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DREAMS by hadayshawlar(f): 6:46pm On Oct 14
Hi fam. My name is Hadayshawlar, if this is your first time of checking my post, HULLO.

I am putting up another story titled DREAMS.
If you are yet to see my previous story you can check it out

The first chapter will drop soon. WELCOME

Re: DREAMS by hadayshawlar(f): 10:04am On Oct 15


Fiyi looked at her mother picking out beans on a tray in their sparsely furnished living room.

The rug was threadbare but clean, the sofas sunken and the color of the living room faded. It was difficult to tell that it was once cream-colored. The family pictures were the only forms of decoration the walls could boast of. Majorly pictures of the children achieving different milestones.

She could see weariness boldly written on her mother’s face as she sorted out their lunch.

“Mummy are you sure you are fine?” She asked again.

Her mother had complained of a headache earlier in the day which is the reason why she couldn’t go to the market to get fruits for sale today. Her mother hardly complained of illness because she knew she was the head of their family and had to be strong for everyone.

“I am better now, I think.  I am just bothered about my customers getting to the stall and wondering why I am not there,” she sighed.

“You know these people, once you are not there they shift base. They can’t even call me now that my phone is spoilt. Ehn, I would have volunteered to deliver to them.”

“That should be the least of your worries mom. You are not feeling fine. It’s just for today. Health is wealth.”

“I know, it’s just the money. We are yet to get the money for your registration this semester and it is bothering me.”

“Mom when there is life, there is hope. I told you I will stay at the stall tomorrow while you do your run around.”

Her mother sighed deeply and continued to pick her beans.
Fiyi had her share in a bowl at her side. She worries about her mother a lot.

Her father had died when she gained admission into school and she had nearly lost her admission. The loss had taken a toll on their mother and the kids too. They were a close-knit family. Although they didn’t have much, they were content with the little they had.

Her father had followed her to her exam center, they had filled her forms and picked her course together. He didn’t wait long enough to attend her Matriculation though. She tried not to think about what they have been through since then.

Her younger brothers were thankfully in public schools, which helped reduce the cost of fees. However, they still needed textbooks and uniforms. Some petty stuff too that required money.

She stared into space and wondered if there was a way she could help her mother. She had gone in search of jobs but nobody wanted to employ a second-year undergraduate. She couldn’t even take up the minor sales girl jobs because of her lectures.

It was as if nothing was working. The only thing they had going was her mother's fruit stall. Thankfully they didn’t have to pay rent as her father had struggled to own a house of his own. The man had spent his whole life struggling to make his family comfortable. He had repeatedly told them he didn’t want his kids to live the kind of life he had to live.

She hardly invited her friends home, not because she wasn’t proud of her background but because their home had nothing to offer.
The last working T.V they had, had been sold to pay her fees when she was trying so hard to hold on to her admission.

Help didn’t come from anywhere. It took the effort of one of her mother’s customers for them not to lose the building over their head when her father's family came calling for his properties. There was no pity from them. Even the ones that had dined in their house when her father was alive were not left out of the fight for the property that did not belong to them.

“What was your brother's complain about this morning?”
Her mother interrupted her thoughts.

“I heard both of you arguing in the morning.”

“Don’t mind him. I think one of his teachers requested to see you about a form or a competition they wanted to sign him for.”

“Oh! You should have gone with him then.”

“I didn’t want to leave you alone, you were running a bit of temperature in the morning.”

“Thank you, my dear. I think it’s just stress.”

“You need to take it, easy Mummy,” she admonished.

“I try o, hmm I try. I saw my husband today again and he told me he misses me too and his children.”

Her mother sighed again and rested on the sofa she was sitting.

“You are scaring me, mom,” Fiyi said. She stood up and picked the tray from her mother's lap.

“I will just finish this up, just lie there on the chair.”

“I was just thinking, when I lost my husband, a lot of people promised to come to my aid, to help me raise you and your brother, where are they now?”

“Mummy! We talked about this. It’s you against the world. You are the only one we have left, we don’t want to lose you too.”

“I can not die now, don’t worry. I already promised my husband that I will see you through school. If I die now, what will I tell him over there?”

Fiyi shook her head and took the
beans to the kitchen in preparation for lunch and probably dinner.

