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Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 3:28pm On Jun 22, 2020
And suddenly! he appeared again, he was their commander at iluyogun village, I studied him as he spit some incantations after he had scooped some sands off the ground. I already knew what he was planning to do , he attacked me roughly, He threw the sand upon me as I groaned silently, but quickly called its antidote "I am a son of the soil, a mother doesn't eat her child to quench its hunger, The soil won't ingest me yet ", I stood up again , he was probably amazed, I moved closer to him, I brought out a snail shelled amulet from my battle smock and started incantations" A goat can't give birth to a cat, its abomination, the day the earthworm has the audacity to swim in a pool of salt,that is its last day on earth, Two hundred flies can't wage war against a broom, any being who wants my departure from this earth, should watch me behind here while he goes far beyond to feast on earthworms , I flung my amulet on his head, he staggered backward but didn't fall down, he brought out a shotgun from his smock, Alarmed , I moved back but he was to fast , he shot! I met myself on the ground rolling helplessly while he was laughing wickedly...
Yeeeh! I woke up, sweating so it was a dream , Ah! it must be a dream, what have I achieved, my achievement must be greater than the fearless kunrunmi , farther better than ogedengbe the ijesha warrior whose head was chopped off and still went to put it back to its place, Yes I must be greater than those warlords.

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Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 4:30pm On Jun 22, 2020
I stood up and walked through the path linking the shrine to my bedroom, as at that time I had no wife yet to help me with some minor chores, I was still a young adult of 26 years, the early death of my father left me with the title of balogun, The head of the warriors, War fighting was a lineage job in our family, even our female breed must end up in a powerful man home , after my fathers death, my uncle took me as his son, so I always call him father, My mother had passed away since I was 20.
I stepped into the shrine, backing the door, I counted three steps backwards and later faced the wooden deities arranged in the order of ascending, I opened the store to bring out condiments which I would use to eulogize them, Not so long after I heard a call from outside

I hastened out of the shrine, shuffling my brain of who it could be, after i couldn't get a satisfying answer, I prayed it be some customers, I walked down the steep steps at the corridor, got outside and saw a man with a wrinkled, I gestured at him to come closer
"Good morning" he said, staring at me awkwardly, "ekaabo o" I said in our dialect, "Who do you seek " I added as I shoved him the stool beside me," Thank you " he appreciated.
"The king of odeyale village sends his greetings, he said you should visit him whenever you have the time but it must not be too long, cause he has a very important work for you to sort out in the village" the man paused and took a deep breath
"Its alright" my regards to him tell him I would be there in three days time
"OK sir " he got up and left as I accompanied him out of sight
I returned back inside to continue to complete the sacrifice as I had to visit the palace this evening for the Chiefs general meeting.
I entered the sitting room and feasted on yam and palm oil , did some house chores and bathed.
After I was through, I went to the village square with the intention of playing AYO as there were still some left for the meeting, But was disappointed when I got there , they were only few kids running helter skelter, I decided to go to the palace.
I made a U turn to the palace and trekked a few distance before I encountered the palace gate , the gate keeper saluted me as I proceeded to the hall acknowledging him , I met few chiefs on seat and greeted them as I strolled to my seat.
"Balogun did you pass through osi's home' one of them asked .
"No" I replied harshly facing the ground , I had no time for some useless gossips as I had to think about how I was going to arrange my points and deliver it to kabiesi our king about waging a war against a village under our canopies who had refused to pay tribute to us.
Not so long , the king entered and we prostrated down chorusing "kabiesi ooo!" he waved his horsetail at us beckoning us to stand up.
He cleared his throat and glanced at us "Good evening my people, I think you would have reached a conclusion on the matter on our table, so I would want a brief answer , you wise men have agreed upon.
I tried to stand up, but otun was already on his foot "okay otun" kabiesi said
May I talk on behalf of our Honorable chiefs " he asked directing the questions to us
"Go on" he retorted
"We've concluded on invading your majesty" he said as I watched him with joy
"Why do you say so wouldn't it be better if we give them one more chance" the king said.
"No that's too late" I said quickly we have given them enough privilege which they had taken for nothing, that's why they refused our calls, if we give them a chance more, the outcome would be of no difference to this one, because they have already compared us to a dog who begs for their leftovers, it would be more better, to be quick while excreting so that an unwanted fly won't meet us there" I said ,already sweating
The king stared at me with utmost disbelief because he thought I would say no because I was still an amateur in the art of war fighting, he later laughed loudly and gave his consent.
I wanted to be a man of war, a courageous man whose mouth spells, we were to prepare for a week before invading, because these people are fast becoming a hard but to crack and I thought they must have relied on something, if not they would have been shivering despite our threats , but they seemed cold blooded
I went home calling all the village soldiers and informing them about the meeting that would hold at my house the next day. I proceeded home after finishing the task , it was already late In the night, I drank garri and laid down silently on the mat , invoking all gods to protect me

