the key to Earnest. Outside, she had used her hair pin to pick the lock. She got on the bike, grabbed the helmet and drove off.
The window of the car parked beside the bike rolled down, it was Magnus, the truck driver from Infinito gang, he poked his head out the window and watched her ride away.

At Don’s place Aaron was on the dining table eating good food for the first time in years, Don and Papa kuru sat down at the table and watched as he devoured the meal to the bones of the meat. Soon they were at the sitting room discussing about Big Boss, Aaron Had a bucket of chicken and a mouthful

You guys are cowards


You are trying to kill a guy but you are afraid to show yourself. Me, I will look him in the eyes.

It’s not like...

He was interrupted by Aaron

I understand your cowardice; I mean he is Big Boss after all. Ruthless and fears nobody, but now it’s time to strike fear in his heart. Kuru, go to Big Boss and tell him that the one-eyed-Sunday is The Don.


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Impressive, can't wait till next Friday!
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Nice. Following
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good work bro coolgood work bro
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Impressive, can't wait till next Friday!
Thank you for commenting, we won't disappoint.
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Thanks for commenting
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good work bro coolgood work bro
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At the same hospital where Ajubo and Earnest were. In another ward the truck driver, Magnus was telling Kobolo about who he just saw.

I recognise the bike, but I know say bikes dey resemble, as I no see the license plate that night, but the helmet come be the same and she be Greenish; abi na coincidence.

No it has to be her, she is very capable of this.

But na man I see that day.

I don’t care, he was her associate.

He walked over to the bed where Ayebaemi lay, still unconscious.

I think she has forgotten that when you mess with infinito, Kobolo responds, I will remind her and I won’t take it lightly with Greenish

At Greenish headquarters. Baron was yelling at his guys for letting Rose go off alone, it had been hours and they couldn’t find her. He dialled her number but got a service reply.

(taking a deep breath) If she doesn’t return before the day ends I am going to kill you guys
He put his phone in his pocket and walked to his office. The henchmen began to panic.

1st henchman
Oboy I dey go my village now, now, now. If una get sense una go find una levels too

2nd Henchman
Which kind wahala be this na? Where person wan start to find her? She just go her own way, now see the kind trouble wey…

The sound of a bike entering the warehouse interrupted him. It was Breaker riding in, all the henchmen cheered and encircled her, she took off her helmet and headed for where they fought. The henchmen followed.

1st henchman
Manchester! Manchester! Na wahala you almost cause for us here o.

She walked past him, ignoring his comment, she moved to where they had their brawl the night before,

(muttering to herself) Sh*t! he didn’t tell me where he hid it.
She went to the place where they had first fought, then decided to check in between the grain stacks, she was checking the stacks when Baron came through the crowd to meet her

Breaker are you alright? Where have you been? You had me worried

Sir I’m okay

She continued searching

What are you looking for…?

Before he could finish the question, she brought out the bomb. There were gasps and shouts when they saw the bomb, they moved far away from it.

A bomb!?

Yes a time bomb, and it is set to blow by 12 noon, which is just a few minutes away

Shit! We need to get that thing as far away from here as possible.

So na wetin im been dey set when I come see am?

He was some distance away from the Rose

Fidelis give me your knife?

What are you trying to do?

I can disarm the bomb.


Are you sure?

I hope so …

She thought of Ajubo, should he be trusted? But Earnest vouched for him

Do not risk our lives on a hunch, we should call an expert or get it very far away from here.

We don’t have much time, I can do it, just give me something to cut the wire with.

Fidelis give her your knife

Fidelis threw his pocket knife at her, it failed to reach her, so Baron picked it up and gave it to her hastily. She opened the circuit to cut the blue wire, Baron stepped backwards continuously.

Careful! Careful!

She cut the blue wire, the timer stopped, she exhaled, she turned around to see Baron was the only person still close to where she was.

He walked to his office, she followed behind him. In his office he sat down,

That was very reckless, Don’t ever do that again.

He exhaled deeply

Yes sir!

Where did you learn to disarm a bomb?

You’ll be shocked at what I have to go through with some of your dumb clients.

Thank you! You really saved us. So what happened last night? You really had me worried when you didn’t come back with the rest of them.

