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The Enemy Within - A Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal / A Tale Of Two Lovebirds / Blood For Blood:a Tale Of Treachery (2) (3) (4)

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THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Angelsss(f): 2:19am On Jul 27
My hands trembled as I grabbed the knife. I felt choked as uncontrollable tears rushed down my cheeks. I was a prisoner in a castle. No one could ever understand my pain. I bit my lip to prevent myself from screaming as he drove his stinking rooster between my legs.

My name is Chinonye Adaku Bassey, this is my story.

Most people call me Nonye. I don't know much about my biological father because I have never met him. My mother and I do not have a relationship. I noticed that she always treated me differently from my siblings. I didn't look anything like them but I was never bothered.

Everything changed on the night of my fourteenth birthday. My mother had gotten married to a wealthy man, Barrister Donald Igwe. He was a widower who had no children from his previous marriage and had refused to remarry for a long time. Luckily for him, my mother was fertile ground and they had two litre boys together. My mother's husband had always treated me specially from my sisters, Sandra and Ezinne, who were both older than I was.

That night, he had bought me a very beautiful dress and a pair of golden shoes to match with it. I had been very excited. I rushed to show my sisters but from the look on their faces, they were not happy. Sandra hissed and called me a bastard child. I couldn't believe my ears...

A fight broke out soon and they teamed up and gave me the beating of my life. When my mother arrived, she joined in hitting me. From the words that she spoke, I understood it all. I and my three sisters were not from the same father. I was the odd one out.

It was on that night that my stepfather came into my room to comfort me. Innocently I wept in his arms like a little child. It wasn't long before his hands found my budding breasts. I tried to pull away, but he was too powerful. I tried to fight but he overcame. I lost many things that night.

I lost my sisters. I lost my power. I lost my virginity. This is how the rapes began. I was silences for many years but I was grown now...

A sick feeling danced in my belly as he began to moan and grunt. I positioned the knife and pulled in a deep breath. Without waste of time, I plunged it into his waist and pushed him down. My eyes burned with anger. I couldn't wait to finish what I had started.

"You bitch! What have you done?!" He groaned and screamed.

"Vengeance for all these years you have tormented me..."

I surged forward and made ready to stab his neck when I felt something hit my window. Butterflies filled my tummy as I thought of the new guy in the neighborhood. He had asked for my number but I hadn't given it to him. He had promised to stone my window until I offered him my attention.

"Wait here dick! I'll be back for you." I gritted my teeth and moved away.

Written by Rose Akpabio@2019


Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Angelsss(f): 2:20am On Jul 27
Hello Guys, new story alert! Have fun!
Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by chisiudeh: 7:46am On Jul 27
Nice work.
Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by PrudySara(f): 1:46pm On Jul 27
Secured my seat already with my popcorn... Ann2012 where art thou?? Welcome back Angelsss
Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Ann2012(f): 8:10pm On Jul 27
Secured my seat already with my popcorn...
Ann2012 where art thou??
Welcome back Angelsss

I'm here sweetie smiley

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Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Angelsss(f): 1:25am On Aug 03
I ignored the groaning of my stepfather as I moved towards the window. I felt like a victor. I had conquered the beast that had raped me for years. A smile curled on my lips as I remembered the guy whom I hoped was the one that had stoned my neighborhood. He was new in town. I didn’t know his name, but I knew the color of his eyes. I knew his scent. He was a very attractive man. Truthfully, he was the first man that I desired. I discovered that I had grown to hate men along the years. I saw them all as beasts that were only after the cravings of their loins. And who would exploit anyone or anything available for that fleshly satisfaction.
“You will pay for this, you bastard child!” He cursed.
I tightened my grip around the knife and smeared the droplets of blood on my gown.
I swirled around and faced him one more time. I had never felt this powerful, this controlling. I loved the way I felt and I didn’t regret anything.
“I have already paid for all the shit you did to me. You better keep your mouth shut if you want to live.”
I didn’t have a plan yet. I felt like ripping his throat apart and gouging his eyes out. The man had ruined my childhood and everything for me. I was a lonely person. I didn’t have my mother’s love, favor or care. My sisters hated me. And I never understood why. Not that I cared anymore. I was ready to elope at any minute.
I pushed the window gently with the edge of the blade. With a little help from the whispering wind, it gave way to a sufficient stream of golden sunlight. This was always my favorite sport. You see, my stepfather was a wealthy man. He had built a three storey and I lived on second floor. After each encounter with the beast, I would sit next to the window and cry my eyes out while watching the street.
I wasn’t interested in looking at the street today. I just wanted to see the person that threw a stone by my window. I narrowed my eye as I began the scrutiny. I was right! The guy I had bumped into at the local supermarket was close by. He leaned next to a black Civic Honda. He wore faded jeans and a black shirt. He stood lazily with his arms crossed against his chest and his seductive obsidian eyes upon my window.
“You!” I pointed the knife at him.
A smile split his angular face into two. My heart almost stopped. How could one person be this handsome? I swallowed the lump that clogged my throat as butterflies danced in my belly. My sisters had always talked about men; falling in love, having wild sex and partying. I had never experienced all that. Their lewd conversations always offended me, though I never told them. Is this what love felt like? Was this desire? I couldn’t explain the wave of excitement that coursed through me as my eyes melted in his’.
With his hands, he made a gesture that translated, “Come down.”
I felt special. Guys had approached me before now, but it took a really stupid or courageous person to throw a stone against my window. This guy was into me. I could feel it.
“I won’t!” I mouthed and shut the window against him without warning.
When I swirled round, I only saw traces of blood on the ground.
“Damn!” I gritted my teeth. My perverted stepfather had escaped. I was in danger. I had to get rid of the knife and everything else in the room. But first, I needed to check what the fool was up to.
Quickly, I hid the knife underneath my pillow and hurried out of the room. I could hear my mother wailing and crying. My sisters weren’t home, definitely they would’ve joined. I ran a tongue over my lips and approached her room. When I peeped, I noticed that she was giving him first aid treatment. Without knocking, I pushed the door open.
“What happened Mama?” I whispered.
She eyed me angrily and wiped the tears that streamed down her face.
“Can’t you see that my husband is wounded? Why must you ask me a stupid question?”
From the look in his eyes, I knew that he was afraid of me. He had not seen this coming. I wish I had discovered that knife long time back. Well, that was just the beginning. I was determined to hurt this man in many ways.
“What happened?” I walked closer.
“He fell from the stairs. My enemies are after me but they will not succeed. Soon the doctor would be here to treat him. Contact your sisters and tell them to come home.” My mother instructed and I affirmed with a nod.
My stepfather’s face had grown pale. He was losing much blood. I walked closer to him and touched a side of his face.
“You will be fine dad…”
The man was terrified of my hands. If my mother wasn’t around, he would have pushed them away.
“I will take good care of you.” I winked before strolling out of the room. This was just the beginning.

