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Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 5:34pm On Nov 09, 2020
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe
All right reserved
Cover art by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach

23 Years Ago

A black Toyota Camry suddenly gutted out fire from the exhaust, moving at top speed on the empty high way. The bright night glittering against the asphalt that looked endless from low point of view with thick woods gracing on both sides of the road.

The car swerved to the right, the tyres screeching horribly on the asphalt, the fire from the exhaust, boomed and grew larger, adding furious momentum to the car, the left back tire popped out from it rims, and rolled furiously into the woods, creating a rebound as it had contact with the road.

The car swerved next to the right and finally lost balance, tumbled several times before coming to a final rest in ruins, all fours facing the sky, and letting out white fumes.

Chunks of metals scattered all over the high way, with the car totally disfigured. Another car drove by minutes later and immediately halted, from it alighted a lady, her face covered by shadows that fell on it, shadows from her hairs. She hurried towards the wrecked vehicle, taking off her heels to allow her increase her pace, on hearing the wailing of a toddler.

Chapter One

Police tape cut across the accident scene, journalist and reporters, taking their position before tape which was used to make demarcation to restrict unauthorized entering. Chattering filled the entire scene as everyone tried to give a report of what they thought had happened.

"From the forensics that was sent in, seems they were running from something" a lady dressed in smart black overall outfit said to the bolder structured man before her, each having dark glasses on their faces

"Which explains the burnt tyre on the road, what ever came after them was not ordinary " the man said

The car maintained it's previous position, partially burnt, the bodies were retrieved by the medical team and carefully packaged into a body bag, laid on a stretcher and immediately they were moved into the nearest ambulance.

"One more thing, Helen said she believed they were about four people in the vehicle, see this case isn't something we could figure, the car has no where to be traced back to, no plate number, blood samples don't match with anyone on the country's data base, neither does their faces" the lady said and softly tapped the man on the shoulder and spoke.

"We will let this one slip "

Present Day

Location: Nigeria
City: Akure
Time: 2:25pm

Dan successfully flagged down a cab which was going his direction, quickly he hopped in, taking the window seat on the right, he let out relieved sigh and greeted those he met in the cab, after exchanging pleasantries, he reacted his head on the window frame, the soothing afternoon breeze blew on him, which slowly began to make him grow dizzy.

"Is that a natural eye or contact lenses" the young lady seated beside him asked, after moments of taking quick glance at his eyes.

Dan smiled with heavy eyes and replied
"Natural " he said and rested his head back on the window frame.

"Wow, are you an half cast? "
These questions were not so new to Dan, apart from his eyes, he averagely built body also added more to his physique, chocolate toned skin and red hair, which had made him resulted in using face caps at all time he was going public.

"No, I'm a Nigerian " Dan replied, hoping the girl doesn't ask more questions.

"Your hair" She said, with a bright smile.

Dan sighed and adjusted the face cap, making it completely cover his hair which were out. He ignored her and retrieved the earpiece around his neck, and placed both pieces into his ear, and rested his head, closed his eyes and slowly drifted asleep.


Dan found himself standing alone on an empty beach, which looked endless, the seas and the beach sand, both endless on both sides. He looked down and saw blood beneath him, a crashed vehicle slowly took form, distance away from him, he blinked his eyes and in an instance was a girl trying to save who ever was in the crashed vehicle, screaming at the top of her voice.

"Hey, ogbeni, wake up, na last bus stop we dey so" Dan heard a faint voice call at him

He slowly opened his bright blue eyes, and noticed he was the last person in the cab, he wiped the sweat beads around his forehead before alightiing the vehicle. He payed the driver, who zoomed off immediately.

"Who ever you are" Dan said and shook his head slowly, feeling exhausted, he adjusted his face cap and adjusted the ear piece before attempting to cross to the other side of the road.

Location: Cuba
City: Cienfuegos

"Every night, about to eighteen years ago, I keep having dreams, similar dreams about this boy, I don't know him, every time, I see him trying to save people from a crashed vehicle, but whenever he turns to look at me, I wake up" Sonita said looking straight into her mother's eyes.

Whatever it was, she was certain a message she didn't understand was been pass done to her and probably responsibilities followed along side. Same dream for eighteen years wasn't something she was taking any lightly

Noticing her mother's awkward silence she spoke again.

"Is there something you are not telling me?" Sonita asked.

Her mild large eyes which were of blue colors so much complimented her features that she had won various beauty shows during her childhood days and now she had dived down the modelling industry, which didn't seems like a challenge to her.

"No, there isn't, we will get to the root of this, I promise" Her mother replied, handling Sonita's hands lightly, with a bright smile on her face.

"You'll be late for your audition, I'll leave for the kitchen, prepare you something light and we start the day with positivity " her mother said and stood up from the chair she sat on, leaving Sonita to her thought.

Sonita sighed and laid flat on her bed, stared towards the ceiling and shut her eyes.



Re: Books Of Revelation by KelvinCoaster(m): 5:55pm On Nov 09, 2020
Nice one Devilpen. This storyline will definitely make 'horror-sense'!!
I can sense it! Keep it coming!!
Re: Books Of Revelation by DebTem(f): 6:35pm On Nov 09, 2020
grin Wahala for who no follow this story ooo

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Re: Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 6:46pm On Nov 09, 2020
Nice one Devilpen.
This storyline will definitely make 'horror-sense'!!

I can sense it!
Keep it coming!!
You're sensing right Sir grin
Re: Books Of Revelation by Adesammy111(m): 6:50pm On Nov 09, 2020
Devilpen wel done bro, pls make sure you finish this one ooo

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Re: Books Of Revelation by silverlinen(m): 7:07pm On Nov 09, 2020
One of the first few to comment
Am loving this already
Re: Books Of Revelation by Shedrack777: 6:58am On Nov 10, 2020
"THE BOOK OF REVELATION" it feels like it's gonna interesting
Re: Books Of Revelation by Hardes(m): 4:52pm On Nov 10, 2020
will surely follow go this till the end
Re: Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 10:27pm On Nov 10, 2020
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe
All right reserved

Chapter 2
A top grade military vehicle drove roughly into a bank premises, smashing the entire gate off the pillar, then applied brakes, which brought the vehicle to a stand still, after the tyres had screeched hard against the concrete floor, leaving dark marks along the trials.
People acted on survival instinct, diving off the way of the vehicle. The top roof of the vehicle popped open, fell hard to the ground, and for a while, silence fell on everyone. Smoke grenades shot out from the roof top of the vehicle, which immediately sent panic into everyone around.
The security guards took caution steps forward, holding tight to their batons.
"Na this kind situation person dey need gun, or that thing wey dem dey show for America film wey dey shock person " one of the guards said, beads of sweats forming around his face.
The smoke from the grenade quickly spread all over the vicinity, creating a thick fog. The heavy doors of the vehicle slide open, and from the vehicle, five armed gun men alighted, and didn't hesitate, they fired rapid shots at the guards.
"Move move move" the leader shouted, cutting his right hand through the air, and holding firm to hisbgun which was strapped around his waist with his left hand.
Two gun men hurried towards the booth of the vehicle and flipped it open, pulled out a huge power damper, each holding the heavy rectangular object by the handle. They hurried towards the revolving door that led into the bank and placed the power damper before it, flipped a switch and quickly retreated to take cover behind the pillars of the bank.
The engine hummed loudly and let out a loud blast which shook the entire building vigorously, the action, leaving cracks on the walls.
The other gunmen strapped their guns around their back and proceeded forward, leaving two others behind to keep watch. The two gunmen who took cover by the pillar, smashed the butt of their guns hard against the door. The glass shattered and they made their way in, their boots grinding the glass pieces beneath them into smaller particles.

