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8 Important Ways God's Mercy Can Save Us From The Destroyer / 8 Important Ways God's Mercy Can Save Us From the Destroyer / The Angel,called The Destroyer (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 7:12pm On Sep 26, 2020
South Africa...

We're expecting a couple of earthquakes over next few days after about 7 days rest as the sun recently throws some x-ray our way. As the earth absorbs the sun's energy we expect some huge quakes ...

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 4:38am On Sep 27, 2020
I get suspicious whenever I wake up and outside looks like a sea of fine, floating flour like today... So I headed over to the European Space Agency for Near Earth Objects shocked

Three big ones ...

But these days we keep hearing something passed unnoticed angry

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 5:15am On Sep 27, 2020
Remember the particles are also used to shield against solar radiation??
Incoming solar wind ...
Which were currently experiencing ...

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 1:19pm On Sep 30, 2020
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 4:39am On Oct 01, 2020
Another thick cloudy morning

We should be allowed to see the shooting stars. At least people will get ready undecided

The 0.35 ld looks uncorforably close shocked

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 1:10pm On Oct 04, 2020
The mammoths destroyer:

Examination of mammoths frozen in the Northern Ice sheets have been revealing some keys to what has been cyclically happening on the earth.

1. The mammoths are being found with undigested vegetation still fresh in their mouth... Indicating that it was a SUDDEN, DEEP FREEZE

2. The vegetation found in the mouths and stomachs of the mammoths indicate that it is vegetation that would grow in warmer climates, say like the equator, indicating that the current Siberia was once around the equator ..

3. The mammoths do not posses sebaceous glands. Meaning that cold climates were not natural environments for them.

Forget the mammoths. Head to the suspicious observers channel for the "cosmic disaster 2020 playlist" and check it out to understand the various events that marry to bring about these kinds of changes.

Todays video:
Signs of an imminent global freeze are starting to show:


Could this be why Trump said its about to get colder? undecided
He created a Space Force to monitor these kinds of galactic threats....

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 2:13pm On Oct 04, 2020
From the Kolbrin:
The book of Manuscripts;

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 4:09pm On Oct 06, 2020
Oooookaaayy ...

This reminds me of the Space-X guy... Are they planning to run undecided ...

No man has ever crossed beyond the solar system since the Angels descended and put us in bondage tongue ...

Search for Jupiter and Mars dance, which reveals that the rotations of the planets are very intentional and spell bound/spell casting. It's like a sword fight, especially as practiced in places like China, where opponents dance in harmony until an opportunity to strike is timed by their movements. There are alot of spiritual and concepts of the workings of powers of the universe are used in these displays. These are people who believe they descended from the dragon himself.

The same way, the The destroyer/planet x/Nibiru/Dragon dances around the sun just as the other planets, until the opportune time, where he strikes and glides on in his orbit into space, and waits for the next opportune time as their orbits dance them away from each other ... It's a dance of Death!!!

These are the powers of the heavens. The ancient people knew this. That's why they started worshipping anything floating in the universe. Mercury does a similar rotational pattern to create a pentagram around the sun.

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 4:20pm On Oct 06, 2020
Speaking of running...

Some will escape cool... Some...

.8 For this reason the God of glory has been merciful. He sent his son to the world so that he might save us from this captivity. He did not tell an angel who came to us, or archangel or any other power,9 but he changed himself into human form, coming to us so that he might save us [... ] ...

Pay special attention to Thrones (Principalities and powers in the high places) acting to stop people from passing to safety from the earth's destruction ...

14 They will not be hungry, they will not be thirsty nor will the children of lawlessness have power over them nor will the thrones15 prevent them, but they will walk with angels to my city. The sinners, however , will be shamed, and they will not pass beyond 16. the thrones , but the thrones of death17 will seize and overpower them, for the angels do not agree with them and they have estranged themselves from his resting places.