I had put a call to my sisters. It didn’t take thirty minutes before they all returned. I had expected them to be in a somber mood but the look on their faces betrayed my expectations. They were giggling and whispering about something.
“Welcome…” I smiled but they ignored me.
I was used to it. I have been alone in this house for a very long time. As they walked past me, I heard them talking about one Seun guy. From their conversation, he was extremely handsome. I rolled my eyes. Same old, same old, couldn’t they talk about something else? It was no secret that my sisters weren’t serious with their studies. While I had graduated before them, (I did a five year course) while they both did courses slated for four years; I had finished school and awaited service. I felt bad as I realized that my mother had never congratulated me or appreciated my efforts yet she praised these girls even though it was obvious that they were towing the wrong path.
It was just a matter of time and I would be out of their nose. I couldn’t wait for my call up letter. One thing was certain; I would never come back to their lives. I would never give anyone the chance to hurt me.
My phone soon vibrated in my purse. At first, I’d wanted to ignore it, but the persistent ringing irked me. I pulled it out and noticed a strange number. I took the call without second thoughts.
“Hello,” I whispered.
“Come down, I am still waiting for you…”
My heart skipped as I recognized the voice. First he had stoned my window, now he had gotten my number from God knows where. I hope he wasn’t a stalker. Without waste of time, I descended the stairs.
“What are you doing here?” I snapped at him in feigned anger.
The handsome stranger ran his eyes steadily over me. I found it difficult to stay focused under his penetrating gaze. What was he looking at? Was I pretty enough? Gosh, why was I even having these thoughts? I had changed into a jean and a turtle neck blouse. Surely, nothing had been revealed.
“You haven’t answered my question.” I forced my eyes to meet with his’.
Satisfied with whatever he had been looking at, he dropped his hands and strolled towards me.
“You are more beautiful than your sisters.” A lazy smile danced upon his lips.
“Are you stalking me? When did you meet my sisters?” I moved away from him. I thought my action would deter him from coming closer. He pressed on until he was a breath apart from my face.
I inhaled deeply and tried not to look into his eyes.
“How else do you think I got your phone number? Unlike you, they are very social. I took one of their phones while trying to type my number, I fetched yours. Any more questions?”
I bit my lip and shook my head. I remember that my sisters were at the supermarket the day that I had first bumped into him. It all made sense now.
“Why didn’t you just ask me for it when we first met?”
“You wouldn’t give it to me. It was all over your face that you don’t like invasion.”
“You know nothing about me. You have my number now, I hope you are satisfied with that.”
A throaty chuckle rang from his lips.
“I know a lot about you Nonye. You try to act tough on the outside, but deep down, you’re a broken glass. I have met people like you. Your eyes seem bright from a distance, but a closer look reveals the pain that is within.”
Tears stung my eyes as I considered his face. How could a total stranger read me like a book?
“Get away from me!”
He shrugged, “I was just leaving. I am in new in the neighborhood, if you need me, call my number.”

To be continued.

