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Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 3:26pm On Apr 27


-Episode 1

It was early in Monday's morning in class 1 of Senior Secondary School, Mr. Okoro the biology teacher stood before the students who were listening very keenly to him, he is taking them on their favorite subject.

Anthony: [raises his right hand] sir! sir!! sir!!!

Mr. Okoro: Tony, is not sir! sir!! sir!! vagabond! [everyone in the class laughs] I resemble the missing fowl you and your mother dey look for that day? [the class roars in laughter]

Anthony: [scratching his head] sorry, sir.

Mr. Okoro: [gnashing his teeth] sorry for yourself, if you no get anything to ask yansh down, Tony!.

Anthony: I get something I wan ask, but em hard for me to talk am [scratching his head] sir ehn... them say one condom dey tear and the girl go mistakenly get belle, what if I use two the thing go still tear? [everyone in class laughs]

Mr. Okoro: will you all keep quiet! [silence roams the class] mumu question from mumu, if you like use ten condoms. if you and Angelina enter school toilet again all go tear! [the class roars in laughter]

Sandra: [sneaks in the class without noticing Teacher Okoro who is busy writing on the blackboard]

Mr. Okoro: young lady [Sandra jumps up in freight] my pant is missing on my waist, class make ona stand up greet Sandra.

Class: [every one gets up from their seats] good morning em wan wan tear my pant, we are happy to see you. Welcome late comer.

Sandra: [smiles and rolls her eyes, blows chewing-gum in her mouth] my children, make ona sit down.

Mr. Okoro: will you go inside! [Picks up his cane on the table and chases Sandra to her seat]

Everyone laughed at the way Mr. Okoro ran with his self-acclaimed British jump-up trouser and old coat with his long white socks upto his kneels. he kept back the cane were he took it earlier from the table and continued writing on the board.
At the back seat of the classroom.

Tracy: [carries her seat-mate's hand and places it on her laps, raises her skirt to her laps] forget wetin Pub dey teach, do me utooruru joor!

Jack: I dey fear [she eyes him and winks at him] I go do am, no moan well well oh.

Tracy: [he shifts her p*nt and uses his thumbs to rub her clit] aaahh! [M_oaning inaudibly]

Teacher Okoro: Jack! why your hands dey under your desk?, define puberty for us.



Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by tahir01(m): 4:38pm On Apr 27
Following. More ink to your pen OP
Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 4:40pm On Apr 27
thank you �
Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by xaviercasmir(m): 5:10pm On Apr 27
Another good one bro. Following already
Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 7:35pm On Apr 27
welcome, brotherly.
just a short ride
Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Dsweetnigga: 9:25pm On Apr 27
I don park this side oo
Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 9:36am On Apr 28


-Episode 2

Jack: [quickly takes his hand off from Tracy's c-unt and raises his both hands up] na my hands be this oh [everyone turns back and sees his fingers glittering with Tracy's w-et and they all laughs]

Mr. Okoro: will you all keep quiet! [normalcy returns to the class] am teaching, you dey busy dey look for hidden treasures [everyone laughs] oya define puberty?

Jack: [scratches his head and stretches his locked hands forward and then places it on his head] sir, issit me?

Mr. Okoro: [groans in frustration] no, na your papa wey dey bush dey tap palm wine [everyone laughs]

Jack: [hisses] I sabi am, shey na to define puberty? [The class echoes his name] puberty can be define as an age, wey your broom [uses his finger to demonstrate] turns to cucumber, and if you get cassava it will turn to tuber of yam. Black black grasses go start to grow for here [touches his armpits] and here [touches his groin]

Mr. Okoro: class clap for the slowpoke! [His classmates starts clapping and cheering him, Jack raises his both hands up in happiness] will you buttocks down! [Jack quickly sits and everyone laughs] lets continue, no mumu should disturb the class again oh.

A student wearing a black short and a white shirt came out of SSS2 class checking his time, he picked up the bell by the side of the corridor pillar and jingled it twice.
Mr. Okoro peeped through the SSS1 classroom's window.

Chinonso: [shouts] change of lesson. [and drops the bell]

Mr. Okoro: [checks his wristwatch once again] Chinonso, na African man time or Western time, you dey use?

Chinonso: [groans when he sees Mr. Okoro] sir, your time no dey correct oh. [he runs into SSS2 classroom]

Mr. Okoro: stupid boy, born by mistake and result of broken condom [he turns and sees a paper bounces on Adaora's desk and falls on the floor] who throw this paper?

Adaora: [gets up from her desk chewing gum] sir, as you open the window naso the paper fly enter from outside.

Mr. Okoro: [charges angrily] small br_easts sit down! [everyone laughs and Adaora sits]

Mr. Okoro went to were the folded paper is on the floor and picked it up, he went to his table and took his lens then wore it.

Mr. Okoro: [clears his throat loudly and reads] you sure say Emeka okoroafor don reach puberty age as Jack explain am? em thing no big pass my middle finger when em stand [everyone starts laughing] who throw this paper? [everywhere becomes silent] who is Emeka Okoroafor?

Emeka: [gets up from his desk with his hand up] sir, na me be Emeka. my papa na Okoroafor.

Class: [starts singing] Emeka where you go? I go shit. Wey the shit? dog don chop am!

Mr. Okoro: will you all keep tranquility! [he thunders and everybody keeps quiet] how many years you dey son of Okoroafor?

Emeka: I don reach twenty years.

Class: [starts singing] papa sss1! papa sss1!! papa sss1!!!


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Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by xaviercasmir(m): 11:59am On Apr 28
Bro you are really trying. You just your previous story and you are already writing two different stories at the same time. I salute you oooo. Keep it up

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Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 7:07am On Apr 30


-Episode 3

Mr. Okoro: will you all keep quiet! [he warns and the class returns to order] so Emeka [clears his throat] what is the size of your amu?

Emeka: [feigns angry] the thing is very big [shrugs] that person wey write that thing na just hater.

Mr. Okoro: one girl for Jss three don tell me say your pim pim dey like nokia pin [everyone laughs] that girl na hater too?

Emeka: [scratches his head] as she small like that she get borehole in between her legs.

Mr. Okoro: [picks up his belongings and stands before the class] any man wey drown for inside puna river, that person don fail to be a man.

Kelly: [gets up from his desk and raises an arm up] make ona give our teacher three gbosaa!

Class: [echoes] gbosaa! gbosaa! gbosssaaaa!!!

