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The Unexpected. Love N Romance / Unexpected Result / Shade's Unexpected Visit (A Short Romantic Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Story: Unexpected Love by OyaNaija(m): 9:25pm On Aug 17
Read Unexpected Love By Edith Chinasa Every Saturday and Tuesday

See Full Story At: https://www.iblogtv.com.ng/search/label/Unexpected%20Love

Interesting Story you can't stand to miss



this is news at seven(7).a young girl of about seven
teen years has been given an award as a heroine by the madam president of the Aristotle empire.according to the information from the press,the young girl who was said to be in ss3 saved a man from falling down a cliff today...information reaching us states that the only son of the great madam president was responsible for the planned death of the saved man and in order to shut the interference of the press and social news spreaders ,the madam president has granted a scholarship to the heroine from secondary to tertiary level at the great Aristotle empire high school .this is the end of the news for seven....

honey can you hear that ? God has really answered our prayer ,oh my God!! I can't believe this,our daughter has really made us proud, my daughter going to Aristotle empire? a poor person like me;the voice of Mrs Johnson could be heard chattering happily to her husband. this God is a wonder working God said the husband.as the celebration was going on a knock was heard at the door interrupting their conversation. honey check who is knocking Mr Johnson said to his wife....

A young man at his late forties was standing on the door with a briefcase. I believe this is the house of Mr and Mrs Johnson the parents of the great heroine the man asked humbly.you are at the right place,come inside said Mrs Johnson.I am sent by the great president of Aristotle empire to inform you of the scholarship of your daughter ,her bills,accommodation and text books has been taken care of and she just has to resume next week,Mr Sean the messenger said I am only but a messenger and I have delivered the message which my master sent me.the messenger stands to leave.we really appreciate your visit sir and tell the madam president that we will forever be grateful to her said Mr and Mrs john..

It is a beautiful morning at the family of Mr and Mrs Johnson, the setting reveals a young beautiful girl stitching a piece of cloth ,Mrs Johnson can be seen coming out from the kitchen..mummy why do you have to accept that offer,I only helped a dying man ,don't you think the madam president is only trying to bribe us through this scholarship besides mum am not going to that school because I don't belong there,it it is a school for the rich and high class people and am not one of them,blessing said to her mother who only hissed and passed her. Am not going to that school that's all I know,blessing continued, will you shut up young girl,what do you know ?? this is an opportunity for you to see the bright world or do you want to remain poor forever,go there and meet with people from higher background, who knows you might bring home a rich suitor one day,the mother interrupted her,young lady you are leaving for school tomorrow and that is final,the mother concluded...

the environment seems busy and everyone was rushing for lecture. a girl could be seen with a school map looking around the school like a lost puppy.Excuse me dear,please can you show me the way to the swimming pool? the girl asked a passerby,why would someone be looking for the swimming pool this early morning instead of going for lecture besides you are with the school map look for the direction through it,the passerby said as he hurriedly left..
This school looks big so much,oh my God what am I even doing here,everyone seems as if they are too big yo talk to me,why are they looking at me that way?are my clothes not well ironed like theirs,, arrrrrrrgh the new girl collided with a passerby.. ohh am sorry I was carried away by my thoughts said the new girl......guess who she collided with??

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Re: Story: Unexpected Love by Olanians(m): 9:32pm On Aug 17
Really,Life Is A Chain Once It Tie The World Would Be In Problem And Once It Lose The World Would Be Free
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by Olanians(m): 9:47pm On Aug 17
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by OyaNaija(m): 6:26am On Aug 18
Next Chapter On Tuesday... Who is ready for it?
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by succana: 11:17am On Aug 18
Following. Your story makes me remember boys over flower
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by OyaNaija(m): 11:54am On Aug 18
Following. Your story makes me remember boys over flower

Interesting... � �
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by IBlogTV(m): 12:24pm On Aug 18
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by OyaNaija(m): 9:25am On Aug 20
THE UNEXPECTED LOVE chapter 2.....

arrrrrrgh the new girl collided with a passerby.oooh am sorry I was carried away by my thoughts said the new girl,you don't have to worry,it seems you are new here,what level are you? said the passerby,am new here and I am in ss3 badge B the new girl answered,wow my name is Annabel and also in ss3 badge B nice to meet you.I am blessing, you seems nice can we be friends blessing asked,ofcourse yes,come let's go to the class answered Annabel.

