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Appreciate Somebody by oyinda3(f): 5:46am On Dec 08, 2010
There have been a death on Nairaland. A real death and not a Papermoon one

and it just made me realize how this forum really is more personal than we would like to think. It's crazy and scary how emotional everyone is and it's just really hard to block it off or put up a wall to insulate yourself. Recently I've been looking at members profiles and just reminiscing but at the same time, trying to grasp what exactly death is. Is it like saying goodbye to someone you know you may never see again even though they are still alive?
Does the fact that we know someone is alive keep us from mourning their loss even though we know that we may never see them again?
Will the childhood friends that our departed one lost touch with many many years ago ever be able to mourn him?
It made me think of some of my childhood friends that I may never see again or even recognize if I see them. Is there anyone dead among them? What is the meaning of death? What is the meaning of a loss? Can you have one without the other?
Without minding all these philosophical questions, I think death makes us appreciate those that are with us and around us more and i've been noticing that attitude on NL.

This thread is just to help keep that spirit. It is a means for people to appreciate and recognize each other. Maybe apologize to those you argue with constantly or just acknowledge them and appreciate them. It is also a thread for people to note previously active Nairaland members that they miss.
This thread is for us to accept the fact that Nairaland is indeed a family, although it is the weirdest one I've seen.

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Re: Appreciate Somebody by dayokanu(m): 6:01am On Dec 08, 2010
I appreciate you Oyinda, FlGators aka Ilekeidi, Mukina2, Spikedcylinder etc

Previously active members I miss? My groupies No2atheism and Toyosi20
Re: Appreciate Somebody by oyinda3(f): 6:04am On Dec 08, 2010
hahaha you're cute. but yea, where is no2atheism? and where is your wife Toyosi?

I miss lots of people but currently, I'm missing Mohawkchic. And today, I'll appreciate my archenemyfriend davidylan.
Re: Appreciate Somebody by Nobody: 6:29am On Dec 08, 2010
Mukina and Dayo - always there when you need open ears, you can talk to them about anything, they dont tell you what you want to hear. They say the truth point blank. Even tho it hurts sometimes angry tongue

Busy_body - Just take care of yourself for me. We gotta meet someday. There are some people you meet f2f but can never be loyal and trustworthy as those you might have met on the net. You're a strong woman, tougher than nails. You know you have my respect and love anyday anytime. No, I am not saying this because of my two sexy boos in superman diapers  angry. Ok ok, maybe.

Chiogo/ Oyinda - These 9yrs old size -5 gals . . . . I appreciate your brilliance and personality. You're you and that is enough. Both of you, just send my my Christmas gift. I want that new mansion in Daytona beach. I said you were both nice and humble, can that atleast get me $2 walmart bubble gum for christmas?

Katsumoto - You already know. When I need someone to dress up as an elf for the Christmas show, I'll holla  tongue

D-Sense - My lil brother. Yes, lil. You know I loff you like that fat kid who couldnt stay away from burger kind. Ok, so I havent had the time to tell you that I cant tell the diff when you speak Arabic and when you speak yoruba. Your yoruba is terrible, but I can help with that lol.

KoboJ - If you be man, I for down pay for your dowry by now. No wonder dayo does not stay far from the apple pie. We all know he doesnt care about politics  wink

ChineyeN, Chyz,  Edem
- calm, breezy, hurricane. Sometimes the hurricane just needs to cool down, we all want to stay and listen to the wind, not run away from it.

Bluetooth - Lol you're aiight. Funny. You try so hard to be serious, very funny sometimes. You wrinkle your eyebrow so hard, yet you still wonder why it turns white at the end of the day. Well you can play Santa this year, if Kat agrees to play elf.

Stranger/ bkbabe90/ tpia - ROTFLMAO. They never cease to make me laugh. I often wonder where they get their jokes/ideas from. Esp stranger, too funny.

DapoBear/ El Razur
 - Keep being you oh. Your likes makes me proud to hail from Ekiti.  Dapo, very calm. El Razur, too troublesome. Best Christmas presents ever! Just sow up at my door in nothing but Ileke-idi around your waists. Ok ok, maybe lion cloths too. We can discuss tea and sugar all day. <grins>

