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Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 11:47am On Dec 16, 2020
Many Nigerians had turned to the internet as a means of making extra income and earn money online. The outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic early this year and the subsequent lockdown imposed afterwards had turned virtually everyone's attention to the great opportunities that can be tapped from the internet as a means of making money online and earning some extra income and also as an avenue of showcasing and promoting their products/services.

Despite being the largest economy in Africa and having an ever-growing GDP, Nigeria suffers from persistent double-digit inflation rates that lead to their currency plunging in value. Moreover, the lack of jobs contributes to Nigeria’s striking unemployment rate as high as 23.1% in late 2019– which was nearly a quarter of the population without jobs!

The internet has brought a lot of flexibility and made life easier. Not only has it made it easy for businesses to thrive, but has also helped people keep in touch and made it easier to make income.

There are many reasons that you should consider making money online. As a student, you can make extra money to take care of yourself while in school, thereby relieving your parents of some financial burden. If you are looking for a job, you can become your own boss on the internet. If you are working but need a supplementary source of income, the internet is the best choice of earning extra money without much stress. If you want to become rich, you can do it on the internet. The possibilities are just endless for you.

The good news is that even though there might not be full-time jobs for you out there, you can create your own on the internet.

How can I make money online in Nigeria fast?

With access to a computer and working Internet connection, you are already halfway to making money online. The rest is just to find appropriate channels that will pay you for your time:

Who can make Money online??
Anyone with a computer/Smartphone and a source of internet connection can earn money online in Nigeria. On the internet, it is all about value; what you can do. Most people do not care about your state of origin, your religion, your qualification or anything, all they care about is what you can bring to the table.

There are quite lots of ways of making legitimate money online. These ranges from Digital Marketing, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, blogging, YouTube/Vlogging, E-Commerce/Importation, Online Course Creation, EBook Publishing etc. There is a specific one I considered to be the easiest and fastest way of making money online out of all these businesses. This is called Affiliate Marketing. I chose Affiliate Marketing because you can easily start seeing massive results within a short period unlike other business models that take some time before you can see substantial results. Also with Affiliate Marketing, you don't need a skill or set of skills before you can start it and most importantly, you can start Affiliate Marketing with little or no Capital at all and still become successful.

What is Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is simply a revenue-sharing business model that involves you to promote a product you don't own and make commissions from it. Your job as an Affiliate marketer is simply to connect people to products. You are a connector here and you earn your commissions from the connection made. Whenever the people you connected/referred purchase the product or perform the task required by the owner of the products (this could be Surveys, E-mail submit, App install etc) you receive your commissions.
Affiliate marketing is a $12 billion industry.  Not only is it growing at a fast pace, but it is also already a massive global industry.

It is all about referring customers to products or services that you do not own and then get a commission for it. It is that simple.

Considering that majority of people buy things Online nowadays, Affiliate Marketing is a sure way of making money online.

The best form of Affiliate Marketing to consider as a Marketer is the one that deals with Digital Products. This is because this is where you can make massive commissions with little efforts. Digital products can be inform of Video guide, EBook, audio files, podcasts, Softwares etc.

For example, if a digital product sells at #50,000 and your commission as an Affiliate marketer is 50% (which is the usual percentage for digital products), you will earn #25,000 for each sale. Now if you just made 10 sales in a month, that's #250,000 for you as commission.

Imagine what an extra #250,000 per month will do to your life. Only few people in this country earn this amount as a starter in this shrinking economic period.
Affiliate Marketing can be done as a full time job or as a side hustle with your current work.

Making 10 sales in a month shouldn't be a difficult task when you are empowered with the right guidance and know the exact ways Super Affiliates are killing it.


This is simply because of two factors

1. They have a wrong mindest towards earning money online
2. They are doing Affiliate Marketing the wrong way.

Unless these 2 factors are corrected, many people will continue to either struggle with Affiliate marketing or get frustrated out of this lucrative industry. But when you have the Right mindset towards earning real money online and the exact ways/methods of doing Affiliate marketing, you will start earning great commissions and always be smiling when you see your account balance increasing.

What do you need to start earning in this Lucrative Business Model??

1. Registering with a reputable Affiliate Network/program.
2. Picking a HOT Digital product.
3. Access to a proven Selling-Machine Mechanism that will skyrocket your income and reduce your learning curve.

With these 3 things, you can certainly and definitely make a very big headway in Affiliate Marketing and enter 2021 with complete Financial freedom and stability.

Do you really want to enter 2021 without being broke??
You probably might not if you don't take action in your life today. 2020 is fast spent and will end soon but you can definitely still achieve something with the remaining time left.

