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‘you Are Godmother To My Unborn Kids’- Pretty Mike Tells Bbnaija Dorathy Bachor / Bbnaija Alex Unusual's Godmother, Anita Joseph, Finally Shows Off Her Boo (video / Alex Appreciates A Fairy Tale Godmother Who Bought Her Several Christmas Gifts (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Godmother (18+) by UltimateSpice: 2:18pm On Feb 07
‘I’m pleased to meet you, and I hope this will be the beginning of a relationship that will be long-lasting,’ he concluded.
Rita smiled and briefly told him about herself. ‘I’m a nurse and I believe in serving humanity,’ she concluded.

‘You’re even more beautiful than your picture on Facebook,’ he commented.

‘Thank you.’

‘So, you’re a nurse. That’s interesting.’

They talked about other interests. He loved to read and write, while she loved to listen to music.

‘Now, let’s eat something,’ he said. She conceded and he went to buy eat-in fried rice and chicken. She ate her food slowly and regally. There
was something special about her.

‘I can’t picture it yet, but I think there’s something special about you,’ he said.

She raised her beautiful brow without saying anything. They chatted more after the food, then she expressed her desire to leave.

‘Can I know where you live? Can I visit you?’

She smiled and nodded. ‘Why not?’

‘So, tell me the place,’ he said eagerly.

She gave him the address of where she stayed at Anifowoshe area of Ikeja. ‘For now, I stay with my auntie,’ she added.

‘I will come. I will definitely give you a visit.’

‘Call me when you want to come,’ she said. ‘You know, I work on shifts.’

He nodded. ‘That will be no problem.’ He gave her the address of where he lived at Ogba.

Three days later, Tope gave Rita a call.

‘Can I come and see you towards this evening?’ he asked her.


He was there. The two kids of her auntie were cute. They kept hovering round Rita. Tope and Rita chatted, but not intimately. She promised to
reciprocate the visit on Saturday. Tope welcomed her gesture. That Saturday, he was so excited about her coming. It was as if he had never
been in love before.

Rita entered his mini-flat apartment few minutes to eleven. He had been waiting for her and had got many things ready. Many things including
the apple juice packs. He served her in a tray, filled two glasses and handed her one.

‘Cheers. This is to a great and wonderful relationship,’ he smiled widely as he took the drinks.


As he sipped his drinks, he continually looked into her eyes. ‘I have a confession to make,’ he told her.

‘What confession?’

He paused to make his attempt emphatic. ‘I’m in love with you,’ he blurted out.

She smiled. ‘It’s good to hear that but there are certain things you should know.’

He became very curious. ‘Things such as what?’

‘The first is our relationship can never lead to marriage.’

He looked surprised. ‘Why? Are you betrothed to somebody?’

She smiled and shook her head. ‘No.’

‘So, why can’t it lead to marriage?’ he demanded.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll soon understand.’

For now, he could not understand. Was it that she considered that he would not be able to take good care of her, or what?

‘The purpose of this relationship is not about falling in love or getting married,’ she said. ‘It’s about being of help to you.’

He looked at her curiously. ‘What d’you mean? What help?’

She allowed a meaningful silence. ‘I can help you to become great in life. There’s a synergy between us, and I can be of help to you.’

Nice work
Re: The Godmother (18+) by SeyiDominion: 5:48pm On Feb 27
He looked at her curiously. ‘What d’you mean? What help?’

She allowed a meaningful silence. ‘I can help you to become great in life. There’s a synergy between us, and I can be of help to you.’

His curiosity was total. ‘How can you be of help? What help?’

She smiled. ‘I can help you to become great in life. I can help you to achieve, fame, wealth and power.’

He stared at her. ‘How?’

‘By making power, wealth and fame come to you.’

He was still staring at her. ‘How?’ he asked again.

She kept quiet and stared at the television. He sat by her and held her hand. ‘All that you’re saying is esoteric. Can you please explain yourself?’

‘I have the power to give you power and wealth,’ she said. ‘But that will be if you can pass three tests.’

He suddenly laughed. ‘I think you should stop the joke, Rita. You’re beautiful and I like your attitude. I want to marry you. Period.’