Noise can be heard at the prep hall ,it is obvious that it is free period, why are people shouting that much asked blessing. I think the young Prince is passing Annabel answered.he is the son of the president of this school,the dream of all girls,if you are a student of this school you ought to know him because he is like a household name in this school Annabel explained to her,hmmmmm this is amazing as if he is a god blessing exclaimed.. blessing and friend left the arena to the cafeteria for their lunch ,the food was bought by Annabel suddenly their was a scream,blessing turned to meet the shock of her life,a young boy of about twenty years was baptizing a girl with a bottle of red wine,what exactly is this guy doing to that girl?and why are people not saying anything, blessing thought to herself. she left her seat to meet the guy .hey what do you think you are doing, why are you maltreating this girl like this,the boy looked up at blessing quietly and left,hey stop there I asked a question you bitch.you got moral you know,I can just strangle you now and no one will question me,do you know whom I am?I own this school, I do whatever I like, I am the great Kenneth, so you WHO ARE YOU
I am the army of the weak ,the one who has nothing but still lives happily more than the rich,I don't care if you are president of the whole world but you are not the giver of life,queried blessing. it seems you are the heroine, wow what a brave girl but let's see where your braveness will lead you to,Kenneth said and left...

At the resident of Kenneth sat four of his friends and coursemate.they are mainly children from rich politicians so they are known as the five Aristotle prince.it seems Kenneth was explaining his encounter with the strange girl to them.
mehn I can see love in the air kelvin one of the guys said.I mean I really need to see this girl who stood up to the great Kenneth. before he could finish Kenneth has already left the room with rage . can you see that, I hope he is not planning something evil, I just pity the poor girl sha said Christian the closest friend to Kenneth.

Kenneth could be coming down the stairs with a cup of wine.I gonna show that girl something she've not seen before, I will make life miserable for her as long as she stays in this school Kenneth said as he sat down....

in a room showed the view of three guys, I want you guys to do a perfect job for me,I will pay whatever amount you require just make it look so real,her name is blessing Johnson,a newly admitted, she us in ss3 badge B,you have to post this at every website with her picture, every school blog and also be shown at the school cable, I need her to be disgraced until she cannot shown her face to the world .but sir why are you doing this?the girl in this picture looks innocent, the other guy asked.man do your job and don't question me ,the guy said and stand up to leave..outside the building disclosed the guy to be Kenneth, I think the game just begins ,let's see who wins .he said and he laughs wickedly...hahahahahahaha I AM KENNETH ARISTOTLE. he shouts

written by edithchinasa...like my page @ edithchinasa stories..

See Chapter @ https://www.iblogtv.com.ng/2019/08/story-unexpected-love-chapter-2.html
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by OyaNaija(m): 8:34pm On Aug 24

written by Edith chinasa..

there was commotion at every angle of the school, students were seen watching videos at every angle of the school cables,some with their phone suddenly blessing walked into her classroom to meet the gazing eyes of her classmates, what is she still doing here,that girl has no shame,one of her classmate said ..on sighting blessing,Annabel ran to her, girlfriend what have you done??your video is all round the school,I just pray it doesn't reach the management or else that is direct expulsion.. what are you saying, I don't get you, which video are you talking about,blessing asked confused.. you mean you Haven't seen the video that is almost viral?? your video, yes your video blessing, a video of you having sex with an unknown man in the classroom after lecture,clothes with condom was littered in the classroom this morning, it is obvious and seems real,explained Annabel. what!!!I can't do such,I am innocent,, Annabel trust me someone is trying to frame me,I didn't do it,I followed you home yesterday after lecture right? please believe me I am innocent... I believe you girlfriend, I think we should leave here now,but y will Someone think of doing such a harmful thing to you,the video is almost everywhere,girlfriend am sorry but I think there is no way out of this mess.. ..

