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Story Titled: Married To The Prince / Married To A Fink / Devil For A Husband (2) (3) (4)

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A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 1:28pm On Oct 05, 2020
Episode 1


Hi, my name is David but everyone calls me Dave. I'm married to Patricia, the best wife in the world who also happens to be the sole heir of The Kanayo Group of Companies. Yeah, I'm married to the daughter of the richest mogul in the city of Lagos.

We met five years ago at a store when I had no job and no money. She turned my life around and changed everything for me.

She gave me a job and a place to call home. We got married after her father died and it's been five years already. She has an eight year old daughter from her previous relationship.

Our marriage is almost perfect, yeah I said almost because I'm an unrepentant cheat. I am cheating on my loving wife with her best friend and everything in skirts.

Her name is Kemi and she is posing as my younger brother's girlfriend to gain easy access into our home and family.

As much as I hate to admit it, I love Kemi even more than I love my own wife. She's very sweet inside out.

Pat introduced her to me a few months after we met and since that day, I fell in love with her and we started creeping around with each other.

I paid my younger brother - Gabriel to date her so she can always come around to our house for dinner and be treated as a part of the family.

If not for the fact that Pat was the one who brought me out of poverty, I wouldn't have married her. I would have gone for Kemi. I'm only married to her as a way of showing my gratitude.

I'm currently sitting at the bar in a classic hotel waiting for Kemi to arrive at our usual love nest as I sipped on my drink.

"Hey handsome." Came the voice of the beautiful bar attendant as she smiled baring her white teeth at me. I must admit, beautiful women are my weakness.

"Hey darling, what's up?" I responded with a smug smile.

"My shift ends by 8, call me." She said in a whisper and passed me a folded piece of paper before walking away swaying her hips on purpose clutching a tray full of bottles and glasses in her hand. I eyed her big behind as she turned round and shot me a wink.

I opened the piece of paper and saw her phone number written on it in blue ink. I quickly tucked the paper in my pocket as I saw Kemi scanning the room to locate me. She smiled as we locked eyes and approached the bar where I was sitting.

"Hey D." She greeted as she approached the table and gave me a kiss.

"What's wrong with you Kemi?" I asked in panic as I tried pushing her away. I turned round and scanned the room to see if anyone noticed what just went down between us.

"We're not supposed to be kissing in public Kemi." I complained as I opened the door and we both got into the hotel room.

She ignored me and jumped on me as we kissed passionately and landed roughly on the bed. Just then, a call got into my phone. It was my brother Gabriel calling. What does he want now? "That will be later on." I thought as we continued with the act.�


"Hey babe!" Pat stood up and greeted me as I got back home that night.

It was already 9 in the night and she was sitting in bed working on her laptop.

"Hey sweetie" I replied smiling sweetly as I wrapped my arms around her waist.

"You look beautiful tonight." I whispered softly in her ears as I could see her face crease in a smile. I was telling the truth though. My wife is a beautiful woman with glowing brown skin and perfectly shaped face.

"What took you so long to get back Dave?" She asked faking a frown.

"I was hosting a couple clients to dinner." I lied trying to sound as convincing as possible. My wife is very easy to persuade. If only she knew who I was spending time with.

We talked and laughed for so long before finally retiring for the night's rest.

Next Morning:

A knock sounded on the front door as I was having breakfast with Pat and one of the maids rushed to get it.

"Good morning sir, yes please come inside." I could hear the maid say and I turned to see who was visiting so early in the morning. It was my brother Gabriel. Jeez! I'd forgotten to call him back yesterday.

"Look who we have here." Pat teased as he approached the dining table.

"Good morning family." He greeted as he took a seat and we got talking.

Patricia got inside to do her makeup and leave for work when we were done with the meal while the maid cleared the table. Gabriel and I now had the space to discuss on what brought him here.

He was actually in my house to demand for some money just like I suspected. And I have no other choice but to get him what he wants.

"Sweetie, I need some money to give to Gabriel, he's bout to leave." I told my wife as I got into the bedroom where I found her seated before the dressing table with a big makeup brush that only God knows what it is being used for.

"Second drawer on the left. And please tell him to get a job already. Will ya?" She said without breaking eye contact with the mirror in front of her.

"Sure, thanks for the loan." I replied as I shut the drawer and walked out of the room heading back to the living room where Gabriel was.

"It's good to have a loaded wife." Gabriel teased as he put the money in his pocket.

"Shut up and get out of my house." I responded with a little chuckle.

"You mean Mr Kanayo's house." Gabriel teased again as he opened the door and disappeared from the room.

Whew! This is what I go through all the time, I have to pay my jobless womaniser and gambling addicted brother so much for his continued cooperation or I'm dead meat.

"Babe I'm done already, are you?" Pat asked as she walked into the living room with her heels making a great deal of noise as she took every single step.

"Yeah let's get going." I said after adjusting my tie and picked up my briefcase which was on one of the sofas in the room. Just then, my phone rang and I checked the screen to find the name 'Rose Tuesday' displayed on it. Gosh! These women won't let me be. I met her last Tuesday at one of the clubs in town.

"I need to take this call sweetie, I'll follow in another car." I said and gave her a little peck on the cheek. I didn't want to ruin her makeup.

"Don't be late and don't drive crazy." She ordered sternly and walked out of the front door.

"Yes ma'am." I replied and picked up the call as soon as she shut the door.

"What do you want Rose? thought I said I'll call you when I need you again." I rapped almost in a whisper.

"You've been on my mind ever since that day baby, can we meet today at the same place?" She said in a voice that depicted a great amount of yearning.

"And I told you clearly that I'm a married man. Just pace it okay, I'll...

"Check your WhatsApp" she cut in and hung up the phone.

I scoffed as I clicked on the menu button and scrolled down to my WhatsApp. I turned on my data connection and waited for the app to refresh. Her message popped up and I clicked on it impatiently. It was a photo of her lying on the bed stark naked. Seeing her naked body really aroused me as my senses went numb and the bad boy in me came alive. A big bulge was already growing in my pants as I looked down at it. These women will be the death of me.

I dialled her number and she picked up at the second ring like she was expecting me to call her back.

"Meet me at Empress hotel, same room by uhm....9:35." I said breathlessly looking at my wrist watch to ensure that I'll have enough time to get there.

"Alright baby. See you!" She screamed excitedly into the phone and hung up.

I rushed out of the house like a mad man with my briefcase secured firmly in my left hand.

I'm addicted to what's between the legs of a beautiful woman anytime, any day and I know y'all gonna hate me for this.

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Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:42am On Oct 08, 2020


I rushed into the conference room sweaty and breathless from the marathon I did up the stairs to get here. I had totally lost track of time while I was with Rose in the hotel doing the obvious. I had totally forgotten about Critical planning meeting today.

"One hour, twenty seven minutes late to a critical planning meeting, not bad Mr managing director." Pat taunted in a derisive and dissapointed tone.

"I'm very sorry for this unusual behavior. Something very disheartening got me held up." I said holding my head down trying my best to avoid any eye contact with any of the managers sitting in the room or worst of all, with my wife.

"Let me guess, car trouble?" She continued with her mockery placing both palms on her chin expecting me to come up with a flimsy excuse.

"I ran into someone who needed my help and I couldn't ignore him." I said raising my head up and finally looking at my wife who was now smiling a little.

"That would be all for now ladies and gentlemen, I'm expecting results and positive reports on Monday. Thank you!" She rapped with a smile on her beautiful face and everyone else filed out of the room leaving me alone with my wife.

"My office." She added firmly and sternly before walking out of the conference room with files in her hand.

I followed her into the spacious and neat office shutting the door behind me. My wife was already comfortable in her swivel chair waiting for me to come up with a detailed explanation of what kept me late.

"I almost ran someone over with the car." I lied again and she had this look on her face which clearly indicated that I had to keep talking.

"I got down to see if he was okay only to find out that it was actually someone I knew from way back. He looked really unkempt and hungry. I took him back to the car and drove to a restaurant. He narrated to me how he lost his job and his wife now has custody of his children." I added concluding my story. I wonder where this is going to end up. Honestly, I'm a very good liar and I give myself credit for that every single day.

"Does he expect his wife to leave the children with a jobless man?" Was all she asked while swiveling in her chair.

"What?" I asked in Surprise.

"I said..."

"No, I heard you, are you telling me that you support her for leaving her husband at such a difficult time?" I asked again in disbelief.

"What I'm saying is that, I wasn't there to know why they got separated but, a man who can't afford to provide for his family is not fit to be called a man in the first place." She replied maintaining a straight face.

I shook my head and stood up to leave the office.

"We're not done talking Dave." She said and I turned back to look at her.

"ACE Inc. are launching a new product next month, I need you to monitor it and update me to the latter."

"Sure thing ma'am."

"Won't you give me a kiss before you leave?" She pouted sounding like a kid.

I smirked and walked over to where she was sitting and pulled her up by the hand claiming her soft lipstick covered lips for a kiss.

"Mmmm" she moaned softly into my mouth as my hands roamed inside her camisole.

"Daveeeeee" she called in a shudder as I kept pleasuring her.

Just when we were going somewhere, her desk phone rang making us disengage so she could pick up the phone. How dissapointing!

"Yes, Rita, okay, no problems." She said and ended the call placing the receiver back where it belonged.

"Let's place this on hold." She whispered softly kissing me on the cheek.

In a matter of seconds, a knock sounded on the door.

"Come in." Pat said and the door opened revealing her secretary.

"I'll see you later sweetie." I whispered in my wife's ear before exiting the room with a grin spread out over my face. At least, I've sorted it out with a big fat lie. Women wanna put me in trouble.


