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Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 11:45am On Oct 09


Helvetica is an eighteen year old girl who have always
to work in a music company,,,, with her crush. Alex
Alex is one of the group of boys called STARBOYS,,,
they are
the youngest Musicians in korea, they are Rich and cute.
But Helvetica took more interest in Alex, he’s the cutest
of all.
She loves him so much and will do anything just to have
There are also a group of girls called the PINKIES,, they
with the STARBOYS. They are three,, so Alex made an
announcement for any girl who is good in singing and
to make the PINKIES four.
Helvetica went for the interview and she won.
What will she face in the new house she’s going?
Will Alex fall in love with her?
Find out the answers in this interesting story

Source: https://nogym.com.ng/her-idol-part-1/

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Re: Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 1:46pm On Oct 09
light queen, Ann 2012 I'm back o
Re: Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 7:54am On Oct 11
By : Wuraola
Episode One
I got to the house and I was amazed, the house is
awesome, I packed my luggage and went straight to the manager as directed by the security. Am glad the manager is a woman.

” You are Helvetica right? ” she asked with a smile
” Yeah ” I replied
” You are welcome ” she said and I smiled
” Thank you ” I said
” Come with me, without the luggage please ” she said
” It’s my clothes ” I replied
” Your new clothes are in your room darling ” she said
and I wowed, this is amazing I followed her into a pink building, there are two buildings in the compound, the second one is for the STARBOYS. We passed a lot of rooms and finally she entered one of them, I became speechless
The room was painted in pink, different type of shoes, bags, clothes and others. ” I hope you like it ” the manager said
” Like? I love it” I replied happily
” I’m Joyce the manager of music company, I hope we
get along well ” she said and we shook hands.
We talked about a lot of things, she told me about the
I found out that Alex hates girls,,, so how will he love
” Is there anything wrong? You look sad ” she said
” I have a crush on Alex,,, it’s one of the reason why am
here, but you said he hate girls. Am just broken ” I replied
” Baby you don’t have to worry, am sure Alex will like someone like you ” she patted my back
” Are you sure? ” I asked
” Of course ” she replied Alex
” Alex, have you seen the new girl who joined the
Raymond asked
” Nope, what happened to her? ” I asked uninterested
” She’s pretty ” Stephen said
” All the pinkies are pretty ” I said
” She’s more pretty than them all ” Theo said
” Then good for her ” I replied
” Oopa when will you ever get interest in girls? ”
asked and pouts his lips like a baby, I can’t blame him.
the youngest
” Very soon ” I said
” That’s what you’ve been saying for the past four years

