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Hands Of Strain by oluspicy: 7:15am On May 25
The characters and events portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Laying in my bed at night I was awakened by mum’s screaming from the other room, I checked my phone and it was half past midnight. I got out of bed as her screams of pain and terror grew louder.

“I have to do something before he kills her.”

I slowly walked to the kitchen and I was horrified as I watched dad throw her around the kitchen and smash her head against the wall. She was covered in blood which was pouring from her forehead running down her face.

“Dad stop!” I cried out but he didn’t stop, he kept hitting her like someone who had been possessed by an evil spirit.

I could feel the tension building up in me as I tried to get him off her but he pushed me aside. Without thinking I grabbed a knife and stabbed him. He fell and screamed out but I continued stabbing him. I stabbed him multiple times till he stopped breathing.

Confused and scared I dropped the knife and moved to mom’s side. She was laying in a pool of blood helplessly gasping for air.

“You are a murderer, you have done it again” She whispered as she closed her eyes.

“Mama stay with me please don’t go I will find us help” I cried as tears coursed down my face.

Afraid and disturbed I ran out of the house. With tears running down my eyes I kept running, I didn’t know where I was going to but I ran deep into the woods. We were at the farm house and the place was filled with more bushes than houses. As I ran, I came to a standstill when I noticed a figure moving behind one of the big trees. Fear crept in as a surge of adrenaline rushed through my whole body thinking of all the wild animals that could be hunting at that time of the night. Before I could process anything my eyes landed on a massive black animal with glowing eyes that pierced through the darkness. I trembled badly as it approached me. I wanted to run off but I felt my knees get weak as warm liquid gushed down my legs.

I walked backwards and stumbled over a fallen branch. The animal threw its head up and made a loud ear piercing sound before jumping on top of me.

As I powerlessly laid beneath it, it tore my clothes to pieces and fastened it’s teeth on my neck, I felt its sharp teeth penetrate my flesh and I let out an agonizing scream.
When it was satisfied it jumped off me trailing blood from its mouth as it ran off. I lay on the ground for a few minute feeling scared and weak.

“What just happened?” I asked as I touched where the beast had bitten me but there is no wound whatsoever.

I slowly got up feeling confused but before I could make a step I felt an excruciating pain rush through my body. It was unbearable, I cried out of pain as I felt my body transform.

“Happy Birthday Jaden” Dad screamed from the other room.

“It’s that time of the year again” I sighed as I get out of bed.

“Talia” I heard mom call out but I instead ignored her and rushed to the bathroom.

She banged on my door for a couple of minutes before walking away. I opened the water and let it pour on my body, water had a great effect on me, it relaxed and calmed my every nerve. I walked out of the bathroom minutes later. After a little of struggle on what to wear I settled for a blue bum short and a crop top with sneakers. I tied my hair in a bun and applied a little gloss on my lips.

It was my brother’s birthday and I know I was supposed to be happy but my heart wad filled with anger and hate. Jaden and I were three years apart with me being the eldest. I hated him with every fibre in me because he stole my parents love from me. Once upon a time I was their princess till he appeared from nowhere and claimed my position. Jaden was always the center of attention where ever we went, people naturally liked him unlike me who had to try so hard to fit in. He was everything I ever wanted to be, an A+ pupil, popular among his peers, great voice, awesome personality and much more.

“If only he wasn’t born all this attention would be mine” I frowned before getting my phone from my dressing table, I took a few selfies before walking out of my room.

“You are finally up” Mom said when she saw me walk past the living room.

“Talia Daniels” She yelled and I went back.

“Morning”I frowned.

“Aren’t you going to wish your brother a Happy Birthday?” She asked.

“Happy Birthday Jaden” I faked a smile as I said that.

“Thank you Lia” He smiled back.

“It’s Talia not Lia” I corrected him.

“Lia its all the same.” He laughed and at that moment I wanted to strangle him but I breathed in and out to control my anger

“Whatever” I said before walking to the kitchen.

I sat down to have my breakfast as I pressed my phone, I was so busy I don’t notice mom was in the room till she cleared her throat.

“Hun, what is it?” She asked.

“Nothing” I responded not looking up.

“I can’t help but feel something is wrong”

“I am fine” I responded as a fake smile crossed my lips.

“It’s your brother’s Birthday the least you can do is be happy for him” She said softly.

“Mom I am happy its his Birthday”.

“You know you guys are all I have and I hate to see you arguing always.”

“Mom stop!” I yelled feeling annoyed, why must everything be about him?

“He is your little brother, the only one you will ever have please make an effort to get along with him.”

“Mom can I enjoy my breakfast in peace?” I asked and when she didn’t move, I stood up grabbed my car keys and walked out.

I drove around in circles till I found myself at Cosmopolitan Mall. I walked out so I could do a little bit of shopping before going back home. Nothing made me as happy as shopping did. Besides it was my brother’s birthday and I needed a new dress for his party I smiled as I selected a few dresses from Fashion World.

I got as many clothes and shoes as possible and when I was done I got myself some food before driving off. I needed to get back home before mom started nagging me.
When I get home I carried my plastic bags and walked in, It was noisy and packed with relatives who had come to help prepare Jad’s birthday. Dinner that was taking place that evening.

I rushed past the kitchen avoiding everyone. As soon as I got into my room mom walked in and banged the door behind her.

“What?” I asked.

“I need you to behave at least for today act like you and your brother are the best buddies on earth” She said.

“Fine mom what ever you want” I clicked my tongue.

“Talia Daniels” She sighed.


“Get changed and come help out.”

“I will be there soon.”

“Now!” She said looking angry.

“Fine” I responded before following her.

I spent the whole day feeling upset, I didn’t like most of my relatives and they knew that fact so no one dared talk to me.

To be continued.

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Re: Hands Of Strain by Finnestgreat: 9:30am On May 25

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Re: Hands Of Strain by oluspicy: 4:55pm On May 25
I dressed up for the party that evening, as mom suggested, I tried being nice. I wore a long white backless dress with a long slit at the corner exposing my thigh, I completed the look with yellow heels. I let my hair flow down my neck. I applied a little make up then wore diamond studs and a necklace.

“My baby you look awesome, come here” Mom said when I walked out.

I walked to her side and she couldn’t stop smiling as she stared at me.

“Jad come here” She called my brother.

“Stand next to her let me get some photos.”

“Mom we aren’t babies okay” I snapped.

“Lia be nice, hold your brother and smile.”

I did as I was told while mum took the photos.

“I can’t believe how much you guys have grown” She said almost tearing up.

“Ma don’t start with the tears” I said walking past her.

“Wow you look just like your mother” Auntie Helen commented when she saw me.

“I look nothing like her” I said clicking my tongue.

Most people said I looked like mom but I would always disputed that fact. Mom was dark, I always wondered how come she found herself married to a white man.

That evening I watched as people talked about how lovely Jad was, the whole place was packed with friends and family members. No one even paid attention to me, it was all about Jaden.

Finally it was time to hand over the presents, I paid particular attention at that time because I wanted to see what my parents had bought him.

“Attention attention” Dad said as he stood in the middle of the room.

“I am so happy that you all have come to celebrate my young man’s Birthday, I can’t believe he is 17 already seems like yesterday when I held him in my arms.”

They all clapped.

“This is not only a birthday dinner but a fair well dinner because Jad here is going to the States for hid studies in the next few months” Dad said.

I couldn’t believe my ears, I knew nothing about Jad traveling, did they keep it away from me? I thought.

“I know most of you are surprised, but I kept it a secret because I wanted it to be a surprise, congratulations my child you made it to Harvard.”

“Harvard s***” I cursed loudly.

“Here is my present to you” Dad said handing him car keys.

“A new car!” Jad exclaimed.

He rushed outside to check it out as we all trailed behind him. It was a black Mazda, one of those cute sports car, something I wouldn’t mind driving.

“Why did he even buy him a car knowing he would be traveling soon?”

“Dad thank you!” Jad exclaimed as he hugged my parents.

I just stood there frozen and pissed off.

As he got into the car to try it out, I wiped a little tear that had slid off my eyes before walking back into the house.

I knew dad must have done everything to secure Jad a place at Harvard while I was supposed to enroll at one of those pathetic Universities in the country.

Jad was one serious person, he had it all figured out when he was in high school, he knew what he wanted to do and who he wanted to become unlike me.

After High school I decided to explore and travel a little before deciding on what to study. I wasn’t academically bright, in fact I hated school, I was more into fashion but my parents said fashion would not bring food on the table. After thinking about it for a while I decided I would go to Uni the coming year.

A month later, the hate I felt for my brother was growing each minute and I couldn’t wait for him to leave the country so I could have some peace.

“I hope he never comes back” I smiled thinking about how great it would be for him to disappear, it would break my parents hearts but they would be fine in the long run.

I was eating breakfast one morning while reading a novel when Jad walked in.

“Morning Lia” He greeted but I didn’t respond, he knew how I felt about being called Lia but he did it every time.

“So you will pretend like I am not here” He asked grabbing my novel.

“Give it back fool!”

“What exactly is your problem?”

“And what’s yours?”

“You know I don’t understand you at all, can’t we just be civil for once?”

“I don’t wanna be civil get out of my face!”

“The Jealous you are carrying in your heart will be the death of you.”

“I am not Jealous, why would I be jealous of you?!” I yelled.

“Because I am 17 and about to go to Harvard, you are 19 and still don’t know what to do with your life.”

“Shut up!” I yelled.

“I am your brother not your rival, the sooner you realize that, the better for everyone.”

“I said shut up!” I shouted feeling my anger rise to another level, I felt like I would burst out.

“Get a life, live a little open up a bit to people, you think the whole world hate’s you? It’s your attitude they hate ———-”

The more he talked the more pissed off I got.

