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Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:30pm On Nov 09, 2019
Hey �


Did you stumble on my write up or you were invited to read? Which ever it is, you are most definitely welcome.

This book, gives you insight on how life after and before marriage should look like.

It might be a little bit hazy but I will try my best to share what I have in mind and all the metaphorical fantasies in my head.

I will do my best as a twenty years old un-married lady, sooo......

I hope you enjoy, I will try to make it brief, concise and understandable. So, stick with me on this magical ride. Don't forget to hold still and cling onto my imaginary cloth so that you won't fall off from the rollercoaster of emotions.

I don't have an image of the persons described in this book, but you are free to see them anyhow you want.

Now(drum roll)

Flip and read further ❤

Ps:I was writing a book on nl few months ago but the book has refused to show. I don't know if it's factory fault but whatever it is, I hope it won't happen on this one.

This book and all its contents solely belongs to me. So, there shouldn't be any copyright without my full knowledge. I know we are all matured!!

Remain blessed!

Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:33pm On Nov 09, 2019

Till Death Do us part!

“Dear beloved, we are gathered here to unite Fred Johnson and Kayla Eze on this faithful day. According to how the Lord Jesus has said in his holy book: A man shall find a woman that pleases his heart, make his intentions known and bring her to church. for a man that findeth a wife findeth good thing"

I tried to steady my breathing as I looked at my will soon be husband. His face was lovely and I could tell that he wanted this as much as I did. I looked back at the priest and tried to concentrate on what he was saying.

“We bless the almighty for this period which he has given us. As you have abandoned everything you ought to do today to come here to celebrate with this two, may the almighty see you through...” he continued

Fred looked at his time, he smiled softly at me and gave the priest a glare.

“Erhem.... get to the point already, your grace. we don't need this long sermon” my husband whispered to the priest.

The priest gave my husband a cool look and then, flipped to the last page of the script he had written down.

I smiled..

“Errmm.. it seems like time is not by our side, so we will try to get this whole thing started nevertheless" He turned to my husband..

“Will you, Fred Johnson, take miss Kayla Eze to be your lawfully wedded wife......”

His voice faded into nothingness, as I couldn't help but wonder how I finally got entangled with this charming man in front of me.

I thought of the first day we met, how dishelved I was. Rushing to get to the office that faithful early morning. I had parked my car at home, used the public bus because I thought it would help me get to the office without getting stuck in traffic. But then, I was wrong!

Coming down from the public bus, I decided I would have to exercise my legs by trekking a 105 kilometers away from the traffic. I had adjusted my skirt, fixed the hand of my blouse, checked my bra strap and then crossed to the other side of the road.

Checking the time on my phone, 8:53, I only have about 56 minutes to get to the office and sign-in.

I had already walked 20 minutes away from the traffic which was caused by a deflated truck's tyre. I muttered a curse under my breath about the nonchalance of people and tamed myself to walk faster.

The honking of a car, saved me from ripping my skirt off and pulling away the wig I wore on my hair. The sun was high and it's rays paid homage to mother earth.

The car honked repeatedly, and I was forced to look at the piss head who was trying to run me mad by an unnecessary noise pollution.

Lo and behold, the piss head turned out to be this charming man in front of me......

“Miss Eze, are you alright? Do you by any chance have fever, what's happening to you?"  I was snapped out of my reminisce by the priest. I looked around, all the 1048 guests were all staring at me, with curiosity lacing their faces. I turned to my husband, he looked pale. I composed myself, looked at the priest and managed few words.

“Yes of course, I'm alright. Could you please repeat what you said before?" I asked with a wide smile and looked at my husband who by now, have composed himself as well.

“Do you, Kayla Eze take this man, Fred Johnson to be your lawfully wedded husband. To love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, in poverty and in riches, both fully aware that you are humans, till Death do you part?" the priest asked.

“I...do!" I said, as I watched my husband heave a sigh of relief and the congregation cheered.

I smiled a very wide smile to the extent I could feel the corners of my mouth aching.

“Having both parties agree to this union, by the power vested upon me as the anointed of our Lord Jesus and his faithful servant, I now pronounce you,husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride"

Fred smiled broadly, displaying his thirty-two sets of teeth. He drew me closer to him, capturing my lips in the process.

He kissed the life out of me!

A kiss that lasted quite some seconds which made the priest clear his throat.

“Errmm.. We can now proceed to the orders of marriage and issuing of marriage certificate!" The priest said as he involuntarily tried to pull me away from my husband's hold.

Did I mention that the priest happens to be my husband's former professor during his university days?!

Now, you know why he acts that way and you can tell how far their teacher and student relationship went.

Speaking of relationships, today, I am married to the most influential men in history. Today, I cease to be miss Eze but Mrs Johnson. Today, I am going to obtain a marriage certificate, shove it into my aunts nostrils and make sure she doesn't choke on it.

Today, I am going to dance with my husband and friends and then after all this is over, something that I have been waiting for in my entire life will happen this night.

I don't need to go into details of what husbands and wives do on their wedding night.

After the signing of certificates, the photographers began the purpose of being here. Shots were taken and the most remarkable one was when the relatives were called to snap with the bride and my aunt was involved. I made sure I shoot out my ass in other to show her that the lazy ass she called, is now married and fulfilled.

After the photographs, came the dance and greetings and then throwing of the flower to the bride's maids. The flower, landed in front of my junior sister who squealed, dance around and giggled continuously.

Then, the moment that everyone has been waiting for, the RECEPTION.

Different delicacies from different tribes were served, everyone got fair portion and never complained about lack of food.

All I did, was look for my husband whom I have not seen ever since the signing of papers.

I spotted him with a handful of men, dressed in black at a corner, near a bouquet of flowers and a chocolate fountain at the opposite end. They stood and were discussing in low tones. I managed my way through the chocolate fountain, resisting the urge to deep my fingers into it and savor it's taste.

Approaching my husband and his group of associates, I cleared my throat and they turned to look at me.

“Hi... " I waved.

Fred smiled and so did the men in black!

“Hey, hun... You need something?" He asked, letting his eyes drift to my white gown and the curves that bust out mercilessly.

“Urrmm.. No, not exactly. I was wondering if you would.... Like a bite of the cake" I said, motioning to the cake farther down the hall, beckoning on us. I tried to ignore the three little children who were staring at the cake like it was an island of beauty which has been hidden away from the world and its people.

“Oh, well, yes of course. I'd love to!" my husband said as he entwined our fingers and left his group of men in black.

The vanilla et chocolate cake was heaven on earth! I made a mental reminder to locate the baker and have him make exact taste for my new home.

After what looked forever, the day came to an end.

I and my husband stood outside, greeting the guests and wishing them safe journey back to their homes. Shaking the hands of those that outstretched and hugging those that want to be hugged, the day finally ended.

“Mrs Johnson...." My husband called, I smiled, slowly turning to face him. I could feel my ears burning and my cheek turning into a shade of pink in the faint moonlight and lush luminously lit environment.

“yes, Mr Johnson.." I squealed.

“I think the day is over"

“Yes, indeed I think so too" I answered.

“So you know what that means?"  He asked, taking steady steps towards me.

“Yes, I do"  I caught his eyes traveling through my body, in a blink, he was standing right in front of me. Our faces only inches apart.

“it means, that we have to retire and see what the rest of the night holds for us, don't you think?" He asked, allowing his gentle manly hand caress my cheek softly.

“You are right on that" After those words left my mouth, I was lifted up from my feet and met a hard muscled body, which right now doesn't seem so hard. I giggled and the rest of the night faded into nothingness.

Oh, A lot of things was done that very night. But I don't need to go into details. You probably know the rest...


Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:35pm On Nov 09, 2019

Till Death Do Us Part!

When the vicar mentioned  ‘to love and to cherish' during his joining of the couples, some people may think it to just be random words, ordained by law. But Fred and I, accepted that fate with everything within us and made sure that Jesus, the son of Joseph the carpenter was proud of us.

Who knew marriage would be blissful, just you and your newly Wed, savoring every minute and every moment that passed.

I thought I had seen it all, until my husband declared that our honeymoon would be in a small village located in the heart of the eastern region. I couldn't judge or argue about this course but just willfully and blissfully accepted my husband's wise decision. For, you won't expect much drama from a woman in love!

When he told his family about this new developed plan, they visited the god of porous lips and came back with much water stuffed in their mouths. For apparently, the god of porous lips had had a crazy tango with their son.

“Mother, Father...." Fred called as we entered the luxurious interior of the Johnson's family, with me tagging along behind him and he holding my hand firmly, as if afraid that if he let go, he might loose a worthy treasure.

“Mother... Father... Kate..." He called the three occupants of the house once more, with the latter being his younger sister.

“Yes, dearie... Ah..the both of you are here. Good thing because I was making chicken soup in the kitchen" He's mother said as she came over to me, tried to tug my hand away from my husband's grip but he wouldn't budge. I smiled my most elegant smile and she returned it with a knowing smile and a repeated head nod.

“Mother, we do not have time to sit and eat chicken soup. We are here to discuss something much important. Where's father?"  Fred asked, glancing around the whole room as if he's father was hidden behind the huge cushions that adorned the living room.

“I heard noises, what's the fuss about in this hot afternoon? Oh, it's the both of you, how delightful!" Mr Patt said as he maneuvered his way to where we stood.

“we weren't expecting you too here, please do sit down my lovable daughter In-law." Mr Patt told me as he tried to sit down with much grace but failed brutally.

“Oh, Patt. I have told you that you are old now, you don't need to still put up those youthful antics of yours now" Mrs Paulina Johnson said to her husband and giggled at the man's behavior.

“oh, Pauly. Allow me to make myself more comfortable. Life's too short" He said, shaking his head at his wife's dutiful care towards him.

