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Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband [A Story] by Chrisbillakings(m): 10:38am On Mar 31, 2020
"Do you remember everything that I've said?" A cold female voice raised in a luxurious Ferrari.

"Yes. Never reveal that you are my wife. Never look for you without your permission. Never mess around in the company" said Fade Chen, who was sitting at the passenger seat, expressionless.

"Do not mention that word again." The woman glared at Fade Chen and said coldly, "Well, get off the car!"

"But, there is still some distance from here to the company. Why don't you drive into the company?" Fade Chen asked her curiously.

The woman rolled her eyes at him and with the same cold voice, she said, "If the employees of the company saw that their president drove someone like you into the company, just the two of us, what do you think will happen?" said the woman.

Hearing this, Fade Chen stunned for a while and then he nodded with a wry smile, " understand. People will misunderstand easily when they see a beautiful president like you hanging around a loser like me."

"I'Il get off the car," Fade Chen opened the door and got down.

"It's good that you understand the woman in the car said with a cold voice, and the Ferrari roared into the grand building about a kilometer away, with a big sign of "Fei Enterprises Holding Inc" hanging on the building.

In the Ferrari, Quin Lin looked at the figure disappearing through her rearview mirror and she could not help herself from frowning. Letting out a sigh, she whispered to herself, "This guy's image and temperament is...but the situation is urgent. I'm getting so much stress from my family, this is all I can do for now."

It turned out that as the president of Fei Enterprise Holding Inc, and with her beauty well known in Bay City, Quin Lin had encountered ridiculous things in the past two days.

She was very troubled with the things going on around her, so she went to the bar to relax the night before yesterday Unexpectedly, she was drunk. When she woke up, she was already in the hotel. Her clothes were long gone, and there was a man lying beside her. This man was Fade Chen.

According to Quin Lin's character, when things like this happened, she would have already sent him to the police. However, due to the stress from her family recently, Quin Lin got an idea. Instead of handing Fade Chen to the police, Quin Lin decided to make him her temporary husband.

In no time, the both of them went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register themselves as being officially married.

Today, Quin Lin randomly arranged a job for her new husband in the company. This is so that when Quin Lin's family asked about Fade Chen, she could come up with an explanation.


On the street, Fade Chen, who was carrying a canvas bag on his back, rubbed his nose and walked over to the building not far from him.

To be honest, Fade Chen had never expected this result.

Fade Chen had been learning "The Kong Fu of Jiu Yang" from his master on the mountain for nearly twenty years. In order to further his breakthrough in the field of martial arts, Fade Chen went to the urban city to find nine things that were suitable for his kung fu.

It was not even three days since he left the mountain when he met Quin Lin at the Bay City, who was also wandering on the streets At that particular moment, Quin Lin, who looked very drunk, and was wandering around at the entrance of the bar. There were a few men around Quin Lin trying to pull her, their evil intentions was obvious to Fade Chen. Looking at the situation, it is Fade Chen's nature to lend a helping hand to Quin Lin and he immediately chase those men away.

After that, Fade Chen, who was about to call the police, suddenly realized that Quin Lin was not just drunk, she was drugged by someone. The situation became more crucial.

Therefore, Fade Chen took Quin Lin to the hotel and used the knowledge he had to cure her. The powerful side effect of this 'Intoxicated Guanyin' was its aphrodisiac effect which caused things that should not happen, to happen between them.

After it happened, Fade Chen felt bad to leave Quin Lin. Also, the night before yesterday, Fade Chen found out about the seed of "Ice Lotus" in Quin Lin's body when they were making out.

The "Ice Lotus" was a rare cold-natured medicine. As the "Ice Lotus" was very rare and it happened to be the medicine which Fade Chen needed, he then decided to stay. Fade Chen felt that he needed to be responsible to Quin Lin and on the other hand, he would then have the chance to get the "Ice Lotus" medication if he stayed.

Therefore, the both of them registered their marriage in no time. Then, Fade Chen was arranged to work in Quin Lin's company herself and he became one of her subordinates.

Without him realizing, Fade Chen had reached the ground level of the company. Fade Chen looked up at the 20-storey building and the staff going in and out of the company. Fade Chen could not help but sigh in his heart - his wife seemed to be more capable than he had imagined!#

Just as Fade Chen was about to enter the company, a sudden burst of honk sounded. With a sharp braking sound, a black Mercedes stopped beside Fade Chen.

As the window was being scrolled down, the face of a man with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses showed up. He yelled at Fade Chen angrily, "Are you blind? Why are you blocking my way?"

"I didn't see-" Fade Chen wanted to explain.

However, the man with glasses waved his hand disgustedly and shouted, "Get out of my way if you don't want to die."

The security guard at the entrance of the building hurried over and pulled Fade Chen aside.

The black Mercedes then sped off into the underground parking lot.

"This is not a place for you. Go away!" The security guard waved his hand to Fade Chen to dismiss him.

Fade Chen told the security guard, "I'm here to work."

"You work here? Why haven't seen you before?" The security guard looked suspicious.

"It's my first day at work in the medical department," Fade Chen said quickly.

"The medical department is having new recruits again? Why haven't I heard of this?" The security guard was puzzled, but he still called to confirm Fade Chen's identity. After things were clear, the security guard allowed Fade Chen into to the company.

Once Fade Chen entered the company, he first smelled a pleasant fragrance, and then he saw a woman dressed up beautifully in the company.

It was only at this moment that Fade Chen remembered that his wife's company, Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc, was mainly engaged in women's cosmetics. Thus, it was normal to have so many beautiful women in the company.

A few minutes later, Fade Chen found the medical department on the fourth floor. After knocking on the door, Fade Chen pushed the door and entered.

"Are you the new recruit?" In the medical room, a young girl with a doll-like hair and a round face looked at Fade Chen with her big black eyes.

"Yes, I am. My name is Fade Chen. Nice to meet you!" Fade Chen took the initiative to greet her.

The girl came to her senses after a while and quickly reached out to greet Fade Chen. "My name is Xenia Xu. Please take a seat."

Xenia Xu was a friendly girl. It only took Fade Chen one morning to become close to her.

In the afternoon, Xenia Xu took Fade Chen to the cafeteria in the company for lunch. After getting the food, they found a table and sat down.

While they were eating, Xenia Xu introduced the company to Fade Chen, and often introduced some people to Fade Chen.

Suddenly, a burst of chattering rang in the cafeteria, and silence instantly filled up the place. Everyone's eyes were fixed to one direction.

"What's wrong?" Fade Chen asked curiously.

Xenia Xu nudged him gently and pointed in one direction.

"Look over there."

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Re: Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband [A Story] by Nobody: 11:20am On Mar 31, 2020
Please continue I dey feel am grin
Re: Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband [A Story] by Chrisbillakings(m): 11:23am On Mar 31, 2020
Please continue I dey feel am grin

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Re: Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband [A Story] by Chrisbillakings(m): 9:12pm On Mar 31, 2020
Chapter 2
Fade Chen looked at the direction Xenia Xu pointed and saw a woman in her mid-twenties walking over.

She's a beautiful woman in a tight work suit, her soft black hair was tied up and a pair of black glasses was resting on her beautiful face. Her face looks slightly stern, but as she was making her way through, her hips swayed, which made her looked sexy.

"A lady that beautiful, no wonder people turned around to look at her." Fade Chen finally understood everyone's reaction.

"How is she? Isn't she beautiful?" Xenia Xu winked at Fade Chen and whispered.

"Yes!" Fade Chen nodded.

Xenia Xu continued with a small sigh, "That's Manager Lily Wei, the general manager of the human resources department of our company. At the same time, Manager Wei is also the president's best friend; they are very close with each other in private. Of course, Manager Wei is also a famous beauty in our company, she's ranked second in the whole company, only ranked below President Lin. I'm curious how many people would want to pursue Manager Wei."

"Fade Chen, you too?" Xenia Xu suddenly asked Fade Chen.

"Ah!" Fade Chen was still surprised by the relationship between Lily Wei and Quin Lin that he did not manage to come to his senses for a moment. Fade Chen then shook his head and said, "I'm not-"

"Fade Chen, I know the little intentions that you have, just like all other men. There's no need to pretend." Xenia Xu winked at Fade Chen and half-jokingly said.

Fade Chen sighed softly and said, "I'm not joking. I'm married, so it's impossible."

"Ah, you are married. I did not expect that?" Xenia Xu looked at Fade Chen in surprise.

"It just doesn't seem like people like me could also get married, right?" Fade Chen smiled,

"No, I didn't mean that. I just, I just think you are still young." Xenia Xu said, and then sighed, "I'm curious about your wife. Will I have a chance to get to know her?"

"You already know each other," Fade Chen said quietly in his heart, but instead, he smiled and replied, "Of course you will!"

Following Lily Weil s departure, the cafeteria gradually resumed its normal state of hustle.

However, soon after, the cafeteria fell into complete silence once again.

"What? Another beautiful woman?" Fade Chen turned his head around and saw somebody who made him frown.

A man in a suit, with his hair slicked back, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, walked in with a hint of arrogance in his steps. This man was none other than the man in the Mercedes-Benz who scolded Fade Chen at the entrance of the company this morning.

"It's him?" Fade Chen frowned.

"Do you know Secretary Qin?" Xenia Xu looked at Fade Chen.

"Secretary Qin?" The confusion on Fade Chen's face was visible.

"You don't know him?" Xenia Xu continued, "He is Donald Qin, our president's secretary, and he is highly valued by President Lin. Secretary Qin, together with Manager Wei, are regarded as the right-hand men of President Lin, and both of them hold high positions in the company."

"Moreover, Secretary Qin graduated from a well-known university and is good-looking. Secretary Qin is definitely the prince charming for most of us." Xenia Xu said with affection, "However, it seems that Secretary Qin is not interested in ordinary women; he is instead devoted to President Lin."

"He likes Quin Lin!" Hearing this, Fade Chen felt unhappy for no particular reason. The look Fade Chen threw at Donald Qin was filled with dissatisfaction towards that man.

Xenia Xu did not notice the change in Fade Chen's emotion and continued, "President Lin is young and her future is promising, and she is so beautiful. It is normal for Secretary Qin to fall in love with her. There are also many colleagues in our company who think that they are suitable for each other. They are indeed, a perfect match."

"I don't think so." The words came out of Fade Chen's mouth unexpectedly.

Right then, Donald Qin happened to pass by Fade Chen. Although they were separated by two rows of seats, Fade Chen was still able to smell a faint fragrance coming from him.

"This smell-" Suddenly, something came across Fade Chen' s mind. Fade Chen's face turned cold and he frowned.

"Fade Chen, what's wrong with you? Are you sick?" Xenia Xu finally noticed Fade Chen's strange behaviour and asked in concern.

"I'm fine." Fade Chen shook his head as he put down his bowl and chopsticks before standing up and said, "Xenia, I'm full. I'll go first."

