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BELIEVE - A Romance Story by Oyinprince(m): 8:40am On Mar 16, 2020
BELIEVE - A Romance Story

It’s a dilemma!

Just when Peter is about to start his wedding plans, he lost his job. He basically has no other means to fund his wedding or even maintain a family.

He’s scared that his fiancee, Rachel, will leave him for greener pastures, even though she reassures him of her love for him.

The drama gets hotter. Rachel is been pressured by a parents to go for a better option. Will she give in or will she believe in Peter and help him through this trial?

Even Peter is about to lose faith in himself. Is it possible to believe?

Find out in this beautiful story.

Follow the story here - https://youngicee.com/stories/believe

Re: BELIEVE - A Romance Story by Oyinprince(m): 9:58pm On Mar 17, 2020
BELIEVE - Episode 1


Read all the episodes here - www.youngicee.com/stories/believe
Re: BELIEVE - A Romance Story by Oyinprince(m): 12:48pm On Mar 19, 2020
BELIEVE - Episode 2

A story by Miriam Edem

Strolling back home from where Peter sat with his colleague, a jeep drove pass him and stopped, giving a loud honk behind him.

Peter wasn't interested but continued going not until he heard his name, he turned and saw someone he couldn't recognize at first. He had to stop while the man approached.

"Its me man Timothy, how you doing?" He asked laughing broadly giving his hand for a shake.

"I'm good, I didn't know it was you," Peter said.

"Yea looks like you were lost in thought, is everything okay?" Timothy asked.

"Yea sure, I was just having a little stroll so I can head back home, Peter replied.

"You mean you're trekking or strolling? You don't have a car yet?" Timothy asked looking round him.

"What makes you think I don't have a car? Its parked in my house, once in a while I look simple like this and take a walk," Peter replied and Timothy nodded.

"That's impressive, at least you're better than Chris. I saw him last week with his pregnant wife, he has no car or houses, how pathetic, Timothy said.

"Really? Chris is in Port?" Peter asked.

"I am surprised myself. Look at me I just returned from the states, my family is over there living happily. You're not married yet? Timothy asked looking at his finger and Peter forced a smile.

"I am, sorry I am not a fan for jewelries you know. My wife is at home with my two kids, its nice to see again," Peter said and they shook hands again laughing.

"Sure, I have to run off now, take care of your family dude!" Timothy shouted.

"Sure I will bye," Peter said as he left while he took a deep breathe.

He looked at the costly jeep Timothy drove and shook his head at his situation. They all attended the same university and graduated together, but Timothy has already made it and he wants to know if Peter has made it too.

They are all married with kids but he was about to do same when such tragedy hit him. The thought of it and the words of his colleague didn't make matters good to him at all as he slowly walked back home.

He got home and saw Rachel waiting for him but his mood was just like yesterday, "what is it again? She asked.

"Nothing, I just met my course mate who has already made it, you know that's how life is," Peter replied and sat down while she sat down with him.

"There's vacancy in one of the secondary schools I asked, you can teach Geography right?" She asked and he nodded. "Good, I'll draft an application now for you," she said.

"Like I can't write?" He asked.

"I never said so, you're not in your right senses now, so let me do it," She replied him and he watched her as she wrote an application for him.

"What if we do it together? I need more of it to submit it in everywhere I can," He said and she nodded.


That night he looked at Rachel peacefully sleeping with fears, she wasn't his first love and just like his colleague, he had a bad experience with his ex.

But will Rachel be different? He kept asking himself and got angry seeing himself foolish after thinking of what Rachel has done for him.

It's not the first time she has seen him in his trying times yet she still stayed around, what makes it different now? He asked himself and sat up.

"Maybe I should start believing in my self that I'll get through this, and i wish you'll be by my side," Peter whispered still looking at Rachel.

The next morning he got prepared and took the applications he and Rachel wrote the day before and began to submit it in different locations.

He returned home famished and met with Rachel who welcomed him with smiles, "don't worry darling, you'll be called in one I am very sure, Rachel said to him and he nodded.

"I believe that too, he replied.

"Good now let's eat, I was waiting for you, she said.

"You didn't ask me to shower today first? He asked.

" I decided to change pattern today, she replied and Peter mind began to get troubled.