I have put together a 5-Days Free One-on-one Whatsapp Training on Affiliate Marketing. This Training is highly Comprehensive and detailed which will simplify everything about Affiliate Marketing and how you can kick start your Affiliate Marketing business without any hassles and difficulties.
You will have the opportunity of one-on-one interactions and will be able to ask any questions as regard this business Model during the training.

After this 5-Days Free training, serious minded people who will want to start their Affiliate Marketing business will have a one month full Mentorship/guidance and will be guided/trained on how to make their first 100K within 30 days as an Affiliate Marketing with Free Traffic.

Yes, you can achieve it! You can make money in Affiliate Marketing!! You can make money online legitimately!!!

P.S: Interested people should check my signature and see the Whatsapp number for the training.
Kindly send "Hi, I am interested in this Training" to the Whatsapp number in My signature and start your training immediately.

Digital Marketing Consulting
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 11:57am On Dec 16, 2020

If you are just starting out or have not been successful in spite of your great efforts then definitely you should have a Mentor if you are looking for a straight line to success.

What do I mean by a straight line?
Straight line is the shortest path to success

I am not saying you will not face any failures in a straight line journey, but you will know how to overcome those failures if you have a mentor.

Do you want to keep experimenting all your life to find out what will work for you...

Or you want a straight line to success? Of course all of us want a straight line to success.
Because that will shorten the learning curve and keep you motivated throughout your path to success.

I have seen many people trying to figure out things on their own as they think...There is lot of information available on the net which they can read and learn.

If you start reading all material available online on how to make money your lifetime is not sufficient to consume all of that material...You'll become overloaded with information and will not know what information to use.

You may decide to just buy a cheap course which promises you all support...believe me 80% of the courses out there are junk material.

And the other courses do not provide the kind of support they promise as they are getting ready to launch the next course and make money launching the new course.

Treat your online business as any other business. You need to definitely need to invest in your yourself and have dedicated time to make things work for you.

You need a mentor who can stop you from straying away from the straight line by guiding you and supporting you when you need it the most.

When you're focused on your goal and have a mentor who put's you back on track when ever you tend to stray away then you are literally are on a Jet liner.

When I mean a mentor it is not necessarily the course creator. It could be a member of the community where your goals are the same and has gained sufficient experience to guide you in a straight line path....

You don't need to make it big to be successful...You'll be successful if you have a definite purpose and the guidance of a mentor to achieve the freedom that you want.

So friends, if you are just starting out or struggling to make things work for you, its time to get yourself a mentor who will guide you on a straight line path to your goals

Kick start your Financial Freedom today by joining our Free 5 days training
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 8:48pm On Dec 16, 2020
"You don't have to be great to start; but you have to start to be great"

When it comes to online business, you don't have to wait till you get all resources before getting started, rather you get started with whatever at your disposal and continue with your journey to greatness.

Procrastination is a thief of time, every time wasted can never be regained.

Commit yourself to actualizing your goal and get started immediately.
While you are contemplating and postponing your next move, others are joining and moving ahead.
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:35pm On Dec 17, 2020
Afraid Of Failure? Here's The Solution

In this post I want to unveil why the fear of failure and fear of making mistakes is holding you back from achieving your dreams and why it is necessary to make mistakes to succeed.
By the time you’re done reading this post, you should have a crystal clear idea of why you should not be afraid of making mistakes and come to the conclusion that failure is a good thing which moves you closer towards your goals and dreams.
But before I reveal this discovery that will blow your mind, let me share a quick story with you.

Sometimes in 2019, one of my friends introduced me to his MLM (Mulit-Level-Marketing) business.
I really loved the idea of this business and wanted to join.
I told my friends and parents that I will join his MLM business.
At the time the whole „starting your own business thing“ was really exciting for me.

Two months later, I realized that I didn’t want to pursue this business anymore.
Instead, I found out about affiliate marketing and…
I wanted to start my own affiliate business now.
However, what would my friends and parents say if I told them that I will start something new now?
I was afraid to tell them.
I didn’t want them to view me as a failure.
Sound like you?
This is the reason why most people never even get started.
They have dreams of starting their own business but…
The fear of failure and making mistakes outweighs the motivation to start.
Anyway, it took me quite some time to find the courage to tell them.
And, some of the responses weren’t very pleasant…
“So is this going to be the next thing you will make a lot of money with like your MLM thing?” (Insert laughter here)
The point I want to make is this…
People are always going to laugh about you and your dreams.
You can’t stop them but…
If you never go and try things, you’ll never find out what you really want to do.
Essentially, the fear of making mistakes will hold you back from achieving your dreams because you never even try to make the first step and here’s why…
You would be thinking…
“What if I fail and my friends, spouse and parents find out?”
“What would they think of me when I fail with this?”
“They would view me as a failure when I don’t succeed”
Now, stick with me here.
Everything will change for you when you understand some insights about your minds and its servomechanism