"Dave ma man." Olumide, the general manager hailed as he walked into my office and extended his hand for a shake. We did a bro hug before we settled down to talk.

"TGIF man, we should go chill somewhere tonight. Any plans?" Olumide asked as he kept flipping through the pages of the business magazine that he'd picked up from my desk.

"Nahhhh no plans. You got any ideas?" I responded mindlessly as I ran my fingers along my clean shaven head continously while turning lazily in my chair.

"There's this club that Steve has been talking about all week. We should check it out today. Heard that plenty chikalas full ground." He opined saying the last part in a whisper.

Steve is the company's accountant and the worst man LovePeddler that I've ever known. He knows every new club in town.

My eyes lit up when Olu mentioned the babes, I need some new new a-s to tap.

"Where there's babes, there's Dave, count me in on that oboy." I said and smiled.

"Okay then, It's six already man, I'll see you outside, let me go get my office together and inform Steve." He said as he got up stretching lazily.

"Alright." I responded also tidying up my desk.


"Me and the guys will be sitting down for some drinks at a quiet little bar somewhere. I'll see you later." I told Pat who was already in her car and gave her a peck on the cheek opening the car door to get down.

"The car keys please." She ordered and I handed her the keys to the other car which I came to work with before stepping out of the car. Pat knows that I'll definitely get drunk and she never wants me to drive when I'm drunk.

"Sam, please help me get the other car home." She told her security guard who was in the front seat with the driver.

"Yes ma'am." He said and also stepped out of the car.

"Drink responsibly." She added as I turned and walked to where Steve and Olumide were waiting in the car.

"Sure thing." I answered with a little chuckle.

"Did madam CEO agree?" Steve asked as I got into the backseat of Olumide's car.

"Yup, let's get going already shall we?" I said sounding bored.


At the Club:

I was left alone as the guys I came with were already busy with girls. This club is way more lit and livier than Steve described.

"Fine bobo, can I sit with you?" Said a busty girl with red hair.

"Oh please, be my guest." I said tapping my lap gently and she sat down on my leg without wasting any time. I like this type of girls.

In a matter of minutes, we were already outside staggering drunkenly towards Olumide's car. I lifted her and placed her on the hood of the car kissing and licking. Good thing is that the lights here were dim so anybody who is seeing us is only seeing two shadows.

I reached for her bra and unhooked it taking my mouth down to her nipples. I felt someone grab me violently from behind and before I knew what else was going on, the person started landing punch after punch on my face. I couldn't make out his face. All I saw was a muscular build shadow.

I was so drunk and couldn't even fight back to defend myself.

"Stay away from my woman you slowpoke. The guy barked when he had felt satisfied with punching me and landed a strong kick on my groin before finally dragging the already half naked girl away with him.

I lay there on the floor curled up like a baby in the womb groaning and writhing in pain.

God, it hurts, every part of my body hurts. What do I tell my wife when I get home? Ahhhh, my balls, I might become impotent after this, geez.

I knew very well that I was bleeding and I couldn't even stand up. I hope I don't pass out. Steve and Olu, where are you guys?

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Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 8:19pm On Oct 09, 2020
�� Dave

"Ahhh!" I yelled as I hit my foot against the door.

"Sorry sir." The security guard said and helped me to shut the door as I kept limping into the living room.

My face was covered in bandages. The lights were still on indicating that my wife was still up. I took my eyes to the gold clock on the wall. It was a few minutes to eleven. My wife's laptop was on a small stool beside the couch but she wasn't in the room.

I groaned in pain as he helped me sit down before leaving the room while I struggled to take my shirt off.

"Daveee!" I heard my wife scream as the cup of tea she was holding slipped out of her hands shattering on the marble floor. She ignored that and ran over to where I was sitting.

"What happened to you?" She asked almost in tears as she examined my face and body.

"Was it armed robbers? Did you have an accident? Talk to me Dave, what happened?" She kept screaming breathlessly in panic without a pause.

"I got into a fight." I said when I finally got her to calm down.

"A fight with who? Anthony Joshua? She asked in disbelief like I said something ridiculous.

"He was abusing a woman Patty and I couldn't stand it." I said in a small voice.

"What ever happened to calling the police? I mean what if he had a concealed weapon and hurt you with it in the process?" She continued worriedly.

"Then I would have died a martyr." I said smiling.

"That wasn't funny." Pat said shaking her head as she got up and helped me to stand on my feet. With my hands round her neck, I managed to limp beside her as we exited the room heading up the stairs to the bedroom.

I was lying out there in the cold for so long until Olu and Steve came out to look for me only to find me on the floor bleeding. They helped me up and drove me to a nearby hospital where I was given a first aid before they brought me back home.

Pat managed to get me on the bed and returned to the room with an ice pack which she placed on my swollen face and all I could do was wince in pain.

She knelt between my legs on the bed as she helped me get comfortable in the bed. I felt a little bit guilty for always cheating on her and now it has landed me in trouble leaving her to stress in order to take care of me.

She took off my shoes, socks and trousers leaving me in my underwear. I couldn't tell her that the idiot also kicked me in the groin as the pains I felt on the spot was now reducing drastically thanks to the pain meds that I was given at the hospital.

My phone started ringing from my trousers pocket and Pat helped take it out passing it to me.

It was Kemi calling. I only called her in the afternoon. Thanks I'd saved her number with another name.

"Hello Paul." I said as I picked the call.

"Let me guess, your wife is in the room?" She said hissing on the other side of the phone.

"Yes Paul, try and get the papers to me very early on Monday." I added and ended the call. Whew, well played!!!

"Maybe you should start considering the idea of going with security." She said sounding very much concerned.

"I'm not the billionaire here Patty." I countered.

"But you are married to one." She continued.

"I don't need your security men to babysit me Patty, I'll be fine like I've always been."

"Fine, If you say so." She said sighing defeatedly.

"Try and get some sleep so the drugs can get to work. You'll feel better by the morrow." Pat concluded and kissed me soothingly on the forehead.

"Let me go get my laptop and another cup of tea. I'll be right back." She added and walked out of the room. Her big butt were swaying freely from side to side in the short night dress she was wearing. I wish my Johnson was in good condition. I would have tapped that tonight for sure.

I picked up my phone and texted Kemi on WhatsApp telling her the same lie that I'd just told my wife. In a few minutes, I started feeling really sleepy as the alcohol and the meds started taking effect. Before I knew it, I fell asleep.

I woke up the next day feeling a thousand times better. I sat up on my own but couldn't find Pat in bed.

As I tried getting out of bed, the door creaked open and my wife walked into the room with a tray of food.

"Good afternoon Tyson Fury." She teased with a wide smile and all I could do was laugh.

"Wait, did you say afternoon?" I queried in shock.

"Well Yeah, you slept like a baby and I didn't want to disturb you." She answered with a little chuckle as she arranged the things in the tray.

"Let me brush my teeth. I'll be right out." I said walking into the bathroom where I examined my face in the mirror. My face was really messed up bad by that idiot.

I walked back to the bedroom and found my wife only in her panties and bra trying to get dressed.

"My sexy wife." I whispered in her ear as I hugged her from behind kissing on her neck.

"What are you trying to do Dave?" She said with a naughty laugh.

"You know what I'm trying to do sweetie." I said in a whisper as I unhooked her bra.

"Well, it's red down there. You need to check back in four days." She said as she turned round to hug me properly.

"Seriously?" I asked in sheer dissapointment.

"Yeah babe, go eat your lunch now before it gets too cold. Doctor Femi will soon get here" She concluded returning to what she was doing.

"Are you going somewhere?" I asked with my mouth full of the delicious ripe plantains I was eating.

"Yeah, I want to go get June from her grandmother's house. School resumes on Monday remember?" She said struggling with her zipper.

I mouthed an 'oh' as I resumed stuffing my mouth with food. June is my eight year old step daughter and she's been with the mother of Pat's ex all through the holidays.

"How do I look?" She asked turning dramatically.

"Beautiful as ever." I complimented as I eyed her from head to toe.

"Thank youuuuu babe!!! But don't forget to take your meds." She said with a little look of seriousness on her face before walking out the door.

"Alright sweetie. Byeeee!"

A few minutes later, the door opened and someone walked into the room.

"Did you forget something sweetie?"
I asked since my back was turned to the doorway.

"Maybe..." Came the voice that I least expected and my eyes widened as I quickly turned to look at her.

"Naomi! What are you doing here?" I asked as my eyes widened in shock.

"Don't you miss me?" She said taking off her clothes and climbing on the bed which I was sitting on trying to take my meds.

"I was praying for another opportunity to be alone with you and today, my prayers have been answered." She said getting closer and closer as she grabbed and clawed at my shirt.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" She asked seductively while unbuttoning my shirt.

"No, wait, we can't do it here, on my matrimonial bed, have a little respect for my marriage Naomi." I yelled sounding upset as I tried pushing her away but she was already sitting on my lap and my body was already twitching in response to the stimuli of the closeness of her naked body to mine. Oh father Lord, I'm such an idiot.

Now don't get lost, Naomi is our maid and also one of my numerous toys. She's beautiful but we've been creeping around for a while now and I'm already fed up with her but she just won't get it. She's always trying to get me into trouble.

The bad boy in me came alive as usual and I flipped her over and got on top. I don't care if it's my matrimonial bed or not, I'm going to finish this here and now.

"Wow, I've missed you." She said as we collapsed on the bed trying to catch our breaths after we finished our act. Can't believe that I just committed adultery on my marriage bed with a maid. I'm such a dissapointment.