At the roof top,blessing was crying bitterly while Annabel was consoling her,girlfriend is there anyone you have offended in the past,like an ex Annabel asked. no I haven't, am just a poor girl who stays on my own,I have no ex or any man in my life ,so am surprise how the sex of a thing came about, blessing reply..wait girlfriend, I hope is not what am thinking, you challenged Kenneth the other day,he might be the one responsible for this Annabel said..but how can he think of doing such a wicked act blessing asked. girlfriend is obvious you don't post know this Kenneth, he us dangerous and can do anything to harm anyone,,yes he is responsible for this,no one can do this except him but what are we going to Do to stop him,nothing he is powerful and wicked too, I think the only option now is to go and beg him ,Annabel suggested. beg him? why? but I did nothing wrong to him? I rather die than beg that coward who only derive joy by hurting others intact show me his lodge am going to speak to him now blessing said angrily.. wait girlfriend, it seems you don't know this Kenneth very well,your future is on the line,you are about to loose your scholarship, go and apologize to him and leave the case for God. please girlfriend going to fight with him won't change anything but will only increase your punishment Annabel begged...but I dgd nothing wrong to him,what am I begging for,beg him to forgive me because I told him the truth?? no I won't do that..she said as she ran down the roof top...

At the resident of Kenneth,Kenneth was dancing to the music emitting from the sound system....boy I can see you are really happy today,so tell me what is the occasion? Christian asked.are you saying I can't be happy again without any reason Kenneth replied.. did I said so? everyone knows you are always happy especially when one of your evil plans pushes through, who is the victim this time?? Christian pressed further. hmmmmmm think whatever you.....Kenneth how can you be this wicked??

I didn't expect you to stoop this low?? where are your conscience?? kelvin who was coming inside interrupted... what do you mean? can't I have my peace of mind again? why is everyone badmouthing me? Kenneth said still dancing.. kelvin what is it? Christian asked..just check this out,watch this video kelvin said as he fave his phone to Christian.. wait Kenneth, don't tell me you are responsible for this, haba this is not fair, you have ruined this girl image ,,you better put a stop to this,find a way to clear this mess before it goes viral,remember kama is real,Christian said....


Full Story @ https://www.iblogtv.com.ng/search/label/Unexpected%20Love
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by OyaNaija(m): 7:29am On Aug 25
Are you enjoying it?

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Re: Story: Unexpected Love by Shola2019(f): 1:12pm On Aug 25
nice story following bumper to bumper
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by froze6(m): 1:43pm On Aug 25
Are you enjoying it?
PLEASE leave a comment
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by IBlogTV(m): 5:08pm On Aug 25

Re: Story: Unexpected Love by OyaNaija(m): 8:25am On Aug 26
Next Chapter Will Be Available Tomorrow On


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Re: Story: Unexpected Love by OyaNaija(m): 8:08pm On Aug 27
This is the chapter 4 for Of Unexpected Love By Edith Chinasa

See Chapter 5: https://www.iblogtv.com.ng/2019/08/story-unexpected-love-chapter-4.html

THE UNEXPECTED LOVE.... chapter 4..

you better put a stop to this mess before it goes viral, remember kama is real,Christian said..

bringing to you the unexpected love..chapter 4..written by Edith chinasa..

Do you have to preach to him,seriously?? it is his cross mehn,so let him carry it alone and bear the consequence kelvin replied..

there was a knock on the door,the door opened and a servant came in," sir there is a young outside, she has been banging at the gate since five minutes now and she is crying seriously.. sir she I let her in
Don't this crying girl has any name?? Christian asked. Sir she said her name is blessing, a student of this school and from her mood it seems she has an important message.Blessing?? the brave girl, go and bring her in Kenneth said as he went upstairs...