‘So, you don’t believe all I said,’ she said quietly.

‘What I believe is I’ll love to marry you,’ he replied.

‘You don’t believe I have any power?’ she asked.

‘I’m sorry, if you do, then you will have to prove it.’

She chuckled. ‘You want a proof?’

‘Yes, I want a proof.’

She closed her eyes for some moments as if in meditation. ‘Right now, the total money you have in this house is two thousand, seven hundred
and fifty naira.’

He was a bit surprised that she had guessed right. ‘Yes, that’s about the cash at hand I have, now.’

‘Do you want more money right away?’

‘You mean you’ll give me some money? Well ..’ he shrugged.

‘I’ll give you, but I won’t hand it you.’

He raised his brow. ‘So, how are you going to give me?’

She closed her eyes again. His mind was busy. Surely, this lady was acting strangely.

She opened her eyes. ‘You have the money now.’

He laughed and opened his palms. ‘Where’s the money?’

‘There’s fifty thousand naira for you,’ she said. ‘Go and check the pocket of the black coat you hanged in your bedroom.’

He laughed shortly again. ‘Oh, come on, Rita. Let’s forget this joke and talk about something else.’

She looked solemnly at him. ‘It’s no joke. Go and confirm the money.’

The way she looked seriously prevented him from laughing again.

‘Are you serious, Rita?’

‘Why don’t you confirm it?’

He grinned. ‘Alright. I will do as you command.’ He stood up and went to the bed-room.

The Godmother: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the-godmother/25051
Re: The Godmother (18+) by BigBasher: 6:43am On Feb 28
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Re: The Godmother (18+) by SeyiDominion: 4:51pm On Mar 05
‘What?!’ he exclaimed. ‘How? How did this get into the pocket of my coat?’

He soon came out, holding a bundle of new five hundred naira notes. ‘How did this get there?’

She smiled. ‘I told you.’

‘But how? How did you do it?’ He felt the money again and counted it. It was exactly fifty thousand naira. He stared at her in amazement. ‘Are you a magician?’

‘I’m not. Let’s just say this is one of the things I can do. And this is a tip of the iceberg.’

He stared at her and shook his head again. Then, he stared at the money. ‘This is amazing.’

‘Now, let’s go back to what we were discussing. I said I can help you to achieve fame and wealth,’

‘Yes, yes, you said so.’ He was now apparently interested. ‘Now, I believe you.’

She smiled and nodded at him. ‘There are three tests you must pass. Then, you’ll be on.’

‘Tests? What’re the tests?’

‘I won’t tell you the three at a time. It will be one after the other.’

Tope nodded. ‘That should not be a problem. Tell me, what is the first test?’

She smiled at his eagerness. It was just what she wanted.

‘Tell me,’ he urged. ‘Tell me the first test.’

‘Alright. The first test is that you and I will sleep together on the same bed for three nights.’

He stared at her. Then his face lit up in excitement. ‘That’s a good test. Let’s start right away.’

She raised a finger to caution him. ‘Wait, I’ve not finished. During those three nights, no matter what happens, we must not make love. No sex.’

He looked shocked. ‘Three nights on the same bed with a lady and there must be no sex?’ he asked incredulously.

‘Yes. Three nights on the same bed with a lady and there must be no sex. That is the first test.’

He thought over what she had said. That should not be a problem, should it? The sex would come later. No problem.

‘Count me in,’ he said.

She looked at him seriously. ‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah, I’m sure, Rita. Very sure. Count me in. Let’s start it today.’

‘We can’t start today, I told my aunty I was off duty today. We can start tomorrow.’

He nodded vigorously. ‘Yes, tomorrow is okay. We can start tomorrow.’

‘From tomorrow, I’ll be sleeping here in this mini-flat with you. Or do you have an alternative place?’

‘No, here is perfect. Wow, it will be wonderful; to share my bed with a beautiful and wonderful person like you, even without sex for now.’ Then
he looked at her keenly ‘What about today? Can’t I prove my love for you today by making love to you?’

She smiled again and shook her head. ‘No. No sex with you until after you’ve passed the three tests.’