"Did she just say she changed pattern? That means she can change anything including her decision of waiting for Me, Peter thought in his heart.

"What are you thinking of? Pray nau so we'll eat, Rachel told him and he forced a smile and said a short prayer.


The next day was a weekend and Rachel decided to visit her family.

Her parents hearing Peter lost his job was so angry, "What will happen now Rachel? Don't tell me you'll still wait for him!" Her mom asked.

"Mom don't start please, I've gone too far to go back and I am engaged to him," Rachel replied.

"You're crazy, engagement my foot! How many years Rachel have you stayed with that failure? He tried business and failed, he got employed and was kicked out, is that not enough?" Her Mom shouted.

"Mom please don't do this, he will come over this, I know he will," Rachel said scared already with tears in her eyes.

"I wont watch you waste your life with that scum, you shouldn't feel sorry because you've tried for him. You will get married to Donald," her mom dropped and her eyes bulged out.

"No mom, please don't do this. Dad please say something," Rachel turned to her dad who was quiet all along.

"I am very sorry, there's nothing i can do about this. Donald is prepared and ready to settle down, what is it you see in Peter that you will throw such rare opportunity away? We love you child and we want the best for you, Donald is just the best for you," her dad dropped while she stood with tears streaming freely in her eyes.

Read Episode 3 here - https://youngicee.com/2020/03/believe-episode-3.html

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Re: BELIEVE - A Romance Story by Oyinprince(m): 7:05am On Mar 20, 2020
BELIEVE - Episode 3
A story by Miriam Edem
Rachel pleaded with her parents but it was to no avail and they strictly warned her not to visit his house anymore else they'll call the police for him.
She locked herself in the room as her mom got her phone From her already.
A knock was heard on her door but she was quiet, then it came again followed with a voice.
"Rachel its me, open the door, a lady voice was heard.
She came down from the bed and let her childhood friend in who got married last year, "baby I heard what happened. Don't you think your parents wants the best for you? Hilda asked.
"What do you think is the best for me? Money or love? Rachel asked.
"Both are necessary and Donald gat them both. Peter gat love but he's not financially stable that's just the difference, Hilda said.
"Babe you won't understand, this break up will break peter in pieces, that's just how much he loves me, Rachel said and Hilda shook her head.
"I can attest to that but you can't endure with him forever. Okay he got a job, why didn't he get married to you? Whatever happened the 5 years he was working is what I don't understand, or does he have savings? Hilda asked and Rachel stood up pacing round.
"It doesn't matter anymore, we are done and they are so serious about this. Right now I don't know how to break the news to him, Rachel said and her mom entered.
"This guy has been calling endlessly, look here, if you don't break up with him he will find himself rotting in jail. Whatever you can do to stop him from calling you, do that fast, Her mom said throwing the phone on her and left the room.
Rachel looked at her friend surprised, "has it gone that far? Hilda asked.
"Seriously I am so scared, Rachel replied.
"If peter finds out you are forced to do this, he won't stop fighting and that will put him in trouble, you have to act like you want this so he'll give up, Hilda said.
"But is this really what I want? Peter can read me and there's no way I can hide my feelings from him, Rachel said.
"You have to put it up else this won't work, Hilda said and Rachel sat on the bed shedding tears.
"Sorry friend this is happening to you, you may be surprised you'll be so happy with Donald, you can never tell if you've not given it a try, Hilda said cuddling her.
"I feel so frustrated now, Rachel said.
"No don't be, everything is going to be alright. Now guess what, Hilda said smiling.
"What please? Rachel asked.
"I am pregnant! 3 months gone already, Hilda shouted and Rachel hugged her tight.
"I am so happy for you, Rachel said.
"Baby I want to share in your happiness too, I want to join you dance happily to the altar and hold your beautiful baby too, Hilda said but Rachel only nodded in tears while Hilda hugged her again..........................................
That evening Rachel came out from her room with Hilda and met her parents at the sitting room.
"I'll be going out, Rachel said to them.
"You are not leaving this house to anywhere, her mom replied.
"I am going to see Peter so I'll tell him its over. Isn't that what you want? Rachel asked.
"Ma I am going with her, I know Peter won't stop fighting but Rachel need to face him so he'll give up, Hilda came in.
"I am letting her go out of this house because of you, make sure she comes back home with you, her mom said.
"Yes ma, I'll bring her back, Hilda said and they left the house together.
They arrived at Peter house and Rachel was feeling reluctant to go in.
"Common let's go in, Hilda said but Peter came outside already.
"Rachel! He shouted and hugged her before they could say anything.
"Hi Hilda, what's the problem? Please come in, Peter said taking them in.
"I have been calling since morning Rachel, what's the problem? You got me so worried, Peter said and Rachel looked at Hilda.
"There something you need to know Peter, Rachel said and swallowed.
"Okay, but you're getting me nervous with your look, I hope all is fine? Peter asked again.
"Yes, just that... Just that I don't think I can continue with this relationship again, Rachel dropped and he smiled.
"You're joking right? Common what kind of costly joke is that? Peter asked.
"I am serious about this and I can't take it anymore. I've been with you for years and it like nothing is ever going to happen. I won't let good opportunities pass me by again, I think you were one mistake I did. Its over Peter, Rachel said with her heart beating as Peter sat looking at her not believing his eyes and ears.
He slowly saw himself going on his knees and Rachel stood up, "you were the only person who never stopped believing in me and i am trying my best trust me, Peter said and Hilda touched Rachel when she was tempted to hold him up.
"We are so sorry Peter, but if you really love my friend then you'll let her go. She'll be 28 in the next 2 month peter, its enough you stop wasting her time and stand upright as a man first. We have to go, Hilda said holding Rachel hands.
"Rachel you know i wanted kicking off with our wedding, you know it was never my intention to keep you waiting and you know my greatest desire is to have you as my wife. please a little more time i beg you, Peter pleaded.
"Here is your ring, Hilda removed the ring from Rachel finger and kept it on the centre table.
"You promised to wait for me Rachel! Peter shouted.
"I am so sorry, Rachel said in tears and ran out of the house and Hilda followed behind.
She stopped on the road breathing hard as tears couldn't stop pouring from her eyes.
"Why did you take the ring off? She shouted on Hilda.
"I had to, so you'll easily get him off from your mind, Hilda said.
"What do you know about love anyway that you think I can just take him off my mind that easily, Rachel said.
"Girl friend, it will be best for you. You don't need that ring anymore, that's an hindrance, Hilda said.
"Goodbye, Rachel said and stopped a cab immediately, got in and left her friend standing.
She arrived home with full rage and her parents were surprised with such mood on her face.
"I am leaving for Abuja tomorrow, I need to calm my head, Rachel said.
"Fine if that's what you want, her dad said immediately.
"You're leaving? When will you meet with............. "Mom please I am begging you in the name of God, don't even go there! Rachel shouted and stormed into her room.