Just saying my piece. . . .
Re: Appreciate Somebody by Nobody: 6:30am On Dec 08, 2010
^^^ yea, I have a lot of time in my hands angry angry
Re: Appreciate Somebody by ULSHERLAN(m): 9:15am On Dec 08, 2010
I appreciate everybodi on here.
I also appreciate idowu,even though me n pat really had dis serious misundastdn,i still appreciate pat,
Neve knew flgators was ileke idi ooo
Re: Appreciate Somebody by Odunnu: 9:30am On Dec 08, 2010
Yea, I appreciate everybody on here. I cant imagine what NL would be like without you all put together.
I'v learnt so much,travelled so wide,gained so much and felt so good all because you are here.
My list is endless but then,you all have been great.
I miss Na2day? anybody know his whereabouts?
Re: Appreciate Somebody by MrCork7: 10:03am On Dec 08, 2010
will apreciate sumbody when I get punny on Nairaland. But until then, angry
Re: Appreciate Somebody by ULSHERLAN(m): 10:23am On Dec 08, 2010
Mr cork indeed
Re: Appreciate Somebody by Phate07(m): 12:12pm On Dec 08, 2010

Nairaland is a community that thrives due to the collective efforts of its members. I appreciate all Nairalanders.
Re: Appreciate Somebody by ifyalways(f): 12:33pm On Dec 08, 2010

will apreciate sumbody when I get punny on Nairaland. But until then, angry
@Topic,Agaba123,Hes got all the time in the world from me,from sharing all my pains to celebrating all my strenght.Hes always there for me,met him in NLD and im so scared to think of what life cud have been without his brotherly advices.  kiss kiss
Lagosboy,I and hubby cant even sit back to explain what hes done for us.
Toyosi,shes the lil'kid sis i never had.
I love and appreciate the ffg users,their posts always somehow make my day:
Omo ibo
Darfur,Ikomi,Youngies,Presido1,Echelon,Andrew Uweh.
Otokx. . . .my e-crush  shocked
. . . . .and my main man,Jakumo  darling  kiss kiss kiss
Re: Appreciate Somebody by Woke4all(m): 12:50pm On Dec 08, 2010
My appreciations goes to all Nairalander expecially Seun for creating such a wonderful forum.   

I appreciate those crazy poster for making it fun filled and also the brilliant ones for the wonderful counsel/advice they gives to their fellow in times of need.

Not untill after the death of a member, i saw the love in this forum so, i want to appreciate you oyinda for creating this thread.
Re: Appreciate Somebody by bababuff(m): 12:57pm On Dec 08, 2010


Re: Appreciate Somebody by semid4lyfe(m): 1:11pm On Dec 08, 2010
I appreciate. . .wait make I think. .his name is NO ONE grin
Re: Appreciate Somebody by Kennyblues(m): 1:19pm On Dec 08, 2010
I appreciate our very own Bawomolo (May his soul rest in peace) and also appreciate all forum moderators, Mama Gee, Becomrich0-5

I appreciate SEUN for giving us Nairaland, still counting
Re: Appreciate Somebody by foyeks2001(f): 1:21pm On Dec 08, 2010
Aloy-Emeka, always glue my eyes to his posts, but sometimes i dont know y he's always in tribalism section
davidlan, like his sense of reasoning
tpia, my one and only yoruba defence minister, love u so much for helping the yorubas from the hands of ezeuche, omo ibo n d rest, u are very blunt woman,we need someone like u in Nigeria politics, u are very intelligent, love and appreciate ur kind of person and i can go on and on, am ur no1 fan on nairaland
bk-babe, like u too
flgator/ile-idi, love u too

will be back with my second list
Re: Appreciate Somebody by olaolabiy: 1:30pm On Dec 08, 2010
Tpia. I don't know why, but, I really love her.

SLAP1. He's soooo COOL. Besides, he's a gunner. A fan of my beloved blue-ribbon club.

I'll be back with more names. cool cool
Re: Appreciate Somebody by otokx(m): 1:41pm On Dec 08, 2010
if becomrich and his many clones die; that will be a great loss
Re: Appreciate Somebody by Nobody: 1:43pm On Dec 08, 2010
I appreciate TheSeeker and Plat. . . Good times!
Re: Appreciate Somebody by sweetguy10(m): 1:50pm On Dec 08, 2010
Hmmmmm I appreciate myself Ja we , Jarus for his intelligent posts (i dey hail bros )

Mr Cork



MobinGAY grin grin grin grin

Lots lots lots , I dey come back
Re: Appreciate Somebody by meine: 1:55pm On Dec 08, 2010
I appreciate Seun, Cronaldo, Aloy-Emeka, Dayokanu, Inspired M, Mr Brownjay
Re: Appreciate Somebody by iice(f): 1:56pm On Dec 08, 2010
My twinnies ~ Mukina and Ikamefa.  Love you guys kiss kiss
My BB ~ Keep forgetting your NL name but you haven't been here since '07.  You know i love you. . . you are simply magnificent kiss
Vesc ~ You understand me more than 90% of the people i know, i don't have to explain myself to you. . .you just 'get' it, you are awesome [s]and you know you have to put me in your will to get custody of your brains[/s] grin.