your servomechanism operates like a guided missile.
And, there’s two kinds of feedback a guided missile operates on…
Positive and negative feedback.
Now, the guided missile grapes its way towards the target and only reacts to the negative feedback.
Here’s why…
Positive feedback means that the guided missile is already doing the right thing and that it is on its course.
While negative feedback reflects that it is off its course and some corrections need to be made.
Your servomechanism functions the exact same way.
So, in this case making mistakes and experiencing failures is the negative feedback.
Your servomechanism can now correct its course because…
It knows what doesn’t work and will only be doing the thing that works in the future.
That is the exact reason why failure is necessary to succeed in anything!
And it is also the reason why some people make it look so easy to do certain things…
They made many mistakes and their servomechanism now knows what doesn’t work and only remembers the things that do work.

Take a positive action today about your life and move to the path of success!!!
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 12:09am On Dec 18, 2020

Please don't spam this thread with unsolicited advert

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Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by aoofbeautifulme(f): 10:28am On Dec 18, 2020
Are you sure this your number is whatsapp enabled
Because e no see am
Whatsapp is asking me to invite you to join whatsapp o
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 11:46am On Dec 18, 2020
Are you sure this your number is whatsapp enabled
Because e no see am
Whatsapp is asking me to invite you to join whatsapp o

Its little error. I have fix it up.

You can try this number now
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 11:46am On Dec 18, 2020
The Economy is about to be shutdown starting by next year.

The Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 had declared the second wave of Covid-19.

Many States are shutting down Schools and other activities in the Country.

Very soon the Federal Government might shut down the Country once again to curtain the spread of the Second Wave of Covid-19.
This means that people will have to stay at home.
Many jobs will be lost again and the rate of unemployment will skyrocket once more.

But you don't have to worry about the effects of all these lockdown and economic downsize.

The internet is still a viable and the most sort after ways of earning income in this trying time because you only need your Computer/Smartphone and internet connection. You will be working at the confine of your home without any stress and problem of endangering your life and your love ones to this pandemic.

Join the 5-Days Free training on the best internet business model now and safeguard your financial Freedom.

Many people are already opting in, the more days you waste, the more you are loosing potential money on the internet.

You can start your online entrepreneurial journey today by sending a message to the Whatsapp number on my signature.
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 8:28pm On Dec 18, 2020
The 5-Days Free Affiliate Marketing Training is a Comprehensive and detailed training put together to show you exactly and the right way of doing this business model for effective performance.

Everything you need to get started is well highlighted and the step-by-step procedures are fully incorporated.

Your training will also include "How to develop the Right Mindset to Succeed as an Online Entrepreneur".
Regardless of the Online business model you are doing, once you don't developed the Right mindset of how to earn money online, you will simply struggle or get frustrated.

You will also have One-on-One Personal interactions to discuss your challenges in your online business adventure.

Everything is well packaged in this training.

Get Started today.

Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 10:01am On Dec 19, 2020

I’d start taking action for a couple of months and then quit when I didn't see results.

This other niche looked awesome but it seemed saturated and everyone else has tons of social proof so i can’t compete.

To put it bluntly I was full of excuses and reasons why it wouldn’t work.

I was stuck in a vicious cycle and each time I switched to something new, things wouldn’t work out.

The biggest problem here is that I wasn't focused on what yields results.
There was always something else that looked better than what I was currently doing and whenever I try to switch, I realize that it wasn't the way I thought. So the journey kept rotating without any result.

The grass always looked greener on the other side but the truth of the matter is that the grass is only greener where you water it.
If you’re struggling and thinking that you can’t compete with others who are ahead of you due to your lack of experience then you need to fix your MINDSET.

Results come from taking action, social proof comes from taking action, you don’t start with those things so get your mindset right and stop focusing on other people.

Does any of the excuses above ever filled your mind and stop you from progressing in your online business

In our 5-Days training, Helping to build the right mindset towards achieving success as an online Entrepreneur is our first priority because that is where 90% of people get things wrong. No matter the online business you chose, a wrong mindset won't make you earn anything even while others are making Millions online.

To succeed online, Firstly build and have the right mindset about it and then success won't be an option but full certainty!!!

You can still be part of the training today!!!
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:17am On Dec 20, 2020
Happy Sunday Guys.
I do hope you have a lovely day ahead.

"Why do you dedicate so much time in the one-on-one Whatsapp training instead of just creating a group or be sending it through emails. "

One of my students asked few days ago.

Ordinarily, I do trainings via emails where I make use of auto responders to deliver the trainings on auto pilot while I don't get involve. But this training is different because;

1. I want to have personal interactions with all interested people and know how I can help them in getting solutions to their online business challenges.

2. I want to give full accessibility to all interested people of the training to ask any questions bothering on this business model and further challenges faced.

