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My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 12:28pm On Nov 07
�My Virgin Husband. ☺️

�Written by Feathers. �

Chapter 1 ❤️

Rose's POV.

"May you now kiss your bride" The priest said before the crowds of people that had come to our wedding ceremony.

I looked intently and seductively into his eyes hoping for his soft lips to land on mine in no time. We had really never kissed or had any romantic thing in the past. Any time I make the move, he had say until after marriage.

I wonder what kind of man says that but I love him anyways.

"Kiss your bride." The priest repeated softly after his hesitation. He darted his face to the priest and I and lowered his head shyly.

The priest threw me a questioning look while I shot him back a confusing look.

"I'm shy to kiss her." He sniffed like someone crying as he lowered his head.

I was really stunned and I could see an expression of confusion and total surprise on the face of the priest.

I was getting embarrassed as the crowds seated may be wondering what is delaying the kiss.

"Common Ethan, kiss me!" I mumbled softly and he wouldn't raise his head up still, I moved to him and raised his head up ready to kiss him.

"I can't do this, I can't do this!" He shook his head as his eye became teary.

"Are you sure you didn't marry a woman? " the priest asked while I ignored. It's sounds funny to him but not to me.

Am I even certain that we will make love when we get home this night?

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� My Virgin Husband. ❤️

Written by Feathers

Chapter 2

Rose’s POV

I held his head stiff and kissed him forcefully. I could hear some chuckles amidst the crowd. It made me really feel embarrassed but I had no choice but to pretend like I didn’t notice.

I don’t seem to understand Ethan’s romantically life.

The wedding ceremony continues and finally ended after several hours of fun.

Our driver drove us home and we came down in my own exquisite wedding gown and his beautiful suit. Ethan is so handsome, has a very pink lips and a very beautiful tall stature. Hs dimples are so alluring.

It’s just his romantic life that amazes me till date.

I held his hand as we walked inside, I walked him straight to the bedroom.

I turned my back to him and he was quiet without making a move.

“Pull down the zip of my gown.” I said softly and seductively while twisting my body slightly.

“If I open your gown , does that mean I will see your bare back?”

“Huh?” I turned and face him. “Are you joking or what? So what? What happens if you see my bare back?”

He covered his eye shyly.” it’s so precious , you should keep it from my eye.”

“Ha ha! ” I looked at him like I’m dreaming. I turned my back from him anyways and insist he zips down my gown.

He zipped it down slowly. “My days!” He murmur softly as my gown fell off to my toes. I was left with my paynt and strapless bra.

I turned to him and to my surprise he was covering his face.

“Ethan! Ethan!” I called.

“Rose, please dress up.” His voice came through with his palm still covering his face.

“Ethan, do you realize we have married at all?”

“I know, I just…I… I’m shy.” He said as he turned away from me and ran to the edge of the bed like a baby.

“What is wrong with you Ethan? You are my husband, you have all the rights to my body.”

“Yes but…”

“But what?”

“I’m a virgin, I don’t want to get deflowered, please.”

“Ha ha…what kind of husband is this one?”

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Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 5:10pm On Nov 07
❤️My Virgin Husband�

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 3

Rose’s POV

*Following Morning*

I was at the kitchen preparing food for Ethan and I when the visitors bell rang.

I hurried to conclude what I was doing and walked swiftly to the door to check who it was that has come to visit us this early.

On opening the door, it was my best friend.

“Baby!” She called enthusiastically as she threw her arms around me. I hugged her tight happily.

“Such a surprise!” I said out loud. I wasn’t expecting her to come and visit me this early.

“Come over!” I said as we both walked to the living room. She sat comfortably and stare around our new house.

“This place looks so beautiful mhen!” She complimented.

I chuckled. “Oh yeah! ”

“It’s good to marry the son of a rich man.” She teased while we both laughed.

“How is your husband?”

“He’s fine.” I replied bluntly.

“Fine? Huh? Fine…like you did not know what I meant , right? ” she asked and looked around carefully.

“Is he close?” She asked referring to Ethan.

“No, he is upstairs.” I repliied.

“Good, tell me how the night was, did he drill you as expected. ” she said and laughed.

I giggled and remembered what happened at night between Ethan and I. He didn’t allow us make Love, he was just behaving like a baby virgin.

“Erm…yeah, he drilled me so deep!” I lied and we both laughed again.

We suddenly heard steps walking down the stairs.