"I told you, the police don't have the guts to come after us" a gunman said, as he closed the rooftop of the vehicle and the driver zoomed out of the bank.
"You did good today Dan" another masked man said and pulled off his mask, then let out a loud sigh of relief.
"Everyone gather around, Fife, take the route we planned, it's a lone way, it will clear our tracks, we plan on sharing this equal" the leader said and raised his mask above his eyes, revealing the thick slash mark the cut across his right eyes down to the jaw.
"Dan, I'm giving you something extra, you did good, those dampers eased our job a lot" the leader said and stashed more naira notes into the bag he would be giving to Dan.
Dan smiled as he watched more currencies stashed and retrieved a cigarette from his gadget belt and lit it. He pulled up his mask, and stuffed the cigarette into his mouth and puffed out smoke, then relaxed his head on the chair.
Dan, dressed in a black round neck shirt, a blue face cap on his head, he walked into the orphanage before him and went straight for the offering box and brought out a brown envelop from his pocket and forced it into the box through the open space on top of the box. He stood blankly for a while, deep in his own thought.
From the top window of the orphanage home, was a priest who always stood by the window, and most times he was opportuned to see Dan, dropping by at the same hour of the day, dipping envelopes into the offering box, watch him stand still for ten minutes before he finally takes his leave.
Dan turned around to take his leave, getting to the exit, he moved aside to allow the lady that was coming in pass before he proceeded.
"You! " the lady exclaimed, with her mouth wide agape, clutching loosely to her hand bag.
Dan fixed his gaze on her, her face wasn't one he could remember.
"I knew we would met again, I'm the girl from the cab, two weeks ago, I'm Timi" the girl said smiling brightly, which even made her more beautiful, her rounded face completely filled with excitement.
She stretched her right hand forward to exchange handshake with Dan who only nodded his head and attempted to take his leave.
Timi blocked his path and looked at him with a straight face.
"What's up with you, I know guys who would jump at the opportunity of me giving them this gesture, do you think I'm cheap, or because you're handsome, I know people who are much more handsome than you are, blue eyes and red hairs don't freak me" She said and sniffed at Dan who moved back a bit as she leaned closer.
"I have important things to do" Dan said and walked passed her, squeezing his body through the open space.
"If we are meant to be friends we will met again, I love the cold attitude " Timi said shouting at the top of her voice "I'm not crazy, I only talk to people I like" she said, her voice dropping into a low pitch.
The Priest who had been watching well that happened, bowed his head, and shook it lightly

Location: Cienfuegos
Time: 2:54AM
Sonita rolled around her bed, feeling restless, mumbling inaudible words as she roughed her bed sheet, moving her hands inconsistently. She suddenly jumped off her bed, panting heavily, she sighed feeling severe headache.
What she experienced was new, it wasn't a dream, it was something she couldn't explain, all she could tell was, something was missing in her, she could feel it for the very first time.
She climbed down her bed, wore her white fluffy slippers, and headed to the kitchen. She switched on the lamp and proceeded towards the refrigerator to get herself something cold to relieve her of the stress.
She suddenly felt cold, and noticed human presence behind her, with foul odor. Her eyes wide open, with fear written all over her face. She slowly turned around and behold, what she saw next shook her down to the very core.
Sonita let out a loud scream, shouting at the top of her face. Before poo ready her were two humanoids dripping with blood all over their body, their attire soaked with dried blood.
Part of their faces were off and disgusting, revealing the skeletal structure beneath. While screaming she noticed something awkward, the expressions on the faces of these horror were that of sorrow and pity, which immediately made her calm her voice.
"Who are you? " she summouned the boldness to talk, without flinch.
"You have to find him" the man before her said in a sad voice and turned his back around.
"Who and what is all this about? " Sonita asked confused.
"He has the key" the female said and also turned around.
Sonita watched in awe as they both turned into dust, and from nowhere came a strong wind which blew off the dust particles.
"Hey honey, why are you down by this time?" her mother asked, walking in on her, she went straight for a wall cupboard and opened it, brough out a sealed plastic and looked around for a knife
"I was feeling thirsty, so I decided to come get a drink " Sonita lied and grabbed a can, wondering how we come her mother didn't hear her loud scream, then retired to her room
Dan opened the door that led to his home, a one room apartment, only to walk in and see a strange figure sitting on the only leather chair in the room.
"Who are you? " Dan asked standing by the door.
The figure slowly rose up, a large spiky club on the right hand.
"Who I am isn't really important, it is what I want that is, now tell me, where is the key? "