Leaving the cafeteria, Fade Chen quickly went inside an elevator and pressed the button for the top floor.

At the top floor, as soon as Fade Chen walked out of the elevator, he quickly walked to the president's office.

At the door, a secretary saw Fade Chen and was stunned by his presence for a moment. Then she stopped him immediately, "What are you doing here?"

"I am here to see President Lin" Fade Chen said to her.

"Do you have an appointment?" The secretary looked at Fade Chen warily.

Fade Chen said, "I am a staff here and I have something urgent to report to President Lin."

"Staff?" The secretary was even more suspicious after hearing this.

"Yes, my name is Fade Chen. Today is my first day working in the medical department" Fade Chen said hastily.

The secretary flipped through the information of workers that she had and confirmed Fade Chen's identity, but she still insisted on stopping him, "I'm sorry, it's break time now. If there's something you would like to report to President Lin, please do come again in the afternoon."

"I, I'm in an urgent situation," Fade Chen said hurriedly.

"I' m sorry. Without an appointment, you can't talk to President Lin." The secretary said firmly.

"I, I.." Fade Chen got really anxious. Without thinking any further, Fade Chen shouted directly at the president's office, "Dea - President Lin, this is Fade Chen. I have something to tell you, I-"

"You -" There is a change in the secretary's facial expression. She picked up the phone and was ready to call the security guard.

At the nick of time, a voice is heard from the president's office, "Let him in."

The secretary stunned for a moment and put the phone down. At the same time, Fade Chen had already entered the office.

In the office, dressed in a formal business attire, Quin Lin sat behind a huge solid wooden desk and stared at Fade Chen coldly.

"President Lin, I-" Fade Chen started his sentence.

Before finishing his words, Fade Chen was interrupted by Quin Lin's cold voice, "The things that i've just told you in the morning, have you already forgotten about it?"

"No, I have something urgent to tell you." Fade Chen said in a hurry.

Quin Lin frowned slightly and coldly said, "Go ahead."

"Here's the thing." Fade Chen explained, "I saw Donald Qin when I was eating in the cafeteria just now. I smelled a special fragrance on him and the fragrance is the same as the fragrance that was on you when you were drugged the night before yesterday. So, I suspect that it might have something to do with Donald Qin."

"That's it?" Coldness still lacing Quin Lin's voice.

"Well, yes. That's it. I just want you to be careful, President Lin. Donald Qin-" Fade Chen reminded.

Once again Fade Chen's words were interrupted by Quin Lin's cold voice, "If you are done, you may leave now."

"This - Fade Chen was stunned for a moment and then hurriedly said, "I'm not lying. The smell is similar. I'm sure that Donald Qin must have something to do with it. I-"

"Enough!" Quin Lin shouted coldly and looked at Fade Chen. Shaking her head, Quin Lin said, "I'm very disappointed in you. It's only your first day in the company and you've already started playing dirty tricks."

"I...." Fade Chen tried to defend himself.

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Re: Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband [A Story] by Chrisbillakings(m): 11:04pm On Mar 31, 2020
Chapter 3
Quin Lin said coldly, "Secretary Qin is my right-hand man and he has been with me for eight years. Do you think will believe your nonsense or Secretary Qin?"

"..." After a moment of silence, Fade Chen looked into Quin Lin's eyes; they were filled with anger and disappointment. Fade Chen lowered his head, feeling disappointed.

Quin Lin snorted slightly and said, "I don't know what rumours have you heard in the cafeteria that made you have any other thoughts. One thing you have to remember is that the marriage between us is just an act. Remember your place and don't cross the border."

"Also, don't interfere in my private issues. Do you understand?" Quin Lin's tone is now a little harsh.

Fade Chen looked into Quin Lin's anger-filled eyes and took a deep breath before saying, "President Lin, I understand.

"Hmph, well then. You can leave now!" Quin Lin said coldly.

Fade Chen walked out of the office without saying a word.

Arriving at the elevator, Fade Chen pressed the down button. He then entered the elevator.

Just as the door of the elevator was about to close, the voice of Quin Lin and her secretary sounded in the president's office, "That person broke into the president's office without an appointment. According to the regulations of the company, he will be fined 500 Yuan, which will be deducted from his salary this month."

"Yes!" the secretary replied respectfully.

The door of the elevator slammed shut, like a heavy knock of a hammer fell on Fade Chen's heart.

A bitter smile formed at the corner of Fade Chen's mouth. Shaking his head, Fade Chen said softly in a voice that only he could hear, "Yes! We are a couple only by contract. Everyone is just acting according to their needs. I'm the one that's being stupid."

When Fade Chen returned to the medical room, Xenia Xu was already there.

Xenia Xu saw Fade Chen's disappointed expression, she couldn't help but to act carefully around him. Xenia Xu slowly approached Fade Chen and asked, "Fade Chen, what's wrong? Are you unhappy?"

Fade Chen smiled at her and said softly, "I'm fine."

In the afternoon, their work continues.

After getting familiar with his new job in the morning, Fade Chen eventually started his work officially. The company's medical room is mainly to treat some common illnesses such as headaches and fevers, for the staff of the company The common method is basically to prescribe medicines according to the symptoms of the disease. Illnesses which are more severe will not be treated in the medical room.

Now that Fade Chen is here, the situation had been a little different. Relying on the experience from years of learning on Mount Tianwu, Fade Chen not only has knowledge in the martial arts, but also had some achievements in the medical field.

For some ordinary symptoms, Fade Chen can cure the patients simply through acupuncture or massage without any prescription, and the result was great. Illnesses which was usually complicated and couldn't be cured in the medical room, can now be cured by Fade Chen easily.

Therefore, news spread among the staff that there was a "Magic Doctor" in the medical room of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc.

It was not even four o'clock in the afternoon when the medical room which was usually empty had more than 20 employees waiting inside. This had caused Xenia Xu to work non-stop.

After sending off the last staff with a headache, Fade Chen and Xenia Xu were about to take a break.

At this particular moment, a tall figure appeared at the door.

Xenia Xu immediately went over to greet him. "Please come in. May I know where do you feel uncomfortable..."

Before Xenia Xu could finish her words, she was shocked by who she saw, she then asked with surprise, "Secretary Qin, why.. why are you here?"

Fade Chen also looked up and saw a tall figure in formal suit and leather shoes at the door of the medical room. It was none other than Donald Qin, the secretary at the president's office.

Fade Chen frowned slightly.

After all, Xenia Xu had told Fade Chen before this that the executives of the company would normally not come to the medical room as they were very clear about the professionalism of the staff in the medical room. The executives are all greatly concerned about their health. If they feel any discomfort, they would go to the hospital in the city for a check-up instead of visiting the medical room in the company for treatment.

Now, Donald Qin, who had never been to the medical room, suddenly showed up. This was surprising to both Fade Chen and Xenia Xu.

Surprise flashed through Fade Chen's eyes for a moment and the next moment, he returned to his normal state. Looking at Donald Qin, Fade Chen asked, "Is there anything wrong, Secretary Qin?"

Donald Qin observed Fade Chen, and curved his lips while saying, "There is something wrong with my calves."

"Your calves?" Fade Chen looked at Donald Qin's calves and pointed at the seat in front of him, "Please sit down, Secretary Qin. I'll have a look."

"I don't feel like sitting down." Donald Qin looked at Fade Chen.

Fade Chen was startled but the next moment he said, "In this case, I'm afraid it's not convenient for me to diagnose and treat you."

"If it's not convenient, then you may change your posture to make it convenient. For example, you may kneel down and have a look to diagnose." The corners of Donald Qin's lips went up and sneered at Fade Chen.

Fade Chen, who had been smiling, immediately turned stone cold. Fade Chen looked at Donald Qin and coldly said, "What did you say?"

"I say, you may kneel down and have a look" Donald Qin said coldly.

Fade Chen put down the equipment in his hand, looked at Donald Qin, and pointed at the door, "If you are not seeking for treatment, please leave."

"You're asking me to leave? Is this how you do your work?" Donald Qin glared at Fade Chen while questioning him.

Fade Chen remained silent, but still locked his cold stare on Donald Qin.

In just a moment, the tension in the medical room rose unexpectedly high.

Xenia Xu panicked. Xenia Xu never expected Donald Qin to have a fight with Fade Chen. One is the secretary of the company's top management, and the other one is a newcomer. How could there be any grievance between them?

"Secretary Qin, Dr. Chen is new here. If you don't mind, let me have a look at your calves!" Xenia Xu said to save the situation. Xenia Xu then went over and was ready to bend down to diagnose Donald Qin.

However, Donald Qin kicked Xenia Xu away and coldly said, "I've said, I want him to come over. Don't you understand?"

Xenia Xu rubbed her bruised arm and looked at Donald Qin with slight anger, "Secretary Qin, I, I'm not-"

"If not, then shut up." Donald Qin snorted and directed his gaze to Fade Chen once again. Donald Qin's voice was stone cold as he repeated, "I want you to kneel down and see what's wrong with my calves."

Fade Chen looked at Xenia Xu, who was sitting on the ground with tears in her eyes, and then looked at Donald Qin, who was standing arrogantly in front of him. There was a hint of anger in his eyes, "What do you want?"

"What do I want?" Donald Qin gritted his teeth and whispered to Fade Chen, want you to know the consequences of offending and making a report against me."

Hearing this, Fade Chen's heart trembled and he thought of what he had told Quin Lin earlier this afternoon.

For a moment, a great sense of disappointment surged in Fade Chen's heart. Did Quin Lin tell Donald Qin about this?

"Kneel down!" Donald Qin shouted at Fade Chen.

Donald Qin's voice snapped Fade Chen out his thoughts. Fade Chen voiced out firmly, "No way!"

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Re: Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband [A Story] by Chrisbillakings(m): 10:33am On Apr 01, 2020
Chapter 4
"You won't?" Donald Qin sneered, "As a staff of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc, I am your superior. Now. I just want you to have a look at my calves to treat it, and you're saying that you won't. Do you know what your behaviour will bring you to?"

"You are not doing your work right. For that, you will be fined 1000 Yuan, and you will be made a public example at the company meeting next week." Donald Qin is visibly pleased with his own decision.

Fade Chen's facial expression turned darker and he said, "Who are you to punish me?"

"Who am I?" Donald Qin sneered, "I am the secretary of the president's office. I have the right to do so."

"Treating your work absentmindedly, you'll have to pay 1,000 Yuan as your punishment. Now, adding one more wrongdoing of yours, which is going against your superior and disobeying instructions. For this, you'll be fined another 1,000 Yuan. That will be 2,000 Yuan in total, and you'll have to pay the money right now." The arrogance in Donald Qin's voice was becoming more obvious.

Fade Chen looked at Donald Qin with a serious face, "I will not pay!"

"You will not!" Donald Qin snorted and pointed to the entrance, "Then get out of this company! You are fired."