Mr. Okoro: [yells] idiots, will you all keep quiet! [points Kelly] no wonder, your papa na village town crier, like papa like son [Okoro exits the class and the class erupts in uproar of noise]

The school restroom is two built rooms faraway from the school main building, the staffs were ones with restrooms closed to the laboratory, that has little or no scientific equipment to carry out any test. Is either the contractor has refused to carry out the contract or the government are awaiting the beautiful ones to be born, with two wary doors that hung loosely on their holds.

The one at the right is for male while the one at left is female, tags has been placed on the doorpost to indicate. The restrooms were not really used as it was directed, it has always been used to carry out amoral acts instead of the call of nature, voices were heard from the back of the restrooms.

"Toto sweet" was boldly written on the wall at the back of the restroom, "don't forget jungle prefect" those write-ups are custom on walls of public secondary school "anybody wey say mix school no sweet na gay".

Two boys sat on a bench and a boy knelt before them with his hands raised up, both of them were puffing the sticks of cigar in their hands.

Bright [winces in pain] seniors, please na.

Nonso: [removes the stick of cigar from his mouth] your papa na senior! [sucks from the cigar again, he is awfully intimidating in stature] them never cut your tail, I be the labour p of this nonsense school.

Bright: [looks at him with disdain] labour prefect, I dey sorry.

Charles: [hits his head] apology accepted [brings out one hundred note from his pocket and gives it to Bright] buy agidi sixty naira, egg sixty naira, moimoi two, bring change of eighty naira come.

Bright: [he looks confuse] this money no fit buy all those things you mention oh!

Nonso: [spits on the ground] if this spit dry for ground, forget say you come register for this school or even get uniform.

Bright: [gets up quickly and walks away] wicked senior just full this school [he mumbles]

Charles: [singing] cigar, cigar, God go bless you cigar, na you dey make me high forget education.

Tom: [enters the scene breathing heavily] free ice cream, ice cream boy don enter school.

Without replying Nonso and Charles ran off, Tom followed them quickly passing confused Bright who has been thinking of who to borrow money from.

Bright: [jumps out of the way in freight and they all runs pass him] see them, see tear tear trouser.


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Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Fernangamex(m): 8:49am On Apr 30
Elvictor don show

Abeg make I grab popcorn

Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Smithwilliams826(f): 1:27pm On Apr 30
Elvictor don show

Abeg make I grab popcorn

Who be you? Come on carry hand commot from my popcorn
Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 7:11pm On May 01


-Episode 4

Dandy rode his bicycle with a box of ice cream on the front, if he had known the school very well. He would have avoided it like biblical hell fire, he rode to a tree shade far away from the school main building, close to the basket ball building were an incomplete building is situated just after the basketball court. A structure that the contractor have stole the money and ran away without completing, modus-operandi of Nigerians in power.

Distance voice: make ona come out for break time, mumu children [and noises erupt round the school as students marches out to have their lesson break]

Dandy: [smiling] my mind nofit lie, I be the only ice cream boy for this school environment, I must sell all my ice cream.

Cindy: [comes out of the midst of black and white, she walks to Dandy] how much for your ice cream?

Dandy: [grinning happily] fine girl, as na you. na just twenty twenty naira for one.

Cindy: [winks at him] I wan buy two, but I no get money to pay. But if you follow me enter that building [points the incomplete building some feet away from the basket ball court] you know na [smiling and licking her lips seductively]

Dandy: [his d_ick twitches in his brief] this ona school nodey thief?

Cindy: [touches his chest] them nodey thief na, the principal na very strict man. Nobody go fit try am.

Dandy: oya make we dey go. [Parks his bicycle and follows Cindy who leads the way]

The students started jubilating as they watched them enter inside the incomplete building, with speed of light all of them ran towards were the ice bicycle was parked to take one each for themselves.

Nonso: hey hey! Ona dey mad?! [he runs faster to overtake the others before him]

Mr. Johnbull the principal of the school was in his office having a quiet time, when two people on corper uniform appeared at his doorpost.
He asked them to come in and they did.

Corper Oyin: good morning, sir. Am by name corper Oyin Akindele.

Corper Aisha: am corper Aisha Ahmed, we are both transferred here.

Principal: you both are welcome, you can make yourselves comfortable, for years now government have stopped sending corpers to this school, I was surprised to know of you guys. But all the same, you guys are welcome.

Corper: thank you sir, we just came in to the village now.

Principal: your rooms are already prepared, the corpers quarter is in good shape. Let me send for the Senior Prefect to take you there. [Just then a students walks pass the principal's office licking ice cream] hey you, come here!

Steven: [grumbles inaudibly] this man again [walks in the office] sir, I greet oh. You say my come?

Principal: yes, go call ona SP for me [Aisha and Oyin exchange glances] tell am say make em come now now, the new corpers them don come.

Steven: em never come school oh, make I go check if em don come [he quickly runs out of the office]

Oyin: sir, you allow them to speak pidgin, I won't tolerate that [the principal starts laughing] I don't mean to be funny.

Principal: stay away from those devils if you don't want to be ruined.

Cindy stepped into one of the incomplete rooms without roof, brushed aside the elephant grasses that stood tall. Dandy helped her out and they made quite a good space to carry out the act.

Cindy: [raises her school's skirt up to her waist] hope say you sabi f_ck and your thing big oh!

Dandy: [quickly removes his belt and pulls down his trouser, with his boxer coming down to his kneels] see am na, I nodey carry small thing waka.

Cindy: [turns back and sees it, she wraps it with her palm] correct guy, na the type I dey like to s_uck and f_uck. Long, strong, black, and curvy.

Dandy: [Cindy kneels in betwixt his legs and takes his hard d_ick in her mouth] ahhh! choii! ewooohh! this girl don finish me! aahh ayyhh!! [groans loudly with his eyes rolling]



Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 4:46pm On May 16


-Episode 5

Beside the SSS3 class corridor, a branch of tree giving two guys who leaned on the window side shade. And another student who stood before them telling them something, Theo the Senior prefect of the school was the one arms folded hugging it to himself, beside him is Caleb his assistant.
While the one talking to them is Segun.

Segun: [he kicks his leg in the air] that goal too sweet me, naso Papa Ijebu go off television as Man U score Arsenal.

Steven: [enters] good afternoon SP, good afternoon Dsp and senior, Bulldog say my call you.

Theo: [hisses] tell am say I dey come, in fact tell am say I get running stomach and I don go house for treatment.

Steven: [climbs the pavement and whispers to Theo] one fine female corper don enter school.

Theo: [a hand pats him on the back and he turns] Joy, wetin happen again? principal say my come.