3. Many people will join the training with different understanding of the system. Some will join as a complete beginner, some as an intermediate while some just need motivations to keep up the work and some just want to scale up their earnings. The personal training will give opportunity to identify and focus on your major challenges.

4. Some people need to be encouraged in order to take action and get started.

5. I want to be part of your success story in 2021.

You can still be part of the training today before it get ended.
Send a message to the Whatsapp number in my signature and you get started immediately.

Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 8:39pm On Dec 20, 2020

As an Affiliate Marketer, the biggest problem and challenges faced is how to drive traffic to our promoted offers, and not just any traffic but targeted and quality ones. Only targeted and qualified traffic can convert.
There are 2 major ways of getting traffic to your affiliate products; Organic Traffic (Free Traffic) and Paid Traffic (PPC Ads)

Personally I love starting with organic traffic before scaling up with Paid traffics. This is much more cost effective and highly converting for me.

Most Affiliate Marketers especially the newbies promote their products by spamming the entire social media( WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc) with Affiliate links. This is a wrong mindset and idea for many reasons. You will simply not make any sales doing that and would most especially be ban from Major Social media platforms with such act. If you are quite lucky to make sales through that, your success will be short term because you don't have a system and process in place to keep your income coming regularly. This might lead to frustration and eventually quitting.

But it doesn't have to be like that. Affiliate Marketing is fun and quite easy with the right guidance.

This 3 simple steps can help you find your ideal customers for your products whether as an affiliate marketer or you are the owner of the products you want to sell.

1. Everything starts with identifying your market and your dream customer.

To make it more fun you can imagine that you are on a hunt for a specific fish.

So there are around 5 thousand of different species of fish known in the world.
They are all different - look different, have different places of living, eat different food.

And you need just one specific species - let's say Tilapia, because any other fish is not fit your purpose.

So you need to know everything about that species - everything. The more you know the more successful you will be on your hunt.

2. Second step - you need a hook or a bait or a lead magnet (as marketers call it)
One very important detail - your bait should be specific for Tilapia only because the purpose of it - is to attract your ideal customers and repel everyone else.
We need a Tilapia right? We don't need shrimps.
Ok, the bait is ready. So far so good.

The next thing to do is find their place of living. Where they are swimming.

When it comes to Facebook organic marketing - the easiest place to find our ideal customer is fb groups.

Groups identify people by their interests, problems they want to solve and desired outcomes they want to achieve.
There are hundreds of thousands of groups out there and Tilapia can be found only in some of them.
So your job is identify which are these groups.

And here it is. You are now ready to go for a hunt!

You know your target!!

You know where you can most likely find your target!!!
And you have all kinds of baits ready so you can test each and find out what works better.

So attract your potential customers out, get familiar with them and hook them with your products/offer.

Now you need to go and do fishing. And don't come back without a catch!

Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:22pm On Dec 21, 2020
How to deal with Inferiority Complex!!!

If you feel inferior and think that you are not good enough to make it online, then this might be the most important post you’ll ever read.

You will discover why you are feeling inferior, what the truth about you is and how you can blast the feeling of inferiority for good.

These life-changing discoveries I’m about to share were made by a renowned American Cosmetic Surgeon, Maxwell Maltz.

Before I will unveil his mind-blowing insights, let me share a quick story with you.

When I got into affiliate marketing, I wanted to make money with it.
However, I didn’t feel worthy to be making money online.

I was constantly thinking…

“Who is going to listen to me?”

“Who is going to buy from me?”

“I’m not cut out for this…”

“I’m not good enough…”

Sound like you?

Anyway, what I discovered is this…

Whenever I compared myself to others, I started feeling inferior again.

“Look at him, he gets 300 likes and comments on every post.”

“Wow, this guy made $25,000 last month with affiliate marketing...I can never do that.”

So, when I got into Maltz’s book Psycho-Cybernetics, there was a firework going on in my head and…

Everything started to make sense.

Here is what he unearthed…

The feeling of inferiority comes about for one reason which is…

We judge ourselves and measure ourselves not against our own norm, but against some others norm!

And, this feeling comes from our conclusions regarding facts, not from facts.

When we do this, here’s what happens…

Without exception, we come out second best.
This hit me like a ton of bricks.

However, we often tell ourselves things like…

“I should be like this guy.”

“I should be like everybody else.”

But the reality is…
No two individuals are identical.

So, the truth about you is…
You are not inferior, you are not superior, you are simply…


Plus, you as a personality are not in competition with any other personality, simply because there is not another person on the face of the earth like you or in your particular class.

You are an individual!

You are unique.!!

You are not like any other person and can never become like any other person.

You are not supposed to be like any other person and…

No other person is supposed to be like you.

God made every individual unique.