The Godmother: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the-godmother/25051
Re: The Godmother (18+) by BigBasher: 6:43am On Mar 12
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Re: The Godmother (18+) by SeyiDominion: 12:02pm On Mar 13
He nodded avidly. ‘I hereby totally agree.’

‘So, what can you offer me?’

He held the money he had seen in his pocket dearly. ‘Anything you want my princess. Then, what about this money? Let’s share it 50-50.’

She smiled warmly. ‘No. there’s no need for that. But you can buy anything you desire for me.’

‘Oh, I’ll surely do that. What about food? What will you eat?’

‘Anything you offer me.’

‘Okay.’ He decided to go to a small eatery not far from where he lived to buy a take-away pack of fried rice, salad and chicken.
She was all smiles when he served her the food. Rita had no doubt that the relationship would be a ‘fruitful one.’

On Sunday evening, Tope was prepared to host his august visitor. He had bought some foodstuffs including rice, beans, garri and plantain. For the next three days or so that Rita would be staying with him, he wanted her to be given the best he could offer. He had no doubt that a special lady like Rita deserved special treatment.

Rita came to the house by seven in the evening and he was very glad to receive her.

‘My darling, it’s good to see you,’ he said.

‘It’s good to be here too,’ she replied.

They sat in the sitting-room and chatted. Later, he took her to the kitchen where she prepared white rice and fried plantain. They ate together
and conversed as if they had known each other for ages. She seemed to be completely at ease being with him and he cherished her presence

Later, they retired to his bedroom. His first ‘test’ had started in earnest. She completely removed her clothes in his presence, unabashed and
unmindful. It was part of the test, his mind told him. She lay on the bed naked and he became concerned.

‘Well, are you not going to wear something?’ he asked, trying to avoid staring at her naked body. ‘Something like a night-wear, or something?’

‘No. I’ll rather sleep like this.’

His mind was unsettled. That would make the whole thing to be more difficult. Already he had been fighting an erection. He switched off the
light, but the realization that the lady beside him was naked made the erection refuse to go away.

‘Tell me about your childhood,’ she said.

He told her, but it was with effort. ‘Look, can you please, wear something?’ he pleaded.

‘Sorry, for the purpose of the test, I must not wear anything.’

In the semi-dark room, he could clearly see her outline. She was no doubt beautiful, like a goddess. She must be a goddess, he thought. To
compound his situation, her breasts were very firm; very firm and enticing. He felt like grabbing them and running his mouth on the nipples. It
was such a big effort for him to restrain himself.

The Godmother: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the-godmother/25051
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Re: The Godmother (18+) by SeyiDominion: 5:01pm On Mar 28
In the semi-dark room, he could clearly see her outline. She was no doubt beautiful, like a goddess. She must be a goddess, he thought. To compound his situation, her breasts were very firm; very firm and enticing. He felt like grabbing them and running his mouth on the nipples. It was such a big effort for him to restrain himself.

He tried to talk about some of the challenges he faced while studying in the university, hoping that would distract him from thinking about her breasts.

She talked about her childhood too. As a five year old girl, she had come to realize that she had special power. She was not enticed to boys, as a teenager, unlike her peers.

‘With it surprise you to learn that I’m a virgin?’ she said.

He was completely surprised. ‘You don’t mean it!’

‘I do. I am and I love it that way.’

He could not say anything.

‘Now, I hope you know that it’s not only me you must not have sex with. For the next three days, you must not do it with anybody.’

He sighed. ‘Okay.’

‘One more thing, there must be no masturbation; no discharge of semen.’

He felt like swooning. ‘Okay,’ he muttered. He turned his back to her. It was better he stopped seeing her enticing figure. He must pass the test.

He was able to survive the first night of the test, but he would never forget the experience. It was the longest erection he ever had and by the
morning, he felt some pain on his manhood. You have to endure this for two more nights, he told himself.

By sheer determination, Tope was able to remain steadfast in passing the test. In the morning after the third night, he was pleased with himself.
He woke up six a.m and woke her up.

‘I’ve passed the test,’ he told her.

