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The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 7:10pm On Apr 28
The Rabbi (+18)

This being my first work I humbly request that it be criticized by the reader and if possible solutions to faults detected be prescribed.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the authors imagination and are not entirely true. Any recemblance to actual persona, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and not intended to cause harm of any sort.

Copyright © 2020 by Dite

Episode 1

Meridian college was my P.P.A (primary place of assignment). Initially, i was sceptic about private schools due to the fact that the students there tended to be spoilt and difficult, and most of all, I disliked teaching not that it was bad, but I had difficulty explaining one thing several times, in short I was impatient, anyway I didn't have a choice I would endure till the end.

The school compound at first sight seemed a bit large and definitely beautiful, the beauty was enhanced by the fact that all the buildings had been newly painted and shone in the sun from afar, there were flower hedges in front of buildings and the environment was neat, Some students loitered in the corridors of their classrooms. The school uniform was white shirts and black trousers for males and black skirts for females. I called a student and requested to be shown the administrative building which I was directed to, on arrival there, I was redirected to the principal's office at the end of the building by a plump and fair woman whose name I later learnt to be Mrs Janet previously divorced and that she taught geography. I reached the principal's office and knocked on the door, I heard a female voice say

"come in"

I immediately wondered if it was the principal who had such young voice, when I entered I was confronted by a dark young lady I estimated to be in her late 20's

"good afternoon you must be one of the corpers deployed here?"
"yes I was instructed to report today"
"Okay the principal is still busy, please have a sit"
"Ok thanks"

I then observed a door at one end of her small office, she saw where I was looking

"I amthe principal's secretary Cynthia Evergreen"
"am Erudite Alawei"

she looked at me with almost shock and tried to keep her face straight though I could see she wanted to laugh or smile

"Seriously your name is Erudite?"
"yeah buh u can call me dite sha"
"Dite it's nice, so what did you study?
"Mass communication at Uniport what about you?"
"Office management and technologies at IMSU"
"Are u a corper too?"
"No, I was actually a corper here last year but I was retained"

I observed that she was beautiful and I kept a note in my head to remind myself on my way out to ask her to a drink after school had closed today
I was about to ask her to tell me a little about the school but was interrupted when a lady and a man stepped out of the principal's office

"He's free now you can go in"
"Ok thanks"

When I opened the door I was greeted by the fregrance of strawberry airfreshner and the coolness of A.C, I noticed the office was spacy and tastely furnished with the portraits of The President, The Governor, a women I discovered to be the founder of the school and The principal, with a cabinet filled with trophies and awards.

The principal was of average height, dark, bald had a straight nose and beady eyes which gave him a birdlike look he appeared to be a strict disciplinarian. He shook my hand and told me to sit on one of the chairs opposite his large desk, on his desk was a plaque bearing "George Alabi, Principal Meridian collage " alongside the Nigerian flag and some books and files.

"so young man what can I do for you?"

I knew he knew why I was here but asked anyway

"Sir I was assigned to do my PPA here"
"ok let me see your documents"

i handed them over to him

"I hope this is a photocopy because you will be required to leave this with me"

I had already photocopied the documents that morning at a center outside the school

"yes sir"

While he was looking through my documents I observed him and noticed that his head shone like he had just applied olive or groundnut oil on it and I couldn't help but smile, he noticed me smiling

"Mr. Erudite can you share with me why you are smiling"

I suppressed my smile and answered him

"nothing sir"
"the way your smiling I hope you'll take your assignment here seriously and not smile away your time here"
"yes sir"
"ok you can be assured that if you do not, you will pay the price as I always tell my boys and girls"
"yes sir"
"so you'll teach literature
-in-English for the senior secondary as we just lost him and have not been able to get a qualified replacement yet, you will use his old office in the library building and on your way out tell my secretary to give you the keys"
"ok sir thank you"

I was about leaving when he stopped me

"ehm Mr. Erudite try not to be distracted especially by the girls and focus on making a positive impact during your time here"

I smiled inside me he doesn't know me sef .i would make impact of cause I just don't think it'll be positive

I told Cynthia what the principal said and she gave me the keys and told me she would check on me when I was settled, I smiled and thanked her while leaving. It was later that i realized in my excitement that I forgot to ask her to a drink.
I pondered whether to go back and do so and decided to, after all I wasn't busy yet.