Stop measuring yourself against their standards. You are not them and can never measure up. Neither can they measure up to your standards, nor should they.

Makes sense?


So, stop comparing yourself to others and pursue your new objective…

You can do it. Trust me you can.

Thousands of people out there are doing it and getting fantastic results.
You only need to take the first step, which is ACTION!!!

Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:44pm On Dec 22, 2020

We have heard many people say - Stay on focus if you want to make progress towards your goal.
Let's understand what is focus and Why we need to stay on Focus to reach our goals.

Celebrities or politicians have the cameras turned on them and focused. They become the center of interest.

When all your attention is on a particular object or activity or on a person you tend to ignore other things that are happening around you.

This undivided attention to a particular activity is called as focus

When you are focused on something then you are not distracted by other activity going on around you.

When you are not distracted by other activity you are able to understand fully what you are expected to do.
And when you understand fully what you need to do then you are able to finish the activity quickly and completely.

So by focusing on a particular activity, you are able to get it completed and move to the next step

Just to give you a practical example of focus - take a magnifying glass and direct the sunshine on to a paper.

Now move the magnifying glass away from the paper and stop when the sunlight passing through the magnifying glass becomes a point.

Now see what happens...the paper starts burning immediately. why does this happen?
You have focused the energy of the sun to a very small area on the paper. The heat generated is so high that the paper starts burning.

The same thing happens when you focus on an activity.

Now when you shift your focus to your end goal then you become immune to all the distraction you may face which will try to discourage you.

By staying Focus, I mean- Stay on track, focus on your goal, carry out only the activities which will contribute to take you nearer to your goal and away from all distraction and negativity.

So instead of wanting to try all business ideas, choose one and stay focus on it. That's only when you can be successful and achieve your goal.

You can contact me for more guidance and mentorship.

Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:45pm On Dec 23, 2020

When you are thinking about quitting, think about why you started in the first place

I understand how painful it is to get back on track and work with enthusiasm when things are not working in our favour.

There is a constant question at the back of our mind whether it is time we should consider quitting it all and choose the easier life.

But motivation has to run deeper in us.

There is only a limited amount of it which we can derive from the environment and people around us, the rest has to come from within.

Particularly when you feel like quitting, it demands a much higher strength to keep going and pushing through.

And the best way to find motivation is to ask that question – “WHY” –

The reason why we do what we do?

What motivated us?

What are our reasons and what it makes us feel when we achieve our goal?

It is one thought which will make our will stronger and help us persevere better.

don't forget this popular quote " Quitters don't win, winners don't quit"

Cheers to your success
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 10:16pm On Dec 24, 2020

Its hard starting all over when you give up.

Imagine you are trying to loose weight and you start exercising and then you feel trapped as if you are wasting your time.

Aha! You stopped.

After sometime, you want go back to start from the beginning, do you know how much progress you would have gotten over that period you stopped.

Instead of giving up, why don't you give it one more try.

Look at yourself, and say I have come too far already to end half way.

Associate your brain with the pain of starting all over again and so then stick ruthlessly with the plan and push until it works out...

Yes! You can rest but NEVER give up.

Remember why you decided to become an entrepreneur, to help people, to touch lives and also have financial freedom and buoyancy.

Go do just that...

Say to yourself

Its either I succeed or I succeed!!!

Happy Christmas to you all!!!

Join the Affiliate marketing class and start 2021 on a good note financially!!
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by Heroclitus(m): 11:00pm On Dec 24, 2020
Mr Adesarm, sorry to mention you here, this is my WhatsApp number, 08143195632

I'd like to have that yogi's eBook
Seems I'm getting a lot of stuffs wrong
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:58pm On Dec 25, 2020
Which Step in your Success journey have you reached today??

As the new year approaches, its worthwhile to start your online business especially in Affiliate Marketing to attain financial freedom and financial buoyancy!!

Contact us today and get started in your Affiliate Marketing business

Procrastination is a thief of time!!!

The only thing stopping you from your success is you are not taking action.

Contact the WhatsApp number in my signature!!!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 8:52pm On Dec 26, 2020

Few days ago, I read of a 19 year old guy that committed suicide after losing 300 Million naira to Forex.

On several occasions, I often read how people are being scammed of their hard earned money online this days.

Many scammers had capitalized on the high poverty rate and increasing unemployment rate in the country to scam many people.

A lot of people fell for online scamming as result of their quench for quick money, impatience and expecting big money online without doing any work.

Why online investment is real, some of the profits or ROI promised by scammers are just not realistic, but lots of people still fell for their tricks.

When you see an advert that says invest your money and earn 20, 30 or 50% ROI per month, trust me they are fake and not trustworthy. If making money online is that easy, more than 80% of Nigerians will have been Millionaires already. But since earning legitimately online requires some work, consistency and Focus, many people are not really interested in the work done but just the benefit. But the reality is that before you see this benefits, you must have put in the initial efforts.