"One good turn they say deserves another." She cooed stroking my bare chest.

She's got to be kidding me.

"Why were you here in the first place? What if my wife was inside?" I questioned removing her hands from my chest.

"Well, your wife sent me here to come get the plates." She answered in a duh tone as she stood up and walked over to the foot of the bed where her maid's uniform was and started dressing up.

"And where do you think you are going to?" I asked sounding irritated as I got up from the bed.

"Thought you didn't want to continue for today?"

"That's not what I meant, change these sheets." I growled leaving her surprised at my sudden change of attitude as I turned to go into the bathroom.

As she was about saying something else, a little knock sounded on the locked door stopping me in my tracks. The voice that followed on the other side of the door got me sweating as I thought that my end is here.

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Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 2:06am On Feb 05
Episode 4

�� DAVE:

It was actually the voice of another maid. Her name is Regina. She's the only maid in the house that I have not touched. Mainly because she was not as beautiful as the others and also because I have heard from the others that she is not good in keeping secrets.

I can't risk her going around and telling other maids that I'm sleeping with her. My wife might get word of it and then, I'll be finished.

And if she were to find out that Naomi is inside the bedroom with me right now, my wife and the rest of the world would hear.

"What do you want?" I barked angrily as she announced her presence.

"The doctor is here Sir." Okay go and tell him that I'll take a minute. I'm having a shower."

"Okay Sir." She responded and walked away.

"Get out." I barked at Naomi who was struggling with both the tray of plates and the bedsheets. I held the door wide open and dragged her out. It's like she wants others to see her coming out of the room. Stupid girl.

I walked into the bathroom and got into the shower turning on the cold water trying as much as possible to prevent the water from touching my bandaged face.

I got out of the shower in a few minutes and put on a bathing rope exiting the room and jogging down the stairs.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting doc." I greeted the doctor as we got talking about my health. After some minor checks, he insisted that I should come to the hospital for an x-ray to ensure that all my bones were in place before he left.

About an hour if the doctor left, the front door opened and my wife walked in followed by her daughter June and one of the security men who was carrying June's bags.

"Daddy Dave!!!" The little girl called as she ran into my already open arms.

"How's my little angel doing?" I asked pulling her cheeks.

"I'm fine daddy Dave, what happened to your face?" She asked running her little fingers along the bandages on my face.

"Daddy had a minor accident." My wife replied before I could.

"Uh-oh!! I'm sorry about that."

"It's okay Little Six, I'm getting better. I've missed you a whole lot." I replied with a wide smile which she reciprocated immediately.

"Naomi!" My wife yelled and she responded from the direction of the kitchen followed by her running footsteps.

"Aunty Naomi!!!" June screamed running to hug her. Naomi lifted the little girl up and held her in her arms.

"Welcome ma." She greeted bending both knees sounding and looking so innocent.

"Thanks dear, help me get these bags to June's room. Hopefully you've tidied it up like I told you to?"

"Yes ma." She responded bending both knees again as she dropped June back on her feet and carried the bags up the stairs.

"Let's go Kiddo." She nudged June who ran ahead of her up the stairs.

"Oh Lord!" Pat exclaimed tiredly as she settled on the couch holding up the TV remote control and changing the channel since she noticed that I was now busy with work on my laptop.

How time flies cuz in a very short while, it was already time for dinner and my brother and his fake girlfriend, I mean our girlfriend or my girlfriend, never mind, Gabriel and Kemi arrived for our Saturday dinner as the custom was.

After dinner and plenty of gist, Pat took June (who was already asleep in her arms) upstairs to tuck her in for the night's sleep while the rest of us rounded up our game of cards and went outside.

As soon as we got outside, I grabbed my Kemi and kissed her roughly like two long lost lovers not caring if Pat will walk outside and catch us.

Thank God that the security guards were all at the gate post. If one listened closely, you could hear them laughing their hearts out in the distance with the gateman.

My wife finally came down and we exchanged some parting greetings before they left in the new car that Gabriel just bought thanks to repeatedly extorting money from me and my wife.


Monday morning:

I'm currently in a meeting with my CEO wife chairing the board as usual.

After tendering our necessary reports, we made crucial decisions and also arrived at important conclusions before bringing the meeting to an end.

My wife had to go somewhere meaning that I was in charge. As I was walking down the almost empty hallway with one of the guys from the marketing department during lunch break, a familiar voice screamed my name and I turned round to take a look.

Dear God! It was my ex girlfriend from six years ago. She's looking mighty fine too.

"Dave! Oh my God is this you?" She asked overwhelmed with excitement as she squeezed me in a tight hug.

"Mabel, it's been forever, how are you?" I asked instead ignoring her foolish question.

"I'm doing alright, you're not looking bad yourself, except for the bruises and bandages though." She said as she touched a bandaged spot on my face.

"Well, I was attacked by armed robbers on my way home from work last week." I lied trying to gain some sympathy.

"I'll you later, you can go ahead now." I said to the guy I was with and led Mabel back upstairs to my office.

"I'm so sorry about that? Hope they didn't take anything from you?" She asked in pity as we ascended the stairs.

"Nah, God saved me, so what are you doing here?" I asked trying to change the topic.

"Actually, I'm looking for a job. I've just finished my interview with the panel." She answered slowly.

"Mmm, I see, so what did you apply for?"

"Something in sales." She said handing me the file she was holding. I collected it from her and examined the contents. It was filled with her credentials. I closed the file and handed it back to her as I stopped at my office door and opened it wide for her to enter before I followed her in and shut the door.

"Wow, your office looks like an entire department." She commented and I scoffed with a smirk on my face.

"So what's your position here?" She asked as she paced round admiring the office.

"Managing director, my wife is the CEO." I replied casually with a shrug.

"Ole, you are joking right? You are saying that Patricia Kanayo is your wife?" She asked in disbelief and I laughed pointing at the large potrait of me and my wife hanging on the wall and she covered her mouth in shock. Gosh, this girl is way more beautiful than I remember her. I'm not going to let her off that easy.

"So about the job, do you think you'll get in?" I asked instead as she kept exploring the room with her eyes.

"To be honest Dave, there's too many applicants, I don't know. E no easy at all." She said sounding sad.

"My wife fired my secretary last week, you noticed that the cubicle was empty right?" I asked and she nodded.

"Would you like to fill in as my secretary?" I offered.

"What? Like for real?" She asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, that's if you don't mind. 50k is the pay."

"How can I mind Dave when I'm scratching for work. Just tell me when to start."

"Ok, calm down. Let me give you tomorrow to sort yourself out, you can start on Wednesday."

Before I could finish my sentence, she jumped on my hugging me tight but quickly disengaged placing both hands on her face in embarrassment.

"Sorry about that Dave." She apologized.

"It's nothing Mab. One more thing though, you have to get used to calling me 'Sir' when my wife or other colleagues are around." I added and she nodded.

"God bless you Dave. I'll be on my way on my way now." She said after we talked for a little while.

"It's all good Mab. See you on Wednesday." I said after I led her to the door.

"Yeah!!" I said throwing my fist in the air after I shut the door. No matter what it takes, I'm going to tap that again like I used to and nothin will stand in my way.

 I remember how sweet she used to be and I've missed that part so much. I thought licking my lips then my mind flashed back to Kemi; I haven't called her all day.

"Maybe I should have an escapade with her today." I thought as I sat down in my swivel chair and dialled her number.

She wasn't picking up so I dropped a message for her on WhatsApp, in a matter of seconds, the screen read 'typing...' and I smiled to myself. I'm going to cheat on my wife Today, no matter what.���

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Thursday Afternoon:

"So, this is the new secretary." Pat said as she stopped before the secretary's cubicle.

"Good afternoon ma." Mabel said getting up from her seat.

"Afternoon, Dave won't you introduce us." My wife said turning to face me.

"Sorry sweetie, meet Mabel, my new secretary and Mabel meet our CEO who also happens to be my wife." I said placing my hands on my wife's waist.

"It's nice meeting you ma." Mabel said with a wide smile.

"It's a mutual feeling darling. I like you but I might still fire you if he need be." Pat joked with a little laugh.

"Will you stop scaring my secretary Patty." I said dragging her into the office winking at Mabel who was looking a little bit lost.

As soon as Pat left, I called Mabel into my office. I have not had the talk with her yet.

"Do you remember that we never broke up?" I said as soon as she took a seat.

"Seriously Dave, you still think about that." She answered with a scoff.

"Well, yeah, and here we are again, fate brought us together." I continued sounding serious.

"Yeah, but you are now married. Nothing can happen between us anymore Dave." She snapped rolling her eyes.

"Why do you think I gave you this job? I had hundreds of applications already on my table, but I decided to help you out because I still care about you."

"Are you telling me that you want me to have an affair with you right under your wife's nose?" She asked in a whisper.

"It's not impossible you know." I responded with a scoff.

"And you sound like a pro." Mabel spoke with a little frown folding her arms.

"Maybe." I said with a smirk.

"I have a boyfriend Dave." She said pleadingly.

"I'll be traveling to Abuja for a business engagement on Monday and I'll convince my wife to let me take you along. By then, you must have made your decision." I added firmly as I swiveled in my chair ignoring her excuse.

Fast Forward to Sunday Evening:

Our flight has just landed in The FCT. Our escorts were already at the airport waiting for our arrival.

We got into the waiting cars and zoomed off to the hotel which had already been booked for us.

Me and Mabel had a good night in my hotel room and for real, she's hotter than I remember. To be honest, she's ten times better than Kemi. My list of steady babes is really getting long.�



"This is the best makeup you have done on my face all year." I commented as I examined my face in the mirror admiring the work done on it by Kemi. She owns a classy beauty spot where the who is who in VI come to do their makeup and hair.