Next chapter....
,.....coming soon
please appreciate my efforts


Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 12:38pm On Jun 23, 2020
Chapter 2
"Ekaaro o ologi ni o" was what woke me up as the day rose with a cloudy atmosphere, I forced myself off the bed to begin my daily routine, I went to cleanse the shrine in which our get together would be held that day.
I remembered the next day was would be when I would be going to odeyale village to heed the call of their king.
It was not long after I heard some murmuring outside my window, I peeped out to check who it was, ouch! I banged my head against the door , it was one of the warriors Shina , so early I thought, I had to be fast .
I went in to put on my cloth, I took a cap and went out to welcome them, They had already assembled under a thatched roofing which we used bamboo as its pillar, four cornered.
"There was no need to use the shrine" I thought as I approached them , They brought out palmwine and shared it among themselves.
I found myself a sit in front of them
"eku oro ilu ooo!" I greeted them
"ooo!" they responded chorusing
"hmm" I cleared my throat, The reason I summoned our black ants here may be familiar to some people, I stared at blank space as they murmured, I quickly sensed that they were not complete," Where is baba ekun" I asked
They looked round and shina answered "we have not seen him"
"OK hmm I hope you know that this is the 2nd year that iluyogun village had failed to pay tributes to our kingdom, and we had sent more than enough warnings to them, but they took our call for granted , His majesty said he thinks they call for war, and we should show them that they have trampled on the tail of a cobra and we the poisonous snake won't hesitate to bite them.
"I paused as I heard the door creak"
"Who is there " i asked gesturing them to open the door
"Its me" the voice responded and I quickly recognized it was baba ekun
He entered and paid compliments to us , He was breathing fiercely , probably running from where he was coming.
He apologized for his lateness and he sat down on an empty space .
"Where did I even stop" I said within myself"OK" I quickly recalled" his majesty said that if they appeared as pepper, we should turn to grinding stone and if they showed up as two thousands houseflies, we must bundle up and turn to brooms and if they proved to be lions , We must show them that we are " traps and guns" they chipped in abruptly" go on Balogun" they said
The king added that he gave us just a week to prepare, he said its too long but we must prepare very hard.it calls for hard work , we must strip our bante very hard, our charms and brain must work synonymously.
We would need to depart after a week training and may not be up to that if they proved more thick like bony fish"
I concluded my speech and dismissed them
" Baba ekun" I called" please see me this afternoon"
Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by Lakesc: 2:43pm On Jun 23, 2020
Following... More inspiration op

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Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 12:24pm On Jun 24, 2020
After the get together, I was already exhausted and hungry, I slumped down to have a breakfast of Eba. I decided to have a bath after the meal.
It was not long after. I carried out a mat as the heat inside was too much, I spread it in the verandah, I chased away the little children screaming outside and before I knew it , I was already snoring.
"Good afternoon" The voice said as I unfolded my eye, I figured out baba ekun as my eye were still blur, I dabbed my face with my hands and replied "afternoon" I sat up and gestured to him to sit on a stool beside me.
"you told me to ....." he said as I cut in abruptly" yes I said so" my eye were now clear
'Hmmm I need plans and strategies on our incoming war with this iluyogun village, as your duties, I hope you must have done some research on their hideout, system of security and some obstructions that would hinder our success
"Recently"he began as I sat up
"I sent some of our warriors as spy to the village and he came back with many reports" he stopped as he drew in gush of airs,he roamed there for two days and he discovered their art of guarding the village which I would outline now"
"At the border,there are two men who stands there all day, one was short and plump but the other tall and skinny, these men were not really powerful because my men picked up a fight with them and they proved so easy to defeat" he said
"Okay, continue" I replied
"They were the one used as jokers, there is an hideout near the border where the powerful ones are , because they said the ones at the border sent a message to some one through a dog and not long after three more people came and by that time , our warriors surrendered as they were now many, and if we are not careful and show ourselves to the ones at the border, they would do nothing than to flee notifying the ones at the hideout and that would just result to massacre cause we don't know how Strong they are, and our aim would now be in the Greek calends because they would do anything to safeguard their king, These precautions must not be taken with a sore hand so as to make our success a walk in the park .
"OK " I sighed I would see to it but I am now partially satisfied with this information, thank you .
Before the end of our discussion it was already evening, so I went to the vilage square to play games with the people, and to the market to buy elubo"cassava flour", I bought vegetables for soup. I went to bed after wrestling with amala and egusi soup