To be Continued

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Re: Books Of Revelation by KelvinCoaster(m): 5:20pm On Nov 11, 2020
Nice update!
Re: Books Of Revelation by germaphobe(m): 8:09pm On Nov 11, 2020
Another banger!!!. Boss navigate we dey ur back
Re: Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 2:56pm On Nov 13, 2020
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe
All right reserved
Dan flipped the switch on the wall and sighed relief on seeing who it was with the club and scary acts. He walked forward, while the other person went into loud roar of laughter.
"No tell me say that thing scare you " the boy asked, and dropped the rubber club on the ground, laughing hard.
"There are levels to some things, that was an expensive joke" Dan said faking his displeasure "What do you want, always breaking into my home whenever you wish "
"Nothing, I got an invitation, to a modelling show, a ticket for two, so I thought we should move together " the boy said and sank himself on the only chair in the room.
"I'm sure, it's a ticket for a boy and a girl, no be boy boy, abeg na only one hole I get and na to do another thing" Dan said and opened his wardrobe, removed his shirt and neatly hanged it.
"Well, since man got no love, it's not necessary, who knows you might meet someone you love, even if your heart is hardened "
"Chucks free me abeg" Dan replied and continued "Your experience is enough red sign, she broke up and what, you begin ask your parent how much them dey rent shop say you want drop out, Werey, You go chop noodles, that what I plan on taking this night"
"As fine as you are, see the unnecessary stress you're passing through, eheheh, add two for me"
"Sonita, check this one out, it fits perfectly" a lanky lady said with excitement written all over her face, spreading out a silver coloured short gown, around the shoulder levels as she hastened her steps towards Sonita who stood before a large standing mirror, admiring the blue gown she had on her.
"Maria, I'm only going there for exposure, I'm not contesting, Mama Rica only wants me to gain more experience, I should dress as simple as I can " Sonita said, calmly, while checking out herself.
"I know, but your appearance matters and you know I want the best for me dear friend" Maria said with watery eyes.
"Huhh those eyes, alright, hand it over"
Maria beamed with excitement and walked closer, and carefully passed the cloth over to Sonita.
"Huhmm, Matt called, and I told him you'd be leaving for Nigeria in two days time"
"Matt called or you called Matt, Maria, I told you I've moved from that train, Matt hurt me so much" Sonita said from the changing room.
"Yeah I know, and he has been pleading, can't you see it, give him one more chance, at least let him go with you, I know you two will get along"
"Well, Mama Rica is the one taking us all along, there is no chance he is coming, let that pass Maria " Sonita said already getting frustrated.
Dan walked into the building of the orphanage home and as usual headed to the offering box, a face cap around his face, a red shirt and plain black trousers, he retrieved an envelop from his right pocket and began inserting it into the box, through the small opening on it.
"I'll like to invite you for a drink" a strange but calm voice said behind Dan.
Dan paused for a little while, then pushed in the envelop, he turned around and saw it was a priest standing before him.
"Father" Dan said and bowed his head a little.
"Walk with me" he urged Dan and began walking deeper into the orphanage through the walkway.
The both walk through the walk way, taking the right turn after the first visitation building. They continued for few more minutes and began to approach, the orphanage cathedral.
The Priest pushed open the door, that lead into the cathedral, walked towards the left and opened the door before him. They both entered the small cozy room, which had mini library at the far end, a mini chandelier having above, which illuminated the room.
"What is your name?" the Priest asked and walked towards the refrigerator on the right angle of the room, inches away from the library shelf.
"Dan, I've always noticed you, three months, always coming at same hours and days, to give the little you have, which makes me think you have a record of being hopeless, like you've been through a lot" the priest said still at the refrigerator.
"I don't understand "
The Priest smiled and turned around, two bottles of a Chapman drink on his left hand, while he used the right to shut the fridge.
He offered Dan a seat and passed a drink to him, while he placed his on the table and open the lid.
"You grew up in an orphanage" the Priest said with certainty in his voice.
Dan kept mute for a long while and slowly removed his cap, revealing his curly hairstyles. The Priest smiled, after taking a brief look at Sam's hair, it was then he noticed the blue eyes.
"I grew up at an orphanage in Katsina" Dan replied and continued "I've been there since I was a toddler, unfortunately I had no foster parents, reasons not known to me" Dan replied and dipped the opening of the bottle into his mouth and sighed.
"Did you ever care to find out why?" The Priest asked calmly.
"No, who cares? " Dan replied, faking a smile.
"Do you wish to know? "
"Sometimes, self discovery is what leads you on your next wave of life, when you wish, I might show you the way to get answers, but you thread that path alone" the priest and next the door came open.
Dan turned around to see who it was only to see it was the lousy girl he had come across first in the can and next at the entering of the orphanage.
"You" the girl said and threw her bag to the floor
"My ward, Tinu, forgive her behaviour"
"I'm taking my leave Sir, thanks for the pep talk" Dan said and fixed his cap before standing to take his leave.
"Is he going to ignore me like I wasn't here? "
Dan walked passed her and shut the door.
Dan walked into an eatery and found himself a spot, he made his orders and waited patiently as the young waitress that attended to him, walked towards the next customer to pen down their orders also. His phone vibrated, and he retrieved it from his pocket and swiped the screen.
"Chucks, wetyn dey? " Dan asked and relaxed his back on the chair.
"I never asked you to buy me clothes, now you'll get here and ask triple of the money as refund, you think it's easy to get the money ba.......... Alaye no dey reason me, I go wear Wetyn I get... Dress to kill, maka kill you there.... No no, don't fix any date for me... Chhuu" the line went off.
Dan sighed frustrated and placed his phone on the table, just then it rang again, this time the caller was an unknown person.
"Hello... yeah, but it's a slight misunderstanding.. No.. I didn't ask for a hook up... Hell" the caller went off again.
"I'll kill Chucks " Dan said and stood up, looked around and walked out in annoyance.
Dan found himself standing at the top of a building, bounded in chains, he looked down from the height and tried freeing himself from the bonds of the shackles. He heard grunting sounds behind him, like someone attacking multiple people and managed to turn around. Soaked in blood was a girl he knew not, panting heavily, a fancy dagger on both hands.
"Let's get you out of these" She said and slashed her dagger at the chain, making it break easily.
"Thank you" Dan said
He suddenly jumped off bed, panting heavily and sweating all over his body, he took a quick glance at his timer and saw it was two at midnight.


Re: Books Of Revelation by AceRoyal: 7:16pm On Nov 13, 2020
Very nice, but I'm tired of so many really interesting stories that get abandoned half way on this section.
Kills my interest in reading other new interesting ones.

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Re: Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 8:51pm On Nov 13, 2020
Very nice, but I'm tired of so many really interesting stories that get abandoned half way on this section.
Kills my interest in reading other new interesting ones.
so far so good sir, I've only abandoned two stories out of 30+

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Re: Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 2:05pm On Nov 17, 2020
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe
All right reserved

Chucks killed the engine of his power bike, just then Dan walked out, dressed in a blue pkainnshirt and a black trouser, his hair fell behind his head, held together with gels.
"I thought I would still get here and begin begging you, before we move" Chucks said sarcastically.
Dan smiled, standing firm, he let out a broad smile as a Lexus jeep rolled in, parking behind Chucks, the glass rolled down, revealing an elderly man.
"Mr. Dan right? " the man asked, staring at his phone and back at Dan.
Dan raised his phone up and winked at Chucks.
"Guy, this is betrayal of all order" Chucks said with his mouth wide open.
"Chill, meet me there bro "
"Wait, na me get outing and you want shine my shine" Chucks shouted as the car zoomed off.
Chucks killed the engine of his bike, and alighted, sniffed the air for a while, and sighted Dan standing by the entrance of the venue, focused on his phone. Chucks smirked and walked up to him and hit him slightly on the shoulder.
“You just sly me like that ba?, seems we are right on time” Chucks said and adjusted his suit.

Dan smiled and dipped his phone into his pocket and tagged behind Chucks.
They both walked into the hall, and found themselves a front row seat, minutes later the host walked up to the large podium and next were dim lights that filled the entire hall except the podium.

Hours into the program, Dan yawned softly and leaned his head on Chucks shoulder, already bored by the parade that was going on, which seemed not to end.

“Guy carry your head na, that place is only meant for ladies” Chucks said and raised his shoulder up.

“This place reeks, I am going outside to catch some air” Dan said and gently used his right hand to trail his hair before standing up.

“Wait” Chucks said and also stood up.
Sonita walked out of the event hall through the back door and walked towards the main gate. Her fluffy gown moving gently to the rhythm of the cool night breeze.

“Sonita” She heard a familiar voice called at her, no one had to tell her who it was.

