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Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 12:59am On May 04, 2020
Chapter 1

Morning! Waking up from the America due to the blinding sunlight, Claire Wilson opened her eyes with a splitting headache What she saw was an unfamiliar room, and further down the room were the scattered clothes, Stretching her eyes, she used one hand to support her back, trying her best to recall what happened last night. She had been knocked unconscious. She really had no memory of what happened last night. At this moment, there was not a single strand of cloth on her body. The faint burning sensation of pain on her body stimulated her nerves.
No matter how slow one was, one should know what had happened. Claire endured the pain of her body and pulled her blanket tightly around her. The air was still filled with the air of desolation, Having overheard her stepmother calling her mother a mistress, she was furious and let her teasing stepbrother fall off the balcony. Subsequently, she was knocked out by the stepmother and her daughter pair Wake up, she was in this hotel. Claire pushed herself off the bed in anger and quickly picked up her clothes. Suddenly, a watch fell from the bed. On the back of the chair beside her, there was a man's suit jacket... Claire angrily threw the watch against the wall. He had taken away her innocence, so did he just use his watch to send her away? Go to hell! She walked to the bathroom, her bruised face reflected in the mirror. Her two eyes were black to the point that they turned purple, and her eyes were swollen. A pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes had now turned into slits.
Claire looked at her bruised face and thought back to the scene of the stepmother and her daughter violently beating her up yesterday Which bastard would choose to sleep so badly and still be so tough when faced with her face? He was simply a beast. Clarie ruthlessly scrubbed herself multiple times, to the point where she wanted to wash off a layer of skin. Only then did she shake her slender legs and leave the hotel. Ten minutes later, the other room door of the hotel opened and a charming young girl walked out. The girl looked proud and complacent as she quickly walked to Claire's room. She took out a room card from her bag and opened the door. Looking at the messy bed, she laughed maliciously. Following that, she forcefully lifted the blanket, which was covered in blood. She gritted her teeth and said, "She was indeed just a maiden, from the looks of it, she and Bryant had been together for two years, and nothing really happened. Great, if Bryant knew that she was already dirty, he would definitely kick Claire away." Just as Alice was about to take a photo of the evidence in the room with her cell phone for her mother to see. There was a knock on the door. Alice was shocked, she walked to the door with a guilty conscience, opened the peephole and peeked outside. "Who is it? What are they doing?" Alice took out her Qi and asked.
"I am here on behalf of my Young Master to thank you for saving his life." The man outside said respectfully. Alice was startled. After hearing the word "thank you", she immediately extended her hand to open the door. The man outside the door gestured to the two bodyguards in black behind him, and the two men immediately rushed in. "Hey, what are you guys doing ."
Alice was so scared that her face turned pale. "Don't worry Miss, we are only confirming that my Young Master did indeed spend the night in this room." The man still maintained his polite attitude. "Your Young Master?" Alice's eyes widened a little. At this time, two bodyguards walked out quickly. One of them was holding a suit jacket, while the other man was holding onto a watch The young man took it and looked it over, then respectfully gave Alice a name card: "This is my Young Master's name card. Congratulations, this Young Master will help you fulfill any of your wishes." "Who is your Young Master?" Alice hesitated, but still extended her hand to accept the famous door. "Dempsey!" The man enunciated the name clearly. Alice was stunned!.

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Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 1:03am On May 04, 2020
Chapter 2
Five years later! On the international class flying to America, in the economy class, a few girls held onto their phones as they secretly took photos of a pair of cute babies. The little boy wore a small checked shirt, grey jeans, and a pair of large, jewel - like eyes. Under his small, exquisite nose was a thin, red lips, which were moist and breathtakingly beautiful.
Beside him, there was an exquisite little girl about the same age as a doll. She had waist - long black hair, thick bangs that covered her snow-white forehead, a shiny gemstone hairpin, and a pair of crystal clear eyes that were just like a little boy's. She had a cute little face like a most exquisite doll, and her little mouth was pouting slightly as she bit on a lollipop, so cute that people couldn't move their eyes away. "Sis, stop taking pictures of us. If you continue, I'll get angry!"
Noticing that the girls were secretly taking photos, the little boy immediately tried to persuade them with a childish voice. Those 20 - odd girls next to him immediately felt embarrassed and turned on the camera with a flushed face. "Oh my god, so cute, so beautiful little baby. I can't take it anymore, I want to steal them!" "Can't you see that there's another woman sitting beside them? their mom is here, so don't think too much. " Beside a pair of cute babies, a young girl was napping, leaning against the back of a chair.
The girl had snow-white skin and a small face with melon seeds. Her waist-long hair had been pulled to the side and tied into a ponytail. She was wearing a loose black T-shirt and white denim shorts. She looked very pure. "Brother, do you want to wake Mummy up? Mother she haven't had lunch yet!" The little girl asked in her childish voice as she looked at the little boy beside her. "Let Mummy sleep a little longer, it's still early." The little boy was her older brother. Although he was still young, he had an early maturity to him. His pair of beautiful big eyes gave off a wisdom incongruous with his age. He was different from the naive and adorable little girl beside him.
"Mummy is so pitiful. She hasn't slept at all during the whole night." On the little girl's cute little face, there was a hint of affection "Emma, don't make our mother angry anymore, okay?" Frank stroked his sister's little head as he advised her like a little adult. "Mm, I'll be good!" Emma's tender little face immediately bloomed into a thoughtful smile. Half an hour later, the plane stopped at American Capital International Airport. "Mummy, it's time to get off the plane!" The little boy reached out his little hand, gently pushed at Claire's arm, and whispered into her ear. "Ahh.." Clarie woke up from her stupor, reached out her hand and rubbed her sleepy eyes, then looked down at the two cute little babies. "Sorry, Mummy is too tired. Have you guys eaten?" Claire looked apologetically at her baby dragon and phoenix, and asked gently. "We've eaten all the bread and drank a bottle of milk. Mummy, are you hungry? I left you bread and milk! "
Emma smiled sweetly, she was extremely cute. Claire sighed in relief, shook her head: "I'm not hungry, let's go!" After undoing the seat belts of the two Babies, Claire held onto one of them and walked out of the cabin. After five years, she had finally returned!.
Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 1:13am On May 04, 2020
Chapter 3
C-larie was in a bit of a trance as she lowered her head to look at her two babies, who was beside her. Five years ago, when she discovered that she was pregnant, she was determined to go to the hospital and get rid of it. However, she was told that her blood type was very rare, and if she took away her child, it would be very difficult for her to be a mother in this lifetime.
Fortunately, she had given birth to her children, a pair of phoenixes. "Mummy, our journey is here!" A cute little baby who was only four years old and was the most naive of times, was especially novel to everything. One big two small boxes were teleported in front of them. Claire took down the small boxes. "Let's go back to Aunt's home!" Claire come back this time because of the development of her work. A famous design company in the country had found her and was very interested in her idea of fashion design. When Claire was overseas, she had already emptied her pocket money and the living expenses that she had swindled from her father.
Seeing that her two children needed her to raise them, she had no choice but to give up her studies and return to work Coincidentally, her aunt's children had all gone out to study and work, so she was left alone at home. When she found out that Claire was returning, she took the initiative to help her take care of the two little fellows. Everything seemed to have been arranged perfectly.
When Claire got tired of wandering abroad, she especially wanted to see her relatives. Furthermore, her two babies had become more sensible as she had finally decided to set foot on her journey back home. As the three of them walked along the aisle, two incredibly beautiful babies caught the attention of the passengers beside them. "Such a beautiful dragon and phoenix embryo, and their genes are really good." "So cute, so cute. I really want to hug them." "Are they the child of some celebrity? Why does them look so beautiful? They are just like the dolls."