I got to her office door and knocked but got no reply, I decided to just peep if she was probably asleep and discovered she wasn't in, I was about to leave when I heard a sound I could recognize anywhere, I grew curious and decided to investigate. The sound happened to come from the principal's door and when I put my ear on the door I could hear the moaning clearer..

to be continued..

Next episode..
Coming 30 April by 8:00pm
Stay tuned..

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by Austeeenxx: 10:50pm On Apr 28
First to comment! OP, fire down.

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 10:54pm On Apr 28
First to comment!
OP, fire down.
thanks will do so
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by royalguy123(m): 12:27pm On Apr 29
op let's do it sharperly so that the lockdown will not bother us the more nice update waiting for it with keen interest bro
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 2:50pm On Apr 29
op let's do it sharperly so that the lockdown will not bother us the more nice update waiting for it with keen interest bro
Thanks bro.. I'll update as soon as I can..
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by Jymac(m): 1:09am On Apr 30
Nice one Op.... let's keep it rolling ....
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 7:55pm On Apr 30
The Rabbi

Episode 2

The moaning sound happened to come from the principal's office and when I put my ear on the door I could hear the moaning clearly alongside some words I couldn't make out.

Cynthia was not in her office and did this mean it was she in the office?. I wondered after all this was not an uncommon happening.

I had heard of a man who had been caught by his boss having sex with his secretary and ended up being fired, though the secretary wasn't sacked apparently after offering her services to the man's boss.

I strained my ears trying to make out something but still couldn't make out any of the words clearly. I was so engrossed in trying to find out who was in the principal's office that I didn't hear or notice that the door to Cynthia's office had been opened and someone had entered.

"Ehm ehm Dite what are you doing?"

I almost fell out of shock while trying to hurriedly turn, I saw that it was Cynthia, I was partly relieved because I had hoped it wasn't her in the office and not happy that I was caught eavesdropping.

"Will you answer me?"
the harshness of her voice brought me back from my reverie.
"i-i wanted to to ehm see you"
"and is that how you happened to be eavesdropping on the principal?"
"calm down let me explain na"

She moved to the chair behind the desk covered with files piled high and sat down.

"ok Mr Erudite explain how you sneaked into my office and happened to have your ear against the principal's door?"

I observed that she was trying her best to keep cool.

"Cynthia I actually came to look for you to ask about my schedule"

I didn't want to tell her the truth that I wanted to ask her to a drink after school because that would have sounded improbable or patronizing even though it was true.

"So is that how your ear got to the door of the principal's office?"
"what happened was after knocking several times i discovered that the door was open and decided to check if maybe you were asleep, when I discovered you weren't in I was about leaving when I heard some maoning sounds coming from the principal's office and wanted to check if he was ok when you came in and saw me"

I explained in an exasperated tone. She looked at me disbelievingly but maybe changed her mind and just shrugged.

I felt relieved I had been let of the hook, imagine if she had reported me to the principal?

"and what did you discover was wrong with the principal?"

she asked in a sarcastic tone.

"I heard moaning and someone else's voice"

Her eyes shone, it seemed that she hadn't heard the sound when she came in and confronted me.
She stood up and went to check but the sound had stopped, she heard the sound of the door being unlocked and quickly rushed to her seat.

Out of the door came Mrs. Janet the geography teacher. Her wig was a bit disarranged and her skirt was not properly adjusted, she probably didn't notice it.
Cynthia and I exchanged suspicious looks. She was about going out when she noticed me and smiled.

"your the new corper who asked me for directions right?"
"Yes ma"
"ohh don't call me ma just call me Janet, ma makes me feel old. And what's your name?"
"am Erudite Alawei ma sorry Janet"
"don't worry you'll get used to it, so which subject are you going to take the students?"
"Literature in English for the senior secondary"

I headed out of the admin block with her as she offered to show me around the school.

I haven't described myself yet?
My name is Erudite Alawei my friends call me Dite, am going to be 24 years of age this coming December 22nd, I have a narrow face, bushy eyebrows,medium sized nose and sufficiently pink lips, I kept a low-cut, I am about 6feet, I don't consider myself fair in complexion though some people might say so but I prefer to say that I am light skinned, I wouldn't say I was muscular too in short I considered myself just fit. People told me me I was handsome and I do consider myself handsome.did I sound a little vain?. Ok maybe a bit but that's not my personal opinion it's the opinion of the masses.didnt the opinion of the masses matter most?.

