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Letter To My Husband’s Sidechick – A Story By Nwaoma007 / The Dog Attendant (T. D. A) [COUNTLESS Part 2]. A story By Darousmart Emmanuel. / "No Pleasure For Dead Girls" A Story By Mancrimes.. (2) (3) (4)

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My Husband, Warm The Bed! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 10:35pm On Apr 13, 2020
Chapter 1

"Karen Daly, this is my bank card, and the password is 131224, you can use it to buy anything necessary."

A few hours had passed, but Karen Daly was still thinking about what her new husband had said as he handed her a bank card before going out in the morning.

Honestly, she knew very little about her husband.

Apart from the fact that his name was Kevin Kyle, she knew nothing else about him, not even who his family

members were

Karen Daly did not know where she got the courage to get married to a man she had only met twice.

Ten days ago, with the help of Faye Reed, her best friend, Karen Daly met Kevin Kyle for the first time on a blind


She was not hopeful. After all, she had been hurt three years earlier, and she no longer had the right to be picky about others, but had to succumb to letting others pick her


She was 15 minutes earlier on the day of the blind


Since she didn't have any good qualities, she could only

do better in other aspects, hoping to leave a good


If she could marry a man that was suitable for her, she could also make her parents feel at ease.

The man came on time.

The man's suit and shoes were very formal, which made her feel how important he viewed this blind date, which gave her a good first impression of him.

His way of greeting was also very ordinary. "Miss Karen Daly, Hello! I am Kevin Kyle."

It was a very ordinary sentence, but because his voice was very magnetic, it made Karen Daly feel unusually pleasant, leaving behind better impression than before.

After a brief chat, they exchanged their phone numbers

and left.

Since Karen had been on many blind dates before, she

did not take this blind date seriously.

She thought that this blind date would end up the same as those before. Unexpectedly, she received a call from

Kevin Kyle two days later.

His voice was as polite as before, "Miss Karen, are you

free tonight?"

That night, Kevin Kyle invited her to an Italian restaurant

for dinner.

Karen Daly didn't like the awkwardness of a blind date.

There spoke very few words in at the restaurant. During the

meal, she felt a little cautious and she didn't eat much.

Originally, she wanted to find a reason to leave early.

While she was hesitating, Kevin Kyle spoke first, "Miss

Karen, I have some time next Wednesday, how about we get our marriage certificate picked up then?"

"What, what certificate do you want?" Karen Daly was

shocked by Kevin Kyle's words.

"A marriage certificate," he repeated in a serious tone.

He did not sound like he was joking at all.

"A marriage certificate?" Karen Daly still did not believe what she had heard. She put her hand on her thigh and pinched it hard to make sure that she was not dreaming, then she looked at the man in front of her seriously.

Kevin Kyle had a pair of thick sword-shaped eyebrows, bright eyes, and a beautiful face. He was so eye-catching that others could spot him immediately in a crowd.

His expression and attitude were very serious, and he didn't look like an impulsive person. This was only the second time they had met, and he yet said he wanted to marry her?

Then, the man's deep magnetic voice arrived at her

ears again. "I thought that you were just like me. Going on a blind date with the objective to form a family, to get married and have children, and live an "ordinary life."

"Yes, I think so too, but after all, we have just met for the second time. Don't you think it's too fast?" Karen Daly said. She wanted to have her own family, but she didn't expect it to be so hasty.

"It is a bit too fast." Kevin Kyle continued with a calm look, "After the first meeting, I went back and thought about it for two days. You have given me a good feeling. I personally feel that our personalities don't clash, so I want to have a try."

Karen Daly frowned slightly and was a little unhappy. "In my opinion, marriage is not a trivial thing. Try? If this doesn't

work out, does it mean you want to...

Before she could finish, Kevin Kyle interrupted her,

"Miss Karen, we are all adults. Of course, we would never

yearn for a love that does not even exist. We all know what

we want."

Karen Daly did not answer and continued to stare at

On the surface, this man was calm and not flamboyant.

He would be a good husband.

However, could she really hand over the rest of her life to this man whom she had only met twice?


Seeing that she was hesitating, Kevin Kyle added,

"Maybe it was impatient of me, to not have considered your feelings. If you think I'm suitable, you can go back and think about it. I'll wait for your call."

After returning home that day, Karen Daly had been thinking about it all night.

She admitted that some of her opinions were similar to those of Kevin Kyle's. For example, she also believed that there was no true love in the world,

After being deeply hurt, she no longer believed that there was love in this world.

After a sleepless night, Karen Daly called Kevin Kyle early the next morning and agreed to his so-called proposal.

In the afternoon, Karen Daly brought along her household registration book and went to register their

marriage at the Registry of Marriages with Kevin Kyle.

When they collected their and walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau together, she had a feeling that she could not explain

It was said that for women, marriage is the mark of a new life, but now it seemed to be just so simple. All it took was 9 dollars for a certificate that now meant that Karen Daly legally belonged to Kevin Kyle.

Karen Daly then moved into Kevin Kyle's apartment.

Kevin Kyle had behaved with chivalry that night. He took the initiative to leave the main bedroom for her to rest alone, while he slept in another bedroom.

Karen Daly had never expected for Kevin Kyle to hand over his bank card to her before he went to work today.

They didn't even know each other that well. How could he be so sure with giving all his property to her?

"Karen Daly, the reporters from the media are waiting

inside. The directors and the new boss are coming soon.

Why are you in a daze at this time?"

The stern voice of the Public Relations Manager, Emma Wilson, interrupted Karen Daly's daydreaming. She quickly pulled back her thoughts and said with a straight face,

"Manager Wilson, I'm sorry, I'll pay attention."

Emma Wilson looked at Karen and said in a harsh tone,

"Karen, although you are an employee from the Sales

department, your manager has sent you to assist with the Public Relations Department. You had better wake up and don't drag me down with you."

Karen Daly pursed his lips and nodded. "Manager Wilson, I was just distracted. It won't happen again."

Emma Wilson looked at Karen Daly again and then looked away. She clapped her hands and called several employees who were also responsible for the reception


"Everyone, try your best. We must hold today's press conference smoothly. We can't afford any mistakes." While speaking, Emma Wilson glanced at every employee.

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Re: My Husband, Warm The Bed! A Story by hurryup123(f): 10:46pm On Apr 13, 2020
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Re: My Husband, Warm The Bed! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 11:14pm On Apr 13, 2020
Read my husband, warm the bed link below every of my post
Re: My Husband, Warm The Bed! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 11:16pm On Apr 13, 2020
Chapter 2

"Yes." The employees of the Public Relations

Department, who were assigned temporarily to support this reception, responded in unison.

Emma Wilson's eyes finally fell on Karen Daly again.

"Karen, I heard that you are the top employee in the Sales Department. You will be with the new boss later and be responsible for him. You don't have to worry about other things."

Karen Daly nodded, but Madonna, another employee of the Public Relations Department, gloated and said, "Karen, if our new boss is still single, would you take advantage of


It was actually easy to get close to the new boss, but everyone knew that it would be a difficult job. No one wanted to pick it up, so Karen Daly took the job.

Emma Wilson stared at Madonna with a straight face

and said, "What happens today will highly affect our future.

Be serious."

After being scolded by Emma Wilson, no one made a sound. They took in a quiet breath and put on their best behavior.

It was not Emma's fault that she was nervous. After all, this matter had come so suddenly.

Just as everyone had thought that everything was finally at peace in the company, the board of directors suddenly issued a statement saying that the boss wanted to

have a new person take over the business

However, this new- appointed big boss was very mysterious. The heads of various departments enquired about him through various means, but they could not find any information about him.

Karen Daly was usually not nosy. But even she could not help but stretch her neck to look at the entrance, wanting to see who this big boss was.

"Yes, yes. All the directors and the new boss are here."

The voice of the reception staff channeled from the walkie talkie to the other employees.

Her colleagues subconsciously adjusted their clothes and stood respectfully in their positions.

Karen Daly followed closely behind Emma Wilson to welcome the mysterious boss that everyone has awaited

for long time

After a few steps, a tall man in a silver-gray suit walked elegantly towards the lobby, surrounded by several men in

black suits.

At first glance, she was stunned.

The tall man in a silver-gray suit in front of the crowd

was her newly married husband, Kevin Kyle!

"Impossible!" Karen Daly thought that it was an illusion.

She immediately closed her eyes and shook her head.

But when she opened her eyes and looked again, the man's appearance did not change.

If it were someone else, she could have made a mistake, but this was her new husband. She couldn't be


His features were as sharp as a knife, his height was exactly at 1.88 meters. He had a strong build, and walked with a discreet air of elegance.
No matter what this man did, he was perfectly the same as her new husband.

"Kevin?" Karen Daly stared

subconsciously called out his name.

at the man


When he heard her voice, the man's gaze shifted to her.

Looking at his eyes, Karen Daly felt so nervous that she

almost forgot to breathe

She would never think that her "ordinary" newly married husband would become the new boss of her company.

She looked at him with her head buzzing, she felt as if

she might explode

The man's gaze lingered on her for a moment and then moved away, as if he didn't know her at alL

After what he just did, Karen Daly's heart sank rapidly.