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Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 1:32pm On Jun 25, 2020
Chapter 4
The cock crowed so fast, I quickly got off the bed because of the journey I was to embark on to ayedade village to heed the call of their king, Also I got a call from my uncle at the neighboring village instructing me to visit him.
I chewed stick and finished the leftover of yesternight dinner after I had attended to the idols, after the second cockcrow, I set out on the journey which would take about two hours " I thought"
I fiddled with the thought of calling maybe one warrior to escort me but later resorted to going there myself.
I got to the outskirt of our village thirty minutes later and daylight has began to unfold, I trekked through anini forest and after a while something strange happened, I could tell something or someone was walking behind me, the foot sound was quite heavy, the person was not tiptoeing, I decided to play along, I refused to look back,I stopped suddenly and the footstep also stopped, I continued walking again, but the footsounds were now inaudible, I looked back and saw an owl perching on an old baobab tree, this was not a mere bird "I thought" and besides an owl only roams about freely at night.
While I was busy fiddling the owl floated down and suddenly transformed into a man, I was surprised but didn't showed it, this man face seemed very familiar, as I tried to recollect where I had seen the face, 'IN MY DREAMS" I quickly picked up "the scary one", I began to move back slowly , but I decided to stay bold.
He was now near me and he said "you have two active ears don't you" his voice was echoing in the distant woods but I kept mute.
"My warning goes thus cause I am not here for some sorts of rigmarole" he paused and continued as swift again" am just here to warn you never to execute the mission you are going to receive at ayedaade village where you are heading to, I won't hinder you from proceeding , cause you have to choose" I waited but he disappeared without completing his speech. I stood there dumb stricken, but later crept away slowly
It took not so long before I got to the palace, I was welcomed by the king himself who offered me pounded yam which I refused honorably ,I later accepted bush meat when he said he would feel embarrassed if I refused.
It was after the meal that we later sat down to discussion" Balogun" he started 'recently we've been experiencing hardships from our Balogun here , he is fast becoming a hard but to crack, he is proving arrogant, I mean fearless, he does not even respect the rule of our land, I am even afraid he would soon dethrone me' he said
"Abomination" I retorted
" Who dares use pepper fiddle with the eye , what is now worth doing I asked, feeling concerned.
" I want you to curb all the menace he has been creating for our people, he must not even know I called you here" he added
"He knows I'm here " I said smiling he saw me on my way here, he asked me not to accept the mission if I still have family, he threatened to turn heaven upside down"
"what!" The king said alarmed
"Don't worry, mission accepted"I said
" I am not a man anyone can ward off ,next tomorrow would be the D day but help me tell the village announcer to inform the villager , I mean silently no gongs, he should inform them not to come out on that day , I abhor the slaughter or maiming of Innocent people.
I stood up and excused myself to use the toilet, I was escorted by the kings guard to the toilet, I entered the toilet and the guards moved back , I lowered my head to untie my trousers,as I caught a glimpse of people through a hole in the toilet , I quickly raised my head and looked through the hole I could now see clearly, two men were been brutally beaten by warriors with small gourds stripped to their foreheads , I saw the man on a chair, I thought he had seen me, cause he looked at me angrily, I quickly eased myself ,
"was I timid" I thought, why was I afraid of this man, was it because he appeared in my dream " This was all my thoughts as I went to the king narrating what I saw to him.
That's even a bit of the problems he creates for us" he said
" I promise to reward you , if you could weaken him or even terminate him.
"Sure " I said as I stood up to go after paying due respect to the king.
When I reached the spot I created an image of him and beat myself"ode you should have attacked him when he threatened you"
"Tomorrow I would be going to my uncles home " I thought as I hastened my steps