Claire listened to the discussions of the people around her about her children, and could not help but stare at the two treasures. Indeed, her dragon and phoenix precious genes were surprisingly good. The two of them were carved from the same mold, but there was a gender difference. Her son was handsome and her daughter was sweet and cute. However, the only similarity was that both of them were extremely beautiful. Not a single flaw could be seen on their facial features. On the streets abroad, there were people who would often come over to strike up a conversation, and there were even people who wanted to go over to two babies to do some advertisements. Claire caressed the little cheeks of her oval face. She kept having the feeling that she had not fully displayed her genes on the two babies.
Thus, what these two little fellows inherited weren't her good genes at all, but their father's. Thinking of their father, Claire felt cold sweat trickling down her back The man she had dreamed of for the rest of her life! "Mummy, what are you daydreaming for, should we stop a car?" A small hand gently pushed Claire, and her son's calm and pleasant voice sounded by her ear.
Claire immediately woke up from her stupor, squatted down, and adjusted her son's collar. She then patted her daughter's head and said, "Remember what I told you to do. Don't worry Mummy, you have to say hello to your aunt later!" Frank laughed like a little demon, like a ghost. Claire stopped a taxi and led two babies to it. The taxi drove off Airport Avenue and headed towards the city..
Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 1:16am On May 04, 2020
Chapter 4
Claire looked out of the window and suddenly, she saw a familiar face on the billboard. It was Alice. In these five years, she didn't know what kind of luck Alice had encountered, but she actually went from an unknown female student of an art school to a household name, Female Celebrity The pure woman? Heh, Clarie laughed coldly from the bottom of her heart.
As far as she knew, Alice had been changing boyfriends nonstop in high school. After entering the art school, she was even more of a rich second generation on the list, and had started to enjoy life in school. But now, she had transformed into a pure girl in the eyes of a man. Claire lowered her head, and held her two children tightly in her arms. She didn't want to dig into her past grudges. Her only goal now was to raise the two little kids by her side. Other than that, there was nothing else she could ask for.
The two little fellows seemed to be a little tired as they leaned against her bosom, their eyelids drooping. Emma's willpower was not strong enough, so she fell asleep very quickly. Frank was like a little man, although he was also sleepy, he kept herself from sleeping. In a while, Mummy had to hug his little sister. He had to stay awake and not let his mother get too tired.
"Mummy, that building is so tall!" Frank suddenly pointed to the tall building outside the window that was erected as a huge pillar that reached the sky, and exclaimed out loud. Claire looked in the direction of where he pointed with his pinky. Sure enough, in the middle of the large buildings, there were two more than half of the larger ones, and the most spectacular and one was the countess of corridors in the air between the two buildings. They were simply representatives of power.
"Yeah, it's big and tall, so spectacular." Clarie listened to her son and replied smilingly. "I really wish could go in and take a look." Frank hoped Innocently Claire burst out in laughter and rubbed his little head, "That's where people work, they won't let anyone see it." Frank pursed his lips. Hearing his mother's words, he felt a little disappointed. This beautiful building in America was called King's International. It symbolize owner's supreme authority in America, and also showed the owner's wealth and grandeur.
At this moment, on the first floor of the King's International Building, a silver Pagani limited edition sports car was parked in front of the hall. A young woman wearing a fishtail skirt stepped out of the car. Her wavy red hair made her look very coquettish. Without making a sound, Alice walked towards the elevator in an extremely charming manner. She pressed on the sixty-sixth floor elevator and thought that no matter what, she would see Dempsey tonight and invite him to her birthday party.
Alice lifted her enchanting long hair and intentionally moved it to her right chest, revealing her snow white and beautiful neck. had muddled on for a long time, so she was very clear which style men liked to enjoy The thick and heavy door of the office of the President of King's International was pushed open by the assistant. Alice walked in leisurely In a spacious and bright office, there was a black desk in the middle of the room. The entire office was filled with black, white, and grey, the cold and hard aura perfectly matched the owner's temperament.
When Alice stepped in, her charming eyes were like a straight line that was glued onto the noble looking man sitting on the big chair behind the desk. The man wore an orthodox black suit and a black shirt. His temperament was so expensive and mysterious..

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Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 1:18am On May 04, 2020
Chapter 5
Seeing that it was her, the man didn't move his gaze away from the documents on the table. With a calm voice, he asked, "Is something the matter?" Alice walked to the front of the desk with light steps. A sweet smile flashed across her exquisite face, and her voice sounded a little flirtatious as she said: "Manager Dempsey today is my birthday Could I invite you to my home tonight?" "Sorry, my trip today is packed. I can't spare the time to go over."
Dempsey's expression was still as cold as water, the woman's passionate invitation did not pique his interest. He had allowed this woman to enter his domain only because her body had saved his life five years ago. However, this did not mean that this woman could act as she pleased in front of him. After four consecutive years of rejection, the expression in Alice's eyes suddenly became dejected. She forced out a tinge of tears, causing her charming, sentimental eyes to fill with tears.
"Alright, I understand!" Alice suffered a huge blow. The man in front of her had held her up as the queen, but he had never been willing to be her king. This was something that Alice had never been able to do. Other men rushed to her like a flock of ducks, but this monarch like man treated her as air. "Anything else?" The man slightly raised his brows, revealing his deep face. Alice's entire body seemed to have been lightly hit by lightning, even her soul was almost sucked in by his terrifying pair of eyes.
The man's sexy and deep facial features were like a knife cutting. Every part of his facial lines were like those created by God himself. Her sexy and thin lips slightly moved, and his calm and emotionless voice instantly caused Alice to wake up as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over her. "It's alright, I won't disturb your work any longer. I'll be leaving now!" Alice embarrassedly held back her tears as she left the office in a hurry. As the night fell, Claire had already settled two babies down and had they be taken care of by her aunt. The two little guys had always been obedient since they were young.
As son who was born half an hour earlier, he had the bearing of brother and the bearing of wind criminals. Being calm and wise at such a young age, he could take good care of his younger sister without her explanation. Claire felt that the most correct decision she had made in her life was to give birth to this pair of adorable treasures, With them, she would have the courage to fight against the world. "Frank, take good care of your sister. Listen to aunt's words. Mom has urgent matters to attend to." Claire squatted down, rubbed her son's little head and gently said it again. Then, she held her son's little face and kissed him, and then she kissed her daughter's little head. First, Aunt Sophia looked at Claire worriedly, and said with concern, "You just took the thing and you come back right away, understand?"
Claire looked at her aunt's concerned face and nodded: "I know!" "Mummy, be careful outside." Frank caught up to her and took a few steps forward. His young voice was soothing to hear. Claire patted her son's head again, smiled and then pushed the door and left. She tightened her backpack. Her aunt was worried that she would get into a fight with someone of the highest rank, but she was much calmer. She was no longer the impulsive herself from five years ago.
This time, she only wanted to retrieve her mother's things. As long as they handed the things to her, she would immediately leave. When Claire rushed to the Scott Clan villa, she discovered that there was a long queue at the entrance of the Scott Clan villa. The roads on both sides of the door were packed with reporters and onlookers.

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Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by ashatoda: 7:55am On May 04, 2020
the link in your profile is connecting but it's impossible to read the story cos of no navigable links and confusion with so many ads. by clicking you see read 1 -20 click on it it just doesn't open the story
Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Dacaller: 12:45pm On May 04, 2020
hi,solution wheel ...wot about d other story my husband warm d bed ....always check SPL a time
Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by crossfm: 4:53pm On May 04, 2020
the link in your profile is connecting but it's impossible to read the story cos of no navigable links and confusion with so many ads. by clicking you see read 1 -20 click on it it just doesn't open the story
you are right.its just frustrating.
Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 12:29am On May 05, 2020
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the link in your profile is connecting but it's impossible to read the story cos of no navigable links and confusion with so many ads. by clicking you see read 1 -20 click on it it just doesn't open the story
Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 12:56am On May 05, 2020
Chapter 6
What was going on? Claire was startled, she didn't know what was going on but from time to time she would hear a few screams coming from the side, and amidst the screams, she could vaguely hear the name of a famous celebrity The celebrities came to the Scott Family to walk on the red carpet? Claire did her best to squee through the crowd.