Rose thought about what Earnest said
[Earnest: we are trying to put them up against each other so they can cancel each other out.
Rose: so that’s your plan.
Earnest: one man can’t take them out alone so make them destroy themselves]

I’m asking what happened?

(snapped out of her thoughts) sorry sir, well there was several of them, I caught up to the guy but seven others came to his rescue. They beat me up really bad…

She raised he shirt to show him the bandage round her abdomen

But I managed to push and punch my way out of there, infact I just rushed down here from a hospital, when I remembered, I overheard them talking about a bomb, that our attacker unsuccessfully planted.

Seriously?! Do you get any idea who they were?

They were cappa, they told me I can’t mess with cappa and go free.

Willis! (he banged the table) I told that idiot to give me time to find my rogue ones but he ordered an attack? Oki is on my neck about my boys attacking his truck and taking his shipments now I have to deal with this. Who are these boys?

He got up and walked to the window

Willis went too far, we had an agreement but he does this, I won’t take it lightly with him and when I get my hands on these boy causing me all these troubles they’ll wish they’d never been born.

He walked back and made to sit down

You go take care of yourself ok? Rest.

He sat down

Yes sir, thank you!

She got up to leave

Be vigilant ok?

I will sir.

She left the office

Earnest was running around trying to keep everything in order, dusting the chairs and table, cleaning the entire place, Ajubo was in front of the mirror trying to button his shirt, but he just stood there nonplussed, holding the top button of his shirt as he watched Earnest move to and fro trying to organize the place. Earnest finally whipped a last speck of dust from leather sofa

There! All better

What clean demon has possessed you? You are cleaning because Rose is coming?

What? No, I just thought this place needed a little sanitation, so I took it upon myself.

And the scented candle on the table are air fresheners?

Atink you wan commot, you no de go again?

There was a bang on the door, Earnest went to open it. Ajubo jumped over a table and sat down pretending to read a book with one hand under the table. Earnest opened the door, Rose came in.

Hey look, it’s the girlfriend. Have you given me up yet?

No! you thought I was… I wouldn’t do that; Earnest spoke for you so…

Exactly why I let you go. Earnest!

Earnest smiled

I’m glad you two are getting along

Ok, then I guess I don’t need this.

He brought his hand from under the table and dropped an Automatic rifle he was holding under
What the hell man? I told you she was cool bro!

Be prepared bro, always be prepared. You should see the gun I carried the first three weeks you joined me.


Whatever, Ajubo, I need to talk to you?

Right now? Because I wanted to go out before you came in

No, not right now. Right now I want to be with my man!
Earnest smirked and winked at Ajubo from behind Rose

Ew! Ok, then maybe three of us can go out later and talk.

Ok! cool, cool! We’ll talk later…

He held Rose’s hand and dragged her to follow him.

… you are leaving right now right? Bye bye.

Rose followed him behind to the sitting room. Ajubo held his ribs expressed the pain he was feeling

Oh god! I shouldn’t have jumped over the table.

He grabbed his walking stick and stood up to leave. Earnest and Rose watched him walk past and as he closed the door behind him they jumped right to kissing. Earnest grabbed he waist and she screamed for the pain on her abdomen
Ahh! Take it easy

Ajubo yelled from the front door

Guys you better take your nasty selves off my sofa. Go to your room!

Taaaah! Common commot there.

Kobolo was with his boss, Oki, in his office at one of their warehouse

Boss, I’m going after greenish. I just want to give you a heads up so you will be aware, I will like your permission to do what I want but even without it I’m going to do it anyway, I’m just according you the respect because they’ll come to you with their queries.

Kobolo, you have my permission and full support. I am not in the mood for a peaceful resolution with Baron. Do what you must.

Thank you boss. I am going to kill her first.

Ajubo visited the mansion to see Oma, the new gateman was following a lot of protocols and pissing Ajubo off.

Come, e never tay when I resign from this job when you de do now o since when na gateman start the jamb question for this compound, where the guards them?

It is my duty to secure this gate. The person when you say you de look for na wetin she look like?

Which kind question be that?

Describe am make I know say you know where you dey?

If I slap you eh… thunder fire you there!

