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FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 6:33am On Apr 06, 2019
Hello! Who missed me Anyways, we're back and better. This story starts today by 12 noon and I'm glad to be back to my source. Let's do this together!


TEASER drops today.

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by skubido(m): 9:17am On Apr 06, 2019
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by DemiKOL(f): 9:41am On Apr 06, 2019
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 11:36am On Apr 06, 2019
Copyright Temitope Daniel Abimbola © 2019
Hello! I am Tombri Feire and you are welcome to today’s show. I know you missed me, or you want to form that you didn’t? I know you did! So today, we would be talking about relationship. Yay! I know you are excited, right? This will be fun, so tighten you seatbelts and listen to me attentively before you start calling in and contributing what might have nothing to the subject of discussion.

So this is the aspect of relationship that we would be talking about today, guys. Does it make sense for the fellow you are in a relationship with to be hiding you from everyone? Like, hide the relationship from family, mentor- if he or she has, and also friends? What do you say about this? I think it makes no sense. I actually know a fellow who has hidden the lady from every obvious eyes, none of his friends even know about his relationship, he only tells the lady to keep it between the two of them.

I would start entertaining calls now, the number is 0-8-0-3-8-1-0-0-6-2-9. I would repeat the number again, so this time, be more attentive. 0-8-0-3-8-1-0-0-6-2-9. Let’s go!
** ** **

“Hey there, Hello. I am Tombri Feire, can I know your name?” Ecstacy flushed through her voice as she picked the first call of the day.

“My name is Chioma, I am calling from Lekki, Lagos.” The voice replied.

“Okay, welcome to today’s edition of a gist with Feire. So what do you feel about what we sre discussing today? Does it make sense to be in a relationship with a fellow who is not ready to make your relationship known to anyone?” She asked again.

“Feire, it doesn’t make sense.” Chioma started.

“Really? I am interested, feed me more.”

“Yeah. Who gets into a relationship when he or she is not ready? Why would I buy a new car and keep it in the house? That is not possible, I am not talking about showing off your boyfriend or girlfriend here, but at least, if you are asked if you were in a relationship, you would still say no? For what reason?” Her voice got a little husky as she continued talking.

Feire chuckled. “Okay, calm down. What if there is a reason behind hiding your relationship?”

“See, Feire there is no sensible reason for you to hide it from at least some of your friends. I feel whoever is hiding the relationship might have skeleton in his wardrobe. Maybe his friends know him or her with another person and he has made you his side chick.” She reeled out.

Feire held her breath for a moment, she didn’t know what to say to the caller. The caller was already taking the issue personal as though the issue was going on in her relationship, but beyond that, she was distracted from the ongoing program. Her mind has travelled far while she chewed the words of Chioma again. Side chick, the word she hated to hear but has said a million times. She was confused, so confused that she just ended the call and her breathing became uneven.

“Okay, the show is still on, I am expecting another call from…” She barely concluded her statement when another call came through. She found her voice at last but was not stable to continue. She didn’t want to pick this issue as what to be discussed but she really wanted to know what people would feel about it too. At least, she couldn’t approach anyone to ask so they wouldn’t suspect that it was what she was going through, but she knew she could hide behind the finger of her show to know if what she was feeling was right or there was no big deal.

“Hello, this is Tombri Feire, may I know your name?” She asked.

“Good morning Feire, this is Desmond.”

Feire lost her voice. Her right index finger was tracing the table. It was as though her brain stuttered for a moment, her fingers began to jump rhythmically as if in spasm and silence began to last forever.

“Hello, are you there?” Desmond’s voice rang again.

She knew that voice. So Desmond was really listening to her all along? What would he want to say about the issue on ground now? This is the man in question and he has called to contribute to the show? She had thought he told her that he would be so busy with some clients that day and wouldn’t be able to follow that edition of the show and that was why she felt it was the perfect opportunity to bring up the issue on the show and hear people’s opinions.

She ended the call at once. She made a huge mistake picking the call, it already distablized her. She wasn’t afraid of him, but, you know there is this feeling when the one you are talking about suddenly appears? “Let’s go on a short break.” She quickly said, so she could have time to repackage her pieces. She picked her phone and scrolled to see the reactions of people who were following on Twitter and Facebook and it was all the same. Who hides relationship if there is nothing ulterior about it?