The Apocalypse of Elijah English translation made from the text in Georg Steindorff Die Apokalypse des Elias (1899)1 Anthony Alcock
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 5:49am On Oct 07, 2020
Two posts ago I mentioned that Heavenly bodies are actually Angels. The reason why we don't see is how micro we are. I mean, in the cosmos, humans are at the level of micro-organisms. That's why the Angels gave birth to giants in Genesis 6 ...

Anyway, the recently released photos of the arrangements of a countless number of galaxies surrounding us reveal they are all interwoven into a gigantic pattern. A pattern exactly like a molecular structure of an element so beyond our comprehensive abilities.

Secondly, there was a war of Angels. Between a section of the holy Angels and the dragon which is passed down with the leaders of the two sides having differing names. This is recorded in various ancient texts like the script of Enki, where the Dragon and this heavenly female spirit, she lost. She is referred to mother in the Apocryphon of John, Sophia in the Sophia of Christ, Tiamat in the duel between Tiamat and Marduk. She lost. Was split into several parts, while her fluids were drawn out and set up elsewhere in the cosmos.

One thing to note is that the ancient texts were interpreted from their original languages after various cycles of the cosmic destruction, after which the knowledge of the cosmos was lost with the destroyed generations. That's why there may seem to be various versions of the destruction. It happened severally. But the first of the generation of Adam was in the time of Noah.

Tiamat spans our entire galaxy in my opinion. With her seperated parts also in the distance as other galaxies still fighting other similar Angels to reunite, and reemerge in her power .... So, the later interpretation (like would be found in Greek Mythology) was limited and more simplistic compared to earlier versions. Always consider the biases of the writer and interpreter.

Just as Tiamat fight to reunite herself in the cosmos, the Angels that bound her equally fight to keep her bound, and her accompanying Angels. And it will interest you to know that the Milky way is not the only galaxy with a destructive cycle, the reason why most planets on galaxies that are continually swooped by and scanned by destructive stars and electric waves keeping most of them lifeless. This is the mission of the destroyer in our solar system.

These are the powers of the heavens. The ancient people knew this. That's why they started worshipping anything floating in the universe. Mercury does a similar rotational pattern to create a pentagram around the sun.

Here is the thing. Christ inserted himself into the Cosmic war.

That is why scientists are going mad trying to figure out when what is happening next. The economies have been shut, asteroids missing us by the skin of our teeth and the sun is bound in a duel with one or two Angels...

This is what Daniel says:
Its definitely a change of guard in the cosmos, to have the prisoner "shine" and rise from the grip of the Angel of death ...

12:1 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.12:2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.12:3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. Daniel
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 5:25pm On Oct 07, 2020
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 4:43am On Oct 17, 2020
Afew close shaves by asteroids ... Coming closer than the moon shocked (.Check out the Lunar distance) grin undecided

I predict we will be having a thick cloudy cover next 3 days lipsrsealed

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 9:23am On Oct 18, 2020

Here is a word the LORD gave me in 2010 conserving the changes (and destruction) coming to the African continent:

The Rift valley lakes have been rising for afew years...

The following video is about lake Baringo. It's not the only Rift valley lake rising so ignore the explanation after around the 4th minute of the video grin


As a person who has lived in the rift valley, I can say without fear of contradiction that the place never goes a month without an earthquake(the brick wall-splitting kind). We'd be shaken so hard that we'd run outside, the ground itself shaking us dizzy and after a while get back to creviced houses like nothing happened. I've never seen reports of the same in the media as with other places.

This is in addition to various video and reports of places in the rift valley splitting open ... From Afar in Ethiopia all the way to South Africa...

Watch the Rift Valley...

Something is cooking in the African Rift valley ... Time will tell...
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by jaheymezz(m): 12:07pm On Oct 18, 2020
Following this thread

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Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 11:13pm On Oct 18, 2020
Looks like I won't be sleeping today grin So let me share a dream which I consider a warning... This was about a week ago...

It started with a wide spread international news (reported by major international news channels) about a peculiar event that was going to happen in the sky ...