Clara came out and saw all the commotion, she came to sought it out.

Ajuju how far na?

Who be this idiot

Because I de do gateman work I be nobody, naim make you call me idiot.

See this guy o

No mind am, him just de over work to make impression.

She asked the gateman to let Ajubo pass, he followed Clara behind and turned to the gateman;

See, you no go last for this job o. idiot!

He and clara walked into the house and he noticed all the guards were new. He found Oma in the sitting room watching TV.

Hey Oma, how have you been?

She looked back to see him
Hey Juboy

She turned her wheels to face him

Ok! Where did juboy come from?

It’s a nickname

Well I don’t like it!

Okay! I’ve missed you, why did you take this long to come visit?

She looked at him and noticed he was leaning on a walking stick and looking roughed up on the face

What happened to you, are you ok?

Oh its nothing, don’t worry about this just a little work accident

Are you sure

Come on let’s watch the movie, What movie is this?

In the study Big Boss was on the phone with Michael
Big Boss
(…) are you sure this time (…) you’ve been saying you will (…) if it’s possible, I need you as soon as last month. (…) ok, I will tell your niece (…) ya please make it snappy (…) greet them for me, bye.
He dropped the call and left the study. He went to the sitting room
Big Boss
Hey angel…
He found Ajubo with her, Ajubo greeted him

Big Boss
Ajubo when did you get here

About a movie ago

Big Boss
Well angel guess who is coming back from the UK next week Friday?

UK, UK, uh! Uncle Michael!

Big Boss
And he said to tell you he has lots of goodies for you

She was very excited

I can’t wait to see him, it’s been too long.

Big Boss
Anyway, how is your mum

She is fine

Big Boss
Let me check on her

He left them alone

Who is uncle Michael?

He is my Dad’s younger brother and my favourite uncle

Someone I know?

No he hasn’t been to Nigeria in like Seven years. My phone is upstairs I would have showed you his picture.

Don’t worry about that, I can see the picture anytime. Besides, I will see him when he comes.

At High Five Restaurant people sat in the open courtyard and ate their food. Ajubo came to meet with Rose who was there reading the menu. He went over to meet her.

Sorry I’m late

What kind of a guy are you? I said I wanted to talk to you and it too you two days to give me audience.

The two days was for you benefit, you and Earnest had a lot of catching up to do, I just hope you didn’t do it on my couch.

She looked at him funny.

Alright we are here now, what did you want to talk to me about?

(took a moment) it’s this mission you are on; I believe it’s suicide and I don’t want my Earnest to be caught in the middle.

(took a deep breath) I don’t know if he told you, I almost killed him. But he being a wimp was what saved him
(giggled) I know right; he is very wimpy!

Guys I’m sitting right here…

He was sitting at the table with them, he had been reading a menu, he kept it down and looked at them, moving his head from side to side as he was sitting between them.

I can hear you
Sorry bro, I'm just being honest

Honey please go and wait in the car this is a public place we can’t risk being seen together.

(grumpy) ok, just get my order for me.

He showed her what he wanted on the menu, then walked to the car.

Jeez! Calling me a wimp so casually in my face.

He walked away and Ajubo resumed their conversation

Look, you don’t have to worry, if things go sour I will take the fall alone, neither you nor him will have any trouble, I promise.

I don’t know you, so what value is your word to me?

You don’t know me, but he does…

He looks at the direction of Earnest in the car and she also did

Talk to him and he’ll tell you about me, my word is my bond.

They turned their faces away. Earnest saw them looking at him from their seats, he wondered what they were discussing, someone came and stood in front of the car head down looking at his phone, his face cap hid his face, he raised his head and walked past the car, headed for the court yard. Earnest was struck with fear, he slid down on the seat to hide himself. He put his hand in his pocket to grab his phone and realized;

Oh ow!

He’d left his phone on the table at the restaurant

You know I have a new found respect for him. See, I thought he was doing this to get out for himself because he was afraid, but then I find out he is doing this so he can hold your hands on the street without getting in trouble. I wonder where he gets his inspiration.

Are you…are you foolish? He sees you trying to take out seven gangs because of an obsession over a girl that might not even love you and you wonder what inspires him?
Ajubo just bubbled his head. A man walked up to them and stood beside their table;

Hello Rose!