Looking at the situation, Xenia Xu hurriedly got up and tried to persuade Donald Qin, "Secretary Qin, this is a misunderstanding. There must be some misunderstanding. We can talk it out. Fade Chen..."

"Did I ask you to talk? If there's any nonsense coming from you again, you'll be fired also." Donald Qin glared at Xenia Xu.

"Hand over the money or get lost!" Donald Qin looked at Fade Chen triumphantly.

Fade Chen narrowed his eyes, then took off his uniform and threw it on the table. He said coldly, "If you want me to leave, I'll leave. It's no big deal."

"Fade Chen, don't be stubborn - Xenia Xu hurriedly shouted. Fade Chen glanced at her, nodded slightly, and then walked out. Donald Qin squinted at the sight of both of them. There's a shine in Donald Qin's eyes, as if he was thinking about something.

When Fade Chen walked to the door, an evil smile formed at the corner of Donald Qin's lips, "Stop!"

"What else do you want?" Fade Chen turned around and looked at Donald Qin coldly.

Donald Qin observed Fade Chen and raised the corner of his lips, "I'm afraid it's not that simple for you to leave like this. I have to check beforehand to prevent some garbage from stealing things from the company."

"What did you say?" Fade Chen stared at Donald Qin coldly.

Donald Qin sneered, "I said, you stole things from the company.

While speaking, Donald Qin waved his hand and signalled for a group of security guards to surround Fade Chen. Donald Qin then ordered, "This man is suspected of stealing the company's property. Search him for me."

A group of security guards immediately gathered around Fade Chen. Fade Chen's gaze darkened. Clenching his fists, Fade Chen was ready to fight.

At this moment, a security guard took out a small plastic bag from his pocket without anyone realizing, then raised it and shouted, "Secretary Qin, I found it."

Donald Qin took the plastic bag and flipped it open, only to find it filled with red pills inside.

Donald Qin looked at Xenia Xu and asked, "You should know what is it, am I right?"

Xenia Xu was also surprised when she saw the pills. "These, these are the pills which have just been imported. They are used to overcome fatigue."

"What's the price of these pills?" Donald Qin continued his questions.

Xenia Xu answered, "It is.. is about 100 Yuan for a piece of it."

"100 Yuan per piece; there are at least one hundred pieces in this plastic bag, which is 10,000 Yuan." Donald Qin looked at Fade Chen with his eyes squinted. Donald Qin then continued, "10,000 Yuan is not a small amount."

"The evidence is here. You are suspected of stealing the company's property. What else do you have to say?" The corners of Donald Qin's lips curved with a complacent evil smile.

Fade Chen's facial expression darkened and defended himself, "I didn't steal the pills. As for what really happened, I think you know for yourself?"

"The evidence is certain now, and you are still trying to deny it. Donald Qin sneered and immediately ordered the security guards, "Call the police and arrest him."

Xenia Xu panicked when she heard that and thus, she quickly said, "Secretary Qin, there must be something wrong. Fade Chen won't steal, he-

"You don't have to speak for him. For some bastard lack of family education, arresting him was already a light punishment." Donald Qin sneered and said.

However, when Fade Chen heard this, his face darkened. Fade Chen shot a glare at Donald Qin and shouted angrily, "What did you say?"

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Re: Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband [A Story] by Chrisbillakings(m): 11:42am On Apr 01, 2020
Chapter 5
Donald Qin was startled by Fade Chen's fierce eyes, but then he came to his senses in a quick while. He frowned and said with a sour tone, "I said you are a thief, an uncivilized b*stard."


With a roar, Fade Chen became angry in an instant. Fade Chen did not mind the insults, but for someone who had been an orphan since his childhood, he would never bear with anyone insulting his parents. Donald Qin had crossed his borders. At this moment, Fade Chen did not care about the consequences; he just wanted to teach the guy a good lesson.

Taking a step forward, Fade Chen was at the front of Donald Qin in no time and Fade Chen swung his fist.

Donald Qin did not expect Fade Chen to be so aggressive that he had no time to beware of Fade Chen's fist. Thus, Donald Qin was hit sharp in the face and he fell to the ground with blood all over his face.

Fade Chen did not stop; instead he continued the fight. Fade Chen's fists and kicks landed on Donald Qin without any hesitation, sending Donald Qin into screams and shouts of pain.

The pain from the beating made Donald Qin wailed and shouted quickly for help. "Security guard, security guard, what are you waiting for? Come and help me! Take this nut away! Quickly -"

All of a sudden, the security guards came to their senses and hurried forward to rescue Donald Qin.

However, the security guards did not expect Fade Chen to be so fierce that the security guards were not his match.

Donald Qin was still being beaten up, his blood dripped down from his face.

Suddenly, a cold female voice was heard, "Stop! What are you doing?"

Trailing the source of the voice, everyone was shocked. They immediately bowed and whispered, "President Lin!"

Fade Chen, who was in a furious state, also gradually calmed down when he saw Quin Lin walking over to him. Finally, Fade Chen stopped the beating. Donald Qin covered his swollen cheeks and shouted wildly, "Come on! Someone beat him to death!"

"Shut up, all of you. Come to my office" Quin Lin said coldly. Then, she turned around and left.

Donald Qin glared at Fade Chen and followed Quin Lin. Fade Chen looked back at Donald Qin expressionless and was about to follow them.

Just as Fade Chen was about to take his first step, Xenia Xu came over and persuaded him in a in a soft voice, "Fade Chen, President Lin doesn't favour people who talks back to her. Don't be impulsive in front of her."

"I know. Thank you, Xenia!" Fade Chen smiled at Xenia Xu and waved his hand before following Donald Qin and Quin Lin.

In the president's office on the top floor.

Quin Lin's eyes swept across Donald Qin's whole figure. When Quin Lin saw Donald Qin' s bruises, she said, "Secretary Qin, you may deal with your wound first."

When Donald Qin heard this, a smile formed on his lips. Donald Qin planned to get up and leave, but when he thought that Fade Chen will be left alone with Quin Lin, he was afraid that Fade Chen might tell Quin Lin the real situation.

Thinking of that, Donald Qin decided not to leave; instead, with a righteous look, he said "President Lin, the matters of the company is more important. Let's solve the current problem first. My injury is nothing."

Hearing this, Quin Lin looked at Donald Qin with a smile. Quin Lin nodded to Donald Qin and said, "Then, Secretary Qin, have a sit and talk!"

"Thank you, President Lin." Donald Qin sat down and looked at Fade Chen proudly.

Quin Lin then looked away from Donald Qin and locked her gaze on Fade Chen, a sudden drop in her tone, "Tell me, what's going on?"

Fade Chen looked at the difference in Quin Lin's attitude towards the both of them; he felt disappointed.

"Why aren't you speaking? Weren't you very active downstairs?" Quin Lin said coldly,

The voice woke Fade Chen from his thoughts. Fade Chen looked up at Quin Lin and said, "I....."

However, before Fade Chen could say anything, Donald Qin, who was sitting at the side, suddenly spoke, "President Lin, speaking of this matter, it's actually my fault. I did not manage my staff well, and I did not solve the theft in the wisest way. Please punish me."

This statement startled both Fade Chen and Quin Lin.

Fade Chen immediately understood what was going on when he saw Quin Lin's expression changing.

Donald Qin knew that this matter would likely become a debate between both parties, and Quin Lin hated those who avoided responsibility the most. Therefore, Donald Qin took the initiative to admit his mistake, portraying himself as someone with high sense of responsibility. At the same time, Donald Qin was also able to put the name of "thief" on Fade Chen.

Fade Chen had no choice but to admit that Donald Qin was indeed the secretary of the president's office. His survival skills in the workplace were indeed sinister.

After thinking it through, Fade Chen glared at Donald Qin and he tried to explain himself to Quin Lin.

However, it was obvious that this trick of Donald Qin worked very well on Quin Lin. Donald Qin's statement made Quin Lin relaxed and she looked at Donald Qin, "Secretary Qin, tell me, what's going on?"

Covering his wound, Donald Qin frowned and sighed. Shaking his head gently, Donald Qin said, "President Lin, it's actually not a big deal."

"On the afternoon, I heard that there was a newcomer in the medical room, and his skills were good. As I didn't feel very well, I went to the medical room for treatment. didn't expect that this newcomer, Mr. Chen, somehow seemed to have some misunderstandings with me and was not willing to diagnose me."

"At that time, I was agitated due to my illness, so I wanted to punish Mr. Chen for not doing his work properly. In the end, Mr. Chen was also agitated and even wanted to fight me."

"Of course I wouldn't fight him, so I called the security guard to stop him. When the security guard started to take action, one of them accidentally found some pills on Fade Chen. I heard from Xenia Xu who works in the medical room that those were imported pills, which was worth more than 10,000 Yuan."

"Nonsense! I'll beat you to death!" Fade Chen was furious when he heard that Donald Qin was making false statements and hiding the truth.

"Stop, Fade Chen!" Quin Lin frowned and shouted. The state Quin Lin threw at Fade Chen were filled with even more dissatisfaction. At this moment, Quin Lin slightly regretted her decision of casually finding this man to deal with the forced marriage.

At the same time, Fade Chen looked at Quin Lin and thought of their relationship. Fade Chen then took a deep breath and tried hard to suppress the urge he felt to beat someone up. Fade Chen explained, "President Lin, the situation is definitely not what Donald Qin had said. At that time, I-"

However, as soon as he spoke, Quin Lin interrupted him coldly. "I didn't ask you to speak. I only want to ask you a question. Is what Secretary Qin said true?"

Fade Chen shook his head and said, "Of course not."

Donald Qin raised his eyebrows and interjected, "How dare you say it's not true? Let me ask you, which of the scenarios I'm telling is not true? Besides, the imported pills have now been confiscated from you, and this is a strong evidence. Do you want to deny it? In the end, it is also true that you have beaten me up, isn't it right?"

Those, I can explain. The matter - Fade Chen glared at Donald Qin and still tried to explain himself.

However, Quin Lin did not give him a chance as she already seemed to be a little impatient. Quin Lin waved her hand to interrupt him and said coldly, "Don't make excuses. You just need to answer me. Did what Secretary Qin say really happened?"

Looking at Quin Lin's cold eyes, Fade Chen felt a sudden pain in his heart, and then a feeling of helplessness and sadness welled up in his heart. The anger and the desire to fight in him disappeared in an instant.

Fade Chen's mouth twitched slightly and formed a bitter smile on his face. Fade Chen then flashed a cynical evil smile and said, "Since President Lin already has an answer in your heart, then it doesn't matter what I have to say. My answer is 'Yes."

Hearing this, disappointment flashed through Quin Lin's eyes, and it then turned into a formal look with a little coldness. Quin Lin said, "Since you have admitted it, then there is nothing more to say. As you are a newcomer, I will not fire you for the time being. However, you must be severely punished. Your salary for two months will be deducted, and you shall make a self-review in front of all the staff in the next company meeting."

