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LEX By Tz_chilest by emperorblog21(m): 7:01pm On Jan 13
LEX BY Tz_Chilest


At the waxing moon, during the twenty five years of the witches rule.
They decide to Channel the powers of their ancestors and bind the
other supernatural creatures from the citadel.

The witches had been the protector of the human race and had saved
them from the hands of the lycans. The witches had placed a curse on
the werewolves, preventing them from reaching their full peak except
on the full moon.

The vampires had also been a problem, they go about the city at night
dominating any creatures they found lagging. The mother of witches of
the citadel, Elaine casted a spell in the city thus restraining the
movement of the vampires.

Now it is time for the witches to celebrate twenty five years of peace
among the four fractions. The witches want to strengthen their holds
on the city, because they knew it is only a matter of time before the
supernaturals joins forces and conquer the city. It would be
disastrous for the witches. So the witches then cast a spell to unite
their old and powerful witches and seek their wisdoms.
“You know it’s funny as you seek advice from the dead, especially from
people who couldn’t do anything when they were alive”

The witches jerked at that familiar voice. They moved swiftly and
formed a circle around Elaine. That was the voice of the only creature
strong enough to bring down the witches. He hid behind a tomb, not
ready to make any rash judgement. His eyes were glittering of gold, so
he looked for any weakness, any soft spot to attack the witches.

He knew that place was a scared ground for the witches, their
ancestral ground. He knew that place would be heavily spelled, every
nook and cranky would have being bind as precautions. He was tired of
being led by a woman. He knew he had to take a step, which he just
did. He knew the fates of his clans and whoever he had sire would lie
on his actions, so he had to go slowly.

“Don’t you have dignity, Kol” Elaine yelled “how dare you come to our
ancestral ground”

The young witches around her kept murmuring some kind of spell harmoniously.

*_”Vazoo hsk to kiwva labasoro”__*

That word kept spreading in his body like wide fire. He already knew
the witches to be a tough opponent, they could get to you even before
you make a move. The witches had a leverage on every supernaturals,
the way they chant those spells moves faster than the speed of light
and that always get every supernatural on their toes.

He was already prepared for the worst, but now wasn’t the right time
for bloodshed. He was here for a deal with the witches, a deal that
could cost the witches their hold on the city.

That spell kept burning through him, he could feel his kidney being
twined. His golden eyes had become black and that means trouble but
making a rash move could be deadly, he was outnumbered and witches are
at their peak at the moment. So he had to trend slowly.

“Elaine, tell your kittens to stand down” he screamed from the dark
“Ain’t here for bloodshed, I come in peace”

“You? Peace? Wherever Kol Olsen goes, death follows”

“True! But not tonight. I only came for a deal”

Elaine smiled knowing fully well the only creature she had learned not
to trust was the vampire. They are cunny, selfish and devilish, she
had learnt to be careful when she around them.

“A deal with a vampire is impossible. In fact not just a regular
vampire, the fathers of vampires, the messenger of evil, the friend of
the devil”

Kol nodded in agreement, at least her facts were right this time

“That is me. You got the sire of vamps wrapped under your fingers”

“Am sorry Kol. Have learnt to flee at your presence and that is what
has been keeping the witches going, that is what still makes us the
ruler of the citadel. So a deal with you is just impossible”

Impossible is not just the word Kol was ready to hear. He had planned
this encounter for years and wasn’t ready to stop until the vampire
rules over the citadel.

“What if I tell you we are going to leave the city for you and your
little coven to keep ruling”

Elaine eyes were brightened. The witches had began to lose focus. Kol
knew he had been successful in getting to them, so he moved closer to
the coven. That was exactly what he needed if he wants to strike the
witches, he needs to make them lose focus but the bad news was, he
wasn’t going to strike the witches at least not tonight.

“This is getting interesting” Elaine said with disbelief

“I bet it is” Kol retorted with a scoff

“And you just expects me to believe you and your vamps will just
vamoose the city just like that”

“If our demands are meant, why not?”

“Demands? And what could your deal probably be?”

One thing Kol had learned about the witches was breaking an oath on
their sacred ground would result to an ancestral curse. So he had
chosen his timing perfectly, he wasn’t ready to lag behind. His
vampires should be moving freely in the city instead of lurking in the
dark and his sons should be the prince of the city and his daughters
princess of the citadel.

“Daylight ring!”

“You want us to make you daylight rings” Elaine said with disgust

“Yea, guess my demands are so simple. So make me the ring and vamps
would be history in your city”

The deal was so tantalizing. Elaine could see her coven had agreed to
it without second thoughts. They were all ready to kick the vampires
away from the citadel but Elaine knew this isn’t the right deal. If
she accept the deal and make the vampires a daylight ring, they would
now move freely in the city.

“So if I create you a daylight ring, you vampires would now move
freely in the sun. So weeks later, the lycans would come demanding for
their powers back”

“Everyone knows the lycans are the weakest fractions. Even the humans
now hunt them. So we the vampires should be your major concern because
we are second to you in terms of strength”

“I think it is a fair deal” Rebecca, Elaine second in command said.