"This is what I was made for." She said with a little chuckle.

"So what's the occasion?" She asked curiously.

"Well, I just want to drag Dave to a cool Friday night dinner when I get home. It's been a while since we last sat down to eat out." I answered dreamily.

"Awwwwwn, hopeless romantic." She teased and we both burst out laughing.

My phone suddenly started ringing and I whipped it out to see who was calling. Great, it was my cousin's Nigerian number.

"Hello Little cousin. Playing pranks as usual?" I greeted cheerfully as I picked up the call.

"Nope, it's no prank. I'm at the airport coming home." She announced sounding serious and my eyes widened.

"Tell me it's a lie!"

"Nope, I just ordered for an Uber. See you in a minute." She screamed childishly into the phone and hung up before I could say anything else.

"Lisa is in Nigeria." I told Kemi as I put the phone down.

"Seriously, and she didn't tell you about the trip?"

"Not a single word was said. Guess that's her own idea of a surprise." I responded with a sigh as I picked up my bag getting ready to leave.

"How much do I owe you girlfriend?" I asked as I got up taking one last look at my face.

"You know the usual na." She answered with a grin.

"Sure thing, I'll credit you when I get in the car. My regards to my brother in law." I concluded as I gave her a hug and my security opened the glass door before following behind me.

Lisa arrived a few minutes after I'd gotten home and we did some catching up before finally going to bed. We've really missed each other a whole lot. Dave was acting really weird all through.

"What's up with you today babe, you don't seem really happy." I asked as I got in bed with Dave who was already lying comfortably typing on his phone.

"I'm fine okay?" He snapped coldly without looking at me. Something is definitely up.

"Just tell me already Dave, is it because of Lisa's surprise visit?" I asked holding his hand.

"It's nothing." He replied getting out of bed and going into the bathroom without sparing me a glance.

Dave walked out on me? That's never happened before. I wonder what happened when I was out of the house.

It's been a rough couple of days ever since Lisa came to the house. My husband and I are barely on speaking terms. I'm guessing that she noticed the tension between us and decided to return to London after staying for just a few days.

"Trust and Love your husband but don't do it blindly Tricia." Those were the words Lisa told me when I dropped her off at the airport that day.

Honestly, I've never had any reason to doubt my husband ever since I met him but Lisa is a psychologist and she's never wrong. I'm gonna have to open my eyes and take a second look at him.


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� PAT:

Me and Dave have gradually gotten back in good terms with each other. I've been doing my best to make him happy and change his mood. Though he's not told me why he acted strange in the past few days, I'm not really bothered about it.

Today, it's a Saturday and I'm taking June out to get her some ice cream since she's been crying for it all morning plus, I also felt like getting out of the house and seeing some sights since I've been so busy with work that I barely have time for myself and my little girl. My Stubborn little girl!�

At the gate post, a heated argument was going on between my gateman and a woman. Not just any woman but Dave's auntie.

I got down from the car and greeted her. From what I could deduct from the episode, Ahmed the gateman and the security guards do not recognize Auntie and have refused her access into the premises.

After giving them a Stern warning, they finally opened the gate for her and I left with my daughter heading to the eatery where we normally do our sit outs.


A whole lot has happened this past few days.
Honestly, I've had a lot on my plate.

Firstly, it was a little misunderstanding between Kemi and Mabel the other day in my office.

Kemi came to deliver a wig to my wife in her office but Pat was not in by the time that she arrived so she decided to leave the wig with me.

Being the typical bad boy, I decided to engage her in a little bit of this and that right there in the office.

That was when Mabel barged in and caught us together red-handed. At the end of the day, both women ended up exchanging words and calling each other really nasty names.

Since then, Kemi has refused to pick my calls or reply my texts. Mabel on the other hand is also acting up and would not even let me touch her.

Secondly, my wife's cousin who never minds her business decided to pay us a surprise visit. I don't really like her because she is always suspicious and Pat trusts her like kilode.

Well, I'm not innocent though. I almost kissed her two years ago but guess what, she gave me two dirty slaps which gave a bruise across the face. Thanks to her rings. Since then, we've not been seeing eye to eye and it surprised me that she has not told my wife about it till now. Or is it possible that she likes me? Or wants to blackmail me in the future?

I was very relieved this afternoon when my wife and step daughter decided to go out. At least I'll have time to talk to Kemi if she picks up the phone. Well if she doesn't, I'm going to a good club later in the evening so I can hook up with a cute stripper or anything that comes my way. I'm on the verge of going crazy here.

As I was thinking about these things, my mind flashed back to Ada, the cook who happens to be among my toys. I haven't gotten with her in what seems like forever.

I jumped up from the bed as a big fat grin creeps up on my face.

I went straight to the home phone and decided to call the kitchen where she is probably preparing lunch.

As I was about pressing the number, a knock sounded on the door.

"Who is there?" I yelled angrily at whoever was at the door.

It was Naomi, this little demoness! I hope she's not looking for some rounds cuz, I'll give her a slap on the face for sure.

Well, I was wrong, she came to inform me that my auntie is here. Gosh! Not now na!! I'm sure she is here to look for money as usual. That's the only thing that my family members ever want from me. Money, money, money!!!

I only walked out of the room when I heard her footsteps descending the stairs. As you already know, I'm not too good at avoiding women and their temptations.

I got down to the living room and found my auntie busy watching TV with a glass of juice in her hand. She's really looking fresh thanks to the Kanayo family fortune.

"Auntie good afternoon." I greeted with a bow.

"David is this you? No call, no text, you don't even care to visit me. Is it fair?" She complained without even answering my greetings.

I groaned angrily as I sat down on the couch ignoring her questions.

"Auntie, you know I'm a very busy person, what brings you here?" I asked pretending like I was really tired.

"Well, I came to see you, I met your wife and step daughter on their way out of the house. Anyway, Ehm, Bisi wants to pursue a master's degree in Canada, I need you to give me some money for her fees." She said almost in a whisper.

"Auntie, I don't have any money, you know my wife is the one that provides everything."

"Doesn't she pay you salary?"

"Auntie you remember that I'm working on a project right? All my salary is going into it."

Well, don't get confused, I'm secretly building a house somewhere in town without my wife's knowledge. That's part of my fall back plan.

"I know but at least, find something for me to go and give her. You don't expect me to leave empty handed do you?"

"I'll see what I can do about it. Let my wife return."

"I trust you." She said smiling.

"Ehn, ehn, where are we on the housing project?" She continued shifting closer to where I was sitting.

"Well, I'm working on the roof. It's really..."

"Sir, ma, lunch is ready." Regina walked in and announced interrupted me. I hope she didn't hear anything we were talking about. One of these days, I guess I'll have to fire her.

I'm sure that my auntie was also feeling the same way as she eyed Regina from head to toe.

"Auntie, let's eat first, we'll continue with the discussion later." I said in between loud yawning as I got out of my seat.

"Beni, I'm so famished." She said standing up and walking towards the dining with me following behind.


Dave thinks he's smart. Cheating on me with a mere secretary for what now?

I am going to take my revenge on him and his little secretary by doing the unexpected.

First things first, he cheated on me with that stupid girl who had the audacity to call me names right in his presence. I'm going to show her my true colors.

I smirked evilly as I got hold of my phone and dialled Jasper's number. (Jasper is a freelance muscle who does some dirty work for me everytime.)

He picked up at the third ring and I gave him instructions on how to handle Mabel before I forwarded her details that I was able to gather to him and waited for a positive feedback.

It's a Sunday afternoon and I hope that the stupid girl is at home. I'm going to show her pepper.

As I was pacing round the sitting room in anticipation of Jasper's call, the front door opened and Gabriel walked in with one of his numerous girlfriends, yeah I mean the real girlfriends.

I eyed them angrily as I kept rolling my eyes at him. He needs to stop bringing these girls here since Dave actually rented this house for me.

"Gabriel, me and you need to talk." I said angrily as they started ascending the stairs amidst loud laughter apparently heading to the bedroom.

"I'll be with you in a few minutes baby, why don't you go ahead since you already know the way." He said to the girl giving her a short kiss.

Urghh!! Gross!!! The girl eyed me repeatedly from head to toe and I stuck my tongue out at her as she kept walking up the stairs.

"What's up K?" Gabriel asked as he got to where I was standing and tucked his hands in his pockets.

"I want to show you something, just follow me." I announced heading up the stairs to my room since Miss thing is presently occupying his bedroom.

"What is it that can't be said in the living room?" Gabriel asked frustrated that I was wasting his time.

"Why won't you just chill. She can make you feel good but I'll make you feel better." I said slowly as I took off my shirt.

I felt like laughing at the look on his face which clearly depicted that he was not expecting me to do anything like this. Yup, he was shocked beyond measure.

"This is never happening between me and you Kemi, you belong to Dave who happens to be my brother. Get that into your head." He barked angrily turning round to walk out of the room but I quickly held him tightly from behind.

"Leave me alone Kemi before this gets out of hand. Do you realize what you are trying to do?" He asked as he struggled to escape from my firm grip.

"I know it's not as bad as sleeping with my best friend's husband. At least the world thinks we're together already so there's nothing wrong if we actualy do this." I said as I finally let go of him and stood before him taking off my remaining items of clothing.

I saw his eyes darken and I gave him a side smile knowing fully well that I've got him right where I wanted. Gabriel and his brother are the same; womanisers and cheats. I knew that he was just fronting.

 I jumped on him and kissed him with so much passion which he responded to immediately. Yeah, this is really happening.