‘Yeah, congratulations.’ She stood up and started wearing her t-shirt.

‘Can’t we do it now?’ he asked.

‘Do what?’

‘Can’t we make love?’

She shook her head. ‘Not when you have two more tests to go.’

The Godmother: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the-godmother/25051
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Re: The Godmother (18+) by SeyiDominion: 8:43pm On Apr 02
By sheer determination, Tope was able to remain steadfast in passing the test. In the morning after the third night, he was pleased with himself. He woke up six a.m and woke her up.

‘I’ve passed the test,’ he told her.

‘Yeah, congratulations.’ She stood up and started wearing her t-shirt.

‘Can’t we do it now?’ he asked.

‘Do what?’

‘Can’t we make love?’

She shook her head. ‘Not when you have two more tests to go.’

‘Hmn.’ He remembered she had said something like that. There was no need to hurry her. He would wait. ‘So, what’s the second test?’

She grinned and wore a bum short under the top. ‘Be patient,’ she said. ‘I’ll soon tell you.’

She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. ‘I’m on afternoon duty today, so I’ll be staying around till noon.’

‘No problem,’ he replied. ‘You can keep the spare key.’

She sat on the bed and stared at him. He stared back anxiously.

‘Now, the second test.’

‘Yes, tell me.’

She nodded. ‘You’ll buy seven white handkerchiefs. From today, you’ll sleep with seven different prostitutes. You’ll use each of the
handkerchief a day to wipe your manhood after the intercourse, each handkerchief for the act. You must not sleep with a particular one
twice. On the seventh day, you’ll bring the seven handkerchiefs to me.’

Tope opened his mouth. ‘Prostitutes? Did I hear you say prostitutes?’

‘That’s right.’

‘What did you take me for?’ he demanded. ‘I’m a decent guy, for heavens’ sake!’

‘Well, decent or not, that’s the second test.’

He stared at her. She had said it so calmly, as if she was asking him to do a simple task like plucking seven mangoes. He thought over
what she had said and shook his head. ‘Give me another test. If you want me to sleep with you for another seven days without sex, all well
and good. I don’t want this second test you have given me.’

She looked at him coolly. ‘Then, let’s call the whole thing off. It’s either you do that, or you forget every other thing.’

He sighed. His mind was busy. It would be an irony that he as a journalist who had written against commercial sex business would be the
one to patronize sex workers every day for the next seven days. He sighed again. This lady could give him power and wealth as she had
promised. Why back out now?

‘Alright,’ he said. ‘I’ll do it.’

‘You’re not to use any condom,’ she added. ‘And make sure your semen does not touch the handkerchief.’
He nodded again.

‘Good. That’s how to be a man.’

The Godmother:. https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the-godmother/25051
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Tope sighed again. When he was going to work, he planned how he would go about doing his second ‘test.’ He knew some joints between his house and Ogba bus stop where there commercial sex workers. He would have to visit only one joint and moved to another one the following day as he must not sleep twice with a particular woman.

He bought a dozen of white handkerchiefs. He would be picking them one by one and would keep the ones he had used in a separate place. By seven in the evening, he went to the closest one to his dark. When he got to the bar, the place was already brimming with customers who were coming in to enjoy the evening session.

He ordered for drinks of malt. He wasn’t taking alcohol and it was a little bit odd that he was the only man not drinking strong stuff at that very time. He could see some of the sex workers hovering around. Many were in skimpy dresses and they tried to woo customers with their coquettish looks. He beckoned at a slim but busty one. She eagerly moved to his side.

‘Good evening,’ he greeted.

‘Good evening, lover boy,’ she answered.

He looked her all over. She was pretty, slim, but busty. Yes, he would start with this lady.

‘How much d’you charge?’ he asked her.

‘It depend o, on what you want. Whether na short time, or till day break. Whether we go do am here or you wan carry me to your place.
Whether na quick sex or you want romance. Whether na Mouth Gig or direct.’

There was no need he wasted time. ‘I want quick sex,’ he said.

She told him how much it would cost. He agreed without argument.

‘Let’s go,’ she said eagerly.