“Oh! Here he is.” I mumbled enough for my friend : Sonia to hear.

Ethan walked towards us with a beautiful smile on his face. Sonia stood gladly and walked up to him.

“Congratulations Ethan.”She said and tried to hug Ethan but his reactions shocked and embarrassed the hell out of me.

Ethan jerked back and express a face full of fear. His expression later dropped into that of shyness.

” Is anything the matter?” Sonai who was surprised at Ethan’s reaction to her attempt to ‘hug’ asked him.

He shook his head. “I promised myself not to hug anyone except my wife, I’m sorry.” He said while looking down.

“Oh! Sorry!” My friend force a chuckle out of her lips.

It’s obvious she felt really embarrassed.

Sonia turned to me “Erm…Baby, let me start going.” Sonia said, picked her hand bag and walked out. She is found of calling me baby.

I felt ashamed of myself and wondered what kind of husband refuses hug from other women who meant no harm.

“Why wouldn’t you hug her? It’s not a big deal Ethan.”

“Maybe.” He said softly and tried to walk away.

“Hey! You said you can only hug your wife right?”

He nodded like a baby as he turned to me slowly.

“Fine, hug me.”

“Ouch! I don’t hug in the morning…I don’t…I just can’t.” He said like someone wanting to cry and ran out of my presence

What have I married?

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Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by SirMichael1: 7:34am On Nov 08
This must have been written by a female. It's disturbing that the writter tries to project the virgin groom from the female perspective.
Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 7:42am On Nov 08
My Virgin Husband.

Chapter 4

Rose’s POV

I sat on a long couch at the bar with Ethan’s friend. I had told him that I need to see him concerning a disturbing issue.

“I believe you like the drink?” Jack said.

I nodded and lowered my head heavily. I took another gulp of the drink and faced him. “I don’t seem to understand your friend. ”

His face became puzzled as he stare at me and glanced away like someone in deep reasoning.

“Erm…can you let me know what’s going on…it’s barely a week that you guys get married.”

“Sure, do you know that, till now, Ethan and I have not made Love. Not even a kiss or a hug! What sort of a husband is that? He claims he is not ready to get deflowered. If he’s not, why did he agree that we get married?” I poured out my fret to Jack.

Jack seems to know Ethan more than anyone. They have been friends ever since I met with Ethan.

He sighed. “I really would not like to pocknose into your relationship but are you saying you never even made Love before marriage?”

“Sure, anytime I make a seducing move then, he would say ‘after marriage’ ”

He chukled out of surprise. “I know it’s not funny….sorry!” He said covering his mouth and trying to control his urge to laugh.

“Are you serious that Ethan says that before you get married? ” he giggled again. “What kind of man does that?”

“I’m as confused as you are.”

He thought for a while and looked up to me.

“He must be keeping something from you, there are three things that comes to my mind…I mean reasons behind his strange actions towards you.” He said and paused while staring into the air as he surmised deeply

“Ethan is either impotent, has another woman somewhere or…is a g@y.” Jack let out.

I thought for a while and sighed. “What do I do now? ”

“We find out which he is.”

“You are more closer to him than anyone, you have also know him for years. I put it to you, Is he a g@y?”

“The Ethan I know is not a g@y.”

“Do you think he can cheat?”

“No, Ethan is very honest.”

“Has he ever told you he is impotent?”

” Never.” He replied.

“Rose, get an adult ‘film’ and play it at night, make sure you are naked and try to make him naked too. Ensure that he watches the movie alongside with you then watch his manh00d slowly and see if it rises. ”

“True! That’s a brilliant idea.” I said and smiled. I gave him a high five and hurried home to do exactly what he had suggested.

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Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 9:32am On Nov 10
Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 12:39pm On Nov 11
Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Museitz: 10:52pm On Nov 11
�My Virgin Husband. �

�Written by Feathers. ❤️

Chapter 5

Rose’s POV

I had downloaded as many adult films as possible into my phone, I walked inside and saw him meditating at a corner of the room.

I connected the TV with my phone and played the film.

“Ethan!” I called and he raised his head and directed it at me. “Come please.”

He stood without hesitation and came to sit beside me on the bed where I was.

I knelt before him and began to pull my clothes off. He tried to cover his eyes but I yanked his silly hand away from his face angrily.

He was shocked and didn’t try to cover his eyes again. He closed it instead.

I ignored and began to pull his trousers away. He was left with no clothing in few seconds.