To be continued

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Re: BELIEVE - A Romance Story by Oyinprince(m): 2:18pm On Mar 21, 2020
BELIEVE - Episode 4

A story by Miriam Edem

"Are you sure we are doing the right thing? Rachel dad asked seeing her reaction.

"Will the right thing be Rachel staying with failure? No way I won't let that happen not until Peter becomes a man. I won't let my daughter suffer, Her mom said and stormed into her room too.

Hilda dropped by later to ask if Rachel is home.

"What happened to her over there? Rachel mom asked and Hilda narrated everything to her.

"That's Better, with time She'll understand we want the best for her, her mom replied.


The next day Rachel was already set for Abuja, "are you sure about this? We didn't inform your aunt of your coming, her mom said.

"She won't say no to me mom, take care, Rachel said taking her bag while her dad offered to drop her at the park.

Few minutes after she left Peter arrived.

Rachel mom seeing him was so mad at him and blamed him for everything, "you failure! You wasted my daughter time for years whole she kept enduring with your nonsense.

She's gone! And don't dare trace or go near her else I'll get you arrested, thats a promise! Her mom shouted pushing him away.

Peter got home frustrated as he poured cold water on his head and sat on the floor.

His worst fear came through and he felt his heart burning as he begged for tears to flow out but it wasn't coming.

"I must survive this and I think its time I believe in myself, was all he could mutter in pains.


Days passed and he began to receive text messages of interviews where he applied for.

He attended them one by one and settled for the one that got the higher pay.

It was one of the biggest secondary schools in Port where he taught Geography.