She has succeeded in taking me on a tour of at least part of the school when she suggested that I show her my office.

"It's the former office of Mr Bade in the library, am sure you've been in it a couple of times before"

I was trying to disperse her so I could get back and ask Cynthia to join me in grabbing a drink after closing hours
But she insisted on going saying she had never been there before and had infact never had rapport with Mr. Bade since an incidence she didn't tell me had happened.
I agreed since we weren't far from the library anyway the faster she sees it and leaves the better for me.
We arrived at the office and I let her into it.

"Wow your lucky ohh..when the rest of the staff see that you were given such an office to yourself they might get jealous"

I shrugged, if they wanted to get jealous that was their problem not mine after all I did not give it to myself.

I sat on my chair and she sat on my desk. I wondered why she didn't use the chair.

"This place is hot is the A.C not working?"
"Yes there's a fault in the wiring, the electrician said he'll have it fixed tommorow"

I pretended to pick up a book in one of the drawers to read so as to discourage her from attempting to engage me in any discussion she might plan to have.

I saw through the corner of my eyes when she casually opened two buttons on her blouse. My eyes almost popped out.

To be continued..
Next episode..
3 may..

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by Pleasant01(m): 9:35pm On Apr 30
good one op... following
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by Odoogu(m): 8:25am On May 01
the rabbi!! remember who you are �
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 10:41am On May 01
cheesy wink Abeg help me remind am oo..
the rabbi!! remember who you are �

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 7:28pm On May 03
The Rabbi (+18)

This episode is dedicated to P.I get well soon dear.

Episode 3

I saw through the corner of my eyes when she casually opened two buttons on her blouse. My eyes almost popped out.
already my good and bad concience have started arguing and Mr. D had risen to give moral support to bad concience.

Bad concience tried encouraging me first.

"Guy no fuckup ohh"

Good concience responded with his soft and calm voice.

"Why you they tell am that kind thing na?..you don forget say we just see that woman inside principal office dey knack?"
"And who dat one help?"
"Oya what if she get STD? And remember you no carry condom.."
"Guy no fear just no put Mr. D inside just touch.."
"Ok what if person come the office?.."
"Na to lock door na.."

Apparently bad concience had won with his rough and coarse voice and had succeeded in convincing me.

I was already thinking of a strategy to take when Janet started coughing, I approached her and started patting her back.she bent down and her boobs spilled out of her blouse. Mr. D had already stretched and was nodding in excitement and approval. I reached out and grabbed her boobs.

if I die I die.

I was issued a groan of approval egging me on. I squeezed it gently and she moaned. She raised her head and kissed me on the lips.

Wait ooh no be that same lip she carry kiss the principal not too long ago?..but make I no just reason am.

I returned her kiss with fervour and she did the same. I lifted her to the desk still while kissing and continued the task of caressing her mammary glands. We were about to be thrown well into the waves of passion, when I remembered I had not locked the door.

I swiftly disengaged and hurried to the door to lock it when I heard footsteps in the hallway. I decided to just peep who it was and was shocked when I saw Cynthia coming towards my office.

I quickly and quietly locked the door and told Janet that Cynthia was coming. She hurriedly buttoned up and adjusted her blouse, whlie I unlocked the door and pretended to to be showing her out.

Cynthia reached the door at the same time I opened it and was surprised.

"Wow Dite it's like you saw me magically through the door?"

I smiled, if only she knew.

"no just finished gisting with Mrs Janet, she said she has a class soon so I decided to escort her out."

Cynthia looked a bit suspicious but she could find nothing fishy around.

"I came to give you your schedule and brief you on something's"
"Ok just wait here let me see Janet off"

Janet and I left the office. She gave me her number and made me promise to call her after school. I promised though I knew the chances of me calling her were next to zero.

I returned back to the office and saw that Cynthia was sitting on my desk and leafing through a novel she probably found in the office. If only she knew what had happened on that desk.

She explained the schedule and gave me hints on periods I should not miss because the principal did a routine check during those times and scolded teachers who missed their classes and was more unforgiving with corpers who neglected their duties.
I thanked her and asked her to a drink later in the day.she agreed and gave me her phone number before leaving.