“Shut up” I said standing up.

“You shut up and listen to me Lia.”

“I said shut up!” I yelled as I grabbed a knife by the sink and without thinking, plunged it into his chest.

“Lia” He whispered as he fell off and just then my father’s words replayed in my head.

“Anger is poisonous, you can’t go around carrying it in your heart one day it will cloud your judgement and you will end up doing regrettable things,get rid of it.”

To be continued.

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Re: Hands Of Strain by Finnestgreat: 10:15am On May 26
Nice one,lia sef eh

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Re: Hands Of Strain by oluspicy: 11:01pm On May 26
Chapter 3
Jealous is a toxic emotion, it starts small but gets worse as time goes by, it makes people bitter, miserable and angry. Harbouring jealousy can be damaging to a person, people with too much jealous in their hearts are easily provoked and might end up doing about anything in the heat of the moment.

I was in my bedroom watching TV with my husband when I heard the kids yelling at each other, it wasn’t something unusual Jad and Lia argued each chance they got.

“Let me check on them” I told my husband.

“They will stop soon don’t mind them” He said pulling me back on the bed. It got quiet a few minutes later.

“You see” My husband giggled.

“These two act like cousins” I said and just when I was about to get back to the movie I heard Lia screaming.

“Mommy” She screamed her voice almost breaking.

I quickly rushed out as my husband followed behind. I was taken aback with the scene I saw in the kitchen, I felt numb I couldn’t move.

Jaden was lying on the floor with a knife in his chest as he heavily bleed, while Lia was covered in blood as she knelt besides him.

You see I knew my daughter was jealous of her brother, several times we had joked about how she competed with him as though he was her rival. No one really paid much attention to the jealousness she portrayed because we thought she would outgrow it, not even once did I think she would go to the extent of stabbing him.

“Lia what have you done?” My husband yelled as he carried Jaden to the car.

I was confused as I got into the car, I held on to my son begging him to stay with us but with each minute that passed I felt he was fading off.

At the hospital they asked what happened to him and I Immediately said he was was attacked by unknown people while my husband gave me an evil eye, I couldn’t risk getting Lia arrested, I couldn’t afford losing two children.

I kept pacing up and down praying for his recovery as the doctor attended to him. When the doctor finally emerged, his face looked defeated and I feared the worst.

“We tried all we could to save him but he lost too much blood, I am sorry we lost him.”

I rocked back and forth, not believing the doctor’s words, I needed someone to shake me and tell me it was all a bad dream.

“No!, no!!, no!!! Doctor no, not my Jaden!” I screamed throwing myself on the hospital cold floor
I was weak, my husband had to carry me to the car, the drive back home was awfully quiet. We had lost the one thing that kept us sane how would we survive?

“How would I look at my daughter and not feel hatred for her? But would I allow her to get jailed and in the end remain childless?”

All these thoughts kept lingering in my head as my husband drove. I looked at him as we were nearing the house, he hadn’t said a word to me, what was he thinking? I knew just how he took pride in having a male child, how much joy Jaden gave him, I could see this was breaking him apart even through the silence.

“What have I done?” I kept asking myself, tears pouring heavily from my eyes. My parents had rushed of to the hospital leaving me behind as I waited, my heart kept beating fast.

“I didn’t mean to kill him, it was an accident” I kept saying to myself as I scrubbed the blood off the floor. Then I rushed to the bathroom and took a long bath, when I was done I walked to the living room and waited for news from my parents.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity and when I finally heard the car drove in, I rushed outside.

“Mom” I whispered.

She opened her mouth as if to say something but no words came out. A small drop of grief welled up from the corner of her eyes then suddenly she broke down as tears of pain rolled down her cheeks.

I froze in fear and shivered in disbelief as dad carried her into the house. I had killed my brother, how would I live with the guilt? What scared me the most was the fact that I could end up spending my whole life in jail for man- slaughter.

I walked into the church listening to the cries that echoed around the room from family and friends. We were finally saying goodbye to my boy, the past three days had been hectic for me, I couldn’t hold myself together. A mother’s greatest fear is having to burry her child, not once did I think I would see this day come to pass. If only God had spared his life and taken mine, he had so much to live for. I wiped away the tears that couldn’t stop falling.

When the coffin was brought in, I held my husband’s hand tightly. He seemed strong, I had watched how tough he had been acting and not once did I see a single tear from his eyes.

“Let it go Henry, let it go, its okay to cry you have just lost a child” I had told him the previous night but as usual he said he was okay.

I was scared of what Jad’s death would do to my family. I know we were supposed to report Lia but I just couldn’t, we needed to cover it up, she was the only child I had now and I couldn’t handle the pain of losing her too.

When the pastor walked in, he said a prayer before reading from the book of Romans 14:7-9.

“For none of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself. For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ died and lived again, that he might be Lord both of the dead and of the living”.

I zoned out after hearing that text, memories of my little boy flashed before my eyes. I fell in love with him the moment I laid eyes on him, so tiny and fragile. I vowed to protect him through life, I wanted to give him the world but I had failed. At that point I questioned my role as a mother, had I not done enough to love them both equally? What drove Lia to stab him?

“Shhhhhhhh, it shall be fine” Henry whispered in my ears but we both knew nothing would ever be fine.

When it was time for body viewing, I walked in front if the casket, holding my husband’s hand as Lia trailed behind us slowly.

Tears sprang in my eyes as I stared at my baby’s beautiful face.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you Jad I am sorry” Lia whispered.

“Go well my son” Henry said.

I bent down and kissed his cheek before walking off.

The drive to the cemetery was filled with tears and silent whispers. When we got there, the pallbearers removed the casket from the hearse and placed it on top of the grave. The pastor said a few words, speeches were made and finally the casket was lowered. I had an emotional break down seeing that casket go down.

“It’s over” Henry whispered as he pulled me into an embrace.

As I knelt down to place flowers later, I felt suffocated and I struggled to breath, before I knew it my eyes got blurry and I couldn’t see a thing.

To be continued.

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Re: Hands Of Strain by Finnestgreat: 7:43pm On May 27
This episode got me emotional.

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Re: Hands Of Strain by oluspicy: 9:50pm On May 27
This episode got me emotional.

Same here, but you ain't read nada.

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Re: Hands Of Strain by oluspicy: 9:51pm On May 27
“Talia, Talia, Talia, there is strain on your hands.

“No my hands are clean leave me alone!” I yelled.

“I can see the strain stained on your hands!” The voice screamed louder.

“Who are you?” I asked getting terrified.

“I am the strain that’s stuck on your hands!” The voice grew louder.

“Stop please stop, stop!” I yelled.

The voice went quiet then I noticed blood dripping off my hands. My body shook in fear as I tried running to the bathroom so I could wash it off.

When I turned on the tap, blood started coming out of it. I quickly closed it.

“What’s happening?!” I cried out.

“You will carry that blood on your hands for as long as you shall live!” The voice spoke again.

“No ,no, no!” I screamed.

I abruptly opened my eyes only to find myself on my bed with Auntie Mary worriedly staring at me.

I checked my hands and slowly breathed out when I didn’t see any strain.

“Hey” She said handing me some water which I rapidly drank.

“Care to talk about it?”

“No” I shook my head, it seemed so real.

“Lia, it’s okay to be afraid and to have nightmares, you just lost your only brother in cold blood.”

“I don’t want to talk about it” I whispered.

“I am sure your parents will do everything to make the people who did this pay.”

“I said I don’t want to talk about it!” I yelled tears already streaming down my face.

“Sorry I was only trying to help.”

“Please leave me alone.”

It had been two days since we buried my brother, my mother was still laying in the hospital bed in shock, she wouldn’t speak to anyone. My father on the other hand had been all over the place trying to act cool but I could see this was killing him inside. What scared me the most was that he had not said a word to me from the time Jad died, I was afraid he was going to turn me in.

I sat on the couch in my room with his photo album in my hands, each of our children had a photo album of their own filled with a variety of photos from birth all through out their childhood. I sipped on my wine before opening the album and the first photo I laid my eyes on was from the day he was born.
I remember just how much pride I had felt as a man to finally have a son, not that I didn’t love having a daughter but having a son and knowing I had someone to continue my family name made me whole.

“He is everything I have ever imagined” I smiled at my wife that day as I rocked him.

“I know” she whispered.

“Jenny you have made me a proud man” I whispered.

Unlike Lia, Jad was focused, at a tender age he knew he wanted to become a Lawyer, one of the greatest the country would have.

“Daddy, after I become a lawyer I will become a President” He would often tell me

And I would smile at his innocence.
I loved both my children equally, Lia was the princess in our castle, I gave her everything she ever wanted. She wanted to travel the world and enjoy the finest things in life, school was the last thing on her mind, we let her do as she pleased till she decided she would go to college. The one thing about Lia was her anger, she was easily provoked and most people complained about her attitude, hence they preferred Jad over her.

As my children grew up I noticed how much Lia envied Jad, she wanted everything he had. She treated him more of a rival than a brother.

“I wish I was an only child” she would bluntly tell us but we would brush it of as a joke.

Now that she had managed to kill her only brother, I couldn’t help but feel I had not done enough as a father to show her how much I loved and appreciated her just as she was.

The death of Jad came as a shock to me, I had not let a single tear out of my eyes since he died. I just couldn’t believe he was gone, murdered like a criminal. I was at conflict between protecting Lia and sending her to jail. A part of me cried for Justice but I couldn’t break my wife’s heart once more.
Jad’s death had broken her to the cole, she would lose it if Lia got arrested.

Speaking of Lia I had not been able to face her let alone talk to her, I was scared of what I would to her because just the thought of her made my temperature to rise.