After she finished her sentence, Quin Lin handed Fade Chen a document and coldly said, "This is an announcement for your punishment. You may have a look; if there s no objection, this case is considered settled."

"It doesn't matter; it's up to you." Without even looking at the document, Fade Chen turned around and walked towards the door of the office.

At this particular moment, Fade Chen had decided to leave. Although they were together because of that incident, they were not from the same world after all. If this relationship continues, there will only be more conflicts. If this was the case, it was better to leave.

As for "Ice Lotus", he did not actually care that much for the "Ice Lotus" at this moment.

Quin Lin looked at Fade Chen's attitude and she immediately frowned with dissatisfaction. Quin Lin felt that her punishment was actually light for Fade Chen. If it wasn't for the special relationship between them, Quin Lin would have dismissed him. Now, Fade Chen seems to be dissatisfied with the punishment. "This guy---"

A sense of disappointment surged in Quin Lin's heart. Waving her hand, Quin Lin said, "You may leave now!"

Fade Chen did not say anything and turned around to walk out of the office. Donald Qin, at this moment, was full of arrogance and pride, as if he had won a battle.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and a woman's voice was heard. "President Lin, this is Lily Wei. I have something important to be reported to you."

"Lily Wei?" Quin Lin paused for a moment, apparently, she was not expecting Lily Wei to come at this hour. After a short pause, Quin Lin said, "Come in, Lily."

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Chapter 6
The door of the office was pushed open. Lily Wei came in with a small file holder in her hand. When Lily Wei saw Fade Chen at the door, her expression changed slightly. Lily Wei then asked, "Are you Doctor Chen from the medical room?"

"Uh----" Fade Chen was a little surprised by Lily Wei's greeting. After all, they seemed to have no contact with each other except for the time when he came in for his shift this morning. "Yes, I am."

"What happened downstairs---"Lily Wei looked at Fade Chen and said.

Fade Chen waved his hand and said calmly, "It's all right now. President Lin has already decided on my punishment."

After that, Fade Chen continued to step out of the door.

As soon as she heard that, Lily Wei's expression changed, "Punishment, punishment for Fade Chen? President Lin, what, what's going on?"

Quin Lin felt strange about Lily Wei's reaction and she frowned slightly and explained, "Fade Chen has admitted to beating Secretary Qin and stealing the company's medicine So I decided to punish him."

"What, it's impossible! That's not true. President Lin, Fade Chen has done nothing wrong. You can't punish him." Lily Wei replied.

"What did you say?" Quin Lin frowned.

Donald Qin didn't expect that Lily Wei would intervene when he had already won. His expression suddenly changed and he shot a stare at Lily Wei. Donald Qin said in a low voice,

"Manager Wei, President Lin has already made up her mind. Don't talk nonsense."

Quin Lin said to Lily Wei, "Lily Wei, Fade Chen himself admitted that he didn't work hard, stole medicine, and even had a fight. Do you have anything else to say?"

"That's impossible!" Lily Wei quickly shook her head and said, "President Lin, I don't know what you have just heard, but I can guarantee that it's not what you think. Fade Chen is right in this matter. At least the main responsibility is not on him.

"What do you mean?" Quin Lin asked in confusion.

Lily Wei quickly explained, "President Lin, I asked Xenia Xu who was in the medical room at that time. In fact, Secretary Qin was the one that went too far. He asked Fade Chen to kneel down to treat him, but Fade Chen refused, which is the reason they had a conflict.

"Er---"Quin Lin raised her eyebrows. Donald Qin quickly explained,

"My calves are uncomfortable and it's not convenient for it to be treated without the doctor kneeling. It's easier that way. What is wrong with that, should a doctor take the posture he's in into consideration when treating a patient?"

"If your calves are uncomfortable, why can't you sit down? Or even lie down? Why must Doctor Chen kneel down? Secretary Qin, this is not a good excuse." Lily Wei said.

"It's, it's not convenient for me." Donald Qin's face turned red and found an excuse to change the topic hurriedly. "Let's not talk about this anymore. Fade Chen can't deny that he stole medicine, can he?"

"Speaking of this, it's even more ridiculous." Lily Wei directly took out a video and played it. "You will know what's going on after watching this."

The content of the video was very simple. It showed a security guard sneaking into the medical room and stole a pack of medicine from there. The security guard was the security guard who besieged Fade Chen and found the medicine that was said to be stolen.

"The surveillance video showed that it's not Mr. Chen who stole the medicine, but the security guard!" Lily Wei said, "Besides, after Xenia Xu counted the medicines left, nothing in the medical room has been stolen except for that bag of imported medicine. How do you explain this, Secretary Qin?"

Upon hearing this, Donald Qin was already cursing in his heart.

Of course, that package of medicine was not stolen by Fade Chen. Originally, Donald Qin gave the security guard a sum of money for him to buy a pack of the same medicine and then framed Fade Chen for the loss of the medicine.

Looking at the current situation, it seemed that the greedy security guard had swallowed the money Donald Qin gave him. The security guard then went to the company's medical room and stole a pack of medicine from there. The security guard thought that he was smart enough to frame Fade Chen but he didn't expect that he would be caught.

This matter could no longer be explained. Donald Qin could only take the initiative to admit his mistake and said, "It seems that I have made a mistake about Fade Chen stealing the medicine. I myself was also deceived by the security guard. At that time, when he said that he found it from Doctor Chen, I believed his words without a doubt. I will reflect on my mistake. President Lin, I will hand in the self-reflection letter to you tomorrow."

Quin Lin's expression softened a little when Secretary Qin took the initiative to admit his mistake.

With that being said, Donald Qin was more than ready to leave. After all, there is a problem with the security guard. Donald Qin must deal with it immediately. Otherwise, once someone else knew about him bribing the security guard, he would be in deep trouble.

Thinking of this, Donald Qin said, "President Lin, if there's nothing else, I'll go first."

However, Lily Wei snorted and said, "Secretary Qin, why are you in such a hurry to leave? We haven't made it clear what has happened between Doctor Chen and you!"

Donald Qin's face changed, but he still managed to resist the urge to let out his anger. Donald Qin squeezed out a gentle expression and said, "Manager Wei, it's just a misunderstanding. It's my fault that I didn't figure it out sooner."

"I'm afraid it's not just a misunderstanding. We'd better figure out some things first!" Lily Wei said.

Upon hearing Lily Wei's words, Donald Qin's face changed instantly and darkened. Donald Qin rolled his eyes, gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, "Manager Wei, maybe was wrong but you can't deny the fact that Dr. Chen publicly beats up his superior and physically hurt me to this extent."

"This -" Lily Weig was speechless and could not defend Fade Chen.

Seeing this, Quin Lin said coldly, "We can investigate other things but beating people up is indeed too much. Fade Chen must be punished for this."

Upon hearing this, Fade Chen, who was standing at the door, suddenly said coldly, "I will never forgive anyone who insulted my parents, no matter what the consequences are."

After that, Fade Chen directly turned around and left.

Quin Lin was stunned by Fade Chen's actions.

Upon hearing this, Donald Qin seized the opportunity and quickly added, "President Lin, you've also heard it. At this time, he is still so arrogant. Fade Chen threatens to hit people in front of you. Such a person must be fired."

Quin Lin frowned and said to Donald Qin, "Secretary Qin, health is the most important thing. You should go to the hospital first."

Donald Qin took the hint to leave.

In the office, it was now only Quin Lin and Lily Wei.

Quin Lin frowned and said quietly. "Fade Chen had caused so much trouble only on his first day. And his temper is too."

Lily Wei refuted, "President Lin, no... Quin. You have really misunderstood Fade Chen."

"Misunderstood?" Quin Lin looked at Lily Wei doubtfully.

Lily Wei did not say much; instead, she clicked on another video and said, "This is a video of Secretary Qin having a fight with Fade Chen in the medical room. You will know after watching it."

Quin Lin took the phone and looked at it quietly.

A few minutes later, the video had finished. Quin Lin fell into silence. The content of the video was already clear enough. Donald Qin's arrogant attitude clearly showed that he's trying to pick a fight. Moreover, Donald Qin also insulted Fade Chen's parents. This was the reason that provoked Fade Chen to beat Donald Qin up.

Thinking of her misunderstanding towards Fade Chen and her distrust on him, Quin Lin couldn't help but think of how angry and confused Fade Chen must be; not to mention, his bitter smile of disappointment. Suddenly, Quin Lin felt a jolt in her heart.

It was her who had misunderstood Fade Chen and had a prejudice against him. Therefore, without knowing the truth, Quin Lin believed Donald Qin's words and made a hasty decision to punish Fade Chen.

This prejudice and distrust had surely hurt Fade Chen greatly.

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Bravo bravo an interesting story in a feckfull manner thumbs up
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Chapter 7 (Seven)
At the thought of this, Quin Lin's gaze turns a little strange and her expression changed.

Upon seeing this, Lily Wei said, "Quin, you are really on the wrong side in this matter. Perhaps, you should apologize to Doctor Chen."

"Apologize?!" This word appeared in Quin Lin's mind. Quin Lin was suddenly filled by an urge; she felt like getting up to chase after Fade Chen. Quin Lin wanted to apologize to Fade Chen and to ask for his forgiveness.

However, as soon as the thought surfaced in her mind, it was held back by Quin Lin.

Due to her personality and identity, Quin Lin could not see herself doing that.

In the end, Quin Lin could only sigh softly and said, "I know. I am indeed at fault. The punishment for Fade Chen will be cancelled immediately."

"But, as for Doctor Chen.." Lily Wei reminded her.

Quin Lin replied in a serious tone, "Manager Wei, I have something else to do. You may go first!"

Lily Wei paused for a moment, then nodded and left, "Yes, President Lin."

In the large office, there was only Quin Lin now. Quin Lin sat quietly on the executive chair, her mind was in a mess." was wrong. I have to apologize to that man. But, but."

Quin Lin's mind was running wild before she suddenly remembered what Fade Chen had told her at noon, "Fade Chen had told me that Secretary Qin, is this really---"

Quin Lin's expression became gloomy instantly.

After her working hour ended, Quin Lin did not work overtime, unlike how she usually would; she chose to return home on time instead.

Quin Lin sat on the sofa, thinking of how to face and apologize to Fade Chen when he came back.

Perhaps, it was a very simple thing for most people, but for Quin Lin, it was something very difficult.

"Maybe, it's more meaningful to prove it with action! Quin Lin was not good with her words. Suddenly, Quin Lin thought of a method to apologize to Fade Chen. Quin Lin rushed into the kitchen and said to Housekeeper Wong, who was preparing dinner, "Auntie Wong, you may have a rest today. I'll prepare dinner."