I relaxed, just the first day and I almost got into deep trouble twice. I smiled, maybe I would finish this thing with Janet one day but for now I would try to keep my head low and stay out of trouble.

I did not have classes that day so I spent the rest of the time arranging the office and after the closing bell, headed home.

My house is a very short and trekkable distance from the school, infact I would spend a maximum 10 minutes if I decided to work at a leisurely pace.

I live on engr. Amadi street and the school was located on the next street. The compound I live in is made up of numerous 1 bedroom apartments which different categories of people live in.

There's the Yahoo boys, runs girls, bachelors, a corper called timi i recognized from camp but didn't know too well, a newly wed couple, an empty room which I was told was rented by a politician who only came when he was in the company of very expensive looking escorts.

I was told the runsgirls club had tried to catch his eye but failed and that the Yahoo boys adored the man and held him in high esteem, apparently because he always did not fail to bless them when he was around.

There is Jerry and Jude who rented the flat next to mine. Jerry was a wannabe musician who from the songs he claimed were his, showed clearly that his talent lay somewhere else apart from music, he had dropped out to pursue his music career which was failing fantastically, he had lately started hanging out with the Yahoo boys and Jude his roommate worked in a bet9ja shop not to far from the compound.

There is also D.j Marcus who was regularly frequented by the runsgirls and other girls he brought back from events.

When I reached home, I called my best friend Larry Lawal and told him how the day went. We laughed over it and he told me to be careful and sharp.
Larry had a huge pharmacy and seldom even went there as he was busy sorting contracts.

I showered and dressed up, I wanted to be at the location we had agreed on early.

I locked my door and called a tri-cycle popularly known as keke-napep or Keke in short.

I directed the guy to a lounge called queue where I had frequented a few times. on arrival, I wanted to pay when I checked for my wallet and discovered that I had forgotten it at home, I tried explaining to the driver whose eyes I hadn't earlier observed were res and he immediately jumped down and held the front of my shirt.

"Guy you wan whine me?..pay me my money jor".

His breath reeked of marijuana and I realized all my explanations where in vain he wasn't even listening he had already started raking and a crowd had started to gather..

To be continued..
May 6..

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by royalguy123(m): 7:57pm On May 03
op thanks for the update, one thing i like about you is this, you always tell us your fans when the next update is coming by God's grace we will all get there!!!!

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 8:28pm On May 03
op thanks for the update, one thing i like about you is this, you always tell us your fans when the next update is coming by God's grace we will all get there!!!!
Thanks o.p .. gradually we're getting there..
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by Austeeenxx: 11:13am On May 05
Good job OP.
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 8:50pm On May 05
Good job OP.
Thanks man..
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 7:36pm On May 06
The Rabbi 18+

Episode 4

His breath reeked of marijuana and I realized all my explanations where in vain, he wasn't even listening, he had already started raking and a crowd had started to gather.
People we're already voicing some violent opinions.

"Blow him mouth"

"him dey carry you play, slap am"

"If na me I don stack him teeth"

I was still trying to figure out a way out of this mess. I was with my phone so I could do mobile transfer but the driver had already gone past the stage of reasoning he was on cloud9, or should I just approach this matter with brute Force?.

I looked him over he was lanky and a bit short, obviously he was no match for me who did weights at least twice a week, but I was not ready to engage in a street brawl least of all days today. What if Cynthia came when I was battling it out? She would go back and probably never talk to me again. I was still calculating when I heard Cynthia's voice.

"Dite what's going on?"

Some people tried to stop her from intervening

"Madam leave them, na fight we one watch"

Cynthia shrugged off the man trying to restrict her and stepped next to me.

"Cynthia please give me 300 naira I'll explain when we're inside"

She opened her wallet and handed the money to the driver, he mumbled thanks to her, turned and stared at me with his red eyes and said

"You get luck"

At that moment, I had the impulse of giving him a very good beating but I controlled myself and laughed it off.
The crowd, obviously disappointed that no fight was going to happen dispersed.

Cynthia and I entered the lounge and sat at chairs near the entrance.

The lounge was not an extremely big place, it was just moderate sized. It had two pool tables at the centre of sparsely arranged couches, and chairs at different intervals, there where TV's tuned currently to CNN.