“Yea it is. I won’t be here if the deal wasn’t fair”

“The vampires are meant to lurk in the dark and the lycans are meant
to be in the forest. So far, we have been able to achieve that” Elaine

Lurk in the dark? The vampires was destined for something big. They
were suppose to be leaders and not a creeper who burns out at the ray
of sunlight. The lycans maybe comfortable with their predicament but
the vamps are not. They were ready to fight nature and walk freely in
the sun.

“Elaine, I know this is what you always wanted”

“Yes! But this deal is just too cloudy to be true”

“I knew you would be like this” Kol voice now become deeper, it was
like his patience were already worn out and that could be bad for the
witches. He was the first species of vampires, his blood had created
alot of generations of vampires. So he was unusually fast and could
attack three witches in a seconds. His quench for blood was more than
usual, guess that was the price of selling his soul to the devil.

“I could just decide to join forces with my fiercest enemy, the lycans
and on the full moon we could just attack you and the human creatures
you admire so much. Or do you think you can stop us? It is only a
matter of time before I wipe you and your kinds from the surface of
the earth”

Kol wasn’t ready to joked anymore. He had tried to be as gentle as he
could, he was here for a serious business and not some child’s play.

“Is that a threat?”

“It is not. That was just an advice on how to prevent such from
happening” he said with a feint smile.

“Why don’t we read his mind then, we could walk through his
subconscious and find out about his plans with the ring” a witch said

Kol stood still, it was exactly like he had predicted. He knew the
witches would result into that so he was already fully prepared. He
had been on the witches trail for years now, so he already knew what
they does when the were confused. He knew the would creep their way in
his head and start solving the puzzles themselves.

What he planned on doing to the witches, what kind of pains he had
installed for them. He was first going to inflict an everlasting pain
on them which would make them wished they had died, then they would
drink his blood as water. Whosoever who failed to drink it would be
tortured till they drink his blood. He would then kill them and
separate their bones so that when they tries to unite with their
ancestors, they would be sent away as an abomination. So their souls
would fly helplessly around the city they craved so much about.

“Oh, that would be nice” Elaine brought him back from his thought “it
would be an honor to walk through the subconscious of the greatest
vampire of all time”

Kol smiled knowing fully well he had been a step ahead of the witches.
He had already drank a magical elixir, a portion made from the
mistletoe and opium. He had recruited a sorcerer for his great course.
He knew the greatest principle was applicable to all living creature,
the humans, witches, vamps and even the werewolves. ‘The greatest
enemy of all is one’s self’ ….. So right now he had recruited a
sorcerer who doesn’t believe in the way Elaine puts the coven hopes in
the ancestors hand. He had believe they were better off if they do
individual magic but Elaine had thought otherwise. She had believe the
coven is better with a group magic, so she had channelled all of the
coven powers to the ancestors making it difficult for the witches to
do individual magic.

So the sorcerer had made him a portion to cloud his mind and made it
difficult for the witches to access his thoughts.

“Hope you are ready for the long walk” he said with a smile

So Kol walked up to Elaine, who grabbed his head tightly with her two
hands and started a momentum spell.

*_”Kuze albrobrom Lou ve tusca……..”_*

She entered his subconscious, and then began to walk down his memory
lane. She was refrained from entering some of his memories. She could
feel an electric shock as she tries harder. She never believe such a
monster like him could have family in mind. Kol actions are always for
his family and the people he sire.

Elaine was sweating profusely, it was like the whole channelling thing
was getting the more of her. She could feel herself getting weak as
she move through his memory. It was like she would get caught up in
the mixture of his love life and wars. It was like if she kept moving
through his thoughts, she would be lost forever. So she pulled back,
not ready to go any further.

Kol felt a rush of energy left him as she let him go. He felt very
weak, and scared. He hadn’t felt like that before, but the channelling
had gotten alot from him. He knew it would take more than a dozens of
human to replenish his strength.

“Hope you liked what you saw?” He said with a smile as he tries to
regain his strength.

Elaine looked at him, she still couldn’t believe Kol had the purest
intention and wouldn’t hurt the witches when he gets the ring. She
tries to think of it all over again.

Would Kol be gone? Would his vampires leave with him? Won’t he come
back in full force and mount on the witches and rule the citadel? But
the more she tired, the more lost she was. She just couldn’t solve the
mystery, so she was ready to give him a try and breaks whatsoever rule
she had set for herself not trusting any vampire. She was about the
break the rules now, so she wished it would really worth it cause a
turn of event would cost her the city.

Elaine turned to her coven, her lips were so heavy as she announced it.

“I deeply regret to announce this, but his intentions are pure”

Kol heart was filled with joy, he had been so successful among the
enemies territory. He knew this was only the beginning of what is to
come. The vampires would rise again.

“So when should I be expecting my daylight ring” he said with a feint smile.

source: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=LEX

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Re: LEX By Tz_chilest by germaphobe(m): 8:14am On Jan 14
Na so let’s go there. But would you double update this one with the other story. undecided
Re: LEX By Tz_chilest by emperorblog21(m): 12:04pm On Jan 14
Na so let’s go there. But would you double update this one with the other story. undecided

sure i would... that how i roll

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Re: LEX By Tz_chilest by emperorblog21(m): 9:01am On Jan 25

It was so late in the night, the boys had sneaked out their way from
the penthouse. They do so every night, they leave the Olsen penthouse
and tries to mingle with the humans.

