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The Travails Of Love by David808: 11:46am On Oct 27
She was one of the most attractive girl on campus, one sort by virtually all the guys. She turned all offer down as she was not a fan of Campus relationship, all this was about to change when she met him, he seemed to be the perfect match for her, no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t stop thinking of him, seemed as though she was suddenly struck hard by Cupid, as her heart kept yearning for him. All seemed to go fine until, the test of true love came, find out if their love was able to withstand the challenge………….
Re: The Travails Of Love by David808: 11:54am On Oct 27

Peter’s POV (point of view)

I woke up that Monday morning, stretched myself on the Bed and yawned in a tired manner. I had the strong desire to remain in bed all through the day, but remembered that it was Monday morning already, I hate Mondays with passion. I wished that there were no lectures on Mondays, I was really reluctant to stand, when I suddenly remembered that we always had Dr Hassan by 8am, he always come to class and lock the door immediately it was five minutes past eight (8:05). I looked at the time and discovered that it was already 7:40am. I sprang from the Bed in a flash and dashed into the bathroom, I cursed my course mate Silas who stayed in the same hostel with me for failing to wake me. Dr Hassan’s class wasn’t one to joke with.

The man is extremely strict with his attendance as he always instruct the course rep to carry out a head count before passing the attendance sheet, after the class he ensures that the names on the list corresponds to the initial number counted. He collates the information from these attendance sheets and produce a list of those to write his exam, once your name is not included in his list which he popularly called the “list of life”, then writing the exam is a futile effort as you would definitely carry it over to the next session. I had a hurried bath and in no time I was set to leave, I checked the time and it was 7:50am meaning I had about 15 minutes left. I locked my door and moved quickly towards the main road, as luck would have it I saw a free bike and flagged it down. Campus gate I told him and hopped on without even bothering to haggle the price.

I kept praying silently that I should be allowed to enter the class since I had already missed 5 of Dr Hassan classes, so I couldn’t afford to miss any other. The Bike seemed to be moving at snail speed much to my displeasure.
‘ Oga do quick na, why you just dey move like say dem dey push your bike’ ( pls hurry up, you are too slow), I told him.
“See if you no wan go again better come down” the man angrily responded ( if you are not comfortable with my present speed kindly alight).
I kept glancing nervously at my watch throughout the journey to the campus gate, after what was like forever we finally arrived at the campus gate. I quickly paid him the usual #100 fee and started going, he called me back, I didn’t answer him but carried on since I was already running late, until he shouted
“ you don forget your change oo” ( hey you haven’t taken your change)
That was when it dawned on me that I had given him #500 instead of #100. I thanked him immensely and ran as though I was been chased by a mad dog.

I checked my time and I saw that it was already 8:10 am, at that point I felt like crying, how am I supposed to cope if I miss 6 of Dr Hassan’s class! . I walked to the campus shuttle Bus stop and luckily there was a bus waiting for just one passenger. I paid and entered, I kept praying silently for a miracle to happen so I don’t miss the class.
The bus stopped at the Faculty of Natural Science, I alighted and walked to the Department of Biochemistry and just as I expected I sighted Dr Hassan’s Prado Jeep at the Faculty’s Parking Lot, which meant that he was already around would probably be in class already. I walked to the departmental Lecture Hall and was surprised to hear noise coming from there, as I got close I saw the side doors opened and entered not minding the consequence of my action.

To my complete amazement, the Hall was devoid of any lecturer but the course code was boldly written on the board. I scanned through if I could see any place to sit, but couldn’t find any since the class was crowded which was rather surprising, since I heard that his class was always scanty, because most people can’t make it to class before him and would have the doors shut to them.

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Re: The Travails Of Love by NNU0000: 11:56am On Oct 27
Nice story.Follows thread cheesy

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Re: The Travails Of Love by David808: 7:23pm On Oct 27
I concluded on joining those standing and was walking towards the back of the Hall when I heard a soft melodious voice
“come over here there is space”
I looked over to where I heard the voice and was stunned for a minute, the melodious voice was from a lady, that was nothing short of perfection. She was light skinned with a very beautiful face, she had an ebony wig on her head with an airpod on her left ear. I walked in a brisk manner to where she was sitting and she took her handbag that was on the seat and gestured that I entered, I was then sandwiched by her at the extreme and another lady by the right.
I thanked her for her kind gesture and asked after the Lecturer but was surprised when she didn’t respond to me. I asked the lady by the right who told me that Dr Hassan came into the class as usual but received a call by the Dean of Students immediately he entered and had to harken to his call.