Good evening seniors, blessing greeted once she entered, her face swollen from excess crying,yea sit down so how can we help you and why is your face like this?? kelvin asked..sir am looking for young master Kenneth, I want to talk to him,,,okay,so is there any problem?why are you looking for him kelvin asked further....it is obvious the great brave girl is here to beg the coward ,Kenneth interfered while coming down from the stair with a cup of brandy..
sir please forgive me for my immature character towards you,please I don't want to be a dropout, I am just a poor girl who is struggling for life,,Sir my future on this scholarship,, if I got expelled I am ruined....wait you brat how does all this stories of yours concerns me,who cares if you got expelled or not,,I just want you to leave here this instant Kenneth said rudely as he picked his car key from the table and stands to leave,blessing ran to him holding him on his leg as she kneels down,,sir please I beg you,please forgive me,,how dare you touch me with your filthy hands,are you out of your mind?? ..no sir I am....

I said don't touch me!!!!!Kenneth said as he angrily took the glass of wine and poured on her. I hope you understand this language, he said and left....blessing cried but all tears was in vain..""am afraid you have to leave now,just hold yourself together, crying won't help the matter because you are in a deep mess but I promise you I will talk to him once he calms down Christian said as he helped blessing stood to her feet...okay sir ,I will appreciate that, my God will bless you..no problem you have to start going now..okay blessing said as she starts leaving..

You mean he poured his drink on you??my God I never knew this guy is this mean??Annabel said..I begged him,I cried to him,I even knelt down for him but he was adamant.. ooh God what have I done?? am finished.. what if my parents sees this video??how will I explain to them that is just a frame up...

girl I told you at the initial time that challenging Kenneth is just like challenging devil itself but you thought am joking, now you see where your stubbornness had landed you..Annabel said..this is not time for blames, I need a means to get out of this problem,I am doomed for life,I can't even enter the class to learn,the shame is too much,I am tired,I am tired!! I am tired!!!!. Annabel do you know I feel like taking my life.this is too much for me...blessing justhold yourself together I believe there is a way out of this situation,, every problem has a solution rightblessing nods her head as she placed her head on Annabel shoulder....

Kenneth I must tell you the Unclad truth here,which is that you are selfish and self centered..how can you even have the mind of doing such a harmful thing to that poor girl... do you know what they said " only weak guys exercise their power against women,Kenneth you are a weak guy,seriously I am disappointed,Christian said..are you done?? if you are done,can I have my dinner in peace??..Kenneth it is obvious you ve made up your mind not to clear up this mess,my God how did you even come up with such a dangerous plan but don't worry I will see to it,I will clear up this whole drama myself....don't you dare?? stop stepping on my shoes and whatever I do with my life
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by IBlogTV(m): 7:17am On Sep 04
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by IBlogTV(m): 7:18am On Sep 04
I don't want to talk to you Christian said and left the sitting room...

THE UNEXPECTED LOVE... Chapter six(6)..

Written by Edith chinasa.

I can't believe we are finishing our W.A.E.C today,it is just like yesterday that I entered this school and I must confess you have made my stay in this school a memorable one ....in fact you are a God sent,blessing said to Annabel.

Yea I am grateful to God who has lead us through and you are one hell of a friend... Jeez your stubbornness and attitude are out of this world but I like it like that sha,at least you have been a blessing to me academically,Annabel replied as they were entering into the examination hall..

As they entered into the examination hall both sat at there respective seat number....good morning blessing, how was your night and how are you doing today? Harry one of their classmate asked..

As you can see,I am okay and sound,blessing replied

You are always okay and you look beautiful and gorgeous today,,what cream do you use that makes your skin this flawless and smooth, sometimes I do wonder if you are one of the fallen angels...

See,Harry I am not interested in this your joke this morning, just leave me alone,I want to revise my note before the exam starts blessing replied obviously not paying attention to Harry's presence....

You are not always interested....please after the exam,wait for me I want to escort you home or better have lunch with you,what do you think?

You already knows my response,I don't want you to escort me home and I don't want to have lunch with you,blessing replied angrily....