Stephen said without looking up, we laughed. He’s just
too funny
” I will try to adjust this time ” I said
” Same excuse you gave four years ago ” Stephen said
expression and we laughed again
I immediately went to my room to prevent further
questions, I
don’t have time for girls right now.
I really need to rest,, we have to visit that school
tomorrow. I
slept off.
Re: Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 7:56am On Oct 11
By : Wuraola Chapter Two Hel I was asleep when I heard some noise, I guess the girls are back. I went downstairs immediately, they faced my direction. ” Hi ” I said ” you are the new girl right? ” Lizzy asked ” Yeah ” I replied ” you are welcome ” she said Sharon and Babianca ignored me and went upstairs, maybe they don’t like me. ” You don’t have to worry about those two, they are silly ” Lizzy said and I smiled ” I guess you guys are not really close ” I said ” Let’s forget about them,, and I must say, you are so pretty ” she said ” Thank you Lizzy ” I replied I got up the next morning and prepared for school, I took my bath and put on a pink gown and white Snickers, I guess am good to go. ” I love the gown, ” Lizzy said as I got downstairs ” thanks ” I replied We both went out and I saw the STARBOYS coming, my eyes moved to Alex, oh damn he’s so cute. ” hey babe ” Stephen said and I smiled ” Hi ” I replied ” hey Hel ” Raymond and Theo called and I smiled at them I faced Alex and he looked away and entered the car, ” See you in school ” they said as they entered the car and drove off We all got to school and the students keep on saying things Wow, the new pinky is so cute can’t wait to hear her voice I love her dress I smiled at them all, ” They like you ” Lizzy whispered to my ear ” I guess so ” I replied and smiled Babianca ” Babi, we need to do something about the new girl ” Sharon said ” Why? ” I asked ” She’s more pretty and am sure Alex,,,,, ” ” Don’t worry about that, I have a plan ” I smirked ” I trust you, so what’s the plan? ” she asked ” you will see darling ” I replied We sighted Helvetica and Lizzy coming, she’s too pretty to be here, I can’t let her take Alex and Theo from me, never. I walked to them ” hi ” I said ” Hi ” she replied ” Can I see you for a while” I asked, she told lizzy she will be back and I scoff. She followed us ” What do you want from me? ” she asked ” I just wanna warn you to stay away from Alex , he’s mine. Okay ” I said ” Alex doesn’t have a girlfriend, and you can’t dictate what I have to do to me ” she said ” how dare you talk back ” Sharon yelled at her ” So what? ” she said and I slapped her ” That is for being stubborn ” I said, I wanted to slap her again when someone held my hand, I looked back and was shocked to see Alex Hel ” Why did you do that ” Alex asked ” she slapped me first ” Babianca said and I was shocked, she’s a damn liar ” Yeah Alex, hel slapped her first ” sharon supported and Babianca began to cry, how can someone be as wicked as this? ” Gosh I can’t believe this, I thought you are different ” Alex said ” Believe me Alex, I did not touch her ” I said but he ignored me and walked away ” you are so wicked ” I said in tears ” Are you not going too far ” Lizzy said as she got there ” stay away from this, okay? ” Sharon said and they walked away swaying their butt ” it’s okay Hel, just stay away from them, they are evil and will do anything to have Alex ” Lizzy said and patted my back ” Thank you lizzy ” I replied and we walked away TBC..
Read more here: https://nogym.com.ng/her-idol-part-3/
Re: Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 1:49pm On Oct 12
Babianca ” I can’t believe this is happening to me Sharon,, she’s the one everyone is talking about ” I said as I checked out peoples comments on the show we went for last night. Wow, her voice is so sweet She’s more better than Babianca she’s so beautiful I love you hel She deserves to be the queen, not Bab ” I told you, I knew this was gonna happen ” Sharon said ” I can’t go down like this,,,, I have to do something about it ” I said ” Yea ” Sharon replied Alex ” I love hel performance yesterday,,,, she really gat the moves Alex ” Theo said with a smile ” I don’t care about that,,, it’s her own ” I said ” Don’t be harsh Oopa ” Raymond said ” Theo, don’t tell me you are beginning to crush on her “ Stephen said and I frowned ” is there anything wrong with that? ” Theo asked ” Of course she’s gonna become Alex girlfriend soon “ Raymond said and I frowned ” Says who ” I asked ” Us” Raymond and Stephen said and I scoff ” Alex is not ready for now,,, I will have her ” Theo said ” I don’t like her ” I confessed ” What is wrong with her? ” Raymond asked I ignored him and went upstairs,, I don’t like her and there is no way am gonna like her Hel What have I ever done to Alex? I keep on asking myself, is there anything wrong with me? ” There is nothing wrong with you ” the manager said from behind that I realized I spoke out loud ” Are you sure? I asked ” Yeah “ ” but do you think there is a reason why he hated girls? ” I asked hoping to get an answer ” of course, I think it’s because of the heartbeat he went through four years ago,,, you know ” she said and I sighed ” I don’t know what to do again ” I said ” He doesn’t even wanna see me ” I added ” Just give him some time,, and please stay away from Babianca and Sharon “ ” Thank you, I will do that ” I said and she pecked me before leaving Theo Everyone is asleep right now,, but am not ready to sleep, I walked to the swimming pool and saw a figure sitting there. I wonder who the person is. I got there and the person turned out to be Hel,, well such a good time She faced me immediately ” hey Theo ” she called and smiled,,, such a cute smile ” Hi, why are you not sleeping? ” I asked and sat beside her TBC
Re: Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 1:50pm On Oct 12
HER IDOL By : Wuraola Chapter Four Hel ” Why are you not sleeping? ” Theo asked as he sat down beside me ” It’s nothing,, I just love the pool ” I replied ” Really? ,,, that’s cool ” ” Yea ” I said with a smile ” Are you preparing for our coming concert? ” He asked “:Of course ” I replied “‘That’s good,, I can’t wait to see you perform the second time ” he said and I laughed,, he’s friendly, not like Alex. But I don’t know why the love I have for Alex keep on growing everyday. ” Do you like Alex? ” He asked and I was shocked,, how can he ask me that? ” Everyone likes him Theo ” I replied without looking up ” Okay,, do you like him personally, like,, do you love him? ” ” Of course not ” I said and bite my bottom lips,, I can’t believe I lied ” That is a good one ” He said and left Gosh,, what is wrong? Why did I lie? I stood up and went inside. Babianca Is Theo crushing on her already? I saw them together in the pool,, no I can’t allow that to happen. Just wait Hel,, you will regret ever coming here. I got out of my room and saw her climbing the stairs, I guess everyone is asleep. Good timing, I said to myself and smiled I walked to her ” I told you to stay away from Theo and Alex, but I guess you are too stubborn to listen ” I yelled softly ” Babianca,, I don’t have time for all these right now, just leave the way” she said and I laughed ” Do you think I will leave ” ” Babianca stop ” She said again ” Just get lost and never come back ” I said pointing a finger at her ” What do you mean by that? ” ” This ” I said and pushed her down the stairs, I hope she die I went to her,, she’s not moving, that’s great. I ran to my room immediately. Lizzy I woke up earlier today, gosh I wish I could sleep more, since we don’t have anything to do today. i started walking downstairs to take some water from the kitchen. I was walking sleepily when I saw a figure on the floor,, I ran to her. ” Omg,, It’s Hel ” ” Hel!!,, Helvetica!!! ” I called but she’s unconscious I immediately ran out to call the star boys. TBC