He was obviously Kevin Kyle, her new husband. Why did

he look at her with such indifferent eyes?

After a while, various thoughts flashed through her


The most possible scenario was that she was dreaming. It was an unrealistic dream.

Kevin Kyle had always been gentle and patient. He spoke and did things politely. He would never pretend that he didn't know her.

She pinched herself hard and twitched her mouth in

pain, only to find that this was not a dream at all.

Since it was not a dream, there was another possibility

This man might have the same face as Kevin Kyle did, but he might be a completely different person.

Emma Wilson pulled Karen Daly aside and scolded her in a low voice, "Karen, do you know what kind of occasion is this? What the hell are you doing?"

Karen Daly was a little annoyed, as if she was rudely

woken up from a dream.

Emma Wilson whispered again, "Hurry and keep up."

Karen Daly nodded and quickly followed the new boss.

She had concealed her emotions and faced the big boss

who looked exactly like her new husband professionally.

Emma Wilson quickened her pace and caught up with the new boss and the others. She pushed open the door of

the banquet hall for the reporters and said, "Let's welcome all the directors and our new boss!"

As Emma Wilson's voice fell, there was a fierce applause in the conference hall. Everyone stared at the

entrance, waiting for the mysterious big boss to show up.

Karen Daly gasped quietly and followed closely behind the big boss. After the big boss was seated, she quickly handed over some documents.

Even though she had professional training, the fact that

the company's new boss was actually her new husband, still shocked her too much. She trembled, and two pieces of paper from the documents in her hand fell to the ground.

Karen Daly was about to bend down to pick up the files, but Kevin Kyle picked them up before she did. Then he whispered in her ear, "Wait for me at home tonight."

If Kevin Kyle had not said these words, Karen Daly would still treat him as a man who only looked exactly like her husband. As soon as he said this, Karen Daly was mind blown, she was dumbfounded and forgot what to do.

Fortunately, the attention of the reporters was not on her, so she had some time to adjust her emotions.

The reporters did not notice her. However, the sharp eyed employees of the Public Relations Department did not miss this little episode.

The Public Relations Department was well prepared for the event and all other departments cooperated well. Kevin Kyle was charismatic enough to take on the press, so the conference went very well.

As soon as the new boss and the other directors left, Madonna rushed over and said, "Karen, the way you

"accidentally" dropped the documents just now was great you successfully attracted our new boss's attention."

Karen Daly frowned slightly, she turned to Emma Wilson and said, "Manager Emma, 1'l go back to the Sales department after finishing my work here."

Looking at Karen Daly turn away from her, Madonna was so angry that she stomped her feet. "She ignored me!

She just ignored me! Why is she so arrogant?"

Emma Wilson glared at Madonna and said, "Don't just stir up trouble all day long. If you continue to make trouble, you will be the next one to leave. If you are capable enough, just do your job well. As long as you climb to a higher position than she does, you will be qualified to be arrogant as well."

Madonna glared at Karen Daly's back as she walked away. She gritted her teeth and replied, "Understood, cousin."

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Re: My Husband, Warm The Bed! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 1:10pm On Apr 16, 2020
Chapter 3
Karen Daly returned to the Sales department office and heard her colleagues discussing about the new boss. Everyone has something to say, as if they knew the new boss very well. When her colleague, May Lily, saw her, she hurried over and said, "Karen Daly, you're so lucky to be the first one working side by side with the boss." Karen Daly smiled faintly and said, "It's all just work. Even we were side by side, it is still just work. If you think you can work well with the boss, you can ask our manager to send you to work for the boss in future." May Lily quickly waved her hand and said, "Although our new boss is handsome and charming, we don't have the guts to approach him, given his eyes and charisma." "The new boss will be coming over for a routine inspection. Go back to your positions and do what you're supposed to!" Sunnie Olsen, the manager of the sales department, walked into the office, reprimanding his subordinates The new boss was coming to inspect! Hearing this news, Karen Daly could not help but gulp in fear. She was so nervous that her heart was about to jump out of her throat She still needed some time to digest the fact that her new husband, Kevin Kyle, was the new boss of the company. She was not ready to face him for a while. The other colleagues all returned to their seats except for Karen Daly, who was still standing there in a daze.
Sunnie Olsen looked at Karen Daly and asked, "Karen, don't you have anything else to do? "I'm fine." Karen Daly came to her senses and quietly clenched her fists. She quickly returned to her seat and turned on the computer to check a client's information After a while, the elevator bell rang, and Kevin Kyle, surrounded by a group of people appeared before Karen again. Fortunately, Kevin Kyle just came to say a quick hello to the employees of the department. After listening to Sunnie Olsen's quick report, he led the group of people away. After Kevin Kyle left, the department became noisy again. Even Sunnie Olsen, who was usually very serious, couldn't help but gossip along with everyone. The only topic they talked about was whether this handsome boss was unmarried or married. Karen Daly listened to their discussion and did not say anything. She was thinking if this group of women had known that her name was written as his spouse on the boss's marriage certificate, would she be skinned alive by them? This tense work day had finally passed. Karen Daly packed up to leave after all her coworkers had already left. When she finished her work during the day, what kind of mentality should she have to face Kevin Kyle at night? Karen Daly really didn't know what to do. She didn't even know if she should go back to her "home" with Kevin Kyle. Outside the building, Karen Daly habitually turned to the right towards entrance B of the subway. After walking for a while, she remembered that she was now living with her new husband. Kevin Kyle's apartment was not too far from Tech Valley.
Three stops by bus about half an hour by foot would get her there. Karen Daly looked at the time. It was only five o'clock now. Anyway, she hadn't figured out how to face Kevin Kyle, so she chose to walk home. She could slowly think about what had happened between them. Down the valley, Karen Daly decided to buy some vegetables and meat from the fresh supermarket nearby. No matter how big one's problems were, filling one's stomach was still a first priority. She didn't know what Kevin Kyle liked to eat, so she took out her phone and wanted to call him to ask, but she was worried that it was not convenient for him to answer the phone, so she put it back in her bag. After picking up the ingredients, she carried them home. As she approached the apartment's elevator, she saw a familiar figure. He was facing the elevator and standing very straight. He wore a light gray suit with great taste. Kevin Kyle's figure was very well built. From afar, he seemed so good looking. Karen Daly still didn't understand why had such an outstanding man, who was the boss of a big company, would go on a blind date, and that she was the lucky girl who was chosen. "You're back." Karen Daly walked over and tried to greet him casually "Yes." Kevin Kyle looked back at her. He didn't change his expression, he was still a little indifferent.
Karen Daly gave him a faint smile and stood beside him. She glanced at him and felt that he seemed to be a little different today. She couldn't figure out what exactly was different She glanced at him from the corner of her eye. It turned out that he wore a pair of glasses today, with a golden frame, it made him look calm and more restrained. Karen Daly sighed silently in her heart. This man had again only spoken a few words when meeting her today. He was usually very soft-spoken. She didn't know what to do, she wanted to bridge the gap between them. Now that she knew his shocking true identity, she didn't know how to approach him. While she was thinking about this, Kevin Kyle suddenly stretched out a hand towards her, but she took a small step back subconsciously to keep a distance from him. "Ill carry those for you." he said calmly. He was not angry although she had kept her distance. Instead, he casually took the bag in her hand, Karen Daly felt her face burning hot. He had just wanted to help her carry the bag, but she was thinking too much. She looked down at Kevin Kyle's strong arm, carrying the large bag effortlessly. A warm feeling hit her heart. She thought optimistically, "Even if there is no love, even if he is the boss of the company, as long as the two of them could devote themselves to managing this marriage, it would be fine." The two of them entered the elevator, and no one spoke a word during the trip up the elevator. After returning home, Kevin Kyle put the things in the kitchen and said lightly.
"I don't know how to cook. I'll have to trouble you tonight." "You can do your work. Leave the cooking to me." Karen Daly put the bag away, took off her coat and put on her apron. "Thank you," He said lightly. "You're too polite," Karen Daly forced a smile, which felt a little awkward. They were already husband and wife, but the way they got along felt like two strangers. She felt that it was reasonable for a wife to cook for her husband, but his way of talking to her created a distance between them. She thought that even if their marriage was not based on love, their interaction shouldn't be that distant. She didn't think much about it anymore. She turned around and went to the kitchen. She quickly washed the rice and put it into the pot. Then she sorted out the vegetables and washed them...
After a while, from the corner of Karen Daly's eye, she saw a tall figure standing at the door of the kitchen. She turned back and asked, "What's the matter?" "If you need any help, please tell me," Kevin Kyle stood rigidly. His tone was still calm, but it sounded a little distressed. "Wait a minute. I'll be done soon!" Karen Daly poked her head out and looked at the clock hanging on the wall in the living room. It was already 7:30 p.m. and he might be starving. She thought to herself, "I must come back quickly after work tomorrow. I should make the dishes earlier so that he can eat straightaway when he comes home."
No matter who Kevin Kyle was, this marriage was her own choice. She must try her best to make it good..