She hastened her steps, without looking behind, she knew he was also following her, trying as fast as possible to catch up with her.

She suddenly bumped into someone, and let out a soft gasped. She smiled calmly and raised her head up to look at who she bumped into, so she could apologies.

“Are you alright?” Dan asked, holding her softly by the shoulders.

Sonita went dump for a while, finding it hard to find her voice, something strange was up, they both could tell

“Sorry have we met” Dan asked, trying to recollect where he had come across her before now.

“Sorry about that” Matt said from behind, with a bright smile.

With a similar gesture, Dan returned the gesture and watched as they both left, walking out of the gate.

“What just happened there?” Chucks asked, arriving late at the scene.

“Nothing jor, just some random person bumping into each other” Dan replied and continued forward.
Dan flipped the bulb switch on the body of the wall and let out a frustrating sigh, while Chucks walked passed him and slumped into the only chair, straing blankly at the ceiling.
“I said it, I knew that girl” Dan suddenly shouted out of regret “I should have known earlier, I have to find her”
“Dude, chill abeg” Chucks said slowly and sat himself up “What about her?”
“You know about the dreams I always told you about?” Dan asked pointing at Chucks.
“Yes, what about it?” Chucks asked, not getting the connection Dan was driving at.
“She is from there, she is the one I always saw”
Chucks suddenly let out a sarcastic laughter and slumped himself into the chair and purposely fell to the ground, clinching to his stomach.
“Damn you” Dan said and banged the door angrily, he had to find her.
“Alright, the thing is, those people are from Cuba, they were invited and she is with them” Chucks said still on the floor.
“How do you know this?”
“Well, I saw a chick I liked so I went up to her, she dished me her details, and luckily I saw your dream girl with the crew” Chucks said and stood up.
“For the first time, you are useful” Dan said and walked out of the room.
“Guy, where you dey go?” Chucks asked and laid himself back on the chair.
“So you finally came around” The Priest said to Dan and passed him a soft can drink.
“That revelation you said you could help me get, I think I am ready”
The Priest smiled and nodded his head, sipped from the can and beckoned to Dan.
“Follow me” He said and walked towards the library shelf, placed his hand on a book and slowly the shelf moved apart, revealing a dark entry

To be continued

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Re: Books Of Revelation by Adesammy111(m): 2:27pm On Nov 18, 2020
so far so good sir, I've only abandoned two stories out of 30+

Just make sure you finish this one because you don't to some of your stories..
Re: Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 8:04am On Nov 22, 2020
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe
All right reserved
Sonita watched as her mother, held her hands tight in disapproval of her decision to go back to Nigeria alone, and find what she thought was what she needed to be the answer to her dreams. This time she was keen on following her own decision, even though she knew how tough it could be
“You don’t have an option in this mom” Sonita said and freed her hands from her mother’s grip.
“All these, the dreams, the solution you think you saw, the boy who looks familiar, this is not you Sonita”
“If you really loved me, you would encourage me to find solution to these constant dreams, I keep on having these strange dreams every single night and you think its normal, for more than twenty years now, every single day” Sonita said starring deep into her mother’s eyes and continued “Unless if there is something you are not letting me know, sometimes I have these feelings like this isn’t home, when I was in Nigeria, it felt more like home”
“But this is home, I am your mother Sonita”
“Good night Mah” Sonita said and stood up from beside her mother on her bed and walked towards the door and placed her right hand on the door knob. “I am leaving tomorrow” She said and walked out, closing the door silently.
Her mother sniffed out loudly, her gaze focused on the reading lamp, on the table beside the edge of her bed. Worried, she laid on her bed and curled herself up into her blanket sobbing silently. She knew sooner or later, the truth would be revealed, but she was willing to conceal it for as long as possible.
Dan fell hard to the ground, his eyes glowing white, his hairs also seemed to grow longer than they were, panting heavily in the dark room, which was illuminated by the lamps at the corners of the rectangular alter. The Pries closed the ancient looking book with him and laid it back on the alter, and knelt down beside Dan and began to speak.
“All my life, I haven’t seen such powers, pure abilities that are yet to be explored” he said calmly, squatting beside Dan.
“What do you mean?” Dan asked confused.
“You my boy, are a pure source of power but something is missing, something important” The Priest said with a worried tone and sighed.
“The girl I saw in the revelation, I saw her yesterday, like I had known her for eternity” Dan said and raised his head to look at the Priest.
“Over the years, we thought of this ability to have been corrupted, these powers are passed down by something called OHA, from ancient dwellers, they chose two soul mates to carry this power and protect their villages, from intruders, especially during the time of slave trade” The Priest said and paused, while he helped Dan to his feet.
“The carriers of these powers possessed extra ordinary ability, according to the animal spirit embedded in their DNA, powers ranging from, super hearing, super speed, healing ability, super strength, and any other you could think of, but suddenly we stopped seeing these powers, we believed it was gone, never to return, but here you are Dan with the ability to rule the world” the Priest said and sighed softly.
“These powers you talk about, how do I unlock them?”
“Careful boy, with these powers comes greed, covetousness, over zealousness, dark heart and above all, ability to suppress those around you, which gradually transcend into hate, and suppression of other wider organization, its best you don’t unlock this power” the Priest said with concern.
“If I have this power, that means a threat has arise, or is arising which we don’t know”
“There is only one way to unlock this, you have to find the girl you always see, she is your soul mate, which you have to have the ultimate bond with before these powers are unlocked”
Dan stared at the Priest and nodded his head in understanding and looked away, confused and thinking of how to get the girl.
The door that led to the alter room, creaked loudly which drew their attentions.
“Who is there?” The Priest asked and took closer steps, he noticed a shadow run pass.
“We have to go” he said to Dan.
Sonita alighted from the cab she boarded baack to the event center, and stood by the gate, hoping for some miracle of some sort to happen. She knew somehow she had to be here but what happens next she didn’t know. She leaned on the wall and sighed at her foolishness, not thinking things through before she acted. Against her mother’s will she came back to Nigeria.
“Hey you!” a voice called at her.
She slowly raised her head up and almost went paralyzed on seeing Dan walking up to her.
“You are the girl from the show” Dan said and removed his face cap, revealing his brown hairs.
“It is you from my dreams” She said, her eyes fixed on Dan’s blue eye, not that hers was any normal, she also had set of dark green eyes.
“What is your name?” Dan asked with a smile
“Sonita, I know you are Dan”
“Why did you come back here?” Dan asked.
“I need answers and I am certain that is why you are also here” she said with certainty and held tight to her purse.
Dan looked around and nodded his head in agreement.
“Come on, I might know where the answers are” He said and stretched his hands forward.
Sonita starred at him for a while and slowly stretched her hand forward, and suddenly, the wind around them went up furiously, transformed into a whirlwind and surrounded them.
People around didn’t wait to see what happens next as they all took to their heels, others taking covers from near houses and cars.
They both disappeared into thin air as the whirlwind died down.
Re: Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 5:02pm On Nov 29, 2020
So sorry for the late updates. I've been critically ill for the past months, even when I began then series Let's ride though

Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe
All right reserved
They both appeared right in Dan's room, the grip still firm. Sonita heaved and turned around to get a clearer view of where they were. She later fixed her gaze on Dan who was also very confused, not sure about the next step to take.
"Your neck" Sonita said, and walked closer to Dan, gently placed a finger on the scratch mark on his neck and used her free hand to pull down the round collar of her cloth, revealing the same scratch mark.
"Yeah, I know we are connected one way or the other, and we have to find out why" Dan said coldly and was about pulling her hands down but stopped immediately.
"Sure, so where do we start from? "
The Priest sat before his table, his chins placed on both pamls which was supported by his elbows balanced on the table. He let out a loud sigh, just then the door came open.
Tinu walked in, dressed in an overall white gown that fitted perfectly. She moved closer to the Priest and sat on the free chair before him.
"What bothers you this much? " She asked and relaxed her back.
Without a word, the Priest turned the book before him around and pushed it towards Tinu. She quickly glance through the writings and fixed her gaze back at the priest in what seemed like amusement.
"This here, is the end of days" She said with shock.
The Priest sighed and moved his hands behind his head and sighed.
"Every life we've lived, the book hasn't brought an end of life as a result of a Divine Pairing " Tinu continued "All our lives, we've sworn to protect the Divine Pairings, even if it means our very reincarnation is at stake but this" she said and slightly shake her head.
"Drastic times, demands drastic measures, there are only few ways we can stop them"
"Which are? "
"All pairings are of two different parents, one we prevent them from having sexual intercourse, which is the bond that brings forth their power and once they are together, the urge is strong"
"Kill the stronger vessel"
"Kill them both, which will bring instability to the world at large" the priest said and sighed.
"From the Revelation here, both pairs have seen each other, it's a tough guess they are not, you know, and even we can't prevent that, we can only delay the process, even if the instruction should be their daily devotional reading" Tinu said and gulped, then continued "We have just two more options, and I'll prefer the former "
"I will call Dan and ask him to come down here as soon as possible "
Sonita hanged up the call and three her phone carelessly on the chair, sobbing almost uncontrollably, her eyes already pale and swollen.
"From what your mom said..." Dan was cut short his statement
"She is not my mom, she hid the truth from me, for almost 21years " Sonita shouted in mid anger, pointing her finger at Dan.
"I grew up in a foster home, with zero parental care, I had to result in stealing, robbing trader and unsuspecting people of their cash, you don't try to find any sympathy from me, when you didn't even suffer half of what I went through" Dan said and bite his lower lips to refrain from saying more words.
Sonita sniffed and looked at Dan who was already having teary eyes and was doing all he could to hold them back.
"I'm sorry" Sonita said in remorse and began to wipe her eyes.
"It's no big deal, I'm in work country where surviving is the main business of the hour " Dan said and sat beside Sonita and gently held her by the right palm and squeezed them softly.
"We have to begin tracing our journey from a point" he said and continued
"Your mother talked about an accident here in Nigeria, there were two children, one was dead which was me, and the other was you, which she took to Cuba" he said and watched as Sonita nodded.
"There might be only one theory, which means we are siblings " Sonita said just then Dan's phone rang, it was the Priest calling.
They both entered into the hall the Priest ushered them into, Tinu seated on the only carved chair in the center of the hall. The huge wall clock reading 11:55
"Priest, what's so urgent?" Dan asked.
"Everything, I see your found your Divine Pairing" Priest said calmly and opened the book with him.
"Seems there is much you know"
"Yes, the pairings, comes in every Eighty five years, two different genders from different family, both coming together to save mankind from impending dangers, from forces of dark, at that moment both sacrificing their lives to save humans through the help of their guards " the Priest said.
"And who are these guards? " Sonita asked puzzled.
"We" Tinu replied and stood up.
"Every of those moments, we are always there to act as helping hands, but this time the case is different"
"I have questions, first, I and Dan are siblings, from the story we heard just few hours ago, secondly what is different "
Priest sighed and spoke
"No, you're not siblings, pairings don't happen that way, as both of you must be sexually bonded to reach the max of your abilities, secondly, your pairing will be a curse on us all, which is why we have sorted to take to this sorrowful but necessary solution " Priest said.
Tinu suddenly began to take a different form, golden armour from nowhere clinging to her upper body, arms and upper leg, while the rest of her body went up in flames
"Damn damn dammit" Dan shouted and looked at Sonita. Like they read each others mind, they locked their palms together and suddenly disappeared into thin air.
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Damn Damn Damnit! So Epic. Good Job
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That's another suspense.. Great job there. Stay healthy and stay safe
Re: Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 1:13pm On Dec 06, 2020
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe
All right reserved
Dan opened a garage door and walked into the dark with Sonita tagging behind him, he easily located the light switch and flip the handle opposite direction, which in turn illuminated the entire garage, revealing various vehicles and some sort of metal coupling which was strange to Sonita.
“We will be staying here for the main time, this place is safe” Dan said and opened a door that led underground the garage.
“Where is this?” Sonita asked curiously.
“I own it, it’s a safe house” Dan replied, walking down the stairs.
Sonita kept mute after Dan’s reply and continued tagging behind him as they went deeper down.
“There is an elevator, which is a little faulty, once we settle down I will get to work on it, to safe you stress” Dan said again.
“Dan we need that book” Sonita suddenly said, as Dan finally alighted the stairs.
Dan paused and looked back at her with a questioning look.
“The book the priest used in performing the ritual for you before we met” Sonita said blankly
“How did you know?”
Sonita shrugged and slowly let the words out
“The first touch we had, I literary could see all the life you’ve lived, like I was in that existence” Sonita said calmly
“Then you must have known what I do for a living?” He asked and pushed the door before him open revealing a well furnished living room, with classy interiors, white leather chairs that formed a half circle around the centre table right before the television shelf.
Sonita only nodded her head in response to what Dan asked and gave a long lasting look at Dan.
“What about the book?” Sonita asked again.
“We have to take things easy, a step at a time Sonita. First we still don’t have a plan” Dan replied and pointed to her to have her seat.
“Well that book is a pointer to what next we need to know” She replied and relaxed her aching back on the chair.
“Well we might not need a pointer, he already said all we needed to know, one, we are not the only ones to have this issues, they would still be others after us, two, we have powers we don’t know yet, and there is only one way to unlock it, three, we are not siblings” Dan said and opened the canned drink he retrieved from the fridge.
“Don’t you think knowing our past will help us better, I mean I don’t know if you do have constant dreams of you standing before a burning vehicle trying to bring someone out?”
“Bingo, that person is you and come to think of it, I haven’t had that silly dream since we’ve met, we might as well just skip those part and let things work themselves out”
“What about your crazy girlfriend turning to a Pyro”
Dan smirked and gulped down the content in the can with him, sighed and finally spoke
“I don’t know her, or barely know her, and we wont be having issues with them anytime soon” Dan replied and looked at the wall clock.
“Come on, this is mid night already, you need to rest, the room over there, there is bed you will find comforting” Dan said and got himself another drink
“What about you?”
“Me, don’t worry, I will sleep on the couch its no big deal” He said and staggered forward.
Tinu barged into the Priest’s office with a cold look on her face, she starred deep at the Priest who still focused on the huge book before him, flipping it from pages to pages.
“I somehow lost scent of them, this musky city keeps interfering into the trial” she said with a stern voice.
“Rest, and save your strength, our paths are bound to cross, no matter how far they go” The Priest said still keeping his gaze at the book.
“And I was beginning to have a thing for him” Tinu said sadly and sat on the chair next to her, her palms locked into each other.
The Priest slowly raised his head and looked at Tinu who was already remorse
“Seems you are not worthy of him”
“What happens when they have sex, they would become too strong to bring down” Tinu said in concern
“No, being conscious of that, they would try to avoid such by all means, only if, they both prove to be calm and understanding” the priest said with a worry tone.
Tinu raised her head and locked her eyes with the Priest.
“You sounded worried there” she said.
“Yes, their bond will be something we have never seen, our world is at stake”
Dan groaned softly as he adjusted himself on the chair he slept on, he sniffed in the air and perceived an aroma so pleasant he hadn’t perceived in years. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Sonita place a tray on the table and walked off, back to wherever she came out from. He titled his head towards the wall clocked and noticed he had overslept, not that he had anywhere to be precisely.
“You should really get up and freshen up” he heard Sonita said distance away from him.
“You cooked” he asked as he pulled himself up slowly, fixing his gaze on the tray which had a glass plate covered on it.
“Yes, seems it something odd to you right, you never cook” Sonita said and giggled softly.
Without wasting much more time, Dan pulled the table closer to himself and opened the plate, breathed in loudly and slowly breathed out, his heart filled with joy.
“After this we should go out and get you some clothes, you cant continue to move in this one” Dan said calmly and began to eat.
Dan parked his sport made car at a free space, and alighted, he patiently waited for Sonita to come around and they both walked into the Mall, each avoiding locking their hands together.
Dan made himself comfortable on one the chairs provided for customers to seat on, while Sonita tagged behind the staff that attended to them, going round the mall to get what they needed and to get herself some new clothes.
Dan opened his message box and scrolled through all his messages, replying the ones which were important, another text popped up which made Dan sighed before trying to reply.
“I have things I have to attend to and I am out of town, the operation will have to go on without me” he typed and clicked on the send box.
Dan’s attention got distracted, hearing mild quarrel voices in the mall, he got up and walked towards the direction to see for himself what was happening since everyone seemed to be focused on the little drama that was happening.
“Hey” Dan shouted, at the man who seemed to be touching Sonita without her consent, probable she had refused his advances and had turned into quarrel.
Dan hastened his footstep, while Sonita got vocal on the man. Dan pushed the boy off from behind and stood before Sonita who seemed scared.
“Hey, how dare you touch her, don’t you have self-respect?
Dan asked angrily as the man adjusted his roughed cloth.
“Do you know who I am, I get what I want and there is nothing you can do about it, I liked her and what?” the boy replied
“Well she is taken” Dan replied and took a quick glance at Dan.
Four hefty men dressed in black ran to the scene and stood behind the boy, each of them having a fierce look on their faces.
“Boss, just give us the go” one of them said.
“This boy, I love his eye color and his hair, kindly make him regret touching me”
“Sir, please we would beg you to keep calm, this is a business sector, and we try as much as possible to avoid every form of trouble” one of the staff said only to be answered by a thunderous slap from one of the hefty men.
One of the men grabbed Dan by the collar, and attempted to raise him up, only for him to find it impossible like Dan was much more heavier than he looked, suddenly a shock wave shook the entire mall, which in return sent the man flying off distance away.
Right before them, was Dan breathing heavily, with his right arm on fire, which didn’t seem to burn his cloth or harmed him. The other guards felt frightened by the view before them and they all felt reluctant to attack.
“My card is in my pocket, get it and pay for what we bought already, let’s leave” Dan said to Sonita who didn’t was any more time in dipping her hand into Dan’s pocket and brought out the card.