“Father, mother.. I and my wife has successfully decided on the venue for our honeymoon" Fred began, watching the two elderly couple in front of him and trying to study their expression. His mother never cease to put her emotions into good us. She squealed and almost leapt out in joy.

“You have, haven't you? Oh, this is wonderful news. Com'on darling, come tell me all about it" she motioned for me to follow her, but Fred held unto me tighter than before. I forced a defeated smile across my face and gave my ever so kind mother in-law an apologetic smile. She waved me off and concentrated on her son.

“Where's it going to be, son?" I heard the father ask.

“In the heart of the eastern region. It's a small village called kombi. I have made the rightful reservations, we will be leaving the day after tomorrow" My husband said, ever so cheerily. 

The faces of the two elderly couples dropped and then, they looked at I and my husband in awestruck.  They were sad, angry and surprised at the same time. He's mother forced a smile unto her face and said, trying so hard not to let those tears drop.

“But that place is too shabby, poor and filled with treacherous people" she said apologetically.

Fred pretended to not hear her but was looking up to his father. It presumes that he still has some regard for the old man.

“Father..." He tagged, expecting him to say something.

“Oh, Frederick! When you make decisions sometimes and come to tell us about it, it only means that you have made up your mind solemnly on the issue" He's father said.

“I'm glad that you see my point father" Fred replied.

He's mother was still rambling about how dangerous the village is, and almost scared me out of my witt when she mentioned kidnap of foreigners. I exhaled sharply and shot my eyes close.

I felt warm breath inbetween my ear and neck and I opened my eyes to see Fred leaning closer to me.

“don't listen to whatever she says" was all he said and took me by the hand again, for apparently, he had to shake his father with the hand he was holding me with.  I exhaled once more.

He's mother looked at me with pity shadowing her lovely face. I couldn't help but feel guilty, I might be giving the woman a steady heart attack. I tried to smile but my face was already hurting from trying to smile all day.

Mind you, it's not like I don't trust my husband enough to choose what's best for us, I actually do want to go to this small village and see how it is.

I have per-say, lived a life of luxury all my life and change is the only thing that is constant!

I watched my mother in-law sit dejectedly on one of the sofas and buried her face in it.

Father and son were looking at each other with such gracious glare that you might think that there have once being a solemn understanding between the two.

After my mother In-law has dashed off to the kitchen to fix something for us, kate came in.

With all her grace and energy of a young girl, she marched into the living room, humming along with the song that played through the speakers of the earpiece connected to her phone.

I smiled at the sight of her, making myself comfortable in the sofa and prep myself to endure the tight hug she might issue to me if she saw me.

And indeed, she did See Me!

She shouted with joy and leapt forward, with her right hand placed on her chest, she dashed forward and engulfed me into a tight warm hug. I almost cried for joy.

“Ah, you are here! In flesh and blood. I never thought my brother would let you out of that house without you by his side" She said, giving my husband a murderous glare.

I laughed heartily!

“Com'on Kayla, tell me what's happening" She asked, batting her eye lashes at me.

I smiled, this time, genuinely!

“Honeymoon" Fred answered before I could say anything.

Kate rolled her eyes at him and faced me.

“Honeymoon? That's fantastic Kayla. I almost thought you guys won't go for something like that, considering how ‘uptight' my brother is" she said, placing emphasis on the word ‘uptight'.  Fred ignored her, focusing on his phone and typing away.

“So, where's this place? Canada, Friesland, Germany, London, New York?" she asked, with hope of wanting to mention more countries. 

“Kombi! That's the place we are going" I managed to say.

“kombi? Kombi!" she repeated, as if trying to taste the word in her mouth.

I nodded energetically. She stared at me blankly and I looked away.

“Where's that? What sort of country is that?" she asked

“it's here in Nigeria, in the eastern part" I replied wryly.

She stared at me in disbelief. Suddenly standing up, she dashed off to where her brother was sitting, bent towards him and held him in his collar.

“What in seven hells is wrong with you? Are you that chauvinistic in nature? You don't think she has every right to choose the country of her choice? You chauvinistic son of a bachelor!"

I smiled devilishly!

You see the reason why I love Kate?

Fred just sat there, unperturbed as if Kate was a stubborn fly that has refused to let him go.

I laughed as the two sibling engaged in a staring contest.

After what looked like ages, Kate gave up, fixed her dress straight, straightened her tall frame, hissed at her brother and walked away.

Their father, whom I didn't realize was still in the living room burst out in a fitful laughter. He laughed so hard that you could see tears at the brink of his eye lids.

“Com'on Kayla, let's go to my room so that I could teach you the antics of being an eligible wife" She said to me as she matched to the stair cases, gave her brother another murderous glare and then stormed upstairs.

Kombi: a minivan (South Africa).

The name above, doesn't belong to anywhere in the Middle East actually. I just made that up ;-)

Now, (drum roll)

Would you like to know what Kate has in store for our dearest Kayla?

Flip and read further ❤

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:38pm On Nov 09, 2019
Eligible wife/Honeymoon

Till Death Do Us Part!

I followed Kate to her room.

A beautiful piece, decorated with all types of gracious paintings from history.

Mona Lisa painting hung in the middle of the room, with her smile drawn over to each sides and a mustache at the end of her lower lip. I smiled!

A vase of Lillie's at the far corner with words scribbled on the pot body ‘Bleep fake life'.

I have no idea what fake life has to do with precious Lillie's.

At the left corner of the spacious room, a bunch of clothes were scattered on the floor and a door stood right in front of it. That must be the walk in closet.

Books at the reading table and a table lamp with pens of all types on top of the wooden table.

A dresser was opposite the reading table. Nail polish, hair brush, cream, perfumes, hair products and relaxing shower jell lay at the table. Shouldn't the shower jell be in the bathroom?

My eyes wandered on everything in the room and finally landed on Kate who was sitting on the queen size bed with Mona Lisa frame hanging above her head.

I smiled at mustache Mona Lisa once again and said..

‘nice drawing, nice room!' I nodded at everything.

‘Thanks! Although I don't think Mona Lisa deserve the assault' she said and looked at her finger nails.

I took my seat at the corner of the bed and faced her.

‘Well, we can as well get the prep talk started if you don't want your brother dragging me out of this room in five minutes' I told her and folded my hands in front of my chest.

‘I can't believe it's here, in Nigeria! How could he? You didn't even object. Don't tell me my brother dictates things to you, Kayla. It's unfair' she said, I could tell that she was disappointed.

‘And I was dreaming of when you come back from any country that is not Nigeria to tell me all that you saw and enjoyed. Now, that dream is been washed down the drain!' she said, as she brought a pillow to her face and buried her face in it.  I heard muffled voice which almost resembled a sob coming from her.

Before I could say something or stroke her back, she jolted up and out of the bed in a blink of an eye.


‘I know just what you should do!' she almost yelled. I looked at her surprised.

‘What could that be?' I asked, everly eager to here what she has to say.

‘You would trick him and make him to fall for whatever you say!' she said, almost proud of herself.

I looked at her in disbelief, has she met her brother at all?

‘Trick him?' I asked, she nodded.

‘Your brother, my husband can never be tricked by any mortal! Have you met him? He stands for what he wants and no one can tell him different. And I think I want to go to this village, maybe help in some way. Spend money on the poor instead of lavish on the already rich 5star hotel of new York, Germany, Yorkshire and all other places around the world' I said, rather surprised at my own tone of voice.

She looked at me blankly, rushed back to the bed again, pick up that same pillow and buried her face in it. This time, I heard sob and she was crying for real.

I stroked her back and assured her of my safety and lots of news when I get back.

She made me promise to call her every night before I go to sleep.

After the whole emotional crack up, I finally made my way downstairs.

Fred and his father were at the dining table discussing.

When he saw me, he stood from the seat and dashed towards me. He engulfed me into a warm hug and squeezed tightly.

‘I hope she didn't tell you how to disengage my head from its original place?' my husband asked and I laughed.

‘Of course not!' I said between laughs.

‘okay, then it's time to go. Mother has already packed your chicken soup in a take away. You will eat when we get home. Or do you want to eat here?' he asked, as he pulled me away from his body and looked at my face.

I smiled up at him..

‘No, I'd rather get home' I said.

‘okay.. Father, we will be on our way now!'

‘okay son, let me call your mother. Paula, the children want to leave now!' the old man called. Paula came rushing out, with a bag on her hand.

‘Oh dearie, Kate won't let you be. Now you can't eat here! But nevertheless, I have packed some things up for you. Here it is!' she said as she handed me a bag, I looked inside and saw that she has not only packaged my food but also some groceries and few cans of drink. I smiled at her and hugged her. She giggled.

‘Okay Now, we will be leaving!' fred said, looking at his wrist watch.

He's mother looked at him angrily and then slide out of my arms.

‘Dear, do take care of yourself. Call me at anytime possible! Okay?' I nodded at her and she smiled.

‘call me too' the father said, I smiled at him too and nodded.

Few minutes later, I and Fred were on our way home- our home.


The day for our departure finally came.

All the servants were busy helping us load lots of things into the car. I almost thought we were moving into another house instead of a cozy honeymoon.

We took few mattresses, some white bedspread and some kitchen utensils.

I kept glancing over my shoulder at my husband who was only dedicated to phone calls and yelling at misbehaving servants all day. He looked dishelved and it slightly amused me.

I kept to arranging and making sure everything fitted into the minivan. Finally, we climbed into the back seat of our own car and watched the driver kick the engine to life.

I stared after my new home as the car rolled past the building. I couldn't help but remember all the nights I had spent there for the past two weeks of our marriage.

Oh, what blessed night it indeed was!

‘Don't worry, you will soon return to it' my husband whispered to me. I sighed loudly and awaited what comes after us.

The rest of the journey was a blur, we drove for hours and hours. Stopped at restaurants, ate lunch, took drinks, and continued on our journey.