She really didn’t know if she was scared or worried. She knew Desmond was not that type of person who would turn heaven to hell because of what has happened, she had thought about this before coming to the show- what if Desmond tunes in? She decided to push the thoughts away, the break would soon be over and she must not mess up the way she has been. She was more determined this time, even if Desmond calls back, she would relate with him based on the issue on ground.
** ** **


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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by skubido(m): 4:22pm On Apr 06, 2019
Tanks for the update

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by callmeomotee33(f): 4:31pm On Apr 06, 2019
Nice beginning,keep it up�

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by Ann2012(f): 4:39pm On Apr 06, 2019

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by Nancydearie(f): 5:13pm On Apr 06, 2019
Right on time. It's been a while, how are you doing?

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by moseph(f): 9:44pm On Apr 07, 2019
Nice. I missssssed u

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by queenitee(f): 6:05pm On Apr 09, 2019
Nice, nice

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:24pm On Apr 13, 2019
Right on time. It's been a while, how are you doing?

Nancy! I missed you so much.. My loyal fan. How are you doing ma'am? grin

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:25pm On Apr 13, 2019
Nice. I missssssed u

Really? Thanks mama grin welcome on board..
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:25pm On Apr 13, 2019
Nice, nice
Thanks ma'am. Welcome.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:26pm On Apr 13, 2019
Welcome ma'am.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:26pm On Apr 13, 2019
Tanks for the update

Boss.. FTC right? cheesy Welcome.. Thanks.

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:26pm On Apr 13, 2019
Nice beginning,keep it up�

Thanks boss. Welcome here.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:29pm On Apr 13, 2019

As Feire drove back to her place, she sipped from the bottle of pepsi in her left hand. Her mind was blank, the sound system was a rescue as she played songs to get her attention diverted from thinking about what could get her perplexed. She was not sure she was ready for any of that anymore, or perhaps, at least for that day.
She was a year gone now, a year gone into a relationship only herself and Desmond knew about. Though, she felt Desmond had no other lady apart from her, but everything surrounding her at that present moment was not enough to stand as a proof of his uprightness before her. She was getting confused and she has not been hiding it from him, he just usually try to calm her down, probably take her out, and after they have had nice time and he has reassured her that nothing would go wrong, she would bounce again having no doubt that Desmond could lie to her. Here she was, no one has said anything different concerning this issue yet, and everyone believed Desmond could be a scum.
Was she really ready to go home or just stop somewhere and relax her head before going back into that house? She just moved into her apartment for about three months now and she was staying alone. It is a two-bedroom flat and Desmond had gotten the place for her and also furnished it to her taste because she didn’t want to go back to her parent’s house. Those were another set of characters in her life, they wouldn’t treat her like she was twenty-six already, they would always try to act like parents which they were, but to a little girl. A girl who just returned from school and you have to hold her hand to write the assignment, speak to about life and encourage her to read, all those stuffs. She was really done. They try to monitor her going out and coming in, giving her time to use outside and mandating her to return before certain time?
She needed her freedom and she’s got it now. She took her eyes off the road and checked the time on the dashboard; it was just five-thirty. She murmured some words to herself as she marched he brake. The traffic was hectic and she has been in it for over thirty minutes now. Desmond had not called her after she finished her radio show, could that mean something? Could it be that he felt offended that she brought the issue up on her show or he felt so bad that she ignored his call when she found out it was him?
As much as she was tired of this melodrama she had gotten herself into, it was hard for her to let Desmond slip away. This guy is a solid guy, he would occasionally just send her a text that he would love to take her out, or maybe she could visit his place since he was staying alone and Feire was still with her parents then. That was one of the major reasons he took it upon himself to get her an apartment away from home. He already begged her to keep their relationship away from every ear, and if peradventure anyone sees them together and try to tease, they would lie that they were just friends. At first, she never saw the big deal until it was becoming more glaring to her that she couldn’t tell any of her friends about him and obviously none of his own friends seem to know anything also.
She picked her phone and stared at it for some moment. She didn’t know if she should call or just stay in her lane. She didn’t know what she would hear from him and what to say back. Truth be told, she really loved him and wouldn’t want him to slip out of her life, but this secrecy? She took in a deep breath and dialed his mobile number.
“The radio presenter, what’s up?”
She tittered. “I am not good. Where are you?”
“I’m around Ikeja.” He replied.
“Really? I too. Can we go out? I want to see you.”
“Okay, since it is you who wants to see me, it is going to be on you.”
“Okay, let’s meet at Mega Chicken. I am close to the place.”
“Okay dear, I will be with you shortly.”
She dropped her phone and her eyes scrunched tight in anticipation of something unexpected. Though he didn’t sound angry on phone, maybe he was not angry with her.