“Henry what do you want me to do? I lost a child as well” I cried when my husband walked into the room drunk and hurling insults at me.

“If you had allowed me to get her arrested all this wouldn’t have happened, she murdered him!” he yelled.

“She is also our child, we had to protect her from the cold walls of prison” I cried out.

“Jenny look at me in the eyes and tell me our lives will ever go back to normal” he said holding my face so I could look at him.

“I don’t know Henry, but we can try, Jad is gone, let’s pick up our lives.”

“What’s there to pick up? One child is dead and one is a murderer tell me can we mend this?”

“We can try” I begged pleading with him.

“We are too broken to be fixed, we can’t go back to how we used to be, Jad’s blood is screaming out to me, justice should have prevailed.”

I stood by the door watching him as he yelled, I didn’t know what to do, I was helpless.

“Henry you need help” I said softy.

“Oh so you think I am mad now?!” He yelled walking to where I was standing.

He got close to me and stared at me for a while before pulling my hand, I knew what he wanted to do so I tried pulling away but he was too strong.

He pushed me on the bed and punched me in the face and I cried out in pain.

“Let me show you what crazy people do!” He yelled as he kept punching me.

When he was satisfied, he let go and walked out. I sat on the bed and cried my lungs out. My lower lip was was now bleeding.

Our lives had taken an unexpected twist since the death of Jad, my refusal to have Lia arrested had cost me. Henry was no longer the same man I knew, he was always insulting and beating me up.

“What was I to do? Allow him to get Lia arrested? What would that prove? Would that bring Jad back to life? I had to do the best I could as a mother, I had to protect her even when a part of me felt like I had betrayed Jad.

When I heard the yelling I knew they where arguing again and I knew how the arguing would end. He would beat her up like always.

My dad had practically turned into a monster since Jad died. He was depressed but couldn’t admit it. He had ended up venting his anger on mom.

Mom had forced us to move to the farm house for a while so we could adjust to not having Jad around our house in Lusaka had so many memories of Jad. According to mom being in a new environment would help us heal faster.

I was tired of being at the farm house, i6 wanted to go back to the city and get my life back on track.

Yes, I was guilty for having killed my brother but what would holding on to guilt to do me. My father needed to understand that his anger would only separate this family apart.

We were fine before Jad was born, why couldn’t we go back to how it used to be now that he was no more?

As soon as I heard the car drove out, I rushed to mom’s room. She wiped away her tears when she saw me. Her face was swollen.

“I had to do something to stop my father from hurting her again.”

“I am sorry mom” I told her.

“It’s fine Lia, it’s okay” she faked a smile.

I drove out of the house fraustrated, I didn’t know what I had turned myself into. The death of my son had destroyed my perfect family, I couldn’t hold it together. I blamed Jenny for not willing to get Lia arrested and in the end, I vented out my anger on her.

I was never one to lay my hand on a woman, but I just couldn’t help it, I needed someone to blame someone to take the fall for what had happened and Jenny was the perfect person.

I loathed Lia so much it hurt to look at her, we had not been on talking terms the past two years, in my head she was as good as dead.

I drove around in circles. I didn’t know where to go or who to talk to, I felt like I was about to explode. My heart was filled with so much anger.

“I will avenge your death I swear.” I whispered to myself, I didn’t know how but someone was going to pay for Jad’s death.

To be continued.


Re: Hands Of Strain by Finnestgreat: 12:32pm On May 28
Nice update op

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Re: Hands Of Strain by KimberlyWest(f): 5:36pm On May 28
Nice story.

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Re: Hands Of Strain by oluspicy: 9:26pm On May 28
Nice story.

Thanks, but you ain't read nada. grin
Re: Hands Of Strain by KimberlyWest(f): 10:03am On May 29

Thanks, but you ain't read nada. grin

cheesy Bring it on. You're doing an amazing job here.

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Re: Hands Of Strain by oluspicy: 11:35am On May 29
Chapter 5

No one knows what the future holds, no one is sure of what the next day might bring. You might have it all today, you might think your life is all figured out but in a tick of a clock everything might come rushing down on you.

I had it all, a rich white husband, two wonderful children, money and cars. When I met Henry I didn’t have to do anything, I was a queen of his castle. He treated me with so much love and respect, never did I imagine he would ever lay his hand on me.

I stayed behind when he started physically abusing me because I thought I had a chance to restore what we had but with each minute that passed my husband was turning into a person I couldn’t recognize. I wish I had gotten Lia arrested maybe then I could have saved my marriage. My son’s blood was crying out to me, I had betrayed him by keeping his murder a secret.

I was on my bed, rubbing my swollen arm when I heard a knock at the door.I knew it was Lia.

“Come in”

“Hey mom” She greeted as she came to sit next to me, her sight irritated me.

“What do you want?”

“I want to leave this place?”

“To where?” I asked not paying attention to her.

“I want to go back to my life, I wanna go back to school, travel and live a little.”

I looked at Lia not sure what to answer her, how could she be so selfish as to want a normal life looking at all the drama around us?

“The only thing you care about is you traveling and exploring life huh? Don’t you have a conscience?!” I yelled.

“Am I going to spend the rest of my life paying for this one mistake, I killed him yes what do you want me to do?”

“You took another person’s life, your own brother's life that’s not a mistake.”

“Here call 911 and report me, do it mom, if it will help you sleep at night?!” She yelled as she handed me her phone.

“Don’t try me Lia!” I yelled, tears already streaming down my cheeks.

“Why can’t we just go back to normal? You guys loved Jad more than me, would you people have been this broken if I was the dead one?”

“You will not speak to me like that, you see that attitude? That’s the reason you murdered your brother.”

“Yes, I killed him and you know what I am glad I did.”

“How dare you?;” I said slapping her face thrice till she fell off.

“Look what your husband has turned you into.” She yelled before standing and rushing out of my room and banging the door behind her.

I stood still, tears flowing from my eyes as I thought of how happy we used to be.

I walked into my room feeling very pissed. I resented my parents so much especially my father because he had managed to turn mom against me.

“I have to leave, I have to find a way out of here” I said as I got into bed, dad wasn’t home as usual, I knew he would be back at midnight to make noise like he always did. I struggled to sleep but finally I felt my body relax and I dozed off.

Laying in my bed at night, I was awakened by mom’s screaming from the other room, I checked my phone and it was half past midnight. I got out of bed as her screams of pain and terror grew louder.

“I have to do something before he kills her.”

I slowly walked to the kitchen and I was horrified as I watched dad throw her around the kitchen and smash her head against the wall. She was covered in blood which was pouring from her forehead running down her face.

“Dad stop!” I cried out but he didn’t stop, he kept hitting her like someone who had been possessed by an evil spirit.

I could feeel the tension building up in me as I tried to get him off her but he pushed me aside.

Without thinking, I grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

He fell and screamed out but I continued stabbing him. I stabbed him multiple times till he stopped breathing.

Confused and scared, I dropped the knife and moved to mom’s side. She was laying in a pool of blood helplessly gasping for air.

“You are a murderer, you have done it again” She whispered as she closed her eyes.

“Mama stay with me please don’t go I will find us help” I cried as tears coursed down my face.

Afraid and disturbed, I ran out of the house. With tears running down my eyes I kept running, I didn’t know where I was going to but I ran deep into the woods. We were at the farm house and the place was filled with more bushes than houses.

As i ran I came to a standstill when I noticed a figure moving behind one of the big trees. Fear crept in as a surge of adrenaline rushed through my whole body thinking of all the wild animals that could be hunting at that time of the night. Before I could process anything my eyes landed on a massive black animal with glowing eyes that pierced through the darkness. I trembled badly as it approached me. I wanted to run off but I felt my knees get weak as warm water gushed down my legs. I walked backwards and stumbled over a fallen branch. The animal threw its head up and made a loud ear piercing sound before jumping on top of me.

As I powerlessly laid beneath it, it tore my clothes to pieces and fastened its teeth on my neck, I felt its sharp teeth penetrate my flesh and I let out an agonizing scream.
When it was satisfied it jumped off me trailing blood from its mouth as it ran off. I lay on the ground for a few minute feeling scared and weak.

“What just happened?” I asked as I touched where the beast had bitten me but there was no wound whatsoever.

I slowly got up feeling confused but before I could make a step I felt an excruciating pain rush through my body. It was unbearable, I cried out of pain as I felt my body transform. Before I could make sense of what was happening, the bones in my body outstretched as they started shifting and reorganizing. My arms and legs cracked and twisted before turning into paws. Then the pain rushed to the tips of my nails and within minutes they changed into long claws. Just then I felt a lot of pressure on my back as my spine cracked and crumpled forcing me on all fours. I helplessly cried out as I felt something grow from my backside. The pain now shifted to my face, there was intense pain in my mouth as my teeth grew longer and shaper. My tongue became flatter and wider as my lips reshaped and pulled to create space for my new teeth. My mouth pushed out painfully as it turned into a muzzle and my ears moved to the top of my head then my nose slowly shifted before turning into a snout.

Just when I thought it was over, I felt more pain penetrate my body as fur spurted all over my body.
I screamed out again but my scream turned into a long howl. I was now a wild beast. My eyes glowed into the darkness as I rushed off into the bushes with a craving for blood.

When I opened my eyes the next day, I was back in my human form, I was laying naked under a tree covered in blood. There was a taste of blood in my mouth and my whole body was sore.

“How will I move from here” I panicked as I tried getting up, just then I saw a woman the age of mom walking towards me.

“What lie would I tell her if she asks what I am doing naked at this time of the day in the bush?”

As she approached I felt more and more scared. What if she thought I was practicing witchcraft or something. I had heard stories of women who had been found naked early in the morning and they had been called witches and beaten up by a mob of people.