Her mother and father had been the closest of friends and she was worried in the first few months how her mother was going to cope with the loss.
They had met in their youth while learning different trades. Her father was a furniture maker while her mom had learned how to make traditional fabrics.
Her mother had left the trade when it was no longer bringing in money as expected. Both of them had repeatedly vowed that they'd make sure their offsprings had enough to go to school and make a name for themselves. It was a pity that her father could not keep his promise.

“I left some grounded pepper in the yellow container her mother said from the living room. Just in case I fall asleep before you finish.”

“Okay, ma.”

Fiyi thought worriedly. If only she could get a source of income.


Here we are, the very first chapter. What thinketh thou? Lemme know.


Re: DREAMS by hadayshawlar(f): 1:40pm On Oct 17

“Good afternoon ma, what would you like to buy?”

Fiyi hurriedly crossed the drainage, to the car parked in front of her mother’s stall. She recognized the woman as one of her mother’s customers.

“I want bananas and watermelon, ” she replied

Fiyi rushed back to the stall to put some of the fruits on a tray to show the woman since she was not making an attempt to alight from her car.

“A bunch is 500 naira ma, ” she said trying to balance the tray on her knee and show it to the woman at the same time.

“I am your mother’s customer and she doesn’t hike prices for me.”

“I know ma, that is how we sell it, you can ask her anytime you come around”

The woman whispered to the young lady sitting beside her for a few seconds. Fiyi tried to look beyond the car to the hustle and bustle of the street and check if there was any other customer coming her way. 

The woman turned back to Fiyi.

“Give me four bunches of banana.
Where is your mother? she knows how to mix up the fruits for me.”

“She is a little under the weather ma, that’s why I am here.”

“Oh! Regards to her then.”

“Thank you ma”

“Tell me the kind of fruits you want, I can help with the selection.”

“I hope you won’t cheat me with the prices?”

“I will never do that ma,” she replied even though a quick glance at the woman shows someone who can do away with little change. The way she was trained will not allow her to cheat the customer even though she could.
She crossed the drainage back to the stall.

Fiyi gently picked up different kinds of fruits and put them into different plastic bags, according to their sizes so that the smaller ones don’t get crushed.

“Here ma,” she said to her. Fiyi noticed that the lady beside the woman was now talking on the phone and seemed to be unaware of what was going on in her environment.

“I hope you can find your way here, in case I want you to get me fruits? The woman said to the young lady.

“I am talking to you, ” she jabbed the lady softly when she didn’t get a response.

“I was on phone mom, ” she complained

“You could have nodded or something”

“Why do I have to come all the way here, can’t they deliver the fruits?”

“That’s true, ” she said and faced Fiyi.

“My dear, do you do deliveries?”

“Yes ma'am, if you want.”

“That’s better then. Get the fruits” she said to the driver. “How much am I paying?”

“5000 naira ma. I put in four bunches of banana as requested, Watermelon, carrots and oranges, and a few garden eggs.”

“You don’t have apples?”

“No ma.” She replied as she handed the plastic bags to the driver.

“The last time I came here, your mother said she needed to talk to me, can you tell her to call me?
I was hoping we'll talk when I come here today.”

“Can I have your card ma?”

“Oh! She has my contact. Just to be safe though, you can have this,” she said handing her a complimentary card and some wads of cash for the goods she bought.

The young lady in the car said something that Fiyi couldn’t hear, and it earned her another jab from her mother.


Fiyi couldn’t hear the mother's reply but was sure the last had said something offensive since she was still rubbing her side from the aftereffects of the jab.

“Thank you, dear, take care of yourself, ”  the woman waved as the driver joined them back in the car.

Fiyi watched the car go and promised herself she was going to be in the same position one day. Riding in her own car with her own kids even though she imagined them smaller she smiled.

“Is that your boyfriend?" her immediate younger brother said as he joined her in front of the stall. He appeared out of nowhere or maybe she didn’t see him approach because she was lost in thought. Obviously, he must have seen her attending to the customer.

“I wish.”

“As big as your school is, you can not get a boyfriend that has a car? he teased

“Shut up,” Fiyi replied and slapped his head.

Her brother was taller than her but they were close. He could be a torn in the flesh but it is understandable. Brothers are natural tormentors. Thankfully she was older than him or else he would have made her life difficult. He was in the final year in secondary school and hopefully would be able to gain admission next year. That was something she did not want to think about.