I stood before my full body mirror with a smile on my face as I recounted the episode that just went down with me and Gabriel a few minutes back.

By now, Gabriel had already left the room to be with his girlfriend who had already started looking for him around me house.

All my plans have fallen in place. I smiled taking out the hidden video recorder and examining the video of me and Gabe doing the nasty and I chuckled softly as I pulled out the SD card from the adapter and inserted into my phone.

My smile faded as my phone started ringing. Speak of the devil!

"How did it go Jasper?" I asked impatiently.

"It is done ma. I have her in my custody." Jasper spoke and I felt like jumping up for joy.

"Alright, send me the address so I can come and say hi." I added and ended the call.

Well Mabel, I'm going to show you who you were dealing with. I stood up and hustled to change up. I need to get on the road.


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Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:43am On Feb 08
Episode 7

A Husband's Secret




"Where's Regina? I have not seen her since yesterday." I queried Naomi as we finished breakfast that morning. The driver had already taken June to school earlier on.


"She resigned since Monday ma." Naomi replied and my eyes widened in Surprise. That's four days ago.


"What? But why? Who did she tender her resignation to?" I queried further as she kept quiet looking at my husband.


I turned round to also look at Dave who was carrying a straight face.


"Well, she uhmm, she just told me that she wants to quit. No clue why." Dave stated stuttering a little.


"So why didn't you tell me?" I asked as I got up from my seat.


"I totally forgot." He replied and I looked at him furrowing my brows as I shook my head.


This is becoming rather unlikely. I'll have to find out what really happened using other means then.








I was in my office trying to get some work done and also sign all pending papers and documents on my table when a knock sounded on my door.


"Yes c'mon in." I said and kept my gaze on the direction of the door waiting to see who's going to come in. Actually it's Rita my secretary.


"Good afternoon ma, some police men are here to see you." She announced as she came in.


"Police men?" I asked in bewilderment.


"Yes ma. There's three of them." She responded with a little nod.


"Let them in."


She nodded and turned round walking out of the office to get the police.


What could the police be looking for in my company? Hope nothing happened in any of our factories.


"Good afternoon Mrs Arinze. We're from the Nigerian Police Force Zone 2. I'm detective Kayode and these are my partners Detective Cyril and detective Bello. We're here with regards to our ongoing investigation into  the case of a missing person who's an employee in this establishment." One of the men said showing me their ID cards before we shook hands.


"Nice to meet you but I'll have to call my lawyer first before anything else can be said or done." I protested dialling my lawyer's number. I also asked Rita to go and bring my husband to my office.


They waited patiently for my lawyer who arrived a few minutes later before they finally started their questioning.



�� Dave


Mabel hasn't showed up to work all week. Does it mean she's so mad at me that she decided to quit the job?


Her number has also been switched off since last weekend and that's very weird.


As I dropped my phone back on the table, a knock was heard on my door and I got up to go see who it was.


Rita, my wife's secretary was outside the door. I rolled my eyes inwardly as she gave me a little ugly smile.


"What do you want?" I asked sounding annoyed.


"Madam asked me to come and bring you over to her office." She announced and quickly turned round walking down the hallway dramatically with her heels making a lot of noise. Good Lord! I hate this girl, so full of herself.


I closed the door and took the same direction heading to Pat's office. By the time I got there, she was already seated at her cubicle and gave me another smile. I gave her a Stern look and opened the door heading into the office where I found my wife and three police men seated in the office.


 All eyes in the room turned towards the door as I opened and closed it walking in nervously.


Yeah, beads of sweat were beginning to form on my forehead as I took slow and nervous steps into the room.


After greetings and introductions, I felt a little bit perplexed when they mentioned that they were looking for a missing person.


When Pat's lawyer arrived, the police now stated their full intention.


Mabel's boyfriend had reported her missing since Monday afternoon. The police believe that she was kidnapped since her house appeared to have been ransacked and her phone was in the house while her front door was wide ajar.


They asked me a couple questions when I told them that she's my secretary. After we've answered every single question of theirs, they finally left the office and promised to keep us updated.


Honestly, I was really troubled about the situation of things presently. Could it be that Kemi has a hand in Mabel's sudden disappearance?


I left my wife's office and returned to mine where I found a couple missed calls from Kemi on my phone. Look who is calling! She has finally gotten over the issue.


I returned her call and she picked up almost immediately.


"Sorry I wasn't with my phone when you called, what's up?" I said as soon as my phone vibrated indicating that she has picked up the call.


"It's all good D, Check your WhatsApp inbox, I've left a present there for you." She responded with giggle and hung up on me.


Good Lord, I rushed to my WhatsApp and scrolled down to find her message. It was a video message.


I waited for it to load before pressing 'play'. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw what was in the video. My brother and Kemi were together in bed. I went mad with rage as I threw my phone on the wall smashing it in pieces. I was totally going crazy.


I stormed out of the office heading down to where our car was parked and ordered the driver to get down as I snatched the key from his hands. I'm going to skin them alive today.


When I got to Kemi's place where my brother is also staying, the gateman informed that Gabriel was not at home and Kemi was at work so I quickly made a u-turn heading over to Kemi's store.


I got there and found her doing a customer's hair. Not minding the crowded room, I grabbed her by the wrist and forcefully dragged her into her small office ignoring all the awkward stares from all eyes in the room.


"How dare you cheat on me with my own brother and have the guts to send me the video huh?" I barked grabbing her neck.


"Let go of me." She struggled to say as she tried to free her neck from my hold.


Seeing that she was choking up, I released her neck and she took in deep breaths amidst loud coughing.


"I did it to make you feel what I felt when that useless little girl dared tell me to my face that you were also getting down with her. Do you understand how much that hurt? Huh?" She screamed holding her neck.


"And you chose to do it with my brother? My brother of all people?" I fired back angrily.


"And you chose your wife's best friend. Listen Dave, you and me, we're not really different, we're both cheats and liars. Admit it!" She yelled boldly and slumped into a chair in the room.


"Mabel's disappearance, do you have any hand in that?"


"Yeah, I killed her." She spoke slowly and my eyes widened in shock.



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Episode 8

�� Dave


"Why are you so surprised huh?" Kemi asked with a smirk on her face.


"You're evil Kemi." I growled angrily.


"Oh and you're the saint right? I've killed others like her. She's not the first and certainly won't be my last. 'Shine your eyes.' that's what I was told the first day I set foot in Lagos."


"And how is taking someone's life shining your eyes huh? What I'm I even saying, I should be reporting you to the police immediately."


"Really? Ever heard of the saying; 'throw me under the bus and I'll drag you along with me' Dave?" She said batting her lashes dramatically. I gulped nervously as my mouth went dry out of fear and uneasiness. Never knew this side of hers existed.


"We're done Kemi. This relationship is over." I said in a tone of finality as I turned round to walk out of the room.


"Wait, wait,wait, wait there Dave! You are not going anywhere or I swear to God, someone else will go down and we don't want to guess who. This affair of ours is only getting started, so gear up baby boy." She yelled angrily and walked out on me leaving me speechless and looking like a fool.





My husband has been really down ever since his secretary went missing and I kinda understand since he told me that both of them go way back. I hope that they find her alive and well.


Today's a Saturday and I'm currently getting dressed up to go down for dinner.


The door opened and Dave walked in with a cup of tea in his hand and a small smile on his face. That's new!


"Hey sweetie." He greeted as he walked closer to where I was standing.


"Mmm, babe is that for me?" I responded as I turned round to give him a hug.


"Maybe, but it comes with a price." He whispered in my ear before giving me a peck on the cheek.


"C'mon babe, just a sip." I pouted as he hid the cup behind his back.


I gave him a kiss before he finally agreed to give me the cup of medicinal green tea which I have been taking for a while now according to the doctor's prescription.


"I think we should see the doctor again this year. I'm tired of taking this bitter tea." I said scrunching up my face as I took a sip from the cup.


"But we went to London last year and the doctor said we're fine, don't get worked up, we'll have a baby when God says so." Dave said consolingly.


"But your family don't think that way, your auntie, she uhmm, never mind." I was talking too much so I quickly had to shut my mouth.


"No, tell me, what did auntie say to you?" He asked sounding like he was about to punch someone in the face.


"She told me that we are taking too long, too long to actually start a family." I spoke almost in a whisper as I fought back the tears that were building up in my eyes. I could see the utter displeasure on my husband's face as he pulled me into a hug and patted my back trying to calm me down as I went uncontrollably on his shoulder.


"Your family members may be thinking that I'm tying you down with my money Dave and I don't want it to seem like that. I'll be going to India, my doctor has given me some recommendations of good health facilities." I said when I finally stopped crying.


"I'm sorry about everything you have to go through and what my auntie said, it was so wrong and out of place and I'm terribly sorry." He apologized stroking my cheek and all I could do was nod.


After sitting in silence for a few minutes with my husband who was repeatedly clenching his jaw in anger, we decided to go down for dinner. As usual, Kemi and Gabriel will be coming over tonight.



�� Dave


I sat down at the table feeling very upset.


First of all, my auntie had the effrontery to speak to my wife anyhow she likes. The wife who is funding her children's education abroad, bought her a car and a house and even started a business for her yet she's still ungrateful.


Secondly I have to eat with these two pigs. ( � Kemi and � Gabriel)


My wife has no clue of what was going on in my head as I kept shooting them death glares at the dining table while she kept blabbing and laughing about one thing or the other with them while I stayed mute all through.


After dinner, my wife went upstairs to get June in bed leaving us alone at last.