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Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Shola2019(f): 8:54am On Aug 03
Angelsss thanks 4 d update all ur books are captivating

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Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Ann2012(f): 10:17am On Aug 04
I'm certainly enjoying this
Thanks for the update
Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by SirWhiteFish: 9:02pm On Aug 04
The fisherman's tale
Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by ashatoda: 9:44pm On Aug 04
hmmm. This is going to be interesting
Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Lilly4endu: 11:33pm On Aug 04
Welcome back Angelsss, following you bumper to bumper.
Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Angelsss(f): 3:00am On Aug 13
Two days had passed since I met the stranger and I found it difficult to keep my mind off him. It took me strong will not to dial his number, which I had deleted and restored multiple times. My stepdad had been taken out of the house to a hospital and from what I gleaned; he would be there for some weeks. I was relieved by that piece of news; one problem was solved.
Gradually, the stranger was taking over my thoughts. I found it difficult to focus on anything. I thought of him in the bathroom. I thought of him in the kitchen…was this love? I had never experienced something like this. Well, how could I, when my mother’s husband had stolen my innocence away from me at a tender age? I cringed as I remembered one night…
“Damn!” I screamed and shut my eyes. I tried to force the memory out, but it kept coming. It was like a raging wave of a river and I was hopeless. I was helpless before it. I couldn’t shut it out. I couldn’t get rid of it. This was getting confusing for me. I thought I would feel slightly better after stabbing my stepfather. But I just realized that my satisfaction had only been temporal.
My mother had gone to church with one of her best friends then, Mrs. Awallu, whom she had later accused of sleeping with her husband. Though I was young, I had a feeling that he had tried to harass the woman and she had rejected his advances. He knew that my mother was soft and he took advantage of her trust in him. He had lied about everything.
I and my sisters slept in different rooms. I had felt a hand searching my panties…and then he pulled it away and brought his face towards my sex. A sharp pain that hit my abdomen had awoken me. When I straightened on the bed, I tried to fight him off. Quickly, he covered my mouth and pushed me back on the bed. Before I could muster strength to fight again, he spread my legs with his strong hands and began to pummel my little body.
“Nonye!” I felt a slap on my back. Swiftly, the cloudy memory faded away and I was back in the kitchen. Tears stung my eyes and blurred my vision. I noticed that I was holding a knife and I had been chopping some leaves.
I wiped my face and swirled around. It was my eldest sister, Ezinne. Ezinne was a bit friendlier than Sandra who always stared at me with disdain. I had tried everything possible to get the love of my sisters, but they always drained me of good energy whenever I stepped close. I had made up my mind to survive without them.
“Yes?” I answered.
“What’s taking so long? I am famished!” She emphasized her point by rubbing her belly.
I forced a kind smile, but I cared less. These girls were spoilt and self centered yet my mother saw nothing wrong in their entitled behavior. If she had given me quarter of the love that she showered upon them, I would’ve found a way to wrap my head around the abuse that I suffered. My mother disliked me and so did her daughters.
“Food will be ready soon…” I trailed off.
She walked to the fridge and pulled it open. She was about pulling out a bottle of fresh orange juice when her phone rang. Not that it was any of my business, but I found myself listening. At the mention of the stranger’s name, my heart stopped.
“Seun darling…” Ezinne drawled.
I could feel my skin crawling when I heard this.
“How do you do today?” She continued sweetly.
I threw the knife on the table slab and rushed towards the sink. So that fool was playing me? I felt hurt that he had pretended to like me. I wasn’t supposed to feel this way because I hated men but…Okay, I couldn’t explain this.
“Can you come over to the house? My parents are aware and my sister is preparing something very delicious.” Ezinne threw him an invitation. I couldn’t believe my ears. First, he had gotten my number from them and now he was coming over? I was going to beat him to his game if he took that invitation.
When she broke the call, she grabbed the bottle and turned around.
“What are you looking at? You should hurry up. I am expecting someone in two hours.”
I inhaled deeply, “I do not think I can prepare me this meal. I feel sick. I will get the cook to prepare it.” I returned calmly.
“Are you stupid?” Ezinne fired at me. I bit my lip. I wasn’t ready for trouble. I couldn’t wait for the day that I would face my mother’s daughters.
“No I am not.” I answered quietly.
“Good. I give the orders, you take them. Don’t ever speak to me first unless I command it.” I affirmed her command with a nod. I reminded myself that my suffering would be over soon. Time was holding me back.
I stared at the sharp knife on the table slab. Perhaps, if I had killed that monster, my life would’ve been better. To distract myself, I pulled out my phone from the pocket of the apron and dropped it on the table. I loved listening to the radio. I was right on time for the day’s news and it was something ridiculous enough to amuse me.
“Breaking news: the heir to the Abasiatai group of companies, Mr. Edwin Ubong Abasiatai had resigned. According to hidden sources, he is not interested in the family oil business. He wants to become a fisherman.”


Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Ann2012(f): 6:16am On Aug 13
Thanks for the update
Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Devilpen(m): 6:59am On Aug 13
Am not a romance fans... But this one ehn... Am glued.....
Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by PrudySara(f): 12:32pm On Aug 13
Thanks for the update
Re: THE FISHERMAN'S Tale(love Finds Broken) by Shola2019(f): 3:01pm On Aug 13
thanks for the update

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