"Ah, this -" Housekeeper Wong was a little surprised, "What's the matter, Miss?" "No, nothing. I just want to have a try!" Quin Lin tried to cover it up.

Two hours later, Quin Lin, who had messed up the kitchen, finally made six dishes with the help of Housekeeper Wong.

Quin Lin felt uneasy when she placed these six bad-looking dishes on the table. At the same time, Quin Lin looked out of the door expectantly, waiting for Fade Chen's return.

It was getting dark and it had been three hours since their working hours ended but Fade Chen was not back yet. Quin Lin couldn't help but to start pondering about Fade Chen's whereabouts.

"Why hasn't Fade Chen come back yet? Was he involved in an accident on the way back?"

"Or, was he hurt badly by me, so he left directly?"


Half an hour later, Fade Chen still had not returned yet.

Housekeeper Wong looked at Quin Lin, whose face was full of disappointment, and said, "Miss, why don't you eat first? When Sir comes back, I'll prepare a meal for him."

Although Housekeeper Wong was very curious of Sir's sudden appearance in this household, she was very familiar with Quin Lin's character and knew too well not to ask much. Housekeeper Wong just vaguely guessed that Quin Lin's abnormal behaviour today must had something to do with Mister.

Quin Lin looked at the completely darkened sky outside. She sighed softly and whispered in her heart, "Has he really left?"

"Housekeeper Wong, I don't have an appetite. I'll just skip dinner tonight.", Quin Lin then stood up and went upstairs to her room.

"Miss, this----" Housekeeper Wong sighed, her face full of distress and helplessness.

After another half an hour, Housekeeper Wong looked at the dishes that has already been heated twice. She could not help sighing and was ready to clean up the bowls and chopsticks.

Just then, the sound of footsteps was heard coming from the door. It was Fade Chen who had came back.

"Sir, you have finally come back," Housekeeper Wong hurriedly greeted him. Housekeeper Wong saw Fade Chen sweating profusely and asked in surprise, "Sir, what has happened to you?

Fade Chen gave Housekeeper Wong a smile but he did not explain further, "Housekeeper Wong, I'm fine."

In fact, Fade Chen himself could not explain this situation either. After Fade Chen got off work today, he realised that he did not know the way back home.

The night before yesterday, when he had just arrived at Bay City, Fade Chen had spent the night in the hotel with Quin Lin. Yesterday, they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau together before going back to Quin Lin's villa. This morning, they went to the company together.

Quin Lin had been the one driving for the past two days, and he just ride along.

However, Quin Lin drove back home from the company straight after work today. Fade Chen was alone and he did not know where the villa was located at.

Finally, with a vague memory of the location of the villa in his mind and as a luxury neighbourhood was not very common in Bay City, Fade Chen finally found the villa after asking the locals. He was now covered in sweat after walking a long journey back.

However, it wouldn't matter now. After all, Fade Chen had decided to leave after tonight.

"Sir, please wash your face. I'll heat up the dishes for you, "Housekeeper Wong said.

Fade Chen nodded. When Fade Chen saw the food on the table, he was stunned. "Auntie Wong, did you cook this?"

Fade Chen had tasted Housekeeper Wong's cooking yesterday. Even if it was not comparable to a five-star hotel dish, the cooking skills of ordinary restaurants were definitely not as good as that of Housekeeper Wong's. However, the dishes on the table now, be it the appearance or other aspects, was far different from yesterday.

Housekeeper Wong picked up the dishes and explained, "Sir, the dishes today were not cooked by me. It was Miss who had cooked them."

"What? Quin Lin made them?" Fade Chen was really shocked. Fade Chen had always assumed the president who had a cold personality in the eye of the public would not know how to cook.

Housekeeper Wong continued, "Sir, I don't know what happened to Miss today. She looked distraught when she came back from work. She even insisted on preparing dinner by herself. It took a lot of effort for her to make dinner, but you didn't come back. Miss waited here for a long time and didn't eat anything as she was waiting for you. She just went upstairs without eating."

"What, this, this is for me." Fade Chen's eyes widened and looked incredibly surprised. He couldn't help but look up and stare at Quin Lin's room.

At this moment, Fade Chen's heart was in a turmoil, "Could it be because of what happened this afternoon? That's why she.."

"Sir, please wait for a moment. I'll heat up the dishes for you." Housekeeper Wong said.

Fade Chen quickly reached out and grabbed Housekeeper Wong before saying, "Housekeeper Wong, it's fine, I'll just eat it."

"But the food has already turned cold," Housekeeper Wong said.

"Never mind "Fade Chen smiled, picked up the cold food and started to devour them.

Although the food was cold and they did not taste that good, Fade Chen felt warmth from them.

That night, Fade Chen slept soundly.

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Chapter 8
When Quin Lin woke up the next morning, with somehow swollen eyes, she found that Fade Chen's room downstairs was empty.

Quin Lin's heart sank and her face darkened.

"Did Fade Chen stay out last night? Or was it because he was hurt by me? Did he leave and would never return anymore?

Just at that moment, Housekeeper Wong came out with breakfast, "Miss, are you looking for Sir?

"I'm not..." Quin Lin instinctively denied, but thinking of what happened yesterday, she nodded again and uttered quietly, "Has he not come back all night?"

Housekeeper Wong replied, "No, sir did came back yesterday. He just went to work."

"Work?" Quin Lin was slightly startled, "Why did he leave so early?".

Housekeeper Wong looked at Quin Lin and told her, "Sir said he didn't know the route, so he went out early to take the bus.

"Ah----" Quin Lin suddenly realized she went home alone yesterday, leaving Fade Chen who was not familiar with this place behind. For a moment, Quin Lin was a little absent minded and felt that she had once again hurt Fade Chen.

Housekeeper Wong noticed Quin Lin's sadness. She smiled and said, "Miss, are you worried about Sir? I don't think you have anything to worry about. After he came back last night, when he heard that you had cooked for him, he finished up all the dishes. I didn't even have time to heat them up."

"Ah, all of them?" Quin Lin was a little surprised.

Housekeeper Wong nodded and said, "Yes, all of them. Sir even said that they were delicious!"

For some reason, Quin Lin let out a smile and felt better. She then said to Housekeeper Wong, "Housekeeper Wong, prepare one more bowl of salad. I have good appetite today."

"Yes, Miss," Housekeeper Wong replied.

After breakfast, Quin Lin drove to the company. Sitting in the office, things related to Fade Chen were constantly running in her mind. Arguments which had happened in the company. Fade Chen's disappointment and the home cooked meal last night.

The overwhelming feelings caused Quin Lin to be unable to pay much attention to work, which rarely happened.

Picking up the phone, Quin Lin told the secretary outside, "Ask Doctor Chen from the medical room to come here."

In the medical room, Fade Chen, who had received a call from the president's office asking him to go over, was a little anxious. Fade Chen didn't know what Quin Lin wanted.

Will she criticize him out of distrust like last afternoon, or prepare dinner for him as she had done the night before.

Walking towards the office, Fade Chen knocked on the door and was ready to go in.

Right at this moment, a phone rang in the office. Quin Lin took out her phone and picked up the phone.

Fade Chen, who had just pushed the door open, saw this and stopped in his track; he was hesitating whether he should go in.

Quin Lin was thinking of how to apologize to Fade Chen euphemistically. However, this sudden phone call destroyed all the thoughts she had.

The caller ID showed that the call was from Jeremy Lin, Quin Lin's very own elder brother.

With a gloomy face, Quin Lin answered the call, "Why did you call me?"

"My good sister, don't you know the reason?" A frivolous voice answered from the other end.

Quin Lin responded coldly, "If you want to talk about the engagement, then there's no need for this conversation. I will not agree to it."

"That is Howard Zhang, one of the most powerful figures in Bay City. Don't be capricious. "Jeremy Lin replied.

"It is you who are being capricious, not me. Tell Howard Zhang that it's impossible for me to marry him." Quin Lin bit back angrily.

"The marriage is already settled. You have no say in this." Of course, Jeremy Lin is not going to let himself lose.

"Really? But I'm already married. The so-called engagement is worthless now, isn't it?" Jeremy Lin can even hear the triumph in Quin Lin's voice. Out of anger, Jeremy Lin said, "Married? What are you talking about? When did you get married? You're lying!"

"Just two days ago, I've gotten my marriage certificate. Now, I am a married woman. Please ask Howard Zhang to give up." Quin Lin gave her reply.

"You, you..." Jeremy Lin who was on the other end of the phone was beyond furious. "I don't care what have you done, but you cannot turn down your marriage with Howard Zhang. It has been decided, and it's not up to you to change the decision."

"I can't decide on my own marriage? Don't you think it's too ridiculous?"


The conversation became more and more heated by every second, it gradually turned into a dispute.

At this moment, Fade Chen, who was standing at the door, couldn't help but frowned. Obviously, Fade Chen had realized that this phone call was to force Quin Lin to get married. It did not seem suitable for Fade Chen to get involved in these private affairs.

With this thought, Fade Chen gently closed the door and left the office.

A few minutes later, Quin Lin hung up the phone, her eyes red and her face was filled with anger.

Quin Lin looked at the closed door and felt inexplicably disappointed. Quin Lin said to herself, "He was at the door. He must have heard what I said about the engagement. He knew that I was forced, but why wouldn't he come in and comfort me?"

"Do I hold no place in his heart? Quin Lin once again spoke to herself.

This thought made Quin Lin reddened eyes dimmed.

Right then, the secretary came in and asked, "President Lin, Mr. Chen just came, but as you were busy just now, he decided to go back to work first. Do you need me to call him up again?"

Quin Lin gently caressed her cheek, shook her head and said, "No, it's fine. I'm not looking for him at the moment."


Fade Chen, who just came down from the office, frowned and thought for a moment. Suddenly, something crossed his mind. Fade Chen rushed to Xenia Xu's place. Fade Chen held Xenia Xu's shoulders, looked deep into her eyes, and said, "Xenia, I have something to say to you!"

"Ah!" Xenia Xu was surprised by Fade Chen's sudden action. Xenia Xu couldn't help but stuttered and breath heavily from Fade Chen's strong gaze, "Fade Chen, what, what did you want to tell me?"

Fade Chen stared into Xenia Xu's eyes and said, "Xenia, I, I want to treat you to a meal after work."

"Treat me to dinner?" Xenia Xu's heart was beating fast and her face turned red, "Fade Chen, why, why would you treat me to dinner?"

"I hope you could do me a favor." Fade Chen looked at Xenia Xu and said, "After work, could you please accompany me to the shopping mall.

"Ah, you want me to accompany you to buy something." Xenia Xu didn't know how to feel for a moment. She was surprised, disappointed, and even a little angry.

"Xenia, are you not free later?" Fade Chen asked.

"No, no, I have nothing else to do tonight." Xenia Xu replied.

At 5:30 in the evening, Fade Chen and Xenia Xu left the company and boarded a bus together.