This year alone, many Ponzi Schemes, HYIP and many money doublers are in circulation. Their business models are quite the same, they will promise you huge profits. You will be paid for some time to keep your trust in their system and even invest more of your money, then after some time, it will either crash or fold up.

As you enter new year 2021, many more of this shiny objects and schemes will be unveiling again and as usual, many people will still be scammed.

Please note: To make money online, it is either you are selling products or providing services. Any other systems are not sustainable.

Before you commit your hard earned money to any online business model, please ask for how it works and judge base on your intelligence if truly the claims are real.

One of the business model you can do to make a legitimate money online is Affiliate Marketing. The system and how it works is very clear enough and you can earn a lot of money with it depending on how you put in your efforts.

To get started with your Affiliate marketing business, contact the number on the signature to get started immediately.
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:08pm On Dec 27, 2020

When it comes to making money online most especially Affiliate Marketing, you need to focus most of your attention on the process involved and not the end result.

Process is the step by step procedures and efforts you need to put in place for your business to be successful.

End result is what you get in form of money/commissions as a result of your efforts.

One of the interested member undergoing my training sent a message as thus: "Hello Sir, please I am really interested in the training. Hope I will start making money immediately after the training because I really want to make money online"

My simple answer to people with this mentality about making money online is that you will probably not make a kobo.
Yes, you heard right!!!

You won't make a dime online, regardless of the business Model you are in to, when all your focus is the money and not the process involved for the money to come.

Yes, the end result of any online business is to make money and we are all doing it to make significant income but when you focus too much on the end result, you will probably be struggling and will get frustrated soon enough.

The First question you should be asking in any online business model is that " What are the things I need to do and put in place to earn money with this business "

Every business model has its own process and system that has been proven to achieve success with it, so focusing to learn how the process works first most especially as a beginner will guarantee a long term success for you.

When you focus on the process and system of the business, you can easily sustain your financial goal on the long run since you will just have to repeat your process all over again to keep making money.

But when you focus too much on the money you want to make, you might be discourage with little challenges or set back you might face while doing the business

In summary: for you to really make money online, you should focus much more on the things that you have to do for money to come. No free money on the internet for anybody, you will have to earn it.

To get started with your Affiliate marketing business, contact the number on the signature to get started immediately.

Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:24pm On Dec 28, 2020

There are many online businesses that anybody considering to make money online can benefit from.
Some of the making money opportunities online include, Affiliate marketing, blogging, Ecommerce, Doing YouTube, Freelancing, book publishing, etc.

Generally, a lot of people want to achieve success with little or no efforts when it comes to online business.

If you are one of those that want to earn money online with minimum efforts and maximize your income potential, then this is for you.

Have you try several business models and couldn't get a breakthrough?

Then continue reading!!

In order to achieve success with minimum efforts, the best choice of online business you can start is Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the system of promoting products/Services that you don't own to the right people in need of the products and you earn a commission for the work.

Most businesses nowadays run an Affiliate Marketing based system because they found it very much cost effective. The product creator will do the work of production while the Affiliate marketer will handle the sales and marketing aspect. In both case, they enjoy the benefits and profits together.

However while doing Affiliate marketing, your focus should be on the sales and promotion of Digital products instead of physical products. Selling physical products like laptops, electronics etc will only give you little commissions because the profit margin is low but with Digital products like Softwares, Video guides, Ebooks etc, you can earn maximum commissions. The reason for this is simple: in Physical products, the owner will deduct the cost of production, shipping, storage and other overhead before paying Affiliates. Most of the time, your commissions are between 1%-10%

In digital products, production is only done once and no shipping involved. Here, your commissions are between 50%-80%.

For example, if you are promoting a product that sell for 50K. Consider what your profit margin will be if its a physical or digital product, then you will understand why digital products works best.


1. Unlike other business models, you don't need to have a specific knowledge or skills before you can start. You can get started right away.

2. You can easily start earning money within short period of time when you focus promotion to the right audience unlike other business models that can take you much time before you start earning.

3. In affiliate marketing, 50% of the work has been done for you by the product creator. Your only job is focus on promotion and marketing only.

4. You don't need to have huge amount of money before you can start Affiliate marketing. You can start with simple budget.

5. You can easily automate your entire affiliate marketing system while you keep making money even while sleeping. Your business keep running on autopilot while you get much time for relaxation and your love ones.

Are you still doubting Affiliate marketing??

Its your best plug of earning online easily and seamlessly.
You have to take decision of either making money under the right guidance or continue struggling financially.

Get started immediately by contacting the number on the signature.

