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Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 5:18am On Oct 26, 2020


- Raw Honey
- Natural Sea Salt
- Shea Butter
- Shea Butter+Coconut oil Mix Cream
- Yoni Pearl
- Organic Green Teas
- Tumeric Powder
- Maca Root Powder
- Apple Cider Veniger (ACV)

- Carrot Oil
- Garlic Oil
- Tumeric Oil
- Coconut Oil
- Onion Oil
- Lemon Oil
- Ginger Oil
- Lavender Repair Oil
- Black Seed Oil
- Palm Kernel Oil
- Peppermint Oil
- Sea Salt Oil
- Neem Oil
- Snail Oil
- Hip & Buttock Oil
- Breast Oil
- Vanilla Oil
- Eucalyptus Oil
- Chamomile Oil
- Castor Oil
- Tea Tree Oil
- Amla Oil
- Vitamin E, Oil
- Argan Oil
- Fenugreek Oil
- Armpit Odour Remover Lotion

- Pumpkin Seed
- Black Seed
- Chia Seed
- Fennel Seed
- Fenugreek Seed
- Black Pepper
- Saffron
- Barley Seed
- Wheat Seed
- Sesame Seed
- Goron Tula(Miracle Fruit)
- Sunflower Seed
- Squash Seed

@ affordable prices.


Contact us on:
08 139 458 588, 08 053 408 939

Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 1:09pm On Oct 30, 2020

Some men use fenugreek for hernia, erectile dysfunction (ED), male infertility, and other male problems. Both men and women use fenugreek to improve sexual interest. Women who are breast-feeding sometimes use fenugreek to promote milk production & flow.


Call/ WhatsApp:
08 139 458 588, 08 053 408 939

Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 4:51pm On Nov 17, 2020

They are an outstanding food source for Vitamin E and also contain a reasonable amount of thiamin, a B vitamin. They're also a rich in such minerals as manganese, magnesium, copper, selenium and phosphorus, a good way to get another B Vitamin, Pantothenic acid, and an excellent way to get folate and tryptophan into your diet.

They contain Vitamin E, a potent anti-oxidant that can protect the body from harmful traveling free radicals that trigger cardiovascular disease, strokes, various types of cancer and other illnesses.

Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, is plentiful in these particular seeds, helping to boost your body's metabolic rate so you can burn fat more efficiently. It also helps you to control your weight, and maintain healthy cholesterol, triglyceride, and insulin levels.

Sunflower seeds contain fiber that works with your digestion, plumps up stools, and hastens the elimination of toxins from your body. This gives you the sense of fullness but not the extra calories.

Tryptophan, an amino acid that releases serotonin in the brain, is helpful in making you feel full and in preventing you from eating too much food during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, it makes you feel great and can help with depression.

Sunflower seeds contain magnesium, which is helpful in lowering blood pressure, alleviating symptoms associated with asthma, warding off migraine headaches, and reducing the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke. This mineral works to make bones stronger too.

Magnesium adds to energy production and also helps the body metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

The copper found in the seeds helps form elastin, red blood cells, and is also important in the formation of bones.

Phosphorus works with calcium to promote healthy bone development. In addition, it is vital for the repair and growth of cells.

The mineral called selenium in these seeds contributes to optimum health. Selenium can assist in the synthesis of DNA repair. It is also helpful in preventing cancer cell development.

The B Vitamins known as thiamin and Pantothenic acid help the body to produce energy, break down carbohydrates and fats, help the digestion, help the nervous system to function properly, and they also give extra strength to the wall muscles of the stomach.

Decreasing abdominal fat and aiding muscle development are two bonuses you will receive from the linoleic acid that is found in the seeds. This is a strong weapon to use for your fat burning goal.


08 053 408 939, 08 139 458 588

Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 1:52pm On Dec 05, 2020

We sell honey in all quantities; wholesale and retail and we supply to hospitals, bakeries, factories, pharmacies, supermarts, offices, households, shops, e.t.c all over Nigeria through our dispatch team and other reputable logistics companies at affordable prices.

Resellers and Distributors needed. We will give you great prices that would help you make mouth watering profits.
We also pay commission for referrals.