Quin Lin who was standing by the window in the president's office on the top floor saw the sight of them leaving.

"So, you like this kind of woman?' Somehow, Quin Lin felt a jolt of pain in her heart, "Sure, compared to me, Xenia Xu is young and lovely, and she's much more womanly. It's normal for you to make such a choice."

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Can you please share the entire episodes
Re: Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband [A Story] by Chrisbillakings(m): 12:47pm On Apr 03, 2020
Can you please share the entire episodes
I will be blocked if i send too much in a day that's why i'm sharing little by little.

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Re: Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband [A Story] by Chrisbillakings(m): 12:56pm On Apr 03, 2020
Chapter 9
Fade Chen and Xenia Xu roamed around the shopping mall and after buying what Fade Chen wanted, they ate hotpot and were ready to go home.

Just as they were on their way to the mall entrance, there was a sudden commotion and people were shouting for help.

Their expression changed instantly. Fade Chen and Xenia Xu then proceeded to walk over to the source of the noise. When they arrived there, a grey-haired old man in his sixties was lying on the ground. His cheeks were red and his brows were furrowed. His breathing was too rapid to be considered normal. It looked like he was in severe pain.

Staying by the side of the old man was a young man in his early twenties, who looked very anxious and at loss. The young man could only repeat a few words like a broken record, "Sir, what's wrong with you? Sir, wake up."

The onlookers around the young man reminded him, "Call the ambulance."

Thanks to the reminder from the crowd, the young man hurriedly took out his mobile phone and made an emergency call.

Though the phone call had already been made, the old man was still lying on the floor. The old man was breathing rapidly. His eyes were even rolled to the back of his head. Looking at the condition he was in, he wouldn't be able to hold on further. The crowd around him were all feeling very anxious, but there's nothing they could help with.

At this moment, Xenia Xu rushed out and said, "Get out of the way, I'm a doctor." Upon hearing this, everyone quickly made way. The young man looked at Xenia Xu and shouted, "Hurry up, please save my grandfather. You must save him."

Xenia Xu didn't say much. She leaned over to the old man, lifted the old man's eyelids, and then quickly began to carry out CPR for the old man.

On the other side, Fade Chen also squatted down and quietly checked the old man's pulse.

The old man's condition didn't seem to improve regardless of the emergency medical procedure done by Xenia Xu. In fact, his condition became worse. His breath gradually slowed down. The old man's face also became paler by every second.

Looking at the situation, the young man became anxious. He grasped Xenia Xu and glared at her, shouting, "What did you do? Why is my grandpa getting worse?"

"He is in a critical condition. I, I've already done my best, but -" Xenia Xu tried her best to explain.

However, the young man was too agitated to listen, "What do you mean by trying your best? You are definitely a fake, you don't know anything. You are the one who hurt my grandfather, and I will make you pay for it."

"I..." Xenia Xu was anxious and angry. She wanted to explain herself but the young man would not listen to Xenia Xu's explanation at all. Instead, he shouted at her.

Right then, a slap landed on the young man's face and he was stunned.

For a moment, the young man could only look at the man who slapped him. Then, his facial expression changed drastically. He said angrily, "How dare you slap me? Both of you are on the same side. You are not here to save my grandfather, but to harm him. I want to call the police. I want to arrest all of you!"

As the young man shouted, he reached out, trying to grab Fade Chen.

Fade Chen slapped the man's face again and shouted angrily, "Your grandfather is still alive.

"However, if you delay the time I have to treat him, your grandfather will die," Fade Chen continued.

"You, you -" The young man held his face and looked at Fade Chen.

Fade Chen glared at him fiercely, then continued to lean down to get closer to the old man. Fade Chen took out the silver needles he had always carried around with him and began to carry out acupuncture.

The onlookers couldn't help but to discuss about the current situation.

"This young man is a traditional Chinese medicine doctor?"

"He is such a young doctor. Is he reliable?"

"I don't think so. Isn't traditional Chinese medicine doctor normally elder people?"

"Do they have the skills? What if the ambulance hasn't arrived, but these two young people have already treated the old man to death?"


The young man on the side was clearly shook up from the discussions of the crowd and had doubts about Fade Chen. However, he did not dare to stop Fade Chen at this moment, so he could only watch quietly.

A few minutes later, just when the sirens of the ambulance were heard coming from the outside of the mall, Fade Chen pulled out the silver needles on the old man's body. The old man who almost fainted, exhaled sharply and coughed. He then sat up from the ground and opened his eyes. He was safe!

The young man was extremely relieved and immediately came over, "Grandpa, you're all right. Grandpa, you-"

The old man glared at the young man, and then looked at Fade Chen and Xenia Xu with gratitude, "The both of you, thank you for saving my life. If it weren't for you, I would've probably be a goner today."

"Grandpa, how do you know?" Before Fade Chen and Xenia Xu managed to say anything, the young man voiced out his confusion.

The old man glared at him and said, "I am still conscious, just couldn't speak. He is my life saviour. What were you doing at that time? You even wanted to call the police to arrest him. You'd better apologize to both of my life saviours."

"Yes, grandpa, I will apologize immediately." The young man nodded, and quickly bowed to Fade Chen and Xenia Xu for apology.

They waved their hands, indicating that it was fine.

Just then, the medical staff from the ambulance came in with a stretcher.

Although the old man said that he was fine, his grandson insisted on making the old man still making a trip to the hospital for a check-up.

When the old man was about to get into the ambulance, he suddenly remembered something and gave Fade Chen a business card, "Young man, this is my contact number. If you need anything, you can call me any time."

After bidding the old man goodbye, Fade Chen looked at the business card in his hand.

The business card was very simple, with only a name and a phone number printed on it. There was nothing fancy "Harry Xu." The name rolled off Fade Chen's tongue before he put the name card away.

Later, they left for home. Fade Chen took Xenia Xu to the bus and went back home by himself.

When Fade Chen got home, Housekeeper Wong and Quin Lin were having dinner. As soon as Quin Lin saw Fade Chen, Housekeeper Wong quickly got up and said, "Sir, you're back. Come and sit down. I'll serve you dinner."

"Antie Wong, don't bother. I have already eaten before I came back." Fade Chen said.

"Ah, you've eaten?" Housekeeper Wong said in surprise.

Quin Lin, on the other hand, was not as surprised. Quin Lin glanced at Fade Chen casually and asked, "Did you eat with Xenia Xu?"

"Yes. We bought some stuff at the mall, and then we had a meal together." Fade Chen replied, and then asked, "How did you know?"

For an unknown reason, Quin Lin felt a surge of anger and annoyance. Instantly. Quin Lin lost her appetite. She slapped her chopsticks down and went upstairs straight. "I'm full" Quin Lin coldly said.

"What, what's wrong with her?" Quin Lin's sudden change of mood surprised Fade Chen.

Housekeeper Wong glanced at Fade Chen, sighed and said, "Sir, what is happening between the both of you?"

Housekeeper Wong wanted to ask about their relationship, but then she remembered Quin Lin's personality, so she waved her hand and said, "Sir, just forget what I said."

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Chapter 10
Fade Chen was confused at the situation. He then carried the gift he bought from the mall and returned to his room.

After cleaning up, Fade Chen quietly went upstairs with the gift from the mall.

At this moment, in the master bedroom upstairs, Quin Lin looked at the laptop on the table with a blank look in her eyes. Quin Lin's mind was wandering off and she was unable to concentrate on the content on the laptop. Quin Lin felt inexplicably agitated.

In her imagination, Quin Lin could see Fade Chen and Xenia Xu interacting intimately, and the scene of them leaving together after work resurfaced endlessly in her mind. Quin Lin could even imagine Fade Chen and Xenia Xu shopping and having dinner together.

For a moment, Quin Lin felt jealousy boiling in her.
Quin Lin sighed and comforted herself, "You're just contractual husband and wife; the only relationship between the both of you is a contract marriage. You're not a couple at all. Besides, an ordinary man like him could be found everywhere. There's nothing to be jealous of."

After that, Quin Lin pulled herself together and started to focus on the computer.

However, after a while, Quin Lin's thoughts involuntarily drifted away, and all kinds of things related to Fade Chen appeared in her mind again.

"Ah--it's so annoying." Quin Lin was at the brink of getting crazy.

Right then, there was a knock on the door.

Quin Lin was stunned and immediately calmed herself down. Quin Lin answered the knock calmly, "Auntie Wong, the door is unlocked. Come in."

It was not Housekeeper Wong. Instead, it was Fade Chen's voice outside the door, "Dea - Quin Lin, it's me. My hands are full, come help me with the door."
Quin Lin frowned and said coldly, "What are you doing here? I told you not to come to my room."

"I, I have something important to tell you, Fade Chen said.
Something important, upon hearing this phrase, Quin Lin couldn't help but think of the time Fade Chen had reminded her to be careful of Donald Qin; Fade Chen had also used this phrase. Quin Lin also recalled that she had misunderstood Fade Chen and she had not apologize to him properly yet.

With this thought, Quin Lin sighed quietly and got up to open the door,"Wait a minute, I'm coming!"

As soon as Quin Lin opened the door, she saw Fade Chen standing in front of her with a huge paper bag in his arms. Not only were his hands full, he was also holding a paper bag with his mouth.

"Hurry up, help me pick it up. There are too many things," Fade Chen muttered with a paper bag still in his mouth.

Quin Lin took a few bags in surprise and frowned slightly, "What are you doing? What are these?"

Fade Chen smiled at her and said, "Why don't you have a guess?"

Quin Lin kept her poker face and refused the childish act instantly, "I won't. I have better things to do. If you have nothing to say, I'll go back to work."

Looking at Quin Lin's reaction, Fade Chen did not dare to joke around anymore. Fade Chen hurriedly said, "Quin, don't! You'll know when you open it."

Quin Lin opened the big paper bag in front of her doubtfully. When she saw the content, her eyes suddenly lit up. Quin Lin reached in and picked up a pile of furry dolls. Quin Lin raised her head and looked at Fade Chen in surprise, "How did you know that I like these---"

Before Quin Lin finished her words, she blushed and stopped talking. After all, Quin Lin was always the distant cold president in front of the public. If people knew that Quin Lin likes furry dolls, they would probably be shocked out of their wits.

Fade Chen chuckled and said, "When I came back that night, I went into your room. Also, the key you are carrying around with you has a little doll hanging on it."

Quin Lin turned her head around and realized that the decoration of her room was based on a cute theme and it was all pink and fluffy. There were also many cute plushies on the bed and the closet.

For a moment, Quin Lin blushed and her impression towards Fade Chen slightly changed. Quin Lin did not expect Fade Chen to be so attentive.

At this moment, Fade Chen mysteriously took out a large doll from his back and placed it in front of Quin Lin, mimicking sound effects from his mouth, "Quin, look at this! You will definitely like it, Ang Ang Ang..."