Some roads were very bad and some were smooth. I appreciated the good roads and cursed the bad roads!

I fell asleep countless times on my husband's lap, he stroked my hair and whispered sweet things of nothingness in my ear.

We took to the road because, apparently the little village doesn't have airports!

Part of me was anxious to see the little village. I watched and heard my husband make few calls concerning the village and was placing orders like he practically owned the place--maybe he does!

I fell asleep again and awoke when I heard my husband's raspy voice in my ears.

‘we are here, hun....'

How many of us want to see this village?

I can't wait, myself.

Now(drum roll)

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:41pm On Nov 09, 2019

Till Death Do Us Part!

I opened my eyes slightly but was greeted by darkness. Only the small lights from few houses around and the little car light that illuminated the surrounding. I gulped, held unto my husband's lap tightly.

‘hun, are you scared?' He asked, I shake my head and wondered if he saw me.

‘Okay, we need to go to our lodge. It's dark already and no further activities till tomorrow morning' he said as he tried getting out of the car with me tagging along.

When I stepped my foot on the soil, I was greeted with the smell of charcoal and burning wood. I twisted my nose momentarily and followed my husband to the direction he was going.

‘What about our belongings?' I asked.

‘It will remain in the van till tomorrow morning. Our personal bags will be kept in the room we will be staying' He answered, I nodded.

We walked through a narrow path and crossed a small bridge. I held my husband tighter and I heard him chuckle.

‘Kombi isn't that bad, you know?' He whispered.

‘I guess' was all I could say.

We finally made it into a building with lights. The light illuminated the whole surrounding and it looked amazingly decorated.

I read the imprint on the wall.

“Welcome, mr&mrs Johnson to your honeymoon!"

I smiled and squeezed my husband's hand gently. He squeezed back.

We walked farther down the hall to a receptionist desk. My husband nodded to her and she handed him a set of keys. She observed me with her big eyes, disgust written all over her face. I ignored her and followed my husband.

As we walked, I heard voices from different doors that we passed.

‘Do people live here' I asked.

‘Yes, foreigners!' was he's curt reply. I nodded and matched along with him.

We finally made it to a different door with the caption I saw earlier on. Fred got out the keys and slide it into the key hole. Two turns and snaps, the door opened and my eyes went wide like saucers.

Before me, stood the most magnificent room that I have ever seen. The place was decorated from the start to the end. Flowers littered all over the bed in a decorative manner, soft music (love lies by Khalid) played in the background and the smell of lavender filled my nostrils.

I almost collapsed in awe. I got in, kicked off my shoes and made for the bed. As I sat down, the bed squeaked and I bounced.

I love the bed!

I let my eyes wander again and found beautiful paintings and a set of China laid on a coffee table. I eyed the coffee machine and licked my lips absent mindedly.

This was simply amazing!

‘welcome to kombi, Mrs Johnson!' my husband said, making my eyes leave the already arranged wardrobes and settle on him.

‘Thank you, Mr Johnson' I replied and giggled.

‘Well, I hope you like the place'

‘No.... I love it Fred. This is simply amazing!' I squealed.

He laughed softly and came over to me.

‘Just like you my Love' He said.

‘Awww, Fred...' I blushed, slapping his hand playfully.

He stood up, and made to the mini kitchen which I didn't even notice.

‘I will make dinner. Would you like sweet potato and scrambled eggs?' He asked.

I nodded energetically and surveyed the room once more.

The small kitchen had a cooking gas and few kitchen utensils. A fridge stuffed with different kinds of groceries, a set of pots, knives and spoons.

Well, I guess I will have to do my cooking here.

Few minutes later, we settled to eat dinner.

I gushed about how amazing the place is and almost died in joy when my husband kept laughing and feeding me at the same time.


The next day, I awoke at my husband's side and watched him sleep peacefully. He looked so adorable and so peaceful.

I maneuvered my way out of the bed and carefully slide on my fluffy flip-flops.

I made it to the kitchen, arranged and washed the dishes of yesterday and began looking for what to cook for breakfast.

Breakfast went faster than I expected. We shared little jokes about Fred knowing how to cook better than me. We made bets and apparently, Fred won. Now I'm at twenty thousand lost.

When the afternoon began, it was time for us to see the village and all that is in it.

I dressed up in a short floral gown and paired it with a brown leather sandals. Fred wore shorts with a sunflower shirt to match, he paired it with his brown sandals as well.

We walked hand in hand into the village.

Dear kayla, kombi awaits you!!

Kombi awaits our dearest Kayla. Will she be able to take all that kombi has, having that she has grown up in luxury all her life?

Now(drum roll)

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:44pm On Nov 09, 2019
Kombi 2

Till Death Do Us Part!

They only see what you let them see! (Saturday night by Khalid)

I peeked from the window of our Audi r8 and peered into the village. Smoke from houses were high above the sky. A feeling of nostalgia washed over me as I remembered how my childhood days were.


‘No. mum, dad' I called as I ran through the muddy street.

‘God please, let it not be. Please God, I pray to you, let it not be' I repeated as my little feet carried me father down the street, jumping over muddy water that has been caused by the rain that fell two days ago.

Finally, I reached my destination. I looked at the building that harboured my parents and immediately broke down. I tried to regain myself and dashed off to the burning house but was stopped by someone. I cried uncontrollably that day. luckily for me, my junior sister was at my aunt house.

The fire consumed my parents alive!


I snapped out of my past as a hand encircled around my waist. I flinched a little and turned to the bearer; my husband.

‘This is kombi, not the past' He whispered soothingly to me, I smiled and faced the window again.

Finally, we pulled over in front of a thatched roof house and came down. As soon as my legs made contact with the ground, I stretched and yawned. My husband looked at me curiously.

‘Are you tired, hun?' he asked, coming over to the other side of the car.

‘what.. No!' I said, rolling my eyes.

‘okay then, C'mon we have things to do' He said, as he held my hand and we marched to the house.

When Fred said ‘things' I might have read the meaning wrongly. I thought it was just meeting people that own the house and allowing them gush about our existence. But that was opposite of what happened.

We literally helped the owners of the house renovate the house and made it look a lot better. We donated few things that we brought with us from the city and their joy knew no bound.

After all the work of fixing about two more homes, we finally retired to our lodge. All my body ached and all I could think of was the softness of our bed and the delicious meal that fred will probably prep for us and last but not the least, bodies against bodies(if you know what I mean❤)

We walked in silence into the building and was greeted coldly by the receptionist who only glared at me and smiled broadly to my husband. Again, I paid no attention to her.

Finally, we got into the room, I kicked off my shoes and watched Fred so the same. I watched him removed his shirt in the process, revealing his broad shoulders and hard muscles. I sighed contently, realization hitting me that this beautiful creature in front of me was indeed my husband.

‘Today was a bit interesting, don't you think Mrs Johnson?' he asked, as he drew closer.

I nodded my head, unable to say anything at the moment. I watched him caress my cheek, eliciting a moan in the process.

‘Maybe a bit hectic!' I dared to say. Fred laughed, his laughter sounded around the room and resounded into my ear buds as sweet sensation.

‘okay, maybe hectic is included. After all, I'm a bit tired' he said as he drew away from me.

I sighed..

‘You go take a shower, I will fix us something to eat' He said as he made his way into the mini kitchen and I made my way into the bathroom.

Few minutes later, we both settled on the reading table that has been converted into a dining table, facing each other as we devoured the delicious meal of spaghetti with fried eggs.

‘Tomorrow, we would be going to see Otenga in his make shift chambers' He said as he rolled up few strands of spaghetti on a fork.

‘who's Otenga?' I asked, grabbing a glass of water at my side of the table, swallowing it's content.

‘The supposed king of the village who doesn't know his right from his left' He replied, chewing his food momentarily.

‘I didn't know this village has some kind of king!' I said.

‘Well, he's not supposed to be in that position' Fred answered.

‘Hmmm. So what position are you supposed to be?'  I asked.

Fred abruptly stopped his chewing and faced me. Slowly, a smile crept unto his lush lips.

‘Hmm, maybe a care taker?' Fred suggested. I rolled my eyes and finished the last spaghetti on my plate.

‘That doesn't sound certain, Fred Johnson!' I said, taking a sip from my wine.

He smirked and then finished his own portion of food as well.

‘Whyever not, my dearest lady?' he asked, smirking even more broader than before.

I looked at him, unable to give a proper answer to his question.

‘One can't be a care taker of a whole village!' I said.

‘okay hun, you win! Well, I own this whole lodge and hold a remarkable position in the country. So that explains the reason why I can come here and renovate as much as I please. You can call it charity' He said as he finished the remnant of his wine and pour another measurable share.

I digested his words and nods in agreement.

‘Okay, that will do' He smiled.

After the little tèté a tèté we shared after dinner, Fred went to take his shower and I turned on my phone.

After going through tons of messages from my sister, Fred sister, mother In-law and father In-law, I decided to call my sister.

The first ring went on voice mail, so did the second and on third ring, she answered.

‘Helo?' she croaked, I must have woken her from her sleep.

‘Hey sis..' I answered.

‘Kay?is that you?' she asked, unconvinced.

‘Yes sis. It's I Kayla, your one and only elder sister' I heard rustle from the other end which seemed like she was fully awake and ready to yell.

‘What the hell happened to your phone? I have been trying to reach you for ages. What's going on sis?' she asked.

‘I've been busy. Lots of things going on. I'm sorry' I said in one breath.

‘Too busy to call your only sister?' I sensed hurt in her voice.

‘You won't understand...' I allowed myself trail off knowingly.

‘oh, I do understand. you're married now and with lots of responsibilities so I truly understand sis' she said. I smiled

We talked about a lot of things and she showed sincere sympathy about the condition of my honeymoon. She blamed Fred for it all and I couldn't help but defend my husband.