They began to race their way down the city, the three boys had this
particular competition going on among them. When they got to a
highschool down the street, they stopped.

“Hope it is not what am thinking” Cole said

Lex had jumped his way over the fence of the highschool before Cole
could think otherwise.

“Adam, why is lex always getting us into trouble”

“We are vamps and this is our city. So we ain’t trespassing” Adam replied

Cole had been the silent one, he was more like a nerd. Adam on the
other hand is a descendant of the original vampire. His forefather,
Kol had begin the bloodline of vampire.

What remain a mystery was Lex. They all knew his mother Sarah, a
vampire who had ran away and lived in the outside world for two years.
So when she came back, she wasn’t alone. She brought a baby boy along
with her.

Sarah had died from a werewolf bite. It was really a sad day for the
vamps. So lex was something greater than a usual vampire. He was
faster, his reflex was quicker, his hearing aid was much better, and
he was just so invisible. And that brought up speculations among the
vamps, he wasn’t an Olsen’s but his abilities were similar to an
original vampire.

“Lex, watch out” Adam screamed

As usual, lex reflex was much better. He had drifted so quick and had
prevented a collision with the unknown creature.

“That was a close one” lex said, grinning

A loud sound came from the forest behind the school, and more
creatures began to hop out of the forest. Most of them jumped into the
school compound. They were running like they were been pursued.

The boys dodged the creatures to prevent an encounter. One of the
creature with blood dripping from its neck turned towards the boys and
tried to attack them.

Instantly, Adam stepped up and held the creature horn. He turned it
towards the rest with a dramatic reflex. He smacked it buttock which
made it ran towards the rest.

“It is just a deer” Adam said, simply.

“Always showing your Olsen prowess” lex said with a wink

Adam ignored him. He knew lex could be like that at times, always
mocking him whenever he saves them or does something so outstanding.

“It was in fear…..”

“What was in fear?” Cole asked

“The deer….. They were running for their lives”

“Okay- okay…. Action boys” lex said, drifting their attentions “you
guys are digressing. Don’t forget what we are here for- and that is
girl… You know, this high school has hot chick. So let the issue of
deer and any unknown creature lay low”

Adam mind was still there, he was really interested in the creatures
scaring those animals.

“We should go back to the penthouse; it is the full moon and you know
what happens on full moon” Cole warned

“So? Don’t forget those crazy lycans- shape shifters- werewolves or
whatsoever they are called ain’t our match”

“Lex!” He screamed “they would be at their full potential and you know
they hunt in packs, and that could be deadly”

“You scared? Better don’t be. We gat an Olsen with us” lex said, smiling.

“This ain’t a joke, lex” Cole said, giving him a serious look.

Adam gave him a disgusting look

“I am nobody savior, especially not your savior. Anytime I save you,
you spit it back to my face”

“Huh, so you prefer watching me die and …..”

Noises from the hostel cut him off. They watch the students ran out of
their hostel and scattered around the school premises. It was like
they were in terror, fear had gripped most of them.

“And what the hell is going on?”

“I think those deer just got acquainted with our precious students”

Cole said, and turned to lex ” -and your hot chicks”

“Guess it’s time to be the superhero” lex said, drifting towards the students.

“What in Hades name is Lex problem?” Cole asked in disgust but Adam
just grinned.

“Don’t tell me you don’t love adventure” Adam said, and within a blink
of an eye, he was also gone.

“Adventure!…………oh shit, also gone” Cole said, with a hoarse voice.

He saw a lady been pursued by a deer.

“This is so not funny” he said, surrendering to them and ran towards
the lady. He grabbed her waist with his left hand and flipped to the
other side. He stopped the deer with his right hand and knocked it

“You are my Superman” the lady voice came so soft and slow

“Superman” Cole said with a scoff

He took her to a safe place and laid her down. Her beauty captured his
eye. She was a brunette with deep eye brow and dark lips. She looks
sixteen and Cole couldn’t stop admiring her as she laid low on the

“She is beautiful…”

“Cole!” Lex screamed and brought him back from his little fantasy.


“Help me with this” lex said, angrily “this stupid creatures are frustrating”

Cole ran towards him and in a seconds he was right beside lex who was
holding a rope in his hand.

“Tie their horns”

“Is that your plan? You just gonna tie their horns together with this
little rope?”

“We are just going to tie the ones the rope can tie…… You know
what I mean?”


“Okay, nerd- You have a plan?”

“We are going to divert them and send them pass the school gate………”

“So they go into the city and starts destroying properties?” Lex cut
in sharply and Cole shrugged “sounds like an awkward plan. We stick to
my plan…. Tie as many deer as you can….”

A sudden noise erupted from the forest. It was the sound of hooves,
those deer kept coming into the school compound.

“More deer? Is this compound even secured? How on earth are they
entering the compound?” Lex yelled

“I was about to ask you the same question”

“Me?” Lex gave him a disgusting look “something is scaring them, and I
must find out what that is before it kills a human”

‘Where is Adam?”