Joy: [rolls her eyes] I just clean something for your back, make you nodey form like say I like you. [She hisses and walks away]

Theo: guys, my go see Bulldog, I dey come. [He leaves]

Steven: [points his back and starts laughing, Segun and Caleb joins him. Without him knowing they starts slapping him] aaahhh! I don come down from the pavement na! make ona stop na!! [he runs away]

Caleb: Joy no get Joy at all [laughing] see wetin she do her crush, I tell Theo say make em f_uck this girl before she go give am rat chop chop one day.

Segun: guy, pub dey come oh! [both of them walks away].

The principal and the two new corpers came out of his office discussing seriously and laughing, Theo walked up to them.

Theo: sir, you say my come?

Oyin: is this the senior prefect?

Principal: [ignores Oyin] go show them the corpers lodge.

Theo: [without looking back] make ona follow me, no time to check time.

Aisha: [reads the paper gummed on Theo's back] you see this goat? na for sell, just ten naira [she starts laughing]

Principal: [laughing] Theo! Theo!! Theo!!! fine boy, escort them oh! ndor!! [he returns to his office]

Oyin: [laughs and stops] I will make sure I end all these madness in this school.

Both of them went after Theo, who was ahead of them walking without waiting for them.

Back to were Cindy and Dandy are....

Cindy: [pulls out his h_ard d_ick from her mouth and gets up] oya, na your turn to make me shout.

Dandy: you be bad girl oh! who teach you how to give Mouth Action like that?

Cindy: I dey watch p_orn na, you tok dey talk. F_uck me jare! [she carries her skirt up to her waist, Dandy pulls down her pant to her waist]

Dandy: spread your legs well [Cindy spreads her legs making the pant hanging on her kneels to stretch] see yansh oh my goodness [he spits on his palm and rubs it on his har_d di_ck]

Cindy: [holds the wall and pushes her a_ss backwards, Dandy separates her ass cheeks and penetrates his h_ard d_ick] aaahhh! aahhh! Aaahhh! f_uck me fast! [she bites her lower lips]

Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 4:47pm On May 16


-Episode 6

Aisha and Oyin walked faster to catch up with Theo who wasn't minding the distance he has created in betwixt them, they walked pass a big school farm and then a big mango tree.
After Theo walked past the big tree he walked directly to a building the painting was almost washing as proper maintenance was lacking, the repainting is an illusion as the Government have already forgotten about the building and the principal doesn't seem to be interested about the so called corper's building.

He removed a key from his pocket and trotted forward to the gate, he insert the key in the hole and turned the rusted gate gave cracking sounds and gave way to a compound. The weeds in the compound have already been taken care of and frequently swept over the years by the junior an instruction from the seniors, it was always used as end of year night party venue for the students.

Oyin: [eyes him menacing] what was the meaning of this nonsense?

Theo: [scoffs] you see that room [points a room at the right wing, the rooms were four in each wings and a kitchen is stationed at the other end with restrooms] na your room be that.

Oyin: [snarls] don't ever dare speak such English before me, if you can't speak queen English keep shut!

Theo: [chuckles] no be only queen English, na king English I go speak. aunty corper the next room na your own, I will come back later to check on you [Theo walks away ignoring their stares]

Aisha: [laughing] this school is na wa oh!

Oyin: what do you mean by that? 'Cause with what am seeing, these students lack proper home training and proper discipline.

Aisha: Oyin, please for now, lets get our rest.

Both of them agreed to that notion and they dragged their bags along to their various rooms.

At the back of the class verandah was a girl glued to a boy's body, he held her b*uttocks with his both palms squeezing it roughly as both of them were kissing, a boy walks in on them and Mmesoma broke the kiss and saw her boyfriend Jude, Mmesoma was a rich kid from a rich parents, she is the one providing most of the cameras for blackmail.

Mmesoma: Jude wait na! [she quickly runs after Jude and grabs his wrist] am sorry, is just a harmless kiss.

Jude: [shakes his head] yesterday na harmless se*x in the toilet, today na harmless kiss, the next one will be harmless ba*nging.

Mmesoma: [blushes profusely] no vex sweetheart, you know na only you I love. I just want change oil, I nofit leave you, you know I love. I bought something for you.

Jude: [eyes widen in amazement] talk truth, you buy something for me?

Mmesoma: I buy phone for you.

Boy: [glares at both of them] sas you don make me h*ard, if no be say you be my senior ehnn [he mumbles and leaves the lovers]

Jude was so happy about the the idea of having a mobile phone, he had never dreamt of having one 'cause his parents can't even afford it, no matter what Mmesoma does he couldn't leave her 'cause she is a financial bedrock to him.

Two girls were sitting under a tree behind them are students play soccer, Tina and Sandra were the ones under the tree. Tina is a girl in SSS2 while Sandra is in SSS3, three of them are extremely beautiful but Tina is the most beautiful girl in the school, Cindy and the two girls are best of friends.

Tina: where is Cindy na? the ice cream boy never still c*um or them dey for round two?

Sandra: na wetin me no understand again oh, her own share go soon melt finish oh.

Tina: [sees Theo walking pass] sweetheart, Sp come na.

Theo: [sees her and his mood brightens] my Tin tomatoes [he walks to were they are] how far Sandra?

Sandra: [sighs] I just dey oh, you don see Cindy?

Theo: [breaks the hug with Tina and shakes his head] no, I go carry those useless corpers go their lodge, that new corper go 'cause trouble if we no do something quick oh [he warns]

Back to were Dandy and Cindy were having se*x.

Cindy: [pushes her a*ss backwards as Dandy's thrusts becomes faster] ahhh! Aahhh! [she mo*ans and starts removing her buttons quickly, she didn't wear any bra] press my brea*sts oohh.

Dandy: [every contacts produce slapping sound of kpakpa] aahhh! Aaahhh! [he gets holds of her br*easts and starts squeezing]

Cindy: faster am there... Oohh oohhh aaahhh [his balls slapping on her cli*ts pushes her over the edge, and she uses her right hand to stimulate her cl*it faster] aaahhh aahhh [she tigtens her pu*ssy walls around his har*d d*ick]

Dandy: aaaaaaaaahhh [he pulls out immediately and starts spurting loads of c*um on the grasses] you sweet die!

Cindy: [cries out as she releases, catching her breathes] you sabi fu*ck oh! Just dey come this school everyday, pu*ssy no be problem.

Dandy took his d*ck back to his brief and zipped up, Cindy pulls back her pa*nt to her waist and drags her skirt down. She wiped the sweats on her face and put back her buttons in place.

Dandy was so happy that the school girls are very cheap, just mere two ice cream he had se*x with this beautiful girl. Both of them left the place, how wish he knows what awaits him. He wouldn't be smiling broadly as they left.

Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 4:48pm On May 16


-Episode 7

The strange sun mounted above Dandy suddenly and cold chills ran down his spine, fear crept in him slowly making his heartbeats rise with worries, he exhaled pleasantly sighting his ice-cream bicycle, he grinned and followed Cindy bu*ttocks rolls beneath the skirt, she is a beautiful girl. Dandy trotted towards his bicycle and mounted on it wiping away sweats formed on his forehead.

Cindy: [throws another gum in her mouth and starts chewing] oya na, open am give me my ice cream.

Dandy: [he quickly opens the cooler and peeps, his eyes widen in outrageous shock] no no, em nofit happen, I nodey see my ice cream again, no one [he mounts his both hands on the head]

Cindy: [blows the gum in her mouth and bursts it] if you no give me the two ice cream, na 5h you go give me oh.

Dandy: [shouts at her] you no get sense at all! stupid girl, ashawo without certificate, I nodey give you anything go die.

Cindy: [the male students around since it is still break time approaches the scene] em be like say something do you for head, I go show say my head touch too [she grabs his collar and hooks it tightly]

Josh: [approaches the scene with other students] Cindy wetin happen?

Cindy: see this mumu oh, em say my give am fu*ck say em go give me two ice cream. No ice cream even dey the cooler oh! I tell am say make em pay me 500naira and em dey here dey talk rubbish [she hisses]

Josh: [pleading calmly] guy oya pay am na.

Dandy: [retorts] I nodey pay any ashawo.

It was a surprise to Dandy as he was pushed down from the bicycle, he quickly got up to fight with Josh but was surprised to be confronted with two more students. With the three against him, he was lifted up and slammed on the field and three more students joined in raining blows and kicks on him.

One of the student quickly carried up the bicycle and threw towards the school field, it was by chance it didn't hit him. Josh curbed his pocket and saw two thousand naira, gave Cindy one thousand naira and took one thousand for himself and the students who joined, the teachers were on-lookers to what happened but behave they saw nada.

Mr Johnbull locked his office to go home, he had an important call earlier and his presence is required at home.
He was about leaving the frontage of his office for his car, when a young man approached him looking like someone who was dealt with, he groaned in disdain when he saw the bicycle he beckoned on to his office boldly divulge "come and buy your ice cream".

Dandy: [with cuts on his lips] good afternoon sir [he sucks on his teeth with pains]

Principal: yes, how may I help you?

Dandy: sir, your students stole all my ice cream and them beat me up, see my body [showing the bruises on his body crying].

Principal: [scoffs and shakes his head] who give permission to come sell for the school? sorry oh. Go and treat yourself, ndor!

He carried his office bag and left Dandy shocked with surprise, he tried getting his attention but the principal wasn't ready to hear more. He got in his car and drove out leaving Dandy stunned that the principal is leaving such matter that can destroy the school reputation as bluff, how wish he knows the great pit of hell the school is in.

Theo with Tina sitting on his laps and Mmesoma with Gina, these were the girls that has the biggest bu*ttocks that can turn any celibate man to hot-blooded p*ussy chaser were in the empty school laboratory, while Tina sat on his laps Gina and Mmesoma were on the tall stools.

Theo: babes, ona know the plan na, the target is that useless corper Oyin, make ona no fumble oh.

Mmesoma: you no know us again, we know what to do.

Gina: [bell sounds from a distant] them don ring closing bell, we go start the plan today.

Mmesoma: small small oh, Tina [Gina and Mmesoma leaves both lovebirds behind]

Theo: sweet, no fall my hands oh.

Tina: trust me sugar [she kisses his lips]

Theo: no come my house today oh, my papa don return, you know say na police officer.

Tina: trust me, I go seduce your father [winks at him]

Both of them started laughing and Tina got up from his laps, adjusted her skirt and both of them left the laboratory holding hands.

Chinonso were seen behind the restrooms with Bright who brought what they requested of him, Charles took the polythene bag and checked everything he requested of Bright was done to the latter.

Charles: good boy, Brighto. Welcome on board, you don get one star, oya tell us thank you.

Bright: [with grudges and bitterness growing irritation in his stomach] thank you labour p, thank you senior [he leaves there grumbling]

Kate: [quickly walks in on them with her school straps on her back, immediately the bell rings, she traces her way here] Chinonso!

Chinonso: [on seeing her, he groans in irritation and frowns] guy, I don go oh [he packs his share and leaves ignoring Kate]

Charles: fine gal, Kate whatsupp na?

Kate: I dey oh, why your friend dey do me like this na? [She sits beside Charles]

Charles: blindness dey run for em family, fine gal like you em dey mumu himself, see leave that guy em no know better thing.

Kate: you know say I like am well for me, help me beg am na.

Charles: I go do am for you [he quickly crashes his lips on her's]

She tried pushing him off her body but he was too fast and got hold of her round soft bre*asts behind the white shirt she wore, she couldn't resist his manly demand kiss.

Kate: [mo*ans in his mouth] aaahhhh!

He quickly finds his way to her pa*nt, it is finished.

Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 4:49pm On May 16

-Episode 8

He quicky got his hand inside Kate's skirt and sneaked his finger deep inside her pa*nt, he rubbed his finger on her cli*t and her breathes and ber skin heated up.
He was pressing his whole weight on her body, as she struggled effortlessly to get him off her body as she leaned uncomfortable on the wall, the bench shook and released her from his hold.
She quickly got up the bench and Charles sat back.

Kate: [breathing heavily] wetin bring this nonsense na?

Charles: [glares at her] why you dey form like this? I know say you don we*t oh! come make we finish wetin we don start.

Kate: [shows him front of her palm] waka, I nofit f*uck you. Na your friend di*ck I want, no be your own. I dey go house.

She tried to pick up her school bag but Charles stood up and fell her to the ground, he climbed on her body.

Kate: [she tries lifting him up from her body, her both hands places on his chest] commot for my body.

Charles: you go like am [he gets holds of her hands and crashes his lips on her lips] ummhh...

Kate: [he locks her both hands above her head and uses the other hand to raise her skirt up] stop na! [she struggles beneath him]

Charles: [uses his other hand and pulls his zip down and it catches flesh of his har*d di*ck] aaaahhh! I don die! [he groans with exasperation]

Kate: wetin happen? [chuckling]

Charles: I don go zip my di*ck [he gets up slowly and releases his di*ck flesh from where it entangles on the zip, it surprises him that Kate didn't make any effort to run] open your legs wide.

Kate: no! leave me hand [she tries getting up but he pushes her down and skillfully shifts her pa*nt aside, she is soak up with her we*t. he penetrates two fingers in her we*t pu*ssy] aaahh! commot na!!