NOTE: Affiliate marketing is a real and legitimate making money opportunity. It is not a ponzi scheme. You will need to put in small efforts at the beginning in order to achieve your financial goal.
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:34pm On Dec 29, 2020
Stop looking for the next easy and quick way of making money online and start focusing on one business model

I talk to people every single day in this business and 99% of the time, people who haven't gotten results never stuck with anything even for 90 days.

If they tell me they have, I dig a little deeper and then later they will admit that they did get sidetracked somewhere.

Consistency is the secret to reaching your goals.

Flip-flopping is not!!!!!!

It’s my belief that all businesses work… people don’t.

You have to remain consistent long enough and work through the challenges to get results. This is why so many people never make it online.

Once you draw your line in the sand and go “All In” on what you’re doing then things start to happen for you real fast.

With just 6-12 months worth of work you can build a high six-figure( a million naira) a year business.

Doctors go to school for 7 years and don’t make that out of medical schools despite spending this years.

So leave all excuses and start your new year on a new orientation about making money online.

2021 is another year to get your financial goal on track!!!

Get started with your Affiliate marketing business training immediately today. Contact the number on the signature to get started immediately.
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by Daddyxyz: 12:13am On Dec 30, 2020
I cant see ur phone number pls
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:41pm On Dec 30, 2020
It is a Marathon, not a Sprint!!!

The reason I chose to write on this subject is because many people are looking for quick solutions.

And believe me friends...there is no quick solution business where you can start earning sustained income from day 1.

If you are one of them who is looking to make it quick from a legitimate business online... stop looking for one...

And start building your business based on strong foundations, which will help you build a long lasting business.

People usually get misled by...

1. Sales letters promising to make you thousands in a short span of time.

2. You just need to go through three steps and relax when money comes to your bank...promises?
3. Set it up once and forget it to earn passive income...guarantees?

These words are all made to just sell you the product...

And after the product is sold they upsell you telling that it will accelerate your business.

None of these work as advertised...it will work only if you learn all the essential skills and build your business from scratch.

People jump at post which showcase income proofs...in the belief that they can also start making that kind of money from day 1.

They do not realize that all the income proofs which they see was not built in one day...
It was built over a period of time by following a process after facing some setbacks.

If you want to start earning a consistent income online...you need to learn the skills on how it is done and base your business on strong fundamentals.

You are not playing a one day game...where you need to be fit just for the day.

you are not running a sprint...where all the game is over when you focus all your energies for the short sprint.

This is a marathon...you will face slow-downs... you will face resistances... but you have to keep going without stopping.
YES, your business is like a marathon where you don't stop when you come across any resistance... you learn to face it and keep moving.

AND continue to run till you reach your goal.

Each marathon runner runs at his own pace, and every marathon runner is a winner if he completes the race. If you want to win the race, run like a marathon runner and reach your goal.
If you want to win the race, run like a marathon runner and reach your goal.

If you treat your business like a Marathon, overcome all resistances and do not stop running till you reach your goals, then your dreams will be fulfilled.

As you enter 2021, you must fully understand how any online business model get started and then focus on achieving success with it by facing any challenges that might come.

No quick money online, and stop looking for one. Don't fall for any victim of scam promising overnight wealth for you. If it Works, 80% of Nigerians will have been Millionaires already.

Get started with Affiliate Marketing business Model..... Learn the strategy of how you can successfully kick start your own business without any hassles and enter 2021, a much better and fulfilled person.

You are just a one message away, contact the WhatsApp number on the signature to get started immediately.
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:34pm On Dec 31, 2020

As we are all aware that the year 2020 is a turbulent year for the whole world as a result of the outbreak of Corona Virus Pandemic.
Even though Vision 2020 had greatly been anticipated in Nigeria, unfortunately, it turned out to be quite direct opposite of great.

However, some were still able to achieve substantial progress and success in their chosen paths, and get ahead in their goals.

Personally, I owe the following books and individuals to a greater percentage of my success in this year.

1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

2. How to win friends and influence people, by Dale Carnegie

3. Richest man in Babylon, by George S. Clason

4. Millionaire Next Door, by Thomas J. Stanley

5. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.

If you have read any of these books and couldn't gain anything there, please I recommend you read over and over again and try to implement it at your pace. I read each of these books 5 times minimum. If you are looking for a great way to start this new year, you can start from these books.

The following people are also lauded for their great impacts. By either attending their live events/webinars, reading their books, listening to their podcasts, or receiving their Emails. They are really fantastic and highly Inspirational.