Under the incredulous gaze of the crowd, she walked quickly towards the Scott Clan's main entrance. Female Celebrity, who was currently being shot by the journalists, suddenly saw Claire's appearance and thought her to be a domestic servant: "Hey, come over here, help me lift my skirt!" Claire turned around and glanced at the Female Celebrity and asked uncertainty: "Are you calling for me?"
"Yeah, it's you! Come over here and help me!" The Female Celebrity's tone was a bit impatient, as though lifting her skirt was a rare honor. "Sorry, I'm busy!" Clarie replied coldly as she left in large strides. That Female Celebrity had never received such a cold treatment before, and her face instantly flushed. The reporters on the side immediately took photos of her being rejected to help, while this Female Celebrity resentfully stared at Claire's back, and gnashed her teeth. Claire dress very casually. In the group of beautiful women's camp, she looked extremely out of place. Even the clothes of the Scott Clan's waiters today was better than hers.
From the moment Claire entered the door, she had been treated as a waiter and servant. Claire ignored them completely. She didn't want to enter this home anymore, and this place was no longer her home. Back then her father sent her abroad to live, so she did not take this place as her home. Today, she only came to retrieve the things her mother left her.
Once she took the things she left behind, she would immediately leave. Claire looked around the hall and saw Alice and her mother. After Alice entered the entertainment circle, it was as if someone had opened a wall, starting from the little unknown character, all the way up to her position. In the past four years, she had steadily become the number one of the popular entertainment circle, and so far, no one had been able to shake her position Stella was dressed in noble's attire, holding onto a bottle of wine, accepting the blessings from all around. Alice was surrounded by another group of young people, all of them had a lot of origins, and if it wasn't the current famous women.
All of them were speaking nicely to Alice, flattering her and fawning on her Alice didn't have any other abilities, the only one who made her jealous was the strong man she relied on. The feeling of being flattered felt good, so Alice had an enchanting smile on her face the entire time. But very quickly, the smile on her face frozen, her eyes widened, and she looked at Claire who was walking towards her in disbelief. "Why is she back? Picking a time like this. " Alice's inner disciple trembled, it was clear that she did not want to see Claire. She would never want to see this face again in her life. Claire had already quickly passed through the crowd and stood in front of Alice.
She calmly spoke: "Where are the things that my mother left for me?" Alice did not immediately answer her, she only smiled at the people around her: "You guys go ahead and play, I have some family matters to take care of, I'll chat with you guys later." "Who sent you back?" Alice's eyes were immediately filled with anger, as though Claire coming back was a matter of humiliation to her "I graduated, of course, I have to come back." Claire sneered. Alice's expression immediately darkened, and she said in an unfriendly tone: "You want your mother's things, come out and chat with me!".
Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 12:58am On May 05, 2020
Chapter 7
C-larie quickly followed her, and after exiting the gate, SHe stood at a small clearing beside gate. "Clarie, you really know how to pick your time. You come here on purpose to make things difficult for me, don't you know that today is my birthday? Look at how many famous people have come here. You come back, but dress like a beggar, are you trying to let people know that I have a little sister that can't even show off her face?" Seeing that there was no one around, Alice scolded Claire.
To call her a beggar, to say that she couldn't get on the stage, was extremely unpleasant to hear. Claire didn't have much of a reaction to her curses, it was just that her eyes grew colder, and her voice became extremely cold, "If you think I've lost your face, then quickly return my mother's remnants to me. I won't stay a second longer." "How many years has it been? Who knows if that pile of broken things are still there? Now, let me help you find it. I'm not free. Can't you see that I have so many guests to entertain?"
Alice crossed his arms in front of her chest with an impatient look on her face. She also didn't want to help Claire find those old things either. "If I don't get it, I won't leave." At that time, she was kicked out of the country and didn't have the time to take those things away. Now, she had returned back to her country and wanted to take away what her mother had left behind with her no matter what. "Heh, are you threatening me? Claire, it's different now, open your dog eyes and look clearly, what kind of identity do I have now, for a lowly status like yours, you don't even have the qualifications to bring me my shoes, do you dare to yell at me?
Do you believe that I will let the guards throw you out like trash?" There were a lot of reasons why Alice didn't like her, but there was only one remaining reason for her to hate her to the bones, and that was the incident that happened at the hotel five years ago. Back then, when she snuck into the room where Alice was humiliated by a man, she wasted to take a picture, and to announce her achievement to her mother. She didn't expect that a young man would come. The man didn't say anything further.
After checking the suit jacket and the alloy watch, he gave her a name card. Later on, she found out a secret. The man who had slept with Claire in the hotel that night was actually Wilson Family's Great Young Master Dempsey. At this moment, Alice was afraid that Clarie would return, afraid that the matter back then would be exposed. Clarie did not expect that Alice to be so arrogant after not seeing her for a few years. "I don't care who you are, I just want my things back." Claire's beautiful face was filled with anger.
Those things belonged to her mother in the first place, and they were left behind by her mother as priceless treasures. They were extremely precious and she definitely could not lose them. Just as Alice wanted to mock her ruthlessly, a light suddenly flashed in her eyes. She was startled when she saw the noble car outside the door. Soon after, joy blossomed in her eyes.#
Dempsey actually personally came. Too unexpected, too happy. Alice's eyes quickly swept across the furious Claire, she suddenly leaned forward and sneered at Clarie: "I know where the unlucky things are, but I just don't want to return it to you, it's fine if you don't come, now that you have returned, I immediately recalled the foolish thing you did back then, my brother's leg still hasn't fully recovered, Claire, do you know? I want to strangle you to death, and you even want to take something from my house. Hmph, no way. Tomorrow, I will put a torch on those dead people's things and burn them all."
Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 1:00am On May 05, 2020
Chapter 8
"How dare you!" Claire felt chills throughout her body, and her two small hands were clenched tightly in anger. "How do you think? Do you know what secret my father told me when he was drunk? He said you weren't his daughter. You are an ominous bastard ." Alice's gaze fell upon the figure that was getting closer and closer.
She was anxious, and did not know how to make Claire go crazy, so she told her the biggest secret that was hidden in her heart. "Shut up!" Claire's original reason was still online, but when Alice said that she was a bastard and even wanted to burn her mother's things, she was completely enraged. "What is it? Are you not convinced? Do you want to hit me? Hit me, Claire, you still don't have the balls!" "Pah!" Clarie fiercely slapped Alice's face. Alice immediately moaned tenderly, she covered her face that had been slapped, as though she had suffered a great injury, but her mouth was still sneering: "Clarie, is this all you have? A bastard is a bastard.
You will never be able to show your face in this life. It's too shameful ." "Alice." Claire grinded her teeth in hatred, she truly wished that she had a blade in her hand, that could slice this woman thousands of times. When she was so angry that she lost all sense of reason and wanted to slap her again, but Clarie raised little hand was suddenly grabbed by a large, iron-like palm. Claire turned her head to look at him in shock and anger, only to see a man's ice-cold, emotionless face. "You." When Claire saw the man's handsome face, she was so shocked that she couldn't even speak. It wasn't because of his exquisite and handsome face that she had lost her ability to speak, but because of this face...
Too much like her son. Seeing Dempsey walk over to stop Claire from hitting others, Alice immediately squeeze out her tears in grievance, covering her face with her hands as she spoke in a wounded voice, "Little sister, how can you hit someone so recklessly? What did I do wrong? You want to beat me up like this?" Before Clarie could even react to the man's appearance that resembled his son, she heard that Alice's arrogant tone just now had instantly turned into one of a bullied sheep. She was shocked again, her eyes stared straight at Alice, only to see her eyes were actually red, filled with tears, and truly pitiful.
