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Poultry Business Plan For Broilers And Layers In Nigeria by chapatti: 6:35am On May 15, 2020
Poultry Business Plan for Layers in Nigeria

Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria for Layers - In recent times, we have seen how many persons start up a company without the very benefit or advantage of having a formal business plan. And we feel that this could be counter productive in the nearest future. Have you noticed that sometimes a business grows so fast in no distant time it crashes to the ground. Business plan can be very essential factor in birthing and also growing your business.

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So many clients have actually requested for our business plan and truthfully speaking they have always been grateful for our business plan. Some of the advantages for having a well detailed and packaged business plans is that's it will help you obtain financing, arrange strategic alliances, attract key employees, and boost your confidence. Another good thing about our business plan is that it helps you sell the your company to the world and gives you direction as the world answers back.

A Business plan is what a Cutlass is to a farmer and that means with it on you, you stand an edge over any circumstances you may incure on your way. Our business plan as it where covers lots of ground from the table of contents to the financial tables. Do you want to make your executive summary be exceptional? Do you want ti know how many details that are very appropriate when you want to outline your marketing strategy? Do you want to know how best to present a financial projection? We have the best resources that can help you create a a near perfect Business plan.

With a comprehensive business plan on your desk, which also includes marketing and financial strategies that can on the long run can help determine the feasibility of a value-added enterprise. When you decide to develop a well detailed Business plan, it will help define your business, creates a road map to operate the business, sets the goals you will aim for, and satisfies outsiders’. Below are the various basics of a business:

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What? This Describes your product or service.

Why? This Describes the need for your product or service.

Who? This describe the customer.

When? You have draw a timeline and list all the tasks that need to be accomplished.

Where? This describes the location of your business.

Now let's talk about poultry production business. But this time, we will be talking about egg production. You can read up my well and detailed Poultry farming business plan in Nigeria. When we talk about egg production, we mean that you intend going into eggplant Production Business. And first thing you must know is that it is a very lucrative Business and it is really not a very stressful business to do all you just need to do is have the basic knowledge of how this egg Production Business is done. They could be from Day-old-chicks (DOC), or stock as Point-of-Lay (POL) birds.

According to our poultry experts, rearing of layers can be done on deep litter system. It can also be done by battery cage system. If you intend to go into caged bird system of rearing, then be rest assured that you will spend lots of money because it is usually very expensive to do. But it also has some cool advantages over other systems. They include: easy of management, cleaner eggs, safety from breakages, minimal feed wastage, reduced water contamination and maximized space.

Research have shown that a unit of cage with the capacity of 120 birds cost N105,000. But for beginners that has limited resources, it will be advisable that you start with deep litter system. The reason we have advised this is that, it is quite affordable, and the deep litter system materials are always available. Let's discuss some of the requirements needed for deep litter system: conducive housing and more intense management of the water, feed and litters. But there are some major requirements that are needed which are the roof top should be very much a heat repelling, it should be made from asbestos, thatch roof etc.

You also need to create a ventilation to let heat out of the cage. The walls also should be less than two feet high, make curtain from sacks or tarpaulin which should be made available to prevent the entrance of rain water from entering the cage. If this is not avoided then you can not avoid coccidiosis and other enteric diseases. For beginners, it will be advisable that they don't spend much money on poultry house construction. They can actually make use of local materials which can be used as equipment for the construction to limit the use of resources and thereby reducing cost. So if this is done, then the unused resources can be channeled into productive running cost such as DOC or POL and feed.

For beginners, they are advised or could start with POL. When we say POL we are talking about birds that are in their fourteen to twenty weeks of Age. ( Remember that birds usually start laying their first eggs when they are 22weeks to 24weeks of age).

One of the major advantage of buying POL (point of layer eggs) is that it is less risky to rear. So you won't be thinking of much loses as you venture into this business. Prices of POL currently ranges from N750 to N950/bird. So why you are making plans and also budgeting for feeding, bear in mind that a bag of feed cost about N2,200 as at current price. And you should also know how many bags could feed 1000 birds per day.