According to the news (which was being reported like an awesome, photography opportunity rather than a serious, dangerous event) the sun and the moon would both be visible at the same time, and they would be near each other ... A distance of about one third (1/3) of the visible sky...

According to the report, one of the two would suddenly rush towards the other at one part of the sky. The reports popularized the event as a thing to gaze at and be excited about and did not explain further.

I could see the news spread around the world, and I could see it eventually get to me. When I heard it (from a small group of people who were with me) I gasped!!! It hit me! The moon and the sun are not moving, it's the earth! It's the wobble caused by the pole shift! .... I panicked somehow, and yelled, "it's not the sun moving, it the earth! It's a pole shift! And as I was stalking, the sun suddenly started rushing towards the moon shocked

Run!!! I yelled, run, referring to oncoming ocean water displacement. We ran uphill ... But we were on an island and we had to cross the ferry to get to higher ground ... So we ran towards the ferry.

We were a good number of people and some managed to get on vessels to cross the seperating ocean channel. I and afew from my group got near the channel and realized we could not make it. We turned to the hills, and there were some trees on the portion of land that we climbed as we saw the first wave of ocean water approach. We held onto the trees ... Brushed past us towards the main land. Then there was a second and third wave, each of them growing in height

(Note: I live close to the East African coast, and I am starting to lose count of dreams of the ocean rising that I've been having grin )
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 10:43pm On Oct 19, 2020
7.7 m is huuge shocked

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 9:31am On Oct 20, 2020
Speaking of the pole shift


Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 8:14am On Oct 21, 2020

Some New Asteroids are getting included on the list just hours before swooping by. Others are missed.

I got on a small aircraft the other day for a short distance. Visibility(away from the clouds) is usually afew kilometers before the density of the aerosols make the view blurry. This time round, we could not see beyond the nose of the aircraft. And these aerosols are so dense that they are flowing in waves high up around 20,000feet. I should have taken a pic grin

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 12:22pm On Oct 21, 2020
. cool

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 4:12pm On Oct 24, 2020
Does anyone think the sun has swollen up undecided
Am pretty sure it was wayyyy smaller cool

Just check your sunset today shocked

I don't know what that would mean ... Is it brighter? Or are we closer to it in the orbit

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 8:35pm On Oct 29, 2020
From the Kolbrin:
The book of Manuscripts;

Compare with the book of Manuscripts ch.5 above...

3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. 2 Peter

Could interpreters in 2nd peter 3:10 have misinterpreted the passing of the destroyer?
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 2:00pm On Oct 30, 2020

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 4:07pm On Oct 30, 2020
This guy does great earthquake predictions

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 1:10pm On Nov 04, 2020
New video
The next End of the World!!!! cool

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 3:58pm On Nov 05, 2020
Hot new video cool
From suspicious observers

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 8:28am On Nov 12, 2020
Many of the dreams that I have had of what is coming have had a strong sense of a focus on the renewal of the earth. I could feel the refreshed air and environment but I am worried about the survival of humanity. There will be a extreme culling of the population.
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by orisa37: 9:42am On Nov 12, 2020
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 6:30am On Nov 13, 2020
We're supposed to be seeing comet Atlas ...

My skies are not clear ...

2.9 light minutes away from Earth cool

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 6:30pm On Dec 07, 2020
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 6:38pm On Dec 07, 2020
Who's feeling dizzy?

Other than this there is a strong solar flare expected to hit us on 8th and 9nth. Stay indoor if you can. I'll be outside taking it like a ninja cool

Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 2:02am On Dec 09, 2020
Re: The Destroyer Is Here by K254725: 2:54am On Dec 09, 2020
Apparently, infected people have been having strange corona virus dreams

(CNN)If you've been having bizarre dreams during the pandemic, you're not alone.

Those who are sharing their #pandemicdreams on Twitter are either amazed at the peculiarity of their dreams or distressed by plots that center on death, fear and strange new worlds.

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