Within a short while the lecturer entered and was surprised to meet the hall filled with Students, he frowned and asked those standing to immediately vacate the Hall, I was really glad that I was already seated else I would have joined those leaving the class.
The lecture was very brief for reason best known to the Lecturer. He asked the course representative to carry out the usual head count before passing the attendance sheet, I was so happy that I was able to write my name on one of his attendance list.
I tried to see if I could locate my savior and thanked her once again but I discovered that she had mysteriously disappeared I shrugged my shoulder and left since I had no more Lecture for that day.

Stella’s POV

It was another Monday and as usual we had the “Devil incarnate” Dr Hassan, I really hated His Class. Am not a Biochemistry Student, but we in Microbiology department had to offer Enzymology which was the course of Dr Hassan as an Elective course in 300 level. I always wondered why the management made it compulsory that we offer that elective course, for the past 4 weeks I‘ve been attending, I can’t seem to fathom what he keeps saying. I was only attending the class to be included in his so dreaded “List of life” so that I would be eligible to write his exams.

On that particular day, I was so reluctant to attend thanks to the night party I attended, I came back to the Hostel by 2 am and was still sleepy when my roommate Erica, woke me to get ready for class. I looked at the time and it was already six in the morning, I had barely slept. I sluggishly had my bath and only applied white powder and red lip stick. We got to the Lecture Hall early and secured seats. I placed my bag on the seat between myself and Erica, as I didn’t want any inconvenience. The Lecturer came in shortly and had to leave immediately. I wished that he would become engaged and cancel the class so that I can go back Home to sleep.

I decided to listen to music since I was already getting bored and the Hall became noisy due to many clattering from students.
Students started to sneak inside since the man was not around. I noticed one who was really cute, he kept looking in all direction for a seat. He was dark skinned, slim and tall about 6 ft 1 inch tall. He wore a patterned long sleeve and a Black Chinos trouser. He looked frustrated as he couldn’t find any vacant seat and had a pitiful face, he had the exact look as a little puppy seeking for its owner. He was walking towards my direction since he settled to stand at the back.
I really don’t know why but unlike me I beckon on him, when he saw me he was taken aback and I blushed really hard. I was trying so hard to compose my self, because I just kept having butterfly feelings in my stomach and my blush was so obvious. He came in and sat in between myself and Erica, my roomie.

I was deep in thoughts and didn’t hear what he was saying, his countenance changed since he had the impression that I purposely ignored him. Before I could apologize for that the Lecturer entered, Oh! why did he have to come back now I thought , he only came to take attendance for the day. After penning down my name and matriculation number, I looked to see if I will see my prince charming but couldn’t find him, Erica dragged me outside, urging that we pay a visit to the eatery I left reluctantly wondering where he disappeared to .
(check my signature to get the complete book)


Re: The Travails Of Love by Moura7(m): 8:33pm On Oct 27
Cool...carry on
Re: The Travails Of Love by Tonyx5(m): 12:41pm On Oct 29
Interesting fully following boss
Re: The Travails Of Love by David808: 8:28am On Oct 31
Thank u all please if u have register help me call others grin
Re: The Travails Of Love by Tonyspecial(m): 12:24pm On Oct 31
Nice makeup
Re: The Travails Of Love by David1335: 5:54am On Nov 01
Sorry for not updating, my other account was banned I will be using this one
Re: The Travails Of Love by NNU0000: 8:17am On Nov 01
Sorry for not updating, my other account was banned I will be using this one
Re: The Travails Of Love by NNU0000: 7:34pm On Nov 01
Dave it seems the spam bot has issues with your choice of words.
Re: The Travails Of Love by David1335: 5:56am On Nov 03
Stella’s POV
After leaving the Faculty’s Lecture Hall, I really wanted to go home but Erica kept insisting that we should go towards the parking lot of High spot fast food and take some morning pictures. I was not really interested in that except, I would see my prince charming only that would elate my mood. She kept persisting, knowing that she was one who always like to get her way, I decided to give in. I already know that she asking us to take pictures would definitely involve buying food there, the picture was only a decoy which I was already aware of.