Read more here - https://nogym.com.ng/her-idol-part-5/
Re: Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 10:47am On Oct 13
By : Wuraola
Chapter Five
” What do you mean by that? What happened to her ”
and Theo asked at the same time
” I don’t know, I just found her unconscious this
morning, please come with me ” I said in tears
” Okay, let’s go ” Stephen said And we all ran into the
house and rushed Hel to the hospital.
Few minutes later the doctor came out and we all
rushed to him,
” Doctor,, is everything okay? ” I asked impatiently
” Yeah,, thank God you brought her here earlier,, this
incident happened about 12 hours ago, so why are you bringing her
now? ” The doctor asked
” 12 hours? ” Theo asked
” Of course ” The doctor replied and left
” I was with her last night, so when did it happened.? ”
Theo slapped his head
” Let’s go and check on her ” I said and faced Alex who
have been quiet all this while, we all went inside and met her
sleeping soundly, who the hell do this to my best friend
Just then,, she opened her eyes Hel Oh God,, my head hurt,, I opened my eye and saw five eyes starring at me, I jumped up, what is happening? Where am I? Are you okay? ” Lizzy asked, I guess she have been crying? But what happened? I was confused Am okay,, what am I doing here? ” I asked impatiently, Don’t you remember anything at all? ” Stephen asked ” No ” I replied shaking my head, I found you lying unconsciously on the floor this
morning,, so we rushed you here ” Lizzy said
” Oh,,, I can’t remember anything ” I said
” Anyway,, thank God you are fine now ” Theo said and
smiled at me,, I also did the Same, I faced Alex but he was
busy with his phone, he doesn’t even care about me.
I was discharged the next day, I decided to sleep to
sleep peacefully, but the sleep was short lived when the
manager came in.
” How are you feeling? ” she asked and checked my
” Am okay? ” I said and hugged her
” I already warned you to stay away from Babianca,
she’s evil ”
She said
” We can’t be sure she’s the one who pushed me, I
can’t even
remember anything that happened that night, so why are
blaming her ” I replied
” Who else can do that,,, answer me Hel ”
” Okay I will be more careful next time ” I said and
pecked her,
I don’t know why I love her. Maybe it’s because I don’t
have a mom alex
” So you guys can go and rest, we have to rehearse
tomorrow ”
the manager said as we got to Newyork for the
show, the show is next week though.
” The rooms are seven,, it should be eight ” Stephen
” Oh,, that mean two people will actually share a room ”
manager said
” Am definitely not sharing a my room with anyone ”
Stephen said
” Me too ” Raymond said
” Me three ” lizzy said and winked at the manager, I
guess they
are up to something
” Me four ” Theo said
” Me five ” Sharon said
” Okay,, maybe Babianca and Hel will share the same
room, ”the manager said
” No way,, I will rather stay with Alex ” Babianca said
and rolled her eyes
” That’s never gonna happen, not in your dream
Babianca ” I said
” Hel and Oopa can share a room, it will be cool ”
said and I frowned at him,, what is he saying?
” Is that okay? Alex ” Manager asked but I remain quiet
She smiled and left,, the others follow. I saw Babianca
scoff before leaving. Leaving Hel and I alone. I don’t know
what to do right now, I packed my luggage and start walking
upstairs while she followed me, we got to the room and locked
the door.