Charles: [barks] shut up [he immediately rubs his di*ck on her pu*ssy libia and a quick thru*st he feeds her up] aaahh! Aahhh! [he groans as he slowly start moving his waist up and down slamming in and out of her we*t puss*y]

Gina with Mmesoma, and Theo hand around Tina's waist were walking towards the gate with their bags, Theo came to school with just a book folded to his back pocket.

Mmesoma: make we meet for school around 4pm, everybody on your bumshorts.

Gina: you wan make the corper ma*sturbate? [chuckling]

Tina: baby, I will come to your house oh.

Theo: na my father still see me as virgin, no come oh! my father don warn me say the first girl wey go enter my compound, go receive gun shot [all of them starts laughing]

A car pulled over and Mmesoma got inside the car after saying goodbyes to her friends, Gina and Tina with Theo hailed the old gateman with chewing stick and left the school premises through the gate.

Kate crossed her legs around Charles waist, his trouser pulled down from his waist. and the muscles on his black ass tightened and relaxed in every slurping thr*usts he made... Kpakpa!

Kate: assshh aaaahhh! [she moans her mouth wide opens and holds his back]

Charles: aaahhh! aaahhh! [he feels sweet sensation runs down his spine and crawls to his balls] i wan cu*m oohh! [he gro*ans out in pleasure]

Kate: cu*m inside me [his spe*rm shoots deep inside her p*ussy, her pu*ssy walls tightens around his har*d d*ick] aaaaahhhhh! [she squirts scratching his back with her fixed nails]

Both of them started catching their breathes after the sweet sensation washed over their bodies, they started laughing all of a sudden and Charles got up her body pulling his school trouser up to his waist.
Kate got up and pulled down her pant from her waist, and dropped it inside her schoolbag. her school shirt have been stained by sand, she brushed off the sands and smoothened her skirt.

Charles: I no know say you don bad like this oh.

Kate: [laughing] those by force se*x dey turn me on pass the normal one.

Both of them hurried away talking, the school will be soon deserted and they will be the only ones returning from school.

After Oyin was done arranging his room to his taste, he came out of the room and locked the door. He looked towards the kitchen and saw Aisha preparing something, he wondered when she left the lodge to buy something. He remembered when she sent a student to buy foodstuffs on her behalf.

Oyin: [his voice high] our lady, what are you preparing?

Aisha: [raises her voice above the pestle noise] soup oh!

Oyin: add my stomach.

He teases her and left the lodge, he went towards the classrooms, he was surprised to hear music sounds and wondered what was happening. He walked towards the classrooms and saw three girls twerking.

When Mmesoma saw his face on the window, he signaled the other girls with her and they turned their buttocks to him.

Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 4:50pm On May 16


-Episode 9

Oyin walked majestically inside the class with air of authority, Tina stopped dancing and hid her face shyly, she wore a skirt that is not glued to her body. And just a tank top that shows her stomach and flawless skin, mere looking at her Oyin body's harden.
He sat on a desk and admired the beautiful creature before him, she is truly beautiful he admitted.

Tina: good evening, sir. [she greets humbly]

Oyin: [her submissiveness drives him crazy] where are your friends?

Tina: [exclaims] oh! they couldn't make it today.

Oyin: come and sit with me [Tina humbly sits beside him playing with her fingers shyly] you are beautiful girl, I like you.

Tina: [blushes profusely hiding her face in her palms, Oyin removes her palm from her face] I like you too [she gives him a quick kiss on his lips and hides her face]

Oyin was drove to the edge as he gave all precautions to the wind and held her by the neck and pressed his lips on her's, Tina allowed his tongue to suckle and hoover in her mouth. she moa*ned into his mouth and Oyin lifted her body on his, she straddled him and started grinding on his bulge.

He couldn't get enough of her as his hands roamed on her bare back giving her hungry kisses that made Tina we*t her pant, she lifted her legs up by standing and zipped down his d*ick.
His hard d*ick stood like pole in betwixt his zipper.
Tina got down from his body and buried her face on the desk lifting her skirt up, revealing her flawless ass cheeks covered by g-string pa*nt. Oyin went mad with excitement as he felt the two soft a*ss cheeks in his palms.

Mmesoma and Gina were behind a mango tree waiting patiently for Oyin who had gone inside the classroom, they saw him entering but he didn't see them and he thought the school was empty.
Mmesoma was holding an Iphone and has already prepared it to view them.

Gina: come make we dey go, em be like say Tina don do am.

Mmesoma: you sure? [Gina nods]

Both of them walked steadily towards the class, both of them heard Tina moa*ning loudly and quicken their feet.
They ducked on a window to get a clear view, Tina's face was buried to the desk when Mmesoma started videoing.

Mmesoma: [her a*ss shoots up and her g-string p*ant resting on her left a*ss cheek] aaahhh! yes!! f*uck me!! Osshhh!!!

Oyin: [ his body drenches with sweats panting heavily as he moves his waist backwards and forwards] ahhh! ahhh!!! Am gonna spa*nk your a*ss baby!! [he spanks her a*ss and loves the way it vibrates, he continues spanking and thru*sting in and out]

Tina: [Oyin digs his hand on her waist as he reaches the point of no return] aaahhh! Ossshhh!! I love the way you sp*ank my a*ss baby!!! [Oyin starts thru*sting in and out of her we*t hole faster]

Oyin: [breathing heavily and panting, sensational urge washes all over his body and his body tightens as he feels his release shooting up his balls] aaahhhh! Ammmmm cummmmiiiijnnnnngggg!!! ah! ah!! ahh! [he moa*ns loudly his eyes close]

The fence beside the corp's quarter have been fallen by wind and no one cared about it, there is a mango tree in that area, George and Philip were there talking.

George: you sure say you give Junior the stuff?

Philip: I make sure say em put am for the drink em buy for her.

George: you sure say she no go know say them don open am.

Philip: see you, you no trust me again. na today I dey open and close bottle cover?

George: I no wan just waste my time here, the other corper don commot since. make em no return until we don do this thing finish oh.

Back at the lodge Aisha was busy preparing her lesson note when a knock landed on her door.

Aisha: am coming! [she gets up and opens the door to see Junior] oh! what took you so long? [she receives the drink]

Junior: my bicycle spoilt that is why.

Aisha: thank you.

Junior: aunty, you said you will teach me mathematics, remember the scholarship exam I want to write.

Aisha: sorry, come inside. but you will have to wait till I finish eating.

She allowed Junior inside her room and closed the door, she kept the bottle on the carpet and went to the kitchen to take food.
She came back and sat down on the carpet, while Junior started going through his mathematics text book looking at her closely.

The window was opened wide and Aisha opened the drink cover without suspecting it have been tempered with and gulped down.