Raw honey is a natural remedy for a lot of ailments. Our honey is produced locally, contains no additives and is a versatile product for better health. It contains many important antioxidants including organic acids and phenolic compounds like flavonoids. Antioxidants have been linked to reduced risk of heart attack, stroke high blood pressure and some types of cancer. They also promote eye health and lower blood sugar. Honey has a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

08 139 458 588, 08 053 408 939

Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 7:23am On Jan 09, 2021

Some of the many uses and benefits of peppermint oil include:

1. Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain

2. Sinus Care and Other Respiratory Benefits

Inhaling diffused peppermint oil can help to unclog your sinuses and offer relief from a scratchy throat. Peppermint acts as an expectorant, helping to open your airways, clear mucus and reduce congestion, and is one of the best essential oils for colds, the flu, cough, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

3. Seasonal Allergy Relief

Peppermint oil is highly effective at relaxing muscles in your nasal passages and helping to clear out the muck and pollen from your respiratory tract during allergy season. It’s considered one of the best essential oils for allergies because of its expectorant, anti-inflammatory and invigorating properties.

4. Increase Energy and Improve Exercise Performance

5. Alleviate Headaches

6. Improve IBS Symptoms

Peppermint oil capsules have been shown to be effective at naturally treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Peppermint oil for IBS reduces spasms in the colon, relaxes the muscles of your intestines, and can help to reduce bloating and gassiness.

7. Freshen Breath and Support Oral Health

Tried-and-true for well over 1,000 years, mint oil has been used to naturally freshen breath. This is probably due to the way peppermint oil kills bacteria and fungus that can lead to cavities or infection.

8. Promote Hair Growth and Reduce Dandruff

Many people ask me “what does peppermint oil do for your hair?” Peppermint oil is actually used in many high-quality hair care products because it can naturally thicken and nourish damaged hair. It can be used as a natural treatment for thinning hair, and it helps to stimulate the scalp and energize your mind.

Plus, menthol is a powerful antiseptic agent, so it may help to remove germs that may buildup in your hair. Menthol is even used in anti-dandruff shampoos.

Can peppermint oil regrow hair? It may actually be one of the best oils for hair growth.

9. Relieve Itchiness

Research shows that the menthol content found in peppermint oil inhibits itching.

10. Repel Bugs Naturally

Peppermint oil is a natural repellant for ants, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitos, mice and possibly even lice.

11. Reduce Nausea

12. Improve Colic Symptoms

13. Boost Skin Health

Peppermint oil is effective when used to reduce blackheads, chicken pox, greasy skin, dermatitis, inflammation, itchy skin, ringworm, scabies and sunburn.

14. Sunburn Protection and Relief

Peppermint oil can hydrate burnt skin and relieve the pain from sunburns. It can also be used to help prevent sunburn. An in vitro study found that peppermint oil has a SPF (sun protection factor) value that’s higher than most other essential oils.

15. Potential Anti-Cancer Agent

One such study found that the compound menthol inhibits prostate cancer growth by inducing cell death and regulating cellular processes.


08 139 458 588, 08 053 408 939

Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 6:46pm On Mar 28, 2021
*Did You Know?*

- Honey contains a number of antioxidants, including phenolic compounds like flavonoids so it is great for immunity.

- The World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics both endorse honey as a natural Cough remedy.

- Honey has been used in clinical settings to treat burns and wounds.

- Honey is a natural energy booster, is known to lower cholesterol and improve digestion

- It takes about 60,000 bees visiting more than 2 million flowers, to gather enough nectar to make one pound of honey.


Contact us on 08 139 458 588, 08 053 408 939

Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by arieal89: 8:41pm On Mar 28, 2021
Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 5:43pm On Apr 24, 2021

Learn the benefits of sea salt and why you should incorporate it into your diet everyday!:

*1. Keeps you hydrated*

Sea salt is extremely beneficial in keeping us hydrated. The amount of nutrients in sea salt also satisfies our thirst for a longer period of time and keeps us holding on to the fluids for longer.

Table salt, on the other hand, dehydrates us and actually leeches essential minerals from the body.

*2. Reduces fluid retention*

Some people think that salty food makes you bloat or retain water, and yes, this happens when you consume table salt and refined salt used in processed foods.

However, with real sea salt, the opposite happens because of its balanced ratio of minerals, especially potassium and sodium, which help release retained water. Eating real food and salting your own food with sea salt will help eliminate bloat and water retention.

*3. A great source of minerals*

Do you know that sea salt has over 84 trace minerals that nourish and strengthen our body?

*4. Balances electrolytes*

Because of its amazing mineral content, sea salt is a great source of electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. These electrolytes are vital for muscle, brain and heart health, because of its critical role in the nervous system.

*5. Prevents muscle cramps*

When your electrolytes are low, you can experience muscle soreness, cramps, charley horse, and even restless leg syndrome. The lack of minerals keeps the muscles from relaxing and cause contractions that are out of your control.