“Follow me, let me help you” She said handing me a wrapper to wrap my body with. I got up and slowly followed her without asking any questions.

To be continued.

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I followed the woman for a while before we stopped at a fenced house. She pushed the small gate open and signaled for me to follow her. I was amazed at how big her house was, I didn’t expect to find such big houses at the farm, our house was big but the one I was looking at was extra huge.
Most of the farms in the place belonged to rich folks, they were well developed no wonder mom bought one.

She opened the door to the house and I walked right behind her, she pointed at a couch for me to take a sit and I just did that. The house was beautiful, the furniture was too exquisite for such a place. On the wall were photos of her and portraits of wolves hung on the other side of the room.

“You will take a bath first then we shall talk” She said.

I nodded my head in agreement as I wondered who she was. After a few minutes she escorted me to a room that I sensed was the guest room and directed me to the bathroom.

My body was still sore and the water felt like heaven on my skin. I took a long bath, as events of the past night triggered in my mind.
When I was done, I walked out and found clean clothes on the bed. I quickly applied lotion, then wore the white new lace pant and matching bra that was next to the clothes. The clothes she picked fit me perfectly, it was a blue jean and white T-shirt. When I was done I combed my hair backwards tying it at the end with a ribbon I found on the table. I walked out of the room and found her watching television.

“You are done already?” She asked.

“Yes Madam.”

“Call me Cleo, madam makes me feel too old” she smiled.

Afterwards she gave me some food which I rapidly ate as if I had been starved for days. I drank some water when I was done and I quietly sat on the couch biting my nails.

“So what happened to you?” She asked as she stared at me.

“You wouldn’t believe it.”

“Try me.”

I felt I could trust her so I narrated my ordeal to her. When I finished she just smiled at me, not the reaction I was expecting, I thought she would freak out but she was calmly smiling.

“You don’t believe me?” I asked worriedly.

“I do.”

“You do?” I asked surprised.

“Yes I do, welcome to my world” she said.

“Your world?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“Yes the world of werewolves” she loudly said.

I had watched a number of movies on werewolves, where people turned into wolves during a full moon. I never believed in the existence of such, I still didn’t.

“No, no that’s a lie” I said shaking my head.

“Yes my dear, you were bitten by a wolf and now you are one of us, you shall carry the curse of the wolf for as long as you shall live” she said.

“No is there a way I can get rid of the curse, I wanna live a normal life, I can’t be an animal.”

“There is no way out but you can live a normal life like I do” she said.

“No, no, no” I said tears falling.

“Listen to me, you can use this curse to protect those around you, you can be a good wolf its your choice” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t have to kill people when thirsty for blood, you can always kill an animal to quench your thirst.”

“Blood!, No!”

“Yes but when you use this curse to kill people your end will be fatal.”


“You are likely to die too after you have killed a number of people.”

“This is absurd!” I yelled out.

“You will find yourself getting very angry at times and you will easily be provoked but as time goes by, you will learn to control it so you can associate with others without them suspecting a thing.”

“This sucks!” I yelled.

“It’s all up to you, you can return back and live a normal life but you need to know when the full moon is around the corner so you can stay away from people.”

“And the pain during the transformation?”

“It won’t always be painful, but most times it is painful.”

“I can’t do this, its all a lie am a person not a wolf, what happened yesterday was just a bad nightmare.”

“It’s all up to you, as time goes by you will learn more about the werewolf life.”

“I think I need to go back home” I said.

“Wait I will drive you to your house, if you don’t mind” she said as she grabbed her car keys.

I felt weak, how on earth was I to live like this, I never bargained for any of this stuff and one way or another I had to find a way out.

As she drove me home, I kept replaying everything in my mind, from the stabbing to the beast biting me, the transformation and my conversation with Cleo.

“Do you want me to go in with you?” She asked as she parked at my place looking at how many cars where parked outside my house.

“Yes please.”

We walked into the yard and found a number of people.

“There she is!” Our maid shouted to some people who were carrying my parents bodies.

“Poor child” Another woman shook her head as she bypassed me.

We had a maid at the farm house that came occasionally to help with the cleaning and other stuff.
She narrated how she got to my place that morning and found my parents dead in their kitchen hence she called the police. I shook in fear as they called me to give a statement. Cleo held my hand and assured all would turn out just fine.

The story will now focus more on Lia’s life what happens to her now?

To be continued.


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I stood up from my chair and slowly walked to where the two white caskets where placed. The room was filled with people from all works of life who had come to pay their last respects to my parents. I couldn’t wait for it all to finish so I could get back to my life, I had lost so much in the past two years but life had to go on.

“Farewell dear parents” I whispered as I stared at their faces, they looked as though they where just sleeping. I felt sorry for mom, she didn’t deserve to die like that but I wasn’t remorseful for what I did to dad, he deserved it.

I wiped a little tear that had broken free before walking away. It was the day my parents where being buried. I was lucky not to have gotten arrested for murder once again. The maid had come to my rescue by explaining how my father used to beat mom. I gave my statement as well which was in line with what she said.
The conclusion was that she stabbed him before dying, what killed her was the amount of blood she had lost. If someone had come earlier mom could have been saved.

I had informed all our relatives and we decided to hold the funeral at the farm house where they would be buried.

Silent cries filled the room as people walked out of the church so they could finally escort my parents to their final resting place.

“Who would have imagined my family would all die in the space of two years” I thought momentarily before getting into Cleo’s car.

“Are you okay?” She asked as she started the engine so we could go to the burial site.

“I am more than fine.”

“You are a strong lady.”

“I have no option, the world doesn’t have space for weaklings” I smiled as I fastened my seat belt.

I noticed she was staring at me in an usual way.

“What?” I asked getting uncomfortable.

” Nothing” She said.

“Okay let’s get going, we need to get this over and done with.”

I glared at her one more time before driving off, her attitude was surprisingly amazing, she had just lost both her parents but she wasn’t at all shaken.

I had expected to see her weeping, but her eyes where dry, no tears had fallen from them during the whole funeral.

“What kind of a child was she? What kind of relationship did she have with her parents?” I thought as we neared the graveyard.

I had decided to stick by her side so I could teach her one or two things about werewolves. She was still in denial and it was my duty to make her realise that the curse was real and the sooner she accepted the better for everyone.
I felt guilty for infecting her with curse, it wasn’t my intention but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her. I was the one that bit her that night.
After I had transformed that night I ran into the bushes seeking for blood. I was expectating to run into a vulnerable wild animal but instead she happened to be in my way. To quench my hunger for blood I bit her and ran off.
I ran off knowing I had infected her with curse hence I came back the next day to help her out knowing how powerless she could have been after her first transformation.

My curse was hereditary I was born with it and as I grew up I learnt to live with it, I had used my power for more good than evil.
But despite me being a good werewolf people still judged me, people still distanced themselves from me once they knew what I truly was.

I felt a tears threatening to fall off as I remembered how my husband, chased me from his house taking my two daughters from me when he got to know I was a werewolf. It was then that I decided to buy a farm and settle in a place where I could be free.

“We are here” Lia announced disturbing my thoughts.

“Okay” I said my voice almost breaking.

“Cleo are you okay?”

“Yes” I whispered before following her.

Five months later...
Life had taken a great twist for me, I couldn’t have wished for more. Being my parent’s only surviving child I had inherited almost everything they owned. Dad’s elder sister auntie, Helen had taken up the responsibility of looking after me. I had wanted to be under my own care but my annoying relatives didn’t see it fit hence I was now living with her and her three children.

Monday morning I woke early because I had a morning test. I was now in University studying for my degree in Business Administration. I had made quiet a few friends at school and I even had a boyfriend. I walked into the bathroom and took a long cold shower, making sure to scrub every part of my body because it felt itchy. When I was done I lotioned my body before wearing a short sleeveless dress and purple boots. I finished off the look with a little make up. When I looked at the mirror I couldn’t help but see my mother in me, with each day that passed I was becoming more and more like her.

I walked out of the room with my car keys and books. I had bought a new car the previous month something bigger.

“Morning Lia won’t you have some breakfast?” The maid asked handing me a cup of coffee.

I grabbed the cup of coffee from her hands and poured it on her head.

“The next time you call me Lia I will do more than that!” I yelled as I walked past her.

“Talia you don’t have to treat her like that” Racheal my cousin said.

“Shut the f.... up Racheal” I yelled before banging the door in her face. I drove to school listening to Rihana’s Man Down. As soon as I got there I noticed my boyfriend Geoffrey talking to a girl. They where giggling as they talked.

“What nonsense?”

I walked over to the them feeling pissed, I was a very possessive girlfriend, I didn’t like ladies parading themselves around my man.

“Baby” Geo smiled when he saw me.

“Hey” I smiled wrapping my arms around him.

I gave the girl a deadly stare and within a few minutes she was out of our sight.

“What was that for?”


“The look you just gave Tamara?”

“Whose Tamara?” I asked rolling my eyes at him.


“She has to know you are mine” I smiled as I leaned in to kiss him.

He walked me to class before going to his class. I felt lucky to have such a hank all to myself.

Cleo had warned me against getting into relationships because according to her they brought nothing but heartbreaks, well she was wrong because Geo made me happy, I couldn’t imagine him breaking my heart.

The first day I saw Lia I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was, I had made it a point to pursue her till she was mine. I did all I could till I managed to make her my girlfriend and that’s when the trouble began.

Lia was possessive and very controlling with each day that passed I was slowly losing interest in her. Her jealousy tantrums were getting on my last nerves.

“Just let this girl go?” my best friend had advised after noticing how ugly her behaviour was.

“We have just been together two months, won’t that looked like I used her?” I asked worriedly.