Claire's brain short-circuited for a moment, and once again looked at the man beside her in shock. His face . It was very similar "This isn't scientific ." Clarie muttered a sentence that only she herself understood. Dempsey curled his lips coldly, treating Claire's shocked expression as a kind of infatuation towards him, and sneered with extreme disgust. "Why do you beat her up?" When Clarie heard his cold and tepid voice, her thoughts were immediately pulled back, and she realised that this man seemed to want to seek justice for Alice.
When she thought about how Alice called her a bastard just now and even wanted to burn her mother's things, the anger in her heart burned once again. "None of your business! Let me go! " Claire was furious, she immediately wanted to struggle free from the man's grasp. Alice suddenly looked kind and said gently: "Manager Dempsey, she is my sister, she doesn't have any ill intentions.
She just want me to introduce a few famous managers to her, if I didn't agree, she would ." Claire wanted to laugh when she heard Alice's nonsense. She was truly a person of the entertainment circle, the foundation of this acting, it made people look at her in a new light. Just a moment ago, she was even like a tigress with overbearing aura, pretending to be a good person.
"She want to become famous? With such average looks?" Dempsey had personally witnessed Claire beating Alice up. so he naturally treated Claire as a madman who wanted to be famous.
Re: Super Sweetheart Of The CEO Daddy! A Story by Solutionwheels(m): 1:05am On May 05, 2020
Chapter 9
C-larie felt extremely resentful, she did not expect this man to conclude that she was a bad woman without even asking about anything, and even scolded her for being average in looks. "Hurry up and let me go, as I said, it's none of your business." Clarie was so angry that she had almost lost all sense of reason. She had always thought that after becoming a mother, she had cultivated her temperament very well but today, she was completely enraged by this couple. "If you dare hit her again, I'll chop off your hands."
Dempsey warned her coldly When Claire heard this, she was really going to break down. She gritted her teeth in hatred and bit at the back of the man's hand. "Hmm?" The man did not expect this woman to be a dog. Her sharp teeth and sharp mouth even bit out a thin line of blood marks on the back of his hand. "Madman! Scram!" Since Dempsey was young, how could he have received such an insult?
He immediately let go of his hand in anger, and roared at Claire through gritted teeth. Claire's little hand had gained its freedom but it has also been pinched by this man. A layer of tears appeared in her eyes as she glared at Alice. Alice still had a pitiful and delicate look from being wronged and hurt, but when facing Claire's unwilling eyes, the pleased look in her eyes was extremely obvious. "Young lady, please leave immediately! Otherwise, don't blame us for being impolite. "
A few bodyguards who followed behind Dempsey ordered Claire to be expelled with gloomy faces. Claire's goal has yet to reach its destination, so she was not willing to leave. She wanted to rush into the hall and search for something by herself. Unfortunately, just as she moved, she was stopped by two bodyguards. In the next second, her petite and frail body was lifted up by one of the bodyguards "Let me go, I'll leave by myself, don't touch me, bastard!" Claire was so angry, Alice was hard to deal with, and now a man came to support her.
That man was obviously not someone to be trifled with, it's over, could she take her mother's things back? Claire was directly thrown out of the door. She, who was caught unawares, fell to the ground in an ugly posture. A few bored reporters, who were waiting for the news, immediately ran over to take a look when they saw a woman being thrown out. Seeing that someone was trying to take care of her, Claire was so shocked that she quickly jumped up from the ground and ran away without caring about the pain. No matter how fast she ran, her face was still captured by one of the reporters in the video. "Yet another crazy fan who doesn't care for her life. Being thrown out by someone is really pitiful and laughable." "This bunch of brainless fans really do owe a report.
Tomorrow, I will make a big headline and use this woman as a model to properly brainwash those brainless fans. See, this is the result of chasing after the stars." The two reporters took advantage of the fact that Claire had been thrown out and started chatting amongst themselves. Just as Claire was fleeing in a sorry state, the internet suddenly stirred up a gust of wind. At a very popular second recording studio, a two-minute video was crazily reprinted and discussed. In the video, there was a pair of beautiful baby pigeon pair, shocking the heavens. The two of them were like little cute babies from another world.
They were extremely cute. Once the video was uploaded, it immediately captivated everyone's hearts. They left messages saying that they wanted to steal this pigeon pair and bring them back home to be raised. The pitiful Claire and her two kids, they still didn't know, that very soon, they would cause a huge commotion on the internet. A pair of children was thrown into the air, but Claire, this pitiful little girl, was about to be stomped on to the point that she was less than mud. Claire awkwardly left the Scott Clan and stood far away. Looking at the Scott Clan villa which was lit up by the bright lights, she angrily bit her lips. If she couldn't get it back today, she would come back.
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Chapter 10
Frank sat on the sofa, playing with an electric robot. On the side, Sophia caressed Emma's hair that was tied to her waist gently with the electric dryer in hand. The little guy was young, but her hair quality was surprisingly good. It was smooth, with a lot of hair quality. Her face was as pure as jade, and it was indescribably beautiful and delicate.
"Mummy, you're back! Have you had dinner? " Frank immediately put down the toy in his hands and ran over to Clarie to take care of her. "I've eaten! After taking a shower, quickly go to bed. Tomorrow morning, you will report to the kindergarten." Claire couldn't help but kiss her son's little face and say softly Sophia had already blown all of Emma's long hair dry, and used a rubber band to tie up two braids for her "Clarie, you go take a bath first, I'll coax these two little guys to sleep!"
Sophia had raised two children in her life, so she had a lot of experience in coaxing children. The two Little Treasures of the Scott Family were especially obedient and sensible, shocking Sophia to the extreme. "Thank you for your hard work, aunt!" Claire thanked her gratefully, as tears welled up in her eyes. However, in front of her child, she had to endure the grievances she suffered.
No matter how much it hurt, she would never shed tears in front of her children. Although the babies were young, they were exceptionally intelligent. The adult's depression would also affect the baby's mood. "Foolish child, there's no need to be polite with me." Sophia could already tell that Clarie must have suffered some injustice when she returned empty-handed, and could not help but feel sorry for her. "Mummy, we will go to sleep first!" Frank walked over and took Emma's hand.
Two tiny figures entered the bedroom "Brother, I want Mummy to sleep with me ." Emma pouted her small mouth and made her request in a low voice. Frank turned his head and patted her cheeks, "Mummy will hug you after she takes a bath, let's lie on the bed first. Sophia immediately smiled gently. "Emma, let Aunt carry you and sleep, okay?" "No... I want my Mummy . If Mummy doesn't hug me, I won't be able to sleep... Emma's black eyes were immediately clouded with tears. She had always been well protected by her brother Frank. She was a little delicate, but not act up. "Idiot Emma ." Frank immediately made a face at her.
"I'm not an idiot, you're the bad brother!" Emma's cute little face immediately became puffy, and she started scolding him in her childish voice. Frank stuck out his tongue at her and ran mischievously into the bedroom Emma was so angry that her eyes were watery. Sophia couldn't bear to see so she hurriedly pulled her into her embrace to coax her. Sophia knew that every little fellow had their own habits before they went to sleep. Emma wanted to sleep with her mother, which was normal.
In this strange environment, the two kids were still not comfortable with new environment. It was hard for them to fall asleep at the moment, and the little guys who were cursing at each other just a moment ago had somehow gotten back together and were jumping around on the bed like little rabbits. Sophia stood on the side of the bed, watching with trepidation. "Be careful, don't fall off the bed." When Claire came out from her shower, she saw that the bedroom was filled with noises. She shook her head and laughed.
"Stop, stop. Mom will take you to bed. We still need to go to school tomorrow morning." Claire walked to the bedside and arranged the pillows one by one. She turned around and said to Sophia: "Aunt, you go sleep first, I'll bring them to sleep." "Alright, when they fall asleep, come over. I have something to tell you." Sophia did not ask her about the result now. Claire nodded her head: "Alright, when they are asleep, I will come over."