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Re: My Husband, Warm The Bed! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 1:12pm On Apr 16, 2020
Chapter 4
"I... Kevin Kyle moved his thin lips but said nothing. His eyes showed a hint of incomprehensible depth beneath the golden glasses. He stared at Karen Daly's back and thought for a few seconds, then he turned and walked to the study room. In the past three years, Karen Daly had rented a room for herself and lived alone. She was very good at making some home-cooked dishes. Soon, two dishes and a soup were served on the table. "Kevin, it's time to eat." Karen Daly knocked on the door of the study room carefully and gently pushed the door open when she did not hear a reply. Kevin Kyle was making a phone call in the study. He said, "Take care of these things. You don't have to report everything to me." After that, he hung up the phone immediately. The moment he looked up, he met Karen Daly's eyes and asked coldly, "What's the matter?" "Time to eat," Karen Daly smiled and did not dare to look at him. "I'll be there in a second." His tone was indifferent as usual. The two of them sat opposite each other, eating their meal tensely. Neither of them spoke to break the silence. For a moment, the atmosphere seemed to be extremely boring Karen Daly moved her lips several times to find some topics to talk about, but she swallowed back her words after she saw Kevin Kyle's indifferent expression.
After dinner, Kevin Kyle offered to wash dishes for her, and Karen Daly did not refuse. Since was willing to share the burden of these chores with her, she was happy to let him do so. It could be seen from Kevin Kyle's clumsiness that he had never done these things before. But it was true. It was impossible for a boss of such a big company to do such trivial things such as washing dishes. Clank Hearing the crack of a porcelain bowl in the kitchen, Karen Daly stood up immediately and walked over. What she saw was Kevin Kyle holding a bowl in his hand and staring blankly at the broken porcelain pieces on the ground. "Let me do it." Karen Daly walked over and wanted to take the bowl from Kevin Kyle's hand. "No, I'll do it." Kevin Kyle stretched out his hand and his tone did not change. "Kevin, actually." Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle's firm eyes and could not say anything. She nodded and left the kitchen to let him continue. Although they were legally a couple, Kevin Kyle was still a man that Karen Daly was not familiar with. She wanted to know him more, to know everything about him, she was trying her best to be a good wife. However, with a personality like his, could she really get close to him like how she had planned when they had gotten married?
Karen Daly sat down in the living room picked up the remote-control, turned on the TV, she randomly put on a news channel. While watching the TV, she occasionally turned his head to look in the direction of the kitchen. Through the glass door, she saw Kevin Kyle carefully cleaning bowls and cutlery She secretly sighed in her heart, how could a man look so good while washing dishes. Perhaps Karen Daly's gaze were too obvious, Kevin Kyle looked back as well. Their eyes met, and Karen saw the slight coldness in Kevin Kyle's eyes. But he then let out an impeccably polite smile. As she was caught looking at him, Karen Daly's face turned slightly red, and then she returned a polite smile. Karen Daly turned her eyes back to the TV screen, thinking about Kevin. This man was so confident at work, and even looked so good while washing dishes. When would she ever see him make a fool of himself? After tidying up the kitchen, Kevin Kyle returned to the hall and saw that Karen was in a daze. He stared at her delicate face and said after a few seconds, "Karen." "Ah.." Karen said as she listened to his soothing voice, she found it very pleasant. For a moment, she felt her face burning hot Kevin Kyle sat down on the sofa beside her. "I have something to discuss with you." "Okay." Karen Daly replied. She also wanted to have a good talk with him and take this opportunity to make things clear.
Kevin Kyle's deep gaze swept up and down her, and then he slowly said, "Karen, today at the company." "We'll have a separate work and personal life. I understand that. In fact, I don't want to let people gossip behind our backs because of our personal relationship." Kevin had not finished yet, but Karen interrupted him. She had worked hard in this company for three years to have her achievements today. She wanted to continue climbing up the corporate ladder on her own. She didn't want anything to change because of Kevin Kyle. His face was calm, but his eyes flashed an imperceptibly beneath his glasses. "I didn't mean to hide my identity. I did not know how you would feel about me when I saw you during the event, so I did not announce anything to the public, but I didn't mean to hide it on purpose." "I know," Karen Daly nodded and said, "My work life and personal life is always separate, I don't want to bring my personal life to work." It was their own business that she and Kevin Kyle had gotten married. Karen Daly felt that there was no need to announce it to the people in the company. On one hand, she did not want her job to be affected. On the other hand, she was not sure how far she could go with Kevin Kyle. Looking at Karen's firmness, Kevin Kyle paused and said, "Did you tell your family about our marriage?" Karen Daly shook her head, she about her family. not want to talk "I have just taken over Innovative Tech, and I have some things to deal with in person. If you don't mind, after all pressing matters have been attended to, I would like to go with you to visit my father-in-law and mother-in-law," He said calmly, as if he had expected Karen to have mentioned this matter to her family. "No." Karen Daly refused immediately, but then felt that it was inappropriate, so she hurriedly explained, "I have had some issues with my family. I haven't contacted them for a long time. Let's talk about it later." Family? Every time she thought of this word, Karen Daly felt a dull pain in her heart, it made her a little breathless.
Three years ago, that home was no longer her home, and she could never go back. "Karen." Kevin Kyle called her name in a deep voice and said, "You are no longer alone. You have me." Kevin Kyle's tone was dull, but because of his pleasant voice, it carried a different feeling. This sentence was obviously not romantic, but it made Karen Daly's heart full of inexplicable feelings. Although she gritted her teeth and had gradually overcome the pain over the years, some late nights, she would still feel sad and silently shed tears while thinking of it. "Karen." After a long silence, Kevin Kyle spoke again, "We are already husband and wife. I sincerely want to spend the rest of my life with you." Kevin Kyle suddenly said this, and Karen was stunned again. Looking up at him and into his sincere eyes, she also said, "I am determined to live with you for the rest of my life." Kevin Kyle stared at her beautiful face, paused for a few seconds and said, "Karen, can you promise not to break up with me no matter what happens?"
"Yes!" Karen Daly nodded heavily. "I will try my best to be a good wife." She had also thought that they should not break up so easily. And now, Kevin had said so, and this made her feel at ease. After chatting with Kevin Kyle, she felt much more at ease. Kevin Kyle went back to the study. Karen then cleaned up the room and went to the bathroom to take a bath. After her bath, she sat in front of the dressing table and blew her hair dry. Just when her hair had dried, Kevin Kyle came in. He also took a shower and put on a white bathrobe, revealing a small piece of supple smooth skin on his chest His hair was still dripping with water, which followed the lines of his body and disappearing into the white bathrobe. Karen Daly's face suddenly blushed. "You must be tired. Go to sleep early." Kevin Kyle suddenly said. His voice was low and magnetic, which made Karen's heart beat inexplicably. Kevin Kyle did not intend to leave. Did he mean to sleep in the same room tonight?