“Man the girl is a psycho.” He had warned me but instead I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt by sticking by side a little longer and now I had had it with her.

I was home working on an assignment with Tamara when I heard a car drove in. Tamara was one of my classmates and my study mate.

“Expecting someone?” She asked.

“No maybe its Benny” I responded.

I had talked to Lia that afternoon and she said she wasn’t feeling well so I wasn’t expecting her but when my door opened and I saw her enter, I knew I was in for a lot of trouble for having Tamara at my place.

“What is she doing here?” She asked as soon as she saw Tamara.

“You won’t greet me?”

“What is she doing here?!” She yelled loudly.

“We are working on an assignment.”

“Can’t you do it from school or something?”

“Talia stop being unreasonable.”

“Unreasonable, me!?” She yelled.

She moved to the other side of the room, grabbed a glass and threw it on the wall.

“Control yourself.” I said holding her hands, I could feel her heart beat faster than normal, her eyes glowed red as if possessed by an evil spirit and within a few minutes she was heavily bleeding from her mouth.

“Talia?!” I screamed in fear.

“She is bleeding!” Tamara yelled.

As I held her, she yanked herself from my grip and pounced on Tamara and started hitting her.

The way she jumped off was weird because she literally flew out of my arms.

“No Lia!” I cried out as she was about to bite her neck.

To be continued.

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Re: Hands Of Strain by oluspicy: 10:48pm On Jun 01

"Lia!" The scream pierced through my ears and I instantly jumped off Tamara, I was no longer bleeding but my heart was still beating fast.

“I am sorry” I whispered.

“What are you?” Geo asked.

Tamara was shaken by the whole experience I could see her trembling as tears fell from her eyes.

“What have I done?” I thought to myself as I stood still while Geo helped Tamara out.

“Baby” I tried talking.

“Lia stop, just stop!” He yelled at me.

“I am sorry my anger got the better part of me.”

“I will take Tamara home now” He said without even looking at me.

I quietly got my bag and walked to my car, I didn’t know what happened to me but if not for Geo’s screaming I would have bitten off Tamara. I felt this burning desire to just rip her to pieces. I drove home at high speed, I just wanted to lock myself up.

“Lia you are back?” I heard Racheal call out when I got into the house.

“Not now Racheal!” I yelled as I got into my room.

I locked my bed room door and immediately called Cleo.

“Talia” She answered excitedly.


“Have you been crying?”

“I almost bit off someone today, how do I get rid of this stupid curse? I want to have a normal life.” I cried.

“Talia I told you, the curse can’t be reversed what happened?”

I took a deep breath before explaining what happened at Geo’s house.

“You see the reason I told you to stay away from relationships?”

“But I love him and he loves me too.”

“Talia you are possessive and that is not a good sign.”

“I was just trying to protect what is mine.”

“Drive over to the farm tomorrow, the full moon will be out in the next few days, your transformation is close.”

“Cleo I have a life to live okay?”

“Talia quit being stubborn.”

“Whatever” I said before hanging up my phone, there was no way I was driving back to that evil farm.
I spent the next two days locked up in my room, I didn’t know how to face Geo, I loved him so much I would kill for him.

“That love will be the death of you” Cleo had kept telling me the other day but I had been too stubborn to listen to her. Cleo was just being jealous of me just because I found love.

“Talia you have to leave that room now!” I heard Auntie Helen bang on my door on Thursday morning.

“I will leave when I want to, for now just let me be! I yelled back.”

“Talia?!” She called out.

“Can’t I have some peace in this house?”

“Come out now!”

I angrily walked to the door and unlocked it.


“You have been locked up for two days aren’t you going to school?”

“I am sick.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I can’t sort out myself is that all you wanted to ask?”

“Talia this attitude is uncalled for.”

“Can you please leave me alone?”


“Leave!” I yelled and she instantly ran off.

I walked back to my room and slammed the door behind me. I spent the day sleeping but later in the evening I woke up feeling terribly hungry. I walked into the kitchen looking for something to eat but nothing interested me till I saw some raw meat. I grabbed a knife cut of the meat and instantly started chewing it, normally I would have found eating raw meat disgusting but at that moment I was enjoying it, I didn’t notice someone was watching me. The more I ate the more I craved it.

“Lia my God what are you eating?” Racheal asked making a disgusted face.

I immediately stood up and rushed to my room without answering her. I walked to my batbroom and started brushing my teeth. As I brushed I noticed my teeth were quiet sensitive a bit longer.
I freaked out as I walked back to my bed so I could take a nap but I felt uneasy, there was a strange sensation in my bones. When I got my phone to call Cleo, I saw some hairs in between my fingers.

I called Cleo’s number twice but she didn’t pick up, so I got a bag and packed some clothes before sneaking out of the house.

I stood still for a while trying to make something of what I had just witnessed.

“Who eats raw meat?” I asked almost vomiting.

From the time Lia moved in with us I had noticed how strange she was, firstly her eyes usually glowed when she was upset, she couldn’t control her temper and her eating habits where unusual. I had also noticed how she could sense when someone was talking about her, it’s like she was into magic or something.

After asking her why she was eating raw meat she uncomfortably rushed into her room without answering me. So I told myself I would monitor her every move.

Mom had gone out for the evening and my two sisters where visiting so it was just me, her and the maid in the house. I sat outside trying to get some fresh air when I noticed Lia walk out of the house with a bag on her back hurrying as if someone was chasing her. She didn’t notice me so as soon as she got into her car and drove off, I also got into my mine and slowly followed her behind. It was a a bit hard to keep up with her because she was driving at high speed.
After driving for over an hour I found it strange that she parked her car in the middle of no where. She got out immediately and walked into the bushes. I got out of my car and also followed her, I needed to know what she was hiding. She speed off into the bushes almost flying. What I saw next shook me and I screamed out of fear.

To be continued.

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Nice update,hapi new month op

Wish you the best sir.

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I drove out of the house like a mad woman, I could feel the transformation nearing with each minute that passed. As soon as I reached the bushes, I parked my car and sprinted into the forest. I stopped abruptly in the middle of a tree waiting for it to happen. The bright moon lit up the sky as I felt warm air hit my body. Then I suddenly felt it, a sharp pain inflicted itself upon my body and I let out a loud howl. I felt every muscle in my body spasm uncontrollably.

I got on all fours as all the organs in my body began re-arranging themselves. My spine then twisted, cracked and shifted creating an intense agony in my back. The pain became excruciating as fur began growing off my skin and the dress I wore tore itself from my body.
After my whole face transformed, the pain hit my ear drum and I became alert to all kinds of sounds around me. As soon as the transformation finished I turned into an uncontrollable bloody thirsty beast. Blood was all I needed and I would devour the first thing I came into contact with.
I ran towards the big tree that stood at the entrance of the forest, following the breathing of the person that my ears where capturing. I could feel the person’s heart beat loud and as I came face to face with her I couldn’t hold myself together, I sprang on her instantly.

I was terrified as I watched Lia transform into a wild beast. The first thing that came to mind was that she was a satanist and I needed to get out of the place before she saw me. I trembled violently as I tried running away but the loud howl she made caused me to fall off. When I looked up I saw the animal running towards me, I felt my palms get wet with sweat as my heart pounded. There was no way I was going to get out alive. As It neared where I was it threw its head backwards and pointed it’s nose at the moon. Its eyes burned with hunger and without warning it jumped on top of me.

I cried out in pain as it dug its claws into my skin tearing off my clothes. I helplessly let out a silently cry as It came for my throat and started ripping it out slowly sucking my blood.
The pain was too much to bare, I tried holding on to the little life that was left in me but my body failed me, within minutes my eyes became blurry and everything around me turned into total darkness.

I woke up the next day as the rays of the sun hit my face. I was laying in a pile of leaves completely naked, my whole body was bruised and it hurt badly.
Next to me where parts of a human body all scattered around. I hit my head when I realized I had devoured a human being and not an animal.

“Lia the moment you taste human meat, you will be uncontrollable, you will easily get upset and once provoked violence will be your only answer” Cleo’s words played in my mind.

“My God, what have I done to myself?” I thought as I tried standing up.

The minute I felt the changes I had driven off to the forest far from home as Cleo had earlier advised. The forest I had chosen in particular was a haunted forest and no one dared go near it. I had done my research about it a few weeks ago and from the information I had gathered people feared going near the forest because it was filled with too many wild animals and ghosts. And that was the reason I had driven there in the first place, knowing the only thing I would come in contact with would be wild animals and not human beings.

I walked to my car slowly with my hands covering my private parts even when I knew I was all alone. I opened my car door which i had left unlocked then got my bag and removed a long dress and Jersey. I needed to cover up the sores and bruises on my body, so no one suspected anything when I got home. I checked my phone and it was off, I placed it on the other seat before starting the car.
I had only driven for a few minutes when I noticed a familiar car parked by the corner. As I got closer to it I proved my suspicions right, it was Racheal’s car. But what why was it parked there?

I parked my car near hers and walked over to check if there was anyone in it but it was empty. I freaked out thinking of the possibility that she might have followed me yesterday.

“My God, this is so messed up, did I just kill my own cousin?”

I shook my head and went back to my car then I drove off. I felt weak, when would all the killings end?

Maybe I was just a cursed child. I thought as I remmebere how I had stabbed my brother and father. All I wanted was to live a normal life but it seemed killing was the only life I was built for.

Why would Racheal follow me?

What was she trying to prove?

All these questions ran through my head and as I thought about the situation some more, I realised it wasn’t my fault after all at least I had tried driving as far as possible from her and other any other people.

“The transformation won’t come abruptly, they will always be signs and your instincts will tell you it’s almost time and when you feel it run to a place where you can be alone” Cleo had warned me.

“Explain more” I had told her.