“Adam?” Lex looked around but Couldn’t find a silhouette of Adam “let
me go look for him”

“Lex, come back here. Don’t leave me alone with these creatures” Cole
screamed but before he knew it, lex was gone.

Re: LEX By Tz_chilest by emperorblog21(m): 9:01am On Jan 25
“You shouldn’t have come here” the voice was thick and hoarse

Adam was lying helplessly on the floor, his mouth were full of blood.
The werewolves had dominated him.

“You must be a fool to walk alone in the forest” another voice said

Adam manage to his feet. He staggered helplessly like a drunkard. He
wasn’t going to sit and watch the lycans assault him.

At least he had been so successful in preventing their bites. The bite
of a lycan is so poisonous to the vamps, it spreads faster than the
venom of a snake and could kill a vampire if it reaches the heart.

“Do you know who I am?” Adam said, trying to put his pride intact but
the lycans wasn’t moved.

“You guys are only five. Your mistake could harm your pack and even
your fractions” Adam continued

The werewolf alpha raised his eyebrows and was ready to find more information.

“I am an Olsen” he said, hoping for them to be moved or maybe scared
but they weren’t. So I will give you just a second, you are going to
hand me the girl and we are all going to forget this happened “

Adam thought he had been so successful in manipulating them but hell
No, it was his doom.

“Do you know how long have been trying to get hold of an Olsen? Guess
today is indeed my lucky day” the alpha said

“Luc….Lucky?” Adam stammered, and was gripped by fear. He saw the
alpha shifted into a beast and that could be deadly.

“I have waited a long time to avenge the death of my family. What
Austin did to them; every time I close my eyes, I could hear my father
screaming in pain, my mother begging for her life, my sister clutching
unto his heels”

“Wait a minutes. Austin? My dad?”

“So he is your father? Guess now is the right time” the alpha howled
and his fangs were dripping with saliva.

Adam knew he must prevent the fangs from entering his system if he
wants to live. He suddenly wished lex was there to repay his debt-
debt of saving him and Cole numerous times.

The rest of the packs tries to pin Adam down but he managed to
overcome them until one of the wolves attacked him from behind. The
attack made him lose focus, so the rest pounced on him. They dragged
him towards their alpha. Adam suddenly realized the only way out was
screaming to alert Lex and Cole. His voice was at the loudest pitch,
he knew the moment the alpha bit him, that would be the end.

The rustling of leaves began to give him hope

“I warned you not to mess with the Olsen”

And to his surprise, it was a deer that ran out of the bush and he
felt despondent.

“Ohhhhhhhh, your emergency call got diverted” the alpha said, and the
rest of the pack burst out laughing.

“Oops, guess I just picked up his emergency call” the voice came so
husky from behind the trees.

Adam face lit up immediately. It was Lex, he hid in the dark and
warned the werewolves to surrender. He gave them a minute release Adam
and loose grip of the lady they had tied down.

“So you think staying in the dark would scare us. Come out and fight like a man”

Lex jumped out from where he was hiding. He swooped a wolf and bit the
other one holding Adam. He helped Adam to his feet and rested him
behind a tree.

“,what the hell took you so long?”

“Traffic, I guess” Lex said, smiling

“I warned you but you just didn’t listen” Adam said, coughing

The werewolf alpha was scared, he hadn’t seen anyone move so fast before

“Attack!” The Alpha screamed

Lex overpowered them in no time. His abilities were growing day by
day, so defeated those wolves in a short time and was left alone
facing the alpha.

“You just made your pack suffered”

“You will pay for this” the alpha growled, and his pack stood up and left.

Lex went over to where Adam was laying

“Did you bit that guy?” Adam asked

“Guess I will take that as a thank you”

“Am serious. You bit the guy” Adam said, frowning

“All part of sense defense- I just saved your life, that is all that
matters. So please stop crucifying me”

“You know what will happen when a vampire bites a Lycan” Adam eyebrow rises.

“They will get him treated before the venom spreads”

Lex turned his head to see the lady being tied to a tree, she was
sitting in fear with hope of been forgotten.

“And who is this?”

“Oh! I heard her screaming. So I ran there but the wolves dominated”

“That is what happens when you wander off without me” Lex said, smiling.

Adam went over to the lady and untied her. He could hear her heartbeat
raced as he held her. Her heartbeat skipped in fear and she tries to
run away.

“Don’t forget to clean up your mess” Lex shouted

Adam pursued her and stopped her before she could leave the forest. He
grabbed her tightly and she tries to fight her way out.

“Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you”

She tried everything possible but his grip was too strong. Adam looked
straight into her eyes making her concentrate as he utter some soft

“Forget ever coming to the forest, and everything you saw some minutes
ago. Go back to the city and enjoy your life like as a normal girl”

She obeyed silently and left. It was like she had totally forgot
everything that had happened about forty five minutes ago. Compelling
was one of vampires greatest weapon. They could compel anything at

“Are you sure she has forgotten?” Lex said as he walked up to Adam.

“My compelling never fails”

“There we go again with the Olsen ego”

Adam smiled and gave him a pat

“And where is Cole?”