“See this girl, I am taller than you o.”

“I am older though.”

“Seriously, even girls in my school have boyfriends with cars but you, I am not even sure you have a boyfriend not to talk of one with a car.”

“Why are you here sir? She ignored his jab.”

“Mom said I should come and join you here,” he shrugged.
“That is the only way I could get her to rest. Moreover, she said she doesn’t want me walking around aimlessly. That woman needs to understand that I am a big boy now.”

“Yes now, big boy empty brain.”

“At least, I have the swag, and girls are all over me. What do you have?”

“Brain, to enable me do the right thing at the right time, to help understand that your exam should be your priority and not girls.
If you get anyone pregnant, you are on your own.”

“You are savage, go and marry and leave our house,” he grumbled

“The house that you built abi so that you can start forming man of the house.”

“I am still the man of the house the last time I checked, Bami is still a kid.”

“I want to buy carrots.” A customer said interrupting their banter.
Fiyi snapped her fingers at him before going to attend to the customer.


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Re: DREAMS by Ann2012(f): 3:51pm On Oct 17
Seat claimed

Prudysara, Khriztarl, Emex100 come and see oooo

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Re: DREAMS by PrudySara(f): 9:23pm On Oct 17
Thanks dear, Shift for me biko, where's the lacasera and peanut na??
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Prudysara, Khriztarl, Emex100 come and see oooo

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Re: DREAMS by Ann2012(f): 6:59am On Oct 18
Thanks dear, Shift for me biko, where's the lacasera and peanut na??

On the way wink

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Re: DREAMS by Emex100(m): 9:36am On Oct 18
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Prudysara, Khriztarl, Emex100 come and see oooo
thanks obim let me get those smooth and cupcakes

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Re: DREAMS by Adeola25(f): 12:49pm On Oct 18
Nice story

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Re: DREAMS by Khriztarl(f): 7:08pm On Oct 18
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Prudysara, Khriztarl, Emex100 come and see oooo
shift small abeg.

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Re: DREAMS by crossfm: 7:23pm On Oct 18
Popcorn and soft drink is so boring. Let me get bush meat and palm wine.
Re: DREAMS by blindedvision: 2:09pm On Oct 19
that was one of the best things i have read this week ! very well done
keep on going

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Re: DREAMS by hadayshawlar(f): 10:16am On Oct 20
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Prudysara, Khriztarl, Emex100 come and see oooo

Aww. Its nice to meet you here again. Thank you for the invites

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Re: DREAMS by Missmossy(f): 2:01pm On Oct 20
Present. Another banger as usual cheesy

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Re: DREAMS by hadayshawlar(f): 5:20pm On Oct 20
Thanks for the comments


It was a Sunday evening in Fiyi's household, it was during dinner that her mother had called their attention that they were supposed to have a family meeting.

She was feeling much better and had even gone to the stall with her yesterday.

She took her seat opposite her mother and waited for her brother who went to hang their school uniforms in the room in readiness for school the next day. Her brother sat beside her on the three-seater as they awaited their mother to start the meeting.

“First I’d like to inform you that it is nothing to be scared about, It’s about moving this family forward.”

“Okay,” Fiyi answered skeptically.

“As you all know, we have been trying to put a certain amount of money aside for your sister's school fees.”

Even the youngest son who was in grade 8 nodded. They all knew the situation of things in their family.

“Fiyi, you remember that my customer that gave you her card?” She asked directly

“Yes I do”

“I already spoke to the woman, and she has agreed to have you work at her place for a token.”

“What do you mean by her place?” Fiyi asked confused.

“Let me finish young lady,” her mother reprimanded

“Okay ma, ” she mumbled and adjusted herself on the seat, one hand to her cheek.

“We have a lot of bills to pay and I think this is the best way to get funds, seeing that we need to pay for your school fees and pay for your brother's final exams”.

Fiyi sighed. Still waiting for permission to talk.

“It's not easy for me, but I promised your dad I was going to do this and I won't let him down. We have come too far to stop now,” she finished

“Work for her as what?” Fiyi bursted out.

“She just wants you to help with little errands around the house”.

“House help?” Her brother asked this time

“Keep quiet there.”