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Chapter 11
A-fter turning off lights, moonlight poured in from outside the window. In the big room, there was a 1.5 meter long bed squeezed with three persons, mother and two children! Claire Scott hugged one of them on one side while the two little fellows quietly stuck to her arms. They, who had been playing around for the entire day, were already extremely tired. Claire Scott gently patted their small arms as she calmed down. She still had to go to the Scott family tomorrow. Moreover, she had to take advantage of her father's time at home. #
Her step-mother and her daughter refused to give her back her mother's inheritance. But her father would definitely return it. The two little guys tease each other for a while before finally falling asleep in their mom's arms like little angels. Claire Scott gently pulled away her numb arms which her children had depended on. She carefully got down from the bed and under the warm light, she looked at the pair of adorable children with a gentle expression. No matter how wronged she had been outside, in front of this pair of children, she acted as if nothing had happened.
When she opened the door of her aunt's room, she found that Sue was still awake. She was wearing her pajamas and sitting on the side of the bed to drink water. "Claire, they did not return your mother's things? It's simply too much. " Sue immediately felt indignant for her. Claire Scott sat down and dejected. She still felt some pain as she looked at her hand that was tightly held by that man.
"Claire, go find your dad and have a good talk with him. He'll definitely return your mom's things to you." Although she was angry, Sue felt even more heartache when she saw her dejected and sorrowful expression. "Aunt, can you promise me one thing? Don't tell anyone else that I have two children especially Scott Clan " Claire Scott raised her head, her eyes pleading. "Of course I won't say it. If anyone asks, I'll say that accepted the money to help them take care of their children." The aunt knew that Claire Scott wanted to protect her son and daughter.
"Thank you, aunt!" Claire Scott revealed a grateful smile. Aunt Sue saw that Claire had forced herself to laugh, and sighed heavily again." Do you really not know children's father?" "I don't know, and I don't want to know." Claire Scott had never thought about this, so she didn't dare to think about it. "Sigh, if children had a father, you wouldn't have to work so hard by yourself." "I don't have any hard work to do. My children are very good. I am a very blessed mother."
Claire Scott smiled like a child. This pair of little treasures was already her entire world, and it was even more so her sunshine. Sue looked at her young face. She was obviously still a child The next morning, Claire Scott 's alarm clock rang on time. She quickly climbed out of bed, held onto a rubber band and tied her long hair, as she hurried towards the bathroom. "Claire, you're up?"Sue was busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen. "Yes, the children still have to register at the kindergarten."
After Claire Scott quickly finished tidying herself up, she started to let the two little treasures get up. She woke her son first and put on a little gentleman's suit. "Mummy... Hug..." Frank Scott's beautiful big eyes were still sleepy. It was obvious that he had not slept enough, making his look extremely cute. Claire Scott carried him onto her lap, and as she helped him put on her pants, she also secretly kissed his soft and cute little face. Frank Scott's expression was adorable, allowing his mother to kiss him repeatedly without any anger.
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Chapter 12
Claire Scott helped his son put on his clothes and wiped his face clean with a wet towel. When she wet out his younger son's black bangs and inadvertently combed it up, revealing his full and pure white forehead, Claire Scott froze. Then she turned and ran into the bathroom and came out with a comb. She brushed all of her son's wet bangs back, revealing all of his exquisite and beautiful face, "This is impossible.." It was too similar! The scumbag who helped Alice Scott yesterday also had such a hairstyle.
At this moment, his son looked like he was carved out of the same mold as. "No ." Claire Scott held a comb in one hand, and a towel in the other. Her eyes stared at his son's small face, and she subconsciously shook her head. Frank Scott washed his face and became much more clear headed. He raised his big black eyes and looked at Mummy's blank look, then immediately raised his little hand and shook it in front of Mummy "Mummy, what are you staring at now?"
Claire Scott immediately woke up from her absent - mind and covered up the panic in her heart. She said with a smile, "Nothing much, hurry up and go out for breakfast. I'll wake up my sister." Claire Scott's heart was filled with unease and worry. She must have been stressed because of her mental state. She had nothing to do with that hateful man. Emma Scott was much more finicky than her brother, Frank Scott. She laid on the bed with her small body, not moving at all, and continued to sleep. "Emma... Wake up, it's time for breakfast.
There's milk and bread! " "No..." The little guy muttered in a determined tone. "And your favorite lollipop...Green apple flavor ." "No, no, Mummy is so tiresome... I want to sleep! " Emma Scott was immediately annoyed by her mother, her small mouth also immediately became flat, as though she was about to cry at any time. Claire Scott could only sigh helplessly. Holding a small skirt, she let the little guy lie on the bed and helped her change into it. "Baby, let's not sleep anymore, okay? Mommy will take you out to play."
Seeing that there was not much time left, Claire Scott picked up her daughter and carried her out of the bedroom Frank Scott, who was sitting on the dining table and drinking milk and eating porridge was brimming with energy, immediately shouted out when he saw his little sister who was still sleeping soundly on his mother's shoulder: "Emma Scott, you're just a lazy bug ."
Emma Scott who was sleeping soundly on Mummy's shoulder immediately kicked her legs in anger and grievance, expressing her protest. "Little Frank, stop talking." Claire Scott immediately glared at her son in feigned anger, using her eyes to warn him not to mess around anymore. Frank Scott was most afraid that Mummy would glare at him with her strict eyes. "Emma, wake up. Mom will give you some milk, okay?" Claire Scott patiently consoled her daughter. This little fellow was born to be attached to others, and she didn't have the natural independence that her brother had. But it was normal for Claire Scott to feel that her daughter was sticking to her.
Emma Scott was so angry that she had already woken up. with a pair of watery eyes staring at her brother, Claire Scott took the chance to place the cup of milk next to her mouth, and Emma started to drink milk. To feed children was absolutely every mother's greatest wish. Under Claire Scott's coercion, the two little cute babies ate full.
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Chapter 13
W-hen Claire Scott was overseas, she got her aunt to help her contact a kindergarten in this district. At that moment Claire Scott brought a pair of treasures and went to register. The school fees was considered expensive. After Claire Scott finished paying the school fees for the two little treasures, he only had less than 10,000 dollar left in her deposit. She really had to save some money, and she had to work as fast as possible. The two of them had been taking up classes abroad for a year.
At this moment, they were the slippery customer in the kindergarten. Naturally, they were not afraid of strangers. The teachers were all sighing with emotion. They had never seen such a beautiful child before. After Claire Scott asked the teacher, she squatted down and rubbed her son's little head: "Frank, take good care of your sister. In the afternoon, Aunt will come to pick you guys up for school, Mummy is going to work, you'd better be obedient, understand?"
"Don't worry Mummy, I will definitely take good care of my sister and not let anyone bully her, you can go back to work." Frank Scott immediately replied with a very responsible expression. Emma Scott's eyes were already reddened, her small nose sobs twice: "Mummy, can you be the first to pick me up after school?" "Emma, Mummy is going to work today. Aunt will be the first to come and pick you all up." Claire Scott coaxed her daughter. Frank Scott grabbed his sister's hand and said, "Let's go, let's go. I will take you upstairs to play." With her bother's protection, the little guy finally had a bit of security. Turning around, her beautiful big eyes were filled with tears as she waved her small hands at her mother.
Claire Scott was actually quite at ease with his children, as they had a strong adaptability. She believed that in less than a day, they would be able to make friends and play with them happily. Now, she was in a hurry to report to the company. Claire Scott got off the carriage and anxiously rushed to the entrance of the company's main hall. The company name is known as One Thought Building that sounds elegant, the reputation is also superb. Anyone who could squeeze into the design company was a leading figure in the design world.