She turned quickly to look at him, she tensed up looking disconcerted, Ajubo noticed it

This must be…

(faltering) Kobolo!


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Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 10:17pm On Aug 02, 2019

Hi-five Restaurant. Ajubo looked at the guy standing before them, this was the Kobolo he has heard about. He studied him. He was tall and thin, a little over 6 foot, he wore a black face cap, and all black attire, he wore a gold chain on his neck and had a ring on the middle finger, he had a visible tattoo on his neck partly cover by his shirt. He didn’t look menacing, if this was the person Rose was afraid of, he wasn’t impressed

(Faltering) Kobolo! What are you doing here?

You called me out

What are you talking about?

You going to pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about?

He got pissed and kicked their table, it fell over, Rose jumped up from her seat and started walking backward with trembling. Ajubo just watched and noticed, surprised at Rose’s reaction to the situation, everyone was else just watched the commotion as Kobolo walked towards her, she took steps back pushing chairs in front of her to keep him away.

I really don’t know what you are talking about.

(more pissed) my cousin is in the hospital because of you…

She dragged a table in front of her but with her next step her back was against a pillar.
Kobolo pushed the table and wedged her against the pillar. He grabbed her by the throat, she struggled to get his hands off.

(choking) stop, I don’t know what you are talking about.

She hit his hand but he didn’t let go, some of the other customers started to run out of the place.

AYEBAEMI! Now, I’m going to kill you and I will go for your boss next.

Ayebaemi… oh!

He stood up to intervene.
Kobolo clenched his fist and was going to punch her on the face, but Ajubo hit his wrist to the table, the table broke.


Kobolo turned to him

Who the hell are you?

He let go of Rose’s neck and faced Ajubo, Rose pushed the table away and fell on one knee, coughing, trying to catch her breath.

It was rude of you to interrupt my time with her.

Kobolo threw a left hook, but Ajubo docked, he missed and Ajubo threw his own left hook, it connected with Kobolo’s jaw. Kobolo held his Jaw and spat on the floor, he turned to Ajubo and attacked him with fury. Rose was a little bit relieved of the pain in her throat and had stopped coughing.

Avoid his right hand!

She warned Ajubo. Ajubo was evading the plethora of punches that Kobolo was throwing at him and with everyone he dodged he landed a punch on Kobolo. Kobolo tried to grab his neck he missed slightly grabbing his shirt instead, he pulled him by the shirt and slammed him on the table, the table fell apart, the pain was severe. Kobolo tried to grab him again, but Ajubo kicked out on his face, Kobolo held his face while Ajubo quickly got up to his feet and attacked him while he was still holding his face. Ajubo came with a punch, but Kobolo shielded himself with his left arm and countered with his right on his abdomen. Ajubo held his belly, the pain was excruciating blood spilled out of his mouth. Kobolo threw another Right hook for his head, Ajubo blocked the punch but his own arm hit his head, he passed out from the force of the blow. Ajubo was down so he turned to Rose.

Back to you b*tch, now, where were we?

Kobolo walked slowly towards her, she moves backward crawling on her ass with so much unhidden terror. Kobolo stretched hands to grab her from the floor, he heard a whistle call behind him, he didn’t even get a chance to turn his head back completely before Earnest whacked him with a chair and he fell face flat to the ground.

Rose! Rose! Get up we got to get out of here now.

She stood up and ran to help Earnest carry Ajubo. The manager came out

Who is going to pay for damages?

That guy!

Pointing to Kobolo

I called the police.

Police sirens were heard from a distance. One of the restaurant security guard came and helped Kobolo up.

Boss! We need to commot for here now now now! Ekelebe de come.

Kobolo got up to his feet and they both got out of there.
Earnest drove past the police on the way, Rose was sitting in front with him they laid Ajubo at the back seat.

At the hospital, Ajubo was still out and on drip, Earnest and Rose sat on the sofa watching him.
Rose covered her face with her hands and then she ran it through her hair, worried.

Why? Why? Why is Kobolo after me? What is all this about attacking his boys and stealing their shipment?

It’s my fault, I’m sorry!

How? What are you talking about?