“Mom, I can get a better job. I am better than that. Me, somebody's house help?” she said to no one in particular pointing at herself.

“Get a better job at short notice? When we have a deadline for your school fees. You intend to waste many years of study because of pride?”

“Mom I just think I can...”

“You think, but I know.” Her mother emphasized staring directly at her.

“She is willing to pay you well. In addition, it won't affect your studies. She is aware of your status as a student and will allow you to attend lectures and still work for her”.

“Her daughter is a snob mom. The few times I have gone their house to  deliver fruits, she looks at me as if I am dirt.”

“You have no business with her darling, your business is with the mother and it is for a period of time.”

“Can I at least think about it?
I don’t get how possible it is for me to work for the mother and not have to deal with the daughter.”

“Anybody that wants to eat honey from the rocks will not mind the axe”

“Mom, " her brother cut in. "I am the man of the house, I can look for something rather than have my sister go to the woman you are talking about.”

“Shut up there, man of the house. The last time you had a D in one of your subjects, nobody could sleep in this house because of your tears.”

Fiyi smiled, it was impossible to forget that day.

“You are smiling, I am trying to help you and you are smiling here,” the brother said pointing at her.

“Mom, I need to think about this, please. I may come up with something better,” she appealed

“If you say so, but once you don't have a better idea by the end of tomorrow, I am going to tell the woman yes”.


“Don't mom me, you think I like the idea of my daughter being a house help? That is the best we can get for now.
All the while you have been going round and they have been offering you peanuts that will not even feed you in school not to talk of paying your school fees.”

Fiyi just shook her head. After so many years studying in school and fuelling her dreams, this is the fate life has dealt her with. This is what life has resorted to doing to her.

Most of her father's family members deserted them immediately they buried their father and they realized they could not have access to his meager properties.

She had mates in school that knew their way. Girls that attended parties and came back with wads of cash. Maybe she should call one of them. It’s just a matter of blending with them. In this age and time, be someone's house help when she can slay her way into comfort?

She had been invited to parties severally, even escapades with the lure of money but she has never succumbed because she didn’t have a reason to maybe this is the reason she needs.

She was not bad to look at. At 5" 10, with caramel coloured skin which she rarely paid attention to , even though she was usually complimented for it. Some of her mates have said to her that she needed to work on her appearance. Wear good clothes and touch up her make up game. They added that this will compliment her looks and showcase her beauty.

The only problem she had was her conscience would not let her be.  Where would she tell her mother she found the money? Her mother trusted her to make good decisions.

In addition, she does not want to disappoint her father. This dream was for both of them.


“Ma,” she replied

“Did you hear anything I have been saying?”

“Yes ma.”

“So, deadline is tomorrow evening, if you don’t come up with something better, I am calling her.”

“No problem.”

“Fiyi, are you sure?” Her brother asked

“Doesn’t look as if I have an option,” she shrugged stretching out her legs on the space her youngest brother vacated.

“I am thinking of talking to some of my friends maybe they can help”.

“At what age, how many of them have money of their own, are they working?”

“No now, just the normal hustle. Help people with cutting of grasses, do minor chores, learn a trade or something”.

Fiyi smiled sadly. “You can’t do that, I want you to focus on your exam and being the good boy that you are. I will come up with something”.

“I know you are doing these things so that I don’t join bad gang and all. I appreciate it sis.”

“Ehn! so you can call me sis.”

Her brother just smiled knowing that despite the fact that they teased each other everytime, the love is real.

They watched their mother walk to her bedroom and continued to talk about other things.

“Man of the house, when you are done, lock the doors and make sure the security lights are on”.

Fiyi burst out laughing. Their mother would not allow him live that down.



Re: DREAMS by Ann2012(f): 6:19pm On Oct 20
Thanks for the update
Re: DREAMS by QueenBeeHive: 7:57pm On Oct 20
nice one
Re: DREAMS by PrudySara(f): 8:39pm On Oct 20
Thanks for the update
Re: DREAMS by favourtioluwa: 9:12pm On Oct 20
Thanks for the update
Re: DREAMS by Adeola25(f): 9:19pm On Oct 20
Thanks for the update
Re: DREAMS by Humbleness: 2:30pm On Oct 21
Thanks for the update
Re: DREAMS by PrudySara(f): 3:13pm On Oct 21
Thanks for the update!

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