He finished the last of his drink and followed her through a dimly light passage to an equally dim room. There was a small bed in the room, but they would not be using it.

She stretched her right hand towards him. ‘Oga, where my pay?’

He understood it was pay before service. From his side pocket, he brought out his purse and counted the amount she had asked for.

‘Good,’ she said. ‘You be correct guy.’

She unzipped his trousers and held his dick. It responded immediately. She smiled at him, unzipped her short skirt and pulled it down.
She turned her back to him and spread her legs. Her bum rubbed against his prick. He held her waist from behind and inserted his organ into her waiting pussy. He was surprised he was enjoying the act. His hands moved from her waist to her bum and back to her waist as he banged her. Within five minutes, it was all over. He quickly withdrew his organ as soon as he climaxed.

He asked for the toilet and went there. Then carefully, he brought the handkerchief from his back pocket and wiped his penis. He folded the handkerchief and put it back at the rear pocket. He smiled to himself at the success of day one of his test.

Andy, Calista’s brother, who just came from Canada, came to the hospital where his sister worked to see the place. But beyond knowing where Calista worked, Andy was there to see the beautiful nurse his sister had talked about. Calista and Rita worked in the same hospital and had told Rita how her brother would wish to take Rita to Canada as his wife. Andy was approaching forty and one of his reasons for visiting Nigeria was to pick a wife. His sister had told him about a junior nurse in her working place. He was told that Rita was cool, reserved and decent, and would be a good wife.

When Calista first approached Rita and tried to watch-make between her brother and the junior colleague, Rita was unimpressive.

‘He is ready to take you to Canada ASAP,’ Calista had said.

Rita remained unimpressive. Today, Andy himself came around to see the unwilling Rita and to see how he could woo her. He told his sister to call Rita as he would love to have a chat with her. Rita went to meet him just to fulfill righteousness. As soon as he saw her, he was convincingly desirous of getting her as his own.

‘I don’t understand your unwillingness to accept me,’ Andy told Rita. ‘I’m very serious about marrying you and taking you to Canada to be with me. I’m ready to see your people now so that we can start formalizing the plan. I really want to marry you.’

Rita sighed. ‘There’s nothing you have said which Nurse Calista has not said. Just like I told her, I’m not interested in marriage.’

Andy was confounded. ‘But how could you say you were not interested in marriage. You’re not too young to marry, are you?’

‘No, I’m not.’

‘So, why’re you saying you’re not interested? See, I’m really serious about what I’m telling you. Let me show you how serious I am.’ He removed his purse from his pocket, opened it and counted out two hundred dollars. ‘Take this and buy something. The moment you say yes to my proposition, I will surprise you with many good things.’

Rita was reluctant to take the money from him. ‘Taking it does not guarantee anything,’ she said.

‘Just take it,’ Andy urged.

She took the money. ‘Alright, I’ll think over your proposition.’

‘Ah, thank you. I’ll be glad if your answer is positive.’ Andy was all smiles. ‘Er, can I have your number?’

Rita gave it to him. He was glad and hopeful the dollars would do wonders and make her change her mind.

Doctor Sam passed the corridor where Andy was chatting Rita up. He eyed her and moved on. Since the incident some days ago when he had experienced temporary partial paralysis, Sam had been keeping Rita at arm’s length. The worse thing was he could not tell anybody what he had experienced. He had the belief that nobody would believe him.

Rita collected the money from Andy just for the sake of collecting it. She knew what her mission was and it never included going to Canada. If Andy liked, let him give her one million dollars, that would not change Rita’s mind.

For the next days, Tope moved from one brothel to another, meeting one sex worker or the other. He decided he might as well make the best out of the situation he found himself. To this extent, he picked different partners – the short, the slim, the fat, the tall and so on – for his pleasure.

On the seventh day, he decided to go to Ikeja. The joint was close to Isheri. Far from where he lived. As usual, he ordered for malt drinks while he observed the activities going on in the bar. The music of Fela Anikulapo titled ‘Lady’ was playing loudly. He swayed his body gently to the music. A middle-aged man with a grin approached.

You can download full story at: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the-godmother/25051

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