The game have just started.

Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 4:50pm On May 16


Episode 10

Drenched with sweats and panting like an athlete who had gone 200metres, Oyin bucked and felt Tina's soft bo*obs in his palms and squeezed hungrily earning a throaty "oohhs" from her, he pulled out of Tina's sloppy p*ussy mixed with his sticky c*um and her own love juices leaking out the hole who was flapping like two wings of eagle, his d*ick limped from exhausting the c*um tank in his sack.

He admired her bu*ttocks and spanked the right a*ss cheek and felt pleased the way it shook with intensity at the pressured he applied, He tugged his d*ick back in his trouser and wiped away the sweats on his forehead, took a forgotten book on the desk and fanned himself.

A smile played on her lips, amidst the smile of satisfaction and triumphant, she got hold of herself and lifted herself up from the desk. She pulled the hanging pa*nt in betwixt her legs just below her kneel, stepping out of the pa*nt. She picked it up and wiped away the outcome of their shared se*xual passion from her womanliness.

She dumped the used pa*nt in her schoolbag she came with and brought a tablet threw one in her mouth and drank a bottle of water, Oyin stared at her in surprise.

Oyin: what is that? [with askance looks]

Tina: I would like to be a nurse when I grow up [she winks at him]

He didn't pressed further as he watched her packed her things in order and hung the bag containing all what she came with, including the mp3. They both shared a passionate kiss, Oyin melting in love not knowing it was all act of seduc*tion all played out well.

Oyin: I will go out first, hope you will come tomorrow? [he asks nervously]

Tina: [nods] promise, I will [she wears a smirk as a mask on her pretty face]

Oyin walked away from the class looking around like a thief who dreaded the police station like death itself, he got away from the class waving to Tina through the window.
Tina came afterwards and watched as he disappeared towards the corp's quarter.
Her friends sneaked out of their hide-out letting out girlish laughter, it was intoxicating as they indicated dazzling praise.

Mmesoma: girl, you bad, I pull cap for you [she salutes]

Gina: if you be runs girl ehnn... You go just dey jump from vice president bed to president bed.

Tina: waka! [shows her palm to her]

The three girls walked out of the school compound but suddenly stopped at the gate side, it was evening and sun is steadily setting on the sky dome. Mmesoma brought out her phone and played the video she recorded early, "oohhs" and "aahhs" with se*xual comments filtering out of the phone's speaker.

Gina: [spanks Tina a*ss] babe this your yansh sweet oh, sas the corper dey go gaga with em dey sweet me [three of them laughs]

Mmesoma: if Theo see the way the corper dey fu*ck you like say em life no get more batteries again, em go just collapse with jealousy.

Tina: [shrugs] em no sabi even f*uck like Theo, you know say Theo na se*x demon.

Gina: I go soon snatch am from you.

Gina ran away and Tina ran after her while Mmesoma called them to stop, she hate to sweat without getting her hole drilled.

Back at the corp's lodge.

She finished the bottle of fanta and started feeling funny, it was like a fire was set all over her body. It was so intense that her body heated up in wanton, she dropped the spoon on the enamel tray harbouring the plate of rice already eaten up. She carried the enamel tray out of her room down to the kitchen, her hands shook with sudden currents and she shuddered with passionate se*x appeal, her raging hormones rose like five million demons was let loose.

Her pan*t damped by her own juices, she didn't realized her hand have find a way to her trouser button, she quickly hold on and ran into the toilet and dragged down her trouser quickly slipping a finger down to her pan*t and she find away to ease two fingers inside her we*t p*ussy.

She felt the fire burning now with more rage, fi*ngering her own p*ussy wasn't enough to quenched that bit*chy hunger she felt, she scampered out of the toilet her legs wobbling as she skated down to her door and bolted it with loud slamming sounds that made Junior jerked.

The hor*ny se*xual hunger lit up her eyes as it shone bright-eyed, quickly she hardly have put on her trouser properly before driven mad by se*xual connection, she quickly took off her top and unclasped her br*a quickly and it fell revealing a round bre*asts with two thick pointed n*ipples on her them, Junior frowned in disgust.. As she masterfully kicked the trouser off her legs, remaining on just pa*nt.

Junior: aunty, what are you doing? wear your clothes please, you are naked before me [Junior says with dismay]

Aisha: please... Please... Junior, just give it to me, even if it is just the cap, please... F*uck me [she pleads earnestly]

Junior: [scoffs] no!

In a split of minute, Aisha lunched at his small frame and trapped him beneath her, panting and pressing him down with the strength of tigress.
George and Philip were at the window side capturing the moment, Aisha didn't care... she cared for nothing all she wanted is to quench her se*xual desire and climax.

This students no go killi person.

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-Episode 11

Aisha: kosi, just the tip [she pleads with beads of sweats forming on her face]

Junior: [struggles to break free, her bre*asts swung above his chest] stop! No [he screams and then pretends to be fighting her off]

Aisha locked his both hands above his head, it wouldn't have been possible if Junior had resisted firmly, she got the other hand down to his zipper and brought the zip down.
Junior is slim but tall, almost matching Aisha's height.
His ha*rd di*ck sprang from his opened zipper and stood like pole.

Aisha stared with bulged eyes at the huge black mamba standing in betwixt his zipper, his di*ck cap very pink.
She held his ha*rd and ran is palm from the tip down to the base, Junior stopped resisting, the itch in betwixt her legs didn't give room for pre-intimacy.

She quickly adjust and swung her leg over him and straddled him, aligning his huge big di*ck about 8inches long with it thickness like cassava tuber.
She impaled herself in him slowly slowly, it would have took more efforts if not her pu*ssy releasing love juices incessantly.

Aisha: [eyes shut] aaahhh! You are so bi...g oohh! [she lowers herself taking inch by inch] aaaahhh! [her eyes wide open as she takes every inch of him inside her]

Junior: ride me bi*tch! [he yells at her grabbing her bare a*ss cheek, her pan*t lay recklessly on her right bum] ride me! [he starts moving his waist up and grabs her bu*ms in his palms and squeezes]

Slowly slowly Aisha rocked him back and forth tightening and relaxing the walls of her pu*ssy, she placed both hands on his chest and rode him fast, like a tigress after her prey. Her mouth wide open and eyes completely white. Loud gro*ans and moa*ns echoed around the room.

Oyin half-walked and half-ran jumping in betwixt with a joy that a kid has when presented candy, he got to the entrance of the lodge and met Junior coming out.
his clothe looked tattered and around his clothe neck region damped with sweats, even his zipper.

Junior: good afternoon, sir.