Reluctantly, i turned the ignition of my car, and drove towards the fast food. I made it so clear to her we would only take a few shots and start going home. We arrived in no time at the destination, and got some one to take us some nice shots, while Erica kept taking selfie inside the car and even started a video recording. I was already get pissed off and told her that we should get going. Just as I anticipated, she pleaded that we should get something to eat, since we couldn’t have breakfast that morning. I agreed, but sternly warned that we would not eat it over there but asked that it is packaged for we to take it home. This I did, because I know that Erica would want to keep snapping and videoing over there. She promptly agreed to my condition.
We entered the fast food, placed our order and I made a payment with my Debit card and I quickly signaled Erica that we should get going. She had received a call immediately we entered, which was an invitation to a birthday bash scheduled to take place later that evening at a popular hotel off campus. So she was no longer interested in staying but wanted us to leave immediately.

I was very happy that atleast I could go home to rest, but the moment I turned from the counter where I collected our package and started walking towards the exit door, I saw him again sitting by the far right of the Eatery. The Fast food had two doors which were adjacent to each other, one for entry and the other for exit, from the angle he was sitting I couldn’t have seen him when I entered the first time, but since I was to turn to the opposite direction to leave the hall I came face to face with him.

I couldn’t go back on my words as Erica would want to know why and besides she was not interested in waiting again but wanted to go prepare for the bash. I could feel his eyes all over me again, I quickly stole a glance at him and couldn’t help but blushed so hard that am very sure he must have noticed. I had those funny feelings in my stomach and my heart rate pulsated. I became so tensed up that my knee started trembling, I had to steady myself and was really glad I was not on heels else I would have been thrown off balance easily.

I had to really fight the strong desire to turn back and have one more look at him. I wondered why I could not control myself whenever am around him, Erica was distracted trying to upload the videos and pictures she took previously so she didn’t notice anything. We went through the exit door and walked to the parking lot, I started smiling when I recalled how cute the mysterious guy looked and how he was staring at me, seems the feeling is mutual after all. I was still in this euphoria state when I saw the hooligan that would not leave me alone.
I sighted Jide and his fellow miscreants from the faculty of Engineering, pulling over at the parking lot. He saw me and just as I expected. He walked over to me, attempted to kiss me on my lips but my curved the kiss offering him my cheeks instead, he greeted Erica and pecked her on the cheeks. He turned back to me and I was already prepared for what was coming:
“ My Love why haven’t you been returning my calls, you keep avoiding me,” he asked me as though it was obligatory to return it, he keeps acting as if he’s my boyfriend.
“ I love you so much and I want to make you my most priced jewel, I will give you the keys to my hearts” By this time, his friends had left the car and were coming towards the spot we stood. He was still speaking when a lady walked up to where he was from his car, pecked him and said
“Baby what are you doing outside lets go inside”.
I smiled and said ‘It seems someone already has the key, I don’t think there is room for more than one person to have it’ with that I dismissed him. I could hear him cursing at the lady asking her why she couldn’t wait in the car as he had commanded, but I couldn’t care less about him and his numerous flings.