** ** **

Feire had a seat and placed her phone and purse on the table before her. She didn’t know if she should place an order and eat before the arrival of Desmond because who knows if he would come angry and crush her mood and appetite.
Her phone buzzed and she reached for it. She thought it was a Bank alert but it was just a text message. She was already hitting her threshold and only a bank alert could get her to excited state. Why is Mosun coming again? She chuckled as she murmured. The message she got was from her friend, another major character in her life asides Desmond and her parents. They’ve been friends for almost six years now, right from the day she went to write her entrance examination into the university, she met Mosun and her outspokenness drew Feire to her.
The two came to write an examination in a school they were not familiar with but Mosun appeared as though she knew everywhere within the school, ask her a question and she would tell you where the thing or a place is situated in the school. She made Feire miss her way to the exam venue because she was part of the first batch to write the examination and she was strolling around like a staylite, directing others to their exam venue and wishing them success. It was when Feire finished her exam she saw Mosun under a tree with the same calculator they were given to write their exams, then she suspected that she was also a jambite. Friendship grew and she was to her like a sister she never had.
“Boo.” Desmond pulled her cheek as he stood before her. She was so buried in her phone that she didn’t notice when the gentleman walked up to her. She dropped her phone in shock as she looked at him.
“Hey dear.” He had full black hair, which was black and lustrous. His face was strong and defined and his dark eyebrows sloped downwards in a serious expression. His usually playful smile drew hard line across his face and his strong hand held her close to hug him. As he stared into her eyes, his smile etched its way back into his face. His lips brushed her ear as he spoke, “How are you?”
“Er… fine dear.” He didn’t even look angry, or maybe he was hiding it. But come to think of it, angry about what exactly? About her topic on the radio show? She didn’t mention his name and the fact that they were coded was enough for no one to suspect that she was the one in question. “Are you fine too?” She asked.
“Sure. Please, sit.” He showed her the seat and he sat before her too. “You haven’t ordered anything yet?”
“Was waiting for you.” She didn’t know if she should bring up the topic of the radio issue or just let it slide since he didn’t appear as if it got at him.
He smirked. “I hope that is not to think I am footing the bills, dear.”
“I am not poor, man.” She gave a half smile.
“Oshey, rich woman.”
“What would you love to eat?”
He stared into her eyes. There was shyness to her, hesitation in her body movements and a softness in her voice. Her blue criss-cross blouse, brown hair, everytime sexy strut that tells the world, “I am beautiful,” soft hands, beautiful smile and glabrous skin was blowing him away as if he was seeing her for the first time. You know that feeling when you sit before your beloved and suddenly it is as though another chapter about their looks and appearance was opened before you. “You are beautiful, my darling.” He whispered.
“Stop making me feel uneasy, Des.” She blushed. That was one of the major things she liked about him, how he looks at her and compliments her every chance he gets. Er, he has been amazing for the past one year, does not look like one who’s cheating on her, she knows the work he does and where he works, knows some of his friends, though they don’t know her, or probably don’t know her as who she is to him, everything is simply amazing but weird. It is weird that you love someone so much, appreciate someone so much, really care and always blown away but you still aren’t getting enough. Just like a little princess given everything ever desired but caged in a house.
“See how she is blushing. Let’s order sharwama and probably a bowl of ice cream. Don’t worry, I will pay.” He winked.
“You don’t have to pay, gentleman. I am going to handle the payment today.”
He shrugged. “Here comes pride. Anyways, what’s wrong with you? You told me you were not fine.”
Her eyes twinkled, she glanced upward, her mouth pursed but slightly open and loose. Her eyes became fixed as if she was looking at something a yard behind Desmond. “Feire?” He called her again.
“Oh, I am fine.” She grinned.
“Unserious lady. Or do you think I am angry because you brought us up on the radio show?”
She shook her head and smiled. “I am sorry, I am just scared Desmond. We are one year into this now and it just seems as if we aren’t anywhere yet. I still don’t understand why you are hiding me, for how long will this relationship going to be before we get married, what are…”
“Feire!” Desmond interrupted. “I am coming, let me place the order.” He stood up, leaving her head drop into her palms. Soon he came back and pulled her hair softly. “They will get it done in a jiffy, dear.” His voice was soft and as sweet as he was. “I am not playing you, my love. You know this.”
“Tell me why I am in hiding, Desmond.”
“I am going to tell you when the time is right, dear. And when did you start talking about marriage like our parents?” He smiled.
“Maybe there’s a girl somewhere, didn’t you hear the opinions of people since morning?”
“It is normal to think like that. I would have thought like that too if I were to be in your shoes. Anyways, can we skip this talk and discuss something that will lighten up this atmosphere?”
“Mosun just messaged me that she would be coming again.” She rubbed her forehead as though she was tired already before her arrival.
Desmond laughed. “I would love to meet her today. At least, gradually start meeting your friends and you’d start meeting mine too gradually, you know? So you wouldn’t feel I have skeleton in my cupboard”
“Really?” She brightened.
“Sure.” He winked again.