I dragged Gabriel outside to confront him about his misbehavior with Kemi.


Gabriel had the guts to talk back at me and we ended up fighting and punching each other in the face.


Pat's bodyguards managed to separate the fight while my wife and Kemi stood by screaming for us to stop fighting.


When we finally stopped fighting, our faces were already bleeding and I warned him and Kemi never to step foot in my house. Idiots!!


No matter how hard Pat probed me, I refused to tell her why me and Gabe fought. I knew she was already suspicious and honestly, I don't care.


A few days after handing over the affairs of the company to me, Pat left for India and I was fully in charge.


I had enough time and space to siphon and divert as much money as I wanted. I have to complete my housing project before she returns from India.



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A Husband's Secret Episode 9

�� Dave

While my wife was still in India, things have really changed between me and Kemi who has been disturbing my life constantly.

Tonight, she just showed up in my office and wants me to take her out. Good Lord! I had no other choice than to do everything she wants or she might hurt someone else.

Naomi and Ada have been fighting over me almost every other day and my auntie is on my neck again asking for money.

That's what I've been going through since my wife has been away.

I came home from work one evening and surprisingly, all the maids were in their best behavior. None of them rushed to jump on me as they used to. I was totally surprised.

"What's going on here?" I asked in surprise as Naomi greeted me respectfully with her head bowed.

"Madam is back." She responded and my shock tripled.

"Tell me it's a joke." I cut her off as she opened her mouth to say something else.

"I'm not joking sir, she's upstairs right now." She added and I had to go confirm if she was actually telling me the truth.

I jogged up the stairs and quickly ran into the bedroom. There I found my wife sleeping peacefully under the blankets.

As soon as I shut the door and walked into the room, she opened her eyes and smiled at me as I approached the bed.

She sprang up and pulled me into a tight hug before proceeding further to claim my lips for a passionate kiss which I didn't want to break away from. I've missed my wife so much. I mean no matter how many women I cheat on her with, none of them can replace her.

After we had a good reunion together in between the sheets, we took time to gist each other and catch up on all she's missed as well as how her medical trip was.


I've been in India for a whole week and it felt like forever to me. I was bored to death as I missed work, my daughter and my husband.

I had to surprise them by coming back earlier than I had informed them. The downside of my late arrival tonight was that my daughter was already asleep by the time I returned and my husband wasn't home from work.

The Indian doctors also confirmed that nothing was wrong was wrong with me just like the UK doctors had said. If only I'd listened to my husband and just forgot about stressing myself.

They gave me a couple supplements and stuff to take and hopefully, that'll help me get pregnant easier and faster.

"I'm coming to work tomorrow babe." I told my husband as he walked out of the bathroom with a towel draped round his waist exposing his firm and muscular torso.

"You've got to be kidding me." Dave replied with a little laugh.

"Call me a workaholic Dave, but it's my business you know, I have to be there." I continued sounding serious.

"If you say so, I'll get you all necessary documents to you in the morning." My husband gave up as he raised both hands in surrender and resumed dressing up.

"Come to bed already joor. Let's make some babies." I pouted pulling him by the shirt as he fell on the bed with a huge grin on his face.


�� Dave

My wife's surprise return hasn't really gone down well with me.

I have not had the time to get the room in order. I have plenty hotel room receipts and condoms in the closet and my trousers pockets. I'm really hoping and praying that Pat has not gone through my stuff. And I have not had enough time to cover my tracks of stolen funds which has amounted to millions of Naira in the past week since Pat travelled.

If Pat finds out about this, then I'm finished for sure.


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Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 11:44pm On Feb 11
Episode 10

�� Dave

I stayed up pretending to be busy with work on my laptop till my wife fell asleep.

As soon as I called her and didn't get a response, I jumped out of my seat and tiptoed quietly to my closet to clear up any evidence that showed I'd cheated on my wife.

I almost got a heart attack when I realized that the pack of condoms which was in the pockets of one my trousers was missing and the hotel room receipts which I'd dumped in one part of the closet was nowhere to be found. Good Lord! I'm finished!!

My wife turned on the bed when she heard a bottle of pills roll out of the closet and land on the hard tiled floor.

Curious about what type of pills are in the bottle, well that's what helps me stay strong for these ladies.

She opened her eyes and sat up on the bed looking at me curiously.

"Are you looking for something?" She asked and I scratched my head unable to say anything in response.

"Nah, just arranging stuff." I replied after a while still scratching my head.

She stood up quietly and walked into the bathroom while I shut the closet door and hurriedly picked up the pills scattered on the floor.

"Are you looking for these?" She said with a very annoyed voice as she returned to the room with the condoms in her hand and my eyes widened almost popping out of their sockets.

Now I remember, I had removed them from the closet earlier on and dumped them somewhere in the bathroom. How on Earth did she find it?

My throat suddenly felt dry and I swallowed hard as beads of sweat started forming on my forehead. I've been caught! Good Lord! I'm finished.

"I uhmm....

"You what? You're cheating on me with prostitutes?" She yelled angrily like she was about to kill somebody.

She kept screaming and calling me all sorts of names as I stood there feeling ashamed of myself and scared that I might lose everything in a single moment.

After she'd had a field day of yelling at me, she made to storm out of the room but I went down on my knees grabbing her leg stopping her in her tracks.

"I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry, it was just a one time thing, I swear to God, I wasn't in my right senses, I was drunk, it....

"Shut up Dave and get your filthy hands off me." She yelled interrupting my apology and kicked my hands away from her legs before finally leaving the room slamming the door behind her.

I knelt there on the floor running my hands repeatedly out of my uneasiness along my clean shaven head.

A few minutes later, I gatgered some strength and courage and walked out of the room to check on Pat. I found her sitting on the cold floor in the living room resting her back against the wall and crying silently.

I approached her location and tried to touch her but she gave me a hot slap on the face and got up from where she was.

"Don't you dare touch me David. Stay on your own or better still, go to your whores." She shouted almost bringing the roof down as her voice echoed in the room before finally heading for the guest room.

Kasala Don burst! I shook my head in dismay and followed behind her but she got inside faster and slammed the door at my face.

Good Lord! What if after tonight, Pat is going to file a divorce? Where could I possibly start from? I'd be jobless and cashless again.

I found a couple throw pillows and arranged on the floor and used some to support my back to prevent the coldness of the marble walls from entering my body as I sat there by the door as I kept telling her how sorry I was. Yes, honestly I was sorry, sorry for being so foolish and letting my guard down thereby hurting my wife in the process.

The feeling of someone shaking me vigorously woke me up the next morning and I realized that I was still lying on the couch where I was last night.

I shook my head as if to make the sleepiness depart from me and tried to comprehend the entire situation.

I remember moving from the floor where I was formally sitting to the couch where I finally fell asleep.

"Good morning sir." Came the voice that I'd least expected. It was not my wife's voice but rather, it was the voice of Naomi. This foolish girl. I hissed disappointedly as I struggled to get out of my seat.

"Breakfast is ready Sir." She continued and this time around, I eyed her from head to toe and scoffed before walking away heading for the stairs while she stood there awash with embarrassment.

As I got to our bedroom door, I turned the knob and realized that it was locked from inside. Gosh! I hesitated for a while before knocking on the door. Within a minute, the door opened and my wife's face popped out. She looked like she's been crying for weeks.

"Morning Sweetie." I greeted immediately the door opened doing a lot of work to avoid the word 'good'.

"What do you want?" She rapped angrily.

"Please let me explain to you what happened Pat, I swear I didn't do it on purpose." I pleaded grabbing the door handle from outside and trying to force it open so I could get into the room.

On observing what I was trying to do, she quickly shut the door, locking it from from inside leaving me standing there like the fool I am.

In a split second, the door opened and the next thing I saw were my clothes and shoes being thrown repeatedly in my face.

"Get out! And Stay Out David!" She yelled like an angry wolf before slamming the door shut again.

I knew quite well that the maids who were busy cleaning and organizing stuff around the house heard everything that had transpired between the two of us but none of them dared poke around.

I picked up my clothes and shoes and balled them up. I dropped them before the next door and went to search for the key. She's kicked me out of the room, soon she might even kick me out of her home and life. I pray that it never gets to that point.

I returned with the bunch of keys and started trying each of them hoping to find a match and thankfully, I did!

I opened the door and got inside together with my belongings. This room hasn't been used in forever though the maids sweep and clean it every week.

I checked the huge clock on the wall and realized that it was already a half past 8. I need to get to work as soon as possible.

I dumped my closet and shoes on the king size bed and ran straight into the bathroom. In a matter of minutes, I was done and ready for work.

The security man guarding the front door informed that my wife had given them specific instructions not to let me take any of the cars. I shook my head disappointedly as I tossed the key to the range Rover on the floor and walked out through the gate.

 I don't remember taking a taxi to work in years. This is going to be really hard for me.


Read Episode 11>>>>>>>

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Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 12:09am On Feb 14
Episode 11


My husband cheated on me with whores he met in a club. As tough as it is for me to address this, I still have to live with it. I feel bitter and betrayed. God, I'm so mad.

I woke up last night when the sound of glass landing on the floor jolted me out of my sweet sleep.

My husband appeared to be searching for something in his closet but when I asked him, he claimed not to be looking for anything.

I went to the bathroom to take a pee and that was where I saw something that got my attention. A pack of condoms in a small clear bag.

Why would my husband be in possession of condoms if he's not cheating on me.

I blinked rapidly as hot tears flowed  freely down my face. My makeup was totally messed up but I cared less.

The door of my office opened and my husband, I mean Dave walked in. His presence immediately rasped my temper.