1 month of his teaching there he was going back home when a nice jeep stopped, "hello Sir Peter heading back home? Dad thats my geography master, the one I told you about, the boy said to his dad and he shook hands with Peter.

"My son said you're good with what you teach, the man said.

"What will I do sir? I have to put my best in what I see, Peter replied.

"Graduate? The man asked and he nodded.

"Job in Nigeria is a hot cake and waiting for it is like waiting for Christ return, Peter replied.

"Uhmmm where did I keep it, the man muttered looking for something in his car. He found it and gave it to Peter,

"send your CV to the email address there, when you're done give a call to the number there and tell him you have sent a CV to the email and Mr Charles says he should do something about it. Good luck, the man said winding his glass and drove off while Peter still stood looking at the card not believing his eyes.

He rushed to a computer center, got his CV done and sent it to the Email. When he got home he prayed all kinds of prayer first before calling the number.

After 3 rings, a man voice was heard, "erm he..hello hello.. Mr Charles said I should tell you there's a CV in your mail and you should do something about it, Peter stammered with his lips shaking.

"Okay I'll check it out, the man said and dropped the call.

Peter fell on his knees sweating profusely as he smelt something good was coming his way, but he prayed it should not be diverted.


Rachel was not planing of returning back to Port despite her parents pleadings.

Her aunt knowing about what happened wasn't happy with her parents either and accepted Rachel should settle in Abuja with her.

"Have you heard from Peter? Her aunt asked one evening.

"Aunt please I don't even want to try it, Peter can accept anything that comes to him but you see what I told him was unforgivable. He will never forgive me for breaking him that way, calling him is not a good idea at all, Rachel replied.

"But you should try, he may want to talk with you too, her aunt said.

"Aunt, I will hurt him more. Its 1 month already and I think he should be healing by now. Aunt please I need to sleep now, good night, Rachel said going to her room....


Days has passed already and Peter was busy checking his phone expecting a call that will change his life but it wasn't coming.

The school was about to embark on a mid term break and he was so excited about it.

One cool evening he dozed off on the sofa when a message got into his phone, he got up immediately and checked it out, behold it was an interview scheduled for him tomorrow.

He threw the phone screaming his head off and a knock came on the door disrupting him.

"Who's there? He asked.

"Its me, a lady voice was heard and he rolled his eyes.

He opened up and she walked in, "its late, he said.

"Late? Its just past 8, but why were you shouting? She asked and he sat on the sofa smiling looking at his phone.

"Nothing, I just got a sweet message don't worry, peter said and she nodded.

"I just retuned from work, Mary said.

"Now? He asked.

"Yea there was an accident on the road and that gave a terrible hold up, she said stretching tiredly.

"Oh sorry, you've not eaten then? He asked.

"No, I just bought erm a little fried yam on the road, but I gave it out to the children with me in the taxi, she said.

"Oh thats bad and you can't cook anything now, Peter said.

"I'll just soak cassava for the night, good night, she said and turned to leave.

"Mary wait, I prepared something to eat but I eventually slept off. Will you join me? Peter asked stopping her.

"Oh alright I'll go change up then. I'll be back, Mary said and left and he heaved pacing around.

2 weeks after the breakup, Mary packed into the compound.

With all the neighbors there, she choose to be close to Peter which he didn't like at all but he couldn't push her away.

She got to know about Peter breakup and she somehow began making him smile again, still Peter was afraid of falling for her because of the closeness.

Minutes later she knocked and walked in to see Peter setting the table.

"I should be the one to do that, she said and rushed to get the plate from him but he stopped her.

"What's that for? I can do this okay just start eating, Peter said going to get water from the refrigerator.

"Uhmm smells delicious, Mary said inhaling the food.

"You need to hurry and eat fast, its late already, Peter said bringing the water and her countenance changed.

"What is it? Peter noticed it.

"Tell me something Peter? I'm I bothering you? Why does it look like you're pushing me away? Mary asked.

"Why are you saying this? Look, Rachel is the only lady that has been with me in this house, people are watching and that will give a wrong impression about us, Peter said.

"What wrong are we doing here and what wrong impression are you talking about? Mary asked.

"Oh please don't start, Whatever happened between i and Rachel, no one knows about it and I told them she traveled. This closeness between you and I is not got at all because I can't tell what they think of me now, Peter said and she scoffed.