** ** **

Desmond found it hard to control his laughter as he parked. He had been trying to calm Feire for some minutes now, she has been ranting about her mum and whatsapp. Her mum already sent four videos to her that day and she just sent two broadcasts that ended with curses if one doesn’t send it to others. She knew her mum would have sent it out of fear and mind of the prayer attached to the broadcast message, but why would she send it to her then? She just called her to warn her not to send her videos on whatsapp, she has been sucking her mobile data for some weeks with irrelevant videos that she has been sending and broadcasts on heart attacks, healthy way of eating and spiritual messages.
“My mum is also like that.” Desmond rubbed his left eye.
“Imagine, Des. Who sends messages like this? A message that ends with a curse if I don’t forward it to other people. The last thing I can do is to forward whatsapp broadcast messages to my contact.”
“Just calm down, our mothers generally live to keep us updated but little do they know what they are sending is kinda irrelevant.”
“Anyways, are you waiting till this troublesome girl comes?” She asked.
“I am going to leave if she is not here in thirty minutes’ time, I have to get some things done as soon as possible.”
“What things?” Her eyes glinted.
He shrugged. “What do you want to know? Something.”
“You are just too secretive, Desmond. Come inside.”
“Okay dear.”

** ** **

You may be wondering that how did I even meet Desmond? I actually met him at a filling station for the first time and he offered to pay for my fuel but I refused. I didn’t know him, I didn’t want any connection and someone would now be feeling indebted to him. I just coolly refused the offer and we parted ways. I didn’t give him my mobile number, nothing. We didn’t start like all these guys who went to same secondary school or university. Perhaps that’s why none of my friends know him or can suspect us being together.
So I went to this eatery where I was minding my own business before someone came and sat opposite me with a tray of his food It was actually after one week of our first impromptu meeting and he was there, smiling sheepishly before me. At first, I was almost asking that brother, hope you have sense like this, but I just cautioned myself. Don’t mind me o, I am a very troublesome fellow, this version of myself you are currently seeing is just a version that is cool, you know?
So, he asked if he could buy me anything I wanted and I turned him down again. I was feeling like.. not this type of hungry girls and wouldn’t want his first impression about me to be that. He started talking to me about how ladies form hard to get and that’s how we began to talk o, I was defending myself that I was not forming, not just used to this mentality that imposes men that they have to spend on women. That’s how I asked him if he has paid for his own food and he said yes, I asked him if he wanted something more and he said I was proud. Since then, if I want to spend, he would shout pride.
So I gave him my contact that day and we became good friends. He said he liked my company, he said that I was cool and fun to be with, and moreover, I have a different orientation from many ladies out there. I didn’t see that, I was just being myself though. I have never been in a relationship though, my parents have been troubling my life concerning getting into a relationship because I was already getting old. I wonder who told me to come back to their house after I finished my Masters degree. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to leave the house when I got the chance. There was even a time it was trouble to them that I chose to work in a radio and becoming an OAP instead of going into what I read in school. I studied zoology and what on earth is my business with zoology?I even did went further for Masters and they were not grateful enough.
So, that’s my little story for now. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have one little sister, she is just in her three hundred level, she is a quiet type, so she’s not a problem in my life, her name is Ese. That is it for now.

** ** **

“I should leave anytime from now, dear.” Desmond checked his wristwatch.
“Where to?” She snapped. “Can’t you just sit down and be with me for a moment? At least you said you want to meet Mosun, meet her for the first time.”
“But dear, she is running late. I want to..” A knocked interrupted him. Feire glared at him and shook her head. “I am sure that should be her, let me get the door.”
“Is that why you are looking at me like that?”
“You are just annoying.” She walked out. Desmond was on his seat, the cheers and talks were audible to hear from inside, he hoped it wouldn’t be a bad decision he took to know one of her friends. He was not sure of the face of Mosun but it seemed he once saw her picture on Feire’s phone and whatsapp status. He would still tell Feire to keep them coded even after Mosun gets to know about them. He had his reasons and they were best known to him.
“So this is Desmond, and Desmond, meet Mosun.” Feire introduced as soon as they entered the living room.
“Desmond? I know this face, right?” Mosun asked.
Desmond’s face wrinkled. “Really? Where?”
“Do you know Kike?” She asked him, dropping her handbag on the sofa. Feire stood there, watching their drama.
Desmond was quiet, his eyes darted round the living room. He suddenly couldn’t find his voice, or probably didn’t know the best thing he could reply her with. “Kike?” He asked again, using his index finger to turn his ear.
“Are you not the one who usually come to take her out? It’s your car that is outside, right? I know that car too.”
Desmond just stood, kept watching. Feire was lost. “What’s happening? By the way, who is Kike?” She asked.
Mosun looked at her.