Walking to where I packed my car , I opened the door, started the car and put on the air conditioner as the sun was burning already and drove home. When we got Home, Erica tried speaking to me concerning Jide asking me to give him a chance as he may not be as bad as I thought him to be.
“Stella I think you should give Jide a chance, I mean you have been on this guy’s radar since 100Level, we are in 300 Level, guys like him always have what they want one way or the other, besides I think he is nice”
‘oh really Erica! Since you like him so much why don’t you sign up as one of his girls, besides it seems you two are getting along’ I shot at her
“ Its not like that Stella, I just feel that this guy has done so much for you the least you can do is be appreciative…

Appreciative by having sex with him right, I cut her without allowing her complete her statement. Well, since we both benefited from him you can as well have sex with him on our behalf, besides its nothing new to you, that is if you have not been doing it secretly. I was really pissed off by her statement and asked that the matter should die a natural death because my temper was already beginning to rise, and when am angry I say and do things I don’t really mean.
She prepared for the Bash she was invited for earlier in the day and tried to convince me to follow but I declined because I was already in a bad mood and saw no need of going.
The celebrant was one the “Big Boys” on campus that would not let me be. So inviting Erica was just a means to get me to attend. I had already faced someone pestering me during the day, I would not like to meet one at night time again, so I asked Erica to go without me.
While she was away, I started thinking how it all started.
I had just gained Admission into the University, as a fresher, the first person I met on Campus was Erica, we became friends. I was not interested on campus relationship due to numerous tales I heard about it which always ended in premium tears. Most guys on Campus sort girls just to satisfy their sexual desire and nothing else. Due to my endowments, I had a lot of guys after me, I hardly walk past a faculty without guys commenting on my well-shaped ass or my well rounded breast. The disturbance became too much that even some Male lecturers’ started making their intention known. I skipped class for 2 weeks because of this problem, but it did not stop. I started regretting why I was given all these curves and physical attributes since it became a curse to me.
Among the list of guys disturbing was Sam, he stopped me one day while coming back from Lecture and asked me to enter his car, I bluntly refused he grabbed my hand, then I became angry and slapped him on the cheek in the presence of every one on campus. An action that landed me in serious trouble as I was not aware that he was a dreaded cultist. He belonged to the Vikings confraternity. That act made him swore never to leave me alone. A week later, I was going to school when a car pulled over, I was bundled into it and taken to a bush. Sam had planned a gang rape for me that day which would have pulled through if not for the timely intervention of Jide who belonged to the confraternity, he rescued me from the clutches of my captors. Sam did not give up, as a full blown cult war broke out because of me, leading to the death of many cultists. As the scores went up, the two groups had to meet for a peace talk which ended the war that lasted for 3 horrible weeks.
After the war Jide declared me his property and swore fire and brimstone on any one who tried messing around me. This had merits, as many guys finally backed off and I could walk freely without any fear of harassment, since I had Jide’s Protection. But the issue was that Jide wanted Me to be his girlfriend, but I didn’t see the possibility of me dating a Cultist, as I could be targeted by rival cult groups to get back at Jide.
So a part of me felt I owed Jide that for all he had done for me but another part was indifferent as I didn’t beg for all his protection, he gave them of his free will. I was really grateful to him for that he did, but that would not make me date since I felt nothing for him.
Re: The Travails Of Love by Tonyspecial(m): 2:42pm On Nov 03
Re: The Travails Of Love by David1335: 7:55pm On Nov 03
Check my signature to get the complete book
Re: The Travails Of Love by David808: 3:59am On Nov 10
Stella’s POV
The following week, I searched for my mysterious admirer but couldn’t find him, I had tried getting him of my mind, but all efforts proved abortive. It was as though my sanity depended on him. I kept coming to the faculty Lecture Hall through out the week but I couldn’t find him, I usually come early and begin to look for him after securing two seats with the hope that he may come late again, and I would offer him seat, but I couldn’t. This continued for 3 weeks I kept searching, occasionally I would visit the fast food restaurant hoping to see him, but to no avail. I was getting frustrated and was surprised with how obsessed I was gradually becoming with finding him, it was as if I was a drug addict that needed drugs to be mentally balanced.

The fourth week of the month had me really bothered and scared, I wondered if he was fine and hoped nothing bad had happened to him, I started regretting why I did not ask for his number, when I saw him at the eatery or better still slipped, mine to him.
That particular Monday, I had prepared to attend Dr Hassan’s class as usual, I left Erica behind at the hostel because she attended a night party and had drunk so much rum. It was a friend of hers that called me to pick her up. Erica was the party type and she sometimes dragged me along with her. She couldn’t stay without partying and get drunk. She was so lucky that day because if not my timely intervention, she would have been probably raped or even killed because she left the club and was just lying beside the main road. I saw her in a messy state, her hair was roughen, I don’t know how but the little jacket she wore was opened leaving her bare breast to the open since she was braless, ad mist all these she was sleeping on the floor. I shook my Head, close to where she was I could see that she had disgorged. She obviously had too much drink. I picked her up took her home and cleaned her up. Then I carefully laid her on the bed.