“Oh Cole! Guess am in serious trouble” Lex said, smiling.

read more here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=lex
Re: LEX By Tz_chilest by emperorblog21(m): 10:47am On Jan 30

“Broski cu ve lobroto-” the witches echoed

They were trying to channel their ancestors, breaking the bond Elaine
had done. Lisa, the leader of the witch fraction believed in the
legacy of Elaine but, the witches are at war and they need to protect

The witches are at war with the vampires, they had declared war
against the vampires and the only leverage they hold was that the
vampires ain’t aware of the war yet.

The witches want their city back and will do anything at any cost to
get it back. The vampires had taken the city for more than a century

Kol, had broken his promise after Elaine had given him the daylight
ring. He attacked the witches and took over the city. That day became
the new dawn for the vampires.

“We are at war with the vampires” Lisa began

“Protective magic is all I crave for. The vampires are our fiercest
enemy, waging war against them must require a lot from us- we must be
steps ahead of them”

The coven was so excited, the legacy of Elaine was about to be
adjusted. The legacy of channelling all powers to the ancestors, the
legacy of coven magics only, the legacy of banishing the evil witch.

“I won’t ask for anything more from our ancestors, I only need the
power to protect ourselves”

“Why don’t we take all our powers back: both solo and protective
magic- we should be able to do all” Leah said

Lisa scoffed, she knew Leah had always been a pain in her ass. Leah is
the coven second in command, she doesn’t believe in the way Lisa
handles things. Leah had tried splitting the coven into two. She was
often refers to as the bad witch.

“The ancestors are dead, so let their powers be our power. Instead of
making their spirit survive on our powers. We are at war and we need
to be fully prepared”

“Leah! Can I see you for a minute” Lisa called, moving away from the
rest of the coven.

“Why are you like this? How dare you speak such of the ancestors? I
wasn’t the one that set this legacy, every witches after our mother
Elaine had follow this legacy- so why should it change with me”

“Things are different now! We are at war, the vampire ain’t an easy
opponent. During the time of mother Elaine, she was done fighting war.
The citadel was peaceful, she had been successful in binding every
supernatural. Guess she was bored, she as nothing to do any more. So
channelling our powers to the ancestors was the next thing she did”

“Leah! What change your believe? You weren’t like this when we were
kids- we haven’t even done individual magic since we were born. So why
the sudden urge for it?”

“I don’t know- guess I just want to be at my full potential”

“Leah, we have a legacy we follow. A legacy that as kept the witches going”

“Oh! That old legacy- set almost 200 years ago. Things as change now
Lisa, all fractions are at war. The earlier we- witches realize this,
the better”

“We are good witches- never forget that Leah” Lisa said as she went to
join the rest of the coven.

The rustling of leaves alerted the witches, and they were all alert.
They had stopped meeting at their sacred ground, they had chose the
oak tree.

The oak tree signify a meaning to the witches. They believed the tree
as some kind of spirit embedded in it, and that spirit will shield
them from the evil that is to come.

They had elude their sacred ground after the incident with Elaine.
Sylvia, the leader of the witches after Elaine demise chose the oak
tree, and for years now the tree has always protected them.

A teenage girl in her sixteens rushed out of the trees.

“Freya” Lisa called out at the sight of the familiar figure.
“What was the outcome of the bait?”

“It was bad mom”

“What happened?” A witch said

“The wolves were successful in apprehending Adam, but his friend
intervened. He was so strong, so fast- I have never seen anything like
that before. He took out all the wolves alone-“

The witches began to murmur among themselves. Curiosity had began to
wallow in their head. They were eager to know more about this
particular guy.

“Which of his friend is that?” Amy asked

“He is a bit lanky- or probably average- I don’t even know. His
presence was fearful” Freya said.

“He has just two friends of his age who follows him around at night” Lisa said

“But those his friends looks like dummy” a witch inserted

Leah smiled at the turn out of event. She wasn’t in support of the
plan in the first place. The only thing she was after was getting her
powers back. So whatsoever plan Lisa had put in place doesn’t interest

“So our plans- all gone” Leah said, mockingly

“No, aunty” Freya retorted “they don’t know am a witch- I pretended to
be compelled just to get out of their. And beside- the plan turned out
in our favour. That particular guy bit a wolf…. And you all know
what that means- war”

Lisa smiled at her daughter accomplishment. She had sent her on a
dangerous mission, a mission that could cost her life. She as nothing
to protect herself; No magic- No spell books- No magical bag….

She was just going to pretend to be a normal teenage girl and would
use herself as a bait to lure Adam into the wolves hill.

The witches had been on Adam trail for months. They knew about the
sneaking out- the roaming about- Everything!

Revenge is the only goal of the witches. Taking back what was theirs
is the only thing keeping them breathing. Destroying the descendants
of Kol would be the price for killing Elaine.

The witches have tried different methods to wage war against the
vamps. Lisa knew confrontation will require a lot of bloodshed from
both party, so she wasn’t ready to watch her sisters die. The only
method she thought was getting an Olsen blood. With that method, none
of the witches will be hurt.