"Ah, Doraemon! It's my favorite!" Quin Lin cried out in surprise when she saw the doll; it was as if she went back to being a teenager, hugging the life-size doll tightly. Quin Lin was too happy to let go of the doll.

Hearing Fade Chen's laughter, Quin Lin regained her composure. Quin Lin put the doll down and said to Fade Chen shyly, "How, how do you know I like Doraemon?"

Fade Chen pointed around the room and said with a smile, "The comic on your bedside and those small Doraemon plushies; anyone would know with just a glance."

Hearing Fade Chen's words, Quin Lin felt warmth embracing her heart. The jealousy in her immediately disappeared and was replaced with great joy instead.

Quin Lin's heart was filled with joy and her face was full of happiness. Aside of that, Quin Lin's cheeks were flushed, which made her, who was originally already beautiful, looked even more charming. Fade Chen's Adam's apple bobbed and he couldn't help swallowing his saliva.

"Thank you!" Quin Lin's face was rosy from the joy and she thanked Fade Chen with a smile. This was the first time Quin Lin had thanked Fade Chen so sincerely. Subsequently, Quin Lin asked Fade Chen, "Why, why are you giving me presents suddenly?"

Fade Chen smiled and said, "You have probably received a call from your family. I guess that they are forcing you into a marriage which would probably upset you. So I went out to buy these dolls to cheer you up."

"Ah, you-" Quin Lin remembered that Fade Chen was at the door of the office when she was answering the phone call and had then left,"You left to buy me a doll?"

Fade Chen nodded and said, "Yes but I'm not very familiar with Bay City, so I asked Xenia to take me to the mall to get these dolls. In return, I treated her to a meal."

"So it turns out you went out with Xenia Xu to -" Quin Lin was a little surprised. Quin Lin thought of her ridiculous imaginations and inexplicable jealousy, she couldn't help but blush

Fade Chen smiled and said, "Do you think I've gone out on a date with Xenia? So you were jealous and angry with me?"

Quin Lin blushed once again at Fade Chen's words. She turned her head away in a hurry before snorting and denied, "Who's jealous? You think too highly of yourself. Humph!"

"Really?" Fade Chen blinked and let out a small smile.

"If I said so, then that's what it is. Don't think too much." Quin Lin was still blushing profusely now.

"Well then. Sure, I will not think much of it." Fade Chen smiled and waved his hand, ready to leave.

Quin Lin suddenly thought of something. She stopped Fade Chen and said, "Wait a minute!"

"What's wrong?" Fade Chen turned around to look at Quin Lin.

Quin Lin lowered her head slightly and said with a shy expression, "Fade Chen, I'm sorry. Yesterday, I misunderstood you. Please accept my apology." ,

Fade Chen was stunned and even a little surprised. After a moment, Fade Chen smiled and said, "It's okay. I've forgotten about it.

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Chapter 11
The next morning, Fade Chen felt relaxed. He didn't have to squeeze with the crowd in the bus. Instead, Fade Chen rode in his wife's luxury sports car to work together.

Of course, it was still impossible for them to enter the company together.

Just like the first day, Quin Lin let Fade Chen off a few hundred meters away from the company and asked him to walk to the company.

Fade Chen was in a good mood after the reconciliation with Quin Lin last night. He was carrying a smile all day.

As it was getting near to the end of day, Fade Chen, who was preparing to pack his things to go home, received a call from an unknown number.

"Excuse me, is this Mr. Fade Chen?" The voice on the other end of the phone sounded very respectful.

"I am. May I know you are -" Fade Chen was a little confused.

I'm Harry Xu. I would like to invite Mr. Chen for dinner." The man said excitedly.

"Harry Xu?" Hearing this name, Fade Chen was unable to come to his senses for a short while.

The person on the other side of the phone sensed the confusion in Fade Chen's voice and quickly added, "I'm the old man you saved in the mall yesterday."

After he heard this, Fade Chen came back to his senses and hurriedly said, "Oh, Mr. Xu. I remember you now."

"Mr. Chen, I wanted to invite you to have a meal to express my gratitude." Harry Xu said.

Fade Chen replied, "Mr. Xu, there's no need to do so. It was nothing much."

"Mr. Chen, you might deem what you have done as a small deed, but for me, you've saved my life. I have to at least treat you to a meal anyhow. If Mr. Chen is not free today, you can pick any other time." Harry Xu sincerely said.

At this point, Fade Chen could only agree to the invitation, "In that case, let's have a meal together after work today."
"Sure, 6:30 in the evening at Grand Duke Hotel, are you okay with it?" Harry Xu asked.

"Grand Duke Hotel!" The name sounded a little familiar to Fade Chen. After a while, he finally recalled his coworkers often brought up this hotel in their conversation. It was a well-known five star hotel in Bay City. Of course, it was also very expensive. Working men with average pay could never afford having a meal at such a hotel.

Having Mr.Xu invite him to such a luxurious hotel slightly surprised Fade Chen.

However, Fade Chen was only surprised, nothing more than that. He did not say anything else and continued, "Sure, I will be there by then."

Hanging up the phone, Fade Chen looked at his watch. There's not much time left from end of working hour. Thus, Fade Chen took the initiative to call Quin Lin and informed her that he had to go out for dinner after work today and would not go home right after work.

After work, Fade Chen left the company and took a cab to Grand Duke Hotel.
As soon as Fade Chen walked through the entrance of the hotel, a waiter dressed in formal suit came up to him with a smile, "Are you Mr. Fade Chen? Please come in."

"Do you know me?" Fade Chen looked at the waiter in surprise.

The waiter smiled and said, "Mr. Xu asked me to greet you at the entrance. Mr. Xu has already booked a place and is now waiting for your arrival."

"....." Listening to the waiter, Fade Chen couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. This caused him to be slightly intrigued by Mr. Xu's identity.

Mr. Xu did not only invite him to have a dinner at Grand Duke Hotel but was also able to arrange people to welcome him at the entrance. With such wealth, Harry Xu probably was not an ordinary person.

Fade Chen then followed the waiter into the hotel and came to a well-decorated private room.

"Mr. Chen, you're finally here!" Seeing Fade Chen, Harry Xu immediately got up and greeted him with a smile.

Fade Chen shook hands with Mr. Xu and immediately said, "Mr. Xu, you are too polite. You can just call me Chen."

"Alright then, I'll call you Chen then." Mr. Xu smiled and invited Fade Chen to take a seat.

"It's time to serve," Mr. Xu said to the waiter.

Soon, the dishes were served. Fade Chen looked at the numerous delicate dishes which came up to more than twenty of them - all of which were perfect with appetizing color, aroma, and taste. This further confirmed Mr. Xu's identity as a wealthy man.

"Chen, thank you so much." Mr. Xu took the initiative to pour a glass of wine and said "To express my gratitude, I would like to propose a toast to you, Chen."

Fade Chen quickly said, "Mr. Xu, your body has just recovered. You'd better not consume any alcohol."

Mr. Xu paused for a moment and then with a smile, he replied, "Well, since you said so, I will propose a toast to you with tea instead of wine."

After that, Mr. Xu poured a cup of tea, gave Fade Chen a toast, and then drank it up.

Fade Chen also picked up his glass and drank his tea.

After drinking, Mr. Xu served Fade Chen with some food and thanked him once again.

When the atmosphere seemed right, Mr. Xu put down his glass, looked at Fade Chen and asked, "Chen, I wonder where you're working now."

Fade Chen didn't intend to hide anything and said directly "I'm a doctor in the medical department of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc.

"What?" Mr. Xu frowned, "Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc's medical department, this - Chen, with your medical skills, it's such a waste for you to work there!"

Fade Chen smiled and replied, "No, I am very happy with my current job."

"Chen, may I know if you're considering a change of job?" Harry Xu asked.

"Ah, this----" Fade Chen couldn't come up with an answer for a second.

Harry Xu continued, "Well,Chen. I've seen a lot of doctors and even visited doctors abroad several times. I've spent a lot of money to treat my illness, but the effect is poor."

"I didn't expect that I would be coincidentally treated by you yesterday in the mall. I got so much better. When I went back for a check-up, even the doctor was very surprised." Harry Xu continued, "So, I would like to hire you to be my private doctor."

"A private doctor?" Fade Chen didn't expect Mr. Xu to make such an offer to him Mr.

Xu quickly added, "Of course, I can guarantee that you will be compensated fairly. In terms of salary, 100,000 Yuan a month. Also, I will provide you with food and accommodation. Chen, what do you think?"

"Ah-" Fade Chen was genuinely surprised. He didn't expect Mr. Xu to offer such a great package. To be honest, Fade Chen's monthly salary as a doctor in the medical department was not more than 5,000 Yuan.

However, money was just a number for Fade Chen. It was not something he would pay much attention to.

Moreover, Fade Chen had a beautiful wife in Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc, even though they were not in love with each other now and was only husband and wife in name.

As soon as this thought came up, Fade Chen shook his head and said to Mr. Xu, "Mr. Xu, I appreciate your kindness but I am very happy with my current work and I'm not thinking of changing my job for the time being."

"Chen, is the offered not up to your standard? What kind of requirements do you have? Feel free to bring it up." Mr. Xu said hurriedly.

Fade Chen smiled gently, "Mr. Xu, this is not a matter of compensation, but my personal choice."

Mr. Xu was slightly disappointed, but he regained his composure immediately. Mr. Xu said, "It is my mistake. I'm too anxious. I'm really sorry. Let's not talk about work. We'd better continue to eat up. This meal is just to express my gratitude to you, Chen. Believe me, I didn't mean anything else."

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Chapter 12
After that, Mr. Xu no longer brought up about the job offer to Fade Chen again. After they finished dinner, Mr. Xu took the initiative to send Fade Chen to the hotel entrance. Mr. Xu handed a business card over and said, "Chen, keep this business card. If you need anything, you can always call the number on it."

Fade Chen looked at the business card. It was not the business card that Harry Xu gave him previously, but rather a more formal and exquisite business card. The name "Nicholas Xu' was printed on it, followed by various titles and positions held below. The most striking one was the position of the person as the chairman of the Xu Enterprises Holdings.

"This is-" Fade Chen was a little confused.

Mr. Xu explained, "Nicholas Xu is my son. I thought that it would be easier for him to help you with anything instead of me. So i asked him for his business card."

Fade Chen finally understood. It turned out that Harry Xu was a wealthy man because his son is the chairman of Xu Enterprises Holdings. It was no wonder that Harry Xu could treat him to a dinner at the Grand Duke Hotel and gave him such grand treatment.

"Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Xu. If you feel uncomfortable, contact me any time." After putting away the business card, Fade Chen expressed his gratitude before leaving the hotel.

The next morning, Quin Lin called Fade Chen to the president's office.

"Dear, what's the matter?" The apology and reconciliation the night before yesterday made their relationship became much more harmonious. Fade Chen could now occasionally joke around with Quin Lin.