I called Kate afterwards...

‘helo Kate?' I asked as she answered on first ring.

‘Omfg kaylaaaaa. What in the name of short dwarf in game of thrones is wrong with you?' she yelled.

I giggled.

‘How?' I asked innocently.

‘You Kayla Johnson, wife to my elder brother and my most honourable sister in law, is not a good person' I laughed

As I was about answering her, Fred stepped out of the room from the shower, water trickled down his body in a delicious manner, making me gasp.

‘Hellurr, hellurrrrr. Kayla are you there? Did you drop dead or is my brother doing things that he's not supposed to do to his wife at 12 midnight?' Kate asked from the other side of the phone. I smiled, took my eyes away from my husband and focused on Kate.

‘What? You bad child!!' I retaliated.

One love my comrades!!

Flip and read further ❤


Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 12:10am On Nov 10, 2019
More updates coming tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed the ones posted?

Constructive criticism is allowed.

Ideas also on how married couple should behave is allowed. Apparently, I can't do this without help from you guys.

Thank you and Happy Sunday!! ❤

You can find this book with its cover on wattpad..

Here's my handle: @sochey

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 11:36am On Nov 10, 2019
I'm so loving this story, I just hope there's no hidden motivation behind this Kombi stuff
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:42am On Nov 10, 2019
I'm so loving this story, I just hope there's no hidden motivation behind this Kombi stuff

Thanks babe

Buckle your seat belts, you are about to find out as the story progresses!

One love smiley

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 7:28pm On Nov 10, 2019

Till Death Do Us Part!

Shadows by Childish Gambino...

‘hun?... Babe?' I heard my husband call as I slowly awake from sleep. I opened my eyes but the sun rays that peeked out from the window almost got me blind. I squinted, hide my face with my palms and sit up.

‘yeah... What time is it?' I asked, rubbing my eyes sleepily.

‘Past ten!' Fred replied.


Fred chuckled and pulled my face closer to his.

‘Well, I think you deserve the beauty sleep. You were all night talking with my sister' He said, our face only inches apart.

I nodded, unable to say anything more. In a blink of an eye, he's lips was on mine. Caressing, taking control and taking all that I have to offer.

We broke apart, breathing heavily....

‘I've made breakfast, want some?' He asked

‘Yes please' I said, he smiled and left the bed.

It took me about thirty seconds to regain myself. After which, I stood and went straight to the bathroom.

‘You know we have Otenga to meet today?' Fred asked as I stepped out of the bathroom.

‘Yes!' I replied.

‘Well, get prepared to meet the arsehole!' He said, while dishing out our food.

I looked at him curiously, what could be so wrong with this supposed king?


An hour and half later, I was dressed in ripped blue jean trousers and a burgundy tank top with a burgundy sneakers.

Fred wore Jean shorts with a blue shirt which has an imprint on it ‘Arseholes' written boldly on the shirt.

I couldn't help but smile at his choice.

We got into our Audi r8 and zoomed off.


‘To whom it may concern, I do not care about how many foreigners troop into this village. We have got so much to do with ourselves!' someone said as we made our way into the hut.

‘like what, marry more wives? Or subject our female to eternal child labor and child bearing?' Another person asked. I held unto my husband's hand tightly as he led me into the make shift chambers of Otenga.

‘Oh please, Etuki. You and I know how much our females like messing around' Otenga replied nonchalantly.

‘That's not true!' Etuki replied.

We made ourselves known and the Two heads of the occupants in the room turned to look at us.

‘Mr Johnson!' Otenga said, surprised.

‘Arsehole!' My husband replied. I bit my lower lip, holding back my laughter.

‘Hmmm, I can see you have not changed your perspective about me, have you?' Otenga asked.

‘Not one bit!' Fred deadpanned.

Otenga smiled mischievously and let his eyes stray away from my husband to me.

‘And what do you have here, another maid of yours who you probably bang when humans are gone into the ends of reality and god's are free to communicate?'

Anger bubbled inside me, I looked at the man with disgust visible on my face.

Now I see why Fred calls him arsehole.

Fred squeezed my hand lightly and started rubbing circles on my palm. I calmed down a bit.

‘Allow me the permission to introduce to you, my wife Kayla Johnson!' Fred mentioned, scrutinizing the two men in the room.

‘Your wife? Ha!! Since when did you dare to get married. You are not the family type and you know that, johnson!' Otenga fired.

‘But she's cute' he continues ‘You can allow me take control of this one' he said, moving towards me.

In a blink, Otenga went flying towards the end of the room. I winced

‘I told you, she's my wife. Now, you will listen to what I've come here to say!' Fred said, cracking his knuckles.

‘Impressive! I didn't know you still have such strength in you' Otenga said, as he struggled to pull his fat self away from the ground, licking the blood that tricked down his nostrils.

‘You, are a worthless animal Otenga. You can't even stand up for your people. Look at how everyone looks unhealthy and malnourished. Are you that thick headed?' Fred asked angrily.

‘Thick headed or greedy, which one?' Otenga asked.

Fred shot his eyes, probably trying to control his anger.

‘I will make sure that you come down from that throne of yours and face consequent punishment!'

‘You can't do that, Johnson! Even the gods will behead you if such happens!'

‘To hell with the gods, otenga. You will face the consequences of your actions. Best you turn a new leaf' Fred replied colly.

‘We have run out of leaves a long time ago Fred Johnson. Now is the time to embrace New reality!' Otenga fired.

‘What stupid reality?' Fred asked, rolling his eyes.

‘One in which there shouldn't always be happy beginnings. Everyone was not fashioned to have a good heart. People choose to behave the way they want and the gods approve and accords respect to Everyman's decision' Otenga said, pacing about the room as if he was giving lecture to some stubborn sets of students.

‘You will regret this!' Fred said, as he pulled me away from the room with him.

Immediately we got outside, I let out a heavy sigh. What was that all about?

‘I'm sorry hun. I shouldn't have brought you along if I knew it would go down like this' Fred said, taking my two hands that dangled loosely at my sides.


We drove back to the lodge, both tired to do anything else. I resolved to laying on the bed and replaying the conversation that took place few minutes ago.

Who promotes evil as much as this otenga arsehole does? I asked myself as I laid down motionless on the bed.

After Fred apologized outside Otenga chambers, I couldn't bring myself to answer him.

I turned to the other side of the bed and watched as Fred flipped through pages of a magazine.

He made to look at me and I turned away.

‘I know you're ignoring me' He said from the table.

‘I'm not!' I muttered

‘I'm really sorry about what he said back there. I've never done something that outrageous before' he said

‘I know' I said.

‘You do?' he asked, as he left the table and made towards the bed.

‘Yes!' I replied wryly.

‘well, at least I won't get punished after all?' I looked at him, confused.

Then, an idea popped into my already tired brains.

‘oh, yes Mr Johnson. You will definitely get punished!' I said, jumping out of the bed.

‘oh, no!' he face palmed..

How many of you think Otenga should be thrown into the den of evils, so he could rule there for ever.

Me: hands down(lowkey watching those who would raise their hands)

(1115 words) phew..
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 9:39pm On Nov 10, 2019
Otenga should be punished but I'm still suspecting Fred
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 10:16pm On Nov 10, 2019
Otenga should be punished but I'm still suspecting Fred

lol... Abi oo

He doesn't seem as pure as he appears...

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 10:56am On Nov 18, 2019
Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: All things truly wicked, start from innocence.

~Ernest Hemingway.

~ Million reasons by Lady Gaga

I made dinner that night, watching as my husband chew his food silently. I was grateful for the silence but I know there were a million things we could have said.

After eating, I poured myself a measurable share of red label into a tall glass and sat at the dinning table. I drank in silence, slowly remembering all my life events. Most colorful, few dreadful but all that, made up who I am today.

I watched Fred sleep noiselessly, turning awkwardly as if terrified or going through an unexplainable nightmare. I wasn't ready to join him soon, so I drank on.

Picking up my phone from where it laid on the table, I decided to call my mother In-law.

First ring...

Second ring...

Third ring....

When I was about giving up, she answered

‘Hello?' She asked, tiredness dripping from her voice with a mixture of sleep attached.

‘Maman' I said colly.

‘Kayla dear, how are you doing? Is something wrong?' she asked, worry lace her tone.

‘No maman, everything is fine. How are you doing?' I asked, deeply concerned.

‘I'm good dear, and everyone is just fine too. We are all missing you dear, including Kate and your sister. She came around yesterday' she informed me.

‘oh, really? That's sweet. Hope she's all good?'

‘Yes darling, she's good. Looking like you always. I mistook her for you the moment she walked into the kitchen' she said, giggling slightly.

I laughed..

‘C'mon maman, we don't even look that very much alike!' I told her, I could feel her rolling her eyes and I smiled the more.

‘Well, maybe. How's the honeymoon going?' she asked.

‘Good, meeting new people. Helping a lot of people. It's really fun' I said in one breath, trying to hide my disappointment.

‘Well, it's nice to help people, but also nicer when you enjoy yourself dearie. You are only going to be doing this once, you know?' she asked.

‘Yes maman, I do know!' I muttered, hoping she heard me.

‘Okay, so will you explain the reason why you are still awake by this time, honey? She asked, I laughed slightly.

‘No reasons, maman. I will be going to bed soon'

‘okay, I know that son of mine is already fast asleep?' she asked, I laughed again.

‘Yes, he's a bit tired' I said.

‘okay dearie, catch some sleep and say hello to him for me when he awakes, hmm?'

‘Yes maman. I will, goodnight maman. Say hello to Papa and Kate too'

‘will do sweetheart. Bye-bye' she hung up. I stared at my phone for a couple of minutes, and then dropped it on the table with a faint thud.

I got the bottle of wine again, poured another share and sipped.