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So sorry this update came so late.
We are having our first animated movie on its way, and it has been taking so much of our time. All the same I hope you enjoy this new update

Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe
All right reserved

Dan retrieved his ringing phone from the center table and smirked on seeing who the caller was Chucks, every time Chuks placed a call across, was either he needed urgent help or he was going for a party which he needed Dan to be available.
“Mad man” Dan said on answering the call.
He waited while Chuks also gave him the expecting insulting reply
“I knew it had to do with one crazy party or the other” Dan replied and bowed his head, Chucks had always been predictable.
“Give me the location, we will meet you there” he said and continued “It doesn’t concern you I and who is coming, just gimme the location”
Dan hanged up the call and noticed Sonita standing at the entrance of the inner room staring at him.
“Hey” he said and dropped his phone back on the table.
“Thanks for the clothes” Sonita said and let out a mild smile.
“Tonight, if you don’t mind, we could hang out at a friend’s party and use that to wind out time”
“Yeah sure, I will also like to catch up on all the Nigeria Vibe, heard so much about this country”
Dan kept mute for a while and looked at Sonita straight in the eyes and spoke
“Our issues, how do we resolve them?, I mean we have much on our plate than we can ever imagine” he said and walked closer to her.
“I know, but party first” She said with a smile, walked closer to Dan and gave him a slight kiss on the cheeks.
Dan opened his mouth slightly agape and spoke
“What was that for?”
“The pureness of heart and intent of good, I can tell when someone has the clearest of all intentions, and yours has been the first so far” She said and walked back without turning around “We should get dressed” she said and walked into the room.
The priest stood before a huge door and placed his right hand on the concrete wall of, he moved the hand slightly to the right and pushed it in. The wall pushed in, which in return made the door move slightly and let out a loud hiss before slowly coming open, while thick dust fell from above.
“Going to get your Whisperer and you wont even let me use mine for decades” Tinu’s voice came behind him.
Without turning around the Priest sighed and folded his hands before him and spoke
“You will have no need for it, prepare yourself, we have a hunt to bring down tonight” the Priest said and walked into the dark entry before him.
Dan and Sonita sat by the bar, watching as people danced and made themselves comfortable, ladies pairing themselves in twos, some few people having fun by the snooker board on the second floor of the club.
“Hey my man, Dan how far” Chucks shouted from afar, a lady tagging beside him.
He shook hands with Dan and slightly pulled the lady with him forward, who didn’t waste any time in shaking hands with Dan with a seductive look on her face.
“See bro, this party ehn, na party for two, I knew you wouldn’t come with any lady, you were only pulling prank on me on the phone, so I brought this honey pot for you, she is your spec, see how beautiful she is”
“Sorry” Sonita interrupted and moved closer to Dan, held him by the palm and spoke.
“I am with him, your slut can return back to the hole she came out from” Sonita said and snarled at Chucks
“Guy, isn’t it the girl from Cuba?” Chucks asked in awe
“Did you just call me a slut” the other girl asked annoyingly and landed a slap on Sonita’s face.
Dan smiled and stood up, adjusted his suit and stepped aside, pulling Chucks behind.
“This is going to be fun” he said
Sonita shook her head and raised it up, and in an instance she grabbed the girl by the hem of her gown and gave her a headbutt, which made the opponent stagger backward.
“Ehhheeeeehhh” Chucks shouted in disbelief and looked at Dan who was smiling still.
Before the other girl could get a hold of herself, Sonita made a fist and smacked her hard on the stomach, which sent her some few feet into the air and slammed hard to the ground.
“Guy, where you see Mayweather?” Chucks asked and tried to intervene, but was pulled back by Dan
“Oga, respect yourself”
The entrance to the club suddenly crashed wildly, sending huge bricks into the air, which followed next by commotion as a girl who was up in flames walked in and made her viciousness known by burning the security guard that attempted to attack her, while a man tagged behind her, holding what looked like a fantasy era sword on his hand.
Sonita ran up to Dan and then looked at Chucks who was surprised at the turn out of event.
“How did they know we are here?” Sonita asked confused .
“Wait, they came for you guys?” Chucks asked this time much more confused.
“Come on, we have to run, we will explain on our way, I came with my car” Dan said and led the way through the back exit of the club.
They quickly hopped into the Lexus jeep and Dan ignited the car, stepping on the accelerator, the engine died down and next in front of them was the Priest, stretching his hands forward and absorbing the electrical current from the car.
“Shit, how much powers do these people have?” Dan asked and quickly they all alighted.
“Sonita we can do this” Dan said and cracked his neck and flexed his muscles.
“What, we don’t even have a manual for how our power works”
“Wait you guys have powers?”
‘Shuut up!!” They both chorused and shouted at Chucks.
Dan dashed forward and leaped into the air, launching an attack at the Priest, suddenly a fireball hit him hard on the chest and sent him backward, smashing him against his car, the impact shattering every glass on the car.
Dan grunted and breathed heavily
“Dan are you alright? Sonita asked and ran up to him while Chucks helped him up.
“That disappearing thing, come hold my hands” He said to Chucks and looked at Sonita also, immediately her hands touched his, they all disappeared into thine air.
The Priest grunted in disappointment
“We lost them again” Tinu said as immediately shot herself into the sky, leaving the Priest behind
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Thanks for the update, tho u've killed us with suspense
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Thank you all for the wonderful journey so far. Thanks for the love, likes, shares and support.