Oyin: [he perceives the smell of aftermath of se*x] how are you?

Junior: I have to go sir, is already late.

He hurried away surprising Oyin who didn't mind in anyway, he couldn't let his joy be spoilt by pointless suspicion.
He got inside his room and sat on his bed, his phone rang and Ben his best friend called, a corp too, just like him.

Oyin: bad man, how far na?

Ben: how your area dey be na, I dey faggy my side oh... but pu*ssy scarce for this side like NEPA.

Oyin: eya... Here, I don knack one today. And the girl mad ga.

Ben: o boy, hope say no be your students you dey knack oh, if not... You know how em go end up?

Oyin: I nofit make that mistake, she tell me say she nodey school for the village. The girl clean die, I no reason her like village girl.

Both of them talked on and on, and concluded when the MTN lady's voice disrupted the call. Ben bade him farewell and ended the call, while Oyin lay on his bed still smiling.

Aisha fell asleep immediately after the rough se*x, she looked daze as she tried getting up from her bed. she couldn't believe Junior has that kind of bedroom prowess, to fu*ck her like the way she have never been fu*cked before.
Her conscience pricked as she brood over the thoughts of loving what she did with her own students.

She got up and opened the door just in time to see Oyin coming out of his room. she have not had her bath and she looked tire with scattered hair, like a woman whose hole have been drilled hard.
She tied towel around her body with long legs shooting out of the towel straight and eye catching.

Oyin: Aisha, what is the matter? did you fought with devil in your dreams? [he chuckles his eyes dancing in humour]

Aisha: [she laughs half-hearted] maybe oh, I was so stressed out after preparing lesson note.

Oyin let the matter go as he got out of the lodge to buy foodstuffs for himself, the next day wasn't school due to the late announcement in the night for nation strike.
the only power bargain African workers union could come out with.

Oyin just finished brushing and he decided to switch on his data to receive messages from whatsapp and then he could go in and reply them, he entered his room and brought out his phone and seeing a whatsapp message request from unknown number, he clicked it and saw a video.

He played it and was shocked, his hands shivered and sweats clouded his skin. He felt his body heated with confusion, the cup and brush dropped from his hand.
He quickly rubbed his face repeatedly believing who was ba*nging the girl wasn't him.

Oyin: Jesus! [he screams loudly]

Aisha heard his voice and rushed to his doorpost.

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The write up mad gon cool cool
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Episode 12

Aisha rushed to the doorpost and saw Oyin shaking and sweating looking at his phone, his hands vibrating threatening to drop his phone on the floor.

Aisha: Oyin, what is the matter?

Oyin quickly looked at the door frame and saw Aisha, he smiled wry at her.

Aisha: what is the matter? [she probes further, looking in his eyes searchingly]

Oyin: [shrugs] no, I am fine... I just got a bad news that one of my friend died in a motor accident.

Aisha: [exclaims] oh! sorry, it is well... Allah giveth and taketh.

Oyin nodded, his mind was far away. He took the towel and headed to the bathroom, Aisha stared at him and made nothing of his attitude. She shrugged and went inside her room, she took her phone and switched on her data.

A strange number sent a video showing on the notification bar, her eyes narrowed and she clicked on it. The number was not saved so she wanted to ignore the message but thought otherwise, she clicked on it and find a video.

She look confused wondering when she made a video, she clicked on it and what transpired betwixt her and Prince was been recorded in the video.

Aisha: [exclaims] kai!

The phone dropped from her shaking palms, she quickly picked it up and viewed the profile and saw the school's logo that she is serving.
She slumped on the bed and stared at nothingness, wondering what she will do about it..

The next day was school, Oyin was sitting opposite Mr. Mark who sat across the wood table, two long canes were placed carefully on the table. Books piled by the corner for marking, text books arranged by the side.

Oyin: [clears his throat] sir, I want you to be very careful of these students.

Mr. Mark: [shakes his head] we shouldn't be careful with them at all, they need to be treated as cow because they all act as one, I wondered why all the teachers are quiet about what is happening in this school? including the principal [he slams his table with both hands]

Oyin: [he exhales calmly wondering a way to inform him of the coming danger] all am saying is that...

Lucy: [enters] sir, good morning. We have you according to our time table sir.

Mr. Mark: am coming [she leaves] what were you saying?

Oyin: just be careful sir [he exhales in defeat]

Mr. Mark: [stands up from his chair and walks across the table, places his hand on Oyin's shoulder] whatever way they are planning to employ, am fully ready for them. We will talk later...

Aisha always stood at the gate flogging late comers ever since she started serving in the school, she was the only one doing the work.
With cane in her hand she waited for the late comers, the other teachers were busy in conducting the devotion.

Chidi with Queen walked in through the gate, Chidi hand crossed on her waist.
They acted like they didn't see Aisha...

Aisha: both of you, kneel down there! [she barks at them and both them starts laughing]

Chidi: aunty with big yansh, how far na? picture me rolling.

Aisha: you both are deaf right? [she raises the cane in her hand to flog them]

Queen: asshhh! Oohhh!! Jun..ior oohhh! I love your big di*ck [Aisha froze]

Chidi: aunty, you dey hear am? welcome to Kpakpa grammar school.

Both of them walked away leaving Aisha stunned, Mr. Mark came back from teaching the student with Lucy beside him.

Mr. Mark: Lucy, get me a bottle water.

Lucy: alright, sir.

She took the money from him and smiled, she knew his time to be trapped is lurking around the corner.

In Sss3 classroom, Oyin stood before the student teaching them chemistry.

Oyin: hope you all understand?

Theo stood up from his desk and raised his hand for a question.

Oyin: Theo can we hear your question?

Theo: what is the chemical composition of sperm? [the students starts laughing]

Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 10:13am On May 24


Episode 13

Oyin stood transfixed unable to move, he stared at the students open-mouthed. Ordinarily Theo will never asked such question before the leaked video, he realized he has been trapped in their ambit of manipulation.

Caleb got up from his desk and everyone turned to him as he cleared his throat loudly.

Caleb: sir, this one you dey look like aturu, you graduate well as chemistry teacher? why you no go know the chemical composition of spe*rm, but you can aaahhh assshhh! SSS2 girl.

Everyone started laughing, Oyin face colored up and he got hold of his books and left the cane he came with on the table, he knows he will never dare use it again or he will kiss his life bye bye. Which institution in their right senses will employ po*rnstar in Nigeria.

Theo: sir, you never answer me oh! [screaming on top of his voice] why the ion dey oxidize pikin [everyone starts laughing]

Oyin felt humiliated and useless, he walked fast as if he was chased by something that wants to take his life. He stopped running off from an unknown shadow, he lowered his eyes diverting it from the sun to someone's face. That he recognized and he saw Mmesoma with school uniform, he was startled.