…to be continued…

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by moseph(f): 12:32pm On Apr 13, 2019

Really? Thanks mama grin welcome on board..
yes o

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by Itunubabs: 12:49pm On Apr 13, 2019
We are waiting bro... Read ur book ' my wife and I' , so immediately I saw ur name.I had to click to read. Keep it coming. Well done

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by Nancydearie(f): 3:37pm On Apr 13, 2019

Nancy! I missed you so much.. My loyal fan. How are you doing ma'am? grin
Am good dear. I missed you too Daniel. How have you been?

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by Joislim(f): 4:57pm On Apr 13, 2019
Every Saturday right?
Dude Is married or in a serious relationship. Or Is he trying to check the ladies' character before making a choice, he might even be a ghost.

This is interesting Op, looking forward to more updates from you.

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by becca2017(f): 9:01pm On Apr 13, 2019
Cool.. Following..

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by Ann2012(f): 9:12pm On Apr 13, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by callmeomotee33(f): 9:36pm On Apr 13, 2019
Thanks for the updates dear,more knowledge and understanding

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by queenitee(f): 3:38pm On Apr 17, 2019
Comman continue

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by skubido(m): 7:52pm On Apr 17, 2019
Yepaaaaa, oya oooooo

Tanks for the update

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:11pm On Apr 20, 2019

Thanks Becca!
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:12pm On Apr 20, 2019
Thanks for the update

I should be the one appreciating that you read. Thanks so much.

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:12pm On Apr 20, 2019
Thanks for the updates dear,more knowledge and understanding

Amen. Thank you so much.. I'm grateful.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:12pm On Apr 20, 2019
Comman continue

We are here! grin grin
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:13pm On Apr 20, 2019
Yepaaaaa, oya oooooo

Tanks for the update

Yesso.. Thanks boss!
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:17pm On Apr 20, 2019