Claire Scott was able to apply for the position. Other than having a unique design concept, she also had some relations Her mother's best friend had already worked as a chief designer in the place. Claire Scott had recognized her as her aunt-mother even when she was young This foster mother was truly good to her. When she was young, she was the one who was influenced by her to come into contact with the design business. Right now, her aunt-mother was on her own, so she could give her a hand as well. At the entrance of the main hall, Claire Scott was wearing a black job suit She was 1.66 meters tall and had a slender figure. Her waist -long hair also revealed a hint of charm.
"Are you Miss Claire Scott?" As she waited, a voice called out to her. She turned around and nodded with a smile. "I am!" "I'm Designer Xipil's assistant. Come with me to handle the admission procedures." An ordinary looking assistant was shocked when he saw Claire Scott's outer appearance. He did not expect Claire Scott so beautiful. "Good! Sorry to trouble you!"
Claire Scott courteously followed the assistant and went through the registration procedures. Originally, she had planned to go and greet her foster mother, but unfortunately, her foster mother went out to do something. Claire Scott could only plan to leave first. Tomorrow would be the day and she would officially start work. She lowered her head and calculated that she would go to the market and buy some daily necessities when she had time. The elevator door suddenly opened. Claire Scott did not notice the group of people standing directly in front of the elevator door.
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Chapter 14
The man in the lead wore an orthodox black suit that accentuated his tall and upright figure. He had a handsome face as if he was sculpted from paper and had a pair of deep eyes that didn't seem to contain any emotion. He was cold and indifferent, making people not dare to act presumptuously in front of him. He had a hand in a pocket of his western pants. He had a reserved temperament and a strong aura. The dazzling light made the ordinary looking men behind him look dull.
Perhaps he was boring of waiting for the elevator he with his long, narrow and unfocused eyes inadvertently looked at the side of the elevator opening door. A familiar face flashed in the depths of his eyes. Dempsey Wilson squinted his eyes. He still had a deep memory of that stubborn and beautiful face. The bite mark on the back of his hand had not completely disappeared today, but Dempsey Wilson felt a dull pain from that place. Why would this woman appear here? Could it be? The staff?
A ray of light flashed Dempsey Wilson 's eyes, following that, he whispered to his assistant Larry who was behind him: "Go and see if the woman who went over just now was a employee of the company." Larry Immediately accepted his orders and went to do business. At this moment, the higher ups of the Company felt like they were facing a great enemy. The group headquarters had just announced the news ten minutes ago, and CEO Dempsey Wilson was coming to inspect the work. In a short ten minutes, the battlefield was full of chaotic.
In the company's meeting room, Dempsey Wilson who had finished his inspection sat on a chair and drunk tea by himself. Assistant Larry pushed the door and entered the room to report: "Young Master, that woman is a newcomer applying to be a designer today, her name is Claire Scott." Surname Scott? That's right, the crazy woman who bit him like a puppy last night.
"Bring me her information, I want to see!" Dempsey Wilson 's voice turned cold. Larry had long figured out the Young Master's style and had long took her information, so he was going to respectfully present it! Dempsey Wilson's eyes like pools of water, he swept over the resume in his hand indifferently and then threw it to the side, "Inform Personnel Department that this person is not allowed to hire."
Larry didn't dare ask for the reason. There was always a reason behind why Young Master did things. Since he felt that there was something wrong with this woman, it had to be right. Inside the supermarket, Claire Scott pushed a shopping cart and stood in the children's clothing area, frowning and thinking. "Her son's height... "How many?" "Emma likes pink. It's definitely not wrong to choose this color!" The season had changed, and the little guy grew very fast. After a few months, his clothes became shorter, so it was time to buy a few sets for each of them.
Claire Scott moved quickly to pick out a few more sets, and then headed towards the fresh area! Suddenly, the phone in her bag rang. She quickly took it out and thought it maybe her foster mother calling, but she didn't expect it to be the number left behind by the One Thought Building. "Miss Claire Scott? I'm sorry, but I have to officially inform you that your qualification to apply for the position has been canceled."
"What?But just now, your manager said ." "This is our supervisor's decision!"He hung up the phone hurriedly, and was afraid that she would become entangled with him Claire Scott was stunned, and she stared at her phone, unable to recover from her shock. What had happened? Just now, he had been amiable enough to let her officially enter the office tomorrow.
Her heart was filled with anxiety, but coincidentally her foster mother, Xipil, called her. I just received a call from the Personnel Department saying that your interview has been canceled? Do you know? "Xipil was also confused. "Yes, aunt-mother. Do you know why they cancelled it? We clearly agreed on it." Claire Scott felt wronged. "I'll ask again and call you back!" Ten minutes later, Xipil called again, "Aunt - mother, did you ask him clearly? Which part was wrong? "Claire Scott asked anxiously. Xipil remained silent for a moment, then said angrily:
"I heard that the owner of the company's headquarters decided not to hire you. Tell your mother honestly, have you offended our company's headquarters?
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Chapter 15
"-No, I just returned back from overseas. How can I offend anyone?" Claire Scott's mind was currently in a blank state. "Really? Think about it again. Have you ever met him?"Xipil felt that this matter was not purely an accident, there must be a reason behind it. Claire Scott pressed her head against the ground and went through the things that happened after she returned back. Then, she opened her beautiful eyes: "Aunt - mother, how does the boss of your headquarters look? I did bite a person, but I don't know if it's your headquarters' boss.
"If she were to speak of offending others, it must be the man.She had offended Alice Scott and that man. Very quickly, a photo of a magazine appeared in Claire Scott's sight. "It can't be, it really is him . Too unlucky, Claire Scott even had the heart to die. She was very satisfied with this job with high salary, and this work was relatively free, if not for the attractive conditions, Claire Scott would definitely not have returned so easily. At this moment, she really wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Because of Alice Scott, she had lost such a good job opportunity. "Claire ." "Mom, I'm finished. I seem to have really offended your company's boss.
"Claire Scott felt extremely wronged, but she was also regretful. Xipil sighed: "How could this happen? I finally managed to get you a job opportunity like this." "Mom, it's my fault. I screwed up. I'll look for another job. Thank you." Claire Scott felt as if she was struck by lightning and she was shocked. How could it be easy to find a satisfactory job in this world? Claire Scott returned home dejectedly.
Her aunt was not home, so she was hiding in her bedroom. At one point, she had thought that she was very strong, but facing such unfair treatment, she would still feel sad and unbearable. Just as Claire Scott was about to let out the grievances and dissatisfaction in her heart, the door opened, and a pair of cute children ran in with her aunt leading the way. When she heard the laughter of her children,Claire Scott's body stiffened and she anxiously looked for a tissue to wipe her tears. However, she couldn't find any tissue in her anxiety... "Mummy, are you crying?" Just as Claire Scott was panicking, she turned around and saw two pairs of clear, black eyes staring at her from the door.
Who bullied you? Is it a bad guy?" Frank Scott immediately walked over and asked with a pained look. Claire Scott immediately turned around, and used the back of her hand to randomly wipe the tears at the corner of her eyes, and forced a smile: No one is bullying me, I was just watching TV just now . Seeing that the female lead's life on television was so miserable, I couldn't help but cry along with it!"
"Mummy, don't lie to me. Do you really think we are three year old children?" "That's right, we are already four years old!"Emma Scott curled her lips and followed up with a strict justice. Sue stood at the door and looked at Claire Scott's red and swollen eyes while feeling heartache. However, in front of these two little fellows, Sue didn't want to ask her about her situation, so she only comforted her softly, "Did something happen?" "No, aunt!"Claire Scott replied with a face full of shame. If she knew that the two little fellows would come back so early, she would have gone to a deserted place to vent her anger. "Mummy, don't cry, I will feel heartache."
Emma immediately ran over and hugged her thigh. She stuck her cheeks close and said with her childish voice. "I do not cry! I just missed you two too much. Seeing you two now, Mummy is in a much better mood!" Claire Scott squatted down, hugged her daughter and endured all the sadness and grievances.