Okay I have heard you,it does not calls for a fight,have a nice day,Harry said disappointedly as he left to his seat..

.guys guess what wisdom called me last night and he said he is returning next week,Kenneth said to his friends as they just finished taking their dinner....

That is a good news,I miss my buddy mehn,.....
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by IBlogTV(m): 12:39pm On Sep 12
Re: Story: Unexpected Love by IBlogTV(m): 12:40pm On Sep 12
[Story] Unexpected Love - Episode 8
THE UNEXPECTED LOVE ....chapter eight...

Previous Episode

Written by Edith chinasa..please like or comment before reading and note:: no part of this work should be copied or plagiarised without the permission of the writer thank you...
My nature is to love him and therefore I love,I do not pray for anything,I do not ask for anything, let him place me wherever he likes,I must love him for love sake,I cannot trade in love...
At my core,I am aware emptiness,and it is because I am empty that I am able to be filled,because I am nothing that I am capacity for everything...

True love has no object, it is a state of being....
Blessing what are you doing in the class when all the student are outside,,,, girl I just feel like to cool my head a little, today's lecture is something else,gosh that lecturer is a note writer... Okay I want to start going, I have some dirty clothes I want wash before night fall,Annabel said ....
Blessing! Blessing!!! Congratulations dear,I just envy you,Janet one of their coursemate said as she ran into the lecture hall..
This one you are congratulating me,I don't understand oooh,what is it??
Your name is out in the notice board,you made the best result Janet replied..
Which result are you talking about blessing asked confused.
I think you should go see for yourself,, the head of the five Aristotle prince Kenneth just pasted the result now,I mean the w.A.E.C result... Janet replied.
What!! Are you serious, wait am coming blessing said as she run out of the lecture hall with Annabel running after her..
Blessing made her way to the front of the notice board, is she not the girl with the best result? A student asked the guy next to her,...yes she is the one,look the passport there is her exact replica.. I heard she is on scholarship,she is really a lucky girl...and a brilliant one I guess ,another student added..blessing just smiled all throughout...
Girlfriend I am happy for you,I told you but you never believed me,I think your name will appear on the school newspaper tomorrow. Annabel said..
I don't want the popularity dear but all the same I am grateful to God, blessing said..

Chineke nna emego kwa nwa ogbenye ezeke,every day by day I just dey celebrate ooh,eeeh every thing I do ,I just celebrate ooh,eeh I just want to say thank you Jehovah eeh,buru ekele ,buru otito,fada fada eeeh,fada fada eeeh,adikwam loyal ooh,fada fada eeh,fada fada eeh..chai I really like this music, kelvin sang along as he displays his dancing step...
This guy when will you stop disturbing someone in this house, if you want to dance why don't you go to your room,must it be in the sitting room,Christian said as he sat down..
I know I have many enemies, who are always angry whenever I am happy and you are one of them..
Thank God you know,Christian said as he took the remote..
Eheh guy,have you heard,,your girlfriend,the scholarship girl just broke the record kelvin said as he sat beside Christian.
My girlfriend?? I don't get you at all,what are you saying??
Your blessing nah,,that girl is brain herself.. Do you know she made the best result in this school W.A.E.C with 8 A's and 1 B kelvin said..
What!! Congrats to her,,but kelvin when will you stop calling that local girl my girlfriend,, she is no way my class,so get that into your head okay Christian said .
Hmmmm it has not reached to quarrelling nah.kelvin said as he stood up and left the sitting room...
Wisdom ,Nelson and Kenneth entered the sitting room as they saw Christian operating on his phone...
Guy it seems you decided to stay indoor today, you really missed oooh ,there is this guy that wore the exact same cloth with Kenneth today, you need to see Kenneth face when he .....I even thought you have a valid gist ,Nelson said interrupting wisdom..
Guy guess who won the best W.A.E.C student of the year? Blessing the number one enemy of Kenneth, sometimes I begin to wonder if that girl is a witch Nelson said..
You know, I think I like that girl,she look innocent and young,wisdom said..
Don't even go there, of all the g

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