Oyin: you!? [he points at her accusingly with his finger]

Mmesoma: [chewing gum noisily] sir sir, how far na, I missed the way you fu*ck me that day, when we go play returning match na?

Oyin glared her menacingly, he wish he could punch her face and send her to everlasting coma, all remains a wish anyways. He stormed out of her presence angrily.

Mmesoma: [brings condo*m from her pocket and throws at him] na Kiss I dey like use oh for re-match [she starts giggling like witch]

Mr. Mark came out of his office and looked searching around, he curbed the time on his wrist watch. Wondering what was taking Lucy so much time to just get a bottle water from the school compound, he made a resolution to go in search of her. But went against it when he saw her running very fast to him.

Lucy: [breathing heavily] sir... Si...r sorry, she didn't have cold one that is the problem.

Mr. Mark: go to your class and ask them to submit my assignment, any one who refused to submit should prepare his buttocks for cane redemption.

Lucy: alright, sir [she hurries away]

Mr. Mark gulped the bottle water and made a face, he thought the water to have taste. He shrugged, probably because his throat needed water desperately, he got to his chair and relaxed.

Kept the half bottle water on the table and relaxed, suddenly he started sweating. He was shocked, so he hurriedly start fanning himself, his di*ck started twitching in his brief.
Great se*x urge washed all over him, he looked confuse, his di*ck rose like pole inside his brief. Forming an obvious bulge in his trouser.

Mr. Mark: what is happening? [he mumbles confusingly]

His reason was lopsided and couldn't get anything straight, all he craved for was se*x. He hurriedly loose his belt and brought out his fully ere*ct d*ick oozing pre-cu*m. He didn't even care to close his door, he started jer*king himself fast to c*um, the more he does it... the more his release was far from coming.
He didn't notice when Lucy entered.

Lucy: sir, what are you doing? [she startles him]

Mr. Mark: [he gets up from the chair with his hard di*ck swinging right and left] help me Lucy, even though is just the tip.

Lucy: I don't like what I hate, sir biko wear your boxer, you are disgracing yourself oh!

Mr. Mark: [uses his finger to measure] even though na only the tip abeg...

Lucy: [exclaims] oh! you sabi speak pidgin, see you better wear your trouser because am going back to the class.

She went ahead and dropped the books she was hugging on the table, and wanted to leave.
He grabbed her forcefully on her waist and pulled her to himself squeezing her delicious melons.

Mr. Mark: why you dey act like virgin? I know say you dey enjoy this kind thing *sweating profusely]

Lucy: I go shout rape oh! leave me hand, you don old to be my papa oh!

This students ehnn... It is well.

Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 10:15am On May 24


Episode 14

Mr. Mark used the other of his hand and covered her mouth, he kicked the door and it slammed shut. He didn't look to the window, he would have seen that he was been videoed all along.

Lucy: [muffling] ummh... leave me alone.

Me: I go do fast fast.

He raised her skirt up with the other hand, he had trapped her to himself. He got hold of her pant and dragged to her kneel, Lucy bite his finger.

Mr. Mark: aaahh! [he screams in pains]

He quickly removed his hand and pushed her to the table, she hit her body on the edge of the table.

Lucy: aaahh!

He quickly pounced on her, carried her and place on the table. he quickly removed one of her leg from the pant and her pant was held by the other leg dangling mid-air.

Lucy: noo!! I will shout oh!! leave me hand [she starts waving her hands to fight him off]

He grabbed her two legs and shifted her to the edge of the wooden table, placed both legs on his shoulder, she wiggled on the table to get away. But he trapped her with his both hands holding her waist tightly.

He took one of his hand off her waist and penetrated her pu-ssy with two fingers.

Lucy: assshhh! stop na! [she start moa-ning slowly, her eyes cloud white]

Mr. Mark: [holds her nape and fingers her faster] ho-rny little slu-t.

Lucy: aaahhh! ahhh! is sweet me... stop... [she grabs the edge of the table strongly]

He aligned his hard throbbing co-ck to her now we-t hole and penetrated inside inch by inch, until his long curvy 8inches di-ck was buried deep inside her honey-pot.

Mr. Mark: you are such a little slu-t with a big we-t hole, ooohh! [he lets out an animalistic mo-an]

Lucy: sir stop na... [he starts pounding her very fast, her other leg hanging in mid-air with her pant dangling left and right] aaasshhh! ooohhh! faster!!

Mr. Mark: aaahhh! ahhh! [he starts unbuttoning her clothe, he pulled the buttons and it holes apart. her pink bra comes to his view] shit! sweet bo-obs.

He pushed out the two bre*asts from it cups and mumbled to himself, as he had the firm rounded flesh to his view.
her thick perky ni-pples stood gingerly for him to feast on.

Mr. Mark: [bends and starts handling and su-cking her ni-pples] ummhh... awwwnnn... [making animalistic sounds]

Aisha was teaching English in SSS2, she stood before the quiet sitted student.

Aisha: now... we should have master synonyms and antonyms ... can I have your questions?

Ben: [raises his hand quickly, she gives him a nod to go ahead] ummhh! umh! aunty oh! wetin be the opposite for big yansh? [everybody starts chuckling]

Aisha: [frowns] excuse me, I can't tell you that.

Jerry: [raises his hand and stands up to ask his question] corper big bumbum, wetin be the opposite of big amu... I mean amu ucheba [demonstrating with his hand]

Aisha: [the class goes crazy with laughter] I won't answer such stupid question.

Juliet: [raises her hand up and Aisha exhales, finally a girl is asking a question] aunty wetin be fu-ck? I mean define fu-ck and give me the opposite of fu-ck.

Aisha: [snarls] even you, Juliet!

Gabriella: [gets up] since aunty dey pretend say she never fu-ck before, my help am define fu-ck. Uncle please na!

Class: eehnnn!!

Gabriella: don't touch my bre-asts na.

Class: ehnn [choruses]

Gabriella: my mama will beat me...

Class: [choruses] ehnnn!

Gabriella: is sweeting me, harder.

Class: [choruses] ehnn...

Gabriella: faster!

Class: ehhnnn [choruses]

Gabriella: aahhh! oohh! am there...

Class: ehnnn [choruses]

Gabriella: aahhh! I have cu-m.

Class: ehnnn... [everyone starts laughing]

There is God.

Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 10:16am On May 24
the delay of your comments made the updates pending, make ona no vex... please drop something.
Re: Kpakpa Grammar School 18+ by Elvictor: 10:16am On May 24
I will update one more episode today.

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