She keep on starring at the floor, I ignored her and sat
on the
bed operating my phone.
Hel what can I do right now,, I keep on starring at the floor.
He sat down on the bed operating his phone, what should I do?
I walked to the couch and sat down,, I really need to
take my

Source - www.nogym.com.ng
Re: Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 3:37pm On Oct 14
Ezekiel36vs28 , mhizv ( f), yemi411
Re: Her Idol by mhizv(f): 3:47pm On Oct 14
Looks like a promising story.

Anyway can you try spacing!? First chapters,too jam-packed
Re: Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 7:20am On Oct 16
Looks like a promising story.
Anyway can you try spacing!? First chapters,too jam-packed

sure will do
Re: Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 4:16pm On Oct 18
HER IDOL By : Summer Gold

Chapter Six Hel POV : I checked him and discovered that he’s asleep,,, I immediately put off my clothes and ran into the bathroom. After am done, I walked back into the room,, I was shocked to see him sitting on the bed. I thought he’s asleep. Gosh,, it’s just a towel that covered my body, its not Even long.
I walked to my bag and took my Pajamas, I went into the bathroom to change. I sat down on the couch and got busy with my phone, I don’t think he’s ready to talk to me.

Alex POV : She came out of the bathroom wet, I looked at her and see that she’s nervous. Any girl will wanna stand naked in front of me so why is she different?
Is she a virgin?? No way, all girls are the same. She’s really pretty though, her wet hair makes her more beautiful. Her skin is so light, I stare at her lips, it’s so pink.
Her figure is,,,,,, Alex don’t tell me you are thinking about her.
Oh no,, what’s happening?
She went to her bag and pick some clothes and walked into the bathroom again. She came out with a night dress, just a singlet and a short. Her breast stand firm like she’s a,,,,,,, oh come on Alex,, stop thinking about her.
She sat down on the couch and few minutes later, she slept off, is she planning to sleep there? Silly girl. I walked to her and bend beside her, she look so pretty, sleeping like a baby. What should I do with her?
I carried her,, her skin is so soft, I put her on the bed and covered her body. The truth is, I don’t know why am doing all these. I slept beside her and felt her hand on my chest. I heard her saying somethings in her sleep.
” Do you think Alex hate me?,,,,, I have a crush on him but he wouldn’t even look at me ” she said still sleeping An sure she will almost kill herself if she find out that I heard everything.
I smiled and slept off.