"You lied Peter admit it. Rachel left your life why can't you just accept that? How long will you live in this lie? Mary asked.

"Mary left me yes she did, but I can't replace her thats just it. She was the only lady who loved me for who I am, Peter said.

"Now where is she? She got tired loving you for who you are right? Peter she's gone and life must go on, Mary said.

"With who? You? Peter asked in a tone that got Mary embarrassed.

"Excuse me, did you just say that to me? Oh I get it, because I liked you and became close to you as a friend, you're already thinking I am throwing myself on you right? Wow! that was so thoughtful of you, have a good night, Mary said and turned to leave.

"No no wait that was not what I meant, you got it wrong there, Peter said and tried to stop her but she slammed the door behind her.

Peter heaved and leaned the wall, looked at the food waiting for him and shook his head, "I think I need to eat that so I'll have enough strength for my interview tomorrow. Thats what matters now to me, Peter said..

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Re: BELIEVE - A Romance Story by Oyinprince(m): 7:31pm On Mar 23, 2020
Re: BELIEVE - A Romance Story by Oyinprince(m): 9:37pm On Mar 25, 2020
BELIEVE - Episode 6

A story by Miriam Edem

The next day Peter arrived at Rachel's parents house, and as usual her mom came out to scare him away.

"What do you want here? Didn't I tell you to stay clear from this house and my daughter? She shouted.

"Else you'll do what? Lock me up? Looks like you've not realized the Peter you knew is not the one standing before you now. Where can I find Rachel? He boldly asked and she couldn't believe her eyes.

"Rachel isn't here anymore, her husband replied.

"I know about that sir, but I want to speak to her, Peter replied.

"Get out of here now! Her mom shouted.

"Ma today you will do your worst, but I won't leave this place without me speaking to Rachel. I'll advise you to safe your strength, Peter said to her.

"Peter look we don't want any trouble here. Rachel stays in Abuja now and she's not making any arrangement to return any time soon, Her dad said.

"That's because she's married over there. If you want to speak with Rachel, first ask permission from her husband, her mom came in and that almost threw Peter off ground.

"I won't believe that, he said.

"Who cares if you do. You've wasted My child time for so long and you should be very happy for her that she's finally settled. Now get out! Her mom shouted.

"I won't believe that, Rachel is not married, Peter said.

"Ahmed! Her mom shouted and the gate man rushed down to them.

"I want to see this man thrown out of this compound! She commanded.

"Don't even think of touching me else you'll loose all your teeth! Peter told the gateman who got scared to touch him.

"You may give your daughter physically away, but she left her heart with someone else, something her so called husband will never enjoy. I don't care if she's married or not, I just want to know if she's happy, Peter faced them.

"And who says she's not happy? She called me herself today and she's very happy now get out! She shouted again and Peter looked at them for a while and left.

"It seems to me that guy is changed, can't you see it? Rachel dad asked his wife.

"You're not seeing clearly, that being is nothing but a failure and I want him far from my daughter, his wife angrily replied........................

Peter head was pounding badly and he thought he saw someone in a parked car there on the road.

He went nearer and she saw him, "hi, good morning, Hilda said forcing a smile and he bent over the car looking at her.

"Are you happy? He asked and she looked confused.

"Is there any problem? She asked.

"Of course not. Where is Rachel? He asked and she heaved.

"I am not with Rachel and I don't have time for this. As you can see............ "You're on the way going to church, its written all over you after you helped breaking a friend you still have the guts to go to church! Look here I saw when you removed the ring from Rachel's finger and if you don't want me to expose you to your husband who just left to get something, you will tell me now how I can reach Rachel, Peter sternly said.

"What kind of problem is this na this morning, Rachel has gone na and i have nothing to do with her decision to break up with you, Hilda said so tense.

"Don't play with My intelligence, i am waiting Hilda, Peter said looking at her.

"I don't know where she stays in Abuja, she replied and he pointed his phone to her.

She slowly took it, got Rachel new line and typed it down for him.

"Please can you leave now before my husband sees you, he doesn't like it when I talk with men, Hilda said.

"And who cares, you better pray this number is reachable else you won't like my action, peter said and left.................

Peter got home looking at the number on his phone too nervous to call.