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Chapter 16
"Oh right, Mummy, I have something very interesting to tell you. Today at school, the teacher took out his phone and showed it to us, saying that we are famous online." Frank Scott immediately wanted to say something to cheer the Mummy up. Claire Scott was startled, and asked anxiously: "What's going on?" "Mummy, give me your phone!" Frank Scott reached out his small hand, and Claire Scott immediately gave the phone to him. The little guy skillfully flipped through Claire Scott's call records.
Having an extremely strong memory, he had memory for the numbers he saw before. At this moment, he naturally remembered the last two numbers that were called. Claire Scott was kissing her daughter's face,but she did not expect her son to already take her phone to do something. "Mummy, look, this is the video!" Frank Scott quickly found the video of himself and his sister being secretly filmed on the plane. Claire Scott took the phone and looked at it, and her small face immediately turned completely white. "Who uploaded this video? It's hated. Without my permission, they post my my children's video online. I want to sue them."
Claire Scott was immediately angered. She looked at the cute little appearance of the pair of children in the video and felt that they were indeed likable. However... The reason she came back to the country this time was obviously to hide these two children and raise them. But now, it had been uploaded to the internet. How could she not be angry? She lowered her head to look at the contents of the video. It was only two minutes, and only the little guy's face could be seen. There was no sign of her at all. She felt slightly more at ease.
As long as they did not record her in, she should be able to not attract the attention of the Scott Clan. "Mummy, you're angry!" At such a young age, Emma Scott had also learned how to observe people. Claire Scott nodded: "Of course, how can I not be angry? Mummy does not wish for you to become famous at such a young age. " Frank Scott put on an indifferent expression: "Mummy, wouldn't it be better if we became famous? If someone asks us to do an advertisement, we will be able to earn money to give you ."
"Little Frank ." Claire Scott immediately pretended to be angry and spoke with a serious face: "How old are you all? You are only four years old, how can I let you earn money to raise me?" "Mummy, as long as you are shameless, it doesn't matter."Emma Scott secretly laughed while covering her small mouth. "You two..." Claire Scott rubbed her forehead in anger. Although her children were still young, they had a lot of ideas. Of course, this was sufficient proof that her child's I was high, but how could she have the face to use these two little fellows to earn money?
When she thought of the money and she had just lost her job, her mood immediately sank. "Alright, let's go wash our hands. Auntie will be ready soon." Claire Scott led the two little fellows to wash their little hands in the washroom. At the same time, she reminded them in a serious tone, "In the future, if anyone stakes photos of you, you have to remember that they are not allowed to. "Understand, Mummy, I will not let them take photos of us!" "What about you?" "I'll remember it too!" The two little fellows immediately listened obediently. Mummy seemed to be in a bad mood, and it was best not to make her angry at this moment.
After Claire Scott finished her lunch, she sat down to submit her resume. In the afternoon, she received an interview call, After lunch, the little guy had to go to kindergarten. During Sue's lunch break, Frank Scott took out her phone from the table and made a call. "Brother, who are you calling?" "Shh, don't talk!" The call was connected as a woman spoke from the other end of the line: "Hello, this is One Thought Building. What's the matter?" Frank Scott immediately displayed his talent in acting:
"Elder sister, hello, I am Claire Scott's younger brother. Excuse me, did she succeed in today's interview?" "Claire Scott?" "Big sister, I'm begging you, my big sister came back and cried until her eyes were swollen. Can you tell me the truth? I'm begging you, big sister!" His tender voice, in addition to his acting talent, could make him sound so sweet when talking to big sister. The other party was confused by his words and told him the truth. "I understand. Thank you elder sister. Goodbye!" Frank Scott hung up the phone, his small face looking a little depressed
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Chapter 17
E-mma Scott who was anxiously waiting to know the truth immediately extended her hand to push him: "Brother, what's wrong? What happened to Mummy?" "Mummy has not been accepted by the company ." Frank Scott's small head drooped down as he let out a heavy sigh. Before returning to their country, the two little fellows already knew everything about Claire Scott, including what she wanted to interview and which company. At this moment, when they heard this result, their two small faces were extremely dejected.
Night came! The bustling city center had a quiet place where it was the most luxurious place in the city The people who came in and out were rich. Within a large private room, three men were seated under a bright crystal lamp. The table was filled with fine wine. One of the men was taking out his phone to play. Suddenly, he let out an unimaginable cry of surprise. "Dempsey Wilson, do you have illegitimate children?" That person's words immediately caused the face of the man with the wine cup beside to darken.
"Alan, do you want to die?"Dempsey Wilson swept a cold gaze, staring at the person who spoke randomly. A man by the side chuckled. "Alan don't joke around too much, don't joke around with Young Master Wilson who you can not casually joke,especially his reputation ." "Billy, come over here and take a look, I'm not joking about his reputation for no reason ." This man called Billy, had an extremely beautiful face with short, dyed brown hair, constantly displaying his arrogance. His handsome face was filled with pride.
Billy also had an extremely handsome face while Alan was clearly a little more mature with handsome face. "Come here.." When Billy saw that Alan was not showing any signs of joke, he immediately took the initiative and went over "Stay away from me ." Alan glared at him with contempt. Very quickly, two extremely beautiful little faces appeared in their eyes. "What..." At this moment, Billy who usually had a calm personality was also shocked by the two faces that looked extremely similar to a certain someone, causing him to sit up straight. Leaning on the side, Dempsey Wilson, who had a lazy temperament, saw the two people's surprised expressions, and frowned: "Did you guys see a ghost?"
"Young Master Wilson, not only do you have an illegitimate boy, you also have a an illegitimate girl". These words burst out from Billy's mouth. "Billy."Dempsey Wilson was already clenching his teeth Billy snatched Alan's phone, without saying a word, and he squeezed to Alan's side and played the video on his phone again. Dempsey Wilson's brows immediately tightened into a knot. "Where did this little guy come from? Do they look like me?" The moment Dempsey Wilson saw it, his heart was already shocked senseless.
But very quickly, he felt that it was absolutely impossible. He had slept with a woman before, but there was only one . It was because he needed help that he couldn't help but borrow her body to sleep. Since Alice Scott wasn't pregnant, he naturally wouldn't have children either " They look like that it was carved from the same mold."Billy nodded with absolute certainty. Alan answered in an extremely serious manner, "Dempsey. feel that you really need to investigate this matter. Who knows which woman it might .steal your seed when you weren't paying attention to it."
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Chapter 18
"Heh, steal my seed? Is that possible? "Dempsey Wilson laughed sarcastically, as he felt that this was a big joke. "Then how can you explain why these two children look so much like you? If they were not your children, then it would definitely belong to your brother." No matter what he is definitely a descendant of your Family, hurry up and check. " Billy also had a serious expression. Dempsey Wilson originally thought it was nothing more than a joke, but now, he could see that his two good friends weren't even trying to joke around. He immediately slammed his fists on the armrest of the chair in anger, "This worthless guy already was warned him to stop messing around outside.
He actually dared to make children for me, watch how I deal with him." "Your little brother is a Super Star, maybe he has illegitimate children or something ." "Shut up!" Dempsey Wilson immediately flew over and coldly looked, then, he finished the cup in one gulp, threw the cup down, took his jacket and left. Six black limousines escorted the limousine through the dark city. Inside the car, the warm rays of light outlined the man's handsome and angular face. His pair of eagle-like eyes stared out of the window for a moment.
After that, he picked up his phone and flipped through it a few times with his slender fingers. He easily found the videos that suddenly became popular on the internet. He scrolled down and browsed through the comments section . "Don't tell me that I'm the only one who realize that these two children look very similar to the famous Joshua Wilson? Could it be his illegitimate children?" "It can't be too similar. Only the eyebrows are a little similar." "It's no secret that the celebrities' private lives are in chaos."