Infinito was the first gang we attacked, but it totally skipped my mind that Kobolo was infinito, I didn’t want Ajubo to meet Kobolo just yet.

You didn’t tell me this part the first time, why?

It skipped my mind!

(glanced at him reprovingly) it skipped your mind?

She glared at him and then she punched him on the face.

Damn you two! When he gets up from that bed I’m going to kill him personally.

She stormed out of the room while Earnest tried to hold her back and apologize, she pushed him away and left.

Rose drove angry all the way to her place. She sighted Kobolo and his goons from afar, they were at her door, kicking on it, trying to break into the house. Kobolo stood there, arms behind his back, he looked around, when he looked at her direction she quickly hid herself, ran back to the car and drove off.
She drove straight to the warehouse, she sat in the car, venting her anger on the steering. Shit hit it until she got tired and was breathing heavily, then she rested her head on it. Moments later, she was startled by Earnest who knocked on the car window. She rolled down the glass.

Let’s go inside

She came out of the car and locked it, she walked with Earnest into the building.

Can we talk about it, please?

She didn’t respond to him, she left him and went into his room

(awkwardly) I guess I should sleep on the couch.

He went and lay on the sofa while she went into the room and lay on the bed. She became lost in thought with memories of time past.

[ HYPE MAN: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Breaker, the Manchester, ROSE! She is the queen of the dome.
Cheers followed loudly
HYPE MAN: She has broken limbs, she has dislocated joints, she is undefeated, she has broken all her contenders!
The cheers went “Breaker! Breaker! Breaker…”]

Tears rolled across her face as she curled herself up on the bed still lost in thought

[Hype man: This is a complete embarrassment! Breaker is out taken down with one punch. Damn! Everybody had their money on her and this weak looking new comer just ended her streak.]

The next morning Earnest woke up to the sound of punches, he got up from the chair to find the source of the sound. It was coming from the gym; Rose was boxing the punching bag angrily. Earnest quietly took steps backward out of the gym.

At the Hospital, Ajubo was awake, Earnest was beside him reading a newspaper. Earnest looked at him.

You are finally awake!

Ajubo looked up at the ceiling

Bag of rice…


and a bench…

Dude are you okay?

That was what your girlfriend hit me with

Oh no! dude I think you’ve got amnesia! It wasn’t that fight that brought you here, it was this guy named Kobo…

Will you let me speak?

Ajubo interrupted him

I’m trying to say I got back from those, but that punch to my abdomen was stronger than the two combined.

I feel like laughing at you right now because I told you but you said it can never happen.

That punch no natural.

That’s what strong and egotistic people say when they get beat. Rose said that the first time to until she accepted that he was stronger.

Where is Rose? Is she okay?

She is fine but really angry, I had to sneak out of the house because she was taking it out on the punching bag and I didn’t want to be it.

Ajubo got up on his feet, he pulled out the needle from his wrist and picked his clothes from the chair.

Make we de go

You sure say your brain don straight?

Make we de go sharp sharp!

He finished wearing his clothes and was about to open the door when the doctor came in.

What is going on here?

Doctor I want to go home

But you haven’t been discharged yet.

Well as you can see, I’m okay, you are the best doctor in the world, there is no need for me to stay here any longer.

Earnest, pay the good doctor, I feel like a very healthy horse.

He left the room quickly, Earnest put a bundle of cash in the doctor’s hands and followed after Ajubo. They got into an elevator.

Just a heads up, she wants to kill you

The doctor was still standing in the room, confused.

At Don’s place, Aaron was stuffing himself with meat and watching TV, Don had grown impatient and was complaining about Aaron being so relaxed, he doubted he had any means to kill Big Boss but Aaron paid no attention.


It’s Don to you, free loader

Really? Donald, look, get out of my face before something bad befalls you.

Don left the room and picked up his phone to call Papa Kuru. He dialed the number and heard the ringtone at the door, He opened the door and Kuru came in.

Hey Don!

What are you doing here?

Aaron called me to come

Oh! I was just calling you to come and get him out of my house, that one-eye-boze you brought is a liability.

Listen! He knows Big Boss better, so give him a break, let him work at his own pace.

He walked into the living room

Oh good! Kuru you are here.