Most times he is always filled with anger when he thinks about Rachel, but then another feeling will come quenching it when he get to remember the times they have spend together.

He called the number finally with a strange number also and it rang twice without anyone picking.

"Peter she's in church just wait till she returns, he said to himself and released himself freely on the sofa with his hand covering his face thinking hard.

His phone began to ring and he took it to see a strange number calling, he got nervous and slowly picked it

"hello, he said.

"Its Emeka sir, the Architect, a voice came on phone.

"Oh are you around? Can you Just come home please I'm not feeling too well, Peter replied.

"No problem sir, Emeka said and dropped the call.

Peter checked the time and saw its Past 10a.m and he heaved knowing he hads't taken his breakfast yet and he remembered he has a work he hadn't done yet for tomorrow.

He sighed getting up and got his laptop to begin work first before the architect arrives, his phone began to ring and it was Rachel number.


"Hello good morning, sorry I missed your call, the voice he has missed for months came on phone when he picked up.

"Rachel its me, please don't hang up, Peter calmly said and her eyes bulged out.

"Peter? But.. But how........ "I got your number because I want to see you, please make it possible because it's important, Peter cut in.

"Peter pleaseeee, Rachel said with tears piling up in her eyes already.

"Rachel I am begging you more, I want to talk to you if possible tomorrow, Peter said.

"Its not possible, I'm in Abuja, she replied.

"Can you take flight? I'll pay for everything, he said.

"What flight? No you don't have to, she said.

"Believe me when I say its important. I need to see you tomorrow before noon, if you want I'll send the money for the flight this minute, Peter said and Rachel stood speechless.

"I..I don't know what to say, but don't worry I'll be there tomorrow, she said.

"Thank you, how have you been Rachel? Peter asked and the tears rolled freely on Rachel face hearing that.

"Peter bye, Rachel said and ended the call while Rachel aunt looked at her with her hand akimbo.

"I told you didn't I? Peter was longing all this while to talk to you, her aunt quickly said.

"Aunty after what I did? Rachel asked

"What did you do? You did nothing dear and you would have just told him the truth, her aunt said.

"Aunty there's nothing you'll say that can justify my act, I'm a grown up lady and whatever happened was because I agreed to it, Rachel said.

"You were forced to! Her aunt shouted.

"Still I would have said no aunt, I was just a fool! Rachel shouted and her aunt hugged her while Rachel cried on her...............

Peter didn't know how to feel when he heard Rachel voice, he felt like bursting out in tears but he had to be a man.

He took his laptop to continue with his work but he heard a knock on his door instead.

"Who's there? He asked.

"Emeka sir, the voice replied and he opened up letting him in.

"Sorry I couldn't meet up with you where we planned earlier, Peter said giving him a seat.

"Its no worry sir, Emeka replied and Peter brought out a wine while Emeka kept his laptop ready for work.

"So what do you have for me? Peter asked sitting beside him.

"Many things sir just ready for you to make your choice, he said waiting for the device to boot.

"Let's help ourselves with the drink then while we wait, Peter giving pouring it for him and the door open.

"Hi, I hope I'm not disturbing, Mary said standing by the door.

"Please come in, you just came right on time, Peter said.

"The Architect right? She asked as she went nearer and he nodded....................

"With the size of the land it will be a perfect building on it, Emeka said after Peter choice was made.

"OK I trust you'll do a good job, Peter said.

"Ah I have to do the best I can to satisfy my client, Emeka replied.

"I'll be glad if you do so, Peter said shaking hands with him and Emeka took his leave.

"I haven't seen you since morning, Peter said to Mary and yawned.

"You haven't eaten yet? She asked.

"Don't worry, I have to finish this work else it won't be ready for tomorrow, Peter said taking his laptop back.

"Did you thought about what I told you yesterday? Mary asked and he heaved.

"Please I need to concentrate, not now I beg you, he replied.

"OK fine I'll let you be, Mary said and slowly left..................

That night he couldn't sleep as he kept thinking of how tomorrow will be, "if Rachel is already married will I be able to take it? He kept asking himself till he slept off.

The next morning he called up Rachel without hesitation, "good morning Peter, Rachel voice came on phone.

"Good morning Sun.... Sorry Rachel. I called to confirm if you'll still make it today, Peter said.

