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Choices- To Be Alive And Loved Is Entirely Your Choice by HealthTeacher(f): 10:07am On Oct 16, 2019
About the book:
Danielle was a very beautiful and intelligent medical doctor who assumed the only problem she had was choosing between two potential suitors until she noticed signs of the same illness that killed her mother. Will this serve as the true test of love? Will she end up begging to be loved or will she be open to receive love?

Read a free chapter below


It was my very first day in surgery posting and I was not quite sure how to feel about it. The past few years had been more stressful than I expected. It felt like it always became more strenuous with starting a new class. I was trying to adjust my newly purchased clinical coat when I heard my colleague call out my name from the other end of the room.
“Danielle you were a bit late. The consultant is here already Is everything okay?” Lara asked.
“Of course Lara I am great. I just could not get enough sleep at night. I guess I had a lot on my mind.” I replied smiling.
“Oh you do not say Lara. It could never have been worse than mine. I was on the phone all night with Dele. I really do not know who is feeding him with rumours that I may be cheating on him. He was so furious.” She said as she exaggerated as usual.
“Over here, all of you.” The resident doctor called as he cut short Lara's explanation in good time. I really was not ready for that sort of conversation first thing on a Monday morning. Lara was the busy body of my set. Dele and Lara had been dating since we were in our first year. A relationship should get better with time but with this pair it was very different. Theirs was more like a love-hate relationship. This minute they are good, the next minute they were in a fight. If we were to find out how long they have been happy in the relationship without quarrelling, we may just find out they had only been dating for a year. Anyway, it was none of my business. Starting my posting and doing very well was all that mattered.
We all moved towards the resident doctor and consultant bringing out our writing pads. You never know when a very important information drops. If you were not fast at everything in medical school, you may just be surprised at how fast you will be failing. I was definitely not going to be the scapegoat.

“First patient here is Mr Dele a middle-aged man who presented with difficulty in urinating and ejaculation. He also has a frequent urge to urinate most of the time with blood in his urine. From clerking the patient, what do you think the problem might be?” He asked us.
Wondering why there was no response from any of us, he raised his eyebrows and moved towards us.
“Prostate cancer” Lara replied.
“Why?” He asked.
“The symptoms sir,” she answered.
The consultant looked at her closely and said, “No you are wrong. Anyone else?”
I decided to try. “Benign prostatic hyperplasia Sir”
“Why?” He asked once again.
“He is middle aged so I doubt it will be Prostate Cancer as it is more prevalent in older men. From the rectal
examination we had on him. I think it was quite evident sir” I replied.
“That is correct and quite impressive. To become a doctor, an important quality you must possess is the ability to pay attention to details. Do you all understand me?” He asked in a rather high tone.
“Yes sir,” We all replied in unison.
“You can continue with the resident doctor. I am off for a departmental meeting.”
Just when I thought everything was going to be fine, the resident doctor walked from one person to the other looking into our notes. When he got to me, he stopped, opened his eyes and looked very closely. “Oh my!” It was Dr Diran, the proud Doctor. “How on earth did he get here? Oh no. This cannot be happening.” I said to myself as I squeezed myself very hard and hoped to wake up from my dream. He continued to walk but this time behind us. I could feel him come very close to me this time. I became more uncomfortable. I hoped my attitude from the past with Dr Diran was not about to catch up with me.
After visiting about 15 patients, Dr Diran called it a wrap. I will see you all at the seminar to discuss the cases further.
“Danielle, can I speak to you at the resident's lounge?” He asked politely.
“Of course, doctor.” I replied as I walked behind him.

“Come over and have a seat” He said as he pointed to a vacant seat beside him. I sat with half of my buttocks sticking out thinking about what he was going to say.
“Danielle it has been about three years or more if I am not mistaken.” He said
“Yea really” I replied confused whether to smile or keep a straight face.
“You must have thought nothing was ever going to bring us together. Isn't it?” He asked smiling.
“I am so sorry Diran. Sorry, Dr Diran.”
“Hehehe” He laughed as I stuttered.
“I am sorry but I think you always met me whenever I was in a bad mood. I am not rude.” I said.
“It is okay, I understand.” He smiled again. “You made it this far. I am glad.”
“Thank you” I replied, this time smiling confidently. We had a very short chat and I left afterwards.
After the incident at the complex with Tade, I met Diran the next year when Tade and I were caught by the police. Her license had expired and we were unlucky to be out late at night. Dr Diran was driving by when he stopped and calmed the situation. As usual he felt like he was a saviour and that pissed me off again. I remember pushing him away while he tried coming close to me saying, “you owe me spoilt little girl.”
“Must you be this rude all the time?” I asked as I pushed him away and asked him never to come close and he replied by asking if I was serious. “I have never been more serious” I replied looking him in the face.
“Okay if you say so but I can bet you will need me sometime soon and I will bail you out again.”
“Oh just get lost please” I screamed as I got into the car and shut the door almost along with his fingers.
Tade was trying to be very careful avoiding a fight with me because of him again so she did not say much. She only asked why I detested him so much. She must have thought I was hiding something from her. I was not, I just disliked proud people. Anyway, now he was going to be my teacher sort of. I hope he forgives me and we move past our past experience.