What was really going through Feire’s mind? She knew it! She has been saying it over and again that this guy is a cheat. Where and when did Kike come into this equation now? The suspense was hitting her like a hammer as she waited for him to reply her, but he was just there, his head was dropped down and that was really confirming the doubts lurking around the heart of Feire. “Desmond!” She called his name aloud again.
“She is just a friend, Feire. Why are you thinking like this?”
Feire clasped her hands together, turning at half an angle at a point, just like the way those typical African mothers’ clap; laugh and watch you as though you’d be dead if they rush you.
“Please dear, what friend? You have never told me about Kike, I am just hearing about her now.”
Mosun was trying to study the flow of the discussion. She hoped she has not caused problem now, could it be that Feire was seeing Desmond? “Em..” She tried to talk but still lost her voice.
“Can we just calm down and let me explain. Let us stop assuming things and hear my truthful part of this story.” Desmond chewed his bottom lip. “Can we sit down, please?”
“What do we have to discuss on seat? This discussion started on our feet, let us not scam ourselves here, Des. Who is Kike?”
“Kike is a lady I ran into sometimes back, I believe she should be your boss, right?” He turned to Mosun.
“Yes, something like that.” She replied.
“Okay, good. I ran into this lady at Ikeja sometimes back and she was talking to me about how she would want to build a complex at Ikeja and her plans. So I told her to give me the contract and that’s how we became friends. I was still going to tell you about her, Feire.”
Feire chuckled and clasped her hands again. “Desmond, don’t take me for a fool, please. I am sensible enough to know the truth from a blatant lie. How did you run into her? You guys just started talking? And what project is that project that you never mentioned to me, guy.”
“Babes, calm down. I was coming from her this evening. Should I put a call through and place it on loudspeaker so you would believe me? Then, how many times have you seen us go out?” He faced Mosun again.
“I don’t know the number of times, I only saw you twice.”
“The first time, dear her car broke down and she told me to come pick her up so we can have a meeting.”
Feire grinned. “Guy, you come pick her up? Firstly, why didn’t you do the meeting in her office?”
Desmond sighed. He was running out of words to explain himself. Who is this demon Mosun who just appeared from nowhere and had no sense of quietness to study an atmosphere before jumping? His points were quite whack but he knew he wasn’t lying.
“By the way, you still haven’t answered my first question, Desmond. How did you run into her?”
“Okay, can you remember the dent by the side of my car?”
Feire was losing it. She needed him to talk. Though, it appears as if nothing said would change her mindset that Desmond was playing pranks on her. She has been played. Like, just used all along. She was not even sure she still had the capacity to listen to anything, what has her question got to do with the dent by his car? She put the dent or what? She tittered and sat down, looking away from him and Mosun.
“Just let me talk, dear. You are just acting like this because you have been keeping some unnecessary things in your mind.”
She looked at him with grimace. “Because of today’s show? Desmond, reactions explain issues, not words. I saw how you reacted when she began to talk about that lady.”
“Please, Feire what is going on here?” Mosun asked. Guilt was already whipping her, she wished she tamed her tongue early enough.
Desmond reached for his phone and punched some buttons, after some seconds, the phone was kept on loudspeaker and it was obvious he was calling.
“Hey Kike.”
“Desmond, have you gotten home?” The voice asked.
“No, I am somewhere, doing something. What about you?”
“I just got home. I am very tired. Thank you for helping out today as well.”
“You are welcome. I want to ask you few questions and I want you to just answer me, alright?”
“Okay. What is it?”
“How did we meet?” He asked.
“Why are you suddenly..”
“Just answer me.” Desmond cut in again.
“Was it not your disorganized self that hit my car when you were trying to get out of the mall and I didn’t take the issue up because I can’t even talk, abeg. Then you introduced yourself and I told you about my project and that I just thought of reaching out to civil engineers and architects for the work, so we exchanged digits. What exactly is wrong?”
“The day I came to your office, what exactly did I come for?”
“Which of the days?”
“Oh, that is true.” Desmond recalled. “The two times.”
“Why these questions? Am I on loudspeaker? Or are you with your girl?” She said with a teasing tone.
“You are not serious. Just answer me.” He grinned.
“The first time, my car broke down and we needed to meet with that cement guy, so you came to pick me. The second time, it was raining that day now, can you remember?”
“You came to pick me for lunch and we discussed over the lunch.”
“What discussion?”
“The Ikeja project now, and I was telling you about my stressful dad.”
“Okay, thank you. Let me call you back.” He said and ended the call. He looked at Mosun and Feire and slid his phone down his pocket, picked his handkerchief on the chair and began to walk out.
“Desmond wait.” Feire rushed to her feet to stop him.
“I am not angry, I am not just in the mood to say anything for now. I will see you later.” He told her as he walked out
Feire stood by the door and watched him leave before she turned and glared at Mosun. “You are a big goat.”
Mosun hissed, smiling as she sat down.

** ** **

Desmond entered his car and placed his head on the steering rack. He didn’t know if he told the truth or he lied. Yes, that was how the two of them met but things have gone deeper than he explained. He was not exactly wrong but he was already getting so close to Kike and he could sense that she was liking him already.
He knew all there was to their sudden closeness and friendship was not the big deal alone. She was beautiful, intellectually sound and financially loaded. He bashed her car and he was ready to amend it that day, he noticed that her eyes burned with an unusual look and interest in him and he didn’t let it slide away, he gave her his card at once. He was too charming to check once and take eyes off, she was also a wholesome and hot lady, her eyes spoke some languages to him and he didn’t hesitate to reply.
He went to her office the first time so he could help her to the meeting place not because her car was spoilt, he also knew it but didn’t know what was sponsoring his moves. He knew the truth but could not help but disguise. He was the one who also brought up the idea of them meeting for lunch so they could talk. He wanted to keep seeing that charm in her eyes, study her to know if she liked him. The purpose why he has been doing all, he didn’t even know. He was not sure if he was already falling for her or he was just playing her but he knew there was more to her case.
He jacked his head up and used his seatbelt. He had to leave there at that moment before Feire could come out and meet him. He barely kicked the engine when his phone buzzed. It was Kike. He had to just clear his mind and push it aside so Feire would not end up thinking that he has been doing all he did.
“Hey.” He knew she had called to ask why he called her the other time. His head was trying to process the best thing to say to her but nothing was flowing.
“Can you come over?” She asked him.
His eyes thinned. “To where?”
“My place. I want us to have dinner and I also want to discuss something with you. At least, today’s Friday and you have no excuse that you are going to work tomorrow.”
He sighed. “Kike…”
“Don’t Kike me, Desmond. Have some nice time, have some fun, guy.”
He chuckled. “You know the massive traffic outside there, today is Friday.”
“So? No matter the traffic, if someone is important won’t you find how to reach the fellow?”
He was quiet for a moment, trying to process what he could do. “Okay, send me the full address.”
“Yay! I would do that now.”
Desmond dropped the phone and shut his eyes, thinking. Nothing was appearing in his imagination so he let it go and drove off.