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Re: My Husband, Warm The Bed! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 1:17pm On Apr 16, 2020
Chapter 5
However, she felt that she was not yet ready to accept him. Thinking of this, she felt her heart beat faster and it was difficult for her to breathe. It took her half an hour to get out of the bathroom. She found a set of long-sleeved pajamas and wrapped herself up tightly. When she returned to the room and did not see Kevin Kyle there, she could not help but sigh in relief. However, before she could breathe normally, Kevin Kyle came in the room again. There was a faint smell of smoke on his body. He had probably gone to the balcony to smoke. He did not hide his smoking, but considerately did not smoke when she was around him. "Go to sleep." Kevin Kyle went towards the bed and lay on the right side of the bed, leaving the left side to Karen. "Oh, okay." Karen Daly was so nervous that her tongue was tied up, and her palms were sweating, She climbed onto the bed from the other side and lay down on his left. The big bed was two meters wide. There was still quite a distance between them, but she just felt that she was being suffocated by his masculinity. "I'm going to sleep first. Good night!" She quickly closed her eyes, hoping that she could fall asleep in the shortest time possible.
The more Karen Daly tried to ignore it, the more she thought about it. The more she tried to sleep, the more awake she became She wondered if Kevin Kyle would do something to her while she was asleep. But on second thought, even if Kevin Kyle really wanted to do something to her, it was normal. After all, she and Kevin Kyle were legally married. As she thought more about it, her body became even more tense, almost completely stiff. Perhaps he was aware of Karen Daly's nervousness, Kevin Kyle suddenly reached out and rubbed her head. "Karen, although we are married, I will not force you to do something you don't want to do." His voice was still as seductive and pleasant as usual, but Karen faintly heard a smile in it, and her ears turned red for a moment. Can this man not be so considerate? With his words, Karen Daly's nerves slowly relaxed and she soon fell asleep When she woke up, it was already bright. Karen Daly grabbed her phone and looked at the time. She couldn't help but shout in a low voice, "Sh*t!" At seven in the morning from Monday to Friday, her alarm clock had always rung on time. Has she slept to deeply and not hear anything? "You're awake." Kevin Kyle's low and sexy voice sounded in the room. "I think it's still early, so I turned off your alarm clock and let you sleep in a little longer.
Upon hearing Kevin's voice, Karen Daly suddenly realized that there was another person in the room. She looked up and saw Kevin Kyle, who was neatly dressed, sitting on the sofa, with his slender fingers were casually flipping through the newspaper in his hand. It seemed that he had been waiting for her for a long time. "Well, wait for me for a while. I'll make breakfast as soon as possible." Karen Daly scratched her head and jumped out of bed, rushing into the bathroom in a panic. "Breakfast is ready. I'll wait for you to eat together." Behind her came Kevin Kyle's deep voice. Karen, for a moment, did not know how to react. Looking at Karen, who was like a frightened rabbit, Kevin Kyle's seductive thin lips could not help but raise slightly, and there was a smile in his cool eyes. Was Karen Daly really the shrewd girl who had scolded him for three whole hours three years ago? After washing up, Karen Daly came to the dining room, she had changed to her work clothes. She wore a white shirt and a black skirt. The fitted cut outlined her perfect curves. She looked more much more mature than her actual age. She was very seductive and charming. Seeing this, Kevin Kyle's pupils contracted slightly. He looked away and sat down to have breakfast quiet Kevin made a mental note to himself. As the first order of business in his capacity as was the boss of Innovative Tech, was to change the requirement for female employees to wear trousers to work instead of skirts. Seeing the delicious spread on the table, Karen simply smiled and said, "Did you make all these?"
Last night, he had told her that he didn't know how to cook, but now he could make such a delicious breakfast so quickly. He was really amazing. Seeing Karen Daly's thoughts, Kevin Kyle handed her some warm milk and said quickly, "This was sent by my servant from home." Kevin Kyle was a picky eater. He didn't usually eat outside, so the servant who was responsible for his daily meals always prepared in advance. "It looks delicious." Karen Daly sat down and took a bite. "It's really delicious." The toast melted in her mouth, leaving a delicious taste, much better than she had imagined. "Okay." Kevin Kyle said quietly and did not speak further. He looked very cold. Since he did not speak, Karen did not speak as well. She picked up a piece of toast and fed it into her mouth again. After eating another piece, she glanced at Kevin Kyle quietly. He looked so elegant while he ate, he could have passed as British nobility. He did not it on purpose, but all his actions were extremely elegant. "Is there something on my face?" Kevin Kyle suddenly asked doubtfully. "No, no." she had been caught staring. She blushed again and quickly lowered her head to her breakfast. "If you like the breakfast, I'll ask someone to prepare it in future." After a long time, Kevin Kyle finally spoke.
Karen Daly felt a little guilty. "Well, you don't have to trouble yourself." Kevin Kyle put down his fork, picked up a paper towel to wipe his mouth, and said lightly, "You are my wife." "Oh, okay." Karen Daly did not refute, his reasoning made her heart soft. She was his wife indeed, and he was his husband. They would be husband and wife for the rest of their lives. While eating the delicious toast and drinking warm milk, she couldn't help but think that God was still treating her well. He had blocked her way to happiness, but still left her an open window.

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Re: My Husband, Warm The Bed! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 3:00pm On Apr 17, 2020
Chapter 6
Gossip was a terrifying thing, it was something that Karen Daly had experienced firsthand. If the company's colleagues had seen her going to work in the new boss's car, she would be slashed to death by all kinds of rumors. So, when Kevin Kyle asked her to go to work with him in his car, she shook her head and refused without thinking. Although she didn't take his car, they arrived at the company at almost the same time. Karen Daly and a group of people were waiting for the elevator. Kevin Kyle, surrounded by two special assistants, walked to his exclusive elevator as the company's boss. She wanted to pretend not to see him, but she felt that it was inappropriate to ignore him completely. So she followed suit when the group of people around her greeted politely, "Director Kevin, good morning!" "Good morning." Kevin Kyle answered indifferently. He glanced around and stepped into the elevator, turning his back on them coldly Kevin Kyle's indifference did not ruin their enthusiasm, and they were talking about him eagerly. Karen Daly did not participate in the discussion, but felt a little funny in her heart. Kevin Kyle's style of separating work and personal life was very obvious. At this time, she thought of a popular phrase to describe Kevin Kyle-the Prince of Suppressed Lust.
As soon as she entered the office, she decided to completely forget about her relationship with Kevin Kyle and devoted herself to her work. Recently, Karen and several colleagues from the same department had been busy preparing for the bidding of Star Glow Corporation. As the bidding date loomed closer, Karen's work entered a state of tension. When she was busy, she sometimes even had no time to eat lunch. In the company, Karen Daly wats known to be workaholic. It was common for her to work straight without eating. But no one really cared about her. Today, while Karen Daly was in the middle of something, she received a call from Kevin Kyle. Karen Daly looked around and saw that there was no one around. Then she picked up the phone carefully. "What's the matter?" She felt that he should not call her when she was in the company, as this may let slip their relationship to others. Obviously, Kevin Kyle did not expect Karen to answer this way. After a pause, he said, "Work is important, but we should still eat." His voice was still light, but it sounded very concerned. Karen Daly blushed and said, "Alright, I know." On the other side of the phone, Kevin Kyle did not speak. Karen also did not know what else to say. After saying goodbye, she was about to hang up the phone. At the last moment, Kevin Kyle said, "I'm in Room 188, Happiness Restaurant." Karen Daly nodded instinctively. "Then you should eat.
I won't bother you." "Karen!" Kevin Kyle's tone was obviously a little heavy. After a few seconds, he said, "I'll wait for you." "There's no need.." Karen Daly instinctively refused, but before she could finish, he had already hung up. Looking at the dark screen on her phone, Karen Daly frowned slightly and sighed helplessly. What reason did she have to refuse lunch with her new husband? Happiness Restaurant was a five-star restaurant near the office, which was very expensive. Karen Daly did not usually go there unless the company was treating important clients to meals. When she arrived at the restaurant, Karen tried to avoid being recognized. But who would have known that she immediately ran into Kevin Kyle's special assistant, Amelia Gray. Karen Daly pretended not to see her, but the Amelia Gray stopped her. "Miss Karen, Director Kevin asked me to pick you up." She smiled embarrassedly and quickly caught up with Amelia Gray She and Kevin Kyle were a legal couple, but now they looked like they were having an affair, it was really embarrassing. When they came to Room 1808, Karen Daly saw that Kevin' s other special assistant, Nick Black, was also present. Kevin Kyle moved to take Karen's coat and hung it on the hanger beside him. He pulled out a chair for her. He then said, "Amelia and Nick have been working with me for many years, and they know everything about us."
Karen Daly nodded and did not speak. She just glanced over at the pair of assistants. They nodded politely back at her. Without saying anything, they left the room together. Kevin Kyle took a bowl of soup and handed it to Karen Daly. "I've been involved in quite some businesses these years, so I need some people to assist me." Hearing his explanation, Karen Daly smiled shyly at him, "Well, I can understand." In the morning, there was a servant making breakfast at their home, accompanied by another assistant just like Nick Black or Amelia Gray. Kevin Kyle's background was probably more complicated than Karen had imagined. Karen Daly didn't want to get to the bottom of this. After all, she had already agreed to marry him. She just felt that this person felt good, and not because of his family background. Karen did not ask much, so Kevin did not speak much. The two of them ate in silence. Moreover, Kevin Kyle had been taught not to talk during meals since he was a child, so he was not used to talking at the dinner table. The meal was very quiet. When they both put down their forks, Kevin Kyle said lightly, "You have to eat no matter how busy you are at work, in future." Karen Daly nodded, "I will." Hearing her perfunctory answer, Kevin Kyle's eyes darkened under his golden glasses. Obviously, he was dissatisfied and said, "Come with me for lunch in future."
Kevin Kyle's tone was somewhat overbearing, but Karen Daly was not displeased. She looked up and smiled at him. "Thank you for your concern, Director Kevin, but.." "Director Kevin?" Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows. "Since you have called me Director Kevin, won't you want to listen to what I, as your new boss, demand of you?" This man had used his identity to control her so quickly. Karen Daly had been working at Innovative Tech for three years. She was usually a smart person, but now she really didn't know how to deal with Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle seized the opportunity and continued, "That's will be it." Karen Daly didn't want to meet Kevin for lunch every day, but she really couldn't find an excuse to refuse, so she had to nod and agree. She then borrowed a weak excuse to escape in a hurry. Looking at Karen leaving hurriedly, Kevin Kyle's eyes darkened slightly, and his slender fingers tapped on the table subconsciously, as if he was planning something. "Young Master." A woman, who looked to be in her forties or fifties, knocked on the door and interrupted Kevin' s thoughts. Kevin Kyle looked up and his eyes were cold. "What's the matter?" The woman said, "Do you like these dishes?" Kevin Kyle was a picky eater, so he hardly ate outside. However, this restaurant was part of his empire. This elegant private room had been set up by his subordinates according to his preferences. Surely, someone would have to serve him and prepare his meals.
This woman had been responsible for Kevin Kyle's meals since he was a child. She knew his taste buds best. "Prepare two Sichuan dishes for each meal in future. But nothing too spicy." Kevin Kyle did not answer her, but gave her this order instead. He preferred bland food, but Karen Daly liked them spicy. She had never told him this, but Kevin Kyle had always known.