Yes, why did you send for me?

Why haven’t you delivered my message to Big Boss. I’m done resting so you can tell him that I’m back and I’m the Don.

Just that?

No, that is just to strike fear in his heart.

You said something about a weapon, what about the weapon, that was why we brought you out.

Fredric has the weapon


So you’ll have to steal it

What is this weapon, where can I find it, How can I get it?

It’s a fine knife he keeps in plain sight as a decoration, maybe his living room, his study or even his bedroom. He just keeps it as a decoration always, so that people will pay no mind that it’s a weakness.

I have seen a knife like that in his study, hung on the wall.

Then that’s the one

Papa Kuru and Don looked at each other, amazed.
Re: WATCHOVER: Season 1 by Wane2(m): 10:18pm On Aug 02, 2019
At the warehouse, rose was still venting her anger on the punching bag, if only it could scream, she would be satisfied. Ajubo walked into the gym room


She turned around and saw him, she took off her boxing gloves

Just the person I wanted to see.

She moved towards him aggressively

Calm down Rose, let’s talk!

You don die for my hand today! I’m not in the mood for a talk, let’s fight!

She charged at him with a left hook, but he was in no mood to fight so he backed away to avoid it, He was still trying to calm her down

Rose please let’s not do this

But she was not ready for a peaceful resolution. She punched Ajubo as his back was against the wall, he staggered away from the wall and wedged himself with his left hand so he wouldn’t fall. She stood behind him.

Rose! Rose! Listen I’m…

He stood up straight and faced her

Trying to…

She jumped and kicked his chest, he fell flat on his back, he laid there for a moment looking at the roof, He sighed.

No talking, Fight!

(angered)Much obliged b*tch

He got up with a rising hand spring, he took his shirt off, he was wearing a V-neck vest, they walked in circle, gazing at each other.

I don’t hit girls, I respect women a lot, but you I consider a bro because you can do what you do and you can take what’s coming.
With that last statement, he charged at her, he was so quick, she didn’t have time to counter or avoid his attack. She squealed as he hammered a heavy blow on her belly.
Earnest Cried out from the door

Guy no kill my babe o

Stay out of this

Earnest took quick steps back into the shadows and continued to watch. She charged at Ajubo and the fight continued. They were both expertly blocking and avoiding each other’s attacks, whenever one of them landed a hit the other returned like they were evenly matched. They were at it for minutes. Rose moved back a leg length and gave Ajubo a jumping round house kick. It landed on the side of this neck, he fell on the floor but quickly brushed her off the ground and they both lay there. They got up slowly trying to ease the pain they were feeling.

So you still have your skills, then why did you just stand there when that bone came for you?

You’ve witnessed how strong he is, what do you think?

Yes, I have, but that doesn’t mean I fear him nor am I going to lose my composure if I meet him again. But you, you just froze like a helpless little girl.

The look on Earnest’s face at the last phrase.

(inaudibly) oh dude! You shouldn’t have said that.

Ajubo saw the look on her face, she was fuming, she attacked him like someone processed. She jumped on him with her knees to his chest, he fell back with he on top of him, she pummeled his face, he pushed her off and tried to get up with the rising hand spring but his face met with her foot and he fell back. Rose tried to jump on him but he rolled away and got up immediately. She charged at him and threw a right hook he caught her wrist she immediately threw a left he caught that too, now he was holding both her hands, she struggled to get them out of his grip but found it difficult so she head-butts him on his face, he let go to hold his nose, she went low and swept him off the floor, he fell and hit his head hard. She jumped up and came with an elbow to his chest. He rolled on the floor trying to relieve his pain. Rose got up, she raised up he led and swung it down on his chest while he was still on the ground, he caught her leg and pulled her other leg off the ground, she fell and he quickly got up, he rushed towards her and caught her in a choke hold, she struggled trying to grab his head. He knelt down while still holding her in the choke hold, she clawed at his face but he tightened his grip. Earnest came out

(worried) stop it, you are killing her!

Ajubo glared at him, he kept quiet.

Rose! Stop this right now

She continued to struggle, so he pressed her head to make the choke hold tighter

Guys please stop!