Hel POV : I woke up and I became confused, how did I get on the bed? I remembered that I slept off on the couch last night,,,, and where is Alex, did he left me here because he can’t sleep in the same room with me?
Did he hate me that much?
Suddenly he came out of the bathroom,, omg he looks hot,, I immediately covered my eyes and slept back on the bed. I woke up after some minutes,,,,

He was putting on a white shirt, white Trouser and a white Snickers, there’s also a white band tied around his head which prevent his hair from falling. He’s just too expensive,,, Alex and white,, so cute I hope my heart doesn’t explode,, I held my chest. ” Good morning ” I said without looking up ” Morning ” he replied,, wait,,, omg did he just return my greetings? I think I have to celebrate this. I looked at him but he’s doing something on his laptop. He stood up and went out, thank God I can take my bath now. I rushed into the bathroom and took my bath happily, I still can’t believe Alex return my greetings. After the bath,, I used cream on my glowing skin, i put on a pink crop top and a blue jean with a pink snickers. No makeup. I think today is gonna be interesting TBC
Re: Her Idol by emperorblog21(m): 4:18pm On Oct 18
By : Summer Gold

Chapter 7
Theo’s POV
Hel has been smiling all through the rehearsal, did
happen between her and Alex last night?

I don’t think so, Alex hates her. But I have to be sure.
After the rehearsal, I went to her

” Hey hel ” I said
” Theo ” she replied with a smile
” Hmm, I was wondering if we can go out together, what
you think? ” I asked

” Oh, that will be great ” She replied.
We both left the house, we got into the car and I started
” And where are we going? ” She asked
” Ice cream shop for now ” I replied and she smiled
” That’s cool ” She said,, how can someone be as pretty

We got to the shop and we both ordered a chocolate ice
cream each
” I really love it ” she said and lick her bottom lips
” More than me? ” I asked and pouted my lips
” Oh, of course not ” She replied and we both laughed
We talked about a lot of things, she told me she have a
but her mom is late, I feel sorry for her anyway

” Is there any other thing you want? ” I asked
” No ” She replied.
Is Theo hitting on me right now? Why is he so nice to
me? I
just wish he’s Alex. I checked the time, oh it’s 9:00 pm
” Theo, we have to go, it’s late ” I said in a hurry
” Oh, I think we were carried away ” he replied and I

we immediately rushed to the car and drove off
What am I going to tell Alex now?
But why am I thinking about that, he’s not even my

We finally got home, I rushed out of the car.
” Goodnight Theo ” I said and made to leave, but he
pulled me
to himself and hug me. What is he doing? What if
someone is

” Theo, what are you doing ” I asked and pulled away
from the
” Am sorry ” he said and I nodded.,,, I walked into the
room, I
just wish Alex is already asleep.
I entered and locked the door, he was sitting on the bed
his phone in his hand, he was wearing a robe. He look
hot in that.

Hel stop thinking about that, you are in trouble
” Hi ” I said and he faced me, he looked directly into my
and I quickly faced the ground

” Where did you go with Theo? ” He asked and I looked
” Actually,,, we went to catch some fun. That’s all ” I
” Oh ” was all he said
I immediately walked to my bag, picked my pajamas
and went
into the bathroom to take my bath.
I came out of the bathroom and found him already
asleep, I
sat down on the bed and keep on starring at him, is he

He’s so cute while sleeping, my eye went to his lips, I
wish I
can kiss him. He’s going to kill me if I do that.
” Why are you starring at my lips? Are you planning to
kiss me or something? ” He asked still closing his eyes, I gasped and immediately took my eyes off him
” Am sorry,,, I was just,,, ” I stammered, oh God what
will I

” Don’t get late next time ” he said
” I won’t ” I replied and smiled, after all he still care
about me
even if he hate me.

I checked him again, he’s asleep. I also slept off making
am closer to him

Read more here : https://nogym.com.ng/?s=HER+IDOL

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