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Chapter 7
Walking out of the restaurant, Karen Daly looked around guiltily. She was relieved after looking around and did not see anyone she knew. She had just eaten lunch with her husband and now she was worried that she would be seen by others. When she thought about it, she felt that it seemed ridiculous. Karen Daly sighed helplessly. If she had known that Kevin Kyle would become the new boss of Innovative Tech, would she have married him so quickly? Karen could not think of an answer, answer, so she didn't want to think too much about it. Back at the office, she received a notice from the department manager. He had requested for several colleagues who were in charge of Star Glow Corporation's bid to begin preparations and discuss the project with their boss in the afternoon Star Glow was a game-developing company and also a subsidiary of Gook Corp, a famous conglomerate. The Gook Corp was one of the largest businesses in the country. Even if they wanted to work with them, it was not easy to win a tender among dozens of bidding companies. Star Glow's bid was the focus of Innovative Tech this year.
Kevin Kyle had just taken up the position as head of the company, so it was natural that he pays more attention to the preparation of this project. However, Karen Daly felt a little uncomfortable about this. She had been disturbed by Kevin's words at noon, and now had to work on a project with him in the afternoon. She was worried that her work would be affected by his presence. Karen and her colleagues arrived at the meeting room in advance. They had also prepared all the necessary materials, but they still worried about it. "Karen.." May Lily whispered in Karen Daly's ear, "Everybody knows what you are capable of. Don't worry too much!" Karen Daly smiled but said nothing. May Lily was also one of the members of the project team, but she was a sweet-talking girl who hated hard work. Therefore, Karen was always tasked with many things, and May Lily was always only assigned to help her. William Baker, another colleague, leaned closer to Karen and said, "Karen, you led this project, don't worry, nothing will go wrong." Karen Daly said, "Still, it's always better to be careful."
Karen Daly was the head of the project team. Her responsibility was the biggest, of course she would be more worried than the others. Moreover, this project was the first project that Karen Daly had taken on after Kevin Kyle began his term as their boss. In addition to achieving her goals at work, she also wanted to leave a good impression on her husband. In future, she would be living with Kevin Kyle, and she did not want to be underestimated by him. "Director Kevin.." Someone exclaimed suddenly, and everyone immediately looked at the door of the conference room, including Karen Daly.
She looked up and saw Kevin Kyle walking in gracefully with two assistants by his side. During lunch, Kevin Kyle had been wearing casual clothes. Now, he had changed into a custom-made silver suit with a white shirt, and had also put on a blue-and-white striped tie, which made him emanate an air of coolness. "Hello, Director Kevin!" Everyone stood up and greeted Kevin Kyle. "Please sit down." Kevin Kyle said lightly and sat down on the main seat. Then he motioned for Nick Black to start the meeting Kevin Kyle was no longer looking at Karen, so she felt relieved. In fact, since yesterday, he had practiced the separation of work and personal life much better than she did. As the project head, she began to present the details of the project Being a hard worker, much of the preparation was done personally by Karen. Hence, when she was presenting the analysis with the group of executives, including the boss, she was not nervous at all. She was not only calm, but her performance was outstanding.
At the end of her presentation, Karen Daly received a round of applause. Just as she bowed slightly to thank them, she felt a pair of suspicious eyes looking at her. She looked up and met Kevin Kyle's unfathomable eyes Seeing Karen meet his eyes, Kevin Kyle smiled at her. His polite smile was impeccable, it was pure politeness, any without personal feelings. Karen Daly immediately returned his polite smile. Being a new boss, Kevin Kyle had a cool look on his face. He looked like a God not from this world, giving people a feeling of distance.
Everyone felt a little nervous around him. Fortunately, Karen was fully prepared for the meeting, Kevin also agreed that the group's work was commendable. When the meeting ended, the members of the project team were very excited and for a moment had forgotten about the executives around them. They chattered as they walked. William Baker put one hand on Karen Daly's shoulder and said, "Karen, if we win the Star Glow project this time, it would be glorious!" Karen Daly was also happy about this. For a moment, she did not notice how close William had moved towards her. She smiled and nodded, "As long as we work together, we can achieve anything." "Karen!" Suddenly, Kevin Kyle's low voice came from behind, and she stiffened immediately. She turned back and politely asked, "Director Kevin, are you looking for me? "Karen, you are the head the Star Glow project team. Director Kevin still has some details to ask you about. It was not Kevin Kyle who spoke this time, but Amelia Gray, who was following him, had spoken. Amelia had worked under Kevin Kyle for many years, so she knew exactly what he was thinking.
The boss was looking for Karen Daly to understand more about the project, and the other team members were also smart enough to find an excuse to slip away and leave Karen Daly alone with him. Kevin Kyle approached her, "Karen.." Karen Daly subconsciously took two steps back to keep a distance from him. "Director Kevin, can I help you with something?" Kevin Kyle approached her again. "Right now, I am only Kevin, your husband." Karen Daly retreated further and looked around. "Director Kevin, we are still at work." Hearing her words, Kevin Kyle frowned slightly and narrowed his eyes under his golden glasses. He was a little angry. However, his had been brought up to be not throw his temper easily. After a while, he said solemnly, "Karen, although I know that you have nothing to do with that man, I was still jealous when I saw him holding you so closely." Karen Daly obviously did not expect that he would say such a thing. For a moment, her face was hot and red. Finally, she pressed her lips together and smiled, "Director Kevin, don't worry. It will never happen again." "Director Kevin?" Kevin Kyle narrowed his eyes again.
He was really angry now. "Director Kevin, you must be busy. I'll leave first." Karen Daly did not know that she had angered him, so she turned around and left. Kevin Kyle watched her enter the elevator, and his cold eyes grew even colder. "Director Kevin, there are still a few documents for you to view." Amelia Gray reminded him timely Kevin Kyle walked to his office and said coldly, "Must all of you women act so strong?".

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Chapter 8
Amelia Gray was stunned at his words, and then she reacted. "Karen has experienced much damage and betrayal. She has not relied on anyone in the past three years. If she is not strong, how can she have survived?" Kevin Kyle stopped and turned to look at her darkly. Amelia Gray added immediately, "But she has you to take care of her in future. The meeting room was on the 23rd floor, and the sales department was on the 19th floor. When the elevator reached the 22nd floor, the door opened, and Madonna from the Public Relations Department walked in. Karen Daly didn't like people like Madonna, so she stood aside and didn't want to greet her. Madonna glanced at Karen, turned her head towards the elevator door, and said with her head up. "Some people think that by moving to a new city, everyone would forget all the bad things that she had ever done." Karen Daly listened to her but didn't want to waste time on such a woman as Madonna. Her nonchalant attitude irritated Madonna. She turned around and glared at Karen Daly. "Karen, don't you know that our boss is married?"
Karen Daly pursed her lips and chuckled. If she did not know that Kevin Kyle was married, who else would know? Madonna wanted to hook up with Kevin Kyle, so she had figured Karen Daly would think the same way too. She said, "The boss has asked Special Assistant Amelia to send an internal email early this morning. He announced to the whole company that he is a married man." Karen Daly was busy with the bidding of Star Glow Corporation, so busy that she didn't read the internal emails that day.
She really didn't know about it. Now that she knew it, she could not help but feel a trace of sweetness in her heart. Kevin Kyle had said that when he saw other men being close to her, he would be jealous, and further to that, he had already declared to everyone that he was a married man to prevent any unwanted attention. Thinking of this, Karen Daly felt happy deep in her heart, she couldn't help but start laughing Madonna was having an unrealistic fantasy about Kevin Kyle. But when she saw his email come in the morning, her heart sank. She felt depressed for more than half a day, and she wanted someone else to wallow in sadness with her.
As soon as she the idea popped into her mind, she thought of Karen Daly She had expected Karen to be bitter about the news too, but she didn't expect that Karen would have such a calm expression, and this made her really angry. Madonna was so angry; she stomped her foot hard. She gritted her teeth and thought, "I can't do anything to Karen Daly now, but someday I will get hold of her weakness and bring down her arrogance." Learning from her experiences the previous day, Karen Daly did not delay her returning home and left the office as soon as possible after work. She hoped that she could prepare a good meal before Kevin Kyle gets off work so that he would not go hungry When she went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients, she called him on the phone.
When she called, Kevin Kyle was holding an emergency meeting with several high-ranking executives. He raised his hand and motioned for everyone to be quiet. Then he picked up the phone and asked, "What's the matter?" Karen Daly said, "I'm at the supermarket. Do you have anything you like to eat?" He replied calmly. "I'm not picky about food. It's up to you." When Kevin Kyle said this, Amelia Gray and Nick Black were standing next to him. When they heard what he had said, they exchanged glances. If he wasn't picky, then no one else was. When Kevin Kyle returned home, Karen was busy in the kitchen. She was wearing an apron, with her long black hair casually tied up, exposing her fair neck, she was stir-frying with a spatula in her hand. Seeing her this way, it was not hard to imagine that she was also so excellent at work. Kevin Kyle stared blankly at her for a long time before he went over to the kitchen. "Karen, I'm back." Karen Daly turned around and smiled faintly. "You can change your clothes first. We'll have dinner soon." Kevin stood still. "Karen.." Karen Daly did not stop moving her hands.
She looked back at him and asked, "What's wrong?" "I am going to change my clothes." Kevin Kyle had wanted to say to her that there's no need to cook after a long day at work, that he could ask a cook to prepare their meals. But in his heart, he thought, perhaps food made by his wife would be good too. It was his vision of home, that when he gets home after work, he could eat the hot dishes made personally by his wife, instead of all meals being prepared with the help of the cook. Karen Daly prepared three dishes and one soup, namely steamed chicken, fried pork with onions, fried lotus root slices, and enoki mushroom soup. At noon, she had seen Kevin Kyle choosing to eat lighter dishes. She guessed that he liked food this way, so she made her home-cooked dishes this way. Kevin Kyle changed his clothes and returned to the kitchen. The dishes had been served on the table. Seeing onions being served, he frowned slightly, but immediately acted like nothing had happened. Karen Daly did not notice him. Karen Daly served him a bowl of soup and said, "You have been busy for a whole day. Have a bowl of soup first."
"Okay." Kevin Kyle took the bowl and took a sip. Karen Daly scooped some onions into his bowl. "Onions are good for health. You'd better eat more." "Okay." Kevin Kyle nodded. However, he did not eat them immediately, but slowly drank the soup. He drank one bowl of after another. He also ate a few slices of chicken and some lotus root slices, but didn't touch the bowl of rice with onions. As soon as she noticed this, she lowered her head and ate large mouthfuls of rice, she felt a little bitter Karen Daly did not speak again, as Kevin did not like to talk at the dinner table.
The atmosphere was very quiet. After dinner, Kevin Kyle was responsible for washing dishes. Without saying anything, Karen Daly went straight back to her room. She knew that her relationship with Kevin Kyle was not that close, but when she saw the way he was disgusted by her dishes, she still couldn't help but feel sad. But on second thought, their marriage was one not built on emotions. It was just simply so that they could be married. Although they were husband and wife, they didn't know each other well. They did not even scoop dishes for each other as what normal couples would do. She was too careless this time. In future, she would try her best to treat him like a guest in her daily life. She would never cross the line again. After thinking it through, Karen Daly stopped thinking about it. She turned on her computer and was ready to check through the plans for the Star Glow Project. Friday will be the day of the tender. Everybody had prepared for this for so long, she could not afford any mistakes. Karen Daly clicked on a folder but then, her phone rang beside her. She looked at the phone and saw that it was Faye Reed, her best friend. When she answered the phone, she heard Faye's furious voice, "You little bitch, where have you been? Why didn't you tell me that you've moved? Are you trying to scare me to death?"
Faye Reed was both her high school and college classmate. When Karen Daly left home, Faye was the only person she had Karen Daly had decided to work in California then. Faye had packed a suitcase without thinking and left New York immediately with Karen, bound for California. She was worried that Karen would do something stupid while alone. Hence, she wanted to accompany Karen Daly for two months and then return to New York after Karen settles down.