“You know how painful the transformation gets?” she asked.

“Yes Cleo.”

“As you transform you lose your human instincts, the wolf side of you takes control of your whole being, you turn into an animal thirsty for blood and you end up devouring whatever you lay your eyes on, you have no control over your actions, all you want is to quench your hunger for raw meat and blood.”

When I got home I sat in the car for a while, thinking of the twists my life had taken in just a short while, I mean who would believe I would one day become an animal, a wild one for that matter?

“Talia are you okay?” The gateman knocked on my window.

“Oh sorry” I was just in deep thoughts, I said as I got out of my car.

“Where are you coming from at this time of the day?”

I gave him an evil stare just to shut him up and he got the message so he didn’t ask me anything else.

I rushed into the house walking directly to the kitchen because I was very hungry.

“Isn’t it too early to be eating like that?” Auntie Helen asked when she walked in, her eyes where red, seems she didn't have enough sleep.

“Am I not allowed to eat anymore?” I asked.

“You know that’s not what I mean.”

“Okay” I replied as I chewed the last slice of bread in my hands.

“Where did you sleep?”

“A friend’s house.”

“You got me worried Talia, where is Racheal?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Well when I got back none of you where home so I assumed you went out together.”

“I went out alone, I don’t know about Racheal” I said trying to stand up.

“You girls will be the death of me, at least always say you are going out, you have no idea how much I freaked out when I couldn’t reach either of you on the phone last night.”

“I am old enough to make decisions, worry about Racheal.”

“Anyway it’s good you are back home, let me keep trying Racheal’s number maybe she will pick up” She said almost leaving the room but she stood by the door way and stared at me for a while.

“What?!” I angrily asked.

“What are all those bruises on your neck?” She asked pointing at me.

“Nothing you should worry about?” I replied trying to cover up my exposed neck.

“You can tell me anything you know?”

“I said I am fine!” I yelled as I stood up and walked passed her, I hated people that asked too much questions, couldn’t she just mind her own business?

To be continued.

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I sat silently in my bathtub as the water poured on my body, my eyes felt a slight sting and my lips quivered.

“How could my daughter be gone just like that?” I felt the tears slip down my face. I couldn’t take it anymore so I screamed in anger as I hit the wall.

“God you should have taken me instead, my baby had so much to live for” I kept saying as I cried.

No matter how much everyone said everything would be okay, I knew nothing was going to be okay, a part of me was gone, a part of me was dead how then could things go back to being okay?

It had been a day since Racheal had been buried and the whole thing felt like a joke to me, a part of me felt it was all a nightmare and that I would eventually wake up and find my Racheal.

Maybe if I had not gone out that night I would have saved her life, maybe I would have stopped her from going out. I had gone out with a few friends that fateful night just to have some fun and when I returned, I noticed Rachael wasn’t home because each time I went out I would find her waiting for me. I thought she was just within the area and she would get back home so I had waited and waited but there was no sign of her, it was then that I had gone to check for Lia and discovered she wasn’t home as well, I breathed a sigh of relief thinking they where out together but when Lia returned alone home the next day I knew something was wrong somewhere.

I had called everyone I knew and no one had been able to give me information about my child. When I finally went to the police they had told me to wait for 48 hours to report her missing but I couldn’t wait so I had paid some officers to search for her.

I kept praying and praying hoping they could find me anything concrete about her, Rachael wasn’t the kind of child to go out without letting anyone know where she was going.

The information they brought me broke me, they had found her car parked near the evil haunted forest and upon searching they had stumbled upon her shoes and head band. Some body parts had also been found near her items.
After doing a few tests it had indeed been discovered that the body parts belonged to my Racheal.

I had cried bitterly because she didn’t deserve to die like that, she had been terribly ripped to pieces and the only thing we buried where just a few of her remains.

The question that everyone asked was what Racheal could have been doing at the evil forest knowing how dangerous it was?

I kept thinking of reasons she went there and at night for that matter but no reason seemed to make sense.

“Mom are you okay?” Clara my second child called out as she banged on my door.

I didn’t have the strength to answer so I wiped away tears and slowly got out of the tab. I opened the door and she walked in.

“I was worried about you.”

“I am fine my child I just wanted to take a long bath” I lied.

“You have been crying again?”

“No” I shook my head trying to hide the tears that where almost falling.

“I know this hurts mom but you have to be strong, Racheal wouldn’t have wanted you to be crying always.”

“I know my child” I said hugging her.

“You killed someone? Your cousin for that matter?” Cleo asked when I called her.

“I didn’t know how she followed me. I swear I tried hiding from everyone.”

“You see why I told you to drive over here?”

“Cleo what’s done is done now.”

“You don’t know what you have just signed yourself up for.”

“What do you mean?” I asked worriedly.

“You will transform regularly now and you won’t be able to control your anger now.”

“What do I do now?”

“Avoid getting angry when you feel provoked, hide, don’t give into your anger.”

“I will try.”

“Talia come over here for a couple of days.”

“Cleo I have school, I can’t put my life on hold you know.”

“The problem is that you are too stubborn Talia.”

“Cleo when I have time I will come over.”

“And one more thing.”


“End that relationship of yours.”

“Cleo you know how much I love Geo to just give up on him? Now I know things aren’t smooth between us but It’s just a phase and we will get over it soon.”

“Talia it’s for your own good break up with him.”

“I have to go Cleo, I am receiving another call.” I responded quickly and cut the line.

I hated how Cleo was trying to dictate how I should live my life, I was going to be happy and not even the curse would stand in my way.

I got out of bed so I could change my outifit, I wanted to give Geoffrey a surprise visit. We hadn’t spoken for a week now and I needed to apologize for my actions so we could go back to normal.

I changed into a short pink flared dress with pink sneakers, grabbed my phone and walked out. My hair was neatly tied into a bun and I didn’t want to apply any make up apart from the shiny gloss on my lips.

“Are you going out?” I heard auntie asked as I walked out.

“As you can see” I replied.

“Where to?”

"I am not a child so please quit with the questions.”

“Come back early, moving at night is dangerous.”

“Just because your daughter got eaten doesn’t mean we all will!” I angrily replied before walking out.

I drove to Geo’s house listening to some music, I couldn’t stop smiling, the thought of being with him just made me happy. I got to his house and parked my car outside, I wanted to give him a surprise. I walked into the house because the door was slightly opened, I got into the living and got the shock of my life.

My body became numb and I felt a sharp stabbing feeling in my chest, my heart shattered a billion times. And without thinking I slowly walked back to the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

•What do you think Geo was caught doing, and with who?

•Do you think another live was by taken by Lia?

To be continued.

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Seeing Geoffrey make out with Tamara on his couch tore me to pieces, the one thing I had ever wanted all my life was to be loved and accepted. Why did everyone keep sidelining me? With my parents, I was second best and now with Geo I had to be second best again? Yes I was possessive and maybe controlling but all I did I did out of love.

I grabbed the knife as tears fell down my eyes but I couldn’t do anything with it because my hands where shaking, so I dropped it and that’s when the two fools noticed me.

“Talia!” Was all Geo managed to say.

“I guess you are studying right?” I asked before turning to leave.

I walked out of the house with the hope that he would run after me, but he didn’t and that broke me to the core. He actually didn’t care that I caught him in the act.

When I got home I went straight to my room, my body shook violently because of the pain I was feeling and my heart was beating faster than usual. I hit the wall in frustration then screamed out as I threw everything on my table. My auntie walked in at that particular moment.

“Lia are you okay?”

“Please leave me alone!” I yelled at her.

“Your hand is bleeding, look at the mess you have made and all this screaming, please talk to me” She said trying to hold my hand.

“I said leave me alone?!” I yelled.

“Lia calm down.”

“It’s Geo!” I yelled pushing her off me.

She fell down and I sprang on top of her, I punched her and started strangling her. She tried freeing herself from my grip but I had more strength, I wanted to strangle the life out of her maybe just maybe I would feel better.

“Lia stop!” The maid ran in and pushed me off her.

“Are you trying to kill her?!” She yelled as she helped her up.

“Tell her to leave me alone.”

With the help of the maid, auntie Helen stood up, her nose was bleeding and she had this scary look in her eyes. When she walked out, I sat on the bed thinking about what I just did, I had lost all control and if not for that maid, I would have killed her right in my room.

I cleaned up my room and took a bath, maybe I needed to go to the farm as Cleo had sugessted because my anger was getting the better of me.

When I was done bathing, I wanted to bandage my hand but I realised it had completely healed so I got into bed just before I closed my eyes my phone rang, it was Geo calling.

I smiled as I picked up the call because i thought he wanted to apologise.

“What?” I answered.

“Hey I am sorry about what you saw today, I didn’t mean for you to find out like that.”


“I love Tamara and she is the woman I want to be with now, I didn’t mean to hurt you but let’s just forget we ever had anything between us.”

“Are you dumping me?” I asked my voice almost breaking.

“Talia we aren’t compatible this is for the best.”

“I love you Geo don’t do this to me.”

“Talia I am sorry.”

“You are sorry huh? After wasting my time, after making me love you then you bail out on me like that huh?”

“Talia don’t make this harder.”

“You know what Geoffrey I will not accept this, you and I will continue to be an item till I say so, so please baby tell Tamara to stay away from you okay or else she won’t like what I will do.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“No I am not, this relationship is far from being over, now take a nap I will see you tomorrow at school and you better behave.”

“Talia did you even hear what I said?”

“I love you more baby,sleep tight” I responded before cutting the call.

The nerve of that guy, who did he think he was, if I couldn’t have him then no one would, I closed my eyes thinking of ways I was going to deal with Tamara the next day.