What are we going to do by tomorrow? I asked myself. Fred didn't mention anything about tomorrow but I know I promised him that I was going to punish him.

When I said punish, I didn't mean it sternly. It was only a playful thing I would do to him.  I pondered about the right punishment and ended up with absolute nothing.

I looked at Fred's sleeping figure and wondered if he has been involved in anything mind blowing with otenga. Otenga seems deceitful and it only made me more curious about our stay here.

Was my husband here because he wanted to spend more time with me and help people or because he wants to settle the dispute that he has with otenga and the village.

I couldn't put my wandering mind on any suitable reason, so I ended up with positive thoughts.

I drank the remaining liquid from the bottle. Rubbing my clammy hands against the fabric of my night wear, I picked up the bottle and the glass and headed to the sink. Rinsing the glass and keeping it were it belonged, I made my way to the bedroom.

I lay beside Fred motionlessly and looked at the white ceiling. The ceiling bore absolute nothing but whiteness and for a moment, I wished my mind was like that.

After staring at the white ceiling which stared back like we were in some staring competition, I heard Fred grumble and looked at him.

He placed his hand on my waist and draw my closer to him. We stayed silently for some time. Until....

‘Sleep not coming tonight?' he asked. I smile, aware that he doesn't see me because of the darkness.

‘Maybe..' I said, stretching the words.

‘You want me to make you something that would help you sleep?' he asked.

‘I might have drank enough liquor for the night' I said

He chuckled..

‘That explains the ooze from your mouth' he chuckled

I playfully slap his arm away from my mouth and he laughed.

‘Come here' he pulled me more closer to him, I stayed in his warm embrace and slowly, I drifted into the end of reality.

After how many days, I finally updated.

Now(drum roll)

How will Fred be punished, and how will tomorrow turn out??

Any ideas?

Flip and read further ❤


Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 1:43pm On Nov 18, 2019
Fred better be punished real good grin

Thanks for the update

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 2:06pm On Nov 18, 2019
Fred better be punished real good grin

Thanks for the update

Awww, thank you Ann. I feel really loved by your comments.

Well, we will see about the punishment wink

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Noblejohn32(m): 11:37am On Nov 19, 2019
Fred is hiding something sinister from his spouse and otenga knows about it just my opinion
Thrilling story

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 9:37am On Nov 22, 2019
Fred is hiding something sinister from his spouse and otenga knows about it just my opinion
Thrilling story

Well, everyone has ugly past. Maybe Fred has one, maybe not.

You will find out as the story progresses.

Thanks for following!
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 9:38am On Nov 22, 2019

Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
~Robert Frost

~Chasing cars by Snow Patrol


I drove through the muddy street with so much vigour for a fragile woman. I couldn't help the pounding in my heart. I clenched the steering wheel. What could be so wrong with Fred that he had to call with so much pain dripping from his voice.

I almost ran into an old woman who was trying to cross the street. Damn, do they always have to cross the street at an ungodly hour in someone's life-like they do in the movies.

I looked at my appearance in the mirror while waiting for the woman to cross the road. My wig was out of my hair, revealing my well trimmed short hair. My eyes were a little bit puffy due to confusion, my red lipstick was touching each sides of my cheek.

I groaned, resisting the urge to go straight to the woman and throw her off the road. After what looked like forever, she made it to the other side, alive and unscratched. I drove speedily pass her and saw her shaking her head from the rear view mirror.

Thirty minutes later, I was at my home, made it through the electric gates and turned off the ignition of the car. I rushed out of the car in a frenzy and dashed into the house.

The usual smell of avocado air freshener greeted me as I stepped foot inside the living room.

‘Fred..' I called, going to the kitchen. He was no where to be seen.

‘Fred...' I called again, running my fingers through my short hair.

I made it upstairs in swift motion and headed to Fred's study room. He was not there either.

I left the scattered study and went to our room.

The sight before me made me cringe inwardly. Our room was a mess, our matrimonial bed turned upside down with bed sheet at the far end of the walk-in closet. I gulped, as I crossed a set of broken porcelain cups on the floor.

‘Fred?' I called again, walking into the room.

Our wedding frame was shattered and the picture torn into two. I almost cried but refrained myself.

I needed to find my husband!

I looked for him everywhere but he was no where to be seen. I got frustrated and almost lost hope when I saw the door of our bathroom slightly open. I stood up, started walking into the bathroom.

‘Fred..' I called, walking into the lush bathroom. I heard running water and then dashed to the bathtub.

There, I saw what took my breadth away.

Fred lay in the bathtub, completely unclad. As if drowning in a bathtub. I noticed that it wasn't only water that was in the bathtub, but red substance--blood.

I screamed, immediately covering my mouth with my palm.

I screamed again, unaware of what to do with the sight before me.

I rushed to the bathtub and knelt in front of it. Fred's beautiful face was dampened and his eyes were still.

‘No no no no no.. This can't be!’ I repeated, trying to shake my husband to life. He remained still, unaware of my presence, staring at nothingness.

I broke down and wept!


I opened my eyes as sweat trickled down my face. Terrified due to the dream I had. But can that be classified as a dream or nightmare? I looked around my surrounding and caught Fred looking at me intensely.

‘Are you okay, hun?' he asked. I shut my eyes countless times trying to shake off the bad feeling growing in the depths of my stomach

‘Urrmm.. Yes, no!' I said, unsure of my feeling.

‘What happened, you were screaming and grabbing the bed sheets fiercely. Bad dream?' He asked again, coming closer to me. I stayed silent, not knowing how to reply. He watched me and then embraced me fiercely. I almost choked on the sudden impact.

‘Everything's fine now, hun. I love you!' He said, stroking my back. I calmed down, a bit.

The smell of bacon and eggs waft through my nostrils and my stomach growled.

‘Hungry?' Fred asked, with a big smile on his perfect features.

I shook my head in confirmation.

He giggled and carried me out of bed into the dinning table.


Breakfast went slow, I was occupied with my own thoughts and Fred was flipping through a set of instruction booklet.

I couldn't decipher the meaning of the dream and it made my heart jump each time I remember how I met Fred in the bathtub. I will look at him, he will look back and smile.

After what took forever, we finished breakfast or let me rephrase, I finished breakfast because fred was done with he's along time ago.

We took our shower together and I couldn't stop thinking about the horrid dream. I was grateful that Fred didn't ask or demand too much. He was just watching me closely and smile whenever I catch him staring.

We got dressed, and headed outside.

Fred announced to me that there was a kind of fund raising going on and we needed to join. I agreed and we made our way through a bunch of people.

As we shuffled through sweaty bodies, most people greeted my husband with a knowing smile and completely ignored me. I couldn't care less because, I was never moved by people's opinion.

I found out that there were some sort of competition which is going to take place in the next twenty minutes. I signed I and my husband's name without his notice.

Twenty minutes later, Mr and Mrs Johnson was blasted through the speakers along with other names of different people.

I smiled cockily as my husband eyes grew wide from the realisation that Mr and Mrs Johnson were indeed us.

‘What in the name of bleeding Jesus is happening?' He asked as he drew closer to me. I smiled at his use of language and replied.

‘Jesus Christ is no longer bleeding, you know' I said, still smiling sheepishly.

He rolled his eyes..

‘What, a competition? That's unfair Mrs Johnson' He said, shaking his head as if doing it would save him.

‘Remember when I told you about the punishment? This is it!' I declared

He's eyes grew wide again and I giggled evilly.

Our names were called again and I practically dragged him out of his standing position into the open field. I didn't know kombi has an open field until now.

I'm in awestruck as I looked about me. Different obstacles filled the field, making it look like a somewhat hard challenge.

I licked my lips absent mindedly and watched as Fred gulped, taking in handful of air. This is it, we shall know who is  fit enough.

A badge was attached to our training suit. We were tagged the ‘j’ couple.

If you have watched takashi's castle before or the scene in Big Brother Africa where they have to jump or solve puzzles before reaching their target and the strongest and fittest win the game-- then you will understand this part.

I mentally appraised kombi inhabitants for being so thoughtful.

At the shot of a toy gun, we began our first obstacle.

I ran across the field to the place tagged ‘start’ Jumped unto an inflated bedding which landed me on a soft rolling Stone. I held unto it's edges as the stone started rolling down a steep. I shut my eyes, thinking of nothing but sweet rose dresses(i love rose dresses) the stone came to a halt in front of a giant teddy bear which looked pretty terrifying, almost resembling Lucifer with horns.

I cringed at the Lucifer looking teddy and went past it. Another, came a puzzle. I came to a halt in front of the scattered pieces, stopped my heart from racing and then focused on the puzzle.

‘welcome to game of lies, pick accordingly.' I read the instructions to myself. I looked side ways, and found out that Fred and the rest of the competitors were already at the puzzle.

I read the timing, twenty minutes. Twenty minutes to solve the puzzle. Great! Just great!

I looked at my husband's side and saw him watching the game with confusion. He turned to look at me and our eyes interlocked. I smiled, he gave me a growl instead.

I faced the puzzle once more and began going through it.

It was a questioning puzzle--bless their hearts.

Game of lies:


1) when was kombi born?

2) Spell your husband/wife's name backwards.

3) Virgin or spoilt?

4) Otenga is a brat, yes and no

5) Would you like children or just a child?

6) president of America, why does he look like Spongebob?

7) When did nigeria gain independence

coolFifty fifty or cheat?

9) redo #3

10) Go to the next challenge and see how far you went on this one.


I read the questions over and over again, trying to get it right. These were very simple questions but logical also.

I went through the title of the game once more: Game of lies! That means, that everything should be in lies.


I get to the first one


1) Sweez days..





6)because he's pink!


coolAll to myself


I smiled to myself as I dashed towards the next obstacle. I was right, everything was in lies. You have to lie in order to win the game.