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Chapter 9
But in the end, they felt that California was not too bad, so Faye Reed settled down there with Karen. They then pooled their money and opened a bridal wear design studio. But Karen Daly needed money. To be precise, she felt that she couldn't rely on anyone, not even those closest to her. Only money could give her a sense of security. She needed more work to make money, so she applied to join Innovative Tech. That was how Karen came to only serve as a passive investor of the design studio, and no longer managed its operations. But Faye Reed knew that this was not the only reason. The real reason was that Karen was no longer willing to design wedding dresses.
Hence, she wanted a job that was completely different from that. It was a wound buried in the deepest part of her heart. Until now, no one could help her to get rid of the scar in her heart. In front of Faye, Karen had no secrets at all. It was Faye who hand arranged for the blind date with Kevin Kyle. She wanted to ask Faye Reed out this weekend to tell her everything that she had married Kevin Kyle! But she didn't expect that Faye Reed had already gone to her rented apartment to look for her so soon. Karen Daly listened quietly. After Faye had finished yelling, she said softly, "Faye, don't worry, I'm fine. The Star Glow project will be over on Friday. I'll treat you to dinner on this weekend."
Faye Reed shouted in a flustered tone, "Bitch, you scared me to death! Do you think that a meal can make up for my mental damage?" Karen Daly knew that Faye was a sharp- tongued person. She couldn't help but smile, she said, "How about I sleep with you for a night to compensate you?" When Karen said this, Kevin Kyle had just pushed opened the door and entered. He paused slightly and trying to figure out who Karen Daly was talking to. Although Karen usually smiled and seemed to be close to everyone, the reality was that the only person who could really get close to her was Faye Reed. Kevin Kyle knew all these, but Karen did not know that he knew.
She quickly muted herself on the phone, and whispered to him, "This is a female friend of mine." No matter if they were in love or not, she would never do anything that would make Kevin Kyle "jealous". Kevin Kyle nodded and did not ask more questions. He left thoughtfully to give her some space to continue her chat. However, Karen Daly thought that Kevin Kyle did not believe her. She pursed her lips and smiled helplessly. Perhaps he thought of her as promiscuous. "Karen, Karen.. Faye, on the other end of the phone, roared again, "Tell me your address and i'll go find you." Karen Daly knew that Faye was worried about her. If she didn't convince Faye that she was fine by today, Faye would definitely call the police to report a missing person. Karen Daly smiled gently and said, "Stop playing. I'll go and find you."
Hanging up the phone, Karen packed up and prepared to stay over at Faye's place for a night. She wanted to tell her about the marriage honestly. She knocked on the door of the study. When she heard Kevin Kyle say 'Enter', she pushed the door open and walked in. "Kevin, I'm going over to my friend, Faye Reed's place tonight. I'm won't be coming back till tomorrow." Kevin immediately got up and said, "I'll drive you there." Karen Daly shook her head. "It's alright. Don't bother." Kevin stared at her. "It's too late. I'm worried about you going out alone." His tone was tough and direct, making it hard for Karen Daly to refuse. Kevin Kyle's car was a Land Rover.
For people like him, it was not expensive, and it was spacious and comfortable. Kevin Kyle's driving was very steady, just like his personality Kevin asked about for Faye's address. After Karen told him, they did not talk anymore. It took almost an hour to reach the destination. Just as Karen was thanking Kevin for the ride and was about to open the car door, Kevin reached out and grabbed her. "Karen.." His voice was low and sexy. When he called her name, it was always so pleasant. Karen Daly glanced at his hand and raised her head to look at him. She asked softly, "Is there anything else?" He loosened his hands and said uncomfortably, "Are you angry?" Karen laughed. "Why should I be angry?" Kevin was speechless, he did not reply, Karen pushed the door open and got off the car. She stood outside and said, "Go back quickly. Drive safe."
Kevin Kyle nodded and started the car. After looking at his car drive away for a distance, Karen turned around and walked towards the residential area where Faye Reed lived. When they first arrived in California, Karen Daly and Faye Reed lived together, with two private rooms and sharing one living room. Later, she had switched to work at Innovative Tech. Because it was too far away, she moved nearer to the company, renting a place. After Karen Daly moved away, Faye Reed had left Karen s room empty. In Faye's mind, she wanted to allow Karen a space to return to any time. Seeing Karen appearing in front of her, Faye Reed ignored her and continued watching a TV show on her iPad. Faye Reed was ignoring her, but someone else didn't.
A handsome dog that looked like a snowball rushed to the side of Karen's feet, kissing them while wagging its tail. Obviously, it was very happy. Karen threw her bag down casually and picked up the little fellow. "Molly, do you miss mommy?" The dog squealed twice and struggled into Karen's arms, showing how much it missed its mother. Faye Reed glared at it with dissatisfaction. "Molly, you ungrateful little fellow! Although you are her baby, I've spent more time raising you than she ever did. It's okay if you don't kiss me, but you don't have to show off your love in front of me." Karen Daly sat beside Faye with her arms around her and said proudly, "Molly is a smart girl. She knows who her real mother is and who her stepmother is." "I'm the stepmother?"
Faye Reed threw the iPad away and held on to Karen menacingly. "Little girl, be careful, I will poison your daughter." Karen Daly hadn't even said anything, but Molly began to bark, expressing her dissatisfaction at Faye's words. Seeing such an adorable Molly, Karen was very amused. She lifted her hand and rubbed Molly's face. "My daughter' is most considerate of me." Faye Reed rolled her eyes at Karen. "If you want a daughter, you can marry a man. You can have as many as you want." Karen Daly looked at her and suddenly said very seriously, "Faye, I am married." "Get out of here!" Faye Reed pointed at the door, but soon realized that Karen would not joke with her like this. She opened her mouth wide enough to swallow an egg. After a long time, she said, "Who is he?" Karen Daly said, "It's the man, Kevin Kyle, that you introduced me to the last time." "Kevin Kyle?" Faye Reed scratched her head and tried to recall the name for a long time to no avail. "I' ve never introduced you to a Kevin Kyle.".