"Uhmm yes, I'll be there before 12 noon, where are we meeting? She asked..

"Choose a place convenient for you, he said.

"I.. I really don't know, she said.

"Ermm, looks like i am going to find out and let you know before then, Peter said.

"OK I'll be expecting, bye, Rachel said.

"bye, Peter replied and the line went dead.

Rachel looked at her aunt weak who just cuddled her, "its going to be alright okay, Her aunt said.

"I'm scared, I don't just know what to feel anymore, Rachel said.

"Dear say the truth. Tell him just how much you still love him and want him back, and that everything that happened was all a lie. Please don't be like me I beg you, her aunt said to her.......................

Peter hurried to work and quickly asked permission from his boss to briefly breeze in somewhere.

"It no problem, as long as my work is ready, his boss said.

"Sure its done, Peter said presenting it to him while he looked at it.

"Okay this is okay, his boss said satisfied with the job.

"Thanks sir, Peter said and left his office.

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Re: BELIEVE - A Romance Story by Oyinprince(m): 1:55pm On Mar 27, 2020
BELIEVE - Episode 7

A story by Miriam Edem

Peter was already nervously seated where they agreed to meet checking the time almost every seconds.

Every minute that passed was like hours in his eyes and he didn't want to call her either.

The door opened and as usual he turned to see who it was and behold it was Rachel.

He got up seeing the one he has missed so much but she wasn't looking like the Rachel he used to know.

Rachel walked up to him while he drew the seat backwards for her, "thank you, she said to him and sat down.

"Sorry I arrived late, there was......... "Its no problem. Thank you so much for agreeing to see me, Peter cut in and she faced down.

"What can I offer you please? Peter asked.

"No nothing please, I'm here Peter, I hope there's no problem? Rachel asked but Peter ignored her and called the waiter.

"Please get her whatever she wants, Peter told him and Rachel heaved.

"Just give me Ice, She said.

"No I won't let that, Peter said.

"But thats what I want, I just need ice, Rachel said.

"Just ice? You won't eat anything with it? He asked.

"No please I am fine thank you, Rachel said and Peter made his order too.

"Rachel thanks for seeing me once again, and I hope your husband won't be upset, Peter said and Rachel looked at him.

"Did you call me here just to insult me? Rachel asked.

"I don't understand, your mom told me you are married, Peter said.

"She said that? Please why am I here? Rachel asked.

"I want to know the truth, I want you to tell it to my face finally what exactly made you leave me when I needed you the most Rachel? Peter asked.

"Peter its been months now, why are you bringing this up now? You should move on by now, Rachel said.

"Move on with what like it was that easy! Rachel did you ever love me? Because I do wonder if you ever had me at heart or had a little pity for me when you let go of me in my trying times. What wrong did I ever do to you Rachel? Peter shouted.

"Peter please I beg you, we should not be talking about this, and you asking if I ever loved you, you know the answer to that, Rachel replied.

"Do I? I can't believe you could do this to me Rachel, you were the only person who gave me hope and a reason to move on and when you left it was like God already gave up on me. Sometimes when I want to hate you, I get overpowered by love and I see myself yearning for you, thats just how much I love you Rachel, Peter said while Rachel was already in tears.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Peter because its all my fault. I won't say I was forced to break up with you because I will sound stupid but I'm so sorry. I went away so I'll leave you for good because I don't expect you'll take me back after what I did, please forgive me, Rachel said in tears while Peter covered his face thinking.

"You know something Rachel, I'm hooked up here because I built my whole world around you. Even if I get to have everything I've dreamed of and you're not included, I feel incomplete. Please Rachel do we still have a chance? Peter asked while Rachel looked in shock.

"No no Peter no you can't do this, please let me go, Rachel said shaking her head.

"Is still another? Because right now I have laid down my pride and everything for God knows I want you back in my life Rachel. If you say no to me now, then I know its for real, Peter said going on his knees bringing out a ring and Rachel got up surprised.

"What are you doing? She whispered.

"I once gave you this, but it was removed by someone else. Now I want you to prove it to me that you indeed love me Rachel. Please be my wife and make me complete, Peter said in tears as Rachel stood with her lips shaking.

"Once I thought that dream was shattered, nothing else will make me happy than being your wife Peter, Rachel said and hugged him crying.