I rushed to another obstacle with my heart about to burst from proudness.

The next was a puddle of dirty water with lowered nets on top of it. The nets almost touching the dirty water. I swallowed hard and bent towards the muddy water.

After I was done, I looked like a pig that has just found out that muddy water was life.

I rushed to another and was greeted by a face slam. I got slammed real hard first time but then figured that I have to bend and dodge so as to not get hit by it.

I went through that one successfully and went into a mini pool that they had managed to pull off. I jumped into it and was about to savor it's warmness when I found out that there were little fishes inside it. I almost ran out of myself. I screamed but then made to the instructions.

Use your mouth to catch at least two fishes.

Gross... Are these people for real?

Without wasting much time, I bent into the pool and began struggling for fish. Each time I tried to catch one, it wriggles and slip out of my mouth.

I decided to use my teeth instead.
After about two minutes, I caught the two successfully and made to deposit it into a basin. After I had done that, a fire went up and the whole crowd cheered.

I can't believe it!

I won!!

I won!!

I won!!

I started dancing happily, not caring who was watching.

Fred came to my side in about few minutes later, sweating and panting like he just wrestled a gorilla.


‘These people are so wicked!' He commented as we were going back to the lodge with my huge triumphant cup filled with assorted cookies and chocolate.

I smiled at him but he brushed it off

‘How did they even come up with that stupid puzzle thing. The answers didn't even correspond with what I wrote down.'

‘That's because it's called ‘game of lies’ I told him

He turned to face me

‘Are you shitting me right now? You mean, the answers supposed to be in lies?' He asked disbelieving.

‘Yep' I said, laying emphasis on the ‘p’

‘God! Those people are smart. Smart ass they truly are. I will visit the coordinator by tomorrow' he said. I narrowed my eyes at him,

‘what for?' I asked.

‘To congratulate him of course. That game was blast!!' he said laughing. We laughed, each thinking of how the game was.

‘well, at least you got your punishment! I won you Fred Johnson!’ I said, sticking my tongue out, childishly.

‘Oh, you will regret ever saying that, Kayla Johnson! Thirty thousand naira for who get to the lodge first’ he said as he dashed off.

Before I could register his words, he was already far gone. I ran as my legs could carry me.....

2038 words!

This is my longest!

How did you see the game?

Well, I couldn't come up with something very much enticing.

At least, Kayla has had her revenge.

If you are wondering why the both of them didn't win as a couple, I purposely did that wink

So, the end of kombi is slowly coming to an end. But Kayla Won't Leave without a heart wrenching drama!

Now(drum roll)

Flip and read further ❤

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by DavidWilsonn: 10:41am On Nov 22, 2019
Nice thanks for it.

Buy Brass Bathtub Online

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 12:48pm On Nov 22, 2019
Pls just make sure no harm befalls Kayla

Thanks for the update
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 3:06pm On Nov 22, 2019
Pls just make sure no harm befalls Kayla

Thanks for the update

I will try my best, my queen (slightly bowing)

No promises though grin

Update coming up tonight or this evening. Let me start writing already (Dancing and walking out of the doorgrin)

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:28pm On Nov 23, 2019

Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: We learned to fight our demons, succeeding only once but succumbing afterwards!

~God Favour Me by Hezekiah Walker.

Two weeks later❤

I see you, you see me. We smile to each other. Our faces radiating because of the line that crosses from our mouth to both sides of our cheeks, but our eyes tell differently.

Our eyes tell a different story of sadness, but we are still smiling, staring at ourselves with so much joy radiating from our faces and perhaps our body--But why not our eyes?

Why do our eyes tell us another story, why do our eyes speak differently, why do we pretend to not see the happenings in our heart?

I see you, you see me too! (Sochey)

This part is dedicated to Ann2012 (Nairalander)

Thanks for all your helpful comments. It means a lot to me. And to my ghost readers, I sight you jare wink


The time for departure is slowly coming. We were ready to leave the small world of kombi and venture into the big city were our lives were merged together. I was happy, at the same time, feeling like I will miss this little village that has brought pain, happiness, joy, togetherness and as well as sorrow into the lives of I and my husband.

Since morning, Fred was on the phone, calling, yelling and cursing at the people who he was talking with. Whenever I ask him, he would say that they were the servants from the house or workers from the office who would not do what they are supposed to do.

Friday came, our departure will be tomorrow which is Saturday. So I decided to stay home on Friday and see if I will calm my nerves and just take care of myself. The last few days has been hectic and as the wife to a benevolence giver, I was in charge of helping the poor women cook and create a lot of things that I would never have done on my own.

I lay on the sofa, watching random film on my phone when I heard a loud bang on the door. Firstly, my heart leaped but then I calmed myself down. Stood up, adjusted my tight short leather skirt, my beige fluffy sweater and made to the door.

I opened the door without thinking and the next thing I met was darkness.....


I opened my eyes to see myself in a small room that almost resembled a janitors office(if you know what I mean). I tried to struggle but the knot around my wrist was too tight. I let out an exasperated sigh and shook my head. Is this how I will end? Is this how I will never get to make babies for sweet Fred? Is this how I will probably be sacrificed to the poverty stricken god's of kombi land that probably derive joy in taking the lives of newly married women?

I shook my head, feeling warm liquid drop down from my eyes. I cried a silent cry that only causes damage to the human fabric than the loud outburst of tears. I wept silently, the tears refusing to stop. Goddammit! I need to hold myself together, I need to find a way out of here. But how? I looked around for something sharp that I can lay my hands on. At least, break the bonds. But found nothing other than pile of clothes and mops and dustbin basket and anything that is used in cleaning a house.

Few minutes later, the door opened...

‘I think she's awake!’ I heard someone say. It resembled a voice of a teenage boy. Was I kidnapped by teenagers? Probably the ones that are looking for humans to sacrifice for money--you know, all these get rich quick teenagers.

‘Yes, I think we should go and tell Ofor’ Another voice said, not teenage at all.

I opened my mouth to speak but what came out of my mouth surprised me.

‘Mmph nnrrgg miaaa’  I said.

What was wrong with my mouth? I tried to lick my lips but my tongue came in contact with harsh substance. Glue? Tape? You know the type they use in movies to seal the mouth of the kidnapped Victims?

‘I think she's trying to say something’ The teenage boy said.

‘Leave her to be!lets go before Ofor finds out that we have not gone to fetch the fire woods’ The other person said.

‘Yes oo..we should go and fetch the fire woods Now!’ The teenage boy confirmed. The next thing I heard was the clicking of a door and then the slamming of a door. In other words, the opening and closing of a door.

Blimey.... I'm alone again.

I tried to keep my eyes open. At least, I wanted to see when they will take me to their shrine. Probably appreciate nature once more. It seems like they were going to burn me alive since the two men talked about firewood.

Roast me alive? That word sounds oddly  familiar.

Then I remembered burning house and my parents and everything that I have lived to enjoy.

I broke down. Am i going to die by fire just like my parents? The realisation hitting me like strayed bullet.

I shut my eyes and then blankness.....

Next chapter will be on Fred's point of view.

What do you think happened to Kayla and who's responsible for it?

I got flagged by Nairaland Spambot, so I didn't update as promised yesterday.


Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:40am On Nov 25, 2019
Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: we should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, gets broken!
~Taylor Swift

~Stitches by Shawn Mendes

Fred's pov

The past few weeks had been Frankenstein on death race for me. I have been very busy, organizing and trying to see if I would put things in order before we leave.

Returning home will mean extra work and probably lesser time for my dear wife Kayla. I don't think I would last a day without seeing her beautiful face. Oh, that eyes! That eyes that shine both in joy and in terror, hope and hopelessness.

That eyes has always pushed me to work hard to wake up every single day just to see her beautiful face.

Friday, I left the house to go visit chief Ukwa for some businesses. I'm planning on working the roads that lead to kombi. I'm also planning on giving them straight out electricity. The amount of diesel consumed in my lodge was getting increasingly alarming, so I I had to do something.


Coming back at exactly 4:00pm, I knocked on door to our room.

There was no answer...

I knocked again, still no answer..

Maybe Kayla went out to see some people whom she had made acquaintance with. I pushed the door open and went in.

‘Hun...’ I called, just to be sure she wasn't in.

She was no where in the room. I shrugged and made to the fridge.

After taking out a bottle of beer, I sat at the dinning. I let my eyes stray around the room and my eyes caught something.

I made to the sofa and found Kayla's phone.

How did she leave her phone behind?

Shrugging, I left the phone on the dresser and made to the bed with the bottle beer in my hand. Placing the bottle on the rugged floor, I took off my shoes and then my clothes. Tossing it where I would remember it by tomorrow, I made to the shower.

Five minutes later, I was done showering and I wore a nikka with an army designed singlet.

I turned on the TV and took out another bottle of beer.



Kayla was still not home. I got worried, stood up from the sofa that I almost fell asleep on.

I left the room with my shirt over my shoulder, making it to the receptionist desk.

On seeing me, she smiled sweetly and I just flashed her two sets of white teeth.

‘Good evening sir, how may I help you?’ She asked, looking at me in a manner that some girls in a club house would do ---seductively.

I refrained from rolling my eyes at her foolishness.

‘Have you seen my wife?’ I asked. Her face went blank and for a moment, I thought all the color drained from her features. She definitely didn't expect me to ask that.

I cleared my throat momentarily and asked again...

‘Have you seen my wife?'

‘Errmm, well, errmm errmm....’  she stammered.

‘...no... How do you mean, sir’ she said, trying to regain herself.

‘well, I can't find her anywhere and she didn't go with her phone so I was wondering if you saw her going out today?’ I asked.

‘No sir, I have not! I have been here all day, I haven't even set my eyes on her’ she replied, disgust visibly written on her face.

I got more worried. What is going on?

I was sure the receptionist wasn't lying.....