** ** **

Feire sat by the dining. She was sad that she has not been trusting her guy because of their secrecy and it was already becoming something else because of what happened. If she had not been telling him to show her to his friends and let her show him to hers, how would Mosun have known anything, not to talk of accusing him?
She was enjoying her relationship with him. He was like the best thing that has happened to her for a year now; so caring and loving, challenges her, checks up anytime she’s down, the same one who has never asked for sex.
“Why didn’t you tell me about him?” Mosun’s voice jolted her back to reality.
“Now that I did, am I not regretting it?”
Mosun left the living room to join Feire. She sat down by the chair by her side and removed her wig as she yawned. “Wig na bondage, Feire. You know, the funny thing about it is that the guys you are even trying to do everything for, they are not looking at someone, they will be busy looking for ladies with big buttocks and chest.”
Feire hissed. “What has that got to do with the crime you have committed?”
Mosun yawned again. “I didn’t commit any crime, Feire. I didn’t know who he was to you, or should I say who he is? See, I’m tired, someone is not even speaking correct English again.”
“Mosun, do you think Desmond was angry?”
Mosun shrugged. “How would I know? I don’t know him because you didn’t tell me about him. How could you have hidden such a thing from me, Feire. Is this how life is? When I had issues with Mike the other time, you didn’t only know I was in a relationship, you knew I had issue. Feire, I told you about every damn issue!”
“Stop making me feel guilty so as to cover up your sin!” She retorted.
“That isn’t what I am doing, bae. I am seriously pained.” She looked away. It was obvious her mind was written all over her face, but what could Feire also do? Perhaps she should have told her and also add that she should keep it a secret from any other person. She thought about doing something like that but she knew that’s how Mosun whose mouth never closes would tell another person and tell her to keep it a secret.
“I am sorry. Are you fine now?” Feire hit her shoulder.
Mosun smiled. “Okay, I have forgiven you by half. That reminds me, do you know Mike called me day before yesterday that he wants to come back, Feire.”
They began another discussion. At least that drifted Feire’s mind from thinking about Desmond and possibly calling him.