"Thank you, thank you, Peter whispered in her ears as the people there clapped for them.

Mary couldn't help but follow Peter, and seeing the Drama he performed her heart melted and she saw herself smiling with tears coming out of her eyes.

She ran out of the place when Peter was about leaving with Rachel.

"What are we going to do with my parents? Rachel asked him on the way home.

"Thats where we are going to now, your parents thinks I'm a failure and not capable of taking care of you. You know sweetheart God has visited me and I got a job 2 months ago with a good pay, Something that can take good care of us with our kids, Peter said.

"You have a job? Was it among the applications we wrote together? She asked.

"No, I settled for that secondary school you first told me about and God used a student there to favour me. His father gave me a job in a oil company and guess what, Peter said.

"You know I'm not good at that nau, Rachel said.

"I got a land with just a month salary and I'll start building. But first we have to get married soon, Peter said and Rachel hugged him.....

They arrived at Rachel place and her parents were so surprised and happy to see her, "honey what happened to you? Are you not feeding over there and why is he with you? Her mom asked referring to Peter.

"I came back to what I ran away from and yes I have been eating over there but I lacked happiness. Seriously mom was I married? Rachel asked her mom.

"Peter what exactly is your problem? Why won't you just let us be! Her mom shouted on peter.

"Enough mom! Why not let us be mom and stop detecting my life for me. I'm sorry its too late because its Peter i want and we are getting married this time around for real, Rachel said.

"You are not serious Rachel, you fell for his lies again! Her mom shouted.

"I never lied to Rachel, I know your fears ma and that is I won't take care of your daughter which i understand. But you don't have to worry because I have a more better job and yes, I am a man now once again. Please ma I am begging you, don't deny us this chance again because we won't carry on with this without your consent, Peter pleaded.

"Peter my dear you have my consent if this is what my daughter wants, Rachel dad came in immediately.

"What are you saying? Rachel mom shouted.

"Please Antonia this is enough, your daughter happiness should be more important to you please let them be, Rachel dad said

"Mom please just look at me, do I look like the Rachel you know? No matter how aunty tried to make me happy I can't be because my heart, soul and body is with someone. Please don't say no to me i am begging you, Rachel said going on her knees but her mom stopped her.

"I want you to be happy baby girl like your friends are. I wanted you to get married, have a home like your friends with a responsible and rich man, but if he's the one you want then i won't stop you. I love you my child, her mom said and hugged her.

"Thank you mom, Rachel said while her dad stood smiling at them.

"So peter when is the wedding? Rachel dad asked..............

Mary had to accept the fact they weren't meant to be as she confessed her feelings for Peter to Rachel. "Thank you so much for making him happy when I was away, but i believe your man will come, Rachel said holding her hand.

"Sure, of course seeing what you went through with him, it will be so stupid of me to fix myself where i didn't sow, Mary said.

"Can you please do me a favor? Rachel asked.

"Anything dear, Mary replied.

"Will you please be my chief bride maid? Please do this for me, Rachel said and Mary smiled.

"I'll happily do that dearie, after all you both are my friends, Mary said and Rachel hugged her happily.......................

1 month later Peter and Rachel happily got married.

On their wedding day Samuel noticed Mary and got interested in her,

"I have My eyes on your friend, can you help me talk to her? Samuel asked.

"You mean Mary? Is it because you're my best man and she is my wife chief bride maid? Peter asked.

"Not that, i see her different and I want to give love a chance again, Samuel replied and Peter was so happy to hear that.

"You just made the best choice ever and I'll talk to her, Rachel came in.

"Really? Thank you so much, Samuel said to her........

1 month later Peter and Mary were already engaged and they lived happily after.

# Having a partner who believes in you and encourages you in your trying times is the best feeling ever.

Some people said Peter shouldn't have accepted Rachel back but take Mary instead, but most times in relationship, its not really about the presence but the impact that lady or guy has done in your life.

It wasn't just about Rachel staying with Peter for so many years, but was she an impact that even in her absence Peter could feel still feel her presence.

Now that's true love!


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Re: BELIEVE - A Romance Story by skubido(m): 1:37pm On Mar 29, 2020
Nice wan.

Sometimes it takes the grace of God.

U too much

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