The bar was a bit distanced but directly faced the entrance no doubt so the bartender would know who entered or left. At one extreme end were sofas directly facing four TV's which was the gaming section. There were also paintings which littered the walls. Outside there was a stand which sold shawama, suya and some other snacks which was also owned by the lounge.

The atmosphere was airy and soft music was being played from hidden speakers.
I explained what happened outside and Cynthia laughed hard. I was slightly embarrassed but also happy that she had found it funny. She told me she had never been to Queue before and asked me how long I had been here in Bayelsa.

Cynthia could be described as an epitome of black beauty, she was of average height , not exactly skinny but just above so. She told me she was from Okrika in Rivers State and that her uncle had worked it out for her to do her PPA in Bayelsa so she could be close to home. She had an added advantage of gap tooth that made her look angelic when she smiled.
She ordered fried meat and coke, while I ordered just malt. She smiled when I placed my order and asked if I didn't take alcohol.

"I do it's just that I drink as minimally as I possibly can"

Our orders arrived and we we're so engrossed in discussion that we did not observe when our orders arrived. I noticed it first and brought it to her notice. She offered me some of her meat but I declined.

"Are you a vegetarian too?"

I laughed, I did like meat but these days I had difficulty eating if it was prepared for public consumption, she persisted on me telling her why.

"It's a not too long story, do you want to hear it?"

"Of course na..wasn't I the one who asked you to tell me?"

"Ok so there was this man who sold suya at a stand not too far from my house at P.H, due to the fact that he was very generous with the portions he sold, people came from far and near to buy, and I too patronized him frequently. One day, I went to buy as usual and discovered he was closed, I questioned the woman who sold popcorn in the stand next to him of his whereabouts and I was told he had been arrested by the police one night like that and had not opened since then. Few days later, I was watching the news with my dad, when the suya vendor was shown on TV alongside other men, they were being paraded by the police as ritual killers and cannibals, I almost vomited, I never found out if the charges brought against them where true, and I also never found out if i had been sold human flesh before, but that was enough to discourage me from eating meat in public places".

When I finished my narration, Cynthia looked at her plate of meat with reluctanc and then looked at me. We both burst out laughing. She still ate the meat though and I was persuaded to eat a piece or two.

Night came quickly and we left at 8:30pm, I proposed to see her home first before I proceeded to mine.we were on our way when rain started falling, she complained that her house was a bit distanced from the road and she would have to run under the rain.we hoped that the rain would stop before we reached but it didn't.

The road to her house was dark and we ran all the way to her door front , she told me to step into her house and wait till the rain was over, she handed me a towel to dry myself while she stepped into the bathroom to have a hot bath.

I looked around the room and it was moderately furnished and was neat and clean. It seemed like nothing was out of place.the room was painted white and a fridge sat at one corner of the room, a TV hung directly opposite her bed. the chair I sat on presently was opposite it's pair and was arranged at the center of the room. Her cosmetics were arranged neatly on the dresser.i was still looking around the room when she came out of the bathroom in a towel tied around her chest..

To be continued..
May 9..

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by royalguy123(m): 8:14pm On May 06
i am with you bumper to bumper looking forward to the next update once more thanks for keeping to your promise

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 8:17pm On May 06
i am with you bumper to bumper looking forward to the next update once more thanks for keeping to your promise
Thanks..praying for strength daily..
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by Odoogu(m): 8:39pm On May 06
my chest
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by Dacaller: 10:10pm On May 06
haaaas dis thing too short... I go wait here till may 9 ....may 9 slf b like a yr

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 11:02pm On May 06
haaaas dis thing too short... I go wait here till may 9 ....may 9 slf b like a yr
wink I dey here with you..
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 11:04pm On May 06

my chest
No get heart attack ooh..so you fit see the end of this Tory..

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by KaideeGee(m): 1:02pm On May 08
Tomorrow abeg do quick come...

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 7:26pm On May 08
Tomorrow abeg do quick come...
I dey tell u ohh.. can't wait sef.
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by Odoogu(m): 9:02am On May 09
It is today @Erudite0000
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 9:55pm On May 09
The Rabbi +18

Episode 5

I was still looking around the room when she came out of the bathroom in a towel tied around her chest. I was dumbstruck, if you had seen Cynthia with clothes then you had just seen a quarter of her beauty.