I sat beside him and noticed his eyes were firmly closed.

“You are scared to look at your wife’s unclothedness, is that?”

“Not like I’m scared…I’m just…”

“Shy?” I completed it for him.

I covered myself with a
the bed sheet and said; I’ve covered myself , open your eyes, I’ve got something to show you.”

He obliged and looked at me. He blinked like a two year old boy while I just shook my head pitifully like a mother to her child.

“The television, watch it.”

He turned slowly to the television and I pressed the play button. The adult film began to display and to my surprise, he kept watching.

I noticed his manh00d began to rise, happiness grew in me so fast. I exhaled gaily in confirmation that he is not an impotent.

I let him watch it for few more minutes after which I believed that he must have been fully charged.

I grabbed his manh00d seductively, he jerked all of a sudden like he was been pinched.

“You are touching the sacred thing.” He said and I shot him a curious look.

“What is ‘sacred thing’?”

“That’s why they call it private part, it’s private.” He said staring stunningly at my hand on his manh00d like I was doing something terrible.

“It’s a private part, yeah! But not to your wife, okay?”
I said and laid flat, my belly was facing the bed while my head was right before his manh00d.

I began to stroke his manh00d, he screamed all of a sudden but I ignore.

“You are stroking the sacred thing, Rose.” He said fretfully.

“Stroking is just the beginning, watch me sÜ”çk the sacred thing.”

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Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 3:10pm On Nov 17
My Virgin Husband.

Chapter 6

Rose’s POV

Just as I was about to place my mouth there, he stood up fearfully, sweats were already forming on his body like something out of the world was happening to him.

I kept looking at him in deep surprise mixed with frustration. “Ethan!”

“Rose! Your mouth will deflower me!” He said pitifully and I almost felt like crying.

What kind of husband have I married now?

“Ethan…okay sit, I’ve got a question for you.”

He went to sit at the edge of the bed with his legs on the floor.

“Hum! Ethan, are we going to have babies in his relationship?”

“Sure.” He replied bluntly.

“Really? How do we make that happen?”

“How else, my wife?”

“Hey! You are calling me your wife? So you know I’m your wife?”

“Of course, I do. And I’m your husband.”

I grinned briefly. “You haven’t answer my question, if we do not make Love, how else are we gonna have babies?”

“Remember Mary the mother of Jesus, she never made Love and gave birth, yet Joseph was the father of child.”

I folded my hands at his words and felt like I was hearing the wrong thing.

“Young man, do I look like Mary to you? Did an Angel appear to me that I will give birth?”

“Maybe an angel will appear to you, who knows.” He said and looked away.

“Ethan, you are frustrating me. It’s not possible for us to have babies without us having to make Love, don’t you get that? Check google…it’s even logical…how can you be expecting me to give birth without us making Love.”

He kept quiet.

“Or…maybe you have someone else outside.”

He looked at me all of a sudden. “I swear to you Rose, you are the only woman in my life, the love of my life, my sweet potato, my honey, my pepper and…” He probably got short of words and went silent as he lowered his head sullenly.

“Ha ha… Who is your pepper? So because you called me potato and honey, you decided to add pepper?”

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Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 3:02pm On Nov 19
My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 7

Rose’s POV

“Welcome baby!” Sonia welcomed me into her house. “Feel comfortable.”

I had told her that I would be coming to her place and she had gladly welcomed it. I knew she wouldn’t get angry at me cause of how Ethan behaved to her the time she visited our house.

Sonia is my best friend, despite the fact that we have not really known each other for years, we had barely been friends for a year but we loved each other and have been honest to each other.

I see her like my closest companion. I had come here purposely to share my burdens with her. The strategy that Jack gave me didn’t really work.

I watched as she walked to me from the kitchen that she had went with a glass of wine and chicken lap. She served it before me with a brightened and welcoming expression on her face.

She kept quiet and kept watching me, I was expecting her to say at least a word but she didn’t.

I sighed and stare at the meal she served, I plainly have no appetite to eat.

“Sonia, are you angry cause of what Ethan did?”

She hesitated before speaking up. “To be honest, I felt so dejected and embarrassed, It’s been a long time I felt that way. ”

“I’m sorry Sonia, I don’t know what’s wrong with Ethan… I don’t know what word in the dictionary to describe someone like that, how can a man not like not to make Love with his wife, he can’t even hug his wife’s best friend. ”

“Does he even hug you?” Sonia asked.