I had now become very hungry. I should have blamed it on the long day I had in the clinic but I think getting to meet Dr Diran again made it worse. I felt a chill run down my spine when I recognized him. I left for the seminar quickly and was back to the ward by evening.
I moved from one bed to the other in the ward assuring each caregiver it was going to be okay. Was this how my father felt when my mum had breast cancer? Was he there for her when she needed him the most? Did the love he had for her ever go beyond her condition? I stood at the end of the ward looking at everyone and suddenly it dawned on me what true love meant.
There were caregivers hanging everywhere. You could see from their eyes they barely had enough sleep. You could also see they earnestly hoped for a miracle even when it was very obvious there was no way out. “Why is there a condition like CANCER?” How wicked it was. “I wished CANCER could die of cancer really.” I whispered to myself as tears rolled down my eyes. If only my mother was not affected, I would probably be living the best life having a wonderful relationship with my parents. I had a father but in the past few years I never felt more alone. I wiped my face trying to look away. I did not want anyone to notice I was crying. What kind of doctor will that make me I asked myself?

“Hello doctor, My name is Jabir Danquah. Are you okay?” He asked as he moved closer trying to take a look at my face while I looked away.
“I have been watching you from the other end of the room for a while. You and a team of doctors met my mum earlier. The lady with the advanced breast cancer scheduled for a mastectomy. You are not saying anything? Oh sorry, my bad. My mother is not the only one with the condition around here. Am I disturbing? I could go away. Okay I am leaving. You can have this handkerchief. It is new.” He said as he tried to look into my face again. “Initially I cried a lot to the extent where my handkerchief used to get really wet, so I bought packets of them.” He giggled. “Whatever the problem is, you will be fine. I needed someone to speak with and I thought I could speak with you but I was wrong. I should be with my mum.” He said as he dropped it in my coat jacket, turned and started moving towards his mother.
“Wait,” I said after using the handkerchief to wipe my face quickly. “I am sorry. Being here today brought back a lot of memories and yes you can speak to me” I said as I tried to smile.
“Memories?” He asked surprised.
“Yes memories but I will rather not speak about it. You said you wanted to speak with me” I asked him trying to change the topic quickly.
'I love my mother Dr Danielle.' He said as he read my name on my coat. “How would I live my life after now if anything happens to my mum knowing I had so much money but still could not save her.”
“How do you mean?” I asked curiously.
“Can we move closer to her?” He asked.
“Yes of course” I replied.

“You know, my mum had me when she was 16. She was working as an errand girl in an advertising company. She had just lost her dad and had four younger ones to care for. She gave up school and applied for this job. It seemed like the only way she could support her mum, the perfect opportunity for her to make some cash but unfortunately her dreams were cut short.”
“So what happened?” I asked.
“She was raped right after one of the bosses offered to give her the money for her younger sisters' exam fees. He did not give her a chance to make up her mind.”
“I am so sorry Ja..Ja” I said as I struggled to remember his name.
“It is Jabir” He said smiling. “It is a Ghanaian name that means consoler or comforter. I really hope this name finds an expression in my life this period.” He said as he moved his hands gently on his mother's arms as she slept. “Now she looks really sick. She used to be very charming and beautiful.” He said as he looked at me and tears rolled down his eyes.
“So was it ermmm…” I obviously did not know how to ask him the question.
“Was this guy my dad? It is okay to ask” He smiled as he helped me asked the question. “Yes he was and that was the last time she got to see him. When she got to the office the next day, he had been transferred back to Ghana.”
“Wow” I said with my mouth open. I could not contain the shock. “How could a man be so cruel?” I thought.
“She sent all her younger ones to school but never had a chance to attend one. She continued to struggle so she could send me to school. After school, I was jobless for about six years and she supported me all through. I studied systems engineering in the University of Lagos. I graduated top of my class. About a year ago, I got a job with an American software company in Nigeria. I got my first pay cheque in dollars and she was so happy.” He said as he smiled and looked at her. “Not long after then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We have been everywhere Dr Danielle. We have been out of the country and back. I really hope for a miracle. She must not die. Please help me Dr Danielle.” He said as he could no longer hold back his tears and burst out crying.
“I really wish I could promise you she will be fine but I can assure you we would try our best possible Jabir.” I said holding his hands.
“Thank you Danielle,” He said hugging me. I was not expecting a hug and it felt really awkward especially since I could see my colleagues around but I had to hug him. Maybe I may have resisted his hug if he did not smell as good as butter. It felt good but it was not right.
“I like your cologne Jabir, It is really nice.” I said as I pushed him away slowly. Immediately my eyes caught his mother’s. She smiled as she looked at both of us.