Binding the Olsen blood with some concoction would kill all Olsen. And
when the Olsen’s are dead, the vampires they sire would be dead too.

So getting Adam blood was Freya main mission. Noe that the mission had
failed, the witches will have to look for a better strategy.
Re: LEX By Tz_chilest by emperorblog21(m): 10:47am On Jan 30
LEX – Part 4


The next morning was so intense in the penthouse. Austin was in a
rage, his whole eye was already in blood lust. Michael try calming him
down but he won’t listen.

“You weren’t in your rooms last night” Austin said turning to the boys.

Adam clutched on his knees. He knew his father and the kind of rage he
possess. Adam knew the punishment of his father are so huge. He could
put a dagger into their chest and make them sleep for years.

“Where were you last night?” Austin voice was so deep and husky.

So it made them scared but they decided to be dumb. They weren’t going
to say a word.

Austin had made a rule, a rule which he would punish anybody that
breaks it. He had set down five rules and the boys have broken the

“No leaving the penthouse after midnight”

That rule was second to Austin priority. He had try keeping the city
steady, even though some fractions wants him dead.

“You are an Olsen’s, and you should know better” He said, frowning at Adam.

Adam knelt still and the only word he uttered was “am sorry dad”

Austin wasn’t ready to listen to any apology. He wants to know where
they went- who they met- and why they went against his words-

The boys wasn’t ready to give Austin what he wants and that got him so furious.

“Are you boys deaf? Or probably dumb to talk?” Michael said, fuming.

Cole was so scared, he couldn’t take it anymore. He was a nerd and get
scared easily. All he had been doing all this time was protecting Adam
and Lex. They had orchestrate the whole thing- going against Austin as
always been Lex idea, and Adam had supported him.

“Sir… We actually went-” Cole was cut off by the ringing of Austin phone.

Austin looked at the screen of the phone and frowned his face

“This better be good” he said, as he walked away.

Michael gave them a strong look and asked them to sit.

“You boys are testing Austin patience” he began

Adam knew his father wasn’t the patient type but he was well assured
that his father won’t hurt him- or probably make him sleep for years.
He was the only son, and that matters a lot.

“Now I want the truth” Michael continued

The boys began to talk in discordant, making it very difficult for
Michael to understand a single word.

“If you Boys can’t tell me the truth, then I can’t help you when
Austin gets back” Michael said, but the boys became mute.

They had learn never to leak out information even at the brink of
death. What as kept their friendship going was learning how to keep
their mouth shut. They weren’t ready to say a word to anybody not even
their instructor.

Michael has been assigned some particular special vampires. He was
like a teacher to them, he would bring out the full potential in all
of them. He had always call them special even though they were been
isolated. He was in care of vamps who are scared- vamps with anger
issues- vamps whose abilities ain’t improved- vamps with much blood
lust…. Michael as been the teacher of the boys since they were a

“Well, since you boys have decided to play dumb. Keep it up and face
the consequence” Michael said. as he walked away.

Cole gave Adam and Lex a crazy look.

“You boys are really going to kill me” Cole burst out

“You can’t die- we have an Olsen’s to the rescue” Lex said, smiling.

“This ain’t time for jokes Lex” Adam screamed

“Oh! Please don’t yell at me” lex said

“but wait- Cole, you were about to say something to Austin; what was
it?’ Lex continued, frowning at Cole.

“Never mind” Cole said, with a heave.


Three coffins was been pushed into the main hall, Austin stood in the
center of the hall. An emergency bell was rang which made all the
vampires including the boys ran out of their respective rooms and
assemble in the hall.

Austin was very furious; he was called by the lycan fraction earlier
in the day. They had showed him one of their wolf who got bitten by a
vampire. The wolf couldn’t survive it, so the venom spread through his
blood- thus contaminating it.

“Do you know why you are a here?” Austin said

But the vamps murmured among themselves. It was like they didn’t have
the slightest idea why Austin had called an emergency meeting.

“What is my first rule?” Austin continue

“We shall not suck human bloods” the vamps echoed

“Alright, so when you are hungry- what should you feed on?”

“The blood pant in the fridge” the vamps replied

“That is good- guess you all remember the rules”

Austin had specifically refrain his vamps from sucking human bloods.
He had gotten them a lot of animal bloods in the fridge. Austin is
trying his possible best to keep the city united even though some
fractions don’t want a vampire to rule.

“And what is my second rule?”

“No leaving the penthouse after midnight” the vamps echoed.

“Well, just last night- some of you broke the rule”

Adam eyes lit immediately. This wasn’t just a regularly emergency
meeting- this is a meeting to pass their sentence and punishment. Adam
suddenly saw the three coffin at the back of Austin and fear gripped
him. He wasn’t the only one in fear, Lex and Cole were also in fear.

“A wolf was killed last night- he was bitten by a vampire”

Immediately Lex shivered, he had killed someone. He couldn’t believe
it- the thought of his punishment suddenly ran beneath his mind, he
knew he can’t escape it.

“You all know I cherish my rules so dearly. Two rules was broken last
night and the punishment for those rules are severe” Austin said, with
his eye glittering in anger.