For the people no more active or constantly on,
DaHitler aka Afeni
Dri (Drrionelli)
and so many more
Re: Appreciate Somebody by kcreal(f): 1:57pm On Dec 08, 2010
I appreciate Ileke-Idi, spikecylinder, Slap1, Missy B, Beaf. Too numerous to mention
infact I appreciate everybody on NL, they always make my day.
Re: Appreciate Somebody by DeepSoul(f): 2:02pm On Dec 08, 2010
I appreciate AISHA2  kiss  kiss  kiss  kiss

I appreciate FIREARM  kiss  kiss  kiss  kiss
Re: Appreciate Somebody by Otunbakay(m): 2:07pm On Dec 08, 2010
I appreciate every nairalanders but excluding all those that are tribalistic and i say kudos to u OYINDA 4 this wonderful thread and let me use this medium 2 apologise 2 ANNAWHITE 4 initiating a fight with her some days back, pls i'm ssoorryyyy. U are indeed wonderfuly made. Once again i'm really truly sorry.
Re: Appreciate Somebody by Emmyk(m): 2:09pm On Dec 08, 2010
I appreciate YOU

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Re: Appreciate Somebody by youngies(m): 2:13pm On Dec 08, 2010
I have meet some wonderful friends here on NL.

I do not just consider them as online firends, but real friends. I appreciate all of them.

Re: Appreciate Somebody by freecocoa(f): 2:14pm On Dec 08, 2010
Just the op said wiv d recent development,i've come to know that nairaland and its members mean more to me than i thought,you all are my second family,i appreciate each and every one of you,i'll just list a few names cos the whole of 2day won't be enof to list you all.MR K MONEY  my nl husband,190,MR CORK(always trying to annoy me)Mrs Eve (i love her aggression),DYT,(the only goodess on nl,)IYATRUSTEE,old young mama(i gbadu u die)IVYNWA(my sweet fwend)BRONZETUKE(he wants to snatch me from k money)LOW BATTERY(he needs to get a charger)GOOGLES(my ganja supplier)LICE(one wise lady)MRBROWNJAY(he seems to know everything)JAYBEE(quite an intelligent fellow)ROKIATU(funny girl)YORISB(after xcusing him to pass he went and bought keke na pepe)MADLADY(i pray she gets sane)i could go on forever,I LOVE Y'ALL.
Re: Appreciate Somebody by deboski4u: 2:15pm On Dec 08, 2010
i appreciate everybody in da house with no exceptions
Re: Appreciate Somebody by Busybody2(f): 2:21pm On Dec 08, 2010
Thanks for this thread Oyinda cry you are on of the few NL'ers whom I pray never to be caught in a thread with, chei, you can talk for 10 days straight, i want your brain though cheesy Re the "W" angle, I found out from "that" thread which you didn't deny, and you were the one I was referring to as the backroom halfbaked lawyer in my post then embarassed Sowwy grin  And thanks for the heads up Fl Alagolo, you my darling and Muki are like the daughters I don't have, I know you girls are about approaching your teen years, but i know I still wake up anytime and anyday even when you are 30 years old sef and say I want you to still wear flowing pink partyfrocks just for my viewing pleasure and you would not object, and I seriously hope you girls have not forgotten that you are not allowed to date till you are at least aged 27 angry but its all good though as I know God has blessed me generously cos I know if I ever need a babysitter, God has blessed me with not one but two, and I don't even need to give you guys any notice that I need you or even pay you sef, heck I can even stay out for days because I know you guys would do a better job than me, i wuff yous kiss kiss kiss

Seriously where can I start, spambot would ban me indefinitely with my rambling embarassed I would love to show my appreciation and love to every nairalanders whom I have crossed path with, and sparred with and had a spat with, every member of my e-concubine and e-harem, and all the Moderators and the Admin too. Without you guys, there is no Iyalode Busy_body, thanks for allowing me to be my recalcitrant, raconteuse, pushing the envelope self, a joker and a nutcase embarassed  Here's a token of my warmest thanks and appreciation to you all, I am exceptionally blessed and fortunate to be able to share my life with you, many thanks for being a part of my life, I will always hold you close to my heart, I love you all, you are the reason for my NL being kiss kiss kiss
Re: Appreciate Somebody by belamour(m): 2:24pm On Dec 08, 2010
@OP, I support your motion. , I appreciate everyone

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Re: Appreciate Somebody by chakula: 2:33pm On Dec 08, 2010
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