The towel ended just above her knees, I wasn't even aware that my mouth hung open until she laughed and pointed it out.

"Dite do you want to swallow me?"

I felt embarrassed that I had been seen clearly ogling at her.

She went to her dresser and brought out her body lotion to apply in my front.

I was confused whether to excuse myself without being told or to wait and see if she wouldn't care about my presence.

She turned back to me and amusingly asked if I wanted to see her unclothedness?.

I was confused was this a rhetorical question?, But the look on her face said otherwise I decided to brave it.

If I die I die, after all if she said she was joking I would say I was joking too case closed.

"Yes, am not sure there is anyone who has seen you in clothes who would not want to see you without"

She laughed loudly, so it was a joke, anyway I hadn't lost anything.

Imagine my shock when she stood up and allowed her towel to drop to the floor.

Mr. D had risen to instant attention and was already getting ready for the party. I was completely dumfounded and lacked the coordination for movement.
She kept laughing.

"Dite, if you see your face now ehn..I think I need to get a picture of you"

I finally gathered my composure and laughed at myself. Was is it not me that wanted to see her unclothedness and more, but I wasn't prepared for this. I hadn't carried protection and it would be foolhardy to take such risk.

Cynthia's shape was simply magnetic and I could not get my eyes of her .

I hope this babe no be mermaid ooh.

She walked towards me and gently placed her hands on my chest. My heart had started beating hundred times faster than usual and I was getting anxious.

Mr. D was already strained to the maximum and was close to escaping from his confines.

She leaned down and whispered in a sensual manner,

"I don't know why but I've gotten a bit attached to you"

"Just now?"

She laughed and squeezed her face.

"Dite your spoiling the mood na"

"Cynthia are you sure your in your right frame of mind?"

I wanted to be sure so I wouldn't be accused of rape or something else later.

"Yes, am I a child?.. but first go and shower am waiting"

The manner I dashed into the bathroom would have broken Usain Bolt's 100 meter record by some seconds. I had my shower in what I would describe as "under 10 sec". In no time I was in her room dripping water on the floor.
Cynthia burst out laughing

"Dite did you even spend up to 10 minutes?.."

"shey you know am anxious"

"Okay, since you don't want to bath properly am going to help you.."

Did I just hear properly?

Cynthia kept laughing it seemed she was having fun. She stood up from the bed where she had been sitting naked when I had gone to shower and held my hand and pulled me into the bathroom.

She turned on the shower.

"Dite I've changed my mind bath me instead"

Am I sure Christmas has not reached already?. I nodded in agreement anyway.

She handed me a bottle of body wash which scented a lot like her.
I gently applied it on her arms first, while I kissed her softly, I was in no hurry. She responded in kind and her soft lips tasted like strawberry. She wrapped her arms around me and I instantly forgot about the shower. I moved to her neck and kissed her gently she held my head tighter and moved her hands to my chest. I resumed kissing her generous lips when the light in the bathroom dimmed and started fluctuating.

Cynthia sighed.

"Why is this thing disturbing now na?"

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing it's just that this phase normally has issues and I switch it to another one"

"Let me go and change it for you I'll be back..shey it's by the right of your front door?"

I had seen it when we where coming in.

"Yes and hurry ooh"

I smiled, put on my boxers and hurried to the fuse box by the door outside. It was not really high so I stretched a bit to reach it.

Cynthia was waiting for Dite to return when she saw the current dip so suddenly, she jumped up from the bed. She wondered what was taking him so long, the box was just beside the door and it should have taken him just a few seconds to change over, maybe he was talking to one of the neighbors he knew or something. She decided to give him two minutes and then she would go to check out what he was doing.

The light fluctuated until it finally went off.

She sighed.

She switched on her phone light and headed outside. Once she opened the door she knew instantly that something was wrong. She perceived smoke and could not see Dite. It was after she pointed her torch at the ground that she screamed.

To be continued..
12 may..