I hesitated for a while and lied “Sure, it’s just the Love making that he doesn’t fancy.”

“Indeed, don’t tell me you guys haven’t made Love yet?”

“Sincerely, we have not and I’m really getting frustrated. What sort of husband is that? Could he be hiding something from me?”

“How am I suppose to know but I stopped liking him from the day he refused my hug.” Sonia said and looked away. I could see an expression of anger on her.

I sough and fell with my back to the chair. “I need you to help me, just advice me. I need to get pregnant and have my baby. Or what’s the essence of getting married when we can not make Love?”

There was a moment of silence amidst us after which Sonia spoke up. “He must be hiding something from you…let’s set him up.”
She peeked at my face.

“Set him up?” I repeated inquisitively. “How…?”

“He might be having affairs with another lady, let’s just set him up with a lady.”

“But…he swear to me that he is not cheating on me… ” I said confusingly. I was thinking and deciding so fast on if Sonia’s advice is what I can follow.

“Trust me , he is. ”

“But even if he is cheating on me, should that stop him from making Love with me…and I found out he is not impotent…I just do not understand him.”

“Do you follow him everywhere he goes? What if he has someone else he’s dating at his place of work…let’s just set him up.”

I sighed and stare blankly into the air.

“Where do we get the lady to use?” I finally summon to her advice, though I felt really odd but I need to do something, afterall. I can not keep living my life this way.

“Good, baby, erm…I do not think we have to stress ourselves in searching for a lady, I can play the role…perfectly.” Sonia said with a smile.

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Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 4:38pm On Nov 20
My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 8

Rose’s POV.

I sat at the living room reminising about the plan that Sonia devised. I hope it works.

Ethan is not yet back from work, Sonia was already inside Ethan’s room to carry out our plan.

Soon enough, Ethan arrived. I stood and welcomed him with the words of my mouth.

“Rose, Guess what?”

“Tell me?”

“I was missing you at work today.”

“Really?” I don’t know why, but I felt really happy hearing that from him. “Bring your brief case.” I collected it from him and dropped it on the table.

I helped him unbotton his suit. “You know you look cute, Ethan?”

He smiled. “Thank you, my wife. ” he replied as I helped him yank off his suit.

“I was expecting a hug though.” I said underneath my breath but he heard. He paused and looked at me.

“Men who hug are cheats.”

“Excuse me? ”

“Rose, don’t trust men that hug, they hug their wives to cover up for their evil.” He said and I felt like throwing him the pillow on the chair.

I went to sit on the chair and looked away. I noticed he walked upstairs to where his room is.

Sonia’s POV

After spending hours in Ethan’s room, I began to perceive his presence, I knew he was around so I positioned myself on his bed.

I was on a leggis that was designed like the skin of a cobra, I was topless, just that strapless b,r’a, as far as I am concern, I looked really beautiful.

I sat like a model taking a picture on his bed and just then, the door creaked open.

I feel nervous but I suspended all my emotions.

He paused on seeing me , I could see a look of astonishment on his face. He walked to the side of the room slowly.

“Delilah!” He said bluntly and briefly while acting like an animal trying to catch his prey.

“Oh ye Delilah!” He called again. His actions began to look stange and scary. “Why hath thou come to tempt me?”

I noticed anyone could have seen fear mixed with nervousness on my face so I covered it up with a smile and a seductive face.

“Come baby!” I said as I twist myself on his bed but he didn’t even act like someone that heard.

“You Delilah! You have entered the wrong room.” He said and went to close his door. “I don’t know how you get here but I’m eating you alive. My name is Ethan not Samson!” He said and…

�Sonia in trouble

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Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 10:51am On Nov 21
My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 9

Rose’s POV

I wondered what could be going on inside between Ethan and Sonia. Could Ethan have fallen into the trap? Are they making Love already?

My heart was really disturbed, the plan was that she will find a way of calling me over at a time when he has fully fallen into our trap but I felt really distressed and decided to go to Ethan’s room.

I arrived at the room and stood at the entrance trying to discern what sort of sound they were making.

“Please…Please…! My days! Who asked me to do this.” I heard Sonia lament in pain. I got nervous and scared, what could be going on. Why is she begging him?

Are they making Love already and she is probably begging him to take it easy on her? Really? Did Ethan really fall into that trap?

Oh no! I don’t want to believe this is happening. I tried to push the door out of utter disappointment in Ethan but the door seems locked.