“How are you darling?” She asked Jabir.
“I am fine mummy” He replied as he quickly wiped his face.
“I love you my son” she said as she touched his cheeks. “Have you had something to eat?” She asked him.
“I...I..” He stuttered
“ I know you have not Jabir. Please do. Please Jabir.” She said as she cut him off.
“Alright mummy I will.” He replied as he smiled.
“Good’” she said as tears rolled down her eyes and then turned away to continue her sleep. Jabir stood up and started walking towards the door to prevent me from seeing him become so emotional.
As I stood up and hurriedly tried to catch up with him, there was a loud cry from the far end of the room. Someone had just passed and her daughter wailed rolling from one end to the other. “I have no one else.” She kept screaming as the nurses tried to console her.
“Jabir I really do not know what to say but everything will be fine.”
“Thank you Danielle. You are far too kind.”
“Thank you” I replied as I opened my arms to him. We hugged for a few seconds again until Dr Diran walked in on us on his way to examine the patient who had just passed. I pushed Jabir away quickly as soon as I sighted him. He paused for a while, looked at the both of us, shook his head and walked away.

“Danielle?’’ Jabir called. “Is everything okay?” Hope I have not caused you any trouble?”
“Not at all” I replied trying to assure him with a smile.
“Danielle you will be a very good doctor. I know that already.” He smiled back.
“Thank you for the nice words Jabir.”
“You can be everything else but not like Dr Diran please.” He said pointing towards Dr Diran.
“How do you mean?” I asked.
“He is mean and unapproachable. For some reason, he gets upset when you ask him questions. He is always in a hurry to leave the patient. No feelings whatsoever. We argued once but I guess we are cool now. I made up my mind to keep any questions I have until a more approachable doctor comes in.”
While we were speaking, Dr Diran walked up to me and asked what I thought I was doing.
“Are you sure you really want to have a good time in this department? Where do you think you are? Seychelles or the Maldives on honeymoon?”
“I am sorry, doctor.” I replied trying to explain when he asked me to keep quiet.
“I expected you to come in with me when I got here but instead you decided to be a lover girl.” He said angrily.
“Far from that doctor. I was only trying to listen to him.” I responded.
“I see” He replied as he looked at me with disdain. “It is okay to get emotional once in a while but never get caught up in it.” He moved closer and whispered to me, “you know she will die anyway. What would you do then? Help him plan the funeral I guess.” He said as he laughed and walked away.
“What did he say?” Jabir asked in panic.
“Nothing serious, It is just some work I have not done.” I smiled. “I should be on my way now. I am famished. I have not had anything to eat all day.”
“That makes two of us. Can we go together?” He asked.
“Yea sure” I replied looking around to be sure Dr Diran was not close by.
“Thank you.” He replied as we walked out of the department.


To get the complete E-book online, click here https://paystack.com/pay/ChoicesEbook (50% off to celebrate breast cancer awareness month until the end of October)

You can also do a transfer to Health Platforms 1015683060, Zenith Bank and send proof of payment to info@healthplatformsng.com and your book will be on its way.

Cheers to a healthier you!

Re: Choices- To Be Alive And Loved Is Entirely Your Choice by aprilwise(m): 5:12pm On Oct 21, 2019
How much is the book?
Re: Choices- To Be Alive And Loved Is Entirely Your Choice by Ann2012(f): 10:49am On Oct 22, 2019
Pls how much is the book? I'll love to know how it'll end
Re: Choices- To Be Alive And Loved Is Entirely Your Choice by HealthTeacher(f): 12:59pm On Oct 23, 2019
It's 500 Naira until the end of October ma.
How much is the book?
Re: Choices- To Be Alive And Loved Is Entirely Your Choice by HealthTeacher(f): 12:59pm On Oct 23, 2019
It's 500 Naira until the end of October ma.quote author=Ann2012 post=83359422]Interesting
Pls how much is the book? I'll love to know how it'll end[/quote]

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