The magnesium in sea salt plays a huge role in loosening and calming the muscles and your entire body.

*6. Great for skin health*

Because of its potent mineral content, sea salt has anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for skin health. There are many beauty products that use sea salt, because it has the power to detoxify the skin, while exfoliating, increasing circulation, and providing the skin with nutrients. Sea salt has been shown to be especially beneficial for acne, psoriasis, eczema, and anti-aging.

*7. Improves digestion*

Sea salt is necessary in the role of digestion, and it starts in the mouth. The salivary amylase, an enzyme which helps break down carbohydrates in the saliva, is activated by the flavor of salt.

Also, salt plays a huge role in the making of hydrochloric acid, which is secreted in the stomach for the breakdown of food, especially protein. Most people are insufficient in hydrochloric acid, and this can cause numerous digestive issues like bloating, gas, heartburn, indigestion, and can eventually lead to leaky gut and chronic disease.

*8. Nourishes the adrenal glands*

*9. Regulates blood pressure*

Yes, high quality sea salt is greatly beneficial for regulating blood pressure. The rise in blood pressure is the result of inflammation in the body, which is primarily caused by a high sugar, processed food diet, which also includes white table salt that’s devoid of most nutrients.

Real sea salt actually reduces inflammation by bringing in the necessary minerals that the body uses to boost its immunity.



Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 3:28am On May 24, 2021

We Offer the Following Organic Products:

- Raw Honey
- Natural Sea Salt
- Shea Butter
- Organic Black Soap
- SheaCoco Puree
- Tumeric Oil
- Maca Root Powder
- Arthritis Oil
- Ghana Black Soap
- Carrot Oil
- Garlic Oil
- Coconut Oil
- Ginger Oil
- Lavender Repair Oil
- Black Seed Oil
- Palm Kernel Oil
- Peppermint Oil
- Snail Oil
- Hip & Buttock Oil
- Breast Oil
- Fenugreek Oil
- Pen*s Enlargement Oil
- Black Seed
- Fenugreek Seed
- Black Pepper
- Goron Tula(Miracle Fruit)
- Fluted Pumpkin Seeds(Ugu)
- Abuja & Benue Yam Seedlings
- Lemon Grass Leaf

@ affordable prices.


Contact us..
Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 5:04pm On Sep 30, 2021
Freshly harvested honey just arrived, place your order immediately, offer valid while stock last..

Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 7:26am On Apr 20, 2022
Honey in Lagos State · 10 Litres of Raw Honey Ready for Pickup · 20 Litres of Raw Natural Honey From the Wild. · 1 Litre Of Pure And Natural Honey.

Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 12:44pm On Jun 07, 2022

Palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil is rich in antioxidants. Many people have
discovered that the active substance may have the ability
to reverse blockage of the carotid artery and platelet
aggregation thereby reducing the risk of life treating

Palm kernel oil which is extracted from palm fruit and have a strong black colour with a strong taste and smell. It is mostly used in the eastern region of Nigeria. Palm kernel oil have a lot of benefits and can be used for
different purposes.

It is uses to manage convulsion in children and can be use to reduce the effect of epilepsy attack.

For Constipation: Palm kernel oil is also used to soften the anus of a person who find it difficult in toileting. i.e experiencing pain during passing out stool.

Black oil is used in children during delivery. It is traditionally believed to help avoid body odour when they grow up and make the skin of the baby

For Cough: Palm kernel oil is used to soften the throat during the
first stage of cough.

It can also help manage stroke and retard tumor progression.

Arteriosclerosis and other heart disease problems. This is thus one of the health benefits of palm kernel oil as it is rich in unsaturated fatty acid. Tocotrienols present in palm oil may also inhibit certain
types of cancer.

For Cholestérol Réduction: Palm kernel oil increases ‘good’ cholesterol as compared to other saturated oils such as red palm oil, vegetable oil, etc.

Thus the health benefits of palm kernel oil also include promoting health of people with cardiovascular issue.


Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 1:35pm On Jul 10, 2022

Sea salt baths are known for their therapeutic and healing properties, as well as their ability to ease stress and boost your overall health.

What is sea salt?

Sea salt is a type of salt that comes from the evaporation of seawater. The taste, texture, and processing are what makes sea salt different from table salt.

Sea salt is typically not processed or minimally processed since it comes directly through the evaporation of seawater, according to the American Heart Association.

Because of minimal processing, sea salt has various trace minerals such as:

- magnesium
- calcium
- zinc
- iron
- potassium

Since table salt is used in recipes and on food, it undergoes processing to give it a fine texture. When this happens, you lose the minerals that are present in sea salt.