** ** **

It was already past eight. Desmond’s mind thought of a lot of things before his car halted in Kike’s compound. He was scared of the fact that she was still staying with her parents and he might meet her parents. He could not stop admiring the mighty building as he parked his car. He loved the structure of the house, they were very wealthy people, so little wonder that such a magnificent place could be theirs.
“Thank you.” Kike opened her arms to hug him as he alighted from the car. WhatsApp, another stronghold that got them closer day by day. They would always chat with each other, discuss about business and sometimes, parents issues. Desmond never knew they could flow that easily because he knew from the first sight that she was very from a very rich home and she was very comfortable. She seemed innocent, though he could see traces of feelings trying to play her gradually and he was also finding it hard to tell her that he was in a relationship.
“Follow me.” She told him as she held his hand. “What do you feel about the meeting we just had?”
Desmond shrugged. “I feel we should let this guy supply our materials, his quotation is more realistic and budget friendly.” He replied, glancing at her from time to time till they entered the living room.
As he entered, the brightness of the room welcomed him, as much as he would have loved to admire the white painted living room, his eyes caught her parents on seat and he became restless. He bowed to greet them.
“This is my friend, Desmond. I invited him for dinner.” Kike told them.
“Oh, welcome Desmond. Please have your seat.” The father offered.
Kike packed her hair to the back. She was clad in a long yellow gown, different from the beautiful gown she wore to the meeting earlier. She was beautiful, smart and looked expensive even in her causal wear. “Don’t let him sit down, I’m taking him to the balcony upstairs before we eat.”
“Okay. Welcome dear.” The mother greeted again.
“Yes ma.” He bowed and followed Kike. He was so shy and couldn’t wait to exit the place. He hoped Kike would not delay him for too long. His mind constantly drifted back to Feire as he followed Kike, he didn’t know if he was already doing something wrong. At first, he felt he didn’t want to tell her about Kike so she wouldn’t misunderstand them, now, he felt the reason was just a shadow of what he really had in mind. Perhaps, keeping Kike for some other reason.
“This house is so beautiful.”
“I don’t even like this place again. I can’t wait to leave.” She replied him.
It was as though he didn’t hear her. Shock vibrated over his face, “are you kidding me?”
“Yes. I just took you away from dad and mum because their talk would get you bored. They might start asking you where you work, and most annoying part is if he asks you if you like his daughter.” She laughed.
Desmond chuckled. “But how will I escape him when it is time to eat?” She offered him a seat at the balcony while she sat opposite him.
“He is inevitable, dear.” She laughed. “But he is cool.” She quickly added.
“It’s getting late already, Kike. I shouldn’t spend much time here.”
“I actually took my decision late. I really want to tell you about something important and if I don’t tell you today, I might change my mind, that’s why I thought I should invite you for dinner.” She replied.
“Really? What could that be that you couldn’t tell me over the phone or on chat?”
She sighed and smiled. “It’s too heavy to drop over the phone.”
“Okay, can we talk about it?” He asked.
She stared at him for a moment, smiling while he kept wondering what the issue might be. “I am scared to talk. I know whatever brings you here must make me tell you and if I don’t talk about it today, I might just…” She stopped and looked away.
“Kike, talk.
“Desmond, can in confide in you? And if I tell you this, can you promise me you would help me out?”
He smiled. “I would help you, Kike. Stop acting too formal with me, please.”
She gave a dry smile. It was as though her ecstasy was drying off already. She opened her mouth to talk and closed it again. “I don’t know why it is hard to tell you, I have been acting normal since yesterday that I got to know about it and I don’t know why I am suddenly scared and shy to tell you.”
Desmond laughed. He knew he was not that tough for her not to open up to him. He didn’t want to even think about anything weird, if he should open the flow of thoughts in his mind, he would begin to think maybe she likes him and would want to confess her love, or what else?
“I…” The door opened as she wanted to talk to him. It was the house help. “Aunty, mummy said I should call you and your friend to come and eat before the food gets cold.”
She nodded. “Des, let’s go and eat. We will talk after eating.”
“You have raised my mind already, I suggest we talk now and eat later.” He replied.
“But what if the food gets cold?”
“We can warm it.” He shrugged.
“What if…” She tried to think of another excuse but couldn’t get. “Let’s just go and eat, I am going to tell you. Let me try to make my lines again.” She told him.
“On top this issue? Is it that difficult?” He stood up after her and they went to the dining.”

** ** **

Hey guys! I guess I was not too harsh right? I was just concerned. I have been having these thoughts lurking around my mind that perhaps there is something he doesn’t want me to know because he has been hiding me from everyone and now Mosun came around. I have said it, her mouth never closes, she met him for one minute and wants to scatter a year investment. She’s a witch and Desmond knows how much I love him, why is he doing like too? Doesn’t he know how hard it is to conceal your relationship from people so close to you? And it appears like it doesn’t make sense as well, loving someone but kept from everyone because of it.
So what should I do? I don’t know if I should call him or not. I can’t go to visit because his friends might be around, today is Friday, he might also be on his bed by now because of the hectic week he’s had.
I really and truly can’t wait for the time we’d unveil this relationship for the world to know. Let me just send him a text message and go to bed too, if not, Mosun will use chitchat to shorten my life span.

** ** **

Desmond had a nice time on the dining. He was not sure he has ever been treated that way before. The table was full. There were fruits, different soups, beef, chicken and lot more. If he had his ways, he would eat more than he ate, but he must be modest enough before parents so they wouldn’t think he’s been starving.
He knew it would be inevitable to be on the same table with her father and he wouldn’t ask questions about him and also try to talk to him. He enjoyed the talk about how the man started his hustle in his early thirties and what he has become. The discussion with a rich man would definitely cause a paradigm shift and it did for him. He asked him to go think about the offer to work in his company and he would be getting double of his present salary. Who would waste so much time trying to take that type of decision? He knew what to do. Their discussion also got to the trending issues in Nigeria and the upcoming elections before Kike tried to save him from her father’s discussion back to the balcony.
“I enjoyed the foo., I love your dad and mum, and that was very welcoming.”
Kike chuckled. “Forget, if I didn’t save you from them, you people will start talking about Obasanjo, Abacha and other politicians now. You know dad has many of them as his friends, he would try to proof points.”
Thy laughed.
“So would you go to the talk now so I can leave early enough?”
“Er.. okay. Fristly, I am sorry for bringing you down here because of my talk, this is actually necessary, that’s why I called you. By the way, why did you call me the other time to ask me questions?”
He chuckled. “Don’t let another thing interrupt what you want to tell me, Kike. I will tell you that one when we are done.”

..to be continued...

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