Oh really! He actually locked it so he can fully make Love with her, is that?

“I’m eating you alive, I promise.” I heard Ethan say.

What the f…., Really? Eating her p…. up when he has never even hugged me not to talk of eating my p… up.

I backed the door and let my body fell into a squatting position.

“You Delilah! You came to tempt me and trust me you won’t go scot free.” I heard Ethan say and I became confused.

After few moments of silence, I couldn’t place what was happening inside so I stood from my squatting position and placed a knock on the door.

Ethan opened the door in few seconds and I barged in.

I looked at the bed and I didn’t see Sonia.

“Where is Sonia?”

“She is a delilah, I have nailed her to the cross.”

“Cross?” I repeated inquisitively and looked around the house, there I saw Sonai being tied to the wall of the room, her mouth had been covered , while her hands and legs were tied to the corners of the room.

“What…why is she here?”

“I was surprised to see her in my room, she probably came to tempt me to make Love with her. Remember I said you are the only woman I’ll ever Love and that I’ll never cheat on you.”

I sighed. “She’s my friend. Let her go.”

“If you say so.” He replied and went to free Sonia, Sonia ran out without taking her shoes like she was being chased.

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Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Authorfeathers: 9:14pm On Nov 22
This must have been written by a female. It's disturbing that the writter tries to project the virgin groom from the female perspective.

I'm a male actually �
Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 9:13am On Nov 24
My Virgin Husband

Chapter 10

Rose’s POV.

*Three days later*

Ethan and I sat at the living room while trying to have some conversation with him. He was not really active as I wishe he was but at least, if we can not make Love, we should be able to have a long conversation.

“Rose, I’ve been thinking…how did Sonia got inside my room that day?” He asked in the middle of our discussion.

I hesitated before I spoke. “I really do not want to talk about it.” I hope he doesn’t press further to ask.

“You know, I was just wondering. You were in the living room while she was inside my room.” Anyways, I love what I did to her.

I sighed and looked away.

“Rose, my eyes are hungry, I need to feed them?”

“I did not get that? ”

“Stand up baby.” He said and I did. “Turn your back.” I obliged still.

“Wow!” He exclaimed. “I love your back-side, they are so captivating.”

I was shocked at his words.

“Aw…you really look beautiful and your figure 8 is driving me crazy.” I still didn’t know where he is driving at yet. “Turn to me.” I obliged.

“Aw…see what’s on your chest, they are super and firm than a mango.”

“Ethan, are you alright?”

“Sure, I’m just feeding my eyes. Is it bad to adore my wife?”

“So…this is your first time of seeing my chest?”

“Not like that, I just felt different seeing it today.”

Maybe we can actually use this opportunity to make out.

“Will you like to see the bare picture?” I asked trying to lose the button that sealed my cloth to my chest.

“Oh! I’m really shy, you mean I’ll be seeing your bare b….st?” He asked.

“Yes, your eyes will be satisfied to the brim if you can behold it. ”

“Rose, I’m…I’m shy.” He exclaimed and cleaned the little tears forming at the corner of his eye with the back of his pam.

“Didn’t you say your eyes are hungry, see!” I said and pulled off my shirt, one could see the bare light skin of my b…st, the nï…plé are still covered with the cup of my br;å”

“Wow! This is beautiful….crazy mhen!” He said exclamatively and jumped up like someone that won a bet.

“D@mn! This is so good.” He yelled and I was just looking at him like a dummy.

“This is my first time seeing it and it’s driving me crazy! Mhen! I can’t hold it anymore. I love this, I f….ing love this! ” He said still jumping happily up like a baby.

“I love this” he screamed outside like a student that passed all his final years course.

Wait! Is Ethan normal like this?

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Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 10:42am On Nov 25
My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 11

Rose’s POV.

When life puts you in a position where you are totally helpless, the only person one can run to is one’s family.

I decided to visit my mom and inform her about my marital life, I can’t continue this way. Ethan is a kind of being I may never get to understand.

I drove straight to my mom’s house.On arriving, I noticed everywhere was quiet and clean. Ever since I got in with Ethan, I have not visited my parent’s house.

I walked in and saw my mom on an apron coming out of the kitchen.

I ran to her on seeing her and we both exchanged a motherly hug.

“I miss you, Rose.” She said and I blush.

“Miss you too mom.” I replied softly. She held my hand and walked me to the dinning.

“You need to eat first.”