"What are you looking for David?" I yelled angrily at him but he fell on his knees instantly.

Such a sweet talker, spewing a whole lot of nonsense. I sat there staring at him as he continued his apologetic explanation.

"Please say something." He added when he realized that I was not saying anything in reply.

"Leave my office Dave." I said in a small voice turning my face away from him. God! I hate this.

The sound of his retreating footsteps and the closing of the door indicated that he was out of the room.

I buried my face in my palms and started crying all over again.

But wait a minute, why I'm I even crying?

My husband only cheated on me because I let my guard down, I let my husband associate with womanizers like Olumide's and Steve.

I picked up the desk phone and dialled my secretary's desk. I ordered her to draft a letter of transfer for Olumide. I need to get him far from my husband. As for Steve, he'll have to submit the monthly account statement before I'll have him fired for his long line of misconducts.

In a few minutes, a knock sounded on my door followed by Rita's voice on the other side.

She came in to show me the letter that she'd prepared. When I okayed it, I affixed my signature and ordered her to deliver it to Olumide immediately. I'm transferring him to manage one of our factories in Ogun state. I'm only retaining him because he's good at what he does.

The sound of my phone ringing on the desk snapped me out of my deep thoughts.
I turned and checked the screen to see who's calling.

It was Kemi. I'd informed her that I was back in Nigeria since last night and now, she wants to know if I'm in the office so she could pay a visit.

In a few minutes, Kemi arrived and  we decided to go and chill somewhere outside the office.

I narrated everything to her and she felt great pity for me. She advised me not to file for a divorce yet but rather forgive him this time until the day he tries it again. She's right, I should give him some time to change and if he doesn't still repent, then I have no other choice but to send him packing.


�� Dave

I got home from work feeling very dejected. The maids told me that my wife was already back from work and ordered that nobody should disturb her.

 I didn't have the courage to go back to her office after she'd asked me to leave in the afternoon and I didn't find her car in the parking lot so I'm sure she was not in the office by the time I'd left and right now, I don't also have the liver to up and face her in our room.

My step daughter was still in the sitting room watching cartoons with Naomi who is directly responsible for taking care of her.

By the time I got upstairs to get changed in my new room, I couldn't find any of the clothes which I'd heaped on the bed.

I came back and queried Naomi to find out if she knew anything about my missing clothes. She shocked me when she informed me that my wife had ordered for them to pack them up and return them to our bedroom. Does that mean she's forgiven me?

I took slow and uneasy steps up the stairs heading to our bedroom. I knocked weakly on the door and she asked me to come in when she heard my voice.

"Good evening Patty." I greeted not particularly expecting a reply.

"Evening Dave, how'd you get home?" She asked without looking at me but kept herself busy with removing her makeup.

"I.. I Uhm.. I took a taxi." I stuttered nervously as I was clueless about what was happening. Does this mean she's forgiven me.

We stayed there in silence for a while before she decided to speak up seeing that I was  not expecting anything like this.

"I've forgiven you Dave, tomorrow you can take the car to work. I've moved your things back here. You're free to sleep in if you want to but stay on your side of the bed." She said firmly pointing at the bed before walking towards the bathroom.

"Thank you so much Sweetie." I squealed excitedly and made to hug her but she pushed me away.

"Not so fast Dave, if you do this again, I swear to God, you can say goodbye to this marriage and everything else we have together." She spat out in a very angry sounding tone before walking into the bathroom and all I could do was nod like a lizard. My wife's so volatile.


Read Episode 12>>>>

Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Ann2012(f): 8:31am On Feb 14
Thanks for the update

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Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 4:32am On Feb 16


I was in my office as usual trying to go through all the unopened files which were piled up on my desk, Signing and approving what was necessary when a knock sounded on the door followed by Rita's voice. She was announcing Olumide's presence outside the door.

He walked into the office wearing a gloomy face and that doesn't surprise me one bit. Took him long Entanglements to muster up the courage to voice out his protest. I know that he wasn't expecting a transfer from the headquarters to a small factory in another state.

"What brings you to my office GM?" I questioned with a poker face.

"I'm here to address the issue of my sudden transfer." He said in a low voice holding the letter in his hand.

"What about it?" I asked again placing my chin in my palm.

"With all sense of respect ma, I find it rather complicated. I mean, I'm the general manager of the headquarters and I'm now being transferred to a small factory in Otta, which happens to be in Ogun, madam I don't think this is not fair after all I've put in to see to the growth of this company." He said pleadingly.

"Well GM, I should be firing you instead. I have my eyes on all top staff here. As the general manager, you report for work by 9, you take alcohol in your office and you have been involved in several scandalous entanglements with a whole lot of female staff." I stated and his eyes widened in Surprise.

"That will be all for now GM if there's nothing else." I said after a long awkward silence before returning to what I was doing.

He finally stood up and walked slowly out of the office. One down, one more to go.

�� Dave:

I was so excited that my wife forgave me after days of punishing me in her own way. Honestly, I felt very relieved.

You might think that I would have learned my lesson. Well yeah, I need to cover my tracks better next time. I can't end my relationship with Kemi because of her threats.

Me and Steve were laughing heartily at a comedy video that he just came across on WhatsApp status.

The door swung open with force and Olumide walked inside with a big frown on his face. He slammed the door with an even greater force and took the spare seat in the room.

"Wetin dey work you?" Steve asked as Olu slumped into the spare chair.

He quietly handed him the paper in his hand and Steve read out the contents. It was a letter of transfer. Pat transferred him?

"But what did you do to earn this?" I asked after going through the letter which Steve passed to me.

"Na so I see am oh." Olumide replied bitterly.

"I'll go talk to her right now." I concluded walking out of the office with the letter in my hand heading to my wife's office.
"It's my name on the door Dave, if anyone doesn't like my MO, then let them go start their own company." Pat screamed angrily after I protested against the letter.

"Does this have anything to do with me and what happened?" I queried as my fears came alive.

"Yes it does have everything to do with you and the fact that...

"I cheated on you. Do what you want Ma'am." I stated bluntly cutting her mid sentence before walking out of the room. Pat is so strong willed sometimes.

As soon as I got into my office where Steve and Olu were still waiting for me to return with a positive feedback, my phone rang and I checked to see that it was Kemi calling. I busied the call and continued the conversation I was having with the guys.

As we were still talking about Olu's transfer, my phone vibrated indicating that I got a text message. Kemi wanted to see me. She kept disturbing me all through and I had no choice but to excuse myself and go over to her.

Ever since Pat found out about me cheating, she hasn't let me touch her and here's someone who's offering herself for free, I couldn't pass up on such a great opportunity.�

I came home from my escapade with Kemi that night feeling very tired like I ran a marathon.

Getting into the bedroom, I found Pat sitting on the bed working on her laptop with just a towel round her waist leaving her breasts bare. What type of temptation is this?

"Good evening Sweetie." I greeted as I walked into the room.

"Evening babe, welcome back." She responded without breaking eye contact with the screen.

"I want to get changed." I said as if I was asking for her permission.

"Do what you want Dave and let me rest joor." She responded coldly standing up from the bed and walking towards the bathroom.

"Wait, are you still mad at me?" I asked as I stood in her way.

"I'm not mad at you Dave, just leave my way let me go shower." She said slightly pushing me aside but I grabbed her and pressed my lips against hers. She struggled to get free at first but finally gave in wrapping her hands round my neck.

Without breaking the kiss, we both landed on the bed and I proceeded to take down the towel. That was when a hard slap landed on my face.

"What did you do that for?" I asked as the shock registered on my face.

"That's for cheating on me." She said and slapped me again. Good Lord, what's wrong this woman?

She started laughing at the look on my face and I quickly claimed her lips again this time, no longer letting go.


Read Episode 13>>>>>


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Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Odoogu(m): 10:55am On Feb 16
speed break no dey for this Dave guy? cheesy still a death trap.
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 2:12pm On Feb 16
speed break no dey for this Dave guy? cheesy
still a death trap.

the guy na machine gun grin
speed break no dey for this Dave guy? cheesy
still a death trap.

the guy na machine gun

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Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Odoogu(m): 2:41pm On Feb 16

the guy na machine gun grin
the guy na machine gun
abeg curb him excesses b4 innocent person go wound
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 2:44pm On Feb 16

abeg curb him excesses b4 innocent person go wound
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Odoogu(m): 2:48pm On Feb 16
please when is the next episode dropping... ? we love YOUcheesy
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:21am On Feb 17

please when is the next episode dropping... ? we love YOUcheesy
soon and very soon


Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Odoogu(m): 10:27am On Feb 17

soon and very soon
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:39am On Feb 17

A Husband's Secret


Two Weeks Later:




"Check mate!!!" Pat screamed excitedly. I can't believe she won again.


Don't get lost, me and Pat were currently sitting on our bed playing chess together on a Saturday morning and she's won three consecutive times already.


"Oh no!!" I groaned defeatedly as she kept jubilating and sticking her tongue out at me. So annoying.


A knock sounded on the door followed by one of the maid's voice. She was bringing us breakfast. I stood up and walked to the door. I returned to the room with the tray of food in my hands and dropped it on the bed.


"Fried eggs, looks yummy!" Pat squealed in anticipation and didn't waste any time to dig in.


She covered her mouth like she was about to throw up as she jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom.


I also dropped my fork in the tray and ran after her.


"Are you okay?" I asked worriedly as she washed her hands after vomiting everything she'd swallowed that morning.


"Yeah I'm okay. My mouth tastes funny. She answered as she applied some toothpaste to her brush.


"Let me call Dr Femi or should I take you to see him?"