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Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by Lakesc: 4:31pm On Jun 25, 2020
Nice update op..
Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by Ofez: 5:41pm On Jun 25, 2020
Nice, keep up
Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 1:49pm On Jun 26, 2020
Chapter 5
I got home to meet my father sleeping on a wooden chair in the parlor, I was amazed " Eku ojo meta ooo" I greeted him in our dialect, 'When did you arrive' I quickly added, " I came urgently because I have something important to tell you and tomorrow may be too late" he replied
I sat down and sighed,"have you eaten" I asked " No I arrived not long ago.
I went out to the street and bought beancake with the few money left with me from a woman down the lane and sent a child wrapped pap "eko", When I came back he was already lying on a mat, probably getting dizzy, He sat up and I placed the meal before him and a knock came up, I walked to the door and took the pap from the child" thank you", I also gave him the pap and went to the kitchen to get him water from a Clay bowl where I stored rainwater
I strolled to my room to change my apparels and waited for sometime, I was not hungry because of the meal I ate at ayedaade palace, I cleared the dishes when he was through.
I came back to listen his story as I was a bit nervous .
"hmmm" I cleared my throat, After I had sat down " I am ready sir"
"oh! a minute"he responded as he took a sip of water, he sighed " yesterday night" he began"when I was outside resting under the almond tree , enjoying the cool zephyr, and suddenly I felt a silent whirlwind circling near me, I was alerted "what was happening" I thought" he paused as I sat comfortably.
"As I stood up" he continued "a man came out of whirlwind, he spoke to me with such loathe in his voice that my mind was not at rest since yesterday that was why I came here today" he told me to warn you on the war that you are about to take at ....
"ayedaade village" I chipped in abruptly,
"How did you know" he quickly retorted"continue sir " I replied
"he said if you refuse to implement his advice he would make you sniff pepper through your nose, he then disappeared without saying more words.
"What should I do, cause I have already accepted the offer " I asked
"there is no going back , you just have to add to your powers .
"hmmm" I sighed straightening myself
"I would take you to your fathers herbalist tomorrow morning,cause I understand your plight that you must not throw down the gauntlet cowardly, you may go to sleep, but get up at first cock crow.
I stood up and visited the shrine, "Was I afraid because my powers weren't enough or because I was still an amateur" this was the thought that ran through my mind as I laid back to sleep
Before the first cock crow I was already awake,but laid down and waited patiently for the crow, I went to where my uncle was sleeping" he was already half awoke," be quick about yourself" he said as he sat up
"Good morning" I prostrated and went away to rinse my face and leg, then got myself a dansiki from my room.
I went out when I was done, he was already waiting, we went out and the chilly dawn breeze struck us, I folded my arms against my chest as we trekked down the street to the second village and out of the town, before the second cock crow we were already at the man place,my uncle moved forward and knocked the door just twice and a voice as weak as the mud hut squeaked "who is there"
"Its me" my uncle said quietly without adding his name
"Maybe he knew we would come" I thought
The door creaked slowly as it opened, I saw a nonagenarian, he stood there and beckoned at us to enter by moving to a side, I followed my uncle in as he closed the door behind us as my feet's were itching but my uncle rebuked me , We waited for him as he crept sluggishly towards us. he sat down on a chair " sit down my son" he said as he groaned, I heaved a sigh of relief.
"Baba" he started "this is my brothers son who took over from him as,the Balogun of Kilani village after his demise"oh welcome my son" he said as he sneezed"sorry" my uncle retorted as I mumbled a silent sorry.
"As I told you before" he talked on "The man said if he tries to execute the mission at ayedaade village, he would turn our village to mere rubbles, that we would not want to venture in the art of war fighting again" I stared at my father with the exaggerations he was driving at, I understood he wanted the man to make me a more potent charm.
The cock crowed the third time,and by now , rays of light were now shining through the curtains, the man gestured at us to follow him, he led us to his back yard. when we got there, I could see clearly the mans face , wrinkled a hundredth time and his staunch beards already of grey color , his eye twitched every seconds as he staggered towards an enclosed cave , he told us to wait .
While we were waiting I found time to survey my current habitat as I moved away from him a bit, and as swift again, I went back to him and narrated my ordeals I had with him in my dream and on the way to ayedaade village, he nodded and said nothing, Probably thirty minutes were gone as I was beginning to get impatient, " what is this old man doing since" I thought as I stared at him.