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by Odoogu(m): 10:03pm On May 09
;Dsomething must definitely kill a man...
if you die no be sex kill you na " no common sense"

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by KaideeGee(m): 10:19pm On May 09
Lol. thanks for the update

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 9:07am On May 10
;Dsomething must definitely kill a man...

if you die no be sex kill you na " no common sense"
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by royalguy123(m): 3:10pm On May 10
Dite you for nor go be NEPA staff na,you for just fire fire na,which Kain delay be this joor
Re: The Rabbi (+18) by ERUdite0000: 10:01pm On May 13
The Rabbi

Episode 6

Tedi omotosho walked back home under the drizzle. He had waited at a roadside stall for the rain to subside before heading home. Engr Amadi street was a usually quiet and uneventful street, people where hardly harassed by thieves on it, police vans patrolled at least once at night, and days when robbers where suspected to be around, they patrolled several times. As he was walking past a porthole. He swore. A road where a sitting senator's house is located is in such a bad state and he was doing nothing about it. One time, a journalist had done a piece on the said senator which pointed accusing fingers at the senator as a perpetual fraud and purposely neglecting his people that voted him. Few days later the journalist was beaten up by some thugs to the point that his mother was unable to at first sighting verify that he was her son. The thugs also took some of his valuable properties and destroyed them in his front and warned him that if he wasn't careful his tongue and hands would kill him. He understood the message clearly and steered clear of the senator. People who heard of or saw the journalist now knew wiser than to utter anything against him. A police patrol van moved slowly down the street.
Ted reached his door just when the clock struck nine. He had gone to the parliament bar to relax a bit and had to leave there when another fight had broken out. Brawls broke out there more frequently than the proprietor of the bar wanted, and though he never invited the police he was always on the point of doing so when sheer reasoning and brute force usually separated the fighters.
Ted stepped straight into his shower once he got home to wash away the smell associated with bars and alcohol. While bathing he reasoned whether to invite one of those runs girls neighbors for sexual gratification but decided not to, instead he would ponder on the principles of Jainism and their canonical texts, he was not a Jain of course but enjoyed knowing and at times engaging in different religious practices, he spoke Arabic and Latin fluently and was learning Greek. He had attended the University of Ibadan and had studied religion, graduating with a first class, he had been offered scholarships to further his studies but he had declined. He felt school was a limited and controlled environment, he wanted to go into the real world and understand as much about religions as possible in short he was hungry for knowledge. He had done his PPA at meridian college taking the students in Christian and Islamic religious knowledge. The first batch he had taught all scored A's in their exams and he was immediately offered a permanent position in the school. He had tried to persuade the principal into letting him broaden the subject a bit but the principal had refused, he had decided to stay at meridian because he was being payed well and enjoyed teaching and enlightening children on what he knew and also on holidays he had peace of mind and was able to engage in other activities such as furthering his knowledge.

I stretched to pull the lever and then I felt pain all over my body and could see only blinding light and then darkness...

I woke up with a throbbing headache and could not see clearly, the only thing I saw was light. Had I finally arrived in heaven?. Then we're was the angel who was meant to convey me to my judgement or was this purgatory?. I hadn't been a devoted christian and I was certain that if the only criteria to go to heaven were those written in the Bible then I would not make it. Wait what about Cynthia? wasn't I at her place before I died?. I was still pondering when I heard voices. Maybe this was the angel whose task it was to direct me to eternal damnation, I heard the voice saying something about patient and asleep. I was still confused when I felt a sharp prick accompanied by coolness and then darkness.

Tedi who was called Ted the Nerd by his friends would be clocking 27years a few days from now and he pondered over his achievements, he found much to his distaste that he had not achieved much, and most of all he had been unable to extinguish his crazy taste for knowledge. He loved knowing things and not just general topics, although he enjoyed those too but religious and spiritual knowledge were his feed, he also loved mystic things, things that would normally scare any sane person instead it excited him to know.
Ted's physical properties was nothing exceptional, being dark and not particularly attractive he did not stand out in the crowd.he went for jogs to keep himself fit but not regularly. He hardly fraternized with his neighbors and kept mostly to himself. He spent most of his time studying one text or the other.
He stood up from his bed heading to his kitchen when he heard a loud knock on his door, he diverted and went to the door to check who it was, he peeped through the peephole and saw it was a man he did not recognize. He unlocked his door a bit to question the man when the door was pushed with so much force that he staggered back. The man entered and pointed a gun at Ted.

To be continued..

Sorry guys was a bit Ill..jux hope say no be coro Sha..but I'll try my best to be up and doing..

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Re: The Rabbi (+18) by Odoogu(m): 11:26pm On May 13
hope you good now.. stay fit and safe! health is wealth

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