She stopped struggling and tapped his hand as a yielding sign. He loosened his grip, then she passed out in his arms with tears rolling down her face onto his arm.

Meanwhile at Big Boss’ mansion, Papa Kuru visited Big Boss, they exchanged pleasantries and Big Boss took him to his study. He handed him a glass and poured him a drink, Kuru sipped his drink with his eyes on the knife.

So you said you have new information for me

(snapped out of his gaze) Yes! um yes!

What is it?

I have found out the name of the person with the alias “Don”.

Big Boss moved to the edge of his seat

Really! Who is it?

He is not one of our own. He is one Aaron Akpan Sunday!

Big Boss was dazed by the information

People call him the one eyed Sunday

(alarmed) No! it can’t be.

You know him?

Where did you get this information?

I tortured some guys associated with that Franklin guy and they spilled.

Big Boss stood up from his seat and walked to the window

That’s impossible. Aaron is in jail; he was given a life sentence for murder.

You think maybe someone is playing a dirty trick on you

Maybe! I think I have to visit the jail to confirm. Thank you for the information, I will look into it.

He sat back on his chair. Papa Kuru excused himself to use the toilet, Big Boss sat there for a while, then his phone rang, he picked it up and looked at the screen it was an unknown number, he accepted the call. Kuru came back in

Hello [hello Freddy boi] who the hell is …(jolted) Aaron!

He stood up from his seat

[ding ding!] how? [I am glad, you remember me] how did you get out of jail [it doesn’t matter, I’m out and I wanted you to know I am the one that is out for your life, Peace!] hello!

The call disconnected. Kuru could see that Big Boss was rattled

What was that about?

How did he get out of jail…? How did he get my number?

Back at the warehouse, Ajubo was in the washroom standing in front of a mirror, he dropped a bloody kerchief he used to clean his face on the sink. He picked up an ointment to apply on his bruises and cuts. He finished and went out to the sitting room where earnest sat by Rose as she lay on the sofa. He had tended to her wounds and was waiting for her to wake up.

Can you go and get some pain meds from town?

I am not leaving her side.

She is going to need some too, when she comes through.

Earnest looked upon Rose’s face as he thought about it

They don’t have those meds in the community I’ll have to go further out of town.

Then hurry!

Earnest was reluctant

What are you worried about? You do know she is safe here, right?

Okay! Fine.

He got up and grabbed a shirt and the car keys and left. Ajubo sat by Rose and gazed at her, he remembered the tears she shed.

What is causing you pain?

At Don’s place, Papa Kuru was reporting back to Don and Aaron

He tried to hide it but I saw right through it. You were right, he does fear you. To tell you the truth, I have never seen him unnerved before.

I guess you were right?

I didn’t hear you, can you repeat that

He turned his ears to Don and cupped it for Don to speak louder

If you didn’t know his secret, he would have no reason to be scared of you. We better act fast and get that knife before he hides it.

Listen Donnie boi, you let me do the worrying, just sit there and donate your sweet cash.

That night at the Mansion, Big Boss was in his study feeling restless and unsettled, soliloquizing, wondering how Aaron got out and worried about the fact that Aaron was a formidable foe, who was out to destroy him.

Oma! Grace! Grace!

He went out of the study and went to Grace’s room, knocked on the door She answered and told him to come in. she pulled herself up and rested her back on the headboard.

Fred, what is the problem?

I just came to check up on you.

(questioningly) Fredric?

I came to check on you like I always do.

You look worried, why?

(Tittered) what… What do I have to be worried about.

I get it, you came to talk to me but you don’t want me to see you vulnerable.

(sighed) How do you still know me so well?

He took a deep breath, sat on the bed and faced her.

Ok! Aaron is out of jail

(Shocked) do you mean Akpan?

Big Boss nodded.

How? But he got life sentence.

I don’t know how, but he has been the one behind all the attacks on me these past months.

What are we going to do?

We? I have to keep you and our daughter safe I can’t let him get to you guys

You are worried about me?

(Turned his face away) I mean You are here with us so it’s a necessity.

He stammered. Grace cupped his face and turned it to face her

I know you will find a way

She pulled him slowly to herself and rested his head on her bosom

I know you will keep us safe.

She rubbed his head as he rested comfortably on her.


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