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Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 1:50pm On Jun 26, 2020
"once he has completed this ritual, it would not get that complicated" my uncle said
"Ok" I retorted quickly actually not knowing what to say
I stared at the man again, oh! I need to see the warriors council, we waited for some minutes before he called me to enter the sacred groove
"What took him so long, was he that powerful" I thought, my father took the lead as usual as I tripped on his heels.
"You can wait outside " he directed the words to my father as walked past him, when I got to the old man side, he told me to bring my palms which I did without hesitation, he stared at it for a long time" just like your father, success is yours" he said and faced the wooden deities by his right side and started bawling incantations" Be it day or night, any body can't block the sight of a cat, if the shell of a coconut is not destroyed the water can't be used"he chanted on and spat thrice on the floor , he proceeded and told my uncle to go home" help me inform the council that the meeting has been canceled " I said from inside.
We continued the propiations , when the old man came back with two bowls one containing meat and the other some sort of vegetables which had hazy looks, when I took the first in, I began to develop goosebumps, but the old man urged me to go on , I finished the vegetables and went on to the meat , after I took in the last piece, I could feel my inner body hot and my head was start to spin and lo! the shrine was turning up down, my eyes were becoming blur, I felt my head hit a calabash and everything went blank.
The next thing I heard was the old mans voice chanting ceaselessly, his voice was already breaking, I opened my eye slowly and saw that everything was dark, except some light that illuminated the shrine" Welcome back" he said as I tried to sit " is it night already" I thought.
"You would return home tomorrow after finishing the minor sacrifice, This is the major one you have just completed, you are now a cobra who strikes once, you have become an elephant whose body fills an anthill , you are the swaying broom which every flies sees and flee , No weapon can now piece you tough skin and no charm could root a hair of you, but there are do's and dont's which I would tell you after the sacrifice.
I was very glad as I heard all this accolades and I mumbled a thank you to him, I laid down to sleep, the clock ran fast and again it was morning, he carried out the minor propiations and without wasting time I set for home .
I reached home and wasted no time in assembling the warriors, I informed that we would invade iluyogun village the day after tomorrow cause I have some mission to carry out tomorrow at ayedaade village and baba ekun would follow me, so prepare hard for the next tomorrow's duel. I rounded up the meeting
Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 1:53pm On Jun 26, 2020
The cover page of the novel

Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 1:32pm On Jun 27, 2020
{My First War}
Chapter 6
I went in, lighted a torch and slumped down on a bed, tired and hungry , I resorted to drink garri as the money I had with me was not enough, I went to the kitchen and served myself and rushed it in a jiffy.
I made my bed and slept licking only palmoil as per the old mans instruction that ' if I was to embark on a journey I should make sure to lick it, it was the palm oil that would activate the power.
I placed the bowl on a wooden board by the bed side and slept off wrapping myself in a blanket.
It was baba ekun who woke me up as I quickly hurried to the shrine, stripped all my charmed apparels to my body, I brought out a gourd my father gave me from the smock I was carrying and wore an anklets made with an alligators bone, I stripped the gourd to my arm, I whistled as I made out of the shrine, I felt high immediately and knew that the charm was already active.
I gestured at him to come over, I led him through the back door, "hold my arm" I told him as we disappeared into thin air later to reappear at the outskirts of ayedaade village, it was already dawn but no one was out yet, I kept smiling as we marched"who knows the outcome" I thought as we strolled through the border and walked a few more miles, when I heard someone tiptoeing behind us, I faced him at once,and he was startled, "who do you seek'I asked and without bothering to answer he made to flee and I quickly caught him with an ancient rope stocked in my battle smock, I drew him nearer and I recognized him as one of the guards I spotted with him, I freed him from the rope but casted a spell on him"Now take us to your masters palace. he leaded us as he crept on while we followed him,he entered a small hut,we waited outside and suddenly the trees started howling and the air around me got hot but this didn't bother me as I knew he was in the air.
"come out and stop playing some sorts of hide and seek"
***To be continued tomorrow, pls appreciate***���


Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by Lakesc: 6:20am On Jun 28, 2020
Weldone op, u are doing great..
Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 11:34am On Jun 29, 2020
"I told you not to visit a lion for dinner,you took my warning for granted, I told your earthworm not to dive in a pool of salt, you told me my mouth stinks, Now let's see what happen to your deaf ears" the voice rang out behind me,"Wow, you are as prepared as I expected" I said as I studied him,Amulets and charm stripped to his body.
"Hope you I am not a mere earthworm whose presence is not allowed in salt" I continued. "I am the little black ant whose deadly sting crushed a mighty elephant" I boasted unknowingly
"Ok and we should try sorting things out, I would let you curse the day you were born as you use your beard to dust my foot" he said and charged forward.
"You don't need yourself, and I pity your descendants" I retorted.
He thrusted his hand into his apparel and brought out something, He started chanting incantations quietly, and suddenly he threw his hands towards me and something like blades bit my skin but I quickly revived"ouch you tried" I said as I hissed"You are of no difference to a soil which any feet can trample upon" I said " a cockroach that enters into a chickens shed is ready to be chopped ,down the crop of the bird, I mumbled the other incantations silently and gently picked up some soil and threw it forcefully and he made to fall "No , the soil doesn't take in its offspring for its stomach problems" he said grunting as he stood up "Good job" I said as I clapped
He hissed and brought out a shot gun with a red cloth tied to it's barrel" I laughed loudly as he shot me,I quickly recited something and directed the bullets to his warrior who stood afar,he was amazed and stood there his jaw hanging"Its better you know your callibre before bragging about yourself, but not this time you would practice it in the next life, I stabbed him with a poisonous blade from my smock and he fell down dead instantly.
We carried him to the palace as baba ekun bundled him,when we got to the palace the chiefs and the king were already waiting in suspense,as they saw us approaching they jubilated as the villagers came out praising us, I was very happy with the honor I received and because I conquered my first battle.
Then suddenly something struck me,Something bad was happening at my village, I quickly went in to see the king and told him what happened and he told me to leave saying" I would send my people to you with your rewards"
"Let's go" I told baba ekun who was still busy receiving accolades from the people
We disappeared home in a jiffy and met the village half burnt

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Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by Lakesc: 2:23pm On Jun 30, 2020
He won the first battle while the second one rages in his home village without him been present..
Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by dawno2008(m): 11:17pm On Jun 30, 2020
@babalola16 where are you na?� sad
Come and serve this story hot, beautiful work,Pls don't delay
Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 12:57pm On Jul 01, 2020
Sorry For the Delay

"What happened" I enquired but no answer came forth from the wailing villagers by the roadside,I hurried to the palace as I sent baba ekun to the village warriors to find out their state,I flunged open the gate as I ran up the steep steps to the king chamber, He was sitting down on his bed,raging with fury mixed with fear because as I entered he shook with fright and when he saw it was me he cried out"My son,the sacred staff has been taken away, our women were molested and ..... 'his voice trailed off terribly'
"What!, The royal staff has been stolen"i retorted "Who dares try it"i quickly added
"They are from iluyogun village" he replied his voice visibly shaking
"Be calm your majesty" I tried to comfort him
"How can I "he chipped in"Without the royal staff I am just a mere puppet on this throne" he said as he slumped down on his bed
"Spare me three hours I would deliver it to you" I said as I stormed out of the palace' I couldn't control my anger anymore
I assembled all the warriors half injured"its a shame ,a big disgrace upon us,they came here took the sacred staff and you lied down like a dummy
"Go now! go home and strip all your charms, They have stepped on the tail of a cobra,the war would be waged not tomorrow but today and its now"I said probably like I was screaming
They dispersed quickly and went out of sight,I went in and took three spoonful of palmoil,and again I was burning with rage ,the door was tapped twice and I saw baba ekun peeping" The warriors are outside and ready"he said
"Go ! tell them the details and our point of attack.
"What has come over me" I thought and the door banged again, I quickly stood up and went out "They are ready " he said
"Okay" I said as I took the last charm filled apparel and got out
"Our objectives are three " I told them ,The first is to retrieve the staff,second is to capture their king and third is to eliminate the goat who stole the staff and that is their Balogun.
"Yes sir" they responded as we marched down the village stream to jogbo forest and then to iluyogun border
Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 1:29pm On Jul 01, 2020
Chapter 7(Intermission)
We crept silently towards their border, When we were a few mile away from their gate,we spotted the two guards as described by baba ekun, I called on two of our best archer.
"Timi, bolekaja" I called as they hurried towards me "shoot those fools there perfectly, I want them to make no sound.
They moved closer to them while we waited as they crouched silently, they set their arrows on their bows,they pulled together and shot, they nodded and we got the signal,that was when we proceeded to diffuse into the village, We divided into two and went in search for their hideout, The first group was headed by baba ekun and the second one, me.
We wandered all around but couldn't get their hideout after many abortive trial,I resorted to using charm"The needle doesn't refuse the call of a cloth, the toad never quarrels with the water"suddenly I felt myself being carried away into thin air and puff!
I found myself at the entrance of an old mud hut"I kicked open the door and saw a dog at the entrance which started barking as soon as I entered, Five people surrounded me immediately heavily armed with weapon.
"What are you doing here?" one of them asked "You have trespassed"one chipped in
"Who do you seek"one also retorted
I laughed and sat down"which one should I answer first"I said as I brought out a shot gun from my smock and with a shot all of them were down due to the red cloth at the barrel
"your butterflies has entered into a jungle of thorns and I won't free it unless I spoil it colorful wings". I disappeared and went to meet other warriors already awaiting my return"mission accomplished now let's venture in to create havoc"I said as I led the way into the woods.
Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by Lakesc: 3:59pm On Jul 01, 2020
Nice one op...