When I was ready to leave the hostel, she was still sound asleep, so I left her to continue sleeping and went without her for Lectures. I looked around as usual for any sight of him, but couldn’t see him. It looked like he had vanished into thin air. I sat down and waited for the Lecturer to enter the class. He entered and as usual started his gibberish lecture, I so much hated his course if not for the fact that he doesn’t collect bribe I would have paid any amount willingly and stop attending this class. I started thinking about prince charming again, I was lost in thought until some one beside me tapped me and said the Lecturer is talking to you.
I was startled, and instantly knew that I was in trouble, I wonder how long he must have spoken to me without any response.
“young lady I said stand” Dr Hassan barked in an angry manner. This time I was more terrified because if Dr Hassan was to get angry with any student and looks for the matriculation number of such student then a carry over in that course would be eminent. There was a story of girl that had to spend two extra years in school just because she offended Dr Hassan, the thought of that made me tremble.

I stood up feeling embarrassed as all eyes were on me and faced Dr Hassan
“ I don’t know the relevance of you attending my class when you are obviously thinking of something else, answer this question or leave this lecture Hall and never return to it and don’t bother writing my Examination”.
Who proposed the lock and key model and in what year?
I was mute what the heck was that, I haven’t heard of that in my life I kept thinking of an answer to give
“I don’t have all day young lady if you don’t know just kindly walk out” he thundered.
I was preparing to leave when I heard a voice behind me whispered Emil Fischer 1894
Without even waiting for a second I just said it aloud
“ Emil Fischer in 1894 sir”,
he looked at me intently and said are you sure or someone told you.
I became calm and spoke with confidence that am 100 percent sure of my answer. He then asked me to sit. I heaved a sigh of relief, almost immediately his phone rang and he excused himself to pick the call outside. I turned to look at the person behind me who was my savior to thank him there he was again my mysterious prince charming. The very person that was responsible for my lack of concentration in class.
My heart started racing, my tongue became tied and I could not speak again I just faced forward right about the time Dr Hassan walked in and continue his class. Good gracious, that was close what if he had walked in to find me distracted again. I lost interest in the class but I had to focus before I attract unnecessary attention from the Lecturer again, putting me in more trouble.

The class ended and this time I was determined to speak to him at least even if it was just for some few minutes. After taking attendance for the day’s lecture, the Hall became rowdy so I turned to the back and signaled him that we meet outside. We followed the nearest exit door and soon we were out of the hall. While outside, I could see him at close range for the first time, he was quite tall and slim, dark in completion, was on a low cut with a well outlined hairline. He was very handsome, and had a well-trimmed goatee beard, little wonder I was tripping for him. He wore a dark blue jean trousers with a white t-shirt.
We stared at each other for a few seconds, I had to break the silence.
‘ you really saved my ass back there, thanks a bunch’ I said in a shy manner, I really don’t know why whenever am around him I keep acting silly.
“ oh about that, its nothing honestly, besides you once offered me seat so its more or less returning the favor” he replied in a very calm manner.
‘ am Stella by the way’ I did the formal introduction out stretching my hand for a shake.
“ Peter” he answered receiving my hands, his thumb caressing the dorsum of my hands while he kept staring at me, I blushed and switched my look to the ground in a shy manner. He held my hand a little longer than necessary before releasing it.
“ I guess I will be seeing you around” he said after he had released it. I had to come up with something that will make us spend more time together.
‘how about I buy you lunch’ I offered, it’s the least I can do to appreciate you.
“ oh that would not be necessary, am really fine”
‘ its not nice to turn a lady’s offer, atleast that what gentlemen do. I said. I just could not let him go not after searching for him for this long.
“ok if you really insist” he finally agreed.
We walked to the parking lot, after getting to where I packed my car, we got and I started the car.
‘ Lets go to a restaurant outside campus’ I said not wanting to attract unnecessary attention from campus gossipers.
‘ Don’t worry am not going to kidnap you’ I further added in a joking manner
“ Oh about that if I was to be kidnapped by a damsel like you, then am obliged to do your bidding” he said in a romantic manner.