I woke up the next morning feeling excited, I took a quick bath, wore some blue jeans and a T-shirt. A blackie hoodie and sneakers. I walked out of my room carrying my bag and phone. I grabbed an apple and walked out. I played loud music as I drove to school and as luck would I have it, I spotted Tamara walking towards the restrooms just as I walked in. So I followed her slowly. As soon as she got in, I followed suit closing the door behind me.



“So I came to give you a friendly warning, please stay away from Geo” I said calmly.

“Why would I do that?” She asked mockingly.

“Because he is mine and I hate people who disrespect my things.”

“Wonders shall never end” She laughed.

“Tamara I am warning you okay?”

“Hey leave me alone” She said.

“You will do as I say okay?”

“I am not scared of you Talia okay?”

“Fine this is the beginning of war, when I am done with you, you won’t be alive to tell the tale.”

“I am ready for war bring it on.”

“Great, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I walked out of the room thinking of ways I would end her pathetic little life, I would attack her at her weakest, I would make her pay.

“No one disrespects Talia Daniels and lives to to narrate the story” I smiled as I got to class.

To be continued.

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Wow, this Lia's problem is and will always be that she's stubborn.

Thanks for the update op

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Chapter 12

Five months later.
“I made it to second year” I smiled as I looked at the transcript.

“Congratulations Talia Daniels” The academics chairperson said.

“Thanks madam” I smiled as I walked out of his office.

“I wish I have someone to celebrate the victory with” I thought before getting into my car.

I spotted Tamara and Geo walking in as I drove out, they held each other’s hands and looked like a perfect couple.

“You won’t be happy that long” I said as I drove out.

The past five months had been tormenting for me, I had literally begged Geo to take me back, I had humiliated myself in so many ways just so he could notice how much I loved him but he had made it clear he didn’t want anything to do with me. The worst part of it all was that I had to see them every single day acting like a husband and wife while I was hurting badly.

“I loved you at some point Talia but your possessiveness pushed me into Tamara’s hands, what I share with Tamara is special so stay away from us” He had told me so sometime back.

At that point I had wanted to strangle him to death but I loved him to much to kill him. The one I was going to deal with was Tamara for crossing paths with me. I had decided to monitor her during the five months, I wanted to touch her where it hurt the most so I had people following her, giving me information about her life and every little detail about her.

I wanted to attack her when she least expected it. I had come to find out she had a little child whom she adored so much though not many people knew about his existence, she had the child during her high school days, she usually spent her weekends with him.

“Such a cute little thing, it’s sad you will have to pay for mommy’s sins” I smiled as I looked at the photo in my hands.

I had become more strong during all these months, I was eating more meat than usual to satisfy my hunger. I had devoured more people because only human flesh quenched my thirst. As Cleo had pointed out, I was easily angered and violence was the answer to my problems, I didn’t want anyone provoking me. I took away who ever stood in my way expect for Geo and Tamara because I had something special in stock for them.

When I stayed for too long without meat I would get sick, I usually felt like I was suffocating. I had lost my sense of reasoning so if I needed to survive I had to eat more and more meat.

Geo and I walked out of the office and we couldn’t help but smile at each other. We had both cleared and now we just had to wait for our graduation.

“Congrats baby we made it!” He said lifting me up.

“This calls for a celebration you know.”

“I know my love let’s get out of this place.”

He drove us to his place and prepared lunch for us, we ate quietly till Geo decided to break the silence.


“Baby” I responded surprised that he was calling me by my name.

“Marry me” He said.

“Marry you?” I laughed thinking it was all a joke.

“I am serious.”

“Oh my God, you are serious?”

“Yes we are done with school I have a job, I love you and you are carrying my child there is no point in waiting.”

I looked at him not sure if marriage was the right thing at the moment, I wanted to get a job, get stable, travel the world and do all sorts of things before committing myself to him but I loved him and I had also discovered I was pregnant a month ago. I had not told anyone about the pregnancy expect for Geo because I didn’t know how my parents would react knowing I already had another child with a different man.

“Say yes” He whispered as he got down on one knee removing a ring from a small box which was under the couch.

“Yes I will marry you” I blushed.

“You will?” He smiled as he slipped the ring on my finger.

We spent the day making plans for the future and when it was getting late. I told Geo to drive me home because mom would be bringing my son over.

When we got home, he kissed me goodbye before driving off.

“Mommy!” I heard my son call me when I walked into the yard.

“Baby boy” I smiled as I carried him.

“Hey Monica” I greeted mom’s maid.

“Hey, auntie told me to drop him off she had an emergency.”

“Have you been here for Long?”

“No we just got here.”

“Okay come in” I said as I unlocked the door.

“I won’t be staying for long” She said.

“I thought you are spending the night.”

“No auntie has a meeting at home tomorrow morning and I need to be there to carter for the guests.”

“Oh mom and her church things” I smiled.

“So how long is this midterm break of his?” I asked pointing at my son.

“A week.”

“It’s going to be a long week” I sighed.

“He is a good kid” She said.

"I know, but he is trouble sometimes” I smiled as I looked at Thabiso whose eyes where now fixed on the TV.

“You will manage.”

Monica left after sometime and it was just me and Thabiso, I loved my son so much he was the reason I had worked so hard for my degree. I wanted to get a stable job so I could give him the world.
I remember just how angry mom had been when I got pregnant in my final year of High School, she had vowed to stop sponsoring my education but as you know mothers, she soon forgave me and I continued going to school. I gave birth a month after my exams and went to University the next year while Thabiso stayed under mom’s care.

She had spoiled him rotten, sometimes I felt jealous looking at how inseparable they where. Mom had rented me the house I was now staying in so I could be near school, she didn’t want Thabiso to be a hindrance in my education. At least now my life was getting back on track, I had my baby near by, a second one on its way and a man who adored me.

I was also glad that Talia had finally backed off, after making all her useless threats she had gone extremely quiet.

•What's your prediction for the next chapter?

To be continued.

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"Please be advised their is a wolf on the loose devouring people, you are all advised not to walk around at awkward hours and always ensure you are walking in groups, we are doing everything possible to ensure we find it and kill it.”

I switched of the radio after listening to the announcement. For the past few months a wolf had been terrorising our community, so many poeple had lost their lives and all efforts to cage it had proved futile. Now we had to minimize our movements.

“You should move in with me” Geo had suggested.

“I can’t move in with you, let’s get married first” I had told him.

My mother would give a fit if I dared to live with a man, cohabitation was a no go area for her and I had to respect her beliefs.

“Thabiso put that down please” I yelled from the kitchen.

“But mommy...”

“No buts young man, you can’t be playing with a kite in my house.”

“Okay can I go outside?”

“Baby it’s late, you will play tomorrow okay”

“Fine!” He shouted causing me to laugh.

“Sorry baby just sit down and watch something.”

He had been troubling me quiet a lot lately and I couldn’t wait for the week to end so he could go back to mom’s house. I loved spending time with him but he was too naughty for my liking and the pregnancy wasn’t helping at all. I had planned on letting mom know I was pregnant when she came to pick up Thabiso.

I finished making us dinner and dished up for us, we ate quietly because apparently Thabiso was mad at me.

“I am sorry my darling for making you upset okay?”

He just looked at me and frowned.

“You hate mommy now?”

“I love you mommy.”

“Now that’s my boy, tomorrow we will go to the park and you can play with your kite all you want.”

“Seriously?” He asked as he brightened up.

“Yes baby.”

“You are the best mommy” He smiled.

I cleared the table after we were done eating, then we sat down to watch some cartoons. It was a bit chilly so we covered ourselves with a small blanket. I got up a few minutes later when there was a knock at the door.I wondered who could visit us that late because Geo was out of town and he was the only one that came to my house at any time.

“Talia?” I asked surprised she was at my door step.

“Tamara” She smiled at me, she was dressed in a short black dress with black slippers.

“Won’t you let me in?”

“What do you want?”

“I want us to talk” She said softly.


“Tamara its cold here will you please let me in, I am not here to cause any trouble.”

“I am sorry I can’t let you in” I said trying to close the door but she pushed me aside and walked in followed by one tall huge man.


“Shut up!” She said as she locked the door.

“Move!” The man said.

“No just go, this is insane!”

“You want to know what’s insane?” She asked.

“This is insane” She said grabbing a knife and pointing it at me.

“Mommy whose there?” Thabiso ran to the kitchen.

“S***” I cursed under my breathe.

“What do we have here?” Talia said moving to Thabiso.

“Baby run!” I said but she pulled his hand and carried him.

“Tamara you will cooperate or else I will slice this little thing right in your eyes.”

“What do you want?” I cried out.

“Your cooperation” She said walking to the living room and I followed her because she now had Thabiso in her hands and I didn’t want to in danger his life.

“Take a sit right there” The man said pointing to a couch on the other left side.

“If you do anything you won’t live to tell the tale” She said as she tied Thabiso to a chair, I tried grabbing my phone but the man noticed what I was about to do, he grabbed my phone and threw it on the floor.

“Talia please do what ever you want to me but please leave my boy out of this.”

“You are wrong, the boy has everything to do with this” She laughed.

“Stop being a coward and let the boy go?!” I yelled spiting in her face.

She looked at me for a while then she punched me and I fell off, she hit me again and I became powerless, then she told the man to tie me up.

“Mommy!” Thabiso cried.

“Talia please don’t do this.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” She yelled hitting me in the face again.

"Dee Thank you for your help, I will take it from here” She told the man handing him a small brown envelope.

“Are you sure?”

“I am more than sure, this is my fight and I will fight it alone.”

“Thank you madam, call again” The man said as they walked out.

I heard the door open and close, I felt tears pour out of my eyes. How would I save my child out of this mess?

“Talia why are you doing this?”

“Tamara you provoked me, no one provokes me and goes away scott free.”