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Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by Ayemileto(m): 4:57pm On Jul 01, 2020

Nice story OP.

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Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by AdiscoPele: 6:26pm On Jul 01, 2020


Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 2:12pm On Jul 02, 2020
We got to the village after trekking for some minutes, The warriors were quick to deal with the men who confronted us" spare the women and children" I begged them as I left for the kings palace followed by baba ekun, as we approached the palace baba ekun slaughtered the guards at the gate as I went in without hindrance, baba ekun quickly ran towards me, we found his wife and children and some messenger, I went to his wife and bent down "Where is the king" I asked"he gave me an appointment but the lady was not responding, I stood up and went to the acclaimed kings room having asked from the shivering queen, i kicked it open and behold the king was not there ,I already suspected, I went out immediately "he would be with the Balogun " I thought " Their Balogun has fled "baba ekun said as I got out"
"oh " I said laughing "so they had added feathers to their feet" I added giggling
"that's not possible" I heard a voice from behind
"What's not possible" I retorted and faced him,he was tall with three tribal marks, in his hand was a double barrel gun
"hmmm," I cleared my throat"so you are their David that told them not to bring tributes,that you are there for them,you also have gut,you came to our village and stole the staff" I said warmly while smiling
"yes its me" he said as he reloaded his gun
"Wait! won't you take your last supper
" I bet you wouldn't want me to invite you"he replied as he placed his hand on the trigger and fired, it had no effect on me
"What should I get you,I am sure you won't opt for bread nor wine" I said still smiling
" I know your types" he said as he brought out a small gourd poured the contents on his palm and blower it in the air,he was shocked I was still there
"Why are you so impatient" I told him" I think we should try it one by one
'Now lets start the show" I said moving close to him
" Oh where is the king, less I forgot"I asked
"You can ask that in your grave" he retorted
"Ok" I said as I chanted some Incantations,"Now let's go there, he stopped and immediately led me to where he hid him,I took the king by his cloth and spat on his face" so you are the one who ordered them to steal the royal staff,so your king is a thief" I said facing the semi conscious Balogun
"Balogun, do something" the king said groaning from my hook
"Where is the staff" I asked him
He felt reluctant but when he saw that his Balogun was not responding he took me in and handed me the staff, I killed the Balogun at once and tied the king ,I went out to the warriors and saw that the hut has been razed to ground and they had tied some people, we entered our village at dawn and set for the kings palace with their king as captive.
"Welcome back,the great son of a tiger" the people sang welcoming us.
I dragged the king to the kings feet and handed him the staff immediately
" I am very greatful my son for ...."
"No don't thank me your Highness,its our lineage duty
I said as I made for home to remove all the charms from my body "There are still many adventure to witness" I thought "father would be probably proud of me

The king later rewarded me his daughter as my wife as a sign of appreciation who was your grandmother before she died 6 years ago " I finally said my voice wearing out
"What gift did ayedaade people give you" my grandson asked
"No,less I forgot" I said as I stroked his hair, the Balogun I killed did not die, he later revived as we left the town, he killed the king and maimed the people,he crowned himself as king,but that's a story for another day" I stood up as I heard car horn from outside, I quickly went to my bedroom cause my son must not meet me still awake by that time,I glanced at the mirror and said its been 39 years since those adventure" how time flies" ....

Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by Lakesc: 11:04am On Jul 04, 2020
Beautiful op.. Great story i must add
Re: Beginning (my Adventure As A Traditional Warrior) by babalola16(m): 12:00pm On Jul 04, 2020
lakesc sure

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