I was overwhelmed with euphoria, and started blushing, I had to concentrate on the road so I don’t knock down some one. We arrived at the restaurant and was ushered in by the security, it felt like a date to me which was quite awkward as we were just meeting for the first time.
We placed order for soft drinks and snacks. I tried initiating a conversation, but he hushed me saying table manners, while I rolled my eyes. I was so free with him, which was quite surprising to me.
“ thanks for the meal” he said when he was done.
‘ my pleasure’ I responded. ‘Thanks once again, you must be really good to know the answer to that question, I have not heard that name before since I started attending Dr Hassan’s class.
“ that means you have not been attentive, he repeatedly mentioned that thrice in class today” he said
‘ well its not really my fault, I so much hate Enzymology, its just unfortunate all 300Level Students of Microbiology have to offer that course as an elective for this second semester, if I had an alternative I would have opted for that I swear’ I said
“ oh! you are in microbiology Department, no wonder I only get to see you on Mondays, because I only started seeing you recently” he answered. Seems someone also has been looking for me I thought smilling.
“ the course is not difficult, if you study hard” he further added
‘ so you are indirectly saying that am not serious’ I replied feigning anger
“ Erm not at all, what I really meant was if you study the right books, the Library has a good list of books on Enzymology concept, I make use of the Lecturer’s suggested text and augment it with those at the Library” he answered
‘ wow I have not been to the library, I was not even aware that there is one at the faculty, how can I get there? I asked.
“ you see! so I was not wrong after all that you are not the serious type” he answered laughing. I punched him playfully on his shoulder, he only laughed even more. I was really happy that we were getting along. He composed himself and spoke further:
“ The Library is located behind the faculty of Law, so first you need to get a library ID card, you make payment at the Bursary then a slip would be given that you would use in getting an ID card at the Library. It is that ID that would give you the permission to use the Library”.
He explained while I listened with keen interest. I looked at the time and it was already past the hour of three, can we still make it today I asked him
“ no the Bursary usually closes by 3pm, you would need to go there tomorrow”. He told me.
‘in that case why don’t you accompany me tomorrow there since you are acquainted with the entire process” I pleaded with Him.
He agreed, we exchanged Numbers there and agreed to meet at the faculty by 10am the next day, with that we parted ways. I felt fulfiled for that day, I drove happily for I had achieved a lot that day.

I got home and discovered that Erica had left the house, she didn’t even bother to tidy the house before leaving to what I assumed would be another party. This girl was really getting on my nerves , I picked my phone to call her but on a second though decided not to, as I did not want to spoil my happy mood.
I entered the kitchen to discover that the dishes for the last night meal was still in the sink, I sighed and started washing them, I am surely going to have words with Erica later concerning this. As soon as I was done with the dishes I went into the bedroom and changed. I carried my phone and wanted calling him, but I had to control myself. Even though I was already falling for him, I needed to allow him do the chase as the man. (check my signature to get the full book)
I proceeded to bathroom had a warm bath, I had already eaten so I wasn’t feeling hungry, I moved to the adjoining room that functioned as my study room. I tried reviewing what was taught that day, but couldn’t make anything out of it, Peter was right after all I had not been really serious as I should have. How could I when Erica hardly encourage me to read unless its exam period. She always ask me to follow her to almost all the parties she receives invitation for. I only recently started refusing, I really needed to be studious.
Since I couldn’t comprehend anything, I moved to the bedroom and soon I drifted off to dream land.
Re: The Travails Of Love by Tonyspecial(m): 6:18pm On Nov 12
Nice update
Re: The Travails Of Love by David808: 1:50pm On Nov 13
Re: The Travails Of Love by David808: 1:50pm On Nov 13
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