Quin Lin glared at Fade Chen with her beautiful eyes, but she did not scold him like she did before. Instead, Quin Lin handed him a document and said, "Take a look at this."

"This is---" Fade Chen took the document and browsed through it. After reading through the content, Fade Chen was shocked. through it. "Dear, did you hand me the wrong document? Why would you show me this? This is a briefing book for the company meeting."

I didn't make a mistake. I want you to see this. This will be used in the meeting later, Quin Lin said.

This time, Fade Chen was dumbfounded, "Ah, there's a meeting? What's the purpose of the meeting? Besides, even if there's a meeting, I don't need to be there, do 1?"

Quin Lin said, "It's a meeting to discuss the company's vendors. I want you to be there."

"Dear, you are definitely joking. It's fine for me to stay in the medical department, but I don't know anything about this!" Fade Chen suddenly felt headache.

Quin Lin said, "It doesn't matter if you don't understand now. Just look at it and learn slowly."

"But, this -" Fade Chen did not understand why should he be involved in these professional matters.

Quin Lin looked into Fade Chen's eyes and said in a low voice, "Now, you are my husband. If you continue to be a small doctor in the company, won't others find it strange?"

Listening to Quin Lin, Fade Chen finally understood the purpose behind her action, "Is it still about your family forcing you into a marriage?"

"Well, that's indeed part of the reason." Quin Lin said.

Fade Chen picked up the document and said seriously, "In that case, I will study hard."
In the afternoon, at the conference room, almost all the executives of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc had arrived, ready for the meeting regarding the company vendors.

The leaders, who were in charge of managing and taking care of the materials for the meeting, are now carrying out the final verifications and reviews as well as making final preparations for the upcoming meeting.

Everyone has arrived. As the president's secretary, Donald Qin was to announce the beginning of the meeting.

However, Quin Lin stopped him. "Wait a minute, there is another person."

"Another one?" Donald Qin glanced around and did not find anyone who had not arrived. Donald Qin could not help but look at Quin Lin with a puzzled look.

Quin Lin did not explain further but chose to look over at the door of the conference room.

With rushed footsteps, Fade Chen appeared, "I'm sorry, There was a staff who was not feeling well just now and I got delayed for a small while. I'm not late, am I?"

"Just in time, you can take your seat!", Quin Lin greeted Fade Chen.

Fade Chen came in and sat directly on the left side of Quin Lin without any hesitation.

By now, everybody was looking at him, especially Donald Qin, who looked even more puzzled.

"President Lin, what, what's going on? Why did he come to attend such an important meeting? This - Donald Qin was very puzzled and even glared at Fade Chen with anger.

However, Quin Lin just replied coldly, "I was the one who invited him. Well, let's start the meeting!"

Since the president had already said so, the other executive could only put away their doubt and start the meeting.

The purpose of this meeting was mainly to discuss the candidates for the company vendor of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc next year.

As a cosmetics company, the suppliers engaged were very important. If a suitable supplier was chosen, it would guarantee the quality and output of their products and enhance the competency of their company in the market. It was safe to say the suppliers chosen would greatly affect the development of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc next year.

The meeting started with the introduction of specific information about each supplier, including their goods, the quality of the products, the amount they can supply, the price of their products, the cash flow and so on.

After introducing the specific situations of more than a dozen different suppliers, the following was the most crucial part of the meeting. The executives would discuss and decide on which and how many suppliers to be chosen for negotiation and cooperation.

After all, every supplier had their own strengths and weaknesses, there was no perfect choice. Therefore, under these circumstances, they must choose the suppliers who could bring the most benefit to the company.

After understanding the situation of the suppliers, they had now arrived at the highlight of the meeting. The leaders would voice their opinions and at the same time, explaining their choices.

The leaders from different departments stood up one by one and began to give their own opinions.

Quin Lin listened seriously. Sometimes, Quin Lin would jot down some information on her notebook; other times she was seen to be in deep thoughts, looking very serious.

As for Fade Chen, after listening to everyone, he felt that almost everyone was right. Every supplier had their own strengths and weaknesses. Anyway, Fade Chen could not differentiate which was good and which was not.

However, Fade Chen found a problem.

On the list, there were twelve suppliers. Eleven of them had been mentioned, but no one mentioned "Xu Chemicals", which was at number 8. From the introductory information Fade Chen had read previously, Xu Chemicals' factory was large in size and the quality of the product was very good. It should be a good choice.

With this thought, Fade Chen could not keep himself from asking Quin Lin, "Why don't you choose Xu Chemicals? think their conditions are pretty good?"

Initially, Fade Chen intended to just bring this matter up to Quin Lin casually.

However, silence suddenly landed the conference room, causing everyone to hear him. For a moment, everyone looked over at Fade Chen.

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Chapter 13
Donald Qin sneered and said, "It seemed that Mr. Chen didn't prepare himself well before he came here for the meeting. He doesn't even know the basics."

Ignoring Donald Qin's sarcasm, Fade Chen kept his composure and said blankly, "I admit I don't know much about it. So, I would like to ask Secretary Qin why are we not choosing Xu Chemicals?"

Donald Qin glanced around at everyone and finally allowed his gaze to fall back to Fade Chen. Donald Qin arrogantly said, "Since you've asked, I'll tell you."

Donald Qin continued, "In terms of quality, Xu Chemicals is undoubtedly the best choice. It can even be said that there is no need for discussion. Xu Chemicals is the best in the industry as it is a subsidiary of Xu Enterprises Holdings. The scale of the factory is also considered as one of the largest in the province and also in the country. From what I've just mentioned, it's not hard to see that the quality of their product is very good."

"But you have forgotten the most important thing, which is, Xu Chemicals products are mainly supplied to top domestic brands or even foreign famous cosmetics brands. Their raw materials were sold out almost as soon as it is produced. There is nothing else left to be sold to us. Besides, the price of raw materials from Xu Chemicals is a lot higher than that of other companies. So, why would we choose a supplier who is completely impossible to sign a contract with?" As he ended his speech, Donald Qin looked at Fade Chen conceitedly.

Fade Chen, however, looked calm. He nodded and said, " I see. If that's the case, then it makes sense."

"Of course, it does. Do you think that we are fools, and you are the only one who is smart?" Donald Qin sneered.

Fade Chen ignored him and said to Quin Lin, "Dea... President Lin, if there is a chance to negotiate with Xu Chemicals, would it be very beneficial for the company?"

"Of course. But-" Quin Lin whispered.

This conversation was heard by Donald Qin, who then said, "Cooperate with Xu Chemicals? Hah, do you think that the negotiation is as simple as what you are talking about?"

"We have spent three years offering a price which is 30% higher than the market price to Xu Chemicals in order to get the opportunity to get their products. Even succeed in the negotiation. They would not even sell us their testers. In this case, I would like to ask Mr. Chen, how would you negotiate with Xu Chemicals? By relying on your mouth?" As soon as Donald Qin finished speaking, laughter we didn't was heard all around the conference room.

The management executives looked at Fade Chen strangely.

Such a situation made Quin Lin frown. She wanted to stop everyone.

Just then, Fade Chen held her down and whispered, "It's fine."

Then, Fade Chen stood up and walked out of the meeting room. Looking at Fade Chen's actions, Donald Qin frowned and shouted, "What are you doing?"

"Relying on my mouth to negotiate with Xu Chemicals, Fade Chen laughed.

"Hah- you, are you kidding me?", Donald Qin said coldly, "But I will let you know that on such an occasion, your joke is not funny at all."

Quin Lin was also a little surprised. She looked at Fade Chen and said, "Fade Chen, you-"

Fade Chen gave her a reassuring look and then said, "Don't worry, I'll be back soon."

Right after, Fade Chen gave Donald Qin a look and went straight out of the conference room.

Donald Qin sneered and sarcastically said, "It seems that some people still have some self-awareness and is ashamed. Good to know that they are leaving on their own."

Donald Qin continued to announce. "The meeting will continue. To those who haven't spoken yet, please stand up and voice your opinion!"

The meeting continued inside the room.

Outside, Fade Chen took out the business card Mr. Xu gave him yesterday and looked at the name on it, "Nicholas Xu, the chairman of Xu Enterprises Holdings. He should have some say in Xu Chemicals."

Then, Fade Chen dialled the number.

A few minutes later, Fade Chen ended the call and returned to the meeting room.

Donald Qin immediately looked over and said sarcastically, "Why are you back again? Have our Doctor Chen managed to negotiate with Xu Chemicals?"

The crowd burst into laughter.

Fade Chen's eyes were indifferent and he said flatly, "Basically, yes!"

"What?" Donald Qin was stunned, and he then looked at Fade Chen with astonishment and laughed straight in Fade Chen's face, "I'm just kidding with you. How could you take it seriously? You said that you have almost negotiated with Xu Chemicals? You are such a liar!"

The other executives were also startled and then they started laughing at Fade Chen mockingly. Obviously, they didn't believe what Fade Chen had said.

Even Quin Lin's expression changed. She looked at Fade Chen and reminded him, "Don't be angry with Donald Qin. Just listen."

Fade Chen wanted to explain, but when he saw Quin Lin waving her hand to continue the meeting, he knew better than to interrupt the meeting and decided to just listen quietly.

The meeting continued. Several managers put forward their own opinions and stated the partners they like.

Finally, after almost everyone had spoken, only Donald Qin was left.

Obviously, this was arranged on purpose. Donald Qin straightened his necktie and stood up with a smile. Donald Qin then made a gesture to the crowd before saying confidently, "President Lin and my dear colleagues, my choice is No. 2 supplier, 'Pai's Chemical'.

Donald Qin added on, "This company is not bad. Although it can't be compared with the big companies like Xu's, it is still considered to be in the upper ranks in our province. In terms of price, quality, stability of supply, and so on, it is in the upper- middle position. Moreover, two years ago, our company had cooperated with Pai's Chemical.."

After a long speech, Donald Qin concluded, "In conclusion, think Pai's Chemical is the most suitable supplier for our company. With this, I will end my speech."

As Donald Qin finished his words, a round of applause was given to Donald Qin in the conference room.

Many executives even spoke out and supported Donald Qin right then.

"Secretary Qin, you've made a good point. I also think that Pai's Chemical is a good choice."

"Indeed, Secretary Qin's explanation is clear and reasonable, and the data is detailed. Pai's Chemical is a good choice."

"At first, I was leaning more towards number 4. However, after listening to Secretary Qin, I think number two is more suitable than number four."

"It is true that Secretary Qin never disappoints. He has done a good job.
Listening to everyone speaking highly of Donald Qin, Fade Chen couldn't help but be amused. Even if he didn't have much work experience, he could see that many of these people who flattered Donald Qin were not sincere.

It seemed that Donald Qin really did a lot of preparations before the meeting. However, it was probably not on the data, but on his interpersonal relations.

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