From our team of experts, we have also researched that 1000 layers will produce 28 crates daily
Feed consumption: You should also aim abdaily consumption of 120g feed per hen a day.
120kg of feed daily= 4bags @N2, 200= N8, 800 to produce 28 crates daily
28 crates x N500 per crate = N14, 000 profit – N8, 800 daily feed consumption =N5, 200
54 to 72 weeks of lay, after all set and done, one layer would be sold for nearly the same amount that the POL was purchased for. If this is true and it is true, then you will agree with me that egg production Business in Nigeria.

There are some basic essentials that necessary to take note of when starting up an egg production Business in Nigeria. They are as follows.

Land: You cannot just have any place as a land for your business. Nope. It doesn't work that way at all. You must have an adequate land that have the capacity to house a poultry house and poultry structure. This will help carry out other various poultry farm activities.

Water: You don't want to keep feeding your birds with bad water because if you, you end up destroying your business. At all times, it's a must consumption for birds. And it is very important to identify or have a reliable source of clean water which should be portable.

Skills and experience: When you want to employ staffs, ensure you employ those who have some form of Basic training and experience in poultry management. Don't make a mistake of staffing unprofessional staffs so that you don't crash your business.

Capital: Capital means a source of potential funding that is required for acquiring equipment and funds that are needed to run the project. If you don't have any means of have capital to fund your business, we have outlined some very simple methods to raise capital. Just click here and see the magic.

Poor management will surely lead to the downfall of your egg production company. So it will be very imperative to have a good management team whose aim is to produce as many table eggs as possible over the laying life of the hen.

Labour: It will be very advantageous if the manager of the poultry farm has experience and also have some basic training in poultry management. Research has it that in a poultry house that accommodates 1000 and 2000 hens, it will require at least 1 and 2 poultry attendants respectively. You will still need to employ some Casual staffs that will be cleaning and restocking the place.

Production systems.

We have two main egg production systems in Nigeria.These are the laying cage and deep litter systems.

A) Laying cage system: we have initially established the fact that this system is very much expensive to run because you have keep every Hen inside the cage all through the lifespan of the bird. This type of egg production are commendable to those who wants to go into commercial egg production.
Also you should know the density of the hen house but must be determined by the body size and weight of the hen.

It is 3 to 5 hens per cubicle. This simply means that the heavier the hen, the fewer they have to be in a cubicle. Ensure that hens don't have contacts with droppings to reduce infections. This advise is for those practicing the laying cage system. Feeding, providing water, egg collection, removal of litter and cleaning are jobs to be done by poultry attendants to perform.

B) Deep litter system

This system is a system where hens are put in a house that has a floor space of 8 to 10 birds. This is to ensure that there is Total free movement of these birds. In the room, cover it with a 5cm to 10cm deep litter of grain husks (maize or rice) straw, wood shavings or a similarly absorbent (but non-toxic) materials. The reason why we prefer Wood shavings is because birds usually don't eat them. Ensure you provide litter. This will make the birds avoid slippery which would have occurred from a slippery surfaces and would have resulted in the damage of the legs of the birds. When new stocks arrive, ensure you replace the old ones and don't reuse the old litter anymore. Before a new litter is introduced, ensure you Clean, wash and disinfect the floor before you put the new litter.

We will be concentrating more on laying cage system. We will discuss the guidelines here.

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Laying period

Those who are Egg producers usually buy chicks at the point of lay, which is usually between seventeen (17) to eighteen (18) weeks old. At this age, one some amount of hens will lay eggs immediately.

But when it gets around the 21st week, the majority of the hens will surely start laying eggs until they are 44 weeks (11months) old after which the hens will now be replaced. When egg-laying starts when hens or pullets are either too fat or before they are fully physically and sexually matured that's about 20 weeks or five (5) months of age, this will affect the overall performance during the laying period which on the long will affect in Producing fewer eggs than expected.

Health and common diseases

The Disease that are prevalence amongst birds varies from one area to the other. But you must be very careful with sunlight because the problems that may trigger the disease conditions of birds are direct sunlight on egg trays or nests, poor ventilated houses and to a very large extent a very high temperatures in and outside the poultry house. So checkmate the amount of sunlight that enters the poultry farm house. This on the long run will weaken egg shells and this on the long run will result in poor egg quality and this means bad market and business for you.


Under a very good management, they mortality rate of birds ranges between 5 to 10%.

Records management

Relative to records management.
Ensure you have a very neat and tidy project record book on which you are to pen information on the number of stocked live birds, slaughtered and deaths recorded.
When you have a well documented Record keeping, it will help the farmer to accurately budget and make some informed and important decisions about the project.