If you’re looking for a way to relieve stress, ease achy muscles, and treat irritated skin, you may want to consider taking a sea salt bath.

Sea salt has great benefits to your skin, muscles, and joints.

- BENEFICIAL FOReneficial for rheumatic diseases

According to a systematic review published in the journal Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism, sea salt baths have been found to be beneficial in treating rheumatic diseases, including:

- rheumatoid
- arthritis
- psoriatic arthritis
- ankylosing
- spondylitis
- knee osteoarthritis


Your skin, which is your body’s largest organ, will also thank you for indulging in a sea salt bath.

Dermatologists are recommending sea salt baths for patients with psoriasis, eczema, and other dry skin conditions.

This comes as no surprise, especially when you consider that sea salt baths can help calm the symptoms of certain skin conditions.

Salt baths can help remove scales and decrease the bothersome itching caused by psoriasis.

She also points out that sea salts may help people dealing with acne and atopic dermatitis.


Other benefits of taking a sea salt bath are said to include:

- stimulating circulation
- easing muscle cramps
- helping to relieve stiffness in joints
- soothing achy, overworked legs and feet.


Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 8:21am On Aug 18, 2022

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, declared: “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

Despite the quick results of prescription drugs, the most safe and holistic method of recovery, treating and preventing diseases is your diet. Food has long been used as medicine in many cultures across the world. Given the fact that food absorbed into the body becomes the structure of our tissues, food is the foundation of our long-term health. It is a powerful force that can also influence how prescription drugs and dietary supplements are absorbed.

Eating a diet rich with nutrients allows your body to recover, repair and prevent health issues while optimizing the use of prescriptions and dietary supplements.

Health issues such as asthma, diabetics, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, ulcer, hormonal imbalance, constipation, osteoarthritis and high cholesterol can be combated, prevented and treated with the inclusion of particular foods like fruits, seeds, nuts, oils, roots, and vegetables.

Some foods can also reduce your risk for many other health problems. For example, beans have been shown to reduce the symptoms of menopause, prevent certain forms of cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease and even improve your bone and prostate health. Peppers are a highly nutritional food that can aid in weight loss, treat colds, prevent arthritis pain and protect against cancer and heart disease. They’re also loaded with antioxidants!

As Hippocrates said nearly 3,000 years ago, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Provided by the Earth, natural foods contain the life energy that we need to maintain optimal health and recover from health challenges.

Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 10:47am On Nov 04, 2022
Even adding raw sea salt to your meal can have some positive spiritual benefits..
Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by Mediamix247: 5:28am On Nov 26, 2023

Sea salt is made by evaporating salt water. People around the world have used it since prehistoric times, and it’s commonly found in many kitchens today.Derived from the Mediterrean Sea, Sea Salt has been obtained by the simple and natural evaporation of water aided by the warm sun and wind. It is one of the vital components of taste.
Salt is one of the most effective and widely used seasonings as it binds flavours together and accentuates them. It reduces the bitterness and acidity, whilst bringing out the other flavours of the food.

• A tiny pinch of salt added to boiling water when cooking vegetables will add flavour, help retain nutrients and reduce the cooking time.
• Salt sprinkled on citrus fruit, melons and tomatoes can enhance their flavour..
• Salt water helps to soothe skin irritations and helps the body's natural healing processes. Enjoy a warm, salt bath

Key Features
Keeps you hydrated. ...
Reduces fluid retention. ...
Balances electrolytes. ...
Prevents muscle cramps. ...
Great for skin health. ...
Improves digestion. ...
Nourishes the adrenal glands. ...
Regulates blood pressure.

Re: Organic Products For Celebrities by WartBumpKeloid: 1:41pm On Jan 25

Are you tired of battling harmful sexual infections and illnesses?

Discover the power of our cutting-edge Infection Flusher, designed to protect you and your loved ones from a wide range of pathogens.

Your sexual health matters, and taking proactive steps to protect yourself and your partner is a responsible choice. Discover our discreet and effective STI Infection Flusher, designed to help you maintain a healthy intimate life.

Key Features:

- Advanced Pathogen Elimination.

- Precision Flush.

- Preventive Measures: Early detection is key. Use our Infection Flusher regularly to catch STIs in their early stages, enabling prompt treatment and reducing the risk of complications.

- Support for Partners: Our flusher is designed to support both individuals and couples. Protect your partner’s health by staying informed and taking preventive measures together.

- Inflection flusher is used for general body detox and treatment of infection.

Organic SEEDS.

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