Let's begin next year from where we stopped
And by the way 24th is Devilpen B-Day ooo

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Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe
All right reserved

Dan looked at Chucks who was still bothered and dumbfounded about the event that had happened earlier. Chucks starred at him and next to Sonita who didn’t seemed bothered, as she arrived from the kitchen with three steaming cups.
“I made tea for everyone, especially your friend here, he needs to calm down” Sonita said jokingly and made herself comfortable on the chair.
“Guy, wetyn be that thing we eye just see?” Chucks asked in total shock.
“I will fill you in as time goes on”
A knock gently came at the door, which startled everyone of them, for a while they all stood motionless. No one was supposed to know anything about this hideout.
The knock came again and this time, the door gently came open, revealing the Priest standing at the entrance.
Sonita dropped her cup carelessly to the ground, on seeing the Priest standing by the entrance, a wide grin on his face and an ancient looking book on his right hand.
Sonita moved closer to Dan and was about holding his hands when the Priest spoke.
“There will be no need for that, for now I come in absolute peace” he said and took a step in.
“How did you know we are here?” Dan asked looking alert
“Well, your friend, he has a strong smell of women fluid all around him” he said and fixed his eyes on Chucks.
“Person no fit get secret again” Chucks replied irritatingly
The Priest held the book with him with both hands and threw it at Dan, who didn’t attempt to catch it and watched as the book fell to the ground, and flipped open to the middle.
“Everything you need to know about your powers and how to bring them out, I would like to challenge a true powered being and be worthy of killing whom I am supposed to protect, there is no joy in fighting a weak man” the Priest said and disappeared
Dan bent down and slowly reached out for the book, the placed his right hand on it and closed it before picking it up.
“Chucks, you have to go home, while we move to the hideout at Akure” Dan said as he stood up.
“Even before you asked, I don’t want my head rolling on a tray like John the Baptist” he said and hurried out of the house.
Sonita sighed and picked up the cup from the ground and placed it on the table, rubbed her hands against her hips and sighed.
“What next?”
“Get the things you need, avoid touching what Chucks has come in contact with, we change the car and move out to Akure, we should keep our heads low there for a while, I will subdue this book with some deodorant and hopefully it works out”
Tinu held the Priest against the wall, with her flaming sword on the left hand, brewing with anger, She grinned at the Priest and let out a loud scream before throwing him the opposite direction with all the strength she could summon.
“I let you get all the fun you have, but I think its time , I let you understand who the boss is right from the creation” the Priest said and stood up.
He smirked as he began to sprout out wings from his back, his fingers slightly increased in size turning into claws, his face slightly taking a rough wolf look and pointed ears.
“Stand down!!!!” He barked out the orders, which shook the foundations of the whole building
Tinu whimpered like a helpless dog and crawled to the corner of the building and had a sad expression on her face.
“You’ve had enough fun, it is time to play by the rules of a greater authority, this should be last time you go against my order or take offence with whatever I decide, or that day shall be your very last of entire existence” the Priest said and slowly took back his human form.
“I have a change of plan, this world doesn’t deserve the good they get, I want to watch it burn, and that burning won’t come from my hand, it will come from theirs”
Dan opened the booth of his SUV and pulled out the boxes from it and dropped it to the floor, he and Sonita both let out soft sigh. Their journey had been a long a tiring one.
“So you have an apartment in an estate” Sonita said, impressed by the architecture of the estate.
“I own half and quarter of the estate property” Dan said and walked on, pulling his box behind him.
Sonita squinted her eyes, finding it hard to believe what Dan had just told her, how much more he still had, but searching through his mind, she found what he had said to be nothing but the truth. How was it even possible for him to own such and his mere look only tells about someone living an average life.
After settling down and getting themselves set up, Dan retrieved the book the Priest gave to him from where he kept it and flipped open the first page, while Sonita leaned on the chair behind him, having a clear view of the book’s content from where she stood.
“How are we even supposed to understand these languages?” She asked curiously.
“This is written in ancient Yoruba language, long forgotten, or probably mixed up with some new ones, but it shouldn’t be a problem reading, since most words in here are easy to grasp” Dan replied and flipped to the next page.
“These images, tells more than the writings” Dan said and placed his hand on the figure drawing representing a male and a female, standing side by side and what indicated a bright source of light above them.
They both kept mute and paid attention to the drawing, till they got to the end of the page.
“So there is a way to walk back to our past and see things we don’t know” Sonita said quite happy
“Shall we?” Dan said and stood up
Dan pulled the leather chairs in the large living room to a corner, making enough space wide enough to allow him draw what he needed on the floor. He walked into a room and returned minutes later with two chalks in his hands and handed on over to Sonita, he placed the book in front of them and stared at the drawing.
“From the instruction, we can only look at this image once, get the details and redraw it, if we really need to jump to the past and we both have to do it” he said and looked at Sonita.
“I am ready” She said and looked at Dan.
Dan sighed taking one last look and closed the book and immediately the both began to draw their own half on the ground.
After about an hour, they both stood up, right in the middle of the wide circle they made, which had different various symbols around the inner curves and a double inscribed triangle in the middle, ancient idols drawing and more.
“Seems it is perfect, now the chants”
“I don’t know anything about speaking your language” Sonita replied.
“It’s a one man chant” Dan said and closed his eyes, after few seconds began to mumble words which were unclear to Sonita
Sonita watched with keen interest as Dan chanted the words easily, wondered how he could master such long words in a short time and say them like he had always seen them his entire life.
The entire living room suddenly went dark and followed by chill air that went deep into Sonita’s spine. The drawing they had made on the floor suddenly went up in flames, changing into various colors and sometimes taking shapes of the idols that were drawn on the floor and some which were strange.
She looked at Dan and saw his eyes glowing and also his veins, suddenly she felt a strong force sucked her feet, like it was pulling her into the ground. Like gateway the ground suddenly opened, and both her and Dan fell in.