"The two children are so cute and beautiful, I really want to hug their mother!" The word 'mother' caught the man's cold gaze. Some of the comments above already influenced his younger brother's reputation. This matter had to be clarified, If it was really this fellow who did it... Dempsey Wilson rubbed his forehead in annoyance. He could not remember how many troubles he had to deal with for his little brother Now, his younger brother was on leave abroad, and the matter of investigating the illegitimate children had fallen to him. Dempsey Wilson called his assistant Larry and said softly," will send you a video later. Investigate the identities of the two children immediately.
Remember, they are their parents!" Larry agreed. When he saw that video, his first reaction was. The Young Master's children? Why do these two beautiful kids look so much like Young Master? With Wilson Family's power, investigating a video on the internet was simply a piece of cake. Around midnight Larry passed the complete information to Dempsey Wilson. After Dempsey Wilson finished bathing, he casually wore a white bath towel. What was revealed was a strong chest, with health color.
He reached for his phone and accepted a piece of information He tapped it open with his lazy eyes casually looking down. "It's her?" When he saw the words' mother 'written on the column above, he quickly flipped through it. A picture fell into his eyes and instantly turned into a huge wave. The children turned four next month, the father was ominous, and the mother's name was Claire Scott.
"What the hell? How come it's always woman?" Dempsey Wilson was unavoidably annoyed. this Even if he had some sort of fate with this woman, it was really bad. "Claire Scott, if these two children really belong to my little brother, then you would have trouble." The man's voice was extremely cold as he pursed his lips.
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Chapter 19
The next morning! Claire Scott didn't need to work, and she wanted to share her aunt's load, so she voluntarily offered to send her to kindergarten The two little fellows hopped around, showing off the innocence and naivety that they should have at their age. Under the sunlight, the two exquisite and beautiful little faces were suffused with a white jade-like luster.
After a night of pondering, Claire Scott's mood became slightly better. What's the point of losing a decent job? In this world, as long as she had these two cute children to accompany her, her life would still be filled with sunshine. "Mummy... There are a lot of cars in front! "Frank pointed to a group of domineering and expensive luxury cars that stopped at the side of the road in front of them, The little boy like cars,so it was no wonder that he would excitedly shout. On the other hand, Emma Scott lowered her head.
In her arms was her pet dog toy, and the little fellow that was pulled out of bed by Mummy had an unhappy face. Claire Scott casually glanced at it, but did not take it to heart. But that row of luxury cars were really dazzling, powerful existences. When they were about to walk to the center of the luxury cars... Suddenly... Two men in black walked down from the carriage quickly and blocked their path with their hands. "What are you guys doing?" Claire Scott instinctively protected the two babies behind her, and vigilantly stared at the black-clothed man who was blocking their way. "Are you Miss Claire Scott?"
Claire Scott was shocked that they already knew her name, who exactly were them? "Yes, I am!"She saw that they were quite polite, and she wanted to understand what was going on, so she admitted it. "My Young Master wants to see you!" She was so scared that her face turned pale white, and she immediately said with a cold tone: "I'm sorry, I don't have time now, I'm going to send my children to school." "Mummy, are they villains?" "Maybe they are killers, the killers on TV are all dressed like this, Mummy, let's quickly flee for our lives."
She saw that her own children was completely terrified by them, and immediately warned them strictly, "If you want to block the way again, I'll call the police!" In the black car beside Claire Scott, the man's sharp and calm eyes looked at the mother and her children through the window. This kind of completely black window couldn't be seen from the outside, so Claire Scott didn't know that there was a pair of unfathomable eyes sizing her up from the side. Dempsey Wilson had no interest in this woman at all.
His main reason was because he wanted to see this pair of cute little fellows. At this moment, the two little fellows were clenching their fists tightly as they nervously and angrily stared at the bodyguard. Two exquisite and beautiful little faces revealed panic and fear, which made his heart tremble. How could he scare his nephews? Dempsey Wilson realized that he shouldn't talk to this woman in front of them. He pushed open the door and stepped down on his long legs.
When Claire Scott saw this man, her heart fiercely shrank and she hid his two children behind him. "Miss Scott, don't be nervous. I've come today to talk to you about something!" In front of the two children, his handsome face flashed with a smile filled with sincerity. Claire Scott was annoyed when she saw this man. He had helped Alice Scott kick her out of the Scott Family, causing her to not be able to obtain her mother's inheritance.
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Chapter 20
"I have nothing to talk about with you!" Claire Scott glared at him angrily, not giving him any face at all. Dempsey Wilson turned around, took something out of the carriage, and personally presented it in front of Claire Scott: "This is a ten-year contract with my company. There is already a seal on it signed by me and you only need to sign a few words, and you will officially become a designer here." Claire Scott's beautiful big eyes were opened wide hearing this, and then her face was filled with disbelief.
At this moment, two little fellows who were hiding behind Claire Scott peeked out their small heads from left and right. Two pairs of clear black eyes were secretly sizing up the man in front of them, who had an astonishing and strong aura, yet was peerless handsome. "Uncle, are you a good person?" Emma Scott inexplicably had a favorable impression of this gentle looking man, hence she asked in an innocent and childish manner.
The reason why Dempsey Wilson treated this woman well was simply because he wanted to take this opportunity to get closer to these two little children. Seeing that the little guy had talked to him, he immediately squatted down. After that, he reached out and patted Emma's little head, and said gently and lovingly: "Good girl, call me uncle!"
When Claire Scott came back to her senses, she realized that he had forced a contract into her hands in time. She had long since heard her aunt-mother's introduction. To be able to sign a contract in One Thought Building for 10 years was definitely a very awesome treatment for a designer. Most designers only had three years of work contract. If they didn't have a good result, they would be squeezed out of the company soon after three years. At this moment, this man would do .
When Dempsey touched the little girl's smooth long hair, his steel-like heart instantly softened. "You are not allowed to touch my sister's head! Only I can touch her head!" Just as Dempsey Wilson was feeling satisfied, a voice that was equally domineering made him notice. His long and narrow eyes looked to the side, only to se a delicate and beautiful little face, with his chin slightly raised, staring at him with an overbearing gaze. The little guy was unhappy, so he could only stand up. With a deep and calm gaze, he looked at Claire Scott who was still in a daze: "Miss Scott, yesterday was just a misunderstanding. If you're willing to work at my company, then come today!"
After Dempsey Wilson finished speaking, he meaningfully curled the corner of his lips, and then glanced at the little fellow hiding behind her, they blinking large eyes. He couldn't help but blink his eyes at the adorable Emma Scott Emma Scott immediately revealed her small teeth as she laughed happily. "Scoundrel!"Frank Scott immediately became vigilant. He didn't like the bad guy who was smiling with his sister in front of him. Dempsey Wilson's convoy quickly left. Claire Scott frowned, what was this man playing at?
"Mummy, that uncle is so rich. If only he could be our father! He's so gentle! "Emma Scott who had been amused by Dempsey Scott just now, sighed like a little adult, and said with a face full of anticipation. Claire Scott was shocked, and then she started to feel annoyed. Just now, she was only concerned with looking at the contract in her hands, and did not notice what that bastard had done to her daughter. "Emma Scott, can't you have some self respect? When you see a handsome man who is rich, you want to acknowledge him as your father.
How can Mummy stand it?" Frank looked at Emma with disdain. Emma was asad and said, "Other people have fathers, we are the only ones who don't have. Why aren't you letting me speak? Brother is so annoying!" Hearing this, Frank Scott immediately became speechless. Claire Scott was most afraid of that the two little fellows were mentioning their dad. At this moment, she was so scared that she was panicking. She hurriedly squatted down and hugged the two little fellows to comfort them. "Darling, don't worry, once Mummy's work is stable, i'll find you a good father ." "Mummy, the one you said is called stepfather. We want true Dad..." Frank Scott's small face revealed dissatisfaction.

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