As I was deep in my thoughts, someone rushed into the lodge..

‘Oga sir, Oga sir!’ the man called, sweating and panting like someone who had been chased by house rat.

’Is there any problem?’ I asked

‘Madam...your wife... I see am.... Some people come, put bag for her head and carry am go’ he explained.

‘What do you mean, some people’ I asked, confused.

‘Sir, you wife has been womannapped!’ he confirmed.

I stared at him, trying to understand what he was saying.

Then it clicked!

Jesus banana bending Christ!!

I rushed into our room, got my keys and I was out of the lodge in a flash.

I was raging, my anger speeding to high degrees at every second that passed

I only have one person in mind....


I parked in front of a thatched roof house and turned off the ignition of the car. Hauling myself out of the vehicle, I dashed into the building.

Otenga is seating on a bamboo chair, about eating the food that he's wife had served in front of him.

I went straight at him, picked him from his seating position, which made the food tumble and scattered on the floor.

Before he could register what was happening, he was already at the far end of the room. Things that decorated the small room falling as his body made contact with them. He winced, stood up and was about to speak. I shut him up with a punch to his lip.

His lip swelled....

I watched him stand up, wiping blood out of the corner of his mouth with the back of his palm. I waited, watching him stagger.

‘You perverted son of a bachelor! Oh, wait, you're married!’ he spat. I waited, patiently.

‘What in the name of burning hell are you doing?’ he asked.

‘Where's my wife?where's Kayla?’ I asked, getting more angry as the seconds tick

‘I have no idea what you are talking about!’ he replied, trying to calm himself down.



Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 11:57am On Nov 25, 2019
Who womannapped my Kayla now
Op, nothing must happen to her else I'll hold you responsible
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:59am On Nov 25, 2019
Who womannapped my Kayla now
Op, nothing must happen to her else I'll hold you responsible


You'd be surprised to see what happened to her...

Thanks for reading, babe

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 12:24pm On Nov 25, 2019

You'd be surprised to see what happened to her...
Thanks for reading, babe

OK ooo, I'm waiting

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 10:54am On Nov 26, 2019

Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: The battle you are going through is not fueled by the words or actions of others;  it's fueled by the mind that gives it's importance.

~Shannon L. Alder

~Safe and sound by Taylor Swift

Third person point of view.

She is a strong woman, fearless with a tad bit of fighting spirit. She couldn't fight four men all by herself, especially when she didn't visit takwando school.

Locked away in that desolate place, she decided to keep mute, oh! what little can she do when she has tape across her lips?

She fell constantly asleep, you might need some sleep in situations like this. But she's different, she revels in the sweetness of sleep. At least, it helps her keep her head straight!

As the day fell rapidly, the lingering light is obliterated by the rapidly falling night. The once salmon and purple sky transforms into a vast expanse of jet-black that engulfs the skyline. A canopy of luminous stars materializes amongst the ocean of blackness. Some are dull, merely flickering into existence every now and then, but there is an adequate amount of shimmering stars to illuminate the dark, moonless night.

The inhabitants of the little village- kombi, were blessed with such amount of intelligence and hard work. They were up and doing, going about their respective works with a little secret hovering above their heads. They would smile knowingly to each other, and sometimes nods in agreement.

They were preparing for something big, extraordinary even. The men have ventured into the forest to kill eatable animals. The boys had gone to the river to catch some fish. The girls are cleaning, making sure everything was in order. The women(old and middle aged) were preparing, humming and silently praying for forgiveness for what they are about doing is big and perhaps intriguing.

All this while, dear Kayla was locked away, with only darkness for companion. With her tears as solitude.

Fred on the other hand, was desperate to finds his missing wife. No one seems to know her whereabouts. He felt useless, perhaps not man enough to protect his soul mate. He blamed himself on countless occasions for leaving her alone at home. This is the reason he doesn't let her out of his sight. But will he continue to keep her by his side always?

The preparation is in full speed now, the night is nigh and the agreed time of the occasion is drawing closer.

After what seemed like a decade with famine, the time finally came.....


The loud beat of the drum can be heard from heaven. Even Jesus will be proud, almost reveling to the sound of the music.

The dancers lined up in beautiful parade, filling out in order and taking over the sound of the music.

Twisting, shaking and sometimes jumping in a dramatic way, they will go according to the music, erupting a loud cheer from the people present.

The girls, now no longer too busy with chores, painted their faces in amazing pattern that might take the breadth away from a man with sensible hormones.

They looked adoring, almost worshipable, like the goddess herself.

The boys, masked with ancient face masks, masquerading themselves as the rebellious ones, but beautiful in their own creative.

The men, clad in animal skin clothing, feeling like the owners of the land and shaking their heads to the sound of the music.

The women, with their rapper of many colors will sometimes dance accordingly, tying and re-tying their rappers around their waist.

The ceremony was in full speed now, everyone with huge smiles wide across their faces.

As they brought her out of that desolate place, clad in the most beautiful attire that the land had ever seen, they led her weak body to the high seat. They make her sit upon it, like a princess in the most adoring world of beautiful flowers.

She would open her eyes, unsure of the happenings around her. She will sometimes, try to figure out if of a truth, she will die by fire. She would look around, trying to see with her weak eyes if there is a burning fire large enough to consume her fragile frame. But all she saw was a little fire in the middle of the square. Burning vigorously and consuming the woods tossed into it frequently.

She would see beautiful smiling faces about her and she would wonder if they reveled in her weak state. She was vulnerable, she knew it. But there was nothing she could do.

As she lifted her head up towards the entrance of the square, she saw a figure, slowly making its way towards the square. No, the figure was not quick, it was slow, walking and looking about him like he doesn't know what he was doing here.

As she observed further, the figure appeared to be someone she know, almost like someone she had swore to live the rest of her life with. She looked closer, more closer as the little fire that illuminated the moonless night slowly radiate on his face. Then....


Oh, was he here to save her? To take her away from this monstrous place. Perhaps into their little world of bliss, where she was sure there is peace of mind and hope for another day.

As she watched closely, it seemed like he was confused, almost lost!

He began talking with the men at the corner and before she knew what was happening, he is dressed just like a king. With the most fanciful ropes that can only be found in the ancient world of Greek.

He smiled to everyone, the fear and confusion that once hovered across his face, now replaced with complete happiness.

Her heart fell, a thousand times more...

He is among them, he wants to kill her too.

What had she done, what grave atrocity has she committed to land her in so much trouble. To the extent that even her husband is with them. She felt like the son of god in the Bible, during the day of his crucifixion. She felt abandoned and wept inwardly.

Fred made it to her side, lifting her face tenderly. With so much love in his eyes, so much joy that is unexplainable. He stroked her cheek casually, wiping away the tears from her face. With his eyes telling more than his mouth could say.

As if on a cue, he made her see what she didn't see. He made her see freedom, love radiating from the people around her.

She saw it, but refused to believe it....

A girl about fourteen years of age came to her, with a tray of delicious pepper coated roasted meat. Bowing before her like she is their queen, she handed her the tray and said..

‘This is for all the good things you have brought into our village. You are a blessing and may the gods of our land prosper you’ she bowed deeply again, almost toppling over.

A smile crept unto her lips, she wasn't sure, but she knew she is smiling. The tears already dried due to her husband constantly wiping it away with the back of his palm.

Her husband....

She turned to him and gave him a questioning look, he smiled.

‘You knew about this?’ she asked, surprised she can find her voice.

‘No, I was devastated when I didn't find you at home. I searched everywhere, beat Otenga to pulp. Still, I couldn't find you. I was afraid’ he said, with a hint of sadness in his eyes that was immediately replaced by a genuine smile.

She smiled back and looked about her again, this time not the way she had done.

Hope lingered in the eyes of everyone and she burst out laughing. She laughed so hard that her lungs ached. She kept on laughing, this was all a joke.

She isn't going to die by fire after all.

‘So you guys didn't plan to roast me alive?’ she asked, trying to control her outburst.

They looked at her confused.

She looked at herself, finding out she was no longer in her leather skirt but a very beautiful laced gown.

‘It was hard getting you into that with you sleeping so peacefully!’ An elderly woman said.

After the heart pouring of kindness, the ceremony kicked off in full swing.......

How was this chapter?

It was hard writing it without revealing the villagers hidden plans.

Hope it was bearable?

Now(drum roll)

More drama is yet to come. If you think kombi is heart wrenching enough, watch and see how the big city would be....


Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 2:03pm On Nov 26, 2019
One chilled champagne for u OP
My Kayla is safe

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 3:25pm On Nov 26, 2019
One chilled champagne for u OP
My Kayla is safe

Abi ooo

I think I'm going to share the chilled champagne with you btw wink

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 9:49pm On Nov 28, 2019
Welcome/Breaking news!

Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

~Albert Camus

~Earned it by The Weeknd(50 shades of grey)

I sat next to Fred in our Audi r8 and was looking at the scenery that rushes pass us due to the motion of the car.

My legs ache due to last night fantastic activities. I couldn't believe that the inhabitants of Kombi could be so thoughtful.

After all the gifts that I didn't know they were capable of giving, we went back to our lodge with a vast feeling of fulfillment.

The silence that accommodated us was sent to exile by the deafening sound of my phone ringtone. I diverted my eyes from the road and began searching for my phone in my purse.

It wasn't there.

I looked at my husband who looked seemingly occupied by the news paper he is reading.

Where could the phone be?

I tried searching under our feet but found nothing!

I exhaled loudly and decided to interrupt my husband's reading.

‘Err..hun?’ I started..

No answer!

‘Hello?’ I waved my hand in his face.

He slowly took his eyes away from the paper and looked at me.

‘Have you seen my phone?’ I asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

‘What?’ he asked, seeming oblivious.

‘My phone! You know, that thing which people use to make and answer calls that is about this size’ I said, demonstrating with my hands.