"Call him please." She said and I nodded going back to the bedroom to make the call while she tried brushing her teeth.


We run tests every single month. I hope she's ok cuz it's very unlikely for her to be vomiting.




Femi was not in town so he sent one of the doctors in his hospital who came around one hour later and took some blood samples and stuff to go run some tests.


He gave her some tablets to help with the vomiting and nausea. We're expecting a result in 48 hours when Femi will be around to conduct the test by himself.


In the afternoon, Pat decided to go and get her nails done at Kemi's store while I stayed home playing with June.


She came home about two hours later looking really upset.


"What happened you look really vexed?" I queried in bemusement as I struggled to open the freezing pack of ice cream which she bought for me.


"I saw Gabriel today." She responded rather bluntly. Speak of the devil, I've not set my eyes on him since that day we fought. He and his fake girlfriend have not been coming for dinner as they used to.


"And what did he do to you?" I asked again dropping the ice cream on the table.


"I saw him with another woman Dave, and he had the audacity to introduce her as his girlfriend." She yelled and I pretended to be at a loss for words.


"What does he take Kemi for uhn? Must all guys cheat?" She yelled again sounding even more enraged as she got up and made her way up the stairs with the second pack of ice cream which was for June who was already taking her nap upstairs.


Mad oh! Gabriel annoys me so much sometimes. I let out a little sigh and left the sitting room heading for the stairs as well. I need to calm her down. Now my wife knows that cheating is in our blood, she won't stop suspecting and watching me.



*Sunday morning....


As I was busy getting ready for church, a call came into my phone which was lying on Pat's makeup table.


Pat helped pass the phone to me. It was Gabriel calling.


"Gabriel,why didn't you pick up my call throughout yesterday?" I asked when I picked up the call.


"I'm sorry bro, I need to see you, it's very important." He replied.


"I'm about to leave for church and if it's money you're looking for, better forget it because I don't have any money for you." I retorted without any hesitation.


"It's about Kemi. Just hurry down here."


"What happened?"


"Just get here first." He said and hung up on me.


"What's the matter babe? Did something happen to Gabe or Kemi?" Pat asked looking at me intently.


"I don't know sweetie. I'll have to go find out by myself." I answered loosening my tie.


"Should I come with you?" She inquired worriedly.


"No Pat, just go to church with June while I take care of this." I answered assuringly giving her a peck on the cheek before storming out of the room like a maniac.




At Gabriel's Place:


"I said I'm pregnant Dave, how many times do I have to repeat myself?" Kemi yelled angrily throwing her hands in the air.


"And how I'm I sure it's mine?" I queried in annoyance.


"You've also been sleeping with Gabriel here." I continued pointing at Gabriel.


"Don't drag me into any of this D, me and Kemi only got down once." Gabriel countered.


"And I was already pregnant then." Kemi added making my eyes widen in Surprise.


"What? Why didn't you say so?"


"Because I tried to have it aborted but it just won't budge. The doctor said I was risking my life because...


"Because what?" I yelled like I was going to bring down the roof.


"Because I've done too many abortions already. I've aborted up to three babies for you Dave. It's just that I never told you about it every time." She explained rasping my temper even more.


"I put it to you that you are lying Kemi." I said through gritted teeth and she rolled her eyes at me.


"How far along are you now Kemi?" Gabriel asked as I paced round the room contemplating what step to take.


"Eleven weeks." She answered and my mouth went wide with shock.


"You will have that abortion, I don't care if you've had a hundred abortions before now Kemi, I don't care if you die in the process but there's no way in hell that you are having that baby. I mean don't you have senses? Pat is your best friend." I yelled clapping my hands.


"You should have thought about that when you started sleeping with me behind her back. And talking about senses, you don't have any because if you do, you would have thought about the fact that you and your beloved wife haven't been able to produce a single child for five whole years." She rapped mockingly and I landed her a slap on the face letting my anger get the better of me.


"You slapped me?" She asked in tears holding her cheek.


"And I'll do more than that if Pat gets to hear anything about that thing you call pregnancy." I said storming out of the room.


"Dave!!! Dave!! Wait up!!" Gabriel yelled running after me while Kemi's cries kept resounding in the room.



Read Episode 14>>>>>>>>

Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by LipstickCrib(f): 11:53am On Feb 18
Episode 14

Monday Afternoon.....


�� Dave


"Babe! Babe!! Babe!!!" Pat screamed as she ran into my office excitedly.


"What is the matter Sweetie?" I asked feeling confused about what was going on.


"Dr Femi called and the results are out." She said and I nodded for her to continue.


"I'm pregnant Dave, we're pregnant!" She screamed in excitement and I felt overjoyed carrying her in my arms as I kept shouting along with her in happiness. Fake happiness �


But wait a sec, underneath all this happiness, the fact that Kemi is still pregnant and has refused to go for the abortion was killing me.


And of all the times in the world, both women have to get pregnant at the same time. This is so frustrating.


"Let me go and tell Kemi, I'll be right back." She said happily returning back to her office. I pray that Kemi will change her mind and go ahead with the abortion after hearing this.




Fast forward to Saturday where we were currently sitting down for dinner with Kemi and Gabe also present for the first time since we fought.


"Guess what? We've got news for you guys." Kemi said clearing her throat. What does she have to say?


We all dropped our cutleries looking at her eagerly.


"Well, me and baby boy here have decided to take bold steps in our relationship. He asked me to marry him and I said yes!" She squealed excitedly clinging to Gabriel's arm before proceeding to show us the ring on her finger.


Pat left her seat and walked over to her side of the table to squeeze Kemi in a tight bear hug showering her with congratulations while me and Gabe kept giving each other awkward stares. He was equally as confused and uneasy as I was.


"So when did you propose?" I asked Gabe when the ladies disengaged from the hug.


"Yesterday evening at the mall." Kemi answered before Gabe could say anything.


"Sounds magical." Pat concurred as they kept blabbing about the engagement which I'm sure was all made up in her head. There's no guarantee, Kemi will soon tell my wife about the pregnancy. It's just a matter of time.


"So you proposed to Kemi?" I asked as soon as I dragged Gabe outside.


"That girl is a psychopath. She needs serious mental care." Gabe replied sounding annoyed.


"We need to force her to have an abortion or we're not safe." I spoke through gritted teeth.


"You mean, you are not safe. Don't drag me into this matter Dave." Gabriel retorted pointing his car keys in my face.


I shook my head as the reality hit me, I'm all alone in this mess that I've put myself into.





"Good evening babe." I greeted my husband as I returned home from my meeting with a client that evening.


"Evening Sweetie." He replied rather perfunctorily and gave me a little kiss.


"What's up with you babe?" I asked feeling concerned.


"Nothing. I'm just stressed out." He said rubbing his forehead. I know that he's lying. I wonder what is eating him up.


"Well, I've got good news, Kemi is also pregnant. She informed me this morning." I announced excitedly sitting on his laps.


His reaction to the news was an unexpected one as I saw him roll his eyes slightly like he was waiting for the info or dissapointed that his brother is also expecting a baby at the same time with us.


"You don't look happy to hear this news. Why now?" I asked curiously.


"Nothing, it's all good." He said with a frown on his face.


I silently got up from his laps and carried my bag heading for the stairs. This is really unusual.



Next Afternoon:


"Madam, someone is here to see you by name Regina." Rita announced standing at the doorway of my office.


Regina?? I tried to recall the name and finally remembered that Regina was the maid who resigned weeks ago. I've been trying to locate her ever since the news of her resignation reached me and it proofed futile.


"Please let her in." I finally said after contemplating for a while.


"Good afternoon ma." Regina said as she walked into the office.


"Regina? I've been looking for you all over what happened to your phone number? And why did you resign?" I fired on, all in one breath as she smiled and got closer to my desk.


"Well, my phone had an issue with the battery. I've sent it for repairs concerning my job, I never resigned ma. I was fired." She answered slowly looking down at the floor.


"What? Fired??" I screamed in bewilderment and she nodded in affirmation.


"Please sit." I continued when I realized that she was still on her feet.


"Thank you ma." She said taking a seat.


"So who fired you?" I asked again itching for more information.


"Your husband ma."


"But why? What did you do wrong?"


"I didn't do anything ma. He said I was too nosy and talkative that's why he fired me. Being at places where I'm not supposed to." She explained.


"Nosy about what exactly? What did you find out in the process of this 'nosiness' "? I queried making air quotes.



Read Episode 15>>>>>>>>

Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Ann2012(f): 11:17pm On Feb 18
Kasala go soon burst

Thanks for the update
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Odoogu(m): 11:38am On Feb 19
Kasala go soon burst
Thanks for the update
abeg na how many books you for done read for this forum?
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Ann2012(f): 11:49am On Feb 19

abeg na how many books you for done read for this forum?

Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Odoogu(m): 11:50am On Feb 19

na question I ask? no be fight.
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Ann2012(f): 12:40pm On Feb 19

na question I ask? no be fight.

Who dey fight you? Lemme oooo
Today na Friday jare, we suppose get grooving site here na grin
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Ann2012(f): 12:41pm On Feb 19

abeg na how many books you for done read for this forum?

And talking on the number of books I’ve read on this forum..... I just flow with it as long as it’s interesting
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Odoogu(m): 2:15pm On Feb 19

Who dey fight you? Lemme oooo Today na Friday jare, we suppose get grooving site here na grin
you no lie cheesy na you we dey wait
Re: A Husband's Secret (married To A Cheetah) by Odoogu(m): 2:17pm On Feb 19

And talking on the number of books I’ve read on this forum..... I just flow with it as long as it’s interesting

my point exactly. cheesy

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