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Chapter 10
Hearing what Faye Reed said, Karen Daly's heart skipped a beat. She carefully recalled the day of the blind date. On that day, Kevin Kyle had come straight to find her. She couldn't have made a mistake. "Karen.." Faye grabbed Karen's hand nervously. "Tell me what's going on." She was worried that Karen Daly, this silly girl, had been cheated by a big liar. Karen Daly then told Faye about the blind date, the marriage registration and how Kevin came to be the new boss of her company in detail. Hearing this, Faye Reed's eyes almost popped out. "Karen, what do you think I should say about this?" Faye took back the iPad that she had tossed aside, quickly clicking on the browser to search for the boss of Innovative Tech, Kevin Kyle. She said, "I'm sure that Kevin must be a bald and big-bellied old man. How can he be worthy of such a beautiful woman like you.." Before she could finish speaking, Faye Reed was shocked by the pictures she saw on the Internet. Although only two photos taken during the press conference on Kevin Kyle's appointment day could be found on the Internet, it was enough to see his unparalleled appearance Faye said excitedly, "Bitch, slap me. Tell me i'm not dreaming." Karen slapped Faye on the back. "That's the person." Faye did a little dance and said, "Such a handsome man he is, and on top of that, he is so capable - and he has become your husband! You have been unlucky for so many years.
Are you a lucky dog now?" Karen Daly was not in the mood to joke with her. She asked, "Are you saying that you really didn't introduce Kevin Kyle to me? Faye Reed said, "Actually, perhaps it was an indirect introduction. It was a client of mine at the studio. He told me that he knew some quality men around him. I thought of you when I heard about it, so..." Karen grabbed the cushion on the sofa and threw it at Faye Reed. "How worried are you that I can't get married?" "I'm not worried that you can't get married, but I'm worried that you don't want to." Faye Reed suddenly hugged her, feeling happy but a little sad. "Karen, you must live a happier life than anyone else, and give those who doubt you a hard slap." Karen Daly patted Faye on the back and said gently, "Faye, the past is the past.
I won't trap myself anymore. I will live happily, not for proving to the others, but only for myself." Karen Daly had really thought so. Of course, Faye Reed was the happiest person upon hearing these words. She rushed to the refrigerator and took out two cans of beer. "B*tch, I wish you a happy new marriage! You must be blessed in future. If that Kevin Kyle dare bully you, as long as I am here, you don't have to be afraid." Speaking of Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly felt very satisfied. There was a little smile in her sparkly eyes. "Although we don't love each other, I believe in his personality. I think we will get on well."
That night, Karen Daly and Faye Reed chatted for a long time. They didn't finish until dawn came. But after the conversation which lasted all night, Faye was finally relieved It was really great that Karen had opened her heart to another person. Despite losing a night's sleep, Karen Daly still had to get up early to go to work. Work was more important than anything else in her eyes. No matter how tired she was, she would not allow herself to leave her work behind. At noon, Kevin Kyle waited for Karen to eat lunch together. When he saw that she seemed much more tired than before, he said thoughtfully after lunch, "Karen, there is a break room at the here. Go rest for an hour." Karen Daly opened her mouth and wanted to tell him not to bother, but when she saw his caring eyes, she swallowed the words back.
Although there was no love, Kevin Kyle was more than qualified to be her husband, he really cared about her. Moreover, without any energy, her work efficiency would naturally decrease. Karen Daly understood this simple principle. The break room was right next door to room 1808. The room was set up in a fresh and simple manner, making people feel comfortable in it. Kevin closed the curtains in the room, and place fell into darkness. In an instant, Karen felt sleepy. Kevin went over to the bed and sat down on it.
He pulled the quilt over Karen and said, "Go to sleep. I'll wake you up when the time comes." Karen tried hard to open her eyes, but they were about to close. "Don't you want to rest too?" Kevin Kyle said, "I slept well last night. I'm not sleepy today." "Okay." Karen nodded obediently and fell asleep after lying in bed after a while. Kevin sat by the bed and did not leave. He looked at Karen carefully with deep eyes. In his eyes, Karen was not the kind of woman who would amaze at first sight. The more he looked at her, the more beautiful she became. Her eyebrows were like a painting, her eyelashes were long, her eyes were crystal clear, her skin was fair as jade, and her figure was very good.
She usually looked gentle, but there was a strong tenacity in her bones. It was her seemingly gentle but tough demeanor that attracted his attention and made him feel that it would be good to share a life with her. Karen Daly slept soundly. She believed that Kevin Kyle would wake her up on time. However, it was already dark when she finally woke up. Tomorrow was the opening day of Star Glow Corporation's tender, but she had done such a stupid thing the day right before it, this made her feel very bad about herself. She bit her lip and looked at Kevin angrily. Kevin Kyle said calmly, "I have asked Special Assistant Amelia to apply leave for you. You've also prepared well for the Star Glow project. Don't worry."
Even if Karen was full of anger, the big boss of the company had spoken, so she had no reason to be angry anymore. However, she still did not compromise and said, "Next time, you can't do this again." Aside from work, Karen Daly was easy going, but this was related to work, so she was very strict with herself. Kevin Kyle nodded, "Then let's have dinner first." Karen Daly turned around and walked out, muttering in a low voice, "Do men always lie?" Hearing Karen Daly's words, Kevin Kyle's face darkened. He wanted to explain, but he still didn't say anything. Although all he had wanted was for Karen Daly to rest more, he did after all, break his promise to her. The bidding for the Star Glow project might take up to half a month, and Innovative Tech had the advantage on this bid.
In order to reward everyone, under orders from the boss, Special Assistant Amelia, sent an email out announcing, during the coming weekend, the company will be organizing a two-day trip to Azure Ocean Villa. Hearing these news, all of the employees were very excited. Azure Ocean Villa was a top vacation resort developed by Rovio Corporation Inc. It had guest rooms, a golf course, a natural hot spring and all kinds of leisure facilities. It was said that the room rate for one night was so high that ordinary people dared not think about it. All their guests were super wealthy businessmen or visiting leaders from various countries. Apart from the employees of Rovio Corporation Inc, no employees from any other company had had such a luxurious treat.

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How do you get the whole novel
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Chapter 11

Although everyone was excited, they did not forget to gossip about the big boss. Suddenly, the topic of whether the boss would take part in this event became the focus of discussion. While her colleagues were thinking about this question, Karen Daly was also thinking about Kevin Kyle. Kevin was on a business trip this week. She hadn't seen him for several days. When would he come back? Although he did call her on time every night, his relationship with her had not reached the point where he could say much. Most of the time, the two people on both sides of the phone were silent. Meanwhile, someone had started a bet in the employee' s casual group chat. The bet was on whether their boss would take part in the event, and each participant would place a stake of 500 dollars. Five hundred dollars was not that much.