“Get them” he added

Michael and some other instructors sighted the three boys. Lex had
thought of escaping, so he ran towards the exit door but to his
surprise Austin had taken all precautions. Lex met a vampire at the
door and he was apprehended. Adam and Cole wasn’t a problem, they had
surrendered peacefully.

“I thought of it again” Austin began, as he looked at Adam

“You are an Olsen and you must always be an example to the vamps-
instead you chose to go against my rules, thinking you won’t be

“Dad, am sorry- am so sorry-“

“Shut it” the voice came so defiant “I gave you boys a chance to tell
me the truth but you blew it away. Then I can’t help you either”

“Michael- dagger” Austin said

Michael brought out three dagger and at the sight of it, the boys shiver.

“Bring the nerd” Austin called

Cole was pushed towards him. He grabbed Cole by the collar and insert
the dagger into his chest. His face dramatically turned blue- as if he
was dead; but he wasn’t.

Lex was the next, he tried to fight his way out but in the end he was
also daggered.

“Dad please don’t do this” Adam cried, but Austin wasn’t ready to
listen to his cry.

“You should be an example- a good one and not some spoilt brat” Austin
said, as he hugged his son

“Use this dark moment to resolute and make me proud…… I love you
son” he continued

Suddenly, Adam face had began to turn blue. His body had become
lifeless as Austin laid him on the ground- next to the rest of the

“Put them into the coffin and take them to the basement” Austin said
as he turned towards the rest of the vampire.

“My punishment don’t care whether you are my son, cousin, uncle-
whatsoever relationship we share. If you break my rules, be prepared
to face the consequence”

“You can now go back to your respective rooms” Michael announced

The vampires all left the hall murmuring so words inaudibly. Michael
walked up to Austin and gave him a pat.

“It must be hard to punish your son?”

“He is still inchoate- so I have to speed up his building up. He is an
Olsen and he has a legacy to keep”

“So how many weeks will they sleep for?”

Austin gave him an awkward look. Right now he is furious- and his
anger won’t cool off in weeks- even in months… So he doesn’t know.

“Weeks? They will sleep for months- probably years- depending on when
my rage cools”

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Re: LEX By Tz_chilest by emperorblog21(m): 4:19pm On Feb 14

It’s been weeks now and the boys haven’t been woken from their slumber.

Austin isn’t moved by the absence of his son, he had better things on
his table at the moment. For weeks, all he had been dreaming about was
Kol. Kol kept appearing in his dream like a ghost- tormenting him,
scaring him…

Anytime he close his eye, all he see was Kol. Austin didn’t tell
Anybody- including Michael, he had been trying to solve the puzzle
alone but the more he try to arrange the puzzle, the more apart they

Michael had observe the change in Austin behaviour lately, the more he
tried to connect with Austin, the more he drifted away. It was like
Michael couldn’t take it anymore, so he barge into Austin office with
rage in his eye- demanding for answers.

“What the hell is the problem, Austin” he said, half screaming.

But Austin wasn’t moved, he gave Michael a pathetic look and didn’t
utter a single word.

“I get it- you must have been so devastated. Every father would”
Michael continued “seeing your son lie helplessly in a coffin must
have been so hard for you”

Austin wasn’t ready to think about Adam right now. He wasn’t ready to
let his emotions drag him down. How to stop Kol from disturbing his
sleep was the only paramount thing right now.

“I am your second in command- and you shouldn’t be keeping things from me”

Austin eye lit immediately- it was as if Michael was the solution to
the problem. Michael is good at advising people, he was a counsellor
before he became a vampire- that was actually centuries ago.

“The problem ain’t because my kid was daggered” Austin began slowly
and that caught Michael attention.

“I have been having nightmares- scary ones…… Kol has been
appearing in my dreams -“

“Wait a minute” Michael cut him off sharply “same Kol- the father of vamps”


“Oh! That is bad. The devil is appearing in your dream”

“I don’t know what to do” Austin said, simply

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Michael gave it a deep thought. His mind had gone far and beyond- and
had began to solve the puzzle. He was really good at it, and in no
time- he already as answers.

“Ah yes! The blood moon” Michael said

“And what is with the blood moon”

“The blood moon is in two days- and there is a myth that says ‘the
dead will rise again” Michael said with disbelief

“And what is that suppose to mean?” Austin asked sternly

“You still don’t get it – Kol wants to come back to life”

Immediately, Austin drifted from his seat and had began to pace around the room.

‘Never! Such won’t happen” he retorted

“Well that is what the myth is all about; the dead rising on the blood
moon – Kol wants to be resurrected”

“I don’t even know where dad buried him” Austin said but Michael scoff.

“This isn’t the time to laugh” Austin added

“I just can’t help it- the Olsen is such a complicated family- and you
people slogan is ‘family comes first” Michael began

“your father daggered his father…. And you daggered your father. Let
see what your son does to you?”

Austin frowned his face; even though it was so difficult to accept.
Such is the predicament of his family.

“My son loves me- and I love him too….. So history won’t be repeated’

“Just train him the right way- so as to be able to control the monster
in him before it is too late”

“Well, toss that aside. So what should we do now?”