Below are the records that should be adequately kept.
- All feeds consumed and purchased
- Number of hens purchased
- Deaths and causes
- Vaccination and other veterinary requisites expenses
- Labour and other variable costs
- Number of eggs collected daily
- Number of eggs sold and used for home consumption
- Number of eggs damaged and
- Water and feed intake daily. It should be noted that water and feed consumption records are excellent indicators of flock health

Market survey

You have to do a very good market survey or research work. This is so essential because it will enable the farmer to identify the current and emerging markets where he can sell his eggs at a higher price.


Let's list the various Marketing activities which you can understand. They include: grading, quality, promotions, packaging and value adding.

If you can go about these activities the actual it Should be, then they will lead you to selling large volumes of products as quickly as possible which will result in the farmer making a lot of profit. You can check out article on how to place adverts on YouTube and Facebook to attract thousands of customers to you on a daily basis.

Grading: Usually Eggs are graded by their size and labelled according to weight. So when selection and grading are going on, ensure you carefully ensure that weight is uniform to avoid disqualification.

Our Business plan covers
FINANCIAL ANALYSIS PROFIT PROJECTION FOR LAYERS AS REQUESTED FOR.Contact us for your business plan@ 09066078526or you can mail us@ tradewithchapatti@gmail.com. Our well detailed and packaged business plan will withstand the test of time,critical analysis and implementation scrutiny.

GET YOUR Poultry Business Plan For Layers And Broilers
/ FEASIBILITY STUDY. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721

After payment text your name, send a text of your e-mail address to 09066078526 and you’ll receive your Poultry Business Plan For Layers And Broilers

Source >>> Best Business Plan Nigeria
Re: Poultry Business Plan For Broilers And Layers In Nigeria by chapatti: 6:36am On May 15, 2020
Poultry Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF

Poultry Farming Business Plan In Nigeria Latest Edition Feasibility Study And Manual:

Having gone to various seminars myself, either as a trainee or a trainer, poultry farming has always been something everyone wants to go into. From my wealth of experience in business establishment, there are few business I can advise people to go into and one of them is poultry farming. I sure no why you are here to either have an idea of what it takes to set up a poultry farm or you want to have the poultry farming business plan in Nigeria feasibility study. Either one, you are on the right track. Just seat, read on and get all you can.Not until recently, people weren’t into this type of business. Poultry Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

To get the full details click, https://www.bestnigeriabusinessplan.com.ng/poultry-farming-business-plan-in-nigeria-pdf-2020/
Re: Poultry Business Plan For Broilers And Layers In Nigeria by CornerChen: 7:00am On Jun 17, 2020
Broiler floor equipment with water drinking and feeding line, including climate control and heater.
Capacity from 10,000 birds to 40,000 birds in one house.

If you would like to start with broiler farm, please send me message for best price.
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Email: vin.chensn@gmail.com

Re: Poultry Business Plan For Broilers And Layers In Nigeria by konews: 9:17am On Aug 30, 2020
Poultry Business Plan For Layers In Nigeria. get our business plan that will help you grow your business and enable you make more profits
Re: Poultry Business Plan For Broilers And Layers In Nigeria by supergist: 7:27am On Oct 30, 2020
Re: Poultry Business Plan For Broilers And Layers In Nigeria by okitejoseph: 11:35am On Dec 07, 2020
Re: Poultry Business Plan For Broilers And Layers In Nigeria by CornerChen: 8:42am On Jan 18, 2021
Our company supply poultry cage for chicken farm for around 35 years
We have layer cage, pullet cage and breeder cage
We also have floor equipment for broiler for various capacity.
Kindly contact me for detail quotation and design,
My WhatsApp: +8615838398703
Email: vin.chensn@gmail.com

Re: Poultry Business Plan For Broilers And Layers In Nigeria by CornerChen: 7:50am On Jul 25
Our factory supply TechEasy layer battery cage and TechPro layer battery cage, the capacity from 10,000 birds to 150,000 birds/house. Both battery cage are complete fully automatic with drinking, feeding, egg collecting, manure removal and climate control.
If you would like to start a poultry farm, kindly message us for a free farm design and proposal.
WhatsApp: +8615838398703
Email: vin.chensn@gmail.com

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