“Mom, I really do not have the appetite…I…”

“I know you must be here for an issue but eat first…common! ” she said as she played with my cheek.

She came back to serve me with fried eggs and plantain. “I had to quickly fry this.”

She sat and watched me eat the little I could. After sipping water , I rested on the chair and starred into my mom’s face.

“What is it Rose?”

I sighed heavily, thought for few seconds and finally let out. “Mom, It’s Ethan. Do you believe that since the time we have married, he has not touched me?”

“You must be smelling then.”


“If he didn’t touch you since all this days, you must be smelling to him. You mean he can’t even touch your hand, he can’t touch your head, he can’t touch any part of your body? You must be smelling to him. ”

“Not like that mom, I mean we have not made Love.”

My mom chukled. “Is that a prank or what?”

“Mom, I’m serious. He won’t make Love with me.”

“Ha ha, you must be crazy then.”


“You must be really crazy, Rose. A man got married to you and hasn’t made Love with you….wait! Are you both mad?”


“Don’t mom me!” She said and stood angrily. “Ha ha! I can’t imagine. You haven’t f..k since you get married. ” my mom laughed briefly in a sarcastic away again.

She can’t be standing while I sit. “Mom! It’s not my fault but his.” I said standing.

She did not say word but walked away from me instead. “But mom should understand me.” I murmured underneath my breath.

Few minutes later , I sunk to the chair and kept wondering what mom went inside to do, isn’t she suppose to be here comforting me or advising me on what I should do.”

“Move daughter!” I heard my mom’s voice behind me and on turning, I saw her with a travelling box.

“Huh? Where to, mom?”

“To heaven.” She replied and eyed me. “my dear move, I’m following you to your husband’s house. You guys must make Love before me.” �

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Re: My Virgin Husband Episode 1-2 by Clustergist: 12:34pm
My Virgin Husband.

Chapter 12

Rose’s POV

I’ve never been nervous all my life like I am right now. I know my mom is a tough woman but never have I ever thought she had act this way.

Really? She will really ensure that Ethan and I make Love. Hope that won’t make Ethan angry?

Would he even be happy that my mom is coming to stay with us? My days!

I finally halted the car my mom and I was at the garage of Ethan’s house. Mom and I stepped down. I shot her a soft look, trying to make her calm down cause it seems she is angry but she didn’t even look at my face.

She walked inside instead while I followed behind. On getting inside, my mom looked around and set her gaze on me.

“Show me the room to stay?”

“But mom, how many days are you spending with us?” I asked.

“I will leave after I watch him make Love with you. ”

Did my mom just say ‘watch us?’ Will she actually watch us make Love?

“Will you take me to my room, woman?” She asked and I jerked out of it thought. I took her to a room she would be staying.

-Three hours later-

I was painting one of my art work when I heard a knock to my door. It’s obviously Ethan, he must be back from work.

I walked swiftly to the door and helped him open the door.

“Welcome baby!” I greeted and he looked back.

“What?” I asked.

He looked back and search around again. “You said baby, so I was trying to search for any baby around.”

I hit him softly at his shoulder. “Common! I’m referring to you as baby!”

“I?” He asked surprisingly.
“You look beautiful. How was house?” He asked as we both walked towards his room?

“Not bad. ”

“Were you bored?” He asked and just when I was about to reply, we both heard a voice behind us. It was that of my mom.

“Mr. Ethan!” Ethan turned at the sound of my mom’s voice and on seeing her he turned to me in surprise. “You didn’t tell me…” I knew what his full question would be.

“Yes, I got to know late too, you should welcome her.” I said to him almost like a whisper.

“Oh!” He exclaimed and walked towards my mom. “You are greatly welcome, mother, may your name be praised from the south to the east, the north and to the west. I welcome you this day to my glorious house. Have a befitting day.” He said and lowered his head like someone praising his king.

To my utmost surprise, he turned away and tried to walk away from my mom.

“Servant Ethan.”My mom called and Ethan turned. ” I’l glad you praised me, we need to speak.”

“Who am I to speak with you, great Queen , the mother of my wife and the aged and wisest woman in the world. I am not worthy to even behold your face. Please have all the fun you want in the house.” Ethan said and turned again, he was about walking away when my mom yelled his name. She was now getting frustrated.

“Ethan!” Ethan turned to her again

“You may have hypertension, oh queen! To shout is not good for the health.” Ethan said and finally walked away.

My mom stood shock as he watched him walk to his room.


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