“I am sorry please set us free we will never stand in your way again.”

“I used to have a brother you know?” She asked.

“What happened to him?” I asked trying to buy us a little time even though deep down I was trembling, I feared more for my baby.

“I killed him” She said as a smile crossed her face.

“You killed your own brother?” I asked with fear written all over my face.

“And that’s not it all, I killed my father because he was stupid, I stabbed them both to death.”

“God what have I gotten myself into?!” I asked loudly.

“Exactly my question, what have you gotten yourself into?”

“You took away something that was very valuable to me and now I will take away something that is valuable to you.”

“Talia Geo choose me I didn’t force him to be with me.”

“If you had stayed away like I told you too we wouldn’t be in this place right now.”

“Talia please!”

“And now your son’s blood will be in your hands.”

“You can’t kill him, he is innocent.”

“Even my mother was innocent, yet the man I called dad killed her, he killed her to make me weak but he gave me more strength!” She yelled.

"Nice ring you have on your finger” She said staring at my finger.

I didn’t know if to respond or not, Talia was a demon I could see it in her face and provoking her even more would make her kill my child.

“You want Geo? You can have him.”

“I don’t want him anymore, but I want to see him suffer, when you suffer he will suffer as well.”


“I have always wanted someone to love me but the people I love take me for granted, firstly my parents loved my brother more, and when I met Geo I thought he would love me but he left me for you.”

“Talia please I am sorry.”

“I am doing this to teach all the filthy men out there a lesson.”

“And you think you will get away with this?”

“You think I care if they hunt me down or not?”

“Talia let’s talk like civilised people.”

“I have nothing to live for, am an animal and no one will ever love me so before I am arrested let me inflict the same pain you have inflicted on me.”

“Please” I whispered as my baby cried.

“Now shut the f**** up and watch me eat up this little brat to pieces.” She said as she untied my son.

“Nooooo!” I screamed.

She stopped what she was doing then got a clothe and stuffed it in my mouth that way I would not scream. Then she went back to untying him. He had tears in his eyes but he didn’t scream. When she had untied him, she grabbed a knife and plunged it into his chest.
Tears rolled down my face as my little boy screamed, he was helpless and I couldn’t do anything to help him out. She pulled the knife out and stabbed him again.
Thabiso gasped for air as blood started pouring out, then Lia did the most undespicable thing, she started sucking my son’s blood.

“Was she using my child for rituals?!” I cried as I kicked my legs trying to free my self, the sight was heartbreaking what kind of person would do that to another person’s child.

Just when I thought I had seen enough, Lia slowly transformed into an animal and she let out a loud howl as she ripped my son’s body apart. Tears were pouring like rainfall from my eyes and the pain I felt at that moment was undescribable. I felt numb the sight before me shook me, I didn’t know if I would ever be fine after what I saw.

To be continued.

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Re: Hands Of Strain by oluspicy: 11:44pm On Jun 10

Having seen my child devoured like an animal really broke me, I lost the little strength that I had within me, I couldn’t even cry. I silently waited for her to eat me up too, what was the point of living? What did I have to live for? I wanted to die so I could be with my Thabiso, I wanted to tell him how sorry I was for having not protecting him, as a mother I felt I had failed him terribly and I would never ever forgive my self.

“If only I had not met Geo, if only I had stayed single, my baby would still be alive.”

When she was satisfied she had this kind of yellowish glow in her eyes, she let out another howl and turned back into her human form.

“You see what you pushed me to do?” She asked.

“You, you, you” I stammered as I tried to form a sentence.

“Now you can’t talk huh, you said you were ready for war, fight me now.”

“Just kill me too” I whispered.

“No I want you to feel my pain so I won’t kill you, I will spare your life so you can know what pain feels like.”

I looked at her face and saw no remorse, my heart was shattered and for a minute, I experienced total darkness. I don’t remember what happened next but when I opened my eyes I was sleeping in a strange room.

“She is awake” A woman almost my own age called out to someone.

For a minute I wasn’t aware of my environment then I scanned the whole place and realised I was at the hospital.

“My child oh my...” Mom hugged me when she walked in, she looked pale and her eyes where red and swollen.

“How are you feeling?” The doctor asked when he walked in a few minutes later.

I was about to respond when memories of what happened flashed right before my eyes. I thought I had been dreaming.

“Where is Thabiso?” I asked softly.

“Oh baby” Mom broke down confirming my worst fear, what happened was no joke, my baby was really gone.

“How could Talia have been that evil?” She really planned her revenge well, she took away the one thing that kept me whole, how would I live with myself knowing my baby got killed because of me.

I was discharged from the hospital two days later and we buried the remains of my son. In that three days I had not said anything, I didn’t even cry when we buried Thabiso. I was still in shock, I couldn’t accept Thabiso was gone.
The police had come to question me about the wolf but I couldn’t talk, each time I opened my mouth to say somthing, I instantly closed it because everything I witnessed seemed so unreal.

What made it worse was the fact that I had also lost the pregnancy. Could life get any worse for a human being?

I wish Mum had left me to die in that house. Apparently some neighbours had heard the howl of the wolf in my compound and alerted the police, but when they got to my place, Talia was already gone and I had passed out. It was then that they had contacted my relatives. I still couldn’t believe Talia was the wolf,would people even believe if I narrated what happened?

Never in my whole life had I ever believed in werewolves yet I had come face to face with one.

I sat by the stool opposite Tamara’s bed, she was quiet as usual and her eyes where closed. I tried holding her hand but she pulled away. I felt tears slipping down my cheeks, I too was broken by what was happening to her, I wanted to be there for her,to help heal her wounds but she was pushing me away.

We had buried her son but she still had not been able to say anything to anyone. I looked at her finger and noticed she had taken off her ring, then it hit me really hard, she wanted nothing to do with me. But why? Maybe it was my fault that I wasn’t there to protect her but I too was hurting over what happened to her, my worst fear was losing her, I loved her so much I couldn’t afford to lose her.

“Tamara please talk to me.”

“Talk to me, shout curse, say something but please talk to me” I pleaded but she didn’t respond.

“Baby let me take your pain.”

“Leave please” She said.


“Leave!!!” She yelled and I had no choice but too walk out even if It hurt badly to have her treat me like that.

It was a cold Sunday afternoon, I lay on my couch sipping some coffee as I watched the news week, nothing seemed to interest me and I was almost changing the channel till something caught my attention.

A four year boy had been ripped to pieces by a wolf a week ago, the photos they showed where disturbing, his body parts could hardly be recognized. The report further said, the boy’s mother who had witnessed the whole ordeal had gone into a state of shock and could hardly say anything.

“Poor woman” I thought.

The mother’s name rang a bell in my mind and I paced up and down trying to recall where I heard it from. Then a conversation I previously had with Talia lingered in my mind.

“Geoffrey has left me Cleo, he left me for a stupid girl at our school” She had cried to me on phone.

“It’s for the best” I had tried to comfort her

“No it’s not, that Tamara Chiluba will pay one way or another” She had insisted.

“Talia let it go, you can’t force love now can you?”

“That’s your problem, you are full of negativity, you know what I will never call you again!” She had yelled before cutting the line and that had been the last time I had heard from her.

She had blocked and blacklisted my number so I had just given up on her as well.

“Gosh Talia has gone too far, she needs to be stopped.”

I had turned her into a wolf and I had to do something before she killed more innocent people.

I walked to my room and took a shower then I packed a little clothes so I could get ready for Lusaka, I was going to put Talia in her place, her stupidity was costing a lot of lives.

I walked to my car and placed my little bag at the back seat, then I walked back and got my gun. I had bought myself a gun for self defence and it was loaded with silver bullets. Those would help bring down Talia.

I made sure to lock everything up before driving off.

“Please don’t kill him, please leave my baby!!!” Tamara screamed as she rolled on the bed.

“Baby, baby, wake up!” I said trying to wake her up.

She opened her eyes after some time and hugged me tightly.

“Shhhhhhh it shall be fine” I said patting her back.

“She killed my babies, she killed them.”

“Who is she?” I asked worriedly.

She didn’t respond but continued crying on my shoulder, after she calmed down a bit, she asked me to call her mom into the room. And when her mom came into the room, she instructed us both to sit next to her.

"You know when she said she would rip my baby to pieces I thought she was just joking because what normal human would do that to a child?” Tamara said wiping away her tears.

“What are you talking about T?” Her mom asked.

“I still can’t believe they are gone, it hurts so badly but maybe talking about it will help me heal.”

Tamara then started narrating to us what happened the night Thabiso was killed and by the time she was done, we were all in tears.

“Dermit!!!” I yelled hitting the wall.

“Baby it’s not your fault” She whispered.

“It is my fault, how could I have not seen the signs?”

“Talia is just an animal with no mercy.”

“She killed our babies and it’s all my fault” I said feeling hopeless.

“It’s not” She whispered.

She was trying to be strong but I could see how deeply broken she was, she had just lost two children and it was all my fault.

“You know what, let me call the police so they can take your statement and have this woman dealt with” Tamara’s mom said as she walked out.

“You know what, I won’t wait for the police, I will go and confront her.”

“No she is dangerous, let’s wait for the police.”

“I will make sure justice prevails.”

“Geoffrey I don’t wanna lose you too.”

“You won’t lose me.”

“Geo——” I didn’t even let her finish the sentence, I just stormed out of the room and hurriedly rushed to where my car was.

I was pissed off, how could I have not seen that Talia wasn’t a normal human being.

The rough sex, the aggressiveness, the scratching, it was all there but I turned a blind eye to it all for what? I was going to teach her a lesson she would never forget.

• Now that Cleo and Geo are after Lia, do you think it would be an easy task?

To be continued.

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