1. Russell Brunson, (Click funnels co-founder, Internet Marketer)

2. Charles Ngo (Internet Marketer)

3. Brett Rutecky ( Jvzoo Premium Vendor and Super Affiliate)

4. Akin Alabi (Internet Marketer, business Coach)

5. Toyin Omotoso ( 7 star Courses, Buywell Properties, Internet Marketer)

6. Pastor Sam Adeyemi (Pastor and Motivational Speaker).

7. Neil Patel (Internet Marketer, SEO Expert).

You can check out any of these people online and connect with them. They are highly equipped and loaded to impact much knowledge to you.

If you need any of the aforementioned books, kindly get in touch with me through the number on my signature and I will be glad to share with you.

If you really want to make 2021 a great year and be financially buoyant, then you need to consider how you can utilize the vast opportunity on the internet to make money online.

If you are passionate about making money online but you are stuck in one way or the other, I will be glad to assist and help put you on track.

You are just a one message away. Get in touch immediately and make 2021 a better year for you!!!

Happy new Year to you all in advance!!!
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 9:14pm On Jan 01, 2021
Relationship between Persistence and Success!!!!

Happy new year to you guys, I welcome you all to this new year of 2021.
As you set out to kick start your online business this year, one basic thing you have to put in mind is being persistent in your work. We'll look at the relationship between persistence and Success.
Here you have it.......

What is Persistence and how it is related to Success?

Persistence is Never give up! Never give up!! Never, never, never-never-never-never till you succeed.

That is the relationship between Persistence and success.
When you are Persistent then Success is guaranteed!

How do you learn to be persistent? You can treat Persistence as a skill which can be learnt.

Persistence can be made a habit of yours, then you can guarantee success naturally.

Persistence is continuing to try, an effect that continues even after the cause has been removed or something that sticks around for a long time.

If you practice the violin for over a year in order to play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" perfectly, that's persistence!

When you get into the habit of pursuing in spite of failures, then it leads you to success.

If you believe that you will succeed then you keep trying and never give up.

Like Brian Tracy said,
“the more you persist, the more you believe in yourself, and the more you believe in yourself, the more you persists. You have to believe that your success is guaranteed and no obstacle will stand your way.

Why is it ok to keep going when you face failures?

Because failures are negative feedback which will steer you back in the path of success.

Nothing succeeds like success.
Celebrate all small successes and it will increase your belief and increase in your belief will lead to more success.

Persistence is the very key in achieving your set goals.
persistence also provides its own motivation. You become more eager to do something when your actions started showing results.

Learn the skill of being persistent and make it your habit to enable you to keep going against any resistances which will not allow you to give up until you succeed.

If you are looking for a legitimate ways of making money online, then you are in the right place.

Contact the number on my signature and kick start the new year on a progressive note.
You are just a one message away to start your own successful online business.
Re: Easiest And Fastest Way Of Making Money Online In Nigeria, 2021. by greatmidget(m): 10:28am On Jan 03, 2021

If you are not aiming to set and track goals then,
you will be missing out on getting the best out of yourself this year!

Setting out goals is important to :-⠀

☑️ Know where you are heading ⠀

☑️ Keep a track of your progress along the way.

☑️ Increase motivation post reaching small goals.

Tips to setup goals for success are as follows :-⠀

This is the key step to maintain your motivation.

Unless you have a strong ‘WHY’ you are probably destined to fail!

Your WHY is the major reason for you to push through your hard times.
It will help you keep on the right track even when you feel like giving up.

Ensure you have a strong WHY before you set your goals.

Only because something makes you happy cannot be your WHY.

Something like “Getting rid of the rat race or to have meaning and purpose in life”⠀

Your WHY should have a deep emotional connection.
So that the fire keeps burning indefinitely.

“I want to earn 4-figure commissions” isn't a smart goal ⠀
The goals should be :⠀

Time bound.

An example of a good smart goal would be:⠀

" I will earn 5 Figure Affiliate Commissions by learning the fundamental of online selling and develop the skill sets within two-three months and then implement it"⠀

Notice how this goal is very specific:

It is easily measurable.

It is actually attainable & relevant .

The goal has a specific time frame.

Noting your goals make them more real and tangible.
It’s like repeating positive affirmations.

You put out your desire into the universe.
And start the wheels in motion.

Its best to keep your written down goals somewhere you can see it often.

This way you will constantly be reminded of what you are working towards.
And have your eyes on the prize.

You will never achieve your goals without an action plan.
The only thing that will take you close to your goals is consistent daily action plan.

➡️ Work out your time lines to achieve your goals ⠀

➡️ Then decide what will you do each weeks.

➡️ And then complete each goal everyday within timeline.
It always helps to create a checklist ⠀

There is always a sense of satisfaction about completion of the tasks.
If you are really dedicated then you can create a daily schedule.

So setup and start tracking your goals for 2021 at the earliest.

If you are really passionate about building a sustainable Online business in this new year or you are currently struggling in your business, you can send a message to the contact on my signature for guidance, mentorship and support!

Happy Sunday,


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