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Re: Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 9:35am On Jan 08
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe
All right reserved
Dan and Sonita found themselves standing in front of a two storey building, confused about where they were, Dan looked at Sonita hoping she had any clue to let out as to where they were.
“We are probably in the past” Sonita said.
Two women rushed out of the building, dressed in white maternity gown. It was then it dawned on Dan and Sonita they were both standing before a hospital, the area became very visible to them.
“This is probably where we began our journey” Dan said and walked closer to the women.
“They cant see us” He said again and walked into the reception of the hospital.
“ The women at Ward 32, they gave birth at same hour and sadly they both died, and nobody is coming to take responsibility for the bodies and the babies, its been three days” the nurse by the reception said to the other standing before her, while they both went through the file with them.
“I wish I could adopt them, they are very different, brown hairs and green eyes and the girl also blue large eyes” the other nurse said and let out a soft smile.
“That must be us” Dan said
Gunshot filed the air outside the hospital, which instantly spread panic through everyone in the hospital, the door leading into the building forcefully came open and three gun men with their faces uncovered walked in and fired into the air.
“The children, where are they?” one of the gunmen asked with husky voice, that sent fear into their hostages.
“They are many children here” one of the nurses replied boldly.
“Boss, they are on the run” a gunman shouted, running out from the inner ward.
“Follow them, one of the children should be dead, it’s a direct order, or you guys wont be alive in five more years to witness your generations” the boss shouted and ran out of the building.

Dan and Sonita suddenly found themselves standing before a crashed vehicle, while the gunmen drove to the scene and all alighted their vehicle to inspect the crashed vehicle.
“No one can survive that boss, they are all dead, even better it looked like an accident” a gunman said and hopped back into the vehicle, followed by the others and drove off.
A car pulled up distance away from the crashed vehicle and from it alighted a woman probably in her late fifties, on hearing the cry of a toddler she pulled off her shoes and hastened her footsteps.
She bent down and looked through, seeing the child, she stretched her right hand, straining, she grabbed the child and pulled it out. She stood up and quickly took the child to her car, and drove off.
The weather suddenly changed to night time and next on the crashed scene were police vehicles and medics.
“There is a survivor” a medic shouted drawing everyone’s attention.
“What do we do to him” a police asked after the child was already brought out.
“We gathered report from the hospital seems he had no parent and huuhhhnnn, they were kidnapped or so, by these women and had an accident, that’s the report we got from the hospital and other investigations has been hitting dead ends, we find him an orphanage”
They both found themselves again, standing in front of an alter, Dan turned around and saw the Priest walking in with Tinu, both having a heated argument.
“They are both in continent apart, there is no way they can get to each other, save yourself from spilling blood even though its for the right purpose” The Priest shouted at Tinu and grabbed her by the neck.
“This is not your call to make” he said and let her go, while she coughed hard due to the excessive choking.
“A day will come, when you will regret this decision of yours, we know where we can find the girl and kill her before they get to know each other, or the boy, he lives here in the orphanage, what stress is there in killing him, I can even make it look like food poisoning”
A strong wind suddenly swept her off her feet, suspended her in the air for some seconds before smashing her against the pillar closest to her.
“I said you have no say in this, they both live as far as they don’t get to know each other till death”
Both Sonita and Dan were sucked out from the revelation, already exhausted, Sonita looked at Dan and shook her head negatively, already reading Dan’s mind, she knew what he was going to do next.
“You cant do this, there is always a way” Sonita said
“With such powers we possess, and we know what lays ahead, it will be foolish to put every other lives at risk, it a step worth taking to keep the world alive” Dan said and stood up, summoning the little strength he had left in him.
“No Dan, you cant do this”
“This is the way” Dan said and staggered towards the kitchen.
Sonita gathered herself together and finally stood up, going as fast as she could to catch up with Dan before he killed himself. Dan shot the door and turned the key, locking the door before Sonita could even get closer to it.
“DAANNNN!!!” She let out a loud cry banging the door heavily and crying uncontrollable
She suddenly let out a soft gasp, like something was forcefully pulled out from her body, it was then she knew what Dan had done. She moved back and ran with full force and smashed her body against the door, crashing it down.
She stood motionless with her mouth wide open, tears dropping down her cheeks like they were endless, her eyes filled with tears and disbelief. She saw Dan laying lifeless, three knives stuck to his stomach, he was already lifeless.
The Priest suddenly stood flipping through the pages of the book he was going through and stood up, he also felt something left him, it was then it dawned on him what had happened.
“A decision no one thought” he said to himself and fell to his knees in tears.


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Re: Books Of Revelation by Shedrack777: 12:00am On Jan 09
it wasn't suppose to end this way. chai, no! not like this devilpen
Re: Books Of Revelation by AceRoyal: 10:19am On Jan 09
Sincerely in as much as you're a very good writer the end of this story is anticlimax.
It's as if you got bored of it and hurriedly had to put an abrupt end to it.
The build up and all was fantastic but the ending is very poor in my opinion.
I've been following you for some time and I really had interest in this story, too sad I was really disappointed.
Re: Books Of Revelation by Devilpen(m): 10:52am On Jan 09
Sincerely in as much as you're a very good writer the end of this story is anticlimax.
It's as if you got bored of it and hurriedly had to put an abrupt end to it.
The build up and all was fantastic but the ending is very poor in my opinion.
I've been following you for some time and I really had interest in this story, too sad I was really disappointed.
sincerely it was rushed, I am so sorry you found the ending disappointing...

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