“It is either you resurrect him or -” Michael paused for a while and
thought of it again. “-I don’t even know what the other option is.
Guess the only option is to resurrect him”

“Think of something, Michael- resurrection ain’t an option’

“well, I don’t know what to think of again”

“Kol wasn’t only daggered, my dad made use of some witches help to
bind him. So even if i remove the dagger from his chest; the witches
still have a part to play…. But which witch will be willing to

“Thought you said you had a spy hidden among the witches”

“Yea, I do- but she is useless. She can’t do magic without the coven.
Lisa is the only person I need right now”

“And you think Lisa will help you?”

“That I don’t know of – but am willing to give it a try” Austin said
“Should I schedule a meeting with Lisa”

“Michael, thank you. You have done a lot already- so let me take it
from here” Austin said

“You have a plan?” Michael asked

“I think I have a perfect one” Austin said, smirking.

“Alright, just be carefully” Michael said as he reached for the door.
He then turn back suddenly.

“When are you waking the boys?”

“Let the boys enjoy their sleep” Austin said, instantly

Re: LEX By Tz_chilest by emperorblog21(m): 4:21pm On Feb 14
Lisa stood still in the middle of the cemetery, she could feel the
cool breeze that calmed her nervous mind- she could feel the powers of
her ancestors flying in the whole place- the cries of her ancestors
screaming and yelling for revenge.

Its been century since the witches fled their scared ground and went
to seek refuge in the oak tree. She could still feel the presence of
her ancestors trying to pass her a message.

She tried to listen attentively- checking whether she could decode the
message, but hell No! She couldn’t. Lisa knew someday- one day- the
witches will rise again and take back what was stolen from them. Maybe
then they could return back to their source.

The cool breeze got disturbed and the rustled leaves flew over the place.

“I knew you must have missed this place” Austin said from behind.

Lisa turned instantly, facing the monster one on one.

“I have never worshipped here…. I only heard histories about how
your grandfather destroyed the century ago”

“So it is century already- time flies” Austin said, smiling “here I
am, still young as ever”

“Why am I here?”

“I called you here for a peaceful discussion- but to my surprise you
have your witches hidden everywhere”

When Lisa saw Austin call, she had decided to fasten her helm. The
rules Elaine had created had been the one ringing in her head. Even
though Elaine broke the rules; The witches still uphold it.

“Don’t trust a vampire”

“I brought my sisters for protection”

“Protection from who? Me? – oh No, I am not here for troubles” Austin said

“I doubt that” Lisa scoffed

“I need your help”

“My help?” Lisa said in disbelief

She suddenly flashed back to all she had read about Elaine; how Kol
had approached her and asked for her help. She remembered what the
previous leaders and mistress of the coven had all said.

Now, the grand son of Kol is facing her- requesting for her help.
Giving her those croaky devilish smile. She wasn’t sure whether
history was about to repeat itself or – nothing so real came through
her mind except for the fact that vampires are devilish.

“I need you to cast some unbinding spell on something in two days
time” Austin said, but the countenance on Lisa face shows that he
would need more than a mere talk to assure her.

“You can bring two of your witches along”

Lisa was not moved by his request, she wasn’t interested in having
anything to do with a vampire.

“What can I do to assure you?” Austin asked, after a deep thought of
how to win Lisa over.

Lisa thought of this as a nice opportunity to make her request known.

“Give me your blood as a truce”

A drop of my blood! An Olsen blood! The blood that kept all vampires
breathing! Lisa request was just so impossible. Giving her a drop from
his blood as given the witches leverage over the vamps. They could
eradicate the Olsen from the sacrifice of the earth- and when the
Olsen’s are gone, vampires would be history.

“You know that isn’t possible. I can’t grant your request” Austin said, finally.

“Then I can’t help you also” Lisa said

Austin wasn’t ready to dream about Kol anymore. He thought of what
might be of value to the witches…. And the right truce came to his
mind- Elaine.

“Elaine is alive”

“Mother Elaine?” Lisa asked instantly, and Austin nodded.

“The witches already incinerated her bone since the ancestors rejected
her souls”

“It wasn’t her bone that was giving to the witches- it was someone else”

Immediately the witches had began to come out of their hiding place.
Lisa had become unstabilized. What she was told and what the witches
accounted was different.

After Kol had usurp the city, he killed more than half of the witches.
Only few witches escaped. Elaine was taken to custody, Nobody knows
what happens after that. Few year later, Kol gave Elaine bones to the
few witches that remained. Those witches had fled with Elaine bones
before Kol would change his mind and descend on the witches again. The
witches tried to unify Elaine soul with the ancestors but it was
rejected. So the witches incinerated her bones.

That was the history documented by the previous witches. So it was
hard to believe what Austin was saying.

“How do you expect me to believe what you just said”

“Believe what you want- but am telling you the truth”

The witches had began to murmur in disbelief

“So you think you can fool us” Amy said

Austin wasn’t ready to beat around the bush, he had brought along the
weapon Elaine use during her life time.

source: www.emperorblog.com.ng
Re: LEX By Tz_chilest by VicThory(m): 7:06pm On Feb 16
omg.. I love this trill.. Nxt update pls

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