Many people responded quickly, and dozens of people were now in on the bet. The votes were almost equal. May Lily and William Baker came to look for Karen Daly at the same time and asked, "Karen, do you want to bet on this?" She did a quick analysis. Although Kevin Kyle was cold and distant, this was the first time that the company had organized such a big event after he had taken office, and they were going to such a luxurious place. He must have ordered Special Assistant Amelia to organize this, so Karen placed a bet on Kevin Kyle attending it.
As they were about to get off work, Karen Daly received a call from Kevin Kyle. She knew that he had just come back from a business trip, so she went to the supermarket and bought some ingredients, daily necessities and snacks for tomorrow's trip. When they got home, Kevin Kyle was still busy in the study. After saying hello to him, she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. While eating, Kevin Kyle still did not say a word, he ate gracefully. Karen peeped at him several times, and finally ventured to ask, "Kevin, will you be going for the company's activities tomorrow?"
Kevin Kyle did not seem to hear her question but continued to eat seriously. As he did not answer, Karen felt a little embarrassed. She lowered her head to eat. After some time, Kevin Kyle put down his cutlery, picked up a paper towel to wipe his mouth, and casually replied, "I'm not interested in such activities."
Kevin didn't say it directly, but it was obvious that he didn't want to go. "Oh." Karen Daly whispered, and her voice was full of disappointment "What is it? Do you want me to go?" Seeing her disappointed look, Kevin Kyle suddenly said. Karen Daly scratched her head and giggled, thinking, "It doesn't matter whether you go or not. What I care about is the 500 dollars I have bet." Under the bright chandelier, Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows slightly. Since she wanted him to go, as his husband, he would take the time to go there.
The next day, Karen got up very early, but Kevin Kyle had gotten up earlier than she did. They had been living together for some time, but no matter how early she got up, Kevin Kyle was always already dressed neatly when she wakes up, sitting by the window and reading the financial newspaper. Sometimes, she felt that Kevin Kyle did not seem to be a person living in this era. His daily routine was extremely unusual. Every day, he would take time to read the newspaper, which was about to go extinct, instead of reading news off the internet. "Get up!" He looked up at her and then looked down at the newspaper "Well, good morning!" Karen Daly looked at him, she suddenly couldn't move her eyes away. He wore a white casual suit today and sat quietly on the armchair by the window. His long slender legs were crossed casually. The morning sunshine gently shone on him through the window, making him look a little warmer. This man was not a human at all, but a rare work of art in this world, which made people want to collect him. Karen Daly's warm gaze attracted his attention, but he ignored it and continued calmly to read the newspaper in his hand. His appearance often attracted the attention of promiscuous women, which made him very disgusted.
However, he did not dislike the way Karen stared at him so firmly. After a long while, Karen Daly's eyes were still fixed on him. He looked up at her and said, "Don't you want to go to the company's event?" "I' ve almost forgotten that if you didn't mention it." Karen Daly smiled awkwardly and casually found an excuse. She was thinking that a work of art like Kevin Kyle would definitely be sold at a high price. His voice was like a bucket of cold water that splashed over her and woke her up. The company rented two buses with 50 seats each to ferry their employees to Azure Ocean Villa for the vacation.
When the department manager was counting the number of people present, everyone's eyes were looking left and right. They were all looking forward to see whether the boss would come or not. May Lily said to Karen Daly. "God help me, the boss must come, he must come. Karen Daly blurted out, "He won't come." May widened her eyes and looked at her. "How do you know?" Karen realized that she had spoken too much and immediately added, "The boss is usually very punctual. Nobody has seen him today, so it must mean he won't be coming." May Lily lowered her head in disappointment, and the female colleague next to her who heard their conversation also sighed with disappointment.
The thoughts of all the female employees were very obvious. They rarely saw the boss at work and had no opportunity to do that. Everyone wore their best clothes and wanted to show off to him, but he was not coming today. More than an hour later, they arrived at Azure Ocean Villa, it was located by the sea. The first thing they did was to get their room cards ready. Karen Daly had originally been assigned to stay in the same room as May Lily, but Amelia Gray suddenly stood up and said, "Karen, the rooms here are full. We can share a room instead." Amelia Gray was a woman who was always around the boss. She requested for Karen Daly to stay in her room instead, which made everyone envious.
When everyone was busy checking their room cards, Amelia Gray said, "Please wait, Director Kevin wants to talk to all of you." Director Kevin Kyle! For a moment, everyone's eyes lit up. Had Director Kevin Kyle really come? With everyone's expectant eyes, Kevin Kyle, wearing a silver-gray hand-made tailored suit, came out the door. Every step he took made his female colleagues' hearts beat faster. When Karen saw Kevin Kyle, she thought that not only did she get her 500 dollars back, she had won a few hundred more! Kevin Kyle at her and saw that she was smiling brightly. He thought to himself, how did this make her so happy - just by him spending some time here? He came over and smiled politely at everyone.
"Everyone, enjoy yourself. The company will cover all the expenses." Everyone was so excited that they jumped up and down, almost chanting, 'Long Live the Boss'. Only Karen Daly stood quietly behind them, she thought, you can do whatever you want as long as you are rich. Amelia Gray then said that the rooms have all been allocated, and then she took Karen Daly to the private villa area on a buggy Seeing the luxurious setting and facilities at that area, Karen Daly felt a little nervous. Was there another reason that Amelia Gray took her here? She guessed it right, Amelia Gray had sent her to Kevin Kyle's private quarters.


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Chapter 12

She pushed open a wooden door and walked in. There was a large lawn, a pavilion, a rockery, a fountain, and a huge bed of flowers... After walking with Amelia Gray for some time, Karen saw a three-storey French-style building. The interior decoration of the building was simple, which was styled with a nature-theme. This was in line with Kevin Kyle's style, and Karen Daly knew this.
Along the way, she had been in awe with the place that was as beautiful as paradise. If she could live here more often, she should be able to extend her lifespan for a few more years. Amelia Gray did not enter the room. She stood at the door and said, "Since Director Kevin is here at the retreat, he would not let you live in the ordinary guest rooms."
Karen Daly thought to herself, "Those guest rooms are also very expensive, aren't they? How can they be ordinary? However, compared with the private villa area here, those guest rooms were far less expensive." Amelia Gray added, "Mrs. Kyle, this is a private area. No one can come in. You don't have to worry too much." Mrs. Kyle? It was the first time that someone addressed her this way. Karen Daly blushed and her heart raced. "Special Assistant Amelia, you can just call me Karen." Amelia Gray smiled and said, "You are Director Kevin's wife. I can't find a more suitable name to call you than 'Mrs. Kyle"
Amelia's words were true, but Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle did not even hold each other's hands, and her face became hotter. "You should go in and rest. I'll leave first." Amelia Gray smiled and left politely. Standing in the large living room, Karen looked around and didn't know what to do. At this time, Kevin Kyle came in from the outside, he thoughtfully took the backpack that Karen Daly hung on her shoulders, and took the lead to go upstairs. "The room is on the second floor."
His legs were long, but he slowed down deliberately so that Karen Daly could keep up. Karen followed him and said, "Kevin, can I discuss one thing with you?" Kevin Kyle opened the door and entered the room. He put her backpack on the luggage table and said, "The accommodation was arranged by Special Assistant Amelia."
Karen did not know what reply, ".." Well, she should take things as they come. Kevin walked to the window and opened the thick curtains. Looking out from the wide French windows, one could see the boundless sea. In the distant horizon, the sea seemed to be connected to the sky. This was the so-called the merging of sea and sky. Occasionally, she could hear the sound of waves hitting on rocks, like happy music Karen sighed sincerely, "What a beautiful place!" Kevin Kyle said, "If you like it, we can come here often in future." Karen Daly shook her head. "I don't like it very much." It was not that she didn't like it, but she didn't want to spend her hard-earned money like this.
She also didn't want to spend any more of Kevin Kyle's money. Although Kevin had given her a bank card a long time ago, she did not intend to use it at all. If they were to be divorced one day, she would be able to leave more easily. Kevin Kyle could tell that Karen was not telling the truth, but he stopped asking and said, "Let's eat first. After eating and resting for a bit, you have to take part in the department activities in the afternoon." Karen Daly nodded. "Okay." After a while, Kevin Kyle said awkwardly, "Karen, if you want to soak in a hot spring at night, you can come back here and soak in our private hot spring pool."
Karen shook her head instinctively and said, "I want to have fun with everyone else." Kevin Kyle said very seriously, "No man wants his wife to wear so little clothes for other men to see." Uh... Karen Daly suddenly felt that Kevin Kyle was overly protective of her. Even if he had no love for her, he seemed to mind other people merely looking at his wife. After taking a nap, Karen Daly joined the big group of employees. May Lily said enviously, "Karen, you're so lucky to be able to stay at in the luxury villa area."
Karen Daly said, "It's not so convenient to live with the leaders." The leader she meant was Kevin Kyle, but May Lily thought that she meant Amelia Gray. She nodded in agreement and said, "You're right. It's more interesting to hang out with familiar people. Why don't you come with us tonight?" "Forget it." Karen Daly did not dare agree. What if Kevin Kyle came to pick her up in the middle of the night?
To create more fun, the HR department had prepared a lot of interesting activities. Base on their departments, the employees were divided into red, blue, yellow and green teams. The first event was a beer drinking competition A large mug was filled with two liters of beer. A man and a woman will each take a straw and drink it. Whoever finishes it first, wins. The loser will be punished with a truth or dare challenge. All teams requested for their heads of departments to take the challenge first. In the first round, the red team which Karen Daly belonged to, won. The yellow team lost the round and was punished. As they were being punished, the boss arrived.
For a moment, he had become the center of everyone's attention again Kevin Kyle signaled for everyone to continue to play. He set aside and watched the game quietly. Now that the boss was around, everyone's behavior was somewhat restrained. However, when the host announced the second game, everyone let their guards down again. The second game was called 'Eat the Apple!'. Hanging an apple by a rope, the four groups selected a man and a woman respectively to participate. Starting from both sides of the apple, they had to bite and finish the apple, the last team to finish will be drenched with a bucket of ice water Karen was is a professional at this game, and that was exactly why the members of the red team pushed her out to take on the challenge.
Karen Daly glanced at Kevin Kyle guiltily. He looked unbothered. She had to buck up and step forward. William Baker, also from the red team, stepped forward to volunteer to team up with Karen At this time, Amelia Gray looked at Kevin Kyle, and what she saw in Kevin Kyle's expression was much different from what Karen Daly had thought. She immediately clapped her hands and said, "Does everyone want Director Kevin to come and have some fun?" Everyone had hoped for that, but no one dared to say anything.
Since Special Assistant Amelia had spoken, everyone became less restrained. They shouted in unison, "Director Kevin! Director Kevin! Director Kevin!" Kevin Kyle stood up slowly after a long while. Judging from his cold expression, it seemed that he had no choice but to accept the challenge. Seeing him walk over towards the teams, Karen kept praying in her heart, hoping that he would not choose her to play in her team. However, Kevin Kyle stopped and stood in front of her "Wow!" Everyone screamed excitedly. The other women all regretted instantly. If they had known that Director Kevin would participate, they would have spared every effort to join this challenge, even if they might be drenched in water.
In stark contrast from the excitement of the crowd, Karen Daly lowered her head and did not dare to look at Kevin in the eye. If she had known that he would come, she would used being on her period as an excuse to get away The host shouted, "Get ready!" The other three teams immediately moved closer and watched the apples falling between them with full attention. Karen Daly still kept her head bowed, thinking if she should just chicken out and admit defeat. However, Kevin Kyle said softly at this time, "Do you really want to lose?".

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