He smiled..

‘I know what a phone is used for, Kayla. I didn't see it, are you looking for it?’ he asked

‘Yes, obviously! It's ringing and I need to find it’ I said, rolling my eyes.

He bent over to the other side of his seat and searched but found nothing. I let out an exhilarated sigh as I saw it next to the driver.

I rushed to pick it up before it stops ringing again.

I am greeted by my aunt's caller ID. I sighed, positioned my frame upright and answered.

I waited for her to speak but heard nothing from the other end. I waited, tapping my index finger on my left thigh.

I sighed loudly again, knowing she wouldn't say anything unless I do.

‘Hello, aunt!’ I said, rather bored with the lack of communication.

There's ruffling at the other side..

‘Hello, Kay?How are you doing?’ she asked.

‘I'm fine, aunt!’ I replied, not bothering to curtsey the question.

After another round of silence from her side, she asked..

‘Are you guys coming back anytime soon?’ she asked, I wanted to ask her why she cared but realising she's not worth the breadth, I replied simply.


‘oh! then, In that case, I would like to see you, Kay!’

‘What for?’

‘There are some issues I need to discuss with you about’ She replied, casually.

‘When?’ I asked, biting my lower lip.

‘As soon as you guys get back!’

‘Well, we are on our way back home’ I informed her.

‘Really? Then I will be at the house by 8pm?’ She asked. Was she expecting me to say no?

‘Okay..’ I replied, dragging the words. She hung up without saying anything more.

What else I'm I expecting her to say? Drive safely will probably be the best thing to say to a traveller right?

My aunt has few of her brain nuts loosed.

I dropped the phone nonchalantly beside me and sighed again.

My husband, still lost in his daily times news paper, completely ignoring me.

I place my head on the back seat head rest and thought about how everyone will react if they see us.

I wasn't ready for too much formality and I am thinking of probably retiring early, if we get home early-that is.


My thoughts of retiring to bed early flew out of the window when we reached the mansion.

Cars where lined up, people were casually walking into the compound as if it was the most normal thing to do.

My home is not an art exhibition show!

We carefully parked in the garage and I looked at my husband.

He is no longer reading but surprise seem to take over his features.

Swarms of people saturate a huge, extravagant first level of the mansion. A large area cleared out in the middle and I recognize this as the zone allocated to dance. Luminous lights flash timely, to the beat of a slow song that is currently being blasted from the music system in the far corner of the area.

A bevy of girls walk past, presumably Kate's age mate with red cups fashioned in their hands, filled with alcohol, I presume. The combination of movement is rapid; everyone seems to be doing something.

I spotted Kate at the swimming pool area with some boys who will be some years older than her. I made to where she is standing without thinking twice.

Before I could pass through sweaty bodies, she spotted me and squealed.

‘Kaylaaaaaaaaa’ She yelled, drawing attention. Everyone who seemed to be busy doing one or two things now stare at me like I am a new Gucci Rolex just released in the market.

I gulped, making my way to her completely.

‘What the hikes!’ I whispered. She just smiled at me like I was a little child who deserved all the treasures of the world.

Geez, did I mention that Kate gives me the goosebumps?

‘Welcome home sister in-law!’ she chirped, making me worried that she might have drank more alcohol than she's supposed to.

I took her by the hand, and drag her away from the boys she was talking to who is now looking at me weirdly.

We marched into the house and was greeted by a happy parent In-law and a little sister.

I squealed, rushed to my sister and scoop her into my arms. She giggled, patting my shoulder dramatically.

I held her closer, probably much tighter than I'm supposed to for her petite frame.

‘I know you missed me, I know’ She said, still patting my back. I smiled and let go.

I went to my mother in law and hugged her too and repeated the same procedure to my father In-law. They all chirped welcome back, and I realised they all were wearing matching shirts which has a tag on it: Welcome back from honeymoon#lovers.

I smiled awkwardly, feeling a little uneasy.

‘I made the shirt!’ Kate said, noticing my awkward state.

‘And forced us to wear it!’ My sister said, winking.

I smiled...

By then, Fred appears by my side, sliding his hand across my waist.

Everyone gave him a cool look, probably expecting him to explain his disappearance.

‘What? I went to greet few friends!’ he said, pecking my shoulder blade.

Kate rolled her eyes and disappeared into the crowd once more. My mother In-law left for the kitchen, my father In-law engaged his son in a father to son conversation and I was left with my sister, who is looking at me in a manner of; you better start telling me everything that happened in that village!

She comes over to me, sliding her fingers to mine and leads me upstairs.

‘You must be exhausted, I will take you to your room’ she said.

We made it to the extravagant stair cases that is large enough to fit a four-wheel truck, and I am not exaggerating.

We make it to my room and I collapsed on the soft bed. My sister starts going through my stuff, touching almost everything and eyeing them.

‘You can take anything you want if you want, Kristy’ I told her.

‘Oh, C'mon! It's not like I want all this fancy stuff. Remember when aunt didn't give us as much as two long mary-Amaka dresses?’ she asked, laughing slightly.

‘Yep. Speaking of aunt, she will be here by 8’ I replied. Her eyes went wide like saucers.

‘What, why?’ she asked

‘Don't know, she said she has some issues to discuss. So I will probably freshen up before she gets here’

She groaned, slapping her forehead.

‘Any problems?’ I asked, concerned.

‘No...i don't want to see her, Kay’ she replied, dragging her palms down her face, thank almighty she doesn't wear makeup.


After all the guest had left, I find out that it was Kate who invited all of those people without the knowledge of her parents. She begged her father for forgiveness but the old man wouldn't hear anything from her. I decided to interject. Apparently, her parents listened to me and forgave her.

After staying over to clean up the house a little, they decide if was time to leave. Fred's parents promised to come back the next day and Kate promised to visit in two days due to her exams.

Now left with my husband, sister and an empty house which the servants probably lost in their little world of gossip, I make it the spacious living room with my sister trailing behind me.

The door bell rang and I jerked from my sleep. I had fallen asleep on the couch, with my sister adjacent to me.

Kristy stands up almost immediately and rushed to the door.

The scent of vanilla filled my nostrils as the woman I had grown with almost all my life make her way into the sitting room with my sister trailing behind her.

I sighed, stood up and went to her..

‘Good evening aunt!’ I greeted.

She looks at me from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet and nodded.

‘Good evening, good to see you are adding more weight’ she commented.

I ignored her and motioned for her to seat down. She sat and I took up another seat opposite from hers while my sister sat with me.

‘I see you are with your elder sister now, Kristina?’ she asked my sister who just nods in agreement.

‘So aunt, what are you here for’ I said, shaking to end the conversation.

‘Oh, how about your husband?’

‘He's upstairs, probably asleep’ I said, resisting the urge to yawn. She notices this, and said.

‘I need him to be here before I say what I have come for!’ she deadpanned.

‘Does he need to be here?’ I asked.

‘Yes, he's a part of the family now, isn't it?’

As I was about to reply, Fred chose to come down.

After he and my aunt had exchanged heated pleasantries, we were all seated, patiently waiting for whatever the madame has to say.

She cleared her throat and began

‘Due to the fact that you are married into a very wealthy family, I have come to ask or rather seek permission to sell off the remnants of your parents property!’ she said.

This took me by surprised as I almost choked on my own breath. I found out my sister is struggling to breath too.

‘What?’ I asked, almost yelling. Trying to get off my seat but was stopped by stronger hand-Fred's.

‘Didn't you hear what I just said, honey?’

‘You want to see off everything my father struggled to build before that fire consumed them?’ I asked, trembling.

‘Yes,dear. Moreover, you two won't be in need of it as you venture into marriage’

I felt hot liquid coming down my face in steady motion. I can't believe this, she wants to sell our wealth? Somehow, she has managed to sell all my father's investments when were little with the claim that she's using it to train us up. I didn't have a say to it because I was young and now that I'm old enough she still wants to use that game on me.

I shot my eyes and open them again. I faced, standing up from my seat and wrenching my hands away from my husband's hold.

‘You will never do no such thing. Over my dead body!’ I told her, with my moist eyes. She seems to be taken aback by my words. I could sense her quiver and I used that as an opportunity to stand up for my right.

‘You think you can come here and tell me bullshit like you did years ago, then you are completely mistaken, aunt Adanna. I am no longer a foolish little girl that you can deceive. I'm grown now and if you do as much as touch my father's remaining property, I will make sure you regret it for the rest of you damned life!’ I told her.

‘You can't do anything, Kayla. I have already talked with the lawyer and he has agreed on the issue. I'm selling it and no one will tell me differently!’

The nerve of that lady!....

I became confused, looking for something that I would say to hit her heart out. Then....

‘You mean the lawyer who you usually bleep outside your marriage?’ I said, wanting to regret my outburst, but it was all true.

‘You, you spoilt brat! I fed you, clothed you, gave you all that you need when your useless parents where as good as dead. Now, you stand in my face to insult me?’ she spat

‘And I will do it over again, if you lay a hand on my father's property!’ I told her, yelling the words out.

She seemed to cringe at my tone. I turned to look at my husband who was extraordinarily quite. He was just staring at the glass center table, anger boiling inside of him.

I went to my sister and took her hand. Her eyes were soiled with tears and I hated it. I took her to her room and promised her everything would be OK. After she fell asleep, I left for my own room.

When I went in, Fred was no where around the room. I sighed and retired to bed.

This was not the type of welcome back home I was expecting.....

Okay soldiers, this is basically my longest chapter so far with about 2340 words..

I'm kind of suggesting that Kayla's aunt by thrown into jail..

What do you think should be done to aunts like that?

I'm super duper looking towards the next chapter!!


Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 11:15pm On Nov 28, 2019
Kayla's aunt should go to hell jare
Well done OP

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